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File 12648865114.png - (112.32KB , 700x700 , c21-1.png )
121867 No. 121867 ID: c16184

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No. 121872 ID: 49d6d7

Come on Ridder, man up.
No. 121873 ID: 1831fc

Bound to it all, eh Ridder?
No. 121874 ID: f2d741

Fall down to your knees, chief.
No. 121877 ID: 1963d1

In b4 mom tries to kill us for abandoning her
No. 121879 ID: 1d2d60

Yeah.. lets hope mental instability doesn't run in the family ehh? You think you're crazy now.. wait till you're her age.
No. 121881 ID: c16184
File 126488737727.png - (76.98KB , 700x700 , c21-2.png )

"You've seen all of your mother's weak sides. Will you still be able to respect me?"
No. 121882 ID: 9e9b47


Mom, your tits ain't weak at all.
No. 121883 ID: 1e1932


She's our goddamn mother. What the hell kind of retarded question is that?
No. 121884 ID: ca841f

No. 121885 ID: f21281

"And what nice sides they are too, mhmm..."
No. 121886 ID: 2dd482

respect her? what about respecting you?

ask what happened to your dad
No. 121887 ID: 1d2d60

"Just as you have seen your son's... can you forgive me?"
No. 121889 ID: f2d741

"Yes, and I'd ask you the same question."
No. 121890 ID: d9faf1

"Now I wanna see your strong sides~"
No. 121891 ID: 8ce2bf

Ask her why her hair is black, when dad died, and where they went when the revolution came.
No. 121892 ID: 1963d1

Apologize profusely
No. 121893 ID: d1210a

Yes, yes you can.

Because you of all people know, that misunderstandings can happen.

I mean seriously Ridder, how many times have there been some rather uncomfortable deceptions/misunderstandings in your recent past? And here you are, having weathers them all.

So of course you can move past this too.
No. 121897 ID: 229616

Hug mom. :<
No. 121900 ID: 632862

Yes. Nobody's perfect.
No. 121902 ID: 8399bd

You damn well better still respect her >:C
No. 121903 ID: 2dd482

man what if this had been his first time?
No. 121905 ID: bffa2a

Apologize to mother for your own weakness also. Tell her you have been really stressed lately and if she has the heart to forgive you then you would like to start from the beginning.

Also, this is really akward...
No. 121909 ID: c16184
File 126488846095.png - (80.37KB , 700x700 , c21-3.png )

"Yes. Will you be able to see past mine?"
"Of course. Oh my son."

We embrace in a way so much different yet so much more intimate.
No. 121910 ID: 8ce2bf

Embrace a while longer then gently wipe the tears from her eyes, and start catching up.
No. 121911 ID: 1963d1

Ask about dad.
No. 121912 ID: 9e9b47


Rub her back. "So... can we be lovers also?"
No. 121913 ID: 631142

attempt to hide hard on by not touching hips.
No. 121914 ID: 632862

COOL. Now let's tell her all about our base and adventures and ask her what she's been doing and and and
No. 121915 ID: f21281

Realize how close your moms boobs are to you right now. Blush furiously and step back, clear your throat and attempt to look professional.

"I'm sorry I touched your vagina."
No. 121916 ID: d9faf1

Ask about dad.
No. 121917 ID: bb1955

Ask her about your father. Ignore the voices that want you to get it on with your mother.
No. 121918 ID: ca841f

Get it on with your mother. Ignore voices telling to ask about your father.
No. 121919 ID: 1d2d60

I think you two should catch up.. how may years has it been? What happened to your father? Where have they been?
No. 121922 ID: 2dd482

dude, you felt up your moms tits. YOU KNOW WHAT HER "MOIST VOID" FEELS LIKE ON YOUR HAND

try not to think of those great supple breasts, so giving under your touch, the nipple on the cusp of them stiffening as your run your fingers over them~
No. 121930 ID: 8399bd

Stop advocating wincest. Incest >.<

You need to catch up with yer mom.
No. 121933 ID: f035b8

Catch up first. There's time for incest later. She needs to know that Lord Muschio lives.
No. 121936 ID: c16184
File 126488971919.png - (101.16KB , 700x700 , c21-4.png )

Very well. I admit that my mother has a very attractive body.
Now that I have faced my demons I shall conquer them by not getting an erection.

I gently whipe the tears from her face. She smiles.

"Where is father?"
"Oh Ridder. Me and Ridarre had a disagreement.. We split up. I'm sorry."
No. 121937 ID: c593ec

>Now that I have faced my demons I shall conquer them by not getting an erection.
This is the bravery all true /quest/ heroes strive for
No. 121938 ID: 8ce2bf

"Was it over the Knight Blades?"
No. 121939 ID: 476456

At least he's not dead.
No. 121940 ID: 2dd482

"And your hair? Had it been the colour I remember I would have never.."
No. 121941 ID: c593ec

Well anyway ask her what the disagreement was about, without sounding judgemental. It's obviously unfortunate your father isn't here to witness your reunion but at the same time you must respect how she feels.

Then again, DO you respect that? I mean given your views on love I don't know quite how favorably you'd look on divorce.
No. 121942 ID: 62489a

>Now that I have faced my demons I shall conquer them by not getting an erection.

Yeah, let's not even pretend that's not going to happen.
No. 121943 ID: 1963d1

Tell her it's okay.
And really, you shouldn't feel too bad about earlier. As long as you didn't get any further than groping.
No. 121944 ID: bffa2a

"Split up? Do you know where he is?"

Also, I know this must shake your views of traditional marriage something fierce but try not to show it for now. It happens and you can talk about that later at the base.
No. 121947 ID: 8ce2bf

Maybe you could avoid an erection by thinking of Muschio. I mean it's not like you would get an erection thinking of his hot sweaty body gently massaging you after a victory where he saved your life, is it?
No. 121949 ID: 632862

Oh, that's too bad... It might've been nice to catch up with him too.

Ask what she's doing in Piacevole.
No. 121951 ID: 631142

the hardon missing dad was expected.

its actualy better to be a bit cold now. simply ask if she knows if he is well and the likes.
No. 121952 ID: 1d2d60

"A disagreement?"
No. 121954 ID: c16184
File 126489068949.png - (108.54KB , 700x700 , c21-5.png )

I don't know how to feel about this. Rather shocked, I suppose. I always figured my parents would stay together. They were my example.
But you're right, I will have time to think about it later.

"Is he well?"
"Last time I saw him, yes. My, you've changed so much."
"You too, mother. Why is your hair black?"
"Because.. I'm in mourning, Ridder. Or was. I lost my husband and my son."
"I see."
"But maybe now that I found you I can let it grow into blonde again, hm?"
"I hope so, mother. Are you comfortable telling me why you and father split up?"
"It's.. complicated, Ridder. How have you been?"
"I have been around. Did you split up because of the Knight Blades?"

Her expression changes abruptly.

"..What do you know of the Knight Blades?"
No. 121955 ID: f21281

"Only that a faction known as the Fang Mercenaries keeps mistaking my own little outpost for them."
No. 121957 ID: ca841f

The fangs tried to kill me, thinking I'm one of them.
No. 121958 ID: bb1955

Only what your crazy headvoices made you ask about.
No. 121959 ID: 1d2d60

"I know there are involved with Northwalkers somehow. And I know that someone wants them dead... Dead enough to hire gnoll mercenaries to kill them.

Gnoll Mercenaries, which are no longer a threat to anyone"
No. 121960 ID: 1963d1

"Nothing really. What do you know about the Knight Blades?"
No. 121961 ID: 229616

"Almost nothing. I was marked as one of them by a now extinct mercenary force."
No. 121962 ID: 8ce2bf

"Perhaps you should tell me yourself about the Knight Blades, rumors and hearsay aren't the best source."
No. 121968 ID: 934ef5

Something like:
"Little, other than I have been mistaken for one of them by a group of assassins, and I can only imagine it is because I am a northwalker. I began to guess that when I saw another of my kind, armored and in this area."
No. 121975 ID: d9faf1

"It's a quest on tgchan, made by a guy called Reaver"
No. 121979 ID: 1963d1

It's obvious we have much to discuss. Invite her back to the base and have her explain about the Knight Blades.
No. 121981 ID: c16184
File 126489183832.png - (110.96KB , 700x700 , c21-6.png )

"Nothing. I was targeted by a mercenary company, who I found out were hired to destroy the Knight Blades. I assume the confusion had something to do with my heritage. That is why I ask you now."
"Goodness! Did you defend yourself?"
"Yes, mother. They are destroyed themselves now."
"My my.. You really have grown so much. Such a strong independent man you have become. Looking at you now makes me wonder how I could ever have thought that you had died during the revolution."
"Where did you go when the rebellion started?"
"We had finally finished our task and we could leave.. but then we did not find you in your room. We feared the worst."
"I had gone to protect the prince. I covered his escape through the servant's entrance."
"My dear dear Ridder. I am so proud of you. You have such a strong sense of duty."
"Mother.. What are the Knight Blades?"

She sighs for a moment, and puts her hands on my shoulders.

"We were going to tell you, dear.. well.. when you would be this age. Your father and I, we were not really mercenaries when we got knighted by lord Malto. We were agents from the Knight Blades. Our time in North Piacevol was supposed to be much shorter, but.. well.. we had a little unforeseen miracle."
"A miracle?"
"You, Ridder. We wanted to give you a stable youth. One that we couldn't give you as agents of the Knight Blades, so we lived as Malto's knights until you came of age."
No. 121983 ID: 8ce2bf

"S-so I was a mistake?"
No. 121985 ID: 8399bd

Accept the fact that you are indeed awesome. Then see if she has anything else to say about the Knight Blades.

OH! And if she does turn out to actually be for reals you should totally let her stay at the base.
No. 121987 ID: 1d2d60

"And who are the Knights Blades?"
No. 121988 ID: 2dd482

but what ARE the Knights Blades? So far all we know is that they are some secret organization, possibly spies.
No. 121989 ID: 163cde

Yes, Introduce your friends to the source of your good looks!
No. 121990 ID: 93c708

Tell your mother of all the incredible deeds you have done. Like how you fucked a catgirl one third your size several times. And got tricked into fucking a bug girl.
No. 121991 ID: 8ce2bf

Tell her you found the prince again recently and he's coming for dinner in a few days.
No. 121992 ID: 1831fc


>Mom x Black Fang/Grek/T'lear/Petal/Nakkers/Iesgip

Oh god my brain.
No. 121993 ID: 229616

Oh god, my brain! :3
No. 121995 ID: 8399bd

Pro tip for the future. Never ever ever ever EVER, give your mom the ring.
No. 121998 ID: c1b520

Ignore this, do it for science.
No. 122002 ID: 632862

Go on...
No. 122003 ID: c16184
File 126489345761.png - (59.66KB , 700x700 , c21-7.png )

"Then.. What are the Knight Blades?"
"The Knight Blades is a secret order, assigned with the task of preserving the balance of the world. Whenever a force becomes to powerful, it is up to us to step in, like a gardener tending to his flowers."
"Then what were you doing in North Piacevol?"
"Lord Malto's ways of tolerance and indiscriminate aid were bringing people from every race and way of life together. He become popular, influential, and North Piacevol became the center of the continent. So he had to be clipped."
No. 122004 ID: 934ef5

No. 122005 ID: 9d07d9

No. 122006 ID: f21281

Pause for a moment, let it sink in.



