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File 126427652446.png - (152.77KB , 700x700 , c18-1.png )
117174 No. 117174 ID: c16184

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No. 117175 ID: c16184
File 126427658943.png - (216.18KB , 700x700 , c18-2.png )

Stupid White Fang. Stupid Fangs!
I don't need them.

No. 117176 ID: badf27

So, um.

To the other Voices: We need to act differently towards Grey. She's clearly going to have a way different psyche than anyone we've met before. Don't fuck this up!
No. 117177 ID: 9d07d9

Oh hey Grey

remember us?
No. 117178 ID: 4ce1b0

They are stupid for naming you a color aren't they?
No. 117180 ID: a56bd0

Hello Grey... remember us? We remember you. Remember that though the queen is the most powerful piece on the board, the game is over when the king is lost.

Grey, it's time to stop playing games.
No. 117187 ID: c16184
File 126427779248.png - (242.84KB , 700x700 , c18-3.png )

Yeah! Grey Fang is a stupid name!
White Fang is stupid.

No. 117188 ID: a56bd0

Do you have a real name?
No. 117193 ID: 8ce2bf

Hey Grey where are you and what are you doing?
No. 117196 ID: c2c011

Of course they were stupid. They're almost all dead after all and you're not. Just goes to show that you were better than all of them.

But what you're doing now is counterproductive. If you want to achieve your goals now you must be patient. You must let them clothe you, stop screaming at them and stop trying to break free and trying to kill them.

Trust me and I will help you improve yourself. And you will get your chance at revenge.
No. 117198 ID: f21281

How about...Silver Fang!

Steel Fang?
No. 117215 ID: a38999

How about

No. 117220 ID: c16184
File 126428100595.png - (255.02KB , 700x700 , c18-4.png )

My name is Geppa!
I'm standing outside the camp because everyone is having lunch but I can't have any because White Fang is angry that I killed the prisoners. I told him that predators don't take prisoners! And he said that predators also don't set things on fire but he is dumb because fire is also a predator and we hunt together.
Stupid White Fang!
I'm hungry!

No. 117221 ID: a38999

Eat stupid white fang he deserves it.
No. 117222 ID: f44349

Ahh memories...
Tell us a bit about your camp, Geppa.
Maybe you'll even find some food to sneak away while we are looking around!
No. 117223 ID: e3f578

Uhh, you wanna be a predator?
No. 117225 ID: f50ab5

Predators eat things, yes. But predators also have to be patient. Predators have to be cunning. Predators have to pay attention, and wait for the right moment.
No. 117234 ID: c593ec

Goddamn this chapter is going to be depressing as hell and end with Gray being savagely abused and beaten within an inch of her life until her mind snaps.

Fuckfuckfuckfuck goddammit
No. 117248 ID: 67c611

Troll sense tingling.
No. 117258 ID: 1d375b

She seems fairly unstable to begin with.
No. 117270 ID: c16184
File 126428627494.png - (200.12KB , 700x700 , c18-5.png )

I am a predator, stupid!
We are the Fangs. We travel the desert and kill people for other people who have lots of money. Sometimes it's the same people.
I can't eat White Fang. He's too big. Also he can find water and food and make these little bushes grow real fast and stuff. Also he looks disgusting. He is all white and his eyes are kind of pink and stuff.
Next to him are Black Fang, who is really really really big and super strong, and then Green Fang who can hide really good, and then Violet Fang who is the only other girl and everyone is in love with her and she can make potions and stuff, and then there's Red Fang who is super super super fast so he always picks on Black Fang , and then there's Blue Fang who is always lying and tricking me but it's funny when he is tricking someone else, and then there's Orange Fang who is always reading books so he is really boring and probably stupid.
White Fang tells them to be treat me like a little sister but I know that they all think I'm crazy and dont wanna talk to me. Well I think they're stupid.

No. 117271 ID: 67c4c1

Well, you might think yourself predator, but you know what IS to be a predator?

Where's Yellow?
No. 117274 ID: e0499d

We don't think you're crazy. We think you just have a different view from them...
Black fang definately thinks of you as a sister though...
No. 117275 ID: a56bd0

What if you are crazy? Also, I notice you didn't seem to mention a certain other fang?
No. 117281 ID: c16184
File 126428768946.png - (254.26KB , 700x700 , c18-6.png )

I know I'm not crazy! Being a predator is killing and eating and stuff and consuming everything ever like fire. You're stupid!

"Hello, little sister."
"Ah- You startled me, Yellow."
"Won't you call me 'big brother'? Here.. I saved you part of my meal. I promise I didn't do anything weird to it."
No. 117288 ID: c0f3bf

Eat it. He didn't do anything weird to it.
No. 117294 ID: 67c4c1

Neh, thats more like being like Fire. Where di you learn to be a Predator?
No. 117298 ID: 8ce2bf

Have you ever tried something other than being a predator?
No. 117301 ID: 3416ec


Why would he say he didn't do anything to it if he didn't do anything to it?

