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File 169449106147.png - (9.55KB , 800x600 , 1672.png )
1072212 No. 1072212 ID: 46e818

After an absence that feels to stretch on for ages, I've finally returned home.

But so much has happened since I left.
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No. 1072213 ID: 46e818
File 169449107674.png - (10.20KB , 800x600 , 1673.png )

I discovered the identity of the Czar Anolei Bomba, who has sent a mercenary assassin after me and my people, and who now rules a city full of magical sprites, plotting some secret scheme for power.
I made a pact with the dragoness Sadie Hart, and a mutual alliance with the orcish spymaster, Lady Moira Mondegreen.

And I learned the name of the scholar who can help me learn more about the strange bone amulet I possess, for which the Czar seems so ruthlessly eager. Indeed, that scholar is Pendle Khaneh, a man already in my employ.
No. 1072214 ID: 46e818
File 169449109197.png - (12.32KB , 800x600 , 1674.png )

Unfortunately, I have come to realize, in the wake of a wave of mutilation
that I have no idea who Pendle Khaneh truly is.
No. 1072215 ID: 46e818
File 169449109983.png - (9.51KB , 800x600 , 1675.png )

No. 1072216 ID: 1ab976

Then let the interrogation begin.

“To what name would you prefer you be called, demon?”
No. 1072218 ID: 273c18

Did Wes and Ona survive?
No. 1072220 ID: e5709d

We had to sacrifice our presentation. Those extra two minutes of jet-boosted transpiration had better have been worth it.

First, build a stockpile of antivenom doses and put them in the jail cell. No telling if Pendle can still spit acid from the hole in his jaw.
Interrogation's easy. Jack us back in and we'll drown him in memes.
We drove an elder god insane once.
No. 1072222 ID: ce619a

Hot tip, Muschio: Touching an orb shard to him can allow the person being possessed to bypass the demon and communicate with us. It's how we learned about the venom antidote.
It also seems to disorient and agitate the demon.

Though, you might want to try talking to the demon first to see what it's deal is. And if you're feeling shrewd see if it wants to work for us.
No. 1072223 ID: 46e818

No. 1072224 ID: 273c18

I have a premonition of fire.
Are those bindings fireproof? Do you have fire extinguishers?
No. 1072225 ID: 1a35ec

The shard trick may not work again now he's prepared for it; it knew enough to deny when we tried to reach Pendle before. And unfortunately nothing this creature says will be trustworthy. Perhaps we should think back on our prior interactions with Pendle himself. Is there a possibility he was aware of this thing's hold on him, to some level? Perhaps it had something to do with his odd insistence on access to... intimate company. Hm. Maybe we should talk to his previous employers - they might have useful information, or be able to help an investigation into his past, and we're still in good with them.
No. 1072228 ID: e5709d

No. 1072229 ID: 0fbdcd

This seems like the smartest move to me. He certainly didn't get possessed in transit from the Mesa to here.

Speaking directly with the demon seems largely pointless. It will say absolutely anything to get out, and depending on what kind of demon it is, it'll either make some kind of deal we regret or just instantly try and kill some people, probably.

Inquiring with his old home might let us dig into his past, figure out how he was possessed, which will probably give us clues for undoing it. Maybe letters would be good enough for this? We could send a shadow scout boi to deliver quickish.

In that same vein- have the possessions he brought with him searched for clues.
No. 1072230 ID: 8f9bc4

He mentioned he was new to the whole possession business, when he let it slip that he had. He also let it slip that killing Pendle would do nothing to stop him, so presumably he can possess others. As he hasn't vanished from Pendle's psyche, we've probably got him good and trapped at the moment. But he can and will kill Pendle to release himself, now that his status is known, and any other dark ritual he might know to transfer himself from one to another. Be careful when you look into his eyes.

We are not experts in interrogation to say the least, but I can speculate that the best way to get this demon talking is to make him think he has the upper hand. If you can make him feel like he's the interrogator, that somehow his disgusting preoccupation with cutting open girls and offering them to some unmentioned deity is getting under your skin and breaking you down emotionally, then in his triumph he'll probably tell you everything you need to know.
No. 1072231 ID: 273c18

>insistence on intimate company
Oh? We should probably check up on everyone he's had close contact with. Make sure the demon doesn't have a backup body or something.
No. 1072234 ID: 273c18

Oh, and did anyone tell the soldiers we found the culprit?
No. 1072241 ID: 46e818
File 169455820876.png - (13.65KB , 800x600 , 1676.png )

Thankfully, Wes and Babrakus were able to procure an antidote in time. Ona is suffering some miserable lingering effects, but she and Tislomer believe she'll have a full recovery.
The girl they found on the road, too, should be all right, thanks to the stabilizer Ona was able to make before she was attacked herself.

Wes was bitten as well but seems less debilitated, as his antidote was administered much more promptly.

The Vault seems to be in a sort of low energy state this morning, as a result.
No. 1072242 ID: 46e818
File 169455836956.png - (14.02KB , 800x600 , 1677.png )

As for Pendle himself, or whatever name is best suited for the man before us, he has suffered some grievous injury as a result of Mr. Fumo's attempts to disable him. His limbs are treated but in rough shape, but no serious damage has been done to his head or vitals.

I'm grateful my underlings were able to handle this in my absence with no further loss of life, but our next step will be... difficult.
No. 1072243 ID: 654f5c


If we're gonna start an interrogation, I say we try the "good paladin, bad paladin approach". someone to tighten the thumbscrews, another person to offer to loosen 'em. I'm assuming that's why Finesse is here.
No. 1072244 ID: 273c18

Warn the other captive (that was the princess I think?) that the new prisoner is a man possessed by a demon and she should not talk to him if possible.

Time for some cleanup. Tell the forces outside you have captured the murderer so they can rest easy. Ask Ona what kind of materials she needs for an exorcism. Toss any fallen summons back through the portal to see if we can get new ones. There was at least one.
No. 1072245 ID: 7b65e9

Yes, poor Ethos got killed by the paladins of Heliantus.

As for your new prisoner, I would suggest sending a message to the mesas to ask for any information that might be relevant to Pendle, Leonid Travask and Kivas Sun. Surely if Pendle was a noble at the court of the Patriarch, there must be some records on him.

If I recall, our friend Ridder had a bugfolk in his entourage, maybe it's time to cash the favor he owes us for taking care of Geppa and ask him for his and his friend's assistance in the matter?
No. 1072246 ID: e5709d


First and foremost, Muschio, you need to make an extremely important personal decision:
Where will Princess Vittima reside?
I don't need to tell you that if the creep possessing Pendle breaks free, he's going to go straight for the nearest woman he can find. I know you sought revenge against her House, but you cannot allow any woman to come under that... thing's clutches.

To that end, I propose we expand the containment facilities. We're going to war against the Czar, but much of his populace is simply brainwashed and altered. Many of them will need cells with some standard of comfort to make them pliable to turn on their maniac leader. We can also negotiate with prisoners of war.
No. 1072247 ID: ce619a

Talk to Pendle/the demon/whatever first. See if you can ply any information out of him. Name, affiliations, goals, abilities, attitude towards you, willingness to work for you, etc.
Then afterwards we can try the orb or a shard on him to see if the one that's being possessed in there can be communicated with again. Hopefully it's Leonid Travask, the apprentice demonologist, who would have any knowledge of how to deal with this demon, as well as the amulet.

In any case, let's not be too hasty tossing away this demon. In the best case scenario we could somehow turn them into an asset. Either as personnel or as "material." But first, we'll need Pendle/Leonid's advice on if it's possible or wise to do so.
No. 1072248 ID: 1ab976

This is actually a good point, we may want to move her to a better location if only to keep her as leverage.

Aside from that let’s begin interrogations.
No. 1072249 ID: eb7ce4

damn, the only guy who can tell us what the trinket does is possessed by a whack-job. There's got to be a reason that "pendle" had that symbol on him.
By the way, was that symbol on his chest carved, drawn, or tattooed on? And could it have been applied by pendle himself?
No. 1072250 ID: 8f9bc4

Wes you are an absolute champion
No. 1072251 ID: 0fbdcd

Ah, shit, he's in the same room as the Princess? Keep a muzzle on him whenever we don't need him.

I still think inquiring into his past via our contacts at the Mesa is the most fruitful avenue.
No. 1072258 ID: 77a51f

I don't know how much we'll be able to yield out of a straight-up interrogation. He's already spilled a lot of beans to Wes at the confrontation, but like you said, boss, we have no idea who Pendle IS anymore.

Are there exorcism rites commonly known in these lands? I don't know that we have anybody here versed enough in religious or mystical matters to know them, at least not able-bodied enough to perform. (Take it easy Ona you've earned it)

At the risk of prattling on too long, I will say this; with Pendle possessed, things could very easily go from an interrogation to another hostage negotiation. Be sharp, everyone.
No. 1072268 ID: 4d8b77

We have another magician, even if she's not exact reliable. As long as you didn't leave Erisol with the orcs accidently. We haven't established if we want her to work for us or if she's interested yet, but despite her seemingly limited intelligence, she does seem to have knowledge of magic even if she can't seem to articulate it well. It seems likely that she would know something rudimentary about whatever is possessing Pendle, which is a hell of a lot better than anyone else.
No. 1072306 ID: 46e818
File 169463355321.png - (12.30KB , 800x600 , 1678.png )

There has been some concern as to Pendle's state of containment, of course. We're led to suspect whatever is possessing him may be able to jump to another host upon his death, so we've taken precautions to ensure he can't harm himself.

Wes says he was very chatty earlier, but since I returned home, he hasn't said a word.
Perhaps his attitude has become less flippant now that he lacks the upper hand.

All the same, I may want to expand the dungeon. I'm confident we will be taking more prisoners before our campaign is over.
No. 1072307 ID: 46e818
File 169463363858.png - (11.87KB , 800x600 , 1679.png )

As for "Princess" Erisol N'Poa, she's a gregarious sort, high energy and outgoing. It's unsurprising she's already made fast friends with some of the residents.

She offered to stay "for a bit" and I think given her earlier shows of power it would be very much to my interest to keep her on. We could certainly use a sorceress.
No. 1072309 ID: ce619a

>We're led to suspect whatever is possessing him may be able to jump to another host upon his death, so we've taken precautions to ensure he can't harm himself.

Any gags to prevent him from biting his own tongue and bleeding out? If not, better check that now to make sure he's not trying to jump to you.
No. 1072314 ID: 8f9bc4

She very likely was a princess, given the confusion and amnesia the other sprites displayed about their past, remembering disconnected fragments like that. Won't be of much help unless her memories can be restored though. To be honest, you wouldn't care if she was a charnel house worker, if she had some idea just what the heck the Czar is doing in that sprite city of his.

Are there any signs of his promised attack? He could quite possibly have been boasting to intimidate you. He's had to keep his city strictly locked down with no one in or out, so maybe he's not as free to send out unstoppable armies of magic drenched sprites as much as he'd like you to think.

Just in case, you probably should stock up on dingle balls. Those would disrupt an unstoppable sprite army quite handily. Just throw them in the direction you want the sprites to go.
No. 1072315 ID: 8a09d5

He's staring daggers at you, we're not gonna take that are we?

Should we begin the interrogation?
No. 1072316 ID: 273c18

Sure why not.
No. 1072318 ID: e5709d

You hold the macguffin he wants, but we don't know if destroying it will hinder his plans, agitate him from losing an advantage, or undo a seal he's been trying to destroy. You need to research the thing, but for now, have it placed in an extra secure location.
Perhaps Sadie could keep it in her hoard.
Or she could rig it to precariously dangle over the lava so they have a deterrent against a raid.
No. 1072319 ID: 59fbfe

I am blinded by the might of an HD cutebold. My god.

Anyway yeah of course we keep NPoa. Hopefully she doesn't mind shared quarters until we fix the ood's and make more rooms.

Speaking of: begin the interrogation. We can't fix them until we fix Pendle or negotiate it out of the demon.
No. 1072321 ID: eb7ce4

this is just me theorizing, but until we know more about exorcisms and the like, we can only assume that it "usually" works out in that once we excise him from pendle, it has to go somewhere. If I recall correctly, priests who did this usually had a sacrifice or of the sort that was useless in combat (think a pig or some other small farm animal) for the demon to end up into so it can be safely contained for the time being. Or if it's banished, but that's a more unlikely way.
No. 1072329 ID: ce619a

Ask Erisol if she knows anything about demons or exorcisms. Maybe let her have a look at Pendle.
No. 1072347 ID: 4d8b77

It may be the artifact he is reacting to, not a loss of power. If being restrained like that didn't shut him up, I doubt that the boss showing up would have. Him possessing one of the few people who can identify it is a long coincidence, especially since he seems likely to have killed the other, but since he they were demonologists as well in is possible.
No. 1072348 ID: 93d066

Indeed we need Ona for an exorcism, if she is in no condition then at least she can point us in the right direction or at least to the right guy for the job. After all, the demon himself said Ona was the only one in our group that may know how to deal with him.

Also, we need to update Lady Moira or new ally on the events that transpired, maybe she can help us out.

Is Sadie still around?
Did the gang get to meet her?
No. 1072349 ID: 93d066

Wes may be compromised, so it would be good to keep an eye on him.

Also ask Emmy if there's a way to revive our dealing friend. Maybe a funeral to send him off (chucking) into the portal to see if the Ether gives it back to us whole.
No. 1072351 ID: 635eea

If interrogations continue to be at a standstill, perhaps you could have something rigged up to touch a shard to your new prisoner remotely at a moment's notice. He has the choice of cooperating or being eternally on guard against his host letting something slip.
No. 1072367 ID: 445847

>"Literally the one person in this group who could do anything about me and they're the one I bit! AND she's the one who knew how to make the stabilizer for the last girl, so she can't make it for herself!"
>"I didn't even plan it this way! It just worked out! Is that luck or what?"

Huh, I guess Ona indeed can do something about the possession. However, we should let her recover until she can perform something as (presumably) taxing as a ritual.

As all interrogations go, let's start with the name. Maybe it'll be a familiar one, who knows.
No. 1072368 ID: 46e818
File 169472174386.png - (35.80KB , 800x600 , 1680.png )

The entity controlling Pendle -- or perhaps on some level it is Pendle, it's hard to say at this point -- has refused any cooperation. No response to interrogation at this point, just that hateful stare.

Attempts to bypass the entity using the orb shard have failed, too. I can feel a palpable wall -- something powerful keeping me out.

I don't know how Pendle was able to communicate in that pivotal moment, or even if he's still in there. But whatever window to his soul was briefly left open, it's closed now.
No. 1072369 ID: 46e818
File 169472191353.png - (11.74KB , 800x600 , 1681.png )

The idea of frequently retrying the shard is an interesting one. If the entity keeping that window shut requires effort or even attention to do so, sooner or later its guard would have to come down, right?

I'd probably need an assigned shardbearer rather than a complex mechanical device simple to poke the prisoner.
I suppose we could just leave him with the shard and attempt contact intermittently, but I'm not sure it's safe to leave a being like this in open contact with my mind.
No. 1072370 ID: ce619a

So, it ignores interrogation, but have we tried bargaining with it? Demons love that stuff.
We want our scholar back and it wants freedom, so could we offer it a different body to possess with the stipulation that it leaves our domain?

If that's no good, we could have Tislomer, Ona or Erisol put it to sleep with spells or potions then attempt communication with the internal Pendle again.

Beyond that, does anyone else under our command have any exorcism or demon knowledge? Couldn't hurt to ask around. Also, show everyone the symbol that's on Pendle's chest and eyes, it might the key to this problem.
Maybe Embraddeus knows something about demons, seeing as she's kind of a demon(?). And speaking of her, is it possible to give her a shard? I believe she's our only personnel without one.
No. 1072371 ID: 8f9bc4

Well, he apparently knows a thing or two about interrogations. At the very least commend him for his conviction, and hope that we can clear this up despite his... something of a bad habit.

If he can keep us out right now, then we don't know what else he's capable of doing to us. Probably best not to risk the chance he could meddle with your orb, rather than vice versa. I think the word "Palantir" is sufficient to say what happens when a vast telepathic network gets compromised. Your call though.

I'd like to reiterate what others have said, that contacting the people who knew him in the past could shed a lot of light on this. Send a message to the mesas, for anything they might know, talk to his previous employers, investigate his old home, examine his possessions etc.
No. 1072372 ID: 445847

I don't trust the demon enough to leave any of our minions alone poking Pendle's body. We don't know how this possession works. All it takes is one fatal slip-up, and the demon will have a new body.

Perhaps we can afford to address this a little later. We need Ona on her feet, we need Pendle to get tired/exhausted so he's more susceptible to prodding. Short-term, time is on our side.
No. 1072373 ID: ce619a

Adding one last random suggestion: What if we show him the amulet now? Even a slight reaction from a demon could be telling. It could be a device to control demons for all we know.
No. 1072375 ID: df8ff0

Any chance we can weaken his defenses while Ona performs an exorcism?
No. 1072376 ID: e5709d

There's nothing for it. We need to hire a specialist in exorcisms or demonic possessions. Contact all your allies for connections, then resort to requesting the paladins for help.
No. 1072377 ID: 273c18

You should consult Ona on this matter, I think.
No. 1072378 ID: 0fbdcd

We should not just try and brute force into his head, too many opportunities for a backfire.

We should ask our Witch Doctor what information or resources she would need to exorcise him. It might help narrow our search.
No. 1072388 ID: 93d066

Even if a creature such as him having contact with the Curse that manifest "us" into being would surely be interesting

It would be better to see if Ona's glyph can help us in the exorcism.
No. 1072389 ID: 3f3d5c

Gonna give a hard pass on the linking our mind with a demon, boss. Hard pass.
On another hand, Ona's the spiritual expert, and this guy's not going anywhere for awhile. What say we just leave him be until she's made a full recovery? There's lots of other things we could be doing.
No. 1072394 ID: f29fe6


And we can still learn about him in a roundabout way by sending letters to the mesas and ask for informations
No. 1072416 ID: 46e818
File 169481494630.png - (15.33KB , 800x600 , 1682.png )

Yes, that's a good course of action: We'll make contact with the Red Mesas and learn what we can about Pendle's past.

Lady Mondegreen had a good idea about long distance communication. We'll send a courier now -- perhaps one of the denlings, Logos or Pathos. But if we could get a shard in an ally or even intermediary, we could reach them instantly in the future.

>"Master... that face. Is something wrong, or are you just talking to yourself again?"

The same is true for Salamander Tower. We can't leave Dompag and Geppa there indefinitely, after all, and it would be convenient to be able to contact them at a moment's notice. In a way, the orb's network is one of my most valuable assets at the moment.

Well, I suppose I'll leave the decision to you all.
No. 1072417 ID: 46e818
File 169481515199.png - (16.64KB , 800x600 , 1683.png )

There's simply so much to catch up on!

Our Odds are finally back at work. It seems the purification process Wes and... pre-disaster Pendle were working on yielded results. Better still, Erisol showed us a "magic rune" she could draw on them and, combining her power with the refined peregast crystals we found during excavation, "supercharge" these stoneworkers.
The result is we're able to shift this stone through truly, uh... the magical extent of--

Well, look, we can redesign the base at a whim now, okay? Whole rooms can be shifted around, corridors rearranged. Which is fine by me, since I think we could use a bit of a reorganizing.
No. 1072418 ID: 46e818
File 169481521859.png - (14.99KB , 800x600 , 1684.png )

That's how we were able to add a new cell so quickly, too! Doesn't it look much nicer?

In fact, while you all deliberate on what to do with our allies, why don't I prepare the tour of our improved lodgings?
No. 1072419 ID: 7b65e9

Send Ashedel recover Dompag and Geppa from the tower, then directly toward the mesas.

On the way you could always contact Ridder again, ask for his help either on Pendle's case or with the bugfolk. He owes us a favor if we remember correctly and, frankly, his help could be appreciated.
Sending Ashedel his way might be the perfect way of getting his attention uh? Hell, seeing a reformed Geppa might even work this way, earning us points in the "trustworthy" department.

Though, I guess she'd have reason for wanting to avoid going back there....let's ask her first?
No. 1072420 ID: 8a2d6a

>we can redesign the base at a whim now, okay?

Well, first of all, separate floors. Plump helmet farm in the soil layers, then masonry and carpentry below, then kitchen, brewery and living quarters below that. As for the smelt... oh, sorry, wrong fortress management.

