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File 168390331329.png - (16.61KB , 500x500 , luncha_questo_3.png )
1063589 No. 1063589 ID: 8d318c

I fight for honor, justice, and revenge!
And remember: mask up! A Luchadora never removes her mask.

Written by Donut
Art by Poltergeist Ethanoic Acid: https://questden.org/wiki/Poltergeist_Ethanoic_Acid
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No. 1063590 ID: 8d318c
File 168390334275.png - (53.96KB , 1000x1000 , 001.png )

The librarian asks if I would rather sit in a chair. I say no.

In order to understand Lucha Libre Americana, I must understand the table. I must feel how its two halves become one. I must seek to understand the subtle intricacies of its mechanisms, where it is strong and where it is weak.

Also I really need to lie down right now because walking is a hassle.

The doctors say I can go around like normal with a cast on, and even wrestle as my injury heals. They have given me a very clear instruction, however, that I am not to use aerial moves until the cast comes off. A Luchadora with no aerials? That’s like a rabbit with no ears! I’ll have to rely on my holds and quick grabs to win tomorrow’s Evening Gown Match against Tsuki.

The thought of it fills my stomach with butterflies. Butterflies with wings of white-hot rage, that is. I am not nervous. No, I am not. I will smash that white rabbit’s porcelain pride and put her in her place!
No. 1063591 ID: 8d318c
File 168390338389.png - (49.65KB , 1000x1000 , 002.png )

Clearly, I can’t rely on Coco to translate for me. I’ve successfully kept this match a secret from Coco. SHE MUST NEVER KNOW: that would be un desastre monstruoso. I need to rely on my own command of the English language.

It is not good.

I wish I could take a class at the community college near where I live, but my wrestling schedule makes that impossible. The best I can do is check out books and try to engage in conversations with the students around my age. Unfortunately for me, the sporty things like running, gymnastics and yoga are things I cannot do right now… meaning if I’m going to practice my English, I’ll need to do it inside and use my smarts a lot more than I’m used to.

The more difficult the conversations, the more likely it is I’ll be too drained to FIGHT EVIL if it rears its ugly head.

The clubs meeting today are:

1. Art Club. Difficulty: Easy. The art club needs a model. I don’t have to talk too much if I don’t want to, and they’ll be grateful to have such a flexible model.
2. Book and Poetry Club. Difficulty: Moderate. I can read along with the discussion, and they’ll help me practice my pronunciation.
3. Tabletop Gaming Club. Difficulty: Hard. There are few printed guides I’ll understand, and the gamers will be talking fast and using improv.
4. Debate Club. Difficulty: IMPOSSIBLE. For those with fiery blood! I’m not sure how much English I’ll actually learn, but I’ll get a chance to see PASSION!
No. 1063594 ID: e51896

Not only will it help with pronounciation, it will also help you actually read some english. Then you can read the silly signs fans bring to OWO wrestling
No. 1063603 ID: d5170c

3. Wrestling is on the spot action and events, you will need to sharpen up your skills with promos that that unexpectedly happen.
No. 1063610 ID: 87e33c

2 would probably be your best bet to actually learn and get better, and maybe learn poetry to wax poetic on your foes in the ring

You should do 3 only if you pick a really easy class/game to play and you think the vibe of the room will be patient

1 may try to get you to take off your mask so it's a hard pass/fail

4 is probably what you want to do due to passion, but I would reccomend against

That being said I vote 2 if you want to be practical, 3 if you want it to be funny but still managable
No. 1063614 ID: 20cba0

Tabletop club. Dios mio, do not touch debate club with a ten-foot pole.
No. 1063635 ID: 520a3f

3. Tabletop Club would be hard to technically keep up with, but it dovetails with what type of work you'll need to do in wrestling- think off the cuff, read body language, and get who you are across quickly using both words and gestures. Knowing how to say a lot with few words in wrestling is important, and a GOOD tabletop group will help with that.

Keyword being good, of course.
No. 1063648 ID: 3b86e0


Your english is well above what most non natives ever get. You are good at listening, and can figure out new words from context. You've got the brawn AND the wits.

Onward! Onward to knowledge!
No. 1063703 ID: e5784e
File 168400825443.png - (38.35KB , 1000x828 , 003.png )

No soy un gallina- I mean, I am not a coward. I will face the challenge of improvisation! I would like to be able to understand most of what is said, though, so debate club will have to wait until I can keep up with their pace.

I recognize the leader of the Tabletop Gaming Club making notes on a table near mine. He must be plotting his diabolical traps and schemes. If he was in a wrestling promotion, he would be the boss. I will show no fear. I will not be bossed around! I grab my crutch and hop off my folding table with CONFIDENCE.

“Hello,” I say, in what is clearly English and not Spanish. “I will play with you.”

“Gah!” the leader jolts in his seat. “Uh. What?”

¡Qué lástima! My English has failed me. I have to try again.

“Pues… I would like to join your group for the day,” I say, more carefully this time.

“I mean… sure, we’re always looking for more players,” he says. He tells me his name is… Felipe? I didn’t quite catch it.

“I call myself Ignacia,” I say. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Felipe.”

“Close enough,” he shrugs. “If this is your first time playing Swords n’ Spells, there are few books over on that shelf with the rules. Look for the big books with “spells” on it, they really like to pump out splatbooks.”

“Splat… books?”

“It’s not important,” Felipe says. “Just grab as many as you want, and meet us in that room over there. We’ve got a good crew today! Oh. Um, do you want some help carrying them?”

“I do not need help,” I insist, and I grab all the spell books under one arm to prove that I am not afraid of getting splattered, and need no assistance because I am a strong Luchadora with great coordination even when injured and using a crutch because of an EVIL ninja bunny who I hate with A BURNING PASSION.

I join the assembling Tabletop Gaming Club. Felipe introduces me to Chestnut, the first player to show up.

“I love your mask!” Chestnut says. “You must really like your character to dress up as them.”

“I am my character,” I say simply.


Chestnut is playing a “bard” which when she describes it sounds a lot like some of the people I work with. Two more players will show up soon, and they’ll pick characters to fill out the party, so I can choose who I want to play as with no problems. Felipe says we can expect COMBAT!

What character should I play as?

1. A tough fighter, just like me! She knows all of her moves in English!
2. A wizened wizard with complete command of the English language and spells!
3. A holy cleric who can recite sermons and banish demons in perfect English!
4. A smooth-talking, English-slinging, acrobatic and dashing thief that steals from the rich and gives to the poor!
5. Suggest another English speaker! Maybe she isn’t as familiar with English as the above, but she’s trying!
No. 1063704 ID: e51896

1. fighter mainly, cause that's our main thing IRL, fighting!

but also consider
5. Barbarian (my second choice)
No. 1063705 ID: a7a180

A barbarian who doesn't actually speak the local language well, but they have studied long on the incredible journey from their homeland of, uh... Ximeco, and they are excited to show off what they have learned!
No. 1063706 ID: dee951

A smack-talking, charismatic monk, who uses a fighting style inspired by Capoeira, who doesn't let the orientation of their face get in the way of their insults (which are also timed with their kicks), which are delivered with perfect English diction!
No. 1063708 ID: e5709d

Wizard-Thief! Be as controversial as possible!
No. 1063798 ID: 03a81a

Yes, a monk!
A Dominican specifically, they were one of the few literate people in the middle ages and you are no a mission to bring books you transcribed by hand to the Vatican.
The others have to escort you.
No. 1063799 ID: dee951


You know 'person who meditates or prays a lot', and 'person who enjoys brewing beer', and 'person who transcribes religious texts' and 'person who practices martial arts' and 'person who dresses in funny robes' and 'person who speaks cryptically' are not at all mutually exclusive. Mix East and West tropes for 'monks'! Be cosmopolitan in your mysticism!
No. 1063802 ID: d5170c

Monk Monkey name Monk.
No. 1064156 ID: 6ad04b
File 168454892177.png - (197.44KB , 1000x1000 , 004.png )

I choose to play a wizened monk of intense devotion named ¡Sabia! She is well educated in the ways of words and whoop-ass.

Felipe lays out an intimidating pile of charts with numbers and many unfamiliar words, most of which don’t have vowels. I realize that these are abbreviations, not full words, and my heart sinks. I’m not going to be able to understand these papers at all!

“Do you know how this combat system works, Nacha?” Felipe asks.

“I am the fiercest monk in the land… but I am more familiar with, pues, Mexican rules.”

“I gotcha,” Chestnut smiles. “Okay, you said you were a monk, right? You want wisdom and dexterity. Here, just roll these dice, and add these numbers here when it’s a physical attack, and these when you want to chant a spell. Simple!”

“Why does this number have a line next to it? It’s my Charisma score. How do you say Charisma in Spanish?”

“The line means it’s a negative modifier,” Chestnut says, which is very confusing and I”m not sure it’s English. “That’s when people have trouble relating to you, or you have trouble expressing yourself.”

”Pendejo,” I mutter under my breath. “I don’t want Sabia to have any trouble expressing herself. She speaks perfect english!”

“You can put the penalty in intelligence instead. It’s no big deal. She can read from a few books to remember tough spells, it’s fine.”

“Thank you.” I say, hiding my Spanish-to-English dictionary under the table with a little sleight of hand.

The two latecomers to the group bring us up to a party of four, which means counting Felipe as leader we’re five. That’s one short of a proper Lucha Libre match, but no club is perfect. I practice my English introductions with them, and Chestnut gives me a nod of encouragement, even though I don’t need her approval.

Felipe gives me my instructions for the setting. The three Amigos from last play session have been tasked with escorting a wisecracking ass-kicking monk (that’s me!) through a dangerous pass. I have many powerful spellbooks I’m protecting, and I’m the only one who can read them. I have to constantly reference them because they’re so important! Yeah! I make a big show of pulling out a “spellbook” I pulled from the library, in which I’ve hidden my dictionary oh-so-cleverly. It’s a really old book with mystical symbols and pentagrams and stuff on the cover I found next to all the “demon splatbooks,” and everyone looks very impressed by my prop.

We adventure out into the wilderness and are immediately beset upon by ¡Banditos!

“Sabia, we need your help!” Chestnut’s bard character says. Oh! I’m in character now. I’ve prepared for this moment. Just pretend I’m in a promo.

Promo Practice! What does Sabia do?

1. Give a speech about how the forces of righteousness will always win! (In English, of course.)
2. Intimidate them with a ferocious acrobatic display! (Will require a roll, which might fail)
3. Cast a spooky spell in YE OLDE ENGLISH from my “spellbook” I got from the Library! Great for practicing tough words, and no one will care about the pronunciation.
4. All of the above!
5. Dos of the above! (pick two choices from 1-3)
No. 1064163 ID: a7a180

5 = 2 + 3.
No. 1064183 ID: eb494d

I'm gonna go with 3.
Give us some 6th century English, girl!
No. 1064254 ID: e51896

No. 1064304 ID: ba93b2

1. It's the most practical form of practice. Even if it's not absolutely perfect, practicing giving rousing speeches will help you most with putting together language, and also help you out winning the crowds in the ring!

Why not both? Don't ask too much at once. Enthusiasm is good, but you'll trip over yourself if you let it carry you away.
No. 1064305 ID: dee951

No. 1064313 ID: 20eb82

No. 1064321 ID: eb494d

And do unleash a flying kicks, along with a good ol' chest-punching.
No. 1064370 ID: a0ec34

rolled 10 + 2 = 12

Rolling for acrobatics!
No. 1064524 ID: cc8588
File 168499024626.png - (54.66KB , 1000x1000 , 005.png )

If I’m in character, that means I need to get fired up like Sabia. She speaks fluent English, and doesn’t worry about stumbling over her words. She’s got brains AND brawn. There’s nothing she can’t do, as long as she believes in herself!

“Sabia leaps into the fight!” I declare, rolling the die Felipe points at. It lands on doce. “Twelve!”

“You knock the first bandit senseless,” Felipe says. “The bunny bandit leader is surprised that the monk carrying holy symbols and spellbooks is so strong! She deems you worthy of her attention.”