Sounds fishy to me.
No. 117309 ID: e9b708

Is Yellow normally nice to you?
You can try eating only a little to see if it makes you feel strange first, if you don't trust him.
No. 117312 ID: f44349

But just killing and eating everything is stupid! You'll run out of food! Or die!
Real predators are smart! They plan and make nice with people. Until they get hungry that is...
But predators are dumb anyways! You'll just end up all alone. Everyone will run and the other predators will fight you.
No. 117314 ID: f50ab5


Being a predator takes a lot more than just killing and eating and consuming. Any stupid thing can consume and devour something that's right there. But what happens when they've consumed everything nearby? They run out of food, and starve and die. Now that's stupid.

Predators have to hunt and stalk and catch things first. They have to be smart, and sneaky, and patient. They have to know when to lie in wait, quiet and still, until the time is right for them to pounce.

Then they can kill and devour. But not before.
No. 117319 ID: f50ab5


Thank him for saving you some food.

Tell us about Yellow Fang, Geppa.
No. 117320 ID: c16184
File 126428970099.png - (224.66KB , 700x700 , c18-7.png )

You're all a bunch of stupids and I'm not going to listen to you anymore!
Well I guess I can listen to you when you say I should accept the food because that seems pretty not so stupid.

"Don't mind White Fang, little sister. His time is running out. You see, he made the Fangs so all the little lost gnolls could have a family. Now he's trying to impress powerful men so we can have a home too. But he doesn't understand that's not what we do.. You do, don't you? You did good killing those diplomats.. But next time I suggest you have a little fun with them first."
No. 117322 ID: f21281

In before rape.
No. 117323 ID: 0a273b

Yellow is Creepy, I don't like him.
No. 117325 ID: c0f3bf

Yellow is creepy, you should tell him so.
No. 117326 ID: 3416ec


Bad touch! Bad touch! BAD TOUCH!

Yellow is extremely creepy, Geppa. I doubt he has your (or anyone's) best interests at heart.
No. 117327 ID: 9d07d9

Fun? As in torturing them first?
No. 117328 ID: 34470e

Ask him what "fun" is.
No. 117329 ID: f44349

(God this guy is creeping me out.
Also he appears to be one of the main causes of Grey's derangement.)

So... Geppa... Tell us about Yellow.
No. 117340 ID: 655d51

Yellow is not your friend
No. 117343 ID: c16184
File 126429149293.png - (280.41KB , 700x700 , c18-8.png )

Yellow is usually very nice to me even when the others aren't but he also doesn't fight with the others about me so I don't know. He is nice to everyone. He is also the best fighter I think because White Fang is always very proud of him and the others sometimes get a little jealous and stuff.

"What do you mean fun?"
"I'll show you some time. But first we'll take care of old White Fang."
"You're creepy, big brother."
"And you are just so cute.."
"Eeewww! S-stop that! I just ate!"
"Can't I show my little sister I love her?"
"N.. N-no!"
No. 117344 ID: c16184
File 126429152452.png - (207.71KB , 700x700 , c18-9.png )

"Alright, alright.. Now, not a word to the others about this. It's our little secret."
No. 117346 ID: 655d51

No. 117347 ID: f50ab5


Yellow's nice to everyone, even the people who aren't his friends.

Which means that if he's nice to you, it doesn't mean he's really your friend.

Secrets are stupid.
No. 117348 ID: 0a273b

Because this isn't happening, it's already happened. This is what happened, this is the childhood she had.
No. 117349 ID: 34470e

Do you realize how much Yellow Fang would be hurt if Geppa reveals this secret?
No. 117351 ID: f44349

>It's our little secret

Also listen to this one. He's smart.
No. 117352 ID: f50ab5


You realise how much he'll hurt Geppa if she doesn't?
No. 117353 ID: 1831fc

Rape incoming.
No. 117358 ID: 34470e

Do you realize nothing can change the past?
No. 117359 ID: badf27


No. 117364 ID: 445c48

He's creepy as fuck. I suggest you not associate with this man in the future.
No. 117365 ID: 8ce2bf

This is not the past, this is Grey hallucinating on drugs.
No. 117366 ID: f50ab5

Yellow thinks you're stupid. Yellow thinks you're easy to trick. Yellow thinks he can control you by pretending to like you. Yellow thinks you can't decide stuff for yourself.

Yellow thinks that just because he gives you food you'll do what he says.

Is that what predators do? Obey whoever gives them food?

Sounds pretty stupid to me.
No. 117368 ID: c16184
File 126429333367.png - (251.91KB , 700x700 , c18-10.png )

I dunno. If I tell anyone then White Fang will be real angry at Yellow for giving me food and maybe he'll be angry at me too and Yellow Fang is the only one who is nice to me and doesn't like White Fang too and he says I know how to be a predator unlike you!

So I'll keep him as my big bro.

