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File 124835448970.png - (38.45KB , 800x600 , 564.png )
11219 No. 11219 ID: fb5d8e

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No. 11221 ID: fb5d8e
File 124835464264.png - (71.05KB , 800x600 , 565.png )

>King, I doth not mean to disrespect thine wishes, but thine orders left me in conflict.
>What power does yonder Word of Good hold in a law-less world of Chaos? When everything must be overlooked, can Justice truly flourish?

>Oh, ancient spirits of the ancestral guard, dwelling below the service, speak to me, so thee may guide me through mine darkest hour.
No. 11222 ID: 1afd58

Bladetree, our descendant, know this:

Love is something to be treasured. Love is holy and Love is pure. What these siblings share is true Love, and one should not question it.
No. 11223 ID: ac9f42

Thou shouldt mind thyne own daymn business, elve.
Additionallyt, why haven't thou yet confessedt yonder love to thee Hans?
No. 11225 ID: 35cea2

What they are doing is a little creepy, sure. But right now they are invaluble to saving the world from evil.

After that is over, you can give them a stern talking-to about how to properly handle themselves.
No. 11226 ID: fb5d8e
File 124835522129.png - (71.17KB , 800x600 , 566.png )

>Love is something to be treasured. Love is holy and Love is pure. What these siblings share is true Love, and one should not question it.

Bladetree clenches his hand into a fist and raises the other to the sky.

>"But such Love is the play of demons; From family affair doth the wicked growth.
>Oh elder spirit, how could the holy power of Love bloom in such an unholy way?"
No. 11228 ID: 7eda8b

>"But such Love is the play of demons"
They kinda ARE demons, if you weren't paying attention. The unholy magic-crafted spawn of the Skull King.

Have you tried talking to them?
No. 11230 ID: 35cea2


They are not doing this for evil, they're just ignorant. They can be taught how to real siblings should treat each other, the difference between familial love and carnal love.
No. 11231 ID: 1afd58

Love can bloom anywhere, even on a battlefield. Who else could a blutjaegar love but its own kin?

It is none of your concern, regardless.

Focus more on your duty, and less on forcing your morals upon your betters.
No. 11232 ID: f42c4e

Love is blind, and love is pure. Love grows in the strangest of places. But because loves grows there, the place become pure for if it is true love then even the wickedest of places is pure from it's placement.
No. 11234 ID: f42c4e

Hey Bladetree did we, your ancient spirits, ever talk about incestuous relations? Remind us, for in our age we do grow wisdom but so too do we lose some of our old wisdom.
No. 11235 ID: fb5d8e
File 124835590722.png - (70.96KB , 800x600 , 567.png )

Blade slowly shifs his pose. His open hand goes down to the hilt of his blade.

>"So they are demons. No evil did I sense from them, unholy as they may seemed, but now I have thine confirmation, oh elder spirits.
>Forgive me, mine king, but the teachings of Silvanus weight heavier than thine word."
No. 11236 ID: f42c4e

Hey! Hey!

Sometimes the forces of good must use evil to destroy greater evil. We foresee these two may be able to bring down the Skullking, my child. Hold your sword until that deed is done, then you may be able to vanquish them.
No. 11238 ID: ac9f42

Dude. Your few cleric spells totally won't work on things without an evil aura. You'd get your buttocks handed to you.
No. 11239 ID: 1afd58

Discretion is the better part of valor, Sir Bladetree.

They are both blutjaegars. Weak as though they may seem, they are foes beyond your power. Attacking them outright is suicide.

Stay your blade until an opportunity comes. Throwing your life away will not accomplish anything of worth.
No. 11240 ID: f98e0b

We didn't say 'demons'! We meant 'da man's! Like they're cool! With us! And you shouldn't try to kill them!
No. 11241 ID: fdd906

Exactly, you did not sense evil in them. Therefor they are not. How could you ever bear for slaying innocents, your companions even?
No. 11242 ID: 7eda8b

Now ask: Does being made from evil make one evil themselves? They clearly carry the effects of this, inwardly and out, but does this make them deserving of death? What is their goal? The destruction of your enemy. Whether they later fall to evil is yet to be determined. It is not a foregone conclusion.
No. 11243 ID: 67c611

>"So they are demons. No evil did I sense from them, unholy as they may seemed, but now I have thine confirmation, oh elder spirits.

Don't be racist. Good demons are good regardless of being demons. They aren't evil. You have nothing against them.
No. 11244 ID: fb5d8e
File 124835699733.png - (75.61KB , 800x600 , 568.png )

>"Oh elder spirits, thine words are confusing. As Silvanus showed me the light, I must follow his teachings and cleanse the World from all Evil. Even in this Hour of Darkness, when Silvanus can not guide me, I am still expected to act.
>We all must fear Evil men. But what we must fear most is the indifference of Good men!"

The blade rings like a thousand bells as it cuts through the silent night sky.