“Did you say she was a bunny?” I ask, eyes narrowing. “¡¿Una bandida de conejito!?[/i]”

The universe is mocking me. Evil bunnies lurk around every corner. Tsuki’s mocking laugh rings in my ears. Silence, bunny! You’re making me talk in Spanish! I am here for English only!

“Uh… did I say something wrong?” Felipe asks.

“No,” I reply. “It is perfect. I… ah, Sabia challenges her to a fight! One on one, here in the ring! There is no need for anyone else to get hurt. The forces of good will triumph tomorrow night, and you can buy a ticket for the low, low price of eight dollars. I mean, ah, that’s how much your carriage ride to the hospital will cost! Because I’m about to cast my most powerful spell to chop you into sushi!”

“Sushi?” Chestnut asks. Felipe shrugs.

I’m angry and flustered at how that came out, but it was genuine, and I recovered from my slip of the tongue. My mind is on a certain other rabbit right now. I grab my “spellbook” and turn pages full of weird symbols and strange runes until I see something I recognize: a page labeled REVENGE.

All these words are weird and don’t roll their r’s where they should, but I remember that Sabia would have no problem with the pronunciation. I think of my most hated enemy and let my burning need for payback carry me through!

“Blue Moon, Saint Bernardus, Oberon’s Bells! Ye spirits, hear mine call! Winds howl, dogges growl! Tooth and fang, bloody clang! I summon the strength of the devouring beast to bring doom and despair upon mine enemy, until its blows make feast for carrion crows!”

The wind kicks up and the lights in the library clubroom flickers. A chill runs down my spine.

“That was hard CORE,” Chestnut says. “Did you make all that up?”

“I was just reading from your splat book,” I say sheepishly.

“That’s not a splatbook,” Felipe says. “I’ve never seen a book like that anywhere, much less one for our ruleset. Hey, can you hand it to me so I can-”
No. 1064525 ID: cc8588
File 168499025904.png - (15.45KB , 1000x1000 , 006.png )

The lights go out. Even the sunlight from the single, solidary clubroom window darkens as clouds roll in.

“Um…” one of the other players says. “Maybe the lights will come back on soon?”

The power doesn’t come back on.

What do we do?
1. Keep playing, we don’t need electricity to have fun!
2. Call it quits for now
3. Freak out over my newfound supernatural powers
No. 1064527 ID: e51896

I'm not sure which is funnier, going on like nothing happened, or freaking out like a dork.

ehhhh, 3. As long as our freakout doesn't end the game early.
No. 1064529 ID: e5709d

3) Freak out because registered superheroes cannot be Luchadores under recently legislated federal laws.
No. 1064531 ID: a7a180

No. 1064532 ID: 755f26

Nah, light on some candles and keep playing. It's all good. Mistakes were made but life goes on.
No. 1064538 ID: 8f9bc4

Do what any true gamer would do. Attack the darkness!
No. 1064586 ID: d5170c

3. Your new wizard powers will come in handy for defeating Tsuki
No. 1064709 ID: b7e973
File 168533436035.gif - (8.09MB , 1000x1000 , 007.gif )

”¡Por Dios!” yo grito. Estoy atterrada, y no puedo dejar de balbucear. “¿Qué he hecho?
¿Cómo puede pasarme esto? ¡He estallado el sol! ¡¡Qué rabiaaaaaaa!!”

“Nacha! It’s okay!” Felipe says. “It’s just a power outage. Nothing to be concerned about.”

“¡Es mi culpa! ¡Mi culpa, mi culpa! ¡Lo siento, Felipe!”

“Can you calm her down? I don’t know what she’s saying.”

“I can try,” Chestnut says. “Um… we can still play, Nacha. Everything’s gonna be fine, okay?”

No, it won’t be fine. I’ve suddenly developed supernatural powers and blown up the sun, plunging the world into total darkness. I should never have tried to read suspicious books in Old English out loud. What was I thinking?

An icy chill grasps my heart.

“It’s getting cold in here all of a sudden. Maybe we should go outside to keep playing,” one of the other players suggests. “Can anybody find the door? Is there a light from a window in the hall? I think I see something…”


An otherworldly, unholy light emanates from the head of the table, where Felipe’s notes are laid out behind his screen. He’s nowhere to be seen. In his place, A huge rack of antlers comes slowly into view, followed by a thick, muscular forearm.

“Nashi? Is that you?” Chestnut asks. “Uh… have you been working out?”

“F-Felipe? Where’d you go?”

“WENDIGO!” I shriek.

A deep, ragged voice echoes from inside the skull.

“Blood for blood,” it rasps. “Revenge… will be yours.”


What can I do? THE WENDIGO took Felipe as a sacrifice to go after Tsuki!

1. This is horrible! GIve Felipe back right now, or else!
2. Actually, I kind of like having this guy going after Tsuki. Maybe I can get him to take her in Felipe’s place somehow?
3. Other
No. 1064710 ID: 60d0f3

No. 1064711 ID: a7a180

Begone, foul demon! No shirtlessness in the library!
Grab him by the horns.
No. 1064732 ID: 91956f

3 No, you silly billy, you don't have to kill anyone. Just hurt the geisha bunny's leg and egg her house. I will give you lamb legs and eggs for it.
No. 1064744 ID: 8f9bc4

Oh no he's got a bigger rack than you! He must be challenged for dominance in the ring of honor! What a time to be restricted from performing aerials!
No. 1065159 ID: 1a9939
File 168589612224.png - (49.18KB , 1000x1000 , 008.png )

¡Sangre por Sangre! This monster has taken Felipe!

The monster is speaking in English, and I summoned it in English. I suddenly realize that if I’m going to communicate with it… I’ll have to use ENGLISH!


“Felipe!” Chestnut cries out. “Give him back!”

”The pact is sealed,” rumbles the monster. It takes a long, lumbering step toward the door. It’s about to go get Tsuki!

“No blood!” I say. “I don’t want blood!”

The monster doesn’t listen. It takes another long, heavy stride. The two other Swords n’ Spells players pick up and run for their lives- very smart, but it leaves just Chestnut and me to try and figure out if there’s a way to bring Felipe back.

“Is there another spell in there that we can cast to undo this?” Chestnut asks me, holding the spellbook.

“I don’t know!” I say. “I can’t read all the words in there!”

The wind howls as the Wendigo nears the open doorway. He’s about to disappear into the nearly pitch-black corridor, lit only by emergency lights.

There’s only one thing that will work for sure to bring Felipe back, and it’s the most powerful of magics: Lucha Libre. This Wendigo is huge. Massive. And EVIL. I can’t do aerials, and it’s just a library hallway out there.

I could challenge the beast in the ring of honor. Or I could try and stop him from leaving while Chestnut reads the spellbook under the emergency lights and hopefully finds a spell to bring Felipe back, or I could try and redirect the Wendigo into something less lethal. Maybe I could convince it that pile-drivering Tsuki will satisfy the ritual? It’d save me from having to go through with it.

How do I deal with The Wendigo?
1. Challenge it to a match in the ring. Guaranteed to bring Felipe back!
2. Try and slow him down right now while Chestnut finds a ritual. Might not work.
3. Have him pile driver Tsuki! Will cancel the Evening Gown Match and save me from all the risks associated with it.
No. 1065160 ID: e51896

2. You're too injured to challenge this guy with your leg as it is, and you already have that match with Tsuki coming up, you might end up more injured and unable to fight the Wendigo later.

plus, Chestnut will get the chance to become a hero by helping you stop the Wendigo now, and we'll get Felipe back sooner.
No. 1065161 ID: e51896

Oh yeah, and take one of the game chairs with you as a weapon to slow it down. for some reason, wrestlers love using chairs as weapons
No. 1065162 ID: a7a180

Pile drive the ninja!
No. 1065167 ID: f2cf5a

Nacha. You're in a desperate situation. You're not at your best- but someone innocent is in danger and you need to protect them. I can understand wanting to fight honestly. I can understand wanting to fight directly. But right now this thing doesn't give a left nut about honesty, or even direct combat. If you really do want to save him, without sacrificing your ability to fight, your desire to win, your hope to personally enact justice on Tuski (even if it is in a ballgown)?

Don't challenge it to a match...but it's gonna be a match anyway. A Hardcore, Anything Goes, Falls Count Anywhere/I Quit match.

You need, this once, to fight *dirty*. Act *nasty*. Talk *filthy*

For this guy? You need to be RUDO.
No. 1065169 ID: 273c18

1. It's wearing a mask, after all.
No. 1065175 ID: 949354

Whenever ywo masked luchadores cant agree on a course of action, the only thing to do is settle it in the ring!
No. 1065211 ID: d5170c

1. and 2. Wrestle it to buy time for Chestnut to hopefully find some was to seal him away.
No. 1066195 ID: 904993
File 168713341278.png - (43.69KB , 1000x1000 , 009.png )

This otherworldly monster, The Wendigo, is about to go after my most-hated foe, the rabbit who makes a mockery of me and everything I stand for, and who- I shudder to admit- has the advantage against me in an Evening Gown match with her endless bag of dirty tricks that would never work in an honorable bout. I could have my revenge, with zero risk to my dignity. All I’d have to do is… nada.

This Wendigo is far stronger, meaner, and nastier than me, and I can’t use aerials. My wings are clipped as long as I have this cast on, even if all my other moves are open to me. There’s no way I could challenge this monster for Felipe’s soul back and have any hope of winning. Even a delay tactic, just to let Chestnut use her superior English skills to find a way to undo the summoning, would probably end with me getting obliterated by this unstoppable force before me.

Pero… that would break Step Five of Lucha Libre. Trust my friends, and they’ll trust me back. I fought bandits alongside Felipe and Chestnut in our imaginary world. Swords n’ Spells is Lucha too! I fight against the terror clawing at my throat as I find my voice.

“Stop!” I shout after the multi-horned, skull-masked horror. “The price is too high! I demand you return Felipe and go back to the shadows!”

“The price is paid,” the Wendigo rasps. “Regret is foolish… and useless.”

If I can’t fight this thing head-on, then… what can a foolish, air-headed bunny like me hope to do?

Wait… foolish, air-headed bunny… that sounds familiar.

I know! I’ll do what Tsuki would do!

“Regret?!” I give a high-pitched laugh. “No, you horned clown. The price is too high because you are too weak! You are hardly worth the best Swords n’ Spells dungeon master in Ohio. Let me speak with your manager. I demand a refund!”
No. 1066196 ID: 904993
File 168713343094.png - (274.05KB , 1000x975 , 010.png )

The Wendigo stops in his tracks.

“Nacha?” Chestnut asks from behind me. “W-what are you doing?”

“Whatever I have to do,” I say. “Look in the book! ¡Lee ahora, rapido!

The air turns icy cold. The dark library hallway fades to pitch black, and bones materialize out of thin air, hovering around me and the Wendigo.

“Fool,” says the beast. “You will suffer… for your insolence. There is no referee to save you now.”

I know exactly what this masked wrestler means. This is a HARDCORE match, with anything goes, falls counting anywhere, and with no way out except for suffering, and admitting my defeat. Fortunately, I have Chestnut to end the match if she finds the right spell to undo the ritual and get Felipe back. Unfortunately, this is all VERY BAD NEWS for me.


