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File 126400972898.png - (147.45KB , 700x700 , c17-1.png )
115215 No. 115215 ID: c16184

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No. 115216 ID: c16184
File 12640099148.png - (84.46KB , 700x700 , c17-2.png )

"We will be coming from the East. Commander L'Naiti of the 4th regiment will fortify themselves there for us to fall back to. Meanwhile commander Y'Kane of the 3rd regiment will be on the rooftops keeping the Patriarch's rooftop forces occupied, keeping us safe from hails of projectiles.
We have three possible entry points. East, North and South."
No. 115217 ID: 5aa60d

deploy archers
No. 115218 ID: c16184
File 126401000480.png - (122.02KB , 700x700 , c17-3.png )

"The 7th regiment, your force, is made of 30 macemen, 30 staffmen, 10 slingers and 10 medical officers.
You and me will both go mounted."
No. 115219 ID: 8ce2bf

15 macemen, 10 staffmen, and 5 slingers, and 4 medical officers coming in from the south, everyone else from the east. Put T'lear in charge of the troops from the South and yourself from the East.
No. 115220 ID: e0499d

considering we heal when we get an erection...
We can handle the smaller force. If we get injured, and fight just as well- our section will definately have a morale boost.

If anything, we should expect to be flanked if we go from the north or south... but It brings us quickly in range to do some damage...

The east allows us to barrage if possible... And if we can get a formula for Grek's brew, we could make a firebomb which can be detonated in the enemy exit tunnel...

But first off, we need to know the goal. Is this a battle of attrition or to push the front?
No. 115221 ID: b8397a

Can we get any Death on Six Legs going here? What about Scars of Yesterday, maybe we could... wait, wrong game.
No. 115222 ID: 5aa60d

walk in alone
punch everything
No. 115224 ID: f82412


I second this motion.


Well, actually this one, but the first one is also good.
No. 115226 ID: ec918c

No, we get an erection when we heal. There's a difference. The other way around means that if we got injured enough, we could look at porn to heal ourselves.
No. 115228 ID: e0499d

no... when Orange Fang stabbed Ridder, Ridder had no potions...

It was when Sticks gave Ridder an erection shortly after his being stabbed that he recovered a second time...

Yes, Ridder heals when he gets an erection...
No. 115229 ID: c16184
File 126401374621.png - (145.45KB , 700x700 , c17-4.png )

That is a most terrible misconception if I ever heard one. I do not heal when I get an erection, you imbecile.
The two times I was mortally wounded I felt what were presumably the potions effects: Increased body heat and blood pressure. It was only when the adrenaline began to fade after the fight, so I certainly can not rely on it to save me from death during a fight.

I could lead a frontal spearhead assault from the east as T'lear rushes in from behind them. It would be rather risky for him and his troops, so perhaps it might be a good idea for me to take the south entry after all.

"Very good. T'lear, you will take 15 macemen, 20 staffmen, 5 slingers and 6 medical officers from the east and intimidate them with a frontal charge."
"I shall take the remaining soldiers and rush in from the south to flank them, from where we can also pour into the tunnel."
"Very well, sir. I shall make sure the men are intimidating as can be."
No. 115230 ID: 44ad00

Oi, Ridder. Show us your best game face. Make it as scary as possible. Pour all your intensity into it.
No. 115231 ID: f82412


Looking a little Saiyan armor there, Ridder. You wear it well.

I liked your old armor better, though. It seemed to be... well, nice.

But I digress. Let's get down to the business of prepping for combat. Mental exercises, quick stretch or two, and well....

Yeah, go with it, and don't die. Lucky for you the only thing you have to worry about is blunt force trauma.
No. 115232 ID: ad23f7

Say that today is a good day for someone else to die.
No. 115235 ID: e0499d

well? attrition or front pushing?
We trying to push them back, or are we killing as many as we can?
No. 115241 ID: c16184
File 126401873124.png - (141.28KB , 700x700 , c17-5.png )

Our goal is to capture the tunnel. We need to penetrate the entrance and thrust to the deepest point, then wash out whatever resistance remains inside.

We leave our tent: The 7th regiment is ready and waiting.
A young looking messenger arrives with uncanny timing.

"Sir, the 3rd and 4th regiment are in place."
Sergeant T'leare answers as he nods at me. I nod back.

He points out the macemen, staffmen, slingers and medical officers.

"Two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve, fourteen, fifteen - With the commander. Two, four, six, eight, ten - With the commander. Two, four, five - With the commander. Two, four - With the commander. The rest of you with me. March! Let yourself be heard!"

The sergeant leads his men away to the west. Their march is loud and masculine. The macemen bash their maces on their shields, and the staffmen tap their staffs against eachother, as they all chant indiscernible things.
I feel the ground shiver with their power.

The remaining men look at their comrades march off with intense disappointment, then look to me for comfort.

No. 115243 ID: e0499d

right now is the best time to let them know that they'll be playing a key position...
No. 115245 ID: 3416ec

Looking a little Lu Bu there, Ridder.
No. 115247 ID: 445c48

Sounds like time for an inspiring speech.
No. 115248 ID: 3416ec


"I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me.

A day may come when the courage of soldiers fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day.

An hour of wolfes and shattered shields, when the age of the Patriarch comes crushing down! But it is not this day!

No. 115249 ID: e0499d

How about a simple "For the Matriarch"...
Or the classic "Tonight we dine in hell"?
No. 115250 ID: 3416ec


meant "Matriarch" not "Patriarch."
No. 115253 ID: e75a2f

>Our goal is to capture the tunnel. We need to penetrate the entrance and thrust to the deepest point, then wash out whatever resistance remains inside.

Haha, Ridder. You're so dirty now.
No. 115256 ID: 44ad00

Swallow your fear!
Swallow your doubt!
Let the absent holes where they stood in your hearts give way to COURAGE and HOPE!
We shall bring the Patriarch's reign crashing down upon his head!
We charge into battle this day for the sake of your brothers and sisters!

No. 115257 ID: f82412


Sticks is a demon for influencing him like this...

And I'm starting to suspect that Ridder knows for sure that Sticks might be carrying his babbies.

He's just not telling us.
No. 115258 ID: c16184
File 126402409087.png - (132.83KB , 700x700 , c17-6.png )

Swallow your fear!
Swallow your doubt!
Let the absent holes where they stood in your hearts give way to COURAGE and HOPE!
We shall bring the Patriarch's reign crashing down upon his head!
We charge into battle this day for the sake of your brothers and sisters!

I raise my lance. The flag waves in the wind.


A confused muttering spreads through the soldiers.
After a moment one in the front raises his hand.

"Why aren't we marching into battle?"
Another voice from the back chimes in.
"Aren't we going to sing?"
"I told my wife I'd be in battle today.."
The mumbling rises again.
No. 115259 ID: 2cbe3e


Sigh, say "You know what, nevermind. I quit."

Leave, and become a baker.
No. 115260 ID: f82412


...Oh for the love of...


No. 115261 ID: 854e60

Yeah, do this.
No. 115262 ID: 44ad00

seconded like the fist of the north star.
No. 115263 ID: ab2259

Ask why they would sing, maybe it's part of their culture.
No. 115264 ID: 3416ec

Oh for...

Just go fight them already.
No. 115265 ID: 2dd482

jeeeeeesus christ these bugs.

These are not the sort of allies you want. They are incompetent, they make a completely mockery of war and battle. Have they never heard of a flanking maneuver?
No. 115267 ID: 476456

"I'm unsure of the customs, my bad."

"someone explain that singing thing to me while we march"
No. 115268 ID: 3416ec

"Men, we are going to flank the enemy and capture the tunnel. I hope for your sakes you know how to do that. Now FALL IN MAGGOTS."
No. 115270 ID: e0499d

I suddenly have the feeling that nobody dies in this war...
Blunt weapons used against hard creatures wearing armor...
worst they get is probably concussions...

I think we may want to rethink the use of your spear Ridder...

Anyway, time to move out...
No. 115271 ID: 445c48

[You were supposed to start moving immediately after the rousing speech]
No. 115274 ID: 3416ec


I think you may be right...

If that's the case, we should charge into the tunnel, initiate a conflict, and then push past to the Patriarch. Perhaps we can see him for some answers.
No. 115278 ID: c16184
File 12640262233.png - (121.04KB , 700x700 , c17-7.png )

"We are not marching out because we are going to flank the enemy from the south. As your comrades keep the Patriarchists occupied, our coming will be entirely unforeseen. We are the ace that turns the tide."

The soldiers immediately fall into an awed silence.

"Now fall in and move out!"

This may be one of the strangest misunderstandings I experienced. Here is an army ready to take on any orders I give, yet I give them an unnecessary motivational speech instead. Hopefully they will see it as a cultural difference rather than think of me as incompetent.

We march with speed and efficiency through the street that leads to our entry point. The intensity has risen as high as T'lear's men did, only a quiet kind, cool and calculating.

When we are nearing the battlefield I suddenly begin to hear cheering.
To our right bugfolk of every age hang out the windows of the mesa structures, throwing their hands in the air, clapping, hollering, and cheering us on. Some of them proudly hold out flags with the Matriarch's symbol.
I can feel the intensity of my men rise even further. They lift themselves up, clenching their teeth. The energy they emit make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

The cheering is so loud that it takes me a while to hear the unpleasant shouts and booing from the left side. They show themselves only slightly, looking down on us with disdain.

