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File 126608788379.png - (26.36KB , 500x500 , chapter 4.png )
130506 No. 130506 ID: fdcff1

>Chapter 4 start
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No. 130507 ID: fdcff1
File 126608794521.png - (45.94KB , 500x500 , 144.png )

After getting out of the Hyperlink, I was told every other passenger was sent to the hospital. And I don't know where it is.

... From the looks of this place, I'm probably in Mikuchan.

No. 130509 ID: 6faa8c

Can you sing? THIS IS IMPORTANT.
No. 130510 ID: fdcff1
File 126608830563.png - (46.26KB , 500x500 , 145.png )

I am one of the few at my martial arts school who couldn't sing in chorus in the midst of our training.

No. 130511 ID: 6faa8c


Well uh this is akward.
No. 130514 ID: f51d4a

Shit girl.... you better find a quick way to learn how to sing. Make this a priority!
No. 130521 ID: b71223

Can you rhyme?
if so you can Rap! RAP FOR YOUR LIFE!
No. 130523 ID: fdcff1
File 126608882477.png - (47.25KB , 500x500 , 146.png )

I don't think I need to sing to get around.


... What are they looking at?

No. 130524 ID: 8ecfd4

You arguing with yourself. Ask them where the hospital is. We need to check up on our french friend. He could be all alone and scared in this strange land of singing.
No. 130531 ID: 632862

There's also the problem of where to stay for the night.
No. 130538 ID: fdcff1
File 126608956170.png - (54.82KB , 500x500 , 147.png )

"Excuse me, can you tell me where the hospital is?"

No. 130545 ID: 8ecfd4

I think ,regretfully, that you're going to have to rephrase that into a song. Something I can't really help with, I can neither rhyme nor rap and my capacity as a songwriter is also rather limited.
No. 130554 ID: fdcff1
File 126609039596.png - (56.32KB , 500x500 , 148.png )

"CaAaNN YooUuu TEEELL meeee where ThE HoospItal ees~?"

"... You're a weird foreigner."
No. 130559 ID: f21281

"Well you didn't answer me so I assumed that you weren't fluent in english.

But yeah. Hospital, where to? Please and thank you? What, do I have to throw in a 'nyaa' too?"
No. 130561 ID: 8ecfd4

Apologies profusely. Tell them that you're sadly lacking in education other than ways to kill with your bare fists, like that one time you ripped the tits of someone, lit them on fire and then used their burning head as a projectile to burn someone alive.

That should make them show you some respect.
No. 130567 ID: fdcff1
File 12660908254.png - (56.68KB , 500x500 , 149.png )

They're just kids! Why would they believe someone like me if I told them I did that?

"Sorry, I thought you weren't fluent in english, since you didn't answer me.
So can you tell me where the hospital is? And throw in a "nyaa", too?"

"... We don't talk to strangers."
No. 130571 ID: f21281

Perform Emoticon: unicodestare.emt

"Frig, it's not like I'm asking you to get into a van. Christ, forget it. I'll find it myself."
No. 130572 ID: 8ecfd4

Well you might have had to demonstrate by punching through a wall while standing on eggshells.

But these lame ass kids seem disinclined to help you. Keep walking until we find someone that's not a douche.
No. 130579 ID: 632862

Move along then.
No. 130583 ID: 67c611

The answer to every problem
No. 130593 ID: fdcff1
File 126609278082.png - (53.27KB , 500x500 , 150.png )

"It's not like I'm trying to get you into a van- You know what? Nevermind. I'll find it myself."

I don't know why they gave me a weird look.
Is it what I'm wearing?

No. 130594 ID: f21281

Maybe due to the fact that you are DANGEROUSLY FURRY in appearance.
No. 130595 ID: 8ecfd4

They're the douchebag juniors of the McDouchebag family. Fuck em, they must have been intimidated by your killing aura or something like that. Just remember not to save them if they get attacked by furries.

Lets find some helpful people and ask them for the way instead.
No. 130614 ID: fdcff1
File 126609450326.png - (61.29KB , 500x500 , 151.png )

.. Quit calling me furry, the ascii majority look like cats.