Nacha can use ANY heel move or tactic she wants! What would Tsuki do?
No. 1066198 ID: e51896

Tell Chestnut to throw you a chair. That will be your defense for heavy hitting him if he gets close to you,

but most of all you'll have to dodge his attacks, especially making sure he doesn't attack your injured leg. If he gets too close, don't hit him over the head, he'll be able to grab the chair from up there. Instead, just attack him from the sides and legs with the chair to slow him down

you can even grab one of the antlers on the boney ring to use as a weapon if you need to if for some reason you lose your chair, or Chestnut can't get you one. The main thing you have to do is stall for time until Chestnut finds a spell to make the Wendigo go away and get Felipe back.
No. 1066202 ID: a7a180

Tsuki would surrender and cry for mercy while curling up in a little ball.
No. 1066225 ID: e54389

Gotta get unconventional. Hmm... Still a library yeah? Hit bookshelves to topple them on the thing. Should work for stalling.
No. 1066246 ID: eb494d

Get close to the water cooler and grab a cup

Maybe I was too harsh, why don't we talk this over a drink?
No? Well, then,

Drink cup


Chug the cooler at him
Bad Reputation starts playing
No. 1066367 ID: 91b2f0

OH! I'm so stupid, how could i forget, we already have a weapon: our crutch! It is much longer than a chair and will help keep our distance when we attack this monster!
Just aim for his legs and sides so he doesn't have a chance to grab it.
No. 1066389 ID: e51896

One last thing, Tell Chestnut to see if that spellbook has a table of contents page, or index pages. Search for something called "undo" or "cancel" or "dispell" or anything similar to those she can think of to help make her find the spell to get the Wendigo away faster
No. 1066393 ID: d5170c

Okay Nacha, the cast on your foot is VERY HARD and STRONG and make excellent weapons in wrestling. TESTICLES are very WEAK and FRAGILE. A swift kick in the balls on the Wendigo with your casted foot will make him drop.
No. 1066403 ID: 9b127b

Slip on some brass knuckles and slug em
No. 1066987 ID: fdc9e8
File 168835299050.png - (232.75KB , 2560x1440 , 011.png )

The Wendigo speaks English, so this is my biggest challenge yet. If I’m going to have any chance of surviving this, I need to give Chestnut enough time to find the right spell, and make sure that this beast doesn’t go after her. I have to be very, very clever in my wording. ¡Ay! I thought fighting Text the Armadillo was tough, but this is even tougher! I have to use all my knowledge of english idioms for this one…

“Chestnut?” I ask.

“Y-yes?” the deer asks, eyes wide.

“This is a fight between two Luchadores. Do not interfere, no matter what happens,” I say. “You should take a page from my book and dispel any illusions about what will happen if you try.”

“Take a…” Chestnut blinks. “Oh!”

She ducks behind the table and sneakily grabs my spellbook as she does, using the ominously-glowing emergency EXIT sign for light. Good going! Now I need to keep The Wendigo occupied.

“You picked the wrong Swords n/ Spells player to take,” I say, grabbing my dice bag and crutch from my spot at the table and advance toward The Wendigo. “Felipe was the smartest, but I am the strongest!”

“You walk… on a leg of metal.” The Wendigo makes a sound like a death rattle, and I realize he’s laughing at me. “You lie.”

I don’t need strength to try the Tsuki tactic and bring this big boy down. He watches as I limp over on my crutch, looking down on me like I’m helpless. Just a little closer. Wait…

The Wendigo takes a step forward…


I empty my dice bag onto the floor, spilling shiny, slippery shapes all around his footing. At the same time, I whip my crutch to his falling leg, swinging it as hard as I can to knock him off-balance. It doesn’t knock his leg out, but it doesn’t have to. It just guides slightly off-center… and the Wendigo’s booted foot lands right atop the dice.

The Wendigo’s foot lands unsteadily. He stumbles for the slightest of moments, but that’s all I need. While he’s recovering and focused on my crutch, I swing my cast-hardened leg straight into his ¡cojones!


The Wendigo doesn’t even flinch.

Ay, mierda.
No. 1066988 ID: fdc9e8
File 168835301712.png - (445.06KB , 2878x2152 , 012.png )

“Ah… can we talk about this?” I blubber, backing into a water cooler. “Maybe have a drink?”

The Wendigo just keeps coming. I cast my crutch aside and hoist the heavy drum over my head. Take this!


The Wendigo baps it aside.


My only hope now is to lure him into the stacks and get him to stand where the wobbling bookshelf is about to crash down and start a collapse of bookshelf dominoes, ending right on him. It’s the only tool I have that might slow even him down. But how do I get him to stand right where I need him to?

There is one way. The Tsuki way.

I could beg.

I could fall to my knees and plead for mercy, promise to acknowledge his superiority if he lets me go unharmed, but not actually give up. I could blubber like a coward until the shelf falls, and then leap out of the way faster than he can.

But can I throw away my pride like that? Can I really bring myself to cry and wail convincingly enough that even a cold-hearted monster believes I’m really sorry?

1. Yes! I have to play the part with PASSION, even if it’s disgraceful. If I’m convincing, he’ll believe I’m surrendering and won’t hurt me.
2. No, it would be too obvious that I have something planned. I’m too noble-hearted to convincingly be a Ruda. I must risk my own safety and fight, putting me at risk of further injury and being caught in the falling bookshelves if he grabs me.
No. 1066989 ID: e51896

A. Remember Lucha rule #1: Mask up! yeah that could be meant to be taken literal, but maybe can be taken figurative too? Like mask up a facade, and fool your enemies. Put all your corazón y alma into putting up an act to fool the opponent

Also Remember Lucha rule #5: Trust in your friends and they will trust you! you gotta Maintain that trust in Chestnut and Felipe by saving him by any means possible, even if it means setting aside your pride to fool the Wendigo. saving Felipe will balance things out.

And don't forget, this is a HARDCORE match where anything goes. You already did some dishonorable moves which is expected in this kind of match. what's one more?

Besides, we can't risk the Wendigo injuring us before our big Pay-Per-View match against Tsuki, especially not to our leg.

...it is pay-per-view, right?
No. 1066990 ID: a7a180

1, you must learn to think like your opponent.
No. 1066991 ID: e51896

(meant to say 1, not A)
No. 1066992 ID: baa23d

2. Nacha what would your Monk do and what are the RULES of that game, maybe you have do what you can do to defeat him, in other words REMEMBER THE ENGLISH YOU JUST READ IN YA HEAD.
No. 1067140 ID: 48c015

🎶Don't give a damn about reputat-🎶 *record screech*


I agree, it's probably time to be ruda.

But instead of mewling and pretending to beg, it's time to get MEAN.

Tell the wendigo his brother was right, his curly hairdo and goatee really do look like Mcdonald's patty poopoo. Because you just KNOW there he has a brother out there that teases him about his looks.

Continue with a few more jabs of familial disapointment to get him to start venting about them. He probably doesn't get out of his nightmare realm much, so he will not pass up an oportunity to rant about how much of a hard time his family gives him outside of his nine circles of friends.
No. 1067254 ID: f2cf5a

1: Disgrace is in your head. Fear and being willing to do what it takes to escape is no shame. This thing is a monstrous individual. It will take monstrous actions to defeat it. Manipulate its emotions to your benefit. You're afraid, but don't let that control you. Control that fear, let it show, but DON'T let it guide.

You can do this. Honor is all well and good...until sticking to honor gets your friends killed when you could've done something about it.
No. 1067918 ID: 419a80
File 168948110124.png - (210.48KB , 1500x1500 , 013.png )

Can I do this? Cast aside my pride and grovel on my knees just to delay this monster for a few moments more?

If it’s to save my friends, yes. That’s what Luchais all about. Not winning, or pride, or high-flying moves that make the crowd pop. Rule #5: I’ll trust my friends, and they’ll trust me.

I turn tail and duck under the otherworldly ropes floating in midair, fleeing the ring. There are no refs to count me out this time, not like against Rose in my last match. Anything goes here, even cowardice.

The heavy bootfalls of The Wendigo pursue me faster than I can awkwardly shuffle-hop dash due to my cast, and soon he’s right behind me. He sweeps my good leg out from under me and I go down in a crash, tumbling head over heels into the unsteady row of bookshelves. This is my chance!

“¡Aieeeeee!” I shriek. “¡No me lastimes! Por favor, señor hombre espeluznante!”

The Wendigo just keeps advancing toward me. I claw at the bookshelves to try and escape upwards, but they rock back and forth precariously. The unstable shelves are much more effective at keeping me than any ring ropes or floating bones. I’m trapped!

“I shouldn’t have kicked you there. ¡Lo siento, señor Wendigo! I should have known you were too strong to fall for such a low blow! I know better know! ¡Yo sé! I know not to summon you now unless I am ready to face your unstoppable might. I was wrong about what I said earlier. You are mighty!”

“Too late,” he booms. “You will pay for your words… with your blood.”

“¡No! No mi sangre! ¡Necesito eso!” I clamber against the end of the bookshelf. From behind The Wendigo, bathed in the red EXIT sign light, I see Chestnut holding the ritual book and waving at me wildly.

No. 1067919 ID: 419a80
File 168948114326.png - (580.09KB , 2878x2152 , 014.png )

With all my might, I pull the bookshelf down upon us both. I’m at the very end of the shelf, so just as it comes crashing down, I drop low to the ground and tumble like a ninja to avoid being pinned. Now it’s The Wendigo’s turn to be trapped!

The Wendigo roars. The bookshelf shakes. It won’t hold someone like him for long. “Chestnut! Now! The ritual!”

Chestnut recites the undoing spell with all the haste and confidence of a fluent English speaker. The Wendigo shoves the bookshelf up and off him with his monstrous strength, but once again, it’s his turn to be too late. The floor glows, and a portal to parts unknown opens up beneath him.


The Wendigo is sucked into the portal, taking the eerie darkness with him. The library’s lights shine again, and where The Wendigo was, there is Felipe. The ritual really did completely reverse!
No. 1067921 ID: 419a80
File 168948118816.png - (220.82KB , 2878x2152 , 015.png )

“Felipe!” I cheer, giving him a big hug. Chestnut joins the hug and one-ups me by giving him a big nuzzle.

“What happened?” Felipe asks. “Everything went dark for a second. Was there a power outage?”

“Everything is fine,” I say. “You hit your head on a bookshelf, but you’re safe now.”

Chestnut gives me a funny look, but I shake my head. The fewer people who know about the book that summons The Wendigo, the safer the world will be. We spend the rest of the club time picking up books and cleaning up the mess from the “accident.”

I’m exhausted, but I didn’t get injured in my fight with The Wendigo. I should go home and get some rest before tomorrow’s Pay Per View. It’s OWO’s first, and I need to be ready.

Who is giving me a ride home?
1.Trisha Harding
2. “Alleycat” Rose Harper
3. Brett “THE THREAT” Winfield
4. Jimmy Cones
No. 1067922 ID: 4481aa

3, Brett smelled sulfur and brimstone, and came by to make sure everything's alright. He probably could have beaten the Wendigo, heck he may have encountered it before. He'll be glad to hear everyone is safe though.
No. 1067925 ID: f2cf5a

4: Jimmy Cones

He was coming in for a book but things felt weird so he wanted to investigate.
No. 1067926 ID: a7a180

No. 1067934 ID: 9b127b

Trisha is gonna pick Nacha up
No. 1067939 ID: e51896


4. Jimmy Cones. He was passing out ice cream to customers when he saw you walk out the library a bit shaken. He's concerned about you and decides to pick you up to ask what happened and take you to home.

he is pretty chill and helped us out with trying to catch Tsuki. He's the ice to Nacha's fire!

also, since he runs his company Dairy Dukes, and since we can't have icecream as that would break Lucha rule #2, we can probably instead ask if he has milk for our bones to get stronger, and our injured leg could use the calcium. Ask if you can have some after that scary incident.

Plus consider this: riding in an ice cream truck sounds a lot of fun, and must feel cool to be in during the hot summer weather.
No. 1067973 ID: 15db08

No. 1068082 ID: aff350

I think we should leave with Trisha. She seems way too enthusiastic about the pay-per-view event and we have to remind her that we only accepted the idea because it's the only way Tsuki would accept to duel us again, and we don't like it.

Also, memorize the rituals to summon heckdude and palal, the demons who like fighting other demons.
No. 1068104 ID: d5170c

Jimmy, he probably was entangling with Coco to make sure that she doesn't find out about THAT match you will be doing in the PPV.
No. 1068764 ID: 76e45b
File 169012628457.png - (391.17KB , 2878x3201 , 016.png )

Trisha said she could give me a ride home from the library. It was very kind of her to offer; it’s no fun for me to maneuver around el autobus with a crutch and cast. I say a warm goodbye to Felipe and Chestnut and go to meet Trisha in the parking lot, and… where’s her car?