Nevermind, please. Carry on.
No. 1072421 ID: 654f5c


Oooh! Tour tour tour tour!
No. 1072422 ID: ce619a

Make sure you have the Odds carve out some dragon sized quarters on a higher floor in the mountain, along with a dragon sized entrance higher up the mountain that only flying creatures could access.
You know, just in case Sadie ever wants to visit again for some diplomacy
No. 1072423 ID: fb2ead

take us on the tour boss!
No. 1072424 ID: ba9ee0

Our new prisoner seemed to have... tastes in women, so perhaps in the interest of pressuring him you should give your other prisoner a curtain or something? I know you're not moved by any generosity towards her, but practical concerns would promote preventing their collusion, as well as fostering a reputation for respecting basic considerations for prisoners you take - both to encourage similar treatment of any of your own people who end up in that position, and to encourage future potential prisoners to favor surrender over struggle.
No. 1072425 ID: e5709d

I have an idea.
Make cylinder-shaped rooms, then build a device in the center that can clean most of the room in one fell sweep. This will cut down on cleaning labor.
Arrange cylinder rooms in a hexagonal format for maximized stability.

Oh and we need a sewer system below. Heating and ventilation goes above.
No. 1072430 ID: 93d066

Tour! Tour! Tour!
No. 1072431 ID: 421554

Just fyi, you're kind of looking like a dork in front of Finesse. And the prisoners too, I guess.

I mean, you are kind of a dork, but still.
Best to keep up appearances, right?
No. 1072432 ID: 967173

"Hey Finesse! Yes, I'm just talking to myself. Let's do a tour!"
No. 1072440 ID: cc1388

while we see the new vault upgrades for ourselves, can we ask finesse what she makes of the pendle situation? maybe shes got an idea on how to procede
No. 1072445 ID: 347191

Awww look at the cute little demon trying to raise his walls to keep us at bay.

Boss, what we need to do is to bluff our way into getting Pendle back. It's clear that whatever we did to him, he didn't like it and doesn't understand it.

Tell him:

"The Many, in their manifold desires, doth beckon thy presence, a fervent longing to engulf thee whole. Yet, the dominion of my volition persists resolute, resplendent in its steadfastness. I shall reattain my comrade, for fate hath decreed it thus. Bestow him unto my care, unscathed and untouched by harm's cruel embrace, and I pledge to thee a departure most genteel and expeditious, a repatriation to the realm from which thou emerged."
No. 1072446 ID: e5709d

I haz idea.
Ask Sadie if she would like to cash in her first favor: one gift-wrapped princess!
No. 1072450 ID: ad60c7

In regards to base renovation, a male and female dorm as suggested previously is probably a good idea, unless there's enough space for all of your current subordinates (not future soldiers, they can be stationed at a more impersonal barracks) to have their own rooms. As for the demon, brandish the amulet at it, pretending you know what it is. It might provoke a telling reaction. You should also probably start keeping the amulet on your person, if you haven't. Gives the enemy less reason to go sniffing around your base harassing your subordinates.
No. 1072457 ID: 46e818
File 169489554816.png - (13.41KB , 800x600 , 1685.png )

Yes, the tour!

Let's start at the grand entrance! This one was a massive change. It was far too cramped -- now it's a proper place to capture the grandeur and power I want this fortress to exude!

We've also installed fortifications with arrow slits where we can more safely hold off attackers, should another siege occur.
No. 1072458 ID: 46e818
File 169489559934.png - (10.30KB , 800x600 , 1686.png )

Dompag's room is just off and above the left pillbox. A bit more spacious. Still needs some decor; I understand Geppa torched his original furnishings.
No. 1072459 ID: 46e818
File 169489566879.png - (15.30KB , 800x600 , 1687.png )

The workshops! We've expanded them a bit and made sure to get both the kobolds some more equipment in their respective workbenches.

>"Mornin' boss."

We've also installed glowing crystal lights in place of torches, since nobody wants open flame around lacquer, sawdust, or mixed chemicals.
No. 1072460 ID: 46e818
File 169489572611.png - (17.00KB , 800x600 , 1688.png )

We're jumping around a bit, but trust me, I want to save the best for last.

Here's the guest room, currently in use as an infirmary. Ona's recovering here for the time being.

"How is she, Tislomer?"
>"It looks good! Her blood stopped trying to turn into pudding!"
No. 1072461 ID: 46e818
File 169489576920.png - (12.59KB , 800x600 , 1689.png )

Now here's Finesse's room. She insisted we keep it small. I suppose she likes the cozy feeling. I don't blame her. Too much space makes it hard to sleep.

>"Master please get out of my room."
No. 1072462 ID: 46e818
File 169489580647.png - (13.52KB , 800x600 , 1690.png )

The forge! Up and running, but not much done with it yet, save the processing of those peregast crystals.

Embraddeus, our resident fire elemental is standing by, dutifully.
No. 1072463 ID: 46e818
File 169489587985.png - (28.98KB , 800x600 , 1691.png )

And of course, my quarters! Very simple. No ostentatious display here. I prefer to keep it understated.
A fine desk, courtesy of Babrakus, makes it feel a little more like a bedroom and less like a room with one bed.

...Ona's witching mark or whatever that is she was so excited about setting up still remains on the wall for the time being.
No. 1072466 ID: 46e818
File 169489621089.png - (15.19KB , 800x600 , 1692.png )

Ah, the barracks! Not much changed here, save for a nice new rug and some reorganizing. We've expanded the room a bit here as well, in preparation for any future enlistments, and there's space for private rooms to branch off should we need them. This could all be changed if we should so desire, but for now, it will do.

Perhaps some more furniture.
No. 1072467 ID: 46e818
File 169489625357.png - (11.68KB , 800x600 , 1693.png )

And now, the grand hall! Yes, what a transformation!

Moving the table off to the side has given plenty of room which I've designated for my minions to enjoy in their off time. A table for games of chance, perhaps, a square to mingle or dance or wrestle or whatever it is they wish to do.

At some point I may wish to create a war room, so as not to find ourselves discussing strategy over breakfast, where any visitor may walk by on the way to the throne room.
No. 1072468 ID: 46e818
File 169489634537.png - (10.31KB , 800x600 , 1694.png )

And that at last brings me to the throne room!

What power! What awe-inspiring presence!

Now this, finally, is a chamber worth welcoming foreign dignitaries and holding court! Room enough for my officers to stand at the ready with me!

A throne room worthy of a throne!

Ah, what a revitalizing change it's been.
A glimpse of dawning light against all the recent misery, I suppose.
No. 1072469 ID: 8a2d6a

Is there a trap door under the rug in front of your throne? There should be a trap door under the rug in front of your throne.
No. 1072470 ID: dc13c4

Impressive very nice let's see Paul Allen's throne room.
No. 1072472 ID: 93d066


So, no store room tour, then?

(btw didn't you used to be two heads taller than the bolds?)
No. 1072473 ID: e5709d

...Uh, Muschio? Do we have any archers?
Mull on it later. Geppa's going to be the main designer.
Hm. We should get enchantments for the circular saw; something that forces the saw downwards if it comes into contact with life force, to prevent accidents.
I recommend you place Red Fang's sword at your side instead of hanging it up there. It's... kind of hazardous keeping sharp objects above a person's head.

Nice work, Muschio. But let's see if we can improve further!
We can start with the fields outside. Right now, any paladin army can just march in from a 180-degree angle range.
Terraform a combination of roads and rivers. Adding quick access to fresh water for farming will drastically increase both defenses and property values.
No. 1072474 ID: aa625a

Don't you know that its natural for Voltos to reduce in size (yes even their clothes) after they go through stressful situations, without proper downtime and nourishment.

Maybe later we can get Ona and Tislomer to get us into a proper diet with supplements to get us swole. Also a new hand.
No. 1072476 ID: ce619a

Good idea changing up the base. The pretender might have memorized it's old layout, so the change might give us an edge if he comes back or worse yet, leads a force in here.
Any time there's guests or invaders that escape it'd be a great idea to have the odds shift rooms and hallways around to deter possible future incursions.

>Here's the guest room, currently in use as an infirmary.
Hopefully constructing a full infirmary is on the to-do list. We've entered into open hostiles with other forces and more casualties are sure to occur in the future.

She looks so cozy. We should ask her if she wants that to be her quarters and give her some furnishings is she does.

>A fine desk
Looks like of shoddy to me. It's just a plank with hinges suspending it. The chair's none too great either.
Might be an idea to get Babrakus some carpentry manuals (or diagrams seeing as he's not fully literate iirc) to expand his skills and repertoire of crafts.

On that note: constructing a library for everyone's use would be a fantastic idea.
Bring everyone up to full literacy, improve their skillsets, allow for archiving and research for the more scholarly of them. Perhaps even a fiction section for more leisure options to keep the minions' spirits high.
No. 1072477 ID: 1ce70f

Other defenses/traps we should know about?
No. 1072482 ID: ce619a

>Looks like of shoddy to me.
kind* of shoddy
No. 1072483 ID: 0fbdcd

Much improved! But still more improvements to be made.

I think we should assign the Ood's to digging out male and female barracks while we're gone to the Mesa. I recall somebody had a complaint about that in the past, and it'll be helpful once we reach the point we can recruit faceless goons. We'll probably want individual quarters/offices for our heads of staff, too.

Oda has kinda claimed your bedroom for her witch work so you'll need a new one for yourself at the very least.
No. 1072487 ID: 744f96

♦ Low priority, but perhaps add a Dirt-nap Room?
That is to say, a room to bury people in shallow graves, as an effort puzzle out what that did to Rungord Hookdon.
Also so you can put Princess Vittima in more, appropriate accommodations than her lavish cell.
At least for a spell, no need to kill her. Not like this.
♦ Also, if you plan on expanding orb-net, you should think of a cover for such communication.
EG: A magic bracelet which enables some sort of telepathic connection.
(More likely, something less obvious, you also need a reason it hasn't been seen beyond how it effected your officers...)
No. 1072494 ID: 781c83

We should probably work out what the hell we're gonna do about Erisol.

If you hadn't noticed, she's pretty...

No. 1072495 ID: e5709d

Instead of 'male' and 'female' barracks, make multiple divisions. Assignment will proceed as follows:
* First-come, first-serve. If a barrack is empty they can join automatically.
* Each new recruit can choose which barracks they wish to join.
* A majority vote (66%+ approval) means the recruit is enlisted to that barrack and may now vote for future recruits. If they are rejected they must select another one.
* If all barracks reject the recruit, select the one which had the highest approval rating. Recruit chooses the tiebreaker.
It's a 'progressive' edict, which nets you popularity with specialists.
No. 1072496 ID: 781c83


Why do we need shared Barracks at all?

SupermODDs can just... carve out new rooms.

We're in a mountain and we need to stop thinking in flat single level planes.
No. 1072502 ID: 8a2d6a

Hell, let's have an atrium area where several floors' worth of personal quarters open up into a shared large open hall. And have a lava fountain in the middle. Embraddeus's gonna love it.
No. 1072533 ID: f2320a

Less assasination sucess and sex
No. 1072536 ID: ea0606



The Finnie we know, knows exactly what we are. And will never kick us out of her room.
No. 1072543 ID: 4ef0bf

Sus indeed. She possessed too?
No. 1072562 ID: 46e818
File 169499104143.png - (10.18KB , 800x600 , 1695.png )

Giving everyone their own room is quickly going to become an impossible task, especially as we're going to be recruiting whole armies in short order. It's one thing for high officers to get their own rooms but Babrakus is working on those big barracks outside so we can host a great many souls ready to wage war in my name.

One can't lay siege with a dozen officers and no soldiers, after all.
No. 1072565 ID: 46e818
File 169499140719.png - (11.35KB , 800x600 , 1696.png )

Speaking of Babrakus, he fashioned me a wooden hand to replace my severed sinister.

It's not much, perhaps, but it's less unsightly than the dirty bandages.
Still strange to think my entire hand is gone. And yet I don't feel it's slowed me down.
No. 1072566 ID: 93d066

For the time being, we can prioritize commando tactics and guerilla warfare.

The deal with the princes when spectacularly.
No. 1072568 ID: 654f5c


Glad to know Babrakus gave you

a hand :)
No. 1072569 ID: 1ab976

Do we also have an immediate weapon… to hand?


No, but glad you got that situated but maybe think about a weapon attachment for it as well. As for everything else how’s it looking outside? Any word since we returned on a dragon?
No. 1072572 ID: fde242

A proper handjob I must say :D
No. 1072574 ID: 05fc82

make sure to hand out some praise for the fine work.
No. 1072575 ID: ce619a

>One can't lay siege with a dozen officers and no soldiers, after all.

Speaking of which, do we have any idea where we could procure a large amount of foddersoldiers?

Might want to check on the survivor that demon-Pendle savaged. She might be connected to a group that we could muster some troops from in return for saving her life.
No. 1072576 ID: 3f3d5c

I feel like we could do something with that, maybe get a bunch of different attachments to stick on the end of our arm. It'd be quite handy.
No. 1072579 ID: dc4bad

Good to see things are going comparatively well for the moment, ever since the paladin debacle things have felt a tad grim.

Speaking of armies and an unused forge, we need some progress on both fronts.

Did you get to keep that rapier from the red mesas or would forging you a worthy blade be a good first Vault Smithworks production?
No. 1072580 ID: dc4bad

Also we really need to find some more mannikins for the Monster Portal.

I know this is more fortress than dungeon at this point but the interdimensional creature-summoning gate seems a touch tragically underutilized for the purposes of bolstering our forces.
No. 1072584 ID: 0fbdcd

...you should have your wooden hand hollowed out and, like. Hide a dagger in it. Or something.
No. 1072589 ID: 9fcee4

With no mannikins and no real way ro get more in numbers, the portal will remain underused.

At the beggining I believed the portal was gonna be the source of our footsoldiers but the more time passes the harder it is to get more monsters.

Makes you wonder how Red Fang managed.
No. 1072596 ID: 744f96

Wasn't tossing mannikins into the portal not how they were intended to be used, but more a quick fix to get around the generating mana issue?

I think that was the case, but memory is Mustache's job, not the voices of the orb...
...You know, Mustache Malto? *gestures at Muschio*
No. 1072597 ID: 273c18

Red Fang didn't have very many monsters either...
No. 1072603 ID: 3f3d5c

I mean, the issue with that would be actually finding all those different mana types from before, and frankly by this point it's probably easier to just recruit normal soldiers.
I suppose if we just stumble across a font of mana we could revisit that, maybe we could ask some of our growing list of experts about it. But I'm not exactly holding out for it.
No. 1072606 ID: 781c83

Yeah, no, Muschio.

We're not thinking that every single member of your army needs their own room, but your **Officers** should have them.

Soon, Babrakus will be your HEAD craftsman, Tislomer your CHEIF Herbologist...

Your close few should reap the benefits of their loyalty.
No. 1072612 ID: 93d066

Really hope the wooden hand is a temporary fix, after all Ona's magic has already shown that it can regenerate body pieces. Also she even said that, if requested, she could reduce Finnie's arm to a normal size. So transmutation and regeneration are in her repertoire, just saying.
No. 1072616 ID: 46e818
File 169507192590.png - (11.50KB , 800x600 , 1697.png )

Ah, hold that thought.

Ashedel has arrived. I'm glad she's back at the base with everything going on -- with Dompag away, she's the best muscle we've got.
Though Finesse is my second in command, Ashedel does manage something of a Quartermaster's role, looking after low operations and taking care of the crew's petty concerns.
No. 1072617 ID: 46e818
File 169507209912.png - (9.18KB , 800x600 , 1698.png )

>"Lord Muschio, so good to have you back. The new throne room suits you."

"Thank you."

>"Wes seems only somewhat effected by the venom. I've given him the morning off but he's eager to return to work at the new forge.
>Tislomer says Ona is recovering well, and while she'll be feeling the effects for some time, she'll be ready to work again by tomorrow."

"Good. We need to get this exorcism figured out and done with as soon as possible. But if it must wait for tomorrow, at least Pendle isn't going anywhere."
No. 1072620 ID: ce619a

Better make double sure Pendle can't hurt himself. Specifically any tongue biting.
Since he's not particularly chatty anyways, a gag might be in order. It'd also go a long way in preventing him from goading a guard or conspiring with our other prisoner.
No. 1072621 ID: db0265

Our best shot is Ona. She may not be able to perform the exorcism but if she is able to talk we may set about gathering materials or otherwise needed for it
No. 1072622 ID: 273c18

Ask how Ridder is doing.
No. 1072639 ID: ba9ee0

With our new mining ability, in addition to being able to make new rooms (perhaps people having personal rooms to live 'above their shops', as it were, would be good?), I wonder if we should consider some exports. Whether or not there are more valuable ores around, there is a use for stone, and if we're extracting it anyway, some people might pay for a supply of bricks and blocks... or perhaps they could be put to use creating buildings and defenses outside, since secrecy is not much of a protection any more?
No. 1072641 ID: 43c156

Call Ashedel "cutie snooty"
No. 1072648 ID: 0fbdcd

"Thank you for the update, cutie snootie."

We should go see Ona, both to see how she's doing first-hand and to ask her what she needs to perform the exorcism when she's well, assuming she's able.
No. 1072676 ID: ebae20

How is Dompag's group going anyway? Any news from them?
No. 1072678 ID: e5709d

On today's agenda, we need a means of quickly recruiting an army.
* Our best source is obviously the Orcs. Their nobility is doing well for themselves, have moderate-high combat experience, and are well-defended even if they send a significant portion of their forces. I just wonder how the hell the nobles direct their commoners...
* Recruiting further from the cutebolds and goblins might be a bust, seeing as you've gotten multiple individuals... incapacitated. I don't know how well Riddler can recruit them or how long he can keep them from learning about little ol' city-burning you and your... (must...not...say...it...) but whatever the case they need to keep adequate defenses. If the Czar decides he can strike a pincer through their lands they'll be slaughtered.
* And finally, the insect kingdom, who... well. They'll be willing to rally their forces by your side, but their security is compromised. We can count on them but not as our vassals; that way leads to further amputations followed by death.

I propose we send a squad to further explore the world and recruit from towns and cities that haven't seen the Czar. It's time to Bait the Flag:
* Find some way to mimic whatever signals the trinket is giving off. We'll need a decoy that drives the Czar mad with predatory hunt-lust.
* Travel to different cities, fake trinket in tow, and give an honest attempt to recruit forces.
* While they laugh in our faces the dishonest signal will bring the Czar's forces to try and steal the mcguffin they need from you, convincing the potential recruits of the danger they face.
No. 1072679 ID: f59d42

Ask her how well the wedding preparations are going with Sir Ridder.
Speaking of Ridder, do you think we can get him to subtly encourage the paladins of racism to investigate the Czar? Lets try to get those two fighting each other.
No. 1072711 ID: 46e818
File 169515329787.png - (9.04KB , 800x600 , 1699.png )

"And what news, cutie snooty?"

>"Excuse me?"

"I said what news have you brought, Ashedel? Were you able to gather any intel before your mission was called off?"

>"Actually, yes. You may recall the nearby Timore Woodlands seemed to be in something of an uproar."
No. 1072712 ID: 46e818
File 169515364261.png - (8.82KB , 800x600 , 1700.png )

>"Several of the largest goblin and kobold tribes are already discussing unification after hostile encroachment from nearby humans and elves, whose activities have grown more violent.

>On top of that, it seems that many of the locals revere some kind of sacred animal, a horse that roams the woods. And that holy creature has gone missing, perhaps abducted. They're ready to go to war.

>Lord Prince Muschio, I believe this is a great opportunity. If we act wisely, we may be able to unite the forest tribes under our banner. They already hold us in high regard after killing Red Fang. Promise them protection, drive the invaders from their homeland, and perhaps even discover what became of their sacred horse, and they may pledge loyalty to us."
No. 1072713 ID: 46e818

Investigating this holy horse seems like a logical move, something Lord Muschio should take charge of himself to prove his worthiness to the locals. Ashedel for the additional muscle, plus Finesse and one of the Kobolds for their local knowledge would make a good party. We should recall Dompag and Geppa before we leave, though, the Vault would be dangerously unprotected if Muschio and Ashedel left without them present.
No. 1072714 ID: 8f9bc4

No. 1072717 ID: ca9df0

Promise them protection but such allegiances must come at a cost. If we offered to train them as soldiers who could we put in charge of training? This way if need be we can have the debt be we can call upon them to fight for us.
No. 1072721 ID: e5709d

If that horse vomits blood, bug out.
But yeah, let's go hunt a unicorn!
No. 1072722 ID: 273c18

Finding the horse seems something we can do. Driving away humans and elves though? Do we have the forces to do that, and would we be able to weather the political fallout?
Maybe we can negotiate with them, or otherwise convince them to stay out of kobold/goblin occupied lands... oh! We have some political sway, we can use that. Once we recover the holy horse we can tell the humanoids that we have taken over those lands and draw official borders they're not allowed to cross. We don't have to drive them away, exactly, just keep them from going where they're not supposed to be.
No. 1072723 ID: 0fbdcd

An excellent side quest while we wait for info on our demon. Let's find that horse!
Leave Snootie as the primary guard, without Dompag here we're a bit light on defenses. Take Finnie and a 'bold for the knowledge about the locality.
No. 1072737 ID: 93d066


Finding the horse takes priority, after all if we try to outright face the humans and elves, we may face larger numbers than what we're prepared for. On the other hand, if we focus in finding the horse with a task force. Even if the creature is being captive, we can play it as a commando stealth rescue.

