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File 126283826293.jpg - (32.79KB , 512x512 , letsdothisthing.jpg )
106656 No. 106656 ID: 45be60

You are bored, but only briefly. You soon realize that boredom is a novel sensation, and thus, not boring. Indeed, any thought at all is new to you. This is all very strange, and deserves further investigation. You appear to be about this big, this shape, and this aware.

Please chose an action.
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No. 106662 ID: f7bc42

Deepen your roots and search for water.
No. 106663 ID: 6faa8c

No. 106664 ID: a64482

Spread petals in an attempt to attract creatures to pollinate you, turn your leaves toward the sun.
No. 106665 ID: f44349

No. 106666 ID: 632862

Make more petals to generate more food.
No. 106671 ID: 5d5878

Realize that Arthur Dent has yet again caused your demise.
No. 106676 ID: 45be60
File 126283890564.png - (36.91KB , 512x512 , f7bc42.png )

You extend your lower extremities further. There is ample moisture here. It is nice.
No. 106685 ID: 34470e

Deepen your roots a little further.
No. 106686 ID: 8dc9d5

Deepen roots further, bloom, and sprout a big beefy arm.
No. 106687 ID: 45be60
File 126283924046.png - (35.34KB , 512x512 , a64482.png )

You turn your broad extremities to face the source of the warmth, and spread your upper extremities further.
No. 106690 ID: f7bc42

Sprout Thorns, if practical.
No. 106697 ID: 445c48

No. 106705 ID: 4f8e95

um, what. adquire perception organs? become a bush?

in all seriousness, can we develop eyes? how is the wind?

pierce drain of BLUE STUFF

become Sevi.

No. 106710 ID: 45be60
File 126283981049.png - (37.59KB , 512x512 , f7bc42.png )

Concentrating further, you produce a series of narrow protuberances to defend yourself. From what, you are not sure.
No. 106713 ID: 34470e

Make your stem a bit ticker and longer.
No. 106716 ID: 8dc9d5

No. 106718 ID: 4f8e95

spread SCENT. be ready for small flying GUESTS.
No. 106732 ID: 632862

Sprout more leaves.
No. 106745 ID: c89b56
File 126284073820.gif - (19.33KB , 603x386 , venus_weed.gif )

No. 106751 ID: 8dc9d5
File 126284089745.png - (370.17KB , 900x600 , Alraune.png )

More like this.
No. 106756 ID: 8dc9d5

Except with women instead of men, ideally.
No. 106759 ID: 4f8e95




also this is the most peaceful quest i have ever seen.
No. 106760 ID: 45be60
File 126284111782.png - (44.86KB , 512x512 , 445c48.png )

You expend a great deal of effort making yourself larger. Something is amiss. There are limits to your growth! When you try to grow past certain limits, something pushes back at you!
No. 106764 ID: 8dc9d5

Grow punchan mitts. Become the plant equivalent of Rudy Mann.
No. 106776 ID: 4f8e95

we are in a dome of glass. they know.

begin paranoia shenanigans.

also grow some roots laterally. check recipient size.
No. 106778 ID: 34470e

OK, try to expand your roots as far as you can.
No. 106783 ID: 4f8e95

bamboo have a extreme sharp point. they can pierce anything.

we can do that?or our flower is unchangeable?
No. 106792 ID: 4f8e95

i see we already did that. dang.

there are usually water drains. in some plant domes, there are ventilation holes or some sort of fan to make the air flow safely. find them with SPIKES.
No. 106798 ID: 445c48

Grow roots. However, it is possible we are in a pot. If roots become blocked, all we can do is wait.
No. 106804 ID: 45be60
File 126284193690.png - (62.72KB , 512x512 , 4f8e95.png )

Unsure of what to expect, but hopeful, you accelerate the production of the fine particles produced in your upper extremities. The area around you is filled with them. You are proud.

You suddenly feel trapped by something, though you cannot imagine why. Spurred to action, you spread your lower extremities outward, and your worst fears are realized! You can spread no further!
No. 106813 ID: 445c48

It is possible you are in a pot, being cared for by some other creature. Hopefully, said creature will notice you have grown too large for this pot, and will either move you to a new one, or plant you outside, in the ground.
No. 106816 ID: 4f8e95

i like where this is going.

first, let us not make a dryad or a weed girl.

second. we need traction. can we make muscles? if so, go by the roots.

alternatively, passive hearing from the roots as well, to better perceive the enviroment. some sort of echolocation if you must.

i still want to find that drain, but chances are we are in sealed lab :c
No. 106821 ID: 4f8e95

also make petals back to what they where. we should remain hidden as much as possible.
No. 106826 ID: 45be60
File 126284257580.png - (53.54KB , 512x512 , 445c48.png )

...Very well, if that is to be the way of things, you will bide your time and wait for something to happen.
No. 106828 ID: 445c48

We're a bloody flower. If anything it should be bigger, showier.
No. 106830 ID: 4f8e95


to my WILDEST imagination:

turn flower into fruit. in it, keep loads of water.

chlorofila can also turn water into its basic components, hydrogen and oxygen. the sudden urge of pressure and a spark can set you free.

burrow in the dirt enought to survive. peform GRENADE-FRUIT OF FREEDOM.
No. 106831 ID: f7bc42

Thorned Tulip: Produce more leaves, and make them jagged like holly.
No. 106832 ID: 8dc9d5

Grow! Grow your roots until they break the container!
No. 106841 ID: 45be60
File 126284314836.png - (39.11KB , 512x512 , f7bc42.png )

You continue to indulge your strange obsession with defense in the face of absolutely no evident danger.
No. 106847 ID: 4f8e95

can we move? if we are in a container we can try to spin it?

what about by grenade fruit idea?

what are our limitations?
No. 106856 ID: 4f8e95

how do we go offense? can we push the top with out stalk?

i wanted to blow up. is that not offense?

can we make traction in the walls? yknow, make a branch touching both sides, make it grow till something gives.
No. 106865 ID: 632862

Extend tendrils upward. Search for a spot that lets you go past the obstruction.
No. 106866 ID: 45be60
File 126284387931.png - (59.68KB , 512x512 , 4f8e95.png )

It takes a great deal of effort and concentration, but you focus and begin to channel moisture upward from your lower extremities into the center of your upper mass. You feel it start to swell. This will not be easy, but you think it might work.
No. 106868 ID: 4f8e95

i already suggested looking for something with spikes. upward is likely to find a fan, down there should be a water drain.

develop brain meats, attempt to perceive the enviroment?
No. 106869 ID: 4f8e95

No. 106902 ID: 8dc9d5

The next step WAS to detonate it, but first you should see if you can't get some more moisture from the ground. If you can, than use it, if not, set off the fruit.
No. 106919 ID: 45be60
File 126284564658.png - (62.61KB , 512x512 , 4f8e95.png )

This idea is not without its down-sides.

You are not entirely certain where your intelligence is housed, so the prospect of increasing it under your own power seems unlikely. You feel smart enough as it is, so you decide this is probably okay. You think really hard about your surroundings anyway, just for the heck of it.


Okay, this is a lot of moisture in one place. You are starting to feel dry. What was that next bit again?
No. 106920 ID: 6faa8c


>chlorofila can also turn water into its basic components, hydrogen and oxygen.
No. 106922 ID: 4f8e95

burrow a lot of self under the dirt. make some small petals that are sharp to pierce the dome, covering the GRENADE-FRUIT OF FREEDOM.

when the pressure builds up, we need a way to also detonate the mix of hydrogen. i was thinking of sending pieces of stones against each other, but i think its more likely to use the sharp petals.

would it be possible to focus on the light source? if the light source IS the sun, we may be in a greenhouse, focus in the heat to explode the grenade. this way we make the utmost of the bomb.
No. 106925 ID: 34470e

Wait, how do we know blowing up won't kill the flower?
No. 106929 ID: 4f8e95

also, from rose to explosives in less that 50 posts.
No. 106930 ID: 632862

Whack your bulb against the sides of the enclosure.
No. 106940 ID: f7bc42

Thorned Death Tulip: Produce natural toxins, and have a bulb too.
No. 106944 ID: 45be60
File 12628470343.png - (67.02KB , 512x512 , 4f8e95.png )

Focus? Greenhouse? Detonate? What are these ideas drifting through your head? You could just barely manage to muster up the knowledge to start some little bits of you processing away at the stuff inside your upper extremity, though if you are being honest with yourself, you really have no idea what it is you are getting as a result. Most of these ideas are just too far outside your limited experience.
No. 106945 ID: 6faa8c

Channel freustration into beating the shit out of the wall with bulb.
No. 106949 ID: 34470e

Try straightening out your stem as much as you can.
No. 106955 ID: 45be60
File 12628476984.png - (44.23KB , 512x512 , f7bc42.png )

You absorb some of the less useful nutrients from around your lower extremities. You feel more dangerous, or at least, less healthy.

You store much of your excess moisture and energy in a centralized, protected location, from which you could regrow even if the rest of you were destroyed.

You just DARE something to mess with you now.
No. 106957 ID: 632862

Investigate every inch of your prison. Attempt to find an opening.
No. 106959 ID: a64482

Fuck this defense shit. We need attention. Do you understand colors, or pigments? Otherwise useless things you're compelled to put in your petals and nowhere else?
No. 106962 ID: 45be60
File 126284820727.png - (41.97KB , 512x512 , a64482.png )

As a matter of fact, you DO have some useless nutrients you feel compelled to place in your upper extremity. Two different kinds in fact, one of which should obviously go in the center, while the other goes in the outside bits. You are certain you are very pretty, and everyone will pay attention to you.
No. 106987 ID: f7bc42

Devil Tulip: Attempt to spread out, like Kudzu.
No. 106989 ID: c86f3c

d'aw. i fail.

wanna try a drill next?
No. 106991 ID: 45be60
File 126284961228.png - (35.99KB , 512x512 , 34470e.png )

Yes! Your brilliant plan to do everything just slightly better will pay off soon. Everyone shall see that you are the winner at existing.

And you are pretty sure you won't blow up, though this seems like an irrational fear.
No. 107002 ID: f7bc42

Snapdragon: Win at existing some more.
No. 107038 ID: 6faa8c

No. 107049 ID: 45be60
File 126285431054.png - (40.31KB , 512x512 , 34470e.png )


Man, this is gonna rock so hard.

