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File 126315896535.png - (86.73KB , 700x700 , C15-1.png )
108805 No. 108805 ID: c16184

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No. 108807 ID: c16184
File 126315905861.png - (129.29KB , 700x700 , C15-2.png )

Come morning, I, Iesgip, and our three mounts set again.
It seems the fog has taken us far south of our destination, to the foot of a vulcano that marks the end of the mountain range. It will be easy to get back on track: We simply follow the mountains north until we reach Fort Fleur.

No. 108808 ID: 5a9e00

Good... now punch /everything/.
No. 108810 ID: c16184
File 126315993053.png - (83.94KB , 700x700 , C15-3.png )

With the wind in our back it takes us only several hours before the fort rises into view.
The massive grey and somber structure holds no useless decorations, using the mountain as its backbone.
Fort Fleur... I've never heard of this place. I can't help but feel it is odd: Its secluded location aside, a gargantuan structure like this usually seeks to be known.

Our destination - the cave where Yellow Fang resides - should be up this mountain.

No. 108811 ID: e0499d

inb4 ambush
No. 108812 ID: 5a9e00

Punch Ambush
No. 108814 ID: 8ce2bf

Perhaps you can gather some information on the Fangs in the Fort.
No. 108817 ID: cf41a7

Odd, seems almost dwarven style construction... but they tend to be more extravagant, decoration wise anyhow. Especially for such a well established looking fortress
No. 108820 ID: 445c48

>Dorf Fortress
>Mostly outdoors
I don't think so, Tim.
No. 108826 ID: c16184
File 126316182614.png - (74.68KB , 700x700 , C15-4.png )

Yes, it is all a little strange.
I will head into the fort to ask for information on the fangs.
We pass through the town located outside the fort, where I stable our mounts. I let Iesgip keep an eye on them as I head to the fort myself.
Just inside one of the gates sits a stern man behind a desk. He glares at me. I gather that they do not like outsiders.

"Excuse me."
He does not respond.
"Have you heard of a mercenary group by the name The Fangs?"
"Never heard of them. If you want mercenaries head to Sepia Town."
"I do not intend to hire them. Their base of operations should be around here. Have any gnolls come through?"
"Gnoll mercs? There has been one gnoll visiting the town a bit too much lately. Last time we saw him he wanted to begin a mine. Send an inspector with 'im, never saw him again. Nor the inspector, mind you. There's a reward for finding him."
He adds the last bit with a bit of a sneer, as if he prefers to hand the reward to someone else.
"I will keep it in mind. Do you know where they went?"
"Ain't a clue. A few bountyhunters have been trying to get the reward, though. They might know something."
No. 108829 ID: 445c48

I would probably stop asking about the Fangs directly, and continue asking about Gnolls. If they live in the area, it is likely that they would need to shop here for supplies. Ask the merchants.
No. 108831 ID: 476456

oh good, we can get backup if we can convince a bounty hunter we're not after the reward.

just dont mention we're there because they have a price on our head.
No. 108833 ID: 8ce2bf

Ask him where the tavern is, bounty hunters love to get totally wasted. Since we aren't here for the reward I'm sure we could work something out with one of them, as we have an experienced tracker to help out if we can get a lead.
No. 108884 ID: c16184
File 126316776186.png - (68.45KB , 700x700 , C15-5.png )

"Could you tell me where I can find the merchants and the tavern?"

I head outside.
The merchants may be the best place to start. If there is one place to get supplies, both Fang and bounty hunter will end up there.

I ask a few friendly townsfolk for direction, and after a while I arrive at the Sesket and Sons Caravan Trading and Supply company, which I gather is where most travellers come and go.

Inside the wooden building sits a build man counting coins and writing something down.

I clear my throat to get his attention. He looks up.

"Good afternoon. Have you seen any gnolls passing through?"
"Maybe. How much is it worth to you?"
No. 108885 ID: 632862

Do we have any money left? It seemed like you gave the entire bag o cash to the hot springs guy.
No. 108892 ID: e0499d


Well, you alerted him. You have to pay up now to keep a mouth shut.
No. 108906 ID: 6834bc

"The question is, how much is it worth to you? They're mercenaries with little regard for life. At any point they could simply decide they don't like your town and raze it. I would be removing this threat, ensuring the safety of yourself and this town."

Bluff like you've never bluffed before, although there's a bit of truth to the statement.
No. 108916 ID: 632862

Maybe Iesgip can find some tracks for us again.
No. 108923 ID: 3297aa

Seconding this.
No. 108925 ID: c16184
File 126317515957.png - (67.56KB , 700x700 , C15-6.png )

Yes, I don't have any coin, yet again.
Perhaps some reasoning will work.

"These gnolls are heartless mercenaries who pose a serious threat, especially to this town, including yourself. I am looking to vanquish them. Your information will save you and your neighbours."
"Yeah yeah, heard it all before. Go join the other broke bounty hunters in the gutter."
No. 108930 ID: 1afd58

Threaten his life~
No. 108933 ID: e3f578

Rather just draw your sword. "I will not stand corruption in these troubling times. Give your information for the side of good or suffer the consequences. I am no mere bounty hunter but a knight."
No. 108934 ID: f78140

this man wishes to make a living, regardless of how self destructive that living may be. let him destroy himself, as is where his path will lead. find another who may be more helpful.
No. 108935 ID: 632862

Ehhh, why don't we just go into the mountains and look for tracks?
No. 108937 ID: f21281

Inform him that you are not looking to vanquish them for profit. This is a task you will gladly perform for free.

That should incite him a bit more.
No. 108939 ID: 8ce2bf

Slowly lift your skirt, asking if there's any way you could pay other than with gold.
No. 108940 ID: 426169

Hmm. Are we carrying any items that could prove that we've already killed several of the Fangs? If so, maybe we could turn that in for a reward, which in turn we could use to buy intel.
No. 108941 ID: e0499d

No. 108950 ID: 67c611

find a good way of saying this.

You have other reasons that you want to find them.
You don't care about no stinkin bounty.
You will give him all of the money received if his information leads to their location.
If you won't take this offer I'll see who else might be interested.
No. 108960 ID: fb3a10

Sexual favors.
No. 108970 ID: 5c3cfc

didn't you loot the bandits?
No. 108984 ID: 5ba217


The gold from the bandits was blown on the hot springs, all that's left are the bandit's weapons and the ivory statuette.

We could see if the guy's interested in the statuette, or if we don't want to part with the statuette yet we could just look around for any other bounty hunters who might have some answers... heck, we could probably even get them to help us out if there's a bounty on the gnoll's head AND would provide a potential recruit for our main quest.
No. 108994 ID: 5ba217

Wait, even better plan, screw the greedy fatty and go scouting around with Iesgip for the least scumbaggiest bounty hunter you can find, offer your aid to help them find the missing inspector free of charge, in fact, tell them they could keep the full reward for finding the inspector.

Between you, Iesgip, and whatever extra muscle you can find to help you should be able to track down the gnolls AND do a good deed to boot.

...plus it might boost Iesgip's morale in helping with this since all she's done thus far was get saved by you and make an unwanted sexual advance.
No. 108997 ID: 060fb2

> all that's left are the bandit's weapons and the ivory statuette

And that extra chocobo mount.
No. 109016 ID: cd50fc


Ask the general store manager clerk woman person if she's seen anything...unusual...

Be subtle, dammit!
No. 109061 ID: 3416ec

Attempt to barter with the statue. We don't know if his information is useful or not.
No. 109119 ID: c16184
File 126323129388.png - (68.60KB , 700x700 , C15-7.png )

"Excuse me, sir, but I am not after the bounty. If I do get the reward, it will all be yours."
"Hmm, a personal vendetta. What do you know, there was a bounty hunter like you here earlier too. He promised me thirty percent.. Why don't you go assist him to ensure my pay?"
A bounty hunter who is willing to give up his reward -- Hopefully that is the kind of companion I need.
"Very well. Where can I find him?"
"He should be hanging around the east edge of the town. Big fellow. Can't miss him."
No. 109121 ID: 8ce2bf

Not much else we can do with no money, let's try heading over to the east side of town. Don't let Iesgip wander off and lose her clothes or something.
No. 109122 ID: 2cbe3e


Decide that this is actually pretty boring. Go home.
No. 109123 ID: c16184
File 126323270122.png - (96.15KB , 700x700 , C15-8.png )

Very well, I shall leave Iesgip with the mounts for now and see to the bounty hunter by myself.
I head to the eastern edge of the town. It isnt long before I spot a large man. He stands out considerably.

I call out to him, keeping a respectful distance.

"Good afternoon, sir. Are you a bounty hunter?"
"Bounty hunter.. sounds so oppertunistic."
His voice is low and grave.
"Refer to me as a hunter. The bounty is just a means to continue. Who might you be?"
"I am Sir Ridder, knight-errant. I am looking for the gnolls as well. The bounty is of no concern to me."
"So you wish to work together?"
"If you would allow me, yes."
"I have no reason to trust you. Convince me."
No. 109124 ID: 3a0517

"I'll let you touch my panties area."
No. 109125 ID: 8ce2bf

Strip down and give him your clothes, saying that until the bounty is his he can hold them as collateral. We have the element of surprise anyway, we don't want to lose it with you clunking around in that armor.
No. 109127 ID: 8ce2bf

Or I guess you could show him the letter and map from Yellow Fang if you have them on you.
No. 109128 ID: 426169

I agree with the "show letter and map" plan. Tell him we have slain several of the gnolls already.
No. 109129 ID: c593ec

Yeah, your record should speak for itself, but let him know you've already taken out pretty much the entire fucking Fang clan almost singlehandedly and we'll see where that gets us.
No. 109131 ID: c16184
File 126323647747.png - (117.75KB , 700x700 , C15-9.png )

Good thinking. I had forgotten I even had the letter and map.
I hold them out to the bounty hunter.

"I have been the target of these mercenaries for a while now. Three of their members have died trying to off me. One of them carried this: A map and a letter from their superior. It lead me here."
"Well, ain't that interesting? I understand why the bounty doesn't matter to you at all. Alright, by showing me that map you've already helped a bunch. I'll let you tag along."
He gives a polite nod.
"The name's Tchergat. I'm not as much of a bounty hunter and more of a hunter of evil. The bounties are just so I can actually get around. It's a pleasure, Sir Ridder."
No. 109132 ID: 8ce2bf

Inform him of Iesgip, and your three mounts.
No. 109136 ID: 426169

> Offer to let him mount Iesgip

Ask him if he's ever been to that mountainside vault where the Evil you fight resides.
No. 109145 ID: 5ba217

Alright, we got our party now, do we know where this cave... or mine or whatever is or are we going to have to find it ourselves?

