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File 126349946397.png - (78.40KB , 700x700 , c16-1.png )
110621 No. 110621 ID: c16184

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No. 110623 ID: 1831fc


No. 110624 ID: ecd2db

No. 110626 ID: c16184
File 126350045535.png - (95.11KB , 700x700 , c16-2.png )

Good morning, voices.
You have come at the right time.
Since we have suddenly come into possession of a grand armory and treasury, I am making a list of what we need. Later today I will send two of my followers with the cart to Sepia Town.

Grek and Petal require better materials and tools, as they had just been working with what little Grek was able to take with her. I have requested Nakraska to build them a laboratory outside the mansion as well, to keep them from messing up the women's sleeping quarters.
Speaking of Nakraska, he is need of better tools too, but little else than that.
Iesgip requested better cooking utensils and hunting tools.
Sticks and Black Fang seemed content with their situation.
For everyone I will order better bedstuffings, pillows and blankets, and cloth and a sewingkit, just in case.

With another round of cleaning and the mansion should be another step closer to being presentable for prince Muschio Malto's visit.

All I need now is to design the uniforms.

I want no specifics: Obviously armor does not suit everyone here, and I understand some would like to reflect their induviduality, so I'm looking for advice on what to look for in a uniform that is flexible yet representative of who they work with and instil a sense of order and strength without being overbearing.
Quite a mouthful.

No. 110627 ID: 8ecfd4

Go for practicality in the uniform. Something made in a material that breathes and with a cut that allows for easy movement. Keep decorations to a minimum and use muted colors. Include one dagger into the uniform. I think such a style would be the one most fitting for men and women under your command. You should also check up on what weapons they might need.

I still think you should set aside an hour per day for combat training with all of them. While the Fangs have been dealt with their employer is still around and mercenaries or assassins can always be replaced. If there are any future attacks then it's good if everyone at base atleast has some rudimentary combat skills to make sure that they have a greater chance at survival.
No. 110628 ID: c593ec

So uh
Where's the prisoner, chief? What's her story? How's she doing, and how's everyone reacting to it?
No. 110629 ID: 2819cf


Avoid red garments.
No. 110632 ID: 6834bc

If you don't want to go full-blown specific outfit for them, you might consider something a little less intrusive.
I don't suppose you have pins - small pieces of shaped metal designed to be attached to clothing, which could be shaped into a specific 'coat of arms' for your organization?
No. 110633 ID: 6faa8c

A single white flower, somewhere on their person. Either that, or design an emblem that can be put anywhere (Say, a sword), and two colors, such as white and gold, to symbolize your group.

Shit, you guys need a collective name, too!
No. 110634 ID: 67c611

I say nay to uniforms. I think it is important to maintain each person's individuality. Having an insignia/banner/crest/emblem that everyone has in common is ok.

A ragtag band fighting for the cause of good is romantic. It's a lot more inspiring than an organized army fighting for the cause of good. You are more likely to get recruits if they don't have to change who they are to fit in.
No. 110635 ID: 3416ec


What he said. Keep the uniforms practical. As for colors, I suggest reversible tunics with green on one side and tan on the other.

Also, a chainmail vest for each person couldn't hurt.
No. 110637 ID: 67c611
File 126350164182.png - (87.27KB , 700x700 , 125842892064.png )

We already have an emblem.
No. 110638 ID: f21281

Standard chainmail shirt, padded leather leggings and boots, some leather work gloves, and a cloth shirt underneath the chainmail should suffice. Add a tabard with your banner upon it and it should be good to go.
No. 110639 ID: d6a592

Does it have to cover the entire person?

You could have them wear large belts with big buckles that have emblems on them,
No. 110640 ID: c16184
File 126350238999.png - (95.51KB , 700x700 , c16-3.png )

Utilitarian is the consensus it seems. Light armor and a light weapon, neutral colors and a simple emblem to show their unity.
As much as I would like to show my respect, using the Malto weapon would be slightly inappropiate as this is not his official army. I will need to come up a name and emblem for this group, but that can always be added later.

Very good. I am done with this list. I just need to decide which two of my followers I should send out with the cart, and I can return to my business of making allies.

No. 110641 ID: 8ecfd4

Romantic doesn't win battles though. Most ragtag armies that go up against a real disciplined force of fighting men will get butchered. They might win from time to time but most of the time they suffer horrendus losses for that victory.
No. 110642 ID: 67c611

But ... but no more Sticks spooky suit. And no more Iesgip almost naked. D:
No. 110643 ID: 8ecfd4

I would suggest Grek and Black Fang. Black Fang for security and Grek for experience in bargaining and the fact that I think she isn't as easy to distract as say Sticks.
No. 110644 ID: 6faa8c

>Sending a former member of a mercenary group and a very hotblooded goblin out to buy things

No. 110645 ID: 9e9b47


Former is the key word here.

I vote Black Fang and Petal.
No. 110646 ID: 3416ec

Hmmmm... I'd round up the troops and ask who is better at bargaining.

Also, I'm loathe to suggest Black Fang to tag along as he might attract unwanted attention. Security he might provide, but not at the cost of drawing other bounty hunters or people wronged by the Fangs.
No. 110647 ID: e0499d


Also, as a symbol... A KB.
That fang who infiltrated before( orange?) had a paper referencing the "knight blades"
You are a knight.
Very simple.
No. 110648 ID: 6faa8c

Petal and Iesgip. or Petal and Grek. Grek because others might not know that she really needs... And because those two work so very well together.
No. 110649 ID: 8ecfd4

Well they're going to be transporting stuff back here and the nearest place to buy stuff is Sepia Town. Someone is needed for security and Black Fang has proven to be capable of that.

Sticks probably knows how to haggle and I would guess is pretty good at it. But she's also very easy to distract and not all that focused at most times. None of the others except Grek has really interacted alot with the outside world and I don't think any of them are very good at haggling. And if Grek gets into trouble because of her cursing against everyone then Black Fang should be a good deterrant against any blades being drawn.
No. 110650 ID: 2dd482

If you're building an army you'll need some place to keep the new recruits. The rooms inthe mansion here can't fit everyone. Ask Nakraska about building a barracks and armory. With enough labour you might be able to clear some trees out and build a small palisade around. maybe a watch tower at the gate.
No. 110651 ID: 3416ec

I think Ridder should personally oversee the transactions.

I vote Ridder and Petal. Sticks and/or Grek and temp as head honcho(s) while we're gone.
No. 110652 ID: 3416ec


"can temp" is what I meant. :C
No. 110653 ID: 9e9b47

To elaborate on my answer, Black Fang has proven himself very reliable in the past. He is in good control of his temper and his actions, and I think he should be shown some trust.

Petal is an elf. Elves are good at talking to other people like they're better, and that's the right kind of attitude you want with a merchant. Let 'em think you're right all the time.
No. 110657 ID: 8ecfd4

The problem with Petal though is that she has only ever interacted with her own people or Ridders people. She has never been outside of the forest and there have been pretty much no elves running around for 500 years.

Bringing her to Sepia could very possibly overwhelm her and the areas more unsavory types might get some very bad ideas on how much cash could be made from an elven prostitute. Black Fang could probably handle that but it's an un-necessary risk to take.
No. 110661 ID: c16184
File 126350450479.png - (154.41KB , 700x700 , c16-4.png )

I have to agree on the combination of Black Fang and Grek. Black Fang is a reliable power, and Grek has mentioned that she grew up with merchants. She will know what is a good deal and what is not.
I can not go myself as I can not oversee everything all the time, especially if I intend on expanding. To rest your mind, however, I will have Grek wear the other ring so we may check on her from time to time.

"Grek, Black Fang, please take this list and gold. You are to head to Sepia Town and purchase supplies. I rely on your combined muscle and wit to provide you with success."
"Aye, master."
"Ye get et, chef. An'then' else?"
"Yes. Please get the ring from Sticks, Grek. I trust your abilities, but I would like to make sure you two are safe."
"..E.. Elregth. We're eff, then."
"Thank you for trusting me for this, master."
"I have the greatest of faith in both of you. Good luck."

As for me, I must get back to making allies. Making contact with the elves was a spectacular failure, but luckily I got Petal out of it, who has proven a good companion.
I better think carefully about the next faction I attempt to befriend.

No. 110664 ID: 3416ec

The elves were 8 kinds of screwed up anyways.

Let's go corral us some dwarves! Yee haw!
No. 110666 ID: 8ecfd4

Violet Fang did send that note about possible employment chances in a civil war to the north.

That could be a very good area to recruit in as well as finding allies. In a war torn area you can almost always find people who are desperate for a safe haven as well as oppurtunities to work. There should also be some disillusioned soldiers that are looking for a cause they can actually believe in.
No. 110667 ID: 2dd482

hey maybe you can hire a glassworker while you're out there and get the window fixed and cleaned
No. 110668 ID: c593ec

Seriously though
The prisoner
Where is she
What's going on
No. 110669 ID: 67c611

Oh don't worry. She's being well taken care of. >:D
No. 110671 ID: c16184
File 126350606879.png - (362.56KB , 700x700 , c16-5.png )

The prisoner has been put in more comfortable bonds and locked inside the small washroom, which takes care of the most undesirable task of helping her take care of her basic needs. We feed her whenever we eat too.
As I have no idea what else to do with her, I am keeping her there until Muschio arrives.

The area Violet Fang mentioned in the letter must be The Red Mesas. I know very little about this land, having lived far to the south of it.
It is apparent that it borders the Barrier, behind which my kind resides.

Now that I see it on the map it feels so close all of the sudden. I wonder if my parents have ever tried going back..

But I digress.
I am not looking for single soldiers to join, though I will recieve them if they turn up. I am looking to make strong alliances so I will have a grip on my surroundings like the Boss has on his.
Negotiating in the midst of a civil war will be most difficult.. but the prince has faith in me.

If I ride out within the hour I should reach its borders before dusk. Who should I bring with me? Or should this one be solo?
Mind you, Black Fang's absence leaves the base's defences incomplete.

No. 110672 ID: 82e991

What do you know about dwarves?
No. 110674 ID: c16184
File 126350663555.png - (364.88KB , 700x700 , c16-6.png )

I know that dwarves are usually craftsmen of metal and stone, sometimes gems. Occasionally clans of them pass through in caravans to trade their goods.
I have seen a few rogue dwarves practising a wide variety of professions, much like humans, but they can be far in between.

If you refer to wether they have villages, towns, provinces or even countries, however, I know absolutely nothing.
I would assume they live here, in the mountains, but that is just based on old songs and folklore.

No. 110675 ID: 8ecfd4

Simply having ties with alliances may not be the best way. Unless you have a very strong position yourself with a powerful retinue the other members of the alliance may be unwilling to listen to you and obey your commands.

If you are to truly command respect and power then you must gather a strong retinue that can field a decent force. You have a retinue but none of them can call on soldiers and neither can you. Civil war creates unrest and refugees, if you take them in and get them to work for you you will gain a workforce as well as a population to draw military recruits from. It increases your power and standing alot more than any alliance could.

But for who you should take. Bring along Sticks. Iesgip should be able to safeguard the base while Black Fang is out. Civil wars often has many factions, you should be able to find one whose goals aren't reprehensible to you. For your aid to their cause they will aid you at a later time in your struggle against evil.
No. 110677 ID: 753009

Before you leave, start garrisoning the base with traps. You never know.
No. 110678 ID: c16184
File 126350930814.png - (83.37KB , 700x700 , c16-7.png )

I loathe to exploit something as terrible as a civil war, nor can I turn my base into a refugee camp.
I shall attempt to aid the faction whose ideals are the truest, as they will surely do well in clearing up the destruction and dread left in the chaos' wake.

Sticks is a fine choice. She will probably be delighted at finally getting to join me.

"Sticks, I need you to accompany me on this mission. Please get ready. I am going to prepare the mount."
"Oh! Ooh! Be there in a bit!"
No. 110681 ID: 8ecfd4

The idea isn't so much to start a refugee camp as it is to start a new village or maybe even a town.

But let's go there and scout out the place. Just keep an open mind if you run into any oppurtunities to streangthen your own position.
No. 110718 ID: cf41a7

There is now a civil power vacuum locally created by the conflagration/ruination of a certain city... thus the opportunity does exist for someone to step in.
No. 110723 ID: 1831fc

So where to?

Right now, I've got nothing else to add. I'm all for gathering info on the nearby factions, however.
No. 110731 ID: c16184
File 126351740846.png - (98.21KB , 700x700 , c16-8.png )

We leave within the hour, as was planned.
We begin the long walk through the woods north, but when we finally leave the canopy's shadow, I discover that the Red Mesas' civilization is closer than I thought.
A wooden watchtower looks over the forests' border. It is small and insignificant, indicating that they expect the trees to shelter few threats.

As I approach it a guard comes up to me. He waves me down.

"Woah, woah there, stranger. You picked the wrong time to be visiting. There's a spot of conflict going on right now, and we highly discourage entry for tourists and traders alike."
No. 110732 ID: 1831fc


Buggers? A town of Buggers?

Hmm. Perhaps we should tell him that we're looking to hire people. That might perk his interest.

If he asks what we need, tell him we're looking for miners.
No. 110743 ID: 632862

Tell him that's why we're here. We're interested in seeing what the conflict is about, and if we can be of any assistance.
No. 110747 ID: e828f5

Seeing how I'm not a fan of insects, I'd recommend you raze the entire settlement, and perhaps you'll inadvertently give yourself a good reputation with their enemies.
No. 110753 ID: f44349

Tell him that's why you are here!
You are from a nearby settlement in search of allies and so you have a vested interest in ending these hostilities. Hopefully peacefully!
No. 110771 ID: c16184
File 126351869538.png - (82.38KB , 700x700 , c16-9.png )

"I am from a nearby settlement and I am here to aid in resolving the conflict."
"Sorry, stranger, no mercs. Try Sepia Town."
"I apologize for not being clear. I am not a mercenary. I am gathering a force to destroy a great evil to the southwest, and I am looking for allies to assist me in any way. I hope that I can help you so that you may help me in the future."
"..Huh. Fighting evil? Never heard that before. Well, if you're really not in it for the gold then I gueeessss I can take you to the Matriarch."
No. 110772 ID: cf41a7

I suppose they would be matriarchal... bug people are kind of attached to their royalty.
No. 110774 ID: 632862

"That would be excellent, thank you. Are there any customs I should be aware of in this situation? I don't wish to offend the Matriarch."
No. 110783 ID: 3416ec


Raid hasn't been invented yet, fortunately.

