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File 126451849160.png - (95.50KB , 700x700 , c19-1.png )
118796 No. 118796 ID: c16184

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No. 118801 ID: c16184
File 126451959849.png - (198.62KB , 700x700 , c19-2.png )

Now then. I believe it is time to recap my goals and the consequences of my actions.

My main goal:
Stopping the evil movement being raised by 'The Boss'.
Destroying said evil.

First plan proposed and taken was espionage.
This plan backfired due to The Boss' strong influence on the population surrounding his base.
He drugged me and Sticks, resulting in our.. union.

New plan proposed and taken was counter-espionage.
I am trying to form alliances with the population surrounding my own base in the hopes of thwarting either The Boss' spies or even his influence. With strong allies I will have a safe haven to fall back to.
This plan went wrong when approaching the elves to the east.
This plan went well when approaching the bugfolk to the north. I have been knighted and named a friend of their empire. I am invited to live there, but that will mean taking up my knightly duties.

Matters unrelated to The Boss:

The Fangs Mercenary Company has been destroyed. Two Fangs survive: Grey Fang and Black Fang. Any clues to who hired them were destroyed in the fight with their second leader, Yellow Fang.
Having caught Grey Fang I refrained from killing her. With the help of hallucinogenic herbs and the ring I uncovered her past and that of the Fangs. She will be transferred into the care of prince Muschio Malto when he visits.

Prince Muschio Malto is safe. I met him and he assured me not to worry about him. He will visit soon.
I do not want to force myself upon him as he must have dire issues of his own to deal with.

The Helianthus, an order of paladins serving the Sungod, have raised their head and count Timotei as one of their own. They remain unclear to me.

Sticks has been informed of my negative emotions regarding our union, and our relationship has been broken. She said she wanted to be alone and has been missing since.

My followers, excluding Sticks, seem to be doing well, though I would like to sit down and speak with them in peace again.
Uniforms and bedsheets have been handed out.
T'lear is settling in fine.

The mansion's state of disrepair is slowly being worked out. Petal has fixed the windows, and Grek has created a chemical cleaning substance. We are well prepared for Muschio's arrival.
Nakraska is working on wooden buildings outside of the mansions. Together with Black Fang he is making quick progress.

...Well. That was certainly refreshing. I hope you have a clearer idea of what I should do next.

Did I forget anything?

No. 118803 ID: 632862

You forgot to mention the strange knight you met while fighting off bandits.

Also, one other Fang is alive. Orange Fang, the magician.
No. 118808 ID: e814ad


That 'strange knight' turned out to be Timotei, as was revealed in the end of chapter 18. He seems to be hellbent on killing Geppa, or Grey Fang, though.
No. 118809 ID: bb1955

You know this reminds me. We're calling Grey Fang Geppa, but we still aren't using Black Fang's real name. I forget, did we ask him about it before?
No. 118812 ID: 632862

Nope, they're wearing different suits of armor, and have different swords. Tim's breastplate curves upwards towards his neck, the Unknown Knight's curves downwards. Tim's sword is a straight cross, the UK's has a curved hilt.

The helmet is the same, though. He could be another Paladin from the same organization.
No. 118816 ID: c16184
File 126452565059.png - (198.49KB , 700x700 , c19-3.png )

I will judge if all of the Helianthus wear the same helmet. It does not seem like too far of a stretch. He did indicate that they were watching me, and Timotei's arrival came in accordance.

I shall ask Black Fang what name he prefers when I see him.

No. 118818 ID: 7a4296


Hey Ridder

What's behind the picture Ridder
No. 118822 ID: 67c611

How long ago did Sticks leave? First thing I was going to suggest upon hearing sticks ran off was to send out Iesgip to track her down then report back. We go all the way out there and find her and give her a good talking to.
No. 118825 ID: 1d2d60

I speak against that, if Sticks does not want to be found. Then we should respect such wishes and not seek her out.
No. 118829 ID: c16184
File 126452897549.png - (189.43KB , 700x700 , c19-4.png )

Yes, I believe going against Sticks' wishes to be alone will only make her feel worse. She can come back on her own, or perhaps I will run into her at a later time when the emotional edge has subsided and we may talk like adults.

Behind the painting? Why would anyone put something there?
I lean back and lift the painting to get a good look.

Something falls onto my face.
No. 118830 ID: 7a4296

Smell panties, read letter.
No. 118831 ID: 1d2d60

You have a habit of ending up face first in a girls underthings don't you... ehehe... Looks like that elven lord didn't want to completely forget his lost love.

Let's see what that letter says eh?
No. 118832 ID: c16184
File 126452938616.png - (198.93KB , 700x700 , c19-5.png )

Fortunately the panties smell but of dust and mold.
Unfortunately the letter is in Elvish.

No. 118833 ID: 7a4296

You're twisting my arm, Ridder - wear the panties on your head.

Then, go find what's-her-face the Elf.
No. 118834 ID: 2dd482

Call for Petal. But hide the panties first.

And by hide I mean place somewhere not easily noticed from the door but embarrassingly visible from inside the room.
No. 118835 ID: 1d2d60

hmmm, Petal's translation service perhaps?
No. 118839 ID: 0ae3a4

Dust and MOLD? Think about that for a moment, moldy panties... I am not liking the implications.
No. 118840 ID: 95376b

How do you feel about trying the panties on?
No. 118845 ID: 67185e

Deep down inside, you know you want to.
No. 118846 ID: a09ad6

If you didn't, there wouldn't be this many of us encouraging it.
No. 118847 ID: c16184
File 126453224579.png - (184.96KB , 700x700 , c19-6.png )

I.. No.

I shall leave the panties here. Petal is just downstairs working on the warroom.
I head over to her and show her the envelope's contents.

"Dearest beloved.. blah blah.. Need to feel closer to nature, blah blah.. Our civilization has become too complex, need to revert back to its purest form.. blah blah.. 'I will be joining the druids. You will find me at the entrance to their domain, where I will stand every day until you arrive.' Of course, because this is truly about your beliefs about cultural deviation and not just because of the dozens of young men who will be dicking you every day, if you'll pardon my language.
Ah, these look like the missing pages. Seems like a letter, but if they were in this envelop they were never send. 'Dearest beloved..' blah blah.. 'Our wedding will not end until we are wed. Your ring will forever await you at my mansion.'
It's signed and everything, but I suppose the postal service had also disbanded already at this time.
Say, mind if I keep these for research?"
No. 118848 ID: f3d0e0

"I wanna keep you for research. I mean, yes, that will be fine."
No. 118849 ID: c05c83

Don't see why not.
No. 118850 ID: e53bcd

Ignore these voices Ridder.
They are latent manifestations of the mind's natural obsession with taboo. And you should already know that anything that comes through those sort of voices is hideously eccentric.
Dont be silly now~
No. 118853 ID: 8ce2bf

Ridder, what is more important, your unreasonable disinterest in panties, or wearing panties for comfort in battle?
Along the same lines you should get Iesgip and Sticks to make you a special non-combat outfit for when Muschio gets here. And you also need something more comfortable to sleep in, maybe some footie pajamas.
No. 118857 ID: 3416ec

Kick-ass window, Ridder.

Now then, back to business: consult the map to see if we can scrounge up more allies.
No. 118862 ID: c16184
File 126453581190.png - (345.50KB , 700x700 , c19-7.png )

The matter of me wearing women's undergarments is not open for debate.

"Yes, that will be fine."

The window is all thanks to Petal, whose glassworking skills came to light when she made the protective goggles for herself and Grek. It took some work and assistance from almost all of us, but the warroom looks a lot better.

So then, let us have a look at the map.

No. 118865 ID: 3416ec


What is in the village north of the Tower of Olber?
No. 118872 ID: c16184
File 126453734419.png - (337.78KB , 700x700 , c19-8.png )

The village of Westwater. It is where I began my quest.
It is small, with but a mayor and his militia.

No. 118880 ID: 3416ec


I see. What about those rounded huts at L-5?
No. 118881 ID: 632862

Looks like some kind of farm at E-13.
No. 118882 ID: 3416ec

What about that house in the middle of the lake at i-5 & i-6?
No. 118894 ID: c16184
File 126453903457.png - (182.00KB , 700x700 , c19-9.png )

Those areas are too far away from my base to make useful alliances with. It may be profitable to flank The Boss' borders, but can I really spare the resources to stretch out like that?

"Yes, sergeant?"
"The paladin has been sighted approaching the building again. He is with someone else this time."
"Thank you, T'lear."
No. 118896 ID: 3416ec

Meet with the paladins and be prepared for their fanaticism with crushing all evil. It's going to hinder dialogue.
No. 118903 ID: c16184
File 126454024633.png - (139.25KB , 700x700 , c19-10.png )

I head outside to meet the paladins. One taller than Timotei walks in front of him.

"You must be Sir Ridder. Initiate Bessingschauwer has informed me of the situation. Show us to the prisoner."
No. 118905 ID: 3416ec


"Only if you promise that no harm will come to her until we come to terms about her fate."
No. 118906 ID: 632862

Very well.
No. 118911 ID: 6834bc

Don't forget, Ridder; the images from Geppa's mind showed plumed riders wielding torches on the night of her house fire.
The fire that claimed the lives of her parents.
No. 118914 ID: 3416ec


Make sure to keep them from stabbing Geppa the first chance they get. We need discussion first.
No. 118915 ID: c16184
File 126454233634.png - (131.27KB , 700x700 , c19-11.png )

"Very well."

I lead the two paladins into the mansion and into the small washroom. Grey immediatly opens her offensive.

"I'm going to rape you until you BREAK! Then I will TEAR OFF YO--"
The muffled smack of steel against flesh sounds together with a whine like that of a kicked puppy.

The room is silent for a moment.