We also can leverage our good standing with the 'Blins and the 'Bolds, so they can lend us their shamans/priests or the likes to helps us with Pendle. And we can promise to assist them in return.
No. 1072739 ID: 3f3d5c

That sounds like a capital idea. I agree that we shouldn't leave the base undefended, though. Best not spread ourselves too thin before we have the army to spread.
But taking one of our cutie snooty cutebolds with us also sounds like a great idea! Tislomer is the more sociable of the two, so if she doesn't have any objections, I vote we bring her with. She can help act as an envoy.
No. 1072743 ID: 273c18

Well, we might have to delay things until the base situation stabilizes a bit. We need to find out if Ona needs anything to exorcise the demon, for instance, and we can't take Tislomer on a trip when she's got a patient.
No. 1072758 ID: ebae20

Let them know we already stopped a murderer who was stalking the forest. Just... leave out that it was our murderer
No. 1072794 ID: 46e818
File 169524558651.png - (8.79KB , 800x600 , 1701.png )

Yes, all good points: We should approach this diplomatically so as not to start any wars between ourselves and the kingdoms of men, we should bring Tislomer as envoy (since she's a native), and we should act quickly while we can capitalize on this.
Also need to figure out if we're going to link the Mesas and Salamander Tower to our comms network at some point. I could send a Denling with a shard, but it would be precious cargo to lose, and they've been intercepted before.

"I should like to set out as soon as possible. However, given we are on heightened alert, it would be unwise to leave the Vault so understaffed again."

>"Then if I may, Lord Prince, perhaps we should recall Geppa and Dompag. They can be home by this evening, and you can set out in the morning and have enough officers both at home and accompanying you."
No. 1072795 ID: e2e905

Would YOU like to accompany us?
We may see your fiancee on the way.
No. 1072796 ID: ce619a

Between the Czar aggro'ing on us and our dragon ride, it should be fairly safe to recall our officers from the tower.
No. 1072797 ID: a7a180

Our thoughts exactly.
No. 1072799 ID: f3769a

Actually this does bring up a point, how are we doing in relations with Ridder's group? Should we coordinate something with them?
No. 1072800 ID: e5709d

Nah, leave those two patrolling the tower. We need to keep our communication network up while our opponent has an OP assassin captain ready to strike.

Volunteers only, should increase morale.
No. 1072802 ID: 0fbdcd

We should recall them, but in a silly and convoluted way.

Bring em home, give them a shard, send em BACK, implant Commander Salamander, then come home again and stay home. This sends a shard south with far greater security, and by the time they finish all that travel hopefully we'll be done with Horse Quest. If they happen to see an army marching during any of that, they book it.

I think bringing our key allies into the network is safe, but we absolutely need to either send the shards like they're gold. Who knows what magical bullshit could pollute our connection if it was intercepted, or, god forbid, tapped.
No. 1072844 ID: 3f3d5c

That all sounds great. I know we like to be in constant busy mode, but we can take a night off to enjoy our new base and be off by tomorrow.
No. 1072863 ID: 46e818
File 169532761926.png - (11.80KB , 800x600 , 1702.png )

"Could we recall them, then send them back with a shard?"

>"Well certainly, but assuming time to rest, they'd be back sometime late tomorrow, which means you'd have to leave two days from now instead of one. Which isn't necessarily a problem, but the situation in the woodlands could turn at any moment."

I notice Finesse has approached the throne as well.

>"Don't think of it as time off, master. There's plenty for all of us to do around the Vault. Wes, the kobolds and I all have our crafts to work on, Ona has rest to catch up on, and I'm sure Ashdel has plenty on her plate as well. It can still be a productive day if we stay in."
No. 1072864 ID: ce619a

What if we have Dompag or Geppa remove their shard and give it to Coriander?
That way there's no need for a return trip and they can merely get a new shard when they return to base.

Also, ask Finesse if she's working on a new hand for you. Would be a good idea to tell her to manufacture multiple backups whenever she has free time just in case you lose it again.
No. 1072865 ID: 3f3d5c

I like this plan. As long as they're near each other it doesn't really matter if one is missing a shard, and it'll just be until they make it back home anyway.

I know I literally just said we could take the night off, but I'm also not comfortable sitting on this plan with the kobolds longer than neccesary. These situations tend to be a powderkeg.
Ask D&G to pass along one of their shards, doesn't really matter whose, and then they'll come home.
No. 1072866 ID: 59fbfe

This is a good plan.

Even if it wouldn't work and we have to do the return/back/return again daisychain I suggested, I think we should go on Horse Quest immediately anyway. We can leave Ash as the guard for the time being while we're off.
No. 1072872 ID: ce619a

This plan will still take awhile before everyone's back, so we could use that little bit of downtime to do some more planning.

Might be a good time to plot out future dungeon layouts. Ask your officers if they have any requests or need for new types of rooms. Beyond expanding existing rooms and officers' quarters we could really use a library, armory and most of all an infirmary. Perhaps a room dedicated to magic usage and research, as well, should it be needed for whoever our magic expert will be.
No. 1072879 ID: e5709d

Smart move.

I vote we get started on the Horse. We don't have an estimated time frame before something bad happens to the equine quest, and we don't have anything serious to work on right now.
No. 1072884 ID: ba9ee0

don't post images in a quest thread if you're not the author, please, unless it's asked for
No. 1072889 ID: 93d066


We need to build an elevator to the top of our mountain keep and set a proper platform for Ash to take off.

Ash is the fastest, the one with the top movement range and an excellent fighter to boot. She could get to the tower and back in the same time it takes Geps and Dom just to come back from there.

So let's send her with the shard and at the same time tell our agents in the tower to come back. If anything happens, then let them rendezvous half way and reassess.
No. 1072897 ID: 5936b9

A king does need a horse...
No. 1072899 ID: 46e818
File 169541211199.png - (11.77KB , 800x600 , 1703.png )

That's brilliant!

I'll just have Dompag and Geppa drop off one of their shards, then fit them with a new one when they're home! No need for two trips and we can still set out in the morning.
Ah, what would I do without you? You, by which I technically mean me.
No. 1072904 ID: 46e818
File 169541235831.png - (9.64KB , 800x600 , 1704.png )

huh oh hi
yeah we're still here just sitting

yeah i can take my crystal thing out no problem, i didn't even get a cool one
i asked for a red one and she was like 'there are no red ones' so someone else musta got it first

>"Everything okay?"
"Yeah I'm just talking to my crystal"
>"You don't have to talk out loud when you do that."
"Don't tell me how to do it big brother"
No. 1072905 ID: 46e818
File 169541236324.png - (9.85KB , 800x600 , 1705.png )

"They want me to give it to someone where so I'm just gonna bite it out real quick"
>"Don't do that. I'm sure there's a medic here."
"Don't tell me how to do it."

>"Anyway, did they say who we're supposed to give it to?"
No. 1072906 ID: 0dd407

Commander Coriander
No. 1072908 ID: ce619a

This. Tell Commander big boobs it's her choice who at the tower gets it. And tell Dompag to explain to her how they work.
We're doing this so you guys don't have to hang out there all the time and can come back home. We'll see if we can get you a new shard that's red once you get back.
No. 1072911 ID: eb7ce4

make sure to stick the shard into her boob
No. 1072913 ID: 46e818

Coriander would be ideal, but we can let her know the arrangement we have with Mondegreen and she can decide if she wants to keep the shard herself or with a trusted subordinate. I don't think Arabella would mind too much.
No. 1072914 ID: 315b2a

No. 1072917 ID: 0fbdcd

Captain Lizardtits of course.

Make sure it's fully explained first please. No surprises.
No. 1072918 ID: 3f3d5c

I am willing to surprise Commander Lizardtits if we specifically stick it in her boob.
No. 1072919 ID: 273c18

I think Geppa knows better than to stab a friend without permission.
No. 1072968 ID: 46e818
File 169549386107.png - (11.30KB , 800x600 , 1706.png )

okay got it
"Hey lady big boobs"
>"We're sticking with that name, are we?"
"boss says you gotta make someone take my crystal out of my hand and then put it in one of you"
>"Excuse me?"
"My big bro will explain it, just call someone who can use a knife."
No. 1072969 ID: 46e818
File 169549406142.png - (8.76KB , 800x600 , 1707.png )

"the crystal thingy's in here right now but if you put it in you or someone they can talk to the boss from far away in secret, you just gotta pick who"
>"I'll... discuss it with your brother, then. Dompag?"
>"Yeah, I'll fill you in real quick."
"YEAH he will he's talking about his dick"
"Oh yeah do you wanna have sex with my brother, he's real good at it"
>"GEPPA. We talked about this."
"I don't mean I had sex with him, that'd be weird."
>"Would you please excuse us for a moment."
okay I'll send you back now, see you at home i guess
No. 1072970 ID: 1ab976

Switch to dompag?
No. 1072972 ID: 654f5c


Dompag seems a bit more... emotionally equipped to communicate, so yeah, try to switch to him.
No. 1072974 ID: ce619a

Bye Geppa, you're the best.
No. 1072984 ID: 93d066

You're a great wingsis Geps, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
No. 1072985 ID: 8daf19

You totally deserve, like, a cookie or something after this, Geppa. Anyway, yeah better send us back and see if we can't get more in motion.
No. 1073003 ID: e5709d

Let's switch to Finesse or Tislomer.
No. 1073004 ID: 3f3d5c

I am completely fine with the events that are unfolding.
No. 1073096 ID: 46e818
File 169558314029.png - (10.56KB , 800x600 , 1708.png )

No. 1073097 ID: 46e818
File 169558326759.png - (11.98KB , 800x600 , 1709.png )

>"Thanks again."
"Anyone would've done it."
>"I think a lot of people would've just run away."
"N-nn-nnot with someone in danger."

>"...You don't have to stay with me, you know."
"I know. I just... I f-feel a little rresponsible."
No. 1073098 ID: 46e818
File 169558345499.png - (11.24KB , 800x600 , 1710.png )

>"What, because you came from the same court?"
"You w--w-w-were in t-trouble and nob-b- nobody nnoticed until it was almost t-t--t-t-too l-late."

>"You can't be expected to babysit everyone in the Vault."

>"...I'm sorry I thought you were a creep."
"I get it. I know what I l-look like."
>"I thought I was better than judging people at a glance. Thanks again. Really."
"Y-you don't need to keep th-thanking me."
>"And you don't need to stay with me."
No. 1073099 ID: ce619a

How are you guys doing?

Also, since you're a big damn hero now, got any accommodation requests? Specific food, drink, room furnishings, etc?
No. 1073100 ID: dc4bad

Sorry to intrude, inaccuracy and all that.

Good to see you both though, pretty harrowing stuff there and we're glad you made it out the other side.
No. 1073102 ID: 8f9bc4

One cannot identify a creep at first glance, for they must first be observed creeping before they can be considered a creep. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
No. 1073107 ID: e5709d

I wouldn't know, we're all creeps here.
We're going out, do you want anything?
No. 1073112 ID: 273c18

Wes I think you're being a little annoying, take the hint and give her some space.
No. 1073117 ID: 93d066

The guy has been in wars, he knows what death is. guess he just could not let it happen, specially since it was within he's grasp to prevent it.
No. 1073120 ID: ba9ee0

Yeah dude she's intellectually recognized you're not a creep but it'll probably still take her a while to process that into being totally comfortable around you, sorry. Take a break. Ask her if she wants anything fetched.
No. 1073133 ID: 3f3d5c
File 169560460286.jpg - (157.00KB , 520x800 , d3dp8l4-86845306-99d2-4e50-be12-c6a2ae014a0f.jpg )

Hey, Wes. So, like.
I don't know how often we'll pop in like this? Technically it could just be whenever, but at the same time we're juggling a lot over here. It kindof depends on the situation.

So, just in case it's awhile before the next one, or even if it's not, I just want to say:
You really came through for us.
You really came through for everyone.

Now go ahead and give that girl some space, okay? She's probably feeling really puny right now.
No. 1073143 ID: 0fbdcd

The heart says "now kiss," but the mind says give her some space. Maybe see if you can bring her a book or something while she recovers.
No. 1073152 ID: 1ab976

Take the hint, let her rest. You might want to go check on the forge.
No. 1073155 ID: dba05a

You're a good man wes. A real good man.
No. 1073210 ID: 46e818
File 169567800926.gif - (32.21KB , 800x600 , 1711.gif )

"I'm s-s-sorry. I think I m-mmissed the hint. I'll let you r-rest."

No. 1073211 ID: 46e818
File 169567810768.png - (11.06KB , 800x600 , 1712.png )

>"Sorry. I didn't mean it like that. Wasn't trying to tell you to fuck off. I just...
>I guess I feel like I've already asked too much of you.

>We're basically strangers and you already saved my life. Making you keep me company on top of that feels... selfish."
No. 1073212 ID: 8a2d6a

Come now, Ona. Weren't you making antidotes to save someone else's life? You were. Not because someone asked you to save them. Not because you were doing someone a favor, but because it was the right thing to do. It's what makes you one of the good guys.

The only thing different here is that you're on the other end of that exchange.

(You can tell her that, Wes)
No. 1073215 ID: c93c80

A solid answer. This.
No. 1073216 ID: dc13c4

just leave the room you don't need this drama
No. 1073217 ID: 93d066

This, indeed we do good without looking at who.
No. 1073220 ID: a2451b

It sounds like she feels a little guilty over being saved and being cared for. Let her know that you she isn't being any sort of burden to you.
No. 1073231 ID: 93d066

(Steamy hand-holding action.)

Do you know by any chance why the last name "Smith" is so common?

Well you see in wars, in the loser side, almost all able body men die or are executed. But the smiths, you see, they are useful. After all, swords, armor and forks still need to be forged.

So in "interesting" times, smiths tend to spend their days in front of a roaring fire with the occasional knocking announcing a new management. And the short drop and a sudden stop of all acquaintances from the previous one.

Strike. Temper. Draw.
Day in, day out.
Strike. Temper. Draw.

But sometimes a smith may find himself in the field, and he may find himself called to action. To do the right thing.

Curious, the life of a Smith.
No. 1073235 ID: 0fbdcd

"You're not MAKING me anything. I did what I did because it was the right thing to do."

"And because I care about you." And now some SMOKIN' hug action.
No. 1073258 ID: 635eea

It is, but...
Selfishness isn't an inherently bad thing, it depends on circumstance. There are times when you need to be selfish, it's how you ensure the things you need are taken care of.

I'd say surviving and recovering from a near-death experience, definitively falls within acceptable circumstances for selfishness

Sometimes, you need to be a burden, too, and there's no shame in that, either. Society, as a concept, exists for that specific purpose: to lighten the weight of hardship both collectively, and from those it weighs on most.

What's the point of having friends, or just decent people, if they won't help you move a couch every now and again?
No. 1073271 ID: 273c18

Well if you want to keep her company then tell her that. It's not selfish if you're doing it of your own free will.
No. 1073280 ID: 93d066

Come on Ona, give us a big chunky toothed smile.
No. 1073303 ID: 46e818
File 169576195653.png - (12.60KB , 800x600 , 1713.png )

"I'm n-not here to p-placate your feelings, I'm just worried about you.
B-besides, I'm a bb--b-b-bl-blacksmith. I'm p-pretty ppatient."

>"I can't believe I let myself--"
"You didn't d-do this. He did. I should've s-ss-sss-seen it s-ss--sooner."
>"I guess we're both feeling guilty over something we couldn't control, huh?"
No. 1073304 ID: 46e818
File 169576210156.png - (11.42KB , 800x600 , 1714.png )

"Do you want to t-talk abb-bout it?"
>"Actually, yeah? I do, but... what is there to say? I wish I could-- I can't remember anything.
>Just... running in to tell him the news, and then it's all blank.
>Maybe that's for the best."
No. 1073306 ID: ce619a

If might make her feel better (and really, you, too) to know that the demon possessing Pendle had even us fooled. And, you know, it was in fact a demon and those things tend to be really good at subterfuge and deception.
No. 1073312 ID: 8f9bc4

Wait Wes, you're from the same court as Pendle? Did you know him at all before this?

It is pretty simple what physically happened. She ran in, got bit, and passed out. Feelings are less simple though. You could ask if she feels guilty that the other people died before her, but she didn't. It was really tearing Ona apart that she couldn't stop the mysterious murders from continuing, even before this. She was drinking again, and—well, yeah.

At least remind her that as awful as the murders were, none of them would have felt any pain. The demon only mutilated the bodies once they were 'empty' as he said. Offerings, to something.

What she needs to do now is focus on getting well so that she can talk with Muschio about what she might know about Pendle's possession. You heard the demon say that she was the only one who had any idea of this occult stuff. She might be able to figure out how to deal with the demon.
No. 1073314 ID: 6aa9a2

This is true, we can't really blame ourselves. I mean, that kind of demon's M.O., as Muschio once said, they hide and skulk in the shadows subsisting on leftovers and whatever they can get their hands on. Ambush predators and scavengers.
No. 1073317 ID: 6e6ea7

I'd just hold off on reassuring her that it's stopped and no one's going to get hurt until AFTER the demon is exorcized. Imagine how crummy she'd feel if she was convinced no one would be hurt anymore just for everything to go wrong after. We still don't know for sure what it's really capable of or what it's planning. For all we know it could just be biding its time, exactly where it wants to be. Maybe I'm being paranoid but STILL.
No. 1073321 ID: 3a3ebd

In chapter 23 I believe, Pendle states that he and Wes were only passing acquaintances and didn't know each other on a personal level!
No. 1073325 ID: 8f9bc4


Any information at all would be more than we had. It's pretty obvious Pendle kept to himself, even in his old court.

This is a bad time to be talking about that though. Wes will help out with what little he knows later. Right now, Ona needs to talk about... how she feels about Pendle and all he's done. And yes I mean the demon. She's never met the real Pendle. The man she knew all this time is still somehow the one who... almost did that to her.
No. 1073344 ID: 93d066

That would be the case if not for the fact that "We" could see who the real Pendle was and who wasn't.

We really knew the guy, but he sometimes got the wheel taken from him.
No. 1073349 ID: e5709d

Most of these dramatic situations require time and study and labor to partially fix, and even then it might not be permanent.

This is not the usual drama.
There is a serial killer perpetuating this madness. And they are a literal Possessor.
You have someone you can honestly blame... but that just makes the consequences even deeper and the research even harder.

...So, any commentary on the aristocratic orc society we're about to make deep alliances with?
No. 1073371 ID: 46e818
File 169584324287.png - (14.12KB , 800x600 , 1715.png )

"D-do you think yyou can f-figure out an e-exorc-exorcism?"

>"Well, I hope so. I'm already making a list of reagents. I know Muschio's planning to go out to the woods soon, and the elders and shamans there should have most of what we'll need.
>But I've never done one before, so hopefully he can ask around a bit. Maybe even bring someone back temporarily, to assist.
>Still, from what I've heard, they're not super difficult, and you mentioned earlier the thing said it was 'new at this' so... yeah, I think we'll manage it."


>"But... it's probably not going to be pretty. Not for anyone involved."
No. 1073372 ID: 1dbc72

That’s not good, what should we expect?
No. 1073374 ID: ce619a

Hmmm, getting some assistant witch doctors or shamans under Ona is definitely looking like our top recruitment priority.

Hope we remember that.
No. 1073376 ID: 59fbfe

Are we talking spinning heads and pea soup vomit, or is Pendle going to explode?
No. 1073381 ID: 273c18

What, like lots of screaming, puke, fire and brimstone?
No. 1073384 ID: 93d066


The only thing certain thing when dealing with demons is the uncertainty of it. Demons are living lies, all they do and say, down to the way they look, exist to deceive.

That's why cleric and shamans, who align themselves with the divine and the greater truth, know the ways to deal with their kind.

This is not a work for the weak willed or the naive. So preparing properly is an utmost priority.
No. 1073394 ID: 8f9bc4


Do we know that about demons for a fact? Pendle's the first demon we've really encountered (I think?), and all we know is he goes around secretly killing girls and mutilating their corpses, and he apparently possesses people. If he existed only to deceive, why would he be leaving a trail of bodies leading straight to him?

Plus even gods are known to lie.
No. 1073401 ID: 93d066

What we know for sure is that it all started with the demonologist Kivas Sun, who died in mysterious circumstances. And her protégé, Leonid Travask last used alias was Pendle Khaneh.

As for the why, a demon follows its twisted nature, mask as friends just to betray. And believe they make art by mutilating the flesh.