Besides, these guys seem friendly enough. (famous last words)
No. 110788 ID: c16184
File 126352066522.png - (147.50KB , 700x700 , c16-10.png )

Yes, indeed, these people seem like they are quite friendly and open. If a mere border guard has the courtesy to warn me of their conflict and show me to his leader, then they must have been a country full of warm open welcomes.
Their hesitation to hire mercenaries shows that they do not enjoy violence either.

But indeed, I shouldn't judge too soon.

"That would be excellent, thank you. Are there any customs I should be aware of in this situation? I don't wish to offend the Matriarch."
"No, not really. Our ways are so different than the other cultures on this continent that we don't get offended quickly. Just be polite and show her that you don't mean to be rude."

The guard gestures me to come with him and salutes to several other guards stationed on and around the tower, who salute back.
He leads me to a well-lit entrance to an underground tunnel.

"This way. Your mount will be safe, don't worry."

I dismount and help Sticks off. The guard goes ahead down the tunnel.

"We really don't get a lot of visitors who want something other than gold. Apart from the tourists, that is. Anyway, what I mean to say is that I'm sure you'll get an audience with the Matriach."

Meanwhile, I notice Sticks grabs my hand. I take it and give it a reassuring squeeze.
I notice she looks a bit intimidated by everything. She walks close to me, occasionally bumping into my hip.

"Do you do these things every day?"
No. 110789 ID: c0f3bf

Yes. Yes you do.
No. 110790 ID: 3416ec

"A man has to have hobbies, Sticks."

Pardon the alliteration.
No. 110793 ID: 632862

As a knight you visit many interesting places and meet interesting people. You have to get used to it somehow, if you plan to stay a knight.
No. 110797 ID: cf41a7

I suppose it makes some sense that halfings stereotypically dislike crowds... I mean the view would usually be kinda iffy.

Or it may be the guards that are setting her off?

Anyhow you may want to aks what see means by "these things"?
No. 110799 ID: 632862

Or maybe she has a phobia of insects.
No. 110831 ID: c16184
File 126352346626.png - (152.48KB , 700x700 , c16-11.png )

I whisper back to her. The guard doesn't seem to notice.

"What do you mean with 'these things'?"
"You know.. climbing through tunnels.. with bugs.."
"As a knight you visit many interesting places and meet interesting people. You have to get used to it somehow, if you plan to stay a knight.
"Y.. yeah, that's true.."
"Why are you so nervous?"
"It's just that.. You know those empty tunnels that the adults tell all little halflings not to enter but you and your friends do dares to go inside anyway until one of your friends doesn't come back~?"

In front of me the guard comes to a halt to speak to another guard in front of a curtain.
With my mind on Sticks I am unable to overhear what theyre saying.

No. 110834 ID: 67c611

Let her ride on your shoulders if the roof is low enough.
No. 110836 ID: c0f3bf

Indeed, this is definitely the best option.
No. 110839 ID: 3416ec

It's probably just legalese by the looks of the documents.

Anyway, give Sticks a piggyback ride.
No. 110840 ID: 445c48

Giving a piggyback ride isn't really a polite thing to do in front of the queen or matriarch or whatever.

Give her a piggyback ride later, on your way out.
No. 110841 ID: 632862

Tell her not to worry, you'll protect her if somehow things go horribly wrong.
No. 110842 ID: cf41a7

Considering all the armor and weapons he is caring on his back I somehow doubt it would be comfortable for either of them.

I was also not aware that the burrows were so extensive as to have dark, unused tunnels.
No. 110846 ID: c16184
File 12635248602.png - (114.96KB , 700x700 , c16-12.png )

"Don't worry. I'll always be there to protect you."

She gently squeezes my hand. I do the same.

After a moment the guard turns to me.

"She'll help you from here. I gotta get back to my post."
"Thank you for your help."

He salutes and passes me down the tunnel.

The other guard opens the curtain for us.

"Through here, please."

One the other side is a large multilevel chamber. Large banners hang from the ceiling.
The guard follows us through. She flips through the papers she's holding.

"Please wait here. One of the Matriarch's advisors should come to pick you up shortly."

She makes something between a bow and a nod, and walks out through one of the other doors.
No. 110847 ID: e828f5

is it REALLY that easy to tell what gender these insect-people are?
No. 110852 ID: c16184
File 126352589936.png - (166.96KB , 700x700 , c16-13.png )

I admit I wouldn't have been able to tell from visual clues alone, but the female guard who just helped us had a distinctly different voice.
This should help a lot future encounters.

After a while of waiting in what I can't help but feel is some sort of arena pit, three bugpeople suddenly appear through one of the doorways.
They stop abruptly upon seeing us, and eye us with judging expressions in silence.

No. 110854 ID: e828f5

Hmm... based purely on eyelashes, I'd say the one in front would be female, the one on that one's right is male... and the eyepatch one could go either way, though I'd say female. Though it might simply be the sexy curve of the thorax. Other than that tidbit of information... off you go with your whole introductory shpiel.
No. 110856 ID: 632862

Greet them politely and say you were told to wait here for one of the Matriarch's advisors.
No. 110857 ID: 67c611

Are those plates on their bodies armor or part of them?
No. 110869 ID: 3416ec

"Greetings! I was told to wait for the Matriarch's advisor. Might you be him or her?"
No. 110873 ID: b14128

Anybody else getting a bad feeling about this?
No. 110876 ID: 3416ec


I know I'm getting a bad feeling something fierce. This whole atmosphere just doesn't sit well...
No. 110884 ID: c16184
File 126352769372.png - (103.15KB , 700x700 , c16-14.png )

Those plates are most definitely not part of their body. It is their kind of armor, but I haven't been able to determine the materials used.

Atmosphere or not, I best be polite.

"Greetings! I was told to wait for the Matriarch's advisor. Might you be him or her?"

Their expressions shift to slightly less stern and they look at eachother. The one with the eyepatch speaks up first.

"Yes, that is us."
"Certainly. Thank you for waiting."
"Indeed. However.."
"..As you must understand, we can not let anyone walk into the same room as the other advisors and the Matriarch at random."
"That's right. You will have to prove your dedication to our cause."
"Do not be alarmed. This is part security measure and part tradition."
"A very ancient one. Please understand we can not avoid it."
"Do you agree?"

They all sound female.
No. 110886 ID: f21281

Pause for a moment, take a look around at your surroundings, then heave a sigh and unicode stare at the bugs.

"...Something's about to come out and try to maul me to death, isn't it."
No. 110887 ID: 9d07d9

What exactly would this involve?
No. 110888 ID: d56ac0

Ask exactly what their cause is and what they would have you do to prove your loyalty.
No. 110890 ID: 67c611

"Please explain it more clearly. I'm not quite sure what you mean."
No. 110891 ID: 632862

Aha, I think they're going to ask you to fight. Hopefully you will be fighting some wild animal and not a person.

Mayhaps you could find out what it is before agreeing?
No. 110892 ID: e828f5

Well two out of three isn't bad, I guess..

I don't like hive minds... or things that even approximate such. I'd suggest saying that you'll do what you can as long as it seems reasonable/sensible, but make no promises... for all you're aware, it's the OTHER side of the conflict who has the right in the matter.
No. 110895 ID: 632862

Erm, remember to continue to be polite.
No. 110896 ID: 3416ec


>>I don't like hive minds... or things that even approximate such.

See also The Borg.
No. 110902 ID: c16184
File 126352868323.png - (167.51KB , 700x700 , c16-15.png )

"I wish to respect your ways and prove myself by all means.. but I do not wish to perform acts of violence, atleast not without knowing exactly why it is necesarry."
"Your fear is entirely misplaced, noble as it is."
"What we will have you perform will in no way get any person hurt: Like we said, it is both tradition and security."
"You will not be send to battle. Yet perhaps it will not be wise to take the girl with you."

They break a gentle smile through their stern expressions at Sticks.

"She may wait here in safety and comfort."
No. 110903 ID: e828f5

No. 110904 ID: 632862

Agree to it.
No. 110905 ID: f44349

I don't think I like where this is going.
No. 110906 ID: 8ce2bf

Insist that you will promptly leave if Sticks cannot come with you. She would be terrified if you left her behind, and you just got done saying you'd protect her. If they try to argue the point, pick Sticks up and start walking away.
No. 110907 ID: ab04d4

Well shit, we are fucked. Literally. Or we will be fucking them over. Literally.
No. 110908 ID: cf41a7

Is Sticks okay with this?
No. 110910 ID: 632862

Oh, we did say we would protect Sticks right? Hmm.
No. 110911 ID: f44349

Ask them what it is exactly you will be doing before you go ANYWHERE.
No. 110913 ID: 51d0f5

Ask "May I inquire as to the nature of this test?"

A "Why is it important that I come alone?" may also be prudent.
No. 110915 ID: 445c48


By the way, the one with the eyepatch in the back is clearly a badass.
No. 110917 ID: c16184
File 126352989872.png - (182.38KB , 700x700 , c16-16.png )

"May I inquire to the nature of this test? Why is it important that I come alone?"

Their expressions turn ice-cold.

"It is exactly because of this that we have these 'tests' as you like to call it. To weed out your type."
"If you dont even have the dedication to try to prove how dedicated you are.."
"..then stop wasting our time and go home, boy."

Sticks let's go of my hand. I look down to her.
She nods.

"Do what you have to do. I don't want to ruin things just because I'm a little scared."
No. 110919 ID: 9891a9

Sticks seems alright, give her a friendly nod then follow them.
No. 110920 ID: 67c611

So it's a trial to test my confidence in overcoming the unknown. I accept.
No. 110921 ID: e828f5

My sincere reaction is that you should LEAVE. You know nothing about these people or what they're fighting for or what they're going to do to 'test' you, and they've done nothing to assuage your fears. Sure that one guard was friendly enough, but he's only a cog in the machine.

If you go with them you'll be separated from your only party member, potentially allowing them to use her as leverage against you.

Politely request your leave and discover more about this conflict, by the other side if possible. Serving these folk without knowing anything more might cause irreparable harm to many.
No. 110922 ID: 445c48

I'm not liking where this is going. Surely, they cannot expect you to commit to something you do not know? Perhaps it would be something that marks you for life, or maybe you have to kill a baby, or fuck a thousand of their women. Such blind dedication, I do not feel it becoming of a knight. Information still must be acquired. And yet, I've no idea how to phrase it.
This, of course, could be a test. This, right here, or the actual task. It could be "oh fuck this baby or we kill you" and if you refuse you pass, or hell they could be arghleblargle a better thinkin' voice say something.
No. 110923 ID: b14128

Guys, keep this in mind, too: If we back out now, we might damage relations with -this- faction. I don't think there's anything else for it but to accept, as much as I wish otherwise.
No. 110925 ID: 26f976

Or had an amusing accident in a cutlery store. You have to think outside the box.
No. 110926 ID: 8ce2bf

Take Sticks and leave. If keeping you in the dark is more important to them than resolving this conflict they are not the kind of allies you want. Make sure that you tell Sticks that this is not her fault, and if anything she helped you see that this is not the right course.
No. 110927 ID: 51d0f5

Say "I will agree to follow you alone, but will not give my word to accept a challenge without knowing what it is. If I cannot do it, I will leave in peace."
No. 110928 ID: 445c48

Isn't there a civil war going on? Perhaps these could be rebels posing as the queen's advisors.

Or hell, maybe if we fuck it up with THIS faction, we can talk to the other faction of bug people?
No. 110929 ID: 3416ec

I say its worth the effort to see where this is going, but tread lightly Ridder.
No. 110931 ID: d6a592

They've been polite so far and it looks like the test is faith-based so..... have some faith and take the test.
No. 110936 ID: c16184
File 126353094933.png - (104.02KB , 700x700 , c16-17.png )

"I will agree to follow you alone, but will not give my word to accept a challenge without knowing what it is. If I cannot do it, I will leave in peace."

"Then get the hell out."
One of them snaps.
"You come to our land wanting to talk to us-"
"-and now you're acting like your some hot piece of shit."
"You're just some mercenary scum who doesn't want any ties."
"Get lost."
"The Red Mesas ill needs a saviour such as you."
No. 110937 ID: e0499d

You have equal cause to Sticks as to their cause... Whatever that may be...
A short explaination of how sticks has "almost been murdered multiple times" should be attempted
No. 110939 ID: 51d0f5

Make a small, respectful bow, then leave.

If they're serious about this, maybe they'll stop you before you go.
No. 110940 ID: e828f5

The path taken was a bit too much straddling the fence for my liking. After all, they could've promised not to make you commit, but once alone taken Sticks hostage against your good behavior. In fact, if they were smarter they WOULD have done that. Being honorable and good is a great thing, but one must never assume that another is as honorable as oneself, especially not without any evidence. Remove thyself from their presence. Poop on the doorstep on the way out.
No. 110942 ID: c593ec

Look, as long as Sticks is okay, I think you should be up for a trial by fire.
After all, your concern is for her first, right? If you have their word she'll be safe then there's no reason to keep worrying about yourself. And every refusal sours your reputation with this faction. Bite the bullet and go for it. If it's TRULY heinous, e.g. babykilling, you can find a way to escape. You've done it before.
No. 110945 ID: f44349

>You're just some mercenary scum
I don't know if you are taking offense to this but you should be!
You are a KNIGHT!
You do not make promises you cannot keep.
If they cannot accept this then so be it, but I will not have them sullying our name!
No. 110946 ID: 3416ec

"Then nothings remains to be discussed. Farewell."
No. 110947 ID: b14128

Damnit, guys, I told ya so.
No. 110948 ID: c593ec

Elaborating on the earlier thought:
You can care for yourself but a hostage situation is out of the question.
Agree on the condition you will have some definitive means of knowing Sticks will be safe. A blood oath or a promise on someone's life or what have you. Anything to prove they won't harm her.
No. 110952 ID: 3416ec

Also, be sure to recover Sticks.
No. 110953 ID: 9891a9


Why are we being so paranoid about this? This is simply a tradition of theirs and we are insulting them by refusing it, losing our chance at making them allies in the process. Sticks and Ridder are both more than capable of taking care of themselves if the bugs' intentions are malicious, and they've been fairly hospitable to us so far.