So I came across.. This.

"Can you tell me where the Hospital is?"

"Sure, but why go there in those dirty clothes? It smells like furfag blood! Were you fighting furfags? Are you one of the loose Hyperlink passengers?
Questions aside, how about we go get you some decent clothes?"

No. 130615 ID: f21281

"Only if you're paying. Otherwise, Hospital please."
No. 130616 ID: c0f3bf

The loss of baggy pants and midriff is great, but if everyone's gonna get turned off by the smell you might want to consider some new clothes.
No. 130623 ID: 67c611

Nah, visit a laundromat first.
No. 130624 ID: 8ecfd4

Explain that your clothes are fine. And yes that is in fact the aroma of furfag blood, it's hard to keep it off when you're killing them with your fists. But if she insists that you need new clothes she is welcome to buy them, after you have been to the hospitol to check up on your friend.
No. 130631 ID: fdcff1
File 126609529450.png - (41.20KB , 500x500 , 152.png )

"Why not to the laundromat first?"

"You want to impress that friend of yours at the hospital, don't you?"


"Don't worry, I'll pay!"

"Oh.. Thanks."

"No problem! Say, what's your name?"

"Naomi. Yours?"

"I was born without a name, so I'm Anonymous. Or Anon."

She needs a name.
What should we call her?

No. 130637 ID: e3f578

Thursday McBitches
No. 130638 ID: 632862

No. 130642 ID: e75a2f

Call her Rachel.

Every time you need her, yell like Aaron Eckhart did in Dark Knight.
No. 130643 ID: 6faa8c

No. 130648 ID: 8ecfd4

Call her Tina McTittifisticuffs!
No. 130649 ID: f21281

"Nonono, Anonymous wont do. Too many plaguing that group and giving it a bad name nowadays. Hm...two eighth notes for a face...lemme throw some suggestions out here.

Eight, Quaver, Achtelnote, Croma, Colcheia, Ósemka, Kahdeksasosanuotti? We can shorten some of the longer ones if you want, like Achtelnote into Achtel, or Kahdeksasosanuotti to Kahde~"
No. 130657 ID: fdcff1
File 126609677528.png - (44.00KB , 500x500 , 153.png )

"How about we call you Achtel?"

"OKAY OKAY sounds good!! Let's go shopping now!"

She's a very energetic person.
No. 130658 ID: fdcff1
File 12660967831.png - (37.38KB , 500x500 , paused.png )

No. 130767 ID: 3416ec


I like her already! :D
No. 131244 ID: 48ab8b

Stick to the basics that work: Nemo
No. 131845 ID: fdcff1
File 126622285634.png - (72.30KB , 500x500 , 154.png )

We made it to some vocaloid department store.
Every article of clothing here looks like vocaloid and utau wear.

"Here we are~"

"Okay, thanks, but could you please not si-"


Dear god why did I agree to go with this banshee.
(excuse the long pause, busy day today)
No. 131846 ID: 3416ec

No worries. :)

Duck into changing room to escape the awful singing.
No. 131848 ID: c0f3bf

Get clothes as fast as you can and you won't have to hear it. RUN. RUN FAST.
No. 131849 ID: 107da3


Proceed with stuffing her face so she cannot sing.
No. 131851 ID: 8ecfd4

Looking pretty rage there. Go and buy some ear plugs or a mp3 to drown out the horrible singing. She has been nice enough to you so it's to early to rip out her vocal chords to make her shut up.
No. 131863 ID: fdcff1
File 12662244096.png - (27.21KB , 500x500 , 155.png )

Blindingly grabbing the nearest sets of clothes and running quickly to one of the changing rooms, I could hear her singing at a distance.

Hey, it's better than being actually close to it.

No. 131868 ID: 3416ec


Equip clothings.

Slowly. P:
No. 131870 ID: 82e991

When you come out, silence the banshee. With your tongue.
No. 131878 ID: fdcff1
File 126622552689.png - (52.82KB , 500x600 , 156.png )

I'm not going to dress slowly and I'm not going to put my toungue in her mouth.

