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File 169522274375.png - (65.33KB , 800x800 , BB1.png )
1072759 No. 1072759 ID: 435f13

A NSFW white void quest with a strict 15 update limit. All other Apples quests are on pause while this is running.
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No. 1072871 ID: 2bd3eb

smother the fire with your massive tits
No. 1073035 ID: e799ac
File 169552690760.png - (61.50KB , 800x800 , BB25.png )

>Its you! Because you're a hottie

Aww, thank you! <3

>No wait, it's a fire.


>Best take care of that blaze before you get fired!
>you probably should put out that fire if you dont want to be held responsible for it and roasted over the flame like a pig, or sold to the cattle farm to cover the costs
>smother the fire with your massive tits

Ugh, those all sound like too much effort. This is Boobie Bunny Takes a Break not Boobie Bunny Saves the Day.

>Literally not your problem.

That sounds more like it. Let someone else handle it.
No. 1073036 ID: e799ac
File 169552691014.png - (37.48KB , 800x800 , BB25a.png )

>oh no, because you were a liar now your pants are on fire!

No. 1073037 ID: e799ac
File 169552691323.gif - (41.76KB , 560x560 , BB26.gif )

No. 1073038 ID: e799ac
File 169552693003.png - (50.12KB , 800x800 , BB27.png )

>also this. Clothing damage ftw.

Oh no! Now everyone can see your BUN-derwear! Curse you, strangely specific fire!
No. 1073039 ID: e799ac
File 169552693328.png - (61.92KB , 800x800 , BB28.png )

Milky Moocow: "Oh no! The seating area is on fire!"
No. 1073040 ID: e799ac
File 169552693675.png - (68.15KB , 800x800 , BB29.png )

>Put out the flames by getting your boobies out, and squirting your gigantic breast's milk at it. Squeeze those tits!

Milky Moocow: "Moooooooooooooo! I was saving this milk for the Breast Squeeze Special!"
No. 1073041 ID: e799ac
File 169552693938.png - (72.05KB , 800x800 , BB30.png )

Goatzongas: "That was quick thinking, Milky! You've saved Boobsters! You've earned a break. Take the rest of the night off—with pay, of course!"

Milky Moocow: "Moo-arvelous! My kids are gonan be so excited momma's home early!"
No. 1073042 ID: e799ac
File 169552694151.png - (32.89KB , 800x800 , BB31.png )

Goatzongas: "Boobie Bunny! Get this mess cleaned up!"

Boobie Bunny: "Yeah that tracks."
No. 1073044 ID: b270b1

Call in a favour from a coworker. Is Jubblies Jackrabbit working tonight?
No. 1073045 ID: fb8a42

Solution: boob swiffers.
No. 1073055 ID: 0fbdcd

Just drag a rug over there and lay it on top of the burn damage. You can't even see the floor past your tits, how does she expect you to clean it?
No. 1073057 ID: e51896

No. 1073073 ID: 4481aa

Pour hot cocoa mix over the splashed around milk that's been heated by the fire, and then drink it all up.
No. 1073085 ID: 918cdb

After all that's done, call your boyfriend, Humanboobs, and plan a plan to go for a joyride in your race car bed.

That's not an euphemism, race car beds are drivable, people just don't usually find the ignition button.
No. 1073109 ID: e51896

Also, wonder why a cow has boobies, and not udders
No. 1073194 ID: b135a7
File 169566769805.png - (47.83KB , 800x800 , BB32.png )

>Call Juggs Jackrabbit

She was like your best friend back in high school but you two drifted apart after she hit the big time as a video game hero.

You consider doing a cutaway gag to the box art of Juggs Jackrabbit but decide it's too much work.

>Also, wonder why a cow has boobies, and not udders

If you started to wonder things like that, you might start to wonder why a bunny has boobs at all. Best not to think about it.

>Just drag a rug over there and lay it on top of the burn damage. You can't even see the floor past your tits, how does she expect you to clean it?

You plop a rug down on top of the worst of the burn damage. It looks pretty good, but there's too much damage for the rug to cover completely...
No. 1073195 ID: b135a7
File 169566770059.png - (38.77KB , 800x800 , BB33.png )

>Solution: boob swiffers.

Might as well put these ginormous knockers of yours to good use. You plop your hefty honkers down and start scooting around in imitation of a Swiffer(tm) brand dry cloth sweeping mop.

Vroom vroom! You scoot around the restaurant, getting ashes all over your tits.
No. 1073196 ID: b135a7
File 169566770344.png - (54.96KB , 800x800 , BB34.png )

Futa Ferret: "Hey, Boobie Bunny. Looks like we're stuck doing all the shit work as usual."

Futa Ferret notices something on the ground.

Futa Ferret: "What's that next to your gigantic right boob?"
No. 1073197 ID: b135a7
File 169566770629.png - (40.18KB , 800x800 , BB35.png )

You take the tiny object and examine it.

Looks like a matchbox. This might be a Clue!
No. 1073198 ID: d3bf48

That’s not a clue, it’s a plan.
No. 1073199 ID: 87e33c

Yeah that's not really a clue more like just what happened, they also *do not* pay you enough to investigate or think any harder about this

Though you should totally ask FF to help clean up your knockers so that you're the minimum amount of presentable, just gotta hope it doesen't make FF horny again, you remember the last time that happened!
No. 1073202 ID: 3335be

Those are clearly safety matches, there's no way they could cause something dangerous
No. 1073203 ID: 4481aa


The real clue is the box of Arson Bros. DANGER Matches that was sitting right next to them!
No. 1073206 ID: 2acf32

Oh shit! Matches. This clue could only mean one thing...

