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File 126525908630.png - (19.33KB , 444x444 , T000.png )
124862 No. 124862 ID: 8d3380

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No. 124865 ID: e828f5

Make me sad. Make me cry.
No. 124866 ID: c593ec

Get a tissue, wipe your eyes.
No. 124867 ID: f58788

From this despair, my heart shall fly.
No. 124869 ID: 3a4593

Rhymed suggestions. That's quite sly.
No. 124871 ID: 34470e

The main character in my quest is named Dai.
No. 124872 ID: f58788

Glad you liked it, I do try.
No. 124873 ID: 4531bc

I shan't add 'RIP AND,' for the rhyme it would defy.
No. 124874 ID: c593ec

Too many beats, you stupid guy.
No. 124875 ID: 4531bc

My botched attempt, I do not deny.
No. 124876 ID: 0e759d

The temptation, resist, must I.
No. 124878 ID: f58788

I saw it too, and I did sigh.
No. 124880 ID: 34470e

Will this go on, or should I eat pie?
No. 124883 ID: 9bab6d

Who's to know? That's my reply.
No. 124886 ID: e3f578

I wonder when this combo shall die
No. 124887 ID: 8d3380
File 12652622355.png - (236.19KB , 444x444 , T001.png )

You're going home from school in the rain. Water is still making it to your face due to a ____ in your umbrella.

This has, at the very least, paused your ad lib poetry on your way to what you call a home.
No. 124888 ID: 476456

Banana, a banana in your unbrella
No. 124889 ID: 34470e

What name do you go by?
No. 124892 ID: 3a4593

For strangers, keep a wary eye.
No. 124896 ID: 126d08

To your home, quickly fly.
No. 124900 ID: 8d3380
File 126526456377.png - (233.79KB , 444x444 , T002.png )

You turn your umbrella around so the water doesn't pour on your face anymore. You don't take the bus because your home is only a couple blocks from school.

Your name is ________. The rain must be getting to you.
No. 124901 ID: 8dfb06

Who's over there? they seem so shy.
No. 124902 ID: f52552

No. 124903 ID: f44349

Who the heck is that suspicious guy?
No. 124905 ID: 82e991

What species are they, by the by?
No. 124906 ID: 3a4593

Walk faster now, to lose that guy.
Listen up for footsteps, by
walking silently. Please try.
No. 124910 ID: 34470e

Careful. That dude might make you die.
No. 124912 ID: 0e759d

Uh, uh...
Stab that fucker in the eye?
No. 124913 ID: c1b520

What's up with all the rhyming? *sigh*
No. 124915 ID: 0e759d

If we don't, than our defeat is nigh.
No. 124916 ID: c1b520

No. 124917 ID: 8d3380
File 126526610691.png - (239.32KB , 444x444 , T003.png )

You see a figure in the corner of your eye.
You wonder if your senses told you a lie.

You think that it's time to move quick.
Run straight home, or try to lose him, pick.
No. 124918 ID: 0e759d

To your home, you should fly.
No. 124919 ID: 34470e

Go home and watch a good flick.
No. 124920 ID: 889351

Run along right down the block.
Try not to have a nasty shock.
No. 124921 ID: 8dfb06

Try and lose him Slick!
Better wet than licked!
No. 124922 ID: 476456

or you could punch him in the dick.
No. 124923 ID: 3a4593

Agreed, your home is where to go.
The better devil's one you know.
No. 124924 ID: 3416ec

Try to lose him. Dodge and weave out of corners. Duck into doorways.
No. 124927 ID: e75a2f

Actually, it's usually better to just go with the flow.

Swimming against the current doesn't keep the inevitable in tow.
No. 124933 ID: 8d3380
File 126526808080.png - (41.74KB , 444x444 , T004.png )

You race towards home very fast,
But your grip just cannot last.

Your umbrella soars through the air,
But at least now you are almost there.
No. 124935 ID: 3a4593

I'm sorry that you're getting wet,
but you are not to safety yet.
Make sure to keep your eyes ahead,
be safe, don't trip and fall instead.
No. 124936 ID: 8dfb06

Please do not despair,
for the loss of umbrella fair.
It is better to be aware,
and not lose a single hair.
No. 124939 ID: 8d3380
File 126526941139.png - (200.20KB , 444x444 , T005.png )

You reach your home, safe and sound.
Your umbrella should later be found.

It was not yours to go and lose.
For a poor family, it's bad news.
No. 124941 ID: 3a4593

Approach parents with "sorry," first,
I hope you need not fear the worst.
Ask them if they'll go out to
find the umbrella with you.
No. 124942 ID: 889351

An umbrella you can find again.
Safety first, protect your skin.
No. 124944 ID: 8dfb06

Please don't be too down,
it is better to have first,
lost a cover than be cursed,
with a shadowy new hound.
No. 124945 ID: 3416ec

A 'brolly later you can find,
For now, settle with peace of mind.
There are strangers wandering 'bout;
Their intentions you should doubt.
No. 124946 ID: e75a2f

A metaphor of ages past that not all things can everlast, for if such was the way things were then nothing new would come for sure.

New things keep you on your toes and ready to see how things will go, since no one like a boring day where everything's a bland cliche.

You're in such a rush to get out of the rain, a great big hurry made for such little gain; I bet if you stopped to think for a bit about why being wet is so dearly unfit that you'd simply give up and remit your flight and stay to enjoy nature a bit tonight.

Why run to home; what's there for you?
Is it really that bad to make one into two?
Why not turn back, change course, and see things through...
Go meet your strange watcher, have them to pursue.
No. 124947 ID: 8d3380
File 126527191630.png - (48.36KB , 444x444 , T006.png )

You step inside and drop your pack,
The sound of people inside is lacked.

