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File 126534274716.png - (5.45KB , 464x464 , Bloodtitle2.png )
125520 No. 125520 ID: c0f3bf

...I wake up. I am in a bed,
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No. 125522 ID: 34470e

Where is Fizz? Is she on the bed with you? What time is it?
No. 125524 ID: 135d9a

You are in a bed and,

And what? That's it? You're in a bed and here's a million dollars... or you're in a bed and here's your own space ship... I mean, what the f--
No. 125526 ID: c0f3bf

It is the bed that I fell asleep in. It is large, the cover is clean, Fizz must have washed it after the first night. There is a pillow next to me, but I am not using it. It is hot enough that the sheets are currently unused.

It is about 8:46 by my biological clock. Fizz is next to me, still sleeping in the same position from when I put her to sleep last night.
No. 125528 ID: 34470e

You know what would surprise her? Cooking breakfast for her.
No. 125532 ID: 135d9a

Actually, yeah, why not?
No. 125534 ID: c0f3bf

I am not a chef, but I will attempt to cook something anyway. I get up and walk into the kitchen. I search around and find a... two... ...four cookbooks. There are a lot of ingredients here, I do not think there is much I could not make in regards to requisites.
No. 125536 ID: 34470e

Requisites meaning Bacon, eggs, pancakes, etc.?
No. 125537 ID: c0f3bf

Yes. If anything could be said, it would not be that this kitchen is under stocked. I could thumb through one of the books and look for a recipe, or is there anything in particular I should look up?
No. 125538 ID: 135d9a

I dunno, just fumble around until you see something that catches your eye.

(That, y'know, would make an okay breakfast, obviously.)
No. 125546 ID: 135d9a

Like, I don't know, eggs. Eggs make good breakfast, right?
No. 125547 ID: 34470e

Actually, find a good omelet recipe.
No. 125554 ID: c0f3bf

I search around and find a recipe for crepes that does not look too difficult. I mix together the ingredients and pour the batter into a pan on a hot vent. I follow the instructions until I have some passable pancake envelopes. I scramble some eggs in another pan, then fold them in.

I now hold some breakfast. I walk back out and place it on the table.

...Fizz does not come.
No. 125556 ID: 632862

Go over and check her vitals.
No. 125557 ID: 34470e

Hmm. Go check up on her. Like peek in and say her name.
No. 125558 ID: 6834bc

Go check on her, make sure you didn't put her in too deep a sleep?
No. 125561 ID: 135d9a

Okay I was a little worried about this when you mentioned she hadn't moved. Uhm.

Yeah, you should seriously go make sure she's okay.
No. 125563 ID: c0f3bf

I go back into the bedroom.


No answer.

I go over and look at her. She is still sleeping in the same position as before. That is unusual, people typically shift around while sleeping, even if only a little, and for someone that squeezed my back while sleeping, she does not seem like a motionless sleeper.

I touch her nose.


She has internal hemorrhaging in her head!
No. 125568 ID: 34470e

Are you able to cure it? If so, do so.
No. 125569 ID: 135d9a

Uh, that's...

That's really, really not good at all. :(
No. 125573 ID: 632862

You didn't do that when you put her to sleep last night, did you?

Fix it.
No. 125576 ID: c0f3bf

I drain the blood back and restore the damaged tissue. There is nothing obvious that could have caused this.

I did not do anything other than put her to sleep. I... hope this is not some kind of side-effect to the sleep, I have never tried that before.


The pain must have woken her.
No. 125578 ID: 632862

"Sorry, I sedated you a little too much last night and had to wake you up myself. Did you sleep well?"
No. 125579 ID: 34470e

Ask her if she's okay.
No. 125584 ID: 135d9a

Just to be sure, uh, careful with the sleep thing in the future.

Also ask her how she's feeling, and maybe mention that you made breakfast.
No. 125596 ID: c0f3bf
File 126535426516.png - (20.05KB , 341x341 , fear.png )

"Are you alright?"

"Aah! D-don't scare me like that!"


"I'm, um, f-fine? Did I sleep in?"

She seems relatively alright.

"I sedated you to sleep last night, I wanted to make sure you weren't groggy."

"Oh, that would explain it..."

I will try to draw it out longer next time. I did not realize something like this could happen.

"I made you breakfast."

"Really? What did you make?"


"Oh, that sounds good. Are you going to eat any?"


I lead Fizz out in case she falls over and she starts eating in her nightclothes. I can remember a few things to do today... find a better book on demons, send the police the teleportation shard, and give Fizz a confidence boost. Am I forgetting anything?
No. 125598 ID: 135d9a

I don't really remember anything else, so... I guess that's it.
No. 125602 ID: 632862

We could go to the cafe and use the teleport shard there to see where it goes.
No. 125603 ID: 34470e

We also need to find out what that symbol on her back was.
No. 125604 ID: 632862

Ohhh, yes good idea.

Also, ask Fizz if you did a good job cooking the crepes.
No. 125605 ID: 6834bc

But wear a disguise first, in case Ram gets sent back to the police station and whoever barely saw anything yesterday recognizes him.
No. 125609 ID: 135d9a

Man my memory sucks. These are all viable ideas.
No. 125612 ID: 8ecfd4

Find the goblin. The shard seemed to let you peek into the mind of someone who was in a police station and was very upset about it. Our wayward goblin fits that description.

I suspect there might be something big going on here and that Fizz could be involved somehow, scars that show up again each time they're removed tend to indicate curses or magical damage causing them. If the goblin has similar scars then there might be someone targeting people like them for some reason.
No. 125624 ID: c0f3bf


"Hey Ram, these are pretty good, did you use one of the recipe books?"

"Yes. The thin one."

I won't send it to the police then, yet anyway.

"Fizz, do you know what happened to the goblin?"

"Well she was put in the hospital f-for all the bitemarks, but I don't know anything else."

...I'm not sure what to do.
No. 125625 ID: 135d9a

Well, between you and us we came up with a little to-do list, right?

And, uh... it looks like everything on it requires going somewhere... except giving Fizz a confidence boost.

'Course it would help if I had any tips on doing that, wouldn't it.
No. 125626 ID: 632862

First, wait until Fizz is done eating, then do the whole confidence boost plan.

Second, go to the library and A) get a better demon book and B) research Fizz's scar symbol.
No. 125628 ID: c0f3bf

I can think of a few things I could do today, but I'm not sure how many I would have time for, or in what order. I could try to find a better book on demons, try to find information about a soul mage, experiment with the fragment, look for the goblin at the hospital, practice magic in general, try to gather blood for later use, research that strange scar, or something else.

I did not make much, she takes very little time to eat. After she finishes I put a hand on her back.

"Going to find another job today?"


I lance pain through her spine. She jolts upright and coughs twice.

"A-ah!! What w-was that??"

"Confidence boost."

"You c-could have warned me first!"

"Do you not feel more confident now?

She stops and thinks a second.

"...Hard to tell I guess. A little I think. Yeah, I think that helped, thanks! You should really give a warning first though, that hurt a lot."

Fizz goes to change clothes and presumably take a shower. Should I leave for the library now?
No. 125632 ID: 12c434

You know what you should do? You should follow Fizz and see how her interviews go. Maybe there's some way you can help make sure she gets a new job?
No. 125633 ID: 8ecfd4

While that isn't a very bad idea we have more important stuff that have a higher priority.

Go and try to find the goblin first. We need to find out if she has similar scars to Fizz and we need to keep an eye on her. If she is an arcane horror against nature then we have to know where she is so we can act if it becomes necessary.

Btw Ram. I think I have come up with a reason why blood mages go crazy and turn into sociopaths. Time. With your magic you should be essentially ageless and immortal. Once enough time has passed they go insane and stop caring about anything or anyone. Once it progresses far enough they start destroying stuff and eventually someone manages to kill them.
No. 125637 ID: 12c434

Wow, really? Well, that all sounds... really... really important! But it also sounds like it can stand to wait another day or week or so. We kinda owe it to Fizz to help make sure she gets a job, considering the trouble that caused her to lose her last one seems to be following Ram (or maybe it's entirely a coincidence!), plus, she is letting him stay at her place.
No. 125643 ID: 632862

I don't think following Fizz around is a good idea. Mostly because... well, how would we manage to listen in on the interviews without being noticed?
No. 125646 ID: c0f3bf

I suppose I do owe Fizz for numerous things, but monitoring her interviews would not be assuredly beneficial to her. My appearance is somewhat off-putting, and the only situations I can think of where that'd be a good thing involve intimidation, which does not generally produce good results for long term stuff like jobs.

I think if I am to help Fizz get a job, it will have to be another way. I already gave her a confidence placebo, and gave her a full massage. Aside from sex, there is not much I can think of that I could do.

...I do not know what to think about that. I should mention that there is no specific evidence that blood mages are immortal, and though it would make sense, it does not give an explanation as to why they were not mentioned before they started killing.
No. 125648 ID: 8ecfd4

Well you can regrow limbs, heal very large shrapnel wounds and ressurect people. You seem to have pretty complete control of your body and it's functions. If there is any magic that sounds like it could halt or even reverse aging then that would be the one.

Anyway, let's combine two things on the to do list. First off, use the fragment and see if it's the goblins mind you get transported into. Then if that is the case find out where she is. Then go and get her.
No. 125649 ID: 632862

Right. Well, go to the library, we've got research to do.
No. 125650 ID: 632862

Ergh, I'm fairly sure that he didn't get teleported into someone's mind. He MIGHT have switched places with someone but I kinda doubt it. More likely the shard teleports the user a certain distance in a certain direction, and fudges a little to make sure it's a safe location.
No. 125653 ID: c0f3bf

I may be biologically immortal... I am not old enough to tell as of now though.

I could see my hand and feel myself, I definitely teleported, or did something similar. I know I did not switch minds with someone, besides, if I did I would not have kept the shard.

I put on the fireman garb and head out for the library. It is not as hot today as it was yesterday, but it is still certainly warm out. After walking some ways I again turn into the enormous library. Where should I start? A library mage could help me with the symbol, or find a book with detailed demon information.
No. 125655 ID: 8ecfd4

Hmm, wrong of me. It seems it teleports him to a location nearby someone. Just as he was teleported into the bathroom near Fizz. And the police did take away the goblin, they might have taken her to a station once she was checked out of the hospital.

If that's the truth then it only increases the likelyhood of Fizz and the goblin having something in common. Somebody wanted both of them dead, one was probably going to be hit by the bomb and the other one by the teleported beast. The goblin might be safe at the police station, what with all the cops, but Fizz will be undefended if anything attacks her.

Ram, can you plant something on her that would allow you to monitor her heartrate and breathing as well as adrenal levels from afar? That way, if she gets into trouble, we could use the shard to teleport to her location and try to help her.
No. 125659 ID: 632862

Nonono, the bomb was definitely planted by the elf hostess. She was a temp, which means she could've taken the job JUST to abduct/eat the staff. Also she actually had time to do it. Fizz was the only waitress there and would've been quite busy with other customers.

I think the goblin's condition is unrelated to the bomb itself. There might've been something weird in the kitchen that provoked a demonic possession upon revival, or the shock of resurrection may have simply fucked up her memories temporarily. Like, she was remembering a past life or something. Regardless there's no reason for the bomb to be linked to her. The easiest way to prove this would be to go to the cafe or near it, use the shard, and see where it teleports us to. We can check the map to see the distance and direction it sent us.

Right now though... First, go talk to a mage about the symbol.
No. 125664 ID: 8ecfd4

The Bomb didn't explode until Fizz got near it and the beast went after only the Goblin. Fizz has a strange magical scar on her back that is invisible in the mirror. We know the mark on the metal is a teleport rune. It also seems to be linked to people rather than places.

All of this makes me think that someone wants the both of them dead. Now why would anyone go through all of that trouble to kill two resturant workers? There is something larger buried here.
No. 127401 ID: c0f3bf

I might be able to make something like that if I was a spirit mage, but I'm a physical mage, and even if I was, that sounds very difficult.

No, killing two restaurant workers does seem like a waste of time and energy. They must be linked somehow. The goblin could know why, I am still unsure as to why she did not mention me.

I walk around until I find a library mage and scratch the symbol I saw on Fizz's back.

"Could you tell me something about this symbol?"

He looks at it and exhales.

"Oh boy... That there has too many meanings to remember, and any of them could be combined, too. What's the context?"

"It was on someone."

"Like, a tattoo? Well, if it's on a person, it's probably going to relate to deflection, or elusiveness."

He scratches his head.

"Honestly, you'd be better off looking in an encyclopedia. Any worth its print'll have a big list of associations."

He points me to a nearby bookshelf. What else should I ask him, or should I get a book?
No. 127402 ID: 632862

Ask about... reincarnation, or past lives.
No. 127403 ID: 8ecfd4

Hmmm, so it's one with different contexts. A tatoo is not the same as a scar though. But it could be there to protect her from someone by hiding her from them. But it also seems to tie into the teleport rune we found as well as possibly being the activator of the bomb. Finding a book with the possible meanings should be the best here if we want to keep it a secret. We need to find out if there is any special meaning to it in scar form as opposed to tatoo form as well as possible links to teleportation runes.

Ask the librarian where if there is any organisation for soul mages in town. There seems to be alot of stuff you won't get done properly without soul magic and it's a bit in the immediate future so you don't have ten years to spend on learning it.
No. 127406 ID: 632862

We already asked about Soul mages. They're goddamn rare so there's basically no chance for us to find one.
No. 127410 ID: 8ecfd4

Wasn't it just rare? We're in a decent sized city so we should be able to find some. Especially in a place where anyone can theoretically become a mage with enough hard work and studies. So there should be some kicking around.
No. 127433 ID: c0f3bf

I do not think it was the trigger, the heat started long after she took my order, and it was heating up as she was walking over.

A soul mage could be useful... I suppose I'll have to find one eventually. I just don't want to reveal that I am a blood mage to anyone else. They are rare, but not impossible to find, there are probably two or three, though it could be a task to find them. It is almost one in three odds that a person is a spiritual mage, they are just about everywhere.

"Can you tell me about how reincarnation works?"

He starts massaging his temples.

"You're just... full of difficult questions aren't you? I'm a weather mage, not a soul mage, so I'm not exactly going to be able to tell you about the intricacies but I know a few things. When a person dies, their soul reincarnates into a new body. With proper aid, you can sometimes see back into past lives, but it's pretty difficult to get it working right, everything is usually pretty vague. It's been discovered that this isn't always the case though, sometimes a soul will not reincarnate for decades, or even longer, and sometimes you just can't see any past lives, though I haven't a clue as to why. I heard something about connections and entwined souls and true love or something like that, but hell if I know anything about that. Answer any of your questions?"

"Thank you. Do you know of any soul mages in the area?"

"Well I know one died recently, I haven't heard of any new ones, sorry."

I get the feeling I am asking a carpenter how to farm. I cannot see any other free library mages now though. Should I look for those books now?
No. 127439 ID: 632862

Alright then, that's one other possibility as for what went wrong with the goblin: She may have been remembering a past life when you first brought her back.

Yes, get those books.
No. 127472 ID: c0f3bf
File 126558554011.png - (23.01KB , 341x341 , mandibles.png )

That does seem likely... Now I know she isn't a demon lord at least. Do I have to try and find her now?

I go over to the bookshelf and get a symbol encyclopedia. I move to another shelf--


There is a particularly short thri-keen in front of me. And she just picked out the book I need. Looks like the only copy, too.
No. 127475 ID: 632862

Make her nauseous.
No. 127477 ID: 34470e

Ask if you can use the book after he or she is done with it.
No. 127534 ID: c0f3bf

Tempting as it is, it could look very suspicious. I do not particularly want sudden nausea of all things give me away.

"Will you be reading long?"

"Yah, you need to rheed it too?"


"Ehr, Ih'm going to takeh a while, but we couhld share it maybhe?"
"Whaht did you need to look up?"

I could just search for the symbol in the encyclopedia and wait until she is done, or maybe I could try to persuade her to let me have it first?
No. 127602 ID: a85626


If she wants the book, then she probably knows something about demons. Ask her what you want to look up. If it surprises her, then she may know something that might be helpful, that would not be in the book..
No. 127844 ID: 8ecfd4

Sounds good.

Yes you still have to find her. If she is linked to Fizz somehow then we need to find out how and we should also confirm that there is nothing major wrong with her.
No. 128059 ID: c0f3bf

Fine. I will ask at the nearby hospital after I finish up here.

"I am trying to to gather information about demonic rituals, I want to make sure I can recognize one if I come across it."

She clicks and tilts her head at me.

"A fihreman needingh to recognize demons? Core demons are the ones thaht can burn thinghs, but they donh't have an intricate rhitual to summon."

"What about the other ones?"

Her antennae flicks to the sides.

"W-wellh, are you referring to demonic possession, or summoning the ahctual demons? The lahtter is much more dhifficult."

What am I looking for exactly? I could mention the bomb, the kitchen, or the scar, but I do not want anyone else to know I was there.
No. 128062 ID: 8ecfd4

Well you're looking for both. You need information. Magic can turn that old saying about knowledge being a weapon into truth. The more information you have about how things work the more efficiently you can disturb or encourage the process.

You should show her the symbols in question. What the one of Fizz back looks like as well as the symbol from the piece of metal, but not the actual piece of metal. If she asks why then tell her it's because you're interested. Hell if I could get my hands on that stuff I would be checking it out simply because of intrest. Gathering knowledge is never a waste of time.
No. 128068 ID: 632862

I'm not really sure what we're looking for at this point... I guess it would make sense for the elf to have been possessed and that she did all that stuff at the cafe to set up the cooks for more possessions. Or she somehow managed to do a full demon summoning ritual in the time she had?

You can try asking about what you saw in the kitchen, like the odd temperature and such, but don't actually say where the kitchen was. I guess you can mention the scar in addition to that if you think it's related.

Say, do you think you can figure out a way to give someone a little bit of retrograde amnesia? Make them forget you talked to them? If so we could give her all the details necessary then wipe her memory of it.
No. 128351 ID: c0f3bf

Truth is power. I scratch out Fizz's scar and the teleporting symbols on paper and show her.

"Specifically these, I need to know if they're part of demon summoning."

She looks at them quizzically.

"...The cirhcles couhld be a teleport for the demonihc dimehnsion, but one of the cirhcles shouhld have a dot in it for thaht to work."

Her antennae flick up.

"The anghle coulhd be retrhibution, so, vengheance demon maybhe? Thaht's terrhible, whaht was it on?"