So what do you think? Is it decent?

No. 131882 ID: 3416ec


Sure. Go with what works, I guess.
No. 131884 ID: c0f3bf

Nice, though you could pick out some new shoes.
No. 131891 ID: 82e991

Don't forget a pair of knee-socks.
No. 131893 ID: 3416ec


What's wrong with the slipper-esque shoes?
No. 131904 ID: a85626


Passing fair. But clearly >>131870 meant not to be affectionate, but that you should physically assault the noisy Vocaloid using only your tongue, until she is no longer able to sing. THERE ARE 24 WAYS TO KILL A HUMAN BEING. WITH YOUR TONGUE.
No. 131907 ID: fdcff1
File 126622767369.png - (47.32KB , 500x500 , 157.png )

Okay, I managed to shut her up, she paid, we left-

"... Jacques?"
No. 131909 ID: fdcff1
File 126622775211.png - (48.13KB , 500x500 , 158.png )

"I thought you were at the hospital!"

"Euh.. Non. My fever, I am over it now. Zey found nozzing wrong with me, so I 'ad to leave."
No. 131911 ID: 3416ec


Introduce the singing lady to frenchie.
No. 131916 ID: fdcff1
File 126622843677.png - (52.89KB , 500x500 , 159.png )

"I was WORRIED about you- nevermind. Meet Achtel. She bought me new clothes."


"... Salut, odd chante fille."
No. 131924 ID: 3416ec

Well, now that we've regrouped, let's get back on track to finding a way to /co/ or possibly /k/.
No. 131936 ID: fdcff1
File 126623044956.png - (36.72KB , 500x500 , 160.png )

Unfortunately we can't reach 4chan by hyperlink since it's probably closed down for investigations.
They may or may not have closed down other methods of travel.

No. 131937 ID: fdcff1
File 126623049332.png - (32.31KB , 500x500 , paused.png )

No. 131958 ID: 8ecfd4

Make your way over to tg by foot. You must find and equip a most holy flamer and melta gun, bonus points if you can also get your hands on a power armor. The furfags shall be killed with fire and yiff in hell.
No. 132016 ID: 35f1fa

You know what might help you while you're in Mikuchan? Auto-Tune.
No. 132022 ID: beb7ee

Get Frenchie a scarf so he looks like Kaito. :3c

Then get headsets and form a music trio that becomes so popular you're downloaded to 4chan's /jp/. Viola, then you can get to /co/ more easily~
No. 132551 ID: 3416ec

I wish I could be awake when this updates. :C
No. 132607 ID: fdcff1
File 12662947175.png - (51.87KB , 500x500 , 161.png )

(ghjsgdjhs sorry to keep you guys waiting, i need to find time to update)

I'm not sure about weapon stores around here, but let's see if we can find a method of transportation, since we have to go over the sea, and swimming in the sea by ourselves isnt safe-

The fuck? Is that a giant pelican?

No. 132622 ID: fdcff1
File 126629563428.png - (64.83KB , 500x500 , 162.png )

You know what? Let's go find a weapon shop first.
No. 132642 ID: fdcff1
File 126629662122.png - (30.93KB , 500x500 , 163.png )

No. 132643 ID: fdcff1
File 12662966577.png - (40.24KB , 500x500 , 164.png )

No. 132644 ID: fdcff1
File 126629667291.png - (43.76KB , 500x500 , 165.png )

We're here!
No. 132667 ID: 3416ec



Also, what just happened??
No. 132672 ID: 632862

It looked like the giant pelican was some sort of transport.
No. 132679 ID: fdcff1
File 126629869595.png - (31.19KB , 500x500 , 166.png )

We threw ourselves in.
And yes, that giant pelican was a source of transportation. But is it worth it?

That stuff aside, we managed to find weapons that'd fit our budget, but we can only afford two or three.

Choose wisely.

No. 132680 ID: 34470e

No. 132681 ID: 3416ec

Molotov's and the... sword thing. Wooden sword?