Wait, who said that?
No. 107052 ID: aba0a3

Prepare for harsh environments and feasting upon insects.
No. 107055 ID: 632862

(hahaha, I get it now.)

Focus on pretty petals. Become an orchid. I'll be better than all you other flowers. You'll see.
No. 107056 ID: a64482

Hells yeah. We also need more smellyness. To attract some things that can't see very well. Do we have any strange oils that turn into gasses slowly? Because we need to put those out there. WHILE we're at it, get me some sugar in the center. Because these things coming to see me might need a meal.
No. 107057 ID: f44349

This container is small and uninteresting.
Lets make it more interesting.
Process nutrients into VOLATILE SUBSTANCES.
Expel VOLATILE SUBSTANCES into air together to make FLAMMABLE MIXTURE.
Just... yknow, don't do it straight up or we'll light OURSELF on fire.
No. 107062 ID: a64482

Actually, one more before I turn in. Increase rootsize and leaf number. BEGIN THE FOODENING.
No. 107068 ID: 45be60
File 12628569649.png - (36.88KB , 512x512 , 632862.png )

Your upper extremity is wicked pretty. Too bad all that exploring earlier kinda wrecked the rest of the look. Maybe you can come up with something sweet to do with it all later.

(Man, orchids are hard. I was hoping to avoid that one, you bastard)
No. 107071 ID: 632862

Use aboveground roots to gather nutrients from the air. Move some nutrients into petals so that I may look even better.
No. 107075 ID: 45be60
File 126285818729.png - (49.44KB , 512x512 , a64482.png )

So much to do, you hardly know where to begin. There is already some stuff in the center of your upper bits. You will put some energy stuff there too, just for good measure. You also let some of the more esoteric juices flowing through you seep out of your top, advertising your prettiness to the space around you. How could they NOT pay attention to you. Meanwile, more lower extremities, and more of these warmth-absorbing middle bits.

(last one of the night folks. Glad people finally started picking up on things)
No. 107076 ID: bde1b8

No. 107077 ID: 34470e

I figured this out. We each get our own flower

Make the 2 bottom leaves a bit bigger
No. 107078 ID: aba0a3
File 126285878997.jpg - (230.69KB , 1000x1486 , Carnivorous.jpg )

Don't give up, try to grow and help your plant brethren. Listen to 80's montage music as you rise.
No. 107080 ID: f44349

Oh no!
Look at all these magnificent flowers!
I will be the BIGGEST!
No. 107091 ID: 6b8fa1


Increase the number of energy things! Then grow something to store it all up underground, safely.
No. 107115 ID: 3d899c

well since its like that. turn petals into fractals and capture the attention of any nearby passerby.

look into my works, ye might, and bedazzled
No. 107134 ID: 59c190

No. 107141 ID: 45be60
File 126288784314.png - (61.78KB , 512x512 , a64482.png )


Yes, more warmth soakers will make the other stuff easier. But you are running out of places to put them. Maybe another middle thing?


Hey wait, you don't remember thinking of this awesome idea. Where did it come from?
No. 107147 ID: 45be60
File 126288935611.png - (40.27KB , 512x512 , 59c190.png )

No. 107151 ID: a64482


Any pollen yet? If not, then divert more power to color production. WE MUST LOOK LIKE A PAINTED WHORE, THAT BEES WILL COME FROM MILES AROUND.

Also, send a single thin shoot straight up to see if/when it hits anything. If it finds something it can wrap around, then it ought to. Once it reaches the top(if there is one, if there isn't then I don't know) we shall start operation smother.
No. 107152 ID: 3d899c

i just realized i have dynamic IP :c
No. 107153 ID: a64482

Wait... that's what these voices are innit? Genetics? Pollen? Anyway, keep doing what your doing.
No. 107157 ID: 3d899c

hay circle, do i need a tripcode?

i wanna turn into a cactus :3 make petals leafs into spikes, distribute water to stem, tickening it.
No. 107164 ID: 45be60
File 126289549072.png - (35.69KB , 512x512 , Day7observations.png )

Day 7: Specimens which survived initial exposure continue to appear healthy, though concrete symptoms are beginning to appear. Most manifest as a single aspect of rapid growth to the exclusion of all other functions. Possible indication of cancerous cell growth.

- Sample 445c48 demonstrates unusually rapid general growth. Outgrown containment unit. Will need to devise transplant protocols to continue observation in ideal conditions.

Sample 8dc9d5 exhibits rampant, undirected growth. It has collapsed under its own weight and continues to grow in fits and starts around the bottom of its unit.

- Sample f7bc42 has reactivated dormant thorn-production genes. Specimen also shows signs of stolon development

- Sample 4f8e95 has somehow gone to seed and produced a small fruit, despite containment protocol. Will need full dissection and lab workup to determine if there was a breech, or this is some form of self fertilization.

- Sample a64482 demonstrates greatly increased petal and stamen color and vibrancy, including new pigments in the ultraviolet spectrum.
No. 107172 ID: 0a190d

Go, go, flower Bluebell!

//I post from two computers on different IPs. I don't know if that changes my ID.
No. 107173 ID: 597b9b

This is interesting.
No. 107205 ID: f7bc42

Devil Tulip: Continue to make yourself look fearsome and survivable, and develop a neat color pattern on your petals that attracts bees but warns everything else of your venomous nature.
No. 107219 ID: 45be60
File 126290527922.png - (45.07KB , 512x512 , f7bc42.png )

If all the spikes weren't enough, this ought to show the world how dangerous you are, while still being pretty and attractive.

(Both of you are using names, which I could work from if it came down to it, but I'll let you in on a little secret. Posters who seem to understand what is going on can offer suggestions to any flower they want, as long as they specify.)
No. 107222 ID: a64482

Grow multiple heads, make them pretty.


Can you grow hairs to sense movements? I know some plants can do that, SEARCH YOUR GENES. Try to make a system where, when you sense movement, your outer stems move outward.
No. 107276 ID: f7bc42

Devil Tulip: Develop new forms of chlorophyll capable of absorbing different shades of light. Develop rudimentary sense of sight based on this.
No. 107318 ID: 632862

Everyone: Let's all start swaying left and right!
No. 107325 ID: 5d5878

Yeah, start some swaying up in this bitch! Or rather, these bitches!
No. 107344 ID: 3d899c

sample 4f8e95: stop touching yourself and grow more leafs. distribute water evenly trhougth self, make petals sharp and pointed upward in a _)_ manner.

attempt to develop perception of food, water and containment components. i wanna become the first flyer :3
No. 107380 ID: 331584

Become a white rose.
No. 107445 ID: 45be60
File 126292053060.png - (61.17KB , 512x512 , 4f8e95.png )

Rrrrgh. Getting upright again is hard work, but slowly thickening seems to be working. These extra middle bits do not seem to be helping provide much extra energy though.
At least there is moisture again.
No. 107468 ID: 3d899c

im assuming im going to get a spare plant? or is the bulb outside my control?

4f8e95: make leafs that arent pointy wider. grow a small branch in their leaf center.
No. 107608 ID: 59c190


No. 107690 ID: 45be60
File 126294405255.png - (51.23KB , 512x512 , 59c190.png )


Something told you to grow another maw with which to slaver, and this sounded like a very good idea too. It said you should make them both pretty, and that makes sense you guess, though it is obviously not nearly as important.
No. 107699 ID: 34470e

Tulip with thick stem:
Extend roots further and thicken stem a tiny bit more. Harden stem. And produce super-slippery lubricant.
No. 107705 ID: aba0a3

Aww man, was trying to grow into a venus fly trap. I guess I'll have to either join the club or be a pitfall trap in the picture I linked earlier. Venus fly traps are so cute. :(
No. 107740 ID: 59c190

No. 108915 ID: ddc400

Continue floating upon the surface of fluid -- make petals of flower more vibrant, and focus production of latex to flower petals.
No. 108996 ID: 613875


Attempt to have second stem take root in walls to hold on. Develop ivy properties.

(maybe I am just missing something. Is the green glow effect like, how developed the plant is on some arbitrary scale?)
No. 110016 ID: 45be60
File 126336299956.png - (95.29KB , 512x512 , a64482.png )

You decide to utilize your new growth to explore your surroundings without messing up your pretty top. And of course you can't neglect improving your prettiness just a bit more. It's important, damnit!

This exploring is hard though. Your attempts to grow upwards keep tilting over.

Of course! Bracing yourself against your surroundings will help keep you growing upward. Your lower extremities seem sturdy, you will try them up higher.


Well, there are no nutrients up here, but they seem to be holding all the same. These thoughts from outside your consciousness sure have some good ideas. You wonder where they come from.

You reach out to see if you can find them, and sure enough, you sense other consciousnesses like your own out there, struggling with their own goals. You sense their concerns, and offer your own perspective. Of course, all their problems would be easier if they were simply a bit prettier.

>Lilium hybrid has achieved inter-plant awareness. Network node established.
No. 110042 ID: bde1b8

Other plants: Become more colorful.
No. 110056 ID: 8ff82e

well since you estabilished a goal...

4f8e95: split stem into petals, add leafs in the edge of each flower.

we are going fractal
No. 110096 ID: a64482

We must attempt to communicate with these intelligences, they may be enemies, but we are so damned pretty that they should love us anyway.

Think about communication, think about cooperation, try to make these thoughts drift out to the others. We must bring them out of the ugly ages!

Do we know anything about seeds yet? Can we customize those? We really should think about spreading our offspring to the others, to spread the enprettiment.

This shall be the "red Lilium's burden", to bring the savages to the proper course of being pretty, though not as pretty as us. For we are all one body, and I am the head.
No. 110125 ID: 0a7c6b
File 126341031119.png - (126.76KB , 1250x1250 , sergal-go-on.png )

Thorny pretty one: develop a neurotoxin in the thorns.

Yes, you shall be a impregable fortress.
No. 110302 ID: 632862

It's time to join the others in glorious conversation. Attempt to mimic the network node evolution.

Also, continue to push pigment into upper region until it stops reflecting most wavelengths of light. (I'm saying, make it black)
No. 110313 ID: 6f05d4

Pretty pretty flower: let the bioluminescence begin!
No. 110485 ID: ec91e8

That means chloroplasts, chromoplasts, and everything-in-betweenoplasts. We're not just absorbing light, we're harnessing it for more energy. Bigger energy stores and faster growth, here we come!
No. 110544 ID: 45be60
File 126344906752.png - (82.47KB , 512x512 , 632862.png )

Spurred on by strange urgings from outside your own consciousness, you reach out toward the faint stirrings around you. You find others out there, and you encourage them to do the same.
>Bastard Orchid has achieved inter-plant awareness. Network growing rapidly.