No. 115279 ID: 3416ec


Ignore those hippies. We ride to GLORY.
No. 115280 ID: e0499d

Ridder, just a reminder that WE SHALL NOT KILL.
They're treating it as if it's just a game rather than a mortal battle.

Apply same tactics, just reduce your lethality a bit. You of all people should know that war is hell, and that they sure as hell aren't treating war that way...
No. 115281 ID: 3a2be8

Ridder, you may want to be careful, as others have voiced the concern before it occurs to us that these fights may be primarily for showmanship or something.

So before you kill anyone I would suggest you figure out if they generally expect combat to remain nonlethal.
No. 115289 ID: c16184
File 126402814242.png - (121.48KB , 700x700 , c17-8.png )

An interesting conclusion. If this war is truly without death then I am relieved. But no matter the way it is presented, violence remains violent and uncivilized.
Perhaps these people simply don't know any different.

We turn around the last corner and face off with the battlefield before us. The cavernous mouth of the tunnel is right in front of us.
Most of the Patriarch's forces are facing off with T'lear's men: They bash their shields and staffs together in attempts to be louder than their opponent. Noone has made the first move to begin the fight yet.
But the cheering of our supporters has alerted the Patriarchists.

"We're being flanked!"

The cry quickly spreads and commanders begin to yell out orders. The noise of the shields and sticks turns more chaotic as they finally clash with their enemy. I see T'lear's men fight valiantly, but outnumbered as they are I know they will soon be pushed back.

As the orders is cried to attack me and my men, we are charged - yet when my visors meet those of our assailants they falter. They eye me and my armor, obviously intimidated.

No. 115292 ID: 6faa8c

Take advantage of the moment!
No. 115294 ID: 476456

your visor exposes your mouth, which is one of your most frightening features.

..smile or something, it'll demoralize them.
No. 115295 ID: 445c48

Charge. Also Shout, loudly. Like a berserker. You're tall, intimidating, alien. Try to intimidate them while you beat their brainmeats out.
No. 115296 ID: 3416ec


Try foaming at the mouth. That might freak them out.

Or arouse them. It's hard to tell with insectoids.
No. 115298 ID: 44ad00

Show 'em those pearly whites with the scariest, toothiest smile you can muster, Ridder.
Make 'em run crying home to their mamas.
No. 115300 ID: e0499d

They should know better than that...
They falter, you counter charge.
Pull your slingers to the back for support and put the med officers behind the counter charge.

Get ready to hit things as hard as you can with a dropped club or something. Save your spear for when you see someone get mortally wounded
No. 115302 ID: 445c48

Also, we don't know that they *don't* kill. Maybe their armor or their natural toughness make blades less effective than blunt weapons, or maybe something in their skin dulls blades as they go through.

Still, to play it safe, try to not murderize unless you see someone else doing it.
No. 115304 ID: 3416ec

I second this. Unless you see dead bodies, killing is a no-no. Smack them around with the blunt end of your instruments.
No. 115307 ID: 32fabe



No. 115311 ID: 3a2be8

Can you give you most viscous determined grin? I know you should be able to... you have the teeth for it... if this war is mostly for show as we hope, then lets give them a show.
No. 115316 ID: 2dd482

yes, give them a show by gutting the first bug that comes your way, thrust your spear through his thorax and lift so that his body rises high above the crowd, only to slide down the shaft leaving a fresh coat of ichor
No. 115319 ID: 2eac65

Don't grin at them. Try for a blank, stoic expression. People fear what they can't understand.
No. 115329 ID: e0499d

That'd actually be pretty epic...
Beating the crap out of bugs with a look that makes it seem there's no effort being exerted
No. 115330 ID: c16184
File 126403277659.png - (229.00KB , 700x700 , c17-9.png )

I really do not approve of intimidation as it is such an underhanded tactic, but as this is a non-lethal battle I suppose it is a much more acceptable tactic.

"Macemen, to the front! Staffmen, behind them! Medic, slingers, fall back, assist where you can!"

I try my best to grin with exposed teeth.


My company charges forward: The Patriarchists scramble back to the tunnel, but run into their own reinforcements coming out. They opt to simply run west above ground.
As we continue to press forward, more of our opponents flee above ground, or get run into the ground by our advancing force. Behind us our medical officers immediately care for all the wounded in our path.

No. 115331 ID: 32fabe


>Lu Bu has entered the battlefield.
No. 115332 ID: ba0627

looking pretty sergal there ridder.
No. 115335 ID: af3e6d

No. 115348 ID: e0499d

it is agreed...
Ridder looks like Lu Bu...
And is currently very badass...
No. 115355 ID: 8ce2bf

Charge into the tunnel, your goal here is to take ground, taking captives is secondary.
No. 115362 ID: 3a2be8

No. 115381 ID: 8eaf73

We really need to confirm the nonlethality of these battles.

Well. We just need to see the casualty roster at the end.
No. 115410 ID: c16184
File 126403820670.png - (168.02KB , 700x700 , c17-10.png )

"Into the tunnel!"

I halt my pace as I let my men flow into the cavern's inviting mouth.

"Move! Move! Move!"

The company does not let up its speed and they force themselves into the tunnel. As it narrows they finally slow down, but I see that their massive numbers is easily scaring off all resistance inside.
I decide to stay behind to make sure the slingers and medical officers make it as well.

Well, that was very uncomfortable.

I rub my jaw and clench it shut a few times.

My mother always said I did not smile enough. I definitely never smile with my mouth open.
But the strain was worth it, I suppose. I can handle a week of uncomfortable chewing.


I hear T'lear run up to me.

"How is the situation?"
"We suffered many casualties, but the Patriarchists have all dispersed, sir! The 3rd regiment is moving forward to secure the above ground area. I shall rally my remaining men and follow you down."

I cast another look down the tunnel. The advance is going smoothly.
Having forced the enemy to flee above ground must have left little resistance below.

I clench my jaw again.

"..Have you been injured, sir?"
"..You could say that. Go on down and secure the tunnel with the men down there. I will keep this end under control."
"Yes, sir."
No. 115411 ID: c16184
File 126403820996.png - (94.15KB , 700x700 , c17-11.png )

The sergeant races down the tunnel to catch up with my advancing party, leaving me with his worn and weary men.
I wave to the medical officers.

"You three, take care of these men. The rest of you follow sergeant T'lear into the tunnel."

I clench my jaw again. With a soft pop my hearing is suddenly a lot clearer.
Through the marching and orders of the 3rd regiment behind me I begin to hear loud cheering.

When I look it seems as if all the inhabitants of the mesa structure have come outside to celebrate. Flags wave in the air and several songs are sung by the hundreds at the same time.

I am ashamed to say that now they do somewhat resemble ants on their anthill.

No. 115414 ID: 445c48

No, no. Termites. Termites build towers, Ants just have like a hill.
No. 115415 ID: 2dd482

They are ants Ridder, they are ants.

Look around, do you see any dead bugs or just wounded?
No. 115420 ID: 3a2be8

Yeah, I'm going to have to agree with the termite assessment.

Anyhow, aside from a sore jaw I suppose that was a fairly successful engagement?
No. 115426 ID: e0499d

well... casualties meaning they're dead?
Looks like we can kill... wierd attitude about it though...

Did you consider that they created a funnel trap down the tunnel?

They retreated way too fast... even from the scare...
No. 115434 ID: 445c48

Maybe they put down glue traps or roach motels.

[Also I just noticed the fancy R, that's a pretty fancy R, I like it.]
No. 115444 ID: 0299a0

Casualty doesn't always mean they're dead- could be that they're injured or captured. Really it's just a way of saying something bad happened to them.
No. 115445 ID: c16184
File 126403992447.png - (114.57KB , 700x700 , c17-12.png )

Ants or termites, there is no important difference to me. I am not educated nor interested in that part of biology.

Looking around, I see a lot of men down, some bleeding. From here I can not determine whether they are dead or simply unconscious, but it certainly doesn't look like killing was the intention.
Some begin to get up on their own, rubbing their head in a daze. Those who remain down are looked after by the medical officers.

No. 115454 ID: 192956

Such is war
No. 115458 ID: 8eaf73

So it is; fight among themselves isn' a horrible horrible thing. Its more like a dangerous dangerous sport.

I wouldn' say there is no honor in it.... (does it need to be deadly to be honorable?)

Maybe thats why the noble caste is so... eager? Maybe they're just bored out of their minds?

Conjecturing about why they fight wont help. We need to know it straight from the source.
No. 115472 ID: ba41e5

So its kinda like Robot Jox except with more combatants.
No. 115473 ID: c16184
File 126404150430.png - (126.41KB , 700x700 , c17-13.png )

It is a most gentle version of war. To say it is a very dangerous sport may be most accurate. A sport that has the entire land enthralled and divided.
I understand now how such an ongoing event gives the economy a boost and keeps the population entertained and occupied.

But that leaves the question: Why did the Matriarch seem so sad?

"Sir Ridder the Foreign Power, am I right?"[/i]

Another mount rides up to me. The rider carries the same kind of lance as I do.