"This is just a survivor. We're wasting our time here, initiate. Sir Ridder, tell me exactly why you are keeping this monster alive."
No. 118916 ID: 632862

A survivor? Did you burn their village?
No. 118917 ID: 3416ec


"I believe she can be redeemed. Her past is a tale of darkness and tragedy, but there is still good in her. It just needs to be unearthed, so to speak."
No. 118918 ID: 6834bc

Who shoved an Immovable Rod up his a-
No. 118921 ID: 476456

Make an assurance that you will cut her down if she poses an immediate threat to any innocents.
No. 118922 ID: f44349

...My suspicions are beginning to seem much more credible.
I think these fellows may have been the ones who burned down Geppa's village. I recognized the plumed helmets from her flashback...

At any rate, tell them you believe there is a chance at redeeming this poor twisted soul.
That she is not truly evil but her mind has been corrupted by the traumas of her life.
And that you are going to place her in the care of your most trusted friend.
No. 118923 ID: 1831fc


I would suggest you interpose yourself if he plans on killing her. She's your prisoner, after all.

It is your choice what to do with her. Not that of these pompous assholes.
No. 118924 ID: e3f578

"All monsters have a tale of tragedy from whence good used to come from. To truly save this world from evil permanently, we cannot encourage its wrath with its tools of destruction but instead purify the evil to good. Weapons are made for defending, not execution." A massive idealistic philosophy regarding the world and its inhabitants instead of an exception for this creature will be far more convincing to paladins.
No. 118925 ID: 0560e2

What this means is that it's their fault she's insane. And now they want to kill her.
Tell them this.
No. 118927 ID: 3416ec


Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that."

-Martin Luther King Jr.
No. 118928 ID: 8ce2bf

Grab the paladin's hand and tell him to not strike a bound prisoner like a common coward. Tell them she has been under bad influences and suffered from a traumatic childhood event, and that you believe that with time you can bring out the goodness in her that was stifled with trauma and evil. You want to help her because you are Good, and don't want to cause harm to someone you believe can be saved.
No. 118929 ID: 632862

To kill her now would serve no purpose. If she is to be brought to justice for her crimes, she must first understand that they are crimes. In her current state, she believes that this is truly how the world works. She doesn't know that she has done evil.

She expects us to rape her. She expects us to abuse our power over her. She believes that it is the right thing to do.
No. 118932 ID: 1831fc


Each of these voices has the right idea.

Now if only we could translate it to the paladins... I suspect that they're going to hate you, but at this juncture, they're going for what I like to call "Pure Light Country". They want to create a world of pure light where everything is not bad and everyone is good, and if you so much steal a spoon it's suddenly 'STOP RIGHT THERE CRIMINAL SCUM!'.

I'm not sure what else to add, really. This man seems intent on using violence to solve everything, however. I suggest you stay ready.
No. 118933 ID: 632862

I just think she needs to feel remorse before she dies.
No. 118934 ID: a56bd0

We find Redemption and Mercy to be among the greatest acts of good... Justice is good, but Man cannot survive under a perfect Justice.
No. 118936 ID: e0499d

obtain both rings, and let the paladin share a mind connection with geppa. Remember to drug geppa and let the paladin know what you are planning to do ahead of time.
No. 118937 ID: 632862

Hmm. Another thing that could be said is "Somewhere inside the mind of this crazed rapist and murderer is a frightened child. I want to save her."
No. 118938 ID: 1831fc


>Share heretical magical 'I can see into your mind-'

Bad idea. We don't know their stances on such objects. Such things could get us in trouble.

Beyond that, most of her life, she's been a murderous little bitch, so that wouldn't be terribly beneficial if all he saw was the rampant destruction she's sown.

Interpose, ask why it matters, she's your prisoner, and you're doing something to help her become good.

You know, instead of just impaling it on a spear like he would. I wouldn't say that though. Paladin's tend to be touchy.
No. 118939 ID: e3f578

Won't work, we're only in Ridder's head and not the rings. The only way that would work is if Ridder could get the ring onto the paladin and reimagined each memory to near perfection to get her to be sympathetic.
No. 118940 ID: f50ab5


These paladins are taking excessive liberties. Remind them that they are guests in our domain, and as such are to respect our hospitality. Firmly suggest that they are not to raise their hand against the prisoner again.

If they have questions to ask then they may do so. Otherwise, offer to escort them to the door.
No. 118942 ID: 1831fc


How do we know it's the Volto woman?


I'm backing this up, as well. If we need to, get Black Fang.
No. 118943 ID: 2cbe3e

It's probable that this chick has the death penalty on her head already. Why not just let these dudes take her away? Just make sure she gets a trial, not a sword to the head.
No. 118946 ID: c16184
File 126454487274.png - (94.87KB , 700x700 , c19-12.png )

"I believe that she can be redeemed. Once she was a child like any other, yet traumatic events and manipulation caused her to corrupt. She lived life according to what she had experienced: Terror and death. But now that she is at our mercy is has become clear to me how much of her is still that tormented young girl, confused and alone. I must let her change, for the better."

The paladin sighs and puts her hands on her hips as she looks over Grey's panting figure.
Finally she turns around, pushing Timotei in front of her.

"Come on, Bessingschauwer, we're wasting time. The Sunmane's Pride is already at Sepia Town."

I follow her to the doorway, where she suddenly stops and looks over her shoulder.

"Sir Ridder, if she really is so tormented then I wonder if you are keeping her alive for her sake.. or that of your pride. Remember, there are a lot more people you can help with the time and effort you are spending on this. Good day."

With that they are off, their mounts galloping at a moderate speed into the direction of Sepia Town.
No. 118948 ID: f50ab5


Also, it occurs to me that standing in defence of Geppa may encourage her to trust us more in future. Definitely rebuke the paladin for striking her, and interpose between him and the prisoner.

Make it clear that you do not answer to him or his order - if you respond to his demand, let him understand that you answer because you wish to do so, not because you are compelled.

Geppa respects power and strength. If you are seen to yield to another then she will never respect you, and you will find your task with her a great deal harder.
No. 118950 ID: 632862

She does have a point. Time and effort is limited. If you're distracted by Geppa and lose an opportunity to help others, are you really doing the right thing?

Well, thankfully we aren't actually spending a lot of resources on her. When Muschio visits we can find out just how much effort will be needed to bring her around. I wonder if Geppa will even appreciate what we're doing? If she realizes what she's been doing... will she beg for death, to atone for her sins?
No. 118951 ID: 753009

>I wonder if you are keeping her alive for her sake.. or that of your pride.

A bit of both, it seems.
No. 118952 ID: 632862

Oh, and if we're going to try to find more allies, I guess the village you started in is a good spot to try.
No. 118953 ID: 8ce2bf

Apologize to Geppa for what happened, you didn't want to cause more trouble than necessary with the paladins but they acted more rashly than you expected.
No. 118954 ID: 2cbe3e


That bitch has a point. You had no problems killing all the other gnolls when they tried to kill you.
No. 118955 ID: 1831fc


They're going to be a problem. I get this horrible feeling that we're going to encounter someone else who's home was destroyed by these people, and it's not going to be good, either.

A word or two for her as she leaves. "One life can make all the difference, Paladin. Whether it is the life of an urchin, or that of a prince; it does not matter. It only matters what they do, and for what purpose."

But she is right. Hate to say it, but the sooner she's better, the better it is for us.

Let's just hope Muschio fares better with her.

In the meantime, I would suggest we wave them off, check on Geppa once more, and figure out what we're going to do next.

Ideally, find Sticks and make sure she's alright, followed with any last minute preparations necessary for Muschio's arrival. Inspection of the troops, perhaps?
No. 118956 ID: e3f578

I don't really think we've spent much time and effort on this. We've made an alliance while having to attend to the prisoner. It won't be much longer until the Prince can try to work his magic on her.

Even if it is your pride, Ridder, you're still doing a good thing. Geppa'd thank you either way in the long run.

Now onto business... maybe we can go help the paladins do what they're doing for some form of friendship... wait I don't trust leaving the base alone now. Paladins may resort to ransacking it for the sake of evil destroying. It's a shame though, we could have asked her for info on the "boss" since she looked like she knows a lot about evil.
No. 118957 ID: f50ab5


The other gnolls never gave us an opportunity to take them prisoner.
No. 118960 ID: 1831fc


We probably could have convinced Violet Fang. Problem is, Black fang is not so good at taking prisoners as he is "Bashing it to beyond recognition..."

Still, they were all loyal servants to the 'Fangs. First and foremost the group, just as White Fang taught them.

Geppa seems more to be so tormented by her inner demons that she was regulated to minor duties, especially since Yellow figured out that there was something wrong with her when she appeared in the camp.

I'd probably blame Yellow for all of this. He did seem awfully ambitious...
No. 118962 ID: e3f578

Let's put this past us please. Let's go train with Black Fang. Get our mind off this business and plan our next move.
No. 118971 ID: c16184
File 126454821558.png - (98.81KB , 700x700 , c19-13.png )

The paladin seemed quite reasonable. Not such a brute as some of you made her out to be.
Perhaps it is indeed a good idea to seek them out at Sepia Town and forge an alliance with them.
With the possibility of a conflict I had not given that any thought.

Regarding the village to the east, I can no longer reach it with the Iniziare Citta ferry burned down.

I return to the washroom to check on Geppa.

"Are you alright? Let me see where she hit you."

No. 118974 ID: 34470e

I bet you taste like chicken.
No. 118975 ID: cb098f

We're only one man. We do what we gotta do.

Anyways, let's head to Westwater to seek some more allies.
No. 118978 ID: 1831fc



Alternatively, pat her head to distract or confuse her, and politely ask her for your hand back.

If she struggles or bites down harder, I suggest you simply try to keep her head still. You could cause more damage if she struggles, so do everything to keep her calm.
No. 118979 ID: 753009


Ask Geppa about the fire.
No. 118980 ID: 74f445

You're going to want to, uh, pry her mouth open so you don't tear half your hand off when you remove it. Do that.
No. 118981 ID: 632862

Oh jeez. Ridder you dummy. Don't put your hand near the crazy gnoll's mouth.