Amnesia... Possibly. I can not affect a person's mind or psyche, but I could cause brain damage that might lead to some kind of memory loss.
No. 128354 ID: 6834bc

Tell the truth, sort of.
"I saw it on someone's back, long ago. They didn't seem to see that it was there, even when placed before a mirror."
No. 128464 ID: 632862

Tell her the general situation of the kitchen without giving away any details about where exactly the kitchen was. If she presses you say it's part of an ongoing investigation and you're not allowed to give out details.
No. 128521 ID: 8ecfd4

And now it just got alot more important to find the goblin. If she has the same or a similar symbol/scar on her then there is definately some even weirder shit going on here, and Fizz could be in some very heavy danger and we need to know why.
No. 128540 ID: 632862

Ram would know if the goblin had any scars, as he retrieves all anatomical information from a person with a single touch.
No. 128587 ID: c0f3bf

"It was a scar on a burn victim, it did not show up in a mirror."

"Thaht is bad! It couhld normally be for prohtection, but it wouhld have a dot in the cehnter if it was worhth anythingh. It soundhs like an anchorh for a vengheance demon, given time to seht it couhld come into the worhld on its own, or fasterh with help. Demons do not fully exhist in this dimehnsion, so thaht would explainh why it couhld not be seen indirehctly."

That does not sound good. According to her, Fizz couhl-could easily be possessed by a vengeance demon. I know little of vengeance demons.

I am not sure what could be relevant, the kitchen looked very disorganized. I do have an idea though...

"What would be the ritual to summon a demon like that?"

"Well, increhdible traumah to shock them, some kind of maghic to put it on, and time to sphend waitingh."

The goblin died instantly, that does not fit with her.

"Is there a similar ritual that does not require waiting?"

She shakes her head.

"Only golhems, but they just need less time is all."

"I see."

I did leave her in bad shape, I was surprised she was able to stand when she did. I did not notice anything off about Fizz's scar until I tried to heal it, the goblin might have something similar I did not try to fix.

It is possible, something could happen at any time.
No. 128594 ID: a85626

Be sure to thank the nice cockroach lady for being so helpful.
No. 128600 ID: 632862

Incredible trauma? Fizz did say something about having felt a great amount of pain at one point, worse than the pain from her help in resurrecting the goblin. This is definitely worrying, but we should look up other meanings of the scar anyway.
No. 128666 ID: 8ecfd4

Seems like Fizz could be the one with demonic troubles. Which makes it even more important to find a reliable Spirit mage. By your own admission they're the ones that are best equipped to deal with demons and demonic possession.

But that damn goblin is still odd. We need to figure out if there is any connection between her and Fizz aside from them working at the same place. This still doesn't make alot of sense.
No. 130761 ID: c0f3bf
File 126610556849.png - (20.89KB , 341x341 , accent.png )

"Is there anything else it could mean?"

She shakes her head.

"Not if it didnh't have a dot, the onhly rheason it wouhld mean somehthing else is if someone scahrring them was incohmpetahnt, nobodhy wouhld scahr themselves withouht knowhing it will worhk, symbohls like thaht normally go on clothehs, not bodies. If it didhn't show up in a mirrhor, it must be part of the demonic dimehnsion."

So it did not show up in the mirror because it was demonic? If she got scarred with malformed protection symbols it was probably not with her knowledge.


You mean soul mages? Spirit mages are capable of dealing with demons, but a soul mage, a kind of spirit mage, would likely be the most adept.

"Do you know of any soul mages around here? I am new to the area."

"Errrh, yes! Strhange question, but thereh's one that just cahme hereh,--"
"...Shouhld your bahdge be flahshing like thaht?"

A fire must have broken out. The badge is directing me to the scene.

She has been unusually helpful and knowledgeable, I would not expect that from a complete stranger.

"Thank you, you have been very helpful."

"You're welhcome, goohd luck!"

I should go... unless I want to try erasing her memory. I think it might be possible.
No. 130766 ID: a85626


Leave her, one who knows of a soul mage, ready to defend against demonic possession should it endanger the city...

...or attempt to erase her memory risking cerebral hemmoraging (making you a murderer) and possibly leaving evidence that you are a blood mage.

No. 130768 ID: 34470e

Yeah, you should just go.
No. 130771 ID: 8ecfd4

Before you go ask her about the soul mage. This stuff is important.
No. 130772 ID: 34470e

Not as important as saving people from a fire. Every second counts.
No. 130773 ID: 135d9a

Alright then, go ahead and go deal with the fire.

(I'd suggest being wary of messing with people's brains.)
No. 130792 ID: 632862

You haven't... REALLY told her anything incriminating.

At worst she'll think you're hiding stuff because it's a private matter. We really do need to get that vengeance demon out of Fizz though. I can't help but wonder if it was responsible for the entire incident at the cafe. She did say the waitress mistreated her, and perhaps the vengeance demon also thought the cooks and you were giving Fizz trouble.

It could be hiding itself from you now out of fear, or because you haven't done anything mean to Fizz lately.
No. 130947 ID: c0f3bf
File 12661215369.png - (23.34KB , 341x341 , strut.png )

Fine. It would be incredibly useful if I could perfect it, though.

I run out of the library and rush towards the smoke. It is easy to follow, even without the badge signals.

That is not a pleasant thought. If a demon is possessing her body it could know that I am a blood mage. I wonder why it killed the goblin though?

I sprint--


The restaurant is on fire, as is the building behind it. It seems I am the first firefighter here. I can still see the police wards in front of the restaurant.
No. 130953 ID: 135d9a

Well, presumably you know how to fight a fire, right? I mean, that's why you signed up for the job, right?

So, y'know, do your thing. While we speculate on why the restaurant is on fire. Like if it's because someone is trying to cover up the bombing or whatever.
No. 130954 ID: 34470e

There may be people inside. Go inside and see, but be careful.
No. 130955 ID: 135d9a

I mean, assuming you can do "a thing." I guess there's probably not a whole lot you can do by yourself, is there...
No. 130961 ID: 632862

It probably killed the goblin to get rid of a witness. Strange that all the other bodies were missing, though.

Ye gods, what if you somehow served as a conduit from Fizz to the goblin, so that when you resurrected her, the demon possessed the goblin instead? Then the vengeance demon may have returned here after getting away from the police, to destroy the evidence. Damn it damn it damn it.

Well, the first thing you need to do is get in there and make sure nobody's still inside.
No. 130963 ID: a85626


My apologies, but it's probably best for you to practice that with people you haven't introduced yourself to. Most people wouldn't voluntarily give up their memories though, much less risk you blowing their head up, so you'll have to do it against their consent if you do choose to develop that skill.

I would focus on tissue mending and (apparantly) reversing the damage of smoke inhalation, if I were you. Note that the lungs are regenerated from the top down.

Mind erasing could be useful, but I don't see any ethical way of figuring it out. Bringing someone (dubiously) back from the dead is far more useful and interesting in my opinion. Leave the subtleties of the mind for the telepaths to bother with. Then again with voices in your head to guide you, how could anything possibly go wrong?

Probably best for you to go in there and see if you can get anyone out alive, since you can take the heat but have no available water source. The toxic fumes in a fire are very dangerous too though, not just its heat. That and the structure collapsing, but you might have some time before that happens.

Wasn't the restaurant barricaded off for the police investigation? Is there anyone in there at all? If no one is in there, just start chucking sand. Try to isolate the blaze, move flammable material away from the buildings, and soak anything you can't move away.
No. 130987 ID: c0f3bf

There are two main focuses of firefighters: putting out fires and other disasters, and rescuing people from the damage. I could put out fires, but I am better suited to getting people to safety.

I have extinguishing powder to put out fires, but that is mostly for containing them until more firefighters arrive with better equipment.

I can breathe smoke easily, the reason I am not wearing my scarf. I am not sure if perfecting amnesia is worth the risk, though if I can perfect it the risk will be nullified.

I suppose for now I will just have to keep any more people from finding out. Resurrection is... strange. I think I am going to need more magic practice if I want to do that again.

That would explain her comments... And I suppose the scar could just be permanent damage from the process. I did not feel any kind of presence transferring, but if it was a demon that might just be normal.

I vault the wards and move inside the restaurant first. Almost everything is in flames. I check behind the bar and find nothing. I run into the kitchen, even open the fridge, but there isn't anything. I enter both of the bathrooms, but I can't find anybody in here. The fire is mostly restricted to the ceiling and walls in here, but the air is full of smoke.
No. 130988 ID: 632862

Check inside the other building that's on fire.

Personally I think testing amnesia would be worthwhile if you were trying it on someone a little less useful than that Thri-kreen. If you damaged her mind without realizing it, it would be quite a shame, and a waste of a valuable resource.
No. 130989 ID: 34470e

Maybe you can practice resurrection on wild animals.
No. 131819 ID: c0f3bf

I will resume hunting again.

So I should not think about it until it is necessary?

I exit the restaurant and skirt around to the back. The main entrance is in flames, it looks like the fire covers most of the first floor. I run back to the alley between the restaurant and the building. I throw some powder on the flaming trash blocking it and jump over. The fire pole on this side of the building is stable, it looks like I can make it to either of the two floors.
No. 131820 ID: 135d9a

rolled 2 = 2

Hrm... up first or down first... uhm...
No. 131821 ID: 632862

Get to the first floor first.
No. 133280 ID: c0f3bf

I climb up to the first floor. There should be two windows on each floor, one to my left and one to my right. I can see heat from both of them.
No. 133282 ID: 34470e

No. 133284 ID: 632862

Go in the window that was cold before.
No. 133289 ID: 135d9a

Gonna go by the book here. Left.
No. 133295 ID: 32cc0e

Left has never steered us wrong in the past.
No. 133333 ID: c0f3bf

Left, then.

I move across the walk and reach the window. I can see that it does not open conventionally, I will have to smash it on entering.

I can see the fire clearly. It is covering the door and spread around the walls.
No. 133346 ID: 632862

Smashy smashy. I guess you could use your helmet to break it open and spare your fist from getting cut up.
No. 133369 ID: 135d9a

Let's get to business, then! Get through that window.
No. 133395 ID: c0f3bf

I could easily fix it, but that is more sensible.

I headbutt the window and the glass shatters easily. Smoke pours out as I climb into the room filled with it.

The fire looks to be natural, but I cannot immediately see anything that could have caused it. I have to conserve this limited supply of powder, though I could probably smother fire with my body.

The floor on the right side of the room has caved in, it reaches down to the ground floor, which I can see is on fire.


There is someone here, I can hear coughing and whimpering. I do not think they realize I am here. Their left leg has been crushed under a wooden beam holding their body up. Without its weight, they would have fallen into the fire.
No. 133401 ID: 135d9a


Can you safely free them and get them out of here without any more of the floor caving in? Because that'd be the priority here, I'm thinking.

Oh, and if they're coherent enough, it could be useful to ask if anyone else might be in this building somewhere.
No. 133403 ID: 632862

Well, lift the beam up while holding their body to keep them from falling in. As you lift off the beam, repair the leg partially so that it's not a serious break. Turn it into a hairline fracture or something. Make sure they aren't bleeding internally very much.

Also attempt to keep their lungs from being damaged further by the smoke. Don't actually cure the smoke inhalation issues, just stabilize them so that they don't get any worse.

Take them out the window and set them down so you can go back inside to find someone else.
No. 133444 ID: c0f3bf

I grab its leg and lift up the beam.

She is a female curelian. Other than the crushed leg and lung damage she is relatively healthy.

I reassemble the bone shards and reform the muscle around her leg. I then cleanse her lungs of most of the smoke so she can talk.

I push aside the beam and support her body enough to pull her out of the pit. She continues coughing as I carry her over to the window. I push her onto the walkway and climb out.

"Is there anyone still inside the building?"

"Don't... know..."

She wheezes, barely conscious. I cannot see any more firemen coming from this vantage point.
No. 133445 ID: 135d9a

Do you think you could get her somewhere basically safe and have her wait for a bit while you continue checking out the building?
No. 133446 ID: 632862

The walkway should be safe for quite a while. The building won't be collapsing anytime soon.
No. 133452 ID: 632862

Set her down and... um, go back into the room, open the door and see where else you can get to. Obviously you should use a little powder to make it safe to open the door itself.
No. 133454 ID: c0f3bf

Her health is stable and I brought her away from the window. She should be safe until recovery.

I climb back through the window into the smoke. The door is completely engulfed in flame, but I can kick it down.


I kick it down. The door splinters and I step through the frame. There are stairs leading down to the ground floor, but they are smoldering and likely unstable. There are stairs leading up, untouched by the fire. The wall in front of me is burning up.
No. 133455 ID: 34470e

Go up. If the stairs break, it'll take too much time to climb back up.
No. 133482 ID: 135d9a

Uh, go up then, I guess.
No. 133486 ID: 8ecfd4

Up. Someone might have gone upstairs to escape from the fire.
No. 133549 ID: c0f3bf

I climb the stairs up to the second floor. I cannot see any fire up here, but that does not make it any more safe. There are two doors, the one to my right is ajar. Smoke fills the air, though it is lighter than it was down below.
No. 133553 ID: 632862

Yell and ask if anyone's still up here, while checking in the door that's ajar.
No. 133554 ID: 34470e

Go through the right door, and call out to anyone.
No. 133567 ID: c0f3bf

I run through the door.

"Is anyone here?"

...There is a burmecian still asleep on a couch.
No. 133570 ID: 34470e

Touch him to see if there's anything wrong with him.
No. 133571 ID: 135d9a

Well, no time to waste, then. Get 'em up and get moving.
No. 133572 ID: 632862

Seriously? Well, wake them up and tell them to head to the nearest fire exit.

Then get to the other room.
No. 133591 ID: c0f3bf

I touch his arm.

He is sleeping, and partially deaf in both ears. I could fix it.

I bring him to full consciousness and he gets up with a jolt.

"W-w-what what what is it?!"

He looks at my coat and starts coughing from his rapid inhalation.

"Fuck, is the building on fire?"

I compensate for his hearing.

"Yes, is there anyone else?"

"Hold on,"

He waves his arm--!

A gust of wind blasts away the smoke. He must be an air mage.

"I dunno, sorry, I just got back and crashed."
No. 133593 ID: 632862

Alright, tell him to get to the nearest fire exit, he should be fine on his own. Let's check the other room.
No. 133594 ID: 632862

Wait a second. Can he control air well enough to deprive the fire of oxygen to smother it?
No. 133596 ID: 34470e

Ask this first.
This if he says no. If he says he can, then ask him if he wants to help you put the fire out.
No. 133597 ID: c0f3bf

"...Can you smother the fire?"

"Yeah, but don't you guys have people for that?"

"They are not here yet, I need help to put the fire out."

"Sure man, what ya need?"

"Climb down the fire pole and try to put out the ground floor fire from the outside, it will destroy the rest of the building."

"Yeah alright, lemme get my bag."

He picks up a backpack and heads for the stair exit to the walkway.
No. 133598 ID: 632862

Alright let's check the other room now!

Hmm, maybe you should make sure he makes it to the fire escape.
No. 133654 ID: c0f3bf

There is a clear path, I do not think he will have any trouble, especially if he can keep from breathing the smoke.

I move back into the hallway. The door is relatively cool, I open it and look around. The room is... completely bare. I can see a trapdoor on the floor, but there are no windows or furniture.
No. 133656 ID: 34470e

Can you open up the trapdoor?
No. 133659 ID: 32cc0e

Can you trap up the open door?

No wait, don't do that.
No. 133668 ID: c0f3bf

If I had some spare materials, but there isn't anything around.

I start lift--




...Part of the floor caved in. I fell to the first floor.
No. 133670 ID: 34470e

Well, that's a most unorthodox way of getting to see what's beyond the trapdoor. Look around.
No. 133671 ID: 632862

Damn it. Alright, start quickly checking all the rooms for victims of the fire.
No. 133744 ID: c0f3bf

There is only one room, smaller than the rest. There are no doors, but there is the window. The cooling enchantment has melted away from the fire. I cannot see anyone here, and it is very unlikely that the ceiling caved in on them.

There is a burning table--!?

Something on the table is spraying gold arcs. They are cold.
No. 133748 ID: 632862

Throw fire extinguishing powder on it!
No. 133765 ID: eb6d46

I'm gonna go with gold arcs spraying from the table as a bad thing, and second the extinguishing powder notion.
No. 133796 ID: 6834bc

Wasn't the 'bomb' at the restaurant spraying out gold arcs just as it detonated?
...This fire is definitely arson - or, to put it in simpler terms, planned.

See if you can disable it without smashing it; and figure out if it's safe for you to report it (I.E. it won't draw a lot of attention to you.)
No. 134111 ID: c0f3bf
File 126647892322.png - (82.29KB , 341x341 , smoke.png )

I throw powder on until the blaze is out. The table is scorched beyond use, but there is some kind of slag metal melted into it.

Ash is scattered over the floor. There... is a symbol etched into it.
No. 134112 ID: 632862

Investigate the slag and the symbol on the floor.
No. 134184 ID: c0f3bf
File 126648382949.png - (85.00KB , 341x341 , ash.png )

I brush away some of the ash. I am not very knowledgeable of symbols, but the slag and the floor have something in common. I scar it into myself to check later, next to the other one.

Everything else that might have been in the room is now lost to the fire. I do not think I can climb back up the debris... and there is no door.
No. 134199 ID: 632862

Break the window to get out. We should investigate the ground floor next, now that we don't have to worry about people falling through the floor or anything.
No. 134227 ID: a85626


>> I scar it into myself to check later,

You know, etching demonic symbols onto or into your own body may not be the most advisable of actions.

Just saying.
No. 135668 ID: c0f3bf
File 126663699298.png - (39.62KB , 341x341 , knife.png )

I am not a spirit mage, symbols I draw should contain such little magic as to render them useless. I am also making them free of intent, especially without any demonic components. Even if I had enough magic to effectively use them, they should not have any kind of impact.

...Regardless, I remove the scars. They heal without issue, unlike the one on Fizz's back.

I headbutt the window and climb out.
More firemen have arrived now, I can see that wind mage has been relieved by a water mage to extinguish the fire on the ground. I checked all the room--



There is a poisoned knife. In my back. The poison is deadly, I can feel it seep into my bloodstream.
No. 135670 ID: 632862

Yeah right. Neutralize that poison, and look up at the roof to see who threw it. Then remove the knife, heal the wound, and throw it back at them.
No. 135673 ID: 8ecfd4

Find the person that stabbed you and make them realise why stabbing a blood mage is a bad idea. Drain them of blood to heal yourself.
No. 135675 ID: 135d9a

Uh, that's not really good.