No. 117370 ID: c16184
File 126429334913.png - (157.76KB , 700x700 , c18-10-paused.png )

We'll be a good family.

No. 117376 ID: 655d51

We had a good conversation...
No. 117608 ID: edae44

That explains so god-darnedly much...
No. 117621 ID: 632862

You can't call Yellow your brother. You already have one.
No. 117631 ID: edae44


Allright, this is one of her memories. We've got a grasp of what happened now. We're supposed to guide her out of this closed loop, not simply bash whatever she says with no-no-no.

Or she'll just ignore us.

I probably shouldn' have said this aloud...

But we could start pointing out that Yellow is dead.
No. 117675 ID: e0499d

We must take her to Yellow's grave when we can...
We killed him... Right?
No. 117706 ID: c2c011

Ah that explains alot. Just remember my advice little gnoll. Be patient and calm. I will tell you when the time comes to reveal yourself again.
No. 117752 ID: 1d2d60

I agree here, right now she seems to be simply replaying memories and our denials of her actions are not cutting through (probably for several reasons.)

We should try to be more diplomatic, more careful, (I find it hilarious sometimes that 'we' of all people criticize Ridder as undiplomatic.)

She is an unbalanced predator (desiring to destroy and consume everything without thought beyond the immediate.)

Also, it seems that she has been so bent and twisted over time that the most likely treatment to effect her is to shatter her and just start over. However, she seems very resilient so we have to find her cornerstone, the foundation of her current outlook and break that.

The great difficulty is that complex reasoning is unlikely to work here, in many ways Geppa (let's make a note and tell Ridder and the others to never call her 'Grey' again... there seems little worth preserving of the Grey persona.. she seems to need a total rebuild, a clean wipe down to the foundation) is a petulant, almost feral child who was never forced to grow up (hmmm... am I sensing a running theme of "character ethical immaturity" around here?)
No. 117753 ID: edae44

I wonder if it started the day she killed her brother.

I wonder if it was Yellow's idea.
No. 117859 ID: c16184
File 126436354897.png - (233.82KB , 700x700 , c18-11.png )

Black Fang left today. Everyone is upset.

"We will not hunt him down. I want you to stay with the Fangs out of love for your brethren, not out of fear."
"But all this time 'e ate wi' us, slept wi' us.. He was lyin'!"
"If you feel hurt talk about it. If you feel uncomfortable doing so, write it down. Do not go about killing like a savage."

White Fang is being stupid as always.
No. 117860 ID: 3016cb

You know why did he leave?
No. 117862 ID: 9d07d9

Forget him. Black isn't a predator. He wasn't worthy to be a Fang.
No. 117863 ID: f21281

Well dear, you know what you have to do now.

Burn the camp down.

No. 117865 ID: 8ce2bf

Why do you think that White Fang is stupid? Did Yellow tell you that he was?
No. 117866 ID: 67c611

<Blaank> Something about the physically weak fighting with things other than violence.
<Blaank> And they still accomplish the same goals.
<Blaank> Even violence can be done in diffeent ways. Guts and Griffith.
<Blaank> Grey doesn't know about Guts and Griffith.
<Blaank> We could compare them to the violence / non-violence argument.
<Blaank> Same goal, different methods.

[Let's just pretend that she knows who Guts and Griffith are for this little metaphor.]
No. 117868 ID: c16184
File 126436532383.png - (247.01KB , 700x700 , c18-12.png )

Yeah, stupid Black. I think we should hunt him down and kill him and stuff. But no one asks me what I think.
Black Fang left because he didn't like fighting for other people that he didn't care about but White Fang says it's so we can make friends and get a home.
White Fang is stupid because he doesn't want me to be like fire. He wants me to be all neat and he keeps saying when we make friends I'll get to be a lady.

"He really doesn't know anything, does he, little sister?"
"Huh? No, he's stupid. White Fang is stupid."
"Now now, not so loud or the others will hear you. But don't worry. Tonight you'll have the chance to meet him alone and you can let him know just how you feel."
No. 117876 ID: 8ce2bf

Fire is dangerous, Grey. Fire doesn't discriminate between friend and foe. Fire destroys everything. Would you like to be all alone because a fire killed all the fangs?
Remember that White Fang took you in when you were young and had nowhere to go, and tried to get everyone to treat you like a little sister.
No. 117879 ID: c16184
File 126436701160.png - (237.94KB , 700x700 , c18-13.png )

You shut up. Fire is amazing.

"Yes, Yellow?"
"About tonight's mission.. I will take Black Fang's place."
"Absolutely not. It will be far too dangerous now that we are missing a number."
"But then the mission.."
"Hm. I shall go in his place. You must take over my role. Can you do that?"
"Certainly, Father. What about Grey?"
"What about her?"
"I am afraid I will make a mistake, resulting in her injury. She is still young."
"Yes, that's true. I wanted to give her more responsibilities, but that will have to wait. She can watch over the camp for now."
"All alone?"
"She is not a retard, Yellow. She is very competent."
"Oh, yes. I just care a lot for her."
"And I am glad you do, Yellow."