Ridder, man up and just go with them already! You're about to lose your chance here!
No. 110956 ID: 632862

Ehhh... Explain that you can't decide who to side with without knowing what the situation is.
No. 110958 ID: f21281

Stare them dead in the eye. Feign unwavering rage.

"Are you dense?"

Begin to remove upper clothing.

"Are you retarded or something? Who the hell do you think I am?!"

Rip off your shirt in a manly matter, revealing glorious toned pecs and abs. Don your rape face.

No. 110960 ID: 45be60

It is worth noting, they were hospitable right up until these three showed up.
No. 110961 ID: c0f3bf

Tell them that you want to accept their terms, but you don't want to have to bear responsibility for someone else.
No. 110962 ID: 426169

Bow your head and say: "Forgive me, I am being rude to you. It was not intention to imply that I do not trust you; it is simply unusual among my people to ask for someone to agree to a challenge before explaining what the challenge is. I offer a profound apology. If you choose to accept my apology, I will gladly take your test."
No. 110964 ID: 445c48

Be polite. Claim it is a part of your race's customs to get all the information before you begin a task. If they're still offended, something's fishy.
No. 110965 ID: 3416ec

Oh lordy, I don't know what to think anymore. @_@
No. 110967 ID: c593ec

Just throwin' it out there but if they wanted us dead we're sort of already in the midst of a palace full of soldiers, so it's not like we can get much more fucked than we already are.

Of course even that's ignoring the fact they have no reason whatsoever to want us dead.
No. 110969 ID: 3416ec

Okay, fuck it.

Apologize, and agree to their terms.
No. 110970 ID: cf41a7

I my experience Insect people (of the Hymenoptera persasion) tend to be highly tradition bound in order to preserve their necessary hierarchy.
No. 110971 ID: 8ce2bf

Strip down and leave your clothes with Sticks.
No. 110980 ID: c593ec

Strip down and leave your penis with Sticks.
No. 110981 ID: 445c48

Actually, either do this, or repeat the spiel about how you're not a merc,searching for allies, defeat a great evil blah blah blah.
No. 110984 ID: f44349

Okay fine lemme rephrase my suggesiton too. :V
"How DARE you!
I am a KNIGHT.
I simply do not make promises I cannot keep.
...However I apologize for offending you. It was not my intention to be selfish. Merely cautious.
If you can assure me my companion will be safe I will go with you."
No. 110986 ID: 632862

Aaaagh. Why are we being rude to the people we were told to be polite to?

It's like you guys are TRYING to sabotage this.
No. 110988 ID: 445c48

Wanting to know what we're being forced to do is not at all rude, especially how we phrased it. I feel that such quick offence is fishy. I also question their claimed positions as advisors. What advisor goes around in full armor, and demands you perform a mystery task before a meeting with the leader? It smells.
No. 110991 ID: c16184
File 126353323041.png - (121.51KB , 700x700 , c16-18.png )

What have I done? To infuriate them to this level I must have been incredibly disrespectful.
I am deeply ashamed about riling up my host like this.
Of course they would not lead me to their royalty without proof that I would not assassinate her. I understand now why they are afraid of mercenaries - bound by nothing and honorless.

I drop to my knees and face the floor.

"I deeply apologize for my behaviour. I meant no disrespect. Please forgive me and let me prove myself to you."

The bugpeople are silent for a moment. I must have surprised them.

"..What do you say, girls.. Do we give him another chance?"
"I don't know. It just feels like he's afraid. Maybe he has something to hide."
"Well.. maybe we shouldnt be so quick to judge? It could have been a matter of miscommunication. I mean look.. He's groveling.."
"I had already given him the benefit of doubt when I laid eyes on him. But alright. You?"
"Yes, alright, alright. ..You can get up. Follow us and you can prove that we just had a misunderstanding and you are trustworthy."
"Be nice to him."
No. 110992 ID: e828f5

Gah... well however I feel about the choice you've made, what's done is done and now you're committed by word and deed. Nothing to do now but continue to beg for the favor of your new masters. Ooooh I'm sounding all bitchy. :3
No. 110994 ID: 632862

All they're doing now is testing to be sure we aren't some money-grubbing mercenary willing to switch sides at any excuse.

Let's go along with it for now.
No. 110995 ID: c593ec

>"Be nice to him."
Aw, well at least one of them is sticking up for us. :3
No. 110997 ID: f44349

Good. Their only issue seems to be that they want to be sure we aren't some money-grubbing mercenary.
Go along with them on whatever innane ritual they wish to drag you through.
Earn their trust.
No. 110998 ID: 3416ec

Alright Ridder, let's see how far down this rabbit hole goes...
No. 110999 ID: 445c48

Don't trust these people. Remember what the guard said.
>Our ways are so different than the other cultures on this continent that we don't get offended quickly. Just be polite and show her that you don't mean to be rude

And yet you have shown nothing but politeness, and yet they still got pissed. In addition, they're armored up. What advisor wears armor all the time?

You're pretty screwed since you decided to portray yourself as a groveling weakling. Not dedicated to your position, one could say.
No. 111002 ID: 445c48

Also, they hesitated when you asked if they were advisors. In addition, the guard said one of the advisors would come to see you, not three. I'm suspicious. And yet, we cannot act on these suspicious without looking even more like a flip-flopping idiot.
No. 111003 ID: 632862

We were rude by not following along with their request, when we were the one who came to them to talk. We are the one taking initiative and must therefore earn the trust of those we approach, not the other way around.

We didn't even have a good reason to be suspicious, aside from plain old paranoia at them doing and asking strange things.
No. 111004 ID: 3416ec

If only we had some form of giant boot... or flyswatter...
No. 111007 ID: 59c190

Way to be completely duped, Ridder.
No. 111012 ID: 2eac65

They haven't even told us what the test is, and expect us to agree to it anyway. That's plenty of reason to be suspicious.
No. 111016 ID: c16184
File 126353504929.png - (81.93KB , 700x700 , c16-19.png )

Indeed. It was terrible of me to come here and assume that everyone is ready to service me.
To be polite is much more than simply the way one speaks: Despite their comforting words, I continued to reject them.
It is true what they said. If I am not to follow through, then I shouldn't have come to waste time, both theirs and mine.

I have to show these bugpeople, now even more than before, that I am a man of honor, and that even if I decide not to join their cause, they will not have to fear my knife in their back.

As I follow the three women I look over my shoulder.
Sticks shows me a thumbs up.
I suddenly feel like I can do anything.

No. 111018 ID: 3416ec

Well, there you go. You got the thumbs up.

Go for it, Ridder!
No. 111021 ID: 648286

Eh. You can still back out/fight your way out when you find out what the test is, it's not like you're going to lose any more face.
No. 111022 ID: 5aa60d

sounds like you are starting to fall for her
No. 111026 ID: c0f3bf

No. 111030 ID: f44349

It is truly an invigorating thing to have someone who believes in you, isn't it.
Go forth.
Go forth and show these people what it means to be a Knight of Piacevole!
No. 111031 ID: 34470e

>Go forth and show these people what it means to be a future king!
No. 111035 ID: f44349

One step at a time, my friend~
No. 111072 ID: c16184
File 12635387469.png - (130.36KB , 700x700 , c16-20.png )

The three bugpeople lead me through corriders and up stairs, until we finally reach a small cosy room. It has comfortable looking pillows and a sofa, with a large bed in the middle.
The women make themselves comfortable.

One speaks up.

"Since you seem like you really mean well I'll tell you the story behind this tradition. A long time ago, during the age of fire, lived the first two exoskeletons, the Matriarch and the Patriarch. The two warred endlessly over the vulcanos about who was the strongest. Yet after thousands of years the two began to forget why they were fighting. As the vulcanos died out, so did their battle. Finally, the two settled their differences and became friends. With the Patriarch and the Matriarch united, they could perform the union that would create all of civilization. They did so. But then a vulcano came to live again, and the Patriarch remembered why they fought. He grabbed a stone to strike down on the Matriarch, who swollen with eggs, was unable to defend herself. But when he loomed over her, she pointed to the life that they had both created inside of her. The Patriarch could no longer attack, for hitting her would mean hitting himself.
Obviously our genes are not compatible enough to create offspring, but after thousands of years of tradition the gesture is what remains the most important."
No. 111073 ID: c16184
File 126353875557.png - (144.37KB , 700x700 , c16-21.png )

"So please. Surrender part of yourself through the act of copulation."
No. 111074 ID: 476456

"Yeah i'm out of here."
No. 111076 ID: c16184
File 126353890143.png - (99.89KB , 700x700 , c16-21-paused.png )

No. 111077 ID: c0f3bf

Doo eet.

Sticks probably won't mind, especially if you stress how embarrassing and degrading it was.
No. 111078 ID: f44349
File 126353897277.jpg - (7.86KB , 424x325 , ಠ_ಠ.jpg )

No. 111079 ID: 6faa8c

"VERY WELL, MADAM!" and begin disrobing enthusiastically.

Dompag: become mildly jealous.
No. 111082 ID: 632862

"Uhh... maybe Sticks should be here after all."
No. 111083 ID: 34470e

It's either that or loosing potential allies.
No. 111084 ID: 632862

(I'm saying she should come and watch)
No. 111090 ID: 445c48

"Yeah, how about no." and leave these weird bug people to their civil war.
No. 111096 ID: c593ec

Welp you already agreed, any insult you were trying to make up for would just be made worse if you refused now.

Unless of course you're really determined to spit on over a thousand years (!) of tradition.
No. 111097 ID: c89b56

No. 111105 ID: 67c611

>tgchan saying no to freaky bug sex.

However strange it may be, it is their tradition. Go for it.
No. 111106 ID: 3416ec

Ridder, ask yourself what you value more:
-Your commitment to Lord Malto and the destruction of the evil force?
-your want for a special relationship with someone?

Think carefully.
No. 111114 ID: 82e991

No. 111120 ID: 8ecfd4

This is probably a good time to point out some of the values of your culture. Make sure you're very polite and most of all very clear on the fact that as lovely as she is you're already in a commited relationship and your culture takes those bonds seriously.

I don't think it will help though. If you want to meet with the matriach you're probably going to have to go through with this.
No. 111127 ID: 82e991

> This is probably a good time to point out some of the values of your culture.
No, don't tell them how superior you think you are to them. They'll consider you full of yourself, and they don't like that.
No. 111130 ID: 632862

I think it might be enough to just say that he and Sticks are in a relationship and that it might be best if she was involved.
No. 111131 ID: 5dfe13

Um... where do you... where do you jam it in? Your carapace isn't gonna, like, slice it off or anything, is it?
No. 111144 ID: 426169

You keep jizzing that turkey, Reaver. Rock on.
No. 111145 ID: 8ecfd4

Well he could always lie and say that part was tragically lost in battle. Or just think very unsexy thoughts and keep flaccid.
No. 111148 ID: 3416ec


Think about baseball! And cold showers!

No. 111153 ID: d6a592

No. 111154 ID: 53815c

Of all things.... and why with Sticks here?? >.<

Time to swallow your pride, go 'very well' and start disrobing. And hope no one is very loud. And.... how are we gonna explain that to Sticks later?

She should've been here. She'd see the kind of bleep you have to deal with.

Hmn, if you MUST, you could ask her first if she's ok with that,
No. 111156 ID: 75b578

Get on with it. At least they aren't man-bugs.
No. 111157 ID: 5aa60d

No. 111187 ID: 1afd58

You know Ridder, this might sound contrary to how a lot of the voices are thinking, but doing this is a a bad idea.

If you do this, Sticks will find out. She won't care that it's a tradition; she's a woman. She'll be furious. She'll definitely leave you and almost certainly leave your cause. Screwing bugs will get out and cost you other allies as well.

It's better to keep the alliances you have and just drop the hope of picking up the bugs.

Think of Sticks. Think of Iegsip. Think of all the allies you have. They will leave you if you do this.
No. 111193 ID: 9d07d9

I think Sticks is pretty open-minded about this sort of thing.
No. 111203 ID: 1afd58

"Imagine, if you will, the Patriarch standing over the Matriarch, looking at her body swollen with eggs. Imagine if, instead of tending to her, he chose to mate with other creatures, with whom he could not bear young. Imagine that he left her and her eggs to slow starvation.

I am already committed to a woman. I already am a Patriarch to another Matriarch. I cannot leave her. I cannot copulate with other creatures.

I hope you understand."
No. 111204 ID: cf41a7

NO!... We wouldn't do this for Iesgip, someone who actually cares for us. We won't do this for them, it doesn't matter is Sticks "would be okay with this"... this isn't who you are and what you do Ridder.
No. 111207 ID: 4c3939

time to leave
No. 111209 ID: 917cac

Do it.
It would be really offensive to go through all that to convince them to let you take the challenge, then to refuse to do it the last minute.
So as weird as it is, you gained their trust enough for them to let you take the test. So now it's time to take responsibility, show them you are dedicated and trustworthy.
No. 111214 ID: 8ce2bf

If you go through with this you'll have to tell Sticks about it so she doesn't hear it from anyone else. Stress that you had to do it to speak with the Matriach and that it's part of their culture, and that you'll do ANYTHING to make up for it.
No. 111220 ID: 0d1fe9

What they are really testing you on is whether you would stay true to your values and beliefs to see if you are a sort to abandon those if even a slight problem come's up where these values would put you at a disadvantage. Say no to pass the test.
No. 111221 ID: 51d0f5

Fight your way out.
No. 111222 ID: e0499d


Anyway, they're kind of right in doing this. You got attached to sticks through sex... And now they want you to fornicate for similar reasons. Sex has many effects, and so in copulating, a bond is made.
Your morals for their trust (you are willing to drop a moral or two to save another)
Just imagine sticks, and you'll pull through.
No. 111223 ID: c16184
File 126356977471.png - (122.36KB , 700x700 , c16-22.png )

Indeed, I have to go through with this.
If only I had not shown such distrust earlier, then I would be able to call for negotiations. But as it stands I have shown far too much hesitation already. They are doing me a favor even letting me up here, and to reject them now will be to reject any chance for a friendly relationship with this country.
I must face the consequences of my behaviour.