SMOKE BREAK! go and have a smoke at the smoking section
No. 1073319 ID: 8f9bc4

Of course in cleaning your knockers (with the mop) it's going to get your t-shirt all wet and transparent.
No. 1073327 ID: 0fbdcd

Those are safety matches, they can only start safe fires. Someone must be trying to besmirch the good name of Arson Co! Quick, call Lawyer Lemur.
No. 1073566 ID: e799ac
File 169604213044.png - (36.17KB , 800x800 , BB36.png )

>The real clue is the box of Arson Bros. DANGER Matches that was sitting right next to them!

What th—
No. 1073567 ID: e799ac
File 169604213364.png - (45.86KB , 800x800 , BB37.png )

>Oh shit! Matches. This clue could only mean one thing...

Oh shit!

Boobie Bunny: "Futa Ferret, do you know what this means??"
No. 1073568 ID: e799ac
File 169604213563.png - (57.70KB , 800x800 , BB38.png )

>SMOKE BREAK! go and have a smoke at the smoking section

Boobie Bunny: "SMOKE BREAK!"

Futa Ferret: "Jack off partyyyyyyeeeye I mean SMOKE BREAK! Yay! Haha."
No. 1073569 ID: e799ac
File 169604215139.png - (57.87KB , 800x800 , BB39.png )

You rush to hurry and take your state-mandated fifteen minute smoke break.

Futa Ferret: "We can still do a jack off party later, right?"

Futa Ferret: "Right??"
No. 1073570 ID: e799ac
File 169604215402.png - (49.22KB , 800x800 , BB40.png )

Oh no! Your progress to the smoking section of the restaurant is blocked by some antiquated copy protection puzzle!

In order to proceed, you must drink the potion with the letter matching the third word of the second paragraph of page 8 of the Boobie Bunny manual that came with your legitimately-purchased copy of the game. I hope you didn't lose it!

Drink the right potion and you'll proceed to the smoking section. Drink the wrong potion and you face... consequences.
No. 1073571 ID: 72b93b

Drink them all at the same time. Pour them in one large cup and drink up. You'll for sure get the right amswer that way
No. 1073572 ID: eb7ce4

whatever you do, do not drink the potions G, P, and T in that order, otherwise you'll turn into a ai abomination
No. 1073576 ID: 273c18

It's a letter that matches a word. Not the first letter of a word. So potion A is the only possible valid potion.
No. 1073579 ID: a7a180

It was T, duh.
No. 1073590 ID: 0fbdcd

Look it up online.
No. 1073669 ID: 435f13
File 169613175763.png - (40.93KB , 800x800 , BB41.png )

>Drink them all at the same time. Pour them in one large cup and drink up. You'll for sure get the right amswer that way

This sounds like the easiest solution.

You mix all the potions into the only container big enough to hold so much liquid: your massive boobs!
No. 1073670 ID: 435f13
File 169613175906.png - (37.45KB , 800x800 , BB42.png )

Gulp gulp gulp!
No. 1073671 ID: 435f13
File 169613176237.png - (39.93KB , 800x800 , BB43.png )

Hey, it actually worked!

Time to ruin your lungs in the name of slacking off.
No. 1073672 ID: 435f13
File 169613176578.png - (31.97KB , 800x800 , BB44.png )

Uh oh... something is happening to your titanic tatas. There's an earthquake in boob valley!
No. 1073673 ID: 435f13
File 169613176706.png - (36.44KB , 800x800 , BB45.png )

Oh right you drank a whole shit ton of unidentified potions.
No. 1073674 ID: 435f13
File 169613177128.png - (43.08KB , 800x800 , BB46.png )

You realize that the only types of potions Boobsters is likely to keep in stock are probably Potions of Breast Enlargement.
No. 1073675 ID: 435f13
File 169613177332.png - (67.70KB , 800x800 , BB47.png )

Your knockers have been enhanced!
No. 1073676 ID: 435f13
File 169613177578.png - (49.13KB , 800x800 , BB48.png )

Wait something is happening to your backside also...
No. 1073677 ID: 435f13
File 169613177885.png - (59.57KB , 800x800 , BB49.png )

You guess Boobsters keeps a few Potions of Ass Elargement lying around also.
No. 1073678 ID: 435f13
File 169613178211.png - (57.24KB , 800x800 , BB50.png )

No. 1073679 ID: 435f13
File 169613178666.png - (88.33KB , 800x800 , BB51.png )

Oh dear. You've heard of things going "tits up" but this is ridiculous!
No. 1073680 ID: 435f13
File 169613179210.png - (65.55KB , 800x800 , BB52.png )

Finally you stop growing.

Hey, this is sort of cozy...

Maybe it's time to take a little nap.

Break Achieved!
No. 1073682 ID: 435f13
File 169613195609.png - (29.36KB , 800x800 , BB53.png )

Ending Unlocked: A Place for Tits

Secrets Found: 0

Gold Found: 0

Mysteries Solved: 0

Final Score: 80085

Boobie Bunny Took a Break!
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