Well, in any event, unless we have any further needs here we should meet up with Iesgip and start tracking the inspector and gnoll.

...Of course we should also make sure that Iesgip has proper camo on again.
No. 109154 ID: cf41a7

Ask if he has learned anything you don't know about the Fangs.

Also... try to forge a kind of connection with him, he seems like the kind of decent people we need around our outfit.
No. 109166 ID: c16184
File 126324598156.png - (88.15KB , 700x700 , C15-10.png )

"Do you know where this cave is?"
"Nope. I got the caravan man to spill that one of the gnolls purchased mining equipment after the mine-inspector went missing, and that he was looking for a chessboard before that as well. Using that information, I asked around town to find out the gnoll also kidnapped a chef-assistent. Each time he came to town, it was frown this direction. I just don't know how to continue into the woods with the lack of a trail to follow."
"Don't worry. My most competent tracker is accompaning me. She is at the stable now. Luck has it that we also have a spare mount."
"Great! It will be good if we can reach the cave before sundown. It can get mighty cold in the mountains at night."

At the stables Iesgip has made sure the mounts were well-fed and ready for departure. We redistributed the baggage on my and Iesgip's mount, as Tchergat turned out to be of heavy build.

Soon we are outside the town, facing the woods.

"Right that way, most townsfolk claim. Lugging all those tools around made him easy to spot."

Tchergat points into the woods.

"Very well. Iesgip, do you see any tracks?"

She leans over from her mount, scanning the ground underneath. After a moment of searching she responds.

"Sir, yes, sir! These footsteps are old but they are very heavy, sir, like someone carrying a lot of weight, sir!"
"Very good, Iesgip."

As the pieces come together, I can feel my heart beginning to pound in my throat. Sometimes I prefer being ambushed instead of openly heading into battle: It lacks the adrenaline headache.

Tchergat does seem like a proper induvidual. To have him on our side permanently must prove endlessly valuable. But how will I create a bond with such a stranger?
What must I say?

No. 109168 ID: 8ce2bf

Ask him about his past, and why he's dedicated his life to hunting evil. Were his parents killed in front of him? Were they raped in front of him? Did a gnoll brutally rape and kill both his parents right in front of him and then came on little Tchergat's face?
No. 109170 ID: d460ff

If he's a good man, then'll probably be interested in joining you if you were to ask.

Tell him of your goals, but don't venture too much info. Give him bits and pieces. You're after a source of Evil. You've got a base of operations. A few followers. Is there any chance you'd be willing to help me out after all this is done?

As for what to do now, follow the tracks. Have Iesgip watch the trees. Her eyes will probably be better than yours or your companions.
No. 109171 ID: 6faa8c

Actually, let's just tell him about our place and offer him room and board and missions if he likes.
No. 109174 ID: 731dcd


My first interest is in Tchergat himself. What is he, Ridder? Any idea? Doesn't look human, not like these locals at least.
No. 109177 ID: cf41a7

It is not merely you actions, but you deeds which should impress him.

However, to break the ice ask about how he came to be a 'hunter' as he put it, and then perhaps describe and compare some of your own journey to errant knighthood.
No. 109180 ID: e0499d

He and timotei would get along well...
If only tim could be found...
No. 109183 ID: c16184
File 12632480294.png - (105.85KB , 700x700 , C15-11.png )

That sounds well. A conversation is best made by showing your interest in the other party.
I believe he is an ogre, much like the one guarding the Boss' dungeon, but with a lighter build.

"If I may ask, Tchergat, what got you into hunting evil?"
The ogre turns to me, a stern expression on his brute face.
"Hm, how do I put it... I'm not on a quest of vengeance if that's what you may think. Rather.. Wouldn't you like to live in a world where your kids can travel to school in the next village without the fear of being killed over a couple of coins? Well I can't change the world, sir Ridder.. But I can help clean it up a little."
I nod in silence. He continues looking at me as I let his words settle in.
"What about you? Being targeted by mercenaries must mean you're quite the hot stuff."
"So it seems. However, I do not know exactly why I am being targetted. I hope to found out when we find their cave... I lead a small group in the forests on the east side of Sepia Town. Our goal is to stop a great evil from rising: One that has already razed the town of Iniziare Citta."
"Hm. Yes, I've heard of that."
"We could greatly use your help, Tchergat. I can provide no payment in gold, but I offer you a home and company."
Tchergat snorts a moment. I can't tell if he laughs or grumbles. His voice sounds surprised, but not hostile.
"You're the first I know to offer an ogre a place among his ranks, sir Ridder. But you're a bit too late... Unless you're willing to take in my sweet Santraphin and the juniors as well."
No. 109184 ID: 5c8bae

Sure, why not. I mean, it's not like you're running out of place in the mansion, right?
No. 109185 ID: 445c48

"Santraphin and the juniors?" And then say yes.

You might need to expand a bit, though. If they're a family, I doubt they'd want to stay in the barracks.
No. 109186 ID: d460ff


Inquire as to who those are. It's possible that we can use all of them to your advantage somehow.

An ogre and a gnoll in your groups means you'll have some offensive muscle if you need to deploy it. They'll also be great at gathering larger supplies.
No. 109187 ID: 6faa8c

Don't see why not. We can always use more help around the place.

Plus... oh god imagining Black Fang with a bunch of little kids oh god HNNNNG
No. 109189 ID: 648d9f

The base as it currently is cannot support an entire family, methinks.

You could go with something like "You and your family would still be welcome, even if we cannot provide for them as things are right now. How are the kids?"
No. 109190 ID: 445c48

He would probably be a kickass uncle.
No. 109191 ID: 6faa8c

Expanding on this: Iesgip could teach them hunting and tracking, and the girl could help out in the kitchen or cleaning or mending clothing.
No. 109193 ID: cf41a7

uhm... how many kids would we be talking?
No. 109196 ID: c16184
File 126325039318.png - (124.08KB , 700x700 , C15-12.png )

I take a moment to consider. The mention of a family was unexpected.
Tchergat reads my expression and smiles.

"How many children do you mean?"
"Just two, friend. A wonderful boy and girl."
"I'm sorry to say that I don't have the space to house a family that size. But.. perhaps I can expand the base."
"Didn't think so. Well, if you ever figure something out feel free to ask me 'n my wife again. We live in the hills north of Sepia Town. Just look for the windmill with six blades."
I nod, slightly ashamed.

When the ground slowly turns to snow Iesgip speaks up.

"S-sir, excuse me, sir.. I can't see the track anymore because of the snow, sir.. But I do see several very fresh trails in the snow itself made by similar feet. Sir."
No. 109197 ID: 6faa8c

"Continue tracking the new set."
No. 109201 ID: 5d5878

This is now a Suikoden-style quest. We need to keep adding onto the base as we get new people until we're our own self-contained city.
No. 109205 ID: cf41a7

I guess there is a kind of civil power void left by the burning of Iniziare Citta. So... fine by me.
No. 109206 ID: 6834bc

Ridder, perhaps there is more to your base than you've explored. A cellar of some sort would be common, wouldn't it? Just because you haven't found it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. So you may yet have more space, space enough for Tchergat's family.

Even if such a cellar does not exist, you have enough strong hands that one could easily be created - and the base is set up in a forest, would it really be so hard to create additional dwellings?

Though you might want to run it by Petal first, just in case she has any objections. Elves and the forest, you know.
No. 109207 ID: cf41a7

We do know where to contact him though if such is true, but as we cannot promise anything right now we should just let it stay at that.

Just remember this Ridder... this man has a family and thus we need to be careful about his life while we are traveling with him.

Don't want to have to explain how we watched him die to his wife a children now do we?
No. 109219 ID: c16184
File 126325498636.png - (132.66KB , 700x700 , C15-13.png )

"Continue tracking the newest set."
Iesgip nods. We take a turn, heading diagonally back down, slowly leaving the snow behind us again.

I find it painful that you will doubt me like that. I do not wish any of my companions to die. Rather, I do not wish for anyone to die. If Tchergat will ride with us, then be assured that I will look after him as much as I do for the others. I shy away from no responsibility.

If there is a cellar in the mansion it will be hidden, which will be odd to say the least. I can think of no place where a possible opening to one may be.
Creating new dwellings from wood, however, though time consuming, is possible. The mansion can be the command center as smaller, wooden houses circle it.
But that is up for consideration when this mission has come to an end.

The trail leads up to a small clearing. In the middle lays a firepit, with a dead wolfbeast beside it.
Iesgip looks around.

"Sir, the ground has been disturbed a lot around here, sir."
No. 109220 ID: 34470e

Examine the dead wolfbeast and disturbed ground.
No. 109222 ID: cf41a7

Sorry to imply that you would let him die... its just I don't think you have been working with family men in a while and I just wanted to note that.

Anyhow I think examining the beast is in order?
No. 109225 ID: 3416ec

Follow the new tracks. Proceed with caution.

Also, inquire as to the skill set of the family. If one of them is an architect or a carpenter, let Tchergat know he's free to build his own hovel adjacent to the base.

Either way, we could certainly use someone skilled in home constrcution.
No. 109227 ID: 632862

Disturbed a lot? In what way, fighting or just... lots of traffic?
No. 109238 ID: c16184
File 126325837015.png - (139.78KB , 700x700 , C15-14.png )

"What do you mean by 'disturbed a lot'?"
"Sir, maybe someone dragged that corpse around a lot, sir."

I dismount to take a closer look. It seems like the beast was caught in a snare, then stabbed to death.

"Does your family have any skills, Tchergat?"
"My wife is a goddess around the house. The two little ones are recieving education from our neighbo-GHURCKK--!!"
No. 109240 ID: f44349

No. 109241 ID: 8ce2bf

Grab for his falling mace and start swinging it in a circle around you as you get up and hit that fang in the side of his head with the momentum
No. 109242 ID: 632862

WHY is the world so predictable? Engage the enemy!

Perhaps our new friend's ogre constitution will prevent his death. Iesgip needs to attend to him ASAP.
No. 109245 ID: e3f578

GNOOOOLLLLLLLLLSSSS EVERWHERE! That beast on the ground is probably a gnoll playing dead. Those are thin, tool using fingers.