Somewhere in this building Sticks is facing her fears alone as she trusts me to lead this mission to a succesful end. Somewhere on this continent the prince is speaking to his followers as he thinks of me and his faith in my potential.
As a knight I visit strange places and meet strange people, and occasional.. I have to make a sacrifice.

But I thank Sticks for relieving me of my innocence prior to this situation.

No. 111225 ID: 426169

You know your duty, Ridder.
Think of queen and country.
No. 111226 ID: 5aa60d

No. 111227 ID: 2dd482

inb4 sticks comes barging in
No. 111228 ID: e0499d

Let gals know this is only to prove yourself, and that you're doing this for them. Ask one of them to let sticks know. Normally, telling is bad... But sticks is sticks...
No. 111230 ID: 3d6b22

Hold on for a moment, Ridder. What would your mother think about spilling your baby goo into every passing woman's cooch?
No. 111231 ID: 51d0f5

Stop being so gullible. They're yanking your chain. Just leave.
No. 111232 ID: 917cac

Don't let the doubtful voices cause you to hesitate. You know what you must do.
No. 111234 ID: 0d1fe9

Don't abandon your values so easily Ridder, if you continue to sacrifice all the good that is in you on your quest to defeat your enemy, you will end up becoming just like them and nothing will have changed.
No. 111235 ID: 917cac

What is this about values?
We're trying to stop a great evil. We fight for justice. These are things that won't change.
It doesn't affect our mission if his personal view on love, or what he will be willing to do in relation to sex changes.
No. 111237 ID: 917cac

He needs to be able to grow. Learning to be selfless. To do what needs to be done to stop evil and to continue on his path of knighthood.
No. 111238 ID: e2020c

If it's an evil country, then it knows no love, beautiful, just, God. Its sole purpose is to survive in competition with others and boast in corruption. If we follow love, beauty, justice and God then we will naturally only oppose those who don't include any of these attributes.
No. 111250 ID: e828f5

Wouldn't it be deliciously ironic if the test was really about whether you were willing to throw away all your personal values for the sake of appearances? To see whether someone has the inner mettle to stand firm to what he or she believes to be right rather than to capitulate to the ideals of others simply because he or she finds himself/herself in their realm?

Not that I'm saying that's the case. Nor am I really about to say what you should or should not do. Ridder chose this path when he decided to beg for forgiveness and acceptance from those he ultimately knew nothing about. He's now committed to what he started then.
No. 111262 ID: c16184
File 126358068138.png - (116.33KB , 700x700 , c16-23.png )

That is right.. I had not thought about it that. In my mind was only the act itself. Perhaps because of the legend that went before the tradition, or perhaps because of the corrupted side of my own mind.
Of course this rite of passage is not about genes: The woman even said so. It is the gesture that counts.
This personal challenge is not about submitting to their kingdom, but showing that I know how to love. If I can prove that I am capable of showing affection to these people, who are so vastly different than me and with no doubt troubled by ages of xenophobia, then they will accept me amongst them.

Done undressing I walk up to the eyepatched bug.

"Is there any specific way we must do this?"
"No, no. I can understand that you must feel uncomfortable enough, so just go ahead and do what you're used to."

I gently but firmly grab on to her shoulders. She jumps at the touch, startled, but lets me pull her closer.

"What is your name?"
"N'kirl.. I am Ridder. I am going to make love to you."
"..P.. P-please do.."
No. 111263 ID: c16184
File 126358070517.png - (107.70KB , 700x700 , c16-24.png )

No. 111266 ID: 2dd482

sup guys. getting interesting feed back through the ring, Grek?
No. 111269 ID: af6cf8

No. 111272 ID: c05c83

No. 111273 ID: 655d51

We should get Black Fang some heavy duty armor, make a walking tank. OR BETTER YET, STEAM POWER ARMOR! Get Grek to work on this right now.
No. 111277 ID: d6a592

Are you there yet!
No. 111279 ID: bb0bf4

>I am Ridder. I am going to make love to you.

Best foreplay ever.
No. 111280 ID: 2819cf


Resolve sexual tension.
No. 111281 ID: e0499d

so Grek...
What's happening?
No. 111282 ID: d1210a

So Grek, how are you?

Seems you and Petal have been doing real well in terms of your projects, good shit to hear.

I am curious, though, could you ask Black Fang himself what kind of armor he would like? Just because he can endure pain doesn't mean he needs to, not when he's so damn strong he could probably swing an anvil around.
No. 111287 ID: 2dd482

actually before you say anything give the ring to black fang so we don't have to hear your undoubtedly acidic and banshee like voice and accent.
No. 111290 ID: e9b708

Stop being mean.
We want to hear whats up with you Grek, how's the mission going?
No. 111292 ID: 6834bc

Grek, allow me to apologize on behalf of the rest of the voices for how things went last time. We didn't mean to question your expertise, and some of us are crazy fuckers who don't know what they're talking about.

How are things going?
No. 111293 ID: c16184
File 126358954881.png - (66.27KB , 700x700 , c16-25.png )

..Heh? Eh yeh.. Eh f'rget all 'bet that feck.
Me 'n Pet'l been so feckin' busy, jes' sproutin' new ides like s'bebbies. Weth th'stuff we jes' got we can make er feck'n mest'rpess.

So yeh, w'jes' get beck frem S'pia Ten. Cart's loaded lek a gepsy pipe.
Bed sede s'thet the big lemp can't sit 'n th'beck an'mer' so 'e's sqermin' like a big feck'n baby ces th'benches're teh small.
Enneyen' th'feck ette meh.

No. 111294 ID: 51d0f5

<english language parsing error>
No. 111295 ID: 6834bc

Try not to think about his large, sweaty, muscles moving seductively as he tries to fit his ass on the tiny cart bench, Grek.

Sounds like you and Petal are getting along quite well. I'm glad you found a kindred soul.

Can you drop any hints at us about this masterpiece of yours, or do you two want to keep it a secret?
No. 111296 ID: cf41a7

sooo.... What kind of 'masterpiece' do you have planned?
No. 111297 ID: 1831fc


Ah, let him be. He's just itchin' to get back and probably get something to eat.
No. 111299 ID: 3416ec

...I couldn't make out half of what Grek said. Could I get a translation please?
No. 111303 ID: c16184
File 126359369612.png - (84.75KB , 700x700 , c16-26.png )

Yeh, yeh. S'm'tems th're's thes tension 'tween es, bet then oth'r tems neh sight e' et.
Eh'll jes' 'eve teh bare wi' et.

Canne tell ye 'bet ar mesterpess. Bet ye goons'll come in weth yer med ep shet 'gain.

Ah, f'rest's in seght. Neh long now.

No. 111304 ID: 6834bc

So Grek, do you like Black Fang?
Has the initial misunderstanding about books and pole-handling passed?
No. 111305 ID: f44349

Who's that off in the distance?
No. 111306 ID: 3416ec

Keep an eye on those two silhouettes in the distance. They look...

...vaguely familiar.
No. 111315 ID: 8b7db1

I see... a black dot, in the distance, off to your left. And two silhouettes off to the right. Not sure what either of them are, but be warned about them.
No. 111320 ID: f21281


You'd better invite us to the test phase of your invention.

I wanna watch things go boom :<
No. 111327 ID: 632862

There's a couple of people off to the right. Whosat?
No. 111339 ID: c16184
File 126360119789.png - (82.74KB , 700x700 , c16-27.png )


Th'feck shed I care 'bet sem goon 'n th'hor'zen.
Bleck Feng'll take care o' s'cer'ty.

No. 111340 ID: c16184
File 126360122024.png - (90.63KB , 700x700 , c16-28.png )

"My lady."
No. 111341 ID: c16184
File 126360125940.png - (141.20KB , 700x700 , c16-29.png )

I get dressed with no further words. The three women remain silent as well.
No. 111345 ID: 8ce2bf

Ask if you can now see their Matriarch.
No. 111347 ID: c8c164

Let the ice melt a bit, wait till they say something, THEN you ask to talk to the matriarch.

Remember to make an aside to Sticks about what happened >.>;
No. 111349 ID: 5aa60d

seems like she enjoyed it.
you`ve been practicing :3
No. 111350 ID: 34470e

Remember that person you saw while you were going to the Fangs' cave with Iesgip? That person was sighted near Grek and Black Fang.
No. 111352 ID: e9b708

You can't expect Ridder to know who you mean just from that.
It was the guy in full armer the signaled that he had his eyes on you.
No. 111353 ID: 1afd58


No. 111355 ID: f44349

...They seem impressed.
Hem. Anyways.
Yeah. That fellow that apparently has his eyes on you was following Grek and Black Fang.
I'm not really sure what to make of him.
But anyhow yeah, you should probably tell Sticks at some point.
Knowing you this will bother you a LOT more than it will her and hearing from her that it's okay would probably make you feel better.
...But save that for later.
We have soem royalty to address for now.
No. 111368 ID: cf41a7

uhm... awkward, I actually expected Sticks to cheat on you first, seems you made me reconsider some of my assessments. You had better like hell hope these are indeed 'the good guys' in the local unrest.
No. 111374 ID: 632862

Hey, if she does... helloooo Iesgip!
No. 111382 ID: c16184
File 126360569868.png - (135.40KB , 700x700 , c16-30.png )

The feeling of disgrace that should come with betraying Sticks has not yet arrived, which in itself makes me feel ashamed. Perhaps it is because the relationship I have with Sticks is not entirely of my own will, or that her thumbs up gesture makes me feel like I had permission.
But I say with no doubt that I did not enjoy the act I just performed. Even so, I tried my best to make it a success.

I shall inform Sticks as soon as I see her, and I will suffer when the pain arrives.

"Am I allowed to see your Matriarch now?"
"..Oh. Oh yes."

The two women who are still dressed jump up. The other remains on the bed.

"I.. I, uhm, I'm staying here... f-for now.."
"..Alright then."
"This way, Ridder."

I bow to the one we leave behind and follow the other two. They lead me down more corridors and stairs. The stone becomes smoother and lighter. Occasionally I can see a window to the outside at the end of a hall.

We finally pass through a great and lavishly decorated hallway, where we enter through a door on the side. It leads into a small, somewhat dark and clammy room.
It is filled with women in luxureous clothing, leaning over a map spread across a table.

One of my guides follows me in.

"Your majesty: Presenting Ridder, foreign power."

One of the women waves her off.

"Oh yes, thank you, come in. We have to reinforce our troops here."
"No, you fool! We must regain this tunnel first!"
"If we don't reclaim it, reinforcements won't make a difference!"
"Your majesty, this tunnel poses a severe threat."
"We must send in the 7th regiment."
"Impossible! Commander K'rtali is out of action."
"Did she get injured?"
"No, she is giving birth."
"Then send in one of the juniors!"
"We can't possibly let a rookie lead the troops to such a dangerous conflict!"
"What about the 6th regiment?"
"They are occupied with this tunnel."
"3rd and 4th?"
"They can come along."
"That should make up for K'rtali's abscence."
"No! We still need a proper commander!"
"Your majesty, what should we do?"
"I suggest getting commander Z'terrk."
"Impossible! He is leading the 2nd regiment already!"

The group continues to yell through eachother with no pause, paying little mind to me and my escorts, who slink out the door behind me.

The map appears to be a mess too. Busy hands move pieces around until there is an entirely new image every minute.

No. 111388 ID: 476456

well this is right up your alley. Ask for current positions.
No. 111391 ID: 8ce2bf

Volunteer your services as a commander, if you feel confident enough in your skills to lead a regiment that you know little about. You may want to see if you can glean more information from them beforehand if you don't think you're totes rad enough to lead any group to victory.
No. 111393 ID: c593ec

Maybe before you rudely shove yourself into their military planning you should ignore the advisors and actually say hi to THE QUEEN, who I believe is who you came to see in the first place?
No. 111395 ID: 632862

On the other hand we also don't know what they're fighting about, and if we start commanding their troops there's no backing out if it turns out we're supporting the wrong side.

Perhaps we can talk to someone not actively participating. The advisor that brought us in?
No. 111399 ID: 8ecfd4

The timing here almost seems to good. They're probably not going to trust you right away so offer up your services as commander for a smaller contingent first and if you're willing offer Sticks as hostage to make sure that you do your best.
No. 111414 ID: c16184
File 126360763220.png - (93.52KB , 700x700 , c16-31.png )

That's right. To offer my services will seem disrespectful and oppertunistic. I should let them know that I would like to help, and await their proposal.
But first, I will have to introduce myself properly to the Matriarch.

At the end of the table sits a quiet unassuming bugperson is clothes more lavish than the others. On her head rests a modest tiara.
I wait until she sees me, at which point I bow deeply.
I speak just loud enough so she can hear me over her advisors.

"Your majesty, I humbly express my gratitude for recieving me. My name is Ridder, and I am a mere knight-errand. It is an honor."

The Matriarch tilts her head slightly at my introduction, but offers a warm smile.

"It's alright, sir Ridder. You do not have to be so formal."

She continues to smile and look at me, yet her eyes feel somehow distant.

"It has been a long time since we had any visitors.. What brings you here?"
No. 111416 ID: 1afd58

I heard people got free bugsex for just saying they wanted to meet you.