We need the Molotov's since their ammo is plentiful. The sword will be handy in close encounters.
No. 132686 ID: 12f282

Nunchucks for Naomi.
Molotovs... because fucking MOLOTOVS.
No. 132700 ID: fdcff1
File 126629992869.png - (47.89KB , 500x500 , 167.png )

Molotovs- 20bux
Nunchucks- 10bux
Samurai sword- 100bux

That'd be.. 130 out of 430 bux.
Nunchucks are in my inventory, molotovs are in Jacques, and Achtel equipped the sword.

So, should we take this method of transportation? My head is hurting from vocaloid singing..

No. 132705 ID: 12f282

Get used to it toots, Achtel is a party member now~
And yes, get in that pelican's gullet. We can't stay here, this is Vocaloid country.
No. 132710 ID: 3416ec

You know what they say... Pelican is the safest way to travel!

Or was that airplanes... I get them confused.
No. 132732 ID: 620bfb

It's the bird or you stay here and listen to even more of them try to sing. At least this way you only have to deal with Achtel (who is an official party member no matter anyone's opinion on the matter)
No. 132746 ID: 3416ec


Hey man, if Achtel gets too overbearing, we're ditching her on the first FTP server we find.
No. 132752 ID: fdcff1
File 126630246377.png - (48.58KB , 500x500 , 168.png )

Coming up to the young man who ran the pelican ride woke up. He looks awfully young to be doing this.

"Can you give us a lift?"

"To where?"


"Awfurry rong, you pay for each stop."

"We'll see how long we'll last."

"Okay! 75 bux!"

I paid the kid and hopped in. It's not that bad, it's pretty comfortable. And safe. And weird.
No. 132767 ID: c1b520

Weird in what way?
No. 132771 ID: 3416ec


Well, for starters, its a big ol' pouch in the mouth of a bird.

Second, it must smell like fish.
No. 132780 ID: 620bfb

Yeah, but it smelling like fish wouldn't be weird. It would be expected, given the situation.
No. 132781 ID: fdcff1
File 126630416839.png - (39.29KB , 500x500 , 169.png )

Strangely, I expected it to smell like fish. It doesnt. It smells minty fresh, maybe because the owner of this cleans it up in here after meal time.

Second, you try having your first time riding in an animal's mouth. Or pouch. Or whatever it is.

No. 132784 ID: c1b520

What I'm trying to find out is in what way does it feel weird, pointing out it's purpose and smell tells me nothin outside of the obvious.
No. 132787 ID: 3416ec


The pelican pouch is essentially a giant flap of skin.

Take pictures while you're flying! We wanna see the area we're flying over!
No. 132788 ID: fdcff1
File 126630543518.png - (38.45KB , 500x500 , 170.png )

Okay, okay!
Here's what we're flying over.

No. 132789 ID: 3416ec

Wow. The internet sure has a lot of islands.
No. 132791 ID: 3416ec


Also, we seem to be very high up. What's our cruising altitude?
No. 132792 ID: fdcff1
File 126630611155.png - (41.34KB , 500x500 , 171.png )

Actually, this is the planet of channels. The internet.. It's more of a galaxy.
Gaiafags? Aliens to us. Those furfags? Aliens, they inhabit an island called Fchan, possibly other minority lands. SA, Subeta, Neopia, DevART, Second life, etc.. Alien worlds to us.
There are alot of worlds in our galaxy. Some of these worlds and their aliens tend to give our world a bad name.

No. 132795 ID: fdcff1
File 12663069763.png - (44.41KB , 500x500 , 172.png )

As for cruising altitude..

How the hell should I know?

No. 132797 ID: 632862

Okay I guess we've seen enough.

Why aren't you worried about the pelican's tongue and stuff?
No. 132798 ID: fdcff1
File 126630739262.png - (39.96KB , 500x500 , 173.png )

I'm trying not to give it much attention.
And sitting away from it.

No. 132799 ID: 8087f6

Yeah, I can see how that'd be weird. What with its breath washing over you? Ugh...