"That is correct."
"I'm commander Y'kane. Of the 3rd regiment? I have to say I'm impressed. They didn't have me convinced getting an outsider in the mix at first, you know. Anyway, you look pretty worn out. How about you call back your men and let mine secure the frontline? The boys don't like standing around waiting for something to happen."
No. 115474 ID: 3416ec

"I'm still fresh. Why don't we combine our forces and secure it together? I'd like to personally see to the fruit of our efforts."
No. 115488 ID: 854e60

This, but more Ridder-y.
No. 115492 ID: c16184
File 126404227846.png - (57.38KB , 700x700 , c17-13-paused.png )

No. 115494 ID: 8ce2bf

You do not need to over-exert yourself, and especially not your men. You don't need to do everything and this isn't even your war. Allow him to secure the front-line, your men seemed very eager to be able to fight beforehand and I'm sure you don't want to deprive him and his men from some of the action they are probably also eager for. Also kiss him.
No. 115496 ID: 3416ec


How about "Thank you, Commander, but I wish to oversee the security of the front lines personally, if I may. Would you and your men like to join us?"
No. 115501 ID: 854e60

ON the subject of your name, doesn't "Ridder" mean "Knight"?
No. 115514 ID: d6a592

no but 'rider' might
No. 115566 ID: 8ce2bf

Ridder is dutch for knight.
No. 115881 ID: c16184
File 126410851810.png - (158.52KB , 700x700 , c17-14.png )

That is right. I shouldn't do more than I have to, considering the other men's desire to do their part as well.

"Very well. I shall ride with you to the end of the tunnel just in case things take a turn for the worse."
"A bright idea, my friend."

The commander waves to his troops to follow him. From the buildings more soldiers arrive to take their place, presumably of the 4th regiment who were stationed on the rooftops.

We ride down the length of the tunnel, coming across only a few injured, who are looked after by the medical officers I send inside.
As we approach the end of the tunnel the sound of battle echoes towards us.

We kick our mounts to speed up. Commander Y'kane raises his lance.

"Push them back! Relieve the 7th regiment!"

His men race forward and jump into battle, as mine fall back to catch their breath. The 3rd regiment's fresh energy is enough to force the Patriarchists out of the tunnel once again.

Sergeant T'lear rides towards us.

"Commander Y'kane is here to relieve us. Call back the men."
"Yes, sir. 7th regiment! Pull back!"

He salutes to Y'kane, who casually salutes back.

"Good work, my boy."
"Thank you, sir."

The remaining men of the 7th regiment look weary but fulfilled. They smile to eachother and lean into eachothers shoulders.

I count 16 macemen, 12 staffmen, 8 slingers and all medical officers still standing.

No. 115888 ID: 8ce2bf

Congratulate the standing men on their success in pushing back the Patriarch and pour out a 40 for the lost homies. If you don't have a 40 I guess you could ask T'lear the proper way to respect the fallen in this culture.
No. 115902 ID: c16184
File 126411109972.png - (179.92KB , 700x700 , c17-15.png )

"Men! We have succesfully forced the Patriarch out of this tunnel! Your prowess is terrifying and your courage inspiring. Congratulations!"

They burst out in cheer with the little strength they can still muster.
I turn to the sergeant.

"T'lear, how does one honor the fallen in your culture?"
"Well, sir, you could send them flowers or fruits as they recover, but we generally only do that for those we know personally."
No. 115903 ID: 3416ec


So... no casualties? At all?
No. 115910 ID: c593ec

Surely they must have some deaths every now and then. But since it seems that none have fallen this day, there's no need to inquire about it further.

War is always a serious issue, but though it grants no absolution, we should at least be thankful they have found a method of it that does not spill unnecessary blood.

Now that your task here is done, see about returning to the council, and if you can, another audience with the Matriarch and her Advisors. We need to see the fruits of our labors -- see if they're willing to form an allegiance and if so, what they expect out of us, in terms of support, possible tribute, and loyalty, and what we can expect from them, in terms of available troops, information, protection, and so on.
No. 115911 ID: e0499d

I think casualties in this culture is equivelant to passing out in a Bar fight...
No. 115916 ID: 753009


Can't wait until some other entrepreneurial culture comes and stomps all over them. That'll be an eye opener.
No. 115929 ID: 16ae59

Or not. We've established already, these guys are possibly very resistant to conventional warfare thanks to carapace. I 'd imagine you'd need some kind of pickaxe to cause deaths in a reliable manner.

If we ever talk to the matriarch, we need to bring this concern to her.
No. 115990 ID: c16184
File 126411706314.png - (109.74KB , 700x700 , c17-16.png )

Very well. There is little left for us to do here.
I give the medical officers some time before they are relieved by others as well. My men help some of their comrades off the ground and carry them back to the barracks.

Sergeant T'lear rides with me to the Matriarch's mesa tower. We are let through the gates to find two advisors waiting for us.

"We have heard the news, Sir Ridder. Very impressive."
"Ahem.. Sir Ridder the Foreign Power. In honor of your victory in the face of an overpowering situation the Matriarch hereby makes your Knight-hood permanent. You are granted all the privileges and duties, as well as a room in the palace. Should you decide not to stay, your privileges and duties will be taken from the moment you exit our borders. However, you will remain a friend of the empire. Your enemies will be our enemies."
No. 115996 ID: 6faa8c

Oh man. Oh man, this is what you came here for man!

Thank them for relaying the message.
No. 115997 ID: 632862

Well, that is what we wanted... but I feel as though more could be done. Should we try to suggest a diplomatic mission now that the defense is more stable?
No. 115998 ID: 8ecfd4

That is good. But so long as the civil war continues their help will not be assured.

Ask to see a larger map over the enemy positions and troop streangth as well the same for your own side. I don't think todays victory will be enough to secure a meeting with the matriach or a chance for peace. If we can take down one of the Patriarchs larger positions we should be able to get a meeting with the matriarch and maybe lead, or atleast be included into, a delegation to the patriarch to negotiate for his surrender or a ceasation of hostilities.
No. 115999 ID: 8ce2bf

That's nice. Now you have something impressive to tell Muschio! He will be so excited that you succeeded.
No. 116000 ID: e75a2f

That was quick.

These people must not be very good strategists to be wowed by a simple flanking tactic. You gave what, five orders the entire battle?
No. 116033 ID: c16184
File 126411920640.png - (144.27KB , 700x700 , c17-17.png )

I may a have permanent Knight status now, but that still does not give me the authority to propose diplomatic missions, or assign empire-wide strategies.
However, this is indeed what I came here for. To gain soldiers for the battle would have been a boon, and I had never expected to have an entire empire supporting me. My main goal was to have an alliance with my neighbours, so I may trust that they will not aid the Boss in causing my demise.

"I am honored. Thank you."
"The Matriarch treats her children well. A courtier will be send to your room to handle permanent housing. That is, if you are staying."
No. 116036 ID: 6faa8c


Unless we wish to move all our dudes and dudettes here, I seriously suggest we tell them we aren't going to be sticking around, sadly. The gesture is kind, however.
No. 116037 ID: e3f578

"No, I cannot stay. The land needs me and my friends. An evil must be stopped."

There will be some opportunity that we must ignore. Just like the tower heist in Sepia town, the Matriarch's lament is one of them.
No. 116038 ID: 8ecfd4

No, that is why you need to gain that authority. You also need the experiance.

While you probably can't suggest empire wide strategies you can probably give some more input on where to deploy and how other commanders should deploy. If you want to be sure that they can come when you call then this civil war has to end. One way to do this would be to win a decisive victory that forces the patriarch to initiate a negotiation for peace or possibly surrender. It would also further solidify the matriarchists loyalty to you and more importantly convince their soldiers that it's a good idea to follow your orders in combat.
No. 116044 ID: c593ec

Sadly I cannot stay, though the hospitality I have been shown is deeply touching. I have my own war to fight, and I must tend to my soldiers. It has been an honor to fight alongside the brave warriors of this nation, but by your leave I must return to my own lands.

I promise to keep and honor this bold alliance, in the Matriarch's name.
Thank you for everything.
No. 116051 ID: d6a592

Thank them for the honor, then explain to them you have other obligations that must be taken care of.
No. 116088 ID: ce1966

I'd suggest we stay a while longer and help a bit more. At least enough to get an audience with the maitriarch.
No. 116096 ID: 3416ec

"Thank you for the room, but I'm afraid my quest will take me beyond your borders. If it's not too much to ask, may I take an ally with me to aid in my fight against the evil I seek to destroy?"
No. 116101 ID: c16184
File 126412335744.png - (117.72KB , 700x700 , c17-18.png )

Indeed, if I am to assist in the ending of this civil war I will have to stay. Even then it will not be certain if a private audience with the Matriarch is possible, but at the least it will be more likely.
However, as you say, I have responsibilities at the base. I can not simply abandon those loyal to me.
In addition, Muschio will visit within the week. Everything will have to be in top condition.

"I'm afraid I have to return to my own people. We have a conflict of our own to focus on. It was an honor to work with you, and the Matriarch has my undying support."
"So be it. There will be no housing made available for you then. But take the armor, we insist."
"Thank you, I am honored."
"Farewell, Foreign Power."

With that, the Advisors walk off. I turn to sergeant T'lear, who salutes.
"Farewell, commander."
I let it sink in for a moment, then return the salute.
"Farewell, sergeant."

Within the hour I find myself walking down the tunnel I came through, only this time with a bulking pack pushing me down.

A feeling of satisfaction does not arrive.

Perhaps the cutting issue with polygamy and Sticks is weighing down on me too much. Yet I can not determine how much it hurts.
Perhaps.. Perhaps I think so much I don't know how to feel any more.