But then again poison is something you can deal with, right?

You've definitely gotten involved with somebody who doesn't want you in their shit, though.
No. 135679 ID: a85626


Don't just neutralize the poison. Collect it into your mouth and spit it back in the direction the knife came from. Expand your frill.
No. 135781 ID: c0f3bf
File 12666469176.png - (18.33KB , 341x341 , bat.png )

I stop the poison. The knife could not have come from above, but I see the assassin soon after I turn around. A male flight curelian on the nearby building is taking off.


I think he is wearing an eyepatch over his right eye!

He is too far away, and likely has an antidote on him just in case. And I do not have a frill.
No. 135789 ID: 632862

Throw the knife at him, unless you think you can catch him.
No. 135792 ID: 34470e

Ram is a fireman! He'd get yelled at if he threw a weapon at someone!
Just yell at him. Hopefully that'll be able to surprise him long enough for you to actually do something.
No. 135813 ID: 34470e

"I know and I can help"
No. 135815 ID: 33622e

This. If nothing else it'll give him pause.
No. 135840 ID: a85626


Aw, too bad. Frills rock my socks dude.

Just... try to watch what direction he's flying. You probably should focus more on the fire. Gotta figure out why people are trying to kill you though. Who would know you're a blood mage, or could there be another reason?
No. 137129 ID: c0f3bf
File 126682687217.png - (43.03KB , 341x341 , onomatopoeia.png )

He is much too far away, and about to fly.

Fizz is the only person I'm sure knows that I am a blood mage. It is possible she told other people.

I stare into his... eye.

"Hey! Whatever it is, whatever you need, no matter what trouble you're in, I can help! Give me a chance, list--"




A nevrean just tackled me from behind.

"Bastard! Don't you dare die from this!"

She stabbed me with a needle! It's... an antidote to the poison in the knife.
No. 137130 ID: 135d9a

Hey, we might get a lead out of this after all!

Shove her off of you and ask what on earth she's on about. (Obviously don't let on that you fixed the poison issue yourself.)
No. 137132 ID: cfad4e

I guess that assassin's gonna get away.

Act confused, then thank her. No need to blow your cover right away.
No. 137133 ID: 8ecfd4

Ask her what that was about. A dinky little knife isn't enough to bring you down. Don't let on that you know it was poisoned.

Other than that kindly ask her to get out of the burning building and get back to rescuing people.
No. 137140 ID: c0f3bf

Long gone now, I cannot determine where he flew.

"What exactl--"


"Shut up, don't waste your strength on asking stupid questions."

I roll her off me with difficulty. Her hands and back become incised with shards of broken glass. She cries out in pain and I stand up.



She just kicked me off the walkway! I fall--


...Onto a plateau of stone that rose up from the ground.
No. 137141 ID: 34470e

Ask her who she is, and what she's doing here.
No. 137142 ID: 135d9a


You feeling okay?

If you are, you might wanna try being a little more forceful with your question. Like, punctuating it with expletives, that sort of thing. Y'know, just generally indicate that you feel basically okay (if you still do) and that you'd really like to know what the hell is going on.
No. 137143 ID: 8ecfd4

Ask her what the fuck that was for? You have people to save and no time to lie around like a lazy bastard.
No. 137148 ID: c0f3bf

"The FUCK is wrong with you?! Here I am trying to save these assholes from being horribly burned and I get stabbed in the FUCKING back and stuck with a goddamn needle!! Tell me who you are and what the FUCK you want, or get the hell out of my way, you FUCKING bitch!"

"Shut. Up. Now."

She raises her--



The stone closed in around my body!

"Now keep your mouth shut and stop struggling. Here's what's going to happen. I'm going to take you in, and you are going to tell me everything you know about these bastards so I can arrest them and get my goddamn friend back alive. I don't know if Un-Sight was hired to hit you or me, but I'm going to find out whether you like it or not."
No. 137149 ID: 8ecfd4

Well that sounds bad. Still it's probably better to play along for now. If you continue resisting you might be faced with a confrontation where you will either have to reveal what you are or one you cannot win.
No. 137150 ID: 135d9a

Okay, so apparently you don't really know how to curse. Which is okay, if extremely amusing.

On a more serious note, uhh. I guess you're basically gonna have to run with this, much as you probably don't want to.
No. 137151 ID: 6834bc

Uh, mutter to yourself something along the lines of "What the hell is this crazy bird talking about?"
No. 137152 ID: 632862

Say nothing. Look surprised (shouldn't be hard) then resigned.
No. 137158 ID: c0f3bf


...Fine. I'll wait it out. She is definitely a member of the police, or some other kind of detective.

This is not ideal.

"Crazy bird..."


She covered my mouth with stone.


. .

. . .

She dragged me all the way to a precinct. Police. I can feel my heart beating much faster than normal. Nausea wells up in my stomach.


She put a blindfold on me. I can feel myself getting shifted around. ...Left. Right. Right. Left. Left. Left.

The blindfold is coming off now.

It's an interrogation room. A strong light shines on my eyes. The nevrean is staring at me with a look of absolute contempt. There is a human next to her.

"...Talk. Who was that knife aimed at?"
No. 137159 ID: 632862

"Well, it hit me, so it was probably aimed at me."
No. 137160 ID: 135d9a

The one that hit you in the back?

As far as you know, you, right?
No. 137161 ID: 8ecfd4

"I assume it was aimed at me because it hit me. Why someone would want to throw knifes at me is something I don't understand though. I'm just a fireman and I was there to save lives."
No. 137169 ID: 6834bc

"The knife? Oh, you mean the knife that embedded itself in my back?

I responded to my badge call and went to do my job, to try to save lives and put out the fire. The last thing I expected was a knife in the back, and the last thing after that was a police officer tackling me and jabbing me with a needle."

Maybe toss in a "I wish somebody had told me to expect flying daggers hitting me in the back before I got this job."
No. 137171 ID: c0f3bf

"It was in my back. What do you think?"

The nevrean starts pacing.

"Why was there a hit on you?"

"I am a fireman. The building was blazing. My badge called me there. Why would someone try to kill me?"

"I'm asking you that."

"I do not know. I would not have taken this job if I knew it would result in people actively attempting to kill me."

"You're not a fireman. You're just a volunteer. Anyone can be a volunteer. Why were you really there?"
No. 137173 ID: 34470e

"My badge went off. It signaled to that building."
No. 137174 ID: 8ecfd4

"There was a fire. I'm a volunteer fireman. Why do you think I was there?"
No. 137178 ID: 632862

"What? I'm not a volunteer. I passed the tests and I'm getting paid and everything. You need to get your facts straight. This IS my first day on the job, though."
No. 137180 ID: 135d9a

Well it did.
No. 137183 ID: 632862

I've been corrected on this; apparently Ram is a paid volunteer.

So instead, just say your badge told you to go there.
No. 137190 ID: c0f3bf

Volunteer firemen are paid, it would be accurate to say they volunteer to perform a high-risk service for lower wages, generally with little experience.

"My badge pointed me here. I am a volunteer fireman. What exactly do you want me to say?"

"Of course you are. You're a firemen with a badge. Stop telling half truths. You know the real issue here."

"No. I do not."

She slams my head against the desk. A small trickle of blood wets my temple.

"I'm sick of your crap! Where is she!? What are you doing with her!?"

The human holds her back, whispering something about brutality and the stab wound on my back.

The nevrean seems to calm down slightly. Something is causing her irrational anger.

The human walks up to me and checks my back. I did not heal the would, it is still there. He starts dressing it with a bandage and some gel. The nevrean continues.

"Demons. Core. Golem. Morphic. It is difficult, dangerous, and downright stupid to bring them into this dimension."

She slams her fist down on the desk

"So why are we finding summoning rituals almost everywhere we look?!"

...So someone is trying to summon demons? This is starting to irritate me, she has the wrong person.
No. 137192 ID: 135d9a

Obviously, she's angry because someone she's got a strong emotional tie to is being negatively affected by whatever's going on. I'm guessing in the "getting abducted" way based on what she's said here so far.

The problem is I don't know what you should actually say. I mean, these guys seem to be interested in the same thing you are, but it's going to be quite difficult to get you guys working in the same direction, because knowing the "wrong" thing is just going to draw more suspicion to yourself.

That and it's obviously not in your best interest to explain what you are to the police.
No. 137193 ID: 8ecfd4

Let some of that irritation show. You are after all an innocent man. Tell her you have no idea who it is she is looking for. And tell her you have no idea who is summoning demons or why they're doing it.

Btw did you remove the runes you scared into your body? Because if you didn't now would probably be a good time to do so before they find them.
No. 137194 ID: 34470e

The runes he scared are internal. They'd need to dissect him in order to find them.
No. 137195 ID: 632862

If you have that magical teleport thing on you, show it to them and ask if it has anything to do with demon summoning. Say you found it in the alleyway between the two burning buildings.
No. 137196 ID: 135d9a

I would say that confusion regarding the mention of demons is probably more appropriate than "I don't know who."

I guess this does give us a bit of a hint as to what the hell the deal was in the restaurant that started this whole mess in the first place.
No. 137197 ID: 8ecfd4

Well they're already gone so that point is moot. Good thing too, convincing her that he had nothing to do with it would be alot harder with demonic runes on his body.
No. 137198 ID: 135d9a


Now that I think about it.

Depending on the complexion this conversation proceeds to take, I wonder if it might be worth it to offer your aid. (Not immediately, obviously.) You both seem to be pursuing similar leads, and it might deflect suspicion if you say you'll help out however you can.

Heck, you could even potentially be able to reveal information that could be useful to them but that you can't currently reveal without drawing undue suspicion. Although that would necessarily come later.

So, y'know. I dunno. Say something like "Someone is trying to summon demons?," I guess, for now?
No. 137241 ID: 6834bc

"Someone is trying to summon demons?" in a confused tone; followed by "Wait, are you saying that fire was premeditated, as some kind of summoning ritual?"
No. 137626 ID: a85626


This, and at least you can tell them what you saw on the scene. A male flight Corelian with an eyepatch over his right eye threw the dagger. You don't know why you were just looking for people to rescue from the fire. Being an ezilot in town, it makes obvious sense to volunteer for the fire fighters, so they have no business questioning why you were doing it.

You should also tell them about the symbols on the slag and the floor. You put out the fire there after all. The reason you put it out is that it seemed like something was happening that could have possibly caused an explosion, NOT because you're looking for demonic symbols to help your cutebold friend.

You probably shouldn't tell them about Fizz's scar yet. It really is a coincidence that would just make them more suspicious of you, and the people they're trying to track down could be closely monitoring Fizz (thus the reason you got a dagger in your back) so any disturbance would send them into hiding.

I wouldn't tell them about that Thri-Kreen either. Again, it would expose that you're involved in looking for evidence of demonic activity. The roach was well away from the fire when it started, and the people doing this obviously already know what they need to know about demonology, so wouldn't need to go to the library about it.
No. 137787 ID: cfad4e

"She? She who?! What's wrong with you? You can't just go around entombing people in stone because you figure they must be guilty of something if somebody decided to stab them!"
No. 138546 ID: c0f3bf


"Why would anyone want to bring demons from their home dimension?

"I just asked you that."

"I can say the same now. Our knowledge is mutual."


"Tell me what is going on. I cannot help you if I do not know what I'm supposed to be thinking of."

"...Fine. I'll bite."

She steps back from the desk and waves away the human. Then she starts bandaging her bloody hands.

"Three weeks ago, two attempts of demon summoning. Two weeks ago, five attempts, and those were just the ones we found. Before this, we had maybe two cases a month, and those only ever summoned anything if we were unlucky! This is practically unheard of."

She takes a step towards me.

"If you summon a demon and try to control it, inexperienced mages are cinches to die, from the actual demons or just the rituals alone. It takes a lot of skill, materials, or raw power for it to work, and the demon usually breaks loose anyway from the shock."

She takes another step towards me.

"Then we started finding these."

She holds out her arm.


There is a symbol scarred on it in the same shape as the ones in the burning building.

"One week ago, I was put on investigating this. First place I checked had three spirit mages all with scars like this, trying to summon a demon. That was when I realized all the demon summoners were connected somehow. I arrested them all... but..."

She clenches her bandaged fists.

"Someone gassed the room. I was out for three days. When I woke up, I had this scar, and was chained to the floor of an abandoned apartment. Somebody didn't count on me waking up when I did. Or leveling the earth to get out."

She closes her eyes and makes an expression of loathing.

"I finally caught up on what I'd missed, and this curelian bastard Un-Sight started assassinating all the witnesses before we could interrogate them."

She lowers her head.

"One time he grazed me with a poisoned knife. I was out for two days, but I managed to get an antidote out of it."

She makes an exasperated noise from her throat.

"I had to sleep in the cells to prevent someone from tracking me while I was resting!"

She opens her eyes.

"Then you bastards took my friend. I never had a chance to use the antidote on anyone before they died..."

She looks into my eyes.

"Until now."

"I am not part of this."

"I think you're lying."

"Your judgment is clouded with concern."

"I saw you outside the buildings that were set on fire today before. I would have arrested you, but I didn't know you were involved in a bombing then. How's that for 'clouded'."

No. 138549 ID: 34470e

"So you saw me pass by a building while I was out for a walk? I hardly call that conclusive evidence that I was involved with the bombings."
No. 138626 ID: a85626

My gut instinct says trust her. She told you, so tell her.

"I might have seen a scar."

Depending on her reaction you can say more, or stop trusting her. She clearly is not behind the demon summoning, so at worst she would be a less dangerous enemy if she knows about Fizz. You might tell her of Fizz's unusual...behavior in the kitchen, but mostly the scar is important. Your interactions with Fizz are probably what put you on the hit list, however innocent they are.

Seeing the scar, you then went to research it in the library, and talked with a roach about demonic symbols. That might also have put you on the hit list. That will give her two new leads, Fizz and that thri-kreen lady. She might be able to help you then, but at worst she will know to leave you alone since you are despite the bizarre coincidences an innocent spectator.

Tell her about the bomb, and imply that it seemed to activate when Fizz approached. Unfortunately you did not see who was previously at that table, but maybe Fizz did.

I'd avoid telling her about the goblin for now. She already has the report for that, and there's too much risk there of exposing that you're a blood mage. You are pretty much stuck telling her your involvement with the bombing though. Apologize, but say you didn't want to get involved and just left the restaurant.
No. 138655 ID: 632862

Fizz's scar is completely different, and she didn't behave in a strange manner in the kitchen. The goblin did, though.

Tell her you were near the cafe when it was bombed, and went in to see if you could help. You found the goblin in a fridge with bite marks, and went out into the alley to see if you could find the people who did it. You were about to go back inside when you heard the police talking to the goblin, who never mentioned you, and decided not to get further involved.

Then show her the fragment, telling her you found it in the alley. You experimented with it and found out it's a teleport device. Say you hadn't thought it was related to the bombing, but from what she's said it sounds like they're teleporting the demons to somewhere where they can contain them. Maybe they're forming a demon army or something.

Tell her you found a trap door in that burning building, that lead to a strange cold-arcing device with those symbols on it. That was the room you were climbing out of when you got hit by the dagger.

Ask who her friend is.
No. 138662 ID: 8ecfd4

Tell her that of course you were at the apartment building that burned down yesterday. You lived there.

As for the bomb, you were in there to get a bit of food to eat, the bomb went off and in your very confused and shocked state you left without contacting the police. You do realise that it was a very stupid thing to do, but people sometimes do stupid things when they're shocked.

As for the demonic summoning stuff. You have no fucking idea on what's going on. You did however see a Curelian in the diner before the bomb went off. The friend you're stay with might know more since she worked at that place.
No. 139125 ID: a85626

Fall into convulsions because all the voices in your head are going nuts!
No. 139884 ID: c0f3bf

I can stop convulsions, in fact, I do not think I can have them at all unless I initiate them.

"I was outside the restaurant when that happened! I was going to get some food... wait!"


"I'm remembering something! The kobold there had her back exposed!"


"No, there was a scar on it! I remember it looked strange, like a perfect angle."

She puts a piece of paper and a pen on the desk.

"Draw it."

I draw the scar on Fizz's back.

"...Haven't seen this one before."

"Oh, right! There is one more thing, I found this in the alley between the burning buildings when I was looking for burn victims."

I take out the metal fragment and put it on the desk. Her eyes widen and she clutches her head with both of her hands.

"That... what... no..."

She takes it with the most... quizzical and confused expression I think I have ever seen. I break the silence.

"Guess I knew more than I thought I did... sorry."

"How come you didn't mention this sooner?"

"Because a crazy bird was asking the questions, and seemed determined to find me guilty of something! Stress is not very helpful on your memory!"

She frowns slightly and move over to the door.

"David, get in here. You... whatever your involvement in this, I'm placing you in custody, for your own good. If Un-Sight or whoever he's working for wants you dead, you're going to be safest right here."

The human returns and the nevrean motions at me. They lift me up and open the door.

My hands are free... I think I could hit them both at once.
No. 139890 ID: 6834bc

Attacking or incapacitating them would put suspicion back on you...

I get that staying with the police is an idea you don't like, but is there any excuse you can make that doesn't reveal you're a blood mage and doesn't force you to stay here?

And what about Fizz? What are they going to do about her? Will they find her and bring her here, too?
...I wonder if she managed to get that job today... or if it would be a good idea to tell them you're staying at her apartment.
No. 139960 ID: 632862

How well can you fake death? You could go along with it, then when they leave you alone, fake death and wait. You can escape when an opportunity presents itself.
No. 140030 ID: c0f3bf

I can keep myself from appearing nervous despite what I am actually feeling.

It is strange, the metal piece I showed them sparked much more interest than Fizz's scar. I am not sure what that means, however.

I can definitely fake my death, in many ways. I will wait until I am alone.

They bring me down a twisting hallway and into a larger room with cells. They put me in one at the end and lock the door. The nevrean speaks.

"Stay in here, we'll bring you some food later. Not gourmet, but at least nobody's going to get in here without a serious fight."

She leaves, along with the human. I do not see any guards around the immediate area. I look around the cell. It is made out of steel, and the bars test as very sturdy. It is well-maintained.

Tink! Tink! Tink!

I think the person in the cell to my right is knocking on the wall.

"Hey. Blood mage."

No. 140034 ID: 34470e

Don't answer him. He clearly must be thinking of someone else. *wink*
No. 140043 ID: 632862

Good idea. I'll go along with that line of thinking.

"Are you talking to me? Don't be silly, Blood Mages are just a myth."
No. 140071 ID: 6834bc

Don't say anything about yourself.