Everything is tossed all over the place,
In every picture, broken glass along your face.
No. 124948 ID: 8dfb06

oh my word what a disaster!
Hopefully it is not you they are after.
Look around for those who would destroy
your lovely home for some little ploy.
No. 124949 ID: e75a2f

A sordid sight to say the least, like some rabid beast came forth released; best make sure the family isn't fleeced and the danger has ceased.

With luck you'll find despite the mess and general distress,
That you'll find not only your guests that destroy and transgress,
But your missing family unharmed and bless'd by the gentler side of fate's smooth caress.

To worry is to falter
To falter is to fail.
Strength, my dear,
and you will prevail.
No. 124950 ID: 3416ec

>You step inside and drop your pack,
>The sound of people inside is lacked.

I'm gonna ding you on this one. That's like Neil Diamond trying to rhyme "Texas" with "what the fact is."

It's a stretch.
No. 124959 ID: 81ce59

Well don't just stand there. Start investigating. And call the cops, some fucking asshole just vandalized your home.
No. 124971 ID: 1f66ea

's a semi-rhyme, and still correct.
Stop trying to make her defect.
This rhyming thing, it is quite fresh,
how this quest can seem to mesh.
So back to story of this boy,
and his journey, probably not of joy.
No. 125292 ID: 8d3380
File 126532672634.png - (53.84KB , 444x444 , T007.png )

You race to the phone and dial 4-4-4,
The house's condition you cannot ignore,
The silence returned fills you with dread,
No one will answer when the phone is dead.
No. 125294 ID: 34470e

You might want to feed your fish.
Give it some food that's delish.
Try calling on you cell phone.
If you don't have one, I'll moan.
No. 125302 ID: 8dfb06

Please be careful and explore,
this damaged little house of yours.
No. 125304 ID: 34470e

"Of yours"? Why not "some more"?
These awful rhymes make me sore.
No. 125310 ID: 8dfb06

Why must you be so vain,
it is so silly to complain.
Rhyming is not my choice of course,
but I will use it with no remorse!
No. 125429 ID: 8d3380
File 126533273860.png - (72.12KB , 444x444 , T008.png )

Cellphones are luxuries your family cannot afford,
You turn towards something that has you floored,
The plain fish in the tank is no longer unadorned,
"Little one, it is too late to be just warned,
But there was a dark being with a glowing red eye,
Your parents are gone and I fear you will die.
The building is not safe any longer,
You must survive and become stronger,
There are powers at play beyond this plane,
In this rain, awaits you pain." "This is insane!"

You close your eyes and try to breathe,
but if the fish is right--your emotions seethe.
"Little one, get out of here."
It's harder to see with every ____.

[ OOC note: Please keep the poetry arguments and meta back and forth in IRC if you absolutely must have them. ]
No. 125435 ID: 34470e

If that fish is right, the end is nigh.
Wait, how can we be sure you aren't high?
Rub your eyes and get something to drink.
Something about this raises a huge stink.
No. 125436 ID: e828f5

I wonder what he would have said
were not our senses so mislead.
Where can you go to flee this threat?
An answer that I have not yet.
No. 125441 ID: 8dfb06

Heed the advice of fish once so dear,
Danger may still be lurking near!
When you run do not forget your pack,
it surely has things you must not lack.
No. 125449 ID: b71223

a fish is talking to us
that's a little strange
could it be possible we've
gone deranged?
somethings really wrong here
I just-can't place my bet...
we should search the rooms near us
and see what we get.
but altougth I know it may sting
caution would be best
the fish may be right and we have a guest.
No. 125541 ID: 3a4593

While I agree that it is quite odd
that you've been hearing a talking cod,
the danger may not be Satanic.
Keep this in mind - Do not panic!

Go to your room. Swiftly, true,
but remember, careful too.
Get a plastic coat for rain,
A matching hat, then check again,

that you have everything you need
to keep yourself all safe indeed.
Dress in layers, wear some more,
then swiftly leave through the back door.
No. 125560 ID: 8d3380
File 126534685268.png - (98.58KB , 444x444 , T009.png )

The closest door brings you to the kitchen first,
Where you find your mother, looking her very worst,
On the floor while making tomorrow's school meal,
Not even the fGhost Sheriff you've wanted can heal
What has happened, despite her efforts today,
The fish wasn't lying and you are not okay.
No. 125577 ID: 3a4593

First thing please, child, look away.
It's not yet time to see, today,
the terrible things that one can see.
Grab your lunchbox, please trust me.

Do you have a place to go?
Any good friends that you know?
A trusted relative to tell
of the trouble that befell

your mother? Still I would suggest
you go to your room and get dressed
in the warm clothes mentioned before,
then out again through the back door.
No. 125585 ID: 632862

Get your lunch, and a raincoat to ward off the rain.
Do you have other relatives? They can ward off the pain.
No. 125592 ID: 8ecfd4

Well that's pretty fucked up. I'm betting her head is in the oven, and it looks like someone jizzed all over the place.

Get a kitchen knife and continue with the exploration.
No. 125593 ID: e75a2f

The worst has come to pass, it seems;
Dead on the ground, it seems, it seems.
Anger and fear together, it teems;
Welling together it teems, it teems.

A chorus of screams, red blood that gleams; why your nerves must be on the verge of extremes.

Sit back, relax, there's nothing you can do.
All you can do now is see things through.
Whatever is out there,
Whatever remains,
It's weapon is fear; it's terror that reigns.

Do not fall prey; do not look away.
What you see here you must face on this day.
For your family and friends, and all who survive;
You must steel yourself, you must stay alive.

So cast off false pretenses,
And all signs of doubt.
Man your defenses,
And get ready to scout.