No. 116106 ID: ce1966

Get back to HQ and take off for a few days to unwind.
No. 116108 ID: 8ecfd4

I would say you're feeling down because you didn't really accomplish anything for them here. You did get their promise of support but nothing was truly resolved. The conflict will go on.

The matter with Sticks is that she is afraid that loving someone will take away her freedom. Ridder for you marriage would simply mean a partner to share your bed and life with while you could continue with pretty much the same lifestyle.

For her it would mean a complete upheavel and a forced change of her priorities. She would no longer be free to live the life she choose, instead she would be forced to live on her spouse terms. She feels safe with you now because she no longer fears that you would demand that she makes a choice between having you in marriage or not having you at all.
No. 116112 ID: 3a2be8


When do you think this started happening, the over-thinking bit I mean? 'Our' existence wouldn't have to do with it would it, or does this go back farther? We saw in your dreams that you have always had quite a serious outlook.

While there is a lot to be said for cool rationality sometimes some passion and fire must be retained lest you come to despise life, and the lives of those you protect.

However, it is quite apparent that you require some measure of stability, unlike say Sticks, who preferences the impermanent to the permanent. You have been trying to live her way, but you are unable... and the stresses are wearing on you.
No. 116114 ID: e3f578

Then maybe we should just stop this love shit. If its weighing you down, it makes no sense to fight a large battle with this weight on your shoulders. After all, isn't there a rule against fraternizing in military organizations?
No. 116115 ID: 3416ec

Tell her, Ridder.

Tell her how you feel.
No. 116132 ID: 2dd482

this. There's not hiding it Ridder, your 'relationship' with sticks is seriously damaging your psyche. Best to confront her about it now than let it fester any longer.
No. 116140 ID: c16184
File 126412597571.png - (119.33KB , 700x700 , c17-19.png )

Perhaps it is indeed that I had little impact on the conflict. It seemed like such a strange world: Fights that were treated as sport, where death was not the goal but a sad possibility. And the Matriarch's melancholic expression..
Possibly the two issues combined has left the taste more bitter than sweet.

I will not tell Sticks what happened yet. The impact will be too great to deliver just before the walk home. I wish for her to be able to do what she wants when she hears what I have to say.

I do not recall when I began to overthink matters, as you put it. Likewise, I do not immediatly recall when I began hearing you.
I have been serious and driven since I was young, but not to this degree.
Ask me again later, when I have the time and peace to reflect.

When we are near the end of the tunnel I take the pack off my back and set it down. I have carried heavier weights, but its bulk is uncomfortably unbalancing.
I spot a guard standing just near the exit.

"Excuse me. I am looking for my mount. I left it here yesterday morning."
"Oh, sorry. I am not on duty here. I just came here because we're not allowed to smoke inside. You might wanna try the watchtower lads outside, or the royal guard over there."[/i]
No. 116144 ID: 632862

Royal Guard? Go ask them!
No. 116145 ID: 632862

Or rather, just go check out what they're doing. I don't think they'd actually know where your mount is, and could get offended if you suggested they were of low enough station to be responsible for it.
No. 116150 ID: c593ec

He wouldn't have offered if it wasn't a viable idea. Check with the royal guard, they're closer, AND FOR ONCE YOU ACTUALLY HAVE THE NECESSARY CLOUT.
No. 116165 ID: 3a2be8

Yes, let's see if we can't find that mount...

Also, there are, other concerns now that you are convinced you cannot fulfill the obligations you feel towards Sticks (primarily because she wants nothing to do with them.)

There is A: the probability that she will either leave our organization upon realizing that we do not want the kind of relationship she wants, or simply hang around and make things quite awkward for a while.

and B: the possibility that her recent weight gain may not be entirely food related.

Both of which when combined mean that even if you do get your happy ending and loving family one day, you may never be able to put this time entirely behind you.

Anyhow, on a more tactical/political note... it is important to know that the political situation her, and the happiness of everyone you serve is 'not' always within your grasp. Sometime people's problems need more than few skilled thrusts of a lance to disperse... and sometimes they must take matters into their own hands or suffer their fate in peace.
No. 116176 ID: c16184
File 126412813152.png - (153.15KB , 700x700 , c17-20.png )

That may be why the situation with Sticks is affecting me more than the Red Mesas political situation: It is entirely in my hands what will happen next.
There is a strange comfort in following orders that I can not rely on now.

I will check with the Royal Guard first. If they appear unavailable I shall leave them.

"Sticks, please stay with this bag."

I head over to the door.
When I open it I hear familiar voices.

"I still can't believe he fell for the 'one thousand year old tradition' thing."
"He didn't even blink when you told him that bullshit story."
"I gotta say, though, his stupidity didn't stop him from knowing how to please a lady."
"Yeah, yeah, we know he did a good job. We were there! Stop bragging already!"
"Hehehe! If I didn't know it was you I would've been touching myself."
"Don't act so innocent! I totally saw you rubbing it under that armor."
"But it must've been so fulfilling, huh?"
"Haha! Oh, you shush already! Why did you get to do him anyway?"
"For one thing, it was my room."
"Because I'm handicapped~"
"I'd lose an eye if it gets me a man like that."
"Don't you have a boy already?"
"Pfff, are you comparing N'kiel to that manbeast? Girl, I think I'm turning into a furrylover here."
"You got me convinced."
"Now we just gotta find a way to use that stupidity to train 'em!"
No. 116178 ID: 476456

Prepare to savagely beat three women.
No. 116179 ID: 3416ec

No. 116183 ID: 8ce2bf

No. 116185 ID: 6faa8c


No. 116189 ID: f98e0b

These two naked
No. 116190 ID: f52552

Cough politely.
No. 116194 ID: ec4966

Let this be a lesson to stop being so amazingly gullible all the time.

Slowly back away and find a private place, then hold your face in your hands for awhile.
No. 116195 ID: 3a2be8

THIS, THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! I told you to not to Ridder, I told you there are always other options... dammit we've been had.

Wait... we are still a knight yes? hmmm, I wonder... what kind of disciplinary measures and command does a knight hold here? They can be charged with interfering in diplomatic and military business? Maybe dishonorable conduct?
No. 116199 ID: 632862

A knight must do his duty.
No. 116204 ID: e0499d

Time to pull the trip of guilt...
Ridder Style... which will probably be something like this.

"And it appears your stupidity has come back to BITE YOU IN THE ASS"
and then knock something unimportant over
No. 116205 ID: ce1966

Challenge them to a duel. one on one or all at once.
No. 116206 ID: 3af198

There is nothing to be done to undue falling for their trick. It's probably best to just ask them where your mount is, than to cause a commotion.
No. 116210 ID: e0499d

this actually is a good idea.
maybe add "I am dissapointed that you had to trick me to fufill your lustful needs. The matriarch just might hear about this"

And just leave as they panic their asses off.
No. 116212 ID: ab5bae

Apologize for being inconsiderate and offer to pleasure the other two as you did the first. It's the best way to maintain your dignity.
No. 116214 ID: 3416ec

"Was it REALLY worth it?

Longish pause

Where can I find my mount?"
No. 116215 ID: 3af198

Saying that would kinda go against the whole not causing a commotion thing.
No. 116217 ID: 1831fc




This shall not stand, by the by. Tell them how outraged you are.

No. 116219 ID: af3e6d

A commotion would only be really bad if it prevents us from leaving. If we say that on the way out, I support it.
No. 116224 ID: 3af198

What I'm trying to imply is that we don't have to "win" or get back at them. They may have tricked us but we don't have to be immature about it.
No. 116241 ID: 445c48

Try to sneak up and bop the one you fucked on the head. Gently. No need to feel too pissed, or make too much of a commotion. They got you, good. We did warn you not to trust them straight off.

Alternatively make love to all three of them, right then and there.
No. 116243 ID: 3a2be8

Uhmm, if I may point something out, I don't think screwing them will make us feel any better, and I somehow doubt it would show them up or something.

It was that kind of suggestion that got us in this damn mess.
No. 116247 ID: 445c48

Alternatively, say something like "You weren't too bad yourself". Don't get too pissed, no need to cause a commotion and alienate your new allies.

Oh wait no, you should sit down and ask for a cup of tea.
No. 116249 ID: c16184
File 126413173167.png - (160.32KB , 700x700 , c17-21.png )

They did get me, and good. I do not feel enraged. Merely confused. Beyond I can't tell.

Was I too gullible? Perhaps, but had I not done it, things may have turned out for the worse.
I can not undo what has been done.
It was my error to head into this land unprepared.

I walk up to them.
One of them spots me.

"Hey! Look who's here!"
"Where is my mount?"
"Right here, baby!"
"..Ehm.. Uh, you can take mine. Just tell the boys outside you're picking up Z'tila's mount, code star, moon, moon, star, sun. A-alright?"
No. 116252 ID: 2eac65

Walk up right behind one of them, then politely ask if they know where your mount is.
No. 116253 ID: 2dd482

fuck that. Ask them where your mount is.
No. 116257 ID: f21281

Give a curt nod, then leave, then speak while exiting.

"Next time a stranger comes to your lands, I would advise against deception to bid them to your side in bed."

*dramatic pause, cold glance over your shoulder back at them*

"They may not be as forgiving about your subterfuge as I am."