I really don't want much else. Pretty fun though.
No. 111418 ID: 632862

Tell her you're seeking allies in a fight against evil and hope that you can help resolve the conflict here in a peaceful manner... or if not possible, aid the side whose cause you can fully support.
No. 111419 ID: 67c611

"I am looking for allies in my quest to rid the land of a great evil. I am offering my services in exchange for aid to my cause."
No. 111426 ID: 3416ec

I imagine the Queen has a Julia Childs voice.
No. 111429 ID: cf41a7

Sounds about right... perhaps we should ask about what has caused this local unrest as well.
No. 111430 ID: c16184
File 126360844077.png - (65.77KB , 700x700 , c16-31-paused.png )

No. 111438 ID: 3416ec

That's the strangest Pause screen ever.
No. 111445 ID: c8c164

Its censorship. Her eyes are her sexual organs
No. 111447 ID: 277821

oh hell, she's a bad guy
No. 111455 ID: 8308e1

I wouldn't worry too much about sticks, I'm sure that when we go to the other bug faction, they'll all be male, and well, they'll probably have a similar tradition.
No. 111501 ID: 476456
File 126361643242.jpg - (17.40KB , 399x276 , gendo4.jpg )

No. 111512 ID: cf41a7

no.. that would be the Mudyquest 'pong' pause screen.
No. 111524 ID: 426169

I would suggest you take a look at some of the pause screens in Mu's Journey.

Also, she seems pretty chill and laid back. Probably because she knows what Ridder just had to do to get there.
No. 111914 ID: c16184
File 126368544234.png - (102.67KB , 700x700 , c16-32.png )

"I have come seeking allies in a fight against a great evil rising in the southwest. To forge a friendship I will offer my services. Perhaps I can assist in the making of a peaceful solution to the conflict that plagues this land?"

The Matriarch perks up at hearing this. She cluthes her hands together tightly.

"A peaceful solution would be--"
"Absolutely impossible."

Her advisors chime in, raising out of their seats.

"Don't bother Matriach K'miele with that nonsense."
"She knows full well that if the Patriarch wished for forgiveness then he would not be attacking us!"

She slowly backs down into her seat, her eyes growing distant again.

"We have to neutralize his forces before negotiations can begin!"
"As if we'd get anywhere with talking to that brute!"
"That's already been proven over and over. Can we focus on the tunnel now?"
No. 111915 ID: f21281

Pardon my rudeness, but does the Queen not outrank you? Why do you show her such disrespect by interrupting her, and dismissing -her- thoughts and ideas?

You are her advisors. You advise, you do not take control.
No. 111916 ID: 9e9b47


It might be best to get to the Patriarch and tell him the Matriarch wishes for a peace talk. Then lock them both in a closet together until they make up.
No. 111917 ID: f44349

These "advisors" need to shut their noisy yaps.
They are just making noise at this point.
The Matriarch seems to be the only one you could have an actual discussion with.
We need to get her away from them somehow...
I can't think of any way that wouldn't make you look rather suspicious though...
No. 111918 ID: 119b5c

Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Slow down there. We don't know the political landscape yet. It would be best to approach the queen in private on this matter, rather then insult the advisers, who seem to be in power at the moment. Remember, WE are the guest here.
No. 111922 ID: e828f5

And so we find ourselves in a problem of being consistent.

What Ridder has done thus far in this society has been to attempt (somewhat weakly) to make a place for his values within the society. As that failed, he begged to be forgiven and for the opportunity to capitulate to the society's values. He then participated in the society's ways in order to gain this audience.

My point is this. For him to in any way attempt to counteract how the 'advisors' or whatever are talking for their matriarch would be hypocritical, as he has already established his willingness to allow their ways to subsume his, thus he no longer has the right to attempt to interrupt or otherwise influence the status quo to his own interests.
No. 111940 ID: 3416ec

"My Queen, if I may be so bold, perhaps I could aid you with your battle plan. I have some experience with squad tactics and stratagem."
No. 111943 ID: cf41a7

What was the cause of this conflict?
No. 111944 ID: f44349

Try something like this...
"If you don't mind my asking, what was it that caused such a fierce conflict."
No. 111948 ID: c16184
File 126369088525.png - (143.07KB , 700x700 , c16-33.png )

Indeed. I do not have the authority nor knowledge to call the advisors to silence. I should not attempt to force my culture on these people who I know almost nothing about.
If the Matriarch does have absolute power then she will speak up herself when she so desires. To speak for her would make me no different than the advisors.

I shall finally ask for the information I desire.

"If I may ask: What is the cause of the conflict?"
"That brute the Patriarch."
"That savage!"
"He betrayed our beloved Matriarch, his own wife, to seize power."
"His advisors split off and rallied up half the country to aid them!"
"And riled them up, he did! They are fierce like wolfbeasts."
"That scum!"
"Ladies! The tunnel! Can we agree on a strategy yet?"
"Time is of the essence."
No. 111950 ID: 6faa8c

Ask to see the map.

This may be a good chance to practice leading an army.
No. 111952 ID: 40660b

Do not ever argue about the point of this war. Give them advice.
No. 111955 ID: c593ec

Is the Matriarch ill?
No. 111957 ID: 632862

This situation seems very familiar. It's like the legend we were told before.

It also reminds me of the two old men at the farm. I think perhaps the strategy we used there would not be appropriate here though! Instead, proving that both sides can trust us would work better, instead of neither.
No. 111958 ID: f44349

So it is a squabble between the groups of advisors.
Ugh. I detest politics.
Oh well...
Perhaps we might offer to act as a go-between for them for negotiations... no they do not WANT negotiations. Hm.
Perhaps we could offer to sneak in to the opposing camp, but instead of espionage, we deliver a message that the Matriarch wishes to negotiate peace, and then when we return, offer HER the same message.
Would that be too dishonest?
No. 111959 ID: 40660b

Oh, how cliché this sounds.
No. 111969 ID: 3416ec

Volunteer to go on a sneaking mission behind enemy lines to find the root cause for the conflict.

*cues up Encounter*
No. 111997 ID: 6faa8c




No. 112019 ID: f21281

"Tunnel? What tunnel?"
No. 112025 ID: 3416ec

>look Map
No. 112028 ID: 8ecfd4

Sounds like a decent plan. So long as sticks doesn't have to agree to bug dickings to get us an appointment with the Patriarch.
No. 112033 ID: 632862

Maaaaybe we should just offer to lend aid to their defensive plans, and after the situation is stabilized we can bring up the diplomatic mission.
No. 112965 ID: c16184
File 126374326829.png - (118.43KB , 700x700 , c16-34.png )

I don't believe tricking the Matriarch and Patriarch into thinking their counterpart wants to negotiate peace is appropriate. If it is true that the advisors are the ones instigating it then it won't be effective either.

To help them stabilize the situation before attempting any sort of negotiation seems like the best plan.
It definately sounds like this tunnel currently occupied by the Patriarch's forces is causing them a lot of concern.

"If you will allow me to do so, I volunteer my service as a commander to aid you in reclaimng the tunnel. I have been trained to lead armies since I was young."

For the first time the advisors fall into silence for a brief moment.

"He can lead the 7th regiment."
"Don't be crazy! How can we trust him?"
"If he was our enemy he wouldn't just be standing there! Look at all those weapons!"
"Agreed! I also have faith in our men and women."
"They won't turn on us at the drop of a hat!"
"What if he makes a terrible commander?"
"His presence should atleast be intimidating to the Patriarchists."
"Get him a demonic looking suit of armor!"
"Well! All in favor of naming the foreign power commander of the 7th regiment?"
"And I say aye as well."
"The votes have been cast! Your majesty! Your permission!"
"Give us your permission, beloved Matriarch!"

The cries of encouragement slowly die out as the Matriarch casts her empty eyes on me.

No. 112967 ID: c16184
File 126374352974.png - (147.65KB , 700x700 , c16-35.png )

"Matriach K'miele has spoken!"
"An exception can be made!"
"Ridder the Foreign Power, in the name of the Matriarch of the holy empire of the Red Mesas, we make the exception in our scriptures to Knight you in the Order of Versatus!"
"Lead our troops into glorious victory and we shall grant you permission to lead them into your personal battles!"
"Go forth!"
"End the Patriarch's savage chokehold on the Red Mesas!"
"The Matriarch depends on you!"
No. 112968 ID: 8ecfd4

If they insist on giving you a suit of armor make sure it's not a demonic one. Such a suit doesn't really fit your style. But check out what they have, they might have something better than your own converted armor.
No. 112969 ID: 6c3589

I don't know how, but you must manage to talk to the Matriarch without the advisors around.
No. 112971 ID: a8c432

Uh, well. This works.

Thank them for their trust and then find out where this tunnel is.
No. 112972 ID: e9b708

They said Demonic looking. They just want you to be scary. I see no problem with this.
No. 112973 ID: 8ecfd4

One can be intimidating without having to look like a demon. But the most important aspect would be if the armor they will potentially offer you confers more protection than the one you're currently wearing.
No. 112976 ID: 632862

I think the most important thing would be getting a suit of armor that looks very different from what you have on, and obscures your features. If our foes report back on a new opponent in the field, and someone matching that description comes seeking an audience, they're going to need a lot more convincing.
No. 113030 ID: c16184
File 126375493815.png - (106.63KB , 700x700 , c16-36.png )

"That takes care of the tunnel."
"Don't be so sure!"
"Ladies, we have other points to discuss."
"Thank you for giving me this chance."
"Are you still here?"
"He's a foreigner. He doesn't know his way around."
"This bridge has a lot of potential if we manage to secure it."
"Servant! See Sir Ridder to his chamber!"
"There's enough alternative routes to go with."
"That's what I mean! If we secure this bridge, we can bottleneck the other routes."
"That doesn't make any sense!"

A gentle hand taps me on the shoulder and pulls me out of the room. As swiftly as that I am on my way again.

The bugperson walks in front of me, apparently assuming I will follow her -- which I do.
She makes a few notes in a book she's holding.

"I suggest you make yourself presentable. Dinner will be served in an hour. Your official orders will arrive tomorrow morning."
"I must see the girl I came here with."
"Ah.. I'll make sure your daughter is escorted to your room."
No. 113033 ID: badf27

"Yaw, nigga, dat be ma ho. Not ma dawtuh."
No. 113034 ID: 6faa8c

She is not young. Merely miniscule."
No. 113037 ID: 632862

"Thank you. She's not my daughter, though."
No. 113045 ID: 8f529c

Huh. I wonder how Sticks will react when we tell her about today.

Will probably laugh her ass off.
No. 113085 ID: 8ce2bf

Presentable? You only have the clothes on your back, and they clearly saw that.
Oh, they intend you to go in the nude, that must be another tradition. Show some initiative and go naked without having to ask, they'll be impressed by your quick learning.
No. 113096 ID: c16184
File 126375976359.png - (143.02KB , 700x700 , c16-37.png )

"Thank you. She's not my daughter, though."
"My mistake. I can't tell your kind apart, to be honest."

I will not go to the dinner in the nude! They must be aware that I do not have an external skeleton and that showing my body is nothing but inappropriate.
I can go in the leather without the steel plates. I will just have to spend some time removing the straps.

The lady leads me through yet more corridors and stairs, though we stay in the more refined looking ones this time. She finally drops me off in a room much like the one I visited with the three women, with lavish pillows, a large bed and a sofa, but this one also has a window.
I stare at it in disbelief until a soft breeze blows into my face.

Outside the sky is beginning to turn dark already.

"Make yourself comfortable. Your daughter will be here in a moment. A courtier will pick you up for dinner in about an hour."

She leaves with no further ceremony.
No. 113100 ID: e0499d

we should probably find a way to talk with the matriarch in a private audiance. This might be able to be achieved through a secretly passed slip of paper.
(eg: hide a slip requesting a private audiance somewhere where only she will find it.)
No. 113104 ID: 8f529c

Better, give it to Sticks and tell'er to take it to the matriarch.
No. 113108 ID: 445c48

Shout out "She's not my daughter, that's would be weird."
No. 113111 ID: 445c48

That'd, rather
No. 113129 ID: 632862

I think the Matriarch would not speak with us in private, or at least not without several bodyguards.

Maybe we can just speak with her over dinner, as the advisors are less likely to interject.
No. 113140 ID: a56bd0


Ridder... this pace is very weird.
No. 113163 ID: 632862

Hey guys. K'miele?

No. 113181 ID: badf27

Ridder: Stand on your head and sing seven songs.
No. 113182 ID: 6834bc

So... anything interesting out the window, Ridder?
No. 113187 ID: 632862

Okay, remove the plates so you go in leather.
No. 113188 ID: 6834bc

Also, make yourself more presentable. If removing the leather from the armor won't take too long, that is.
No. 113189 ID: f21281

Just go in a loincloth. That way you can show off your ROCK HARD ABS and have all the bugwomen swoon over you.
No. 113197 ID: 8ce2bf

Well she said make yourself comfortable! Get naked. And stay naked. Think about it, they have exoskeletons, why would they wear clothes when they want to be comfortable? They're obviously going to be naked at the dinner and you'll be the odd one out. If they don't think having sex with strangers is inappropriate, why would this other thing your culture thinks inappropriate still be?
No. 113200 ID: 8f529c

Well, the plate must go.

Keep the rest.
No. 113209 ID: e0499d

bodyguards won't suddenly have random objections. Even that works
example note:
Beloved Matriarch-
pardon the rudeness, but I believe your advisors are drowning your voice out. I would like to meet with you for an audiance without your advisors to hear your opinion, and your opinion alone. It is your opinion that I shall follow through with.,
No. 113231 ID: c16184
File 12637671091.png - (117.57KB , 700x700 , c16-38.png )

I would follow your note plan, precarious as it may be, but I have neither paper nor ink at hand.

I remove the steel plates and heavy leather parts from my armor, leaving only the underpadding.
Hmm, it is quite the relief. I had forgotten how easy it is to move without all the metal to hold me down.
Feeling light as a feather I spin around a few times.

No. 113234 ID: a56bd0

ahahah.. okay I'm sorry you just looked so... snerk...ahaha oh wow.
No. 113237 ID: 632862

Um Ridder... that's very much a dress.

I just don't even know anymore. Would moving the belt down even help?
No. 113238 ID: 67c611

Ask Sticks how you look.
No. 113243 ID: f21281

uhm. Ridder, how do I say this.