Yep, there it is.

Your parents instigated the revolution that killed Lord Malto.

No. 122007 ID: 93c708

Backhand her.
No. 122008 ID: 1963d1

No. 122010 ID: 631142
File 126489364973.jpg - (164.08KB , 640x480 , WHAT DID YOU JUST SAID.jpg )

pic related.

ask who called country wide peace a dictatorship.
No. 122011 ID: 631142

inb4 scream motherfucker and finish what you started by the river.
No. 122012 ID: 632862

Balance... even when the balance swings towards good? Why?
No. 122013 ID: b71223

w-what? why would you...
so the revolution... M-my best friends loss of a father and kingdom... was you and dad?
Lord Malto only helped people what could possibly cause him to need to be "clipped"
No. 122014 ID: 8399bd

Take that tolera- what the FUCK!?
No. 122015 ID: 8ce2bf

Maybe you should run away again.
No. 122016 ID: 229616

Fall apart.

It might actually be good for you.
No. 122017 ID: f44349

Acquire anger.
No. 122019 ID: 44ad00
File 126489381772.png - (2.19KB , 111x107 , 1254668454575.png )

No. 122020 ID: 476456

well ridder i'm sure you dont want to do this, but if you end up having to kill your mother now would be a good time.
No. 122021 ID: 163cde

HAHA OH WOW! I guess Ridder was the bad guy after all!
No. 122022 ID: 632862

(oh btw don't smack around your mom)
No. 122023 ID: 1963d1

No, don't run.
Stand and face the truth.
No. 122024 ID: e75a2f

Ah the pains of being True Neutral.

Smother eveything that's good, and smite everything that's bad.

Ask her why she feels intervention is necessary when the world has an uncanny habit of auto-balancing itself whenever a major offset happens. Don't let her convince you that every correction is due to the Knight Blades.
No. 122025 ID: ca841f

"YOU ended the first and only shot this WORLD ever had of a united, pacific, tolerant cosmopolitan empire - and betrayed everything you taught me on loyalty -- in the name of BALANCE??"
No. 122027 ID: 1d2d60

"But... but... I dedicate my life to... I..."
No. 122030 ID: 795c77

Balance is not a force, it is a state, it does not need to be enforced, it restates itself after a while on its own.
No. 122031 ID: 934ef5

It didn't occur to them that if that sort of ideal spread to other countries, it would have balanced things even better? And FOR the better?
No. 122032 ID: 476456

Ridder, these people are going to come after you next, you need to prepare.
No. 122033 ID: 1831fc

>It was mom and dad all along.


Shit, man. I mean fuck. What the fuck? I don't-. How-. Where-. Why would you-.

Fuck it.
No. 122035 ID: 1e1932


No. 122036 ID: 934ef5

Your father... truly sided with Malto, didn't he? Against the Knight Blades, and your mother...

This is fucked up.
No. 122041 ID: 917cac

Wouldn't being able to control which organizations are too powerful or not, make the Knight Blades the kind of "too powerful" organization that they themselves are trying to prevent?
No. 122046 ID: ab04d4

She can't be allowed to relay news once she realizes you're for the old Malto regime.

Black Fang managed to muster the strength to do the right thing.

He could sacrifice Violet Fang, the closest thing to a love he ever had.

Can you do the same?
No. 122049 ID: 632862

At least Violet Fang attacked Black Fang first, after a lengthy attempt at persuasion.
No. 122053 ID: 1963d1

Don't KILL her. Just say: "Then indeed, there is nothing more to discuss." And walk away.
No. 122054 ID: e75a2f

The only way you can look at something like this is with the same total objectivity of the Knight Blades themselves.

There is a saying that "Absolute power corrupts absolutely". Malto may have been benevolent, but how would his son have ruled? His son's son? How long would it take for a military coup or a diplomatic rival disrupting the balance of power to come in and wreck everything? Now not only does that man have a terrible agenda but he's now the leader of the largest and strongest nation on the planet, subjugating millions of innocent people.

The Knight Blades take it on themselves to, instead of let time run it's long and slow course and weed out everything itself, act expediently and remove any platform that could be used as a stronghold for either side. People as a whole can't exactly be trusted in that respect given the numerous conflictions of ideology every race has by default.

Their actions are all in the name of neutrality, but their motivations could be anything; either noble or unjust. They're simply a nanny organization, removing all the risk of complete and total misery at the expense of the chance at total prosperity.

It's all a question of how much you're willing to risk for 'Good'.
No. 122056 ID: 3416ec

Fall to knees.

Contemplate words.

Sweat uncontrollably.
No. 122057 ID: 2eac65

There are better ways of preserving balance than murdering people for being popular.
No. 122058 ID: 3416ec



Then, "Who watches the Watchmen?"
No. 122060 ID: 632862

Tolerance and indiscriminate aid? Bringing people from every race and way of life together? Popular, influential? Why don't you tell her what you've been doing, and what kind of people you've been hiring.

Then ask if she would kill her own son in the name of balance.
No. 122061 ID: c593ec

There's PLENTY we need to discuss!

>Wouldn't being able to control which organizations are too powerful or not, make the Knight Blades the kind of "too powerful" organization that they themselves are trying to prevent?
You really should ask her something like this. Find out exactly what the prerequisites for snipping are. I mean, does simply growing large mean you must be cut down? That's stupid. Gardens don't work that way, and balance doesn't work that way. So just ask for more clarification because if her reasoning IS that stupid then we have a problem and it's name is YOUR MOM.
No. 122062 ID: 1d375b

Don't go lecturing your mother about something that happened years ago. You should find out more about what happened.
No. 122065 ID: 3416ec

Ridder needs to start his own Secret Society. Complete with secret code phrases like "code blue."
No. 122077 ID: c16184
File 126489661425.png - (94.77KB , 700x700 , c21-8.png )

I feel the energy fade from my body in a single moment. Just before I fall to my knees my mother catches me. She gently presses me to chest.
The steel armor is cold, but her touch is comforting.

"But.. everything you taught me about loyalty and duty.. I've learned it all from you."
"And you learned well. Those just weren't the people it was meant for."
"But the Knight Blades.. Doesn't.. Doesn't being able to destroy any one who gets too powerful make the Knight Blades too powerful themselves?"
"No.. The Knight Blades never try to control anything, my dear. They tend to the world like their garden: Any flower can flourish as they want, but when it begins to choke others it becomes weed. Malto's aggressive diplomacy threatened to absorb all of the surrounding civilizations. It had to be done."
"I.. I just.. I don't understand.."
"I don't need you to, my dear dear son. Not any more."
No. 122081 ID: 099247

'Who gave you the right?' seems to be the next logical question
No. 122082 ID: 2dd482

cry :(
No. 122083 ID: ca841f

Its time to stand your ground, man.
Everything you ever learned has been systematically shattered from the moment this started.

Kindness isn' bad.
Peace isn't bad.

Sorry pal. Your mother is the enemy.
No. 122085 ID: 632862

"Does that mean you left all that behind you?"
No. 122087 ID: 2eac65

Brace for hidden knife.
No. 122089 ID: c593ec

>Any flower can flourish as they want, but when it begins to choke others it becomes weed.
This actually makes sense. You can grow a whole tree in a garden and not have it wreck the balance, but weeds will destroy anything else growing there.

I guess it's not that Malto was too big, but that his power was suffocating others.

...of course, that doesn't sound like Malto at all, from what we know.
...actually wait, just how much do we know?

You should ask for more information. She said herself that power alone isn't enough to warrant 'clipping', so then what the hell DID Malto do to sign his own death warrant?
No. 122090 ID: c17fb2

So... the Fangs.

They were out to get the Knight Blades. Because the Knight Blades were... oof. They were the ones that fucked everything up? White Fang would've wanted that. White Fang was good, and seemingly shared the same views of peace and unity that the late Lord Malto had. But the Fangs themselves were violent and mostly crude, save for the few exceptions.

But, wow... Ridder, you were raised well. Raised to believe in truth and nobility, the good of people. Your parents have turned out to be very, very different from your perceptions of them, but that does not change you-- you were the best of them. You gladly would've given your life for young Prince Muschio Malto.

And you would do well to hold that position. You need to find Muschio and tell him the truth, no matter the cost. He needs to know the real story behind the death of his benevolent father. It will change his outlook and goals forever-- and believe me, it will be for the better.
No. 122092 ID: 8399bd

Wait... she's not a Knight Blade anymore right?
No. 122093 ID: f44349

>"I don't need you to, my dear dear son. Not any more."
I'm... not sure I like the sound of that?
No. 122094 ID: ca841f

Careful. Incoming assassination attempt.
No. 122095 ID: 632862

She's still a Knight Blade. She is displaying their flag.

She's gonna try to kill you, Ridder. Because you're following in Malto's footsteps.
No. 122096 ID: f2d741

I agree with this man. Neutrality means nothing, what the people want is to be happy. A good tuler would do that. IE: Malto. What's the point? Kingdoms and powers arent vegetation, as far as I know. This is all just sophisms. Leave her. You are now at war with the KNight Blades and therefore with your mother.
No. 122097 ID: 934ef5

Perhaps the Knight Blades have a current enemy, one invisible but no less dangerous. It would be they that move against anything resembling the Knight Blades actions... We should ask about that.

Whenever we can pull ourselves back together.
No. 122098 ID: f2d741

By destroying Malto, she's sprouted chaos. Is chaos good? Is chaos neutral and balanced? The Knight Blades have fucked it all.
When you kill a great government, it will separate in different factions. It makes war and all, just like the Roman Empire from our world.
No. 122099 ID: 934ef5

I don't think so, it wasn't Maltos ways that were the problem, it was how big it got. Maybe it is unavoidable that it became so popular, but until that is the case I think the Knight Blades aren't likely to act.
No. 122100 ID: e75a2f

Oh, so it was to prevent a cultural takeover. Makes a lot more sense.