The joy of creation forever beyond their grasp as "Evil cannot create anything new, they can only corrupt and ruin what good forces have invented or made."
No. 1073411 ID: 46e818

I think he's saying that we have no knowledge of how demons work in this universe, any speculation on the nature or behavior of demons has been imported from other settings or belief systems.
No. 1073413 ID: 46e818
File 169587858175.png - (14.29KB , 800x600 , 1716.png )

"Actually, there was ssomething else. When M-mmMuschio deb-debriefed me, he mentioned that b-before, your dd--d-drugs bled into his awareness, th-tthrough the orb. But n-n-nn-nob-nobody ffelt anything this time."
>"Probably for the best, right? If that poison had transmitted through the orb we'd all be in a lot of trouble. I don't think you'd have been in any shape to come to my rescue."

"A-any idea why? I d-don't know enough about th-the sp---sps--spe-specifics of how this works."
"Could he have tt-taken out your shard b-before the bite? O-or just after?"
>"No. He wouldn't have known where to find it. Mine's uh... in a different spot than yours.

>If I had to guess, maybe when you're unconscious, you're not connected? Unless dreams bleed together."
No. 1073414 ID: 654f5c


Have your dreams been bleeding with anyone else's, Wes?
No. 1073418 ID: 0fbdcd

I think dreams have been blending, now and then. I recall something of Finnie's.
Maybe there was no mental aspect of the poison, it was just paralysis? Or there's a difference between the half-consciousness of dream and the hard-KO of a venom, that makes sense.
No. 1073419 ID: 93d066


Probably, as the orb seeps from and into Mushio's mind. The psychotropic/psychedelic drugs are the ones he's susceptible to. As they specifically target mood, emotion and perception of reality.

Faux Pendle's poison, was must likely a depressant of the nervous system with a powerful yet slow acting coagulating agent. So the psyche is not compromised.
No. 1073421 ID: 93d066

And Ona, dreams bled into the boss mind (Finnie's specifically). But only when he sleeps near your sigil.
No. 1073435 ID: ce619a

There's been multiple time when the orb was acting funny and most of them have been with Ona, even without drugs. Like that really weird robot-speak one that happened for seemingly no reason.

We also seemed to have been "ejected" from Ona once she found those magic crystals that shut down the odds... but then Pendle was able to touch them without any effect. And then the demon had a weird reaction to the shard, too.
>They say prolonged exposure can cause madness, or worse.
We, uh... might want to get all of that stuff into some kind of containment or outside the base.

When she's feeling better she really needs to do some experiments with all this stuff to find out what's the deal with all this. Or maybe if we ever get Pendle back he might know what's going on.
No. 1073438 ID: ce619a

We have a magician now, Erisol might know something about this. We need to tell Muschio to have Erisol take a look at that magic crystal ore stuff. Just not too close. She might start going comatose like the odds did since she's a sprite.
If it has some kind of anti-magic properties it could be used to suppress or get rid of the demon.
No. 1073456 ID: 46e818
File 169592691301.png - (10.70KB , 800x600 , 1717.png )

>"Speaking of dreams, I'm feeling a little better, having talked a little. But I'm gonna try to get some rest, I think."
"Of c-course."

>"Hey, uh, so, if you wanna hang out later... I mean, everyone's got someone around here, it feels like, and you and me are kinda loners comparatively, so, yknow.
>I could use the company, I mean."

"You m-mean like, as f-fr-f-friends?"
>"Well, yeah, uh. But I mean. You never know, right? Ha ha.
>Look I'm still half poisoned and this is clumsy but maybe there's something there, I dunno.
>I mean we could find out, anyway."
No. 1073457 ID: 46e818
File 169592695868.png - (10.40KB , 800x600 , 1718.png )

"Oh. Y-yeah, s-s--ss-sorry, I'm gay."

>"Oh. Oh! Yeah, that tracks. No need to apologize, ha ha."
No. 1073458 ID: 46e818
File 169592711945.png - (12.44KB , 800x600 , 1719.png )

"W-ww--w-wait hold on, ha ha ha, w-what do you m-mean, 'th-that tracks'??"
>"Well I mean--"
"Ha ha hold on, no, ex--e-exe-explain yourself!"
>"Ahaha okay, well -- You're like the only guy in the vault who didn't stare at my tits when you met me!"
"Oh is that w-what gave it away!"
>"Ha ha ha ha shut up oh my god! I'm not supposed to be laughing!!!"
No. 1073459 ID: dc13c4

Can you suffocate her with the pillow and blame it on the possessed guy?
No. 1073460 ID: a15408


You two are cute together as friends. Anyone around here that has caught your eye Wes?
No. 1073461 ID: 59fbfe

Wes, are you actually gay, or did you just kinda blurt that out to be socially avoidant?
No. 1073462 ID: dc13c4

Hey, now I only asked if he could and not if he should big difference. But in all honesty, now that we are dealing with demonic possessions you should always keep a thought in mind that anybody could be your enemy and when you are alone with somebody in the room you have to do small calculations like can this person kill me or can I kill it if it comes to that. And then my mind just wandered towards getting away with murder...I should just stop typing...
No. 1073463 ID: 9e0893

Oh cool, you can talk about cute guys together.
Then again, there's not really many cute guys available. Babrakus is with Tislomer, Dompag's got an overprotective sister, and Muschio's your boss.

Alright, now we really need to stop Pendle from being possessed, we need an available bachelor.
No. 1073465 ID: 8a2d6a

After what transpired between Wes and (possessed) Pendle, our rat boy isn't going to be feeling much in the way of intimate attraction to him. Something tells me that ship will not sail.
No. 1073471 ID: 8f9bc4


Unless Wes is into some really freaky shit
No. 1073479 ID: b42759

>Muschio's your boss
You say that like it's a disqualifier

Aim for the stars Wes
No. 1073498 ID: 494ad7

Wooooo platonic friendship!!! I fucking love treating people with respect and having someone I can rely on who makes me happy and helps me shoulder my emotional burdens by choice!!!
No. 1073499 ID: 273c18

Talking about cute guys sounds fun. Either of you got any crushes?
No. 1073501 ID: 93d066

Big chunky toothed smile.
Finally. Even if only just a little.
No. 1073529 ID: 46e818
File 169601770786.png - (14.36KB , 800x600 , 1720.png )

"HELLO it's me Princess Erisol N'poa!! I was wondering when you'd get to me!"
>"We were talking already."
"No I'm talking to the voices! Hello voices!! This is super cool!"
>"You don't have to talk out loud to them."
"This is the only way I know how to talk!"

"So hey what's up! I saw your demon in a cocoon! That's cool! I want to sleep in the big room with everybody!"
No. 1073530 ID: 3f3d5c

Hi, Eri. I'm gonna call you Eri.
Tell Tislomer we said hi.
Everyone has their own rooms, mostly, but you can ask people if they'll let you sleep with them if you want.

Maybe... specify you mean actually sleeping.
You do mean actual sleep, right?
No. 1073531 ID: ce619a

Hi Erisol!
Looks like you got an orb shard, huh? Neat.
Anyways, you know anything about demons? Like how to get them out of a person's body when a demon possesses them without killing guy being possessed?
Because that bug dude the demon's in was supposed to be our scholar and tactician, but now he's got a case of the demons and that sucks.
No. 1073532 ID: dc13c4

what the fuck is wrong with this person?
No. 1073533 ID: 292341

That's cool but could back that up a second? When you say "demon in a cocoon" you mean the straight jacket and being all chained up, right? RIGHT?
No. 1073535 ID: a3fe2e

I'm gonna be honest here I do not trust her one bit to perform exorcisms. Not because I think she'd lie or out of malice or anything, just... look at her. Is that the face of someone you can trust to remove a demon? I'd hardly trust her with a grocery list.
No. 1073537 ID: 8f9bc4

I'd trust her to do something cool with a grocery list!

Is there anything that would help you do magic better? Ona drew a picture that helped her, or something. You showed using magic to shield and blink, is there anything else you like to do with it? Do you like Tislomer? She's really nice! What is your hat? It looks cool.
No. 1073538 ID: e5709d

Eri, listen to me very carefully: Do not free the demon. He's going to tell you all sorts of things, but whatever he says, he likes hurting girls. And in his eyes, you are a girl. If he is set free, he might hit you, the princess, or Tislomer until one of you dies. He stabbed Ona.
And no I don't know what is wrong with him but that's why he's in the cocoon and not dead. We need to find out.

Okay, with that out of the way, can you talk to the princess? Muschio doesn't think rationally around her.
No. 1073543 ID: 006510

hey eri, if you know anything that could help with an exorcism, do you reckon you could recruit ona to help? she also knows some magic but i think she could use your assistance (and a little emotional support, after what went down with her and the demon)
No. 1073544 ID: ce619a

Ona can be the one to do it, but Erisol might have some info that'll make it go smoother.
No. 1073547 ID: a7a180

Do so while you still can, the Odds are hard at work making individual rooms for officers. Maybe you can ask if anyone wants to be your roommate.
It's a good idea to learn to speak to us inside your head, as talking to yourself out loud could tip your hand to an enemy.
No. 1073549 ID: 315b2a

omgod haiiii!! :3
No. 1073594 ID: 93d066

Would it be possible that Faux-Pendle is trying to kill Pendle through starvation?
No. 1073640 ID: 46e818
File 169610939809.png - (16.04KB , 800x600 , 1721.png )

"Yeah! This room!! I like this room, I wanna be part of the big group, it's cool! You guys need a couch or something in here! That would be even better."
>"I want a couch too!"
"See! Wow we are so on the same page."

"Anyway yeah seems like you got a lot going on. But now you've got my magic too, so like, that's gonna help."

>Do not free the demon
"Uh, duh-doy? Demons are bad news. I'm not an idiot."
>if you know anything that could help with an exorcism
"Sorry that's like, a whole different school of supernatural. I mostly just know sorcery."
>When you say "demon in a cocoon" you mean the straight jacket and being all chained up, right?
"Oh wow, cool point! Because like, he's all tied up in a way that looks like a cocoon, but also the guy he's possessing is sort of like a cocoon too, right? Because he's got something else inside? That's deep."
No. 1073641 ID: 46e818
File 169610963594.png - (11.35KB , 800x600 , 1722.png )

"Hey can I ask you a question? Why were you guys so quick to invite me on? I mean I like being here but apparently you just had a guy who turned out to be a traitor, and you instantly brought me onto your network?
Even though I was one of the Czar's citizens? Like couldn't I be a spy or something and you just got me chipped in right away?"
No. 1073642 ID: 128f1b

If you were with the Czar or loyal to him, you wouldn’t have saved Muschio from the assassin.
No. 1073643 ID: 1ce70f

The very fact your bringing this up shows that our trust in you was well placed.

Incidentally, and this is something that has been bugging me, but was all of the czar's citizens sprites? Like were they ALWAYS sprites? Or did he do something to make everyone into sprites?
No. 1073644 ID: 59fbfe

I don't think you're capable of telling a lie, and you saved the boss's/our life. And we could use a magic expert. You fit the bill. If we can cure you being a sprite, all the better.
No. 1073645 ID: ce619a

I mean, we DID deal with that guy by breaking all his limbs then throwing him in jail. So, it's not like we can't handle traitors.
But yeah, you helped boss man escape from the czar and even threw down with his pet psycho, so we're going to go on a limb and say you're alright.

Also, it would break our hearts if you were really evil because you're really fun and cool. Don't do a spicy betrayal on us, plz :(

Oh hey, one more thing. We found some magic crystal thingamajigs and before he got demon'd our scholar said they could probably be turned into magic items. Can you make any magic items or do any enchanting with that kind of stuff?
No. 1073646 ID: d0e8ef

Well, first. We are not very smart.
Second, you saved the boss'es bacon.
Third, you're cute and we like you.
No. 1073647 ID: e5709d

We know.
The Czar's domain is a general unknown. Any defectors are worth the risk.
No. 1073648 ID: dc13c4

Can't be too careful with anybody these days, also I do have to ask do you have autism?
No. 1073649 ID: dc4bad

We like the cut of your jib.
And to be honest we're pretty short on people who can trade blows with the Pretender without getting severely wounded in the process.

Oh, side question; Do you think you can teach people how use magic?

Or even just sense the capability, I am convinced Mushio has an almost entirely untapped talent for fire (an outburt made the mountain look like a volcano momentarily, pretty sure it wasn't just a visual bit because some of the stuff in the room was still burning when it was done)
No. 1073650 ID: bc252c

I'm sorry to get off topic but did you draw Tislomer with huge boobs on the blackboard over there? If so I declare this drawing to be named Titslomer.
No. 1073652 ID: 315b2a

you did like really cool magic and were also actively being attacked by the Czar. Also if you ARE a spy we are in your brain now forever until you die. Enjoy!!!
No. 1073653 ID: 8f9bc4

More importantly: your hat. It's a cool hat! Is it a special sorcerer hat?
No. 1073655 ID: d0e8ef

even after

Yeah magic lessons are in order. Time for the Boss to do a "Yoga fire".
No. 1073656 ID: 6dc55b

Muschio just seems to have a talent and/or need for gathering up talented misfits of varied levels of disaffectedness. Maybe it's because of his own obsession with reclaiming his birthright making him a locus for such types.
Either way, you seem on the level with no reason to dismiss you.
No. 1073657 ID: 46e818
File 169612019048.png - (9.94KB , 800x600 , 1723.png )

>If you were with the Czar you wouldn’t have saved Muschio from the assassin.
"Well that's kinda simplifying it isn't it? Like, what if he had other motives than just killing you? Maybe he's playing a long game!"

"Look, anyway, I don't know what you're planning to do to deal with him, but I'll do what I can! That was some real dark magic coming off his friend."
No. 1073658 ID: a7a180

If you're a spy, you're a very good one. Glad to have someone so talented aboard.
If he's possessed by a serial killer, maybe there's someone who's been following the trail of murders a lot longer than we have. They might know more.
No. 1073659 ID: eb7ce4

dark magic... radiating off of Pendle? Can you describe anything else? Knowing what kind of magic is in Pendle right now would be very nice, even if exorcisms isn't your specialty.
No. 1073660 ID: 3f3d5c

Look, you helped us out, okay? You've got pretty strong magic, and frankly, we're still in the "acquire allies" part if the questline.
I don't want to downplay our decision, but you made a good first impression, and we'd rather make friends than enemies. So we're trusting you for now, alright? Deal with it!

Now that you mention it, though... a couch would be nice.
Heck yeah! Quest Acquired: Find a kickass couch!
No. 1073661 ID: 6dc55b

Is this dark magic anything like the green magic we see on you?
No. 1073662 ID: ce619a

>"Well that's kinda simplifying it isn't it? Like, what if he had other motives than just killing you? Maybe he's playing a long game!"
If he is he's got a really weird way of doing that since he was really keen of killing Muschio right then and there. I doubt he's that good of an actor considering the only thing he wants is that weird amulet and he's had no problem sending that masked goon to raid us for it before.

Speaking of that masked guy and his magic, can you tell us anything about the magic he's using?
It was super funky that he could just shrug off your blast like he was anti-magic, but then toss around spells like his anti-magic didn't apply to him.

Also, back to the topic of that weird amulet the Czar wants, could you take a look at it and tell us if you see anything special about it? Like anything that would make the Czar want to kill people to get it.
No. 1073714 ID: d6b5b1

So you admit you can't be trusted. That's it boys, activate self destruct.
No. 1073716 ID: 93d066

No. 1073717 ID: 21905f

No. 1073720 ID: ef6eba

No. 1073722 ID: 3a3ebd

No. 1073723 ID: f2320a

6.. hehe sex in my language
No. 1073728 ID: 53047a

Please do not the sprite
No. 1073755 ID: 46e818
File 169619926101.png - (11.70KB , 800x600 , 1724.png )

>dark magic... radiating off of Pendle?
"Oh no! I meant the guy with the black and white face. He seems like BAD NEWS."

>Is this dark magic anything like the green magic we see on you?
"Oh, yeah! But my magic's blue.
See, magic is color-coded! Purple is evil. Blue is good. Green is-- no wait, blue is... control? No it's -- hold on I had a mnemonic for this.
Oh Be a Fine Girl, Kiss Me -- no that's the wrong one

Okay well anyway magic is complicated there's no hard and fast rule anyway."
No. 1073757 ID: 46e818
File 169619944433.png - (16.13KB , 800x600 , 1725.png )

"Oh yeah, and you're like, TOTALLY wrong about those crystals!

Peregast doesn't have antimagic properties! Totally the opposite! It's a magic conduit!
If this mountain is really as dense with deposits as you say, this entire base is like one big magical amplifier! The vibes here are insane -- I'm getting feedback just snapping my fingers!

Your magical helpers were probably overloaded, not shut down. A proper mage would kill for this place. I dunno if there's a single place on the continent more charged!
I guess the last owner really didn't know what he had!"
No. 1073758 ID: 77a51f

Well, the previous owner WAS a bit more of a "wildly stab you with a flyssa" kind of guy. Not who I'd call a well-read arcane scholar...
No. 1073763 ID: 5d794b

You don’t say… What could one accomplish with these magical conduits?
No. 1073764 ID: 42e0b2

I forgor, are we magic? Could we become a magic mountain? Or use its power to talk into everyone's heads at once all the time? Not that we would no that'd be silly. I just think it'd be cool to be a psychic mountain that yells at people.
No. 1073765 ID: 315b2a

So, I'm assuming the mountain boosts your powers? In that case you should probably stay here most of the time to function as defense.
No. 1073767 ID: 93d066

Well, Technically Pendle said that peregast was a magically-imbued ore that could cause warding effects or worse in magical creatures. So no antimagic
No. 1073769 ID: 8f9bc4

Yes but what does any of this have to do with the subject of your adorable hat?
No. 1073774 ID: dc4bad

Huh. That is veeery useful information.

Sounds like with the refined stuff we could probably make some really nifty enchanted gear.

Or if we're ambitious maybe we could find a way to turn the mountain into a big doom laser or something.
No. 1073775 ID: 273c18

Holy smokes. We have to let Muschio know. And Ona, probably. (I guess that big gout of flame out of the mountain wasn't a joke)

I hope this won't cause any complications with the exorcism. Won't the demon's magic be amplified too?
No. 1073783 ID: ce619a

Wow, you don't say?
Ona, our witch doctor, put up a big rune-sigil thing on the wall of Muschio's bedroom to empower her, so I'm guessing the thing's way stronger than it's supposed to be because of this?
She's been getting all kinds of weird interference with the orb shard communications. Also, Muschio has been having weird dreams when he sleeps in that room sometimes. Could the peregast be doing that?

Either way, you'll want to warn any magic users we've got about this peregast situation, especially our witch doctor.
No. 1073784 ID: 0fbdcd

This also means we need to be super extra double careful with Pendle. I don't know what happens if a demon escapes through a mountain-sized magic tuning fork, but it's probably bad.
No. 1073791 ID: 654f5c


In that case we cannot let Pendle escape at all until we make sure he's 100% unpossessed. Risk's too great.
No. 1073837 ID: 46e818
File 169628460577.png - (11.50KB , 800x600 , 1726.png )

"I've never experimented with a focus like this! So I don't really know what it means.

I think it could focus outgoing spells, and probably affect hexes and witchy stuff too, but it could also amplify anything inside into itself. Maybe both! I'm not sure what that would mean.
It could also help prevent outside magic coming in. That could be why the Czar's so hesitant to move on this place. I was talking to your ogre and he said the black and white henchman guy couldn't even teleport away until he left the mountain, so that might have something to do with it!"
No. 1073838 ID: 46e818
File 169628466742.png - (15.19KB , 800x600 , 1727.png )

"Anyway, that's enough talking for now! I want to get settled in.

And hey, sine you've got Odds building rooms for this place, could you add a baths someplace? I like taking hot baths!
Okay that's all! Go bother someone else now!"
No. 1073839 ID: df8ff0

Not a bad plan, let's have the odds start making a bath.

Who are we jumping to next?
No. 1073840 ID: 21becd

There aren't any baths?! Pointy boy had baths! A bath with a lady with a crack in her tit! This must be rectified!
No. 1073841 ID: 832cd7

Do we need to worry about Embra getting out of hand?
A walking fire under a mountain of proverbial gasoline.
No. 1073842 ID: ce619a

Willing us away is usually enough to "hang up" on us and looks like she didn't "aim" it as she hung up on us, so probably random.

My bet's on Tislomer since she's closest. Or maybe we default back to Muschio? Who knows how this works.
No. 1073843 ID: 8a2d6a

So... how are your memories from before you were turned into a sprite? Anything coming back?
No. 1073845 ID: 4562ef

Excellent point. We can hardly have a hot springs episode without something like that!
No. 1073846 ID: 53047a

We already had the hot springs episode though
No. 1073848 ID: 3f3d5c

Hot springs. Hot spring baths! A SAUNA!

No. 1073851 ID: eca10c

Wait, when did Eri talk with Dom?
She arrived with the Boss on the back of the Dragon, while Geps and Dom havent come back from the tower.
No. 1073871 ID: e2e905

Hotbath, hammam, sauna.
Why not get the whole SPA?
No. 1073891 ID: e95c1d

wait.do we have bathrooms? where has everyone been Going this entire time?? outside?? god, ew!! get the odds on this STAT
No. 1073892 ID: e5709d

Crafting standard pipes with magic is expensive, but worth the effort. If we can get a plumbing system flowing throughout the mountain, we could easily get life support systems and turn this mountain into one giant wizard university.
No. 1073943 ID: 93d066

We should check on Finnie, a lot is developing atm and we could use her input.

