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File 12635169636.png - (29.44KB , 464x464 , Bloodtitle1.png )
110724 No. 110724 ID: c0f3bf

I am a 29 year old male. I am an ezilot, so I've got fur, a tail, and a mane, which are all nearly fireproof. Along with normal color, I see in infrared, so I can tell how hot something is. I am light bronze in color, and thankfully less shiny.

Oh. And I am a blood mage.

It is 9:34 AM. I'm starting to get hungry and I'm so bored and restless I could cry.

So what's my name again?
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No. 110725 ID: 1831fc


Hatta for short.
No. 110746 ID: 5aa60d

No. 110749 ID: 34470e

No. 110750 ID: abb30a

No. 110755 ID: a7ef8c

Chief Justice Walabaka
No. 110762 ID: 632862

KILL IT WITH FI- >fireproof

Damn it.
No. 110765 ID: 1831fc


I found this highly amusing.
No. 110768 ID: 51d0f5

No. 110844 ID: ab04d4

Venatus Alamandrin Aespanoza the Third.
No. 110845 ID: 8dc9d5

Slutty McSlutslut.
No. 110851 ID: 632862

Annuei Boira.
No. 110853 ID: c16184

No. 110859 ID: 5696d4

Ramborghini, obviously.
No. 110866 ID: c0f3bf
File 126352664695.png - (15.85KB , 341x341 , Rambo Alamandrin.png )

Ramborghini Alamandrin, of course. With a name like mine, I wonder how I could have forgotten...

You must be mistaken, that's the main character from my favorite book series about the ghost with the enchanted hat. I would like to think that I'm not so delusional as to confuse myself with her, as much as I love those books.

Well now that that's settled, I'm still hungry and restless. What should I do?
No. 110868 ID: 34470e

Look for food. What do you usually eat?
No. 110870 ID: 34470e

Also, what exactly are the abilities of a blood mage?
No. 110871 ID: 632862

Go out, and KILL some kind of animal of a suitable size to cook and eat.
No. 110879 ID: 04eff9


Go to the local hospital/apothecary/houses of healing and cure some people of blood-based diseases!
No. 110914 ID: c0f3bf

Meat. Red meat, if possible. I can have pretty much anything, but meat sustains me much longer than anything else.

Well I haven't have very many chances to find out. Blood mages are almost mythological from their scarcity, so I haven't had any teachers. What I have found out...

Well, I have yet to be injured in a way I can't restore fully and completely. It takes no time to fix myself up after getting sliced on a particularly sharp rock.

Conversely, I've hurt animals before, even exploded one's heart once. I haven't tried, but I think I might be able to do something similar with things with more complex chemistries.

I know I can also do some things like release adrenaline from myself or animals without burning myself out. At its core, I suppose blood magic makes the anatomy of myself and others freeform to my will, though as I mentioned, I haven't much practice.

Oh, and it's got a very painful price. Healing myself of minor things like cuts is simple and virtually free, but I've had to restore a finger I'd lost before, and I know that anything above scrapes causes me a large amount of pain or blood loss.

I can use other blood, even out of people's bodies, or cause them the pain instead of me. At the time, the blood from my severed finger was all over my hands, so that made it a lot more pleasant.

Hurting things though... The processes are equivalently costless because of the desired results.

For nearly everything though, I need to have direct physical contact, or all I can do is maybe make someone nauseous.

I'm not sure that's a good idea. Every blood mage in mythology so far has been a raving megalomaniacal psychopath. To my knowledge I am the first one in millenia, I definitely do not want to go flaunting this in public. Besides, healing that many people would probably put me in a coma for weeks from the pain or anemia.

As nice as that sounds, the nearest free wilderness is miles away, and I don't have any means of transportation other than walking. And I'm hungry now, there are breakfast caf├ęs and other means of getting food that will take much less time.
No. 110916 ID: 34470e

Got any favorite breakfast cafe's?
No. 110930 ID: c0f3bf

Not really... I only just moved here recently, I'm still getting used to it.

I know I saw a cafe and a restaurant somewhere around here. I could go to one of those, or just start walking and see where I end up.
No. 110935 ID: 34470e

Uuh... How much money do you have?
No. 110963 ID: c0f3bf

Enough... I don't really require a lot, which probably accounts for my boredom.

I'm not going to be buying any houses, but I can certainly pay for breakfast.
No. 110968 ID: 34470e

Okay. Lessee... Let's try the restaurant.
No. 111023 ID: c0f3bf


I open the door and leave. It's very hot out, I would probably be sweating if I wasn't heat resistant.

I walk past the cafe (called Julien's by the way) and turn the corner to the restaurant.

I can see from looking in it's much cooler inside, there's what looks like a human couple in a booth along the back wall, a male flight curelian in one back corner booth, and a female goblin in another back corner booth. Nobody likes regular tables anymore...

The hostess is an elf, she directs me towards a middle booth near the door. Well that would explain the seating arrangements.

I look at the menu... they've got sausage, veal, venison, steak... and other things of course, but that's all the meat.

...Strange, that goblin in the corner is hotter than normal.
No. 111025 ID: 34470e

Order the sausage.

Hotter how? Is she sweating, or does she look cuter?
No. 111029 ID: 632862

What's a flight curelian? Also, how hot is the goblin? Could she just have a fever or be drunk or something?
No. 111036 ID: c0f3bf

Sausage it is. Three servings worth I think, I haven't eaten in a while.

Not sexy hot, she looks to be... 2, 3 degrees above normal in temperature. She probably has a fever or something.

...I could cure it discreetly if I got a chance to touch her in some way, but it would have to hurt a bit, either me or her. I could just ignore it though, it's not like she's going to die.

The waitress com... it's a kobold. I am wondering more than a little how she's going to manage carrying three plates of sausage out here.
No. 111040 ID: 34470e

I think I may have a plan that will work, but it'll have to wait until both of you are walking somewhere. For now, order the food.
No. 111049 ID: 632862

How much pain are we talking about here? Could you make it feel like a static shock, or a headache?
No. 111070 ID: c0f3bf
File 126353865126.png - (23.23KB , 341x341 , flight curelian.png )

Flight curelians are like ground curelians, but their arms turn into bat-like wings, their tails get larger and gain webbing, and their general physiology changes to make them lighter. They can also drift and glide around, but that should be pretty obvious by now.

I order the food, the kobold looks slightly exasperated and she goes to the kitchen.

I... never thought of that. The healing is nearly instantaneous, as is the pain, I don't think I have ever tried stretching it out over time. For a fever, a static shock seems about right, though it would be a particularly painful static shock. I might be able to draw it out as a headache-like pain, but since I've never done something like this before, it might not work if I break contact.
No. 111075 ID: 632862

Well, it stands to reason that you would share the pain from the static shock. So split it between you and her. Simple enough.
No. 111081 ID: 34470e

Okay, here's my plan: You "accidentally" knock her over. Then you apologize and help her out. When she grabs your hand, heal her. Try to draw it out into a dull headache. Keep grasp of her hand as much as possible. When she asks why you're still holding your hand, speed up healing to instantaneous. During your cry of pain, let go of her hand. Then apologize again and say you zoned out for a bit there.
No. 111099 ID: c0f3bf

That could work, though it would be much simpler just to shock heal her after grabbing her hand. It would give me a chance to see if that works though, and I don't get many of those.

Splitting... pain? I don't think I've ever tried that either. If it works, she might not even notice the pain at all, and I can probably keep from flinching.

How convenient, she just got up to go to the bathroom it looks like. I ordered a lot of sausage, it probably won't be ready for a while. If I waited around the bathroom I could probably catch her as she's leaving.
No. 111101 ID: 34470e

Eh... Go ahead, but it might be a bit suspicious.
No. 111102 ID: 632862

Okay, do it. Hang out near the door, then when you hear her coming out, 'accidentally' brush hands with her on your way in to the men's restroom, or the same restroom if it's unisex.
No. 111107 ID: c0f3bf

Alright, I get up and walk over to the bathrooms. It's not unisex, they're split for male and female.

. .
. . .

Okay, she's coming out, I start to walk towards her. What was the plan again?
No. 111113 ID: 34470e

"Accidentally" knock her down. Apologize and help her up. Heal her while holding hands. Spread pain out and share it. Hold hands as long as possible. When she wonders why, apologize and say you zoned out.
No. 111123 ID: 632862

Don't knock her down all the way to the ground. Just bump into her shoulder and then grab onto it for stability.
No. 111136 ID: c0f3bf

Got it.


I trip and grab her shoulder. I try to divide my perception of the pain between us as it lances up my veins. It hurts, but I removed the fever at least, she should start feeling better within the minute.

She recoils a bit and rubs her shoulder for a second, raising an eyebrow at me before walking back.

It... didn't feel like half pain, but it definitely felt weaker than before.

I suppose I'll have to go in the bathroom now...
No. 111137 ID: 34470e

Yes, and while your in the stall, tell us more backstory.
No. 111143 ID: c0f3bf

Nice stall, the wallpaper is a tasteful green.

I wish there was more to tell...

I grew up about 60 miles away from here, my parents were apathetic and left me to my own devices nearly all the time. The blood magic started coming when I was around 9, but I never figured out what it was until I was 12 and started learning a bit about blood mages in my school's mythology lessons.

It was pretty fun when my dad tried to teach me about sex though, I ended up correcting him on anatomy no less than four times.

Speaking of, I got full marks in anatomy, but at the time there were simply too many people trying to become doctors in the area, and I wasn't good enough at mathematics to move on from there, so I went into theater.

I am a very good actor, but getting cast is still... difficult.

I hope that answers a few questions, particularly why I'm not working right now.
No. 111147 ID: 34470e

Have you been in any movies at all?
No. 111149 ID: c0f3bf

I have been in almost nothing. Before moving, I was doing plays most of the time; I've only been in movies as an extra and supporting character, numbering 3 and 1, respectively.

I leave the bathroom after an appropriate amount of time has passed and go back to the table. The sausage hasn't come yet, and the human couple seems to have left, while the hostess must be out doing... restaurant stuff.

The goblin in the corner has reduced back to a normal temperature.

...That's strange, there's heat coming out from below the table.
No. 111151 ID: 34470e

Take a quick and inconspicuous glance, like you're looking to see if there's any gum under the table.
No. 111155 ID: c0f3bf
File 126354801299.png - (20.46KB , 341x341 , scotchtape.png )

Just a quick one, the kobold is coming back.

It appears to--!!!

There is a bomb under the table!!

"H-here's your sausages sir."

It's heating up, it could go off anywhere from 1 to 10 seconds!
No. 111158 ID: 632862


You're nearly fireproof right? That doesn't look like a big bomb, just grab the kobold and dive away from the table, covering her with your body!
No. 111159 ID: 34470e

No. 111161 ID: c0f3bf

Yes, but I'm not explosion proof! And this bomb could be made to do anything!

I don't see much else to do though, I dive tackle the waitress from the booth and roll back to standing. I can feel adrenaline flooding my veins!

The bomb explodes. Bright arcs of gold ripple outward as wooden shrapnel fills the air. I catch a glimpse of the arcs and they're... cold?

...If this bomb was sufficiently enchanted, it could be made to do almost anything.
No. 111162 ID: 34470e

Where's the goblin?
No. 111163 ID: 632862

Anyone injured?
No. 111165 ID: c0f3bf

I think she ran into the bathroom, it's right next to her booth.

The curelian is hiding under the table.

The kobold seems fine, albeit very spooked. Minor hearing loss, but that will go away in a few days.

...Wait, she's covered in blood.
No. 111167 ID: 34470e

Check yourself
No. 111168 ID: 632862

I think you got hit by shrapnel. You're gonna have to fix yourself in front of everyone, probably.
No. 111173 ID: c0f3bf
File 126355278893.png - (15.94KB , 341x341 , epinephrine.png )

Oh... Adrenaline. Of course.

Well the kobold's staring at me horrified, the goblin is probably in the bathroom, the curelian is cowering under the table, and the hostess is still absent. Nobody's come from the kitchen yet.

"Are you alright??"

Typical kobold...
I am almost positive I can survive this, but with all this blood I could fix it up without much cost.
No. 111174 ID: 34470e

Go ahead and fix yourself up. If that question was asked my the kobold, say yes, you're fine. Then knock on the girl's bathroom door and ask if anyone in there is OK.
No. 111178 ID: 632862

I think you should take it out, and only partially fix yourself, to make sure it's nonlethal. They're going to call an ambulance and if they arrive and find out that you're just fine, when everyone says you got impaled by shrapnel, then... well, you're in trouble.

Plus if you get a trip to the hospital, you might be able to help one or two people without being noticed.

Or would the medical bills be a problem? You could fix it a little for now, say it's just a flesh wound and insist on not going to see a doctor, then go back home and fix the rest in private.
No. 111180 ID: c0f3bf

"I'm fine..."

I'll close up the wound and turn it into the start of a large bruise, that should at least throw off the shrapnel accounts.


The kobold just gagged.
This shouldn't hurt too much. All the blood disappears into the healing. That wasn't bad at all, considering anyway. I think I still have some adrenaline left.
No. 111182 ID: 34470e

Now knock on the girls bathroom and ask if anyone in there is OK
No. 111183 ID: 632862

Uh, I think she noticed. Ask her not to tell anyone.
No. 111184 ID: c0f3bf

Yes, she most definitely noticed.
I look her in the eyes and put on a resigned face.

"Good thing I only got grazed. Are you alright?"

"Y-yeah, I'm f-fine. What happened to the wood?"

"Nothing happened, right?"

"...Oh, no, of course not."

I think she got the message

I head over to the restroom, but...
The restroom doors are right next to the kitchen. The female restroom is empty and there's a blood trail from under the door to the kitchen.
No. 111185 ID: 632862

Fuck, run into the kitchen to see if you can help.
No. 111186 ID: c0f3bf

Since when did I become the--nevermind.

The kitchen is a complete mess. The force of the explosion couldn't possibly cause this much chaos. There is a large fridge in the back, ovens are smoking, and stoves are on fire. There are utensils, knives, pots and pans, and food literally everywhere, I can't move without stepping on some. The food is... cold. Colder than room temperature at any rate. I can't see where the blood goes from this mess.
No. 111188 ID: 632862

Check in the fridge.
No. 111189 ID: c0f3bf

I carefully navigate the refuse and get to the fridge door. I kick it with my foot and the latch opens.

...The goblin is in the fridge. She looks like she's been bitten to death by something very large. The rest of the fridge is cleaned out to make room for her.
No. 111190 ID: 632862

Dead? Are you sure? It hasn't been that long... it might not be too late. I mean, unless her heart has been ripped out you may be able to bring her back from the brink.
No. 111194 ID: c0f3bf

...I... I'd need blood, more than this. I'd have to get that kobold to help me for sure, and if this is going to work at all I need to move fast.

There's some raw meat on the floor, I eat it.

Should I try reviving her? To say I haven't tried this before is a massive understatement.
No. 111196 ID: 8ecfd4

She could have some insights on what is going on. You don't really have to heal her completly. Atleast not now, just make sure that she's alive again and won't die in the nearest hour.
No. 111197 ID: 632862

Agreed. Hopefully the good karma ++ of having saved two lives will convince the kobold (and goblin?) to keep quiet.

If not, well, there's always running away.
No. 111198 ID: c0f3bf

I'll... go get the kobold.