Just presume they're talking to someone else and say, loud enough that anyone else in other nearby cells could hear, "Blood Mages aren't real. They're just a fairy tale."
No. 140075 ID: c0f3bf

I stay silent.

Tink! Tink! Tink!

Tink! Tink! Tink!

"Hey, I know you're there, you might as well say something."

I scoff loudly.

"Blood mages don't exist, they're just stories kids tell to scare themselves around campfires."

"Really? But I know that's not true. Coming back from the dead kinda points otherwise."

Wait... I think I recognize her voice...
No. 140077 ID: 34470e

That's silly. People can't come back from the dead. Tell her she's silly.
No. 140078 ID: 632862

It's the goblin from the cafe. I guess she realized what happened.

We have so many questions for her.

Why haven't you told them about me? Why the strange behavior after you woke up? Do you remember what attacked you?
No. 140080 ID: 6834bc

I think a "Who are you?" is innocent enough.
No. 140104 ID: 8ecfd4

"So you figured out what happened. Are you feeling better now or are you still convinced that you're not a goblin?"
No. 140331 ID: a85626

Dammit. If you touched her and undid all the stuff you did to heal her, would that count as murder? Yeah it probably would.
No. 141208 ID: c0f3bf
File 126753559558.png - (23.32KB , 341x341 , morphic.png )

"That is impossible. Who are you?"

"Jeeze, relax, we're the only ones here."

I look inside the other cells. I do not see anyone else.

"What happened? Why didn't you say anything?"

"I didn't think you'd want me to, and resurrection counts for a lot of brownie points in my book."

"Do you remember what attacked you?"


She was already dead, but now since she is alive I would have to inflict the same wounds to undo the healing, which were fatal. Resurrection is supposed to be impossible, I can't think of any way to appeal for it without giving too much information.

"Why were you acting so strange when you woke up? Are you feeling better, or are you still convinced you are not a goblin?"

"I died, I'm pretty sure I have an excuse to be out of it for a while. Getting better, but I still feel a bit sluggish. As for the goblin thing... I am still convinced. Maybe I should convince you too?"

I hear a strange sound not unlike silk flapping in the wind. A shifting mass slips between the bars of my cell-! It coalesces into the goblin.

"We never really got a good opportunity to talk last time, and Raka isn't my real name. Eikoesta, at your service, but people that bring me back to life can call me 'Eiko'."
No. 141209 ID: 3b6c92

"... What are you??"
No. 141211 ID: 8ecfd4

Well this shit just keeps getting weirder. Ram, do you have a tattoo somewhere on your body that says "I love to deal with weird shit" because I'm starting to think that's the case.

But on towards buisness. So Eiko isn't really a goblin, it's a shapechanger that looks like a goblin for some god damn odd reason. So we have a one eyed curelian assassin, who may have been at the diner before it blew up, and he's involved in summoning demons. A nice kobold that's a bit bigger than normal with a fucking odd scar and some trauma in the past that was very painful. And now a shapechanging goblin that worked at the same diner as Fizz. And someone wanted them both dead.

Well not much you can do about that right now. Ask her what she is and why she is staying here when she could obviously break out at any time.
No. 141212 ID: 6834bc

I'm gonna go ahead and second asking "What are you?", because that's the only question that makes sense right now.

By the way, Ram, what would you do if you met a female blood mage? Barring how rare blood mages are, say the dice just suddenly fell in favor and this time around, two blood mages were alive at the same time - and met.
No. 141225 ID: b74765

No wonder she was confused at being called a goblin. She's some sort of shapeshifter, so her last form, the form you brought her back as, wasn't necessarily her true form.

You didn't notice any oddities in her anatomy that might have indicated her abilities at shapeshifting when you brought her back?
No. 141226 ID: a85626

No. 141228 ID: c0f3bf

I... am not sure what I would do. It would entirely depend on them, I think, though I am now wondering how reproduction works with regards to blood magic. I do not think I have ever had a fertility test.

"...What are you?"

"Enuzian. But morphic demon is probably what you'd call it.

So she is a demon...

It would appear so.

I did not notice anything particularly strange.

"You can just leave whenever you want, why are you still in here?"

She gives me a sly look and smiles.

"I've been listening, and watching people come in and out. Learned some very interesting things, too. Besides, it I wasn't always alone in here, someone could've seen me. I was going to leave while they were questioning you, but I'm not one to forget a face, especially one that resurrected me."
No. 141230 ID: 3b6c92

So, uh, hey, Ram?

I think, uh.

I think you may actually have some culpability in this whole "summoning demons" thing, here. I mean, strictly speaking, I don't think you necessarily did the summoning part? ... but she's still a demon who is up and about as a direct result of your actions.

Not really sure what you should think about that.

On the upside, she doesn't seem particularly... demonic, outside of the whole freaky shapeshifting thing. Or at least she isn't out threatening anybody's lives at the moment.


Yeah, uh, I'd ask her what she's planning on doing in the near future. Probably.
No. 141233 ID: 8ecfd4

And the weird shit just keeps piling up. Ask her what a morphic demon was doing working as a waiter as well as why someone decided to kill her in such a messy and public way.
No. 141285 ID: 34470e

Ask her what attacked her.
No. 141344 ID: a85626

Let's not panic everyone. It's likely she was a demon disguised as a goblin before we ever met her. It's highly unlikely that our attempts at healing inadvertantly sacrificed a humble goblin's soul in an unholy ritual that consumed her body with a demon's dark essence OH GOD WHAT HAVE WE DONE
No. 141826 ID: c0f3bf

"Were you ever a goblin?"

She shakes her head, ears swinging.

"Not a real one. Fully demon, through and through. No possession here!"

She wasn't working there, not at the time at least.

"Why was a morphic demon in a restaurant? Do you even need to eat?"

"Are you kidding me? I eat like I'm starving! That time th--uh, eating."

She is not saying the truth.

"What attacked you?"

"Niv--wild demon. Looked like a giant dog."

"I brought a demon back to life. What are you planning on doing with it?"

"Well, I was thinking on getting us out of here, unless you wanted to stay for some reason."
No. 141829 ID: 632862

Call her out on her lies. Mention that if you just break out, they'd try to track you down and the last thing a Blood Mage needs is police attention.

Ask her why she didn't reveal your true nature.
No. 141830 ID: 3b6c92

>She is not saying the truth.
And what she did say didn't make any sense, either. Hm.

I'm kinda torn. On the one hand, it's pretty annoying to just sort of hang around in here (and my latent paranoia is making me worried about Fizz). On the other hand, if you leave now, you're going to make the police even more suspicious of you, and as awkward as this meeting has been I'd still kind of like to help the poor crazy bird out.

One good thing is that since Eiko is quite literally indebted to you for her life, you can probably avoid her doing anything, uh, unscrupulous. I mean, she's nice enough, and we don't really have a specific reason to distrust her, but I'm a bit afraid of the sort of answer we might get if we ask her what she does for "fun" (largely on principle, since she's a demon and all).

Then again, I suppose you're a blood mage who we're working toward making into an upstanding citizen. Who knows?
No. 141832 ID: 3b6c92

And yeah ask her for a straight answer as to what she was doing in the restaurant.
No. 141838 ID: 632862

Oh, ask how she was summoned!
No. 141888 ID: a85626

They don't know you're a blood mage, and they don't know she's a demon shapeshifter. It might be boring now, but my gut feeling is you shouldn't play your hand just yet. Hold off on escaping for now, at least until you finish your conversation.
No. 141891 ID: 8ecfd4

Remember all that raw meat lying around in the kitchen? That was probably her lunch, and I bet she didn't pay for it. Ask her why someone would send a Niv to rip her apart.

Tell her that you will stay. If you wanted to break out I think you could manage it. But breaking out in this situation would only increase their suspiscion and might get a manhunt started on you because you're pretty much the only lead they have currently.

But while you're here Fizz has no protection. And that is where our little demon can help you. Tell her to watch Fizz from a distance and keep her safe. She can also give Fizz a message from you "I'm held by the police. I'm not a suspect but a witness and they're holding me to keep me safe. Should get out soon, hope everything went well with looking for work." and after that she is to guard Fizz. As she is a demon herself she should be aware of any tricks the demons might pull to get to Fizz and how to watch against them.
No. 141986 ID: 6834bc

If you're going to go with this, Ram, emphasize one point - the demon owes you. If she tries to pull anything funny with Fizz or doesn't help out at all, you're going to be very cross.
And she doesn't want an angry Blood Mage on her ass, demon or no.
No. 142034 ID: 2e3251

Ask about the flight Curelian. I think he was trying to kill her, knowing why would be a good idea.
No. 143065 ID: c0f3bf

She said that she did not think I wanted her to, but she is clearly not expressing the entire truth.

"What was the real reason you did not mention me? That would have been strong initiative."


"What is a 'Niv'?"

"Nivis... Wild demon. We don't use the same words is all."

"Why would someone send one after you?"

"I... don't know?"

She could be telling the truth, but I doubt it.

"There was an assassin there that day, was he trying to kill you as well?"

"Assassin? Who?"

"The curelian."

"I don't... think so. He was an assassin?"

"Why were you really in the restaurant?"

"I was hungry. Look, can we talk about this after we leave or something?"

"I have to stay here. Currently, nobody is aware I can manipulate magic at all. If I break out I will be suspected, along with you."

"I can't keep this up forever! And you need--"

"I am staying here. I need your help with something else. The kobold from the restaurant may have demons looking for her."


"Guard her for a while, she may be possessed by one herself."

"I have... time now, okay."

I give her directions.

"...How were you summoned here in the first place?"

She looks at me strangely.

"How about this. I'll tell you when you get out of here, alright?"
No. 143070 ID: 8ecfd4

Tell her that it sounds fair.

Not much you can do after that but sit down and wait. Maybe experiment a bit with what changes you can do inside of your own body. How efficeint can you make your metabolism, how good can you purge your system of impurities and things like that.
No. 143072 ID: 3b6c92

Man she's not really answering your questions too well.

But I guess if you feel like you can trust her, and she's willing to keep an eye on Fizz, that's probably okay for now. As long as she makes good on that promise of explaining more when you get the chance.

I'm not completely sold on Eiko's trustworthiness, but then again she's the one who actually bothered to come in here and talk to you. Her motive seems to be in the right direction, anyway.
No. 143078 ID: 632862

What did the wild demon look like? Was there anyone else in the kitchen when she got attacked? Did she hear anything odd before the bomb went off? Did she see where any of the other employees went?

What questions did the police ask her?
No. 143115 ID: a85626
File 126792656951.jpg - (4.31KB , 96x107 , uhoh.jpg )


> "...How were you summoned here in the first place?"

> She looks at me strangely.
No. 143263 ID: c0f3bf

"That sounds fair."

She nods her head. Her body diffuses back into a formless entity and materializes outside the bars. I think I want to examine her like that.

"Why were you detained in the first place?"

"I'll tell you stuff when you get out of here. Don't take too long, okay?"

She silently walks away, slipping under the door.


There is nobody around. Now what?
No. 143306 ID: 632862

Is there a window on the wall of your cell?
No. 143323 ID: a85626
File 126794377594.jpg - (12.82KB , 400x225 , just_as_planned.jpg )

Do absolutely nothing.
No. 143349 ID: 632862

Eh. Just... fake a heart attack, I guess.
No. 143407 ID: 8ecfd4

Sit down and meditate. Experiment a bit with what you can do to your insides to make them more efficient.
No. 143485 ID: 3b6c92

You got any ideas as to how exactly you could experiment with your abilities, since we've got a bunch of downtime to work with here?
No. 143563 ID: c0f3bf

No, not even a barred one.

Nothing specific...

I curl up in a sleeping position and prepare to modify my body. I am incredibly efficient already, and I can almost unconsciously keep my condition from degrading due to natural influences. Unless there's something I've forgotten, I cannot think of anything I could try.
No. 143565 ID: 632862

Could you allow the poison to take effect, showing its symptoms, and appear to die from it but not quite?
No. 143569 ID: a85626


Oh you are cruel. I like the way you think.

I would prefer Ram not be publically declared dead at this point though.


I have an idea you probably haven't tried. Make eyeballs on your fingers. That way you can see around corners!
No. 143765 ID: 632862

Well, they don't actually know who he is... and if we escape after they take him out of the cell, they won't ever know.
No. 144105 ID: c0f3bf

I believe I would have to completely change the structure of my hands for the to be able to see... And it would be conspicuous, to say the least.

I could... but dying from a poison that takes effect quickly when introduced long after the antidote was administered does not seem like a natural death. I would also wish to stay out of hospitals and morgues as much as possible. Doctors make me... uneasy.


The door to the rest of the station opened. I watch the nevrean girl come in. She is carrying a... tray of food. I am not hungry.
No. 144111 ID: 632862

Excellent. You may not be hungry... but you can eat some and then later pretend it was poisoned.

My plan centers around being outside of the police station with someone next to you that you can knock out and escape without anyone knowing what really happened. It would look like the demon-summoners stole your body. For added authenticity you could put a stab wound on the person you knock out, making sure it misses all vital organs.

On the other hand, the bird might notice the goblin is missing, decide it's not safe here anymore, and let you out. Then you could get away with some other method.

Tell her you're not really that hungry. Say that you ate right before getting called to the fire. I guess you could eat a bite or two, though.
No. 144112 ID: 34470e

Advice from a glutton: Eat when not hungry.
No. 144140 ID: c0f3bf

Ergh... Fine.

I increase my appetite and start eating once she puts the tray in front of me. It's not very good.

"Hey. Are you sure you can't think of any reasons someone would want you dead?"
No. 144228 ID: 8ecfd4

Well you could experiment some with the food. Can you increase the speed of your metabolism so the food is processed faster and other food related stuff.

As for her question. Tell her no, you see no reason why anyone would want to kill a ezilot with acting dreams working as a volunter fireman, makes no sense to you, you assume you were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time today. And you would also like to get back home as soon as possible.
No. 144248 ID: a85626

I still don't see why you didn't tell her about your involvement with Fizz. By pointing out the scar you pretty much exposed Fizz to police scrutiny, but nothing you did in relation to that restaurant would indicate you were a blood mage. Your natural heat senses picked up a bomb going off leading you to tackle a kobold who you then found had a magic scar that you then researched at the library, which was probably where you got on their hit list.

But instead you told her you were outside the restaurant, and you just randomly saw the kobold had a scar, and just randomly found that teleport thingie, instead of when sneaking out the back later on. I could understand if you avoided mentioning you had any involvement with the goblin/demon who this police lady seems quite unsurprised not to see, but the other stuff would have actually helped your story, because they're true!

With the alibi you gave I just can't imagine any reason anyone would want to kill you specifically. The best you could say is that sparking spell you found when putting out the fire someone might have been trying to kill you for accidentally discovering that.

Only two people know you're a blood mage so far. Neither of them have told anyone, and neither of them want to kill you. Your would-be assassins can't be using this as the reason because they have no way of knowing you are at all. Plus they've killed many more people this way, and it's a good bet those people weren't blood mages. So that's not even an issue. Don't even worry about it. Do avoid doctors though they might notice your um... biological enhancements.
No. 144253 ID: a85626


Problem with that is I actually do kind of want to help the police lady person in her quest to solve this crime. :/ It would be just mean to leave her without what could possibly be vital information that's harmless enough for us to easily divulge. But the problem now is that'd mean changing your story, and once you do that they can never be sure which story is the truth or not.
No. 144266 ID: 8ecfd4

I'm more intersted in keeping Ram out of jail and as far away from suspiscious minds as possible, and cops tends to be suspicious.

We might be able to help her out later via annoymus tips.
No. 144269 ID: 632862

"I can't think of anything. Maybe he mistook me for someone else? He did throw it into my back, so he might not have seen my face. Perhaps there's another firefighter in trouble. Or maybe I was just in the way, and he was throwing it at you?"
No. 144284 ID: c0f3bf

I did think it was a good idea to send the metal fragment, perhaps the concept can be recycled.

I... apologize. I did not think the situation through. I was too concerned with staying unrelated, I did not stop to think that it would have been a better idea to tell the truth, omitting few details.

There are a few things I can mention without disrupting it.

I metabolize the food instantly. I do not think anything changed.

"I cannot think of any reason. Maybe he mistook me for someone else, or he was aiming at you."

She sighs, I think she expected an answer similar to that.


"Unless what?"

I scratch the side of my neck.

"Well... the room you... apprehended me outside of. It was strange compared to the rest of the rooms I checked."


"There was no door connecting it to the hall, just a solid wall. To get in there at all, I had to go down a trap door in the room above it. And there was something etched on the floor I think..."

"A symbol?"

"Yes. Like the one on you."

"I expected as much..."

"...Can I go home now?"

"Just because you might not've been the target doesn't mean you weren't. It's just safer if you stay here, and... you still might have something to do with this."
No. 144285 ID: 632862

'How can I prove myself to you that I'm not involved? I really do need to get back home.'
No. 144306 ID: 8ecfd4

They shouldn't be able to hold you for more than a few days without charges. Still that's annoying as fucking hell and shit might happen in the meantime that's not good.

Since she remains convinced that you're her only witness and still not convinced that you're involved I'm not really sure how to do this. Repeat that you're innocent and tell her that you really don't like being locked up for your own saftey (seem slightly panicy here), you're pretty sure they don't know who you are and frankly you're not very fond of being locked up (pretend to be even more panicy. Hopefully that might convince her to atlteast let you out of the cell.
No. 144662 ID: c0f3bf

"I need to return home. How can I prove I'm not involved? What do you want me to say?"

"It's for your own protection. Even if you have nothing to do with this, someone might come after you anyway. I'll... just have to find out myself if you're involved or not."

"Can you at least let me out of the cell? I do not like being locked up for my own safety."

She starts shaking her head before I finish speaking.

"Nobody's going to get in here. You didn't see going in, but it's heavily guarded. Only me and--"

She stops suddenly.

"...Where is the goblin?!"
No. 144663 ID: 34470e

"What goblin?"
No. 144666 ID: 632862

"What are you talking about? Was there another prisoner in here before?"
No. 144701 ID: 697b23

You might want to use this breach of security to convince her that you would be just as safe taking care of yourself, since she can't even keep track of her own detainees. Unless she has charges to bring against you, you should ask or even demand to be released on your own recognizance.