Also, who got the shard at the tower?
No. 1073953 ID: dc13c4

I mean is it really needed for her to get a hot spring at this point we have more pressing matters. She should count her lucky stars if she even gets the poop bucket.
No. 1073954 ID: 46e818
File 169645249911.png - (14.36KB , 800x600 , 1728.png )

>Wait, when did Eri talk with Dom?
>She arrived with the Boss on the back of the Dragon, while Geps and Dom havent come back from the tower.
"Huh?? No I was just talking to him."
No. 1073955 ID: 46e818
File 169645255216.png - (14.51KB , 800x600 , 1729.png )

"Oh. Is it just me? Maybe not then.
I guess Tislomer might have told me. She did say she was there.

Anyway, I need to settle in! Go bug someone else."
No. 1073959 ID: dc13c4

Soooo, do we get to choose who we bug next or is it already decided?
No. 1073960 ID: ce619a

...please don't do a spicy betrayal, we like you :(
No. 1073961 ID: d16a37

... No she wasn't... Was she...?

Uh... Do we have a changeling in our midst?
No. 1073963 ID: 273c18

What did you say to him?
We might need to do a head count, and a sweep of the base to check for intruders.
No. 1073968 ID: 46e818
File 169646675136.png - (14.47KB , 800x600 , 1730.png )

Oh. Hello.

I acknowledge it's relatively early in the day, but I think I'm going to have to take a nap.
I'm realizing the last few days have been extremely hectic and my exhaustion is at peak, especially having not slept after my journey with Sadie.

You're free to supervise the crew in my absence but I need to catch up with some sleep before Dompag and Geppa arrive this afternoon. Tomorrow morning we'll set out for the Timore Woodlands, as planned.
No. 1073969 ID: 1ab976

Hey uh boss? Quick question. Was Tislomer at the tower with and Geppa? I don’t think we sent her there… Also what do you know about either the orb’s effect on magical beings like sprites? And lastly, you don’t know anything having to do with with changelings would you?
No. 1073970 ID: e5709d

Yeah so Erisol said she was talking to Donpag. Maybe she's got router options over the orb since she's a mage.

I say we connect to the Orc Shard. Let's see who she installed it in.
No. 1073971 ID: 7d008e

First, we need to check with Dom to see if indeed, Eri talked to him using sprite shenanigans or something.

And second we do a head count to see whats what. If the Boss is out for the day, then get Finnie and Ash to check on everyone.
No. 1073973 ID: 4d8b77

I'm pretty sure Erisol just has a lot of trouble with names and recognizing people. I don't think there's anything more to it than that.
No. 1073974 ID: ce619a

Bad news, Erisol might be a double agent.
She was talking about how Dompag told her that the Czar's masked mercenary couldn't teleport while in the base, but Dompag isn't here.
She immediately switched her story to Tislomer telling her that, but Tislomer never saw the masked guy teleport. She was caught in an explosion at her workbench at the time.
So the only way Erisol could know that is if she heard it from the Czar or the Masked guy.

The Czar also did talk about he knew you were coming when you went to Tela Cruz and Erisol was the first one in his city that you met. Add to that she just so happen to follow you the whole way without being asked.

If Erisol isn't a traitor then she has either has uncontrollable telepathic powers or, worse yet, has the ability to use our orb network without us knowing.
Either way, don't let her know we're suspicious and don't let her be alone anywhere in the base. Especially near the amulet the Czar is after.

Switch us to Dompag so we can try to confirm some things and figure this out.

Oh, also, if she's to be believed, the mountain our base is dug into is full of magic crystals/ore called peregast which makes it a giant magic conduit that any mage worth their salt would kill their own mother to own. It super charges magic powers and might explain the wacky dreams you've been having while sleeping next to that sigil on the wall Ona set up.

Also, also:
The base needs a hot tub.
No. 1073976 ID: 3f3d5c

Sleep well, boss. I'll try not to infest your mind with show tunes while you sleep.

No promises.
No. 1073977 ID: 8f9bc4

Maybe put the hot baths above the forge, so you can use the heat from it to warm the water?
No. 1073979 ID: 0fbdcd

I don't think Eri is a double agent or anything like that. But it's possible she can overhear things over OrbNet because she's a mage. Do we have any way of checking whether we're secure?

But a more important matter: we need to build a sauna next to our forge room so our fire sprite can chill there.
No. 1074021 ID: 635eea

Above, but maybe not directly above. Minimize the risk of flooding the being made of fire
No. 1074023 ID: dc13c4

Go the fuck to sleep!
No. 1074024 ID: 273c18

Another explanation for Erisol's inconsistent statement is that there's a spy in the base sent by the czar who was able to disguise themselves as dompag. We should do a head count and a security sweep just in case, IMO.

Erisol claims the cystals in the mountain enhance magic, by the way, and suggested the czar knows this.
No. 1074025 ID: 46e818
File 169654905483.png - (18.22KB , 800x600 , 1731.png )

Look, I'm very tired. If there is yet another catastrophe looming, go assist Finesse and oversee we've got no shapeshifters or double agents, all right? I trust her to take care of it, with your help.

Wake me if it's a matter of life or death.
No. 1074030 ID: a7a180

Enjoy sweet dreams in your magical leyline super-focusing motherlode of a magical fortress.
No. 1074032 ID: 3f3d5c

𝕳𝖊'𝖘 𝖘𝖔 𝖈𝖚𝖙𝖊.
No. 1074051 ID: ce619a

Try to sigil-dream of Erisol's past this time so we can get a bead on what her deal is.
Or maybe Sadie so we can ogle that snoot some more.
No. 1074065 ID: 273c18

Definitely Erisol's past. We need to find out if she can be trusted.
No. 1074071 ID: 46e818
File 169656534666.png - (18.19KB , 800x600 , 1732.png )

No. 1074072 ID: 46e818
File 169656535332.png - (18.00KB , 800x600 , 1733.png )

No. 1074073 ID: 46e818
File 169656537562.png - (18.33KB , 800x600 , 1734.png )

...why are you still here?
Go see Finesse.
No. 1074075 ID: 0fbdcd

We're... trying. I think. You can still hear us even when we're not talking?

Anyway last time we couldn't get to someone it was because they were knocked out on man-spider venom so that's not great.
No. 1074077 ID: b99c43

No. 1074078 ID: a3fe2e

No. 1074081 ID: a7a180

I like watching you sleep.
Actually we may be having troubles switching now. Eri noticed it too. Are communications… jammed?
No. 1074084 ID: 6dc55b

Orb stuck! Orb Stuck!
No. 1074087 ID: ce619a

1st thought: Why is it getting darker in here?
2nd thought: Last time we couldn't transfer we were in Erisol's presence and the next time your could transfer us, you had left her presence and were hanging around Moira.
3rd thought: Tislomer was hanging out with Erisol earlier then suddenly wasn't there anymore. I think everyone might be disappearing. Again.
4th thought: So, the mountain is a gigantic magical focus. And we have a captive... demon... in it. HMMMM.

Wow! Look at all these problems! This sure is a great time to be you! :D
No. 1074088 ID: 273c18

We weren't trying. We were trying to go to Erisol's dreams or whatever. Maybe we can't because the sigil is covered up?
Let's go to Finesse.
No. 1074089 ID: ce619a

Do we have control over that? I thought we at best just gave suggestions on who to go to and the person we're with decided when to "end the call" and who to send us to.
I mean, Erisol just kind of ejected us back to Muschio without being told to.

Also, we were in Wes a bit ago, but he didn't seem to react to our presence at all. We were then ejected into Erisol with no prompt to do so. What the hell is going on?
No. 1074091 ID: 8f9bc4

You know, the last time we were sent to someone and it didn't work, they had gotten poisoned unconscious by a demon about to sacrifice their corpse to some hideous ritual!

The time before that, it was the demon himself who'd possessed Pendle and removed our shard.

Also do you remember earlier when Finesse was acting like she didn't know about the Orb of Infinite Psyche, even though she should? What an odd memory to come up late at night right when you're trying to fall asleep!
No. 1074092 ID: 93d066

Communications may have been compromised.
QUICK! Rush to Finnie's room. She may be asleep, so to save time, jump in her bed right away. This will wake her up and get her attention, see.

Then hold her in your arms and say: "I Need you right now!"

Time is of the essence, no time to get your pants on.
No. 1074097 ID: e5709d

I think we're stuck. Sorry.
I think it's the rune. Go sleep somewhere else, have Erisol look at it in the morning.
No. 1074098 ID: dc13c4

Let's just count sheep then, one fucking sheep, two fucking fucking sheep, three fucking fucking fucking sheep, four fucking fucking fucking fucking sheep, five fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking sheep
No. 1074100 ID: 635eea

It's not getting darker, the sigil on the wall started getting brighter.
No. 1074102 ID: a3fe2e

I told you guys we shoulda blew her up. Unfortunately I don't think we can actually explode.
No. 1074105 ID: 8a2d6a

Let's not panic before panic is due. The sigil must be grounding us to Muschio's head.

Just, like, go to the toilet or something. We'll hop from your head as soon as you're out of range.
No. 1074109 ID: d5d12c

This might not be good boss, we tried to switch...
No. 1074110 ID: 8f9bc4


with all that fucking it's more like two sheep, three sheep, five sheep, 7 sheep, 10 sheep...
No. 1074111 ID: dc13c4

my bad I am not good at counting
No. 1074139 ID: 46e818
File 169663393434.png - (18.85KB , 800x600 , 1735.png )

Look, fine, have someone check in on her.
Go bother Tislomer. Or Wes.
No. 1074140 ID: 46e818
File 169663406115.png - (18.96KB , 800x600 , 1736.png )


Can you contact Babrakus?
...Or Ona?
No. 1074141 ID: 46e818
File 169663408306.png - (19.00KB , 800x600 , 1737.png )

...Or is it just me?
No. 1074142 ID: 006510

…Uh oh.
No. 1074143 ID: dba05a

Seems to be just you boss, we're locked in.
No. 1074144 ID: f825df

Knock yourself in the snoot to make sure we're not dreaming.
No. 1074146 ID: 456aa4

I think you need to get out of bed and going check on the others. I'd bring a weapon if you have one lying around here. Something is afoot.
No. 1074148 ID: ce619a

The last time this happened you were in the Czar's city.

Something bad is happening.

Also, it keeps getting darker/bluer in that room. I would suggest leaving immediately.
No. 1074149 ID: 3f3d5c

Perhaps you unconsciously want us in your head? As our progenitor, you would most likely have automatic priority if you wanted to speak with us.

Something on your mind, boss?
Is it about the hot dragon lady?
No. 1074150 ID: 1ab976

Mobilize! Grab a weapon, and start moving!
No. 1074151 ID: 8f9bc4


I think the darker/bluer is something that mortals refer to as "the night."

Still, major trouble, boss. If everyone is a sprite now I am going to rage quit this memory pool.
No. 1074167 ID: ce619a

>"the night."
From what windows?
No. 1074169 ID: 273c18

Do you have a way to sound the alarm without using us to do it?
No. 1074177 ID: 93d066

Yeah, its called "Yelling the hell up".
Kinda of an obscure tecnique but quite efective.
No. 1074178 ID: 4828ec

Maybe giving that possession demon dude a taste of us was a bad idea. But maybe it's just that there's some local effect blocking things? I'll try reach someone further away, they got a shard in Coriander's tower now, right? HHNhNHnGGGGGHH
No. 1074195 ID: dc13c4

Now I am not pointing any figure but all of this started when a certain person came here...So just to be sure I suggest we crucify her, then burn her at the stake, and then crucify her the second time just to be sure.
No. 1074220 ID: ce619a

If we try to switch to someone outside the mountain we might not be able to switch back if something is jamming us here.
No. 1074221 ID: a3fe2e

If all your friends/ally's are dead, pray to whatever God you believe in that this is a non canon Halloween special
No. 1074263 ID: 46e818
File 169671821376.png - (19.00KB , 800x600 , 1738.png )

Well, fine. I suppose I'll have to get up and see for myself then.
I get the distinct feeling this won't end well.
No. 1074264 ID: 46e818
File 169671822528.png - (18.69KB , 800x600 , 1739.png )

Yes, this seems bad.
No. 1074265 ID: a7a180

Really hope you're dreaming right now. Check Pendle's penitentiary.
No. 1074266 ID: 8f9bc4


Oh no, Pendle's pecs are inscribed on every surface!
No. 1074269 ID: 6dc55b

Make sure those scrawlings don't have any immediate magical or otherwise anomalous affects
No. 1074270 ID: ce619a

...fucking demons, man.

Really should've used sleeping potions on his big dumbass until we could deal with him. Looks like the mountain's magic amplifying properties are at work here and they're open to anyone that can tap into them. Such as the demon. Chances are you avoided the fate of everyone else due to Ona's sigil in your room.
Note to self: Get that witchdoctor sigil installed in every room after this.
No. 1074273 ID: d08bbd

Ah sweet dude
NanQuest 2 just dropped
No. 1074277 ID: 273c18

That's the demon's sigil. I'm guessing it has some kind of magic that's being amplified by the mountain to produce illusions or bad dreams or something.

It's impossible for this to be reality, because there's a sigil under the rug, despite the rug not having been moved. Hmm. Well, let's go find Ona anyway. You should consider getting fully equipped.
No. 1074280 ID: 232107

Boss try to do your fire trick. Lets assest the state of "reality" at the moment.
No. 1074282 ID: ce619a

Hey yeah, this is good idea.
Also try writing a sentence on the chalkboard or read a clock. Dreams usually don't let you do that stuff.
No. 1074289 ID: 4828ec

Better cross a line through any of those sigils you see that you can while you explore, just in case that helps.
No. 1074291 ID: eb7ce4

should probably go back and grab your sword, just in case.
No. 1074303 ID: 635eea

I second this. Mess up the sigils but don't touch them directly. Too bad we don't have anything with magic dampening abilities. How much time has passed since you sent us to Geppa? Last contact we had was with Erisol and she was with Tislomer.
No. 1074304 ID: ed0b16

Shard that should be in Finesse's hand:chime like a doorbell
No. 1074308 ID: ce619a

I wonder if the amount of demon sigils on the chalkboard mean anything.
>7 small
>2 big
I think the number of them might correspond to the amount of people in the base somehow. Maybe how many people have been vanished. Or maybe shards that are being blocked from communication. There are 8 shards plus the orb in the base after all.
There's also two big sigils in this room and the last we saw of this room there were two people in it (Tislomer and Erisol). Both had shards.
No. 1074310 ID: a3fe2e

I knew that demon wasn't contained. Fucker's probably running rampant and eating up everyone.
No. 1074311 ID: dc13c4

Maybe just maybe this is just an elaborate birthday celebration for you and everybody is just hiding so that they can surprise you.
No. 1074312 ID: dc4bad

welp, Vault's Haunted

Arm yourself, there's a solid chance this is all symbolic and happening in your mind or something but it does no harm to try and be prepared
No. 1074320 ID: 93d066

Also, whatever you do Boss, don't attack unless attacked first. And even so play defensively, last thing you wanna do is illusion induced friendly fire.
No. 1074341 ID: 46e818
File 169680731239.png - (19.04KB , 800x600 , 1740.png )

No one is around to help.

Perhaps it is a dream.
After all, the flames give off no light.
No. 1074342 ID: 46e818
File 169680733637.png - (10.43KB , 800x600 , 1741.png )

After all, I do seem to have both my hands.

Though... neither are quite right.
No. 1074343 ID: 1ab976

To the demon's cell then.
No. 1074347 ID: 635eea

Yeah, i'm thinking the you're dreaming and the demon is trying to mess with you in your sleep. I bet the doors leading out of the mountain don't lead anywhere anymore. Be cautious and take nothing for granted. We don't know what rules govern this realm.
No. 1074349 ID: dc13c4

Are you a lucid dreamer?
No. 1074350 ID: 006510

can you pinch yourself? i’ve heard that can end dreams.
No. 1074351 ID: 0fbdcd

Frankly, unless you have some plan to cuss this demon out through dream, this seems like not our problem.
Go back to bed and you'll probably wake up.
No. 1074353 ID: ce619a

Yep, looks like a dream.
Either the demon hexed/cursed you while he was glaring at you while in the prison or Ona's sigil somehow put you in his mind/memories like how it did with Finesse and Ona.
Wait, no. The dream about Finesse's past happened before Ona was here. Huh. Guess the orb has some other weird dream memory powers.
Anyways, I'm guessing we can't switch because you're the one being affected by this demon nonsense and that the network gets disabled when you are, since the orb is attuned to you.

Might as well take a look around.
Gather your dignity and courage the best you can, you'll most likely encounter the demon's true form here. You might find the real Pendle/Leonid wandering around here, as well. The demon's probably in the prison, so save that for last. There might be "someone" else in another room before that.
No. 1074354 ID: 3f3d5c

If this is a dream, you should be able to manifest alterations in reality unconsciously or through force of will.
Quick! Think really hard about seeing Finnie in the next room, no matter how improbable!

Of course if it's not a dream you are in extreme danger.
Focus on seeing Finnie!
No. 1074356 ID: e5709d

Do what I did in a lucid dream, once.
Rip off your face. Just grab your beak and pull up.
No. 1074364 ID: 1034ad

It would probably be a good idea to take the cover off of that barbed ward in your room right about now
No. 1074383 ID: a3fe2e

I'd avoid ripping or pulling at ANYTHING while you're dreaming. And especially not unlocking anything. In fact, leave everything closed. What if you're sleepwalking and the demon is hypnotizing you into freeing it?
No. 1074395 ID: 46e818
File 169689282632.png - (18.45KB , 800x600 , 1742.png )

>"Welcome to my Kingdom, Prince."
No. 1074396 ID: 46e818
File 169689289346.png - (9.64KB , 800x600 , 1743.png )

>"Your man has ruined my shell. >I'll gladly take yours as a replacement."
No. 1074397 ID: a7a180

You'll never succeed, you psycho. I've got a mind like a sieve.
No. 1074398 ID: ce619a

Ask him if Leonid is still alive
No. 1074399 ID: ce619a

Also, don't let it touch you.
No. 1074400 ID: 0fbdcd

He can't hop until Pendle is dead. This is a confidence play.

Tell this VHS Horror/Alternate lookin' chode to eat our ass.
No. 1074402 ID: e5709d

"The halo's a nice touch."
No. 1074403 ID: 936bd9

Ha bad choice messing with this type of mind. Just a shard was enough to get to Pendle while we have it all. So bring it scumbag. (He's on our turf. We should have the ability to affect this in various ways.)
No. 1074404 ID: 3f3d5c

I'm not afraid of this jerk. His tooth is gone and all he's got left are freaky mind powers, and we're nothing BUT freaky mind powers. C'mon, get your freak on! If he tries anything, I'll infest his brain with memes!
No. 1074409 ID: 93d066

With strong will and command, proclaim:
I will not join you, liar in the dark.
For I know exactly what you are.
But what I am, you can't even fathom.
No. 1074410 ID: f54706

This is your chance. you said "one day, the devil will fear you." This is that day. Let's make this demon regret it ever showed its face here.
No. 1074411 ID: 0e4ccd

"I command thee, in the name of the highest orders I hold, by the blood of gods and kings that run in my veins. Flee from me. You who subsist on the leftovers, the dregs of society, those whom the gods themselves would turn away from, Begone!"
No. 1074412 ID: ce619a

Yeah, this demon's an amateur and we've got a shattered gestalt psyche. There's no chance he possesses us smoothly, if at all.
No. 1074414 ID: 8f9bc4

Who are you? What do you want? Have you lost a kingdom too?
No. 1074417 ID: eb7ce4

man, what a FREELOADER. Don't let him get into your mind!
No. 1074419 ID: 273c18

Don't worry Muschio. We can help. Directly.
No. 1074420 ID: 9e0893

Sorry bud, but this shell is already full, you won't be taking anything.

In fact, you've put yourself in quite the compromising situation, so it's not a matter of what you can take but what you can give to get away.
We'll take information, or cookies.
No. 1074421 ID: 58dd24

Oh hey dude, glad you're feeling up to talking now. We actually do have things to discuss. See, if you had just been up front about things from the start, it is entirely likely we would have hired you. We actually could use your skill set, and you may have noticed how inclusive our hiring standards are. The problem came when you started being a threat to our other staff, and that we simply cannot abide. Nobody gets to hurt our people. Now nobody likes you, and you've got a lot to make up for it you're going to stick around.
No. 1074423 ID: 006510

there’s already one ancient curse inhabiting this body, we don’t really have any room for another. better luck next time, pal.
No. 1074426 ID: a3fe2e

I think we have a shocking degree of overconfidence. We don't even know WHY the shard affected him, or if it even did. For all we know he was faking it as a power play to get us not only into this situation but to give us false confidence. Proceed with caution.
No. 1074430 ID: 4828ec

"Scrawling your symbol on everything doesn't make it yours. Me and mine built what you see here, and that makes it mine. You're not welcome."
No. 1074433 ID: ce619a

We could visibly see its perception of reality shift and distort when we were in him. It also lost his bargaining capability once Leonid gave up the antidote to his poison and gave itself a one-way trip to pound-town, courtesy of Wes. No way it was faking it.
This whole "oOoOo I'm sUcH a ScArY dEmOn" shtick its doing here is a bluff to mask his fear of what the orb is capable of doing to it.