Dios mío, eso es un montón de pegatinas.

“Daddy said I could borrow it for the Pay Per View. Doesn’t it look great? It has ALL our stickers! Even your brand new ones that are just in time for tomorrow!”

I’m used to riding as una pasajera de moto from Mexico City, but this clearly isn’t Trisha’s motorcycle. Will she know how to handle it? But… if Mr. Harding said Trisha could borrow, then that’s fine, right? Surely he wouldn’t put her in a position where she could hurt herself. She’s not a wrestler like me.

”Ay, no importa.” I just fought a monster from the great beyond, I can handle a few bumps in the road.

“Gracias, Trisha,” I say. “Your work is very lovely. This motocicleta will be very popular on the show tomorrow.”

“I know, right?” Trisha beams. “It’s gonna be great. Our first Pay Per View, and your flames are going to make it SIZZLE! Two dresses enter, one dress leaves!”

“Sí,” I sigh. “The crowd will love it. I am happy you support my match with Tsuki.”

“Of course I do,” Trisha says. “What’s wrong? You look kind of down. Are you feeling okay? Tsuki’s scary, but you’ve got her dead to rights! You’re ten million times more skilled than she is.”

“I know,” I say. “But how can I be seen as a Luchadora if I cannot use aerials, and my leg is in a cast like this? If Coco sees me like this, then I will never hear the end of it. I don’t want to be known for flailing around and ripping dresses, or begging for mercy in front of scary opponents. I want to fly.”

“Begging for mercy?”

“I am sorry,” I say hurriedly. ”Habia un monstruo, El Wendigo, y-”

“The Wendigo?!” Trisha gasps. “We gotta call Brett! It’s an emergency!”

“No! No, it is okay!” I say. “I sealed him away with help from my friends. He is gone. For now. But I had to beg to do it, and there was nothing honorable about it.”

“Wow,” Trisha says. Trisha steps up to me and places her hand on my shoulder. “Nacha, you’re incredible! You stood up for your friends and risked everything! That’s true Lucha Libre, even if you didn’t have any high-flying moves. Your match tomorrow will be just the same. Now come on, let’s get you home.”

I am not sure how well Trisha understands Lucha Libre, but she sounds confident, and that's reassuring.
No. 1068765 ID: 76e45b
File 169012630432.png - (15.34KB , 410x683 , 017.png )

Thankfully, we make it to my tiny, tiny apartment without crashing. Trisha walks me to my door and pauses, uncharacteristically shy for a moment.

“Hey,” Trisha says. “I know you’re in charge of your outfit for tomorrow, but… I’m happy to give you some advice. If you want. You know, to make it Pay Per View ready.”

Ah. Now everything makes sense. Trisha offered to give me a ride today to make sure that my outfit meets Mr. Harding’s standards. Well, I suppose I have no choice.

“Would you?” I ask. “You know American fashion better than I do.”

Trisha sighs, grateful I don’t make a fuss over the small micromanaging. I let her in and tell her to avoid the piles of laundry I’ve let accumulate since I hurt my leg. I’ll get to them later. I hurry and change into my Evening Gown to let Trisha make her assessment of if it’s “PPVR.”

Mr. Harding needn’t have worried. Trisha approves of my Evening Gown with a big grin. It’s got a slit cut up the left leg to give me the mobility I need to ‘rana Tsuki through the floor.

“You know,” Trisha says, “Tsuki’s probably going to fight dirty. Is this dress ready for anything she might throw at you? ”

“We could test it for weak points,” I say.

“I don’t want to damage itr damage it the night before. That sounds risky. What’s your strategy?”

“I’m too flexible for Tsuki to really get a hold on me or a pin for the gown. I just have to keep moving and not let her grab my dress, right?”

Trisha nods. “And you have to be ready for Tsuki’s tricks, whatever they are. She could be hiding anything in her cavernous cleavage.”

“Thank you,” I sigh. “Yes, I am aware that she has huge boobs.”

Prepare Nacha’s strategy for the Evening Gown Match.
1. Should I test my Evening Gown for weak points right now?
2. Suggest defenses or strategies to counter anything Tsuki might use to win underhandedly.
No. 1068785 ID: e51896

1. Yes, and I already see a glaring weakpoint right now we have to check: the straps on your shoulder of the evening gown is pretty thin, isn't it? All Tsuki would have to do is easily tear those off after grabbing you, and you'll have a difficult time keeping your gown up putting you at a disadvantage. You better make sure you get those checked and see if you can work to make them thicker or find a way to protect them.

2. While I'm worried about the gown, I'm more worried about the injured leg. Tsuki could easily try to attack that as her main target to slow you down enough to remove your gown. She could even remove that protective cast to injure your leg more while she tries to tear off the gown if she is willing to really fight dirty. Try to avoid going into positions where she'll grab your left leg. In fact, it's also best to do that because the entire left side of your gown is open anyways, giving her an easier time to tear that side of the gown off.

So yeah, for this match, keep the left side of your body away from her when defending.

what else? You should also ask a friend like Rose, or Trisha to be on ringside with you so that they can prevent outside interference from any allies Tsuki might have with her. I'd include Jimmy in that list, but I think it'd be uncomfortable to have a male wrestler watching in a closer spot at the evening gown match.

Rose I think is my pick to bring to ringside, as she had also been a victim to Tsuki sabotaging Nacha's match with Rose. I think it makes most sense storywise that way.
No. 1068904 ID: f2cf5a


1. Backing >>1068785 analysis.

2. Honestly? I know you're a luchadora, a high-flyer...but not every single luchadore or luchadora has to take to the air all the time. Tuski is a cheat and trickster? How do you prevent tricksters from being tricky? Don't give them an opportunity to do so in the first place.

My suggestion would be to adapt to your circumstances and try to keep things grounded. Specifically, submission holds aplenty (rear naked choke is a classic and highly effective as is its cousin the bulldog choke), but also armbars, dragon sleepers, dragon screws. La magistral and other high angle/pressure pins (if you can handle the pressure on your leg), and shots to the limbs while prone. Make it cerebral, don't let her get a head of steam. Keep close, but don't be overly aggressive. Intimidate, but don't scare. Counterpunch, take the wind out of her sails. Let her make the first mistake then make her pay dearly.

Being a high flyer is all well and good, but you need both working wings and an engine for that, and your engine's kinda busted. So you need to flip the script on what she's expecting.
No. 1069225 ID: 4481aa

1, Yes. If there's a weak point on your gown now, then it'll stay weak even after restitching it, presuming you break something. You'd be better off knowing than not. One area you gotta consider is the small breast window. What's stopping Tsuki from grabbing it and dragging down, tearing the fabric and baring your boobs to the audience?

Smart choice putting the injured leg on the side with the least fabric btw, as it disincentivized attacking there. One move I'd be aware of though, would be her stomping down on the bottom of the gown to try and break your straps through your own movement.

2, Tsuki will be trying to fight dirty, so maybe we can count that into our strategies? For example, if she tries to use a weapon to attack you from a distance, not letting you get close, we could try to counter with your crutch. Or, if you aren't bringing that in, you could try to grab her tool and steal it for yourself. After all, it's not cheating to play by the rules set by the opponent.

Although if it's too easy, and she doesn't even land a hit with it, consider that it may be a trap as well. She could try to attack your reputation by making it seem like you're the one cheating, and you aren't really in a position where you can take that right now. You don't want your early career defined by scandal.

If she has any blades, consider that your left side is the most vulnerable. A slash from the thigh slit to the arm hole could see your entire garment coming apart. If she has some kind of sword or knife, then try not to show her your left side when she has the advantage. In a similar vein, if you're going to get pinned, then preferably your left side should be facing the mat. Cutting would be easiest, but pulling apart and tearing the fabric is plenty viable.

Remember that douche canoe who went for the mask straps? I don't think it's the first thing Tsuki will try, but you have another weakness in a similar area. That ponytail would be very easy to grab. You may want to practice breaking out of someone holding it a few times.

Consider interference from outside of the ring. It'd be blatant cheating, but I doubt the audience will care, so long as it results in some fur showing. One strategy you could use to help would be ensuring you have your own friends in the sidelines, people you can trust to watch out for bad actors. Another would be staying aware of them, and attempting to redirect their trickery towards Tsuki instead of you. Like, if you see one of Tsuki's companions setting up a massive fan to lift your gown with air, then try to get Tsuki in a hold and point her towards it.

Don't eat any food or drink that you don't bring in with you, and don't leave any such items unattended. While I don't think she'd go as far as straight up poisoning you, there are countless things she could drug you with that would hamper your ability to fight. Ipecac, a laxative, cold medicine that makes you drowsy as a side-effect, alcohol, pot, etc. This bitch broke your leg with a cheap shot, do NOT give her any benefit of the doubt. Until proven otherwise, she is as evil as you can possibly imagine, and you have to be wary of any schemes.

Finally, and this really is a big one, but you should probably be suspect of anyone claiming to be your fan before or during the match. If anyone approaches you wanting to meet you and/or get an autograph, be on high alert. You know that you aren't doing too hot with crowds right now. You're new, and traditional values like yours aren't the most popular these days. That doesn't mean you don't have fans anywhere, or even that you won't actually meet any tonight. It just means that you should way the possibility of it against the possibility that the "fan" offering you a pen will flip it open to reveal a secret pocket knife, and take a slash at your gown before you're even in the ring. Be prepared, and be cautious. Not paranoid! Do not start jumping at threats that don't exist, that is a slippery slope that will doom you. Just practice reasonable suspicion, and take necessary precautions against them.
No. 1070770 ID: a2cc8d
File 169298144481.png - (114.61KB , 1280x1280 , 018.png )

“You noticed she has huge boobs. Good!” Trisha says, grinning, “But what about her other assets?”

“Assets?” I ask, confused.

“I’ve seen other companies put on Evening Gown Matches,” Trisha says, “And I can tell you, Nacha, you gotta be ready for anything. Fans ringside, begging for your autograph? They could be working with Tsuki, waiting to spring a trap and handcuff you to the steel barricade. She’s hiding her hands behind her back? Probably reaching for a pair of scissors or a fabric cutter to slice your dress right off you. If she starts begging for mercy, do I even need to tell you it’s a Trademarked Tsuki Trap?”

“I understand,” I say.

“She could even have a second layer of traps, too,” Trisha says. “Let’s say she tries to slice your dress off. Even if you disarm her fabric cutter as soon as you sense she’s going for it, what if she turns it around on you and makes it look like you were the one to bring the foreign object into the ring?”

“Dishonorable ninja bunny,” I hiss. “She would do that, wouldn’t she? Well, she can’t do that if I smash her into the mat first. That’s why I challenged her. Not to strip her. To strike her!”

“Like goading you with something dishonorable, distracting you as you monologue, all while getting close to you and grabbing these weak points on your dress.”

I look down. Trisha is doing just that.

“¡¿Qué carajo estás haciendo?!” I gasp, slapping my hand to my chest. Trisha giggles devilishly and lets me go. “Are you Tsuki?”

“No, but like I said… I’ve seen an Evening Gown Match or two. Now come on, take it off and we can stitch some reinforcement into those straps.”

I nod and head to my bedroom to change out of the dress.

“And tomorrow… um…” Trisha giggles again. “You are gonna be wearing underwear under there, right?”

“¡Desde luego! Tonta.”

I slam the bedroom door closed behind me, heedless of the hinges. If the door breaks, it’s Trisha’s fault.
No. 1070771 ID: a2cc8d
File 169298146960.png - (109.36KB , 1280x720 , 019.png )

Trisha and I spend the rest of the evening working on reinforcing my dress’s straps, and for good measure we throw some extra stitching into the leg slit. Can’t be too careful there.