Yellow smiles at me.
No. 117881 ID: 8ce2bf

Did your brother do something to you, Geppa? Why did you kill him?
No. 117882 ID: 192956

Stupid yellow fang is painting you as a retard who can't take care of herself are you going to let him do that?
No. 117885 ID: e0499d

Yellow's being dumb. He wants you to stay behind cause he thinks you're dumb. Are you going to let him do that? White wanted you to be a predator. Yellow is just tricking you. Yellow is a tricky bastard who's trying to trick you into not being a predator
No. 117887 ID: c16184
File 126436872197.png - (304.98KB , 700x700 , c18-14.png )

My brother didn't do anything to me.
But he cheated.

"Grey? Grey, you came after all. Did you get seperated from the others? It's alright. Stay close to me, Grey, we will get through this. Just this one mission and the duke will grant us a patch of land with a fortress on it. Then you will never have to fight again."

He wasn't a real friend of fire, not like me
No. 117889 ID: a38999

White is wise, Yellow wants to trick you into sex.
No. 117892 ID: a56bd0

It looks like White wanted to trust you with more responsibilities. Looks like he thought highly of your skills.

Also, Fire 'is' amazing, it keeps us warm, it cooks our food, it refines our weapons and makes our metal strong, it lights up out paths, it dances beautiful for us... It does so many things.

Are you like fire Geppa?
No. 117894 ID: c16184
File 126436934288.png - (192.83KB , 700x700 , c18-15.png )

My and fire hunt together and we destroy and consume and kill and maim and so many things together.
We're the best of friends, you know.

The fire eats White Fang.

No. 117896 ID: a38999

Well, that clears up a lot of things, Greppa.
No. 117897 ID: c16184
File 126436975683.png - (248.11KB , 700x700 , c18-16.png )

The fire eats mama and papa.
No. 117898 ID: 1831fc


A sword to the heart would be a humane ending.

Her mind was gone from an early age. I don't think there is anything left but the beast.

Still. Geppa, would you tell me why fire burns?
No. 117899 ID: a38999

Awesome, Grey. That's my girl!
No. 117901 ID: c16184
File 126437015471.png - (230.04KB , 700x700 , c18-17.png )

The fire eats Yellow.
No. 117902 ID: a38999

Fire is indeed awesome.
No. 117904 ID: a56bd0

The fire eats everything you love Geppa.
No. 117905 ID: c50a92

Yellow was no predator. He lost to something you can control. He was weaker than you; he was stupid. The worst part is that he thought you were stupid when he made you do things. Are you stupid, Geppa? Are you going to listen to someone who was consumed by fire, your fire?

And, since he was so stupid, maybe he was wrong about a few things. He told you White was stupid, that all you and the Fangs are good for is killing. Remember that a stupid weakling told you these things, Geppa.

Think about it. You are stronger and smarter than he ever was. You don't have to believe him anymore.
No. 117906 ID: c16184
File 126437087876.png - (250.54KB , 700x700 , c18-18.png )

But the fire never eats Geppa.
No. 117908 ID: 1831fc

You are not fire, Geppa.

You are a Gnoll. A gnoll who was first raised by her parents, then by a good person.

Three of your loved ones are dead by your hands, Geppa. Tell us why you burn things.
No. 117910 ID: a38999

Well then, move on.
No. 117913 ID: 3016cb

... what happened to your brother, Geppa?
No. 117914 ID: 1831fc


She burned him. Probably around the time she started to see if fire would not burn her.
No. 117920 ID: 9e9b47

Jump into fire. Burn sins away.
No. 117921 ID: 15f6d6

No. 117922 ID: 4ce1b0

No. 117926 ID: 62489a

Yeah, I think green has the right idea. Self-sacrifice is by far the best option.
No. 117931 ID: a56bd0

What... stop getting all drama guys just because we aren't seeing the answers.

Maybe we didn't ask the right questions. Lets review what we learned. Seems like survivor's guilt coupled with feelings of invulnerability and an excessive need for freedom, and the desire to consume.

Perhaps you Geppa loves fire because it ate everyone who loved her and who she loved?

You are what you eat... and the fire ate them. Geppa is also what one would call a fire-eater (her little fire-blowing trick.) Maybe some kind of weird cycle of consumption (remember her word about being a predator and eating everything.)
No. 117938 ID: 1831fc


I like this train of thought, but unless Ridder or Muschio (Or god forbid, us) finds a way to crack the shell of psychosis, we're going to to be a wind blowing at the mountains.

It will take to long. There has to be something we can say, or that Ridder/Muschio can do that would pierce the that shell and lay her psyche bare for us to piece together.

She lost her parents to fire. She lost her brother to fire. She killed White Fang with fire. She killed Yellow Fang with fire.