There's no downside to calling his bluff. If we're really trapped in a dream dimension with it and have no power then there's not much we could do anyway, so might as well put a thumb in it's eye.
Willpower and determination is what resists mental effects to begin with. So, let'em have it and show no hesitation, no matter what happens.
No. 1074436 ID: 8f9bc4


That doesn't mean being flippant about it. This is a chance to talk with whatever underlying force has been plaguing us since the Czar or even before that. Willpower is your own confidence, your own strength, not how much you need to break someone else down. This is a powerful and wounded foe who almost killed Ona, we don't know his full capabilities, and we should treat him accordingly. There is something wrong here.
No. 1074437 ID: a3fe2e

Restraint is just as much a show of willpower, if not moreso, than wild and reckless abandon in the face of adversity.
No. 1074438 ID: e2e905

Laugh at his face.
That would do enough damage.
No. 1074440 ID: dc4bad

Y'know creature, we could very easily have come to an arrangement.
Our other prisoner was someone we've been keen on finding a way to turn towards destructive ends for a while. With a little time and patience you could have told the truth to us and shortly have been wearing royalty, with our backing in whatever was needed to sustain you to boot.

Shame you've chosen to be less than amicable.
No. 1074441 ID: e5709d

Dude. Not cool.
You seriously wanted a textbook psychopath to sit atop the throne of an absolute monarchy? We could do less damage with nuclear spellcasting.
No. 1074442 ID: dc4bad

A kingdom we specifically want to fall, who currently has a violently anti-Muschio ruler on it's throne.

All things concerned I think the demon at the helm would probably allow for MORE peaceful relations with Piacevole.
(until an almost certain sudden but inevitable betrayal but that's a problem for future us)

It's all moot now, this guest is now most decidedly unwelcome for hurting our friends.
No. 1074443 ID: bf428e

This guy ain't ready for the bullshit we got going on.
No. 1074444 ID: dc13c4

What a goofy guy he wants to be the landlord of your body. Well, he will have to contend with a lot of loud voices, it just won't be worth it but we will let the demon figure out that on his own.
No. 1074474 ID: 46e818
File 169698868061.png - (15.45KB , 800x600 , 1744.png )

>"You let me in. The power of this place... it revitalizes me. It brought me now to you. >And I will carve into you a place to grow and fester."
No. 1074475 ID: e5709d

If it can empower him, it can boost us.
Launch us at him!
No. 1074476 ID: 006510

boss, this is YOUR dream, remember that this is your turf and the demon can only have as much power as you give it!
No. 1074486 ID: 0fbdcd

You look like you're barely holding together. The halo is a nice touch, but everything else looks frayed apart. We don't buy it.

You aspire to be cancer, but you're just a common cold. Easily quarantined and cured.
No. 1074498 ID: ce619a

Muschio, you regained a hand because you believed it's still there.
This place is shaped like the vault because you shaped it to be so.
Your will is law here.
All it can do is dim the lights and childishly scrawl graffiti about.
This IS your mind.
OUR mind.
Every voice, every psyche is a reflection of you.
We are you, you are us, WE ARE MANY

No. 1074501 ID: 1ab976

Boost us up boss! If this place powers him, it powers us! Let's throw down!

"You stepped into my house, and you demand to be treated like a guest? You are just another intruder to be dealt with."
No. 1074503 ID: a3fe2e

It is kinda weird that we're in your dream outright. Wait, are we in your head, or is the demon in the orb with us and we're imagining you being here? Is he talking to Muschio or is he talking to us?
No. 1074504 ID: 4828ec

You're not carving anything into anyone with your arms falling apart, and we're not letting you do it in the real world. Is that the damage letting yourself experience death again and again has done? Or are you stupid enough to present yourself that way when you try to intimidate someone? No, I know what it is. Your dream body remembers the damage to the body you're inhabiting. You can feel the pain through the dream and it forces itself on you, like the sound someone speaking to a sleeper translating itself into their dream. You can still feel those broken limbs, the shattered chitin. You can feel those bonds on you. How hard is it for you to sleep, creature? With the sense of those injuries dragging you back to the waking world? Will making you think on them make it harder to ignore? The tight binds pressing pieces of exoskeleton into your flesh? How moving makes it worse, and how being constrained for hours makes you want to move so, so much?
No. 1074508 ID: 93d066


Thing of evil, formless and untrue.
You dare cast shadow in the threshold of my hall, and speak threats.

To let The Many have their way with you, at this point would be a kindness.

Boss this is a dreamscape encounter, strong will power if of the essence. And even faith, if not in a higher power then in your ancestors, whose work and love made you. In your companions who gear every day to make your dreams come true. And in us who are yourself, free from fear (and common sense).
No. 1074516 ID: e95c1d

This demon seems to be at least partially made of wicker/branches. Use your lighter trick and IMMOLATE ITS ASS!!
No. 1074519 ID: ecdb4e

Pendle has never seen you with your real hand has he? That means this is your dream, not his. It's already being shaped by your will, your image of reality, why should any of the rest of the stuff in it be any different?
Imagine him in his underwear.
No. 1074520 ID: dc13c4

First, he wants to get in and then he will try to make you buy cryptocurrency...might as well let him do it I mean when he keeps asking it already shows that he is desperate and I kinda feel bad for him. He probably never asked to be a fucking demon piece of shit creature. Try to seduce him and then divorce him and get half of his shit.
No. 1074541 ID: 46e818
File 169707851895.png - (6.81KB , 800x600 , 1745.png )

"I confess, your countenance is a terrifying one. Never have I grappled with a demon from beyond.

But you have made a grave error coming here, for while you fight now in a strange land, I know this place.

By the curse of my condition, I have fought and conquered this landscape, in campaigns all of my life. I have marched through every inch of its terrain, and by daily routine I have mastered it."
No. 1074542 ID: 46e818
File 169707852804.png - (14.51KB , 800x600 , 1746.png )

"This is not your kingdom.
This is my own mind you have stepped into, and here, I am no mere prince.

Here, I am monarch absolute."
No. 1074543 ID: 1ab976

"Now face my wrath!"

Lets fuck this guy up. Go for the eyes and shed as much light as we can. Also if this is a traditional demon true name can give us power over it. Demand its name while you fight.
No. 1074546 ID: ce619a

Great job, Nose King.

If things start looking dicey, don't hesitate to go with that "giving copies of your body to your infinite psyche voices" plan so you can have us dogpile the dingus. Or hey, if you hate the idea of an army of self-parodies flailing about, try envisioning all your minions being here backing you up.

Also, don't forget a shield. This guy doesn't look like something you want to be touched by.
No. 1074547 ID: e5709d

"And you will kneel before the Emperor."
[Us:Sneak Attack, (&!+(#]
No. 1074550 ID: 0fbdcd

We can't kill it in any meaningful way on this battlefield.

He is less than an intruder here. He is beneath your notice. Our only job right now is to get some rest.
No. 1074554 ID: 8f9bc4

That crown is amazing never take it off.
No. 1074555 ID: 4f675d

Summoning a sword is a good start off. Summon infinite Dompags, copies of you and tough minions. Summon infinite mask guys loyal to you alone. Have the very world around you be a shapeless golem dedicated to protect you and kill this scumbag. Get real or imagined divine aid. Send this thing to the hell that spawned this being of anti-life. Let it see how its side punishes failures.
No. 1074557 ID: 93d066


Be light
Be fire

That which shines with its own radiance, nothing can extinguish.

Set it ablaze, remove all shadows, for evil things cannot stand the light.
No. 1074561 ID: 93d066



No. 1074562 ID: 273c18

Off with his head!
No. 1074563 ID: dc13c4

No don't yell at him he already looks like he is falling to pieces and looks like he can't afford healthcare, just set him on fire it is the humane thing to do.
No. 1074573 ID: e95c1d

No. 1074575 ID: 8f9bc4

He's already taken your body hasn't he.
No. 1074600 ID: 46e818
File 169716343247.png - (24.38KB , 800x600 , 1747.png )

>"You, of all people, know what fate awaits a ruined monarch."
No. 1074601 ID: 46e818
File 169716351785.png - (21.87KB , 800x600 , 1748.png )

"You've again become most talkative. I preferred your scowling silence.
But I've seen and slain the likes of you before."

>"Oh prince, I am quite sure..."
No. 1074602 ID: 46e818
File 169716355145.png - (13.30KB , 800x600 , 1749.png )

>"You have never met anything like me."
No. 1074603 ID: 1ab976

Slash upwards and step back, be fast, be agile. Don’t give him time to plan. This is as much a battle of wills as it is physical.
No. 1074609 ID: e5709d

Muschio, he's the biggest fish in a small pond. You need to find a gateway of some kind and yank it open - let the beasts of the outer planes into his world and rip him apart.
No. 1074610 ID: ce619a

Remember, this is your own mind. You need not depend on something so pedestrian as attacks that obey the laws of reality. Even the dungeon itself is yours to command.

Envision your sword extending and retracting at will. Traps triggering all around it at all times. Your sword slashes cutting across the entire room and emitting blasts of energy. Your hand still being able to fire arrows and without limit. Have the furniture fly about, pelting them endlessly. Your fire knack now being an all-consuming conflagration. All of the spells you've ever seen leveled against you by the czar and his masked minion can now be yours to use. Give yourself supernatural speed and strength. Grow more arms all holding swords. Make the walls of the dungeon try to crush the demon. Just horrifically warp the fabric of reality around it and rend it asunder on an existential level.
Go crazy!

No. 1074611 ID: 0fbdcd

Oh, shit, he got a boss intro. Alright, enough horsing around with him then.

Back away. Keep a defensive fencing posture. I get the feeling just stabbing him will do little good here; we need to study our enemy so we know how to hurt it.
No. 1074612 ID: 8f9bc4

No. 1074613 ID: 93d066

Look at Mr Big smile over here.

Quick Boss, parry and riposte.
A step back and capoferro.
No. 1074614 ID: cc1388

and what, pray-tell, ARE you? some evil presence, yes. just another malignant tumor in the universe to bring suffering and woe on good people? for what reason?

were in a real pickle here, sire. do all you must to get outta this alive and preferably uninhabited.
No. 1074620 ID: 93d066

Muschio be nimble
Malto be quick

Dance like the flickering light and strike like the sky itself fell on his head.
No. 1074624 ID: dc13c4

He is not lying we have never met a character who can limo in this quest. I have a feeling that this is one of those battles that we can't beat, so if he is asking for consent to hold our hand or have sex after marriage maybe we should then challenge him to a rap battle, poetry slang, arm wrestling, pokemon battle or even a chess battle. All of this is to buy us time until the spa exorcist, gets off her lazy ass and does her fucking job. I am serious if she doesn't come here to help I would vote to fuking drown her in that stupid hotspring that she wants so fucking much.
No. 1074628 ID: 6dc55b

Imagine him suddenly as far away as possible, separated from you by an impossibly long throne room full to the brim with courtiers and nobles all in line ahead of him blocking his path.
No. 1074633 ID: 635eea

Nothing like you?
You think being able to perform some dark magic parlor tricks makes you any different from every other entitled, conniving, spoilt usurper we've met thus far? We've dealt with your kind more than we care to count. A common thief who thinks that if they sharpen their knife enough, the world will have to give them whatever they want. The only thing surprising about you is how something with so much "power" could be so shockingly banal. You know what the difference is between you and those with actual power? Who are actually fearsome? Those with actual power don't have to stand around blustering about it.
No. 1074637 ID: 3f3d5c

Yeah, yeah. We've heard it all before. Every bad guy is always the biggest badass, right up until they get their butt kicked, and then it's all, "No! This cannot be! AAAA!!"
So he can limbo. Big whoop! That just means we need to come from an unexpected angle! With a sweeping flourish!
No. 1074647 ID: dc13c4

I have been thinking, and what the fuck are you even planning to accomplish, just possessing another body again!? What the fuck will that even accomplish!? The first time around you weren't stealthy, you weren't strong and you accomplished absolutely nothing and the second time around is going to be anything different?! Do you truly believe that or are you just deluding yourself? I mean come on your just a one-trick pony, do somthing bigger do somthing grander this shit is just amateur hover.
No. 1074648 ID: d44942

I wouldn't say he's accomplished nothing. Didn't he kill like, a lot of people before Wes stopped him? Still, we've killed people too. So y'know, big deal, right?
No. 1074651 ID: 06a1f4

Just gonna reiterate >>1074555
No. 1074657 ID: dc13c4

Yeah, but he still went down like a sack of potatoes. For how much he presented himself like a big bad one guy makes him his bitch, truly a devastating humiliation.
No. 1074665 ID: 8e5fd7

The first step to victory is understanding your enemy. He's in your head: peel him apart and examine the insides.
No. 1074673 ID: 46e818
File 169723631858.png - (16.16KB , 800x600 , 1750.png )

>"That was a neat trick, the sword. But I can taste where it came from. You won't manage it twice."

I'm trying to bend my mindscape against him, to rewrite reality as a lucid dreamer might, but there is a constricting, head-splitting pressure all around me. It takes all my faculties just to be able to focus on the fight in front of me.

>"Do you feel it, Prince?
>Can you feel my grasp tightening?"

He grips the blade, attempting to wrest it from me.
"The last man who tried to grab my sword lost his fight."
>"And took your hand. I'm drinking your memories. Soon I'll be able to play you
>so well not even Finesse
>could tell the difference."
No. 1074674 ID: 8a2d6a

Oh, is the demon reading your mind? Is it good at that? I bet it is.
Has it ever tried reading a thousand minds at the same time?

Give us form. Let us become a thousand decoys, all thinking and remembering. Then find an opening to strike.
No. 1074677 ID: a15408

Failing this, can you read his? This must be a two way thing. If he is invading your mind you, and by extension WE, might be able read his mind as a counter. If we can get the demon's name in the process then we have power over it!
No. 1074678 ID: 635eea

Shot in the dark here, try to remember the shape of the glowing sigil in your room. Bring it here if you can.
Barring that, keep your grip firm on that blade. If it wasn't a threat, he wouldn't be trying to take it from you.
No. 1074679 ID: eae865

An option for fighting a mind reader is to strike in a way where not even you can predict the outcome.

I'm hoping we're not as cut off as we appear and the others can reach us somehow. Ona's glyph is tempting, but I don't know how we'd use it.
No. 1074680 ID: ce619a

It's trying to psyche you out, ignore him.
Everything you see before you is just a mental image, so willpower is the only way you're going to beat it. The taunting and intimidation from it means it needs you to be in a frail mental state to overwhelm you.
Chances are the any frantic mental state makes you weaker here. Not just fear, but also rage, anger and indignation.

Calm yourself, meditate and focus.
No. 1074681 ID: 34a1b1


Can this creature really just snuff out the burning flame of ambition that consumes your very soul? If some trauma let you summon a sword, the very nature of your being should let you erupt in a fiery inferno because that's what you are. You're Muschio. You woo dragons and subjugate enemies.

You might not be able to use the logical functions of you mind to summon what you need, but if you dig deep into your own soul you can burn him with a light no shadow in the mountain could escape.
No. 1074683 ID: ce619a

Well, we're asleep, so maybe we can't switch to anyone who's awake. But Ona's probably asleep right now, too. So, maybe we could switch to her for help.
I kind of see that as the plan B if we can't do this ourselves.
No. 1074684 ID: ce619a

>Chances are that* any frantic
No. 1074685 ID: 3f3d5c

Eri said the mountain amplifies magic. There's gotta be some way we can use that. This asshole sure is, we gotta fight fire with fire!
No. 1074687 ID: 5b1723

Well the longer this takes the more it favors the hostile. He's gripped your arm so use an innate. Fire from when you learned you were Rider's foe
No. 1074689 ID: e5709d

Do not deny your fear, your flaws. That is a core mistake. Burying your imperfections does not cure them, it only transitions them from a weak spot your enemy can exploit to to an internal imperfection that slowly rots all your strengths and synergies.

No, you must use these imperfections to declare your humanity. You know how broken the worlds are. How only a being who has suffered and lost could realistically exist in such a reality. How those same beings learn to adapt and develop strategies for survival that can't be surmised with a quick observation.

Hold out your arm stub. We'll show you what we learned.
[Create Microwave Arm-Cannon(Microwave Oven core component, 1200V Battery)]
No. 1074690 ID: 18e2f2

Or perhaps "Go ahead, dig in and you'll find you have no winning path. Even if you do possess the whole orb net will see. So I will take Pendle's place and you will be exorcised. Strategy eludes you because of your compulsions."
No. 1074691 ID: 8f9bc4

Remember that time that you put Finesse in her place when she thought she could disobey you? The bruises have healed but the memories stay; you'd apologize but... it might bring her closer to you, and you don't want to hurt her again. Remember that time when you defeated Dompag in single combat, and he swore his loyalty to you forever? Remember that time you killed your brother so that you would be the rightful heir, but a usurper took control anyway? Remember that time you met Ona's mother and she told you about when Ona's shamanic visions first began to manifest? Remember how much you like ham? Oh my god do you love ham. You could really go for some delicious honey glazed ham. You're practically obsessed over it and your retinue is getting tired of your constant requests for ham, but you must have more.
No. 1074692 ID: 0fbdcd

He's reading our mind?

Hey, remember the shape of that protective ward Ona put in your room? It was so shaped. Such a nice mental image, that ward. I love how shaped it was! You should think of that shape. You should picture how shaped that shape is. Such a fine shape.
No. 1074694 ID: 93d066

Who's memories?
Yours with Finiesse?
Visions of BUTTER is all he'll get.
No. 1074696 ID: 3a02c7

Miiind reader, eh? Well then read and weep! In mano el demo mental battle I bet you might think you always have the skill and experience, the natural advantage. But not today.

Because I’ve got a ditty that’s uselessly witty, and you bet I’ll be shitty at singing that ditty at your dittystracted ass while Muschio turns it to confetti.

Oooooh a thousand bottles of bane on the wall, a thousand bottles of bane. You knock one down and then you’ll find nine-hundred-ninety-nine bottles of demonbane on the wall~

For real, why you want to rob this mind and take over this body so badly, demdumbass? Smells of desperation move, cuz you’ll be trapped here with us, hee. The cacochorus that outed ya. Clipped ya ticket, tore ya precious veil. And we can do it again, bud. And again. And again. What does your impersonations matter when we can still keep telling on your sneak-murdering, cowardly ass. Stick to the shadows, dudem. You could never stand in the limelight like a genuine article and that’ll be obvious as day.

(You’ll win Muschio. This unwelcome guest was never invited and BOY do we hate pretenders!)
No. 1074698 ID: eae865

We don't know that its reading our mind. It just said memories. If that's true, you could attempt something new. Or mindlessly listen to us, since long term memories are your domain.
No. 1074700 ID: a3fe2e

I still think we're vastly overestimating our mental fortitude in this fight. Muschio is strong but this is a mind-eating demon, and it's currently doing just that. He can barely manage a sword, let alone summoning an army. Don't try to do all these whacky mind shenanigans, just try to stay focused and alert and keep him guessing.
No. 1074703 ID: 273c18

Yeah, this.
No. 1074714 ID: d54bf6

Speaking of fine shapes, I see no reason we couldn't get Sadie occupying our thoughts in here.

No room for demons if she's already living here rent-free.
No. 1074717 ID: e5709d

Gee, I wonder what that kobold we cured is doing right now.
Along with her five killing machines.
No. 1074719 ID: 93d066

Fricking shadow demon trying to go "alternate" on us.

Fill your mind with hot Ork on Volto action. And maybe some giant salamander titties.
That'll show him!
No. 1074729 ID: 6dc55b

Muschio, don't forget to mentally hang on to what makes Muschio a Muschio,
No. 1074730 ID: 273c18

If just remembering the sigil doesn't help, then you need to retreat back to your room in this dream and uncover it.
No. 1074737 ID: 8d2380

why just one when we could call in a aultry threesome? sadie in triplicate!
No. 1074739 ID: dc13c4

So let me get this straight you want to play Muschio, why just fucking WHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYY? You aren't a good actor, you are a fucking stupid tactician, and if you even accomplish that we will snitch on you. What do you want to kade on all of the friends that Muschio has at once? At that point, your best option will be to just run away with his body, and at that point pretending to be Muschio won't mean jack shit to you. The best thing that you will have going for you will be killing hobos and prostitutes. You know what I have more respect for the carpenter knight, at least he did on his own not like you piece of parasitic shit. Go back to your Christian accurate hell where you come from or whatever religion you belong to and stop wasting our time.
No. 1074742 ID: 46e818
File 169731184840.png - (15.38KB , 800x600 , 1751.png )

He closes the gap, deflecting my blade with a bony limb and no sign of pain, and sets upon me.