And then leave.
No. 116261 ID: 8ce2bf

Attempt to start saying this but start crying when you realize how much has gone wrong in your sex and love life because of manipulative people, and tell them that you just wanted to have a nice family with someone.
No. 116264 ID: e75a2f

Ask that one bug lady if she'd really be willing to give her eye to have you.

Maintain that badass angry look.
No. 116268 ID: 445c48

Ask for a cup of tea and sit down. Discuss local politics. The nature of warfare with these bugs. Ask if they would be killing, if they weren't fightin' bugs, or if this no-killin' thing is a global kind of thing.

They did get you good, but we warned you. Best to let it go, subtly make sure she doesn't have syphilis or something.
No. 116276 ID: ec4966

No. 116279 ID: 3a2be8

We didn't ask for 'their' mount.. did we?

Anyhow, they had best remember that most foreigners are not as... forgiving as we are... most wouldn't think twice about teaching them the real arts of war for a lesser trespass.
No. 116280 ID: 3416ec

Simply give them an icy stare for 5 minutes, then thank them and leave.
No. 116281 ID: d6a592

Don't say anything.
No. 116285 ID: d6a592

Also: don't go for some sort of 'zinger' like an idiot, act honorably.
No. 116296 ID: ab5bae

I think we want our damn mount please.
No. 116297 ID: c16184
File 126413479114.png - (129.64KB , 700x700 , c17-22.png )

"..I just wanted to have a family with someone.."
No. 116298 ID: c16184
File 126413479825.png - (67.15KB , 700x700 , c17-23.png )

No. 116299 ID: c16184
File 126413482684.png - (87.30KB , 700x700 , c17-24.png )

"Ridder..? You look ill.. ..Ridder?"
No. 116300 ID: c16184
File 126413483614.png - (79.34KB , 700x700 , c17-24-paused.png )

No. 116303 ID: 476456

No. 116305 ID: 3416ec
File 126413531692.gif - (6.29KB , 63x25 , emot-damn.gif )

No. 116311 ID: 445c48

Daaaamn. Someone's behind you, they might be following you or just guardin'.

Also goddamn I love the stupid faces on those mounts.
No. 116346 ID: f44349

For what it's worth, if I were a physical entity, I would totally give you a hug right now, bro. :C
Also yeah you are being rather obviously followed, go see what the feck they want.
No. 116354 ID: ca043f

In b4 female bug joins our group.
No. 116362 ID: 0c8592

hey Ridder if it helps you can totally tell us how you feel
No. 116408 ID: e0499d

Ridder... There's a bug following you.

And for godsake, you did well. An ordinary man would have zinged them or tried to upset them. Instead, you stuck by your morals, and just moved along.

If you really feel like crap, it's hightome you took a vacation far from these kind of influences. While you're gone, you can manage the mansion through the ring... It shouldn't be that bad...
No. 116630 ID: 8ecfd4

Ridder, I think alot of your current negative feelings comes from your clash with the world. Your ideals have shown themselves to be things that are not shared with the majority and people have used them to manipulate you for their own gain.

You really should talk with someone about that. Either a random bartender or Sticks. You need to unload those feelings or they will eat you up.
No. 116684 ID: c16184
File 126418587637.png - (103.04KB , 700x700 , c17-25.png )

Perhaps it is time to open up. Remind me about it when I have time to spare.. but time to spare for a vacation I will never have.
However, now that we have the support of this alliance, part of the pressure is off. I can spend more time straightening the details.

I stop to let my pursuer catch up.
It is sergeant T'lear. He salutes me.

"Why are you following me?"
"Because I am under your command, sir. I will follow you and orders. The senseless fighting of the Red Mesas will not be missed, sir. It will not be missed."
No. 116685 ID: 1ab390

does he have any skill or talents outside of killing stuff?
No. 116686 ID: ca043f

The question is, do we NEED any other skill or talent outside killing stuff? HELL NO!

Also, totally knew it. Just wasn't sure about the gender...
No. 116690 ID: a07683

"To tell the truth, T'lear... I think the Matriarch would agree with us."

Personal guard, advisers, a bunch of bored people with too much free time. A huge, numerous civilization doing nothing special.

Maybe that's what made her so sad.
No. 116691 ID: c16184
File 126418812556.png - (105.88KB , 700x700 , c17-26.png )

Perhaps so. Perhaps we will never know.

"I will not judge a man's wish to change his life. I am honored you chose me as a way out."
"The honor is mine, sir."
"Tell me, what skills do you have outside of combat?"
"Training and disciplining, sir."
No. 116692 ID: 6faa8c

Oh, kick ass.

We can finally teach everyone how to be at least halfway competent!
No. 116695 ID: e75a2f

Ridder you're like a cat.

Whenever you go out you always drag something back with you.
No. 116697 ID: 1ab390

That's why he gets along with sticks so well!
No. 116698 ID: 8ecfd4

Well then he should be able to help out with training everyone to be at least halfway competent at defending themselves. Atleast with blunt weapons. You also have additional base security now, he might not be on par with Black Fang but he should be able to hold his own.
No. 116701 ID: c16184
File 126419132224.png - (111.58KB , 700x700 , c17-27.png )

Indeed. I believe T'lear will be comfortable with focusing entirely on defense. He will remain the stalwart keeper in my abscence.

When we arrive at the mansion we meet Nakraska working outside. I nod at him.

"Hey, welcome back."
"Thank you, Nakraska. It is good to be back. This is T'lear, he will be joining us. I would appreciate it if you could show him around. Official introductions will take place just before dinner tonight."
"Yeah, no problem."

I leave him and T'lear as me and Sticks head inside.

"Sticks.. Please come to my room. I must speak with you."
No. 116702 ID: 8ecfd4

This is probably not the best time for you to speak with her about your relationship.

Instead talk to her about your doubts and fears. That is really what you need to talk about right now.
No. 116704 ID: 2cbe3e

Just tell her upfront that you don't feel any sort of satisfaction from this relationship beyond the physical. It may hurt her, but honesty and so on.
No. 116708 ID: 3a2be8

Tell the truth.

You have tried living her way... and it's tearing you up. You have tried to sacrifice your hopes, your dreams, but she isn't willing to to give up hers.

She is set on this relationship being a temporary arrangement and so she will get what she desires. No obligation, not connection, she didn't want them, so we cannot provide them.
No. 116719 ID: 8446d4

Don't flat-out break up with her.

Explain your situation, then ask her for advice. Explain that she's the one you know with the most experience in these matters.

Hopefully, she'd be honest with herself and with you. Hopefully, she'll either go to the next level, or break things off on her own.
No. 116720 ID: 3416ec

The truth will set you free.

Tell her the truth.
No. 116721 ID: 689e9b

be honest, but gentle. the last thing we need is more emotional hurt between everyone.
No. 116727 ID: c16184
File 126419755869.png - (105.02KB , 700x700 , c17-28.png )

In my room I kneel to her height.
She looks at me with an expression I haven't seen on her before.

"Sticks. What happened in the Red Mesas made me realize that no matter how I try, I can not let go of my values regarding love, family and marriage. I have shared this relationship becaused I was unable to control myself and made love to you, thus making it my duty to care for you, despite your refusal to marry. However, it strains me and causes me great pain. I can not continue like this."
"Please understand."
No. 116729 ID: c16184
File 126419764474.png - (56.12KB , 700x700 , c17-29.png )

She remains silent for a moment, then chuckles. She responds in a hoarse whisper.
"W-well, I ain't got anyone to blame but me, huh? ..I.. I need to be alone."
No. 116730 ID: c16184
File 126419765824.png - (96.52KB , 700x700 , c17-30.png )

She rushes out of the room.
No. 116731 ID: f98e0b

No. 116732 ID: 689e9b

youve gone and broken her heaaaaaaaart
No. 116733 ID: 8ecfd4

It's physically impossible for you to be smooth right? There has to be some reason you're incapable of learning how to speak with people.

Well just fire off the clichés, tell her that she will always be special for you and she will always be welcome as a companion. If she ever needs anything she should tell you and the rest. Then let's go to a bar, get drunk and pour our heart out to a random bartender. But knowing you you're going to find some way to get into trouble there as well.
No. 116734 ID: c593ec


You should give her some time alone, but still, try to patch things up. Really, let her know it wasn't her fault, but yours for not sticking to your principles. You're just incompatible for each other -- you have different views on what love really is.
And let her know you still admire her as a person, or she'll think you're just disgusted with her, that you just look down on everything she is.
No. 116735 ID: 3416ec

She needs some time to heal.

Way to stick to your guns, Ridder. I'd pat you on the back, but y'know... disembodied voice and all.
No. 116736 ID: 8ecfd4

I was a bit slow I see. Make sure she gets the other ring. We wanna talk with her a bit.

You should find a bar to get drunk in and a random stranger to pour out your problems in front of.
No. 116739 ID: 6faa8c

Breaking up a relationship is hard for both parties.

Go spar with Black Fang to blow off your steam. Physical exertion helps a lot.

Just so you know, man... You couldn't have done that in a softer way.
No. 116740 ID: 8446d4

If she ever changes her ways... would you take her back? If so, make sure she knows this.
No. 116741 ID: c593ec

>We wanna talk with her a bit.
She said she wants to be alone.
No. 116742 ID: 3a2be8

Well, that was... well it just was. I don't think there is anything we can say about this.

All is fair in love and war.
No. 116743 ID: 3416ec


I am agreeing with this.
No. 116745 ID: 8ecfd4

Yes because our host is incapable of talking to other people. Some of us are more competent than him, which isn't hard but still pretty impressive considering what we are.