You are not safe, and you are not alone;
Find the wicked, and through it's blood atone.
You owe it to those lost,
As well as those found,
Show them what it means to be crossed.
No. 125608 ID: 8d3380
File 126535591229.png - (266.24KB , 1176x1176 , T010.png )

Alone in the rain.
Your senses drain.

But a twist in fate did change the game.

To home you ran at the quickest pace,
But perhaps your mistake was your great haste.

[ Pause. Sketch and poem by S.A.M. ]
No. 127935 ID: 8d3380
File 126561192014.png - (72.52KB , 444x444 , T011.png )

You take a kitchen knife, your lunchbox and what you could think to grab to eat and drink without vomiting or crying too much. You scamper through the house and make it to your bedroom. You dump your textbooks on the desk and stop hugging your Sheriff fGhost to try and assess the situation. It's raining out, so you put on a raincoat. You put your food in the backpack, and set the knife down. All of your plushies don't bring you comfort today. You break down and cry on the corner of your bed.

Where can you go? That's not easy to say. You have only been in this family a couple of years.

They were your foster parents. Your foster siblings, and possibly their real children, are older and you just got your own room.

You could go to your "Aunt Sharon's" place. She's not technically your aunt, but this family has been extremely nice to you. You could also try to go to your friend's house. You all her Bean. The closest police station is fairly far away. Your only other option would be going to your teacher's house. Mrs. Riddlesperger had helped you through a lot since you started school.

You now need to decide on the where,
Then hope that you can make it there.
No. 127953 ID: 12f282

Hurry to the house of the friend you call Bean,
What you need now is a change of scene.
No. 127966 ID: 0e759d

For safeties sake, to the home of Bean.
What has been seen, cannot be unseen.
No. 127971 ID: 3a4593

An adult is what you need
right now, though friends are fine indeed.
My first suggestion is your teacher,
for if the problem's not a creature,

but someone who knew your mother,
Sharon's house may be another
target for the murderer.
Riddlesperger - Go to her.

Keeping together is quite a feat,
and thanks for wearing your rain gear.
Look both ways before you cross the street.
When you're there, you can shed a ____.
No. 127973 ID: e75a2f

Well well well, what have we here?
I'm sorry dear child, but you must remain here
Or risk bringing harm to those you endear
It's tough, I know, to swallow the fear.

Get to the phone, you have no time to waste;
Call up everyone you can, with all post-haste.
Let everyone know of your dire straight;
Let everyone know what might await.

It's better to remain here, for all it's worth.
Who knows what this situation might have unearthed?
Lighting rarely strikes the same spot on earth
So here would be best to give a wide berth.

Whatever caught your family caught them unaware,
So please keep that in mind.
The best you can do is let everyone beware,
So that they can respond in kind.

Though the tragedy is great, and unknown is your fate, the simple fact remains:
This is your home; there's no need to roam; I'm sure you have the brains.

This is your Alamo; your stand of the Spartan.
This is where David stood up to Goliath.
Hold strong,
Hold fast,
Stand tall,
Stand true.

There's no cause for worry when we're right here with you.
No. 127977 ID: 3a4593

While I can approve of the sentiment,
the phone's dead, so warnings can't be sent.
No. 127979 ID: 0e759d

Also, get a knife.
You may need to fight for your life.
No. 127982 ID: 3a4593

She's got a knife right on the bed.
It looks like she's a step ahead.
No. 127991 ID: e75a2f

A payphone would work just as well.
Neighbors work too as far as we can tell.
No. 128019 ID: 8d3380
File 126562885432.png - (51.00KB , 444x444 , T012.png )

Your current goal is to make it to Bean's house. However if you can get a hold of a phone before then, it might help. You take hold of the knife and step out of your room and into the hallway. You close the door behind you, not wanting to leave behind all your precious collectible stuffed animals.

What you see right down the hall,
Comes a red hand around the wall.
No. 128022 ID: 54411c

This is a foe you cannot face!
Away from it, you should race!
No. 128026 ID: 632862

Traces remain of what took place, though our enemy has left the scene.
Follow the trail of blood to its final destination, and see what can be seen.
No. 128053 ID: e828f5

To your left there seems an open door
Rush inside before you do more
No. 128181 ID: 8d3380
File 126567349720.png - (55.82KB , 444x444 , T013.png )

Your body freezes for a split second. That isn't blood. It's a hand or at least something similar enough to one. It is attached to an arm, which is attached to a body. Your eyes open wider and you grip your knife tight, racing across the hall into the bathroom and closing it behind you.

You lock the door nice and tight,
Tonight is looking quite the fright.
No. 128187 ID: 12f282

This specter seems to be quite small,
Perhaps there is nothing to fear at all.
Call out, ask what it wants with you,
See if you gain a perspective new.
No. 128207 ID: 632862

Check the window for a chance to escape.
Running away is better than a nasty scrape.
No. 128259 ID: e828f5

No. 128477 ID: 3a4593

Check out any routes to leave,
and if that fails, just retrieve
a curtain from the shower there.
Like others say, please beware.

It may not be a hostile soul,
even play a helpful role,
but I'd suggest that you stay wary.
Ask through the door, but do not tarry.

Keep an escape or curtain close,
and if you can't escape that ghost,
the curtain serves to pin it down,
keep it blind and flailing 'round.

If it doesn't try to enter,
but converse, then you can center
your effort on talking back to it.
Any quick moves, though, banana 'n' split!
No. 128598 ID: 8d3380
File 126569691667.png - (59.93KB , 444x444 , T014.png )

You back towards the window and scramble into the tub. You cry out, "Why are you here, what do you want?" The creature hisses without a jaw. The noise that returns sounds like, "Sacrifice."