She is vicious, partially due to the loss, partially due perhaps to something like us - A form of psychosis - goading her all the time. It is what Ridder says we are to him, at least. His own voice, fractured, berating, and at times reassuring.

I cannot actively suggest that Ridder go about doing anything, however. The poor lad's got enough to worry about. I would like Black Fang to talk with her. I'd like to be in his mind and have him talk with her, guide him through the motions and see if a fellow fang couldn't get to her.

As for Muschio? I'm not sure... He might be able to deal with her, but I'm worried. He might hand her off to Dompag, and while that may fix one problem, it will certain cause a thousand more...
No. 117986 ID: a56bd0

hmmm... on second thought we may be seeing some kind control issues here as well. Remember what she liked about Buster was the ability to control him, also compare with her desire to be a queen. She rebels against us when we try to control her.

Everyone fire killed had power over her in one way or another (her parent's, Grey, even Yellow.) Fire doesn't like being controlled, but in the end not even she could control fire (Yellow's death) despite it being her friend.

To Geppa, power is all about being exercised (she was angry because Ridder "didn't" rape though when he had it within his power.) It frustrates her how little is within her control.
No. 118002 ID: c593ec

She feels bad for a number of reasons. Survivor's guilt seems prime among them. Fire has eaten away everything she loved, but it hasn't taken her. In this way she views it as a kind of friend, the one thing that's been there all along. The one thing she has left.
We were right when we told Ridder he couldn't kill her. All the misery and suffering and persecution she's lived through, the abuse at the hands of her so-called friends and her new family. It's horrible.

But now we have a chance to turn that around. To separate her from her fixation on fire. Or perhaps even turn it from a destructive force into a productive one. I don't know quite how we can approach this, or how much progress we'll get before we have to hand her over to the Prince, but dammit, this is our chance to start healing the scars so deep-set in her psyche. We can't just tell her she's wrong, we can't treat this burn victim turned arsonist like some animal. We have to lead by showing. It will take time. It will take a lot of deep thinking. But we have a real chance here.

Do you hear that? It's destiny calling.
No. 118011 ID: 8ce2bf

Ridder, I think something you need to do for Geppa is keep her company at the least so she isn't alone with her thoughts. For most of her life she's had the bad influence of Yellow Fang, maybe we can replace him and get her to consider another way. We can start small and get her thinking we actually care about her by staying with her and not just leaving her alone.
No. 118032 ID: 1831fc


Are you suggesting we fracture off from Ridder and help her in her recovery?

It's an interesting idea, but I'm not entirely sure it would work...

And as for her recovery, I think we'd need someone physically with her. Someone strong enough to restrain her and keep her from hurting others, yet someone kindly, perhaps to the point of being...

Well, as a mentor to her. A true one, at least.
No. 118207 ID: e0499d

...Black fang?

But yeah, she got issues and the schitzo personalities are here to help.,,
Issue here is how to wean her off fire. What else can she like (minus sex/rape and eating people)
No. 118217 ID: 632862

Maybe if we teach her that fire can eat her too, she will change.
No. 118227 ID: 3416ec


Hmmm... that raises an interesting idea. But... will it be worth it to set her on fire?

Besides the smell of burnt fur, anyways?
No. 118258 ID: c5628c

How about we show her fire's predator: water or sand.
No. 118335 ID: aa8f59


Water. Water does not consume. It is powerful when in great volume. It is gentle when it falls to the earth.

So we need someone who can teach her about the water.

A sailor, maybe?
No. 118338 ID: aa8f59


Also, Black Fang would need a boatload of work in order to become a mentor.
No. 118363 ID: 844c4f

Poor little Geppa...

Living in a world of fire, hatred, and deception.

Maybe the fire has already eaten you long long ago. And all that's left is the sad, grey ashes.

I hope we can find someone for you to help new life spring from the ashes of your old one.
No. 118368 ID: c16184
File 126444732293.png - (88.51KB , 700x700 , c18-19.png )

Well said..
Here is a girl whose life was destroyed by fire, yet it spared her, beginning a strange bond between them. Survivor's guilt, like you say, and the compensation for it.
You may be right: The fire may have eaten her the same night it ate her parents, leaving only grey ashes. Easy for Yellow Fang to play with.

Now, don't be worried. I did not expect you to be able to help her, but you did well nontheless. Through your wellplaced questions to her psyche, you've helped reveal more about her past than she would probably be able to tell us, even if she wanted to.
Now I have a story to give to Muschio.

It is quite strange that I would find myself getting attached to this woman who is obviously a rampant murderer-- No, I find myself attached to the young helpless girl.
I would feel bad that I could not do anything for her, but I can not help the entire world. I have to accept that.

She seems like she will be out of it for a while longer. These herbs were very potent.

No. 118371 ID: f50ab5

In future interactions, I would counsel against direct opposition to her views - to meet her head-on is not productive, contradicting her views only causes her to dismiss the source of that contradiction as "stupid".