Trisha is excited about Ohio Wrestling Organizations’ first-ever Pay-Per-View. We have a decent venue, a solid time slot off of a favor to Jim Harding from one of his old-time friends in the networks, and a much-hyped Title Match between Brett and The Professor. Brett may be THE CHAMP and holder of the Heavyweight Belt, but now that The Professor knows that Brett is a serious Threat, he’s checking to see if the young pup’s done his homework to keep the title.

My Evening Gown Match vs. Tsuki is mid-card, so I don’t have to worry about warming up the crowd. They’ll be excited after a gigantic, titan-versus-titan match between WAN’s great, intimidating Genbu the Giant Tortoise and Marvelous Marv the polar bear.

“It’s gonna be great!” Trisha gushes. “Clash of the Titans, then titties, then titles! What’s not to love?”

“My match is more than titties,” I say, a little more harshly than I meant to. “I mean… yes, there’s something for everyone.”

Trisha looks at me, eyes big and bright, full of excitement. In them, I see my own eyes reflected. My eyes flicker too, but with a darker flame. A need for vengeance. For taking my chance at a fair fight with Rose. A need to make Tsuki pay for breaking my leg, and for taking away my high-flying moves. I have a match with her, yes. But it’s not a match on my terms. It’s something else.

I feel like I am losing something important in this moment.

The memory of Rose’s smiling face flashes in my mind. Her words of wisdom, the words of an experienced wrestler. I am doing this for the fans. Not for me.

“Are you feeling all right?” Trisha asks. “Everything okay?”

“I am fine,” I say. “Trisha, you know Ohio much better than I do. I need to know. If it comes down to it tomorrow, what will the fans like to see from my match more? A sexy show, or… or Tsuki getting what she deserves?”

“Americans love sex, violence and rock and roll,” Trisha says. “We’ve got plenty of guitars already. For an Evening Gown Match, it’s gotta be sexy, yeah.”

The anger flares up in me again. I don’t want to be a sexy bunny, I want to pound Tsuki into the dirt. But will the crowd expect sexy wrestling?

Should I try to make the match sexy, like Trisha wants?

No. 1070772 ID: e51896


Remember Lucha step number 5. You gotta have trust in your friends. Rose told you to give the fans what they want, and Trisha said they want sexy! And you do trust your friends, right? They've been there for you since the beginning and helped you get accustomed to Ohio. Giving Trisha a sexy match like she wants and giving the fans what they want like Rose suggested is the best way to return the favor for them.

Also, remember the last time you were blinded by revenge, anger, and violence: it caused the Wendigo to accidentally be summoned. If you go in violently, you'll be too blinded by Tsuki's tricks. Sexy fighting should help you remained focused like a true Luchador

Lastly, if you give the fans a sexy match, they'll be more intrigued in you and keep a more watchful eye on your future matches so that you can REALLY show them the spirit of Lucha Libre with your high flying moves! Show the fans love, and in return, the love of Lucha Libre will spread. You'll only be seen sexy bunny temporarily before you show them who you truly are: a luchador!
No. 1070774 ID: baa23d

No, you need to have the fans like for YOU, not some sleezy lewd match thats not about wrestling but just yanking ripping and pulling off clothing, heck its the 2nd worse thing is wrestling with 1st being unmasking! Focus on wearing stuff that allows you to wrestle in this wrestling match and use Tsuki pride against her, she will defenantly pick something complicated that will lead to errors.
No. 1070775 ID: 38ba24

No. 1070777 ID: 4481aa

I think the real answer is to split the difference.

You have two main goals in this match, and both of them are very important:

- Give the audience a good show
- Make Tsuki regret her actions

Your ideal victory would be one in which you can land several painful blows on Tsuki, and strip her down in front of the audience to claim victory. This would accomplish both goals well. We rarely get to work under ideal circumstances however.

You're going to need to prioritize something, and that might mean settling for just one of your objectives. You can either focus on getting Tsuki nude, and give the fans what they want; or you can make her pay, at the cost of not gaining too many new fans.

I think it helps to consider, that even in these outcomes you wouldn't be going 100% on one goal and 0% on the other. Even if you don't play into the sex appeal of the evening gown match, taking down Tsuki will earn you some fans, even if not as much as you want. And if you beat Tsuki in her own game, without letting her take you down with her, then on some level I think she will regret having come after you. Even if you really do have to choose, you aren't giving up on everything.

With all of that said, prioritize Violence.

If you don't get many fans off of this, you can always do more evening gown matches in the future. This isn't a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Fighting Tsuki is. You don't have the luxury of forcing her into it like she does, because you play by the rules. She will never give you another opportunity to kick her sorry butt, because deep down she knows that you're better.

It also comes down to your character. While you shouldn't be afraid to make some compromises, you should stay true to yourself at the core of everything you do. You want revenge. You want to pay Tsuki back for the pain and humiliation caused you. You may not make as many new fans going that route, but the ones that you do will be some of your most reliable supporters. They'll be fans of who you actually are, not just whatever cheap appeal you slap over yourself (Not to degrade playing to the crowd too badly, as making people know who you are is important too, and the people who would actually like you can be weeded out after you gain their attention).

Before any talk of an evening gown match came up, you knew what you wanted. You wanted to FIGHT Tsuki. And wrestler could come on stage and play to the crowd the way Tsuki and Trisha seem to want you to, but you aren't "any" wrestler. If you make anything clear to the audience through this match, make it that.
No. 1070778 ID: f2cf5a

Stay true to yourself and the fans will follow. Yes, Americans love sex, violence, and rock and roll. But while we have enough guitars, we can never have enough of the first two. If you REALLY want to, you can strip her and HUMILIATE her. Beat her in proper wrestling and then strip her for the finale.

Doing it for the fans is good! Great, even! But after a point, you have to want to do it for yourself, too- otherwise you're just a doll on strings.

You might be dressed up tonight, but you're no doll, to be played with and tossed aside afterwards, are you?

No. You know, deep down, EXACTLY what you are.

Time for ~ul-tra-vi-o-lence~.
No. 1071494 ID: 918cdb

Pleasing the crowd is important, but cementing the wrong reputation over a one-off match will leave either the fans or yourself disappointed down the line.

Still, a bit of misleading is in order.
Enter the ring comfidently. Act coy and smug at first. Let Tsuki think she's gotten to you already and that you were never any better. Then strike swift and hard when her guard is down.

People love a crafty heroe, too.
No. 1071599 ID: 8f9bc4

Be careful, Nacha. Remember you stand for justice, not for anger. You have every right to be furious with Tsuki, but that doesn't mean giving up on your principles just to pound her into the dirt. Your boobs might get exposed, but that's better than getting lost in senseless violence. Just make Tsuki pay for every inch of clothing she gains. You want her to regret crossing you.
No. 1072188 ID: fb8a42
File 169448240408.png - (136.79KB , 1280x720 , 020.png )

What I want is to give the fans what they want, and Trisha says they want sexy bunnies in a strip fight. I want to make Trisha proud and reward her for her faith in me.

What I need is to make Tsuki regret every decision she’s made that led her to this point.

I’m not a colorful doll on silk strings like Tsuki. I’m more than some foreign showpiece who laughs in a shrill voice and waves stupid fans that wouldn’t do a thing in real heat. While I can’t do any aerials this match, I’m going to kick Tsuki’s butt so hard she bounces ten feet off the mat! I’m not going to pull my punches just so I can throw in a saucy wiggle. The only swaying hips here will be Tsuki as she staggers around punch-drunk.

I’m going to be true to myself. Let Tsuki plot and scheme. I’ll be ready for whatever foul play she tries to pull; I’m the real woman here. Tricks are for kids.

“I do not know how to commit sexy and be violence at the same time,” I say. I won’t lie to Trisha; I cannot deceive her about my plans. “So I will be true to myself and pound Tsuki until she screams!”

“You are going to blow expectations,” Trisha snickers.

Satisfied, Trisha and I pack up and declare ourselves prepared. She promises to keep an eye out for outside interference tomorrow, and I will be alert for any trisky traps, even before the match starts.


This is it: my chance for revenge, live on TV from the MegaMiniDome! Good things DO come in small packages, as my fans will soon know.

The MegaMiniDome (MMD for short) is the most intimate, high-intensity multi-purpose dome and it looks like a half a golf ball from the outside and it is SO EXCITING that people across Ohio are tuning in and paying for EXCLUSIVE views of the evening! The seats are jammed and the crowd is getting its first look at what the Ohio Wrestling Organization can really do.

The first match is a MEGA clash in the MINI dome as OWO defends itself against the WAN: “Marvelous” Marv the Polar Bear vs. Genbu the Hulking Tortoise. It’s OWO’s unstoppable force vs. the WAN’s immovable object!

There are no TVs in my locker room, unfortunately. Rose is warming up for her match after mine and Trisha is standing guard outside, making sure no one tries to sneak in and ambush us. What a horrible thing that would be- and it’s exactly why Trisha suspects Tsuki might try it.

We hear the crowd roar and whoop, boo and holler. The match is going long, and Rose seems nervous.

“Is Marv okay?” I ask.

“He’s even more experienced than I am,” Rose says. “He won’t be taken down easily.”

“Have you seen Genbu in person?” I ask. “Is he really as big as they say?”

“Marv is pretty big himself,” Rose says. “He insisted he handle this himself. Alone.”

“Even big boys need friends, if the WAN is… is cheating, like Tsuki does,” I say.

Rose bites her lip.

Do we go out to see if Marv needs help?
No. 1072192 ID: 918cdb

Check out the fight, but don't intervene.

If the polar bear legend trusts he can handle any attempt at cheating, we should trust the pro in his judgement.
No. 1072193 ID: a7a180

Yes, go look.
No. 1072195 ID: c946d9

No, dont help. Let us trust Marv. He wanted to do this on his own without help

But we can watch to see what kind of dirty tricks Tsuki's allies will pull to help with our match.
No. 1072196 ID: 4481aa

No. Marv knows about WAN and their tricks, and still asked to handle things alone. Respect his decision, and keep yourselves safe. He wouldn't be satisfied if you got hurt on his behalf, especially before a match.
No. 1072235 ID: c03871

No. Keep preparing for your own match. You cannot let Marv's match, regarfless of outcome, distract you.
No. 1073787 ID: fb8a42
File 169621546625.png - (379.52KB , 774x930 , 021.png )

It’s risky for us to leave the safety of the locker room. Who knows what kinds of foul play the WAN might have waiting for us outside?

Still, this is a chance I have to see how the WAN fights, and what kinds of tricks they might try to pull off a win and/or a dress.

“I want to watch the fight,” I say to Rose. “I need to know who and what to watch out for in my match. The WAN is more than just Tsuki, Kazama and Genbu.”

“Hmm.” Rose hesitates, but nods. “Watch the match, but also watch your back. This isn’t our home turf, Nacha. The WAN could have infiltrated the MegaMiniDome with their corporate tentacles just to get an advantage backstage prior to OWO’s first pay-per-view. Beware any suspicious staffers.”

I promise to keep an eye out. We leave the locker room and bring Trisha along as we carefully arrive at the upper stands to catch the tail end of Marv versus Genbu.

There’s no doubt whose flag Genbu flies- literally. The WAN has placed a great Genbu-sized Japanese flag inside the east corner of the squared circle, next to a small Tanuki man in a smart suit and bowler hat. That must be Genbu’s manager.

The two giants are panting and tired, each at the end of their rope. They’ve fought to their limits, and the match could go either way.

“Marvelous” Marv is as experienced as he is strong. Any tactic dangerous enough to put him in trouble is something I’d have no chance against myself. But if both Rose and I rush in at the same time to save him, maybe we’d have a chance to protect him from dastardly cheating. If we do that, though, the referee would call the match against Marv due to our run-in. I have to trust that the referee will do their job and maintain the image of our clean, honorable sport.

“Oh, no.” Rose puts a hand to her forehead and sighs. “It’s Macky.”

I peer over and see the referee.