The door begins to shake, and you hear it being scratched. You crawl up to the window and drop down your pack, and your knife a safer distance for dropping to the ground.

You can hear how hard your heart does pound,
Bean's place you go, no use sticking around.
No. 128603 ID: 632862

Be careful dropping to the ground.
Leave while attempting to not make a sound.
No. 128622 ID: 54411c
File 126569780772.jpg - (25.44KB , 439x253 , so sorry its true.jpg )

make your way to beans post-haste,
or your bones, that monster will taste.
No. 128633 ID: 67c611

Nice ass. Girl or guy it's still a nice ass.
No. 128645 ID: 8d3380
File 126570276112.png - (237.41KB , 444x444 , T015.png )

You stumble to the ground and you pick up your backpack and the knife. Almost as soon as you start to scamper to the sidewalk you see another one of those red creatures with no jaws. It doesn't seem to notice you yet. Its legs make it oh so very tall, and its arms are lengthy and slender. You hear a crashing noise from the bathroom in the house you abandoned. You run as fast as you can towards Bean's place.

There seem to be more red horrors,
A most unwanted group of explorers.

Looking for you.
No. 128649 ID: 8b168a

Run faster.

Lose them

Just don't lose yourself
No. 128650 ID: 476456

Just pray, pray to your gods

That they dont want to screw.
No. 128654 ID: 8d3380
File 12657108499.png - (57.94KB , 444x444 , T016.png )

You arrive at Bean's house and frantically knock on the door. Bean opens up and smiles nice and wide. The Anwea Bubble Touched immediately sways her brown scaled tail and begins to talk.

"Oh wow, ________! I am so excited that you got here. I was just trying to call you and invite you over, maybe that's why you didn't answer, hee hee. Tho I got a few more new games and I wanted you to play thome of them with me. Ethpecially Tales of Brinkpop. You know how much I love RPGs in the first place, and you can control one of the characters with me it'll be absolutely FABULOUS~... Granted I have a few more games, as well, and I think I found you a really rare plushie when I wath going thopping with my mom. She actually just ran to the store. Oh, I'm thorry, I bet you want to come inthide I just got excited."

Oh, Bean.

Now that you are at the house of your friend,
Danger to explain and more than you to defend.
No. 128655 ID: 6550ad

Rush inside, calm down and explain the situation. Try to not to scare her too much, she's not going to be useful if she's panicking.

Ask for a phone to call the Sheriff.
No. 128656 ID: 54411c

Horrible things came to your place!
get inside before they give chase.
No. 128658 ID: 476456

Now i know you might be wracked with fear, but your friend seems to be quite queer.
No. 128698 ID: 632862

Drop your weapon right there on the rug.
Embrace your friend in a comforting hug.
No. 129061 ID: 3a4593

While staying at Bean's is an obvious choice,
no safety from those with that raspy, strange voice.
My plan is to tell her to call 9-1-1,
tell them your address while you turn and run.

You don't want to be why they find and hurt Bean.
If red pursues you, you'll be in the green.
No. 129116 ID: 3a4593

Whoops, not 9-1-1, I meant 4-4-4!
Either way, get away from that door!
No. 129119 ID: 8d3380
File 126579228961.png - (65.42KB , 444x444 , T017.png )

You rush into Bean's house and explain you need to use a phone. Bean hands over her cell phone and explains that land lines are oh so obsolete.

You hurry and dial 4-4-4, and the phone rings once and crackles. Someone answers, so you begin to tell your address and that your parents are dead, before you are cut off with a wet raspy voice.

"No one can help you from us, child. The Watcher sees all. My name is Doctor _______. You will be mine, the question is how many people will you get killed beforehand?"

The line cuts off, and the phone service is dead. The display is a fuzzy red.

You stand there holding the phone, Bean is very concerned, "What'th wrong? Why do you have the knife, ________?"

You have no idea what to say,
No savior is coming your way.
No. 129120 ID: 632862

If you can't get them to come to you, there's just one thing left that you can do.
Find the police. You can't stay here. Right now it's for Bean's life you should fear.
No. 129121 ID: 3a4593

First we will need to come up with a plan.
Be careful and run out as fast as you can,
after you tell Bean to ask mom and dad,
to go to a hotel, a temporary pad.

Tell her someone scary is on the loose.
That safety is distant, time tightens the noose.
Then leave here, escape on the path back to school.
Perhaps the red-eyed fellow is not a fool
in regards to these happenings. Find him and see
how you can fight the Watcher or break free.
No. 129152 ID: 12f282

If you go to the police I am afraid you will find
yourself and dear Bean in an even greater bind.
If the Watcher and the Doctor control this town
surely your smile will turn into a frown.
Explain to Bean what has happened to you, and then,
flee from this house, don't forget to bring your friend.
That umbrella you dropped, the boy in black you saw,
Seek them out, or perish in an evil red maw.
No. 129588 ID: 8d3380
File 126586052618.png - (76.46KB , 444x444 , T018.png )

"Bean, my parents are dead, and I can't even get a hold of anyone to help from your cell." Bean's expression seems like she wants what you are saying to be a joke, but over time she seems to express and react from what is going on. "I don't know what's going on, but I need to go. You need to get away from me and hide. I don't want you to die because of me, you are my best friend."

"I just don't understand, ________, why would someone want to kill you and your family? What did you do?" Bean is very upset. So are you, having to tell her of your situation has brought you both to ____s.

"I would bring you with me, but it doesn't even look like they want anyone but me. I'm going to try and find this doctor."

Bean sobs and wraps her arms around you. You use one arm, you keep the knife away.