Hmm. Grab her nose and pull up firmly to detach her from your hand.
No. 118989 ID: f50ab5

Such behaviour should be nipped in the bud. While a gentle touch is required to win her round, that doesn't mean she should be allowed to get away with biting any who come near.

Go for something painful enough to startle her without leaving lasting damage. A sharp blow to the nose, a jab at the soft point behind her jaw, whatever will get your hand out of her jaws quickly and with minimal fuss.
No. 118991 ID: c16184
File 126454950149.png - (114.73KB , 700x700 , c19-14.png )

I squeeze her nose, gently pulling up. After a few hiccups she opens her mouth to gasp for air and pants as usual.
I carefully pull my hand free.

It seems like I will be leaving my spear at home today. Hopefully my fencing skill has not gotten too rusty.
My offhand fencing skill.

No. 118992 ID: 1831fc

While your holding her nose, carefully inspect the wound.

Then I would suggest you quietly exit, and wait until your out of earshot before you produce any sound of pain.

Get Iesgip. She'll know what to do.
No. 118993 ID: 4ce1b0

What about your magic boner potion regeneration?
No. 118994 ID: 7a4296

Congratulations! You have rabies.
No. 118996 ID: 6834bc

Gently scold Geppa for biting you, then apologize for the paladin's uncalled-for slap.

And see Iesgip about the wound, wouldn't do to get it infected or anything.
No. 118997 ID: bb1955

Wherever you're going, you best bring a capable fighter with you.
No. 118998 ID: f50ab5


I have to say, Ridder, you've got the sang-froid thing down to a T.
No. 118999 ID: 632862

I wish your regeneration kicked in for minor wounds. Seems like it's either activated by blood loss or adrenaline.

SO! I guess we're off to Sepia Town. Better bring backup, since you're quite handicapped in combat now.
No. 119002 ID: 1831fc


T'lear. It'd be useful to see how well the guy preforms. We've fought together before, but is he effective in, say, a street fight?

We'll see.
No. 119012 ID: c17fb2

What the HELL, Ridder.

You are not getting nearly as worked up about this as you should be. This is not a situation in which you should apply only LOGIC and nothing else.

This is a time for drastic measures. Now simply take a sharp blade, and--

Wait, wrong quest.

Anyway, get Black Fang in here after talking to him about his real name. He'll be able to connect to Geppa better.
No. 119015 ID: 1831fc


>Black Fang to connect with Geppa.

Funny how I've been suggesting this for a while and so far it hasn't really shown up yet.
No. 119018 ID: c16184
File 126455138713.png - (110.13KB , 700x700 , c19-15.png )

Soon I find myself sitting in the women's quarters as Iesgip carefully treats my wound.
In her concentration she has brought her little snout so close to my hand I can feel her breath, and occasionally a tickling whisker. It is a soft, soothing sensation.

After a moment Iesgip breaks the silence.

"P.. S-sir, requesting permission to speak freely, sir."
"Granted, Iesgip. What's on your mind?"
"Uhm.. Did Sticks leave because.. it's over between you two? S-sir?"
"That is correct. She said she needs time alone. I hope she will return, but that is her choice to make."

She nods quietly as she applies the finishing touches.

"Uhm.. S-sir.. If you.. If you are planning to go out today, I better come with you. T-to treat the wound, I mean. ..Sir."
No. 119019 ID: 0560e2

I hope you get it, Ridder.
Accept. You seem to like her.
No. 119021 ID: f44349

Well... you COULD use some backup with your hand injured like that and all...
No. 119026 ID: 632862

DO you like her, Ridder? I mean, is she the kind of person you'd see yourself being with on the long term?
No. 119027 ID: 44ad00

No harm to come from letting her accompany you, Ridder. Heck, in regards to your current breakup, maybe Iesgip is the type of woman you could settle down with. Strong, dependable, loyal and she already likes you quite a bit. Of course, this probably isn't the sorta thing you should be thinking about with current events as they are but it doesn't hurt to keep it in mind when all is said and done.
No. 119028 ID: f50ab5

Good lord. Are there any females who don't want a piece of hot Ridder action?

Which is to say, sounds like she's crushing on you. Y'know, checking that you and Sticks aren't an item before requesting to accompany you, that kind of thing.

Let her down gently, hm? Something about morale, or needing some time to think over relationship stuff, something like that. I mean, assuming you're not interested.

Are you interested?
No. 119031 ID: 1831fc

I still say to take T'lear. Bug needs to prove himself a little more.

Before we leave, let's check up on Petal and Grek, eh? I'm curious as to how they're coming along with their current project.
No. 119032 ID: 632862

You're just realizing it? Were you asleep during the hot springs event?
No. 119034 ID: a56bd0

She's quite sweet at times, a little naive but then we are hardly the ones to be pointing that finger.

Yes I suppose we could use some backup, or would you prefer Black Fang for this task?
No. 119035 ID: f50ab5


Oh yeah, the hot springs thing too. Sorry, slipped my mind. It's easy to lose track of who's crushing on Ridder.
No. 119040 ID: bffa2a

It seems unwise to lead her on when you've just gotten out of one loveless relationship and haven't even gotten hold of your own emotions to start another right after.

Iegsip seems to be a very lovely girl with charming personality but she isin't Sticks. Playing her on and then breaking her heart would be a lot more painful than it was for Sticks. And you know how that went. I even tought you handled it pretty well and it couldn't really have gone much better. The fault was in the first day when you took a burden you didin't want and nurtured her feelings until she fell for you. That was the mistake. Don't do the same with Iegsip, she won't handle it as well. Sort out your feelings first and then consider her again.

Tell her you need time to get over the break up and that you don't know what to feel yet. I don't know if you have any sort of attraction or affection towards her but she is a kind soul and should be treated as such.
No. 119043 ID: a56bd0

Personaly I think Iesgip quite a good match...

But I also agree that we need to get our own heads clear (and maybe hear Stick's answer to what we told her) before we consider anything serious with anyone.
No. 119044 ID: c16184
File 126455374642.png - (98.31KB , 700x700 , c19-16.png )

As it stands I do not desire any more romantic relationships. Perhaps this will change in the years as I mature, but now I have seen enough.
The more hearts I light the more hearts are shattered.
I will cast off the burden of love completely.

I gently stroke Iesgip's cheek.

"Iesgip, you can come with me, but know that nothing will happen between us. I do not wish to break any more hearts."

She gently presses my hand to her cheek.

"Y.. Y-yes, sir."

Shall I still bring her with me, or choose T'lear or Black Fang to assist me? Keep in mind that they both play a strong part in the mansion's defense.
No. 119046 ID: 51d0f5

>I do not wish to break any more hearts.
Maybe you should put a shirt on, then, boss.

She's a good second.
No. 119048 ID: 1831fc

I still say T'lear, but if you think he'll be better here...

Fine. Iesgip it is.

Also, when did we get the uniforms? Snazzy.
No. 119050 ID: 0560e2

No. 119052 ID: a56bd0

Ridder, you will always be a heartbreaker, it is your nature. You also have enough on your plate for now... but when your schedule clears up... it may be good to keep this little boldgirl in mind.
No. 119054 ID: e3f578

I think Black Fang is in some dire need of action. Plus a big intimidating man like him could keep the pickpockets away and some stupid thugs.
No. 119056 ID: c0f3bf

She does seem very interested in you. Your affair with Sticks didn't work out, you might as well keep yourself open to possibilities. For now though, just take her along and let things move naturally.
No. 119060 ID: bb1955

Either bring her or Black Fang. Black Fang could use a bit of away time, and T'lear can likely be trusted to hold down the fort. On the other hand, Iesgip with a high-powered crossbow is no pushover.
No. 119061 ID: bffa2a


You don't want to break hearts.. good good.. Then what's with the touching? Stop touching things! And stop being naked in front of her. You can be friends but pay mind to your careless sexyness until you sort yourself out.

Bad choices all. Base defence is important right now with everyone seemingly knowing where it is and Black Fang is certainly needed here in case Greppa gets loose. And who is going to protect you with your injured arm? Iegsip is currently enthralled with you and might do something stupidly self sacrificial in your defence if it comes to that. It will pass.. in a year give or take depending on the severity. Still if we're going to take someone then she is the most capable and multi skilled of the bunch. Just ensure her safety in those split second decisions where we are useless and it should be fine.

She might also help you as a friend to get out of that funk and make you believe in happiness again. AS A FRIEND. Stop with the absent sexyness.
No. 119063 ID: 632862

I don't think Ridder should stop doing this kind of thing. It's fine to do that if you're a very close friend. Physical affection does not have to be sexual.
No. 119066 ID: e0499d

dammit man...
This girl legitimately loves you. Sticks wanted a pickup and go relationship. Iegsip is the kind of person who does things fast, efficent, and reliably. She holds higher standards and is freaking good at keeping a household...

But picking her up now is a bad idea. Let her come along if but for her skills. She'd be the best lover for you, but being with her now would shatter Sticks even worse if she came back. We don't want to hurt Sticks anymore than she already's been hurt...
No. 119068 ID: c16184
File 126455600530.png - (87.42KB , 700x700 , c19-17.png )

I.. suppose it is a problem that I am not completely aware of how I appear. I could seem seductive without meaning it. But how will I ever go about avoiding that?

Good arguments have been made: I shall take Iesgip with me.
I entrust command onto T'lear. I doubt he will be able to exploit it should he turn on me, considering the induvidual nature of my followers.
Black Fang seems perfectly content, despite our lack of sparring. I wonder why.

We leave within the hour. The trip to Sepia Town should not take long.

No. 119073 ID: a56bd0

I somehow doubt you are actively seductive Ridder.

Women are just attracted to what you are. You are honest, brave, thoughtful, moral, self-sacrificial, merciful, and commanding.

All of these are attractive qualities, but combined in an an athletic, tall, young man such as yourself these make you a potent force to be reckoned with on the romantic field... men would kill to be you Ridder.
No. 119075 ID: e0499d

as a subnote ridder:
If we could find a way to replicate the mind rings, your ability to manage would increase manyfold.