I walk back through, sapping the blood as I move. The kobold is rubbing her... wait, she didn't have a nosebleed before. And that curelian is gone now. The hostess is still conspicuously absent.
No. 111199 ID: 632862

"Where did the... why are you... There's no time! Wounded in the kitchen, hurry and help me!"
No. 111201 ID: c0f3bf

"Where did the... why are you... There's no time! Wounded in the kitchen, hurry and help me!"

She's blushing. A lot.

"N-no! That curelian shoved me into the hostess podium when he was running out of here!
Wait, in the kitchen? What's going on? How could I help you?"

No time. I'm picking her up.
No. 111202 ID: 632862

What a rude curelian. Nobody's called a doctor yet or anything, either.

By the way I think all the other staff is dead. Eaten, likely, by whatever bit the goblin. Some kind of giant frost wolf or something.

Take the fastest route into the kitchen, and start the procedure. Lay your hand on the goblin's chest. Center mass should be good for this right?

"God I hope this works."
No. 111205 ID: 8ecfd4

Just remember that you don't have to do full healing for this. You can get them completly up to date later when you can use a pig or something for the blood.
No. 111206 ID: c0f3bf
File 126356235135.png - (28.91KB , 196x282 , stop.png )

No. 111401 ID: c0f3bf
File 126360691728.png - (19.85KB , 341x341 , skirtbold.png )

I bring her to the kitchen and she keeps asking me questions. She shuts up when she sees the blood stream, however.

Center mass is good, but center nervous is better. I don't need to use my hands either, any physical contact is enough.

And it is hardly a procedure, I have mentioned before, it takes very little time, and the healing just... goes.

No, I don't have to, just enough to get her alive. Oh, and the less complex the blood and the creature that the blood is taken from is, the less potent it is. The blood of people is exponentially superior.

I put the kobold down in front of the fridge. Should I say anything, or just start, and is there anything in particular I should try to set with the pain or the blood?
No. 111406 ID: 34470e

I think the kobold would like to know what your about to know so she doesn't freak out.
No. 111415 ID: 8ecfd4

Tell her a bit. Say that it's to help the Goblin and that you would never intentionally endanger the kobold.

And the reason I suggested pigs or another animal is because it attracts less attention. If a hobo turns up with all of his blood drained out then people are going to start asking questions. If you however buy 3 live pigs and then butcher and eat them nobody is really going to wonder where all that blood went.
No. 111422 ID: 632862

Share the blood loss between you and the kobold so you both wind up in about the same condition.

Share some of the pain with the goblin, she probably won't even notice considering she's already so badly hurt. Or won't care. The important thing is not passing out from pain overload.

Tell the kobold not to be afraid.
No. 111433 ID: c0f3bf

I have money, but not enough to routinely buy live animals to butcher.

Okay... I put on a pleading and sympathetic face.

"I might be able to help her, but I can't do it by myself."

"But I can't do... whatever you did with that wood! What was that?"


"Blood magic."

"...Are you a--"

"Yes, now will you help me try to revive her or not?"

"I... Sure... This is going to hurt me, isn't it..."

"Both of us, yes. A lot. And I am positive we will end up anemic after."

"Anemic?! Then--"

"Yes, now get over here, I need more help."

She steps over with a look similar to condemnation on her face.

Dead people can't feel pain.
No. 111442 ID: 8ecfd4

Well if you don't have money then improvise. The point is to use something elses blood that's not a sentient and likely to upset people.
No. 111444 ID: 632862

Do it.
No. 111454 ID: f7bc42

Be confident Ram. Talent is fostered by hardship such as this.

Also, if the pain can be drawn out to be more bearable, perhaps the healing can, as well?
No. 111510 ID: c0f3bf

I haven't tried that yet either, but I will now. Maybe it'll keep me from falling unconscious.

Fine, but not now.

I put a hand on the goblin's chest and another on the kobold's nose since it's already bleeding a bit. She blushes, her nerves must be extra sensitive from the wound.

I close the wounds, refresh her blood, and start her heart up. I can no longer see or move voluntarily from the pain. The kobold's muscles are frozen, I can feel her tears on my hand. I start up the rest of her organs and finally her brain. She gasps for air.

I think she's alive. I can't move anymore. I still can't see anything. All my nerves have gone numb, I think most of the blood in my hands dried up. I've felt pain before, but this is unprecedented. Four of my teeth just shattered from clenching my jaw, but no blood came out.
No. 111514 ID: 34470e

Can you take deep breaths? Try and lay down.
No. 111527 ID: c0f3bf

I drop to the floor. I can barely hear anything, but I think the goblin is coughing.

I think I can stay conscious. My extremities are useless now, I can't feel my legs. I can talk though, I'm not so anemic that I can't.

My vision is clearing a bit after breathing slowly. Looks like the kobold got off better than I did in terms of anemia, she's shivering and taking large breathes.
No. 111529 ID: 34470e

Ask if everyone is alright. Continue breathing slowly. Try moving your fingers.
No. 111534 ID: 632862

Ask the kobold to find some raw meat, it will help you recover and then help everyone else recover as well.
No. 111555 ID: c0f3bf

I already ate the raw meat beforehand.

I ask. The kobold starts moving again.

"I'm f-f-fine, I-I'll g-go get s-s-some w-water."

She has a terrible stutter now. The goblin just coughs.
No. 111556 ID: 34470e

Continue breathing slowly and trying to move your limbs. Try and look at the goblin.
No. 111571 ID: c0f3bf

The feeling is slowly coming back. I look up at her. She's clutching her chest and wheezing, but she looks fine.

Well, apart from the bite wounds of course.


She grabbed me by the mane.
No. 111572 ID: 632862

"Hey, lay off. That's no way to treat someone who brought you back from the dead."
No. 111574 ID: 632862

"Erm, in a manner of speaking. Your brain wasn't dead yet."
No. 111576 ID: c0f3bf

"Please let go of my mane."

"Where the hell am I?"

That is... not a good sign.
No. 111577 ID: 632862

"A restaurant, the staff was attacked by... something. What's the last thing you remember?"
No. 111603 ID: c0f3bf

"You look like you got maimed by something, what's the last thing you can remember?"

"I remember I wasn't green!! What did you do?!"

Oh my ears...
She didn't see anything that went on, all the blood is gone and the kobold is stumbling back with water. I'm not sure if I should tell her everything...
No. 111604 ID: 34470e

Wait a second. Ask her if she was a human. And try and stand up.
No. 111605 ID: 632862

Huh? Did she change colors?

"What did I do? I don't know what you're talking about. What color were you before?"
No. 111615 ID: c0f3bf

...On reflection, that is a strange thing to say.

"What color should you be? I just opened the fridge and you were in here."

The kobold hears me. She has enough tact not to blurt out something stupid. She puts down some water, presumably she drank some herself when she was getting it. he

I try to stand up. It doesn't work, but at least I can feel my legs and hands again.
No. 111622 ID: 34470e

Just sit up against a wall and ask for the kobold to bring you a cup of water.
No. 111624 ID: 632862

Drink the water that has already been set down beside you.
No. 111652 ID: c0f3bf

I manage to fumble my hands across the glass and drink it. I feel a lot better. Wait, the goblin is talking.

"--working! Why was I in a fridge?!"

"I don't know. What color did you say you were? I didn't know goblins changed colors."

Unless she had some kind of body paint on, or some kind of full-body tattoo, but I think I would have noticed if she did.

She pauses for a second. She looks confused and angry.


...This is also a bad sign. I'm starting to want to just leave her here.
No. 111654 ID: 34470e

Hold on a second, don't leave her here! Ask her what she's supposed to be, if she's seen us before, and what her name is. And drink more water.
No. 111669 ID: c0f3bf

I ask the kobold to bring more water.

"If you're not a goblin, what are you? And what's your name anyway"

She starts, and thinks for a couple of seconds before talking.

"I... I'm... a... goblin. I made a mistake. Must be from waking up in the fridge. Sorry. My name is Raka."

Can't I just leave? She's alive after all, and I might have been famished before, but now I think I am literally starving. I'm covered in food and grease, too, I need to steam it off.
No. 111670 ID: 34470e

How much money do you have? You still need to pay for the sausage and the piece of raw meat.
No. 111671 ID: 632862

I think she's good now. That's pretty weird though.

Make sure the ovens and stuff are turned off, you don't want the place to catch fire now.

Take the kobold aside and try to find out if she's going to keep your secret or not. Without threatening her, please.
No. 111727 ID: c0f3bf
File 126363654968.png - (18.57KB , 341x341 , thetalk.png )

I don't think anyone cares at this point.

Good point. I can't even begin to make this place clean, but I can at least stop it from exploding. Again.

I try to stand, and it works this time. I'm still shaken, but I am getting progressively better.

I go up to the kobold and drink the water she brings, then I take her aside.

She looks... awful. I probably do as well. I'm not sure how to say this, but I will anyway.

"We resurrected a dead person. It seems she doesn't even realize it."


Her stutter is still there.
...Might as well just say it.

"You can do what you want, but tell me now if you're going to say anything so I have time to move."

"L-look, I-I'm not g-going to say an-an-anyth-thing. As f-far as I can t-tell, you-you've just been h-help-ping p-people."
No. 111728 ID: 34470e

...Ask the kobold if it's going to be alright.
No. 111729 ID: c0f3bf

"Are you okay?"

"I'll b-be fine, I-I've-ve felt w-worse bef-fore."

She looks terrible, but I can tell already she'll recover with time.
No. 111730 ID: 34470e

Are you still hungry? Ask the kobold if you can have some more food if you are. And if you have to pay for it.
No. 111731 ID: c0f3bf

I'm starving... but I didn't see any more meat in the refrigerator, and I had what was on the floor.

It's strange, there should be more food, but I didn't see very much of it in the kitchen. And I don't see any chefs anywhere, but they must have been in earlier to make the sausage.
No. 111732 ID: 632862

I keep saying they were EATEN. Whatever ate them almost ate the goblin but not quite. Hey, look around in places you haven't checked. But uh... bring a weapon. There should be a knife lying around somewhere.
No. 111734 ID: c0f3bf

I go back into the kitchen. The goblin appears to be collecting herself still. I pick up a large knife from the floor and head back out. The kobold gives me a look, but she doesn't say anything.

There is a bar, but it is closed at the moment. The only other place I could go is out the back door, which is around the same area.
No. 111735 ID: 632862

Poke your head out and look around.
No. 111737 ID: c0f3bf

I carefully step outside. I am in a back alley. It dead-ends at a dumpster, and the way to the street is blocked with trash.

There is a fire pole leading up to the adjacent building, but I am too anemic to climb it.
No. 111738 ID: 632862

Ugh, the thing probably climbed up the pole. Check the dumpster anyway.
No. 111739 ID: 34470e

Do you see any blood?
No. 111743 ID: c0f3bf

Can't see any blood, but I can smell some.

It is plausible.

I go over to the dumpster. The lid is sticking...
No. 111744 ID: 632862

Oh no. Open it.
No. 111745 ID: 34470e

Any heat signatures nearby?
No. 111747 ID: c0f3bf

Nothing out of the ordinary.

I shove my shoulder up and it opens.

...It's filled to the brim with trash.
No. 111750 ID: 632862

Oh well, I guess we're out of leads until we're healthy enough to climb the pole.

You did look up, didn't you?

I guess we can head back in, put the knife back and just wait for the police to get there or something.
No. 111751 ID: 34470e

Take a few things out of there. No one could bury anything in the bottom in the amount of time from when the bomb exploded to now.
No. 111754 ID: c0f3bf

I looked up, but I did not see anything particularly eye-catching.

I start going through the trash. I don't see any--
There is a lot of blood in here, it's underneath the trash.
No. 111758 ID: 34470e

Leave the trash dumpster alone now. Putting any trash back in or taking more out will make you suspicious. Just go back and wait for the police.
No. 111759 ID: c0f3bf

I'm so hungry...
Wait, police?!

I... no, that can not be good! If they realize I am a blood mage, they could prevent me from leaving! That's the only thing I can do right now...
No. 111760 ID: 34470e

Leaving would also make you suspicious. Just saying.
No. 111761 ID: 632862

How would they realize you're a blood mage? Your story is pretty good. The shrapnel grazed you, the goblin simply woke up in the fridge, and the kobold will back you up. Even if the cops find some inconsistencies, how would they come to the conclusion you're a blood mage? The only element that is trouble is that you and the kobold are anemic. If you can just find some way of recovering your power you can fix that too.

On the other hand if we mess about with the dead bodies in the dumpster, we'll leave evidence behind. At the very least they will charge you with tampering with the evidence.

Can you go back to the main dining area and try to salvage the blown-up sausages?
No. 111764 ID: c0f3bf


Do you know how bad every single blood mage in history has been? Here's a refresher.

The oldest blood mage said to have existed is likely to have killed an entire nation by himself, for absolutely no reason. He supposedly died from a massive tectonic shift that actually split the ground under him.

The second one is even more of a myth. He crops up all over the place in folklore. He apparently fed on the pain of others, and tortured the people of small towns both physically and psychologically. When he was through with them, the people were worse than the most psychotic serial killers. It isn't even certain how he died, but it must have been something massive.

There are more, too. Every one of them committed atrocities that would scar people for life if they witnessed them.

There aren't any bodies in here. Just blood and trash. The blood is... old though, almost two days old.

They might believe me, and they would probably overlook the kobold's anemia, since I am also anemic now. She might back me up, but we would have to explain why there was a bomb under my table.

I have no idea why someone planted a bomb under my table, or even what it was supposed to do, but they could take me into custody just to find out, and that would be very dangerous for a very long time...
No. 111765 ID: 632862

I guess you have a point there.

Well, if there's just some blood in the trash (which is weird) then I guess you can try to get something from it. I guess you can try to talk to the kobold about what her story's gonna be. The goblin's testimony would be unreliable since her memory's fucked up, so you probably don't have to worry there.
No. 111766 ID: 34470e

You know what? Fine. Heal the rest of your wounds and leave. You'll eat your words when police come knocking at your door a couple of days later for questioning. You'll be charged with attempted murder, planting bombs, and fleeing a crime scene. But you don't care about any of that, DO you?
No. 111769 ID: 34470e

By the way, there wouldn't happen to be any gangs in this area, would there?
No. 111772 ID: c0f3bf

I only just moved here. That could be the case, but I'm not the person that would know.

It doesn't matter it's covered in trash, I can use all of it. I take all of the blood. I feel better, but I'm still anemic some amount.

Of course I do! This is likely one of the worst things that could possibly happen to me! I... could move I suppose... again. I'm not sure how efficient the police are here.

If only I could convince the kobold and Raka not to tell them I was in there, I might be able to avoid them. That curelian might say something, but with two accounts against him he might not remember me at all, especially with the explosion.
No. 111774 ID: 34470e

If you're able to convince the kobold and the goblin, the curelian will be the most suspicious one. I think it'll take a little effort to convince Reka, though.
No. 111775 ID: 632862

Think you can check up the fire pole now?
No. 111776 ID: c0f3bf

Yes, she does seem as if she might need some persuasion.

I think I can, yes. There was a sizable amount of blood in the dumpster.
No. 111777 ID: 34470e

Let me ask you a question: Do you care about other people at all?
No. 111778 ID: 632862

Hey, you said you hurt animals before. In what situation? Did you like, grab a stray off the street and experimented with it? Or did you just try using your powers on something while hunting in the wild?