Loincloth only, now. We're not having you go out wearing a dress. AND DON'T SAY IT'S A ROBE, IT'S CLEARLY A DRESS.
No. 113246 ID: 8ecfd4

Ask Sticks for a way to make you look more manyl in your current dress.
No. 113247 ID: a56bd0

Anyhow... Clothing aside, I think we have more serious issues to discuss with Sticks than how we look, do we not?
No. 113249 ID: badf27

Ridder, I am quite certain you just gave Sticks something she has wanted to see for a very long time.
No. 113251 ID: 8ce2bf

Tell Sticks what you had to do and tell her you'll do ANYTHING to make up for it.
No. 113273 ID: c16184
File 126376875768.png - (93.50KB , 700x700 , c16-39.png )

I can not exactly see myself, so do not get all upset that I look like a woman in a dress now. I will try lowering the belt. Perhaps it will look more like a tunic that way.

"Sticks, how do I look?"
"..Ridder I love you~"
No. 113274 ID: 1afd58


Ridder, she's going to need some dicking now. Way to go, jerk.
No. 113275 ID: e45b52

He looks like a woman.
No. 113280 ID: badf27

I told you, Ridder. I told you that this would happen.

Sticks loves the crossdressin'.
No. 113281 ID: 8f529c

Hot sticks sex, THEN tell her the bad news.

Cant ruin her mood, you know.
No. 113282 ID: 34470e

Is it me or does Sticks look a little... different?
No. 113285 ID: a56bd0

Shit, this isn't going to be easy... but then it never is... uhm...

"Sticks... I'm afraid I have something to confess.. about what I had to do to gain a royal audience".
No. 113289 ID: 8f529c

Nooooo we ain't ruining this moment for her! >:/

Hot Sticks sex first!
No. 113293 ID: 8ce2bf

Tell her now. She needs to know.
No. 113300 ID: 9d07d9

Okay, first make her wait til after dinner (it's probably about to start anyway). She'll be driven mad during the wait. Then indulge her. Then tell her what happened. On the off-chance she has an adverse reaction, that would soften the blow.
No. 113303 ID: a56bd0

It would seem less honest to wait I think... besides it risks the chance of her learning from another source (like eyepatch bug herself!)
No. 113319 ID: 1831fc


D...Does she have a gap...

...I'd probably humor whatever she's got planned, Ridder.
No. 113329 ID: f21281

Think for a moment, Ridder. Sticks goes ga-ga over guys in girly situations. She's going absolutely nutso over you right now.

Logical conclusion: YOU LOOK LIKE A GIRLYMAN.
No. 113349 ID: 67c611

Throw your skirt over her head and ask if she enjoys the view.
No. 113353 ID: c16184
File 126377169373.png - (132.36KB , 700x700 , c16-40.png )

No, I can not make love to her now with such a dire secret on my heart. You have already convinced me to tell her the moment I see her: I will not change my mind now.

I sit down on the bed and wait until Sticks joins me.

"Sticks. I have something to confess. ..To.. .."
"To gain an audience with the Matriarch I had to copulate with one of her advisors. I had sex with another woman, Sticks."
No. 113355 ID: 8ecfd4

A bit more blunt than it had to be. Assure her that you still love her. Also tell her that you will understand if she leaves you because of this, but you hope that she will understand that you did what you did because you had to and not because you wanted to.
No. 113358 ID: c16184
File 12637718287.png - (93.23KB , 700x700 , c16-41.png )

"..Does that mean you finally don't think couples should be together forever any more~? No more of that marriage stuff?"
No. 113360 ID: f21281

Look concerned.

"You seem to be taking this far, far better than I had expected."
No. 113361 ID: a56bd0

"If I had approved of my own actions, do you think I would have apologized for them?"
No. 113364 ID: 1831fc

Well who could have predicted that.

Tell her you're not sure. And tell her you have an audience upcoming.

As in soon.

As in, quickie screw then let's go!
No. 113388 ID: badf27

Ridder, don't tap that! She's 124 years old!
No. 113394 ID: 9d07d9


A bit late for that.
No. 113408 ID: 5a9e00

It will certainly give me cause for consideration... I am not proud of what I have done, but it was necessary and I would not wish to be a hypocrite.
No. 113421 ID: 3416ec

"While my act of... copulation may suggest otherwise, Sticks, I still firmly believe in the unity of two people for life, under the banner of true love."
No. 113422 ID: 981f70

Idunno, I thought what really bothered you is the fact that... well.

I think its been established not all relationships are forever, but at least they should be closed and loyal while they last?

You chose such a free spirit to get together with. Heh.
No. 113447 ID: 476456

well if it doesnt bother her uh...whatever.
No. 113450 ID: c16184
File 126377567718.png - (130.99KB , 700x700 , c16-42.png )

"I am not sure, Sticks. If I really had let go of those believes I would not apologize to you. My heart still yearns for stability and tradition. But.. I do not wish to be a hypocrit. I must consider it a possibility."

Sticks slowly moves my hand down, until I realize I am fondling her soft rump.

"Why don't you try it out this time? Just imagine this time to be the last, a fleeting moment. You'll find the experience to be so much more.. intense."
No. 113466 ID: a56bd0

>Just imagine this time to be the last, a fleeting moment. You'll find the experience to be so much more.. intense.

ahhh Now her thoughts make more sense... so much more sense now.
No. 113467 ID: 8ce2bf

Ask her to put the mask back on first.
No. 113469 ID: 632862

Do it do it!

Also, you should mention that Iesgip is interested in you too. She should get a giggle out of that.
No. 113472 ID: f21281

Moving the belt down looks far better, Rids. Although you look more like a monk now than a knight, but whatever.

Also, if you think you can make this little liason quick as well as satisfactory for both parties...well, go with it. Yes, it is of a Knight to be chivalrous and all that jazz, but you're also human. It's time you leave the Knight to the side and embrace what your humanity has to offer you.
No. 113475 ID: 5a9e00

Despite my desire this seems... wrong... a part of me says I shouldnt be doing this... I'm so conflicted...
No. 113477 ID: 2dd482

OHHOHO, that's right, Iesgip.

Ridder, have you ever heard of variant paladins?
No. 113479 ID: a56bd0

I think Iesgip would be embarrassed if we mentioned her... Sticks seems like the kind to tease her for it.
No. 113482 ID: 5aa60d

try the back door this time
No. 113483 ID: 96d52a

dammit that better not be foreshadowing
No. 113499 ID: c16184
File 126377951955.png - (139.35KB , 700x700 , c16-43.png )

"I.. I'll try."

As Sticks presses herself against me I let my mind melt away. My hands begin to move on their own.
Eventually all I can sense is her body, her motion, and her breath.

"Atta boy."
No. 113500 ID: e3f578

Give her a good smack on the ass, she'll love it. Those hips are just begging for it.
No. 113511 ID: c16184
File 126378061874.png - (118.52KB , 700x700 , c16-44.png )

"FECK! Egh-- Egghh--!"
"Damn it-- Ughuh ugh--!"
"Weh need a feck'n b'gger pipe! Egheh--! Feck!"
"Thank you for that enlightenment, miss wizard! Ughuh--!"
"Sheddep! How d'we douse et?! Egh-- egh--!"
No. 113512 ID: 476456

I think its time for you two to invent safety goggles.
No. 113513 ID: a56bd0

And gas masks... seriously.. I'm thinking you are poisoning yourself slowly with all these fumes... I mean have you looked in a full mirror recently? (don't ask how we know...)
No. 113517 ID: 8ecfd4

Sand is usually a decent method for extingushing chemical fires. Especially ones that involved metals.
No. 113524 ID: 632862

Oh! What's going on? What is it? Two ways to douse a fire: Rob it of heat, or rob it of air!
No. 113547 ID: c16184
File 126378302620.png - (166.68KB , 700x700 , c16-45.png )

Send? How 'bet dert ces' we get a letta thet now we're neh 'llowed teh werk insede 'nymere.

We nehded a bam but thes then' jes' smeked 'lets. Getta mekkit begg'r. Getta 'eve mere BAM!

"Feck! Pet'l! Weh getta get somethen' fer ar eyes 'n threts!"
"Ahh.. Yes, we do. I shall work some glass for eye protection."
"Eh'll get en brethin' epp'ratus. Feck!"

Cem beck when weh en't kell'n arselves!
No. 113548 ID: c16184
File 126378304548.png - (126.36KB , 700x700 , c16-45-paused.png )

No. 113552 ID: 8ecfd4

Dirt works too. And if you want more bang then you need less space. If you confine the reaction to a small area then the gasses will expand when heated and eventually reach the point where the pressure is to high for the container and an explosion will occur, sending red hot shrapnel flying. It's not very useful though.

You should probably try to get some poison gas instead. Of course that would be an even more dangerous area to research but the results could be spectacular. Imagine a silent killer drifting on the wind, a few lungfuls of it and the enemy will be down on the ground. A wracking cough will be emitted as they die in incredible pain as their lungs burn with every breath and they eventually drown in their own fluids.
No. 113588 ID: 59c190

Camel kicked grek in the pagina
No. 113631 ID: 1e1932


No. 113648 ID: 3416ec


I don't suppose there's a Geneva Convention for this realm, is there?
No. 113816 ID: 7cef26


>Sticks's belly

No. 113855 ID: 3416ec


What would a half-cat, half... uh, Ridder babby look like?

No. 113986 ID: c16184
File 126383892836.png - (111.20KB , 700x700 , c16-46.png )

"Sir Ridder. You and your daughter are expected at the dinneEERRRRRRR---!?"
No. 113988 ID: 8ecfd4

Indignantly point out that she is in fact not your daughter and that you would appreciate ten more minutes but five should be fine as well.
No. 113991 ID: 5aa60d

No. 113992 ID: 3a2be8

"Did we not inform you that she was not my Daughter? Twice?"
No. 113993 ID: 9d07d9

ffff I told you she isn't my daughter
No. 113996 ID: 1831fc

Uh... Panic?
No. 114001 ID: e0499d

"BY THE LOVE OF GOD! THIS IS MY GIRLFRIEND! Sticks, say hi to the generic worker..."
"hi generic worker"
No. 114003 ID: 1831fc


>"Hi generic worker"

I think you mean undecipherable sounds of intense delight.
No. 114004 ID: e0499d

... I can agree to this...

If only we could directly transfer Ridder's current mind to Grek... like a mini copy to make her claw her eyes out.
No. 114005 ID: 05b020
File 126384340262.jpg - (87.20KB , 744x1474 , Xzibit WTF Reaver.jpg )

No. 114011 ID: 49d6d7

Don't let her bug you. Just reply calmly:

"Oh, we will come soon, won't we, my dearest servant?" Unf unf.
No. 114013 ID: e75a2f

Technically this wouldn't be unusual as an insect population is almost always inter-related.

Everyone there came from the matriarch and patriarch, so you really aren't doing anything wrong even with their perception of Ridder fucking his daughter.
No. 114015 ID: c593ec

>Everyone there came from the matriarch and patriarch
Is this actually true?
I mean ever since we met these bug people, /quest/ has been making assumption after assumption about their ways based on ant colonies or bee hives or even praying mantids. They eat each other, they have one hive queen, they're separated into genetic castes, etc.

Have any of those actually been true though? Or do we keep just making blind and stupid assumptions that have never actually been backed by anything but the fact they sort of look like bugs?
No. 114017 ID: 445c48

Use a blanket or your dress to cover you two up, and say "I did tell you, she's not my daughter."
No. 114019 ID: 3af198

This could easy be a different person.
No. 114026 ID: f21281

"I *unf* told you *pant* she's not *ohgodILOVEitwhenyousqueezelikethat* my daughter!"
No. 114034 ID: 3416ec

No. 114091 ID: c16184
File 126385644339.png - (135.99KB , 700x700 , c16-47.png )

"Sh.. She is not my daughter."

Sticks rolls over laughing. She kicks her feet into the air as she gasps for air between hysterical laughter.

"P-please give us a few more minutes."
"O-oh.. Ah, certainly. I'll be outside the room."

The man leaves rather awkwardly, looking to the ground.
Sticks' laughter slowly fades.

"Your daughter! Oh daddy~"

And just like that she returns to full out laughter again.
No. 114093 ID: 8ecfd4

Tell her that if she's you daughter then you can discipline her for showing you such disrespect. Give her some light spanking.
No. 114094 ID: c593ec

Well since I imagine the mood is ruined for Ridder now why don't we just get ourselves presentable and head to dinner?
No. 114095 ID: 3416ec

No. 114098 ID: 574212


G-guh!? Ridder, your...

... no wonder the ladies like him.
No. 114102 ID: 62de56

tell sticks she needs to go on a diet!
No. 114106 ID: 15f6d6

Yeah, you probably need to point out that she's gettin' kinda chunky. That'll put an end to that laughter pretty much immediately.
No. 114108 ID: 3a2be8

but, hips are nice...
No. 114111 ID: 632862

She can't be very sneaky if she gets too fat. Then she'd be useless!
No. 114114 ID: 8ecfd4

Now that is just simply impolite. No proper knight would treat a lady in such a churlish manner.

But Ridder it's ok to smile at the situation. You don't have to frown all the time.
No. 114117 ID: f44349

Lighten up a little Ridder!
It might be a terribly awkward situation, but it is also FUNNY!
You could do with a little more laughter.

And for fucks sake, NEVER tell a woman she is fat. EVER.
People DIE that way, Ridder.
People. DIE.
No. 114119 ID: c16184
File 126385841015.png - (111.38KB , 700x700 , c16-48.png )

I.. I really do not wish to tell a lady she has put on weight. Perhaps I can bring it up in a conversation later.. somehow.

"Come on. We best get ready."
"Okay dad~"

While she still giggles and hiccups we straighten our clothes and check if we don't smell of bodily juices.
After five minutes we walk with the courtier who came to pick us up.

"Then, if you do not mind me asking: Whose child is it? Is she a childbride from noble blood?"

Despite his ignorance, he seems genuinely interested.

"She is not a child. Her kind is simply very short as compared to us. They rarely grow much taller than her."

The bug is struck silent, stopping to breath for a moment.
He rubs his head.