If we get to speak to her without him we can probably explain a bit better what just happened. Ridder is about as sublte as a falling ton of bricks and shows just about as much regard of emotions in others despite his best attempts.
No. 116752 ID: c16184
File 12641989935.png - (89.48KB , 700x700 , c17-31.png )

I did not mean to hurt anyone. It was simply inevitable.
It would be futile to tell Sticks I would take her back if she changes her ways now that I've already broken our bond. It will be part of my duty to marry her should she wish so.
How I feel about that I don't know.
I am incapable of analysing my feelings now more than ever.

I shall ensure her of her value as a person when she is ready to face me again.

No. 116753 ID: 0e252b

She doesn't need to be coddled, she needs to be left alone.

Do simply this-- go to her, but keep your distance; possibly stand just at the threshold of her location. Tell her that she is always welcome to speak with you about whatever she wishes, and that this changes nothing in terms of how much you care for her wellbeing. You do not wish to see her leave, Sir Ridder, and she would do well to know that.
No. 116755 ID: 6faa8c

Man the weirdest thought entered my head.

Talk to the Elf. She might actually have some handy advice or something.
No. 116756 ID: c593ec

Say Ridder, now that you have a moment...
Care to tell us about... well, us?

When did you start hearing us? How did it happen?

And what exactly do you think we are?
No. 116760 ID: f44349

Well that was... less than smooth.
But it would have hurt no matter how smooth you were. It couldn't be helped. That's just the way it is.

But... yes. Take your mind off of things for a moment and tell us about... us. Hearing voices in your head is not exactly normal.
No. 116761 ID: 3a2be8

Indeed this one broached the 'us' issue earlier and I am primarily wonder why you are so... pliant at times to voices that seem to have taken independent residence inside you skull?
No. 116762 ID: 731dcd


It's rough, isn't it? But you stuck to your beliefs. That's something to be proud of. There was something that you considered disgusting that you didn't want to be a part of and you stood up and had your say.

Perhaps I speak too strongly, but I'm sure you get the point. We all know that you least of all wanted to hurt Sticks. It's fine. Sometimes we don't want to hurt the people we care about, but we have to. Ugly, huh? But that's the way these things go.

Stick to your beliefs Ridder. Let your conscience guide you. It's going to hurt, but at least at the end of the day you can call yourself a man and be proud that you didn't compromise your heart. Keep tripping and falling, but just keep getting back up as you go down that path. Good luck chief.
No. 116763 ID: e0499d

That actually is just rudecondering he just broke up...
But I guess it'll get his mind off the issue, even if it's just for the moment...
Just talk with us Ridder. Talk to the voices in your head
No. 116765 ID: 8ce2bf

Well if you're willing to you could tell her that it's not her fault, there's nothing she could possibly do. Except turn into a man.
No. 116769 ID: f21281

I think you need some stress relief, bro.

Got any training dummies? That would be good to vent your frustrations on.
No. 116770 ID: c16184
File 126420147272.png - (101.19KB , 700x700 , c17-32.png )

Thank you for your support, voices.
As to answer the question where you came from.. I have not considered it for a long time. I have accepted your existence a long time ago.

Your origins started in my early teenage years, if I remember correctly. It was at that point that the world and its working became clear to me, full of its flaws.
In my desperate efforts to deal with it, I begin to make mistakes that only worsened my feelings, not to mention the impression I gave my elders. It was at that point I felt that I needed something to help assist me in acting rationally: To analyse every action, every emotion, as to ensure their perfection and to remove unnecessary feelings.

It began with just talking to myself in quiet moments, until discussions split up into dozens of arguments. Soon I began to berate myself for any mistake I made. When I tried to silence myself mentally, ten more voices continued to whisper in the background.
The layers of rational have grown to such proportions I can no longer tell apart my feelings from my calculated strategies.

After the revolution I spend days yelling at myself to shut up. Every sleepless night I wished that the next morning you would be silenced.

Perhaps it is because I grew up.. Perhaps because my rational thought finally won.. but eventually I accepted your presence.
My broken psyche.

No. 116772 ID: c0f3bf

We love you too Ridder.
No. 116774 ID: 9d07d9

It certainly was for the best, if we'd somehow been silenced and reintegrated ourselves with your mind, you'd probably be an impulsive nymphomaniac.

Have you ever heard of something like... us happening to anyone else?
No. 116777 ID: f44349

Well that certainly explains a lot.
...You are far, far too hard on yourself...
At any rate, I suppose now would be a good time to check up on Grek and Black Fang... and to see how Gray Fang is doing.
No. 116779 ID: 5aa60d

and this
No. 116782 ID: 6faa8c

No. 116786 ID: 8ce2bf

Did you ever tell Muschio?
No. 116787 ID: 3a2be8

I somehow doubt that rationality ever has a full victory, for if it did then we would no longer exist would we not?

I'm sure you have noticed that our council is not always of the soundest measure?
No. 116788 ID: 731dcd

If I may, I suggest that Ridder pass off the ring and allow us to continue working until the evening when he formally introduces T'lear. I assume that when we're busy communicating through the ring that you're afforded some peace.

As for whom the ring is handed to, I suggest someone with a keen mind that is receptive to outside input. I'd like to turn our attentions to finding out who set the Fangs to work on us, if the rest 'us' agree. I think Mad Petal or Iesgip would be the best holders for this sort of thing. There's no rest for the wicked, after all, we might as well do our best to keep up.
No. 116789 ID: c16184
File 126420309779.png - (142.08KB , 700x700 , c17-33.png )

I have not heard of anyone else with this kind of disorder. I do not wish it upon anyone either.

Very well. I go downstairs and call for Black Fang.

"Black Fang. How did the trading mission go?"
"Without problems, master. All the goods've been delivered to those who needed it, or I put it in the storage room."
"Very good. Thank you, Black Fang."
"Ain't a deal, master."
No. 116791 ID: 476456


whats next on our agenda?
No. 116792 ID: 34470e

I bet some of us would like to know where the prisoner is being kept.
No. 116793 ID: 9e9b47


Ask Black Fang if he thinks a man would be justified breaking a woman's heart earlier rather than later if he knows it's not going to work out.
No. 116795 ID: 9d07d9


This. Whar is she?
No. 116796 ID: f44349

Now let's check on the prisoner. I've got this itching paranoia that she is going to escape at the least opportune moment...
No. 116797 ID: c0f3bf

Indeed, ask Black Fang what he thinks about it.
No. 116800 ID: 3416ec

Check on prisoner, then go check on Petal and Grek's progress on... whatever they were building.
No. 116801 ID: c16184
File 12642041074.png - (146.22KB , 700x700 , c17-34.png )

"Black Fang, do you mind if I ask you something personal?"
"..N.. No, master."

He seems slightly uncomfortable.

"Do you think it is justified for a man to break a woman's heart earlier rather than let the relationship run itself into the ground if it is clear it will not work out?"

He goes quiet. We stand there for a while, with only his rough breathing filling the room.
The eye with the scar on it twitches, as if he is in deep thought.

Finally he speaks in a low tone.

"Ah believe that if it had nay chance to work out.. her heart was already broken when it was set aflame. ..master."
No. 116803 ID: ce1966

Check on Grey.
No. 116804 ID: 476456

Thank black fang for that surprisingly good advice.
No. 116807 ID: f44349

Thank him for his surprisingly apt assessment.
And then lets check up on the prisoner real quick.
No. 116808 ID: 3416ec


Wow. Color me impressed. Who would've thought some sage advice could come from those fearsome jowls?

Now then, check on the prisoner and then the Grek/Petal dynamic duo.
No. 116810 ID: c16184
File 126420584983.png - (121.63KB , 700x700 , c17-35.png )

I place my hand on Black Fang's massive shoulder.

"Thank you, my friend."
"..Anytime, master.."

I stay there for a moment to let him know he had the right idea before I continue to the small washroom where the Fang is being kept.

When I open the door I greeted with her wriggling and struggling figure, breathing heavily into my face.
It looks like she tore up the blanket with her teeth.

No. 116812 ID: 476456

Time for some torture.

...sit down and have an intelligent conversation with her.
No. 116813 ID: c0f3bf

She seems... upset. You should ask her why she wants to get raped so badly.
No. 116815 ID: ce1966

We need a proper prison cell. We can't have her tied up all the time. Have someone get to work on that.

Ok, here is the plan. Have someone help you gag her so she stops yelling. Don't get bit. Then put one of the rings on her. We will be able to get inside her head and talk to her.
No. 116816 ID: 3416ec


This. Take a seat and try to understand what is the deal with this fang.
No. 116817 ID: 9d07d9


Sure, it may be only Muschio who can treat this bad of a case, but we may as well take a crack at it.
No. 116818 ID: 6faa8c

Hahahahah. Yessss.
No. 116819 ID: c593ec

Give her some goddamn clothes, what is wrong with you, you pervert.
No. 116820 ID: 3a2be8

Ask Black Fang if Grey was always this crazy or if this is something new?
No. 116821 ID: e0499d

If she really wants it, find someone who's willing...
But honestly... If she wants to be raped, it becomes concensual... And it's no longer rape
But first, let's see if we can find why age wants to be raped (eg: get the ring on her and let us delve into her mind)
No. 116823 ID: c16184
File 126420702462.png - (92.98KB , 700x700 , c17-36.png )

With the way she tore the blanket off I doubt that taking the risk of getting bitten when giving her clothes will be worth it.
I quietly sit on the floor and look her in the eye.
She stops wriggling, instead leaning forward. Her breathing is still rough and heavy.

