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File 167552837133.png - (97.21KB , 500x500 , p0.png )
1055193 No. 1055193 ID: 8483cf

I fight for honor, justice, and ice cream!
And remember: mask up! A Luchadora never removes her mask.

Art By Tippler: https://questden.org/wiki/Tippler
Written (and some art) by Donut: https://questden.org/wiki/Donut
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No. 1055890 ID: 8483cf
File 167626077363.png - (98.33KB , 500x500 , p8.png )

My brightest memories are of my hero flying through the air and delivering justice with a swift headbutt. Despite his horns being mere inches away from a horrible disaster every time he used that move, not once did he flinch or fail to deliver it perfectly. He kept the ring of Lucha Libre unblemished and unchallenged, and that’s why Lucha is the greatest in the world!

“His flying headbutt was my favorite move,” I tell Brett. “I want to soar like him and show the world my skill! I will show all of American Wrestling that Lucha Libre is the highest art. Ay, was that a pun? That was a pun. Lo siento.”

“Very good!” Brett laughs. “Your English is getting better, too. Your technical skill in wrestling is incredible, Nacha. I will teach you what I know to make a high-flying finisher, but I suspect that you may have learned much already from your time in Mexico City.”

From atop a log-turned-ringpost, he carefully shows me the launching positions a to help spin myself at incredible speeds and deliver precision strikes for when a finishing move is needed. I watch carefully, and commit as much as possible to memory.

“Our training ends here for today, so you can remain ready for your match,” Brett says once he finishes. “I’m sure you will delight the fans tonight.”

I give him a bow, and he actually returns it. Dios mío, he’s so cool!
No. 1055891 ID: 8483cf
File 167626080118.png - (140.66KB , 500x500 , p9.png )

It’s too late for me to surprise Rose and Trisha with breakfast munchies before they wake up, so I head straight back to the motel room. Both of them are packing up and getting ready to check out.

“You’re back!” Trisha exclaims, jumping up and hugging me so tight I think I’ll pop. “I was worried you disappeared into thin air!”

She releases me and I try to regain my composure, but still I can hardly contain myself as I tell Trisha and Rose who I ran into.

“Brett!” Trisha says. “THE CHAMP must have spent the night at this motel too. Daddy can get the best deals for everyone’s beds on the road. That’s how you know he’s got the business smarts to keep everything going just fine!”

Trisha’s dad is Jim “Hardluck” Harding, the owner, founder and guiding hand for the last ten years. Now that the big barrel-chested wrestlers of the ‘70s are fading, it’s up to me, the newest face in 1992, to help build the Ohio Wrestling Organization’s new and exciting arsenal. Sometimes I wonder if Trisha’s dad Joe has the best interests of Lucha Libre at heart, but he’s a well-respected wrestler in his own right, so I trust he’ll respect my art and tradition.
No. 1055892 ID: 8483cf
File 167626084286.png - (111.41KB , 500x500 , p10.png )

I notice Rose is doing her morning stretches too. She’s the most experienced wrestler I know, and she’s one of the earliest, if not the earliest, hire that Trisha’s dad brought on board to found OWO.

“Let’s get some breakfast on the road,” Rose says. “We’ve got some miles to go today before we get to the ring. No sense waiting around.”

We all check out and pile into our teeny-tiny car. Rose is driving.

Do I call shotgun and talk to Rose, or sit in the back with Trisha and talk to her?
No. 1055893 ID: a7a180

No. 1055907 ID: d98cb8

Call shotgun, let's have a chat with this cool cat
No. 1055908 ID: 9b127b

Talk with Trisha!
No. 1055922 ID: 67181a

Shotgun! Get some tips from the veteran that isnt at the top of the card compliment ypur chat with the champ!
No. 1055928 ID: 9e87a7

Let's crash with Trisha.
No. 1055930 ID: 87e33c

I want us to hang out with Rose but Trisha is too cute ok
No. 1056188 ID: d5170c

Always call shotgun.
No. 1056254 ID: e484eb
File 167651899560.png - (121.38KB , 500x500 , p11.png )

We check out and head to the tiniest car north of the border.

“Again, sorry about the mess,” Rose says, gesturing at the passenger seat full of Ohio Wrestling Organization merchandise. “The trunk is full too. Now that the merch deal went through, we’re all pulling our weight to haul these awesome T-shirts.”