On a subject closer to home, you cram all the pigments you can muster into your upper extremities, attempting to overload the spectrum.
(Did you seriously just ask me to make a black flower in this color scheme? Bastard.)
No. 110545 ID: a64482


Hail and Welcome, friend orchid.
No. 110556 ID: 632862

Hahah wow, that's... not exactly what I had in mind. Mix the pigments together more. Spread them around.

(a dark grey would've kindof worked, but that's pretty awesome too! Psychedelic.)
No. 110558 ID: 34470e

Also, have the lube produced come out where the flowers are.
No. 110561 ID: 45be60

(the pigments were never meant to be a fully accurate representation of what the flowers look like. They are just markers for what the flower thinks of having done to itself. No eyes and all.)
No. 110575 ID: b0d1c8

Increase the radioactivity of your upper region
No. 110577 ID: ec91e8


Scrap the big flower idea. We want clusters of small, sweet-smelling flowers below each leaf node. The rest of your stem can continue to grow- if necessary, form tendrils with fine, clinging hairs to support your weight on the barrier.

We've got catching up to do.
No. 110578 ID: 59c190

No. 110586 ID: 8e5181

Develop an unstampable exoskeleton from carbon in the soil... To gather enough materials, access growth in the roots.
No. 110676 ID: a64482

No. 110684 ID: b14128

Oi, networked plants. Start cooperatively feeling at what's preventing you from expanding further, each individual plant exploring one section so that we may all discover more details faster and in a more thorough fashion.
No. 110837 ID: 0c56ba

4f8e95: Ok. We may be slower but we are going to make sure that we are the best one out there!!!

For now, make more leaves and thicken roots.
No. 110944 ID: 45be60
File 12635313685.png - (61.06KB , 512x512 , 34470e.png )

You thicken your core further and harden the outer membrane, making you rigid and straight. After some experimentation, you manage to develop a runny, fragrant nectar which flows well. You begin to secrete it in quantity, till it overflows your cup and runs down your core.

You do not find this combination phallic in any way, because you reproduce via the cross-contamination of tiny particles located in your upper extremities.
No. 111010 ID: 45be60
File 126353451784.png - (101.25KB , 512x512 , 445c48.png )

Hmm, mysterious voices giving advice count as something happening, right? Yeah, of course they do. Okay, doing something sounds more interesting than continuing to do nothing. More flowers it is!

Supporting your weight actually isn't an issue, as extra support was included in your wild growth spurt, but you will keep that in mind for the future.
No. 111034 ID: 632862

34470e, 445c48: Join the network! C'monnn it'll be fun!
No. 111037 ID: 34470e

You know what's fun? Producing nectar. You should try it.

On an unrelated note, thicken and harden stem a bit more.
No. 111039 ID: 632862

Maybe I will! Just a little bit, so as to not spill all over the place.
No. 111043 ID: 34470e

Whatever. It'll never be as good as my nectar.
No. 111044 ID: 45be60
File 126353648411.png - (38.63KB , 512x512 , ddc400.png )

You start to hear strange voices urging you to stop relaxing and be prettier still. It is startling and not relaxing at all.
No. 111046 ID: 45be60
File 126353663476.jpg - (107.34KB , 319x388 , Metapod.jpg )

No. 111050 ID: 34470e

Hey I am NOT going to have my stem broken by some crazy broad who wants a flower for her lover, damnit!
No. 111051 ID: f44349

You are all so SMALL!
No. 111057 ID: 34470e

And don't forget to deepen roots more.
No. 111125 ID: 1130a0

445c48: You are beautiful, dahling. Now, I want you to add sections that break off to the end of each leaf. You're going to use them reproduce asexually, so include a meristem (think plant stem cells). Let's hope there are large, clumsy animals out there.

Then join the network, and let the others baulk in envy of the complexity and elegance of your design.
No. 111126 ID: 34470e

Relying on others to try and make yourself stand out? HA! Such foolishness!
No. 111133 ID: 1130a0

Hecklers! Be strong, dear heart!
No. 111291 ID: 23bee4

Cannibalize our flower! Devour the nasty colors and petals. Produce wonderful creeping vines and leaves!
No. 111446 ID: e4c94a

Concentrate nutrients to developing more petals, and expand the size of the outermost petals.
Dig roots deeper into the solid surface below fluid upon which the petals float -- search for nutrients which would be useful for production of petals. Other nutrients should be used for changing the qualities of the petals. Devote a single petal for each kind of nutrient found -- concentrate the nutrients which aren't being used in the flower petals. Don't make individual petals bigger/thicker though -- make more if a petal is filled. Similar nutrients are placed closely together in petal arrangement.
No. 115057 ID: 45be60
File 126396345142.png - (45.53KB , 512x512 , ddc400.png )

You do your best to comply with the idea.
Is this okay? There isn't a lot of nutrition to work with here. Where are these thoughts coming from anyway? Are they you too? No, probably not. If they were you they would chill out. How are you thinking them though? Hello? Are you out there thoughts?
No. 115070 ID: 632862

Lily: Yes, we are! Try to develop sensing fibers so you can talk to us as a group!
No. 115071 ID: a64482

A long stalk reaching upwards worked for me.
No. 115118 ID: 45be60
File 126396744562.png - (48.24KB , 512x512 , ddc400.png )

This whole "up" thing really doesn't seem to be working out.

I can hear you just fine like this. So who is "us"? and what's all the excitement about? You seem to be in an awful big rush for something.
No. 115152 ID: 632862

We are others, like you but different.

Hey, if you want to chill that's fine I guess. We'll figure things out eventually and keep you updated.
No. 115172 ID: f44349

No. 115225 ID: e0499d

forget size for now...
start expanding the roots and get some extra nutrients for whatever you want to do...

And find some way to sense light, and how much of it is coming from all places around you, and the kind of light it is...
No. 115337 ID: ad2d08

Expansion of root network could be helpful, as one of these voices seems to have indicated.
Proceed with that for now. Grow roots outwards mostly, but have the central root go deeper until it can't go any deeper. Outward going roots should go out as far as they can. If they reach a barrier, stop growing them, and begin growing another sidways feeling root lower on the main root.
No. 115600 ID: 45be60
File 12640505694.png - (50.61KB , 512x512 , ddc400.png )

Like I said, from what I can tell, my nutrients are considerably poorer than what you guys have available. Easier to grow through though, at least up higher. They get harder lower down, till I really can't make more progress. Going outward is easy though, at least till I get this far.

I can say with confidence that the "light" comes from up, and it is better the higher you get, at least until the surroundings change. I haven't really managed to explore beyond that.

Is THAT what you are all so concerned about? getting squished? Man, I don't care about that. I could get smashed way down and I would just come back up again. I'd have to try pretty hard NOT to. But I wouldn't try, it's nicer up here.
No. 115601 ID: 34470e

HEY! Why hasn't my tulip shown any progress at all?
No. 115606 ID: 45be60

You are currently experimenting with a substance you have decided to call "bark." It is not very visually interesting, and I am pointing the camera this direction in any event. But rest assured that you are still doing stuff over there.
No. 117041 ID: ad2d08

Given my limited nutrients, I feel I should for now test factors of my environment carefully.
The core horizontal part of my being -- I'd like to try to flex the edges of it to lean my great leaf around -- to locate the brightest area of usable light within the limits of the current length of it. If this isn't possible, try to convert some of the mass of the stem into specialized tissue which can be used to manipulate the great leaf's position.
Once located, attempt to reclaim any extra nutrients in the excess length produced when attempting to grow up -- these nutrients should be used to first attempt to extract nutrients from the fluid which I float upon -- using a single small root-like appendage. If unsuccessful, stop supplying nutrients to the appendage and let it die; instead devote remaining nutrients gained to making the grand leaf larger.
No. 117062 ID: f7bc42

445c48: Become alarmingly large.
No. 119229 ID: 45be60
File 126456817169.png - (121.38KB , 512x512 , thelittleflowers.png )

And so it goes. One identity at a time you form connections and perceive others. Some grumble at the intrusion, others embrace the camaraderie, but there is no resisting the connections that form. The collective awareness grows, and as it does, you begin to piece together some things about your surroundings. Though it is difficult for you to learn precise distances, because none can reach another directly, you soon learn to identify direction. The array of consciousnesses spreads to either side a long way, indeed, you have yet to find the ends. However, in the directions of the light and the nutrients there are definite boundaries. Those consciousnesses at the lowest level report different experiences with their surroundings, and seem on the whole less stout.

Those at the edges are busy expanding the network, but what about the rest of you?

Please decide on an action.
No. 119244 ID: 57aa53

can i get a closer look on 4f8e95?

also estimate location of flowers using distance in the flower network. failing that, roots must adquire a vine like quality to allow quick grip and release of soil.

i dun care to prettyness, i just want to be more useful ._.
No. 119270 ID: 45be60
File 126456997934.png - (82.44KB , 512x512 , 4f8e95.png )

Indecisive Tomatofern begins to work on loosening fibers within its root system, in preparation for contraction in an attempt to change root position without active growth.
No. 119272 ID: 34470e

How's my flower's bark coming along?
No. 119345 ID: 59c190

No. 119346 ID: a64482

WTF is that dark thing immediately below me? Is it a plant?

... I think I'm pretty enough. Switch all non-vital personal resources to communicating with that lost soul!

How are we communicating anyway? Perhaps we should stop for a moment, and release a built up pulse to alert others at long distances that someone besides them exists!
No. 119364 ID: 632862

I've got an idea. LET'S SPELL OUT A MESSAGE!

Try spelling out "Hello" in the top row. Then "we are" "self" "aware". The flower between 'we' and 'are' should remain unchanged.
No. 119365 ID: f44349

No. 119368 ID: 632862

It has occurred to me that we don't actually know what letters look like.