>"Oh, elder spirits! Thy tells me to back down from mine challenge -- That there is nay rightful justice to be served. That I must turn mine other cheek!
>Art thou implying that I am being led by jealousy? Oh elder spirits, know that such sins have left me long ago! This fire is nay lust for Prince Mudy's power, it is my desire to vanquish all Evil!"
No. 11246 ID: f42c4e

Let's not be hasty. For all we know Raital might be an exception, and nearly all Demons in the setting might be inherently evil for some reason. We don't actually know much about them. We don't actually know much about anything, though.
No. 11247 ID: 6194e1

"But are they truly evil?"
No. 11248 ID: f42c4e

We didn't mention anything about lust for power. I think you should think about this for a second.

Are you SURE you're not jealous of Mudy? Search your heart and be sure, lest your heart be weighted by a wrong decision for all eternity.
No. 11250 ID: 35cea2


No. 11251 ID: 1afd58

Follow your heart, Bladetree. You will not listen to us, so die a traitor to your own kind.

You will not be mourned.
No. 11254 ID: 67c611

Bladetree. Are you a virgin? At least get some pussy before you die.
No. 11256 ID: f42c4e

From Axebeard.

Come on. You know you want to.
No. 11257 ID: fdd906

No. 11258 ID: fb5d8e
File 124835775596.png - (76.21KB , 800x600 , 569.png )

>"A demon will remain a demon! Its intentions black as its heart!
>Oh elder spirits, doth thou truly defend these sinful abomination? Hath thou abandoned thine fullblood son in favor of yonder savage beastling, just as Silvanus gave me powers far below his?
>A virgin I am, and nay lady speaks to me, yet the Prince sees all faces turn to him! Why do I not recieve such praise?!
>Oh elder spirits! I beg of thee! Do not abandon thine son! Guide me through the cleansing!"
No. 11260 ID: 1afd58

Suicide is not the answer, Bladetree. You can use this lesser evil to defeat the greater.

After the Skullking falls, then you can dispatch this abominable relationship.

Use your foes against each other, as Leaffall The Mighty did so many years ago.
No. 11261 ID: 7eda8b

No. 11262 ID: f42c4e

A cleansing we shall give you, my son. True love may lighten even the blackened heart of a demon, despite it's wicked source. Patience is the path of goodness and so is subtlety.

And one such as you is so blind to subtlety. We recommend you go forth to the fair maiden Axebeard. We think that not all face turn to Prince Mudy.
No. 11263 ID: 35cea2

Stay thy blade, now is not the time! Your death would be for naught, for Raital will kill you and then nobody would be there to check the Kobold's lust for each other.

Have you considered, you know, talking to them about how their actions discomfort you? It's better to turn a sinner into a good man than it is to slay him.
No. 11264 ID: fdd906

You still have to learn much, young paladin. Evil doth not come from birth, from the form, but from the heart. You, as a paladin, have to protect all good, regardless of as what it might appear. You know, that you do not sense evil in them.
No. 11265 ID: 86349f

There's a universal cure-all for virginity called a brothel. Might he not be interested, given the ladies are classy enough and have hearts of gold?
No. 11266 ID: 7eda8b

Technically the only woman who really threw herself at him was Raital. Another Blutjeager felt some attraction, but it could be compared to a cat finding a mouse particularly delicious looking.

More importantly... Are you motivated by a thirst for justice, a thirst for blood, or simple jealousy?
No. 11270 ID: 5e64a9

That Axebeard chick seems pretty nice. Maybe you should ask her out on a date.
No. 11271 ID: fb5d8e
File 124835867999.png - (84.33KB , 800x600 , 570.png )

>"Oh Leafall the Mighty! Twice-betrayer! Incarcerated and exiled for his heroic deeds. The sacrifice of reputation for the lives of the unthankful.
>Oh Leafall! Oh elder spirits! Must I learn the lessons his deeds speak, to look past the advice of others and follow whatever means to the end?"
No. 11274 ID: f42c4e

Yes. Yes it is. For the ends justify the means in this case, and though you may be persecuted, called a traitor for it know in your heart you are truly not a traitor and did what was just and right in the situation. You shall be a hero, though the eyes of the public may not see you as such.

You must be hurt knowing your fate, noble warrior. Seek comfort with yonder maiden Axebeard.
No. 11275 ID: 1afd58

You must learn to use what tools you are given. Your blade is of no use against the Skullking, as Leaffall could not defeat the armies alone.

Your compatriots, evil as they are, have the power to challenge her, as did the goblins and dark elves have the power to challenge Leaffall's enemies.

The world may punish you for this. Your life may become painful, you may be locked away, your may be hurt or killed. However, your life will not be spent in vain, but in the service of a good far beyond interrupting the events in that tent.

Learn from history, Bladetree. Learn to level one evil against another.

Bring light and good to the world by any means available, Bladetree.

Do your duty.
No. 11277 ID: 6194e1

Stay true to your quest of good, and remember that noone is beyond redemption.
No. 11278 ID: 5e64a9

Look, you spazz, even if it's wrong, those two are about the closest thing to heroes around here besides yourself. And the Blutjaeger's only that way because she's sexing the kobold.