Also, what made you move before?
No. 111779 ID: c0f3bf

...What exactly are you getting at?

I was in a wilderness of sorts, I started hunting when I was about 11. when I realized I was a blood mage, I stopped using knives and lethal traps. I moved because... well, my parents don't really like me very much, I did not want to have to be around them anymore.
No. 111780 ID: 34470e

Let me put it this way: Say someone is hanging off a huge cliff. Would you pull them up?
No. 111781 ID: 8ecfd4

How fresh does the blood you use need to be? Because it could be a good idea to take up hunting again and storing blood in your house for emergancies.
No. 111782 ID: c0f3bf

Wet blood is the best, if it is dry it isn't as good. The older it is, the less useful, and any longer than a couple days and its usefulness drops exponentially. Bacteria and disease aren't a concern though, same with trash and filth.

I wouldn't want to have to explain why I have large amounts of blood, but that would probably be a good thing to have, in one form or another.

Of course I would, there is no reason why I should not, is there?
No. 111783 ID: 632862

Go inside and try to get the kobold and goblin's story straight so nobody gets in trouble and the police don't come pounding on your door.

After you're done with that then you can climb up the fire pole. We don't know how long we're going to follow the mystery beast's trail after all.
No. 111784 ID: 8ecfd4

Good to know. Do you know of any anti coagulents as well? That way you should be able to keep it useful for a decent amount of time.

By the way did you find anything interesting around the fire pole?
No. 111786 ID: 34470e

Okay. It sounds like the blood mages you described earlier would rather taunt them then stomp on their hands then save them. Then they'd go off to raze a village. New question: if someone came to you asking for help to get their pet out of a tree, would you help them?
No. 111788 ID: c0f3bf

Around the fire pole? It's a fire pole, there's nothing here at ground level but the dumpster and trash barricade.

...What kind of pet? What some people keep should be illegal.
No. 111789 ID: 632862

Poke around in the trash barricade.
No. 111790 ID: 34470e

A legal and cute pet.
No. 111793 ID: c0f3bf
File 12636515858.png - (15.32KB , 341x341 , glowies.png )

I... suppose? I guess I wouldn't have anything better to do.

There's not much of interest here. I can see--wait...

There's a small piece of glowing metal. A strange symbol has been etched into it.

I have not seen this before.
No. 111794 ID: 8ecfd4

Behind, on it. Whatever. Oh what the fuck. This alley sucks and I'm sure it stinks as well.

Go inside and nicely ask the kobold not to give away your secret and see if the goblin is starting to make sense. You may have put the wrong soul back or something like that, but hey it was your first resurection attempt so I guess some complications are to be expected.
No. 111795 ID: 632862

It's glowing? Is it giving off any heat as well?

Put it in your... uh... do you have a pouch or something?
No. 111796 ID: c0f3bf

Yeah, I do...

I use the knife to put it in without touching it. It is almost certainly enchanted, but I don't know how.

I check back inside and--!!!

The police are here! And a paramedic. The goblin and the kobold are talking to them... I think I could make out what they're saying.
No. 111797 ID: 632862

oh hell. Listen in.
No. 111798 ID: 8ecfd4

I would suggest you go up and say hi to them. Tell them about the odd bomb and finding the goblin in the fridge. Simply tell the truth with some small corrections. Like leave out being a blood mage and resurrecting a person who just might have gotten the wrong soul.

If you're going to try resurrection in the future I would suggest finding a necromancer to help or learn some of it yourself. Atleast if it's the soul part that's the problem.
No. 111799 ID: 632862

It's a pity, I was about to suggest that the easiest way to get everything straight would be to have the waitress report the curelian as being at the bombed table instead of you. Switch your seats.
No. 111801 ID: c0f3bf

"--is going to take a while, sorry."

"It's f-fine, I und-dersta-and."

That is invariably the kobold. The stutter is still there.

"I need to go. Now."

That would be Raka. I wonder what she is in a hurry for.

"You were HERE when it happened, so you're going to STAY here until we figure out just WHAT the hell happened!"


"Don't worry though, when we find that curelian we'll put him through an even longer interrogation process. What exactly did he look like?"

...? That's odd, why didn't he mention me?
No. 111803 ID: 632862

Sounds like they're already covering your ass. I think you'd better just get out of there. Go up the fire pole.
No. 111892 ID: c0f3bf


"H-he w-w-was larg-ger tha-an--"

"He was tall, above average weight, high muscle mass, especially for a flight curelian. His tail had more webbing than normal, and his right eye was scarred shut with a blade wound."

"Alrighty... so... we've got a stuttering kobold, a meaty flight curelian, and a little green goblin."

"H-hey, I d-don't N-normally-y st--"


...I do not think I brought back the same person with the fever. Why does she not mention me though, there isn't any reason for it. Is there? Maybe the kobold talked to her... Nice, but I hope she didn't say anything stupid.

I am still holding a knife... I can't climb with it, so I clean it of fingerprints and throw it in the dumpster. I even bend it, to make it look unusable.

If they aren't saying anything about me, I have free reign. I could even go back there without consequence. For the time being though, I start climbing up the fire pole. It takes longer than I'd like, but nobody sees me through the alley. I am too weak to get any higher than the second balcony, should I go there or stay at the first?
No. 111901 ID: 34470e

Stay at the first. Conserve your strength. If you decide to come back here again, be sure to thank the kobold.
No. 112041 ID: 632862

It might even be nice to become friends with her. She knows your secret, so you can talk freely with her.
No. 112071 ID: 11af2b

I... Maybe. I have never said anything to anyone before, for obvious reasons. I would have to wait for a while though, the police questioning is going to take another three hours for preliminaries at least. I am now on the first floor balcony, it looks like it wraps around the entire building. There are no windows on this side, I can go to either side. There might be another fire pole on the opposite side from where I am now.
No. 112089 ID: 34470e

Head away from the restaurant.
No. 112167 ID: 741080

I flip a coin in my head and decide to go right, around the corner and across the edge. I shimmy along and move across the corner. There is a small awning beneath me, and--... Wait... There is a large window here made of glass. But I estimate it is 10:10, and even though the sun is shining on it, the window is cold. That it has a metal frame just makes it worse. I... can just keep going, there is probably a way down a ways forward?
No. 112172 ID: 34470e

Uh, look for a safe way down. If there are none safe, then just continue.
No. 112206 ID: 632862

Cold? Open the window.
No. 112296 ID: 15124b

I suppose there isn't much reason to check it, it's probably a cooling enchantment, or something similar at any rate, odd as the positioning is. I think I could climb down on that awning, but after looking ahead a ways, I find another fire pole and climb down that instead. This alley is clear, I could get out onto the streets from where I am now.
No. 112313 ID: 34470e

So I guess it's time to try the Cafe now, or do you think that's too risky?
No. 112339 ID: 15124b

If that bomb was indeed meant for the staff rather than me, and if they did not mention me to the police, -I- should have little to worry about. I will pay more attention to my surroundings just in case, however. I move myself back to the cafe without error and walk in the door. I... am getting odd looks. There are a lot of people in here right now.
No. 112375 ID: 632862

Examine self. Maybe you need to wash up.
No. 112744 ID: 4a7f32

Without a doubt. My back is smeared with sausage grease, there are still a few splinters left in. The bruise I made is painfully apparent now, and bits of trash and old food pepper my entire form.

I do not think I can be much more filthy than I am right now. Evidence points to the same conclusion; everyone is avoiding looking at me.

I order... more sausages. A lot more sausages. Maybe I can get a chance to actually eat them this time.

Blood mages are too uncommon for sausage ordering to be taken as a feature, everyone in here most likely thinks I am a lunatic.
No. 112747 ID: 34470e

Uh... When your done eating, you should head home and take a shower or something.
No. 112760 ID: 4a7f32

The service is commendably fast. They have a lot of incentive to be so.

I eat five plates of sausages as fast as I can, pay, and walk out. If I ever go back there, I think I should be disguised, or something like that.

The sausages filled me up. They were not of very good quality, but I feel like I am finally starting to come close to my previous condition.

I walk back around to--There is something very, very hot inside.
No. 112768 ID: 632862

Oh great, someone torched your place.
No. 112783 ID: 4a7f32

That is not the only explanation, the hot vents never worked right, and natural disasters are plausible too, what with all the random magic strewn around.

There are firefighters--and a water mage too. They can probably put it out so it does not raze adjacent areas, but the integrity looks far too compromised for me to explore.

When they put most of it out, a firefighter walks up to me.

"Do you live here?"
No. 112802 ID: 632862

"Yeah, how bad is the damage?"
No. 112820 ID: 4a7f32

"Yes. Or at least, I used to. Is it beyond hope?"

"We're not sure yet, the design is newer than what we are used to. We'll tell you when we are, but you might want to find a place to stay for a while."

...I can't think of anywhere offhand.

"Do you know anything that might have started it?"

"The heating vents have never worked correctly, but it is for that reason that I do not use them."

"You had trouble with your heating vents? The design is very recent, this could be a sign of an unknown problem. Would you mind speaking to an expert about what they were like? If there is a problem in the design, we might be able to prevent this from happening to other people."
No. 112830 ID: 632862

"Sure, fine."
No. 112847 ID: 4a7f32

"Yes, okay."

"Thanks, it'll be a big help."

Some ash hits me. I was wrong about being unable to become dirtier.

I go with another firefighter to the nearby station to talk with a human and an olao for around an hour and a half. They appear to be extremely confused, but by the end of it they say I've been helpful and say I can leave.

I need to get clean, this is quickly becoming ridiculous.


The kobold is here. I forgot, the firefighters are also in charge of explosives! They must have brought her in to describe the blast, but... I can't see the goblin anywhere.

The wouldn't just release her, especially not after that scene I eavesdropped on.
No. 112894 ID: 632862

Go say hello. Ask if you can use her shower when she's done here, as your apartment caught fire.
No. 112910 ID: 4a7f32

I don't even have to change my expression. It fits the situation pretty well.


"Huh? Oh! W-what are you doing here?"

"You would not believe what just happened to me."


"My apartment caught fire."

"Wh-- R-really? Is it related t-to the bomb?"

"They think it's because of a problem with the heating vents. They never really worked right."

Her stutter is still there. It seems to have reduced in intensity however.

"Oh... Why do y-you smell so bad?"

"It is... a very long story. Suffice to say, I have had a very bad day... Can I use your shower, and maybe spend the night? I don't really know what to do..."

"U-uhm, y-yeah, s-sure, n-nobody's there r-right n-now..."

Well that clears some problems up. Can we go now? I can't think of anything else I should do first.
No. 112913 ID: 34470e

Ask her how it went. Try to be as vague as possible. Hope she knows what you're asking about.
No. 112916 ID: 632862

Well, you could mention the goblin specifically.
No. 112922 ID: 4a7f32

"What happened to Raka?"

"She got p-pulled in for m-more questions, and t-told me to go, I'm not s-sure why."

Maybe she frustrated them beyond their limits.

"O-oh, and she went to the h-hospital."

They must have seen the wounds.

We start walking.

"...So how did it go?"

"H--oh, it w-wasn't that bad. They j-just asked us about w-what we s-saw, t-then they took us to talk to th-the encha-anter."

"Why didn't you say anything to them?"

"It w-was her, s-she did the t-talking."

...The goblin didn't mention me first?


"...C-can I ask you what you did w-with that kn-knife?"

"The wounds on her looked like bite marks, I wanted to make sure it was not still around. I threw it in the dumpster when I noticed the police."

I neglect to mention the blood in the dumpster. For the time being, at least.
No. 112927 ID: 34470e

Is she shaking? She seems pretty scared.
No. 112928 ID: 632862

Ask her if she's nervous.
No. 112935 ID: 4a7f32

It does seem like her stutter gets worse when she is anxious; the anemia cannot be helping it though.

"You seem tense, are you alright?"

She looks down for a second before replying.

"You're n-not the only one that's been h-having a b-bad d-day."

We walk in a mildly awkward silence for a time. Eventually we reach an apartment.

"H-here it is, the shower is on your l-left."

She covers her nose.

"Maybe you should take a bath, too. I hope there's enough soap. Sorry there aren't any steam vents."

I take her advice and have a bath first. The copper tub warms my back, and the hot water feels indescribably good. I remove the splinters and the rest of the shrapnel, and fix the bruise on my middle back. My mane is finally clean, as is my skin. I feel exponentially better now.

The towels are too small, so I turn the water on my fur into vapor.

I step out. The kobold appears to be writing something in a book.
No. 112938 ID: 34470e

Cough politely and let her know you're finished.
No. 112963 ID: 8ecfd4

Ask her if there's anything you can do for her. She's letting you stay at her place after all so you should do something for her.
No. 113279 ID: 4a7f32

I cough politely. She jumps and closes the book quickly.

"Oh, I t-though you'd be l-longer!"

"Since you let me stay here, is there anything I can do to help you?"

"...Can't t-think of anything."

I can. She is still anemic, there is a scar on her left hand and another on her lower back, and both of her eyes are slightly nearsighted.
No. 113287 ID: 8ecfd4

Well fix it. But make sure it's painless for her.

Make her some lunch after that. The time should be around 12 or 13 right?
No. 113295 ID: 34470e

Ask her her name as well.
No. 113299 ID: 632862

Offer to fix those things. Don't do it without permission!
No. 113411 ID: 4a7f32

Far from it, actually. All the walking around combined took a few hours, and it also took some to talk to the firemen about heating vents. It is now around 5:30.

Permission is a good thing to have, but I am concerned she could become... anxious, if I mention that I know nearly everything about her physiology. As far as she knows, blood magic works superficially.

"What is your name?"

"You f-first."

That seems fair.

"Ramborghini Alamandrin. Ram or Rambo, usually."



That is... almost satirically adorable.

"Yes, Fizz! I didn't name myself! ...Don't look at me like that, Rambo, you're not much better!"
No. 113417 ID: 34470e

Tell her you think her name is adorable.
No. 113505 ID: a65972

"Well I think it is quite ado--" "My full name is Fizz-Tongue." Now it's just strange.
No. 113506 ID: 8ecfd4

It's still adorable. And ask if you can help her with dinner. Also point out that you can fix alot of physical problems. So if there's anything she has a problem with she just has to ask.
No. 113682 ID: c0f3bf

She has many trivialities, too small to notice individually. I very much doubt she would mention such small things if I asked directly, with the possible exception of her eyes.

I am not sure how to ask. I can help with cooking, however.

"Are you hungry? Can I help make food?"

...Her expression is unreadable, I do not have any idea what she is thinking.

"...Can you cook?"

I mostly eat red meat, but I do have to know how to cook it some. Red meat is better for me than raw meat, I still am not sure why.

"I know the basics, I did not have a roommate, so I learned how to make food for myself."

"Can you follow orders?"

Wh... What happened to her stutter? She is still anemic, is she not?
No. 113684 ID: 9891a9

Perhaps cooking is her forte, something that will have her feeling in control again rather than in others' hands for safety as she was to you back in the cafe. Either that or she's been posessed by something/someone. Can you tell if she has been?
No. 113685 ID: 34470e

My guess is that you distracted her from stuttering. I advise pointing it out unless you want it to return and her to mention something about tricking her.
No. 113724 ID: 632862

She's taking charge. Cooking makes her confident. It makes sense that she lost her stutter.