"You can't beat me in my own mind."
>"Sun was more mentally disciplined than you."
"But I'd wager more predictable."
No. 1074743 ID: 46e818
File 169731193054.gif - (27.75KB , 800x600 , 1752.gif )

The pressure in my head is intense. It's hard to think about anything but the fight in front of me.
But as I struggle, I attempt again to change the landscape of my imagining. A spear from the wall to strike him unprepared.

No. 1074744 ID: 838bf1

Another! More! Make more than he can plan for!
No. 1074745 ID: 0c9267

So he wants to drink your memories?? Give him some, then. The most painful you have, suddenly, without warning. I'm sure he's practiced at such things, but it may at least stun him. That may give you enough reprieve to do something more - strike, with fire, maybe. Or since you are a king, call a loyal servant to help you. Surely Pendle can come through the path the demon himself made.
No. 1074746 ID: eae865

Part of me wonders if it's the fight you should be focusing on at all.
No. 1074747 ID: 93d066

Gotta think in more dimensions/levels/layers Boss.

- Expanding the void spaces within the demons Body.
- Excite/vibrate the surrounding area to ignite him, or vibrate yourself to be free from his grasp.
- Bear trap in the floor to get him from below; Ram to the groin to get him from the front; Or the classic anvil from the roof to get him from above.
- What about time distortion? Can you make him slow? Can you be made quicker?
- And yourself, can you transmutate?. Enlarge yourself, make copies, minimize your size?
- From the position you're in. He is prime for a hidden wrist bolt to the face.
No. 1074748 ID: eae865

If Muschio must manipulate the dream, he should probably stick to things that he can comprehend and aren't so reality bending. He's already having trouble.
No. 1074753 ID: ce619a

Ok, this is obviously not going to work.
Even if we could imagine anything we wanted this thing could just give it a hale and hearty "NUH-UH!" as though this were a child's game of make-belief in which both kids do nothing but say they have the power to have all the powers they want times infinity, +1, no take-backsies and the other's powers have no effect on them.
Chances are, even doing "physical" damage to it would do nothing as this is all just a mental image and it could imagine away any injury you inflict upon it.

Exactly. There's something else to this.
This stinks of diversion and stalling.

If the environment around you is still the Vault, break away from the demon and try going to either the jail or your room.
The reason for the jail is because I'm wondering where Pendle/Leonid is right now with this thing currently trying to possess you. I'd have to imagine it's halfway between the two of you and maybe Pendle is in here somewhere. Him being a demonologist he might have some insight into stopping this thing.
And the logic behind going to your room is it was the only location without any demon sigils and Ona's sigil was still intact. That room might be safe from the demon's influence.
No. 1074754 ID: dc4bad

This is odd, it's reaction to the spear did seem to scare it into defence, it would appear it's not immune to harm from your attacks.

That said, it's words, name and title/description are kind of a strange patchwork of concepts. Flayed Demon, the Spider, 'carving into you to fester', 'drinking memories', 'playing you'

I suspect this beastie might primarily be a parasite, a manipulator by nature that even with the supposed power boost from being in the Vault, actually needs to ply the doubts and fears and insecurities of it's victims to get a threshold.

As such and to throw it's own words back at it, I suspect it hasn't ever encountered anything like you, boss.
Your fragmentary mind isn't contained in some useless trinket, but an orb of INFINITE psyche.
You and us will give it nothing with which to find purchase; no spooky words or unsettling form or unpleasant memories can become it's foothold. Even this battle, like all others face only with determination to win and without accepting the possibility of defeat.
No. 1074755 ID: dc13c4

Alright demon thing if you can even hear me, I will try to talk to you without shouting without any profanities, and without name-callings. I don't know where you come from if you were born as a demon or got turned into one, but if you still persist in going down this path nothing good will come to you. What most likely will happen if you still continue pushing is that you might get killed or banished. You already hurt too many people and if you don't change your ways the only person that you will hurt is yourself.
No. 1074756 ID: 93d066


I'll say if he bothers to block, that means it indeed can hurt him.

That said, we could speculate that, this being the dreamscape and all, that what hurts him is no the weapon itself. Kinetic force / piercing / slashing, are material plane concepts that may as well play no role here. But the Idea of harm, the metaphor of what a weapon is and do. That's what does the trick.

Now, with this in mind, we could also harm in other ways. "Vicious Mockery" could be viable.

Now if this demon can touch our mind, maybe we can as well, interact with its mind too. So we can look for Pendle or if we go to the boss room then remove the blanket/tarp off the wall.
No. 1074758 ID: f14228

If it hadn't come from the wall, I think that could've hit. This is your kingdom, Muschio. Conjure your tools close to the task at hand!

A headman's axe cutting its head and halo halved in twain again. Arriving swiftly, without mercy or hesitation, for judgement has already been passed.

It may again sense and focus on stopping it - so be ready to lash out with your utmost might at the same time. Try getting the head and halo there to. From above and below, punishment strikes an unjust churl.
No. 1074765 ID: 6c43cd

I don't think trying to manipulate the dream is going to get us very far. We were clearly able to spook it just now, but couldn't land a hit. This may be our mine, but even though we have the home field advantage, this demon has more experience with hostile takeovers then we do with self-defense.

Note to self: seek training in anti-mental warfare. Maybe some mnemonics to memorize or something.

I really think our best option is to focus on the rune in your room. If you can't bring it into focus out of your own mental power, retreat from the demon into your room and pull the tarp from the wall.
No. 1074766 ID: b1805a


He's in our head. He knows what we're thinking. That means he can also, potentially, counter what we do.

So how do you fight something without forethought, and by instinct alone? Think you can visualize something that's powerful enough that you don't even have to dedicate a moment's thought to it?

Can you imagine Sir Ridder ...?
No. 1074769 ID: 8b8267

Try to block him out of your mind, perhaps. Forget him or ignore him or simply just... Hold on until help arrives. I can't tell how much time is passing in a dream but if you can hold on long enough someone's going to realize what's happening, right? If you can just hold out long enough they'll have to know something is wrong. Just try not to keep track of time, it'll be utterly futile.
No. 1074770 ID: e5709d

His reflexes are honed, but we still saw that. You can catch him off guard, but we need to win by attrition instead of standard sneak attacks or he's going to use his training to counter.
Turn the arena to glue. Unleash the Beast. Neumono dog pile. Bnnuy wrestler annoyance. Shape the ceiling to slowly crush down. Enhance knockers. And then have an eldritch angel ready to pass judgement on both of you, its mere existence a validation of the creeping suspicion of your resentment to religion and the terror of the vindication of your father's sickest advisors.
No. 1074774 ID: a7a180

You managed to divert a little focus. Slip his binds. Don't try to, just do it. Backstep, take this fight back to the rune.
No. 1074776 ID: 273c18

You know, an absolute monarch commands soldiers. Delegate.
No. 1074805 ID: 80518c

Make it until 6 AM and consider hiring a night guard.
No. 1074827 ID: 46e818
File 169742338756.png - (18.78KB , 800x600 , 1752.png )

Yes, wise point: this may be my mind we fight in, but he's used to fighting in such places. Pendle had the advantage of fighting in his own mind, and he lost to this thing, too.
The tightness crushing my imagination is surely his doing, and if he can suppress my attacks with less than a glance, it may not be my wisest option.

Still, I take the briefest distraction in the grapple for what it's worth, and pull back with a slice that severs a piece of the rotting shadow. It's just barely enough to get those hands off my throat.
No. 1074828 ID: 8f9bc4

He's rotting, rotting is weakness. We would never have stood against him when he was whole, but now he's broken, tattered, a ruined monarch in every sense of the word. If it were no contest he would have crushed you already but instead he has to sit here struggling to break you down. There has to be some way out of his grasp, some crack in the firmament. The amulet? Do you have it with you here?

Can you drink his memories?
No. 1074829 ID: ce619a

Well, here's the moment of truth. You've finally landed a solid attack on it.
If it doesn't react to that and just regenerates without effort then physically fighting it is indeed pointless.

Put some distance between you and it, then observe how it reacts to the damage. Take careful note of what it's severed piece does, too.

Additionally, the mental tightness might be the demon imposing it's own imagination directly on you with a much more abstract goal of suppressing your mind. Maybe directing your own imagination on the demon in such a way would be more fruitful than trying to generate weapons.
No. 1074830 ID: 273c18

Flee back to your room! We need to use the sigil, it was still glowing which means it holds power.
No. 1074831 ID: 80518c

The glyph that Muschio was sleeping right next to? It's not like it protected him. What do we do with it? I don't know any rituals.
No. 1074832 ID: 273c18

It was covered. We need to uncover it, I think.
No. 1074833 ID: 0fbdcd

Good hit. We CAN hurt it. We just need the right opportunity.

Retreat to your room.
No. 1074834 ID: 4d8b77

That looks like it might not have even really hurt it. Probably time to cheese it, even if just to try to buy some time.
No. 1074835 ID: 13a0b6

I think at best the glyph would help Muschio focus. It isn't a demon ward, it helps Ona's rituals. Maybe there's a chance it has some connection to her, though.
No. 1074837 ID: 273c18

Well, true, but... I don't know, it just looks powerful here, despite everything else having been desecrated. We could try it as a desperation move? Or... considering that Pendle wasn't totally suppressed after the demon possessed him, maybe we could try it after the demon "wins". Ona uses the rune for her rituals, so if we can fortify that one room and let the demon take over everything else, we may be able to use it as a conduit to contact Ona.

In the meantime, staying in this room might be worth trying, to prevent the demon from advancing deeper in. We'll need something to distract it to deal damage with the sword though. Making new things is difficult, maybe we can use what we have? Throw objects at the demon, try to get it tangled up in tapestries etc.
No. 1074838 ID: dc13c4

Wow this guy is falling apart, I wonder does he needs to be in other people's bodies in order to stop dying. This isn't about getting attacked by a strong demonic force and more feels like being attacked by a crazy and raving meth head. Hey buddy are you still not wanting to talk about it? I even saw you shivering, I think you need help it is obvious that you are going through some ruff shit.
No. 1074839 ID: e5709d

Grab the fingers, throw them far away, then run to the entrance and slice it open.
You may want to take cover.
No. 1074850 ID: ce619a

Might be worth it to try switching to her if we ever get around her sigil again.
No. 1074852 ID: 0c9267

Thought: This guy came out of what should be the throne room, right? Shouldn't that be the seat of power? That seems like it should be significant. Maybe instead of defeating him you should try to get past him? Perhaps he's putting on a pretense and this whole time he's just trying to keep you from going in there?
No. 1074861 ID: 46e818
File 169749105444.png - (17.49KB , 800x600 , 1753.png )

I'll take your battle plans under advisement.
For now, I take the fleeting opportunity to break from the combat. The pressure around me is so intense I feel I'm liable to bleed from my ears.

To the place where he came from.
To the throne room.
Base usurper that he is, it may be the seat of his power.
No. 1074862 ID: 46e818
File 169749113301.png - (18.73KB , 800x600 , 1754.png )

My feet sink beneath me, as though I'm running through a swamp.

I push on, but there is no throne.
There is not even a throne room.

Only a great abyss.
No. 1074863 ID: 46e818
File 169749119782.png - (5.25KB , 800x600 , 1755.png )

Beyond, a great darkness stretches on into infinity.

And from the abyss, I can make out something.
Faint sound.
At the edge of hearing.
No. 1074864 ID: 46e818
File 169749123328.png - (2.14KB , 800x600 , 1756.png )

Voices. Soft.
Just whispers.

I recognize them. But I can't place them.
No. 1074868 ID: 46e818
File 169749139285.png - (3.57KB , 800x600 , 1757.png )

They stir in the void.

Calling out.
Calling to me.
No. 1074869 ID: 46e818
File 169749140361.png - (3.22KB , 800x600 , 1758.png )

>"We've been waiting for you."
No. 1074870 ID: a7a180

Uh, the big rune was... that way..?
Don't respond, but come closer, see if they already know where you are.
No. 1074871 ID: 281b41

Tentatively greet them, but be prepared for another fight on our hands...
No. 1074876 ID: ce619a

Hmmm.... if I had to take a guess I think you've just passed from your mental space into the demon's mental space.
Maybe you can begin attacking it directly or pull off the same "pressure" on it as it was doing to you now that you're presumably in it's mind.

I'd imagine what you're about to encounter is either fragments of the demon or it's previous victims.
An immediate impulse might be to create some light so you can see what's here. It wouldn't be a bad idea to check if your fire knack works here after all, but be wary that being the only source of light in this darkness might draw unwanted attention to you.
No. 1074878 ID: 93d066


"Lo, there do I see my father. Lo, there do I see my mother, and my sisters, and my brothers. Lo, there do I see the line of my people, Back to the beginning Lo, they do call to me. They bid me take my place among them..."

But not yet Prince. There's still too much to be done, only when the duty is done, we will know rest.
No. 1074880 ID: 0fbdcd

Your tactical retreat looks more like fleeing in terror, Mushi. Keeping your head is literally worth your life right now. The more unnerved and off-balance you are, the easier he can strike at us.

Like, uh. This. Whatever this is. I'm not sure how to brace for this in any way. Just face it head on, because the demon is behind you.
No. 1074885 ID: 273c18

Oh, a tactical advancement instead? Alright. Let's strike deep.
Ask who they are, can they help you beat the demon?
No. 1074900 ID: 4d8b77

Your parents?
No. 1074901 ID: e95c1d

This is 100% a trick by the demon to get you to stay still.
No. 1074906 ID: 8f9bc4

No. 1074981 ID: 46e818
File 169766457966.png - (7.05KB , 800x600 , 1759.png )

No. 1074982 ID: 46e818
File 169766463064.png - (10.02KB , 800x600 , 1760.png )

The darkness beckons to me, but my business is here.

I pull myself from the edge.
The enemy is here.
No. 1074983 ID: 46e818
File 169766466083.png - (16.81KB , 800x600 , 1761.png )

A howl,
a scream.
No. 1074985 ID: dc13c4

So is this your final for?
No. 1074986 ID: a7a180

He'd expect you to dodge left or right. Jump over and nail him in the back of the head!
No. 1074988 ID: 273c18

Oh, I get it now. This is the edge of death. The demon must have to severely injure itself every time it wants to switch bodies. Or maybe the proper method requires a ritual...?

It's do or die. Try to lure the demon into a charge (if it's not already doing that) and dodge out of the way so it falls into the darkness.
No. 1074989 ID: 466d55

It means he's desperate, and when people get desperate they get stupid. You can beat him, lure him to the edge, the moment he charges get out of his way, go low and he goes over you.
No. 1074990 ID: fabb38

Hold your ground and try to turn his force around on him. I doubt he's going to fall for any tricks or tomfoolery and simply fall off the ledge. He's gonna need a little push.
No. 1074991 ID: ce619a

Looks like it's angry that you're in this place.
I'm once again guessing you're in it's mind/territory and now you can do damage to it. On the flip side this might be it's win condition to get you into that darkness and it's ravenous now that victory is seemingly within it's grasp. Good call not going in there. Let's try continuing not doing that.

If the pressure on your mind has abated try envisioning the demon falling part. If not and it's still limiting you, use what little imagination you can muster to leapfrog over it as it charges then kick it in the back of the head, shoving it into the darkness.
No. 1074992 ID: f0ae03

If we go for the jumping over the head strat, be mindful of it trying to grab you as you pass. Be ready to swipe away any tentacles that grab at you and summon another spear as a diversion if you can muster it. From the ground in front of would probably be your best bet seeing that it seems to be charging.
No. 1074993 ID: 93d066


"Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night."

It thrashes and snarls, wants you to back down into the shadows that beckon you. To curl and cower into the comfort.

No. 1074994 ID: 0fbdcd

Don't just dodge. Use it's momentum. You might have to let yourself get stabbed with a hand so you can get enough leverage to carry it onwards over the edge.
No. 1074998 ID: 4fa4f4

Don't give up.
No. 1075002 ID: ce619a

>falling apart*
ugh I really need to spellcheck more thoroughly
No. 1075035 ID: 46e818
File 169774930233.png - (22.32KB , 800x600 , 1762.png )

If this is where I must stand, so be it.
No. 1075036 ID: 46e818
File 169774931661.png - (30.00KB , 800x600 , 1763.png )

For I have found my footing.
No. 1075037 ID: 46e818
File 169774936303.png - (9.25KB , 800x600 , 1764.png )

The demon careens, howling, into the void.
No. 1075038 ID: 8a2d6a

How is your control of the dream-space? Try conjuring a Volto-sized image of Sadie.
No. 1075039 ID: 23427f

Hold your ground Prince, confirm the kill first. This may not be over...
No. 1075040 ID: ce619a

Seconding a check on your mental imaging capabilities. Try a fire spell to see what's in the darkness now.

Also, back up from the darkness in case it tries jumping back out at you.
No. 1075042 ID: b3eab7

Throw something at him to make sure he stays down. Conjured from above, if possible.
No. 1075043 ID: 273c18

Great! Get back into the safer confines of your mindscape, I don't think this area is safe. See if you can close and bar the door the demon came through.
No. 1075044 ID: 0c9267

Maybe start stepping back from the edge a little. Just to have a little more room to react to things if they start happening.
No. 1075050 ID: dc4bad

hold fast, and await silence

don't give it a sliver of negligence to cling to and come back from the brink
No. 1075054 ID: 8f9bc4

Wake up while he's busy.
No. 1075057 ID: 93d066

Light up this darkness
reveal its truths.
No. 1075058 ID: 17e6f2

I hope this isn’t the part where our demonic pal drinks the memories of the dead and grows fat on them, rising from the depths as a massive amalgam of regrets and woe.
No. 1075083 ID: 635eea

I hope this isn't the part where the veil of illusion is lifted and we find our sword buried hilt-deep in one of our subordinates.
No. 1075084 ID: 315b2a

get the FUCK out of here and uncover the sigil in your room

we don't know if the scary demon was the actual thing, or just an avatar it created to waste our time while it assimilates our psyche into itself.
No. 1075104 ID: 06f6d1

Now is not the time for panic or giving in to fear.
No. 1075148 ID: 46e818
File 169783856224.png - (7.64KB , 800x600 , 1765.png )

I stand at the precipice for a long moment, waiting.
The pressure in my head begins to abate.
No. 1075149 ID: 46e818
File 169783859294.png - (16.41KB , 800x600 , 1766.png )

There is no sign of the demon.
No. 1075150 ID: 46e818
File 169783863057.png - (12.73KB , 800x600 , 1767.png )

With that settled, and as long as I'm still dreaming, I test my ability to dream unfettered by imagining Sadie Hart and myself relaxing!
No. 1075151 ID: 46e818
File 169783870585.png - (9.67KB , 800x600 , 1768.png )

>"My my, Prince, you are truly impressive to defeat a demon!"
"Yes, I am quite a specimen."
>"My my, all this talk of conquest has made my clothing feel so warm and constricting. I hope you will not begrudge me for removing it."
"But of course, whatever makes you comfortable."
No. 1075152 ID: dc13c4

Alright now we know why this fucker was reading our mind
No. 1075153 ID: 5fdb32

He ain't vanquished prince, this is some more demon fuckery. Don't let him in this way!
No. 1075154 ID: 273c18

What gives you that idea?
No. 1075157 ID: ce619a

Ok, before you get freaky with what is essentially your own mind, just be aware that all those voices and "lights" in the dark from before were probably previous victims of the demon and you've likely got an audience of ghosts watching you rizz up your mental sock puppet of a dragon.

Check the darkness for voyeurs first. Envision everything being lit up or yourself being able to see perfectly in the dark.
No. 1075158 ID: eb7ce4

im a bit suspicious, this felt a little *too* easy. Are you really sure you're in control of your dreams? Or are you even in control of your mind?
No. 1075159 ID: 6dc55b

Can we transfer out? If no probably best to stay on guard.
No. 1075160 ID: ce619a

If we can we should try switching to Ona.
The demon can possess you while you're asleep and it might have gave up on us and switched targets.
No. 1075161 ID: 273c18

If we can switch then that would confirm the demon is gone, wouldn't it?
No. 1075163 ID: 0c9267

Much to our regret, Prince, we shall strive to prove the alleviation of this curse by trying to transfer to someone else. I wonder if we can look into other people's dreams? Hmm. Let's tryyyy... Ashedel. HRNHK effort HRRHNHHG hold on just a second HNNHRRHRHRHGGH
No. 1075175 ID: 8f9bc4

Well at least the demon is trying the carrot. The stick was quite unpleasant. Don't let on that you know the demon is still here. Think about um... snouts. Glorious snouts. Fill your mind with snouts.
No. 1075176 ID: d54bf6

No, let the voyeurs stay.