That being said, we need to find a way to get rings that interconnect with each other. A mindweb if you will. A way for all our followers to keep together even when far away (including ourself).
No. 119078 ID: 0560e2

Hearing the thoughts of all our minions would be maddening.

Anyway. Godspeed, my beloved.
No. 119080 ID: 1831fc


We'd need a mage for that...

Perhaps we could make a point of tracking down Orange Fang? I'm sure it'd do both Black Fang and Geppa well to know what became of their estranged brother.

If we did find him, perhaps he could help with Geppa?
No. 119082 ID: 8ce2bf

They want you so badly because their imagination takes hold of them, the solution is to leave nothing to the imagination. You have to go nude when the situation does not call for armor.
No. 119088 ID: c16184
File 126455811977.png - (176.29KB , 700x700 , c19-18.png )

I.. suppose I can understand what women see in me. To think that my whole being is attractive is a frightening thought.
Perhaps I should look into wearing masks or helmets to at least take the physical edge off.

I am awoken from my thoughts when I hear.. absolutely nothing. The streets of Sepia Town are eerily quiet, and appear deserted.
Windows are doors are shut, probably barred.
In the distance I occasionally hear the echo of running feet.

I nod to Iesgip and we both ready our weapons.

No. 119089 ID: a56bd0

The Solar Paladins have probably been hitting this place pretty hard.
No. 119090 ID: 3416ec


Stay frosty. Oscar Mike or whatever.
No. 119091 ID: 6faa8c

>But how will I ever go about avoiding that?

With a third party group of voices?
No. 119092 ID: 632862

Stay sharp. Walk up to a door and knock on it with your back to it, try and ask what's going on.
No. 119095 ID: 1831fc


Nice looking Combi-armor there, Ridder. Grek work on that?

Anyway, keep alert. You need to find out where everyone is. This place used to be a hive of scum and villainy, but now it's all but silenced.

...go to the town center. I've got a bad feeling that they might have "cleansed" this place...
No. 119098 ID: 8ce2bf

Try the bar you turned Sticks into a cat at.
No. 119103 ID: c16184
File 126455962115.png - (95.18KB , 700x700 , c19-19.png )

Heading towards the center seems like a good idea. The Deadly Curiousity should be right on the other side.

As we walk we come across scattered puddles of blood.
Just as I look at one I hear a shout from down the street.
When I look up I am faced with an aggressive mob, wielding large knives and clubs, each covered in blood. They yell and begin to charge at me and Iesgip.

No. 119104 ID: 3416ec

No. 119106 ID: 1831fc


Tell them to hold! We aren't here to fight!
No. 119107 ID: 8ce2bf

Lay down your arms, raise your hands, and yell that you are not with the paladins. You can't fight them all off with certainty, and running won't look good. They are almost certainly against the paladins, so you should show that you are not going to try anything against them.
No. 119108 ID: 3416ec


And if that fails, THEN run.
No. 119109 ID: 445c48

Say "What the fuck guys, I just want a drink"
No. 119112 ID: c593ec

Ridder, you're in a dangerous position. What I'm about to propose -- I know it will sound ludicrous at first. Completely crazy. But hear me out, and put your reservations aside, for lives may hang in the balance!

We know there's a misunderstanding here. They think you're part of some other organization, or they wouldn't be turning on you like this. However, you have only moments to convince them of the misunderstanding. If you don't, then even if you win the fight, you may inflict permanent injury or death on what are, as far as we know, innocents drawn into a violent conflict, fearing for their own lives and acting because of it.

You have ONE CHANCE.

Throw your weapons down and begin to strip. Take off the largest piece of armor you feasibly can in this time, and go from there. Perhaps the initial confusion will be enough for them to hold so you can continue.

Now you may be thinking, even though lives hang in the balance, what this might solve. You said you're near Deadly Curiosity, right? Then if that's any indication, you're in a very particular part of town.
Hell, if fortune smiles, even just the initial action and a little skin shown might cause one of these men to recognize you. Maybe they saw your performance.

No. 119113 ID: a56bd0

Let's not lay down our arms.. they arn't likely to care. The paladins "total purge" tactics likely set them on xenophobe mode and they are dangerously afraid of any outsiders.

I would suggest a withdrawal, perhaps attempted negotiation.
No. 119116 ID: 445c48

"Don't hit on me, you silly boys"
No. 119127 ID: c16184
File 126456197688.png - (160.72KB , 700x700 , c19-20.png )

"Hold! We are not here to fight!"

I drop my blade and signal Iesgip to do the same.
You have convinced me. I reach for the straps on my armor in order to differentiate myself from the ironclad paladins, when I feel my neck make an unnatural bend.
The taste of blood fills my mouth and my vision momentarily blurs.
But the worst feels hearing Iesgip faint cries of distress.

No. 119128 ID: c0f3bf

Fight back time. Yell for Iesgip to do the same.
No. 119130 ID: 1831fc


No. 119138 ID: e0499d

Cue epic bezerker rage. Kill many as fast ad possible, take one of their knives; take a child hostage.
This sounds horrible, but it'll at least shock them so that there's time to find the next good move
No. 119143 ID: a56bd0

DAmmit! what part of tactical withdrawal and negotiation involves dropping our weapons!

Fight, they want blood, they will have it.
No. 119155 ID: c16184
File 126456328872.png - (206.30KB , 700x700 , c19-21.png )

Don't worry. I have been well trained in hand to hand combat. The loss of a weapon makes little difference if it's not my spear.

Hips turned and swing upper body forward...

..ah.. aaahhh....

No. 119156 ID: 445c48

Yeah that wasn't bright good job ridder.
No. 119158 ID: 8ce2bf

Get to Iesgip and protect her as best you can, don't aim to kill anyone, it is still likely that they are just misguided and don't deserve death.
No. 119159 ID: a56bd0

Ridder, I suggest kicking now if you have to fight, you have the thighs to do it, and your hand is heavily injured.

A withdrawal is critical now, get Iesgip and get the hell out of here.
No. 119162 ID: 3af198

Quick ignore the pain and use the distraction to grab Iesgip and run.
No. 119171 ID: 476456

Quick, human shield, human shield.
No. 119176 ID: 3416ec

Grab Iesgip and barricade yourselves inside a house. Any house. Just DO IT NOW!
No. 119178 ID: 1831fc


No. 119183 ID: c16184
File 126456478651.png - (143.57KB , 700x700 , c19-22.png )

There is too many to run now. I don't see my blade anywhere.

And please never make me kick. My sense of balance is not up to it.

No. 119186 ID: a56bd0

I think the Solar Paladins (or sunflowers, or whatever) have arrived as support. Best let them know who you are.
No. 119190 ID: 3416ec


I wager they're the screwballs behind the mob.

Grab Iesgip and duck into a building. Barricade yourselves in until this whole thing blows over.
No. 119192 ID: c0f3bf

Yell out, ask if those knight guys are the paladins.
No. 119193 ID: 1831fc


They are more than likely the cause of this whole problem.

My guess: Heliawhatever the fuck their name is decided "Oh hey, criminal town, LET'S RANSACK THE PLACE THIS'LL BE SO GOOD AND NO ONE WILL BE HURT! ...who's good, at least." Problem is, once you get in there, the place is buzzing with evil, you start killing people who are probably innocent/children and mothers/shopkeepers and innkeepers/fucking everyone anyway.

I do like paladins, and I think they are shining bastions of good. But these guys need to learn some control... Senseless killing is not the way.

Still, I'd grab Iesgip and try and get to cover, or at least back away and look for your weapon.

Or grab one of theirs. You don't know what they'll do.
No. 119198 ID: 8ce2bf

These paladins are taking a harsh ethnocentric view of the continent and intend to kill everyone that stands in the way of their conquest. This does not bode well for your new bug allies, as their ways are significantly different from theirs.
No. 119201 ID: c16184
File 126456668725.png - (138.22KB , 700x700 , c19-23.png )

We continue to fight, until soon the mob is cut down to half its size. The remaining assailants make a run for it.

I call out to the armored warriors.

"Are you with the Helianthus?"
"Sir Ridder?"

It's the paladin that came to my mansion. It looks like Timotei and another paladin accompany her.

"Look, I don't know who you think you are, but you don't belong here. The mobs have overrun our brothers at the Norfentel warehouse, and we are heading there to back them up. You can tag along if you want, but keep your head down and try not to do anything... stupid."
No. 119203 ID: 3416ec


"What started this whole mob scene?"
No. 119204 ID: 1831fc


"What have you done?"
No. 119205 ID: a56bd0

Thank them for the help (they did save our asses there.)

Then ask what the hell is going on? Did they try purging the evil here and realize halfway through that the town in a veritably den o sin ect, ect... and this is going to be a real mess to sort out?
No. 119207 ID: 8ce2bf

Don't go with them, we won't learn anything that way. Stick with the plan to duck into the Deadly Curiosity, maybe we can pick up some real information on what's going down. If things get bad at least at The Deadly Curiousity you have your seduction to work with on everyone there.
No. 119227 ID: c16184
File 126456813479.png - (111.91KB , 700x700 , c19-24.png )

"Thank you for the help. What is going on?"

The paladin sighs. She lifts her visor and whipes her forehead, but none of the sweat sticks to her leather glove.

"The plan was to take over this district to create a safe haven for the citizens, then take the fight to the crimelords in the other districts. But the moment we got hold of the Norfentel warehouse those damned corrupt guards opened up the prisons while the crimelords put lavish bounties on our head. Before we knew it the streets were filled with murderers, rapists, arsonists.. It was like all the scum in the city came crawling out of the woodwork. We got the citizens to barricade themselves inside, but now theyre targeting our outposts. We already had to disband several in order to fortify others."

She scrapes her throat, breathing with ragged breath.

"I heard those fatcats are so sure of our defeat the entire northwestern side is completely unaffected by the fighting."
No. 119231 ID: 476456

Holy shit.
No. 119233 ID: 24fe4e

The noble's neighborhood was on the NORTH, or on the NORTHWEST side of town?