Maybe take a nap until you get to 4chan? Or you could talk with Jacques some. You haven't had much of a chance to speak with him due to the recent events, and talking is usually a good way to pass the time.
No. 132802 ID: dad6fd

Whatever you do, don't think about being swallowed by the pelican.
No. 132803 ID: 3416ec


Or sitting on its soft, warm, wet tongue.
No. 132805 ID: fdcff1
File 126631024741.png - (50.86KB , 500x500 , 174.png )

Yeah- We hardly talked to each other all day.

"Hey, what happened after the hyperlink stopped at Mikuchan, and why was I left in there?"

"I managed to 'ide you and got outside, zen I was taken to ze hospital, zen I 'ad to leave since zere was nozzing wrong with me."

"And those clothes- where did you get them?"

"I took zem."
No. 132806 ID: fdcff1
File 126631025846.png - (43.92KB , 500x500 , paused.png )

No. 132807 ID: 3416ec


Comment on how tres chic he is.
No. 133727 ID: fdcff1
File 126646032549.png - (42.89KB , 500x500 , 175.png )

"You look très chic."


(again, sorry for being slow.)
No. 133739 ID: c40e47


So where will we be stopping first? Didn't the pelican driver say he had several places to go?

(Hey, compared to Gnoll, you're a veritable SR-71, and we love his quests. Don't sweat it.)
No. 133741 ID: 3416ec


What's up with that throat in the back there? Why's that X there?
No. 133742 ID: c1b520

Remember to file a complaint for cruelty to animals for setting up a blockade in this things throat. Now how is it going to eat small mammals?

No. 133750 ID: fdcff1
File 126646141841.png - (43.31KB , 500x500 , 176.png )

I think the blockade is there to keep passengers from slipping in.

The next stop? I don't know, hopefully close around 4chan.

"... You went quiet, is zere somezing wrong?"
No. 133767 ID: 632862

Explain your nervousness about being in a giant pelican's mouth.
No. 133785 ID: 3416ec


Explain your disconcertion at being in the mouf of an avian flying high and fast.
No. 133788 ID: 6834bc

There's two things you can tell him - >>133767's suggestion, or that you're talking with us and we're making inappropriate passes at you.
Because, really, that's what we do half the time anyway.

[By the way, you might consider hopping on the IRC once in a while - if you haven't already.]
No. 133793 ID: 3416ec

Unless there's a different reason we went silent?

What's really on your mind, Naomi?
No. 133798 ID: fdcff1
File 126646463194.png - (52.32KB , 500x500 , 177.png )

"... I'm just nervous."

"About what?"

"About being in a giant avian's mouth while high in the air at high speed, and the orb keeps sugges-"

"'scuse me, I need to go potty."


(IRC doesn't work for me, for some reason.)
No. 133805 ID: 3416ec


Uh... how is that gonna work? o_O

[spoilers}Try using Mibbit, it's a web-based IRC client. http://www.mibbit.com[/spoilers]
No. 133806 ID: 3416ec


I sure screwed THAT up...
No. 133811 ID: c40e47

So like, is she just gonna hang it out over the side or some shit?
No. 133816 ID: 3416ec


No. 133817 ID: fdcff1
File 12664657586.png - (47.06KB , 500x500 , 178.png )

No. 133818 ID: fdcff1
File 126646578192.png - (46.91KB , 500x500 , 179.png )

No. 133819 ID: fdcff1
File 126646580558.png - (3.34KB , 500x500 , 180.png )

No. 133820 ID: 3416ec

Quick, grab Jacques' succulent buttocks while the lights are out!
No. 133822 ID: 632862

I think he could *guess* who did it.
No. 133826 ID: 3416ec


We "accidentally" did it while looking for uh... a place to... sit.

Use your imagination, man! :o
No. 133887 ID: fdcff1
File 126646885225.png - (2.83KB , 461x454 , 181.png )

"Mon dieu! Naomi!"

"S-sorry! I was trying to find a place to sit~!"

"But you were already sitting!"

>End of chapter 4
No. 133896 ID: 3416ec


HA HA! Awesome.
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