But yeah, say you'll follow her orders.
No. 113850 ID: c0f3bf
File 126380314886.png - (18.09KB , 341x341 , raep.png )

It is a possibility, but as I am a physical mage, I cannot sense if she is or not. I look in her eyes, but I do not know what to look for, and nothing particularly jumps out at me.

That could be the reason, it got worse when she was anxious, it is likely the reverse could have the opposite effect.

"Y-yes, I can...?"

She looks almost sinister. Her heart is pumping her blood faster than normal.

"...Follow me."

She briskly walks to the kitchen. As soon as she gets there, it is almost as if she shifts into another time dimension. She starts grabbing utensils off shelves spouting instructions.

"Two pomegranates, there is white wine in the third lower cabinet, four bowls, and the spice rack is on top of the counter. Garlic powder, salt, no pepper, sticks of cinnamon are separated in a jar, three large ones."

She picks up a spoon. I think I am quickly becoming dizzy.

"Apples! Two of them! And a lemon, fruit is assigned to half the coldbox! Yams are in the lower set, peelers are in the second drawer. Butter is everywhere, shouldn't be hard to find, milk is where it should be, rice is in the cupboard, saffron on the shelf, hotbox needs heating, and..."

She picks up a knife and removes a small chicken from the fridge.

"...Plates are under the shelf."

She twirls around and gives me a malicious smile in the doorway.

No. 113872 ID: 34470e

Tell her you think your coming.
No. 113887 ID: 6834bc

What are you waiting for? Get to it, man! Show her your level of competence and ability to handle orders.

Also, something to think about regarding the bombing - the human couple and elven hostess who simply disappeared before the explosion.

It's possible they may have been involved with the bombing. Of course, it's just as possible that they were lucky enough to step out at just the right time to avoid it, but there's still the possibility that they knew it was there.
No. 113890 ID: c0f3bf


I did not get a good appraisal of the human couple, and I did not look closely at the hostess either. It is entirely possible any one or all of them have something to do with it. The blast was quite localized however, it is very unlikely they would have been hit by the shrapnel... unless...

If the bomb was enchanted, the blast radius could have a deceptive range. Any one of us might have been hit by it, including the goblin, or even the monster or the hostess and human couple, if they were not far away enough when it exploded.

I admit I have not had much experience following orders, but I will try...




That was the best meal I have ever eaten in my entire life.

...I think I am going to collapse.
No. 113891 ID: 34470e

Woah, woah, woah! Was there poison in the food?
No. 113895 ID: c0f3bf

No... only pure, magnificent food.

I would definitely notice any harmful materials, and I do not think I can be affected by poison. Besides, as... hectic as it was, I was helping her cook, there was no chance that she could have put some in after it completed, unless she was going to poison herself as well.

I could keep myself up if need be, but I cannot think of a good enough reason to.
No. 113897 ID: 34470e

Well, someone could break in here and attempt to murder you in your sleep.

But that is not going to happen.
No. 113912 ID: c0f3bf

...The fire was most likely unrelated to the bomb. Anyone trying to kill me would know that I am an ezilot; to murder them in such a way is... not recommended.

Fizz (I am still amazed that is her name) looks exhausted as well, much less pale too, the food must have helped the blood loss some. We've just been sitting here digesting, neither of us has said anything so far.
No. 113913 ID: 34470e

Ask her why she wanted to be a cook in the first place.
No. 113921 ID: 6834bc

Make small talk. Maybe mention the scar on her hand and tell her that you can fix it if she wants?
No. 113924 ID: c0f3bf

Yes, she must have been waitressing in order to move up. I certainly can't think of any other reason why a kobold would be in a job that involves lifting multiple plates at once.

"Why did you want to be a chef?"

Her eyes roll up in her head and she lies back, staring at the ceiling.

"My granddad loved to cook. All the time. I have a lot of brothers and sisters, I didn't get a lot of attention growing up."

Typical for a kobold, they have litters, do they not?

"He always paid attention to me, though. Even when everyone else was having fun, he would take me aside to cook with him. At first I hated it, but that was just me being angry at getting singled out. After a while though, I realized how... thrilling it was, and after that, I jumped up to help whenever he was over. Everyone else didn't seem to mind."

She giggles a bit.

If it is already visible, it shouldn't bother her too much.

"You know, I could fix that scar on your left hand if you wanted."

She shakes her head.

"It's old, f-from working with my granddad. I'd like to keep it if I could. ...I don't know if that makes me weird or not, but I still like it."
No. 113926 ID: 34470e

Ask her what she thinks of you.
No. 113927 ID: 6834bc

Ask yourself what you think of her.
And her cute st-st-stutter.
No. 113930 ID: c0f3bf

I suppose it would be a good idea to get any insecurities out in the open, and this is as good a lead-in as any.

"What do you think about the whole 'blood magic' thing, and me in general?"

She rolls over onto her side and waits a couple of seconds before saying anything.

"I'm not entirely s-sure what to think... I still d-don't feel... 'right', a-after... t-that. But after you passed R-Raka in the h-hall, she looked a l-lot bet-ter. You c-cured her, didn-n't you?"

No reason to deny it.

"Yes, I did."

"W-well yeah, I mean, I know-w the hor-rible history of them, but I-I... you s-scare me al-lot, but y-you haven't done anything bad..."

She sits up and crawls over to sit next to me.

"...A-and you saved m-my l-l-life, so I d-don't really have a-anything to complain abo-out.

She helped me before, and she is allowing me to stay with her. I don't have any reason not to appreciate her presence. I just hope she does not tell anyone that I am a blood mage, they likely would not be as lenient.

And the stutter is... cute, I suppose, but it slows down conversations, and not that I have anything better to do, but it must be annoying not to be able to speak as clearly as other people. The intensity also has gone up again, I could mostly suppress it if I tried.
No. 114179 ID: 632862

Suggest that you could even help with her stuttering if she wanted. Or any other problems with her body, external or internal. Anything she needs.
No. 114181 ID: 6834bc

Actually, is the stuttering still from the anemia, or has she always had it when she's nervous?

If it's the anemia, offer to do what you can to help with that - and if it's part of her natural response to being nervous... you'll just have to show her that she doesn't need to be nervous around you.
No. 114182 ID: 632862

Wait. She doesn't feel 'right'? Ask her what she means.
No. 114187 ID: c0f3bf

Likely residual numbness from the pain, coupled with anemia.

A little of both, I would suspect. She stuttered a little bit when she was taking my order, but it only became noticeable after she became anemic.

"You know, you are still anemic, I could fix that if you wanted. Or any other problems, internal, or external...?"

"H-hold on, h-how do you know I'm still a-anemic?"
No. 114190 ID: 632862

Erm. Tell her you can see it from her body temperature and skin tone.
No. 114192 ID: 34470e

Tell her it was just a guess.
No. 114194 ID: 6834bc

You got two choices:
-Tell her about it being a special 'gift' blood mages have
-Lie like hell, telling her that she mentioned she still didn't feel 'right' and you guessed that was what was wrong

If you're truthful with her, she might get weirded out a bit, but she could appreciate the gesture of telling her the truth.
Likewise, if you lie, she probably won't be much more weirded out, but she might be angry if she learns you lied.

Which would you rather deal with - someone who might be a bit more afraid of you, or someone who might be angry with you later on?

Anyway... could you fix her anemia? Have you ever tried something like that? It seems like something you might be able to do, with your abilities.
No. 114201 ID: 632862

A good excuse would be "Well, I'm still anemic even after two meals, so you must be too."
No. 114217 ID: c0f3bf

"You look pale, and I am an ezilot, I can see that your body temperature is too low."


To be honest, I would much rather deal with anger. And I can fix anemia, making blood cells is not very difficult.

"Besides, I still am, and I have had a large lunch."

"Would i-it hurt?"
No. 114218 ID: 632862

"Only if you want it to. I don't have to share the pain, and it won't be hard to do, so it wouldn't hurt much anyway."
No. 114239 ID: c0f3bf

"Not if you don't want it to."

"Will it hurt y-you?"


"...Could-d you hurt us b-both a little?"

I am starting to feel stupid for not having thinking of that sooner.

"Probably, I have only tried once, I do not have much practice."

"Y-you don't even kn-know what you're doing??"

...Erh, I probably should not have said that.
No. 114244 ID: 632862

"I've practiced using my power while hunting for food. I've definitely got a handle on it. I meant I just haven't practiced sharing the pain."
No. 114275 ID: c0f3bf

Maybe I should not mention the hunting, at least for now.

"Just with sharing pain. It would not hurt very much anyway though."


Finally. That took a disproportionately long time to work out. I touch her neck and some pain arrives at my fingertips. She rubs her neck a bit. She now looks perfectly healthy.

"Ow... I feel better, thanks."

She smiles up at me. I put on a smile for her and she gets up and stretches.

"I'm starting to get sleepy, there's only one bed, but I can sleep on the floor."

Her stutter is all but gone now.
No. 114293 ID: 6834bc

Does she have a couch or something you could sleep on so she doesn't have to use the floor?
No. 114303 ID: 632862

Or you could both sleep on the bed~

Maybe you could do the chivalrous thing and offer to sleep on the floor instead.
No. 114324 ID: c0f3bf

There are pillows and mats on the floor, it does not look too uncomfortable.

Chivalry... I am her guest, but I suppose it would be a good gesture to give her another option. I am not very high maintenance, I could sleep on the solid floor if need be. The bed... is large enough to accommodate more than one person. It is strangely large for a kobold, it looks like it would befit a much larger race, such as a gnoll.
No. 114339 ID: 6834bc

Is this a cookie-cutter apartment, or a more personalized domicile?
If it's personalized, then I'd wonder if maybe she lives with someone else - explaining the larger bed. That, or she's just always wanted a huge bed.
No. 114359 ID: c0f3bf

If I had to guess, somebody else stays here or stayed here, there is some art on the walls that she would have to use a stepladder to hang and look at comfortably.

Wanting a large bed is plausible, but this one could comfortably hold four kobolds of her size, I do not think she would have purchased it for her alone.
No. 114362 ID: 6834bc

Alright, well, you might as well ask her if she lives by herself or if she has a boyfriend/roommate or something.
No. 114371 ID: 632862

Oh, we never did ask if she's single. I guess she's not.

Ask who she lives with.
No. 114408 ID: c0f3bf

"Does... someone else stay here?"

She nods.

"Yeah, my nevrean friend is usually here, b-but she's gone on a business trip for a week. She takes the bed, I just sleep on the floor."

That would make sense. I can see a nevrean fitting the bed, and the pillows on the floor are explained.
No. 114423 ID: 6834bc

She normally sleeps on the floor? All the more reason for her to sleep in the bed, then.
If she still insists you sleep in the bed, then you'll just have to share it.

It's not like you're going to do anything to her while she's sleeping, right? And it would allow you to more easily monitor her physical health, to make sure there's no side-effects from the explosion or the stress of bringing the gobbo back to life.
No. 114425 ID: 632862

Oh, I figured that was for guests or something.

Well, offer to share the bed. I'm curious as to what her reaction would be.
No. 114464 ID: c0f3bf

There is no couch, they must not have many guests.

I... did not think of that. Resurrection is not an average occurrence, and while I do not believe there should be repercussions, it is a possibility, and I still do not know the purpose of that explosion. And of course I would not do anything to her, my magic does not affect anything unless I will it to do so.

"That seems unfair, why don't we share the bed?"

"Share... wh-what?"

"It is very large, and ezilots curl up to sleep. I would not take very much space."

"I... uh..."

She seems to be confusedly thinking.

"O-okay...? I can't really think of a reason not to I suppose."

She leaves and returns in pajamas with a nightshirt. Like most ezilots, I sleep naked, but I put it on anyway. We both get into the bed. Is there anything I have forgotten about, or can I sleep?
No. 114465 ID: 632862

We didn't ask about her other coworkers. They vanished somehow. Or about the state of the kitchen when she left it.
No. 114477 ID: 6834bc

Remember to thank her for her hospitality, trust, and keeping your secrets.
And tell her "good night."
No. 114482 ID: c0f3bf

I... guess I cannot avoid being a part of this. I will have to gather information, but I think it should wait until tomorrow, I am very tired right now.


"Ah, yeah?"

"Thanks for... everything."

"S-sure... Goodnight Ram."


I curl up and go to sleep.
No. 114552 ID: 34470e


Alternatively: Enter dream sequence.
No. 114575 ID: c0f3bf
File 126389214912.png - (25.34KB , 341x341 , getoff.png )


. .

. . .

I wake up. There is something cold and wet on my back. It is shivering.
No. 114576 ID: 34470e

Check to see if Fizz is alright.
No. 114579 ID: 8ecfd4

Cover her up with a blanket or something. Poor thing is freezing.
No. 114580 ID: 632862

...where'd her pajamas go?
No. 114581 ID: 632862

and for that matter, your nightshirt?
No. 114585 ID: c0f3bf

I nudge her awake. She slowly opens her eyes and looks at me.


"Are you alright?"

"I'm s-s-sorry, I f-forgot you w-were h-here..."

I heat up the cold sweat and raise her skin temperature. She relaxes some.

I am not sure what to do. I have never been in a situation like this.

We are still wearing them, though they are wet now.
No. 114589 ID: 34470e

Ask her how she slept.
No. 114590 ID: 632862

Ask if she had a nightmare.

...how do you do that thing where you heat up water, anyway?
No. 114593 ID: 6834bc

Does she have any health problems, or was it just nightmares and the like?
If it is nightmares, offer to lend your ears and listen to them if it'll make her feel better.
No. 114598 ID: c0f3bf

"Did you sleep alright?"


"Were you having a nightmare?"


"What was it?"

"N-nothing, nevermind. I can't remember it anyway."

She lets go of me and rolls over onto her back.

I do not think what she said is the full truth. She does not have any particular problems I can sense. And it is not water, it is sweat, and it is all around us, so it is easy to warm back up.
No. 114606 ID: 6834bc

Tell Fizz that while you can't force her to talk about it, you want her to know that she can trust you and you will be here for her.
No. 114608 ID: 632862

What time is it, anyway?

I remember that, after you brought back the goblin and asked Fizz about the pain, she said she "felt worse before". I bet she has a recurring nightmare about the event she was referring to.
No. 114610 ID: 632862

Hold her hand to reassure her.
No. 114683 ID: c0f3bf

I turn and grasp her hand.

"Are you sure? I am here to listen, if you want."

She shakes her head.

"Sorry, it's just... the last time I slept in a bed, I was a kid. I used to get really bad nightmares... Must've forgot I've grown out of them."

I cannot see a dial, but my biological clock says 9:12. I will ask her about the 'feeling worse'.

"Any specific reason why?"

"Nah, it's... Mmph. I had a really bad one once, then I guess I started having nightmares about the nightmare. Stupid, I couldn't even remember what it was."
No. 114685 ID: d28618

Huh, her stutter is gone. Well, assure her that no, it is not stupid. Whatever the nightmare was, it must have hit a chord to have such a profound impact.
No. 114689 ID: c0f3bf

The stutter is gone, for the most part. Talking must put her at ease. Nightmares by definition scare you, she sounds jaded to them however. I will try to reassure her anyway though.

"It is not stupid."