Your quest to try a phone is at an end,
Now your only friend's heart must mend,
Your only idea to be free of danger,
Is to hope you can find the stranger.
No. 129593 ID: 12f282

Look out behind you little one,
Although your search for a phone is done,
A red creature lurks outside the door,
And where there is one, there could be more.

Tell Bean to find a place to hide,
While you alone venture outside,
Get the creature's attention, lead him away,
Lose him, search for the stranger and make him pay.
No. 129639 ID: 632862

There's no time for talk anymore, there's a monster at the door.
Tell Bean not to fight them, they'll eat him for a snack. It's time you started running; head straight out the back.
No. 129667 ID: 3a4593

To this suggestion, I concur.
Tell Bean to hide, then be a blur.
Get out of there but please make sure
they follow you, not go for her.
No. 129770 ID: 8d3380
File 12658741442.png - (99.45KB , 444x444 , T019.png )

You watch Bean scamper off and grab a few things before disappearing down into the basement. You spend a moment almost running after her. You don't want to go outside.

You value your friend more than your own personal fears right now. You go to the door, and throw it open, diving through the horror's legs. You catch yourself with one hand and recuperate.

You were right, the one was not alone,
They have made their presence known.
Take heart, _________, and stay aware,
It's too late to run, the trap will ensnare.

Your choices limited, "Aw, dang." You squeak,
A single red eye in the distance takes its peek.
No. 129778 ID: 12f282

To the red-eyed boy you now must go,
Find out if he is a friend or foe.
You're out of options, no hope for escape,
Get some answers 'fore your life they take.
No. 129786 ID: 3a4593

Vault over the ledge to the right, near the house.
Be quick and efficient, not unlike a mouse.
Scamper on over, brace on the wall,
keep one hand ready to slice or to fall.

Run roundabout any threats you may face,
so you can put evil into its place.
Run to Red-eye, say, "My mother is dead.
Please answer: Are you good, or evil instead?
What is this Watcher of whom I have heard?
And for Doctor _______, I have a sharp word."
No. 129829 ID: e828f5

All shapes and sizes; good thing you ducked,
but though it's unhelpful, methinks you're fucked.
No. 130108 ID: 8d3380
File 126596264157.png - (339.31KB , 1176x1176 , T020.png )

It's time for all of your cunning,
It has ended, the time for running,
Even if you die on this very night,
Your heart won't go without a fight.

[ Pause. Sketch by S.A.M. ]
No. 130131 ID: e828f5

>>130108 ...bitch gives me the willies. And not in the good way.
No. 130404 ID: 8d3380
File 12660418919.png - (46.19KB , 444x444 , T021.png )

You start to run towards the fence in the direction of the figure.

A pounce from a beast to make you its prey,
An inexperienced stab, the monster you slay.
No. 130407 ID: cfad4e

Forget the figure. It's too soon for that sort of thing. Head in the direction with the fewest and smallest active assailants. Try to dodge them. Keep running.
No. 130425 ID: 3a4593

Stay careful please, ____, you must be quite tense.
If you have a chance, just vault over that fence.
But only if they have no chance to pursue.
If you think that they could get too close to you,
then quickly seek out a new path, and then flee.
I, with the cautious suggesters, agree.
No. 130426 ID: 67c611

Run where? This has to end somewhere. You either kill them all or you get captured. You could save yourself a lot of trouble by surrendering.
No. 130448 ID: e75a2f

Ah yes, the thrill of the hunt
The things of nightmares you now confront
Grossly outnumbered, one-hundred to one
This could turn out to be lots of fun!

Stranger still things start to seem
When you stop and consider these things can bleed
How much different can they really be, then?
Except, of course, how much blood they need.

An eye for an eye,
Ten lives for a life.
Cry a sweet tear
And brandish your knife.

He'll be your companion,
For as long as you need;
He'll wipe away all your fear,
As long as you let him feed.

A grisly reminder, before you go;
Those around you will die.
No matter friend or foe,
I'm not going to lie:

You're a danger to yourself and others.

Will you give into the rage?
Succumb to circumstance?
Will blood stain the page?
Like a grisly romance?

I'm curious to see just how far you will go;
Wrath and Sorrow along for the show.
Because you may never hear another's voice.
Not even a simple "Hello".
No. 130450 ID: 8d3380
File 126605251211.png - (120.64KB , 444x444 , T022.png )

There's little time to run and hide,
The next horror to you is mostly denied,
Its left hand stabs into your chest,
Something grows, and begins to nest.

There's three closing in, and more surround,
The desire to fight, to stand your ground,
Something inside of you guides your blade,
A strength behind your weapon of kitchen grade.

The one in the tree is lunging straight down,
The slender one is reaching to grab your crown,
The hissing red near to your back,
How shall you move, how to attack?
No. 130451 ID: 632862

Dive backwards and stab the hissing one.
No. 130452 ID: 34470e

If she isn't that careful, she will be done.
No. 130453 ID: 3a4593

Shout and scream out, tell them to flee,
now that their ally's fate is there to see.
In the meantime, run forward, let the lunging one miss,
maybe he'll hit Slender, meet it with death's kiss.

Your objective's to live, don't let rage take your thoughts.
Just attack to defend, you can let malice rot.
No. 130487 ID: 8d3380
File 126608480871.gif - (236.81KB , 444x444 , TO23.gif )

You duck and dive and try to slash and run,
The pain causes you to stumble, it's done,
The slender horror holds, crackling with red,
Your visions flash and you fill with dread.
[ Animated. ]
No. 130488 ID: 8d3380
File 126608490150.png - (21.81KB , 444x444 , T024.png )

The pain in your chest does throb and spark,
Your panicked breaths shorten, and it's dark.
No. 130489 ID: 632862

Is it over now? Is the quest done?
It seems we failed; the reds have won.
No. 130493 ID: 8d3380
File 126608612497.png - (8.32KB , 444x444 , T025.png )

"It's time for you to wake up, my ducky,
Not as easy as I believed, you are lucky.
It would seem my hypothesis was correct,
It is through you, I will resurrect."