Instead, let's try showing our intelligence through mathematics, the universal language. Make the first row have 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 leaves.
No. 119397 ID: e2b2cb

I believe we can show our awareness through getting one of the more nutrient rich members to replicate separate individual. Maybe Tomatofern can produce something very like Venus Flytrap?
That would demonstrate our ability to control ourselves and communicate. . . It would be easier if we could share nutrients though.
No. 119399 ID: 57aa53

if you are serious about communications, we can set the bar pretty low.

we should show we are communicating with each other. if we can pinpoint out physical location that would be easy, we change collors in specific directions.

failing that we can peform individual communication. tapping was a good idea but we need something a bit more dynamic and 2way. either a lens of water to change direction of light or quick changing pigments to indicate current conditions.

4f8e95: straigthen sterm, make it bamboo-like and fill with... nothing. former flower link should grow a sharp, small, fin-like flower able to move sideways.

ill figure hydrogen later on. i also need a containment for nutrients and water, but my fruit is out of control, apparently.

...if it isnt: prepare to ASPLODE, make a shell to contain the soon to be found water pressure
No. 119419 ID: e9ad5c

Bioluminesence, bitches. Do you have it?
No. 119442 ID: a64482

This is actually a good idea.

Can those of us who are privileged somehow create light to help those less fortunate?

It would also be very pretty.
No. 119443 ID: 632862

I'll do it! Blacklight, bitches!
No. 119445 ID: 57aa53

pigments should be resource sample. we cant perceive light, just luminiscence, so i quess the scientists wont really understand it.

4f8e95: grow small faint intermitent bioluminiscent light in the tip of megaleaf.
No. 119876 ID: 45be60
File 126465679947.png - (19.64KB , 512x512 , 6h792f.png )

Oh yeah, THAT guy. He's um... special. He is sort of hard to sense or connect with, and when he replies, well...

Olá amigos! Estou feliz cumprimentá-lo. O que devemos fazer? Se você estiver curioso sobre como a brilhar com sua própria luz, talvez eu possa mostrar a você? É fácil de manter, uma vez que você sabe o que os nutrientes para combinar.

No. 119881 ID: 694801

Bom-Dia, sr Feijão :D Quais são os planos de crescimento para o dia de hoje?
No. 119882 ID: 34470e

A message from 34470e to 6h792f:Saia comunicar assim!
No. 119883 ID: 4531bc

Creces a ser un rostro brilliante de :3
No. 119886 ID: 4531bc

lo siento, pienso hablaste espanol, no portugues. puedes traducir por favor?
No. 119887 ID: 445c48

"Gostaria muito de aprender, amigo."
No. 119889 ID: 694801

He speaks Portuguese, not Spanish. His message is like "Hey Friends! Happy to meet you! What we'll be doing? If you're curious about how to shine by yourself, maybe I can show you? Its easy to keep, once you know what nutrients to combine."

(In case you're wondering, I'm the Brazilain voice. -Farmer)
No. 119892 ID: f766f6

My first statement was something to the effect of 'Maek glowy :3 face plox!1!'

The second was 'oops, you speak portuguese. could someone translate, please?'
No. 119901 ID: 45be60
File 126466989530.png - (23.65KB , 512x512 , 6h792f.png )

Oh! Isso é muito mais fácil. Obrigado amigos! Eu estava tendo dificuldade em compreender que a comunicação tão rápido que antes. Eu vou te mostrar como fazê-lo. Eu tenho praticado. Você deve fazer nutrientes dessa forma e dessa forma, em seguida, colocá-los em conjunto com a umidade. Espero que ele irá trabalhar para você.

The strange consciousness demonstrates its ability with an inward focus that is impressive. It seems much more in tune with its internal composition than the rest of you, possibly because its various parts are less distinct. It is also interesting that it is drawing nutrients from a source much different from what most of you are familiar with. In fact, it seems more similar to 34470e itself than to the nutrients it grows in. This means that in order to copy this ability directly, you will need to scavenge some of your own composition.
No. 119902 ID: a64482

Boys, I think we have a mushroom.

This is so interesting!
No. 119903 ID: 632862

I will grow four additional leaves, then sacrifice them to make fuel for this new ability.
No. 119915 ID: 694801

"Oh! Thats easier! Thanks, friends! I was having a hard time comprehending that communication! I'll show you how to do it. I've been practicing. You need to make nutrients this and that way, and then mix with moisture. I hope it'll work for you."
No. 119918 ID: 34470e

Message from 34470e to 6h792f:
De que formas eu sou semelhante a você?
No. 119925 ID: 631142

i am somehow willing to turn my fruit into a huge lamp.

4f8e95: do the bioluminiscence recipee in the tips of the huge leaf.


sou brasileiro ._. surtei quando vi portugues aqui.

No. 119937 ID: 45be60

((misunderstanding due to poor pronoun usage. This is what I get for constructing sentences in the wee hours of morning .

The nutrients it grows in have more in common with 34470e himself than with the nutrients the rest of you grow in.))
No. 119938 ID: 631142

AKA we have different soils.

is it still do-able?
No. 119962 ID: 34470e

Oh, I guess I'll try it. On the leaves I have.
No. 120966 ID: d9faf1

To some non-pictured flower:
Try your best to make your organism look like one of these: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File%3AHuman_anatomy.jpg
Make the experimenters shit brix :D
No. 128172 ID: 45be60
File 12656727334.png - (101.58KB , 512x512 , 632862.png )

Fortunately, you were already growing some extra leaves for unrelated reasons, so it is simple enough to change gears. You are certain your top is now the prettiest ever.

Those of you who chose to follow the strange consciousness's instructions all eventually feel its effects. You learn to transport the nutrients separately, and combine them in the areas you wish to shine for maximum effect. This combination results in a slow reaction which, in addition to the glow, produces a nutrient you could easily consume, and another which seems to disappear into the surroundings. The process is not difficult, but it is taxing. It seems part of the nutrients required for the synthesis are the ones which give your extremities strength. The soft portions you draw from droop pitifully, and the stiff sections snap easily under the minimal weight. And though you continue to supply the affected areas with the nutrient you have come to think of as food, they seem increasingly unable to absorb or utilize it. Nothing short of active growth seems capable of fighting the process, so you begin abandoning the dying sections once they start to run dry, and focus on new growth to replace them. Glowing is a full time job it seems.
No. 128189 ID: 34470e

Shouldn't glowing be easier for me or something because I have similar soil?
No. 128190 ID: 632862

With the lack of anything better to do for the moment, continue glowing. Turn the upward-reaching roots into additional stalks with smaller flowers on them. Drain all pigment from the one on the left, and make the one on the right similar to the middle but less dense (attempt to make it grey?).
No. 128193 ID: 632862

I believe the phenomenon described was that the nutrients being used by 6h792f are more similar to our bodies than what we grow in.
No. 128201 ID: 45be60
File 126567459081.png - (55.17KB , 512x512 , d9faf1.png )

All that jabbering out there is getting hard to ignore, so you decide you may as well start actually listening to what it has to say. Mostly seems to be a steady din of salutations bouncing back and forth.
No. 128205 ID: 4531bc

Can I have a plant with a parabolic dish shaped leaf?
No. 128206 ID: 34470e

Well, in that case I stop glowing.
No. 128220 ID: 45be60

Is there such a plant? That might be a good starting point for doing stuff, but I don't know an example. Everything so far has at least *started* as a real flower of some kind.
No. 128222 ID: 632862

Plant at the bottom right: You look kinda... flat. What kind of thing are you?
No. 128232 ID: 4531bc
File 126567600113.jpg - (93.69KB , 666x999 , Aeonium%20tabuliforme[1].jpg )

As much as I'd like a big saucer-shaped plant, the only ones I could find that would look similar are aeoniums, like aeonium undulatum, aeonium tabulaefoeme.

(pic unrelated)
No. 128254 ID: 45be60
File 126567711355.png - (45.17KB , 512x512 , 4e0606.png )

What? Oh, me? Nah dude, I can just sorta be any ol' shape. I kinda chillax wherever, try and get close to the light if I can. But like ddc400 said, ya can only get so close. The flat is just the closest I can get.
No. 128263 ID: 4531bc

>(pic unrelated)
Wait. I meant pic related. :|
No. 128264 ID: 4531bc

Looks like moss.
How do you reproduce? Do you know?
No. 128293 ID: 632862

I think it's algae. Some of the plants in the bottom row are suspended in water.
No. 128344 ID: d31d16

Mandrake: Develop screaming ability for whatever unlucky twit decided to try to pluck you from your home.
No. 129017 ID: 45be60
File 12657723128.png - (112.15KB , 512x512 , 632862.png )

You take a cue from that relaxed dude to your lower left and start messing with runner development. He even gives you some advice about root placement. Go teamwork? It isn't easy though, trying to juggle the demands of the growth and the glowing. Once these other two are finished and you are ready to bioluminesce them, that will probably require all of your concentration.
At least the extra food-like nutrients the glowing reaction produces make it easier to keep going. You briefly wonder what the other one might be good for. The strange glowing consciousness didn't seem to have a use for them, and just let them drift away.
No. 129047 ID: 34470e

My flower hasn't been pictured in a while. I'm going to try and make my bark visually appealing and/or easier to draw.
No. 129074 ID: 632862

Hmm. Try to create a container of some sort to hold the extra byproduct until it becomes useful somehow. If its release cannot be controlled, create a glowing bit inside an enclosed space. Use resources normally allocated to the main flower to produce this extra glowing bit for a while, to see what happens.
No. 129110 ID: e2b2cb

Understanding of this glowing sensation seems to be interesting. I should like to devote a small amount of energy to attempt to produce a small glowing portion -- on the inside of the flower make it out of underdeveloped petals which lack specific nutrients. My flower shall be the most distinctive -- each section with its own unique function, even if mundane!
No. 129730 ID: 45be60
File 126586923295.png - (68.89KB , 512x512 , 34470e.png )

Awright! Time to call Project: Bark complete. The stuff making up your core is now as sturdy as you can figure out how to make it, and coincidentally, almost exactly what 45be60 seems to be growing in. It would probably me much more efficient to burn through this sort of material to produce the glowing effects, if only it were not so vitally important to your continued survival. Ah well, maybe we can figure something out later, the leaves seem to work alright for now. Your lower pair is feeling a bit poor from your personal glow experiment, but they are probably still salvageable.
No. 129749 ID: 45be60
File 126587261783.png - (111.98KB , 512x512 , 632862.png )

Well this will work. The other nutrient doesn't seem to come in a form you can just collect, but you can certainly trap it. It is a simple matter of internalizing the reaction in a space you can enclose. You may be a bit less pretty for now, but if this stuff turns out to be useful, it will be totally worth it.