Erm... unless your legal system is different from ours, in which case I don't know if that's valid or not.
No. 144956 ID: 8ecfd4

This could be useful. Let a bit even more panic creep into your voice and body language and ask if there was supposed to be a goblin here? Because you sure didn't see any goblins. Or actually, it might be better to add that you didn't see any goblins but a morphing demon that slunk out. That might convince her that it's really not safe in the cells area.

Hopefullly once she realises that this place isn't nearly as safe as she thought it was she will atleast move you out of the cell.
No. 144982 ID: 3b6c92

"What do you mean, 'Where is the goblin?' There was a goblin?"

Panicky will probably do well here.
No. 144983 ID: 3b6c92


Why do we want to tell the police we saw a morphic demon "slink out," exactly?
No. 144985 ID: 8ecfd4

To point out just how inadequate the prison is as a form of secure holding. A demon was able to leave and go as it willed. Keeping Ram locked up in there is actually less safe than allowing him to be free as he can't run if he's locked up. Hopefully it will convince her to let us out.

Although we don't have to mention that we know it was a demon. He can just say "Goblin? I never saw a goblin, but there was something that slunk out through the window when I got here." and let her connect the dots herself.
No. 144988 ID: 3b6c92

The problem is the whole "telling them there was a demon" thing. I don't think it's gonna help us ſuſpicion-wiſe to let on that we knew there was a morphic demon in the other cell.
No. 144989 ID: 3b6c92

Oh wait I'm a dumb miſread you.

We might wanna be careful on the phraſing though.
No. 145035 ID: 3b6c92

I still think it's a bad idea, in case that's not clear.
No. 145096 ID: c0f3bf


She isn't paying attention to me. I hear her rattle the bars on the cell next to me, mumbling something incomprehensible.

I think I will refrain from mentioning her nature... for the time being.

Panic...? Okay.

"If-if you cannot keep your detainees in, how are you going to keep people out?"


She shakes her head after a long pause.

"Not my case. If Jed lets his prisoners out, that's his problem. And I'm still not entirely convinced you're innocent... but..."

She starts to walk towards the door.

"I'll... look for some better accommodations."
No. 145101 ID: 8ecfd4

Well I guess that's about as good as it's likely to get right now. Settle down and do something fun with the food, there should be something interesting that can be done with it.
No. 145281 ID: a85626

Man we voices are easily amused.
No. 145426 ID: 632862

Ask her to not to take too long. Sound worried.

Okay, examine your body carefully while you metabolize the food. The mass and/or energy has to go *somewhere*. Perhaps you could utilize the extra consumption by setting it aside for a temporary boost in speed and strength later?
No. 145494 ID: c0f3bf


"Hu-hurry, alright?"

She exits.

I finish eating the food. It still tastes bad. I can feel the minerals in my body... but I do not know of a way I could use them for rapid healing, and I cannot think of a physical improvement they could give me that I do not already have. I think it could help ease healing if I used the extra minerals, but they would not last long. It is strange... I do not need much sustenance, but the minerals in my body are definitely less than the amount in the food. I do not know where the energy went...

Food is very important.

I finished the food... there is nothing of interest I can see in the cell. It is still early, but I could sleep.
No. 145668 ID: 632862

Do you think you could flatten your body enough to fit through the bars? Or make it elastic? Or would distorting your brain like that wind up killing you?

I'm not saying you should actually do it, just... that we should know if it's an option or not.

Another possibility is grabbing a bar and making your hand hot enough to weaken the metal. Then you can bend it.
No. 145672 ID: 8ecfd4

Well then replenish your minerals, might be a good idea to add some extra dense bone plates at strategic places for any thrown knifes in the future.

Then you want to give off the signs of nervousness and near panic. So start pacing in your cell and maybe go up to the bars at random intervals and tell them to please let you out.
No. 146087 ID: c0f3bf

I do not know... but I am thin, and the bars are not excessively close together; I think it may be possible.

I have not attempted to heat my hand that much, should I try it on the bar now? I am not sure if it would burn me or not.

My minerals are already replenished many times over. Sausages, Fizz's cooking, and this pasty substance is more than I have eaten in a very long time. I believe creating bone plates could hinder my movement and render me anemic, and my bones are already exceptionally strong. I could try creating them anyway though.

I pace up and down in the cell, then call out.

"Can I come out now please? Please? I really don't like it in here!"

...No answer.
No. 146089 ID: 8ecfd4

Answears is unlikely. Just keep up the act either until someone comes along or the bird lady comes back to let you out.

And lets not use the energy for anything right now then. Save it up for a later time when you might need it.
No. 146919 ID: c0f3bf
File 126853910961.png - (15.40KB , 341x341 , speed.png )

I keep pacing and start to run my hands against the bars, making an irritating clanging noise.


I ca--


"We have to get you out of there, quickly."

The nevrean came in through the door. She looks... off. But I cannot determine why.
No. 146921 ID: 34470e

Try to make your face go pale. Say this nervously: "Th- that doesn't s- sound good." Then start to shake like your really scared.
No. 146925 ID: 632862

We shouldn't act too frightened about this. I want Ram to act like a tough guy who hates being cornered. A straight up fight would be something he would look forward to.

"I'm okay with that! Are they attacking the station or something? Open the cell, and I'll help you fight."
No. 146926 ID: 632862

Oh, bulk up your muscles when you say this, to back up your confidence.
No. 147233 ID: c0f3bf

"W-what's happening? I do not like being uninformed!"

"Relax. It's me."

Her hand dissolves into an amorphous form and enters the cell lock. It unlocks when she turns her arm.

"I came right back as soon as I got there. Someone took your friend, and I think I know where. We have to go fast though, I didn't have time to set up a distraction. Let's just hope we don't run into the real me."
No. 147235 ID: 632862

I guess we have no choice.

"Alright, let's go. Keep up that disguise and nobody else should suspect anything. Probably. I think the eyes are a little off."
No. 147408 ID: 8ecfd4

Well fuck. Ok time to see how good your shape changing powers could be. Change your apperance into someone else. And try to change your height and bulk as well. This is really going to complicate things further down the road, any chance of convincing the cops you're innocent is pretty much going to disappear when you run away.
No. 147422 ID: 6834bc

Not if they think Ram thinks it's actually the Nevrean chick who let him out to take him somewhere else; and not a shapeshifting demon.
No. 147712 ID: a85626


No, no, it's the demon who can shape shift. Ram is just a blood mage. Just a... wait a minute...

Still, such experimental tactics can wait for now. We barely had enough time to practice turning food into eye lasers. Once Ram is a known fugitive with no way of recovering his honor or freedom, that's when you change yourself into a cutebold or something innocuous and unrelated-to-the-fugitive looking.
No. 148322 ID: c0f3bf

"Let's go. Can you correct your eyes?"

She stumbles slightly.

"How can you even... Nevermind."

Obliviousness does seem like a good defense against suspicion.

I could change my skin and fur color easily, but I am hesitant to do so in here. Weight and muscle I do not think would give me much trouble either, but height would be more painful.

A kobold? That... would be unexpected, I suppose.

We walk through the door and a guard marks something down on a chart. As she leads me through a twisting hall, I get a much better sense of the place than when I was blindfolded.

I have never been inside a police station before. It is a single story, though there appears to be a kind of basement stairwell in the back. There is a very large room in what I believe I can safely assume is the center, as traffic seems to be concentrated there. I see a closed door across from me, but I do not know what it is.

"Varona! Hey, varona!"

Eiko looks around as a curelian walks up to us.

"You just brought that guy in, and you're taking him out already?"

Should I say something, or stay silent?
No. 148331 ID: 632862

"It's not safe here. Didn't they tell you about the goblin going missing?"
No. 148340 ID: 6834bc

How about "She said she was going to take me away from here, that it wasn't safe. And something about a disappearing goblin... I'm just doing what I'm told..."

A little more 'oblivious'?
No. 148351 ID: 8ecfd4

Problem here is that you need to make her tell him that the cells are no safe enough and she is moving you to a safer storage spot. Now you just need to figure out a good way to coach her without him noticing it.

I guess you could try to change your vocal chords so you can deliver the sound in a frequency where he can't hear it. The problem with that though is that you can't be certain she will hear it. I think it might be best to let her handle it herself. She should have experiance at masquarading as other people.
No. 148358 ID: 632862

Oh wait, say "Well I would hope she would, what with the security you've got around here."

It'll give Eiko the right idea without coming right out and saying it.
No. 148380 ID: a85626

to Eiko: "Why aren't we hurrying? You said you would take me somewhere safe!"
No. 148490 ID: c0f3bf

I do not think that would work. Curelians typically hear a higher frequency range than most species, including goblins (and, I assume, demons transformed into goblins).

"Your cells are atrocious. From what I heard, someone already got out."

"Hey, it's not our fault! We had to change buildings recently, we're just trying to get back on track!"

Eiko makes an annoyed expression.

"It's alright, put your claws back in. I'm just taking him down to help me with an investigation, he's a kind of specialist."

"Oh... don't you want some backup or something?"

Eiko cocks her head to the side.

"You don't think I can handle myself?"

"Oh No! No, I definitely don't think that, no. S-sorry, I'll go back to my duties, Miss."

The curelian leaves hurriedly, and Eiko motions to the left. We walk down another hallway, nearing the exit...


I can hear the real nevrean's voice through this door. She sounds muffled, but I can make out a few words. I do not see anyone aside from me and Eiko around, but the glass is frosted, so I cannot see inside. Should I stop to listen?
No. 148496 ID: 34470e

No. 148511 ID: e973f4

Much as I'd love to eavesdrop, we've got shit to do. Hurry up and get on out of here and to wherever Eiko says she thinks Fizz might be.
No. 148520 ID: a85626

Yes, eavesdrop later, when you don't have the nevrean's exact duplicate leading you out of prison standing behind you impatiently.
No. 148632 ID: 8ecfd4

Get out of there as fast as you can. While getting information would be god, getting caught while breaking out of jail with a demon tha morphed into her apperance would be bad, like really bad. Good luck convincing anyone you're innocent after something like that.
No. 148980 ID: c0f3bf
File 126888328827.png - (14.45KB , 341x341 , runrunrun.png )

I say nothing, and we pass through the doors to the outside. Eiko immediately reverts into a goblin.

"I hate digitigrade legs... Comeon, it's this way!"

She grabs my hand and we run.

"Where are we going?"

"You'll see!"

Should I do something, or just keep running?
No. 148982 ID: 632862

Eh, I don't think there's much to do. Hey, what did her biology look like while she was shifting?
No. 149015 ID: a85626

A very powerful earth mage is about to discover that the "goblin" was not the only one to vanish from underneath her nose.

Run Harder
No. 149027 ID: 8ecfd4

Focus some more muscles and stuff on running capacity and endurance. Pick her up, start running faster and ask her "Where too?". You should be able to make yourself run faster even while carrying her than you do while holding her hand.
No. 149150 ID: 632862

Oh, ask her if she's going to tell you the full truth about what she was doing at the cafe.
No. 150563 ID: bf49dc
File 126923231938.png - (28.13KB , 341x341 , water.png )

...Damnit. I overtake her and lift her up in my arms.


She is fast, but I am much faste--?!

She transmutes into an amorphous form and wraps around my body. It feels... strange. Most of her organs melted into her, for lack of a better term. I can feel my mane spread out in her body like water. She weighs much less now, but I cannot determine where the missing mass went. I have never felt anything like this before. I am not even certain if she should be able to live or not.

"Warn me next time!"


"Go left here!"

"Are you going to tell me why you were really at the restaurant?"

"You picked an awful time to ask! Go right!"

She leads me through the city, and we enter an abandoned district relatively close by. She dismounts my back and starts looking around, muttering to herself.
No. 150573 ID: 632862

"You've got strange biology. Where does the mass go?"
No. 150709 ID: 8ecfd4

You don't by any chance happen to feel heavier or like you're connected at some place?

A good question to ask.
No. 150815 ID: bf49dc

I do not feel heavier in any way I can determine. What kind of connection? Eiko is not physically touching my anymore, my mane even came out of her clean of residue.

"When you transformed, you lost mass."


"Your biology is strange, when I lifted you up you had an amount of mass that was lost when you changed form. What happened to it?"

She pauses her search a moment and tugs on one of her ears.

"I... don't know. I've never noticed that before, really."

She resumes perusing the ground.

...This is becoming--

"Found it. Come here, quick."

I run over to where Eiko is sitting and notice a square patch of ground slightly raised compared to the rest. Eiko points to a metal latch.

"There's the entrance. If these guys took your kobold, this is where she's gonna be."
No. 150819 ID: 632862

Excellent. It's time for... PRACTICE.
No. 150826 ID: 632862

Eiko can come with us, and shapeshift to look like you. Everyone will be so confused.

Before she does, though... she'd better answer that question. What was she really doing at the cafe?
No. 150828 ID: 632862

Hey. Eiko loses mass when she is in her fluid form. That mass has to go somewhere... the demon plane is separate from the mortal plane, so it would make sense that the extra energy is stored there.

When you eat more than you need to, that extra energy goes somewhere else. You can bulk up your muscles, and then it goes away. Where does *that* mass come from, and go to?

Apparently, some demons aren't hostile. Eiko seems reasonably peaceful. Yet most demons are in fact... evil. Just like... most Blood mages. Ram, I think you're infused with demonic energy. That's where you get your power from.
No. 150839 ID: 8ecfd4

Well the loss of mass and lack of organs would be easier to explain if she could piggyback on your system and enter some sort of symbiosis.

Time for some tunnel exploring and potentially fighting. Good time for some experimentation as well.

Just ask Eiko before you go in if it's a trap. Because if it is then she had better tell you now because if you find it out later the hard way she will regret it.
No. 150859 ID: bc1727

I know there's no reason to not trust this demon, but we know demons are involved with Fizz somehow. How do we know this isn't a trap?

How do we know Fizz didn't inadvertently summon this demon to begin with via her scar?

There are too many questions up in the air to just trust Eiko fully. She doesn't appear to be a threat but keep your guard up just in case.
No. 150966 ID: bf49dc
File 126931118471.png - (18.14KB , 341x341 , twins.png )

Should I attempt something now? On myself, or Eiko?

"Eiko, can you take my shape?"

"...Eh? Oh, yeah, I can do guys. But can you take off your clothes? It's [i]way/i] easier if they're naked."

I gladly remove my coat, hat, and pants and store them underneath a nearby structure. I didn't want my badge to start flashing anyway.

Eiko walks around me in a circle, looking intently at my body. Finally, she quickly shifts into... me. I touch her. She is almost perfect.

...This is exceedingly awkward.

"This isn't a trap, is it?"

"Well if it is, I sure don't know about it."

She is either being truthful or is an excellent liar.

...So I am a demon then. I do not know if this gives me any susceptibilities. I need to research more.

Symbiosis? That seems entirely possible, but I definitely would have noticed immediately if she was.




"Why were you at that restaurant?"

She sighs.

"I was... I was trying to find out what happened to the chefs. They disappeared from the restaurant, but when I tried to get information, well you know what happened. Can we go now? Your friend might be getting raped or something while you're asking me questions."
No. 150967 ID: 632862

"Good point."

Open that hatch.
No. 150968 ID: 632862

Wait, Ram I didn't mean that you were actually a demon. I meant that you were using magic via the demonic plane... but... that's an interesting idea.

You have parents, right? You're not adopted? Well, you know that Morphic demons can copy anyone they want. Maybe... one of your parents is a Morphic demon, or otherwise demonic. Maybe... all Blood mages are half-demon.
No. 150974 ID: 3b6c92

Well, she is a morphic demon; what were you expecting?

Anyway, you'd better get on in there, I suppose.
No. 150976 ID: bc1727

Proceed with care.
No. 151014 ID: 5eea01

I'm bewildered by the fact that nobody has suggested this before, but.

Your own clone.

Commence making out.
No. 151069 ID: 8ecfd4

If they're raping Fizz then they're really going to regret this. So many wonderful things you can do if you can take control over someones nervous system.

Open the doors and proceed with sneaking in. Snatch a guard and make him or her tell you about the layout and opposition before finishing him or her off.
No. 151110 ID: bf49dc

I do not think I am adopted, but I have never thought to check. If one of my parents is a morphic demon, they managed to remain in the same form for a long time. Regardless of my physical form, demonic power flowing through me will no doubt incur the same response, if not a worse one. There is an extreme lack of information regarding blood mages, their ancestors are even more of a mystery.

My libido is suppressed, and this is not the time.

I believe she was just trying to make a point, I cannot think of a reason anyone would go to such lengths to force themselves on an inconsequential kobold.

I open the hatch and Eiko slips inside. There is a long slanting corridor lined with torches, all blazing. All blazing... cold. I close the hatch and whisper to Eiko.

"Where is she? Where is this?"

"I don't know, we're lucky I figured this out. Here, it might get dark."

She moves to take a torch from the wall.
No. 151111 ID: 632862

Wait, tell her not to touch it. It could be trapped. Especially since it's not a normal torch.
No. 151113 ID: 8ecfd4

Adjust your eyes for low light vision.

And this is a good idea. Don't touch anything. See if you can find some isolated wandering guard and snatch him or her.
No. 151747 ID: bf49dc

I pull back on her arm and shake my head when she looks at me. Most likely it's the result of harmless alchemy, but possibly not.

I adjust my eyes, though in darkness I can frequently still see with thermal radiation.

We walk down the slope and come to a dead end and a door off to the left. It is large and cold, I think it is made out of stone. I cannot see any method of opening it, but I may not be looking for the right thing...

Eiko looks similarly confused.
No. 151749 ID: 34470e

Try whispering "Open Sesame".
No. 151750 ID: 632862

Hey, remember when I suggested heating up your hand? Try doing that now, hot enough to create light.
No. 151758 ID: bf49dc

"...Open Sesame."


I heat up my hand and keep heating it. It hurts, but a low red light shines through my hand and illuminates part of the area. The rest of my arm is slightly heated as well.

"That's a neat trick. I think lumera do something kind of like that."
No. 151760 ID: 632862

"Set their hand on fire? I hope not."

Look for raised stones or different-colored stones. Some kind of switch to get the door open.
No. 151766 ID: 1ac39d

well no, it involves a complex chemical reaction that generates a nearly heat-less light. you ever see a firefly? they blink by injecting a small bit of the two chemicals which react and create light. just remember to catch one for later, then you can do whatever.
No. 151773 ID: 632862

Wait... a biological chemical reaction? Maybe Ram can mimic that sort of thing. It would be easier than using heat for light, that's for sure.
No. 151778 ID: 1ac39d

glow sticks were invented by reverse engineering fireflies.
No. 151809 ID: bf49dc

I see no raised stones, in fact the door is solid... but now that I'm looking, I realize there is a strongly indented strip that runs horizontally across it around the center.