No. 109248 ID: d86f15


God dammit, I KNEW this was gonna happen!

No. 109249 ID: 445c48

God, I love how stupid the mounts look.
No. 109251 ID: 3416ec

No. 109252 ID: 1afd58

i think you mean that we have a new concubine and a few new cheaply-fed slaves.
No. 109254 ID: 3416ec


You, sir, make me ill. D:<
No. 109257 ID: c16184
File 126326020827.png - (138.68KB , 700x700 , C15-15.png )

I bite through the upcoming wave of emotions and shout my command to Iesgip.

"Iesgip, tend to Tchergat!"

To save the time of drawing my spear I catch the spiked rod Tchergat drops, but the solid steel proves far too heavy for me. As the weight pulls me down the Fang drags Tchergat from his mount with a disturbing slicing sound, putting him between me and the gnoll.

"Who do you think you are, tracking me?! You are the prey, larrrrrvae!!"
No. 109258 ID: 6faa8c

He's using a lance!
Against you!

No. 109259 ID: 632862

"Then fight me, coward!"

Toss the mace aside where Tchergat won't drop on it, and draw your spear. Attempt to keep the gnoll from further injuring him.
No. 109260 ID: e9b708

He's a talker. Distract him by saying something like "I am Sir Ridder. I've come to stop the fangs from hunting me and find out who hired you". While you draw your spear.
No. 109261 ID: 445c48

Insult his helmet, and his medal.
No. 109264 ID: 8ce2bf

Question him about where the chef-assistant and inspector are to get him thinking about something other than the fight. While asking, circle around him to the opposite side while getting your spear out so he can't keep his eyes on you and Iesgip at the same time.
No. 109266 ID: cf41a7

I agree here that his talkativeness may be his weakness. Engage him both verbally and militarily.
No. 109270 ID: 3416ec

Inform him of how fast his predecessor died and how pathetic an attempt it was.

Try to knock him off balance mentally. We need to buy ourselves enough time to draw our weapon.
No. 109273 ID: 6547ec

Taunt him, asking if he made that medal himself.
No. 109277 ID: b0d1c8

Call him a maggot
No. 109279 ID: b0d1c8

No. 109287 ID: 33e66b


Call him a civilian.
No. 109291 ID: c16184
File 126326310620.png - (123.97KB , 700x700 , C15-16.png )

I draw my spear just in time to intercept his incoming halberd. The force slides me back until I grind my nails into the ground.
To taunt is a method of fighting I would prefer to avoid. It does seem, however, that his weakness is how full he is of himself. Perhaps working on his ego will make him lose his focus.

Our weapons tremble as we both try to push the other away.

"Where did you get that medal?"
"Perceptive, aren't you? You see your own doom, larvae! I've been awarded this medal for my outstanding strength and bravery by White Fang--and not even he could outlive me!"
No. 109294 ID: cf41a7

Quite brave then, wasn't it, to attack a man at arms length with his back turned and weapon un-drawn?
No. 109298 ID: 632862

Such a strong man must get all the ladies, then.
No. 109302 ID: 6faa8c

Oh ho this one
No. 109309 ID: c16184
File 12632640307.png - (125.42KB , 700x700 , C15-17.png )

"Such a strong man must get all the ladies, then."
With some strange gurgling sound the Fang drops his jaw to let his grotesque tongue hang out.
"I've fucked more girls than you've laid eyes on, larvae! I fuck more every day!"
No. 109311 ID: 632862

Oh, and I bet you leave them all satisfied, with a tongue like that.
No. 109312 ID: cf41a7

Really? Did they want you.. or did you decide they wanted you?
No. 109315 ID: 445c48

Quick, pretend to be a woman, insult his manhood, and then stab him, you're wearing the skirt for it!

Wait no, that's stupid.
No. 109316 ID: 3416ec

Compliment him on the pointedness of his Prussian Pickelhaube.
No. 109319 ID: e0499d

break the deadlock
parry right
watch halbard graze to your left
use his own motion to impale him
No. 109320 ID: 67c611

Ridder, how big is your dick? Depending on the answer you can say:

"I bet my dick is bigger than yours."

or say

"Quantity does not equal quality."
No. 109321 ID: 632862

Psst guys this is the opposite of insult swordfighting. We're trying to distract him by stroking his ego.
No. 109324 ID: 3416ec


I doubt that an honorable knight will start slinging insults about manhood.

Besides, this guy is eating up all the ego-boosters.
No. 109325 ID: 9d07d9


A savage like him probably prides himself on the women he's raped, this should do nicely.
No. 109328 ID: c16184
File 126326549489.png - (90.96KB , 700x700 , C15-18.png )

"Oh, and I bet you leave them all satisfied, with a tongue like that."
The brute begins a hissing laugh. He slightly raises his head--My cue that his balance is off.
I push forward with all my might. The Fang's halberd glances off to the right, and he loses his footing. His jaw clench down on his tongue.
He sounds a hoarse shriek.

No. 109330 ID: 3416ec

Go in for the kill!
No. 109331 ID: 6d4c58

No disarm him.
No. 109335 ID: f44349

No. Disable him but do not kill him.
No. 109337 ID: 3416ec

Point taken. Disabling it is.
No. 109344 ID: 8ce2bf

Take him down and tie him up with some of your clothes. Take one of the poisoned arrows and stab him with it, and say you won't give him an antidote unless he gives you the answers you want.
No. 109347 ID: 632862

but we don't have an antid... oh. OHH.
No. 109351 ID: 632862

I think we should mortally wound him, then promise a quick death if he gives us answers.
No. 109355 ID: cf41a7

Disable. Disarm.
No. 109356 ID: 3416ec


That's a bit of a gamble, considering he may not talk at all.
No. 109358 ID: 8ce2bf

If he won't talk when he thinks it's to save his own life he's not going to talk no matter what and we're done with him anyway. We have two potential witnesses to question afterward and it's unlikely that he's going to give any information willingly no matter what we do.
No. 109360 ID: e75a2f

You won't get any answers from him at all. None of the other fangs said anything, and neither will he.

Kill him, as painfully as possible would be preferable.
No. 109364 ID: c16184
File 126326764433.png - (108.93KB , 700x700 , C15-19.png )

I twist the halberd out of his hand as he goes down, then hit it and his wrist to prevent him from grabbing it again.
I spot something from the corner of my eye--

No. 109365 ID: c16184
File 126326764861.png - (132.78KB , 700x700 , C15-20.png )

No. 109366 ID: e3f578

Lets see how you do fisticuffs Ridder. Punch the shit right outta him.
No. 109369 ID: 632862

Great, now both of you are disarmed. Looks like he's got some brute strength on his side though to send you flying like that. Perhaps you could grab his halberd now?
No. 109371 ID: 3416ec

Roll as you land and give him the business end of your spear.
No. 109388 ID: c50a92

Yell something akin to "Iesgip, now!

Now, I understand that Iesgip doesn't actually have anything prepared, but our little gnoll friend doesn't know that, does he? Use the momentary distraction to run him through with the first weapon you can get your hands on.

...if he somehow sees through your ruse, however, then simply engage in fisticuffs. I honestly don't remember if you're armed with a dagger/stiletto or not, though, if you are, then put it to good use.
No. 109401 ID: c16184
File 12632694129.png - (119.63KB , 700x700 , C15-21.png )

I catch myself with a roll and continue to roll away from the Fang until I manage to grab on to his discarded halberd. But as I flip on to my feet to face him, he has jumped on to Tchergat's mount.

"Hi'hh heh hou hehh hihe!"
No. 109406 ID: 3416ec


Attempt to knock him off the mount. If he's too far away, go for the legs of the mount. We'll just have to share rides.
No. 109407 ID: e3f578

Oh shit, lets show our mount prowess. This guy right here just made a huge mistake. Get on your mount.
No. 109408 ID: f21281

The mount is a traitor now. Lop off one of it's legs.
No. 109410 ID: c16184
File 126326957681.png - (75.50KB , 700x700 , C15-21-paused.png )

No. 109412 ID: 632862

Use the hooked parts of the halberd to trip the mount or pull him off it.
No. 109415 ID: 34470e

He either said "I'll show you the/her/his cave/mine" or "I'll show you a fight". I think. If anyone has a better translation, go for it.
No. 109418 ID: 445c48

Yell for Huey (Louie? Dewey? Which mount is this?) to stop. Alternatively, hope Iegsip has her crossbow loaded and sighted, and give her the command to fire..
No. 109426 ID: 5afb24

Let him run, Iegsip should be able to track him to his lair now. Check on the Tchergat.
No. 109554 ID: 84297a
File 126327947546.jpg - (8.36KB , 322x168 , WHAT.jpg )

Strategic thinking? What madness is this?
No. 109625 ID: d0d0ab

Mounted combat! That should feel like home.
Get on yours and give chase!
No. 109640 ID: 5d5878

This sounds like a good idea, fresh tracks from an mount ought to be nothing for Iesgip to follow.
No. 109649 ID: 9bab6d

Sounded like "I'll get you next time" to me.
No. 109655 ID: 632862

No. 109676 ID: 9bab6d
File 12633180413.jpg - (23.40KB , 425x318 , DrClaw1.jpg )

No. 109679 ID: df20ec

Pshh. Ridder is a skilled rider, I'm sure he can outmaneuver this fellow over rough terrain. Though he is probably a bit heavier with the armour.
No. 109681 ID: 34bfdb
File 126332011114.jpg - (351.55KB , 676x700 , Gadget_by_RobD2003.jpg )

Hey..can this wait a minute? I'm kinda busy!
No. 109700 ID: c16184
File 126332895397.png - (121.88KB , 700x700 , C15-22.png )

I leap on my own mount and give chase.
My riding skills seem to surpass his by far. Very slowly I gain on him as we speed through the wood at the mounts topspeeds.

My longbow is attached to the saddle, but to use it I will have to drop this halberd.

No. 109702 ID: 426169

Be careful, he might be leading you to an ambush.
Don't release the halberd, but call him a coward for running away.
No. 109703 ID: c593ec

If you drop the halberd you'll have nothing left to defend yourself with at close range. Don't drop it. I'm sure you understand the patience of the hunt and the chase well enough that if you bide your time, outride him, he'll exhaust and disorient himself (especially with his badly-bleeding injury) and give you the opportunity to strike when the time is right.