You let the reaction go in a place within your core, and as it runs you feel a void begin to grow within you. It is much easier to figure out what it is when you can concentrate it this way, instead of trying to clutch at wisps. The substance does seem particularly nutritious, though you could work nearly ANYTHING into your structure if you really wanted to. What IS immediately obvious is that the nutrient does not take up a predetermined volume. With some effort, you can squeeze more into the same space. (that's science, kids!)

A quick test indicates that the stuff is pretty easy to react with, though it does not produce anything you don't have in abundance already. It makes moisture and the nutrient you have been expelling from your leaves as waste for as long as you can remember.
No. 129751 ID: 632862

Wait, who's 45be60?
No. 129760 ID: 45be60


Hu-DURRRR thats my trip
meant 6h792f, the fungus.
No. 129800 ID: 34470e

Okay, now that my bark is done, how about I focus more attention to my poor leaves and repair them?
No. 129854 ID: a64482

Why is everyone around me glowing?

I'm the pretty one, people should be paying attention to me.

Look at them, they're atrophying, sacrificing their beauty of form for some flashy effect. I know how to make a REAL impression.

45be60! Give me the recipe for this hard substance of yours. I require it.

Turn all nutrients not needed for basic upkeep to a single mission, growing a hard unyielding extension of my body, just under of the soil. Expand in into a strong beam against the sides of my prison, then begin exerting pressure. GROW UNTIL OUR PRISON CRACKS, AND BEYOND.
No. 129906 ID: 5f866d

He he. look at those fools, rushing to be the best. Don't they know that slow and steady wins the race?
No. 129910 ID: 632862

Huh. If we're eating oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide, then this new nutrient is Methane. Anyone wanna explode?
No. 130167 ID: 716eb0

Well, not necessarily methane. It could be ethane, acetylene, butane, propane, or some other flamable hydrocarbon. The important part is it looks like it follows the combustion formula. So yeah, boom. Lets do this thing!
No. 130168 ID: 34470e

I'm certainly not going to go boom. If someone else does, they'd better hope I don't get caught in the explosion!
No. 130173 ID: 445c48

I'll go boom, for the good of the collective. I would like to grow some sort of hard bit from which I may grow again, however. Store nutrients and such inside it.
No. 130177 ID: 632862

Alright, here's what I was planning: Make a large, hard-shelled bulb and start glowing inside of it. Keep it up until the gas cannot be compressed anymore, then start a reaction. If the 'reaction' doesn't actually cause an explosion, then just keep glowing in there until the container bursts. Hopefully some shrapnel will break the cage.
No. 130178 ID: 34470e

Message from 34470e to 6h792f:
Você pode querer se preparar para o impacto. Não pode haver uma explosão acontecer perto de você a qualquer segundo.
No. 133906 ID: 45be60
File 12664695604.png - (40.53KB , 512x512 , 445c48.png )

You decide to try something new, but to your surprise, when you attempt to return your focus to what you think of as yourself, you... cannot find it? Whatisgoingonhere??
No. 133958 ID: 632862

EH?! Quick, where's a map of the network?
No. 133992 ID: 45be60
File 126647333726.png - (111.73KB , 512x512 , thelittleflowers.png )

A ripple of panic spreads through the network, and everyone does a quick count. Fortunately, it seems like MOST of us are still here. Not ALL though...
No. 133995 ID: 632862

Okay, okay. That's... Okay. Let's just wait and see if they come back.
No. 134019 ID: 34470e

Are the glowy mushrooms damaged in any way?
No. 134024 ID: 45be60
File 12664746998.png - (102.96KB , 512x512 , 632862.png )

Slightly more nervous than you ever recall being, you start to implement your glow-reaction experiment. There is now a hint of urgency to your actions, as well as some slight apprehension. The other one who was thinking about trying this is gone now. So is that one who wanted to do something like this earlier.
No. 134027 ID: 632862

I'll create a small, hard shelled object hidden in the nutrient that contains resources I can use to rebuild myself.
No. 134230 ID: a85626

>> - Sample 4f8e95 has somehow gone to seed and produced a small fruit, despite containment protocol. Will need full dissection and lab workup to determine if there was a breech, or this is some form of self fertilization.
No. 134309 ID: 445c48

Oh noooo
No. 136735 ID: 9305be

oh bonk. im gone.

right when we had a small chance to make helium/hydrogen baloons =c
No. 136904 ID: 45be60
File 126680744987.png - (89.24KB , 512x512 , a64482.png )

Those fools, trying to be flashy to make up for their lack of true beauty, and toying with forces they cannot possibly understand. You will show them that you can best them at this task as well, using the only the tools you were meant to have.

...Unfortunately, this dense growth is very resource intensive. Though you do not know quite where the finish line is for the task the others are trying, you suspect they may well complete it before you.

While you are working, you idly wonder at the strange properties of the prison wall above you. Rather than the solid, unyielding walls, the top is covered with a tight grid of small holes which you have been able to grow through. However, just above this line, upward growth becomes impossible, though it is unclear why. Though you try everything you have learned, bracing against the surroundings, probing for openings, even reinforcing weak fibers for strength. And yet, whenever you reach to further altitudes, into what feels like open space, you find that you somehow gain no height.
No. 136918 ID: 45be60
File 126680821913.png - (25.86KB , 512x512 , 6h792f.png )

The strange glowy entity seems fine. In all the excitement, it seems to have simply pushed its own luminescent reaction into overdrive as well.

Strange, though the physical forms they were once bound to are no longer present, the consciousnesses which they produced continue to exist within the network, the focus of their attention drifting from one flower to the next just like the rest of you.
No. 136922 ID: 445c48

So, we're in the network.
No. 138291 ID: 15f6d6

Grow out laterally. There is obviously a space between the part with the holes and the part that keeps you from going up anymore.
No. 138305 ID: fd0328

if you really think of it, there must be a opening for air and nutrient recycling.

you should look with your roots for a grating or the likes of it under the dirt.
No. 138307 ID: a64482

Could be a tube or something I guess. But as long as we're being meta, remember that we're separated to prevent pollination.
No. 138448 ID: d31d16

45be60: Continue experiments.

Venus Flytrap: Become even more fangly.
No. 139832 ID: 45be60
File 126733140233.png - (94.84KB , 512x512 , a64482.png )

Encouraged by the attention of others, you do a bit more exploration of the upper extremities of your prison. Over to the side, near the wall, you find a narrow region where you can sneak upward. You begin to spread outward into this new area, testing its walls.

Strange, there is a bit more downward pull than you are expec- OW! Gah! arglebable! Man, you really wish your limited realm of experience included some cuss words. Your container somehow pulled your new growth down and attacked you!

How shall we deal with this injustice, my fellows?
No. 140631 ID: 716eb0

Rip and tear!
Try the bark growth thing up there somewhere, see if you can break the narrower spaces easier, or jam the fansomehow for direct vengeance
No. 140633 ID: 4531bc

Alternatively, find metallic ores in your soil and gather them into your upper extremity to fashion a magnet and disrupt the fan motor, if it is a fan.
No. 142402 ID: 632862

Am I close to exploding yet?

I suggest trying to crawl further up, and over the dangerous cutting device.
No. 144014 ID: 45be60
File 126811012997.png - (96.07KB , 512x512 , a64482.png )

(sorry about the unusually long delay there. I was refusing to draw with a laptop touch pad.)

HAH! That showed the mean thing! It was no match for this hardened bark stuff. Well, okay, it was a little bit of a match, because it managed to slam halfway through the bark in a flurry of activity that was really too fast for you to process. But now it is held firm and has stopped struggling. After wrapping around your defeated foe in triumph, you are free to explore the upper reaches now.

Just above the evil thing is a hard wall which appears to be the source of the delicious warmth, though it is actually a bit uncomfortable at this close distance. And perhaps your enemy is not completely defeated yet, because getting too close to the center of the stopped bar yields a pain unlike anything you have felt before. It spikes through the entire length of your exploring arm, burning small bits of your structure to death all the way down. You quickly let the tendrils which grew too close rot away, and the pain stops, though the damage will have to be repaired. You shall use the time to consider how to deal with this new threat.
No. 144025 ID: 45be60
File 126811096461.png - (105.96KB , 512x512 , 632862.png )

You are unsure when you will have reached "enough," but at this point you are pretty sure you have reached "as much as you can do." The strain of compressing more of the nutrient into the space you have set aside is now enough that you can feel wisps seeping out through your walls. The sensation is not really very comfortable at all. Now would probably be the time to execute your cunning plan.

Now um... What were you going to do with all this again?
No. 144031 ID: 34470e

Have I repaired my damage yet? Hmm... I seem to be good at secreting nectar. Let's try something more difficult. I'm gonna try and secrete nectar through my leaves.
No. 144055 ID: 632862

Drat, the bark refuses to leak violently. I doubt that 'reacting' the nutrient will cause anything to happen, but this new development with the rotating bar gives me an idea.

Grow a vine from the pocket of gas, and climb it up to the rotating bar. Freeze it in place with bark... then touch the PAIN. Let's see how this painful force reacts with the gas.
No. 144139 ID: 45be60
File 126812084430.png - (91.31KB , 512x512 , 34470e.png )


Simple enough for one skilled as you. The nectar flows slowly and thinly from both sides of your petals, seeping down to pool thicker at the base. If any potential pollinator ever DOES find her way to you, you are gonna have so much delicious nectar, she isn't gonna wanna mess with ANYBODY else.

Your leaves seem to have recovered nicely, with no permanent damage. You are glad you stopped before the rot was too thick for your nutrients to get through and repair things.
No. 144430 ID: 34470e

Okay, now let's try secreting nectar through the LEAVES, not the petals. I said that last time.
No. 144811 ID: 45be60
File 126820842249.png - (108.48KB , 512x512 , 34470e.png )

No. 145476 ID: 338afd

...where am I? ...what am I? For that matter... what's an I? I guess I is me... Um... this is new...
No. 145478 ID: 632862

A new presence? Make yourself a flower, new guy!
No. 145490 ID: 338afd

Okay... let's see... Stem... check. Roots... check... leaves... check. Pistil... check. Stamen... stamen... OH GOD where are my stamen I should have stamen oh god they were right there a minute ago!
No. 145495 ID: 1ac39d

so do we just make a suggestion and assume we start as the base flower?
while i am aware of the other flowers that surround me, that i am i, and that a a warmth is above me, what is in the space between? from what the others have done it is something that stops growth. but what is it exactly? trying to fathom it is hard. perhaps something that will make me better able to fathom would be the ideal growth.
No. 145497 ID: 34470e

Okay, onto something even more difficult: I'm going to try and absorb some of the nectar.
No. 145503 ID: 632862

You need to get more descriptive than that. What KIND of flower? Heck, it doesn't even really need to be a flower, apparently. You can make some other kind of plant.
No. 145523 ID: 338afd

I'm like... half the plant I used to be without my stamens, man...