"Why do you insist on getting raped?"
"You have the advantage.. USE IT! Don't leave me here like a ragdoll.. Ravish and abuse me like I would do to YOU!"

Putting the ring on her seems like a good idea. However, Grek still has the other ring, and it didn't seem like Grek and Petal were at the mansion when I came back.
No. 116826 ID: 6834bc

Ridder, realize that she is speaking a logical fallacy.
Tell her that, as she demands to be raped, she is in fact consenting to it. As such, it would not be rape - as you can't rape the willing.
No. 116828 ID: e0499d

I coulda sworn I just said that... And that it seems that'd it would be more abusive to NOT screw her.
(Eg: she wants it, but she won't get it unless she abides by your command. Then promptly have sex if only to calm her down and make her follow you. If you cannot do the deed, get someone else.)
No. 116830 ID: 3a2be8

This is a good idea to point out.

Anyhow, seems yet another crazy chick wants you Ridder, in her own twisted way.

A real pity we don't have the ring, ask her if she likes anything aside from rape.. oh I know, ask her if she wants to play chess.
No. 116831 ID: 8ecfd4

I rather think it's the fact that she cannot understand why anyone wouldn't abuse their power.

The way she grew up I doubt she ever learnt that power brings responsibility with it. The only ways she has learnt to gain power is through sex and violence and the only use she has put power to is to gain sex and do violence.
No. 116832 ID: 3416ec


So how does one make her "unlearn" her ways?

I'm no armchair psychologist.
No. 116836 ID: 6faa8c

Let's kill her with kindness.

In other words, keep her here securely, have Black fang feed her (he's honestly the only one who can) and at some point give her clothes.
No. 116837 ID: 8ecfd4

I'm not entirely sure. I never did get very deep into pshychology. We could always try pavlovian methods. If she's nice she gets a reward and if not she gets a punishment. After a while she should start being nice even without the reward. She is fairly canine in apperance so it might work. I doubt it would but hey it's an idea.

Other than that I would say the first step to recovery would be to make her accept that she has a problem. These things are rather hard to cure unless the one suffering wants to be cured.
No. 116838 ID: f44349

...I suppose a good first step would be informing her that other ways than her own exist.

Tell her exactly why you aren't 'raping' her. It is wrong to take advantage of someone. It is wrong to abuse your power.
Also be kind to her. She is not evil, just... incredibly twisted by her upbringing.
No. 116839 ID: c0f3bf

Tell her that raping someone is not nice, and you won't do it as you are a nice person.
No. 116840 ID: 6faa8c

While we're onto this, positive works better than negative. Negative does not mean punishment, mind you, it means taking something away. As positive means Adding something to the routine.

In other words, a positive punishment would be forcing her to do some sort of work, whereas a negative reward is taking away some sort of thing she dislikes.

That is to say, do not reward her every time, but only occaisonally. You know why little old ladies continually pull that stupid lever for hours on end? Because they are on a unreliable feedback schedule. Do the same with her, and she'll be pulling that lever (rather, whatever you want her to do) constantly.

On the flipside, punishment must come in whenever she does something wrong. Remember, positive punishments and rewards.
No. 116843 ID: 1e1932


"I'm sorry, Grey Fang. But I'm not like you."
No. 116845 ID: c16184
File 126420891231.png - (55.78KB , 700x700 , c17-37.png )

"I'm sorry, but I am not like you."

I get up and close the door, under loud protest.

I believe you forgot who has just gotten berated for not being able to act smooth. I greatly doubt I am up for this.
I will leave it to prince Muschio, as previously planned.

No. 116846 ID: 6faa8c

Excellent plan!
No. 116847 ID: f44349

...Right. Sorry.
It's just... hard to see something that broken and not try to fix it.
Anyways! Let's go see what Grek and Petal are up to.
No. 116848 ID: 3416ec


A capital idea. Now go check on Grek and Petal, the Wonder Inventors.
No. 116854 ID: 632862

Let's go check up on Grek and Petal.
No. 116856 ID: 445c48

Oh yeah, remember to put like a lock or sign or something on that door if she's still there when he gets here.
No. 116860 ID: 8ecfd4

Oh yeah Grek and Petal. I might have given them the idea of weapons of mass destruction. But don't worry to much. They should be to dangerous to use properly so they shouldn't get very far with it.
No. 116864 ID: c16184
File 126421072613.png - (173.79KB , 700x700 , c17-38.png )

"Leks te be a gentle wend frem th'left, 'bet two tecks."
"Got it. That shouldn't effect the path too much. Now we just need a target."
No. 116866 ID: c16184
File 126421073747.png - (54.08KB , 700x700 , c17-39.png )

"What do you reckon?"
No. 116871 ID: fc2a27

aim for the swan rider, moving targets are great practice
No. 116872 ID: 632862

Um, this rather depends on what you're shooting out of that thing, and where exactly we are. Is that a bandit camp or something?
No. 116873 ID: ce1966

What the fuck is going on here?
No. 116874 ID: 3a2be8


Let's 'not' hang our heads right now...
No. 116875 ID: f44349

So! Who're we shooting, ladies?
No. 116876 ID: 445c48

God, you two are an adorable couple. Aim for the two guys fighting.
No. 116882 ID: 8ecfd4

The city. Lets see what this bad boy can do.
No. 116887 ID: c16184
File 126421166028.png - (35.88KB , 700x700 , c17-40.png )

Wer doin' a feldtest ef ar inv'ntien. Wer et th'felds 'tween th'ferest 'n Sep'e Ten.

"Em fer them teh fellers teh th'left."
"Alright. Aiming.. Two ticks of wind.."
"Yer loaded, gerl."
"Get down, then."
No. 116888 ID: c16184
File 12642116759.png - (101.05KB , 700x700 , c17-41.png )

No. 116894 ID: c16184
File 126421218430.png - (146.47KB , 700x700 , c17-42.png )

No. 116895 ID: badf27

oh fuck!
Did we just tell you to fire on live targets?
No. 116896 ID: 3a2be8

Holy hell! who did we just kill?
No. 116897 ID: 632862

So how'd you get it to explode anyway? Did you make the Mix heat up water to build up the pressure needed, or did you somehow manage to get it to detonate on its own?

Also, um... those are dummies, right?
No. 116899 ID: f44349

I really hope those were dummies.
No. 116901 ID: 9d07d9

It occurs to me that such a weapon would be very effective against the Boss. One well-aimed round would probably collapse his whole lair...

Is that thing mobile?
No. 116903 ID: 8ecfd4

Nice. Now imagine what it would do to soldiers marching in a tight formation. Or even better, if you loaded it up with poison gas. That shit stays nearby and hits more people before it disperses.
No. 116905 ID: 3416ec


Hell, load that warhead up with ball bearings and watch an entire regiment turn to swiss cheese.
No. 116909 ID: c16184
File 126421330391.png - (183.09KB , 700x700 , c17-43.png )

O'cerse tes' feck'n mebile. Pet'l's cerr'ing th'feck'n theng 'n 'er beck!
Eh d'nneh 'bet mak'n other thengs teh pet 'n yet. Stell getteh get thes p'rfect'd.

Them were rel feck'n h'mens. Ded nehw-- Neh-- One's stell squirm'n.

"How was that?"
"Reght 'n th'feck'n merk, gerl."
"Beginner's luck, I reckon."
No. 116910 ID: c0f3bf

They at least attacked you first, right?
No. 116911 ID: 632862


You do realize that Ridder doesn't like it when people die for no reason?
No. 116912 ID: fc2a27

Nice shot...
No. 116913 ID: 3a2be8

uhm... you just murdered some people.
No. 116916 ID: f44349

I hope you've got a good reason to be shooting at these people or Ridder is gonna be pretty pissed.
Still, impressive piece of equipment you've got there.
No. 116918 ID: 3416ec

You... killed some random people?!


I'm telling Ridder on you!
No. 116921 ID: c16184
File 126421435943.png - (82.64KB , 700x700 , c17-44.png )

Ye feck'n peces o' shite! Shet th'feck ep!
Yeh picked th'terget, neh me.
If Redd'r's gen be pess'd, et'll be 't yeh. Feck.

"C'men, les 'ead beck."
No. 116922 ID: 632862

You didn't give us any nonliving targets to choose from.
No. 116924 ID: c1b520

You coulda shot in between two of the targets.