... like, where that cartographer guy lived?
No. 119235 ID: 45be60

See, this is why direct violence is the WRONG way to improve a society and fight the common, everyday evils of the world. Save your armies of holy warriors for the great bone-dragons and demonic hoards.
No. 119237 ID: a56bd0

They.. They opened up the prisons? Sons of bitches!

This town's going to be a hellhole tonight, best get to reinforcing those positions!

Ridder shouldn't you healing be kicking in yet or is that totally gone it seems?
No. 119238 ID: 476456

"Is it organized or just chaos, maybe I can hit their leaders while you go save your men"
No. 119243 ID: 6faa8c

That's it.

We must bring in the rest of our forces to assist. It's clear now that this isn't a simple rebellion against a regime: this is a pocket of evil that WILL fester unless we help.

And help we will!

Ask her if she would like the help of a few good men and women.
No. 119245 ID: a56bd0

Also, make sure Iesgip is uninjured...
No. 119253 ID: c16184
File 126456920067.png - (134.15KB , 700x700 , c19-25.png )

"Is it pure chaos, or are the attacks organized? Perhaps I can take out some of their leaders."
"As you saw, the cowards run away when the battle turns against them. They only go around in large groups, and if the group gets too small they rendez vouz back inside the prison. If you could somehow close the prison gates and kept them from reopening.. But that's far too dangerous. We must secure the Norfentel warehouse!"
No. 119258 ID: 1831fc


...To the prisons?
No. 119260 ID: 6faa8c

Need to infiltrate an area unseen?
Sounds like a job for Iesgip. If needed, you could raise a racket or something.

"If you folks could raise a distraction, one of my operatives could slip inside and handle that."
No. 119262 ID: c0f3bf

There seems to be a shortage of bows, they mostly have clubs and no armor, and go out in the open in large groups. Any bows around? They seem too stupid and uncoordinated for guerrilla tactics. If you can manage to scrounge some bows up, you can probably fight them much more effectively.
No. 119265 ID: 74f445

Find 'Python.' I think it's time for a sneaking mission, even if we can't guide her.
No. 119268 ID: a56bd0

I suggest securing the warehouse first.
No. 119276 ID: c16184
File 126457075952.png - (88.70KB , 700x700 , c19-26.png )

"Iesgip, do you think you can sneak into the prison to close the gates?"
"S.. Sir, no, sir.."
"How come?"
"I.. I'm scared, sir."
No. 119279 ID: c0f3bf

That is pretty understandable Ridder, either go with her or secure the warehouse, don't make her go alone. Fear keeps you alert, but too much of it is seriously bad.
No. 119280 ID: c593ec

Really, can you blame her? She was assaulted just now and the intent seemed to be rape, assumedly followed by murder. It's no wonder she's afraid to risk something like that against dozens of potential aggressors.
No. 119281 ID: 476456

Awwww someone needs a hug.
No. 119282 ID: e3f578

Then we'll come with lesgip to the prision. The paladins weren't planning on us helping them with the situation and are probably prepared to handle the warehouse themselves. If we can cut off the flow of prisoners it will reduce the chances of more ambushes and ultimately help the paladins with their goal.
No. 119290 ID: 74f445

See, now is an appropriate time to touch her. I dunno what was up with the face stroking earlier, but a hand on the shoulder or something would help. Even a hug.

If she doesn't think she can do it, don't force her. There are other ways you can do good here. Personally, I recommend heading for the apparently 'unaffected' area of town. No one is defending it but the mob, and, well, that's the mob. Who knows what's going on there?
No. 119309 ID: c16184
File 126457257173.png - (141.18KB , 700x700 , c19-27.png )

I gently grab her hands. I easily cup both of them, and hold on to them reassuringly.

"Then I will come with you. The mobs will be mine to deal with, as you fall out of sight. Do you think you can do that?"
"Y.. Sir, yes, sir."

I turn my head to the three paladins.

"Go secure Norfentel. We are going to the prison to close the gates."
"What? Just the two of you? But you are injured, and.."
"We are going."
"..Such bravery must be honored. We will join you! Ave Helios!"
"Ave Helios!"
"Ave Helios!"
"But what of the warehouse?"
"My gut tells me to go with you, Sir Ridder. And as a paladin you learn that your gut is right more than you expect."
No. 119310 ID: c16184
File 126457258678.png - (237.88KB , 700x700 , c19-27-paused.png )

No. 119329 ID: 3416ec


Nice touch. :)
No. 119336 ID: 1831fc


I really don't like that girl...

Personally, I hope we make her see that she needs to rethink her methods a bit.
No. 119411 ID: c16184
File 126461043265.png - (157.35KB , 700x700 , c19-28.png )

We rush down the streets, hoping to avoid any more mobs. The paladin leads us down a few easily overlooked alleyways.
We finally arrive at a lone Helianthus hiding behind a cart with a crossbow. His position overlooks a great square in front of him. Gallows stand in the shadow of the massive prison hall that rises behind them. The gate is wide open.

"What is the situation?"
"No change. They trickle in then pour right back out. It looks like they've learned that overwhelming us with sheer number is working quite well."
"Any casualties?"
"Yes, Otis and Lackine have been dragged inside."
He looks up at me and Iesgip.
"New initiates?"
"No, this is Sir Ridder and his comrade in arms. They insist on closing the prison's gate."
No. 119412 ID: 099247

Ask the Knight what his plan of retaliation is.
No. 119414 ID: 8ce2bf

Ask the paladins how the innocent citizens took to this plan of cleansing their town.
No. 119415 ID: 632862

Are there any other entrances? Is it possible to get a firing angle at the gate mechanism? Maybe we could break it by shooting a vulnerable spot, causing the gate to come crashing down.

...I wish Grek and Petal were here. They could just shoot the gate to collapse it.
No. 119418 ID: 632862

Hey, is someone standing up on the wall above the gate? Or is that just a buttress or something?
No. 119422 ID: c16184
File 126461227571.png - (68.63KB , 700x700 , c19-29.png )

I can't get a good look at the figure on the prison. It may be a statue.

"What is the plan?"
"Nothing we can do. They got themselves holed up in there. All we can do is pick off stragglers and keep 'em from entering homes."
"Are there any alternative entrances?"
"Nope. ..Well, there's a few doors on the roof for the guard walkways, but I wouldn't know how you could reach 'em."
No. 119423 ID: 632862

Iesgip proved to be a capable climber in her solo mission. Perhaps she could get up there. We just have to make a distraction so she can climb unnoticed.
No. 119424 ID: 1d2d60

Damn its a real pity we don't have Grek and Petal here. Their new thundertube would work wonders on mob suppression, hell with aiming it could probably bring the gate down too.

However, no number of crossbows are likely to bring it down. Its looks like the ceiling in the prison building is rather high and must have some kind of access (to hang those man-cages from) perhaps that could be exploited by Iesgip to access the mechanism while you serve as distraction?
No. 119425 ID: 51d0f5

You guys are armored and in narrow streets. Form a tight formation, preferably with interlocking shields, and advance. Or a slightly looser roman style. Quickly, so they don't have time to react in great numbers.
No. 119426 ID: c05c83

Iesgip can pull another Assassin's Creed, can't she?
No. 119430 ID: 67c611

Don't be a hero. Don't get hurt. Don't split the party. Follow their lead.

Tell Iesgip to take a position next to crossbow dude and back him up.
No. 119440 ID: 445c48

Ask Iegsip if she thinks she can climb up there and also you did get your hand patched up (or healed by paladin magic if these are those kinds of paladins) right
No. 119448 ID: e0499d

Never question good stuff!
And anyway, I bet Iegsip can go 'creed' on these guys if she's given a few materials...
Mainly a knife, her crossbow, and a decent idea of the layout...
If only we could mind link her...
(in the meanwhile; we could ask Grek and petal to roll in the canon support. It'll allow for better chances upon arrival. Especially cause this won't take a day to finish without it)
No. 119449 ID: d1b217

Disguise as criminals. Take off your armor, etc. But wear something like a scarf so the helianthus recognize you.
No. 119461 ID: c16184
File 126462620058.png - (169.38KB , 700x700 , c19-30.png )

You have come up with great strategies. I feel confident in our victory.

"Iesgip, do you think you will be able to scale the building?"
"Y-yes, sir."
"Then here is what I suggest we do: There is five of us armored and armed. We stick close in an offensive spearhead formation and drive into the mobs, while Iesgip climbs the building. Considering their behaviour so far the convicts will most likely retreat into the prison, but before they can come out Iesgip will lower the gate and disable the mechanism."
"Okay! Sounds like a plan. We'll follow your lead, sir Ridder."
"Thank you. Now, I do not want to waste time taking care of my injured hand. Are any of you capable of healing magic?"
"Yes, the Sungod blesses us with such powers, but we limit its use to stabilizing the mortally wounded."
No. 119462 ID: 3416ec

Is that sword going to be enough? It looks pretty... stubby.
No. 119463 ID: dd44af


Quick working weapon. Quick stab and slash, not meant for range.

Ridder's about to go Samurai Warrior.
No. 119464 ID: 8ce2bf

Unicode stare at them for being ridiculous. You're going to have to just let it bleed freely until you're able to properly clean and dress it
No. 119465 ID: 476456

"Fair enough, just make sure you get the hand if i'm mortally wounded."
No. 119466 ID: bffa2a

Better let them save that for those mortally wounded. Sounds like there might be couple before this is over. Might even be you.

Last instructions for Iegsip: If she finds out she can't do it or it's too risky then don't be a hero. Come back outside, find a safe escape route for us and fire a bolt over your heads to draw our attention. This will signal a retreat. Tell she is a skilled individual who is very important to the cause and you couldn't forgive yourself for losing her to this. Besides you would just come looking for her inside and most likely get killed in the process. Hopefully this will dissuade any uncalled for heroics on her part.