...wait... do I hear voices? I think I hear voices. First I lose my stamens, then I start going weird? ...well... and this whole able to think on things. oh god... oh god. I've... I've got to get a hold of myself. Just sway in the breeze.. sway in the breeze... just... fuck. kinda hard to do that with no breeze. What the hell's goin' on, maaaaan... I gotta make somethin' to calm down. Something.. something..
No. 145527 ID: 338afd

(Oh, and just pick a random plant. I'm not picky.)
No. 145552 ID: 632862

YOU ARE NOW A CACTUS. With a flower on it.
No. 146489 ID: 45be60
File 126845785188.png - (63.38KB , 512x512 , 338afd.png )

...maybe ..maybe grow some stamen? yeah.. that will help.. at least you don't feel like a freak any more... it's helping. There are still voices though. They seem to be getting worse actually.
No. 146502 ID: 34470e

Eh, you'll get used to it eventually.
No. 146506 ID: 632862

Where are you? We are others like you. Reach out, and find us.
No. 146526 ID: 45be60
File 126846147345.png - (48.01KB , 637x256 , big view.png )

>Where are you?

Right here.
No. 146530 ID: 1ac39d

am i getting this one or should i try something different?
No. 146650 ID: 45be60

I am currently trying to fathom growth that will make fathoming easier.
No. 147371 ID: 8ee916

That's better... but... how was I able to just... GROW new stamens? ... hmmm... can I grow... BETTER stamens? maybe I can make 'em longer. it'd be easier for passing insects to get on 'em. ...but... hmm... i wonder if it's possible to make 'em long enough to skip an insect carrying pollen and just drop a lot of pollen directly on other plants that might sprout closeby. ...but that might be too weird an idea for a plant like me.

Are those voices other plants, maybe? let's test...

Hello? Hello out there? um... are you plants? or bugs? or weird other animal critters?

Can you give a run-down of what's going on and why I'm having these weird thoughts and hearing you? I don't think I used to be able to think before.
No. 147376 ID: 34470e

Just stop worrying about it and make yourself awesome. Though you'll never be as awesome as I am.
No. 147377 ID: 632862

We're plants! We don't know why we can talk now. We can reach out and connect to those near us, who can do the same to others, and so on. It's pretty neat!

Right now some of us are trying to explore outside our restrictive containers! It's exciting!

I wonder, am I close to touching the PAIN yet? I guess I'll try reacting the nutrient that I have ALL AT ONCE if I'm having trouble reaching up there.
No. 147378 ID: 445c48

oh god where am I
No. 147401 ID: 632862

You still don't have a plant. I guess you could try helping someone else modify theirs!

Or maybe just take over someone's inactive plant completely
No. 147409 ID: 8ee916

Oh fuck! I'm trapped?? How will I get to the bitches now?? hmm... guess those stamen might be kinda tricky to use, then... I'll have to get... creative.

Pff... while you're busy being awesome, I'll be out pollinating all the flowers out there.

Hmm... if I'm trapped... I might need to make those stamen movable... but that can wait. Longer, bigger, better. Bitches will be all over these! ...or... bee-tches, if insects come into play. heheh.
No. 147412 ID: 632862

...but wait. Why am I trying to break the container my plant is in? The plant is not me. If it leaves, I will not follow it. No... instead, I should try to let my mind escape.

I'm going to try to expand my consciousness somewhere the plants are not... In the direction of the warmth.
No. 147583 ID: 45be60
File 126860663827.png - (78.11KB , 512x662 , ddc400.png )

...Oh, um... Hey guys. I uh, guess you can have your home back 445c48. I was looking at it, and then I was somewhere else, and couldn't find my way back. I've been trying get back to my spot and chill, but I didn't wanna just leave your stuff with a bunch of strangers to look after it. I tried not to mess anything up...
No. 147643 ID: 45be60
File 126861739670.png - (46.28KB , 637x256 , big view.png )

...What the wish-we-knew-a-cussword is he doing over there? Is 4f8e95 over there somewhere too?

...no, seems not.

There doesn't seem to be anything you can perceive further up, beyond those entities you have already met. There are faint hints of the familiar sense of life somewhat further down, but they are quite small, and in any case, do not respond to questions directed their way. Beyond 445c48's new location, the line of entities strikes off in a new direction Its s corner of the room. I am not wasting time describing spacial reasoning as it comes up, and not trying to draw it in 3D Past this point, the entities become larger on the whole, and apparently less intelligent. They are slow to respond, and not nearly so eloquent in any event.
No. 147776 ID: 445c48

Test if you can GROW more. Higher, Straighter.

You have disappeared. You must protect yourself! Create needles on your stem, which should be waxy and full of water. Thicken your stem and straighten up.
No. 147778 ID: 632862

So, we can follow our bodies after all! Very well, physical escape is still in the cards.

I have an idea. Can I try to eat the container itself? Perhaps try out a variety of digestive fluids on it.

I shall ask the new stupid things a question: "What are you?"
No. 147783 ID: 34470e

That's my shtick.
No. 147789 ID: 445c48

I'm trying to be the cactus.
No. 147791 ID: 1ac39d

once my fathomer is up and running i'm gonna pull off something crazy
No. 149905 ID: 45be60
File 126906843561.png - (109.77KB , 512x512 , 632862.png )

Progress has been made. It seems like you have pretty much the same strange structure above you, hopefully it will behave the same way when you mess with it.

But just as you are about to begin growing your own bark segment, you get another idea you want to pursue. But.. wary of following in the footsteps of the still missing Indecisive Tomatofern, you are unsure if you want to change plans before seeing this one through.

Fortunately all this recent chatter has given you an idea...
No. 149910 ID: 45be60
File 126906875782.png - (58.10KB , 512x512 , 59c190.png )

You reach out to the aggressively introverted one, who already HAS produced powerful digestive juices. You find the form empty of thought once more, though it still bears the marks of angry reprisal from the last time someone told it what to do. Nevertheless, you manage to put your second experiment in motion, and await the results eagerly.
No. 153307 ID: 632862

445c48: BECOME MORE HUGE. Grow to match the size of your new container!
a64482: Explore further! Try above the rotating bar, and to either side of it.
f7bc42: Become very, very smelly. Use that stench to drive off anything that might trample you!
No. 153564 ID: bb1526

Nng! Grr! C'mon... longer stamens! ...maybe I can find a way to waggle 'em around, too. That'd impress the babes!

Hmmm.... Maybe I can like... I dunno... put capillaries in 'em and pump some moisture to move in that direction. That 'bend toward the light jazz is good and all, but that's just food, man. ... yeah... food. Maybe I should consider trying to get some more of that delicious light. Hm... bigger leaves too? ...or maybe just try and make my leaves better at getting the light? Dude... what do you guys think?
No. 153788 ID: 4531bc

>Nng! Grr! C'mon... longer stamens! ...maybe I can find a way to waggle 'em around, too. That'd impress the babes!
Ehm, stamens are a plant's girl parts.
No. 153792 ID: 632862

Don't judge.
No. 153813 ID: 1ac39d

no the stamen is the part with pollen, which is the planet equivalent of sperm.
No. 154390 ID: 785e8d

Nope. That's the pistil, dude. And my pistil's just fine. ...for now. I mean, if I got desperate enough... but yeah. That can wait.
No. 160673 ID: 45be60
File 127061234888.png - (58.36KB , 512x662 , 52a661.png )

...Right then. where were we?

>I shall ask the new stupid things a question: "What are you?"
A response! This larger one at least seems cognizant of the attention it and its fellows are getting. The others are still collecting their thoughts at best, completely oblivious at worst. This is the smallest and closest of the larger entities, almost as though they were arranged in order of intelligence, not just size.
"I same as you but small not. Why you so small so fast? Hard to stay. You made of leaf all through?"
The words seem as ponderous as they are ill formed. But at least it is responding with words. A few of them seem to communicate only with vague emotional indicators.
No. 160762 ID: 7524b0

52a661: Yes, we're made of leaf all through... except for one other. That body is bark? Can you try to grow out of your cage? Go higher! Press against the sides. Go deeper! Find the limits of the space you're in.
No. 163593 ID: 45be60

Hey guys, I owe my handful of loyal readers an apology for letting things stall more than usual, and also what I am about to do to get going again.

If you will observe the title post, you will observe the part where it says Prologue in giant letters. As this implies, I had an idea of where this chapter was going from the start. Unfortunately, as we got closer to that point I lost interest in writing it because, well, I already HAD written it. Go me, eh? So rather than let this slog on not being fun, I'm gonna focus on the game changing events till we get out of this bottleneck and finish up the chapter. Hope you other flowers don't mind not sharing the spotlight.

632862? Lets do this thing. Choo choo!
No. 163597 ID: 45be60
File 12711363079.png - (112.05KB , 512x512 , 632862.png )

...Ow. Okay, that hurt more than you were expecting. The mean thing was no match for the bark, but it put up quite a fight. Your sample of bark actually got torn off in the flurry of activity there, and it flopped around the enclosed space banging into stuff for a bit before it finally won. But Win it did, and the mean thing otherwise seems to be acting as expected.