However, again, be aware of your surroundings. It's unlikely, given how he attacked you, that he was planning a secondary ambush behind. He seemed 100% confident he'd take you down himself, so I doubt there's a backup plan. But either way, be watchful, just in case.
These gnolls are tricksy.
No. 109704 ID: aa59be

Or a cliff. Watch him close, do not drop the halberd. I think there's a few trees too many around here to trust the longbow.

Well, if you wanna kill the mount to get to him, it might be worthwhile...
No. 109705 ID: 8ce2bf

Don't try shooting him unless you're very confident in your mounted archery, and have at least one back-up weapon like one of your looted knives on you. As long as you're still gaining on him I would stick with the halberd. You know how to handle a pole well, I'm sure you can get it inside him even if he resists.
No. 109709 ID: 445c48

"Running away, oh Gnoll of Outstanding Strength and Bravery? I bet White Fang would have you stripped of your medal on the spot!"
No. 109715 ID: 67c611

Sing this starting at 2:30 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4SJ0xR2_bQ

Brave Sir Gnoll ran away.
Bravely ran away away.
When danger reared it's ugly head,
He bravely turned his tail and fled.
Yes, brave Sir Gnoll turned about
And gallantly he chickened out.

****Bravely**** taking to his feet,
He beat a very brave retreat.
Bravest of the braaaave, Sir Gnoll!
No. 109721 ID: c16184
File 12633311898.png - (117.84KB , 700x700 , C15-23.png )

Like I said, taunting is something I prefer to avoid. One does not need to be rude when fighting.

Very well, I won't draw my longbow. I continue to chase him out of the wood and through increasing layers of snow.
When in the distance a cave becomes visible, the Fang begins to cry out.


He continues to speed up to the cave. I kick my mount into an extra sprint in an attempt to intercept him before he enters.
But at the cave entrance he pulls his mounts reign, who slides to a halt just as another gnoll, completely naked carrying only a bottle and a torch steps out of the cave, putting herself between me and my target.

As I speed towards her she takes a large swig from the bottle.

"Hmph hmphhm-hm-hm-hmph!!"
No. 109726 ID: 67c611

Halt and keep range. There is some fire coming your way.
No. 109727 ID: c593ec

Ridiculously high proof alcohol sprayed from the mouth, through a torch, makes a proficient flamethrower. There's no mystery what she's about to do.

Forget your forward position and jump for the snow. The last thing you need is to be engulfed in flaming liquor.
No. 109729 ID: 4c3939

No. 109732 ID: cf41a7

She about to spit flames I think.
No. 109737 ID: 445c48

She's going to spit fire at you. Quick, save Huey! Also shout "He doesn't love you"

And listen, Taunts can be handy. True, they may be a bit rude, but this man is easily thrown off by such banter. And besides, surely someone who has bragged about his bravery should be held accountable for such cowardly actions.
No. 109740 ID: c16184
File 126333260958.png - (148.94KB , 700x700 , C15-24.png )

Without thinking I let myself fall from the mount. It shrieks in panic as it's engulfed in a cloud of fire.
The intense heat immediatly melts the snow to a swamp.

Through the flames I spot the other Fang entering the cave.

No. 109741 ID: 67c611

Quick, go for a leg sweep on fire bitch.
No. 109743 ID: f44349

She is naked, and if you get the alcohol or the torch out of her hands, completely unarmed.
Disarm. Incapacitate. Give chase to our original target before he does... whatever he is doing!
No. 109744 ID: 445c48


I don't blame him if he runs away, never to be seen again though.
No. 109746 ID: 3416ec


Better yet, grab the alcohol and douse her. Apply flame.
No. 109747 ID: 2cbe3e


I think that bird is hyper dead.

On the bright side, he was nice and fat as a Christmas ham, so he must have like a gallon of foie gras in him.
No. 109748 ID: 04bd7e

1.they have a prisoner/hostage
2.you are alone. against 2-1 odds at least
(you abandoned the team to keep chase)
3. you now know the location of the lair
4. dont think a spear will be the weapon of choice in there either.

so how Bout doubling back and getting backup?
No. 109750 ID: cf41a7

Removing either the bottle or the flame would incapacitate her little tricks.
No. 109769 ID: 2cbe3e


Obviously one of his allies is going to show up at the last minute though.
No. 109781 ID: 04bd7e

he still left his (wounded) team behind.
No. 109789 ID: c16184
File 126334171144.png - (116.38KB , 700x700 , C15-25.png )

I make a swing for the Fang's feet, knocking her clear off the ground. She lands on her back in the molten ice slushy, her torch immediatly doused.
Behind me the mount's shrieks turn to chokes and to silence. The smell of a wellprepared dinner fills the air.

No. 109790 ID: 6faa8c

I see a door.

Do you see a door?

Because there is a door there.
No. 109791 ID: f44349

She is unarmed and naked... it wouldn't do to kill her like this.
Clock her in the head.
Make sure she is incapacitated.
Pursue the original target.
No. 109793 ID: 197650

So she can bite you in the ass later?
Kill her.
No. 109795 ID: e3f578

Incapacitate the fallen gnoll. We'll come for her later for questioning. The one that got Tchergat will perish for his sins.
No. 109796 ID: 632862

Knock that bitch OUT!
No. 109798 ID: 34470e

Don't kill her, kill the one that killed Tchergat and come back to this one for questioning.
No. 109799 ID: aa59be

KO, then keep going.
No. 109801 ID: 51d0f5

Pour the bottle over her and light her up.
No. 109803 ID: 67c611

KO that bitch.
No. 109804 ID: a84f09

Pour alcohol in her eyes
No. 109812 ID: c16184
File 126334419992.png - (107.74KB , 700x700 , C15-26.png )

I hit the downed gnoll in the forehead with the blunt side of the halberd and continue into the cave.
It does not go very deep: I quickly run into the Fang standing by a desk full of paperwork. He has already gotten himself a new weapon in the form of a broadbladed spear.

"Surrender now and your life will be spared."
"Hihe Hi Heheh houh hoh ho houh hih!"
No. 109816 ID: 3af198

Stay alert. He might be trying something tricky.
No. 109817 ID: 67c611

"I'm sorry I can't understand you. If you put down the weapon I'll take that as a sign of surrender. Otherwise........"
No. 109818 ID: e9b708

"I can't understand what you're saying, maybe if you wrote it down."
As long as you don't drop your guard.
No. 109819 ID: 1831fc

You've got a halberd. Use it. Pull his feet out from underneath of him with the hook, stab him in the leg to incapacitate him, and threaten his life by placing the point under his chin. If he continues to struggle, end it. No sense in letting this misery drag out any further.

Stay sharp. There could be others around, too.
No. 109820 ID: f21281

Watch your back.
No. 109821 ID: 632862

I'm pretty sure that was a refusal to surrender.

Something along the lines of "Like I'd ever bow to you filth!"
No. 109822 ID: 632862

I just noticed he's holding that the wrong way around to strike at you. Is there a blade at both ends?
No. 109823 ID: 445c48

NO! HUEY! Avenge Huey! Stab that fucker!

Or at least be sure to eat him. Are those mounts also delicious? Or would they be too tough, being work animals and all?
No. 109824 ID: 917cac

He's holding it like he's planning to slice with it, instead of stabbing.
No. 109825 ID: c16184
File 126334644023.png - (101.35KB , 700x700 , C15-27.png )

I hook the halberd's curve around one of the gnoll's legs and pull, but the gnoll resists with his incredible strength. He hops around on his other foot as he pulls at the halberd at the cost of his own leg. A trickle of bleed begins to leak from his boot.
Luckily, he is too offbalance to swing with the spear, and indeed, he has the sharp side facing the wrong way to stab with it.

Then I hear a familiar sound.

No. 109826 ID: 445c48

Watch out for fire, it's likely that there would be more than one torch in this cave, or some methods of making fire, so she's likely armed again. Also, there's potential for getting a spearbutt to the face.

Also, we have a great angle there.
No. 109827 ID: c593ec


Dive behind the man. The quarters are small and confined and the heat won't dissipate the same way. You can't just hope to get out the way. You need to find cover.
Yank the gnoll with all your might, or suddenly release your pull so he loses his balance, then dive behind him. See that he gets the burst of fire and not you.
No. 109828 ID: 632862

Oh come on. You fail at knocking people out, Ridder.

...also I think she's about to breathe fire again.
No. 109830 ID: aa59be

Put him between you and the pyro.
Try to not let her burn everything. You kind of need all these papers to figure out whats going on, if no one survives this clusterfuck.
No. 109831 ID: 3af198

Quick, spin around him keeping his leg up to put him between you and her.
No. 109832 ID: e3f578

"You pull that trick and this whole cave lights on fire. You'll lose your home and lover boy here."
No. 109833 ID: e9b708

Using the length of your spear put the table and him between you and her. Then use the table as a pivot to cut into his leg as you crouch behind the table.
You might have to tip the table if their is no protection behind it.
No. 109834 ID: 1831fc


State this. I doubt it'll work, but it's worth a shot. She's half crazed as it is.

Pull up, and push forward, Ridder. This'll draw him even further off balance and put him on his back.

I suggest you take a full fledged swing at her skull this time. Make sure you aim with the back end at her neck. Try to stun her for more than a few seconds this time?
No. 109836 ID: a56bd0

Get behind him... of under him. You can't dodge this one being in a cave and all. If you have to go over the desk, leap over, if you have to go between his legs... go between,

Just get something between you and toasty death!

Also, remember to hold your breath, flamethrowers tend to kill best with lung damage.
No. 109840 ID: 632862

Jump behind the desk?
No. 109846 ID: c16184
File 126334861735.png - (277.86KB , 700x700 , C15-28.png )

I drop to the ground and slide behind the Fang by pulling on the halberd. It slices a complete circle around his ankle when I pull it with me, but before he can fall over a massive cloud of fire catches him.
I only just manage to hold my breath before the air around me becomes too hot to breath and is used up in the fire.
I can feel the heat eating away at my left hand, but I bite through the pain.

No. 109852 ID: 11d68d

Okay, toss the burning corpse into the pyro, if you can try to knock the bottle or torch out of her hand or otherwise incapacitate her arms.
No. 109853 ID: 3af198

Get away from the heat. And watch out in case the Fang tries a desperation move.
No. 109863 ID: 67c611

Use his body as a shield and advance towards her. She doesn't know if he is alive or dead so she will hesitate to flame him again.
No. 109864 ID: 11d68d


I don't think she really cares that much.
No. 109869 ID: 917cac

This is getting difficult. We still want to find out who hired the Fangs.
If we kill everyone without finding out, they could just hire someone else. Unless it's written down somewhere.
No. 109873 ID: 3416ec


At this point, it would probably be better to just off them both and ferret out leads later.