It hurts.
No. 130498 ID: 45be60

pretend to be possessed already. THAT'll confuse em.
No. 130535 ID: 632862

Look around a bit. See the layout of the room.
No. 130541 ID: e828f5

Doctor doctor, give me the news, I got a bad case of- BRAAAIINNNS.
No. 130542 ID: 8d3380
File 126609008936.png - (66.64KB , 444x444 , T026.png )

You look around the room, but it's hard to move. You are heavily restrained, and barely dressed. Your eyes finally open, and there's a strange man wrapped in messy bandages in front of you. You recognize the voice from the phone.

You decide to act possessed, but the Doctor merely cackles in response.

"Surely you felt it, little one,
When your knife was making life undone,
There's a killer in you I want myself,
Surgery to put myself on the Gods' shelf."

It hurts.
No. 130552 ID: e828f5

(Oh god, why do I get the feelin' it's Bean...)

Anyway, challenge him to a rhyme-off?
No. 130553 ID: 8ecfd4

Well we know it hurts. But assess the situation, can you move? How much and which parts can you move and has the doctor left any tools within reach.
No. 130618 ID: 8d3380
File 126609466363.png - (37.72KB , 444x444 , T027.png )

You can't move that well, and your torso hurts like absolute hell. It hurts to breathe, and you're heavily restrained. Your neck is in pain, and your limbs are strained.

As well as the fact you're mostly nude,
The Doctor's bedside manner is quite crude.
No. 130625 ID: cfa191

It'd help to unsettle him - how could that be, though?
Perhaps he'd be shocked if you called him a pedo.
No. 130630 ID: e75a2f

Where did your hair go?
I'm pretty sure you had it a minute ago...
Ask him that; all other questions forgo,
'cause not having hair; that sure does blow.
No. 130634 ID: 476456

This could be unpleasant for us both,

why not remind him of his oath.
No. 130640 ID: f21281

"I see your goal, though crazed it could be called,
but first please tell me why I am so bald?"
No. 130646 ID: 632862

Ask him what kind of killer he refers to.
Surely killing isn't what you were born to do.
No. 130670 ID: 67c611

Beg him to not sexually violate you while you are in an oh so vulnerable position. Say it in a scared/shy voice and wink at him.
No. 130681 ID: 8d3380
File 126609941025.png - (113.46KB , 444x444 , T028.png )

You do your best to twist and turn for a moment, and you go through questions in a broken voice of fear and embarassment. Why are you bald, why would a doctor do such a thing, how are you a killer, please don't do anything to you.

You're bald so I can access your brain,
Not planning to rape you, though I am insane,
I have The Builder's eye, ablessing indeed,
But I want The Builder's arms, be it greed,
That I pursue. To see, create and destroy,
I have to take them from you, like a toy,
Swiped from a defenseless child. You'll live,
If I allow you to, that I can promise to give.

Only that.
Maybe his hat."

The horror seems to lose his joyous posture at the notion of losing his fine hat. You shiver from the cold, and the pain in what feels like a powerful infection in your chest.

"Then again, I suppose your life is meaningless,
So I might find a reason to kill you, but here I digress."

The horror cheers up. You being dead means he gets to keep his hat.
No. 130682 ID: 632862

Ask why it hurts so much, what is the matter?
Try to use the Destruction arm, your bonds you could shatter.
No. 130684 ID: 3a4593

That horror may be too attached to his hat,
but perhaps we can play that against the old prat.
Say something like, "But I wanted to try
to be like a gentleman before I die.
A hat and monocle really may be
the last things I wear. Please take pity on me."

See how the red creature then may react.
Perhaps its loyalty to him may be cracked.
No. 130686 ID: 3a4593

Also this, now, why didn't I consider,
if he wants the arms from you, that desperate critter,
why can't you use the arms on him yourself?
Channel your focus, put fear on the shelf.
No. 130687 ID: e75a2f

Well it IS a rather fine hat...

But while we're on-topic,
While he's here, the dick;
Why did he kill your family?
Was that necessary, really?

And what's with those fellows of red?
What are they?
Are they people who're already dead?
Some grisly play?

In any case, spat at his hat.
That seems enough tit-for-tat.
No. 130692 ID: f21281

"Slow down, good doctor, and hear me out a bit
You've waited this long, no need to make it quick.
Before you start, enlighten me,
who is this Builder that you speak?
Is he a man, or is she a woman?
Tell me good man, before you mess with my gubbins.

Also if you wouldn't mind,
this pain has me in quite a bind.
Might I ask for something sweet?
To ease this pain and make it meek?"
No. 130739 ID: e828f5

The eye of the builder... He and each of those red "horrors" have something wrong with their left eye. And of the shadowy figure that's been following her... all we can see is a redness from his left eye.
No. 130751 ID: 67c611

>>Not planning to rape you.

Say very dissappointedly say "Oh, well that's too bad.".
No. 130810 ID: 8d3380
File 126610994040.png - (65.67KB , 444x444 , T029.png )

You are not happy with this plan, and despite being restrained, the reminder of that strange feeling that made you feel as if you were soaring through the air in the moment of the kill. You rip and ____ at the restraint with your right arm and quite literally shatter it off.

"Clever girl," The Doctor does scoff,
While the horror's monocle pops clear off.

Your senses blur as you feel such strength. You begin to see butterflies at great length. The doctor remains extremely calm, you growl angrily, he killed your mom.