“Yeah! Check ‘em out!!” Trisha says. “Buy ‘em for your siblings! Buy ‘em for your friends! Only $14.95 each! Aren’t they cool?”

¡Qué chido!” I agree. “Do we have any other amazing deals?”

“We got stickers! So many stickers! And maybe if enough people ask, we can sell your mask too! No, silly, not your actual mask.” Trisha giggles at my horrified expression. “Just ones that look like it. Everyone’s gonna want a Nacha Halloween costume!”
No. 1056255 ID: e484eb
File 167651903019.png - (112.36KB , 500x500 , p12.png )

“We got stickers!” Trisha says. “So many stickers! And a magazine! And maybe if enough people ask, we can sell your mask too! No, silly, not your actual mask.” Trisha giggles at my horrified expression. “Just ones that look like it. Everyone’s gonna want a Nacha Halloween costume!”

I cannot help but feel that my art is not being taken as seriously as it could be.
No. 1056256 ID: e484eb
File 167651905056.png - (150.55KB , 500x500 , p13.png )

I hop into the car and am immediately smooshed between a door and a fluffy place. Trisha launches into her plans to help grow OWO’s name and reputation, and she’s certain the magazine will be a hit.

“Daddy’s letting me have a few parts of the magazine all to myself in the second issue,” Trisha says. “I’m thinking of having a sleepover with all us girls. We’ll share gossip and do each other’s hair and talk about how great Brett is! Do you wanna come over?”

“Sure,” I say, only half-focused as I try to figure out exactly what kind of hold the car door has me in and how I can possibly use this incredibly powerful technique in the ring.

“YOU’RE THE BEST! It’s gonna be so great. I’ll make sure your first American sleepover is RADICAL. You’ll love it!” Trisha gives me another hug, and at this point I’m half-expecting Rose to start slapping the dashboard for a pinfall. Thankfully she lets go just in time for me before my imaginary referee gets to three.

“But you know,” Trisha says, “With the magazine and your match tonight, this is a great chance for you to work on your image while you learn English. I want our magazine sales to EXPLODE in the second issue, and I think you’ll help a lot! Do the fans want to know more about your mysterious origins? Or do they wanna see you being cute? Or maybe see some awesome action shots doing some dangerous stuff? Or maybe a centerfold? Those are popular, we gotta have a centerfold of somebody.”

What Do The Fans Want To See?
1. Nacha’s Origins: Who is this mysterious masked bun?
2. Cute Nacha Doing Cute Things: It Sells Itself
3. Action Hero Nacha: Super Stunt Shots
4. Centerfold Nacha: Tasteful Unwrapped Burrito
No. 1056257 ID: a7a180

Centerfold Nacha!
No. 1056258 ID: e51896

1. It'll be good for the audience to get an idea of who you are in order to get invested enough to actually buy Nacha related products
No. 1056259 ID: 9b127b

Centerfold Nacha
No. 1056265 ID: dee951

1 Nacha Origins
No. 1056268 ID: d5170c

No. 1056269 ID: ca2950

Centerfold Nacha
No. 1056272 ID: 520a3f

1. Nacha’s Origins: Who is this mysterious masked bun?

Get a character going that allows for a bit of emotional investment!
No. 1056302 ID: e5709d

2) Such as tearing into the succulent flesh of plant-kin while misspelling the names of her victims.
No. 1056468 ID: 1d2bc0
File 167678922837.png - (49.73KB , 759x705 , p14.png )

I consider volunteering for the centerfold. As long as I keep my mask on, it could be a little exciting. It’s such a spicy way to get bigger pops from the fans, and I wouldn’t have to do any public speaking or promos. At the same time, though, I want people to recognize me for my heroics and high-flying acrobatics, not just for how hot I am. Once they know my story and why I wear this awesome mask, the fans will cheer harder for my victories. It’s the clear choice.

“If you really want me to do the centerfold, I can,” I say, “But I think the fans would cheer for me more if they knew my history and why I wear this mask. I told Brett all about it this morning, and I think the fans would like to hear it too. Luchadores don’t typically share our hometowns unless we’re unmasked in the ring, but I can tell all the stories about my family and my time training in Mexico City that you want!”