If Ridder can't thoroughly KO a fang, it's best to stop attempting to do so at the cost of our own personal safety.
No. 109874 ID: 6faa8c




No. 109875 ID: c16184
File 126335086663.png - (130.95KB , 700x700 , C15-29.png )

I knock the Fang into the other one. He falls back without resistance: He's either unconscious or dead.
The naked gnoll catches her comrade but is obviously surprised by the heat. She tries to back away from under the dead weight.

"Hm-hmhmph hmphh!"
Her mouth is still full.
No. 109876 ID: 3416ec

Nail her in the mouth, see if we can't engulf her in flames!
No. 109877 ID: 6faa8c

Press your advantage and go for the torch! Drop the halberd if you must to disarm her!
No. 109880 ID: b0d1c8

Spear the Pyro and Soldier
No. 109883 ID: 67c611

Slice the arm carrying the torch. Hopefully you won't cripple the arm but will still get her to drop it.
No. 109884 ID: 51d0f5

No. 109885 ID: 445c48

Try to disarm her. We could pump her for information.
No. 109888 ID: 3af198

Quick, evasive maneuvers. She can easily spit fire at you from over his shoulder.
No. 109889 ID: 117b8c

Or her gut, lets see if we can make her spit or glup it down.

Come on. We need someone to interrogate, dammit!
No. 109892 ID: e9b708

Or you can knock her head to the side so she doesn't hit you.
No. 109893 ID: a56bd0

It would be nice to at least save someone with 'some' answers.
No. 109896 ID: 11d68d

Watch that she doesn't try to spit the liquid in her mouth at you, if you can smack her in the jaw with the butt end of your halberd, if we're lucky we can either get her to spit out the liquid away from us or bust her jaw.
No. 109900 ID: c16184
File 126335218078.png - (82.01KB , 700x700 , C15-29-pause.png )

No. 109902 ID: df20ec

She's effectively immobilized for a brief moment. Step/spin around and forward and really give it to her on the back of the head. Even if it doesn't knock her out, it should make her spit out what she's got.
No. 110102 ID: 8ce2bf

Kick her torch away and use the pole of the halberd to get the gnoll off of her, and pin her to the ground. Close your eyes to avoid her spitting alcohol into them, and hold her nose shut to get her to swallow or spit it out. Maybe we can get some answers out of her.
By the way, is that potion still in effect? How's your left hand?
No. 110103 ID: c16184
File 126340727491.png - (117.76KB , 700x700 , C15-30.png )

I drop my halberd, taking the gnoll by surprise when I grab her wrists and pin her down. I thrust my weight onto her stomach, making her spill the liquid from her mouth.
She sputters and squeezes her eyes shut to prevent it from leaking in.

"You won't be able to rape me because only my King can rape me and he'll save me!"
No. 110104 ID: 23c457

No. 110105 ID: 8ce2bf

Prove her wrong.
no why would you even think that ridder you're a terrible person what is wrong with you you don't rape people not even enemies that is just terrible
Ask her about the inspector and chef assisstant, if they're in peril we want to know right away.
No. 110106 ID: 2a2740

If you manage to not flinch or wince from that, just tie her up. The less said, the better.

These guys are crazy.
No. 110107 ID: f44349

Say "What."
Because I know that is what you are thinking.
And then after you are done being shocked and perturbed, demand to know about the missing inspector and cook AND demand to know why they are attacking YOU.

Oh yeah you should probably tie her up before the other one gets up somehow, too.
No. 110108 ID: 5aa60d

shes... not the smartest gnoll ever...
No. 110110 ID: e9b708

Keep an eye out for the other fang. The fire might not of completely stopped him.
No. 110111 ID: 151d70

Have pity on the thing. It seems like the only intimacy she knows is rape. Apparently, love and kindness have no place amongst the fangs. A bit more understandable for Black Fang's leaving, if it was always like that.

Would you want to turn her in to the local authorities, or keep her imprisoned yourself? Death only if she somehow manages to make herself a threat in this current time. She might be able to be reformed, after all.

...but yeah. If the other is still alive, chances are he'll never surrender until he's dead.
No. 110112 ID: c16184
File 126340817354.png - (72.90KB , 700x700 , C15-31.png )

Indeed, it has become obvious that these Fangs are severely demented. If they have always been like this, I begin to see more clearly why Black Fang left to fight for a clearer cause.

"Where is the mine-inspector and the chef-assistent? What did you do to them?!"

She snarls as she struggles under my grip. She's considerably less strong than the other Fang.

"I fucked the chef and ate the inspector! He was disgusting but I loved killing him! I will fuck and eat you too!"
No. 110113 ID: b94b24

Do not take your eyes off the other one. Until they have both been disabled and dealt with, consider them both hostile and capable of rocking your clock.

We need to tie her up. I don't care if it's fancy or not, but she needs her hands and feet bound. I'd consider a muzzle of some kind, seeing as she'd chew through a gag.

We're obviously dealing with a gnoll who's a little off center. Say nothing as you tie her up. Try to offer a small, knowing smile to her before checking up on the other. Perhaps it'll set her mind into thinking you're capable of doing something.

I'm going to guess her 'king' is incapacitated, or badly burned. Deal with her, then check on your crispy gnoll shield. It's possible, but not likely, that he still breathes.

Make sure he isn't. And if he is, then put two holes in his chest so he won't be breathing for long. Or, if you've got the stomach, take the head off. That'll shock the other one, possibly.

Don't forget. Head on a swivel. Eyes up.
No. 110114 ID: f44349

Good, she is talkative.
Ask her about who hired them to attack you.
She probably doesn't know, but it won't hurt to ask.
Also tie her up and make sure the other one isn't about to stab you in the back.
No. 110115 ID: 2a2740

Come on, we finally have live prisoners!

Try to not kill either, we have questions to make!
Torture is ok though, even if I doubt it would work.
No. 110116 ID: b94b24


Be cautious. We don't know if the others down yet.

We put her out of the fight, and focus on sweeping the place. We're alone, we're separated from our force, and we're practically unarmed.

What we need to do is secure the place. Take her down, check the body of the first gnoll, and get a short weapon to sweep the rest of the rooms.
No. 110118 ID: c16184
File 126340951521.png - (117.07KB , 700x700 , C15-32.png )

From the way she tries to break from my grip I've gotten a good feel for her hand-to-hand skills, or lack there of. With some effort I manage to turn her around and bind her with the two belts that usually hold my spear.
Checking on the other Fang I find him to be dead. The burns look horrible but not deadly, so I assume either shock or lungdamage killed him. I have no real knowledge in this.

My hand looks very bad. The thought of removing the glove is very unsettling.

The female gnoll continues to squirm and snarl on the ground, but with no idea on how to focus her power she remains bound.

No. 110119 ID: 23c457

Tell her that her king is dead.
No. 110120 ID: f44349

I guess that does it. These two seem to be the last of the Fangs.
However... I doubt this will be the last of our worries.
We need to find out who hired them. Whomever they are, THEY are the real threat.
If the prisoner proves to be knowledgeless or uncooperative, just search the base for some kind of letters or documentation.
No. 110121 ID: 917cac

Or even better that she killed her King.
No. 110122 ID: 151d70

It might be wiser to cut off the glove rather than pull it off. So, I'd recommend waiting until you're somewhere that you can get burns treated.
No. 110123 ID: 2a2740

"Your king is dead. Long live the King."
No. 110124 ID: 2a2740

Wait, is his desk on fire?

Smother that up, QUICK! D: WE NEED THAT INFO!
No. 110126 ID: 81cbad

We don't know that she killed the king yet. Perhaps it's better to ask whether the king would mind that she incinerated her friend over there, it assumes less.
No. 110127 ID: b94b24


Ready up. Take stock of the surroundings. Keep an eye on the squirming one. She might get lucky if you're not careful. Take any Close range weapons and equip them.

You'll have to deal with your hand once you get back to Iesgip. She'll probably have a burn cream of some kind.

In the meantime, I would suggest leaving this place. No point in standing around waiting to get killed. Grab the halberd, grab the girl, and drag her back to the uninjured mount. You're going to have to walk, but at least you can transport her without hindering yourself.

Perhaps if we take her back to Black Fang, we can convince her to help. If not... Black Fang would at least like to know what happened to his remaining kin, I'm sure.

And before I forget, try to find a marker. Someway to tell that you've been her before. Make sure you update your map, in case you need to come back. This would probably be better when you have Black Fang, or someone with you to see if you need to clear the place out.

...That's all I can think of. If there's nothing left here, then we need to pick up Iesgip and the Ogre and double time it back to base with your prisoner. Again, watch your back, Ridder.
No. 110128 ID: b94b24


And I overlooked this! Grab that intelligence! It's going to be damaged, but we could at least get some pieces together into a tangible bit of data! Hurry!
No. 110129 ID: 81cbad

It should be pretty easy to extinguish any fire by dropping armfuls of snow on it. The cave itself can't burn, only furniture. Even if you can only extinguish the desk, without the firebreather it shouldn't spread very well so we can just wait for the rest to burn itself out.
No. 110130 ID: c50a92

Before you do anything else, see if there's anything you can do about that table fire. If the documents look salvageable, then attempt to smother or douse it with whatever's on hand. Otherwise, just leave it. Once that's dealt with, make sure you search the rest of the cave, as the female gnoll never mentioned actually killing the chef. If he's not here, then simply wrap the gnoll in any clothing or sheets you can find, then head back down to Tchergat and Iesgip.

Oh, and somewhere during all that, go ahead and inform the gnoll of her "king"'s death. Be somewhat gentle about it, though; she may be demented, but she seems to have been rather fond of him.
No. 110131 ID: c16184
File 126341146121.png - (75.35KB , 700x700 , C15-33.png )

I take the broad bladed spear from the ground.

I have no reason to believe that the dead Fang is the female Fang's 'king'. It would make more sense for it to refer the person hiring them, but I won't make any assumptions.
The desk is unsalvageable. The flames are already wavering, having burned through their fuel. The thick wooden desk stands, but the papers have been reduced to ashes.

"Your comrade is dead. Killed by your fire."
"I'll avenge him with your blood!"