"..That.. I.. I am terribly sorry. I apologize. That.. We have made room for her at the children's table. But that won't be.. No, ofcourse not. Ah, a moment please.. Ah, commander T'Rerl's company is missing one person today. It will mean you will not be seated near the Matriarch, but at least your ladyfriend can join you then."
No. 114126 ID: 8ecfd4

Assure him that the failure was yours for not informing them of sticks being heightchallenged. Being a halfling outside of the burrows must be really annoying.

And a good way to bring it up may be to compliment her on getting a bit of meat on her bones. Tell her that it fits her, not that she didn't look fine before but now she looks even better... this still doesn't seem like the ideal road. Anyone who knows how to tell a female she's gaining weight without her killing you?
No. 114128 ID: 2b255f

Hmmn... mission or relationship?
Talk to the Queenn, or keep Sticks from bringing mischief to the kids?

.... ask where the annoying advisors will sit.

Besides, sticks gaining a bit of weight is natural, she's eating better. Just dont let her get too heavy for the job, and it's all game.

More Sticks meats to grab~ :3
No. 114129 ID: 6faa8c

"No, no, it is clear to me you are having something of an off day already. No need to apologize my good... er..."
No. 114130 ID: 8ce2bf

Ask him to show you his dick since he got to see yours. Not being near the Matriarch is unlikely to be an issue since you would likely need to go through the chain of command anyway.
No. 114154 ID: 49d6d7

All you need to keep Sticks in shape is to take her with you just like now.
And daily sexercise.
No. 114155 ID: 476456

>We made room at the children's table

oh come on ridder thats hillarious
No. 114159 ID: 445c48

Well, to be fair, she's not just a halfling, she's a halfling catperson, and she only came that way because of something you slipped her. I could see confusion.
No. 114160 ID: 632862

I think we really do need to sit with the Matriarch.

I mean, the main path to a diplomatic solution lies with her feelings. Sticks can probably manage okay with the kids. This will also show our dedication.
No. 114207 ID: 3416ec


We need to find a way to take thr Matriarch aside and ask about the whole conflict thing, sans advisors.
No. 114221 ID: c593ec

We really ought to sit with the Matriarch to prove ourselves a dedicated ally. Sticks should understand, she's not possessive and clingy and plus she knows why we came here in the first place. We need to learn all we can about these people and their conflict before we can lead their forces into battle and solidify an ally for ourselves. Diplomacy comes first.
And as much as everyone else seems to resent them, we really should get on the advisors' good sides. After all, they clearly hold a lot of power, and if we want allies, we should ally with them too.

Besides, I'm sure Sticks will have plenty of fun corrupting the children anyway.
No. 114222 ID: f44349

As long as Sticks won't be too terribly offended (and with her sense of humor I don't think she will be), I say you should just take your seat near the Matriarch.
No. 114230 ID: 62de56

Sit with the Matriarch with sticks sitting on ridder's lap
No. 114234 ID: c16184
File 126386796347.png - (113.60KB , 700x700 , c16-49.png )

That is true. I should not deny any chances I get of reinforcing this young and fragile alliance.
But I won't sacrifice Sticks entirely, of course.

"Do not worry about it, my good man. The confusion is understandable, even to us. However, I can not refuse the honor of sitting near the Matriarch. Sticks?"
"Yeah, I like the childbride of noble blood story.. I'll tell all the kids how well you treat me."
"Please do not say anything inappropiate, Sticks."
"Yes, daddy~"
"Really? That.. That removes so much trouble. I.. Your secret will be safe with me. I'll show you to your respective seats."
No. 114238 ID: 445c48

You know, if we're going to entrust him with a secret, we might want to get his name.
No. 114245 ID: c0f3bf

Indeed, names are underrated.
No. 114251 ID: af3e6d

No you fools! If we get his name, he will become important. We have to choose important characters carefully.
No. 114259 ID: c0f3bf

What, a bug with a huge cloak isn't a good candidate?
No. 114261 ID: c16184
File 126386975390.png - (129.46KB , 700x700 , c16-50.png )

"Thank you. May I have your name?"
"Z'tane. If you are staying long I am sure we will meet again."

He leads us down luxurious hallways. Sticks is shown to a large dining hall with a friendly and carefree atmosphere. I hear the chittering of children and the friendly voices of watchful adults.
Sticks shows a whimsical wave before she disappears inside.

Me and Z'tane continue down a few more doors, until I am lead into an enormous hall with towering walls and a curved ceiling.
Stretched along the entirety of the hall is an almost endless table.
I am shown to a seat about a quarter of the length away from one end, where I finally spot her. I have been honored with the opportunity to dine at her table.

No. 114262 ID: c0f3bf

Are there napkins?

There needs to be napkins.
No. 114264 ID: 1afd58

it's tradition for everyone to take turns mating with the matriarch on the dinner table, starting with the foreigner.

Get to it, boy.
No. 114266 ID: 3a2be8

lets hope not.
No. 114286 ID: 3416ec


There need to be some drinks too.
No. 114294 ID: 632862

...that isn't exactly 'near' her. Also it seems like the advisors are sitting right next to her. Seems like they're considered to be just below her station.

Oh well, try striking up conversation with someone next to you. Introduce yourself. Ask how the kingdom's been doing.
No. 114381 ID: af3e6d

The only way to talk to her is to get her alone outside the palace like Muschio did. This will be challenging.
No. 114600 ID: 62b30e

.... considering tht I got an audience with her so promptly, I wasn' expecting that >.>;
No. 114628 ID: 114e78

You're sitting amongst the finest in their kingdom, we don't HAVE to sit right next to the matriarch.
No. 114643 ID: 62b30e

True! I kinda doubt someone in our immediate vicinity knows about what bugs the Matron so much, but its worth a try!

Unless we conveniently sat right by her chambermaid's side.
No. 114645 ID: 8ecfd4

Have we considered that the war may have been forced upon the matron by the Patriach?

This might not be a war that we can end through diplomatic measures if one side is not open to reason.
No. 114657 ID: c16184
File 126391648970.png - (90.50KB , 700x700 , c16-51.png )

As much as it is a disappointment, I feel like I should have expected this. Indeed, I am sitting among the finest in the kingdom, and at the Matriarch's table: To partake in the sanctity of dinner is something much different than speaking of war. It is to create a personal bond.
The prospect of speaking with the Matriarch is still unseen.

There are no napkins or drinks. Instead the table is covered in cloth sheets, and there are numerous soups and broths presented on the table to quench our thirst.

I turn to person next to me. A conversation may shed light on the situation. If not, then hopefully I will make another friend in this empire.

"Excuse me. Do you mind if we speak during dinner?"
"Not at all, sir."
"I am sir Ridder the Foreign Power. I have been knighted in the Order of Versatus today. However, I still have very little acquaintances here. May I ask who you are?"
"I am sergeant T'lear. I will be working under your command in the 7th regiment, sir Ridder. It is an honor."
No. 114658 ID: 5a9e00

The honor is all mine. Tell me, what are the opinions of the men regarding this war? I have so far only heard the minds of the Matriarch and her advisors.
No. 114659 ID: 1afd58

How do you feel about nailing pirate bugs, T'lear?
No. 114661 ID: 8ecfd4

Ask him for input on fighting in tunnels. It can be alot different from fighting above the ground.

Also Ridder. No matter how foul the food may be or seem don't be impolite about it. And atleast try to eat it. One of the two basic ways to be accepted among a different people is to both accept their food as well as possibly females. You have one down, don't blow the other one.
No. 114662 ID: c16184
File 126391796912.png - (91.72KB , 700x700 , c16-52.png )

The food does not seem particulary weird or foul. Some of it smells rather inviting. But as my conversation partner is not eating, it seems like it would be rude to start eating while I make him speak.

"The honor is all mine. If it's not too much to ask, could you tell me about the differences between fighting in tunnels and fighting above ground?"
"Of course. It is best compared to urban warfare. Paths are narrow and often get crowded. There are no rooftops to watch for projectile attacks, but there is also little oppertunity to engage in long distance combat with the possibility to shoot in an arc removed. The hardest part is getting past the entrance."
"I see, thank you. Do you know what the men think of this war?"
"They relish the action, sir. Before this conflict the military was mostly for show. Now everyone has a goal, an enemy to unite against."
No. 114663 ID: 426169

Ask if there is some special etiquette that should be observed. You don't want to be impolite, after all.
No. 114664 ID: 8ecfd4

Well just don't be impolite if anything weird shows up on your plate.

Ask him about arms and armor as well as the use of arabalests and siege equiptment. Cramped tunnels doesn't really give alot of room to manevour. Taking a prepared position in those circumstances must be a slaughter.
No. 114668 ID: 67c611

Would it be practical to take the army along the surface and then go down an enemy tunnel entrance to attack from above and behind?
No. 114675 ID: c16184
File 126392247772.png - (90.80KB , 700x700 , c16-53.png )

"How is the use of siege equipment viewed?"
"Very badly, sir. We do not deploy anything that may damage the mesa structures."
"I see. Would it be a feasible strategy to--"
"Sir, with all respect, I request that we discuss strategy tomorrow morning when you have received your official orders."
No. 114676 ID: c0f3bf

Apologize, tell him you just wanted to make conversation he could be appreciative to, and you weren't sure where else to go.
No. 114679 ID: 8ecfd4

Apologise and explain that you simply wanted to expand your knowledge of tunnel warfare. Refrain from talk about the war with him during the rest of the dinner.

I wonder if they still use scorpions or siege arabalests loaded up with steel slingshots? A weapon like that should be able to cause a massacre in such confined quarters and the munition is small enough not to damage the mesas.
No. 114680 ID: 67c611

"Of, course."
No. 114703 ID: 62b30e

Mumble something offhandedly about, you know, "too bad combat is inevitable" or how you'd prefer a peaceful solution.

You know. Fishing for comments.
No. 114706 ID: c593ec

That's a bad idea. We've already established that the soldiers themselves are actually in favor of the war. They're loving the action.
No. 114710 ID: a56bd0

Perhaps change the subject to something lighter? Perhaps culture or the arts?
No. 114712 ID: 62b30e

They cant be loving to die in the field.

Unless battles are aren' truly to death? More of a sport, than a bloodshed?
No. 114715 ID: 445c48

Say "Of course" and then switch the topic to politics or culture or something.
No. 114717 ID: 8ce2bf

"Y-you know you look pretty cute in that outfit."
No. 114718 ID: c593ec

Politely continue dinner, but follow the cues of others. Don't eat till they eat, and when they do, eat the same way (albeit with only two arms).

You need to know as much as possible but he's obviously reticent to discuss stratagems without you being fully briefed. Instead, why not discuss something else? The social clime here is worth taking in.
Ask about the Matriarch, how he views her, what he thinks of her situation. Ask about the Patriarch. Ask about the war itself. And for once, ask about their civilization, outside the context of this civil war. Find out what you can about them.
No. 114720 ID: a56bd0

Perhaps something about the Mesa's area itself? Maybe the history of this kingdom or their people, maybe you can find out if that had any formal relations with your old kingdom.

You can share what you know of your own people as some comparison (by that I mean Piacevol, not your own people of which you apparently know little of)
No. 114722 ID: c16184
File 126393750967.png - (94.71KB , 700x700 , c16-54.png )

Very well. I can understand that the sergeant does not want his work to intervene with his dinner.

"I apologize."
"I accept your apology. Thank you."

We fall to silence and begin to eat.
I give it a moment before I begin again.

"May I ask you something else?"

I catch him just as he is about to take a bite of something. He freezes for a moment, then decides to simply eat while talking.

"Of course, sir."
"What kind of person is the Matriarch?"
"I don't know her personally, sir. She seems like a just and gentle character."
"What about the Patriarch?"
"I really don't know, sir."
"That's alright, thank you. How is the war going?"
"We are at a constant stalemate, sir. Every time we move forward, we are pushed back again. An end does not seem in sight."
"Has it effected the land badly?"
"The first impact has subsided already, sir. The tourism industry has plummeted, but the economy is otherwise stimulated by the conflict. Now that the traders have found alternative routes export and import will resume again as well."
"Can I ask you what you think of it personally?"
"I prefer not to comment on that, sir."
"Of course, no problem. Perhaps we can discuss something lighter. Can you tell me about your land? Culture? History?"
"What would you like to know, sir?"
No. 114723 ID: 3416ec

Ask him about music. Music is a culturally universal language.
No. 114725 ID: e3f578

Well I like how broad his shoulders are through those clothes. Ask about the fashion, maybe we can get you a badass shirt/pants combo specifically tailored for you. A fine souvenir and symbol of the alliance.
No. 114726 ID: ee6f69

Ask about the food or what type of weapons they use in combat.
No. 114728 ID: c593ec

You should intermix some questions about music, arts, and food. However... Asking about traditional garb, armor, weapons, etc. will help you get a feel for what you'll be facing tomorrow. Slip some of those questions in and it won't seem like a military question.
Since you'll be fighting in close quarters this seems pretty important.
No. 114729 ID: 8ce2bf

Ask him what sex is like here. Is fucking someone you just met common? Is it limited to just women? Do commanders tend to have sex with sergeants? You should be up for that if they expect it of you to form stronger bonds. In fact you might want a headstart on it.
No. 114736 ID: c16184
File 12639391039.png - (90.69KB , 700x700 , c16-55.png )

I.. would rather not ask about their traditions regarding the freedom of sex. The initiation copulation seemed like an important and even stoic procedure, and the lady only warmed up once we got started.
Asking about their clothing seems like a simple enough topic to start on. Hopefully they will also reflect their culture and let me know what I will face tomorrow.

"I see that many of those seated wear the same garment as you. Can you tell me what the significance of it is?"
"This is the formal military uniform. We wear it when not on duty yet in the presence of those who outrank us by far."
"I see. Will I receive one as well?"
"I don't know, sir. Your knighting was an exception from the scriptures, thus you may also get an exception from our dresscode."
"I had not thought of that. However, I was told by the advisers to receive an intimidating suit of armor."
"Then we should visit the armory tomorrow morning, sir."
"Very well. What can you tell me about the armor used here?"
"We use light, layered armor to deflecting attacks that may penetrate our natural armor. It is also heavily padded to soften blows from blunt weapons."
"It sounds like you are well prepared for any attack. What kind of weapons are commonly used in the battles?"
"Only blunt weapons, sir."
No. 114742 ID: 62b30e

Natural carapaces would deflect lances and swords, I guess, which are more useful on softer targets; so they just mostly worry about protection from crushing blows.