“That’s a great idea!” Trisha says. “I’ll let my dad know you’re okay with spicy stuff, but we’re doing pretty well as-is. I think we can build OWO’s brand without lewd stuff, but Mama Lacroix doesn’t mind it, and she pulls a lot of weight. Literally. Annnnyway, I wanna hear about your family! How many buns? A baker’s dozen?”

“I don’t know what that means,” I say, “But I have nine siblings. I’m the fourth-oldest and the third to come to America, and there’s actually four of us in Ohio right now. My eldest brother Gabriel works in Columbus, my sister Francisca works in Cleveland, and my little sister Coco is in a high school foreign exchange program there too.”

“Can we interview them?”

“Gabriel’s pretty busy, and Francisca might not want the publicity,” I say.

“What about Coco?”

I freeze and imagine the horrible, awful, no-good, terrible things Coco could tell about me.

“No. No Coco.”

We continue the ride out to tonight’s arena, and when we pull into the parking lot I hop out and stretch as tall as I can. Freedom!
No. 1056470 ID: dee951


1! With a sisterly noogie!
No. 1056471 ID: a7a180

Let her translate!
No. 1056474 ID: 1d2bc0
File 167678967844.png - (151.71KB , 500x500 , p15.png )

When I’m finished stretching, I look down and see a small creature from my nightmares.

“Hola, hermana mayor. ¿Cómo te encuentras, Isabel?”

I jump back and flush a deep red. I’ve never been more grateful for my mask.

“¡Cállate, Coco! ¡¿Qué haces aquí?!” I look around and thankfully don’t see anyone but Trisha here to have heard that. I lean in and give her a murderous glare. "Mi nombre de luchadora es Ignacia. Llámame Nacha o te haré un suplex que te mandará a la China, pequeña escuincla."

Trisha walks over and spies Coco. “She’s so cute! Nacha, is this your sister?”

“Yep! Nice ‘ta meet ya, lady. I’m Coco!” she quips in perfect, unaccented English. “I just had to come see my big sis in action tonight. Nacha’s so amazing, isn’t she?”

“She is!” Trisha agrees. “Hey, this is great! Nacha, we can cut a promo with your sister speaking for you! What do you think?”

Coco gives me the smuggest grin I’ve seen in years and I can tell this is going to be BAD NEWS if I let her translate for me in the promo.

What do I do?

1. Put Coco in a headlock
2. Tell Coco to go away, be quiet and not embarrass me
3. Allow Coco to translate for me in the promo
No. 1056481 ID: 681cb5

No. 1056485 ID: 520a3f

Put Coco in a headlock.

"Ha! This little gremlin? I love her, but pass."

We can grow, too, and that means not taking our younger sister's shit. We're the elder, so act like it!
No. 1056491 ID: ddec8d


Tell them that you know for a fact that your sister will not correctly translate what you say because she enjoys messing with you.
No. 1056497 ID: e51896

1 and 3. we could probably both let her translate and give her a headlock noogie to show you're both just playing and play off anything bad she says about you as a silly joke. the crowd will think it's cute, and they will see you are strong enough to take a joke
No. 1056499 ID: b5737c

1 for sure.
1 mixed with 3 might be a good way to establish sort of a friendly family-gal persona for you.
No. 1056748 ID: 3a877e
File 167704087031.png - (120.39KB , 500x500 , p16.png )

“Ni muerta,” I tell Trisha. “No way, not happening. Coco came here just to try and get on camera, I know it. She will mistranslate on purpose and make me look silly.”

“You don’t need my help for that,” Coco giggles. “C’mon, lemme help ya!”

“Are you sure, Nacha?” Trisha asks. “I bet the fans could relate to you a bit more if you show a bit of your personal side, like your family. Coco could really help give you a boost. Wrestling’s more than just great spots, it’s about personalities, too.”

How can she say that to me? I’ve been a fan of Lucha Libre my whole life, of course I know that! I just don’t want to put my real sister in front of a camera and give her the chance to tell something that’ll ruin my whole image. I’m not gonna let her do that, no way.

“I want the fans to cheer for me for who I am for them,” I say, stumbling over my words a bit. I put myself between Trisha and Coco. “Not laugh at the lies Coco tells.”