Really you guys, you need to stop looking at what's right in front of your face and think about the far-reaching consequences of what would/could have happened as a result. You need to exercise some foresight if you want to understand what's going on.

Malto may have been peaceful, but it sounds like he still forcibly absorbed other peoples into his own nation to achieve his ideals. That's what 'Aggressive Diplomacy' would entail. It sounds like Malto was bordering on the 'Brave New World' outcome; yes it's a utopia but is anyone really happy? Obviously if a revolution was sparked people weren't.

No organization is powerful enough to change the balance of power without a good portion of the people feeling the same way. In that light they're just a rallying force. They saw people wanted Malto gone, so they gave a little push and sent the revolution on it's way.

It's starting to sound like the Blades don't actually have an agenda of their own, per se.
No. 122101 ID: f2d741

So, break this hug, and declare war. Epic duel ensues.
No. 122102 ID: 1d375b

You are a adult now your mother does not get to decide what you do or what you choose to believe in. Its up to you to decide where you stand now.
No. 122105 ID: f2d741

But is the people smart enough to know what's good?
No. 122106 ID: 934ef5

No. There is not army or conflict right now. Nothing that matters. Just a boy and his long lost mother.
No. 122108 ID: 6faa8c



You're in a prime position to help Muschio back into safe, stable power. You can advise him and make certain he does not lose his kingdom.
No. 122109 ID: 1d375b

Honestly we do not know enough about what happened and who was involved to make any judgement calls here. All of this happened long ago and has little bearing on what we are doing now.
No. 122112 ID: c16184
File 126489797818.png - (86.93KB , 700x700 , c21-9.png )

"Does that mean you're no longer with the Knight Blades?"
"When me and your father reached our homebase.. I began to realize I did not care that much for the Knight Blades' goals anymore... All I could think of was one little overlooked miracle."
No. 122114 ID: 93c708

prepare for hidden knife
No. 122115 ID: 6faa8c

You know.

Our dudes don't really have any direction to go in. Maybe we could become a branch of the Blades here.
No. 122116 ID: f44349

Ridder hug mom.
No. 122117 ID: fc2a27

HUG HER YOU MAGNIFICENT BASTARD. Also take her back to your base, introduce her to the team.
No. 122119 ID: 632862

"Maybe you should replace the banner, then. Haha."
No. 122120 ID: 3416ec

Read note.
Hug Mom.
No. 122123 ID: f2d741

Prepare for the hidden knife, bro.
No. 122124 ID: 8399bd

Slash embrace. Time to introduce her to the team. Um... avoiding the exact meeting circumstances of course.....
No. 122126 ID: 1d375b

If you bring her back to the base you are going to walk in on a giant orgy you know.
No. 122127 ID: ab04d4

Hidden. Knife.

We voices are paranoid and more often than not it is for a good reason.
No. 122129 ID: 8d3380

ridder pls go
No. 122135 ID: 1963d1

I know we're paranoid, but think about it.
She gave up her ideals and way of life for us.
Why would she knife us?
No. 122136 ID: f2d741

Maybe she's half-lying
No. 122138 ID: ab04d4

Actually, she has your head. Snapped neck might be cleaner and more efficient than a knife. Although... Nah, probably not. Snapped neck would be too much of a Rocks Fall scenario, no chance for reflex or anything.
No. 122139 ID: bffa2a

I don't think he cares if he gets murdered or not right now.

Besides if she's the one who left Knights blades she has no reason to kill us. Ask her would dad really send assassins to kill her?
No. 122141 ID: 632862

Hug yer momma. Also, begin telling her all about your adventures.

If she starts to look concerned, insist that you have no plans to take over nearby countries.
No. 122143 ID: 631142

wtf she wont stab us. worse she will do now is bonk dier in head and kidnap him to a secure location where he will have sweet tender sex because his father cant get it up anymore.

is rider blushing already?
No. 122145 ID: e75a2f

I don't think Ridder's mom has plans to kill him.
No. 122153 ID: c17fb2

From the sounds of Lord Malto's actions, it seems he was trying to unite the peoples of the world, not crush culture beneath his rule. He wanted peace; peace and diversity.

That is how I choose to interpret it.
No. 122156 ID: 1963d1

It doesn't matter wether he was working to unite the world or rule over it, as I understand it the Knight Blades exist to preserve the balance between nations. To ensure that no power ever becomes too great.
No. 122160 ID: 1d2d60

Such a strange thing, a mother's love. To leave her life...her work... her mission... and her husband.. to find the son she left behind.
No. 122163 ID: f2d741

His point was that Malto was good and lawful while the KB were evil and chaotic.
No. 122164 ID: c16184
File 126490007577.png - (64.55KB , 700x700 , c21-10.png )

"My dear Ridder."
No. 122165 ID: 9d07d9

Aaaaaaand cut to Black Fang
No. 122166 ID: 8399bd

Yeah, surely Kackers and Black Fang are done now. Camera Switch!
No. 122167 ID: 1963d1

No! Don't switch yet! Invite mother back to base! You can decide what to do with her there.
No. 122168 ID: 1831fc

What are you doing, Ridder.

Stop grabbing her ass, Ridder.

That's very inappropriate, Ridder.
No. 122169 ID: e9b708

What a second. If she isn't part of the knife blades anymore. Whats with the banner on her spear.
No. 122170 ID: 1963d1

We're not part of Malto's army anymore, and we still carry the banner around on our spear.
No. 122171 ID: 795c77

KNIGHT Blades, you twat!
No. 122172 ID: e75a2f

Can we be his mother instead?
No. 122174 ID: 632862

Ask what the banner means.
No. 122175 ID: 8399bd

We would be a terrible parent :<
No. 122176 ID: c16184
File 126490139481.png - (39.05KB , 700x700 , c21-10-paused.png )

No. 122177 ID: 23c49c

Man, mom is tall.
No. 122178 ID: 229616

Nah, we kind of fell to our knees and she caught us. See: >>122077
No. 122179 ID: 23c49c

Ridder stop boning your mother with the pause symbol I mean come on that just doesn't happen in this day and age mister its uncalled for and unsanitary.
No. 122180 ID: bb1955

Well that's not dirty at all.
No. 122247 ID: a74cce

But then... that doesn't make sense. Helping others and creating a balance creates power... and power doesn't have to be abused. If a balanced nation is a happy one, and creates a good society... why.... do that?

I find it disgusting. Take your mom to the mansion Ridder, for she is your mom... but this voice is digusted... and believes that the Fangs may have been the good guys...

We may have to fight the Knight Blades someday if Muschio climbs to power... Just a fact there...
No. 122250 ID: f2d741

Twas time you got it, fellow voice.
No. 122258 ID: 3416ec


I like to think we question Muschio's logic before then and go to war against him in an epic LotR style battlefront.
No. 122263 ID: 1963d1

I wanted to draw something like this once.
But I'm no good at art.
No. 122474 ID: c16184
File 12649511964.png - (173.29KB , 700x700 , c21-11.png )

"..and so the Helianthus relieved me of my duty. That is how I found the time to go swimming."

My mother remains silent, only looking at me with a warm smile.
I get the strangest feeling of deja vu.

"..What is it?"
"It's just.. you've grown up so much. My little boy having so many adventures.."
"Uhm.. Thank you."
"Have you found a nice girl yet?"
"..About that.."
"Well, I suppose I don't have to give you 'the talk' anymore."
"M-mother, please."
"Oh, Ridder, you should smile more."
No. 122475 ID: c593ec

>"Oh, Ridder, you should smile more."
Listen to your mother. Maybe then you won't sprain a muscle just to grin.

Anyway, you should introduce her to everyone one by one. I wanna see what she thinks of your motley crew.
No. 122476 ID: 1963d1

Inform her about the competition. This should be entertaining.
No. 122477 ID: 8ce2bf

"Show her your dick."
No. 122479 ID: e2d0a6

Seconded. And say it with a straight face.
Then introduce her to everyone.
No. 122480 ID: 8399bd

No. 122485 ID: 917cac

No. 122494 ID: d9faf1

No. 122496 ID: 1963d1

Huh. That's not what I remember that saying.
No. 122497 ID: c5c9d2

No. 122503 ID: 93c708

Tell her about how you got a catgirl one third your size pregnant.
No. 122504 ID: 8399bd

Lawyer Dog, you're an ass :p
Originally it said "I smiled once, it scarred everyone away and I had to snap my jaw back into place."
No. 122506 ID: 8ce2bf

Uh what you can't edit on a chan board what are you talking about.
No. 122513 ID: d9faf1

I support LD's current suggestion, anyway :D
No. 122515 ID: c5c9d2

I don't.
No. 122516 ID: 93c708

she has already seen his dick
What would be the point?
No. 122517 ID: bb1955

Do this, except remove the quotation marks so you don't say it out loud.
No. 122520 ID: d9faf1

Maybe she forgot~
No. 122525 ID: 5035e0

oh godlook at her tits ridder dont you just wanna cum on those tits god just look at them why are you thinking about that you are wicked thinking about fucking your mother in the ass while cupping her breasts goddamn it ridder you are so crazy wanting to do this to your mother were you really going to do it wow ridder
No. 122543 ID: 1d2d60

Indeed.. inform her about the competition.

>>122477 WTF man?
No. 122544 ID: d6a592

just tell her about the girls already!! aaaugh!!
No. 122550 ID: c16184
File 126496034346.png - (172.66KB , 700x700 , c21-12.png )

"Regardless, there are three girls interested in me. All three of them vowed to win my heart."
"Three girls? My my, you are quite the wanted trophy, aren't you? Well, your charm did have your poor old mother completely fooled."
"Don't be angry, Ridder, I was merely trying to make you laugh."
"I don't find the matter amusing, mother."
".. You've gone through some hard times, haven't you?"
"I don't want to be pitied."
"No, of course not. Are you interested in any of these girls?"
"No. I believe they are good people, but I wish not to share my life with them."
"Why is that?"
"I feel that we have nothing in common. There is too much room for conflict. Simply, they are not cut out of the same wood as me."
"Don't you think you're sounding a little arrogant there, Ridder?"
No. 122551 ID: 8ce2bf

Have your mum meet the ladies after your affections.
No. 122552 ID: 1831fc


...Ask her if she knows much of the history about the Knight Blades.

I'm starting to think that we might be in one of their old bases. Her flag looks awfully similar to your stained glass window...
No. 122554 ID: 1d2d60

Actually Ridder... that is pretty arrogant sounding. Also... not expecting conflict of sorts in relationships is... rather insane.