If I'm correct, war here has plenty wounded but not so many corpses. Interesting.

That, or life is very cheap due to high numbers and short natural lifespan.

Maybe both.

Dont ask directly about the casualties, because that wouldn' be kosher in a dinner, but you could wonder out loud how old this species reach. How old is their eldest, the matriarch, things like that. Can help to have an insight on how they view life.
No. 114744 ID: 2cbe3e


Stop BUGGING the shit out of him. He's really getting ANTSY. Let's just eat our GRUB.
No. 114748 ID: 4ce1b0

Don't BEE to quick to give up on learning. We need to WORM our way into the mindset of these people.
No. 114752 ID: 8ecfd4

The choice of weapons could be a cultural aspect rather than based on their natural protection. There have been several cultures where the aim of warfare is not to kill the opponent but to capture or simply disable.

But Ridder I think it's time to steer away from that. Look around for the others you're sitting close to. Ask a bit about the history of their people (not related to warfare) as well as some bits of information about their culture. Like how is their court structured and do they have any social mobility?
No. 114754 ID: c16184
File 126394147765.png - (96.45KB , 700x700 , c16-56.png )

"I see."

I let the sergeant take some time to eat before I continue my questions.

"May I ask how the social structure works in your society? Does age or family play a big role? How old does your kind usually get?"
"We live to around 70, but our last Matriarch lived to see 102. .. I honestly do not know how explain how our society works, sir. I grew up with it and it is something I don't consider very much."
"I understand. Thank you, T'lear."
"It's my honor, sir."

I decide to let him eat in peace. My last question appears to have left him in deep thought.
When we have finished our meals and those around us get up, he briefly salutes me before disappearing as well.

I soon find myself walking down the hall with Sticks again, on our way back to our room.

"I hope you haven't done anything inappropiate, Sticks."
"Ofcourse not, daddy~ They were all quite excited about me being a childbridge and all the girls wanted to get married too. I warned them about mean husbands, though. Told 'em they should all find their own paths~"
No. 114758 ID: 8ce2bf

Ignore Sticks, she's just trying to get you embarrassed so it'll be hotter to fuck you when you get back to your room. Don't fall for her tricks, she probably didn't actually say anything and you can just explain yourself if the culture's even against child brides, which it doesn't seem to be from Z'tane's reaction.
Oh hey speaking of Z'tane he's right there say hi to him!
No. 114760 ID: 62b30e

"No much success seeing the matriarch. But it was a risk I had to take. Gave me a good... insight on the size of this monarchy."

Seriously, you weren't even near one of the tables' ends.
No. 114767 ID: 8ecfd4

Warn her that you just might have to discipline her with some spanking for showing such disrespect towards her father. Come on do it!

Also say that it was a very educational evening. Tomorrow should be a very interesting day.
No. 114801 ID: c16184
File 126394629171.png - (95.36KB , 700x700 , c16-57.png )

That's right. I should adress Sticks about this 'teasing' seriously now.

I lower myself to her height and place my hands firmly on her shoulders. She jumps, startled, but I keep her in place.

"Do you want to incorporate roleplay into our love making?"

She is silent for a moment, but then her expression quickly softens and gains a red flush.

"N.. no.. You do everything perfect already.."
No. 114802 ID: a56bd0

ohhh, looks like you made her nervous this time.
No. 114803 ID: 62b30e

Grin seductively.

"Are you sure, little girl~" :3
No. 114804 ID: 6faa8c

oh mah dawwww
No. 114805 ID: e0499d

and that's how you make a comeback...
No. 114806 ID: c0f3bf

Hug sticks. Tell her she's good as well.
No. 114807 ID: 8ecfd4

Kiss her you fool! After all, tomorrow may be the day you die deep underground, crushed by the merciless hammers of bugpeople.
No. 114811 ID: 632862

Don't do anything inappropriate in public. There may be someone watching.
No. 114812 ID: a56bd0

This sounds about right.
No. 114813 ID: c16184
File 126394738077.png - (109.44KB , 700x700 , c16-58.png )

"You too, Sticks."

I pull her to my chest and embrace her. I feel her tightly grab on to my clothes.

"I love you, Ridder.. I'm so happy you got over that marriage and family stuff. It takes such a load of my mind.."

Somehow it feels like I have been stabbed through the heart, yet I can't determine exactly why.
No. 114814 ID: c0f3bf

Your food wasn't poisoned, right?
No. 114816 ID: 67c611

Is dat some foreshadowing?
No. 114817 ID: 632862

You're not over it. You still want a family, and someone to have *exclusively* to yourself. You don't want to share.
No. 114818 ID: 8ecfd4

Probably because she does not share your definition of what constitutes love. She has been afraid of love because she sees it like something that will restrict her freedom in the form of tying her down to a marriage and a family. Now that she knows that you don't immediatly connect the two any longer she feels more secure with you and admitting her feelings.

Your image of love is different. But they're both still love. Neither holds any superior inherant value over the other, the feelings are still the same.

And Ridder what I said before is still true. You're a knight, death is not a distant companion for you. Every fight you get into could be your last, you could be killed or horribly maimed. Take your happiness where you can find it, when you can find it. Because you may never get a second chance.
No. 114820 ID: f44349

Sounds like you aren't over "that marriage and family stuff" at all.
And that it hurts that she doesn't even consider it a possibility. That she's so sure your relationship will be short-lived.
Whoops! Looks like I sat in my relationship armchair by mistake.

Oh well, hang a do not disturb sign on your door and wreck that pussy~ (GEDDDIT HA HA HA)
Maybe some lovin' will take your mind off of it.
No. 114821 ID: cbab08

Love hurts sometimes my man. It's simple Ridder, you love Sticks, or at the very least your values are telling you to love Sticks because of what you shared. Your values put marriage as the logical next step to love and she just shot you down in advance. Sorry.
No. 114823 ID: a56bd0

Ouch.. that did hurt.

Ridder, may I ask, what are we? By 'we 'I mean, us voices? You are aware I hope that most people don't have these kinds of voices in their head... so why you? Why do you even take our advice.. its not like we are infallible or anything?
No. 114826 ID: badf27

She is carrying some other man's kittens. Strike her down.
No. 114829 ID: bd4f30

Marriage is a burden for her. She likes to be free, even if she loves you. It doesn't mean she thinks your relation will be short-lived. She loves you more than she'll love anyone. She just needs her space.

Between you two: it's love and lust.
Between her and another man: just lust.

Get over it, faggot.
No. 114838 ID: 2dd482

clearly she's saying it's totally okay for Ridder to bang the fuck out of Iesgip
No. 114839 ID: 8ce2bf

Ridder you may have to look elsewhere for love, Sticks seems to only want lust. There is someone who could fill your heart with love you may have overlooked (although it seems in your dreams you have not according to Sticks!) When Muschio comes over you could try putting the charm on him, it's clear he cares about you very much, and could give you the love Sticks can't.
No. 114843 ID: 3416ec

Maybe its time you looked elsewhere for a lifelong partner, Ridder. Sticks doesn't seem interested in committing.

Separate the sex from the love, man.
No. 114845 ID: a56bd0

Somehow, I doubt that's how Iesgip wants it. don't hold me to that... but somehow I doubt it.


Ridder can want what he wants, he's willing to make accommodations for her, should she not for him? Or is Ridder the only one we expect to make sacrifices around here?
No. 114849 ID: 2dd482

she HAS been getting a little fat in the belly. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
No. 114860 ID: c16184
File 126395219541.png - (91.47KB , 700x700 , c16-59.png )

Allow me to clear up some confusion I understand is growing amongst you: I do not love Sticks. I do not think she is particularly attractive.
I am in this relationship because it is her wish, and it is my duty to take responsibility for my actions--my lack of self-control that fateful night at the goblin settlement.

So no, I do not believe that wanting to have her exclusively is what hurts.
No, I believe you have much more to do with it.
When I first embarked on this adventure, you asked me what I wanted in life apart from my knightly duties. I had not given this much thought before, but it dawned on me that I would like to get married, have children, a stable relationship.
An unrealistic image that continues to be shattered relentlessly. Sticks' confession of how she felt about my wish to get married has further forced me to twist and bend my conception of love and sex until it does not align with anything any more.

There is more honor on the battlefield than there is in romance.

No. 114863 ID: c0f3bf

Ridder, you are both young. A family and a stable relationship is a good thing to have, but you should open your mind for a while before you settle down with someone.
No. 114865 ID: 8ce2bf

Ridder, it wasn't your fault. You were poisoned with Nanroot. No amount of self-control could have overcome the effects of the poison, you have no reason to feel chained to Sticks because of this. Even if you had given in without the poison, you still shouldn't feel chained to a relationship. You should tell Sticks how you feel, she should be able to understand.
No. 114866 ID: a56bd0

Ahhh, and now you see was that so hard to tell us? We'll see what we can do on this end of the crazy voice telephone.
No. 114867 ID: e0499d

Geeze... First you go along, and now you let us know this.
If you feel that way, then tell sticks.
There is honor in love; you just don't see the different honor code. Sticks dropped the honor, and it's obvious.
You already took responsibility. This relationship can't be based on sex.
Even igsiep would be a better choice if that's how you feel. I doubt geek or petal though... They got aditudes.

The point: Make yourself clear to Sticks. That family matters, and that you don't feel right fooling around.
(also, you should seperatw work from love...)
No. 114868 ID: 3416ec


Yeah, what he said. Perhaps it can wait until after the bug situation is over.

Sticks is in for some hurting, though.
No. 114874 ID: e3f578

Bah, if that's why your doing this it seems unhealthy.

Your a manly knight, women love you and want to be with you. Sticks is a weird soul who's like that and I think wants to be able to sleep with anybody without it being a big deal so she can avoid hurting people's feelings. She means well but obviously she's hurting you bro. That's where this feeling of dishonorable romance comes from. It's possible to fit any ideal with a little bit of work, skill, and charisma.

There's nothing wrong in using your manliness to be rather riske with the female occupation. Be immature, be irresponsible. Have fun your not having a family right now. CONQUER DA LADIES I TELL YOU AND HAVE FUN DOING IT!

Then go love somebody. Find someone that rocks your fucking world and create children that will be the best people you'll ever know! Fight the heavens! Fight Stick's pessimistic realism. Earn your happy ending.
No. 114877 ID: c593ec

Then... we've failed. We charged headlong into this when you gave Sticks your response. It is unfortunate that it has come to this. We kept pushing you along instead of asking what you truly wanted.

Ridder, mark my words. There will be a love for you. There will be a true day of that spectacular sustenance that is love. This is but a gloaming, and a still more glorious dawn awaits, if only you have the patience to see it.

If you do not love Sticks -- if you do not even find her attractive -- there is no reason to hold on. She has made it very clear that she has no qualms about a brief and ended relationship. And as she has told you not to wait for her, not to entertain thoughts of marriage, perhaps it is best if you end things.
Now is not the best time, to be certain. But if you can let her down easy -- and this shouldn't be hard, given her views on the relationship as fleeting -- then you will have done her a great service anyway, giving her happiness, making her more self confident and able.

Someday you will find your true love, Ridder. ♥
No. 114879 ID: 632862

Well, you have given her some of the passion she desired.

I think you overreacted as far as making up for your lack of self control is concerned. She wanted it more than you did. Though she wanted a short term relationship, without being tied down by rules.

I think you need to make plain your feelings. WITH MANLY TEARS.
No. 114882 ID: 445c48

Poke her in the stomach, or the legs.
No. 114886 ID: e0499d

This guy has it down.
You have to experiement. Find new things. You chose a spear over a blade, a mount over foot.
You chose since you tried the methods of fighting before. And in doing so, you found what you liked.

Sticks is one of many women you'll meet. You should be lucky she's your first lover. If she weren't, you would still be as tense as before about your idea of love.
Her idea is half right, as is yours. The idea is to be relaxed and find others, get to know them... Maybe sex... But ultimately to know the person well enough to make a decision-to marry or not...

Now would be a time to make your point... Do it now.
Leave the matchmaking to us, the voices in your head.
No. 114891 ID: c593ec

And I say bullshit!
The best point is not always the one perfectly between the two extremes.

Ridder's views on love and sex are not mine, but dammit, this isn't about me. It's about him. And I have to respect that.
Every time we've forced him to compromise and delay he's hated it. It's tearing him up inside. The shit you are saying is KILLING him. He is MISERABLE because of it.

Stop trying to make Ridder think like you, see the world like you. He has his own way, and there's nothing goddamn wrong with it, even if it's not your way. Let him be or he'll never have his peace.
No. 114893 ID: c16184
File 126395409617.png - (109.69KB , 700x700 , c16-60.png )

That is the worst part. As the image I had of love my entire life, and I now realize I held on to so tightly, is absolutely unrealistic, I have to find solace in the freedom I have: To love, to hurt, to enjoy fleeting emotions.. wether I want to or not.
It is a part of life I must learn to accept, like I learned to accept death.

Very well, if this is what you think is best then I shall tell Sticks my feelings after this mission. I don't want her to be hurt in such a strange enviroment.

I embrace her tighter. She begins to fondle my crotch.

"..Hm? Ridder, why aren't you..?"
"I'm sorry, Sticks. I have a lot on my mind. Let's just go to sleep tonight."
"Alright. Relax, okay?"
"I'll do my best."
No. 114902 ID: badf27

Ridder, your fucking sense of fairytale ethics has gotten you neck-deep again. Do you realize that what you did is a hundred times worse than a no-hard-feelings one night stand that you didn't even have CONTROL over? Leading Sticks on is just fucking terrible. She's already had a hard time in the past with just this situation.

You may find your love someday, but I'm willing to bet that Sticks will be leaving your alliance when you're through with this.
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