“Aww,” Coco says. “You’re just worried I’ll tell them about that time I found your big horny shrine.”

Trisha snorts. I grab Coco and put her in a headlock to silence the foul things that could come out of that mouth of hers.

“You are mistranslating,” I say, and give her a noogie on top of it. “Just because the greatest luchador of all time had horns does not make my collection horny!”

“Agh! Leggoame! Ack!”
No. 1056750 ID: 3a877e
File 167704109707.png - (128.82KB , 500x500 , p17.png )

I let Coco go once she’s learned her lesson. She darts away and hides behind Trisha, who’s finding this all much funnier than I like.

“You two,” Trisha giggles. “Okay, Nacha, if you don’t want to have Coco give you a leg up on the promo, then I guess we can make something work. I just worry sometimes that you’re pinning all your hopes on your spots, you know? You can’t rely on novelty and acrobatics forever.”

Not true! I can rely on acrobatics forever. I’ll be the most skilled, high-flying Luchadora in Ohio! No one can jump and twirl like I can, and no one is as flexible. I don’t need perfect english to make the crowd pop.

“I can cut a promo bueno without Coco’s help,” I say firmly. “Coco, there is time before the show starts, so don’t get into trouble, okay?”

I look up at the venue. It’s a high school gym tonight; the house show can hold a bit of a bigger crowd than my first match against Tex. I hope it’s packed!

What should I do before I have to disappear backstage?

1. Go help Trisha set up and sell merchandise. Will help the company, make me more money and make Trisha happy.
2. Be a big sister and buy Coco some ice cream. Will make Coco happy.
3. Go say hi to another wrestler on tonight’s card. Will introduce a new ally (or enemy)!
No. 1056751 ID: e51896

2, keep her busy for awhile so she doesn't be a brat again
No. 1056753 ID: a7a180

Say hi to another wrestler.
No. 1056755 ID: 520a3f

2. Keeps her out of our hair and potentially gives us a nice little moment of kindness to whoever sees.
No. 1056764 ID: d5170c

2. Choco Taco always make everything better.
No. 1056820 ID: e51896

Oh! if we're getting ice cream, you gotta get her fried ice cream. So good!
No. 1056823 ID: 9a8b7c
File 167712636263.png - (107.88KB , 500x500 , p18.png )

“You always leave me alone,” Coco huffs. “I came all the way out here just to be with my big sister.”

I don’t believe that for a minute, and have a very good feeling she’s just upset that I won’t let her go on camera for the promo. But still, she is my little sister.

“¡Híjole!” I sigh. “I won’t leave you. This is my job, ¿recuerdas? I will have you with me wherever I can. And far, far from a microphone. Now let’s go have some ice cream.”

¡”Vámonos!” Coco bursts out. I give her a smile and we go to the front of the school, where there’s an ice cream truck parked for the evening. It’s a familiar sight: one of our wrestlers has a side job of making ice cream for his company, Dairy Dukes.

”Hola, Jimmy!” I call out and bang on the truck. “Nosotros queremos tu helado.”

“Nacha?” a husky voice calls out from inside. “You know I can’t speak Mexican.”

“Spanish, Jimmy. It’s Spanish.”

“Give me a break, I’m already trilingual! I speak English, wrestling, and ice cream, and I’m fluent in all three.”

“He sounds like a jerk,” Coco whispers.

“Don’t be like that, Coco,” I whisper back. “He’s a rudo.”

“Whatever,” Coco says. “Hey! Trilingual guy! You got any Choco Tacos?”

“Sure do!” The truck’s hatch flies open and Jimmy pokes his head out, holding a delicious sugary treat. “My own recipe. I’m not allowed to call it a Choco Taco, though. If anyone asks, it’s called a Chocolate Tacolate.”

It is a despairing tribute to Mexican food, but considering what I’ve seen my countrymen eat in the stands of Lucha Libre, I’m not one to pass judgment.
No. 1056824 ID: 9a8b7c
File 167712639697.png - (144.49KB , 500x500 , p19.png )

“Aren’t you gonna get some too?” Coco asks me as I pay for the Chocolate Tacolate.

“I have a match tonight,” I remind Coco. “I don’t want anything to mess with my system.”