I modify some of the chemistry in my hand. Deep brown light brightly flashes and illuminates the area, startling Eiko.

"Woah! What did you do?!"

...I can see my bones and muscles through my skin. Not that it tells me anything I didn't already know.

Incandescence is definitely much less efficient than this for creating light. And much more painful.
No. 151810 ID: 632862

Explain what you were doing, and what you changed it to thanks to her suggestion. And tell her to be quiet!

Run your finger along the indentation.
No. 151811 ID: 1ac39d

smile at Eiko and just say 'firefly' then wink.

run your finger along the strip.
No. 151817 ID: 632862

Also, deep brown? That doesn't sound like an appealing color for light. Change it. Perhaps... something more neutral, so colors aren't distorted. I'm thinking a bluish color.
No. 151859 ID: bf49dc

"Firefly." I wink.

"...You really... Wait, what is your name anyway?"

"Ram. Be quiet or someone could hear you."

I stroke the length of the recess. Nothing happens.

I change the chemicals again. Light blue light floods the hall. My muscles look interesting blue...
No. 151895 ID: 8ecfd4

Ask her if she could make herself thin enough to slip through the crack and open it from the other side.

If she can't, well then I think you're going to need to do some rather serious modifications. You need to get your hands into the crack, get a grip and then tear it open.
No. 151896 ID: 3b6c92

Uh, not sure if you want to do this, but can't Eiko phase through solid objects like what she did with the walls of the cell?

Of course I'm super wary of something on the other side of the door attacking her as soon as she gets there, but...
No. 151906 ID: 3b6c92

Oh wait she went through the bars.

Reading comprehension fail!
No. 151907 ID: 3b6c92

So with that out of the way, >>151895 seems to have some sort of viable plan.
No. 151927 ID: 42148f

There's a nice little 'Delete' button on the bottom right corner.

Or, alternatively, you could try not hitting 'Reply' until your done thinking?
No. 151935 ID: 3b6c92

I know, but it's more fun to do it this way. Not like it's hurting anybody.

Also my password keeps changing for reasons I seriously don't understand.
No. 151938 ID: 1ac39d

i have firefox save my password, that way it always is the same.
No. 151939 ID: 3b6c92

Mine is supposed to be saved too, but like I said it keeps changing.

Anyway these aren't quest suggestions. :0
No. 152084 ID: bf49dc

A possibility, but I cannot think of an alternative.

"Eiko, can you move under this door and open it from the other side?"

"...Yeah, why didn't you just ask me sooner? I thought you were looking for traps or something."

Eiko slides under the door. If it was new, the door likely would not have space underneath it, but thankfully it is weathered enough for small chunks to have been separated. It takes much longer than before, however.


I hear muffled noises from behind the door.
No. 152100 ID: 632862

Shit, she's in trouble. Can you get your hands under the door and pull it up or open or whatever?
No. 152147 ID: bf49dc

I fit my hands under the door an--!


"It's magnetically locked, I--what are you doing?"

...I think this was unnecessary.
No. 152149 ID: 632862

Ah. "Thought you might've run into trouble, from the noise."

Let's continue on.
No. 152152 ID: bf49dc

"I thought you had gotten in trouble, apparently I was wrong. Let's go."

We move left through the door, then walk right down another corridor lined with the same cold torches. The hall continues straight, but there is another door to the left. It looks to be wooden, unlike the previous door. I can see a door handle and keyhole.
No. 152154 ID: 632862

Perhaps Eiko can pick the lock by sticking her finger in it.
No. 152157 ID: bf49dc

I motion at the keyhole and Eiko reaches inside with a shifting appendage. She turns her hand and the lock clicks.
No. 152159 ID: 632862

Open it up! You lead.
No. 152163 ID: bf49dc

I open th--

It's locked.

Eiko raises an eyebrow at me and unlocks it again.
No. 152167 ID: 632862


NOW let's go in.
No. 152173 ID: 632862

Ram, how well can you create sharp implements out of your body? Like say, extending your claws to give you a better reach?
No. 152218 ID: bf49dc

It would be kind of painful, but I could easily do it.

I slowly open the door and look inside. I can see cots, and someone is sleeping on one of them. Their body heat shows them to be alive. The rest of the room looks empty.
No. 152221 ID: 632862

Sneak up and paralyze them. Alter their vocal chords so they cannot speak at first. We're going to interrogate them, after making it clear that we can kill them instantly.

Questions to ask are: Where do they keep the prisoners, what is their goal in summoning demons, and where the demons are kept. Warn them that you can tell if they're lying. I presume that would be easy to tell while touching them and monitoring their vitals?
No. 152224 ID: 3b6c92

This is a plan.
No. 152350 ID: 8ecfd4

Sounds like a decent plan. Just take them to some somewhat isolated place before you start interogating them.
No. 152531 ID: bc1727

Let's not go paralyzing people with such vague details given. It could very well be Fizz! Man you guys have a twitchy trigger finger.
No. 152544 ID: 3b6c92

Well okay obviously if it's Fizz then the plan doesn't make sense as written anymore.
No. 152550 ID: 8ecfd4

If it's Fizz then we can easily unparalyse her at a later time. It's not like we're making the persons blood slowly boil as well as simultaneously stimulate his every nerveending with insanity inducing pain while shutting down his vocal chords.
No. 153587 ID: bf49dc
File 126977969997.png - (23.09KB , 341x341 , horror.png )

I believe this room would be the best choice. Hallways carry sound, and there is nobody else here.

They are too large to be a kobold, and security seems nonexistent for this room.

I should be able to detect lying if they are relatively calm, but I am not sure if I could distinguish them if they are too excited.

I sneak over and grab the back of their head. She is a female volto with eczema on parts of her skin, as well as scarring and a partially destroyed kidney. I sever the nerves connecting her limbs and silence her screams as I sit down next to her.
No. 153588 ID: 8ecfd4

Good work. Start by laying down some ground rules.

You will ask questions and she will answear them. If she gives the right answears she will be rewarded with feeling alot better, if she doesn't she will feel alot worse. If she tries to scream she will die before anyone can get there and it will be quite a painful way to go.

Start by asking her what is going on here and who they are. If she answears then slightly stimluate the pleasure center of her brain. If she doesn't then lets start with something small and easy like very painful cramp in the foot.
No. 153591 ID: 701a19

Severed nerves. She wouldn't be able to feel it anyway.
No. 153598 ID: 8ecfd4

We can easily reconnect the needed nerves.
No. 153599 ID: 1ac39d

direct neural stimulation. bypasses nerve endings and can make someone feel worse then possible by making them feel like ALL their pain recepters are going off at the same time.
No. 153688 ID: bf49dc

I only severed the nerves responsible for control, and I can easily reconnect them.

"Listen to me very carefully. I am going to ask you some questions, and you are going to answer them. If you lie, I will know, and I will make you feel more pain than you have ever felt in your entire life combined."

...Her heart is beating obscenely fast.

"If you scream, nobody will come. I will make your death quick and painful. If you tell me the truth, I'll give you a little reward. Do you understand?"

She stares up at me. I look her in the eye.

"What is this place?"

I release her vocal chords.

"Tonification site!"

"For what?"

"Tonifying demons please d-ehh..."

I stimulated her pleasure center slightly.
No. 153692 ID: 8ecfd4

Good one. Ok next series of questions.

What is tonification. Eiko might know that one.
Why are they doing this.
Who are they.
How long have they been doing this.
And finally where is the kobold they recently brought in and what do they plan to do with her.
No. 153693 ID: 3b6c92

... tonification? Okay I have no idea what this means in this context, sorry. So I guess ask her what that entails.

Also ask if she's seen Fizz. And who else you might run into in here.
No. 153694 ID: 701a19

"Next questions:
What is your name, and what is your job?"
No. 153706 ID: bc1727

I'd be more comfortable asking where Fizz is first. Something bad could happen before she's able to answer all our questions and that's the most pressing one at the moment.
No. 153794 ID: 701a19

You're right.
"Next question. You people took a kobold today. Where is she?"
No. 154365 ID: bf49dc

"Is there a kobold here?"

"Brought her in today she's down in the ritual room!"

"What are you doing to her?"

"Tonifying a demon from her!"

I look around for Eiko, but she is not within sight.

"What does that mean?"

"We put a core demon in her, now we're bringing it into her! Aah...!"

I stimulated her again, slightly stronger this time.
No. 154370 ID: 3b6c92

Ahh crap. Looks like we gotta go bust up a demonic ritual. That sounds ever so fun.

Also where did Eiko get off to at this especially inopportune moment for her to have disappeared?
No. 154376 ID: 701a19

Grow a leash out of her neck and reconnect her nerves. Then give her a sudden jolt of severe chest pain.
"I have cut the nerves to your heart. Your heart beats only because I tell it to. You are going to take me there immediately. If you behave, you get to live. If you don't, then you are going to suffer a very painful death."
Total bullshit, of course, but she's too scared to call you on it.
No. 154395 ID: 632862

No, we don't have time. Get her to tell you directions, then give her amnesia and knock her out.
No. 154415 ID: 701a19

No, we don't have time not to.
This place seems to be set-up like a sewer system. We can carry her on our back and run, and have her give us directions on the way. It's faster than asking for directions and far less prone to making a mistake.
Besides, if she goes with us then she knows there's no way to escape alive if she steers us wrong.
No. 154430 ID: 632862

I don't know where you're getting that idea from. We've been in two tunnels so far and no branching. Directions could be as simple as "Take the first right and go down the stairs".
No. 154438 ID: 701a19

Then she can tell us on the way.
Besides, she might work as a bargaining chip.
No. 154469 ID: bf49dc

I cannot see her, I assume she is waiting outside the door.


"J-just keep following the hall and don't go through any doors... Oooohh..."

I stimulated her more strongly this time. Small tears well up in her eyes.
No. 154473 ID: 632862

I wonder if maybe she doesn't actually want you to do that to her.


Un-sever her nerves, knock her out, and add some amnesia so she doesn't remember us. Make sure she DEFINITELY can't get out of bed for another couple of hours though. Possibly... give her some kind of leg injury that will heal by itself.
No. 154526 ID: 8ecfd4

Carry her with you. You might need some powerful magics here and she is an extra source of blood to fuel your magic.
No. 154597 ID: bf49dc


I restore her nerves and sedate her, then wrench her left leg. I estimate she will not be able to walk on it for around a week.

I lift her up on my shoulders and walk out of the room. Eiko is waiting for me, and gestures down the unexplored hall to the left.
No. 154602 ID: 8ecfd4

Lets go to the room with the ritual.

You know I just came up with a new idea. You can control your blood even when it's outside your body right so long as it's still connected with you... you know what forget the blood.

When you get to the demon summoning room, send out small tendrils of your body to everyone in it and incapcitate everyone there. Rescue Fizz and I guess possibly kill everyone there. Depends on how much they know and how much they saw.

Bring uncouncious girl with you. Might find a use for her in the future.
No. 154614 ID: 632862

We'd better hurry. But uh... try not to make much noise.
No. 154624 ID: bf49dc

...I never considered that. Laying a trail of blood could allow me to change someone from a distance if they came in contact.

Tendrils... would be more difficult. Making them prehensile would be incredibly painful and would likely take up large quantities of blood. I could not hide them in public, either.

I will walk quietly.

We move down the hall and reach another right bend. The torches stop here. I walk forward... Eiko does not follow.
No. 154671 ID: c525ab

Blood trail it is then. Can you control the way it moves outside of your body as long as it's still connected to your body?

If you need extra blood for it there is always Eiko and unconcious girl. Make sure you ask Eiko before though.
No. 154789 ID: 632862

Hey, turn your light on again. Eiko probably doesn't want to walk blindly in the dark.

You can ask her to make sure.
No. 154798 ID: 701a19

Ask her what's wrong.
No. 154815 ID: bf49dc

I... may be able to. It seems that it would be very painful to use effectively though.

This volto is not lacking in blood, she should be enough of a supply for even strong magic.

I reactivate the new chemicals in my hand. Blue light shines through the darkness. I think I could apply this to the rest of my body if I wished.


She does not respond.

"Eiko, what is wrong?"

She remains stoically still.
No. 154816 ID: 632862

Walk over and touch her.
No. 154817 ID: bf49dc

I reach out and touch her arm--?!

Her brain is hemorrhaging.

My brain is hemorrhaging.
No. 154818 ID: 8ecfd4

Might be some ward against demons. Would make sense if you're summoning demons to have some sort of containment system so they can't come and go as they want.

Continue to the ritual room. From the way the Volto girl said it it sounds like they're already doing the ritual.

And it might not be necessary to use up the Volto entirely. Once you reach the first cultist you could use their blood to further the reach of the spell until you have them all captured. Just make sure you lock up their muscles and disable their vocal chords so they don't fall over or cry out.
No. 154819 ID: 8ecfd4

Very bad. Fix both as fast as you can, use Volto girl if necessary.
No. 154821 ID: 3b6c92

Uuuuuuuhhhhhh fuck.

Can you do anything about it, or is it going to be a challenge to not just collapse on the floor? :<
No. 154822 ID: 632862

MOVE her. Get her back to a safe area! There must be a ward or something in place.
No. 154832 ID: 701a19

Grab her, fix yourself, move back aways, then fix her, then fix your prisoner.
Then wake your prisoner up and demand an explanation.

Aren't you glad you brought her with you?
No. 155399 ID: bf49dc
File 126997687152.png - (14.33KB , 341x341 , floorless.png )

Trivial. I reverse the damage in both our heads and start dragging her back...!

The bleeding started again, even as I re--



Eiko punched me in the face. With the added weight of the volto on my shoulders, I fall to the ground. Eiko grabs at one of the torches on the--



The floor fell away!
No. 155401 ID: 8ecfd4

Grab her leg. Even if you have to extremly painfully extend your arm to do it. Either she is falling down there with you or she is pulling you out of there.
No. 155405 ID: 701a19

Keep repairing the damage. Survival takes priority.
No. 155413 ID: 632862

"Eiko, what are you doing?!"
No. 157420 ID: 9a1fa4

I never stopped.

I hyperextend my arm and grab hold of her foot.

She falls with us before I can say something. Her brain is still suffering, but the volto isn't bleeding at all.

We slide down a passage, dark and cold. Slowly we--


...Faceplant on a cold hard floor. I cannot see anything.
No. 157422 ID: 3b6c92

Well isn't this just dandy.

Is Eiko's head still all screwed up? You really need to fix that, if you can.

But first, get your glowy hand thing going again. Not gonna be able to do too much if you can't see.
No. 158351 ID: 3de05a

Modify your eyes so that you can see in the dark, rather than exposing your position by glowing.

Make sure Eiko doesn't die from whatever's happening to her.
No. 158841 ID: 9a1fa4

Eiko is... unconscious now. I heal back the damage.

The volto is still unconscious as well. I readjust my eyes and examine my surroundings.

We are in a kind of... cage. A large square room recessed into the ground, with no obvious entrances or exits, save the hole in the ceiling. I can see a large rectangle in the wall to my left that may be a hidden door. A small amount of light shines through a small horizontal opening a little above my head.

...I can see feet walking towards me. I hear a women laugh.

"What a nice surprise, and here I thought we'd have to waste food."
No. 158850 ID: 3b6c92

Well this can't be good.

With any luck they don't know what you are, though. I'm not sure what you should do just yet.
No. 158954 ID: c2c011

Sounds like they're planning to eat you.

Grab one of her feet. Paralyse her, send some pain to her and tell her that it's a really fucking bad idea to try to eat you or anyone with you.

If it's something else then you can apologise later after you have established you superiority.
No. 159050 ID: 9a1fa4

I do not think she knows.

She is not close enough... yet. She continues to speak. Her voice is irritating.

"Imbecile. Your mind is an open book. I can hear your every thought. I know you're still awake."


"That's not all I know. I know about your relationship with the one behind me. Be happy for her, her sacrifice will create a golem, though I'm afraid you'll have to settle for its food. Golems need to eat, you see. A shame that Rosaline will be consumed as well, but she has already been tainted."


"The only thing I am curious about is how you found this place."

I reach through the narrow opening with an empowered arm and grab her foot. I lance pain through her and she falls with a quiet scream.
No. 159182 ID: 701a19

Pull her into the pit with you, then manipulate her body to be much taller and have her lift you all out of the pit before restoring her to normal. "Normally I content myself with living among mortals, but by no means does that mean I tolerate the bumbling incompetence of fools like you.

You shall undo your bumbling machinations on my friend. If you cooperate, then I will simply turn you into the police. If you do not, then I will grant you and your kind an eternal life of suffering beyond measure.
Have I made myself clear?"
No. 159187 ID: 1ac39d

you want to pull her through the cage? that you can only fit your arm in? are you even listening to yourself?
No. 159196 ID: 701a19

I misread it. These things happen.
No. 159338 ID: 3de05a

"Obey my instructions and answer my questions if you want to live. I've given you a mere taste of the pain I can inflict upon you the instant you resist me. Now... Give me the key to this cage."

Paralyze her once she gives you the key. Other questions you can ask while interrogating her:

How do we get the Core demon out of the kobold, what the purpose of their group is, and what they do with all the demons they summon.
No. 159350 ID: 3de05a

Also, you know. Make sure she can't yell for help.
No. 159414 ID: c2c011

Tap into her sight. Override her nervous system and get her to open the cage and let you out. Then put her into a deep coma and leave her in a corner.

There are some questions we need to ask her before she dies. But before that you have to stop the ritual.
No. 159524 ID: a1721a

I can paralyze her voice, but if she has to answer my questions I may not be able to prevent her from screaming.

I am only touching her foot, I do not think I could do something like that without contacting a more prominent section.


I dislocate her left arm. She tries to scream. I suppress it.

"You like to pretend. You think that manipulating people and eavesdropping on their minds gives you power."

I snap a tendon connected to one of her left fingers.

"But pain controls you. And I have been wanting a test subject for a very long time. If you do not let me out, I will have to leave myself. And if that happens you will wish you had killed yourself while you still had motor functions, because nothing so easy will be available to you."

...I realize stretching my arm is resulting in anemia. She gasps out.

"Press... the wall..."

No. 159525 ID: dba7fa

Keep a hold of her and try it.
If it's a trap, she regrets it.
No. 159534 ID: c2c011

Try it.

And if you're low on blood she still has all of hers. You should be able to form a hollow bone tube in your palm to suck some out with.
No. 159536 ID: 697b23

And you guys were wondering why most Blood mages turn out to as homicidal maniacs, hah!