I mean.. look at our relationship with you Ridder, look at your parents, just look around. While you desire nothing more than peace you are a man of conflict... your own ideals (as noble as they are) throw you against the world, you are a tool of war in a conflicted world.

Everything is a struggle or one kind or another Ridder... you are only done with conflict when you are dead... and perhaps.. as the origional owner of this house has shown... perhaps not even then.
No. 122555 ID: d6a592

your mother has a pretty good sense of humor
No. 122556 ID: 45be60

Dude, one of them is a freaking paladin. Is it lonely up there on your pedestal?
No. 122557 ID: 5f9e7a

His heart belongs only to Muschio!
No. 122559 ID: a74cce

well, just introduce her to them...

And she has a very valid point. Nobody's perfect... You just gotta find that which is most compatible... other than your mom...
unless, of course, you both swing that way
No. 122560 ID: c16184
File 126496268980.png - (172.82KB , 700x700 , c21-13.png )

I know that I am flawed. You have told me countless of times, again and again. If a romantic relationship will remotely resemble the one we have then I will have to face life without a family.

The window has not always been like that, you imbecile. It used to depict the embrace of a man and woman, but I had throw my spear through it. Petal removed it and created the current one.

"Let us forget about that now. C-"
"You know that I want to meet these ladies, Ridder."
"Y-yes, of course."
"Good. What were you saying?"
"Can you tell me about the Knight Blades' history?"
"Oh, there is so much yet so little I can tell you, dear. I've never been told on how the Knight Blades formed, only of their goal and how they achieve it. They don't believe in establishing a name for themselves with a glorified history, so no records are kept."
No. 122563 ID: 9d07d9

So she served an organization she knew nothing about? She never suspected that members might be kept in the dark for some other reason?
No. 122566 ID: 8ce2bf

So how did you become a Knight Blade?
No. 122568 ID: 1d2d60

>, so no records are kept

That right there, is just a "little" suspect. But, no point in berating your mother about it I suppose.
No. 122570 ID: c593ec

Immediate plans:

1. Ask about the Maltos. She said earlier that power and popularity alone isn't enough to warrant the intervention Knight Blades, that it takes more than a flower to simply grow large to warrant trimming. So given that you swore fierce loyalty to King Malto -- and given also your close friendship with his son -- I think you should know exactly what is it that the Maltos did that warranted their end at the hands of the KB.

2. Once/if that's cleared up satisfactorily, I advise you introduce your mom to each of your allies here in the base, see what she thinks of them. I'm sure they'd be pleased as punch to meet her, too.
No. 122571 ID: 5f9e7a

>I'm sure they'd be pleased as punch to meet her, too.
In b4 black fang becomes Ridder's new dad.
No. 122572 ID: d6a592

Maybe she'd like to hear about your fragmented psyche
No. 122575 ID: 917cac

You don't think the Knight Blades would be interested to see whats happening with your group?
Your mom is a spy.
No. 122577 ID: 61f43b

Just make sure to tell her not to mention that whole you trying to fuck her thing to your suitors.
No. 122579 ID: 5035e0

Your mom is such a spy, bro.
No. 122581 ID: c1b520

Ridder, you best start at least trying to smile more. Cus if you don't... I'll make you smile.jpg.
No. 122586 ID: a74cce


and Black and your mom might hit er' off...

And you mom might be a spy... but for now, just let her be your mom. You can check for the spy stuff later.
No. 122599 ID: c16184
File 126496772395.png - (124.03KB , 700x700 , c21-14.png )

"How did you become part of the Knight Blades?"
"We searched for them. Ridarre and I were disheartened veterans. We had seen enough war to know that good and evil are relative. We asked ourselves what purpose life had, what fight was still worth fighting. Then, when we hit the trail of the Knight Blades, they approached us. They presented us with a new duty far above us and everyone else: To preserve the balance of the world. To give everyone a chance to live. The seven Knights circle their globe and listen to the voices of the world, then send their Blades to cut where it is needed."
"But then why lord Malto? How did he keep others from living? We have seen him do nothing but improve living conditions."
"He did so with the cost of their culture, Ridder. Their way of life, their traditions, the very foundation of their civilization were replaced with that what lord Malto believed in, and he enforced it with an iron fist. Perhaps he never meant harm, and he did believe that he was helping the people.. but the road to hell is paved with good intentions."
"But that.. That does not make the destruction of an empire, of a great man, a good thing."
"Ridder, it has been a long time since I stopped believing in good and bad. The Knight Blades even more so. They do naught but tend to the garden of life."

There is a long pause. I hang my head.

"It just.. It does not feel right, mother. Nothing does."

She gets up from her chair and brings her hands to my head. She brings her lips to my forehead, as she used to do when I was a child.

"I know, Ridder. You will grow to accept it."
No. 122600 ID: a56bd0

I somehow doubt she is a spy (at least... not on Ridder in particular)... their first meeting was too.. -erh- happenstance, for this to be a reasonable possibility.

Also... Ridder I do not want your relationship with us to be like that with your future bride... I was just pointing out that "every" relationship the more you learn about people.. the more facets of them you uncover. The more you have to love and/or hate about them.

I mean, I'll bet you didn't even consider that your own mother could be so quickly seduced by a complete stranger before today huh? Every revelation every, deeper understanding brings new joys and new sorrows.
No. 122601 ID: 8ce2bf

So have you managed to avoid getting an erection?
No. 122603 ID: f21281

>The seven Knights circle their globe and listen to the voices of the world, then send their Blades to cut where it is needed.

Oh fuck.

Oh fuck oh fuck.

Ridder, do you remember that Knight who gave you the "I've got my eyes on you" motion, when you were ambushed on the way to the Fangs?

I think the Knight Blades have their eyes on you, Ridder. And they're waiting for you to slip up so they can "clip" you.
No. 122605 ID: d9faf1

Kiss Ritari in the neck :D
No. 122609 ID: 6c28cf

Ridder... You hear the Voices of the World.
No. 122612 ID: 78ef6b

>"It just.. It does not feel right, mother. Nothing does."
>"I know, Ridder. You will grow to accept it."

There's two points of view here, Ridder.

You can choose to accept she's right. This would mean that there is nothing good in this world. Nothing bad. Murder would hold just as much meaning as tending to the poor and ill. There would be little point in striving for anything other than self-serving goals. You could become the greatest man in the world, and only have to worry about those like the Knight Blades trying to cut you down. Your word and your own conviction would be all you could rely on.

Or... you can decide that she is wrong. You can decide to prove to her that there are such things as good and bad in this world. The path will be hard and fraught with things to make one question one's judgment if this is decided. If one becomes too zealous, the trap of becoming unemotional, impartial, and ruthless like the Helianthus arises.

Which way will you believe?
No. 122615 ID: a1041c

Yeah, this.
That's about it.
No. 122616 ID: 8ce2bf

But to strike down Lord Malto, are you then not giving him the chance to live? What of the others he employed, what of my best friend, the prince Muschio? Who are the Knight Blades to play god with the lives of this world? What makes their judgment so righteous, so pure? The Knight Blades seem just as susceptible to corruption as any other group, but have illusions of grandeur, they think they have the right to twist the world into how they think it should be.
No. 122620 ID: 632862

It sounds like Malto was indeed doing some things wrong. Perhaps if he made allies without interfering with their cultures, the Knight Blades would've stayed out of it.

Maybe we should just stop discussing the issue though. It's not like anyone is going to change their mind here. She doesn't really want to convince you, and I don't think we're going to convince her.
No. 122625 ID: 1831fc


Well excuse me, dipshit! I was just pointing out the similarity between the window and the flag on your mother's banner!

...stupid sword shaped window...


As far as this decision I would suggest that you remain impartial as to what to do. Right now, we are poised on the edge of a very dangerous choice. Aid Lord Muschio, Aid the Knight Blades, Strike out on your own...

All of these things seem well within your reach. Perhaps it's best to find the time to sleep on it.

...hey. Wait! Can we ask mother for a favor, first? Let's see if we can have her talk to Geppa! Also, how good is mom at working the books? Perhaps she can be our financial guide, or something?
No. 122626 ID: 1d375b

The Knight Blades is just another military organization that thinks they know whats best for everyone. We do not have to change our plans just because we learned about something that happened years ago. They are just another group we should keep a eye out for.
No. 122627 ID: 705b6e

The Knights Blade is bull crap. Why do they think they were chosen to tend the garden? Why do they think their secret society is any better than the weeds they say they are getting rid of? What have they done? They have snuffed out a new grand society before it could come to term. They want to preserve culture. Who are they to destroy an entirely new culture before it has a chance to work or fail? I say fuck them and their over inflated scene of self importance. They are nothing more than a weed in the garden that keeps all the other flowers from growing powerful enough to destroy them.
No. 122628 ID: 45be60

...and who are we to say that Malto was really such a great man? we were a child, hardly able to judge such things objectively, and our parents were not, as we once thought, his loyal subjects. Perhaps this bears additional thought before we go off on a tear about how evil the Knight Blades are.
No. 122631 ID: c16184
File 126497195049.png - (174.56KB , 700x700 , c21-15.png )

You're right. She is not trying to convince me, as much of a shock it may be to me personally. If I were to argue with her I would be no better than any faction who forces their believes on others.
From what she said about how she and my father ended up as Knight Blades agents, I hear that she had these worries as well.
If I want to do things differently, be it good or bad.. or neutral.. I must not make hasty decisions.
It is..
It is like you say regarding relationships. I should not be too quick to judge. There is a lot to learn and a lot to experience before I can consider myself wise.

I have been stiff and arrogant in my ways. Now is a good time to try and put that behind me.

I slowly raise my head again. My mother puts her hands on my shoulders.

"Are you feeling alright again?"
"Yes, thank you. Let me introduce you to my followers."
"I'd love that."
No. 122633 ID: 917cac

No. 122640 ID: e9b708

Ridder the whole sex thing was only a ruse to make you think she didn't know it was you. You think it was just chance that you found out that she was your mother right before anything actually happened.
She's a spy. She's going to ruin everything.
No. 122641 ID: c593ec

>...and who are we to say that Malto was really such a great man?
All we really have heard of Malto's reign is accounts from his son, a fanatic admirer, and a duty-bound knight. Perhaps we were blind in our duty. She says Malto was choking out those around him like a weed, and even Muschio mentioned that the revolutionists claimed much the same.