“Calcium builds bones,” Jimmy says. “Ice cream is the best thing before a match.”

“Maybe for you,” I say, “But I am a fine-tuned spring-loaded Luchadora!”

“You mean a dork?” Coco asks. I roll my eyes and guide her into the venue.

”¿Como viniste aqui?” I ask, concerned how she came all the way from her high school with no driver’s license.

“One of my friends’ brothers is visiting from college,” Coco says, munching on the ice cream. “We told him my sister was single and a luchadora and that was all it took. I think I saw the speedometer go all the way around to zero at one point.”

“I see,” I say. “Are you planning on introducing him to me at a bad time?”

“I dunno, he’s an even bigger dork than you,” she says, taking another munch. “I think he’ll just get scared off when he sees you in action. Most boys do.”

I am not sure how to feel about that.

“Well, I am glad you came out to see me,” I say, and give her a pat on the head. “Even if you’re nothing but trouble.”

“I am the picture of quiet dignity and civility,” Coco says as a huge dollop ice cream drops onto her denim skirt. “Ah, dog balls.”

I frown at her and grab a paper towel from a nearby dispenser and wipe the ice cream off. American schools are so well-supplied. I’m glad Coco is going to one.

“I’ll be on mid-card,” I say. “The headliner match is Uncle Slam vs. Molly Malone, America vs. Ireland. Don’t sit too close, Slam likes to use cheap fireworks to show off.”

“Ooooo. I really picked a good one, huh?”

“You did!”

We talk a little bit more, and the venue is starting to open up to the crowd. It’s time for me to head backstage. I wave Coco goodbye for now and disappear.

It’s time for me to get ready!

How do I enter the ring for my match? The venue is a high school gymnasium with folding chairs around the ring, and bleachers behind those.

My music is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZMSi_k-XLw

1. Between the bleachers, with banners waving like fire (we can’t afford actual pyros)
2. Through the seated and standing crowd, gladhanding and letting them see me up close
3. From the rafters, down a rope. Dynamic entry!
4. Other
No. 1056825 ID: a7a180

Dynamic entry! Those ropes never see any use!
No. 1056826 ID: fec07f


Seriously how is this even a question? Time to show off those acrobatic abilities.
No. 1056827 ID: d5170c

2. You a fighter of the people so enter where the people are!
No. 1056835 ID: 520a3f

4: Do you have streamers? Do this bit like this guy if you can: https://youtu.be/6nX4cJT4bB8?t=11 at the 30 second mark beat drop in your theme. It'll be great.

If not, then sure, just 2, dynamic entry it.
No. 1056836 ID: e5709d

Be a sexy bnnuy
Fail miserably
No. 1056843 ID: e51896

but you get friction burn from the rope in your hands from dropping down too fast... you play it off by waving your hands as part of some of your flashy poses to wave away the pain so that hopefully no one noticed!
No. 1057000 ID: 58dd24

I am for 2, but that streamer trick >>1056835
mentioned is pretty solid
No. 1057053 ID: be6f3e
File 167751681276.png - (51.80KB , 500x500 , p20.png )

I’m a high-flying luchadora, it’s only natural that I should make an impression from above. Before the audience is allowed into the gymnasium, I ascend the ladder inside the gym’s storage closet and make my way across the steel catwalks to the top of the climbing ropes. Now to wait for my cue to enter the ring. It’ll be a while, so I just have to stay stealthy until then, like a ninja.


¡Santo Dios! A ninja!

“Ninja!” I call out to her in challenge. “I am Nacha, luchadora and practitioner of the great art of Lucha Libre. Who are you? ¡Dígame!”

“Who am I?” The ninja cloaked in shadow, answers in a soft, silky voice. “Why, I am you, dear girl.”

“¡Qué tontería! Only I am me. Are you here to spout riddles, or are you here to fight? Step into the light!”

“Very well,” the ninja answers.
No. 1057054 ID: be6f3e
File 167751685618.png - (109.38KB , 500x500 , p21.png )

The ninja steps into the light, revealing a buxom rabbit wearing a half-mask.

“My name is Tsuki, and I have no wish to fight you,” she says. “I am here on a mission of goodwill on behalf of my wise and cultured employer.”