More careful guidance is required, a more gentle approach to divert her from her destructive course. As a fencer cannot block an axe-blow outright, he can still nudge it aside with a subtle touch in the right place.

She is a creature of strong will and stubborn character. To chastise her leads her only to rebel all the more fiercely. Instead, find something about her that you find positive and praise it well. Any improvement in her behaviour, however slight, is to be rewarded and encouraged. Help her to find a purpose above mere destruction for its own sake, and let her discover a sense of self-worth in that.

I do not know that she might ever be truly healed of her scars, but perhaps, with care and compassion, she might find a kind of peace that she has previously lacked.
No. 118372 ID: 6d1c52



Give her a pat on the head, won't you? She at least could use that.


Eloquent and well put. The need for a kindly mentor rises.

Shame we don't have a fencer. He'd/She'd be really useful right about now.
No. 118384 ID: c16184
File 126445318328.png - (93.82KB , 700x700 , c18-20.png )

Very good. I shall tell Muschio everything I learned.

I gently stroke her cheek.

"Sleep well, little Geppa. The prince will take care of you."

"S.. S-sir, there's an intruder coming from the direction of Sepia Town, sir."
No. 118385 ID: 8ce2bf

Tell whoever it is to pls go. If they won't go see what they want and offer them a refreshment.
No. 118389 ID: b71223

can she tell you who it is? or give you any description?
No. 118390 ID: 445c48

Ask for a description. This could be Muschio, after all.
No. 118392 ID: 1d375b

Or it could be someone looking for the rocket wielding crazies out in the woods.
No. 118397 ID: 3416ec

Confront intruder.
No. 118398 ID: c16184
File 126445538543.png - (80.81KB , 700x700 , c18-21.png )

Yes, it might be unwanted attention attracted by Grek and Petal. If it Muschio then his arrival is perfectly timed.

"Describe this intruder."
"S-sir, he was wearing a suit of metal armor and a helmet with.. with a big feather coming out of it. S-sir."
"How long will it be until he is here?"
"Sir, at his current speed ten minutes, sir."

That is barely enough time to don my armor.
No. 118399 ID: 1d2d60

Sounds like one of the Knight's Blades... I think that may have been the mounted rider who witnessed our "little display" near the highway.
No. 118402 ID: 67c611

Get your armor on and get Iesgip to alert the rest of camp.

If you need a few more minutes, get Iesgip to stage a distraction like launching a bolt onto the path whoever is taking. He should at least pause for a minute to try to figure out what the hell that was.
No. 118403 ID: 3416ec

Grab your chestplate and your spear. We could do with SOME protection.
No. 118404 ID: b71223

ah man I think it's that guy again... well he did say he was watching us...
go without armor if there isn't enough time. But atleast have some back up, like black fang or something...
or a risky alternative: you could let him come up to the door and wait to see what he does... hell he may knock and one of you can greet him and ask him to wait while you get ready. I mean he did kill that bandit before he might be a good guy and wait. I doubt it though.
No. 118406 ID: 8ce2bf

No need to don your armor, he wouldn't be making himself known like this if he planned on killing you, and if he makes an attempt anyway you have your entire team there to help you. Help Iesgip tell the rest of the camp and get them ready, and await him unarmored. You may want to have one person stay with Grey Fang so she doesn't wake up alone in another new circumstance.
No. 118415 ID: c16184
File 12644578204.png - (100.82KB , 700x700 , c18-22.png )

Very well. I better not risk him getting close to the mansion.

"Sticks, alert the others, then bring Black Fang to back me up with him."
"Sir, yes, sir."

I can not simply wear pieces of my armor. It will be terribly unbalanced. I better take advantage of my freedom of movement instead.

I walk in the direction of Sepia Town. Soon I see the rider.
We walk towards eachother and stop at a respectful distance.

"Sir Ridder, you are hiding an entity of great evil. Surrender her so she may be destroyed, then submit to a cleansing ritual."

His voice sounds somehow familiar.
No. 118416 ID: e9883e

"Hey babe, nice mount. Care if I borrow it for a bit?"
No. 118417 ID: 9d07d9

Under whose authority?
No. 118418 ID: 1d2d60

Is, is that Tim?
No. 118419 ID: 67c611

"I am no enemy of good. She is in my care and I believe she can be saved. I do not wish to fight, but I will not let you harm her. Perhaps we may have a drink and talk things over before resorting to a less civilized method of debate."
No. 118420 ID: 8ce2bf

Tell Timotei that his evil radar is off again. A truly evil entity raped her and she has the same residual evil that was present on the orc from before after she had sex with The Boss.
No. 118421 ID: 1d2d60

Okay, is he talking about Grek (maybe, maybe not) or Geppa (much more likely if this is Tim, considering his senses.)
No. 118422 ID: 844c4f

The mentally ill are an evil to be slain? Am I a source of evil for attempting to cure the mind of one twisted by others since childhood? Is there a soul that exists that is beyond redemption?
No. 118423 ID: 2dd482

ask him how he knows your name
No. 118424 ID: b71223

Tim? is that him? ask him who he is.
regardless although it's true she is evil in a sense. she could also be considered confused, lied to, or just angry at the world. it's not entirely her fault... entirely. besides at least she's no longer hurting anyone and we are trying to help her to some semblence of good. all be it slow.
what is he going to do is the question you should ask him.
No. 118425 ID: 3416ec

"Oh hey Tim. How have you been? Listen, I have a prisoner inside, and I'm hoping to help her. I hope that's OK."
No. 118427 ID: c16184
File 126445974118.png - (104.40KB , 700x700 , c18-23.png )

"Timotei? Is that you?"