"Mmh... thanks."

Can we get up now?
No. 114690 ID: 8ecfd4

Sure. Help her out as much as you can with breakfast. Then I think it's time for you to start calling around your friends for a place to stay until you can get a place on your own. Imposing on random strangers that you meet in a resturant isn't very polite.

By the way are there such a thing as necromancers and how are they viewed? And is magic something that can be thought or do you have to be born with a certain skillset of magical stuff?
No. 114700 ID: c0f3bf

I had a lot to eat yesterday, I am not going to need to eat for a long time. Besides, I am a kitten compared to her cooking. And I do not have... friends... I wouldn't have asked if I had a better option.

Spiritual mages can see and speak to ghosts, as can some physical mages, myself included. Soul mages are much more difficult to find, but they do exist, with their powers reputed to include finding past incarnations and both summoning and banishing demons. They are viewed with skepticism due to the specific nature of their powers, and because of the scarcity of demons, but they are definitely mages, as they have the rest of the basic abilities.

Everyone has magic inside them, it is a natural thing they have from the start. Different people are born with different configuration, however, so some people could start off with a lot of wild, difficult to control magic, while others would have to strengthen theirs before it can even be used effectively. In essence though, anyone with enough practice can become a mage. These configurations also affect what areas a person excels and has difficulties in, so while one person might be an accomplished soul mage, they might also have severe difficulties in thaumaturgy.

Physical mages are... different, though. They have the same magic, but it is always very deep down, definitely too subtle to use without long and difficult training, and even then, their configurations are not known for ease in any subject. What they have instead though, is an affinity for something that is rooted into them. I am not a soul mage, I do not know how it is connected to them, but I do know that because of it they rarely do not appreciate their gift. A physical mage might control heat and cold, creating temperature spikes and fireballs as they saw fit, while one with a connection to the sky might fly around and cause rain whenever they wanted. Blood mages are a kind of physical mage, but I suspect there is something more to them, as they are almost astronomically more rare compared to all other mages. Physical mages are more uncommon than spiritual mages.

We both rise in unison. Fizz goes to take a shower.
No. 114705 ID: 8ecfd4

The important thing about helping her out with her breakfast or making it for her is not how good you are at making it. It's the fact that you made an effort for her.

So, you pretty much have no friends, no cash and not a very good relation to your family. You had better be nice to her so she lets you stay there. And try to find a job so you can get a new place, freeloading is rarely appreciated for any longer amount of time.

The part about magic was very intersting. Is it possible for a spriti mage to either forcefully or with their consent insert a spirit into an inanimate object?

Also, how does your blood magic work with bodies? Can you transform bodies and shape them to your will, and if so can you do the same thing on yourself?
No. 114743 ID: c0f3bf

I suppose... She walks out wrapped in a towel a time later. I will ask her.

"Do you want help with cooking breakfast? I won't be eating anything, regardless."

"You aren't going to eat anything? Do you know how bad that is for you?"

I raise an eyebrow at her.

"Oh right, I guess you would... I'll be fine, just... do whatever you normally do I guess."

She goes off into the kitchen.

I am not a spirit mage, so I do not know how their abilities work in that regard. Enchanting is done differently though, it involves using concepts abstractly. Demonic possession sounds similar, but I have never heard of a demon inhabiting an object, though I know little of curse mechanics.

I suppose it is within my power to reshape my body, but that would be similar to regrowing it; since I have so little practice, it would require a large amount of blood. I could do the same with the bodies of others, but I would not know of what the cost would be until I was actually about to try it.

I sit here wondering just what exactly I should do. I could try to find work, search for the goblin I may have inadvertently swapped souls out of, find information about that bomb and the lost restaurant employees, something else, or research that strange metal shard I found.
No. 114751 ID: 8ecfd4

You do have a mystery on your hands. But unless you happen to be knowledgable in forensics I don't think bomb research will yield much. You should probably research the symbol as well as look for a job. Get some occult magic symbol book stuff from a library and head out on a jobsearch. Pick up a few books on spiritual magic as well, I think that could be highly useful in the future. You can read the books later after you're done looking for a job.

The reason for my intrest in grafting spirits into inanimate objects is related to golems. With your powers you should be able to meld together several dead bodies into a new creature, one without a soul or conscience. Inserting a soul or spirit into it and you might gain a powerful servant. It really sounds like you should experiment a bit more with your powers and find out what you can and cannot do.
No. 114755 ID: c0f3bf

My powers treat dead bodies as meat, what is not living is difficult to change. I am also not a soul mage, if blood magic includes creating slaves, I do not know how to do it right now. And if I did endow a newly-created being with intelligence, there is no guarantee it would follow me. And I am sorry I have not had much blood magic practice, but I do not want to be hunted down by angry mobs for something people unrelated to me did in the past.

I will go to the library, the library mages may be able to tell me something about it. I might also check out a Hattatran book. I am not sure what kind of job to look for, despite my emaciated appearance, I can perform physical labor better than most people, but getting cast as a role in a play would be difficult and time-consuming. I do not know what else to try doing.
No. 114757 ID: 6834bc

Have you ever thought about a blacksmith job or something similar? Being heat-resistant in such a job that deals closely with high heat materials seems like a pretty good deal... and the natural ability to tell the temperature of things would help you know when to heat and when to cool whatever you're working on.
No. 114761 ID: 632862

A fireman seems appropriate too. You could even practice blood magic by partially healing burn victims, if you're subtle enough.
No. 114765 ID: 8ecfd4

The idea was not a slave but a servant. Making a deal with a spirit to serve you in return for allowing it to experiance the material world for an example. Regardless of that I still think it sounds like spririt magic could be worth to learn. It strikes me as a useful skillset.

As for a job. You're not looking to get your career started now. You need something that allows you to get a new place of your own and repay the very nice kobold. Bigger stuff can come later.
No. 114776 ID: c0f3bf

Yes, many ezilots become blacksmiths because of this, but I do not know anything about metalworking, and most metalwork is combined blacksmithing and magic, I am not sure I would be the best choice for it.

That... does sound appropriate, and it would not jeopardize very much time. Firemen are mostly independent, I would not have to worry too much about crossovers, though they still might happen. I am very resilient, I will go down to the main station after checking books out of the library. I can also see if they have any information about the fire.

I suppose making a deal with a demon could work, but again, it is very hard to work with corpses. Besides, it would be going with the stereotype if anyone found out.

I do not think I clearly explained how difficult it is for a physical mage to become a spiritual mage as well. It is not like mastering an instrument, it could take decades to move a cup with my hand at the level I am now.

I suppose I could wait and tell Fizz what I am going to do, or should I just leave now?
No. 114778 ID: 632862

Hmm, may as well tell Fizz goodbye at least. It would be a bit impolite to leave without saying anything.
No. 114780 ID: 8ecfd4

You tell her. I'm guessing you don't have a key so it's a good idea to tell her that you will be out so she can tell you when it's a good idea to be back.

It doesn't have to be a demon specifically and the bodies doesn't have to be dead when you work on them. You could kill it afterwards and then put the spirit in and reanimate it. And yes I understand it would take years of studies, it could still be worth to check it out. Knowing the theories behind it could be useful even when you cannot use it properly. It could probably be a good idea to either learn it yourself or find someone who knows it that you can trust. Otherwise I don't think you will be able to figure out what happened to the goblin or preform safe resurections in the future if you need to.
No. 114786 ID: c0f3bf

I suppose it would... I wait until she comes back from the kitchen.

"I need to go out to get a job."

"You're unemployed?"

I could slap myself for that.

"I am an actor, but I have not... acted since I moved here. I figure I should get employed as something more substantial for a while."

"Oh, alright. I need to go out and find another restaurant to work at, too. If you uh, need me for whatever reason, I'll probably come back here to make dinner around 7:00... if you're going to eat?"

I shake my head. I definitely will not have an appetite by then, no matter the quality of the food.

"Well I'll be back around 7:00 anyways."

I... do not know if I can combine bodies. I know most of the theories surrounding physical mages, but souls and spirits are another thing entirely. And does it really matter that I brought the wrong person back? New life, new body, and she was dead anyway, at least somebody is alive now.

Can I leave for the library now, or am I forgetting something?
No. 114791 ID: 6834bc

I can't think of anything. You can head off to the library - and consider telling Fizz in slightly greater detail your eating habits.

Maybe explain how often you need to eat or whatnot so she doesn't feel like she needs to be concerned about your well-being or anything.
No. 114793 ID: 632862

We could ask Fizz more about the restaurant, and her coworkers. Any reason why they would just vanish like that?
No. 114795 ID: 8ecfd4

Of course it matters. For all you know you may just have unleashed one of the old blood mages on the world again, or a demon lord. You have no way of knowing what it is you brought back and what kind of damage that it could do. By learning more about spirit magic you could try to figure out what it was that happened and how to prevent it in the future. Finding a decent trustworthy spirit mage could be worth alot.

And you know there's only one way to find out what you can do. Experimentation. Only through gaining knowledge can you prevent future mistakes that could have been prevented.

But first things first. Onwards to the library. You have books to find.
No. 114858 ID: c0f3bf

I am pretty sure she understands it now. I can go into greater detail when I get back, and ask her about the restaurant. I may find some answers in the library I won't have to ask anyway.

Erh... So I should find and kill her then? Fizz uh, Fizz would be the first person I would have a chance to experiment on, nobody else knows I am a blood mage. Animals are okay, but there is only so much you can do with their anatomy.

I head out and walk towards the library. It is another hot day, even hotter than yesterday. I cool down my skin temperature, and I can see people sweating and many holding parasols.

I turn a corner and look out on the street with the library. The main building is enormous, Paroza is renown for its magic texts.

I walk in the front doors. It is much cooler than outside, there are likely many people in here trying to avoid the heat.

I could look for books myself, find a library mage to examine this piece of metal, or something else.
No. 114861 ID: 34470e

I feel that showing the piece of metal would be a bad idea for some reason. Try and find some books by yourself.
No. 114871 ID: 6834bc

Hold off on showing the metal to anyone just yet.
And I personally think the rest of you voices are overreacting to the goblin situation. We don't know if she simply lost some of her memories from damage sustained due to being dead for a short while, and we don't know enough about blood magic to say with any surety that the 'wrong' soul was brought back in that body.

Maybe keep track of her, but that would be pretty creepy and stalkerish - and if people learned you were keeping tabs on her and got suspicious enough, it might expose the fact that you're a blood mage.
No. 114934 ID: 632862

I don't think we should kill the goblin until we find out exactly what we did to mess things up. It could be we just fucked up her memory in the process of 'rebooting' her brain. Was it really dead? It takes 3 to 5 minutes for the brain to die from lack of oxygen, and it didn't seem like it had been that long since you last saw her alive. Plus the cold might've slowed down her metabolism so the brain lasted longer.

I think Fizz might be receptive to experimentation if it wasn't anything risky.

For now we need to... hmm, try researching the metal object for a little while to see if you can get a general idea of what it is. Then if you've established you won't get in trouble just for having it, and it won't get taken away from you, go ask the mage about it.
No. 115004 ID: c0f3bf
File 126395999145.png - (29.61KB , 341x341 , mmbooks.png )

It is true, I do not know much of souls, it could be that she is back in her original body. If that is the case however, what she said makes little sense. I do not want to stalk her, though if I see her again I will try to get a good impression of her.

I go into the bookshelves, they are not very large, but there are tons and tons of them everywhere. I am not sure what exactly it is I am looking for, but I take down two large encyclopedias of magic symbols, and one on symbol-material relationships.

She was most definitely fully-dead. She had been wounded near her neck; most of her blood had spilled out, I had to patch her up before I could revive her.

I suppose I could experiment on Fizz, but I do not think she would like the idea of being wounded repeatedly.

Now, where should I start?
No. 115007 ID: 6834bc

Yeah, no experimenting like one of the blood mages of old on the only person who trusts you even a little. In fact, I'd go so far as to say not to experiment on anyone at all... unless you could find a number of hardened murderers to experiment on.

Moral gray areas suck.
No. 115016 ID: 632862

Oh, well if she was truly fully dead, no brain activity... then it's quite possible you pulled the wrong soul in. One who had recently died, though. Possibly the hostess, since the kitchen staff hadn't seen you before and would therefore have also asked who you were. Considering she also covered for you, she must've guessed as to what had happened.

I wasn't talking about wounding Fizz. Can't you experiment in some way that's more subtle and/or harmless? Like, making her fur grow or giving her pleasant sensations. If you can practice fine control of any specific act, it should give you better control in general.

We should try to find the symbol on the item in one of these books.
No. 115099 ID: c0f3bf
File 126396586657.png - (29.43KB , 341x341 , symbolic.png )

Then stop berating me for not knowing this stuff! If I do not practice, I will not get better at this, and animals only go so far!

Rrh. It is possible, I do not know a lot about souls, and I do not think a book could give me information about this. I still have not seen the hostess, or the humans, or the curelian, or the rest of the staff, though I'd imagine the police are still searching for them.

I could definitely grow out Fizz's fur, and nerve stimulation is effortlessly easy. I do not think she would have many reservations for things like that, especially since I can always revert them.

I open the first encyclopedia and look at the symbol glossary. I see nothing familiar. Should I open the other one? They may cover different symbols.
No. 115101 ID: 632862

Hm, it could be two symbols overlaid upon one another... What's that ~ symbol on the right page mean?
No. 115106 ID: 6834bc

I'm not trying to berate you for lack of knowledge or anything. I'm just trying to point out that, when you go down that line of thinking, you essentially become like the other blood mages you learned about... and if you don't want to be like one of them, that's something you should avoid doing.

If you don't regard the others around you as equally important and treat them as things to experiment on, you tread dangerously close to the path your predecessors traveled... which is what caused people to fear and hate them in the first place.
No. 115133 ID: c0f3bf
File 126396921776.png - (41.98KB , 341x341 , tilde.png )

Vague as it is, it essentially says it's used to ease movement. It is commonly set in prosthetics and crutches, but it has many other applications as well.

Of course I do not want to be like them, they were omnicidal psychopaths! What do you want from me, I have not even done anything to her yet...

Now what? I've looked in one book, there is another encyclopedia and a book about symbol-material relationships. Or I could find a library mage to help me.
No. 115134 ID: 632862

Check the other one.
No. 115148 ID: c0f3bf
File 126397208790.png - (44.56KB , 341x341 , formal.png )

I open the other book and check the table of contents.

This one seems a lot more formal, it lists page numbers and names instead of just tiling the symbols. There are mostly repeats, but I think there are a few different symbols scattered in.

If the symbol is a combination, I might have better luck figuring it out by asking a mage. It would be nice to get an overview first, though.
No. 115149 ID: 34470e

Check the circle with no dot in it.
No. 115155 ID: c0f3bf

It's... everything, apparently. No, wait, it says it is used to represent a universe, a plane of existence, or other full concept.

...Does not say much else?
No. 115156 ID: 632862


Well, talk to a mage about the combined symbol then. It looks like the item itself is not meant to be a weapon, at least.
No. 115158 ID: 632862

Worst case scenario it's an item used to travel between dimensions or worlds or whatever. On the other hand it could be a simple teleport thing.