“If this is true, why have you told nothing but lies?,” I ask. “You are clearly not me.”

“Oh, am I not?” Tsuki gives a haughty laugh. “We are both masked rabbits from foreign lands, trained in sacred arts gone unappreciated by these brutish Americans. To their mongrel eyes, we are utterly indistinguishable.”

“More lies,” I say. “Anyone can see the differences between us.”

“Perhaps you are right. There are two big differences,” Tsuki laughs again. “But I am not here to measure myself against you. Instead, I bring you warnings of the ugly truths of the Ohio Wrestling Organization, and an offer of… shall we say, mutual prosperity.

“You are no doubt aware, Nacha, that Jim Harding, owner and founder of the OWO and a doting father to your friend Trisha, was a wrestler before he became your corporate master. Back then, he took the quick and easy way to the top of the ladder with steroids, and he was expelled from the company when it came to light, and formed his own company in bitterness and rage. He plundered his old company’s roster for talent, and his first pluck was Rose. The very same Alleycat you are fighting tonight, in fact. OWO was built upon a foundation of bitterness and betrayal.”

“Mr. Harding is a good boss,” I say. “I trust him. He cares for Rose, and he cares for me. I trust him to do the right thing.”

“Ah, but the right thing for who?” Tsuki asks. “Jim Harding is a businessman, and he will not hesitate to sell his company out to the highest bidder. He is not so prosperous as to turn down a pile of dollars when the opportunity arises, and he will use his wrestlers- and even his daughter- to do it. I wonder: if Trisha were to plead you to debase yourself in her tawdry magazine as the centerfold, would you do it?”

“Trisha would never ask me to show anything I am not comfortable showing,” I say. “She is a good person, and her father is too, even if he has erred in the past.”
No. 1057056 ID: be6f3e
File 167751697403.png - (149.23KB , 500x500 , p22.png )

“So naive, like a blanket of fresh snow.” Tsuki extends her arms. “The business of wrestling has great opportunities for you, Nacha. I offer you the chance to join my employer and share in his endless economic prosperity. With us, I promise you will never need sink to the depths of Ohio’s depraved American sensibilities.”

“I am not taking your deal, and wrestling is not a business!” I declare. “Wrestling is an art, and I am an artist!”

“You reject my employer’s generous offer?” Tsuki’s eyes darken. “Then I hope as you make your ‘art,’ you are prepared to suffer for it too.”

With that, Tsuki vanishes in a plume of purple smoke.

Ah, that ninja! How dare she mock me? Doesn’t she know she’s dealing with a vampire-slaying luchadora?

I spend the next half hour fuming atop the rafters as the audience files into the gym. I check high and low for signs of that ninja rabbit, but she’s completely gone. I’m so angry at her that I just barely hear my music start to play.

That’s my cue! Here I go!


The crowd loves it! This is what I’m here for, not money or cheap heat: real cheers for real skill!

The referee is offering me the microphone.

Do I take it and cut a promo with no help from my English-fluent sister, or just go straight into the match?
No. 1057058 ID: e079ec

Take the mic and yell VIVA OHIO!
No. 1057061 ID: 30e04b

When in America, do as the Americans expect you to.
No. 1057062 ID: 520a3f

No, no. Not Viva Ohio.

No. 1057063 ID: 96112b

Jump down and go "¡Hola, Ohio! You ready for some high fly luchaaaaa?"
No. 1057260 ID: a85df9
File 167781259533.png - (77.23KB , 500x500 , p23.png )

I don’t need my sister to translate for me. I can do this! I grab the microphone and give a winning smile.

“¡Hola, Ohio!” I say, giving the crowd a winning smile. “¡Viva Ohio!”

Wait. People are laughing at me. Why are they laughing?

Wait. This isn’t a microphone. It’s a bottle of sugary soda!

Trisha is standing ringside, and she motions for me to take a drink of the soda, mouthing the words Viva Chickadee Red!

But… but… my promo!

Trisha motions again, more insistently.

Well, when in America, I will do as the Americans expect me to. I pop the cap and take a deep drink. “¡Viva Chickadee Red!” is my microphone-less battle cry fueled by high-fructose corporate sponsorship.