The mark on your chest begins to glow,
Time, limited. The doctor is your foe.

It hurts. More and more does it hurt.
No. 130812 ID: e828f5

hmm... assumed that struggling would be pointless. I suppose we erred. Still, you've got three restraints to go, with some sort of poison coursing through you. Get free as fast as you can, don't let them run off and get allies or weapons. It seems you'd have the advantage in a 'unarmed' fight.
No. 130823 ID: 632862

Free your left hand. Destroy.
Then smash your infection. Kill the tainted flesh. Destroy.
Use your left hand to heal the wound. Create.
No. 130874 ID: a85626


Though the doctor and horror may ogle and watch
At least you have bandages wrapped round your crotch.
No. 130909 ID: 3a4593

Free your left hand and both of your feet.
Only with those free can those two be beat.
Draw from your power and expel the curse,
filling that wound if you won't make it worse.
No. 130931 ID: 8d3380
File 126611835548.png - (264.58KB , 1176x1176 , T030.png )

You've lost a lot, including your hair,
But do not fall into the Pit of despair,
Fight the pain, show your true Grace,
Apathy, right now has no place.

Do your best to be _______, my dear,
Now is no longer time to shed a ____,
So ________, raise your chin and fist,
It's probably safer that you are so pissed.

[ Pause. Rough sketch by S.A.M. ]

It hurts.
No. 130936 ID: a85626


Brave, Tear, uh uh uh

Chie? Please?
No. 131263 ID: 8d3380
File 126617242136.png - (101.59KB , 444x444 , T031.png )

You start to move to begin to free yourself when your entire body is wracked with incredible pain. Electricity engulfing your body as the doctor's arm distorts and stretches through the air.

"I'd better cut your arms off quick,
Before you can show me another trick."

No. 131272 ID: 8ecfd4

Focus your mind. Once his hand gets in range you must grab it by the wrist and crush it, then hold on. We shall see who can stand against the current the longest.
No. 131286 ID: 1313f9

While you may be feeling grim and dour,
Your arms seem to hold your limitless power.
Wield their strength to set yourself free,
They'll be more effective than the doctor's key.

No. 131302 ID: 8d3380
File 126617707613.png - (61.85KB , 444x444 , T032.png )

No. There's an Umbrella in the way.

"Where did that come from, if I may?"
No. 131311 ID: a85626


In the acts that we have seen, this doctor guy is really mean! Our chances now they seem quite lean, when suddenly who else but Bean!
No. 131345 ID: 632862

Shove the ____ onto his arm, then use your own to cause great harm.
No. 131357 ID: f21281

"It's magic, bitch."
Now flip the switch
to drop the stage in darkness.
You're in a stitch
so without a hitch
Escape from this infernal harness.
No. 131370 ID: 8d3380
File 126618204483.gif - (80.15KB , 444x444 , T033.gif )

You're still in pain from the jolt,
You can't even move to try and bolt,
You need to see what's up with these guys,
Through the ____, you open up your eyes.

[ Animated. ]
No. 131411 ID: 632862

The doctor is dead, his life's at an end.
Yet who did the deed? Are they foe or friend?
No. 131415 ID: 8d3380
File 126618582270.png - (11.62KB , 444x444 , T034.png )

You've given up trying to put the puzzle pieces together with the people in this room. It was a good distraction since they were about to pin this butterfly. It is clearly yours.
No. 131419 ID: 8ecfd4

Oh him. Whatever you do don't make him upset, that guy is crazy strong and madder than any hatter.
No. 131420 ID: 54411c

oh hi Apathy! I see you've had fun.
Free the butterfly so it may run.
No. 131421 ID: 632862

Be gentle with this butterfly. She won't run away anymore. Release her from her bonds so you can be together.
No. 131430 ID: a85626


Apathy, now you're in luck!
A girl tied up, why don't you hug?
No. 131438 ID: 67c611

I see what you did there and I like it.
No. 131440 ID: f71f97

Saved by an unlikely person-Now it is time. Time to eat some slim-I mean, time to save the day! Yes!
No. 131506 ID: 8ca61a

Gently free your butterfly and take her somewhere safe,
Without your aid it's safe to say she'd now look quite the disgrace
No. 131787 ID: 8d3380
File 126621381756.png - (87.01KB , 444x444 , T035.png )

The man steps up to you and carefully pulls off the restraints. He wipes off your face and lowers you down to your feet. He takes off his black cloak like cloth and wraps it around you, since you're not exactly dressed very well.

The pain has not completely gone away quite yet.

As your eyes begin to water,
The man speaks, "Daughter."
No. 131790 ID: f71f97

This calls for a father and daughter hug.
No rhymes. Just...a family moment. And a few tears.

No. 131792 ID: 632862

You should embrace your newly found dad.
I guess you're adopted, but you shouldn't be sad.
From now on, he'll protect you from all manner of harm.
His strength is supreme. He needs only one arm.

Speaking of arms, be careful with your power.
You don't want Destruction to ruin this hour.
No. 131800 ID: 3a4593

No need to be clever, no need to be smug.
All I suggest is to give him a hug.
No. 131818 ID: a85626

Your daughter is saved, but before you rest,
For the lulz, please consider some good old family bonding.
No. 131841 ID: 8d3380
File 126622169641.png - (52.84KB , 444x444 , T036.png )

You take your little girl into your arm and just hold her for a while.

"I'm sorry about your hair,
I'm sorry I wasn't there,
I didn't want to hurt you,
Or the family which grew
You into the girl you are,
I can't remove every scar,
Or revive the parents you knew,
But I'll do anything I can do,
To protect you, my butterfly,
Forgive me if I have to cry,
I was told that you had died,
It would seem someone has lied,
Just know that I am so glad,
To finally be here, your dad.