I don't see any purpose in moving the Fang to my base. She is obviously far too deranged to be convinced into working for me, and I don't like the idea of having someone who kills men and eats them for amusement under my command.
If I am to move her, I better take her to the fortress and collect the reward. But first I better try to find Iesgip and.. Tchergat.

No. 110132 ID: 4e8a2a


We still have questions for her. Don't take her in right away.

Get to looting the rest of the place, then grab the girl and get back to your comrades. Chop chop, Ridder.

Shame about the info, though. Damn shame.
No. 110133 ID: 2819cf


Take the fallen fang's medal before you go.
No. 110134 ID: 59c190

Stop staring at her bare ass, hoping for a glimpse of her obviously moist and aroused pussy.

No. 110136 ID: 6834bc

You might as well see how she responds (if at all) to the mention of Black Fang, Ridder.

Also, don't forget that these Fangs have those odd arousal-and-healing potions. You could look around the place and see if they have any... might help Tchergat.
And your hand, if it really is badly messed up.
No. 110138 ID: 8ce2bf

Keep your left hand above your heart, and don't try to remove your glove if it's burnt onto your skin.
No. 110139 ID: 2a2740

Eh, that desk doesn' has drawers, do they?
No. 110141 ID: 4e8a2a


Might be useful. Now that we know the effects, we could measure out a more realistic portion for th-...

Wait. Now I'm curious. What if something in the potions was driving them insane?

Ridder. See if you can find a potion. We need to get Iesgip and get back to the base as soon as possible. This could be problematic...

Take the gnoll with you. We'll have to try a little experiment.
No. 110143 ID: c16184
File 126341332573.png - (104.78KB , 700x700 , C15-34.png )

The desk has no drawers. There was alot of papers and a book on it before it caught on fire. I assume that was all the paperwork they had.
I find no potions in the room. There is only a small kitchen with a pot of rotten meat.
Pieces of cloth suggest it is indeed the mine-inspector.

There is only a crude wooden door left to look behind. It leads to what appears to be the bedroom. Several chests are scattered on the floor, and bunkbeds line the wall.
One of them is occupied by a naked dogperson of small build.

No. 110144 ID: 917cac

Get him to put on some cloths. Then rescue him.
No. 110145 ID: 8ce2bf

Have him stay under your dress so that he can stay warmer.
No. 110146 ID: f44349

Inform the dogperson (probably the chef's assitant) that he is freed from the demented gnolls!
No. 110147 ID: 4e8a2a


Carefully check the chests, and watch the dogperson. I would suggest tying him up.

Two prisoners accounted for. I'd drag the charlie bravo into the room and throw her on the bed to keep an eye on her.

Keep a sharp look out for anything of use. Or anyone else.
No. 110148 ID: e75a2f

Kill him. He's dead-weight and probably as crazy as the other two by now.
No. 110149 ID: ea815a

Ask him for information! Even if they didn't bother trying to inform him, these crazies probably babbled their doings all over the place in his earshot.
No. 110150 ID: c593ec

Sadly Ridder, you don't have a CHOICE.

You have to take this crazed Fang with you. She's the only one left alive that knows anything. Your ONLY Fang prisoner or war. You absolutely have to bring her back and interrogate her. Even if she IS crazy she must know something about what was going on here and about why you were targeted. I know it's not much, but she is absolutely the only lead we have at all right now.

Also, I know it's not an enviable action, but you also have to administer a coup de grace to the downed fang in the helmet. You've fallen for their ruses pretty much every goddamn time and it's been time and time again they've "come back" from the dead or unconsciousness to attack you. So finish him off, be sure, and take the woman with you.

If you don't, all of this will be for nothing. Worse than nothing; you'll have lost the only lead you had.
No. 110151 ID: 917cac

Or you just could try questioning her here.
No. 110152 ID: 4e8a2a


Danger lurks around every corner. Who knows what the Fangs have up their sleeve?

The other alternative could be having Black Fang talk to her. If it was any indication, Purple Fang might have joined us under different circumstances.

It's very possible Yellow had some means of control. Grey's control was obviously this strange psychosis.

I agree on the Coup de Grace. Make sure you kick his helmet off first before you drop the blade on his skull.

Or better yet, remove it.
No. 110153 ID: c16184
File 126341442579.png - (64.84KB , 700x700 , C15-35.png )

"Your captors are dead. Please put on your clothes, I will take you out of here shortly."

The dogperson complies. He puts on his clothing tragically slow as I check the chests.
Some are filled with various kinds of wellcrafted weapons. I replace my burned longbow.
One of the chests, however, is filled with large bags full of coins: Gold, silver and copper. There must be atleast a thousand gold worth of coins here. It is far too heavy for me to carry all of it, however.
I can probably take a weapon and a bag of gold, or two weapons or two bags of gold.

Very well, I shall make sure the burned Fang is dead and question the bound one when I'm done here.

No. 110154 ID: 3af198

Is that a rolled up paper in the chest? If so it may be a clue.
No. 110155 ID: 3416ec


Seconding this. Also, be sure to thoroughly loot the chests.
No. 110156 ID: 4e8a2a

Keep an eye out. And try to hide that chest if you can. Throw a blanket over it if you need to.

Make sure the dog person goes outside. He might not like what we're about to do.
No. 110157 ID: 6faa8c

Take all the gold you can. If all of them are dead, go get Iesgip and get MOAR MONEY.

Money solves a lot of problems. With money, we could afford buying professional goddamn help for building additional living space. With five bags, you can do that and possibly start a personal armory and dedicated training area for your guys.

No. 110158 ID: 3416ec



We need a Bag of Holding or some such device.
No. 110159 ID: e9b708

Keep an eye on the Dogperson. You don't know if he's been brainwashed or anything. Seeing as he was staying there without being tied up or anything.
No. 110160 ID: c89b56

How much gold can the dogman carry?
No. 110163 ID: 917cac

It could end up badly if he attacked you or freed the fang, because you didn't expect anything.
No. 110164 ID: c593ec

Hey, uh, you can always come back here with your mounts and friends in about five minutes and take ALL the gold. No one else is nearby or knows where this place is and its inhabitants are already accounted for.
Take what you need to defend yourself, check on your friends, then bring back a mount and load the fuck up on gold.

It's not like this is your one and only chance to examine this chest.
No. 110165 ID: 6bd2fd

Alternatively, take what little gold you can carry, hide/bury the rest along with the weapons, go to the nearest town, buy a cart using the gold you took, return for loot.
This stuff is way too valuable to just leave.
No. 110166 ID: 4e8a2a


Exactly. Hide it now and move to the next room or two.

Take anyone out that appears hostile, and tie up the rest.
No. 110167 ID: c16184
File 126341575158.png - (75.37KB , 700x700 , C15-36.png )

I believe I did not get the amount of coins across. If I were to take all that would mean loading up both mounts with only these bags and walking next to it. Heading back this way would take days, and we'd be open to any sort of assault.
That is why such amounts are only moved on carts in caravans.
Do not forget we just lost a mount.

The paper shows a letter and a crude map.
It appears the Fangs had absolutely no doubt that they would off me without trouble.

No. 110168 ID: 6bd2fd


That is all.
No. 110169 ID: c593ec

Well then come back with a cart or a caravan or something. Just make sure you hide the gold and return when possible. After all, the location is well hidden and we wouldn't have found it without help -- and no one would come out here without reason anyway.
Plus we just decimated the entire Fang team to the point that if there is anyone left that wants to kill you despite the obvious dangers outweighing the benefits they're in too much disarray to do anything about it now, reeling from your last attack.

That gold could be vital to your empire.
Don't you remember what your friend, the Prince said?

Aim high, my friend.
No. 110170 ID: 11d68d

Good lord everyone's so friggen greedy, have you all forgotten about our new ally? Leave the gold for the town to collect when I'm sure they'll send someone to investigate what happened up here, I'm sure it's all stolen anyways.

Now the weapons on the other hand might be more useful, we should inspect what's available, though we should really get around to making sure Tchergat is actually still alive... like we probably should have done before we ran off on our own.
No. 110171 ID: 3416ec

Fine. Pocket as much gold as you can, and go check on Tchergat.

Seriously, BAG OF HOLDING.
No. 110176 ID: 2a2740

Pocket as much as you can, go town, get cart and extra mounts!
No. 110177 ID: 81cbad


Gold buys good medicine. It's foolish to try and transport such an amount as we are, but it's just as foolish to take a little and abandon the rest. If it's really so much money that it cannot be moved without the fantasy version of a bank armoured car, then it will comfortably buy the cart and animals to pull it without seriously diminishing in total value. The only real reason it would be unacquirable is if we aren't allowed it because PLOT!!!!
If nothing else, such a large sum would be useful to supply our blossoming research teams' experiments; as the old Volto said even the basic agents used in such pursuits are held as treasures by the common man and are probably quite costly.
No. 110178 ID: e3f578

Hmm, this note is pretty old since Violet Fang is dead. The origins of this mess must come from Mesa Cave Land whose name I forgot. I suppose this is our next destination after we return.

Now let us return to Tchergat and lesgip with our captured Gnoll and the hound. We'll worry bout this gold when we can discuss it with the family man... lets get some clothes on the damn crazy woman too.
No. 110179 ID: c16184
File 126341744328.png - (88.71KB , 700x700 , C15-37.png )

Aim high, hm? That is right.
I promised the prince to try for more than victory in battle. It is true that all these supplies will go a long way in making my force permanent.
Very well, when everything is taken care off I shall purchase new mounts and a cart in the town to ship everything to my base.
My followers will probably be happy being able to purchase better equipment as well.


The Fang screams at the cave's entrance. It appears the dogperson has slipped out when I was occupied with the chests. Understandable, considering what he may have gone through.

I take the halberd from the ground and set it in the burned Fang's neck to make sure he is dead.

"Who hired you?"
"Shut uuuup!"
"If you tell me who hired you I will make you more comfortable."
"Rrrghhhh! I don't know! I wasn't allowed to go on missions anyway!"
"Why is that?"
"Something about being too destructive he said but I know that my king just wanted to keep me close. I know this."
"Does the name Black Fang mean anything to you?"
"Traitor! Traitor! He is a filthy traitor! He ran away and got papa killed! It's all his fault. But my king took care of me!"
"Who is your king?"
"Yellow.. He's dead now! And you chased off Buster! I want to fuck, kill and eat you!!"
No. 110180 ID: 8cb88a


Wrapping her in a blanket will do. I don't want her out of those bindings. She's not strong, but anyone in that kind of rage is unpredictable.