The cheers are not cheering any more. I am sad.
No. 1057261 ID: a85df9
File 167781261907.png - (122.77KB , 500x500 , p24.png )

Rose, who’s already in the ring, approves of my “promo.” I’m glad she’s happy.

“Are you strong enough for Ohio, Nacha?” Rose asks me, her voice raised. “Ready to prove yourself?”

“Ready!” I shout back.

The bell rings and my test begins!

I know Rose is a grounded, solid fighter who likes to use moves targeting her opponent’s lower back. She can also strike the neck with a few clotheslines- she’s slippery and can find openings when she needs to. I need to try and knock her off balance before she can use her most devastating moves on me, or I’m done for.

I spring forward, using all my power and speed to try and knock Rose off her feet with a spear tackle. But she’s been around the block a few times, and she sees it coming a mile away. She slips downwards, squares her feet and gets me into a headlock. ¡Ay! I should have known she would know my most predictable move, no matter how fast it is.

I use my sugary soda-fueled energy to shove Rose as hard as I can and break the headlock. Rose takes the momentum I just handed to her and bounces off the ropes, coming right back at me, low and close to the ground for a shoulder tackle and I barely have enough time to dodge by powering over her in a spring-loaded leapfrog.

Once again, Rose carries her momentum into the opposite ropes and comes back to tackle me again, aiming straight for my back. This time I’m the one who sees it coming, and I slip under her shoulder, grab her hip and flip up to catch her head in my legs. It’s a devastating headscissors takedown!


Rose is on the mat. What move should I use now?

1. Put her in a hold and drain her strength
2. Strike her quickly with an elbow or leg drop to get a guaranteed hit in
3. Use this time to set up a devastating high-flying move
No. 1057276 ID: e51896

2. It's too early in the match, so she's most likely still has enough energy to get back up as you set up your high flying move with 3, or break out of your hold easily with 1. So hit her with a fast garanteed hit.

we'll do those fancy shmancy high flying moves towards the middle to end of the match after she takes more hits and gets tired enough to have trouble dodging or getting back up from getting knocked down.
No. 1057284 ID: a7a180

No. 1057393 ID: 520a3f

2. Got her down, keep her down so she can't immediately try to ruin you.
No. 1057604 ID: 13740c
File 167807722519.png - (147.65KB , 500x500 , p25.png )

Rose is trying to do a kip-up to recover quickly. There’s no time to wait. I can’t let Rose build any momentum. I have to get my hits in fast and hard!

I leap skyward and drop my elbow straight into Rose’s stomach, driving the air from her chest in a gasp the crowd can hear even over my crash into the mat. I roll nimbly to my feet, with Rose climbing back up much slower than she would have otherwise. I definitely made the right call not trying anything fancy here.

Rose falls back to the ropes to try and catch her breath after that devastating elbow drop. Bad move: the ropes are where I am queen! I lunge at her with a spring-powered running knee smash right to head. It’s a devastating hit, and she’s stunned from the blow, reeling to one side. I grab her by the collar and force her against the post in the corner of the ring. There’s no escape now.

I climb the post and seat myself atop her, hitching my knees around her head and locking my legs into her arms. Ready or not, Rose, here it comes!

“It’s a Poison Rana!” the announcers shout. “Nacha’s gonna flip Alleycat’s lid like a dumpster!”

I fall backward and gracefully come to rest next to the post, but Rose isn’t so lucky. She’s on the outside of the Poison Rana, and the force of me launching her has the exact same effect as a catapult being let go.


Rose slams into the mat with a deafening crash!

“GO NACHA!” a very familiar voice calls out.

I can hear Coco cheering for me in the crowd. Do I give her a wave and make her day, or do I ignore her for now and focus on the match?

1. Be a big sister and make Coco feel special
2. Be a professional and keep the pressure on Rose uninterrupted
No. 1057608 ID: 520a3f

2. Be a professional and keep the pressure on Rose uninterrupted

Keep it going!
No. 1057611 ID: e51896

>>1057609 Actually, I'll change my vote to 1. I think it'll make the fight more tense that way for the audience if we give Rose a chance to recover a bit and potentially let her get a free hit on us as we wave to our sis, And we get to be a little dorky too.