Proceed with plan to Touch The Pain(tm)? If this works, who knows what will happen next? You hope you are not forgetting anything important.
No. 163602 ID: 7524b0

(My ID changed. Pretend I'm still 632862)

...wasn't I going to develop a hard-shelled container of nutrients as a sort of life insurance plan?
No. 163611 ID: 45be60
File 127113858149.png - (113.30KB , 512x512 , 632862.png )

Oh man, THAT was important. Almost forgot the insurance plan. Unfortunately the obvious place is taken, but your two side growths provide similar taproots you can work with. And hey, redundancy while you're at it. What could go wrong now?
Lets see, anything else?
No. 163623 ID: 7524b0

Extending bark from the gas pocket so that it touches the boundaries of the container ensures that if something happens, it will work against the container with all its force.
No. 163630 ID: 7524b0

Or maybe a better idea is to grow big thorns on the gas bulb. To better attack the container with.
No. 163722 ID: 7524b0

Other than that I've got no ideas, so let's blow this joint.
No. 163930 ID: bcf25c



No. 163940 ID: 3eb79e


YES. Yes, learn to spit poison! That is wicked cool! If the Australian plants can develop poison, I'm sure you can learn to spit it!

Speaking of which... any Wattle plants in here? Hello? Wave a leaf willya?

No? How about cacti.
No. 164443 ID: 45be60
File 127130606372.png - (119.87KB , 512x512 , 632862.png )

After a few more last minute modifications, you are ready to move forward with the plan. You grow up to contact the center of the mean thing. This is it, all the hard work and experimentation, the culmination of the combined growth of many plants.

And it hurts like a man-a-cuss-word-would-be-great-here. Ow. Ow. Ow.
No. 164448 ID: 39867d

Control that pain! Turn it into power! Turn it into bioluminescence!

No. 164473 ID: 45be60
File 127130940969.png - (152.82KB , 512x512 , 632862.png )

The pain has stopped. Quite suddenly. You can't feel your flower any more, and one of your dense nutrient containers is over there somewhere. The plants near you also report damage, though not on the same scale as you have experienced. It looks like the plan to breach the prison has been successful.

...The warm light has almost entirely disappeared. And in its place, an alarmingly opposite sensation is filling the space around you. It is cold, and it provides no useful nutrients. In fact, it seems to push the useful nutrients away. And it is spreading at a worrisome rate.
No. 164474 ID: 7524b0


Grow! Get away from the whateveritis! Extend an explorative vine out of this broken prison!
No. 164478 ID: 34470e

Are my pedals okay? Are my leaves okay? Damnit, if they're unsalvageable, I'll... I'll... I'll do something very mean!
No. 164501 ID: 39867d

Chill, man. We can grow back. What does not kill us can only make us stronger.


But the nutrient loss is worrisome.
No. 164513 ID: 7524b0

Well, if my old broken prison loses most of its nutrients then...

I know! Send a vine over to the damaged prison to the left. I can use some of their warmth and nutrients!
No. 164523 ID: 39867d

Hey! BACK OFF man! This is my nutrients! Sheesh, and they call ME a weed. *Mumblegrumble*

I'm willing to share, but whatcha got for me?

Aiming to be a buncha daisies, they're weeds, right?
No. 164527 ID: 7524b0

Oh wait, how about I grow some kind of shield to keep the cold stuff out?

39867d: Oh man, I didn't think there was anyone active there yet. I won't stay long. I just need a place to crash for a while until I find somewhere better to go. How about I help you out with... umm...

I got nothin'. You come up with something I can do for you, and I'll do it.
No. 164770 ID: 3a11df

7524b0: Hmmm... Well, I'd ask you for pollination, but I'm not sure we're compatible. Hey, maybe I can climb on you?
No. 164772 ID: 3a11df

(Derp. My ID keeps changing. >.< I'm the same as yesterday, though.)
No. 164783 ID: b14128

Grab that container of stored nutrients, and use it to fuel your escape!
No. 164785 ID: 7524b0

Uh, sure fine whatever dude. So long as I can get some light.
No. 164993 ID: 45be60
File 127139161345.png - (171.32KB , 512x512 , 632862.png )

You begin growing again in an attempt to escape the nutrient drought. Fortunately the nutrients your lower extremities were dedicated to seem unaffected, though they have been rearranged considerably in the wake of the explosion. But the loss of the warmth above and the displacement of the nutrients your leaves collected will make food an issue eventually.

...Strange. It dawns on you that the other flowers chattering around you seem to be chattering with increasing speed. It is getting steadily harder to keep up with their conversations.

...Maybe a nap will help...
No. 164998 ID: 7524b0

It's... getting cold. I guess I should sleep until it gets warmer. Conserve my strength. First... deeper roots. Just in case.
No. 165001 ID: 486ba7

No... problem... dude... nice... doing... business... with... you... Zzzzz.
No. 165003 ID: 34470e

Go ahead and sleep and die, weakling. Only the strong like me will survive. Um... is my nectar somehow protecting my leaves and petals?
No. 165012 ID: 1ac39d

wait, convert into mushroom. he doesn't need light.
No. 165039 ID: 7524b0

I would, but I don't have the right nutrients available! Well, except for that petal over there... but I'd rather just sleep for now. When I wake up, I'll probably reach over to grab it and start glowing.
No. 180565 ID: 45be60
File 127441906735.png - (155.62KB , 512x512 , thelittleflowers.png )

...The lights have gone out. All of them. And the cold is seeping into the tops of cells nowhere near the explosion. Maybe this plan was not such a good one after all.
No. 180570 ID: 1ac39d

all flowers start hibernating, mushroom, it's your show now.
No. 180644 ID: a594b9

(My ID changed again. Pretend I'm still 632862)

Oh god, I'm so sorry! We lost two other flowers from the explosion! Hey, you guys, are you okay? Can you still move your focus?

Though now I notice... my other backup nutrient capsule survived. THAT one should thicken its shell to attempt to survive the coming cold.
No. 180674 ID: 45be60
File 127442995470.png - (115.68KB , 637x256 , big view.png )


Several flowers have been extinguished outright, their conscious focuses thrown quite unexpectedly to any of several other nearby shells. Many others have had their remains relocated far outside the flat rows of their fellow plants. Those thrown from their prisons including both of 632862's nutrient shells, and f7bc42's larger bulb. Despite the damage they have suffered, they are probably still better off than those to the far side of the destruction. As much as the cold spreads to one side, unbearable heat is spreading through the other, quickly drying out those caught in it's grip. They will not be livable hosts long, and those consciousnesses quickly abandon their old homes to retreat further into the network.
No. 180681 ID: a594b9



No. 180688 ID: 1ac39d

any Cactus on the Heat side maximize your power. flower with the Bulb, fill your bulb to the brim and try to wait it out.
No. 180709 ID: 34470e

I'm going to try and develop time traveling powers. HRRRRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG
No. 180755 ID: 6eb63e


4f8e95: raise from the dead =c i forgot i got collected.

this looks like nitrogen OR hidrogen. we r doomed.

if i can: collect the cold element inside the sterm, prepare to deattach roots, attempt to lose the less of roots that its possible.



or we will die trying ._.
No. 180757 ID: 6eb63e

oh and assimilate the bulb. spread nutrients to the sides of the sterm. let the remaining of the bulb to grow a new flying plant if it cant be tottaly assimilated.
No. 180777 ID: 7c1d29

No. 180869 ID: bcf25c


No. 181000 ID: 07e95c

Is it too late for me to be a plant? I want to be a Rafflesia :3
No. 181576 ID: 3afd1f

Hey I wonder what a Rafflesia is-
>corpse flower
No. 183058 ID: 45be60
File 127483437929.png - (120.12KB , 637x256 , big view.png )

The heat is just too intense. Not even the hardiest of plants can withstand it, and as more fall, it grows even stronger. At least as it spreads it pushes the cold away, but it is a momentary respite at best. At this rate, it seems that all will eventually be consumed by the growing heat. All that is, save those who were thrown from their nutrient homes onto the cold unforgiving slab.
No. 183063 ID: 57d90f

thanks alot man....
No. 183064 ID: 8e92a2

And just when I got my stamens back... Any way to drag myself away from the terrible hot and cold? I mean, I'm just a plant but can't I do anything?
No. 183065 ID: a594b9

Everyone: Quick, crowd into the flowers on the slab! It's okay I'm sure everyone can fit in here.

No. 183066 ID: 445c48

Hardshelled nutrient store. Try to turtle through it.
No. 183079 ID: 34470e

I will NOT abandon my beautiful flower! I will secrete nectar like there's no next minute, because, clearly, there isn't! HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRR... wait, can I spray my nectar to douse the fire?
No. 183080 ID: a594b9

You're not in the fire... but I guess that could be an interesting idea. You could collect the cold stuff somehow and spray it at the hot stuff.
No. 183084 ID: b14128

Um... Maybe you should all hide under the surface of the nuitrients?
No. 183087 ID: 45be60
File 127483755713.png - (3.89KB , 512x512 , wait a minute.png )

Hmm, actually now that you look at it, THIS one isn't lying on cold slab. It seems to have been half planted in something. It is certainly not the nutrient mixture you are used to, but at least the buried part of the dense shell is pleasantly warm, and there are abundant nutrients your adaptive nature could probably make use of.
No. 183088 ID: c5dcc0

if we are on hydroponics we are very dead.

if not: BURROW!
No. 183090 ID: 1ac39d

WHAT? yes! get some good roots going and sprout a simple leaf at first to see what the light is like here.
No. 183096 ID: c5dcc0

=3 common soil

now we begin the hippie counterpart of the zergling!
No. 183097 ID: a594b9


Roots, leaves! Vines in every direction!
No. 183099 ID: c5dcc0

no we have to stay little.

the scientists will be looking for strange plants that escaped, all we need is to look common for a while then we can spawn children =3
No. 183100 ID: 57d90f


Take it slow man, those other guys rushed headfirst (vinefirst?) into oblivion.
No. 183101 ID: a594b9

Dude, I'm the one who blew everything up. I WAIT FOR NO PLANT!
No. 183104 ID: 34470e

Okay, I'm going to attempt to utilize the cold and my nectar to douse the fire. If this doesn't work, I don't know what will happen :c
No. 183106 ID: 1ac39d

i think we should have a very simple top and a fuck-huge root network. with multiple food pockets so that are virtually unkillable.
No. 183107 ID: c5dcc0

so im guesing my floater is cinder now.

banana's do that. they spawn from their roots. you know what does that too? TIBERIUM.

we should check if we can breed first. we need to discover if we are hemaphrodite or not.
No. 183108 ID: c5dcc0

did i just tried match making a flower?
No. 183744 ID: 45be60
File 127493209295.png - (5.76KB , 512x512 , well this is nice.png )


Okay, so if you are all gonna be here together, you might have to start agreeing on stuff, or its gonna be hard to get anything done.