Maybe the hostess or one of the cooks used it to get away from the cold beast.
No. 115159 ID: 34470e

I think you might be possibly holding an item which helps the universe move.
No. 115160 ID: 632862

Wait what's that straight single line?
No. 115161 ID: 34470e

There was a strait line in the first book we looked in. Look that up.
No. 115163 ID: c0f3bf

That is a very disturbing thought. A flimsy piece of metal keeping the entire universe in motion. I do not think so, but I will take good care of it just in case.

It is a thaumaturgy link, it is used to connect two things in a specific way, regardless of how they are related.

Either one could be true. This could be a device to teleport through space, if the other circle is meant simply to be a different area. It may instead be a device to travel into the demonic realm though, as the other circle could mean the demonic realm itself.
No. 115165 ID: 34470e

I think the artifact was used to teleport whatever killed the goblin into the restaurant.
No. 115166 ID: 632862

Who says it goes only one way? The item could allow a demon to cross over into our world, or possess the user.

This thing could be very dangerous indeed. Know of any way to find out what it does without activating it, or getting police attention?
No. 115167 ID: 6834bc

Allow me to speak from the side of paranoia.

The 'bomb' that may have been a teleportation device... may converted the ambient heat in the restaurant into enough energy needed to flash open a portal just long enough to allow an Otherworldly Horror into this world.

If someone is making demon portal bombs, your world may be extremely fucked. Though that's assuming quite a lot (such as, for instance, that that's what the device was intended to do.)
No. 115168 ID: c0f3bf

That would explain how little evidence of them there was. Strange that it was left behind, though.

That... is entirely plausible, the circles could represent a physical body and a demonic consciousness. I am relieved I did not physically touch it.

Library mages would honestly be the ones to ask about this. They do not have to report to the police, either, they are simply scholars and volunteers.

That is assuming a lot, but it is a possibility. I do wonder why it was placed so... specifically, though.
No. 115169 ID: 632862

Let's ask one of the library mages.
No. 115170 ID: 34470e

I think it's time to ask a library mage. We have 2 ways: showing the artifact or a 'what would happen if I drew this' thing.
No. 115171 ID: 6834bc

Never underestimate pure dumb luck and chance, Ram. Anyway, yes. Show the mages the symbol (draw it on a piece of scrap paper, just to be safe.)

If they ask you where you got the symbol from, just say you saw it somewhere and didn't know what it meant, but it had been hanging in your mind ever since and figured someone like them might know what it was.
No. 115174 ID: c0f3bf
File 126398105112.png - (26.38KB , 341x341 , decrepit.png )

I find a lumera at a table that does not look very busy. He is old and decrepit; I can see his bones very clearly, and he is nearly transparent. I find a scrap of paper and start drawing.

I pass it to him and ask about it.

"Excuse me, could you please tell me what this symbol could be used for?"

He adjusts his glasses and stares intently for a few seconds.

"Oh, this is just four symbols put together. The circles are two concepts, linked together with a kind of movement, suggesting a traveling, or transcendence from one to the other."

Well that was simple. I did not learn anything I did not already find out, however.
No. 115175 ID: 632862

Hey uh... ask what day it is.
No. 115177 ID: c0f3bf

"I am sorry, what is the date today?"

"Hrm? The twelfth."

...As far as I know, everything is as it should be. Should I show him the metal, ask him about souls, something else, or leave for the firemen station?
No. 115178 ID: 34470e

You can look for books about souls and resurrection.
No. 115181 ID: 632862

Ask about souls.

The piece of metal is probably part of the bomb, which served as a kind of teleport device. It was halfway between the two buildings, so you can assume either the source or destination is in the other building.
No. 115185 ID: c0f3bf

"Professor, what do you know about souls?"

He gives me an odd look.

"Souls? That's a strange thing to ask about."

"Oh! well I've always been fascinated by soul mages, I guess I'm a little bit of a fan~"

He chuckles a bit and shakes his head.

"Ah, of course. Anything in particular about souls I could answer for you?"
No. 115186 ID: 632862

Is it possible to resurrect someone?
No. 115188 ID: 8ecfd4

Ram I think you're missing out on the fact that you do have someone else to experiment on. Yourself. Just don't try anything potenitally fatal on yourself. And have you found out how far you can go with animals?

As for the goblin. You should find out what happened and if it's the original soul or not. To do that I'm going to guess you would either need to know soulmagic, which would take you years to learn (but you should still start studying it), or find a soulmage you can trust.

But for the more immediate future. Ask for how long a soul usually remains in the mortal realm after the body has expired as well as if there could be exceptions to that rule. And check out a book on soul magic. Then go to the fire station.
No. 115189 ID: c0f3bf

"Weeell, if you could revive someone from the dead, say. What would happen to their soul?"

He laughs again and cradles his head.

"Bring someone back from the dead? Harhuhu, that's not possible, you know that, right?"


"Well yeaaah, but if it COULD, what would happen to the soul?"

He keeps laughing, but he humors me eventually.

"Well I suppose it would just go back into its original body, or a new one, or however you would do it."

"Well with all the souls and stuff, wouldn't it be in danger of getting switched with another one? Or even a demon, what about a demon professor?"

"Ohohahu, don't be silly, souls know where they're supposed to go! As for the demon thing, that wouldn't happen unless there were some kind of... ritual of sorts."

...Then what is wrong with the goblin?
No. 115190 ID: 632862

If there's nothing wrong with the soul, there must be something wrong with the body. Are you sure you didn't mishandle her brain somehow?

Thank the professor, let's get moving.
No. 115191 ID: 34470e

Ram, think back to when you found the dead goblin. Was the blood in any sort of pattern?
No. 115192 ID: c0f3bf

"Thanks professor, souls are really cool."

He nods and waves me away.

There is no possible way I mishandled her brain, I felt it before when I cured her fever, and it was identical to the way I restored it.

I... cannot say for sure, but I do not think it was.

Should I go to the firemen station now?
No. 115194 ID: 632862

Yeah, head to the fire station I guess.
No. 115195 ID: 8ecfd4

Pick up a book on soul magic first, and maybe one on demon summoning as well. Then head to the fire station.

And he didn't say that the right soul got back. He said souls know where they're supposed to go. A normal dead soul is not supposed to go back into it's body. I think you're going to have to find someone a bit more openminded and knowledgable for this. Maybe a soul mage who is an outcast for some reason.
No. 115196 ID: c0f3bf

I try to find a useful book on souls, but to no avail. I check out a book on demon summoning and a Hattatran book.

The library mage seemed like he knew what he was talking about, but confirmation would help. Soul mages are rare though, it may be difficult to find one.

I leave the library and walk to the fire station. As soon as I walk in the door, the fireman from yesterday comes up to to me.

"Sorry, we don't have any news for you yet, the station's resources got put into some bomb that exploded a bit away. You'll just have to wait."

He seems to be agitated, he must have had a bad day.
No. 115197 ID: 632862

A bomb went off today as well?

That makes two... Ask him about it. Also say you're looking for a job.
No. 115198 ID: 8ecfd4

Tell him that you're not there for information about the bomb. You're looking for work. Also ask him if there's any problems.

And seemed is the word to use on the library mage. He seemed to know what he was talking about isn't necessarily the same thing as knowing what he was talking about. Getting conformation from a mage that actually works in the field can be worth alot more, especially if you have them look over the goblin in question.
No. 115199 ID: c0f3bf

I believe he was referring to the bomb that went off yesterday, Fizz and Raka are the only ones that know I was there... apart from those still missing.

Library mages are much more competent than you are giving them credit for, they are paid to learn things and pass on the knowledge to people who ask. It would be nice to talk to an actual soul mage though, I just do not know how I would go about finding one.

"Are you okay? You seem... anxious."

"It's been a hard day. Look, I'm sorry, but we just ca--"

"I want to be a fireman."

"aaa... What?"

"I want to be a fireman, you clearly have too much work to do, let me on and I can stop fires while you figure out what that bomb is."

"L-look, I appreciate your coming here, but we'll be fine, you don't have to do this just because of your fire."

He does not seem to get it.
No. 115201 ID: 8ecfd4

Of course he is competent. He could still be wrong. He said resurection is impossible. Well you just preformed one yesterday. So what other impossible things are actually possible?

Tell him that it's not because of the fire directly. But you really need a job so that you can get new place to live and you come with built in fire resistance.
No. 115202 ID: 6834bc

"I'm an ezilot. We're nearly fireproof and I can see the infrared spectrum. You're shorthanded with that bomb situation and I don't have the money for a new place to live, nor the time to waste trying to find a job.

I want to help people, and this seems like a natural calling for me. So?"
No. 115629 ID: c0f3bf

He did say resurrection was impossible, but I thought the same thing before yesterday. Again, I would have to ask around, probably at the library, if I wanted to find a soul mage.

"Listen, you just said you have too much work, why not let me handle some fires? Ezilots are resistant to fire, and I can also see in infrared."

"I know, but that doesn't help with smoke inhalat--"

"I need a job. I am staying with someone because I do not have enough money to find another place. I can put out fires. Accept my help."



"You still have to go through a fitness test you don't look like you can pass, and a written exam first. And being a fireman doesn't pay much."

"It pays enough."

I can take the written exam or the physical exam first. Or I could come back and do it later.
No. 115632 ID: 632862

Physical first. Maybe you can get some clues as to how things work here before taking the written test.

Can you enhance your own muscles?
No. 115663 ID: 6834bc

Your physical prowess is more than it appears to be, right? May as well take the physical test first.
No. 115691 ID: c0f3bf
File 126405817685.png - (32.37KB , 341x341 , beefcake.png )

I am much stronger than I appear, I do not actually know why I look thin and emaciated.

They will eventually return to normal, but I can make them look much more prominent than they do now.

The physical is a minor checkup that they skip on account of my new appearance, and an obstacle course with climbing, moving across beams, and dodging through debris.
No. 115695 ID: 632862

Hop to it!
No. 115697 ID: c0f3bf

I climb up the building with little difficulty, walk across the beams with little difficulty, and dodge the debris, again, with little difficulty. This test was not very hard.

I don't have trouble the written test, either. It's almost all just medical knowledge for saving people from burns and smoke inhalation.

After a couple hours, I get a call badge, mask, coat, and hardhat, only one of which I actually require. Firemen with badges do what they normally do every day until the badge flashes the location of a fire. The firemen at the station bring the equipment, and all nearby firemen come to help employ it.
No. 115699 ID: 6834bc

Keep the coat for the badass factor.
So what time is it now - and do you have any other plans for the day, beyond heading back to Fizz's place and helping out however you can?
No. 115700 ID: 34470e

Keep the coat. People don't want to be saved by someone who's naked.
No. 115701 ID: c0f3bf

I will keep it, but do not expect me to wear it often. And there is nothing wrong with my body, apart from it looking like I haven't eaten in a while.

It is about 4:15, and I do not have any other plans, aside from possibly reading a book I checked out at the library. I could go back to Fizz's apartment, or do something else.
No. 115702 ID: 6834bc

Heading back to Fizz's and reading for a while sounds like a decent plan. Until you can figure out more about the 'bomb' that went off or what, if anything, may have happened to the goblin... there's not much you can do. Going to the police with the metal fragment might be something to think about doing, but that could draw a lot of attention to yourself from them.

...Do you know how advanced the study of forensics is in your world? Fingerprints and the like?
No. 115703 ID: 632862

Read the demon summoning book.
No. 115709 ID: c0f3bf

I confess I do not know as much as I could about police procedure. Fingerprints are not usually checked unless there is a clear reason to, and while forensic mages are employed, they tend to be relied upon much less.

I could probably give it to the police if I just said I found it outside, but I do not know if I want to go down to the police station, especially since I was not reported as being in the restaurant.

I head back to Fizz's apartment and reach it without incident. I open the door and walk in. Fizz is not here. I crack open the book on demons and demon summoning. Is there anything in particular I should scan for, or should I check the index?
No. 115712 ID: 632862

No. 115713 ID: 34470e

Check the Index
No. 115715 ID: 6834bc

Okay, so fingerprinting is understood and an applicable procedure. Well, then, my next question is just how much control over your body you have.

Could you temporarily remove your fingerprints or change them outright? 'Cause there's a little thing we like to call "anonymous submission of evidence."

You get a box or something, stick the shard of metal in said box, pad it thoroughly, and make a note out of clipped letters from another source - you don't want to leave anything that can be traced back to you, especially not handwriting. You'd probably want to put this together somewhere other than Fizz's apartment so they don't look at her with suspicion... and you'd need to find a way to get it delivered to the police without anyone being able to identify you.

But that right there is one way to get that shard of metal to the police without you being directly drawn into it.
No. 115717 ID: c0f3bf

This book lists demons in a strange order, and I only recognize a few things from it.

Introduction----------------------4 Ritual Basics---------------------9 Ritual Complications--------------16 Minor Demons and Inconsequentials-29 Imp-------------------------------78 Core------------------------------92 Fiend-----------------------------107 Wild------------------------------130 Morphic---------------------------140 Vengeance-------------------------157 Golem-----------------------------169 Vessel----------------------------172 Possession------------------------191

Yes, I could change my fingerprints or remove them for a time. I could definitely anonymously mail in a box with the metal in it, but if I did, they would get suspicious as to why someone would send them a clue and take so much trouble to keep themselves hidden.
No. 115718 ID: 632862

Check Vessel and Possession.
No. 115720 ID: 34470e

Read these: Ritual Basics, Ritual Complications, Morphic, Vessel, and Possession
No. 115721 ID: 632862

Also, try looking for demons related to cold that have teeth.
No. 115722 ID: 6834bc


Hence the letter (made from something that can't easily be traced back to you) explaining that you fear for your own safety but want to help the investigation by mailing them this piece of evidence - hence, you prefer to remain anonymous.
No. 115731 ID: c0f3bf

I start with ritual basics. It is surprisingly vague, but I learn a few things well enough. It implies that symbols are almost required because of how difficult summoning a demon is, and that while most demons can be summoned with a steady increase in ritual materials, controlling them goes up exponentially depending on how powerful the specific demon is, and other factors can make it a lot more difficult. Some demons require materials to construct their own body, some require a body, alive or dead depending on the demon, and some do not need anything at all. You can weaken some by providing materials designed to dampen their specific demonic energies, and others by changing the environment to hamper their bodies. One other important thing I learn is that only spiritual mages can summon demons.

Complications... basically just redacts everything it just said for special cases. There isn't much there to learn.

I read the chapter on morphic demons. There are apparently a few different types, and their main point of interest is that they can transform themselves into whatever they want, though the type determines how naturally skilled they are in particular areas, much like spiritual mage configurations. There is not much listed, apparently they are very hard to get good information on.

Vessel says that vessel demons are entities that do not have physical bodies. They are very difficult to detect, they find a vessel and possess them unnoticed. After finding a vessel, they subtly influence their thoughts and actions for months and years until they become a single person.

Possession states that nearly all demons can inhabit someone's body, taking control when they wish, which is usually all the time. It says that all beings possessed have the ability to expel the demons from themselves through willpower and different tactics. If a demon is possessing someone, it may end up being extremely easy or extremely difficult to expel them, depending on the demon.

I suppose that could work. Should I start working on that now?
No. 115735 ID: ec4966

Skim around for ways to unmake them.
No. 115736 ID: 632862

Interesting. So we're either dealing with a Vessel or a Possession.