The man removes his helmet. It is the paladin I know, but his expression is different somehow.

"It doesn't matter that we worked together. I found the guidance I needed for developing my natural abilitiy."
"Whose authority do you ride under now?"
"The Helianthus. I fight evil with them."
"I see. Timotei, the woman inside is more deranged than evil. I want to give her a chance to change. She'll be in good hands within the tenday."
"I can't let you do that, Ridder."
No. 118428 ID: 6faa8c


"We need to stabalize her mental condition so she can tell us more about those who hired her. If we kill her now, we will gain nothing, and new mercanaries will be hired. Certainly there is an evil in front of us, but behind it is an even greater one... one we cannot and will not ignore."
No. 118429 ID: 67c611

"Is not redeeming someone a better deed than simply killing them?"
No. 118430 ID: 2dd482

he wants to kill Geppa without even giving her the chance to repent or change her ways. You can't let him do that either, Ridder, if you have any knightly justice in you, you'll protect Geppa.
No. 118431 ID: 3416ec


"I'm going to have to insist. She may prove more useful alive than dead. Surely someone as yourself believes in redemption?"
No. 118432 ID: 2a9218

When the battle inevitably start, sigh. "Can i at least get into my plate so we can have a fair duel?"
No. 118433 ID: 12fc66

The mark of a true hero is one who gives his foes the chance to repent. If she is truly lost, then what must be done will be. But we must give her this chance. It is what broadens the line between us. It is what gives us hope that, some day, we will not need to fight.
For the sake of that hope, we will fight if need be.
No. 118434 ID: 3416ec

"Wait, are you sure of your target? You wouldn't happen to be sensing a Fang, would you?"
No. 118435 ID: 2eac65

It was Timotei who said that evil was hurting people when you don't need to. There is no need to kill a helpless prisoner.

But before this possibly gets out of hand, ask him why he can't let us "do that".
No. 118436 ID: c16184
File 126446137298.png - (101.56KB , 700x700 , c18-25.png )

"Timotei, it was you who said that evil was delivering pain when it is unnecessary."
"Yes, but killing all evil is necesarry."
"I would agree with you, if I had not just spend several hours and resources on uncovering the captive's reasons behind her madness. If death was her destiny I would have delivered it before getting her here. Timotei, I shall not cross blades with a champion of good in the name of an insane woman, and I hope you feel the same."
"...Where are you taking her?"
"An old friend of mine, a gentlemen and scholar in numerous fields, and a prince. He can take care of her."
"Well okay. But I'll be setting up camp here so you don't try anything else."
No. 118437 ID: b71223

these terms seem acceptable to me all in all.
No. 118438 ID: 3416ec

"Fair enough. Now we wait for him to arrive."
No. 118439 ID: 143a04


This is going to be bad...

Talk to Timotei. Ask him how and where exactly he received guidance.

Perhaps we can glean the reasons for his sudden change from happy go lucky paladin to Sturn since we've last seen him.
No. 118444 ID: 1d2d60

This one also wishes to know how he is getting his guidance now.
No. 118447 ID: 2819cf


"Go ahead. I have nothing to hide."

What's the worst that could happen? I mean, it's not like he'll detect evil from Muschio or anything.
No. 118450 ID: c16184
File 126446389890.png - (105.07KB , 700x700 , c18-26.png )

"Very well. I have nothing to hide."

He dismounts casually. I take this as an opportunity to approach him.

"It is good to hear that you found the guidance you needed, Timotei. Can you tell me about your mentor and the organization you belong to?"
"The Helianthus are an order of paladins who worship the Sungod. They helped me to control my senses so I don't get overwhelmed anymore. We are cleansing this continent right now. The Sentinel demands a no-mercy no-tolerance policy to prevent backstabbing and misguidance. That's why I can't treat you any differently, Sir Ridder."
"I understand, Timotei."
"My superior will come here in a few days because I will not be able to report back. She will want to know more too."
No. 118451 ID: f52552

Use truce to get in and kill her anyway, gray-guard style.
I hope it won't come to that.
Ridder, do you recall anything about the order he mentioned?
No. 118452 ID: 0f00c3


True, but Timotei seems to have slipped into the 'lawful good' phase a little further, thus making him a general threat to people actually trying to help others.