Tell you have the utmost trust in her judgement and decisions on this matter.
No. 119470 ID: 445c48
File 126462753563.png - (16.59KB , 551x421 , FaceFutaba_vectorized1.png )

Ask why. Maybe their god gets pissy if they heal too much, or maybe it takes away years from their life or something. If it's not something serious like this, then make this face.
No. 119471 ID: 445c48

Also patch your hand up, if they're not going to heal it. It might take time, but it's better than you passing out from blood loss in the fight.
No. 119476 ID: e653b5

>"Yes, the Sungod blesses us with such powers, but we limit its use to stabilizing the mortally wounded."

"Hand. Now."

Come on, you'll need it. Its that, or kicking.
No. 119492 ID: bb1955

Just ask why not. Don't be snippy unless they tell you a ridiculous reason. If it's valid then let it go.
No. 119493 ID: d1b217

Healing or kicking. You choose.
No. 119499 ID: c16184
File 126462962649.png - (155.58KB , 700x700 , c19-31.png )

"Why is that?"
"It wears us out quickly."

I can not risk having the spearhead unbalanced on either side. I'll let my hand bleed for now. The pain is nothing I can't deal with, and hopefully the fight will be over when I start feeling faint.

"Very well. Let's be off."

We form the spearhead as planned and advance across the square. Startled by our sudden appearance the convicts have no chance to react and we cut them down left and right.
After a moment they begin to retreat into the prison hall, yelling things such as:

"Don't try to kill them alone! There's five of them! If we do this all together we'll all never have to work again!"

When we are halfway across the square our advance slows down, but we are still able to push them back further.
No. 119506 ID: 3416ec


Hold the line!

No. 119507 ID: 476456

Keep pushan.
No. 119508 ID: c16184
File 126463085656.png - (139.13KB , 700x700 , c19-32.png )

Suddenly the sound of a chain shoots out of the prison.
A metal ball on a chain hits one of the Helianthus in the head. On the rebound the chains hits the female paladin in the neck, causing it to wrap around her. She manages to sound a desperate gagging sound.
The chain straightens as if pulled on from the other side.

No. 119509 ID: dd44af



No. 119510 ID: 51d0f5

Grab the chain and stop it from being pulled! Give her time and slack to unwrap it from her neck.
No. 119511 ID: 445c48

The other pally doesn't look too good either. Either pull out some hidden strength and cut that chain or something.
No. 119512 ID: 67c611

Do your best to get it untangled before she gets dragged away.
No. 119513 ID: 8ce2bf

Grab the ball and bring it the opposite way around the paladin to keep her from getting decapitated. Afterward, open your jaw as wide open as you can to terrify them into running into the jail faster. It'll help if you wipe the blood from your hand over your face.
No. 119515 ID: 476456

yes, unwrap it by the ball and tell her to keep swinging for dear life.
No. 119522 ID: 3416ec


Destrangulate the paladin! Quick!
No. 119527 ID: 476456

Alternatively, wrap your arms around her, grab the chain to give her some slack on it and tell her to pull with you, see if you can both wrench it out of whoever's hands.
No. 119532 ID: c16184
File 126463216097.png - (147.58KB , 700x700 , c19-33.png )

Grabbing the ball now would do no good for the paladin. Yes, I need to stop the pulling.
I quickly grab onto the chain and give it a powerful tug.

"I got you!"

Behind me I hear the ringing of the chain, followed by a relieved gasp.

"Th-thank you!"
No. 119533 ID: 51d0f5

What's at the other end?

If it's not something obviously stronger than you, give a harder yank.
No. 119534 ID: 67c611

Now let go before you get fucked up.
No. 119538 ID: 8ce2bf

Oh god don't do this your hand is going to get so fucked up already, just let go once she's free.
No. 119542 ID: f21281

>"I got you!"

But...who's got you?
No. 119548 ID: 51d0f5

If you let go of the chain, it'll only end up around someone else's neck.

I'm sorry if it messes up your hand. Just make certain to get medical attention as soon as the job's done.
No. 119551 ID: 8ce2bf

You'll be unlikely to keep a stronger grip on it than the person on the other hand, seeing as they were able to LAUNCH A FUCKING CHAINED BALL AT HIGH SPEEDS and you have a fucked up hand, and if you try you are very likely to cause permanent damage to your hand.
No. 119552 ID: 1d2d60

Indeed, we don't need to become Ridder "The Lefthanded," let the gentleman have his toy ball back, perhaps with some force of interest if you feel up to it?
No. 119554 ID: c16184
File 126463309960.png - (173.52KB , 700x700 , c19-34.png )

Very well. I--


No. 119557 ID: 3416ec


Hookay, this was a bad idea.
No. 119559 ID: f21281


No. 119561 ID: f21281

Erm. I mean Ridder.

Sorry, crossed the streams there, my bad.
No. 119562 ID: 445c48

This isn't going to end good.
No. 119565 ID: 3af198

If you're being pulled towards someone you might be able to use the momentum to knock them out.
No. 119566 ID: 3416ec


No. 119567 ID: c593ec

No. 119568 ID: a1ac99

Punch whatever is on the other end of that chain using your current momentum to make the hit hurt worse.

A preemptive strike is the only real chance we have to not, you know, die since we're currently unarmed.
No. 119569 ID: 8ce2bf

If you do this don't use your right hand to punch it for fuck's sake.
No. 119571 ID: 67c611

Congrats on failing to let go.
No. 119575 ID: 51d0f5

Mind crush.

Err, I mean, keep holding on.
No. 119576 ID: c16184
File 126463406924.png - (165.83KB , 700x700 , c19-35.png )

During my flight I calmly untangle my arms from the chain. The metal ball flies just past my head.
I crash into the dirty stone floor, making several rolls before coming to a stop. I prepare myself for severe beatings.. but they don't come.

I notice that the convicts have backed away, instead having formed a large circle around me and someone else.
Two blood caked blades stab the ground in front of me. It is accompanied by the ringing of chains.

"Hello, dear boy. How nice of you to drop in. Won't you introduce yourself?"
No. 119579 ID: 3416ec


*cue boss fight music*
No. 119582 ID: 51d0f5

Very slowly stand up.

"I am, unfortunately, unarmed."

Raise your hands as if to surrender, but then leap forwards and punch them really hard.
No. 119583 ID: 34470e

Is this dude someone you've dealt with before or something?
No. 119584 ID: 8ce2bf

You can't take this guy on it's not even remotely an option. You know that option we were going to do before? Because we're near The Deadly Curiosity? I think we could pull it off here. Calmly say your name and start stripping your armor off.
No. 119586 ID: 3416ec


Hell no. Keep the armor on. Start dodging blows.
No. 119599 ID: 1d2d60

"Ridder of M" if they ask the "M" stands for mercy. Then proceed with avoiding getting our collective ass kicked.
No. 119601 ID: 3416ec

Stand up. Ready your good hand for fisticuffs.
No. 119602 ID: c2f461

1: stand.
2: dust yourself off
3: introduce yourself properly
4: ask their name as you appraise them.

...they can plainly see you're unarmed.
No. 119603 ID: c16184
File 126463613712.png - (145.34KB , 700x700 , c19-36.png )

"I am Sir Ridder, knight-errant. Who are you?"

The person begins to circle me. The sounds of metal scraping along stone fills my ears.

"I'm Footsies. I'll be having the pleasure of killing you today."
No. 119607 ID: c2f461

She's cute. Or he. "Must we? I've been having a very trying day."
No. 119609 ID: 51d0f5

Say "You couldn't be more wrong."

Run up, dodge the inevitable attack of opportunity (watch the feet) and start punching him.

"You won't kill me, it won't be a pleasure, and that isn't your real name."
No. 119610 ID: 3416ec


Oh hell.
No. 119611 ID: 8ce2bf

Ask him how he got to be the biggest baddest leader of this motley gang of badasses. Immediately after, duck right and uppercut with your left hand into his thigh to knock him off balance. After he's off balance, grab his face with your right hand and get his eyes covered in your blood, hopefully blinding him, and slam him down.
No. 119612 ID: 6faa8c

Shit shit shit DO NOT PANIC.

Okay. Here's the situation:

1) we have a gimp hand.
2) this guy is really fucking strong to pull you in here.
3) he's got multiple attacks.
4) if you don't hurry the fuck up, you are boned, as Iesgip will lock you in.
No. 119614 ID: 1d2d60

I like this. This gentleman has the right idea (lets just not make a lier out of him.)
No. 119620 ID: 731dcd


Oh god, that's awesome. Okay Ridder. These are criminals and psychopaths with nothing to lose and everything to gain. Surrendering sounds like a good way to die right about now. But fighting is going to be damned difficult without a weapon.

Let's see this guys control in action. Back as close to the edge of the circle as feel comfortable without getting beaten by blood thirsty criminals. The goal here is to get Footsie to hurl that iron ball at you. Scary, I know, but if you can avoid this it should give us some options.

One of three things happens when he attacks.

1. He has amazing control and just hooks the ball in an arc.

2. He throws the ball straight for a killing blow, you dodge and the circle breaks as those behind you dodge out of the way.

3. Same scenario as above except the enemy behind you doesn't dodge. This is best case.

If 2 or 3 happen, you have a brief chance to escape. If 3 happens, you have the option to grab a weapon from a felled enemy. And if 1 happens, well, nothing gained. It's risky, but it's the best I can come up with here. Hope you're feeling dodgy, chief.
No. 119621 ID: e0499d

"oh yes... the high and mighty Footsie taking on an unarmed knight with a flail... Drop your weapon and fight with your fists weakling"

Time to smile again Rid'

Realistically, you need to hold this dude off long enough for Iegsip to Bolt this guys head with her crossbow. She's definately going to notice this considering there's a circle around you...
No. 119623 ID: c2f461

It's attached to his neck. He can't. Not permanently.
No. 119630 ID: 476456

Maybe more.