Can you find anything in there about demons relating to cold that have teeth? Like some kind of frost wolf demon?
No. 115737 ID: 6834bc

The anonymous letter can wait until tomorrow.
How's the apartment look - is it tidy or messy?
If it's messed up a bit, you could clean up some as assistance to Fizz.
No. 115738 ID: 34470e

You know what? You've done enough research. Read the Hattatran book.
No. 115739 ID: 6834bc

Actually, Ram, you've got what.. half an hour before Fizz gets back? You decide what to do with that time. Whether it's cleaning up, researching a bit more, sitting around doing nothing, reading your Hattatran book, or doing something completely different.

These are all just suggestions, it's up to you to decide which you want to do.
No. 115741 ID: c0f3bf

I go back to the ritual basics. Banishing a demon can be done physically or spiritually, with each demon varying in the methods. Spiritual mages are the only ones that can spiritually banish them, and that requires a lot of focus and power, depending on the situation. Physically... just destroy their bodies, though depending on the demon, that could prove easier or harder.

I skim for pictures, but what with the varying information, it does not look like an easy identification can be made. Wild is definitely in, though. Core, imp, golem, and vessel do not look like it. Morphic sounds like one could turn into a giant frost wolf maybe? I'm not sure.

It is a very tidy apartment, actually. I go into the bathroom and double check I did not leave any splinters from yesterday in the tub, but there really is very little to do. I start reading the Hattatran book.
No. 115742 ID: 632862

I hear there are some pretty steamy scenes in there.
No. 115743 ID: 34470e

Do you mind giving us what the Hattatran book is about?
No. 115745 ID: c0f3bf

It's one of a series, the story is of a human that turned herself into an immortal ghost, and her fight to balance the divine forces. Her allies are very interesting characters, I confess them to be one of the main reasons I like the books. The author writes incredibly fast, too; she's already started a sequel series and I haven't even finished the main line yet.

Yes, there are. When Hattatran's romance with Allen reaches fruition, a full five pages are devoted to them having sex. They are not the only ones, either, especially if you read the subtext.
No. 115746 ID: 34470e

Uh, are there any bad guys in the series or what?
No. 115747 ID: c0f3bf

Yes, many divine forces being balanced are not particularly inclined to be so, especially Mime. I have not read up to finding Crow and Meerkat's true intentions, though, so for them I am not sure.

I hear some rustling and Fizz walks in the door. I close the book quickly due to the nature of the current scene and look at her.

She looks very tired, I can see her ears drooping and she keeps massaging the top of her nose.
No. 115748 ID: 632862

I wonder what she did all day, what with the restaurant being in such a mess. Ask her.
No. 115749 ID: 6834bc

Ask her how things went, but don't be shocked if they didn't go so well. Maybe let her know that you were able to get a job as a firefighter.
No. 115750 ID: c0f3bf

"How did it go?"

She jumps and presses herself into a corner, closing her eyes.

"Ah s-sorry, I forg-got you were here again..."

"Did you find another restaurant?"

"Oh... I f-found several, but n-none of them w-want to take me. Can't really b-blame them though, nobody wants a t-tiny k-kobold, let alo-one a s-stuttering one..."

I wonder how she got her last job.
No. 115752 ID: 6834bc

Reassure her - tell her that you have a feeling she'll have better luck tomorrow.

There's nothing wrong with her skills, after all... maybe she's lacking in some confidence, or feeling intimidated by these potential employers?
No. 115753 ID: 632862

Ask her what she did to get her last job.
No. 115765 ID: c0f3bf

It is possible, she is a kobold after all, being knee-tall to some cannot be good for confidence.

"It is okay, tomorrow will be better."

She sighs and slumps down over next to me.

"Yeah I g-guess."

"What was it like getting the job you had?"

"Oh t-that was incredibly lucky. The h-head chef got rea-ally excited during the interv-view, and he actually asked me to w-work for him. It w-was too good to l-last, of course..."
No. 115768 ID: 6834bc

I've got an idea that might help her, Ram; but it will require your acting skills as well as your blood magic.

For now, ask her if she feels she would benefit from a boost of confidence or courage as she searches for a new employer tomorrow.
No. 115783 ID: 8ecfd4

Reassure her that she's a very good cook and the resturants that don't hire her will regret it one day. Also explain your peculiar eating habits.
No. 115803 ID: 632862

Excited how?
No. 115828 ID: c0f3bf

That will not be difficult. Her cooking is amazing.

"You are an incredible cook, they will soon regret not hiring you when they had the chance."

"Yeah yeah... if I ever g-get another job."

She brushes off the compliment, but I can see that she looks slightly calmer. I take the opportunity to explain how my metabolism works.

"Unfortunately for me, I do not eat very often."

"Why not?"

"You could say my body is more... efficient, it takes a lot longer for me to get hungry than normal people."

"That's too bad... I was going to make st-stuffed artichoke."

I think I could convince her of something without too much difficulty.

"You think you need a confidence boost tomorrow?"

"Oh, some m-more confidence definitely sounds nice... You can do t-that?"
No. 115947 ID: 6834bc

Here's where your experience as an actor comes in.

Tell her that, as a blood mage, it's a very simple thing for you to enhance someone's confidence. It hurts some, like other bodily changes, but the resulting boost in confidence is truly remarkable.

Don't let her know or think that you can't actually do this, obviously.
No. 116595 ID: c0f3bf

I do not believe I can increase someone's confidence. Placebos can be surprisingly effective though, I think I can easily fool her into believing me, especially with the conflicting records of blood magic.

"Yes, it will hurt a little, but it gives you stronger conviction and helps you deal with anxiety."

"I wouldn't m-mind it hurting a b-bit if it helped me g-get a job again, r-really."

"Tomorrow then."

Fizz nods, then goes to change clothes. Now what? I could research more about demons, ask Fizz if she will let me experiment on her, something else, or read Hattatran.
No. 116598 ID: 34470e

Read Hattatran. You deserve a break.
No. 116610 ID: 6834bc

No. 116611 ID: 632862

Ask Fizz if she'll let you mess with her body.
No. 116620 ID: c0f3bf

I did just read a few chapters, I will ask Fizz first.

I go up to the door and call out for her.


"Ah, what is it?"

"I was wondering if you would let me mess around with you for a while."


"I have not had much practice, but I had some ideas I wanted to try out. I think I could make some things grow, other things contract, and constant stimulation is something I have wanted to try for a long time, but never had an opportunity to."



"Will it hurt? I'm not used to your... unique s-skills, Ram, are y-you sure you kn-know what you'd be doing? I mean, I g-guess I want you to improve, but I d-don't want to w-wake up with a blank m-memory like that g-goblin did, or t-too exhausted for tomorrow..."

"I am normally very gentle, what happened at the restaurant was not exactly a planned event, if I had known what was going to occur, I would have made preparations to help it run smoother. If pain is involved, I can be the one to submit to it, and I can help you with your endurance, you will wake up refreshed and ready for more action."

"...Alright, j-just be careful, o-okay? I'm small, I d-don't think I can h-handle very much."

"I think you are more resilient than you are giving yourself credit for, but I will not do anything fancy if you want."

"Th-thanks. I'll be out in a m-minute, then you can h-have your way with m-me."

What should I do to her first?
No. 116622 ID: 8ecfd4

Ask her if she ever wanted to try out any funky hairstyle. That should be a nice place to start.
No. 116625 ID: 6834bc

See about doing something to calm and soothe sore/tense muscles. Like a massage, but different.
She's had a long day, some relaxation would probably be welcome.
No. 116626 ID: 713333

Did you fix her eyes already? This would be a good time to do that.
No. 116627 ID: c16184

fuck her
No. 116629 ID: 632862

uhhhhahahahahaa! Um.

Well, I'm curious to see how well you can control many fine changes at once. Like, create ripples in raising/shortening her hair, or quickly switching from pattern to pattern.

After that, you could try changing the size of parts of her anatomy. Then... that constant stimulation thing. Test out the sensitivity of her nose.

You could also ask her for ideas.
No. 116934 ID: 6834bc

Try not to feel awkward about your incredibly suggestive wording as you start experimenting, however you experiment.
No. 117667 ID: c0f3bf
File 126431535288.png - (23.52KB , 341x341 , sofluffy.png )

What are you referring to?

She steps out in a tube top and shorts. She looks understandably nervous, I will start with something that should be simple.

"You are covered in fur, correct?"

"Fur? Uh..."

She pats her head.

"A little? I mean, if you could call it 'fur'."

"Can I try to grow it out?"

"G-grow out my fur?? ...Hey, that sounds kind of interesting, actually. Sure, go ahead."

I put my hand on her neck. I will use this opportunity to fix her eyesight as well. I draw out her fur slowly, spreading out the pain. I fix her eyes while I have the chance, and soon she has the texture of a particularly soft rug.

"W-wow, that felt d-different. I need to see a mirror!"
No. 117678 ID: 34470e

Tell her th- snrk- that she looks... trying not to laugh here... That she looks adorable.
No. 117679 ID: 6834bc

So for 'constant stimulation', try that massage thing. After putting her fur back the way it was, of course.
No. 117680 ID: 498c52

More fluff. I demand it.
No. 117693 ID: 632862

Locate a mirror.
No. 117711 ID: c003e8

Well, you know, she said you could "have her way with her," which is most often used in a sexual connotation.

Might as well let her get a mirror. Hopefully the difference in appearance won't be too shocking.
No. 117756 ID: c0f3bf

It is? That is... strange.

We go into the bedroom and look in the mirror. She bursts out laughing upon seeing herself.

"Hahahaha! This is incredible! I'm so soft and fluffy, it's a good thing I'm not allergic."

"You look very cute."

"Oh, thank you! You have to take the credit though, this probably isn't normally possible."

I put my hand on her back and start making modifications in front of the mirror. I move it around like a magnet moves iron filings, grow it out longer, straighten it, curl it, and put it back. I try various combinations of each and find out that it takes very many changes before I start to lose concentration. I think I can get better with practice too.

I grow out her fur longer. It goes quite a ways.

I try to set the magic to keep changing her fur even after I stop physical contact. It does not work, the changing stops when I take my hand off her. I set her fur back the way it was and start to massage her muscles and organs. She breathes deeply and sits on the bed.

"That feels really nice... So what about you? What did you do today?"
No. 117757 ID: 6834bc

Tell her about your new job as a firefighter.
No. 117759 ID: 632862

"I went to the library, and did some research on souls and a piece of the bomb I found. Then I applied to become a fireman. See my badge? Not sure if I'm gonna stick with it, but it's good until my next acting job."
No. 117772 ID: c0f3bf

"I became a fireman."

"Really? Mm... That was fast, weren't the tests hard?"

"Not very, the written was all things I knew prior, and I am stronger than I look."

"Oh, I was w-aah, w-wondering about that. Sorry, but you do look kinda unhealthy..."

I guess that is true, though I would phrase it differently. She moves down onto her front.

"T-this is nice and all, but is giving me a massage really something you haven't tried before?"
No. 117773 ID: 6834bc

That one you'll have to answer yourself, you haven't really told us anything about your past relationships, if any.

But hey, practice is practice... and at the very least it's some relaxation after a disappointing day, right?
No. 117791 ID: 632862

Move on to harder stuff, like changing the size of various parts of her structure.
No. 117803 ID: c0f3bf

I thought relaxing her was the point? Removing tension and fixing muscle aches is very easy, I do not think I have to practice it much.

"You implied that you did not have a good day, I thought your muscles might have developed aches from it."

"Oh, t-thanks then, you're really good at this..."

"Besides, you were starting to rub your nose when you came in the door, it seemed like you needed some relaxation."


That is strange, it feels like her muscles are trying to tense up, but I am keeping them relaxed.

That would be similar to rebuilding lost limbs, it would hurt or take some blood. I could do it anyway, but if I did not reset it complications could come up.
No. 117810 ID: 632862

Maybe... something less difficult. Can you change the color of her fur, maybe? Or you could redistribute fat deposits to change her general shape. Make her hips wider, or breasts bigger.

Wait, can you try looking closely at her brain to try and figure out what she's thinking? Or carefully manipulate signals from her eyes to make her see something you want to see?
No. 117900 ID: 34470e

Wait a second, Did you stop feeling pain while using your blood mage powers?
No. 117958 ID: c003e8

I don't know if you know this or not, but the nose is considered an erogenous zone for kobolds... I'm sure you can probably connect the dots.
No. 118000 ID: c0f3bf

No, such small changes simply do not hurt me. My hand is numb now, though.

Yes, I could change her fur color and displace fat quite easily, though she does not have very much fat to work with. I could make more, or take all she has, but the former would be slightly more painful.

I can see into her brain, but not into her mind. She has a lot of activity, so she must be thinking of something harder than usual, but that is about everything I know. I can cloud her vision or make her go blind, but I do not think I can project a hallucination.

I did know that kobold noses are particularly sensitive because of the nasal plexus being set up to detect tremors in the earth, and as such can be pleasurable when increased a ways. I could stimulate it, but I do not see much point as I have already relaxed her quite a bit. Even continuing to massage her would simply be a massage for its own sake.
No. 118004 ID: 6834bc

Did you ask her about the scar on her lower back, and if she'd like that to be healed?
No. 118121 ID: c0f3bf

I will now. Maybe it will stop her from blushing.

"You have a scar on your lower back, would you like me to remove it?"

"S-- h-hold on, I do?"

"Yes, it looks like a 45 degree angle."

"I don't remember anything like that, you can get r-rid of it, but doesn't that hurt?
No. 118124 ID: 632862

First, mention how she said she'd felt worse pain than when we rebooted the goblin. Shouldn't that have caused a scar of some sort?
No. 118134 ID: 6834bc

Maybe the "nightmare" she'd been having nightmares about wasn't actually a dream. Possibly some trauma she subconsciously blocked out, which relates to where she got that scar from.
No. 118190 ID: c0f3bf

Not scarring, just pain and anemia. I could easily cause scarring if I wished, though.

It is possible, she did not seem to want to talk about it.

Should I fix the scar or not?
No. 118198 ID: 632862

I meant the event she was referring to, not what we did. Sure, your powers wouldn't cause scarring... but what pain could she feel before that didn't cause a scar?

Go on and fix it.
No. 118202 ID: c0f3bf

I fix the scar.


I fix the scar.

. . .

I fix the scar. My hand starts to sting.

. . .

It is not working, every time I restore the skin, it damages itself back the way it was before.

"Anything wrong? You haven't s-said anything in a while."
No. 118203 ID: 632862

OH wow. Better not mess with that, it's magical somehow. Tell her about it.
No. 118204 ID: 34470e

Draw what the scar looks like on a piece of paper. It could be important, and it could be a symbol in one of the books you looked at.
No. 118206 ID: f52552

Get a mirror, show her.
She knows the touching rule?
No. 118261 ID: c0f3bf
File 126440756163.png - (19.65KB , 341x341 , illusionist.png )

"This scar is not going away."

"Oh. That's alright, you probably just did too much at once."

...Possible, I suppose. I still do not know very much about blood magic.

"I still wanna see it though, hold on..."

She moves over to look in th--

The scar is not showing up in the mirror.

"...Well I can't see it, I think you're just too sensitive to that kind of stuff."

I scar myself internally with the same symbol. I am a physical mage, so there should be no way for it to affect me.
No. 118262 ID: 632862

Interesting! There is definitely some form of magic going on here. Don't tell her about it yet, you don't want to worry her until we know what it is.