¡Maldita sea! He’s wearing sunglasses! Inside! At night! They had better be prescription lenses…

As I watch, Genbu’s Tanuki manager grabs a corner of the giant flag in front of the referee, blocking his view. Genbu seizes the moment and goes for a massively illegal kick between Marv’s legs. Marv sees it coming, though, and twists to the side just in time- but he’s put himself close to the flag, and the Tanuki manager dances into the ring and wraps the flag around Marv’s legs, sending him crashing to the ground. I can feel the weight of the impact all the way up here.

With the manager holding the flag in place around Marv, Genbu kicks him over and over before he can untangle himself. Marv takes the hits like a champ, but the struggle has already left him drained. The Tanuki manager dances out of the ring before the referee can reposition himself to see what’s going on.

Marv swipes a massive claw at Genbu’s feet, trying to take him down as well, but Genbu is too well-balanced with his tortoise shell to sway even a little. Genbu gives another kick, and Marv rolls out of the flag’s trap. Genbu doesn’t follow. Instead, he grabs the flagpole and hoists it free of its position between the post and the mat- just inside the ring. He picks it up and holds the great pole up just in time to block an elbow drop from Marv, the rattling metal echoing over the crowd’s roars.

Genbu takes a swing at Marv with the pole. Marv ducks, but there’s another swing after that, and after that again. He’s tired, and can’t dodge forever.

“That’s cheating!” I shout. “He should be disqualified!”

“The flag was in the ring,” Rose says, unsettled. “If it was there at the start of the match, it’s legal to use.”

“But… that’s not right!”

“It’s in the rules,” Rose says.

“Well then the rules are wrong,” I say. “I don’t care what they say, using the Japanese flag as an excuse to sneak a weapon into the ring isn’t Lucha Libre.”

“What if it was the Mexican flag?”

“That would never happen. No one would dare let it touch the ground,” I say, completely confident. “Never!”
No. 1073788 ID: fb8a42
File 169621548958.png - (265.57KB , 2500x2500 , 022.png )

“Marvelous” Marv is too tired to dodge the latest furious strike. It whistles through the air as the pole comes at him.

“Marv!” Rose shouts.


Marv catches the flagpole in his claws, the impact of claw on metal ringing out. The two giants are caught in a struggle for the flag-turned-weapon.

“It’s a clash of titans!” an unfamiliar announcer calls out. “Who will claim the flag? Its rightful owner, or the polar pussycat?”

“Did they infiltrate the announcer booth, too?” I ask.

“That’s Kitt Sune,” Trisha says. “The WAN announcer. Daddy says we had to go 50-50 on the announcers this pay-per-view. It’s in the contract.”

“No, not the lawyers!”

“It’s horrible,” Rose agrees.

Marv roars and overpowers Genbu, wrenching the flagpole away from his opponent. “No more cheap tricks!” he shouts, and grips the flagpole to break it over his knee. “When you fight me, you fight my way! There is no other option!

Marv slams the flagpole on his knee.

It doesn’t break.

Marv cries out in pain and drops the flagpole, clutching his knee.

“Foolish American,” Genbu says, picking up the flagpole. “You cannot break glorious Nippon steel.”

Genbu steps forward, menacing grin on his face, and lifts the flagpole to deliver a devastating blow to the back of the doubled-over polar bear’s head. He lands on the ground, out cold.

“Your sun has set.”

“Marv!” Rose shouts. “Nacha, that hit’s bad. He needs a doctor, now! We gotta get in there, now!”

My match is next. This would be a great scene-setter for me to enter from up here in the seats, but might expose me to foul play from any WAN operatives.

How do I enter for my match?

1. From the stands, like a truly righteous avenger! High-risk, but this could be an iconic moment if I do.
2. Head backstage and enter from the ramp. Safest option, but will take a bit of time to navigate a path from here all the way down to the standard wrestling entryway.
No. 1073790 ID: e51896

2. enter like all the other wrestlers do. while it may take time for you to get backsatge, and won't be as flashy as your previous entrance, I actually think the audience need to process what just happened in that match, and give Marv a moment in the spotlight for the audience to cheer him on for his health as he walks out/gets taken out by a stretcher. Give Marv his moment, don't take his spotlight.
No. 1073792 ID: 4481aa

1, the "High Risk" strategy has one big advantage, in that it's unexpected. They know that you're being told to avoid the WAN's tricks and traps, and that means they're probably banking on smaller payoffs that can still catch you on the safer route. You may give them an opportunity for interference by taking a risk, but it doesn't matter if they aren't in a position to capitalize on it.
No. 1073793 ID: a7a180

2. Make your approach with the proper fanfare.
No. 1073798 ID: e51896

Also, maybe when we go backstage, we might have a chance to run into Marv before we head out and briefly speak to him where it's more private and quiet.
No. 1073828 ID: d195d3

Just like know thy enemy and know thyself. -Some Chinese hippy general. You know you would jump, so they know you will jump. Since you know this, you know it's best to not jump.
No. 1074639 ID: fb8a42
File 169721078203.png - (160.16KB , 1000x1000 , 023.png )

The ref’s three-count is a mere formality. It’s obvious Marv’s been knocked unconscious from that devastating strike from the pole. Those WAN lowlifes will use whatever they bring into the ring, even disgracing their own national flag, if it means they get to win. I need to assume Tsuki will be using everything she has near the ring, especially if it’s being carried by her tiny Tanuki manager.

“Uncle Marv!” Trisha wails. “Somebody help! He’s hurt bad!”

It’s a long way down from here to the squared circle. I could easily dash down if I wasn’t in this cast, but… ah, ¡maldita sea! It would be child’s play to trip me if I hurried down the stairs like this. Can I risk it?

Rose makes the decision before I can. She bounds down the steep stairs, dodging discarded bottles of Chickadee Red strewn in the aisle and jumping over the leg of a dead-eyed salaryman wearing a suspiciously nice suit. Quick as a flash, she’s at the ring and racing toward Genbu and the diminutive Tanuki manager who’s… who’s…posing on top of Marv’s back and dropping v-symbols on both of his grubby little paws! Rose grabs the Tanuki by the scruff of his blazer and tosses him bodily out of the ring, throwing him right into the giant gong the WAN have in their corner. Trisha follows behind, draping herself over Marv’s fallen form and calling for doctors. The lights dim a bit as the PPV goes to commercial, sparing the TV audience from the sight of Marv being loaded onto a stretcher and carried out.

It’s my turn now. I’m fighting not just for me, but for the honor of OWO.

So the WAN wants violence?

Come get some.


A few minutes later, my music plays. It’s a feisty, cocky beat backed by castanets and trumpets: the perfect music to announce a hero’s arrival from down south. I stride down the aisle, careful not to get surprised by anything as the bright lights hit my eyes. I’ve avoided the WAN’s tricks so far, and I won’t get blindsided this close to my match.

“Look at her, Dusty!” the WAN announcer, Kitt, derides me from the booth. “This is why you in the Ohio Wrestling Organization should make sure your wrestlers understand English before you tell them to break a leg, no?”

Ah. That would be the WAN announcer. Already, they are trying to hit me where it hurts. So what if I don’t speak fluent English? I’ve been practicing so hard I summoned the Wendigo. My English is fine!

“AhtellyouwhatKittyousaythataboutherlegbutIseeabraveandaverruhstrongwomanwalkingouthereforhermatchtoday,” rambles Dusty Toad, the OWO announcer.

I can’t believe Kitt is making fun of my English. Dusty takes a deep breath…
“Letmetellyouherebuddynowyamaythinkthat’sthedressthat’sallaboutthisfightforNachabuttellmewhatyoueverheardabouthowthemsandalsareathingdowninMexicoaboutLaChancla. Nacha’swholepointofvictorymaylineupwithflipflopsbeingapointinheroutyouseethemMexicanladiesknowhowtousethemfeetwearlikeweaponsandslapthesillyouttauppitymadboys’ngirlsan’Tsukifitthemoldbaby. NachaneedstomakeherfloponthemfloorwithaflipfloptometaphoricallyflipofftheWAN."

“D-Dusty,” Kitt stammers, “Eto… um, could you repeat that?”

Dusty barrels on, heedless of the casualties.

"NowKitttheissueisNachawiththattherecastrighttherebuddyyacan’twalkintoaringwiththemflopsinyahand’causethatbeaforiegnitemandsheaintgottwofeettoworkwithsonowsheatmaxgot1flipfloptoTsukiwiththeotherfootbeingopenitsamasterfulplanIsayitis. AT FIVE FOOT NINE, IT’S NACHA!"

I climb into the ring to cheers and wolf whistles. Just as Dusty said, I’ve got my footwear and my crutch, just in case I need them. He’s a very, um, unique announcer, but he’s got the right idea.
No. 1074640 ID: fb8a42
File 169721081694.png - (99.21KB , 1200x1096 , 024.png )

The lights go dark. The clapping of hands and a tejime announces Tsuki’s arrival, complete with a sprinkling of cherry blossoms flowing down from the rafters. How do they have the budget for that? What monstrously evil, incredibly wealthy bank can afford that just for Tsuki?!

Accompanied by that same diminutive Tanuki manager, she strolls to the ring, that damned parasol in hand. She makes a point of hopping under the ropes with it still in hand.

“Ever graceful, always elegant like the stars above, WAN presents Tsuki Mochitzuki, at SIX FOOT TWO!” Kitt declares. “The rules are simple. To win, one of these ladies must strip the gown off her opponent. That’s it! Even you can wrap your head around that, my American friend.”

Tsuki pulls a microphone out of her kimono cleavage and clicks it on.

“I dedicate this victory to Lord Kazama, and the glory of the WAN!” Tsuki declares. “When I’m done with you, Nacha, the OWO will be stripped of its pride, and you of your dress. Your strongest warrior has already fallen. Now the world will watch your pitiful promotion lose its honor and dignity, all in the same night!”

She hands her parasol to her manager and holds out the microphone to me, beckoning me to take it.

Trisha and Rose are gone, disappeared with Marv. I’m all alone out here. I don’t see any other microphones outside the ring. That little Tanuki has stolen them all and hidden them!

“What’s the matter?” Tsuki asks. “Afraid?”

Do I take the microphone from Tsuki to tell her off on live TV? If so, what do I say?
No. 1074641 ID: 4481aa

Actions speak louder than words. Knock the microphone away, and jump straight into battle. It's probably a trap anyways, she isn't going to let you finish whatever big speech you cook up to tell her off, so don't make one. Save it for the end, after you've proven you can beat her.
No. 1074643 ID: e51896

This is it! This is what all that time and hard work in your single day of Swords n' Spells english training with your amigos Felipe and Chestnut has lead up to

Give her a glare, grab the mic, and tell her that despite the sprained leg she had the dishonor of giving you in a peaceful match against your friend in hopes she would weaken you, she has only added fuel to the fire of your soul, and only made you stronger. Mention That flame in your heart burns so violently, you even summoned the Wendigo to go after her, just for the sole reason for you to take him down, and send him back to the depth of the realms in which he is imprisoned in, all with that leg injury of yours. And now, it's her turn. Because she didn't mess with a wreastler, she messed with a luchadora!
No. 1074653 ID: 06a1f4

Heh no need for a microphone. Just do a thing the whole audience can see. Just yawn perhaps tap your foot too. Like she's all bluster no bite.
No. 1074663 ID: f2cf5a

Take the mic. Wait a second.

Then bean her with it and go for a leg of your own.

Talk is cheap. You said earlier, quote: "I’m going to snap this bitch like a bamboo shoot."

Get to it.
No. 1074840 ID: 3ea497

Oh, that does it.

Snatch the microphone from her hand and say something along the lines of: "Honor? Ha! I only agreed to this match because you attacked me from behind and you were too much of a skank to fight me in a way that wasn't about ripping clothes! You want people to look at us fight naked to make me feel bad and you suck!"

Slut shame her face,
Slut shame her coach,
Slut shame her friends,
And call each one a roach.