The road to hell is paved with the best of intentions.
No. 159551 ID: 6834bc

Be that as it may, these fuckers are threatening a friend of ours - not to mention the whole 'using people to summon demons in what is most likely a desperate grab for power' and 'trying to feed us to demons'.

The difference between Ram and the Blood Mages of old is that he understands the difference between acting out of self-defense and mass experimentation on the populace.
No. 159554 ID: dba7fa

Right now is a rather extreme situation, and that's a false claim.
Monsters are born when people stop caring about how horrible their acts really are. It's the loss of guilt and shame.

Ram: You are doing a horrible thing, and you should feel completely horrible about it.
Don't enjoy it, don't consider it an acceptable action, just content yourself with the fact that you don't have the time to do this properly and that lives are on the line.

You have the power to do great good for the world, and you should use that to counter the hatred of blood mages.
No. 159557 ID: 344ef9

Consider stealing some blood from the cultists before pushing the wall. Regardless, paralyze the one outside the cage so she can't run off. And pull her closer so you don't have to extend your arm anymore to reach her.
No. 160740 ID: 7524b0

Wait cancel the wall pushing thing. Knock out the mindreader, and try to wake up Eiko. She should be able to easily squeeze through that opening to release Fizz and find out how to let us out.

Alternatively I suppose we could wake up the Volto, tell her she's golem food and ask how to get out.
No. 160787 ID: 9a1fa4

I have to extend my arm because she is too high up to reach naturally.

I severely doubt that any past blood mages had good intentions of any kind.

Mass experimentation would be a terrible idea. I cannot think of anything that would require that many test subjects.

There is no definite way to do this properly. Why should I feel horrible, and what should I feel horrible about, exactly?

I put her to sleep.


I retract my arm. I am feeling the effects of slight anemia, but it is in no way crippling to me.

I attempt to wake up Eiko.

...She is still unconscious.

I attempt to wake up the volto.

...Same response.
No. 160790 ID: 7524b0

Okay since they already know you're here, start making your arm glow again so you can see a little better and examine the walls more carefully.
No. 160792 ID: 701a19

On the contrary, I can think of a half dozen ways to resolve the situation without resorting to torture. However, all of them are too slow for the job.

As far as feeling horrible goes, guilt is required for maintaining a healthy psyche. The blood mages of old were able to do such horrible things because they had lost their sense of guilt.
For a healthy psyche, even knowing that you did the right thing doesn't prevent feeling guilt over unfortunate actions.
In the short term it is unpleasant and harmful, but in the long term it is absolutely essential to your survival.

Well, go ahead and push the wall.
No. 160858 ID: 23de80

Give Eiko some of the bodies natural wake up drugs and a bit of adrenalin on top of it. You might need help against the cultists.

Then press the wall on the spot she told you about. From the sounds of her they're doing the ritual now, you need to get there and stop them as soon as possible. Bring along cultist bitch and girl for blood supply if you need to do some hard spells.
No. 160865 ID: 7524b0

I think the cell has some kind of magical sleep-inducing field that Ram is immune to for some reason.
No. 161722 ID: 9a1fa4

I light up my hand. Hazy blue light illuminates the room.

It is certainly possible... but why am I immune?


I'll try to feel bad.

I flood Eiko with chemicals. She stirs, but slowly.

I lift the volto onto my shoulders. Pressing on the rectangle reveals a stone door, opening outwards.


I can see a kobold and... the hostess elf from the restaurant. The kobold is inside a circle with a strange pattern on it, and its body temperature shows it is still alive. The elf stands up and starts to move towards me.
No. 161724 ID: 701a19

Grab her and block her motor nerves, then tell her
"You have something of mine in that circle. I want it back. Now."
No. 161725 ID: 7524b0

Is the kobold Fizz? Can you even tell?

At any rate, be cautious. Check around the corners to see if she's alone or not.
No. 161737 ID: 9a1fa4

It is almost definitely Fizz, as far as I can tell she has the exact same proportions.

She is holding a bloody knife.

"You've got a lot of nerve coming here..."

She thrusts at my chest.
No. 161739 ID: 1ac39d

it may hurt like hell but move your organs out of the way then grab her hand and knock her out.
No. 161743 ID: 6834bc

Dodge knife blow. Grab her arm, paralyze her limbs. If she starts to cry out or scream, stop her from doing so.

Let her know that she has fucked with the wrong person and she would do well to stop making mistakes, should you lose patience and decide she is no longer worth keeping alive.

It doesn't matter if you fully intend on killing her or not - draw upon your acting skills. She needs to be afraid of you and believe that you have no problems with killing her.
No. 161744 ID: 701a19

Use your superhuman reflexes to catch her arm, then immediately block her motor nerves, hit her with a flash of pain, and tell her
"You have something of mine in that circle. I want it back. Now."
No. 161749 ID: 7524b0

Grab her arm. Then break it.
No. 161760 ID: 8ecfd4

Grab her arm, with you extra streangth you should be able to hold her easily. Bring her some pain and ask her if there are any others there for the ritual.
No. 161761 ID: 6834bc

Let's stay away from unnecessary violence that requires further repairs on our part before handing the scumbags over to the police.
No. 161764 ID: 8ecfd4

They know we're a blood mage and if we hand them over a certain Cerulian is likley to make them dead, but not before they have spilled their guts on the blood mage stuff.

I say we take no chances and kill them all. Well the Volto girl might be useful as a minion or something so I guess we can keep her alive for now.
No. 161766 ID: 7524b0

We can erase their memories, or pump them so full of drugs that their testimony is thrown out.
No. 161776 ID: 8ecfd4

We never did that before. We don't really know how to do it or if it will work, it might even kill them. So I guess we have the perfect specimens here for experimenting some on memory wiping.

Btw, it's not like we would have solid evidence against them unless we decide to come forth as a witness, and after our daring jail break out testimony might not be believed. Fizz and the volto girls testimonies might work, but I think the demon summoning guys will have a crack team of lawyers that will get them off if all we have is Fizz and the volto.
No. 161783 ID: 701a19

Except we have a precinct full of officers who will attest you were escorted out by the captain. From there we claim she lead you here and tossed you in this pit, then some mage came in, stopped the ceremony, and kept them from stabbing you.
This account is consistent with all the evidence, including the SUMMONING CIRCLE, the goblin that turned into a police captain, the missing person, the knife, etc...
Just hit the cultists with a solid dose of LSD and blame it on the mage.
No. 161798 ID: 8ecfd4

Then they will still have their memories. And be alive. I don't think a prison will keep them for long and think they will find a way to communicate with the outside. Letting them live will put Fizz in further danger as well as revealing what Ram is to the cult. Then they're going to know what they're up against which makes it alot harder to fight against them.
No. 161799 ID: 1ac39d

you can also try the 'crazy bullshit' way of stopping them from talking. absorb their bodies and their minds, add their flesh to your own and store their brains inside of yourself, if you want to talk to one you take a dead body and turn it's bio-matter into a new body and put their brain into it.
No. 161839 ID: 701a19

Nah, there are plenty of chemicals that wipe a person's short-term memory. Combine that with hallucinogens and they won't have a clue what happened.

Having Ram go the route of the blood mages of old is a pretty bad idea.
No. 162932 ID: 9a1fa4

She is slow enough to dodge.

I sidestep her stab and grab hold of the knife. I place my other hand on her neck. She struggles uselessly. I force her to relax.

"I will only say this once. I do not care what you are doing. I do not care why you are doing it."

I bring her limp arm up to hold the knife at her eye.

"Life is fragile. This cold steel could destroy so much. Skin, muscle, tendon, even bone would fail under its strike. But that wouldn't be nearly as satisfying."

I let the knife fall to the floor.

"So let me outright say it. If you do not tell me exactly what I want to hear, I will sever your limbs, wrench your back into impossible poses, and pull apart your ribcage with my hands."

I allow her some slight motor control. She nods furiously.

"You have something of mine in that circle. I want it back. Now."

She sputters out "break the circle".


She whips her head back and forth.

Erasing their memory might cause unintended effects. Hallucinogenic drugs would not be difficult.

I do not know if they would survive that if I tried it, let alone if I tried to do it inconspicuously.

Chemicals to wipe short term memory...
No. 162933 ID: 1ac39d

okay then, give her a dose of stuff that prevents memories from forming and a dose of LSD so any memories that do form will be twisted. then carefully break the circle, maybe use her hand to do it as magic backlash could result in breaking it.
No. 162938 ID: 7524b0

Alcohol poisoning works pretty damn well to give people short term amnesia, I hear.

Make sure she can't move or sound the alarm or anything. Then go break the circle and get Fizz out.
No. 162940 ID: 701a19

Toss her to the side and break the circle, then check on your cutebold lover.

After that? You've got three cultists on hand. Hit them with chemicals to block transcribing short term memories to long term memory, then hop 'em up on hallucinogens give them a show where reality doesn't make sense.
After that? Have our morphic friend take Fizz home and wait for you, then call the cops and tell them you've found some of the cultists.

When the cops arrive, tell them the Captain escorted you here and sent you inside, then some kind of mage showed up, disabled the cultists, took Fizz, and told you to call the police.
Also, mention you're quite confused.
No. 163151 ID: 8ecfd4

Make her pass out. Wake up the volto and tell her to break the circle if she wants to live.

Kill the other two, quickly and as painlessly as possible, and then call the place in to the cops as an annonymous tip. Don't get close to the cops again until you have changed your apperance. But preferably not even then.
No. 163176 ID: 701a19

No. No killing.
We hand these people over to the police so they can find out about the other cultists we don't know about.
No. 163182 ID: 8ecfd4

And then the cultists break those two out of jail. Use some magic to restore or read their memories and then we have cultists coming out our ass.

Not to mention that the cops are very unlikely to let us go despite our rather flimsy story. Killing them is the easiest way and the safest way.
No. 163203 ID: 701a19

The point of tampering with their minds is to make it so that the memories don't exist in the first place. They can't read or restore something that simply does not exist.

Aside from that, the story isn't flimsy at all. A good chunk of the department can attest that you DID walk out of there with the captain, and expressing confusion over the whole thing would would be expected.
No. 163223 ID: 7524b0

Ram before we do anything, ask the elf about Fizz's scar. If she really has a Vengeance Demon inside her then how are they going to be able to make a Core Demon or Golem from her?
No. 163229 ID: 9a1fa4


"What about the demon, what were you trying to turn her into?"

"Core golem..."

...That does not make sense.

"You put a vengeance demon in her as well?"

She shakes her head vigorously.

"No! We don't know how to summon one, let alone control it!"

I knock out the elf, wake the volto, and slide her into the circle.

No backlash.

I move over to Fizz and pick her up. She is as healthy as when I left her, and both of her scars are still present. She is waking up.
No. 163230 ID: 7524b0

Hey Ram, how are we talking to you anyway? I mean, you seem able to address us directly. We don't seem to just be voices in your head or anything. Are we some kind of magical construct you made to help think of things to do?
No. 163231 ID: 7524b0

Wait, whose blood is on the knife if Fizz is healthy?
No. 163327 ID: 8ecfd4

Let her wake up and ask her if she is ok.
No. 163440 ID: 9a1fa4
File 127112039226.png - (18.75KB , 341x341 , possession.png )

...I hate it when my thoughts turn meta-analytical.

I am not sure... It was fresh, but there were no knife wounds on anyone I have touched, and I did not touch it.



She groggily opens her eyes and smiles--

"Fizz isn't here right now. Want me to take a message?"
No. 163446 ID: 7524b0

Okay, keep Fizz's body from moving, while allowing her to speak. "Who am I speaking to?"
No. 163477 ID: 3b6c92

Ask who this is, then.
No. 163479 ID: 7524b0

On second thought, if this is the Vengeance Demon then we shouldn't mess with Fizz's body. We don't want to offend it. It might be able to fuck us over.
No. 163481 ID: 1ac39d

agree, no freeze and say 'no, but can you tell me who you are and if/when Fizz will be back in?'
No. 163500 ID: 7e6e7a

I'm pretty sure she's joking. Like when people say 'did anyone get the number of that truck?'

Just ask her if she's alright.
No. 163528 ID: 7524b0

Check out those eyes, man. And the filename.
No. 163558 ID: 6ebb9d

Aww, they just look like cute eyes. And I don't trust file names... >_>
No. 163569 ID: 8ecfd4

"No need for messages right now. So, who am I speaking too?"
No. 163591 ID: 0fc814

Threaten to pop her head off and keep it alive in a box unless the thing cooperates.
No. 163697 ID: 9a1fa4

"...Are you alright?"

"Much better now, thank you. We heal fast."

"Who am I speaking to?"

"Me. I am a kavistaki, of course. I do not have a name."

"Where is Fizz?"

"All about Fizz, are you? 'Something of yours'... does she know that you refer to her as your property, blood mage?"

"You know I can cause you unimaginable pain."

"But of course."

"When will fizz be back in?"

She tilts her head slightly and smiles wider.

"Well now... that entirely depends on you, doesn't it? What will you do with me, blood mage? It's possible that Fizz may still be in here somewhere..."

She pauses and looks at her hand.
No. 163701 ID: 7524b0

Is there something on her hand? Let her keep talking, then say something along these lines:

"When I said 'something of mine' I was merely trying to be intimidating. Please give me my friend back. What kind of demon is a kavistaki anyway?
No. 163713 ID: 8ecfd4

Ask Eiko what a kavistaki is.

It sounds like it's trying to extort you. Won't hurt to know what it's after though. So ask it what it wants.
No. 163715 ID: 3b6c92

Both good ideas.
No. 164173 ID: 0b2a05

I believe she is just... examining her body.

"I had almost forgotten how to move... Spent so many years dormant..."

"...What do you want?"

She sits up.

"What I want? Let me tell you what I want. I have spent so long trapped inside this accursed kobold... but you... a blood mage. You are what I am truly interested in."

"When I said 'something of mine' I was merely trying to be intimidating. Please give me my friend back."

She tries to stand, but falls on her tail, wincing.

"Of course. I just came here, I'm not leaving this delightful body so soon, no matter how pitiful it is."

She smiles very widely at me.

"Now, you have a choice, blood mage. You could kill me right now. Snap my head off. Crush my heart. But if your little slave is still alive in here, you will be killing her too, and that would be such a waste. Or..."

She tilts her head further.

"You could take advantage of me. My knowledge is ancient, and incredibly extensive. Rituals, the demonic plane, blood magic..."


"Still need convincing? How's this for an incentive..."

She slowly rises and takes a step towards me. She presses her body against me and whispers into my ear. I can feel her breath on my neck.

"You are killing yourself."

I am contacting her spine with my hand.
No. 164175 ID: 7524b0

The knowledge she can give us is valuable. Fizz is a friend. What would we gain by killing her?

Ask her what she means by 'killing yourself'.
No. 164177 ID: 34470e

Get your hand away from her spine. I don't trust it being there for some reason.
No. 164178 ID: 701a19

Offer her a proposal:
She teaches you about blood magic, and you use it to craft her an empty shell that is to her liking.
You get Fizz back and learn about magic, she gets a form she's happy with and some allies.
No. 164182 ID: 7524b0

Ram can activate his powers with the highest efficiency while touching the spine or head.
No. 164204 ID: bc1727


Disable her movement in a way that isn't painful. If she can't move there's very little incentive to remain in Fizz.

I'm thinking you can say something along the lines of:

"My friend is not a bartering chip. I won't let you move a muscle while in her body. I -might- be nice and find you a new body if the opportunity arises and you're cooperative but I can guarantee you that it won't be mine."

PS: Check your anger. Do you really mean to imply that you're willing to kill Fizz because the demon got umad?

You've had pretty good self control up until now. What's the deal?
No. 164206 ID: 0fc814

Say "Please. Give me a slaughterhouse's drain pipes and I could heal every wound in this city."

Everyone knows the best way to get people to explain stuff is to scoff at them.
No. 164545 ID: 0b2a05

"Please. I could easily heal every wound in this city."

"Is that what you're after, then? Healing people?"

She slowly builds a laugh and falls on me, hysterical.

I remove my hand. she acknowledges it with a raised brow.

"Fine. Tell me what you know."

She narrows her eyes and continues to smile.

"Gladly. But shouldn't we find a more suitable place to go?"

I look around. Eiko is watching me. The volto and elf are unconscious here.

...I question if I should. She is hugging her tail now, I believe locking her movement would be particularly cruel. It could incite her against me.
No. 164548 ID: 1ac39d

that's actually a good plan, once we get enough power we could turn a few cadavers into something nice.
No. 164549 ID: 7524b0

"Oh, you're awake now, Eiko. What do you think about this?"

Before we go, there is a technique called Electroconvulsive Therapy which is used to treat extreme cases of depression. It has a side effect of memory loss, and no permanent damage to the body or brain. Be sure to force the muscles to relax while doing this, to prevent dangerous convulsions. The technique is basically a forced seizure. It causes all the neurons in the brain to fire at once.

You can use this to wipe the memories of the cultists.
No. 164630 ID: 4db567

You know she said she needed a body and there are two perfectly good live ones just lying around there. Ask her if you could transfer her to one of those and if they would make a suitable replacement.

Bring them both along and she can choose later at a less potentially dangerous place.

Just change them a bit before transfering it. It seems like it could cause quite a bit of damage with a strong body, so weaken whoever you transfer it too.
No. 164641 ID: 701a19

The elf had the bloody knife which means she was the one conducting the ritual.
She becomes the new host.

Besides that? Yes, you should be healing people. Even better, I know exactly how to get all the practice you need in the process.
There are groups which visit the ill, old, or infirm to raise their spirits. If you join one of these groups you will have access to people in poor health which you can experiment on without raising suspicion.
Small changes over time would go undetected, and it's well documented that morale often plays a large role in a person's health.

To help with this, get a job at a butchery or slaughterhouse and start collecting the blood. You can carry about 4L of blood around in a backpack, and since you have a chef friend you can say it's for making blood sausage.
... or would blood sausage be close enough to blood for it to work the same way?
No. 165604 ID: 0b2a05

Obtaining them could prove difficult, however.

"Eiko. You're awake. Have you been watching?"

"Yeah Ram, you're holding a vengeance demon. What happened? I woke up feeling great, now I find unconscious people and you here."

"You removed a torch, causing us all to fall down a pit."

Eiko's ears fold on themselves.

"Oh. Sorry about that."

"What do you think of this?"

She tilts her head and looks at the kobold.

"Well, she's just came here, so she should be disoriented and weak. If you fought her she'd fight back, but right now she's a pushover. I don't think she can survive on her own for long without help, and she might be really hungry."