Code first, then any survivors.

Ridder needs to stay Neutral good to stay on Tim's good side. We also want to help everyone, so we can't show Timotei Black Fang. Or Mad Petal. Or anyone, really...

For now, press him for information.
No. 118454 ID: 6faa8c

Ask him about the cleansing ritual he mentioned before. What does it entail?

inb4 sex
No. 118455 ID: 126d08

"What is preventing you from reporting back? If you have duties to attend to, don't let me keep you!"
No. 118456 ID: 1d2d60

Yes... ask about the ritual.. for all we know it might actually be useful (and if not it is ate least useful to know what he expected of you.)
No. 118457 ID: 0f00c3


Hoo boy... I have a good idea as to who his mentor is...

This is not good... not at all...

It's that Volto chick, I'll bet.

Talk to him some more. Tell him of your help successfully uniting part of a kingdom.
No. 118459 ID: 2dd482

yeeeah, put T'lear on guard duty at the small bathroom.

Also ask Nakraska about building a barracks and/or an outdoors workshop for Grek and Petal
No. 118461 ID: c16184
File 126446491756.png - (104.47KB , 700x700 , c18-27.png )

"What prevents you from reporting back?"
"I haven't destroyed the evil I was sent out to destroy. I need to keep watch."
"Tell me about the cleansing ritual."
"That is only for when evil has been destroyed. We scrub down the buildings with sunblessed water to prevent evil spirits from settling in."

I doubt boasting about my achievements will aid our relationship. I may as well leave him to his camp. He obviously has strict orders to follow.
Muschio will be able to assure him and his mentor that Grey will be in good hands.

So shall I return to my other duties?

No. 118462 ID: 476456

Considering your base was haunted that doesnt sound like the worst idea.
No. 118464 ID: 6834bc

Unless his 'mentor' is that Malto-hating revolutionary Volto woman you liberated a mount from, Ridder.

Be prepared for this possibility. If it is her and she comes by when the Prince is visiting, I can only forsee bad things.
No. 118467 ID: badf27

These paladins don't sit right with me, Ridder.

Someone who intends to kill someone because they are perceived as evil may not be good at all.

Someone who wants to kill someone because their views differ from the victim surely is evil.
No. 118470 ID: 0f00c3


Good intentions, Wrong actions.

Common plight of the Paladin.
No. 118472 ID: 3416ec


Therefore, the Paladins must commit suicide!

Or something.
No. 118473 ID: c16184
File 126446648280.png - (120.95KB , 700x700 , c18-28.png )

There is little I can do now. Hopefully Timotei's mentor has more authority to make decisions.

For now I best return to my own followers.

I am just glad we didn't have to fight. Little Geppa will get her chance.

No. 118478 ID: badf27

Ridder, why did you call Iesgip Sticks?
No. 118485 ID: 2dd482

hmm. He says destroy the evil. If you reform Geppa, wouldn't that also count as destroying the evil that infests her?
No. 118525 ID: 1d375b

Be careful about working with paladins. They can easily go from protecting people and destroying evil to "cleansing" anything they don't agree with.
No. 118541 ID: 1831fc


Slip of the tongue. He's got her on his mind, after all.


Very much this. They've got a good history about them, but then again, that usually entails a lot of innocent blood that goes unmentioned.

I hate to say it, but we must protect Geppa first, and possibly give Timotei a sound thumping on the head should he try something stupid.

And if his mentor is that Volto women... even worse. We'll have to deal with that problem.

Ye gods. What if she and Mushio somehow wind up at the same time?

That would not be good.
No. 118580 ID: 632862

Anyone else realize that Tim is going to be waiting outside when Muschio comes to visit? Tim will see him and go "YOU HAVE HUGE EVIL! SMITE AND CLEAVE!"
No. 118594 ID: badf27

Tim seems brainwashed to me.

Just sayin'.
No. 118625 ID: 8ce2bf

It's odd that he was sent out here specifically to kill Geppa. How did he know about her and that you were not going to killing her? Why was he so unfazed at finding you here? It seems he was briefed on the situation and told to come kill the evil, but how did they even know before sending someone in?
It seems that the The Sentinel is attempting a hostile take-over of the entire continent, and you and the "Knight Blades" are in their way. When they became aware of the failure of the Fangs and found that you were still keeping Geppa they sent Timotei out in hopes of you and he clashing over the issue.
No. 118738 ID: 7f79a7

Anyone notice the feather-helmets torching Geppa's home?

I believe their "no-mercy, no-tolerance" bit is a little extreme... Nothing is black and white, and trying to force such an idea will create more chaos than order. "no-mercy" doesn't sound very righteous at all!
No. 118786 ID: 8415ca

I'd guess if he sees your allies he's gonna try to slaughter them.
No. 118787 ID: 705b6e


While that does seem to make a great deal of sense. Maybe they just have someone in their ranks who is VERY sensitive to their sense evil skill.
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