We need to calm her down. When we get to Iesgip, we need to ask her if she has any sedatives, or if we could gather some.
No. 110182 ID: 8cb88a


She's unstable. Something must have happened to her to cause that.

Ask about her Papa. Break her down, and while you're asking questions, try to find a blanket to wrap her in. Once she's wrapped up, we need to get going.

Keep it up. Just a little more to go.
No. 110183 ID: 3416ec

Take one of the bags from the gold chest and wrap her head in it.

Not to smother, mind you, but to keep the biting at bay.
No. 110187 ID: c89b56

Tie her mouth shut in till you get her back to your base for interrogation.
No. 110189 ID: e3f578

"Who was this Fang if your king is dead?" She obviously implied that he died previously in her speech. That was a different Fang.
No. 110190 ID: c16184
File 126341872372.png - (81.31KB , 700x700 , C15-38.png )

I drag the Fang into the bedroom and place her one of the beds, where I wrap her in a blanket and pull a bag over her head.
I think it is safe to leave her like this for a while.

"Who is your papa and what did he do?"

She already sounds calmer. Blinding her seems to have done the trick.

"White Fang.. He's not my real papa but he took me in just like all my brothers and my sister and we fought for money but then Black Fang left and papa died and everything went wrong."

Her voice wavers partially, as if she noticed how sad the story is that she tells.

"Did he teach to you rape and kill for fun?"
"No I came up with that all by myself. I really love hurting people, it makes me feel in control. Then they won't treat me like a baby!"
No. 110192 ID: 2a2740

How did White die?
No. 110193 ID: 3416ec

"Well, you're not in control anymore, so you might as well tell me how White died."
No. 110194 ID: c593ec

Originally I felt disgust at her actions, but now that's been replaced by pity.

It's clear this girl was taken in at a very young age and abused constantly -- physically and emotionally -- which led to her current mental state. Even now she seems to realize her own miserable state.
She does such cruel things because they were done to her, because they are the only way she knows any kind of authority. She's been stepped on and mistreated her whole life, never knowing kindness, so she's modeled herself in that image. Cruel for cruelty's sake, the only way she knows to feel any kind of agency on her own, any kind of power. It's all she can do to think she has some force of will.

It's tragic, really.

Ridder, you have to do something for her. You can't turn her in to the town, they'd execute her.
She has done horrible, deplorable things, but she's only a victim here. She's the result of years of abuse and neglect. She has the worldview of a hurt child. You can't let them execute her. Do something.
No. 110196 ID: 8cb88a


Interesting... control issues. I'm guessing she was bullied around by the other fangs. Tell her that you're not going to order her around or treat her like a child. You're going to ask her some questions, and if she's cooperative, you'll do your best to help her out.

Alternatively, you could be a mentor of sorts. Or at least, offer to be one. It's your choice.

Ask her about White Fang. Have her tell us everything she knows. Then ask about those who hired them to kill you. I'm not sure if she'd know anything, but it's worth a shot.

I'm loathe to leave her alone here, even if she is wrapped up. She could get the idea that she can escape from her binds, and become crazed again. If we plan on taking us with her, we need to ensure that she's not going to cause trouble. We're going to need the other mount for this.

Once you're done asking questions, I suggest we move on. Grab whatever else you need, the prisoner, and get out of there. We'll come back for the gold later.
No. 110199 ID: 3416ec


No. 110201 ID: 8cb88a


A paladin's view of things, eh? I'm on equal terms with this one. Seeing as you sort of have an obligation to such things.

But I'm going to repeat myself. So instead, I have another thought. Check on the dog person. If he's still here, perhaps he'll help calm her down. That's probably her room we're in, and seeing as he was naked in it...

...moving on. We need to keep her as calm as possible, and if he's it, then that'll work well.
No. 110202 ID: c593ec

Buster just ran out the door, escaping. Pay attention!
No. 110203 ID: 9bab6d
File 126341969176.jpg - (25.29KB , 266x202 , KindergardenCop16.jpg )

>"Who is your papa and what did he do?"
No. 110204 ID: b0d1c8

There might be a chance that we can redeem her and possibly add her to your cause. A very minute chance. I recommend at least getting her institutionalized or putting her in a prison nearby so that you can get more information from her, or rape.
No. 110205 ID: 8cb88a


It's possible he's waiting outside. It was a thought, and nothing else.
No. 110207 ID: c16184
File 126341994671.png - (80.90KB , 700x700 , C15-39.png )

Do something? I don't know how to cure minds disturbed like this. The prince has faith in my abilities to lead, but I doubt he had something like this in mind.

"What is your name?"
"Grey. Grey Fang!"
"Grey Fang. I won't abuse you like you have been. I would like to offer you a chance to work with me, if you can end your sadistic ways."
"Why should I change? I'm not changing for anyone anymore! My king liked me like I am!"
"Who is your king?"
"Yellow Fang, the burned gnoll that you got killed! I'll avenge him with your blood!"

There is no way I can take her under my wing like this. She is too demented and views me and Black Fang as her enemy.

"Can you tell me how White Fang died?"
"We were going to storm a prison and kill one of the prisoners and Black Fang didn't show up so the guards were still alive so White Fang tried to kill them all and he died! Stupid Black Fang! Stupid, stupid, I'll feed his own dick to him!!"
No. 110208 ID: 67c611

Would it be possible to turn Grey over to Muschio? Maybe he knows some way of helping her.
No. 110209 ID: e3f578

Can I say that death can be considered mercy for the sick mind. We can't leave her tied up like this... and we can't take her...
No. 110210 ID: c593ec

But you can't kill her. Not like this.
>The prince has faith in my abilities to lead, but I doubt he had something like this in mind.
Perhaps the prince is more capable in such delicate matters? He said he was leading his own forces, perhaps he's got facilities in which to treat such a case.
No. 110211 ID: 34470e

We don't even know where Muschio lives. How can we bring Grey Fang to him if we don't know where he is?
No. 110212 ID: 8ecfd4

This sounds like it could be a decent idea. Just hold her locked up at your base until Mushio visits.
No. 110215 ID: a8c432

It seems like an incredibly dangerous idea to keep her anywhere near your mansion. Perhaps you should ask Tchergat (if he's still alive / conscious) for advice on what to do with her.
No. 110216 ID: 8cb88a

Taking her to Muschio would be foolish. We'd have to find out a way to ensure she would be compliant somehow, and right now, we've got nothing.

In her current state of dementia, I'm not quite sure how we'd be able to stabilize her. She's obviously enraged right now, and it's possible that the adrenaline high is wearing off.

Hmm... Ask her about Yellow Fang. Ask her how he treated her. Then ask how the other Fangs treated her. Perhaps we can gain some insight into how we can break down this gnoll.

While you're talking to her, make sure to steal a quick glance behind you. You seem too focused on her, and not enough on your surroundings. Eyes open, Ridder. I'm fairly sure you don't like sharp pointy things in your chest cavity, do you?

Ah, another question. Or Statement, rather. Tell her the reason Black Fang left. Tell her that he felt the Fangs had lost their purpose, and left to better himself. Tell her she now has an equal opportunity to better herself like that.

That's all I can think of with the limited knowledge I've got.
No. 110217 ID: 917cac

Or you could just turn her over to the authorities. As much as we want to save everyone, helping her by keeping her is unlikely.
No. 110218 ID: 2cbe3e

It's not your job to save this chick. Give her to the local authorities. Kill her if she tries any shit again.
No. 110220 ID: c16184
File 126342077130.png - (66.31KB , 700x700 , C15-40.png )

The prince.. Yes, if anyone would know what to do with her it would be Muschio Malto. I can keep her locked in my base until Muschio visits.
In addition, it is only natural that I would require a brig at one point.

I take one bag of gold and leave her tied up in the bedroom. To make sure she does not leave I block the door with the smoldering desk.

It is high time I return to Iesgip and hopefully Tchergat. I will return here when I have acquired the additional mounts and cart.

No. 110222 ID: 23c457

Give in to your most basic of desires, Ridder.

Cover the crispy Mount in butter, Ridder. It would be delicious.
No. 110223 ID: 3416ec

Mmmm. Kentucky-fried Huey. Them's good eatin'.
No. 110224 ID: 67c611

Give Tchergat gold equal to what he would have gotten for turning in the bounty.

Important: ask him how much it was before telling him anything else. He has no reason to be dishonest then.
No. 110226 ID: 8ecfd4

Don't leave her there. Take her with you immediatly. If you leave her unsupervised then chances are she will manage to escape and then go after you in the future.
No. 110227 ID: 8cb88a


That's a good plan. Consolidate. Check on your team, and get back to base. Get Black Fang and Petal, and then head into town to get a cart and some mounts. From there, recover the gold and the arms, and the girl.

Before you try anything with her, I have an experiment. You need to talk to Black Fang, and tell him the situation with Grey. Tell her she's sick, and a possible solution relies on her seeing him. As long as there are no weapons in the room, I suggest having Black Fang try and knock some sense into her.

It's brutish, and primal. But I'm sure it'd help, even if it's only a little bit.
No. 110228 ID: 8ce2bf

See if you can find Buster on your way back or at his old master's place. Everyone we've seen is human and hates outsiders, it's pretty clear Buster would not be treated well here and with injuries making him less useful it's likely that they would just kill him instead of keeping him around until he got better.
No. 110229 ID: 3416ec

Yeah, after checking on Tchergat and everyone else, come back with Black Fang. If anyone can reason with a mentally crazed fang, it's another fang.
No. 110230 ID: c50a92

Heading back to base before retrieving Grey is not an option, as it takes several days for a round trip. Simply purchasing a cart from the town below and immediately returning would be more feasible.

And, uh, I'm not sure that getting Black Fang to beat the shit out of her would rid her of her violent tendencies. Seriously, she hates Ridder and Black enough already; let's just lock her up and feed her until we can get the prince to take care of this.
No. 110233 ID: 8cb88a


I forgot the distance. Still, even if we do take her back, I'd like to put the other ring on Black Fang and guide him through the process I have in mind.

I forgot to mention the ring too, didn't I? Bloody hell...

Moving on. Consolidate, then Town for carts and mounts, then the trip back. Make sure we take care of Tchergat with some extra gold in his pocket, and let the offer stand to have his family join us.