"Oh ho really, i seem to have lost my sword. But you arent a coward..are you?" Make sure you say it loud enough for everyone in the joint to hear, appearances are very important in prison.
No. 119631 ID: 8ce2bf

Jump up onto him and grab his face and eyes with your bloody hand, and punch him with your left hand, then jump backwards off of him before he can make a strike at you, so he ends up hitting himself.
No. 119634 ID: 1d2d60

Actually that loop is far to large to affix that to his head permanently... If anything its can only work to his disadvantage.
No. 119648 ID: c16184
File 126464036348.png - (127.68KB , 700x700 , c19-37.png )

That is right. I can not delay too long, or Iesgip will lock me in here.
I must open the offensive post haste.

I rush up to the assailant, careful as to avoid any attacks he may throw at me with his bladed legs.
I manage to deliver a solid punch into his thigh, forcing him to backstep. I take the oppertunity to launch myself at his face, which I grab with my right hand to blind him with my blood. I ready my left fist to punch when I feel his large hand firmly press my lower body against him.
He presses his large claw-like nail into my behind quite uncomfortably.

No. 119651 ID: f21281

Flex your ass and break his nail with your BUNS OF STEEEEEEEEEEL
No. 119652 ID: 51d0f5

Fistinate him.
No. 119653 ID: 3416ec


"Hey! Hands off the merchandise! And by merchandise, I mean... MY BUTT."
No. 119655 ID: 1d2d60

I would suggest trying to go over him (our of reach or his thumbclaws or a proper strike of his feetblades.)

Use the neck chain loop as a leverage point to go over him, and then slam him down on his back by pulling him backwards with you (likely followed by a knee to the neck, or just threaten to if you are feeling merciful/like bargaining.)
No. 119656 ID: a1ac99

Bad day, Ridder? Start punching or I guarantee it will get much, much worse.

More than that, though, slide your right down and try to gouge both of this guy's eyes out with your thumb and middle finger while struggling as much as you can. Kick, claw, scratch, bite(you have some, apparently, very sharp teeth), and punch until he either lets go or goes limp.
No. 119657 ID: 02fcb9

You seem to have good teeth, so while it might be rather uncivilised you could probably bite his neck, ripping an artery and causing a quick death.
No. 119659 ID: 445c48

Tell him to stop grabbing your ass, you don't swing that way.
No. 119660 ID: f50ab5

Whatever you do, try and stay clear of those legs of his. A kick in the gut could be deeply unpleasant.
No. 119661 ID: 6faa8c

holy shit this.
No. 119662 ID: ba41e5

This guy is essentially a humanoid bird, so he might have hollow bones. Can you see anything you could wield as a club?
No. 119664 ID: f50ab5

Wrap that chain around his neck and throttle him into submission.
No. 119665 ID: 3416ec

Back off and let him swing that ball chain around wildly. Cause some collateral damage.
No. 119666 ID: 8ce2bf

Grab the chain and loop it around his neck and then grip it as hard as you can while you scramble over his head and jump off and snap his neck with the chain with the power of your fall and your grip.
No. 119667 ID: f44349

It is tempting to just go full on assault but I have a feelign this advantage will be brief.
Take this opportunity to wrest control of the BALL 'N' CHAIN away from him.
It is attached to his bloody NECK.
If we can get the chain out of his hands he is kind of fucked.
No. 119669 ID: 02fcb9

He's also much bigger than Ridder, so fumbling with the chain is unlikely to end well. Also retreating now that we're too close for his weapons to work well would be foolish.

I don't suppose you have a knife or dagger for some face stabbing right?
No. 119678 ID: 6c28cf

My understanding is that he's not really supposed to, it's just the art style.
Recall that he dislocated his jaw looking impressive before.
No. 119679 ID: 02fcb9

He looks somewhat feline or perhaps canine, hence why i thought they might actually be there.
No. 119682 ID: badf27

Footsies is a nedynvor. Be careful of his sharp, swordlike feet. They are made of bone and the same material as fingernails are.
There is no honor lost in CLAWING OUT HIS EYES!
No. 119686 ID: 6c28cf

His race doesn't correlate to any real animal.
He has the build of a prey animal, though.
No. 119688 ID: 91ff85

Give into your bloodlust! Tear into his neck with your teeth!
No. 119693 ID: c16184
File 126464460335.png - (110.83KB , 700x700 , c19-38.png )

I force his eager mouth down between my legs as I put my feet on his arms. When I launch myself over him I slip my hand through the ring around his neck.
No. 119694 ID: 9e9b47


Yell "Yeah! Take it!"
No. 119696 ID: 6c28cf

>I force his eager mouth down between my legs
No. 119697 ID: c16184
File 126464478330.png - (115.11KB , 700x700 , c19-39.png )

As I come down behind him I throw all my weight onto the ring. I hear disturbing squishes and snaps right next to my ear, followed by gurgling and gagging.
The inmate's tail slams into me as he squirms helplessly. The metal cuts into my armpit, but I know this is hurting him more than me.

He arches his back, shuddering violently, one last time then stops moving.

No. 119698 ID: f03ca1

I was so worried this would end in ZOT
No. 119699 ID: 8ce2bf

Say "if anyone else wants to be taken down a peg, they can try and stop me. Sure, you might overpower me eventually, but do you feel lucky enough to not be one of the ones I kill?" then strut out of there.
No. 119701 ID: 67c611

Now, RUN, MOTHERFUCKER, RUN! Get out that gate before they kill you!
No. 119702 ID: 9e9b47


Call them all fags
No. 119703 ID: badf27
File 126464515481.png - (19.62KB , 481x504 , steexwow.png )

Holy shit.
No. 119704 ID: f21281
File 126464521626.jpg - (22.39KB , 300x400 , 1.jpg )

Looks like our friend here...
No. 119706 ID: f21281
File 126464521929.jpg - (44.60KB , 350x500 , 2.jpg )

No. 119707 ID: f21281
File 126464522356.jpg - (112.29KB , 676x1024 , 3.jpg )

...just got himself collared.
No. 119708 ID: f21281
File 126464522641.jpg - (52.47KB , 520x347 , 4.jpg )

No. 119709 ID: 1d2d60

I think this is the part where you stand up with arms spread wide and ask if this amuses them.. before booking it stylishly of course.
No. 119711 ID: 51d0f5


Stomp out the front gate.
No. 119716 ID: bb1955

Nice distraction, but you're on a time limit. Flee!
No. 119717 ID: e9b708

Don't forget an intimidating smile to shake their nerves.
No. 119719 ID: 934ef5

Don't dare, just GO.

But first, a glance to see what become of the paladins. I assume the worst but lets at least try and confirm it.
No. 119720 ID: c2f461

Only remove the nedynvoir if it becomes a hindrance. Nothing intimidates more than dragging a dead foe along with you. And most likely, they would be recognizable, since they chose him to fight you.
No. 119721 ID: 705b6e

"Whos next?!"

Start jerking your head around as if looking for someone to attack, pick someone between you and the door. Point to them and say "You." They will be stunned with fear and everyone else around them will run away. Then dash out the fucking gate.
No. 119722 ID: 02fcb9

Creepy smile, walk out the door calmly. Hopefully they'll be busy shitting their pants and will not try to stop you.
No. 119723 ID: c16184
File 126464622156.png - (98.58KB , 700x700 , c19-40.png )

I release my arm from the ring and get up to lift Footsies' limp body and toss him at the ring. Intimidated by his blade-like feet the ring breaks up.

In the distance I hear creaking and grinding.
The gate is going down.

No. 119724 ID: 67c611

Too much overconfidence
Not enough fleeing

Get moving now or you are going to be stuck in the yard when the gate closes.
No. 119725 ID: 67c611

And I'm too late to make a difference.
No. 119726 ID: 02fcb9

Okay, leg it!
No. 119729 ID: 934ef5

No. 119730 ID: f44349

Run, you motherfucker, run!
No. 119733 ID: 1d2d60

GTFO, we don't have time for autographs!
No. 119734 ID: 8ce2bf

You are too hardcore to make a mad dash, strut like a badass to the gate.
No. 119736 ID: 694801

Rings broken?
No. 119737 ID: bb1955

No. 119739 ID: 3416ec

No. 119744 ID: c16184
File 126464761095.png - (71.79KB , 700x700 , c19-41.png )

I dash across and leap over Footsies' body, but as I am airborne I feel something grab around my foot and soon I slam into the ground.
No. 119745 ID: c16184
File 126464763799.png - (89.46KB , 700x700 , c19-42.png )

But help arrives from an unexpected source.
No. 119746 ID: 1d2d60

No. 119747 ID: 3416ec

No. 119748 ID: 1831fc

No. 119749 ID: 694801


No. 119751 ID: 67c611

Pick her up and run for it.
No. 119752 ID: bb1955

No. 119753 ID: 8ce2bf

no don't say that ridder what is wrong with you that is like the worst thing you could say you're just a bad person get out of there and bring sticks with you unless you think she belongs in jail just because she did a little pickpocketing wow you are a fucking prick ridder telling her you don't love her again and throwing her in jail with a bunch of deadly hardened criminals what the fuck is wrong with you goddamn
No. 119756 ID: 445c48

Shout "Let's go!" and then get the fuck out of dodge. I'm sure she can run faster than you can carry her. She's the rogue, after all! But, then again, she's got some stubby legs.
No. 119761 ID: c16184
File 126464864671.png - (87.83KB , 700x700 , c19-43.png )

I grab her without a word and run to the gate.
I pass a number of convicts rushing to get inside, perhaps because they think one of theirs is closing the gate.
We reach the other side just as it grinds shut.

It looks like the paladins held their own succesfully.