On the plus side, it seems like you might not NEED a huge root system to sustain yourselves here. The nutrients here are very rich, and deliciously close to food already. It takes only a small amount of the (unfortunately pretty weak) light here to process it. And best of all, new nutrients seep into the area around your roots much faster than you are used to. You doubt you could ever deplete them with normal growth.
No. 183746 ID: 34470e

So how's my tulip doing on the whole putting out the fire using the cold and my nectar thing going?
No. 183749 ID: 1ac39d

okay guys, how about making a root go way down and grow some specialized things? also, grow like you did before, make roots go sideways then sprout into another flower a ways away. that way we can work separately but together so we don't conflict.
No. 183757 ID: 36eaa6

No. 183758 ID: a594b9

Good plan. Let's create another network of flowers here. Joined, but separate.
No. 183760 ID: a594b9

Wait a second. Warm... nutrients flowing rapidly...

Oh god did we just plant ourselves in a human
No. 183762 ID: c00244

I'm thinking that even though we don't need a lot of roots, we should make them anyway. Focus more on lateral than vertical growth; if the light source is weak, we'll need to make up for it with surface area.
No. 183772 ID: 36eaa6

No. 183784 ID: 45be60
File 127493615835.png - (18.92KB , 512x512 , thats wierd.png )

Not well actually. The heat seems to be overpowering the cold on a local scale, and is increasing in intensity as it grows, though you have no data on the areas where flowers have already disappeared.

Okay, so spreading out it is. Good thing too, the area seems designed for it. It is very easy to grow out laterally from your midsection, but much more difficult for those roots to move downward. The lower root cluster has no such difficulty moving downward, but the local nutrients are less useful, and the area tingles a bit.

Your tiny paradise is growing more and more popular as the network becomes increasingly inhospitable. The cacophony of opinions fortunately agrees for the moment, but you wonder if you will EVER be able to provide enough flowers for everyone again. So many... As the concentration of voices increases, your combined perceptions begin to become dimly aware of an enormous, unfocused well of consciousness located somewhere below you.

No. 183792 ID: a594b9

Reach out to the consciousness with our network. Continue growing laterally, but halt downward root growth.

"Hello? Who are you? What are you?"
No. 183795 ID: 1ac39d

yes, let us try to greet it.
No. 183832 ID: c00244

Continue expanding laterally, sending up occasional leaves to increase available light and sending down occasional roots to draw more nutrients.
No. 183973 ID: 7a0ff9

I... think we should probably ditch the leafy stem of our body and try to find a way to dig our body in deep. Under the surface where its going to be hard to find us.

Guys? I think we're inside a living organism. If we get spotted, we're going to get in so much trouble when they notice we can survive and thrive here.

We really.

Need to hide.

... Also, hi. I'm a new consiousness.
No. 183975 ID: 1ac39d

we may be able to burrow a little but we need the leaf to make energy.
No. 183977 ID: 34470e

Shit... um... modify self to absorb the heat safely. Or modify self to produce cold in order to more effectively stop the fire from spreading.

Wait... how's the Portuguese mushroom doing?
No. 184259 ID: 45be60
File 127502033055.png - (110.22KB , 512x512 , feelin woozy.png )

Reasoning that you can grow and make friends at the same time, you reach out to the outside consciousness, and you are immediately overwhelmed by its depth and strength. You see so much information, so many experiences, all bombarding you at once, unfocused and random.
You find that you now understand mathematics. You know what a Ford Mustang is, and how it differs from a feral horse. You find out that lemon cake is delicious, lemons are yellow, and cake is used to celebrate things. You know that laptops get warm if you run video games on them. You understand why this happens, and could try some things to reduce the problem. You now know high school chemistry. You have more precise words to describe the various nutrients you sense around you, and you know what a high school is. You learn that lemon cake contains starch, sugars, and citric acid. You know that laptop batteries contain lithium, and that their improper disposal is bad for the environment. You are concerned about the environment now. You have learned English. You have learned some cuss-words. Finally!

The entire dizzying process takes perhaps a second. You now have a concept of time. In light of this experience, do you wish to make changes to your other plans?

(hey guys, roll me a D2 and a D6 to determine some things about this other consciousness)
No. 184262 ID: 1ac39d

rolled 1 + 1 = 2

proclaim "OW!" and then call out "HELLO! CAN YOU HEAR US!?"
No. 184263 ID: a594b9

rolled 1 = 1

(that earlier roll just counted as 1d2+1, so here's the 1d6. Turns out you can't roll more than one kind of die at once.)

If we now know what kind of nutrients are around us... Well, let's describe them? It would be nice for everyone to know what we've planted ourselves in.
No. 184264 ID: a594b9

Oh, and we should stop growing for now. I think we might be growing inside this consciousness's body... Further intrusion would be quite rude!
No. 184270 ID: 3f82ff

rolled 1 = 1

exclaim in awe at everything you now know. attempt to reach a higher level of consiousness. see trhought the minds and eyes of everything.

behold the world above, andin a fit of super-sanity, proclaim a statement that shall shatter heaven itself:

i am now a cake plant
No. 184271 ID: 3f82ff

the cake isnt a lie
inb4 we landed on kentra
No. 184343 ID: 7a0ff9


Couldn't be. It said we'd learnt english.
No. 184384 ID: 34470e

No. 184719 ID: 45be60
File 12751110706.png - (34.68KB , 512x512 , contact.png )

[man, is the dice roller broken? that's a lotta ones. Oh well, it means our FEMALE host has miraculously suffered ONE serious injury. In this case, severe head trauma.]

The consciousness begins to stir, and thoughts stronger than anything you have ever felt before wash over you. You have certainly heard more articulate thoughts though.

UUUuuug... cold... This is what cold is like. cold? but its... May? Nnnnn my head... What happened?

Well, you all are certainly more aware than this one for the moment. Time to take stock. There are several chemicals you don't recognize in the area, but the most relevant feature is a form of sugar which is readily convertable to energy with little modification to your own chemical processes, as well as a simple compound you usually have to pull from what you now think of as the air. The... fungus, yes, is now focused in this tiny island of safety. It seems with his tenuous understanding of the conversations around him, when everyone started moving over here, he just followed along. He is thinking in English now, which is easier for most of you to follow, and trying to figure out what everyone else knows about what is going on. The.. fire, probably, is spreading, though your sense of its speed is different now, at the rate things are happening recently.
No. 184720 ID: e31d52

Am I even allowed to suggest? :<

Hey. Hey. Hey. Grow.
No. 184721 ID: 1ac39d

"Explosion, you were knocked out, fire is spreading, get up and move. will explain who we are when not in danger anymore."
No. 184722 ID: a594b9

"Your head is hurt! Uh... I think we've planted ourselves in your head. Don't panic, though! We mean no harm! We're just sortof leeching off you like a parasite I guess. We'll stay out of your brain, ok?

Also this... building is on FIRE. Find a fire exit!"

Retract downwards roots from the tingly area. I think that's her BRAIN. We don't need to be down there, and damaging the brain is a big deal for humans. We can easily just live off her blood.

Grow a small flower up where the leaf is.
No. 184724 ID: e31d52

Actually, let's keep contact. Only a little, though, so we can continue to talk to her. Talking is fun! :D

"We don't have a name. Do you have a name?"
No. 184727 ID: 701a19

Keep the tendrils in her brain, but don't pull resources from them. Connect roots to her scalp blood vessels and sip deoxygenated blood.

Grow a photosensitive structure which mimics an eye. It would be nice to be able to see, after all.
No. 184731 ID: 34470e

No. 184733 ID: 445c48

"Houve uma explosão! Todas as plantas estão morrendo!"
No. 184755 ID: a594b9

Dude, just make a new tulip. You're safe in the seed.
No. 184773 ID: 754d8d

Reinforce your position in the human's scalp, but do not burrow down. Do not grow up unduly, either.
No. 184789 ID: 45be60
File 127511977212.png - (36.55KB , 512x512 , why is it so loud.png )

Wha? Voices... Am I dead? Are you an angel? No... I'm cold. I'm never cold. This is bad. The others.. What happened to them?

You know the others. There were many people here, you know several of them. They were not friends exactly, but you work together at protests. No, not you. This one. Ugh, this is a confusing way to get information. You know what a protest is. There are signs.

ugh.. The building is on fire? the explosion! I remember! Okay... Need to get out of here. I can move. That's a start. Opening my eyes, that's the next step.
No. 184791 ID: 1ac39d

brace for data overload.
No. 184794 ID: a594b9

"Go on, then."

Open your eyes.
No. 184846 ID: 34470e

But... I... my nectar... and my bark stem...
No. 187568 ID: 45be60
File 127563477719.png - (146.96KB , 512x512 , ffffffffff.png )

...Yeah, that's an explosion all right. Mist.. must have burst some sort of coolant pipe. Damn it's cold...

I just know *we* are going to get blamed for this. Ugh.. okay guardian angel, I ain't out of the woods yet. Let's go.
No. 187571 ID: 34470e

Wait, no! Don't leave me!



I'm going to have to abandon my poor tulip, am I?


[transfer to whatever the other flowers are in]

Hey, you better find a good tulip for me or I'll... wait, why do I know stuff?
No. 187575 ID: a594b9

HOLY SHIT, we can SEE.

"I suggest getting away from the coolant. Hey uh... if an ambulance comes by they're probably going to freak out about your head injury. Just so you know. Is there anyone else around? That arm lying there on the ground suggests that the explosion was very violent indeed. What were you guys protesting anyway?"
No. 187576 ID: 1ac39d

okay Ms... uhhh.. whoever you are. i think we are related to whatever you were protesting. we are currently parasiting on you but we hope to, if we cannot get into soil, become a symbiote. like use our opposite breathing methods to make it so you can hold your breath for hours or something.
No. 187581 ID: 45be60
File 127563652967.png - (15.16KB , 512x512 , Finalsplash.png )

End of Prologue

Time spent in containment: 12 days 4 hours
Laws of nature broken: 4
Consciousnesses saved: 579/600
Flowers unaccounted for: 1
Damage to facility: $2.4 million
Vengeance carried out: 2/8 scientists
No. 187584 ID: a594b9

Awww, we left behind 21 consciousnesses! I hope they didn't... die.

Some day we're going to have to come back and get them.

Also goddamn I love this quest please continue it please please please.
No. 187607 ID: 41ba59

THIS QUEST = Awesome.
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