Slut shame the crowd,
And the oddly-stained ground,
You'll there is no one,
You can't slut shame around.
No. 1074844 ID: b34e19

"Fuck me in the ass."
Get her confused. You need to take the initiative or your lowered mobility will lose you this match.
No. 1080536 ID: fb32ab
File 170464117909.png - (94.19KB , 1280x720 , 025.png )

“Oh, whoa! What’s this?” The Japanese announcer calls out. “Tsuki’s offering Nacha a microphone! How gracious!”

“Goodness gracious, how hellacious!” Dusty Toad rumbles. “That’satrapNacha! Beonyatoes, girl!”

Don’t worry, Dusty. I’m always on my toes, even when they’re in a cast. I swipe the microphone from her grip. “I’m not afraid of you,” I snap at her, shuffling back with one arm on my crutch, the other on the mic.

This is it! The moment I’ve been training for. All my English practice with Felipe and Chestnut have been for this moment: my first TELEVISED PROMO! Did they pay to watch me live? I sure hope so. They’re the the best of friends, and friends have each others’ backs when they’re on stage. I can almost feel their hearts beating in sync with mine.

“You think you are hot stuff, Tsuki?” I bellow into the mic. “No! You think you will bring glory to the land of the rising sun, but do you know why they call it that? Because it is so far away! I am right here, Tsuki, and my fire burns brighter than that far-off flashlight flag!

“You think the WAN is so much better than OWO? You’re wrong! You’re a coward, hiding in the shadows. You broke my leg with dirty tricks. Genbu hurt Marv with a dishonorable weapon. You’ve come here to make enemies? I’ll beat you because I’ve learned how to make friends! Friends who back me up with burning passion and freezing ice cream. I’ll make you feel the fires of humiliation and the chill of defeat when I rip that dress off you and wipe that smug grin off your face!”
No. 1080538 ID: fb32ab
File 170464127991.png - (1.11MB , 1200x1096 , 026.png )

“Such a spicy promo,” Tsuki says. “You can handle Mexican spice, but how about Japanese?”

Before I can react, Tsuki takes her arm out from behind her back and blows a mystical powder into my face.

Ahh! The mist overtakes me!

It’s making me feel…

1. PAIN! ¡Ay! ¡Mis ojos!
2. Confused. How many Tsukis are there?! Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, cinco, seis…
3. Sleepy. Maybe if I lie down for a second, this feeling will go away.
4. Excited. Tsuki’s cherry blossom perfume smells so intoxicating!
No. 1080539 ID: e51896

1. it'll only fuel that anger
No. 1080541 ID: a7a180

No. 1080542 ID: aa99fa

No. 1080547 ID: dc4bad

confusion seems pretty appropriate
No. 1080548 ID: b3eab7

1. Time to use these ears.
No. 1080555 ID: b6ec4d

No. 1080608 ID: ed3442

2 Confused.

Tricksy misdirection is pretty on brand for Tsuki.
No. 1080695 ID: 1371b2

Mostly because as I see it, pulling the angry little chador into their pace would be a major statement of power in it’s own right, asking the question was she really mad or was it all a show?
Seems like a fun narrative beat to play.
No. 1081988 ID: 75b262
File 170641487054.png - (225.14KB , 1200x1096 , 027.png )

¡Ay! ¡Tengo un dolor de oido! ¡Tsuki, tu conejo malvado, te voy a aplastar!

No, Nacha. You studied English, and overcame your fears of a horrible monster, you can fight the pain and focus on Tsuki’s dirty tricks! Reject pain, return to bunny!

My watery eyes clear, and I see that Tsuki’s taking advantage of my momentary weakness by grabbing her umbrella from her manager. The weapon that she hit me with- the weapon that put me in this cast. I see red as she clutches the proof of her cowardice!

I blink my eyes and focus on the target of my anger, and…
No. 1081989 ID: 75b262
File 170641489971.png - (229.32KB , 1200x1096 , 028.png )

No, wait. Tsuki already has a weapon, and she’s about to use it on the referee!

¡Ten cuidado, Macky! If Tsuki takes out the ref, there’ll be no one to stop her dirty tricks. Her manager might even climb into the ring and help her win, and there’d be no one to stop him. I have to save Macky, or else this match could end up even worse than Marv vs. Genbu.

I blink my eyes again and move my crutch a step forward, but then…
No. 1081990 ID: 75b262
File 170641492816.png - (240.00KB , 1200x1096 , 029.png )

¡Vaya! Tsuki is kneeling next to me, sneakily trying to undo the reinforcements in my dress’s leg slit. That sneaky rabbit, taking advantage of my distraction, she’s asking to be whacked. I gotta hit her down there while she’s in striking distance! She’s right there, easily whackable, so cocky and confident in her sneakiness- she’s vulnerable now!

I focus on that Tsuki, and then…
No. 1081991 ID: 75b262
File 170641495012.png - (325.60KB , 1200x1096 , 030.png )

A blur of motion in my vision shows her RIGHT BEHIND ME! ¡AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!


I stagger to one side, but…
No. 1081992 ID: 75b262
File 170641498522.png - (216.87KB , 1200x1096 , 031.png )

Tsuki’s on the ropes in front of me, getting ready to obliterate me from above. Hey! That’s my move! Has she been using all this time to set up a devastating attack?! I’d be defenseless to such a high-risk maneuver!

Not only is Tsuki trying to obliterate me, she’s trying to steal my spot as the highest-flying rabbit. I can’t allow that to happen. I have to punish her for her arrogance!
No. 1081993 ID: 75b262
File 170641503894.png - (229.52KB , 1200x1096 , 032.png )

Tsuki’s laughter echoes in the ring. I see her big, fat… face as she laughs, enjoying my confusion and utter helplessness.

Well, I’m NOT helpless. I’ll show you, Tsuki! I’ll figure out who the real evil bunny is, and I’ll pummel her! I can tell which one is real, even with this dust in my eyes.

The real Tsuki is…

1. The diabolical Tsuki grabbing the umbrella that broke my leg
2. The underhanded Tsuki about to knock out the referee
3. The sneaky Tsuki undoing my dress slit stitching
4. The brutish Tsuki going straight for my neck strap
5. The high-risk Tsuki about to crash down on me from the ropes
6. The haughty Tsuki convinced I’ll choose the wrong one and leave myself open
No. 1081994 ID: eb0a9c

Insult the sextuplets and make a crass joke about their mother.
No. 1081996 ID: 462d8c

6.) She's the only one not wearing anything underneath her clothing
No. 1081997 ID: f2cf5a

One of these things is not like the others...one of these things just doesn't belong!

(Hint, their wardrobe is ALMOST identical. But what's different? Or rather, what's *missing*?)

That said, why IS that one missing her strap when the others aren't and the first we saw wasn't, either?
No. 1081998 ID: 273c18

Wrong color sandal, and her dress doesn't split down the middle. Maybe the sandal is a mistake, actually.
Missing belt
Nothing wrong?
Missing eyeliner
No details on flowers
Missing bra

3! It's the one undoing your dress!
No. 1081999 ID: 4a4bd1

Let's find the real one through process of elimination. Each of the fake Tsuki's has something visually off about their appearance, which we can use to rule them out.

6, the Haughty Tsuki, is the easiest to get out. She's missing her bra.

5, the High-Risk Tsuki, has a much simpler flower design on her dress. None of her flowers have stems coming out.

4, the Sneaky Tsuki, is missing her eyeliner and eyelashes.

2, the Underhanded Tsuki, is missing her kimono sash.

This brings it down to 1 and 3, both of whom are a bit harder to identify issues with. Still, that doesn't mean that none exist.

I believe our final fake is 1, the Diabolical Tsuki. I believe the issue with this one is the color of her sandals, which are purple here. Now, admittedly I don't believe we ever get a good look at her sandals before, but they're present in 3 and 5, and in both of those they're shown to be black. This evidence wouldn't be enough on its own, since it assumes a maximum level of incorrectness from our incorrect Tsukis. We need something else to go on.

It's easy to miss, but I believe there is one more: Tsuki's buckteeth. There's suppose to be a line between them, as there are in every other pic here, but the Diabolical Tsuki lacks it. We can't rule this out as being excluded to simplify her appearance at a distance either, since all of the others feature it, including those which place her further away from the POV.

With all of this combined, the correct Tsuki is most likely #3, The Sneaky Tsuki. Frankly, it makes the most sense. She's wasting no time trying to tear away your dress while you're dazed and "helpless". Having her this close will make it easy to counter-attack, so go for it now!
No. 1082000 ID: 4a4bd1


lol, I didn't even notice the dress not splitting. Man, I feel like #1 manages to both have the most wrong, while also being the hardest to nail down as a fake.
No. 1082001 ID: a7a180

The robes are see through, so if that were true then she'd be na you're absolutely correct it is number 6.
No. 1082003 ID: f2cf5a

Geez, it's not just one, it's ALL of them. I was wrong, clever.
No. 1082004 ID: e51896

(polt here, there was indeed an art error on my part with the sandal color. it's fixed now.
No. 1082005 ID: 2f7f6e

3 is the real one.

1 has the wrong dress
2 is missing the bow
4 has no makeup
5 is missing a strap on her left leg (our right)
6 has no bra
No. 1082009 ID: b3eab7

Another point in favor of 3 being the real one: Tsuki is underhanded, but efficient. She'd likely be either 3 or 4, striking from the flanks/behidn.
No. 1082012 ID: 5ebd37

Since 4 lacks make up it must be 3
Plus the reverse reverse psychology of being in the most vulnerable spot seeming too obvious, so of course she's there.
No. 1082094 ID: ab3b17

I was going to say it was 6, since that's the only one making the sound, but the clothing mismatch makes sense.

Let's strike at #3.
No. 1082131 ID: 4e3cb0

If you remove a piece of her gown, be sure to hold it up and show the audience. They might go wild over it!
No. 1083169 ID: 75b262
File 170770614124.png - (153.52KB , 500x500 , 033.png )

There’s so many Tsukis, how do I know which is real? This mist is messing with my head. They’re all so evil, so hateable, so cocky, so underhanded. They all deserve a back leg front kick to the face.

And yet there’s something off about them. Something subtle. A clue that my mind is filling in the blanks, and that I’m actually seeing a real Tsuki in front of me. The false Tsukis conjured by the mist are all missing something: her obi belt, her eyeliner, her underwear… wait, why am I imagining Tsuki naked? Ah! It burns! No, wait, that’s the mist in my eyes.

The real Tsuki is right beside me, going after the weak point in my dress. The third Tsuki is the real deal!

I swing my crutch upward and catch her in the side of the head with a metallic crack even louder than the audience’s jeers. Tsuki clutches her head in pain. I’ve found the real deal!

I drop my crutch and quickly go in for a devasting bunny headlock I’ve practiced as long as I’ve had annoying little siblings. My doctor says I can do any wrestling moves I like, just as long as no aerials. Tsuki is doomed!

“Te tengo!” I declare in triumph. “No more tricks! Only lucha!”


“Buena chica.”
No. 1083170 ID: 75b262
File 170770617068.png - (132.00KB , 1200x1096 , 034.png )

With my free arm, I grab the knot in Tsuki’s obijime and her obi belt in a firm hold, then release the chokehold with my other arm and push her away. She spins and twirls like a top, her belt coming unwrapped like the giant roll of toilet paper she is.

“See!” I say, holding the belt to the audience and waving it around. “The WAN hurt Marv with a flagpole last match, but this is your flag now! A flag of shame!”

“My belt!” Tsuki flushes. “How?! How did you overcome the Asian Mist?!”

“My burning desire for revenge burned away all your poison, Tsuki!” I yell. “Prepare for payback!”

“Yieee!” Tsuki squeals, trying to scramble under the ropes to escape, but I’m having none of that. I seize her by the back of her kimono and yank her back into the ring, giving her a smack upside the ears for good measure. She squeals in pain.

You know what?

I like that sound.

I seize her by the ears and force her to the ground in front of me, getting another rewarding shriek from Tsuki. It’s an illegal move, but I don’t care. This whole Evening Gown Match should be illegal!
No. 1083171 ID: 75b262
File 170770619295.png - (130.92KB , 1500x1500 , 035.png )

I shove Tsuki to the ground in front of me, where she belongs. I give her a kick for good measure, relishing in her struggle to get up.