Even if you've got a problem with it, they're still trying to stop a force of unimaginable evil with your king's consent. So the least you could do is wait until they've killed the greater evil before you go all crazy and get yourself killed by a Blutjaeger.
And if they fail, and die, then the problem solves itself.

In the meantime, why don't you just try to spend more time with Axebeard. She seems like she's pretty on the ball. Or else she's scouring away the memories with beer, which would also work.

You hear me? GO GET DRUNK.
No. 11279 ID: fdd906

Not to mention, that they are still not evil.
No. 11280 ID: 93c708

No. 11281 ID: fdd906

No. 11282 ID: c01408
File 124835965926.gif - (117.40KB , 800x600 , mufasa.gif )

You see, Bladetree.
Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance.
As a soldier of my cause, you need to understand that balance and respect all the creatures, from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope.
These two have cast off the shackles of the Skullking's evil and have sought the light in their own way.
Your duty is to help guide them toward the light, not strike them down in their hour of revelation, just as they have begun to shun the darkness that has plagued their existence.
No. 11283 ID: f42c4e

He kinda disagrees. Apparently his religion/actual ancestors that aren't us says Incest and Demons = Evil.

So yeah... we have to run along with it to prevent him killing them all.
No. 11284 ID: f42c4e

No. 11287 ID: fb5d8e
File 124836012847.png - (85.77KB , 800x600 , 571.png )

>"Oh elder spirits. Thine guidance is wise. Mine blade is stayed. May those Corrupt vanquish eachother before I strike them in the back. Even if mine Code of Honor will be shattered, I must succeed.

>Hail Leafall. Hail Leafall.
>The Orcs bewitched, the Giants running.
>The city safe by Leafall's cunning.
>But no haven receives sheep black.
>Leafall! Ignore the whispers behind thine back!
>Twice-betrayer, once-betrayed,
>Smile in solitude - Thine success has been made.
>Hail Leafall! Hail Leafall!"
No. 11288 ID: 1afd58

Your duty is never done, Bladetree, but you have set your path correctly.

May the words and light of the ancestors continue to guide your heart and blade, as they did mine.
No. 11289 ID: fb5d8e
File 124836040957.png - (77.54KB , 800x600 , 572.png )

>"I shall not fail."

>"..Lad..? Ye okay? Who're ye talkin' ta?"
No. 11290 ID: 1afd58

"I am simply thinking aloud, my Lady. Do ye have any of thine brew remaining? I could use another drink, 'ere the night is done."
No. 11291 ID: c01408
File 124836055117.gif - (105.54KB , 800x600 , ruby.gif )

>Hey does anyone -- oh. Uh, hi. Hey, nice ears, Gallahad.
>Um, I was supposed to tell you something, but... hm. I think you're supposed to enlighten some goblin or something about what it means to be a good man.
>Oh yeah, and don't forget: virgins aren't allowed into heaven.
>Okay that's all. Seeya.
No. 11292 ID: f42c4e

Hey Bladetree. Your ancestors command you to tap that.
No. 11295 ID: 9dd38f


But the future refused to change...
No. 11306 ID: ed469a

Mudy: "Ooh yesss, big sister, do that again."
No. 11309 ID: fb5d8e
File 124836224918.png - (63.57KB , 800x600 , 573.png )

>"I am simply thinking aloud, my Lady. Do ye have any of thine brew remaining? I could use another drink, 'ere the night is done."

>"Aye, o'course, lad. Let's 'ave another round b'fore sleep."
No. 11310 ID: ed469a

Once Bladetree's had a few cups of that brew, compliment the lady's beard. It's such a fine, silky length of hair, no?
No. 11311 ID: fb5d8e
File 124836237463.png - (48.90KB , 800x600 , 574.png )

Mudy holds his breath. He could hear everything. Even the voices of the ancestral spirits somehow sounded clear as day to Mudy, unnatural as they were.
Will Bladetree truly betray them -- or is it fair to say he already did?
Mudy decides that as soon as he can focus again he will take this into deep consideration.

>End of Intermezzo
No. 11312 ID: f42c4e

Were you not... distracted by Raital?
No. 11313 ID: 1afd58

There are more important things to focus on right, now, little guy.
No. 11333 ID: ade2fa

That is right Bladetree. Turn thee sin-dwellers against one another; hath thou not fall in tempation to strike empty-handed. Build thy power, grow in skill - smite hath villanous brood wence they least expect it.
No. 11334 ID: bffa2a

Goddamit Bladetree. Now it's going to be all awkward at the coffee table everytime.
No. 11335 ID: 9a71e2

"So, uh, how doth things go as a incestuous half-demon couple?"
"Pretty good. And you?"
"I still hath claw marks from-"
No. 11340 ID: a3b36a

Pay it no mind, Mudy. Continue with the throes of passion to help you forget for the moment.

Also, note how there's less blood now than there was when Mudy awoke from their first rutting session. Handwaved for art conveniency, magical self-cleaning pillows, or someone else's tent?
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