No. 119762 ID: f21281

Hold sticks under one arm, look around calmly, then announce:

"...where is my helmet."
No. 119763 ID: 02fcb9

That's an... interesting way to carry Sticks. Ask if everybody is okay, then thank Sticks.
No. 119766 ID: bd36a1

Spike Sticks
Do an endzone victory dance

wait... that's probably a bad idea
No. 119767 ID: 1831fc



No. 119769 ID: e3f578

I think its important to introduce Sticks to these Paladins before they impale her with her swords... just in case.
No. 119773 ID: d1b217

Oh god she's pregnant
Ridder, you have a great responsibility now. You're going to have a nice family with someone. Are you happy?
Oh, I'm so glad for you Ridder-chan!
No. 119774 ID: 445c48

No. 119775 ID: 1d2d60

errhhh let not jump to conclusions here... halflings are always kinda chubby. Cats too.
No. 119776 ID: c16184
File 126465004158.png - (111.77KB , 700x700 , c19-44.png )

"I can't believe you made it!"
The paladin cries out as she approaches us. I put Sticks down and pause to catch my breath.
"Is everyone okay?"
"Yes- Well, that iron ball hit Manhammer pretty hard. He would've been a goner if we hadn't reserved our healing power. Apart from that, just a few scratches and bruises. Right?"
The other paladins nod in agreement.
"That's good to hear. And Sticks.. Thank you, Sticks."
"Heh~ When T'lear told me you went to Sepia Town I knew you were in trouble~"
No. 119777 ID: badf27

"Sticks, are you...

Are you pregnant?"
No. 119779 ID: 9e9b47


DAAAAAAYUM girl you got FAT
No. 119781 ID: 49d6d7

Accidentally fall on Sticks in all your exhaustion and pierce her jumpsuit with your conical steel hard erection so that it juicily slurps into her sweaty vagina.
No. 119782 ID: f44349

Damn sticks is gettin' kind chubb- wait where is Iegsip.
Find out where Iegsip is.
No. 119784 ID: 3cccf3

Damn, Sticks is pretty agile for A fatcat!
No. 119785 ID: 934ef5

Start to ask about her apparent... condition, but don't discuss it further until you two have some privacy.
No. 119786 ID: 1d2d60

uhmm... well this is awkward... I suppose...

also.. did Iesgip make it out/down?
No. 119787 ID: 02fcb9

This first. Pregnancy tests later.
No. 119788 ID: 8ce2bf

Better get something done with your hand and any other injuries you've racked up. Did Iesgip bring anything for injuries? Maybe some herbs to increase bloodflow or something, like that potion from the Fangs, to make up for all that blood you lost. Take off some of your armor, the fighting's over and you could use some less weight and heat on you.
No. 119791 ID: 694801

Where's the kobold? >.>;;
No. 119792 ID: 632862

Don't embarrass Sticks in front of everyone. Go and make sure Iesgip gets down safely.
No. 119794 ID: 445c48

Look for Iegsip. Talking to her about her fatness will be done later, by us, via ring.

Manhammer, eh, sounds like a bad penis joke.
No. 119795 ID: 1d2d60

I suppose we do owe Sticks some kind of apology for being so.. "blunt" perhaps?
No. 119801 ID: 34470e

Be sure to pick up your helmet. I'm pretty sure it's on this side of the gate.
No. 119804 ID: c16184
File 126465265294.png - (90.32KB , 700x700 , c19-45.png )

It looks to me like Sticks has simply gained some weight.. but then, I have very little knowledge of actual pregnancies.
I better be subtle.

"Sticks.. Have you returned to tell me something?"
"Yep. I've been thinking a lot.. You know, I was pretty damn angry at you and your stupid ideals.. but you know what? I love you and your stupid stupid ideals, you bastard. And you know what else? I'll make you fall in love with me for real! None of that shortcut stuff. I'll make sure your heart knows no one but me!"
"H-hey! I.. M-me too!"
No. 119805 ID: c16184
File 126465265563.png - (82.18KB , 700x700 , c19-46.png )

"Ha! Are you sure you're up for this, Iesgip?"
"Y-yes. I.. I love sir Ridder too."
"Then we shall we be rivals in love! May the best girl get the boy."
No. 119806 ID: f21281


Ridder facepalm self.
No. 119807 ID: 4ce1b0

Facepalm Sticks and Iesgip
No. 119808 ID: 3416ec

Sigh a big sigh an walk off into the sunset.
No. 119809 ID: 1d2d60

uhmmm. oh wow... I told you Ridder.
No. 119812 ID: f44349

Ohhh boy.
You just can't catch a break when it comes to love, can you?
Just hope that their rivalry remains friendly.
No. 119814 ID: f21281

Man, you may have sworn off love, but goddamn if it isn't as determined to get you than ever before.
No. 119815 ID: 8ce2bf

"Now ladies, no need to fight, I don't want to fuck either flatty manhands or fatty hamhands."
No. 119816 ID: 02fcb9

I thought you were supposed to get the girl AFTER defeating the great evil, or just before the last fight, and here you already had one and now have that one and another trying to seduce you...
No. 119817 ID: 6c28cf

I have a feeling this may result in a polyamorous relationship.

This will likely become problematic in the future, but in the meanwhile, there's nothing to do about it.
No. 119819 ID: e3f578

Dammit, I wanted PetalxRidder to be OTP... if the relationships were all that important to me.

I mean who the hell are we going to get Petal with?
No. 119820 ID: 445c48

Facepalm with your left hand. Ask the Pallies if there's anything else you can do for them and will someone please patch up my hand before I bleed to death goddamn.
No. 119821 ID: 694801

We have bigger problems than our sex life.
No. 119823 ID: f52552

Hey Ridder.

No. 119825 ID: 445c48


Anyways, this relationship talk can be done later, in private. We've probably still got work to do, peasants to spear, you know.
No. 119826 ID: 1d2d60

Maybe that bug guy...but elves and gobbos' live long so Petal is probably in no hurry to hook up?
No. 119829 ID: 8ce2bf

Ask Iesgip if she brought any herbs or bandages and some water that could be used to cleanse and bandage your hand. Only say it really happily with your mouth wide open.
No. 119830 ID: 34470e

This without the mouth opening part.
No. 119833 ID: e3f578

this is just like one of my Japanese animes
No. 119834 ID: c593ec

Ask for some healing. They seem content to play their little game and you have bigger concerns right now. If anything it just means they'll be more loyal, attentive, and responsive to your plans. Nothing wrong with them wanting to prove themselves.
No. 119837 ID: 632862

"I'm not a prize."
No. 119838 ID: 0e252b

Tell them to bugger off, Ridder. One of them is an overly manly/subservient kobold, and one of them is an overly horny catfolk ("Also, he feels a hand on his leg").

Just go after Petal. I mean, damn.
No. 119839 ID: 1963d1

Steady now, old bean. Just because these two have sworn to make you their own doesn't mean you have to give in to their advances.
No. 119842 ID: 476456

Time to remind sticks how much iesgip looks like a boy.
No. 119844 ID: 1d2d60

Petal? truly I doubt it...

anyhow... as long as they keep it civil and don't let it interfere with work this could be quite.. "interesting" no?
No. 119845 ID: 02fcb9

Might want to tell them to not take things too far. It's not like you can prevent them from trying, but it shouldn't cause trouble to anybody.
No. 119849 ID: c16184
File 126465534637.png - (73.30KB , 700x700 , c19-47.png )

I can't help but crack a dim smile at their most sincere efforts and feelings. Eventhough I do not agree to become some sort of prize it fills me with happiness to see that they are willing to compete yet remain friendly with eachother.
These two girls are so kind. I wish their hearts will never be broken again.

I place my hand on their handshake, easily cupping both of their hands.

"I accept your challenge, as long as it brings you happiness. At the first sign of pain caused by it I will call it off."
"Alright, alright, though it's not like you have any say in it~"

We remain like that for a moment...
No. 119851 ID: c16184
File 12646553523.png - (111.60KB , 700x700 , c19-48.png )

...when we suddenly feel a fourth hand joining us.
The paladin stands there in awkward silence, until she finally explains her decision.

"I know I won't stand much of a chance, but.. you don't find guys like this anywhere."
"Well I can't fault you for your taste~"

..Perhaps it is not as simple as I thought it would be.
No. 119855 ID: 8ce2bf

paladin pls go
No. 119856 ID: 02fcb9

Goddamnit Ridder.
No. 119857 ID: f21281



Something is seriously amiss here. You're having women falling for you right and left. Now, I'm not saying you're ugly, but you're not exactly the most handsome man in the universe. This is crazy.

I'm suspecting an outside influence. Possibly magical in origin. Maybe those rings do more than just allow transfer of thoughts? Maybe they have a subtle imbuement to boost the sexual attraction that one normally puts out?
No. 119859 ID: 1d2d60

I tooolllld yoooouu ahahahahah...
No. 119860 ID: 34470e

Wow. Muschio's right. Girls DO fall for you left and right.
No. 119861 ID: 02fcb9

She didn't fall for his looks.

Or maybe she's a furry who wanted an excuse.
No. 119863 ID: 49d6d7

No. 119864 ID: 02fcb9

Paladin x Petal?
No. 119865 ID: 8ce2bf

I beg to differ on "you're not exactly the most handsome man in the universe."
No. 119867 ID: e3f578
File 126465585513.gif - (38.81KB , 347x347 , Mung-Daal.gif )

Ladies, Ladies, please
No. 119868 ID: 694801

Whos that? Initiate Manhammer?
Is a he or a she? >.>;;
No. 119869 ID: 192956

Thus Ridder starts a Harrem.
No. 119870 ID: 445c48

That IS the girl paladin, right?
No. 119873 ID: 934ef5

Dear lord, do we even know her name? She's not the same one who beat up Grey, is it?

No. 119874 ID: 632862

>The paladin stands there in awkward silence, until she finally explains her decision.
No. 119879 ID: bf6385
File 126465733376.jpg - (149.65KB , 800x600 , realGirlfriend_04.jpg )

Does it matter?

I mean, really?
No. 119880 ID: 1831fc
File 12646579001.jpg - (20.84KB , 319x400 , AustinPowers1.jpg )



Yeah Baby, Yeah.
No. 119891 ID: b5cd4d

It's official, Ridder leaks pheromones like a faucet.
No. 119893 ID: 1831fc


...what if Ridder has the Nymph's Jinx?
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