So anyway. Ram, have you ever had sex before?
No. 118264 ID: 34470e

That scar was in both of the symbol books you looked at. You'll have to go back to the library tomorrow.
No. 118279 ID: c0f3bf

Yes, two times. When I was 14 I lost my virginity with an olao before she moved away, and I was raped by a gnoll when I was 17.

It would appear as such, or not appear, as the case may is. I shrug my shoulders and take a deep breath.

"Maybe you are right, I can only see it when I am right next to you."

She sighs and looks at my reflection in the mirror.
No. 118282 ID: 6834bc

You said that pretty matter-of-factly. Sex and rape not very big to you? 'Cause, you know, rape usually isn't something people mention casually.
No. 118283 ID: 632862

What? Why didn't you defend yourself from the gnoll?

What does an olao look like anyway?
No. 118300 ID: c0f3bf
File 126441510010.png - (16.25KB , 341x341 , hypermobile.png )

Sex is just a bodily function. It can carry emotional meaning sometimes, but for the most part it's just a way to unwind and relax, or to reproduce. The olao was... nice to me. We had sex before she had to leave as a way of saying we would remember each other.

Rape is just nerve stimulation, like sex. It does not matter to me. Besides, at the time there were other gnolls around, and I did not have anything better to do.

Olao are lanky, monkey-like beings with hypermobility and a different method of sleeping than most other races.
No. 118304 ID: 6834bc

Has Fizz eaten dinner yet? And for that matter, has all this screwing around made you hungry at all?
No. 118313 ID: 632862

Sounds like you didn't really mind getting 'raped' that much.

It sounds like you don't really have sexual urges though? That's too bad. Though, I guess if you say it's a viable way to relax, you could suggest that to Fizz. Try not to be too blunt, though.
No. 118325 ID: c0f3bf

Unless she did before returning, Fizz has not eaten. I am still not hungry.

I did not think very much about it, I left soon after and healed the claw marks I'd taken.

I do have sexual urges, they are very common. I can suppress them, however, and usually do, especially if I am engaged in something.

Sex is a viable way to relax, especially emotionally. I could suggest having sex to Fizz I suppose, but I am not sure of why.
No. 118326 ID: 34470e

Sex could boost her confidence.
No. 118329 ID: 6834bc

You need some fun in your life; and with your abilities, Fizz would have a pretty good time.

But if you're too squeamish about it I guess it can wait until tomorrow, after Fizz gets a job. Don't treat it as a possibility, treat it like a fact.
No. 118332 ID: c0f3bf

Boosting confidence by raising self esteem? That could help, but I am already planning on giving her a placebo, I am not sure if it would help further, and I do not think her confidence is that bad to require so much stabilization.

I am not squeamish about sex, it is just not something that should be an issue for me. I may have little to do, but sexual stimulation is not something that I require.
No. 118333 ID: 632862

Okay, maybe later.

You were able to manipulate temperature before, can you like... light your hands on fire? Or make them so cold you can freeze something via touch?
No. 118334 ID: c0f3bf

That... is an interesting idea, and not something I have tried before. I can raise my body temperature and lower it, but raising it too high or too low will start to make it more difficult. I think I may be able to reach those points with enough practice, however.

Fizz gets up.

"So are you done messing with me? I'm pretty hungry."

Did I forget to do anything?
No. 118337 ID: 632862

Hey, you mentioned once you can make people nauseous from a distance. Can you try to practice some kind of manipulation like that? Um, not the nausea. That would be a bad idea right before she's going to cook. Although I guess you could reverse that, too.

What's the easiest thing you can do, aside from making someone nauseous? Try to do that, starting as close as possible that you can get without touching, and trying to gradually increase the distance.
No. 118339 ID: c0f3bf

The easiest would be nausea, the second easiest I think would be numbness.

"One last thing..."

I touch her back with my finger and numb it. She almost falls over, but manages to catch herself. I slowly back away, but as soon as my finger lifts off her back I feel pain. It is not very much, but I can no longer tell what I am doing to her.
No. 118340 ID: 632862

Hm. Really? Well, you could get Fizz to tell you what she's feeling so you can try to figure out how to do it better... Or you could try the easiest visual change possible, like changing the color of her fur or making it grow or something.
No. 118860 ID: 135d9a

Yeah I'd say you're gonna need to ask her to describe it, if you can't feel it yourself.
No. 119208 ID: c0f3bf
File 12645669725.png - (24.04KB , 341x341 , hnnnnngh.png )

"Do you... feel anything?"

"Um... no? Are you... okay? You look like you're trying to juice a mango by hand."

"I'm... fine..."

This is starting to hurt a little.

I try to change the color of her fur, then I try to grow it out. Neither work, or at least I cannot see the difference.

"Are you... finished? I'm starting to get a little hungry, and stuffed artichokes take a while to prepare."
No. 119218 ID: 135d9a

Alright, magic from a distance appears to be a no-go.

Uh, do you feel like helping her cook again? Otherwise I can't think of much for you to do at the moment.
No. 119349 ID: c0f3bf

"...Yes, I am finished."

"Okay, great."

She starts to walk back out of the room towards the kitchen. I suppose I could ask if she wants help cooking, though I could also research more about demons, read Hattatran, something else, take a shower, or see if Fizz or her friend have any other interesting books I could read.
No. 119351 ID: 34470e

Ask Fizz if she wants help cooking again.
No. 119352 ID: 135d9a

Well uh when you put it that way.

Just out of curiosity, which of those half-dozen things are you actually interested in doing? Y'know, since, well, you're the one who's actually going to do whatever it is that you decide to do.

I guess you could read more Hattatran; you seemed interested in that last time this came up.
No. 119363 ID: 632862

Examine the bomb fragment. Try touching it.
No. 119366 ID: 632862

Oh, and check the entries for Vessel and Possession to see if they can access the host's memories. The goblin was giving detailed information about the curelian... wait, was it correct information?
No. 119370 ID: c0f3bf

Truthfully, any of them would be fine with me. I do not have much preference with those particular options. Maybe not cooking though, the last time was... exhausting.

...I walk into the kitchen door frame and call out.

"Do you need any help?"


She looks hard at work already.

I empty my pouch out and look at the metal piece. It looks the same as before, dull metal glowing with symbols. Is there any particular way I should touch it?

The information about the curelian was correct, though I did not notice his eye. I open the demon book and--...

This book was written almost 12 years ago.
No. 119371 ID: 34470e

Try licking the shard.
No. 119372 ID: 632862

Gaddangit, we'll need to get a more recent edition tomorrow and double-check everything. We wasted a lot of time.

Touch the edge of the fragment.
No. 119373 ID: c0f3bf

Yes, I should have checked that before. I do not know how much information could be gained in 12 years, demon summoning is very rare and difficult to perform.

I touch the edge of the fragment. Nothing appears to happen.

I lick around the edges. The fragment tastes like iron.
No. 119374 ID: 34470e

Hm... Get a piece of paper, crumple it up, and drop it so it touches the symbols.
No. 119375 ID: 632862

Touch the symbol.
No. 119377 ID: c0f3bf

I put a finger on one of the circle symbols and drag it towards the other one.

My vision goes black for a second.

There is a filing cabinet next to me. On the wall are... police uniforms and handcuffs. I am in a police station! I do not know where it is, but I need to get out of here fast. There is currently nobody around, but I can hear footsteps. Should I try touching the symbol again?
No. 119379 ID: 632862

Yes, in the other direction.
No. 119380 ID: 6834bc

Yes, but touch the circles in reverse.
Pray to whatever deity you believe in that this works and nobody saw you.
No. 119383 ID: c0f3bf

I do not believe in deities.

I put my finger on the other circle and drag it back towards the original one.


My vision blacks.

I am in Fizz's bathroom. ...There is a lot of adrenaline going through me right now.
No. 119393 ID: 632862

You don't believe in deities? I take it that though demons, souls, and magic exist, miracles are few and far between?

Find a map of the city and figure out where you are in relation to the nearest police station. Also, ask Fizz if she noticed anything weird just now.
No. 119410 ID: 135d9a

Right, uh, careful with that thing, evidently.

And, uh, yeah, see if you can get a map to figure out where you went just now.
No. 120450 ID: c0f3bf
File 126473896284.png - (22.14KB , 341x341 , adventure.png )

Y-yes, I do not want to accidentally brush this. I put it in my hand and seize up my muscles.

Demons exist, but very rarely appear in the world. I believe it has something to do with the nature of their existence. I remember a balloon simile, but that is about it. I know very little about souls.

I slow down the adrenaline and calm my systems. Once I am sufficiently calm, I step out and find Fizz in the kitchen.

"Did you notice anything just now?"

"Huh? N-no, did something happen?"

If a specific cue signaled the teleportation, it seems it was too localized for Fizz to notice.

"...Nothing, nevermind. Do you have any local maps?"

"Well I have an atlas, but not anything local. My roommate might though, I'll go check, hold on."

Fizz changes something on the hotbox faster than I can notice and walks out into the bedroom.


. .

. . .

Fizz comes out with a ratty, torn map and hands it to me.

"Hope it's not too ill-llegible, it looks like it's seen some use."

The map does not appear useless.

"...Hey, what's that you're holding?"

She must have seen the fragment.
No. 120470 ID: 135d9a

Well, uh, do you feel comfortable explaining to Fizz what you accidentally did? If you don't, I'm no good at cover stories.

And get a look at the map (when you get the chance, obviously).
No. 120508 ID: 632862

May as well tell her that you found it in the trash in the alley and you're not sure what it is.
No. 120847 ID: c0f3bf
File 126477926222.png - (62.31KB , 341x341 , Mappers.png )

I can tell her what it is without saying that I used it.

"I found it outside the restaurant when I was looking around. I am not sure what it does, but it appears to be enchanted, so do not touch the symbols."

"Oh, alright. You t-think it has anything to do w-with the expl-losion?"

I open the map. It looks incredibly worn, I do not know how old it is. It shows the basic layout, however, and I can see that the nearest police station is still about three miles from here.
No. 120854 ID: 135d9a

Uh, we're basically just killing time right now, right?


Make small talk? I don't know exactly what you should be doing.
No. 120863 ID: c0f3bf

I suppose I am.

"Possibly, I do not know."

"Oh... okay."


"Ah, y-yes?"

"How do you feel?"

"F-feel? I feel fine... Why, did you do something? Is something wrong?"

"No, I am just... curious."

"Oh... well I'm alright, thanks. How are you?"

"The same as always."

"That's n-nice to hear, I guess. I need to go back to cooking, the artichokes could burn."


Fizz walks back into the kitchen to cook. I pick up the Hattatran book and lean against a wall to read it. It does not take long for Fizz to return with food.

She pours herself some tea and starts munching. I look at her over the book while she eats and take stock of her deviations. Her head is squashed in comparison to an average kobold, though her large eyes and average-sized nose hide it. Her ears are long, as is her tail, though her fingers are closer to average in length and width. She is very tall for a kobold, reaching a little ways past my stomach drawn to my full height. Aside from the scar on her back, I cannot see any particular markings.

She finally finishes eating and goes to take a shower. While she is in there, is there anything I should do to make use of her absence?
No. 120874 ID: 609e90

It sounds like, when you're looking at her, you're taking stock of her anatomical features, but missing the big picture. Have you ever heard the saying, 'the whole is more than the sum of its parts'? It seems to me that, as a blood mage, you're aware of biology in a much more intimate manner than most people, but if everything is intimate than what is there to be special?

When you look at Fizz, just look at her without analyzing or examining or comprehending, what do you feel? What do you think? And I'm not asking for an examination of the neurotransmitters behind biological processes, either. Just... how do you feel about Fizz?

Once you've figured that out we can go about determining a goal for you. Letting us know would help us advise you better.
No. 120877 ID: 135d9a

How do you feel about her? You've sort of spelled out for us that you've largely avoided extended contact with any one person. As you put it, you don't really have friends.
No. 121570 ID: 632862

Hey Ram, you can alter anatomy a whole lot right? Can you change the gender of a person? How far can you go with that change? Even so far as changing their brain structure and chemistry?

What about other body changes? Can you for instance change the species of a person, or add on stuff like horns and extra ears?

You could disguise yourself this way, if you wanted to give the bomb fragment to the police without them knowing who you are.
No. 121692 ID: c0f3bf

When I see a person, I analyze them, examine them, and comprehend them. I just do. I do not think I can stop myself, it is simply obvious.

Fizz seems to be empathic and courageous, playful, thoughtful, yet simple, and a little naive for allowing a blood mage to stay with her, even one that shielded her from shrapnel.

I tried to detach myself from people a long time ago.

I could change someone's sex, but not their gender, and it would be painful. Other bodily changes are possible, but would be more difficult. Changing species would be possible, but depending on the transitions it could be very painful. I think I could grow additions, but I thought I was going to mail them the fragment anonymously?
No. 121696 ID: 135d9a


So we still haven't really come up with anything for you to do, have we.

... I guess I'm not very good at this.
No. 121704 ID: 632862

It was just a thought. They may want to take you in to ask more questions anyway, even if your story is good enough. Let's just go with the letter idea.
No. 121716 ID: 632862

ARGH we keep forgetting to ask Fizz about her co-workers.
No. 121725 ID: c0f3bf

I do not have very many things that occupy my time. I do not play an instrument, and physical exercise is pointless for me. I can hunt, but it takes a while to get to the proper areas. I do like reading, but it is difficult to find good books.

I will send a letter tomorrow, I am not eager to be in a police station again.

That would be a good thing to know about. I go to the door of the bathroom and call out over the sound of running water.



"What about your co-workers?"

"W-well it was a small restaurant for the space it had, I only worked there for a little bit. I never got to meet the chefs, b-but there were two more waiter, and the owner would come by sometimes."

"I see."

"Both of the waiters called in sick that day though! I had to carry all the orders myself!"

That explains why she was carrying so many sausages. Can I sleep now? I cannot think of anything else to do, and I do not feel like reading again.
No. 121726 ID: 632862

Ask her about the elf hostess. She didn't mention her at all.
No. 121727 ID: 697b23

I think your problem is that you lack ambition. You need a goal, an objective.

But we can always come up with one later. Might as well sleep for now.
No. 121728 ID: c0f3bf

"What about the hostess?"

"Oh, she was temporary actually, one of the waiters filled the role, but they were sick. She refused to help me carry food though, even when she didn't have anything else to do!"

"I see."

I cannot become a strong figure in any area I can think of offhand. Ambition is something that I have not generally seen as a good thing for me to have.

"I am going to sleep now."

"Oh, goodnight!"

"Did you want to sleep in the bed again?"

"Ah, s-sure, okay."

I walk back and get into the bed.


A while later, Fizz climbs in as well.

No. 121729 ID: 632862

Wait, isn't Fizz afraid to get another nightmare? It might not be a good idea to have her sleeping in the bed again.
No. 121734 ID: 697b23

Hmm, yeah... is there anything you can do to assure she gets a good night's rest? Maybe a barely noticeable full body massage again to make sure she drifts off into a deep and sound sleep?
No. 121738 ID: c0f3bf

"Are you going to have another nightmare?"

She shakes her head.

"No, I'll b-be okay, I can handle s-some bad d-dreams."

I think she is just trying to appear fearless.

I can do that. I touch her nose and put her to sleep.

"Good night."
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