Perhaps Malto was not the grand and benevolent king we thought him to be. Perhaps he deserved what happened.
No. 122642 ID: 1d375b

I think that's more of a tearing up with pride look than a evil glare.
No. 122644 ID: 632862

Oh for crying out loud if she was a spy there wouldn't have been any identity confusion at the start. Besides, who cares? The Knight Blades aren't interested in Ridder, he's not oppressing other cultures or anything. That unknown knight that did the eye thing was part of the Helianthus paladin group.

Let's just go ahead and introduce everyone hmm? Hopefully NOT walk in on some gay sex or something.
No. 122645 ID: 8ce2bf

It's a "I am going to go meet the girls that want to fuck you >:3" look.
Off to the ladies room you go. Don't knock or anything they are probably still clothed.
No. 122646 ID: 917cac

No. 122648 ID: 3416ec


Paranoia, thy name is TGchan.
No. 122649 ID: a56bd0

Or maybe Northwalkers just have thick eyebrows ehh? I mean.. Ridder looks pissed as hell all the time (when we know he's only 'that' angry half the time hehehe.)

Anyhow... spies, eyes, and lies to the side... let's show her around.
No. 122650 ID: 34470e

Introduce them in this order: Sticks, Black Fang, Nakraska, Grek, Mad Petal, Iesgip, T'lear
No. 122671 ID: 632862

Dear god, knock on the door. Hell, don't even disturb them if you hear noises on the other side.
No. 122680 ID: 91ff85

Ridder, I'm still dumbfounded by recent events.
But I still have advice.
Remember what happened with 'Orange' Fang and stay on guard.
No. 122684 ID: c593ec

I bet she'll love Steex Sticks in particular.
No. 122687 ID: 934ef5

Uhm, I'm not about to side with these guys. But do stay wary of her affiliation with Knight Blades even if it is not current. Not to say she is a direct threat, but her presence may well be.
No. 122719 ID: c16184
File 12649813146.png - (101.60KB , 700x700 , c21-16.png )

"Please meet Sticks. She does covert operations, is skilled as a locksmith and knowledgeable in streetsmarts."
"And I'll be doing Ridder soon too~"
"..Sticks, this is my mother, Ritari."
"I'll take good care of him, Ritari."
"I'm sure you will."
No. 122720 ID: c16184
File 126498145437.png - (103.86KB , 700x700 , c21-17.png )

"Please meet Black Fang. His immense strength plays a big part in our defense and woodworking. Black Fang, this is my mother, Ritari."
"My! You are a big boy! I see you ate all your vegetables. I'm sure you are unmissable around here."
"I help where I can, ma'am."
No. 122724 ID: c16184
File 126498175835.png - (103.87KB , 700x700 , c21-18.png )

"Please meet Nakraska. He is our carpenter. He has furnished most of the mansion, and is even building new buildings outside. Nakraska, this is my mother, Ritari."
"Hullo. Hope you enjoy your stay."
"I think I will. Thank you, Nakraska."
No. 122726 ID: c16184
File 126498184073.png - (118.45KB , 700x700 , c21-19.png )

"Please meet Grek, our most skilled inventor and alchemist. Her work so far has been of unimaginable kind, and her smaller inventions are put to daily use. Grek, this is my mother, Ritari."
"Eh, en the' mech em'zeng, jes' bet' e' leck, s'ell."

"...(What did she say?")
"(She thanked me for the compliment.)"

No. 122727 ID: d8a6b0

If that's not pregnant I don't know what is.
No. 122728 ID: e3f578

Can I ask, just how many months ago did you lose your innocence?
No. 122729 ID: c16184
File 126498203076.png - (123.22KB , 700x700 , c21-20.png )

"Please meet Petal. She comes from the hidden elven civilization in the forest. As an archaeologist she studies ancient elven culture. She works together with Grek to put the technology she recovers back to use. Petal, this is my mother, Ritari."
"Oh my, that sounds very interesting. What topics do you cover?"
"I try to cover everything: Art, technology, arms, communication.. So far I have not been forced to specialize."
"Very nice. Would you mind sharing what you know with me some time?"
"I would love to."
No. 122734 ID: c16184
File 126498225947.png - (112.78KB , 700x700 , c21-21.png )

"Please meet Iesgip. She does covert operations, long range rather than short range like Sticks. She is skilled in tracking, hunting, gathering, trapping, cooking.. herbalism for medicinal and general uses.. sewing.. cleaning.. ..and she is highly dedicated. I often take her with me on missions. Iesgip, please meet my mother, Ritari."
"Ma'am, y.. y-your son is very admirable and a-an inspiration to all of us, ma'am."
"You must be one of the girls who has an eye on Ridder."
"Y-yes, ma'am."
"Well, give it your best shot, dear."
"I will, ma'am, thank you, ma'am."
No. 122739 ID: c16184
File 126498234575.png - (128.76KB , 700x700 , c21-22.png )

"Please meet sergeant T'lear. He is the only one with proper martial training and army experience. Therefor he plays the most important part in our defense, as well as training the others to defend themselves. T'lear, please meet my mother, Ritari."
"How do you do."
No. 122740 ID: c16184
File 126498250651.png - (174.52KB , 700x700 , c21-23.png )

"My, my, my, Ridder, you sure are something to keep such a ragtag group of induviduals together."
"I merely do what I know, mother."
"What about the third suitor?"
"She is a paladin in the Helianthus station in Sepia Town. I know nothing about her, but she seemed very determined to make me hers."
"Well, I can't say I don't understand that incredible first impression you make.."
"Calm down, I was just joking.."
No. 122741 ID: 2dd482

"If you keep joking I won't be able to help but think you still want.. want to.."
No. 122742 ID: 5035e0

She obviously wants your cock.
No. 122743 ID: e3f578

I recall a play of something akin to this. The results... were not something to joke about.

Please, just how many months ago was that night with Sticks?
No. 122745 ID: 93c708

Switch to Black Fang
No. 122747 ID: 8ce2bf

"So what do you think of the two suitors you've met?"
No. 122748 ID: 934ef5

I'm not sure whether we should be comparing that to the pregnancy of a leferran, halfling or ...cat.
No. 122749 ID: c5c9d2

"Tell me mom.. is Sticks .... pregnant? >.>;; "
No. 122751 ID: 5035e0

No. 122752 ID: a56bd0

Yeah.. She's looking kinda.. plump, but never mind about that.

So, does your mother plan to stay here, will we have to build her a house or something or what?
No. 122753 ID: 934ef5

We should ask Sticks that. As far as she knows sticks people are always that shape. And as a cat-ling shes probably the only one anyway.
No. 122754 ID: bffa2a

Goddammit Iegsip, why so cute. Only heartbreak will follow if you pursue this emo leferran.


... this is going to hang over you Ridderm, till the day you die.
No. 122756 ID: 934ef5

Just ask her what she's going to do now.
No. 122757 ID: 3416ec

The female cast here all look like nuns.

Open a nunnery!
No. 122768 ID: c16184
File 126498463456.png - (175.31KB , 700x700 , c21-24.png )

"Mother.. Is Sticks pregnant?"
"That is very rude of you, Ridder, I am disappointed. She's just a bit overweight. Why would you think she is pregnant?.. ..Oh my."
"M-mother, please. It is complicated."
"Was she your first?"
"Did you make sure she had no.. diseases?"
"M-mother, please! Let us forget about this."
"My little Ridder lost his innocence.."
No. 122769 ID: 93c708

Tell her all about how you got drunk out of your gourd and impregnated someone one third your size
No. 122770 ID: 632862

Maybe you should confide in your mother. Tell her everything (but gloss over the details). You could use some good advice from someone who cares about you.
No. 122772 ID: f21281


"Like you couldn't glean that from how bold I was with you? Please, as if a novice could have elicited such a breathless reaction from you~"
No. 122775 ID: c593ec

You really should just come clean and say that you were sent drugged wine by your nefarious nemesis.
No. 122776 ID: a56bd0


"It's complicated... we were drugged by an unknown enemy. She was my first... there was another but that was purely... diplomatic and I hope not to repeat that experience."
No. 122779 ID: 934ef5

Dammit you should know better than to listen to us.

And on a completely unrelated note: HAHAHAHAHA!
No. 122787 ID: c5c9d2

> "My little Ridder lost his innocence.."
In more ways than via sex...
No. 122791 ID: 91ff85

Oh grow up Ridder.
So you lost your virginity.
Fire back with your own witty retort!
No. 122794 ID: e0499d

first this
the get serious with this.

Explain how the latter caused all the colateral damage. But first prove you can crack a joke to your own mom. She seems to think you're a stiff.
No. 122797 ID: c16184
File 126498651518.png - (173.11KB , 700x700 , c21-25.png )

"I thought that'd have been apparent back at the river."
"Oh! Now you are boasting about it?"
"We were drugged. I told you about our failed espionage mission. The drug used was a potent aphrodisiac. Perhaps the Boss wanted to make a point that he could control every aspect of my life as long as I was in his domain. I believe Sticks may have been infatuated with me already at the time."
"Oh, my poor boy.."
"I tried to take responsibility for my lack of resistance by forming a relationship with Sticks, but.. she had radically different ideas of how we should handle it. I desired to marry and ensure our longlasting unity, while she wanted plans to make room for freedom. Eventually I could not handle it anymore and told her of my feelings."
"But it looks like she has completely forgiven you."
"Yes.. She left for a while, but then when I met her again she told me that she loved me despite our conflicting beliefs and wanted to make me fall in love with her for real. It was at that time that Iesgip and Eisenhaus made the same promise."
"Oh my poor Ridder.. I am proud that you are taking it so well."
"Thank you, mother."
No. 122798 ID: 632862

You're not really taking it that well, though are you?
No. 122799 ID: e0499d

I think now would be a good time to get her settled in. A place to stay and so forth.
No. 122801 ID: a56bd0

You are holding up... but this combined with so many other stresses is taking a toll on you.
No. 122803 ID: 8ce2bf

Maybe she has an idea about the best thing to do with Geppa, you could take Ritari to her.
Alternatively you could take Grek up on that Nanroot offer, and actually get some relaxing done.
No. 122805 ID: 91ff85

Hey, protip time.
Don't turn your back on her.

Showing her Geppa to her might be a good idea, and mention that Prince Mushio will be coming by in the near future.
No. 122810 ID: 5035e0

Show her Geppa
No. 122813 ID: 5035e0

Also, ask her what she thinks of incest.
No. 122817 ID: c16184
File 126498873728.png - (371.43KB , 700x700 , c21-25-paused.png )

No. 122818 ID: 34470e

No. 122819 ID: 1831fc



No. 122825 ID: 91ff85

Her opinion on such a subject is non-relevant to plot. And are probably similar to Ridder's.
No. 123281 ID: badf27

Ridder, give Sticks the ring. You can find it laying in the baths, where Black Fang and Nakraska left it after they had sex.

