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File 124854751387.png - (8.02KB , 592x567 , bob1.png )
13178 No. 13178 ID: 40dc56

you wake up, you are bob

what do you do?
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No. 13179 ID: d5b2d6

go on IRC, convince people to change their nicks to Bob
No. 13181 ID: f39593

No. 13182 ID: bde1b8

Get out of the light, be eaten by a grue.
No. 13183 ID: 2e1743

And so cometh the Alpha Bob, as foretold in legends ages past!

All hail the Alpha Bob!

Awaken from your ages long slumber to bring glory upon this wasted earth!
No. 13185 ID: c73b9f

Man, I'm good at this quest.
No. 13196 ID: 40dc56
File 124854782214.png - (14.82KB , 592x567 , bob2.png )

hey I guess I am!
No. 13197 ID: 41f1b5

same thing we do every day

try to take over the bob
No. 13200 ID: bde1b8

Our legion of bobs will follow us to the ends of the earth.
No. 13201 ID: 2e1743


And so it came to pass that the BobKing rose from his aged tomb to find himself in a place not of his reckoning.

Oh what shall you do, oh Bob of Bobs? No, there is no question. You must go, and take your place as the true Bob, King of all that is Bob!

Leave this place at once! We must find a great podium from which you might make your great proclamation and be accepted as the true ruler of Bob on this earth!
No. 13202 ID: f39593

Open door.
Name what you find Bob2.
Lead an army.
No. 13208 ID: 40dc56
File 124854829466.png - (13.65KB , 592x567 , bob3.png )

okay sure!

No. 13209 ID: f39593

oh Bob.

Proclaim, "I AM BOB!"
No. 13210 ID: 93c708

Take over the world.
Ascend to godhood.
No. 13213 ID: f39593

dontcha mean bobhood?
No. 13214 ID: 2e1743

As expected! Now bow before the TrueBob, demand their servitude, and let us bring a new age upon this world!
No. 13218 ID: 40dc56
File 124854859576.png - (15.35KB , 592x567 , bob4.png )

Well that wasn't so hard!

End of chapter 1.
No. 13219 ID: 93c708

Smite all the fools that refuse to join the Bobmind.
No. 13220 ID: f42c4e

Bob sure is huge. Being this huge we should claim the Universe as our own.
No. 13229 ID: 2e1743

Excellent, my most hallowed liege! The BobKing, Bob the Alpha Bob, stand atop your golden throne, it is only just worthy enough of carrying your great presence.

I, your humble servant, shall be at your disposal whence I am required. For now, rest, my Bobship, for the next time I believe we shall encounter great troubles that will require all the might we can muster to solve.
No. 13266 ID: 72ee5e
File 124855159637.jpg - (41.61KB , 400x533 , they-see-me-rollin-they-hatin.jpg )

No. 13286 ID: a3b36a

Declare war on the Daves.
No. 13288 ID: 9a71e2

The secret is Ska.
No. 13309 ID: 72ee5e
File 12485533704.jpg - (56.69KB , 480x480 , Fuck_World_Trade-Leftover_Crack_480.jpg )

Did you say..... SKA?!
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