I love you ________."
No. 131842 ID: 62489a
File 126622190793.jpg - (47.82KB , 960x540 , strifecloud and fushio.jpg )

There's something funny about this new guest,
like we've seen him before in another quest.
No. 131843 ID: 632862

It's time you took your daughter home.
Do you have one though? Or do you just roam?
I wonder if she'll inherit the house she had before.
That would mean you wouldn't have to roam anymore.
No. 131861 ID: 8d3380
File 126622425725.png - (16.43KB , 444x444 , T037.png )

With the death of Doctor Sincere,
Apathy and child shed a tear.

He has found his Serenity.
His little butterfly.
No. 131877 ID: 6550ad

Can't rhyme for shit so I'll just say that this little quest was awesome, the suggestions were awesome, and the end made me D'aww.
No. 131883 ID: 34470e

You say your rhyming skills are bad?
Just give it a try, little lad.
You'll find out it isn't that hard.
Soon you'll be rhyming like a bard!
No. 131902 ID: a85626

There was a cat-girl named Serenity
Who's trying to hold on to sanity
Her father would save her
Even though she was braver
From doctors who lost their humanity.
No. 131905 ID: 8d3380
Audio Switchblade_Symphony_-_Cocoon.mp3 - (4.92MB , Switchblade Symphony - Cocoon.mp3 )

(psst, she's part dog).

[ The song that inspired Tear. ]
No. 131912 ID: a85626


Serenity's cathood is lies
To call her a dog is more wise
But I might have known
Had her tail been shown
Or I looked into those puppy eyes. >>125608
No. 131918 ID: 8d3380


She has no tail, so it's no surprise,
It would not be easily shown,
So it was hard to have known!
No. 132623 ID: 8d3380
File 126629573516.png - (96.25KB , 444x444 , T038.png )

A lot has happened. You've spent the last month or two healing from your injuries, and going through red tape in order to have a place to live and to keep your father out of trouble. He is a very spacey and feral man, but you are a family.

Your adoptive family keeps in touch with you and is still close to you. Your aunt comes by the most, but your adopted siblings have come by quite a bit. Likely an aftereffect of their parents being killed.

What else is there to tend,
In this story's happy end?
No. 132640 ID: 54411c

What happened to bean, your best of friends?
Surely she too, had a happy end.
No. 132653 ID: 632862

Your right arm was one of destruction. What of the other?
It was called the arm of Creation, so are you some kind of mother?
No. 132706 ID: a85626


Ye gods, have some better taste in socks someday!
By the way, is your midriff okay?

That unfortunate poster stuck up on your wall,
The doctor's bleeding eye seems to cast a pall.
No. 132708 ID: 34470e

That poster is that of Bane!
You want to get rid of it? You're insane!
No. 132731 ID: a85626


harbl narbl zarbl garble
heeble neeble zeeble feeble!

No. 132763 ID: 3a4593

What Mneme said! Go out, see Bean.
I hope her instincts were quite keen.
Those monsters, they may have been mean.
At least you had fled the scene.
No. 136723 ID: 8d3380
File 126678225562.png - (107.82KB , 444x444 , T039.png )

Bean is still your best friend, of course. She comes over to your place and you play games. You don't completely depend on her for your collection anymore. It keeps growing.

The games Bean wanted to play as a team,
You enjoy them a lot more, it would seem.


And before we fade out on our story,
Anything from Apathy and all his glory?
The house is safe and Serenity is happy and well,
What of the Pitfighter do you want him to tell?
No. 136725 ID: f21281

But..but...PS3 has no games D:
No. 136727 ID: 54411c

how did he find you, sweet one?
what became of him after his 'fun'?
No. 137153 ID: 3a4593

Silly sir Delta, a mistake I've detected.
Those controllers both have a wire connected.
The Playstation 3 has few games, it is true,
but what they are playing is Playstation 2.

Anyway, I agree with Samefag (Or Not).
What happened to Apathy before this plot?
No. 138420 ID: 632862

Apathy: How do you spend your spare time? Do you have a job?
No. 175027 ID: 8d3380
File 127334168761.png - (84.14KB , 444x444 , T040.png )

It's been several years since the incident you are thinking of.

You spent a while feeling miserable and living in the gutters of cities.

She had lied to you before, especially when it would hurt you, so you finally decided to investigate for yourself. You checked the hospitals.

It took some time, but being the possible father someone eventually told you that she had been in with due child twice. The first was put up for adoption.

So you scoured the Orphanages and adoption agencies. It took a couple years before you managed to find her.

You couldn't just go in and ruin her life, so you've just been keeping a protecting eye on her for months. Just watching your butterfly.

But now you have each other to take care of. You're working hard in a warehouse with a prosthetic arm.

There's a knock on the door.
No. 175037 ID: 6550ad


Open the door.
No. 175046 ID: 697b23

Were you expecting anyone?
Perhaps it's time to have some fun.
Either way you must know more.
Go ahead and get the door.
No. 175192 ID: 8d3380
File 127336569653.png - (80.05KB , 444x444 , T041.png )

After the knock on the door, it only takes a few seconds for it to open. Inside the door stands a tall furry touched with grey hair and an eye patch, and a little girl. I lower my cigarette slowly now that I have their attention.

"How can I help you?" The man asks me, no surprise to me, he's never seen me before in his life.

"Excuse me for bothering you, I am Kuiskata Tywyll, but you can call me Detective Tywyll. I'm here for a pending investigation, and since you two are involved with the case surrounding Doctor Sincere, I was hoping you could answer a few questions for me."

[ The End. ]
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