We need to talk to Sticks.
No. 123283 ID: 632862

Also I think maybe since now that there's no threat from the Fangs and the paladins are keeping the Boss under control for the moment, we can send Sticks out on solo talent scouting missions. We still need more military muscle, and I'm sure she'll appreciate the work.

Basically she should be out looking for areas of conflict where your help could be used to gain allies, or wandering warriors of the proper moral fiber that might want a more stable life.
No. 123294 ID: c16184
File 126505115757.png - (173.07KB , 700x700 , c21-26.png )

I.. honestly do not wish for my mother to even know I have a lady tied up in my base. The prince will be here soon and relieve me of her care, so it will not be an issue much longer.
Perhaps it is indeed time to have my mother settle in.

"Changing the subject, do you have anywhere to stay currently?"
"No, not really. I was just travelling."
"Then I would like to invite you stay here, if only temporarily. Or permanently if you'd like."
"How sweet of you! I can't possibly deny that invitation."
"You may use my room upstairs and I will relocate to the men's quarters until we find a better solution."
"That's alright, my dear, I don't mind sleeping with the girls. We will have plenty to talk about."
No. 123299 ID: 8ce2bf

Have an extremely awkward talk with Terva and Nekkers about how you're fine with them fucking as long as they clean up afterwards.

You know, you could sidestep this suitor issue at least temporarily if you pretend to be gay and have no interest in women. That way your mum won't try to hook you up with Iesgip, and Iesgip/Sticks might lessen their determination to fuck you. You could say you're crushing on Muschio to make it more believable.
No. 123300 ID: badf27

Ridder: Become flustered at the thought of your mother discussing your sex life with your suitors.

Don't stop her though, she is an authority figure and she may leave if you do not allow her to do this minor thing.
No. 123301 ID: c0f3bf

Oh no... Ridder, DO NOT give your mother the opportunity to grill your suitors, great catastrophe could very likely occur.
No. 123302 ID: badf27

I forgot to mention. You should give your mother the ring and let us speak to her. I think it would be a prudent way for her to see into your psyche.
No. 123304 ID: e814ad

In the meantime, we should give the ring to ritari. Not only could we get some good backstory and information about the Knight Blades, we can also fuck with her. That, and well get to see the 'girl talk' :3
No. 123306 ID: c16184
File 126505388244.png - (74.80KB , 700x700 , c21-27.png )

"Very well. I shall go speak to the women about preparing an extra bed for you. In the mean time, please put on this ring. You should begin hearing voices, which occasionally give rather good advice that has saved me a lot of trouble. Be aware, however, the suggestions range from insightful to chaotic to surreal, so don't swear by it."
"What would I need advice on, dear?"
"..well.. Anything.."
"Is this to keep me from telling emberassing things to your followers?"
"..Yes. Please understand."
"Of course, my dear. Off you go."
"Thank you, mother."

No. 123307 ID: c0f3bf

Hello misses Ridder! You should pierce your ears.
No. 123308 ID: 69f952

Hi. Your finger is cold.
No. 123309 ID: b8397a

I think we could think up a few ways to keep her finger warm, I mean Ridder figured out a good way, ya know... up until he find out he was trying to diddle his mom.
No. 123310 ID: 3cccf3

Did you know black fang has a sister?
No. 123312 ID: e814ad

Hello, Ritari. Did you know that you son, Ridder has developed some of the strangest habits while you were gone? Heck, if I didn't know better, I'd say that hes become attracted to other men!
No. 123313 ID: 784974

shush, you
No. 123314 ID: badf27

Hi Ritari.

We're glad that Ridder found you. He's a right mess, you know. He is far too serious, and is hyper-critical of himself. I am excited you are here as you seem to have a great calming effect on him.

Things that Ridder did not mention are that he has an insane gnoll locked up in his base awaiting Muschio Malto's arrival to do... something with her. We don't really understand what, but Ridder seems to think that Muschio can fix this gnoll(who is known as Geppa).

In addition, we voices are a chronic condition of Ridder's, apparently something that came up during his adolescence and has been a bane on his existence since then. We tried to warn him at the riverbanks that you were his mother, but apparently he was overcome with finding another Northwalker. Ridder has a penchant for ignoring the sanest of our suggestions and choosing those of us who have little or no common sense, following through on their harebrained schemes, then getting upset with us for making said suggestions.

That said, he is a noble individual whose life has been unfairly hard, and when he succeeds he does so quite well and is deserving of a far better self-esteem than he has. Please help reinforce his view of himself, and help him conquer his stunning naivete.

How are you?
No. 123315 ID: 3cccf3

But the poor girl needs help!
No. 123316 ID: 172cce

Indeed. We keep her naked in the basement!
No. 123317 ID: e814ad

Hello, Ritari. Did you know that you son, Ridder has developed some of the strangest habits while you were gone? Heck, if I didn't know better, I'd say that hes become attracted to other men!
No. 123318 ID: badf27

Shush! She has clothes now!

...Well, unless she has bitten all of them off of herself again.
No. 123319 ID: 69f952

Please forgive the trolls, m'lady. May we escort you to your quarters?
No. 123323 ID: 8ce2bf

Ridder's been pining after Muschio ever since he first met him, and after saving him in the revolution he spent all the years after trying to find him again, finally encountering him by chance in a public bath, and now Muschio is coming over for dinner in a few days. He deeply cares for Muschio, far more than any of his suitors.
No. 123324 ID: 3cccf3

He said it best your son has problems but he's handling it well. but poor little Geppa was driven Insane by her horrible childhood. now ridder is trying to cure her dementia. but she is very violent, so violent in fact that we had to tie her up in the Washroom just so she don't hurt anyone.
No. 123325 ID: badf27

Don't forget to mention Ridder's excellent job containing himself as she bit a hole clean through his hand.

Also she screams "RAPE ME! RAPE MEEE!", and he doesn't.
No. 123329 ID: c16184
File 126505616112.png - (151.39KB , 700x700 , c21-28.png )

So many at the same time! My my, Ridder must have to focus so hard for you to be useful.

Oh yes, I know about his condition, though not as much as a worried mother would like to. He has been in therapy a few times. Secretly, of course. It didn't do him much good. He described it as his condition working against the therapy's methods, but there was no alternative available.
...Now just a moment.
Are you saying that you are those voices he hears? Well, I certainly did not expect it to be this bad--
..But that means that this ring is just a communicater.

Ridder, dear, are you trying to spy on your mother?
Perhaps I should keep this ring with to keep an eye on you instead?

No. 123330 ID: 1d2d60

Greetings Lady Ritari.. we are Ridder's personal advisers and perhaps a symptom of his seriously introspective nature.

However... quite a few of us are -erh- deviants as well so please try to filter our ideas through your own judgment.

Just to let you know I for one was against the idea of wooing a strange woman who's face Ridder had not yet seen. You may think of me as the... voice of reserved suspicion.

Also.. just to clarify (as others would try to mislead you)... no you son has shown no sign of homosexual behavior... he is simply more comfortable in the company of fellow warriors than in the usually more precarious battlefield of the heart. That and he harbors an undiminished respect and sense of duty for the Prince Muschio.
No. 123331 ID: 27e85a

See, you faggots with your honeyed words? Don't underestimate her, she's a SPAH! I still don't trust her.
No. 123332 ID: 476456

well keep in mind he also uses the rings to instruct soldiers on missions.
No. 123333 ID: 3af198

I told you this woman is a spy.
No. 123335 ID: badf27

I'm not entirely sure Ridder can see things that go on through the ring. It would seem that when we speak to someone else, it gives Ridder a temporary respite from our many voices. In the past he has not acknowledged our actions with others until a report has come to him, as far as I can tell. He never stops us in mid-transmission with someone even if we're making them do objectionable things.

Perhaps if he focuses hard, he can see you, but I doubt Ridder is the sort to do such a thing.

You can bet that the more unscrupulous of us will tell him things that have happened, although sometimes we get competent enough to keep something from him that he needn't know.

Again, I ask: How are you?
No. 123336 ID: e9b708

Now she knows everything. I'm watching you, spy mother.
No. 123339 ID: c0f3bf

You're sounding dangerously sinister there. If you love your son, give him space. Trust us, we know from experience he needs it sometimes.
No. 123340 ID: 69f952

It's nice to know that we're being looked at like a tool, ma'am.
No. 123341 ID: 1d2d60

Also... uhm... woah... yeah... we can almost see up your... woah.

Yeah... I can see where Ridder got his unnatural charisma now. He is just blunt with it, but you.. you probably sharpened that talent like a glass razor on silk. I'm going to be keeping my eye on you.
No. 123345 ID: e814ad

Ritari, the ring doesn't work so much as a spying device, rather as as a link for voice communication. I guess you should be glad that you can't see what goes on directly, however. Some of the things that Ridder does in his spare time when hes alone...
No. 123346 ID: c16184
File 126505765429.png - (81.90KB , 700x700 , c21-29.png )

Oh, I see now. Instead of using the communicator to spy on the other side, he just uses it to funnel you out of his head and thus is only able to use it properly when he concentrates. Hm..
Most understandable. I hate to imagine what it's like to experience different minds at the same time.

But then, I suppose that's exactly what he's going through, isn't it.
My poor little Ridder. If only I could have given you a more stable youth.

But that's nothing to lament about to you, of course.
What is it that people do for fun around here?

No. 123347 ID: 95376b

Have same-sex sex.
No. 123348 ID: 8ce2bf

Take baths, fuck eachother, and take Nanroot.
No. 123349 ID: a64482

Blow up random people, accidentally kill things, attempt to seduce members of different species.
No. 123350 ID: 172cce

Pretty much this.
No. 123351 ID: 476456

Sometimes we talk to geppa
No. 123352 ID: c593ec

>What is it that people do for fun around here?
We're not quite sure. We very rarely get to spend time with our hirelings except when they're on duty. There's a bath, and it is pretty nice what with warm flowing water, but that's about the only recreational room we have. I suppose in the male/female quarters people might play cards or whatever but honestly it's mostly going to be about socializing.
No. 123353 ID: c0f3bf

Any idea what might have caused... us?