“Please!” Tsuki begs. “Please don’t hurt me any more! I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything. You win. I give up!”

“Match isn’t over,” I remind her, and give her a kick to the stomach with my cast, winding her and making her double over in pain. “I’m not done with you!”

Tsuki squeals and tries to get up and run again, coward that she is. I’m not letting her escape. She’s already given up her dignity as a wrestler: it’s time for me to strip away what little she has left.

But not before I enjoy it.

How do I finish her?

1. With a devastating series of strikes! She deserves a brutal beatdown after what the WAN’s done to me and Marv.
2. With a painful submission hold! I want to feel her squirm and make her scream so loud she can never laugh that haughty laugh again.
No. 1083173 ID: a7a180

2. No hitting!
No. 1083174 ID: 273c18

No. 1083175 ID: e51896

1. we woke up and chose violence after all
No. 1083176 ID: 5ebd37

2) not even a semblance of honorable combat for her, only humiliation
No. 1083177 ID: b6e1eb

1, She has this coming. Let's review, Tsuki has:

- Interrupted a match she wasn't involved with that you probably would have won
- Broke your leg in the process
- Forced you into this damn Evening Gown Match as the only method of challenging her back
- Cheated to help take down one of your teammates, Marv
- Cheated against you in an attempt to strip you in front of the crowd and rob you of any dignity you had left after agreeing to this stupid fight.
- Immediately tried to get away when her cheating wasn't enough.

Tsuki has been doing everything she wanted since before this match began. Nacha has only ever been able to react to Tsuki up until this point. For the first time since her first damn interruption, Nacha is in a position where she can do what she wants to do, full stop. Nacha is in control.

Maybe it's petty to want to beat the stuffing out of Tsuki, but counterpoint: Your fucking leg is broken, whereas her face is bruised. These are not comparable injuries. I don't think it's too much to suggest evening the score a little bit.
No. 1083178 ID: ab46e9

Grab her face. Gently. Carefully. Softly. With utmost concern.

And then take her in a headlock.

And DDT her.

No. 1083179 ID: e51896

to add to that list, don't forget what they did to Marvelous Marv. That injury looked pretty devastating over the back of the head that he took.
No. 1083180 ID: 0d1c28

1: Beat the rabbit
No. 1083183 ID: ab46e9

Actually, scratch that one. I vote 2. Specifically, a Double Fujiwara Armbar, and CRANK that sucker. Let her last call for help do absolutely nothing.
No. 1083185 ID: ab6c3e

Remember, it's an evening gown match! If you're holding her in a submission hold you won't be able to win so you gotta just cut loose and cut her loose!
No. 1083190 ID: c3b54f

1 - Full out humiliate. With every strike say what she's done to get this beating. Once her ability to fight back is gone, peel her clothes by ripping pieces off. Leave her with tatters of both her clothes and her pride. She called the thunder so she'll reap the whirlwind.
No. 1083198 ID: eb0a9c

3) Badmouth her entire abusive family and get her to reveal the evils that she delusionally believes are acts of love.
No. 1083342 ID: e51896

Another argument for option 1: if we do a submission hold, that will leave us a bit more vulnerable to an attack from her manager as we'd be too focused and distracted on getting her into a painful hold to be ready for a sneak attack from her ally, and even if we are ready, we'd have to let go of the submission hold to counter.

A beatdown will make us a bit more aware of our surroundings, be ready for any oncoming sneak attacks, and will make us look too intimidating for anyone to come up and try to stop us.
No. 1086764 ID: 2f41db

I say 2, but with a caveat.

You are disgusted by her craven display, so much that you even turn yourself slightly away shaking your head.
The snake of a bunny will take the chance to lunge for you, for sure.
That was exactly what you were waiting for!
Slip to the side, grab and twist that leading arm and...
Crossface chicken wing!
Take her on a tour of the ring.
Let ALL the fans see her face of PAAAIN!
No. 1089902 ID: fc100b
File 171428401973.png - (81.06KB , 1200x1096 , 036.png )

My anger burns away the last of the pink haze. I can see the treacherous Tsuki before me, begging for mercy. Well, what has she done to deserve it? When has she pulled her punches? Not when she robbed me of a victory over Rose and broke my leg. Not when she forced me into this lucha ridícula. Not when she tried to poison me!

Now, at long last, Tsuki is at my mercy. There’s nowhere for this rabbit to run. But does that mean the right thing to do is take an eye for an eye?

“You told me we were the same, Tsuki. We are not!” I shout. “I am a luchadora. Unlike you, Tsuki, l fight for honor.”

The WAN hurt Marv last match, so badly I’m not sure he can ever really recover. Will hurting Tsuki change any of that?

“I fight for iustice,” I say, leaning down and placing a hand on her shoulder.

“We are different,” Tsuki says. Her eyes glimmer. Is that relief I see? Repentance? Perhaps even gratitude?

“Sí,” I say. “Now stand up. Feel my burning passion for lucha, too.”

I hold out my hand. Tsuki reaches out and takes it, rising unsteadily to her feet.
No. 1089903 ID: fc100b
File 171428405145.png - (269.08KB , 2000x1595 , 037.png )

Then I slug her right in the gut.

She goes right back to her knees, and I follow up with an uppercut to her chin. I hope she doesn’t chip a tooth; that would be horrible for her evil little smile.

I kick her with my good leg. Again, again, and again. How’s it feel to be looked down on? Who’s on top now, Tsuki? Let’s hear that laugh one more time. What’s that? You’re out of breath? Pobrecita. Let me help you up. In fact, here’s a nice rope for you to hold.

A woozy and wobbling Tsuki grabs the top rope without questioning. All my lucha training tells me to flip her out of the ring, then launch myself at her in a glorious topé suicida… but she robbed me of all my high-risk maneuvers. Instead, I chop her once, twice, three times on the back of the neck and twist her arm as hard as it’ll go, drawing out a cry. It crescendos into a shriek so loud I see a CRT monitor crack.

Music to my ears.

At the peak of her scream, I undo her sash and whip that flimsy kimono off her body.

I win.

No. 1089905 ID: fc100b
File 171428410126.png - (160.46KB , 1456x1806 , 038.png )

I hold Tsuki’s kimono over my head as proof of my victory, basking in the glow of my win. The crowd…

The crowd…

Is quiet.

Why are they so quiet?

“How could this happen?!” Kitt Sune wails over the loudspeakers. “Dusty, this crazed rabbit has pounded poor, precious Tsuki! Nacha’s plucked Tsuki’s precious petals! Has she no heart?”

“NotafterwhathappenedtoMarv, I tellyawhat,” Dusty rambles back. “She’sgiventheWANawhat-for! Good work, Nacha!”

It doesn’t feel like good work. Not without the crowd cheering. Why aren’t they cheering? Why is my victory so empty?

It’s Tsuki’s fault. She robbed me of my high-flying moves. My high-risk maneuvers. Everything I trained for, useless! All thanks to HER! Even in defeat, she’s still won. That evil rabbit has robbed me of even the satisfaction of beating her!

I storm from the ring, cursing Tsuki and hobbling away on my crutch. This isn’t fair. None of this is fair! How could revenge taste so bitter?

Where do I go to fume? I can only think straight enough to pick one.
1. To the locker room, with Trisha
2. To call Rose at the local medical facility, who’s with Marv
3. To the bar across from the venue, to “celebrate” my “victory”
No. 1089907 ID: a7a180

2. Remember why you fight!
No. 1089910 ID: aa9ce9

3. It's been a long day, and you deserve a drink.
No. 1089915 ID: c5529d

I say 3 go to the bar.

Reason being is because Trisha needs to focus on running OWO's first Pay-per view, and will probably need to do damage control after we couldn't get the fans to pop (like the t-shirt canon). We can't annoy her with our ranting.

Can't do 2 either because Rose is helping tend to Marv, and we can't have her stress over him, and us at the same time just because our match didn't get a reaction. That would be rude.

Going to the bar would at least give us a chance to think and drink. And if any wrestler or fans shows up to check on us and join our pity party victory party, then they are our true friend(s), or true fan(s).

(my main vote is 3, but I wouldn't be oppose to 2 tho, but make sure you ask how marv is doing first. Maybe he might be awake enough to share some words of wisdom with us too...)
No. 1089919 ID: eb0a9c

Moral of the story, Tsuki: Don't drug the bnnuy. You'll unleash decades of carefully-disciplined inner hatred.
No. 1089922 ID: 2f41db

But this is a time for quiet.
You need to find a quiet bar.
Maybe a wrestling themed one if youre lucky.

Drink with the spirits of the greats who inspired you.
Remember their tales.
How they made you feel.
Times when they were pushed till they broke.
Times they got back up anyway.
Find the wound in your heart and begin to heal
No. 1089997 ID: 3ee96b

2. We used anger to fight our enemy, but we got carried away. We can only make ammends through healing, not fighting.

Go help Marv, he needs the support of his team and you the advice of wiser, veteran luchadores.
No. 1090054 ID: d5170c

I vote for 2

3 is a bad option, never drink out of depression or anger that only leads to bad things.
No. 1090058 ID: c3b54f

♫ ♪ So, Tsuki, are you okay? Are you okay, Tsuki?
Tsuki, are you okay?
So, Tsuki, are you okay? Are you okay, Tsuki?
You've been hit by
You've been hit by
A smooth luchador ♫ ♪

Go see Marv - he could use the support and you could use him to stay anchored.
No. 1090062 ID: 0d1c28

Voting 1 for Trisha! Trisha always brings the feel good energy!
No. 1090336 ID: fc100b
File 171487887027.png - (156.55KB , 1558x1595 , 039.png )

I don’t think I can handle Trisha right now, not after failing the crowd. I don’t want her to shove a soda into my hand and insist I smile a big toothy grin for the camera. What I want to do is go out and celebrate my win. I can’t spend yet another evening after the event locked inside a doctor’s office! I deserve to feel good!

In fact, the only thing that feels good right now is the memory of getting to deliver swift justice straight into Tsuki’s midsection. After what the WAN did to Marv? She’s lucky I didn’t do worse! I’m a spring-loaded, high-flying Luchadora and everyone should be afraid of getting on my bad side. Don’t mess with me or mis amigos, or you’ll regret it no matter who you are: the WAN or the Wendigo!

I wonder if Felipe or Chestnut were watching my match. What would they think if they knew they were friends with a superstar Luchadora like me? They’d be starry-eyed and cheer for me! But I didn’t hear any cheering in the audience. That means they weren’t there. I mean, I didn’t invite them, because I have a secret identity and don’t want them to be too overwhelmed by my star power, but… I still miss them.

Step five: trust my friends, and they’ll trust me.

I wish they’d come. I wish they’d cheered.

Felipe and Chestnut might not be here for me, but I can be there for Marv. Maybe feeling good can wait.

I demand a security guard to drive me over to the local medical facility, and he wisely gets me there in record time. Marv is lying on the bed, his eyes open and a bit glassy. Rose tells me the doctors are going to keep him for observation; he’s taken a hard, hard hit right to the back of his skull. Once we’re alone, she whispers that he’ll never wrestle again.

Is this what I have to be prepared for? Underhanded, sneaky cheaters working with demonic, violent brutes leading to career-ending injuries? ¡Qué bárbaro!

Tsuki may be a low-down, no-good wrestler… but she made a good teacher.
No. 1090337 ID: fc100b
File 171487891501.png - (296.19KB , 1475x1476 , 040.png )

With Nacha cast-ing off her restraints, there’s nothing to hold her back from leaping skyward and bringing the Ohio crowd to its feet in cheers for true Lucha Libre. But if she flies so close to the sun, she’d better be careful to not get burned…

Make sure to pre-order the next issue for NACHA UNLEASHED!

Thank you for reading!
No. 1090362 ID: 2f41db

And thankyou for writing!
Its been a real slobberknocker.
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