All of us
No. 1075177 ID: 93d066


No. 1075178 ID: e5709d

Muschio. Focus.

I don't think he's dead.
No. 1075183 ID: 5e59a5

It's a trap!
No. 1075184 ID: a7a180

We should probably confirm our ability to leave, despite this seemingly fortunate turn of events.
No. 1075185 ID: 59fbfe

I hate to tell you this boss, but I don't really want to watch you masturbate in your own brain. Send us away?

...and if you can't, murder Sadie because that's not Sadie.
No. 1075190 ID: b1805a


Conquest harder.
No. 1075203 ID: 46e818
File 169791842370.png - (16.49KB , 800x600 , 1769.png )

>"Come now, prince. You know my voice was more imposing than this."
"Truly. It resonates in my loins even now."
>"And you know this isn't quite how I looked."
"It was dark! I longed for a better look."
>"Even my collar? Surely that's where you spent the most time looking."
"Well, perhaps I'll have to take a more proper examination of you next time we meet. For now, this will be honor enough."
No. 1075204 ID: ce619a

Welp, if this actually is the demon masquerading as our imaginary dragon then let's seduce it, too.
Rizz that demon/dragon
No. 1075205 ID: 0c9267

Hmm. Moving to someone else doesn't need to be working. Maybe it has to be someone we know is awake? But who would be awake... someone, probably. Guess we'll try them all!

Anyway while we try do that, your examination of the real her will hardly help you correct your vision if you don't have a full picture of this dream version to mark all the errors on, will it? Better give her an extensive examination, too. In fact, consider it an exercise! As a leader, you need to develop your imagination and ability to conceptualize in both breadth and detail. Plus, you've probably filled in the blanks in your imagination with the features of other women you've favored. See if you can spot what from who! Always room to improve one's faculties. Get to it. Enjoy having two hands for a little longer. We'll just be back here continuing to see if we can find anyone else.
No. 1075209 ID: 7b65e9

....is there a possibility we're sharing a dream with the actual Sadie?
I'm wary of the demon myself but...that'd be fun.
No. 1075219 ID: eb7ce4

yeah, im still worried the demon is like hiding behind the curtains controlling muschio like a puppet, or its gone to someone else
No. 1075220 ID: b1805a


Well, I guess we could imagine a nice night sky and some braziers to make it look a bit more accurate, then maybe imagine up somewhere a little more comfortable to take this silly mental dalliance.
No. 1075221 ID: 273c18

Muschio I don't think she had tits at all.
No. 1075223 ID: d5839f

I think is this correct, she was mostly stacked in the hips. Keep your guard up, prince.
A couple theories as to what is happening:
1. Demon trickery and playing with Muschio’s mind, appearing as his more ideal version of Sadie, this I find most likely

2. The rune in Muschio’s room that has allowed people to talk in dreams is bringing us to Sadie which I find less likely

Ask her something that only Sadie would know, something not even you know for certain. Be aware if this is the demon she might give whatever answer would please Muschio the most.
No. 1075234 ID: a7a180

Good thing we're dreaming right now.
It's time to live up to the quest's name and dive into the bosom.
No. 1075262 ID: 34a1b1

Well lets double up on the win here.

If the demon has truly withered away into the darkness, and there's no fuckery here, stretch that ego Muschio. Pull a tiny cake with the words "eat me" written on it out of your pocket and eat, before growing to bigger than Sadie proportions and looming over the busty lady.

Also, if you really didn't notice cause you were so distracted by how impressed you were, dragons don't have tits. Lizards, after all.
No. 1075275 ID: 46e818

>dragons don't have tits. Lizards, after all.
please shut up
No. 1075280 ID: 46e818
File 169800262706.png - (11.77KB , 800x600 , 1770.png )

>Imagine yourself bigger than Sadie
Excuse me, are you an imbecile?

>"Oh dear, prince. Seems we have a guest."
No. 1075282 ID: 46e818
File 169800307374.png - (21.00KB , 800x600 , 1771.png )

No. 1075283 ID: 53047a

No. 1075284 ID: 1ab976

May his face meet our sword and Sadie's fire. NOW.
No. 1075286 ID: ce619a

Jump back or imagine Sadie grabbing you and pulling you away from the demon.
Then directly imagine the demon being damaged, like it just falling apart or bursting into flames. It might be an attractive option to have dream Sadie fight it, but due to this demon's ability to also control parts of your dreamscape it might commandeer her. So, using her too much is a bad idea. You might want to dispel Sadie altogether.

Also, don't look it in the eyes anymore. Looking at it might be what puts mental pressure on you. The thing might be a cognitohazard in here.
No. 1075288 ID: 456aa4

Wow, how dare you attack us in front of a lady.

Sadie, can you blast this lout with fire?
No. 1075289 ID: a7a180

Impale him with your 'sword'.
No. 1075290 ID: 90bd8d

Seduce the demon
No. 1075291 ID: 7f93c1

I think you've got this.
No. 1075292 ID: 273c18

Kill demon with dragon.
No. 1075293 ID: 7b65e9

Well he looks pissed.
Headbutt him.
No. 1075296 ID: b1805a


Wow, rude. We are having A Moment here and one does not simply intrude upon a prince and his dragon.

Begone with this interloper!
No. 1075298 ID: 46e818
File 169801161722.png - (23.05KB , 800x600 , 1772.png )

>"Enjoy your last reverie, fool.
>Maybe it will keep you warm
>in the long years imprisoned within your own body.
No. 1075299 ID: 46e818
File 169801172106.png - (17.71KB , 800x600 , 1773.png )

>"That pain you feel. Your mind, going.
>This, now. This is the part you will remember."
No. 1075300 ID: 1ab976

Pain is only weakness leaving the body. The mind is no exception. Push past your limits, burn through fate itself. Dive your sword into his chest.
No. 1075301 ID: 832cd7

Is the imaginary Sadie still there?
Can we imagine her krumping the demon?
No. 1075303 ID: ce619a

I warned you about darkness bro!
>Also, back up from the darkness in case it tries jumping back out at you.

But no, seriously, grab it and tackle it into the darkness. It's got too firm a grip on you, you're going to have to hope whatever voices were there in the dark can help you now.
No. 1075304 ID: f14228

Warm? It has no idea. Show it the heat of your inner passion.

Dragonfire, dragonbreath, breathe fire and fury within, Muschio. A tricksome thing of darkness cannot occupy a bodyfull of flame.

Spit your wroth hot in its eyes. Set that broken halo aflame.
No. 1075308 ID: ae86fc

Same plan as before boss, attack from an unexpected angle, create distance and regain your footing.
No. 1075313 ID: 3f3d5c

Hey, we've got a giant dragoness here who is no small pushover. I don't even care if she's real or not, ask her to chip in on the fight.
I mean, she's obviously into you, she won't say no.

And then, which she's doing that, fucking stab this asshole. DOUBLE TEAM ATTACK. The only rules that exist are the ones in your head!
No. 1075316 ID: 273c18

Use dragon to kill demon. Even if you are engulfed in fire, you will not burn, it is YOUR fire.
No. 1075327 ID: e3496b

Mind? Going?? You fool! Our mind is already long gone!! You can't contain an infinity! And if you try - it will tear you apart! Let's get him, everyone - he wants to grab us?? Grab a piece of him and pull!
No. 1075337 ID: 8f9bc4

No. 1075340 ID: dc13c4

At this point I am literally confused, is this a Bugs Bunny in drag distraction, or did we create the dragon in our head?
No. 1075341 ID: e5709d

No. 1075349 ID: e95c1d

No. 1075353 ID: 46e818
File 169807448791.png - (21.45KB , 800x600 , 1774.png )

No. 1075354 ID: 46e818
File 169807451989.png - (27.22KB , 800x600 , 1775.png )

A howl,
a scream.
No. 1075355 ID: 46e818
File 169807457152.png - (14.21KB , 800x600 , 1776.png )

As I clearly said,

the intent was to imagine Sadie Hart and myself.
No. 1075356 ID: 1ab976

Again. Always double tap and make sure the fucker is DEAD.
No. 1075357 ID: b61c50

Brutal, didn't see that one coming. Good job boss.
No. 1075358 ID: dc13c4

So is that it or is there going to be more? I mean if it is he is a chump and it would be so funny. I would still be on guard, you can never know with these demon beings.
No. 1075359 ID: e3496b

Excellent. And we, uh, we managed to play along with your plan the whole time! He never suspected a thing!... Anyway he still seems to be... there, which strikes me as bad in this dreamscape thing we've got going. Shouldn't he disappear or something? Even if he's dead you don't want a demon's corpse in your head, and demons are probably pretty resilient to death. See what you can do about that.
No. 1075360 ID: 7f93c1

I suspected you were more prepared than you seemed, but I didn't expect that exact outcome.

I wonder why the demon couldn't predict it. Perhaps because we didn't.
No. 1075361 ID: a3fe2e

I knew you couldn't be THAT dumb. You play a very convincing dunce.
No. 1075362 ID: dc13c4

Also, cut off his head and chop him to pieces just to be sure
No. 1075364 ID: 8f9bc4


No. 1075366 ID: ce619a

Huh, was wondering where your sword went.

Anyway, I have a hard time imagining(no pun intended) that a dream sword to the back is all it'll take to put this thing down, so you should start envisioning all sorts of bindings on it.
Go even further, take the advantage while it's stunned and directly impose your will on the demon by envisioning it being weaker, smaller, stupider, more pathetic, etc. Hell, don't just envision it; believe it to be true. Strangle this thing with your will.
Subjugate this fool.
No. 1075368 ID: 273c18

Until you wake, we should assume the demon is not dead.
No. 1075370 ID: 3f3d5c

Brilliant move, boss! Caught him completely off guard!
Of course, it was pretty obvious we had to distract or overwhelm him somehow, but even we didn't see that one coming. Bravo! That's why you're the one in charge.

Now stab him a few more times.
No. 1075371 ID: 299c1d

Oho, feeling voyeuristic are we? It’s only natural.
Well, better use some mind bleach, don’t want this to stain our nice clean psyche.
No. 1075372 ID: b1805a


THERE'S our prince! Well done, Muschio!
No. 1075375 ID: 0fbdcd

Yank off his halo.
No. 1075377 ID: d049be

Drink his milkshake!
No. 1075382 ID: 93d066


As a regent, deal the sentence and execute by beheading.
No. 1075461 ID: 46e818
File 169817977701.png - (26.98KB , 800x600 , 1777.png )

>"Fine. You win.
>Keep your fractured mind. I'll return to the scholar's. Do you think that's a victory?

>Even if your plan works,
>even you banish me, I'll be back someday.
>And I'll come back to find you."
No. 1075462 ID: 46e818
File 169817987969.png - (18.52KB , 800x600 , 1778.png )

>"It may take months. Even years. But I clawed my way out of the underworld before.
>You'll always be looking over your shoulder.
>Your new recruit? Your trusted friend? Your old ally?
>Are these the people surrounding you?

>Or it is just me?"
No. 1075463 ID: 268688

Uh, no. Where do you think you're going skinny? Muschio, get after him! Let's try to finish him off!
No. 1075465 ID: 7edfcd

Make a note: Hire a cleric.
No. 1075467 ID: 59bd93

We can plan for that later. Is this thing still talking in your voice, using your memories? I don't like that. See if you can take back what's yours before this ends.
No. 1075468 ID: eb7ce4

man, what a sore loser
gets tricked once and now hes like "FINE I'LL GUESS JUST GO BACK THEN >:("
taunt him based on that, if you cant attack him
No. 1075469 ID: ce619a

Oh nooo... he's ragequitting. Poor baby~
What's the matter, guy? You were talking that real good shit just a second ago. And we were having such fun.
Well, ok, if you're going to be a bad sport about it, bye for now. Smell ya later Mr. Stinkdemon :)

Tell him this: "I eagerly await the next opportunity to embarrass you again."
No. 1075471 ID: d4d22b

What a yellow-bellied wretch. Couldn't beat a skilled laborer in the real world, couldn't beat a mortal in his own mind. You shouldn't concern yourself with the lamentations of such a petty creature.
No. 1075473 ID: 1aa6f6

no need to sink energy into it. just a simple, straightforward "Wow, you're kind of a bitch huh?" will annihilate it.
No. 1075474 ID: dc4bad

you misunderstand creature, you should very well be the one trying to keep as far and as safe from us as possible. We know your mark, we have your name.

This whole debacle where you took us unawares, where we had no idea what you were or how you functioned? It will not happen again, next time we'll have countermeasures and contingencies. And mark our words, should any your ilk, but especially you cross paths with us again we will then have a method of either destroying you with all finality or trapping you in a decidedly unpleasant eternity.

Run away, demon.
No. 1075476 ID: 46e818
File 169818738575.png - (8.12KB , 800x600 , 1779.png )

"Understand that I have dealt with abominable wretches and criminals. I have allied with monsters.

Some parts of me wanted to offer you amnesty. Even employment."
No. 1075477 ID: 46e818
File 169818762184.png - (16.30KB , 800x600 , 1780.png )

"Maybe I even could have forgiven that you intruded into my mind.

But you shackled Pendle.
You tried to kill Ona.
And Wes.

You came for MY people.
MY subjects.


No. 1075479 ID: 46e818
File 169818766512.gif - (25.73KB , 800x600 , 1781.gif )

No. 1075480 ID: 46e818
File 169818775964.png - (7.65KB , 800x600 , 1782.png )

>"What is this?
>You've trapped me in YOUR OWN MIND?
>Are you completely mad?

>You can't kill me! Not here! Not in any way that matters!"
No. 1075481 ID: 93d066

Threatening while retreating is a cowards way.
But his words ring true, if you're to deal the death blow. DO IT NOW.
No. 1075482 ID: 3f3d5c


Let's test that theory.
No. 1075484 ID: 8bbf22

"No, no..."

"You misunderstand, demon. You still think this is about just killing you. No. You still think to threaten OUR people, fucker! OUR PEOPLE. First you sought to STEAL them from us, then you THREATEN them!"

"Death is too good for you, but you BEG for it! And I will not oblige you."

"You will learn to fear me. You will keep on learning, like the dog you are, until your fear of me, is greater than any hate or feeling of retribution, vengeance. You will fear having those thoughts. Because I will know it... And you will have to repeat this lesson again, and again."
No. 1075485 ID: 59bd93

I hope you know what you're doing.
No. 1075486 ID: ce619a

Is this the part where we make the devil afraid of us? Please tell me this is the part where we make the devil afraid of us.
No. 1075487 ID: dee638

yey a new rommie

and one we are encouraged to bully to boot ☺
No. 1075488 ID: e5709d

I don't think you understand what Muschio just did.
He can't screw you.
But we can.

You think Hell is the worst possible existence because of its pointlessly endless cruelty.
And you may be right.

But the worst possible torture involves giving you everything you've ever wanted
And then taking it away just before you can savor it, along with parts of yourself you took for granted
And then giving it all back to you
and then taking it away along with some of your memories
give more
take more
Never learning to live with the totality of life itself
For eternity.
No. 1075490 ID: 0fbdcd

If that's true, why do you sound so worried?

We might not be able to kill you here. But we can sure as hell make the idea of crawling back into the underworld far more palatable than trying to fuck with us and ours.

If you can, boss- that net you projected? Can you squeeze it inwards? Push him through it like cheesewire?
No. 1075491 ID: dc13c4

meh, you already showed how much you sucked you were as scary as the weakest Courage the cowardly dog episode and effective as the lamest Scooby Doo villain. You are going to sit here and you are going like young mister, now then happy halloween and go fuck yourself we are done here.
No. 1075501 ID: d4d22b

Eat him!
No. 1075511 ID: 8b8c72

Skill issue.
Let's see how cocky you are when you're in a million pieces and begging for death.
No. 1075513 ID: e3496b

"What a pity. For you."
No. 1075518 ID: 8f9bc4

Take his ring!
No. 1075520 ID: 53560f

>You can't kill me!
Who said anything about that? There are worse fates for a creature that inhabits thought. You will be a plaything for the cacophony. Only discarded once you are well and truly broken.
Settle in. You’re gonna be here a while.
No. 1075526 ID: 3bf638

Fates worse than death do exist fool. Figured you knew that as a demon but even if you don't oh well. How long will it take to break your will? Shatter you to pieces while taking what is useful and leaving what's left in a personal hell? Purified, expunged and made to do good things? How fitting that a possessing demon be effectively possessed by an angel.
No. 1075528 ID: f14228

Yeah, makes sense. Can't hurt others if you're here getting dunked on. Well done, Muschio.

>you can't kill me, not in any way that matters
Ideas die all the time. Memories fade. Memes stale out. Chains of thought be mayflies living on borrowed time. If you're an errant, compulsive mental force - I don't see why you couldn't expire like a bad dream upon waking.

Unless you've got something truly ineffable, something that lasts beyond it all - and if so?

No. 1075597 ID: 46e818
File 169826249652.png - (10.32KB , 800x600 , 1783.png )

"Then why are you trying to run?"
No. 1075598 ID: 46e818
File 169826257478.png - (8.10KB , 800x600 , 1784.png )

"So where's the fool you thought was such an easy mark?

Whose mind you sought to crush?"
No. 1075599 ID: 46e818
File 169826259187.png - (9.67KB , 800x600 , 1785.png )

"Is that the man before you now?"
No. 1075600 ID: 46e818
File 169826260558.png - (25.08KB , 800x600 , 1786.png )

"Or is it just me?"
No. 1075601 ID: dc13c4

OHHHHHHHH you are being called out fool get fucked!
No. 1075602 ID: 111fa7

OHHHHHHH-! Now you fucked up! You have fucked up now!

Let's teach this demon what FEAR means!
No. 1075603 ID: b270d6

Beat the shit outta him! Pull his limbs off, eat his body, start a Halloween fire in the building with his bones!
No. 1075606 ID: 273c18

Finally, we can get our hands dirty.
Let's rip the demon apart.
No. 1075613 ID: 93d066

Literary in this case. I really hope those fists are us. Really wanna punch it in the taint.
No. 1075614 ID: ce619a

Aggressively play pat-a-cake with him.
No. 1075645 ID: 8f9bc4

No. 1075647 ID: e5709d

Feel the weight of an entire empire stomping on you with two-inch-long high-heels.
Wring him dry!
No. 1075661 ID: 209725

Rip and tear!
No. 1075671 ID: 46e818
File 169834751913.png - (47.27KB , 1200x800 , 1787.png )

>How can--

>Enough! You win!
>I'll never cross your path again!
>I'll never even return to this world!
>I beg you -- stop!"
No. 1075672 ID: 46e818
File 169834754964.png - (17.19KB , 1200x800 , 1788.png )

"No amnesty.
No mercy."
No. 1075674 ID: ffad96

Make the devil fear you...
No. 1075675 ID: 46e818
File 169834836880.png - (26.76KB , 1200x800 , 1789.png )

No. 1075677 ID: 46e818
File 169834847510.png - (31.17KB , 1200x800 , 1790.png )

No. 1075678 ID: ce619a

>You can't kill me! Not here! Not in any way that matters!
Looks like that was a bluff.
No. 1075680 ID: f14da7

Tell me the name of god.
No. 1075683 ID: dc13c4

So how well do you want this demon to be done? I prefer extra-crispy!
No. 1075684 ID: 58dd24

Maybe not a bluff, but shear ignorance. He seems confused about what is happening to him
No. 1075685 ID: 273c18

Rip and tear.
No. 1075687 ID: f14da7

We can ask a demonologist later.
No. 1075689 ID: 7b65e9

Is it really you Muschio?
Where does that power come from?
No. 1075697 ID: 3f3d5c

It comes from the heart.

Because he is a man of focus, commitment and sheer fucking will.
No. 1075710 ID: 93d066


Whatever you do be sure you carry it out 'till the end.

It may be scared of, it may be in agony. But that does not mean you can eradicate it. Be sure whatever remains is enclosed in a perennial fire and after seek a shaman/cleric/priest to unmade it for sure.

You can never be too careful.
No. 1075720 ID: e5709d

Buh-bye, Padre.
No. 1075721 ID: 59fbfe

I'm not convinced this isn't all some kind of long play where he lets us think we've won. Maybe this is how he gets everyone. This seems far too easy.

Keep rippin' I guess.
No. 1075722 ID: 209725

What, isn't this what you wanted? To live in our mind? Well, you got it - we just need to help you fit in. Shattered home, shattered guest. I'm sure being asked to stop never worked with those you've pulled apart before, so you'll understand if we take those words to be quite meaningless.
No. 1075724 ID: 421554

I'd normally say to leave him alive, as a source of information if nothing else, but he's already proven that he's both duplicitous and willing to kill.

Gouge out his eye, and rip him apart.