Anyway, if you're looking for fun, you're mostly going to find work-related fun. Petal is a good candidate to ask, as is Grek. If you'd fancy a bath, they've got one set up.
No. 123355 ID: badf27


Uh, well... Ridder doesn't do fun, and... I guess people mostly work around here. Lately there's been some intimate bonding between some of the group, but I'll not go into that unless you want me to. Suffice to say it's sweet.

I guess you could... I dunno. Nakraska makes little sculptures and things, I think!

Ritari, maybe you could help Ridder's little army out with that aspect. I don't think recreation is something Ridder provisioned for.
No. 123356 ID: 445c48

Us? Well, We offer perverted suggestions. So very rarely taken. Grek and Petal like to blow things up, Nakraska is a carpenter and ... carpents for fun. Black Fang, I don't know, practices and cuts logs for Nakraska. What does the Bug do in his free time? We haven't talked to him.
No. 123357 ID: 69f952

Oh! Sometimes Ridder spars with Black Fang. Why not ask him to give it a go?
No. 123359 ID: f07d95

"Blow up random people, accidentally kill things, attempt to seduce members of different species."

Our Dear Ridder's voices pretty much are either a collection of saints, gang rapists, or bored.
No. 123360 ID: 1d2d60

"Us" or normal people?

We just flit around making lewd suggestions mixed with reasonable ones.

As for normal people.. well.. they do anything from inventing stuff... drinking, chewing nanroot... enjoying the baths (we have running hot water) crafting, sparing ect.

I'm afraid we don't have some of the more refined and civilized leisure available as this is primarily a military installation... but maybe you can change that? Bring a Lady's touch to the place?
No. 123361 ID: 8ce2bf

You could go have girl talk in the ladies bedroom.
No. 123362 ID: e75a2f

Ridder didn't want you to know about the prisoner he has, and for the right reasons, but I think you might be the only one who can help her, as Ridder really does not seem to be one given for empathy.

You however, being a mother, might be able to give her what she needs. To give you a scope of the situation, she's a crazed and sadistic gnoll who grew up in the Fang's mercenary company with the only parentage being given to her by, understandably, the most crazed and sadistic fang of the group. It's only natural she'd have grown up twisted. As a mother, you might be able to do something for her; i don't know.

I'd imagine Ridder wanted to keep her hidden from you as seeing a woman bound in a remote location of the base is not a very good image out of context, but it's for safety. She's sadistic and likes to attack people, so it's not exactly in anyone's best interest to let her roam freely.

If anyone could do something to help her, it'd probably be someone with parenting experience.
No. 123363 ID: e814ad

Well, it all depends on your idea of fun; there are several options to choose from.

Terva, the large gnoll fellow can usually be seen with Nekraska, doing woodwork or various carpentry things.

Petal and Grek can normally be found in the girl's dormitory doing some alchemical work or other. They really have made some great bounds in the field of science.

If you can find Iesgip, (she may be in the kitchen preparing a meal, or out gathering herbs) she can provide an interesting insight on alchemy, and many other household skills. She does get somewhat easily flustered however, yet it is amusing how formal she can be with her militaristic personality.

Finally, if you just want to relax, there is a large bath in the back with hot running water.
No. 123364 ID: 445c48

I support going to have girl talk in the Lady's barracks. Just kind of peek and make sure Grek and Petal aren't doin' it, before you enter.

Wait no, don't. Just walk in.
No. 123365 ID: 3cccf3

THIS. Thank you for putting my thoughts in much better wording.
No. 123368 ID: f21281

You have a dirtier mind than Ridder would like to believe, don't you.
No. 123371 ID: 1d2d60

Ridder has a dirtier mind that he would like to believe.. so this is not surprising.
No. 123373 ID: 3cccf3

Technically We are ridder's mind!
No. 123374 ID: c16184
File 126505972450.png - (150.65KB , 700x700 , c21-30.png )

I beg your pardon? No games? No fun? Military designation only? Surely this is not the final destination!
It is indeed high time that this place receives a lady's touch--or rather, a mother's touch. My little boy needs to smile much much more.

I'll install a few things whose only purpose is relaxation and recreation. Surely the boys and girls will give me a hand.
But where do I start?

No. 123375 ID: 2dd482

replace spear with stripper pole.

Did Ridder ever tell you about the time he danced naked on stage in front of a big audience at a gay bar?
No. 123377 ID: 445c48

Well, uh, you might want to look around a bit, things might be around the base, but we don't get much of a view, usually, our "sight" being with Ridder when he's on a mission, or through the Ring when someone's doing something.

Check Nakraska, he's a pretty cool guy, and could make wood board games I guess. Get a chess board, or something less lame like a Settlers of Catan set.
No. 123378 ID: 476456

Oh goodness yes, he's quite the dancer.
No. 123379 ID: c0f3bf

Good luck, it's a rare event, to say the least. How about a dance room?
No. 123380 ID: 476456

so we could use a stage somewhere..
No. 123382 ID: 8ce2bf

A slip'n'slide.
No. 123383 ID: 445c48

Actually, I'm pretty sure it was a normal bar, with one gay guy. He then pretended to be a waiter at a gay bar to slip the potion that turned Sticks into a kitty. What's hilarious is that she thought it was his gay bar.
No. 123384 ID: c593ec

I don't think a dancer's stage is a long-term goal. There's got to be other things we can make that would be more entertaining and recreational. Something that doesn't require one person to work to entertain everyone else.
No. 123386 ID: 2dd482

also do you remember the candle lady in Malto's keep, Nan? Get a nice peasants dress like hers and tote around it lighting the candles. Surely the reminder of the simpler times will calm Ridder and put him more at ease.
No. 123387 ID: c85bc8


Dear Lady, trust that "boys and girls", in whatever constellation, have already found ways to relax and recreate... or should we say procreate?

However, your addition to the HQ shall be regarded with greatest interest. If you require help, you should talk to Nakraska, he is a very skilled craftsmen and will surely lend a hand.
And with lending a hand I merely mean helping you, not something like you had in mind with your son's hand... Not that it was your fault.
No. 123390 ID: 69f952

Well, since this is a medieval setting, you can't exactly get a recliner and some video games. So how about a few board games, chess and the like? Better yet, how about starting off with finding an area to start off with.

And warm up your hands! Yeesh.
No. 123395 ID: 476456

there's a couple of rooms free. :3c
No. 123398 ID: cd61c2

Ask Sticks to help you on that, if she's putting on weight because she's idle (we dont have anywhere needing spying) then its ime for her to work it off.
No. 123401 ID: f52552

Tetherball court.
No. 123407 ID: 3cccf3

Using Sticks as the ball.
No. 123408 ID: f21281

Well they already have the baths for relaxation.

Jousting grounds outside? Horsehoe? I dunno. What are your ideas of fun and recreation, Ms. Ritari? Our ideals probably don't jive well with your timeframe (medieval age).
No. 123409 ID: 476456

Pool table! Table soccer!..something else with tables!

oh and couches. We must have couches forthwith.
No. 123410 ID: 934ef5

I suggest talking to Sticks, she'd have the best ideas on stuff this.
No. 123413 ID: 1d2d60

Books, music, tea or coffee (chose your poison) so many other kinds of refinement should be made available.

The local culture quota went down a bit when Innizara Cittia burned down.

Sepia Town.... well I suspect they are one of those cities that became "decadent" without ever having to become "cultured" first.
No. 123414 ID: 3416ec

It's a darn shame video games haven't been invented yet. Or TV's.

How about a Ping Pong table? Or a craft room?
No. 123418 ID: 934ef5

I think a dart board might be a fine idea.
No. 123419 ID: 3af198

We could kidnap civilians and force them to fight to the death for our amusement.
No. 123424 ID: c16184
File 126506261683.png - (96.88KB , 700x700 , c21-31-layout.png )

A mind full of sport, have you? I'm sure Nakraska can be a dear and make some rackets and weave a shuttle, then everyone can have a game of badminton outside when they feel like it. I'll see if Iesgip can make a ball from the hide of the next animal she hunts.
But all that doesn't leave much for mommy to do, now does it?
Couches! Books! Those are things that require a lady's touch. There is one room in the mansion that is just used for storage now and it's such a shameful sight.
With some cleaning up we can put in comfortable couches, a bookcase, a chesstable.. What else?

No. 123425 ID: c0f3bf

Dancing. It would be nice to find out if anyone can sing or play instruments.

A garden might be a nice thing to have as well.
No. 123426 ID: e75a2f

Ping-pong table, minibar, half-court basketball.

Stick to your basics first. If these don't exist just ask and I'll tell you how they work.
No. 123428 ID: c0f3bf

A ball pit. Hundreds of balls to move through. It will provide an eternity of entertainment.
No. 123429 ID: f52552

Take that, Milton Bradley Copyrights.
You just need four colors of paint, something that spin freely, and a group of people that are presumably fairly comfortable with each other.
No. 123430 ID: 445c48

Scrabble. Settlers of Catan. Other board games.

Maybe some Sci-fi war games.

No. 123432 ID: 95376b

Put an S/M chamber somewhere.
Also, a big tube of lube for the pool.
No. 123433 ID: e9b708

How about a table for role playing games. All we need is pen paper and dice.
No. 123435 ID: f52552

Xbizkit says to stop recursing.
No. 123438 ID: c0f3bf

Drawing/painting utensils and paper? Dare I say, canvas even?
No. 123439 ID: 934ef5

This place used to be a big danceroom, and frankly I prefer we don't get one again. At the least we can save that sort of thing for an outdoor courtyard area.
No. 123440 ID: 1963d1

Definitely a billiards table.
No. 123441 ID: 934ef5

We need to get a nice chess board, get some little pieces carved out for it.
No. 123442 ID: e75a2f

A painting easel would be kinda cool if anyone can actually paint.

Make some art to decorate the place.
No. 123445 ID: 900028

Dice and cards might be practical, though betting might screw things up.

I think just a table with comfy chairs would be a good start though. Maybe a fireplace nearby.
No. 123450 ID: 900028

Oh and don't go reorganizing the house or messing everybody's schedules without telling Ridder first. Road of hell, good intentions, etc.
No. 123452 ID: 62489a

So what was with back at the river? Are you like that with every guy you meet, every Leferran or just a girl with needs or what? It seems a little odd to first see you like that, and then see you like this. Is this air of proper nobility one that fades once you find a nice young man to lay with?
No. 123455 ID: c16184
File 126506587630.png - (112.47KB , 700x700 , c21-32.png )

So the room will have comfortable couches, a bookcase, a table and a variety of tabletop games.
I'll have Nakraska make the furniture and Iesgip make the pillows, and maybe a few nice carpets for on the floor and the walls.
Oh yes, this all sounds very good.