Just saying.
No. 116926 ID: 3a2be8

Dammit I told you not to shoot people. Now you guys are going to get executed if they were important or something.
No. 116927 ID: a38999

Oh, for fuck's sake.
Just don't tell Ridder. Oh, by the way, I think he's in dire need of a friendly hug.
No. 116930 ID: 8b956c

Since then are you doing what we tell you? D:

Also, holy shit, who is carrying a cannon barrel on her/his back?!
No. 116932 ID: a38999

Dear voice, are you retarded?
No. 116933 ID: 7c5f1f

It's Petal you twat.
No. 116935 ID: fc2a27

petal's got it on her back.
No. 116936 ID: e0499d

No'mally I'd be feckin pisd' at ya'... But tat' wa' a feckin' gud demo'...
Yo' jus' luky we don' flood ya mind with feck fa' doin' tat'

If you didn't understand that grek, you now know how we feel about your speech... Or at least your mind speech. Really, can you a least THINK without the accent so we can understand you better?
No. 116937 ID: 7c5f1f

Invent a steam engine and mount that thing on a fucking train! Make it two or three times as big and mount it on a train, that shit will make fucking awesome artilery!
Fucking awesome job, how the fuck did you manage to cobble that shit together that fast!?
No. 116938 ID: 400770

You are my favourite.
No. 116939 ID: 7c5f1f

Imitation failure.
No. 116941 ID: c16184
File 126421539045.png - (89.05KB , 700x700 , c17-45.png )

It appears I can not let you speak to any of my followers without strict supervision.
You have been banned from conversing with Grek in addition to Iesgip from now on.

Let us just hope they were bandits about to ambush that caravan.

No. 116942 ID: 632862

What the hell? We asked for more information! They asked for action when we had no knowledge!
No. 116943 ID: 3416ec

>>Let us just hope they were bandits about to ambush that caravan.

I am hoping as hard as I can.
No. 116944 ID: 3a2be8

Oh now that is hardly fair! We hardly even knew what they were even doing there. Besides, if you were watching why didn't you say anything?
No. 116945 ID: a38999


Also, let's move on. I personally don't have anything to say about this.
No. 116949 ID: 8b956c

But we also have good news:

Elf bodies can withstand incredible forces which would tear apart any other living creatures!

And your allies are building weapons with which mass murder can be accomplished so much easier.

Although, you probably won't like the last bit.
No. 116950 ID: 7c5f1f

Yes yes, just leave us with that fang chick for the night so we can sort her out.
By the time we're done she'll either be on the straight and narrow (by our definition, which admitedly isn't saying much) or a drooling imbecile... Well, more so, anyway.
No. 116951 ID: c50a92

Oh, for fuck's sake, Ridder, we can't take all the blame for that one! They were the ones who fired the damn cannon on live targets, and, hell, half of us thought they were firing on dummies anyway.

But... what's done is done. No use arguing about it, but, as a word of advice, maybe from now on you/we should advise our accomplices to ignore some of our voices when prudent.

...and, hey, did someone at least check on the surviving human? We can play it off as an accident or something, I don't care, but leaving him to die is just as bad as firing on them in the first place.
No. 116952 ID: 400770

Don't blame us that Grek apparently has no impulse control nor Petal the will to stop her. They're the ones who actually murdered those folks.
No. 116953 ID: 7c5f1f

I mean, we have a lot of experience with handling emotinaly stunted people with an unstable psyche, right Ridder?
No. 116954 ID: c16184
File 126421646762.png - (89.00KB , 700x700 , c17-46.png )

No, I am well aware of the terrors that war brings. This contraption may be exactly what we need to withstand the Boss' army, which undoubtedly has numbers far greater than what I may be able to assemble once the time comes that our might faces off.

Now enough of your excuses. The whole reason that you are there is to stop these things from happening. You are supposed to be their guidance.
However, it is true that were you not there a similar situation may have taken place.
I'll let it slide.
Considering our success in the Red Mesas I will also open up the possibility to communicate with Iesgip again.

Now then, is there anything else on the agenda?

No. 116955 ID: 7c5f1f

Stop focusing on this! There is a naked sex crazed furry tied up on the floor below us! Get some perspective, people!
No. 116956 ID: 7c5f1f

Yes, naked furry, put ring on, go.
No. 116957 ID: 2dd482

speaking of Iesgip, I think you should really go talk to her. Maybe ask for another massage to help you relax.
No. 116958 ID: 400770

I think there's a pretty lady who needs our attention.

Don't worry, we're a trained psychiatrist.
No. 116961 ID: 67c611

Ridder, take off the ring and give it to someone else who can use it. I don't trust us to make decisions any more. Being stuck in your head alone is where we can cause the least damage.
No. 116963 ID: 3416ec

Let's take a look at the map again and see if we can drum up some more allies.
No. 116964 ID: c16184
File 126421707131.png - (92.17KB , 700x700 , c17-46-paused.png )

No. 116965 ID: 632862

Agenda? We need to get the place cleaned up, and get some restraints for Grey that won't cut into her arms so much.

Also, in my opinion we should not be allowed to lead Iesgip on any missions. She follows orders without question, and sometimes we can be inappropriate.
No. 116967 ID: 7c5f1f

Yes, atend to grey, also put the ring on her.
We need to do this before she meets with Muschio.
No. 116971 ID: 632862


Hey, I just re-examined the situation with Grek and Petal. The two guys with crossbows weren't sparring with eachother, they were crawling onto the hillside to ambush someone. Either the rider or the caravan.
No. 116976 ID: 445c48

We'll need to talk to Grek about that cannon of hers. We need more information on how she got it to work, but also, we need to make tanks, damnit, but we can't just outright say how to make 'em. Got to be subtle.

Also, the pause screens are getting better and better.
No. 116977 ID: 445c48

And if not tanks, Self propelled artillery, which if would probably be much easier than a tank.
No. 117010 ID: c593ec

At the very least you'll need her dressed.

Ridder, stop and think a moment.
I want you to visualize this situation:
You and he have a splendid dinner, catch up on old times, introduce him to your workers.
And then you bring him to the washroom, throw open the door, and there's a naked, writhing woman chained up inside and you yell "SURPRISE!"

I want you to imagine the look of horror such a scene would provoke. I mean really stop and imagine it.

Is that what you want? Is that really want you want?

What would Muschio think of you, hm?
No. 117032 ID: 3a4a54

I think, perhaps, we need to consider something.
Now, we're good at changing mental states. But, of course you know this.
What I suppose I should ask is this. Do we want to try to rehabilitate her (I'm warning you, this is unlikely) or do we want to deprogram her.
Either way is good, it's just, well, this is your psyche, your morals.
Either way.
No. 117138 ID: c16184
File 126426420391.png - (145.72KB , 700x700 , c17-47.png )

With Grek returning home the ring will be available, but to put it on Grey Fang, not to mention putting proper clothes on her, will require her to be calmed down somehow.
Using violence seems counterproductive.

"Black Fang. Has Grey Fang always been insane like this?"
"I'd say so, aye. I haven't seen 'er any different since we picked 'er and her brother up from that burnin' camp. Then the next day she had set 'er brother on fire and was eatin' him. I guess the rapin' thing came with puberty. We all avoided 'er, 'cept White Fang 'n Yellow Fang."
No. 117144 ID: 9d07d9

To calm her down, you're going to need to jump on her like a bucking bronco and put a bag over her head.
No. 117153 ID: 4ce1b0

Punch her in the snout to assert dominance.
Then stick yer dick in her... to assert dominance.
No. 117154 ID: 62489a

You can't go wrong with this, Ridder.

In fact, I think Sticks would want you to do this. She wants you to get a taste of different kinds of women, after all.
No. 117155 ID: 9e9b47


It's obvious that you need to have a nice dinner with Grey Fang. After a night of wine and dancing, she will obviously completely change.
No. 117156 ID: ec4966

"Our options are to keep her in a box forever, kill her, or let her go, then. These are all unappealing. Do you have a better idea?"
No. 117158 ID: a56bd0

Erh... lets "not" get sexually involved with an even crazier woman (seriously Ridder, sometimes us voices just want to see you suffer.)

However, do when have any kind of herbs or something that might calm her down? I wonder if Petal (or unlikely Grek) know anything about sedatives or maybe muscle relaxants.

OH WAIT IESGIP! She has this hallucinogenic herb smoke or something that is meant to disable an disorient victims!, We can use that to amplify the effects of the ring and the voices as well!
No. 117161 ID: e0499d

so.. to get to Grey... we need
1: Us to have a direct link (ring)
2: A way to calm her down (Depressants if Iegsip can get em'
3: A way to make her stop going nuts whenever a person enters the room (A loose fitting bag over her head)
No. 117164 ID: f35d0a

Ridder, if conventional means of calming her down (not adding methods of forcing her to calm her down) would not work, then perhaps you can give us to her so we can hopefully try to calm her down? It seems to be the only way we can figure out the mystery behind Grey Fang, yes?
No. 117165 ID: 2a7561

Get grey high on drugs, put voices in her head and lock her in a room for three days. Change quest name to Vision Quest.
No. 117166 ID: 2a7561

Was the R in Ridders name always that fancy?
No. 117172 ID: c16184
File 126427407739.png - (82.68KB , 700x700 , c17-48.png )

It amazes me how quickly you forget about the plan to leave her with Muschio.
I am willing to let her wear the ring so that she will not break even more as she remains locked up, but I do not aim for a permanent solution.

That is right, Iesgip spoke of a sedative.
I call her and Grek to me.

"Iesgip, I need you to prepare a sedative to disable Grey Fang. Grek, once it is in effect you and Petal will put her in clothes and create restrains that are not as damaging as the ropes, as well as putting the ring on her."
"Sir, yes, sir."
"Er yeh sher 'bet th'reng?"
"Yes, Grek. I can't keep her as she is much longer. Thank you for your concern."
"Wh'ever yeh sey."

We shall see how much effect it is.

Personally.. I just hope the prince will visit soon.

No. 117173 ID: 2a7561

Look, you may want to get back to your dreamy prince as soon as possible, but want to start exploring Grey's psyche, we're bloody curious!
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