"Eiko, do you know what electroconvulsive therapy is?"

"It sounds nightmarish. What is it?"


"Demon, can you inhabit another body?"

"What did you have in mind?"

I nudge the volto because she is closest. The kobold shakes her head.

"I don't think so."

...I loathe backpacks. I will have to be at hospitals... fine. But I do not think small changes would give me very much practice. Animal blood is exponentially weaker than the blood of sentient creatures. I will look for local shops later.
No. 165611 ID: 6834bc

How does it feel about elves?
They're generally taller and live longer. Hell, you might as well start listing off the negatives of being a kobold. Not to mention one that has a roommate the demon currently knows nothing about, and a job the demon doesn't know how to do.

I'd think the elf would look like a good idea, from that perspective.

...Anyway, I have an idea for blood, but it's better said when we're not dealing with a demon possessing our friend's body.
No. 165612 ID: 4291b2

Ask her about the elf then, or that telepathic chick. If neither is good then ask about simply creating a new body for the demon out of those two.

The demon isn't exactly fond of Fizz body, so there must be something else keeping her there and something that makes sure she doesn't. Fizz might have some unknown powers or something.
No. 165618 ID: 7524b0

Ask the demon what other kinds of bodies it could inhabit. Also, how she wound up bound to Fizz in the first place. The cultists sure as shit didn't do it.
No. 165624 ID: 7524b0

Ask Eiko if it's really possible to get Fizz back.

Also ask her how her amorphous body works... and why she prefers walking around as a goblin.
No. 165653 ID: 0fc814

Tell the kavistaki that you think Fizz would prefer dying to living as a puppeted demon host, and that you are willing to bring this about, if removing it eventually proves impossible.

For emphasis, kill the cultist gruesomely.

Go find a quiet place to grill it with questions. What it wants. Why it wants that body. What it can offer you and what it wants in return. Why it thinks you're dying.
No. 165668 ID: 701a19

No. No needless killing.
So far it hasn't been openly hostile, so threats aren't working to our advantage.

Offer it the Elf, and if she rejects it then ask what kind of body she would find suitable.

After that ECT the cultists.

So, why is the blood of cows and pigs so much less effective? They're sentient, sapient creatures after all.
Is the blood of a mentally deficient person less effective? Can you say which of the 'non-animal' races have the most effective blood? The least?
No. 166050 ID: a1721a

"You are a kobold. You are small, weak, and ineffectual. Your skin is scarred. Your figure is abnormal. You are widely discriminated against. You do not know anything about yourself, and you also live with someone you know nothing about. Take the elf."

"Quite the racist, are you? I am unnoticible, underestimated. I can fall long distances easily. I can easily sense vibration, my sense of smell is excellent. Discrimination makes me sympathetic and abuse makes me a martyr, and I have a few tricks of my own. Oh yes..."

She stares at me unblinkingly.

"I haven't been unconscious all the time, you know. How do you think I knew you were a blood mage? I know more about Fizz-Tongue than you could learn in a year. Want to know what her innermost secrets are? Or maybe what she truly thinks of you?"

"Can you inhabit another body? Why this kobold?"

"Body surfing isn't simple or easy in the slightest. I couldn't do it on my own. Even if I could, didn't you hear your goblin? She may look dull, but she's right. And as for why... I think I'll tell you later."

I carry the kobold over to Eiko. I will try to remain in physical contact with her spine at all times.

"Eiko, is it possible to bring Fizz back?"

She lowers her head.

"...I can't say for sure... But I think there should be a way, if not more."

"Why do you prefer that form?"

"I kinda... made it. If you're really interested I'll tell you later, we're gonna need to wrap this up soon."

"Fizz would rather die than become your puppet. If I cannot find a way to remove you, I will kill you."

"You need a hobby."

"What do you mean when you say I'm dying?"

She laughs again.

"Death threats and asking for information? Usually two different people try this routine. I think I'll tell you later, if you want to know, you'll need to keep me alive and conscious a while."

I know that the complexity and intelligence of the animal has an effect on the value of its blood, but I am not sure of how.

Should I flood them with hallucinogenics and alcohol, or try ECT?
No. 166051 ID: 34470e

What did I say about your hand being close to the spine?
No. 166059 ID: 7524b0

Ram, can you try to examine Fizz's anatomy to see where the demon is? I mean, shouldn't there be something different?

Also no, you weren't being racist. You were just listing the disadvantages of being a kobold. You already knew the advantages, of course. No need to tell the demon that, though. Just reassure yourself.

Try the ECT on the Elf. After doing it, move the other cultists and yourself/the fizzdemon out of sight and have Eiko shapeshift into the Volto and ask what happened. That way you can reliably and safely discover if it worked.
No. 166063 ID: 4291b2

Just kill them both and then get out of there. I think Fizz/demon might need some food soon. I guess you could ask it if elf is ok. If not you could find some other place to eat at.

Bring the Volto with you though. You promised not to kill her and she might be useful in the future.
No. 166075 ID: 34470e

I'm against killing anyone.
No. 166079 ID: 6834bc

How about not? How about leaving the cultists alive and disoriented with little to no memory of what happened here, thereby leaving the police with more work and less attention to devote to Ram, Eiko, and Possessed Fizz?

The less intently the police stares at Ram and the two demons with him, the better. If we come out of this and there's nothing but two bloody smears, the police will only send a cleanup crew and detain whoever came out.
No. 166081 ID: 4291b2

They won't know we came out, they don't know of this place and we won't call it in until we're far away from it. And they won't recognise Ram because he is going to change the way he looks to make sure they won't recognise him.

We have no idea if there is magic good enough to get at the memories even if we think we wiped them. Just as you can get information out of a hard drive in most cases even if the owner thinks it has been deleted. Cops might be able to see it, which wouldn't be good for Ram. And with the ease we broke out of prison I suspect the cultists may very well be freed as well, and then their friends read their memories and find out all that they knew.

Killing them is the best way to make sure that nobody else learns that Ram is a blood mage or that he runs around with two demons. Once they're dead we can call this place in as an anonymous tip or something.
No. 166094 ID: 7524b0

Magic to recover memories? Well, how about we ask.

Ram, is there any kind of mage that can restore memories?
No. 166149 ID: 701a19

If you leave them behind they'll still remember enough about the cult to be useful for police, which means the police will keep focusing on the cult.
If you kill them, however, then they're going to bring in forensics specialists so they can both solve the murders of 'innocent people' and find a new lead.
Leaving them alive would keep the police focused on the cultists.

This is not that complicated a decision.
No. 166184 ID: 4291b2

If they remember enough about the cult then they might remember Ram. I say take no chances. Make it look like a demon killed them and then get out of there.
No. 166253 ID: 701a19

Remember what about Ram, exactly? None of them know much of anything about him, and the ECT process is solid enough to keep his secret.

You need to remember that having cultists after us is acceptable, but having Police after us is not.
Cultists won't reveal Ram's nature to the world, but police will. Being exposed is more dangerous than anything.
No. 166254 ID: 7524b0

ECT generally makes you forget a few DAYS.

The most the cult will be able to say is that Ram was staying at Fizz's apartment, since they apparently went there and snooped around, putting Fizz into that brain-hemorrhage sleep trance. They had no idea he was a Blood Mage. THAT is all that matters.
No. 166255 ID: 4291b2

And to make sure he's not exposed he should kill them, dead cultists tell no tales. Ram can completly change his species. The cops won't be able to find him.
No. 166259 ID: 701a19

Then he would need to abandon Fizz, as the police DO know he has been staying with her. Aside from that, I see no reason why he can't do a species change and leave them for police.
No. 166261 ID: 0fc814

Just drug them and leave.

...still think you should just blow them up.
No. 166279 ID: 7524b0

>the police DO know he has been staying with her.

That's not true.
No. 166356 ID: 701a19

Didn't he report her missing? And list her apartment as his contact address? And etc?
No. 166367 ID: 7524b0

Uhhh... no? We only just found out she got kidnapped. Eiko told us, then immediately broke us out of prison, and led us to the cultists.
No. 168357 ID: 5d00f0

...I reluctantly remove my hand.

From what I can feel, there is no difference... strange.

"Are you hungry?"

"We've had a big lunch."

I believe it exists, but is very difficult to use effectively.

That definitely seems like a good idea at this point... What should I try to gather information on?

...Now that I think about it, I was never asked anything of the sort. That seems strange.


I set down the kobold and put my foot on the elf's solar plexus. I form alcohol and hallucinogens and spread them around her system, with particular regards to her head. I kneel down and place my hands on either side of her head. I relax her muscles and initiate a powerful bioelectrical seizure. The volto is still on the ground. I lift her up and reinforce her coma. Next I move on to the human mage. I restore the wounds I caused on her and repeat the same actions I performed on the elf. I feel quite anemic, but I am not yet useless.

I motion to Eiko. Is there anything left to do?
No. 168361 ID: 7524b0

Nope, let's get out of here.
No. 168469 ID: 6aff0b

Nah, get out. Be prepared for future cultist attacks.
No. 169514 ID: 0fc814

Eat some volto blood for more power. It's not like she's doing anything with it.

On that note, hey, test subject. Score. And she's part of a creepy demon cult so we don't even have to feel bad about it.
No. 170307 ID: 0b2a05
File 127226484225.png - (32.03KB , 341x341 , fantasticjourney.png )

I drain some of her blood. I feel good... monumentally good. Like stretching a stiff muscle, or opening a window, somehow. The volto is still alive, but an amount anemic.

The kobold looks at me, opens her mouth, raises her right hand, and drops it, quietly laughing.

Eiko picks up the kobold, who smiles at her. She carries it up the long path back to the surface, while I carry the volto. We pass two doors to the right on either side of the area. We warily stayed away from the torches. I make sure to retrieve my clothing, but I do not put it on.

Traveling back to Fizz's apartment is uneventful. I see nothing out of the ordinary, and although Eiko appears somewhat apprehensive, she does not comment as we enter the door.

We shut the door. As far as I can tell, everything I have seen so far is exactly as it was before.

Future attacks... and the police. I will make a list of things to do.
No. 170310 ID: 7524b0

Uh oh. I think you'd better avoid draining blood from people until you fully understand how your power works.

Now that we're here... ask the vengeance demon to talk.
No. 170361 ID: 86bece

Now seems like a good time to talk with Kav (short handle for Fizz demon) about what she said earlier. Why are you dying? Well aside from the fact that all living things eventually die.
No. 170436 ID: 7524b0

Alright, ask her to tell you what she meant by 'killing yourself'. Also, what she knows about how Blood magic works. Why did you feel so good when you drained some of the volto's blood?
No. 170565 ID: 0fc814

Tell the Kav to be more clear and stop laughing at random shit. If it really wants to get on your good side, it'll stop jerking you around.
No. 170871 ID: 701a19

Give Eiko a hug, ask her if she's ok, and tell her she can stay here.

After that, ask Kav how you should go about getting her a body of her own.
No. 170872 ID: 7524b0

Oh we need to remember to phone in an anonymous tip to the police so they know where the cultist hideout is. You can modulate your voice, right Ram?
No. 171404 ID: 0b2a05

I will keep it in mind. But I feel very much better than I did before.

Telephones are expensive, I doubt that Fizz has one in her apartment... though I now see that she does. I can easily modulate my voice.

I lead into the bedroom and lay the volto down on the bed, while Eiko puts the kobold beside her. I embrace Eiko. I can feel her tense up...

"Ram, what are you doing?"

"I'm giving you a hug. These past hours have been stressful, I'm wondering if you are okay."

"...Oh, yeah, I'm alright. Thanks for... asking?"

"Surely no one would mind if you spend the night here."

"Uh, thanks, and don't ca... never mind."


"It's okay, you can stop hugging me now."


The demon laughs. Again.

"Stop. Laughing."

She smirks.

"Very well."

"Now talk."

"With another demon in the room, and an unconscious volto? Are you sure that's wise, blood mage?"

No. 171413 ID: 7524b0

"I trust Eiko. What's the problem with the volto anyway? She's unconscious."
No. 171414 ID: 701a19

Move the Volto to another room, and shut the door.
"Eiko, you and I have saved each other several times so far. I trust you with my life, and I can think of nobody else more deserving of hearing this than you. I leave that decision to you."
Then turn to the possessed Fizz "You said I was killing myself. How?"
No. 171439 ID: 0b2a05

"The volto is unconscious."

"A condition that did nothing to stop me from learning what you are."

I pick up the volto and carry her out of the room, into the kitchen.

"Eiko, if you--"

"Wait. I think I'm going to look for something edible in the fridge, this sounds kinda personal."

Oh. Eiko exits the room. I close the door and sit on the bed, next to the kobold.

"Kav. Stop stalling. What did you mean when you said I was killing myself?"

She lies down on her side and stares off into space.

"You are a blood mage. But you are not efficient. You are imperfect."


"Inside you there is... noise."

I continue to be silent.

"This noise is a part of your own power, ripping you to shreds and fixing the damage constantly. At any given moment, you are destroying yourself, and healing it back at the same time. The constant use will have made you numb, unfeeling to its effects. In truth, you have never truly been either completely alive or dead."

She turns, propping her head up on her hands.

"And that is what I mean when I say that you are killing yourself, blood mage. Anything else you wish to know?"
No. 171441 ID: 701a19

"How do I correct this? And why have all the blood mages before me turned into such monsters?"
No. 171443 ID: 7524b0

"Why did it feel so... good when I drained the volto's blood? Where does my power come from?"
No. 171447 ID: 7524b0

More questions:

1) Where does the extra mass go when I overeat?
2) When I use my power on other people, is there some kind of lingering effect?
3) Is it actually possible for me to use my power without touching someone? How could I do that more effectively if so?
4) What do you want of me?
No. 171450 ID: 86bece

Hey that's interesting. Very interesting, so that's what we are. Doesn't really seem all that harmful. But getting more efficient would be good.

Ask her when this ripping yourself apart thing started?

Ask her when she got into Fizz?

Ask her if she could teach you to become more efficient?
No. 171480 ID: 0b2a05

"Do you know how to remove noise? When--"


She moves to a pillow and pulls up the blankets.

"I'm quite tired. I can't give you all the answers at once, can I? I'll tell you in the morning, assuming you don't figure it out by then. Now..."

She pats the mattress next to her and smiles.


...I could sleep now, or wait a few hours.
No. 171481 ID: 7524b0

We've got some things you need to do.

We need to find a phone in an unrelated location so they can't the anonymous tip back here. Also, when leaving the apartment complex, you should change your body so that you're in disguise. Change the color of your fur and your height and build.
No. 171486 ID: 701a19

Focus inwards, and see if you can find this constant destruction and creation she mentioned.

Sigh, and say "This is needless. The only thing I have against you is that you are in Fizz's body, but I acknowledge you have a right to live. I wish to create a new body for you so that you can live without denying that right to another.
If you can see into Fizz's memories then you know that I am a man of my word, but even if you don't trust me then please consider that you know far more than I about blood magic, and helping me to create a new body for you would still leave much for you to teach me."
No. 171487 ID: 0fc814

Demand she answer your questions now.

Also, tie her up real secure-like.
No. 171757 ID: 7524b0

Hey Ram, can you tell if there's something special about your own blood? Like, the blood cells are a different shape or something?
No. 171770 ID: 58c0d1

Just to be completly opposite. Tell Eiko to guard the Volto while you sleep, then lie down next to the somewhat creepy demon and go to sleep.
No. 171818 ID: 0b2a05

I reach my hand over and disconnect her limbs. I do not know of any rope nearby, this should be much more effective.

She frowns.

I get up and go into the kitchen. Eiko is eating a fruit.


"Hey, how are you?"

"Fine. Can you go out and find a phone, tip the police to what happened?"

"Sure, I could do something like that."

"And if you get back and I am asleep, could you guard the volto?"

"Will do."

She finishes eating the fruit and exits the kitchen. I return to the bedroom and sit back on the bed.

As far as I can tell, my blood cells are completely normal.


I can't...feel...any thing...

I can feel nothing. There is some kind of... nothing inside me, an almost tangible void. I... cannot feel it at all, but I can feel its absence, sometimes, as if it's rapidly moving. My blood too, I now can feel an... emptiness inside it.

My heart beats faster.
No. 171819 ID: 58c0d1

Hmmm, now that is quite interesting. Wonder what it means specifically.

But unless you can find some old writings from a previous blood mage you're unlikely to be able to figure it out now. Take a nap with Kav instead and press her for more information when she wakes up later.
No. 171823 ID: 1ac39d

try to move the void to your hand then bring it to the surface. maybe we will be able to see it?
No. 171831 ID: a85626


>> There is some kind of... nothing inside me

That's probably it. She did say you would feel numb to it. If you have ever experienced third degree burns, they often don't hurt very much because the nerves that sense pain were burned away too. Now don't panic. Jostling something like that would only make it worse. You can repair the damage, and you can probably build something in your body to catch whatever in you is rapidly moving. You're not dead yet. A night's sleep would probably do you a world of good now.

If you ask Fizzdemon any questions, you should ask her what is so funny. Apparantly your efforts to understand your position as a blood mage are not only unusual, but futile for some reason. She knows that reason, and it makes her laugh. Alternatively she just thinks you're adorable.
No. 171899 ID: 7524b0

Do not attempt to fill the nothing. It may be the only thing keeping you from turning into a monster like the Blood Mages of old.

On the other hand, the Noise could be a gradual corrupting effect that will drive you mad some day. We need to find out more about it. Tomorrow, though. The demon surely won't tell you anything more today.

Does the void ever enter your brain?

Try to sleep.
No. 171968 ID: a85626


>> Does the void ever enter your brain?

>> Try to sleep.

Real comforting there, Holmes.
No. 172084 ID: 0b2a05

If any blood mages recorded their exploits, I do not know of them.

...Futile. Is that why she laughed when I mentioned healing? But no, I am not dead yet.

The void is everywhere. It is inside my brain, on my skin, within my heart. Determining its impact could prove difficult.

I cannot move the absence... wait...

I bring the feeling of emptiness into my hand. I feel fantastic; my hand seems... strange.

...I think I have more control over this than I had assumed. But I still do not know the full effects.


I feel more tired than I did before...
No. 172091 ID: 0cd898

Feeling fantastic isn't always good for you. I think you should hold off on experimenting with that stuff until we get more info from Kav.

So go to sleep next to the freaky demon kobold.
No. 172095 ID: 0b2a05

I curl up next to her, avoiding physical contact.

No. 172102 ID: 7524b0

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