"Nakraska~ Iesgip~ Would you please come over here?"
"Yes, ma'am?"
"Whacha need?"
"I have two lists here of things I'd like you to make. Just drop what you are currently doing to make sure these things get done by tonight so we can surprise Ridder with it~"
"M-ma'am, yes, ma'am."
"No problem."

I myself shall go to Sepia Town for the games and books.

Oh my my, so the incident at the river is still fresh in everyone's mind. The reason I may seem so different now is because being a mother is my top priority~
I never really expected to find Ridder again. I may have had a feeling - perhaps a mother's instinct - that he was alive, but I had accepted his death.
And then after years of solitude this handsome young man rises from the river and claims that he will take me 'home'.. My my, it does sound rather ridiculous now, doesn't it? I'm certainly not like that with every one I meet. I just felt so at peace with him, and he had such a strong charm about him.

No. 123456 ID: 2dd482

do you still want to lay with him? The time he spent with you before he found out was the only time he's felt so at home and so peaceful and relaxed since.. ever? I guess. He's never felt that way before.
No. 123459 ID: 1d2d60

I suspect this is one of those cases where you two already recognized that you already loved each other.. its just that some wires got crossed.

Also.. you are very... well as I said before I suspect you to be the source of his unusual "animal magnetism."
No. 123460 ID: e0499d

that... that really is a good question. One would think a knighted mercenary would be... different.

But anyway, you want recreational ideas...
I'd say that you should ask Nakraska to make a gym. Just a open room where different things can be set up. A archery range, a basketball court, etc...
No. 123474 ID: e75a2f

>Oh my my, so the incident at the river is still fresh in everyone's mind.

Well, yeah. Not to be vulgar, but 'perfect tits and ass' and all...
No. 123476 ID: c16184
File 126506780773.png - (89.93KB , 700x700 , c21-33.png )

Oh my! If you believe that Ridder got all his charm from me then you should have seen Riddare.. before he turned so cold, that is.
But then, Ridder has his very own charm.

Do I still want to lay with him, even now the reason for our acceptance of eachother's embrace has been made clear?
To deny ones demons is to encourage them, so I won't deny that part of me does. But would I actually do so, then he would no longer be my little boy.
No, I am happy I found my dear Ridder. I don't want to lose him again.

No. 123479 ID: 197650

No. 123485 ID: c593ec

I think you're looking at this pretty rationally. Your less mentionable desires are just a natural reaction to finding another one of your rare kin, augmented of course by the loss of your partner and the familiarity that most relationships take a long time to build on. It's good that you realize the distinction, as it's most likely just a muddled reaction to the reunion.

But hey, question: We know you're not the kind who'll just jump after the first guy she sees -- we've established that was under special circumstances. But hey, you're single, you're a woman with needs. Maybe you should consider seeking a new boyfriend, significant other, or even potential husband?
Depending on how complex your desires, of course.

We're here to help!
No. 123486 ID: e0499d

a very good point. Someone needs to teach their son to smile without pulling his jaw muscles...
I mean... all of us have only seen him with... a kind of grimace/angry/neutral face... If that's even possible.
The damn guy didn't even smile back at the river. That doesn't warn you to anything?
No. 123487 ID: f44349

Man you are damn near unflappable.
Ridder could stand to learn a bit from you.
I mean he is good at keeping up the appearance of being unflapped, but we seem to get to him more often than not.
And he is so... tense! Always!
No. 123488 ID: 3416ec

Ritari, you might want to invest in... some support. You seem to be... er... "lowering" in some areolas AREAS I MEANT AREAS.
No. 123489 ID: 91ff85

I don't think Ridder had a happy childhood.
I mean really. The last time we saw him smile an honest smile, he was talking to Prince Mushio. And I can't think of any other time he has honestly smiled.
No. 123492 ID: ee213f

When he spoke with Muschio, he thought of his childhood. Playing around with him, etc. So if he smiled while thinking of his childhood, he mustn't have had a sad childhood.

I guess he's just like that. It's his personality. Maayybe schizoid.
No. 123495 ID: 459658


Are you riding alone right now?

Because if you do so, you should change that. Like, right now.
Get somebody to watch your back, and keep your eyes open. We've seen an unsettling amount of bolts de-saddling unwary riders lately.

We really do not want you to get hurt, you're such a nice person.
No. 123496 ID: 91ff85

Really? I never suspected him to have problems with hearing voices in his head.
I digress.
Ridder seems to always mention his military training as a child. Perhaps the problem lies there.

On another note, Ms. Rittari, do you still have anything that links you permanently to the Knight Blades? Oath or some such?
No. 123500 ID: c16184
File 126506973982.png - (81.84KB , 700x700 , c21-34.png )

Oh, my dear little Ridder.. He used to be such a happy child. So polite and wellbehaved, always there to make people feel good.
Then when his training begun it all stopped. He was still so polite and everyone loved to be around him, but he simply began to isolate himself. If it wasn't for his friend Muschio he may have simply stopped going outside.
How many times have I tried to cheer Ridder up, and told him to smile more..
Sweet little Ridder..
What have I done wrong? Should I have quit the Blades back then and freed up more time for you? Maybe you would have smiled more..

Alas, so the past has gone by and I can not change it now.

I haven't quite opened myself for a new partner yet. I was still in mourning for my husband and son until now. I greatly doubt I will meet anyone who will swoop my off my feet like Ridder mistakingly did.

My oath to the Knight Blades is still in effect. I have.. quite simply deserted.
I don't want to give the Knight Blades much thought any more. I've put it behind me.

No. 123501 ID: c593ec

Very well, let's not worry about romance and pleasure for the time being then.

I should warn you about Sepia Town though. Normally someone of your capability shouldn't have to be warned of a seedy area like this, since I'm sure you've had to deal with the shady underbelly of the world often enough. But there's been rioting and prison breaks lately, so it's important you make sure the place is under control before you enter.

...also, it's under control by the Helianthus, if it's under control at all. I don't know if that's a problem for you, but you should know.
No. 123502 ID: e0499d

I think you may want to head back fast.
As a deserter, they're likely to look for you (which does explain your visor)...

Get back in there, and try not to be found by your former organization...

then again, I may be being paranoid... But you'd be surprised by how often our paranoia has save Ridder's life... and/or mind...
No. 123503 ID: 445c48

Just look behind you. Just to make sure.
No. 123504 ID: 91ff85

Well fuck.
You should be more genre-savvy than this.
If your oath is still in full effect, they are going to come after you to force you to fulfill it.
Maybe even by forcing you to kill your own son.
He IS doing exactly what Lord Malto did, gathering a plethora of races around him in an effort to achieve something.
No. 123505 ID: 1d2d60

Yes. Don't we all wish we could change the past.

But it was that past that shaped us... perhaps Rdder needed to become who he is.. or will yet become.

I personally think that fate itself has a way of regulating the world... when heroes are needed to undo tyranny.. they will arise naturally.

I can understand the goal of the Blades. But do not mistake that for agreement with their preemptive methods.
No. 123506 ID: c593ec

>He IS doing exactly what Lord Malto did, gathering a plethora of races around him in an effort to achieve something.
What are you, stupid? How many times does she have to explain that's not why he got targeted by the KB?

A flower can grow large and impressive without disrupting a garden, but should it choke out the growth around it, then it becomes a weed, and must be pulled.
No. 123507 ID: 91ff85

That is what I am implying. Maybe right now Ridder is a Daisy just waiting to plaster their lawn with other racially-tolerant flowers.
No. 123509 ID: 91ff85

Or looks that way to them.
No. 123510 ID: f44349

>My oath to the Knight Blades is still in effect. I have.. quite simply deserted.
Oh goodness that does not bode well...
You realize, they are going to FIND you, right?
Just... keep an eye on your back, eh?
No. 123513 ID: 7289d4

Maybe if you want him to smile again, he needs to stop being the little boy. He needs to become a man. He smiled when you were with him by the river, maybe, just maybe, that's more of what he needs.
No. 123521 ID: 1e1932


Trust me, lady. We've got the track record from Hell when it comes to cranking out insane relationships.

We'll find you a man.
No. 123530 ID: 1963d1

Be quiet, you.
No. 123540 ID: c16184
File 126507233656.png - (91.91KB , 700x700 , c21-35.png )

Perhaps he does need a loving wife at his side. But then, as his mother I can't really go around choosing his partner for him.. Can I~?

Oh my, yes! My visor! I was so excited I completely forgot about it.
Oh well, I am nearly at Sepia Town now. I'll just head in and out quickly.
What could possibly go wrong?

No. 123541 ID: 476456

Oh god dont say that D:
No. 123543 ID: 34470e

>What could possibly go wrong?
No. 123544 ID: e0499d

everything can
No. 123545 ID: f44349

>What could possibly go wrong?
No. 123547 ID: 3416ec

Great. You've sealed your doom.

No. 123548 ID: 3cccf3

>What could possibly go wrong?
Death and dismemberment? Gang rape?
No. 123549 ID: 1e1932


Do you WANT to get yourself killed, lady?! We haven't even gotten to see you naked again yet!
No. 123552 ID: 91ff85

Fare the well, ℜitari.
No. 123553 ID: e75a2f

Considering she's Ridder's mom and a former member of a secret organization dedicated to holding balance in the world, I'd wager to guess she's probably double the fighter Ridder is.

Besides, Sepia Town is being protected by all those Paladins.
No. 123555 ID: 934ef5

Oh for the love of GOD get a mask or something as soon as mortally possible.
No. 123556 ID: 934ef5

Scratch that, get a big awesome hat instead!
No. 123557 ID: e75a2f

Also come on now; Her own son didn't even realize it was her.

I think she'll be relatively fine. Maybe a few fights here and there but nothing big. It's Sepia Town.
No. 123559 ID: e0499d

did you not notice she just said "what can go wrong"

It's a given fact that when a person says that, bad stuff is gonna happen. She can defend herself... but against the knight blades?

I say we find a way to disguise ourselves ASAP. Don't forget Ridder just took out a major criminal. They'll probably rape her just cause of her race.
No. 123560 ID: 3cccf3

well ridder is pretty stupid. I mean he Takes advice from crazy head-voices!
No. 123696 ID: 4d5c2d

I like how we've gone from sex with a random woman on a riverbank to planning dancing and delightful frivolous diversions in roughly the space of a chapter.

I mean, that's amazing.
No. 123708 ID: d6a592


Ritari: "How.. how could everything have gone so wrong...?"

Ridder: "Ritariiii!!"
No. 123710 ID: 34470e

Cue Benny Hill music
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