...Tell them to give us a week, however. We'll need to make room for them.
No. 110234 ID: 3416ec


Look man, what we have here is a crazy-go-nuts Fang with a penchant for violent tenancies. Either we find some way to alter her tenancies, or we dispose of her either in a prison or by killing her. Leaving her behind still ferocious, we run the risk of having this bite us in the ass.
No. 110237 ID: 67c611

Wait, why don't we put the ring on Grey?
No. 110239 ID: b0d1c8

OH GOD YES, THIS WILL BE SO MUCH FUN. Seriously Ridder, we can help her calm the fuck down.
No. 110240 ID: c16184
File 126342298880.png - (114.01KB , 700x700 , C15-41.png )

I will not have Grey Fang be abused by Black Fang, who himself wants to get away from senseless violence. I will keep Grey Fang locked up until the prince can deal with her.

When I arrive back at Iesgip and Tchergat a somber silence hangs in the air.

No. 110243 ID: b0d1c8

Be careful, Buster might give your position away and people might raid the place while you are gone.
No. 110244 ID: a8c432

Wait. What would happen if you put the ring on someone who's dead?
No. 110245 ID: 6834bc

Who or what is impaled on an arrow and stuck in that tree, Ridder?
No. 110246 ID: 6faa8c

>somber silence
oh god. Oh god.

Don't tell me he's dead.
No. 110247 ID: 67c611

"What the hell is going on here?"
No. 110248 ID: 3416ec

Oh dear... ;_;
No. 110249 ID: 4734c3


This is also a good plan. We at least have a chance to get at her mind.


There is an elf or humanoid pinioned to the tree. Inquire this immediately.

...Ask on Tchergat's condition. Iesgip looks... She looks like she needs direction. Or motivation. Ask if he's gone, and if not, ask how bad it is.
No. 110250 ID: 34470e

Damn! Iesgip has NO initiative whatsoever! She's just SITTING THERE!
No. 110251 ID: c89b56

Do this as it is your only hope for this madwoman.
No. 110252 ID: cf41a7

Who's that pinned to the tree?
No. 110257 ID: c50a92
File 126342387626.gif - (12.88KB , 640x480 , surla.gif )

I suddenly get the feeling that I've seen this human before.
No. 110259 ID: c16184
File 126342417510.png - (73.50KB , 700x700 , C15-42.png )

"How is he doing? And who is that pinned to the tree?"
"S-sir.. I.. I was treating him when she attacked, and.. s-sir.. I'm so sorry.."

I see. Now I have to wonder if it was my fault. Perhaps his inability to follow the Fangs into the woods was a sign that this bounty was not his to take. He, nor the town, knew what kind of threat they were dealing with.
No. 110260 ID: 3416ec


Welp, color me dumbfounded.
No. 110261 ID: 5d5878

Oh. Well in that case, Iesgip should be commended.
No. 110262 ID: 8ce2bf

Have the bounty delivered to his family on his behalf.
No. 110264 ID: 632862

If he died that quickly I'm not sure there was much that Iesgip could've done to save him even uninterrupted.
No. 110265 ID: 2dd482

Give his family a bag of gold as reparations and/or arrange for his body to be transported back home with the loot from the fangs hideout.
No. 110266 ID: 5d5878

Just what I was going to say. It would likely be more respectful to deliver it and the news in person. Let Iesgip know it's not her fault, she did all she could.
No. 110267 ID: f44349

Reassure her.
She did all that she could.
No. 110268 ID: e9b708

Don't forget to get her to treat you hand.
No. 110269 ID: c593ec

It's likely the woman finished off the wounded ogre, considering him, not Iesgip, to be the more dangerous target.
No. 110270 ID: 4734c3


You did your best, Iesgip. Not everyone's perfect, and you had to choose between trying to save both of your lives or getting killed trying to save one of them.

Give her some means of affection - a pat on the head or something. For now, we need to get on the move. It would be prudent, polite, and respectful to bring Tchergat back to the town. We could find out where his family lives there, and give them the body for a proper burial.

Plus double the bounty, if we can. It's only fair.
No. 110271 ID: a8c432


Also, examine corpse pinned to tree.
No. 110272 ID: 632862

Ask what happened to her hand.
No. 110273 ID: cf41a7

so... he's dead now? If so.. his family must be compensated in some way. At least we know where they are.
No. 110274 ID: c50a92

Ridder, we're going to have to make a stop by a certain windmill to the north of Sepia. We owe him that much. For now, though, tell Iesgip that it wasn't her fault, and that she did all that she could. Examine her hand, as it appears to be hurt.

By the way, considering the length of the trip to his family, it looks like we'll have to give him a local burial.
No. 110275 ID: 67c611

Deliver his body, the bounty reward, and some extra money, in person, to his family. Offer them the oppurtunity to come live with you. Explain what all happened.
No. 110277 ID: 67c611

Loot Pincushion's corpse.
No. 110278 ID: ba41e5

All of those are good ideas, but I don't think we should have the family live with us. It isn't all that safe back at the base.
No. 110284 ID: 917cac

I was just thinking.
We might not get a bounty if they know we are keeping one of the Fangs. We would have to hide her and the gold before we tell anyone.
Not to mention we don't know what the prisoner who we let escape might tell people or the authorities.
No. 110288 ID: c16184
File 126342608039.png - (101.15KB , 700x700 , C15-43.png )

Very well. I shall load his body onto the cart and deliver it back to his home. They may have burial traditions that I am unfamiliar with.
In addition, I will give them a lavish amount of gold.

The body looks to be of a human wearing a most eccentric outfit. Two curved blades of average quality lie by her side; One has blood on it.

I kneel by Iesgip to comfort her.

"It's alright, Iesgip. You did all that you could."

She gently leans into me and makes a soft squeaking noise.
No. 110290 ID: 3416ec

No. 110291 ID: 445c48

Kiss her on the forehead.
No. 110292 ID: 66c406


Or might do to the other prisoner should he decide to return...

Tell Iesgip to stay with the body. You need to go get a cart for his body.

We'll swing to his place, drop off his body and the gold, and then get back to the Fang lair for the prisoner.

I'm feeling edgy. We need to get this done quickly. Something stinks about how simple that was. I don't know why.

Time to go.
No. 110293 ID: a8c432

Ask Iesgip if her hand is okay.
No. 110294 ID: c50a92

Just... stay with her until she's ready to move. Take a look at her hand while you're at it. We're not in a hurry.

And, Ridder, this may seem like an odd question to ask at the moment, but what, exactly, do you know about magic? How rare are mages, and how powerful can they become?

...does any sort of resurrection spell exist that you know of?
No. 110300 ID: 04bd7e

if you do intend on keeping that gold i would move it somewhere else and hide it. that dogman will probably be interrogated by the other bounty hunters and the lair will be found. i would do it quick too.
No. 110301 ID: c16184
File 126342774867.png - (130.87KB , 700x700 , C15-44.png )

I stay with Iesgip until she backs off and nods, indicating she's okay.

I head back to town to purchase a cart and two mounts to pull it: The mounts I get aren't so much mounts as they are beasts of burden. They are far slower than the tall ones, but effortlessly pull incredible weights behind them.
Me and Iesgip work together to load the gold, the weapons, the corpse and the prisoner onto the cart, and after just over an hour we ride into the open fields again, leaving the deathridden mountains behind us.

During the ride Iesgip looks after my burned hand. She gently peels off my burned glove and applies a cool and soothing cream.
As you said, she appears to have a bandage on her own hand as well.

"What is wrong with your hand?"
"When the.. S-sir.. When that woman attacked.. I grabbed one of her blades, b-before I was able to grab my crossbow, to keep her from killing Tchergat.. but she had two blades.. s-sir.."
No. 110303 ID: c593ec

Those must have been the Knight Blades we've heard so much about.
No. 110305 ID: cf41a7

It is fortunate that she survived.
No. 110309 ID: 8ecfd4

Tell her that you're happy she made it.

When you get back to base you should probably start having mandatory arms classes. Nothing fancy but enough to make sure all of them can defend themselves a bit. Also make some time for extra classes for those who wish to get better.
No. 110321 ID: c16184
File 126343055367.png - (110.17KB , 700x700 , C15-45.png )

"I'm happy you made it, Iesgip."
"Y-you too, sir."

"Please watch the cart."
"S-sir, yes, sir."
No. 110322 ID: 476456

be prepared for a grieving ogre wife body slam.
No. 110323 ID: 632862

note: Email field
No. 110337 ID: c16184
File 126343121417.png - (118.35KB , 700x700 , C15-46.png )

"Can.. Can I help you?"
"Are you misses Tchergat?"
"I carry bad news. Perhaps you would like to sit down."
"..N.. No, tell me."
"..Tchergat has fallen in battle."
No. 110345 ID: c16184
File 126343193064.png - (101.72KB , 700x700 , C15-47.png )

"I'm truly sorry for your loss."
"Did you get the bastards?"
"Yes, ma'am. Each of his assailants got theirs."
"Good... This was coming a long time.. He was just so dedicated to making the world a better place, bless his loveable soul."
"I have his body with me. Would you like to see it?"
"Yes.. Yes."
No. 110349 ID: 8ecfd4

Ask her if there is anything you can do to help.
No. 110350 ID: cf41a7

He wanted to make the world a better place, out of love for his family... they were his first... and final concern.
No. 110353 ID: 3416ec


"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. Or family."
No. 110356 ID: c16184
File 126343283823.png - (113.93KB , 700x700 , C15-48.png )

"Put him next to those white flowers.. He always loved those."
"Moooomm.. Mom, who's that?"
No. 110358 ID: a8c432

Oh ... god.
No. 110360 ID: cf41a7

This is going to hurt.
No. 110361 ID: 3416ec


I'm having Fullmetal Alchemist flashbacks...
No. 110366 ID: c16184
File 126343344571.png - (96.36KB , 700x700 , C15-49.png )

"Hey! You two go play inside!"
"Whaaaat? But--"
"No butts! Inside, inside!"
No. 110374 ID: c16184
File 126343381282.png - (59.75KB , 700x700 , C15-50.png )

Farewell, champion of good.
No. 110376 ID: f44349

Godspeed, Tchergat.
No. 110379 ID: a21a55

Good to see that Tchergat was tappin' summa dat human tail.
No. 110386 ID: 5d5878

No. 110412 ID: 9bab6d
File 126343753678.jpg - (20.40KB , 603x380 , big boss salute.jpg )

No. 110570 ID: 84297a
File 126345137724.gif - (4.48KB , 583x380 , snakeeater.gif )

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