Can't have the match too one sided after all.
No. 1057613 ID: 520a3f

To elaborate, she's prone- you could go for a ground and pound strategy to keep her discombobulated and hurting. It keeps her down and keeps you in the spotlight.
No. 1057615 ID: a7a180

No. 1057616 ID: f69af6

Put her in a chokehold, boop her nose and wave to your sister. She will be too embarrased to react.
No. 1057617 ID: 36784c


You may not have let her speak for you, but the least you can do is wave at her.
No. 1057725 ID: 2081ed
File 167815957077.png - (124.68KB , 500x500 , p26.png )

I landed that Poison Rana perfectly, and it was such a physical move. Everything is going my way. This is great! I should share that feeling with Coco. I spring to my feet and look for her in the crowd. It’s easy, because she’s the only one standing and cheering, and I wave at her eagerly, and she’s so excited I did it and she’s screaming even louder,, and…


She’s the only one standing or cheering.

My stomach flip-flops. I feel like I’ve had a bucket of ice water dumped on my head. The fans aren’t cheering, and it looks like none have been since I did the rope entrance. Have… have I failed them?

Ya valió. My match is a dud. No one likes it. They’re bored. I’m boring. It’s even worse than my dream, and I’m frozen in stage fright. Who was I fooling? I’m not ready for America. I don’t know the audience. I don’t know the fans. I don’t even know the language! How could I expect to-


Rose catches me in a vicious clothesline and I hit the floor hard. The world is spinning and my adrenaline is pumping hard. I stagger to my feet and Rose immediately puts me in a vicious headlock.

“You want to know how we do things in Ohio?” Rose says. “Lesson one: never take your eyes off your opponent!”

“That’s it!” Coco laughs in glee. “That’s what it feels like!”

Me caga. Is this how I go down? To my own weapon of choice? Not likely.

I struggle against the headlock as hard as I can. I have to break free. I have to, I have to, I have to…

No, I’m not going to win with brute strength. Rose is bigger and tougher than me. I need to use my training. Rose hasn’t ever faced a true luchadora like me. I have to prove myself with my skill and showcase the true art of lucha libre! I just have to find… the strength… to suplex her all the way to China!

I slip my arm around her waist and use my powerful legs to pick her up off her feet. Rose lets out a yowl and I drop her straight on her back, bringing us both down but breaking the hold.

“A back suplex!” the announcers call out. “What a counter!”

We both rise up. Rose goads me into rushing her, and I accept. She goes low to try and sweep me off my feet, but I jump over her cleanly. We both hit the ropes and come together for another clash, but we each dodge each other’s strikes a second time.

I’ve got to prove myself to Rose and to America that I’m worthy of all things Ohio. Do I:

1. Goad rose into charging me for a third time, charge out to meet her and bring her to the ground with a Jumping Leg Lariat. A solid move that I’m sure will put me ahead in the match, and set up for a HIGH-FLYING move.
2. Goad her into charging me, but stay on the ropes and try a Low Bridge to launch Rose out of the ring. Riskier, but more fun to watch. Still lets me set up a HIGH-FLYING move, but Rose might sense I’m trying something tricky and turn the Low Bridge around on me.
No. 1057728 ID: 75d145

2, we have to make audience POP
No. 1057730 ID: 790ada

2. Time to put on a show
No. 1057735 ID: 1371b2

1. It’s a safer move but well- you already took one risk with the sister wave.
No. 1057737 ID: 949354

Remember the advice you got, Nacha! People get investes when you give them something to care about, and right now the story is that your opponent is the homwtown hero standing up against an invader that doesnt respect the local style. Nobody wants to cheer for that invader!

3: instead of a leg lariat, give Rose a big ohio-style leaping clothesline of your own to set up your big spot!
No. 1057739 ID: 15c72a

2. You got some hits in already, you can afford the risk.
No. 1057758 ID: a7a180

1. You may have misjudged the audience reaction.
No. 1057841 ID: 40aa69
File 167824942497.png - (85.54KB , 500x500 , p27.png )

I’m not sure whose advice to take. Trisha told me before this match that wrestling is about personalities as well as spots, but Rose told me before my first match to believe in myself and just nail my spots.

I don’t trust my personality, but I do trust my skill. I am the greatest luchadora in Ohio, and I want everyone to know it. I’ll earn their respect with my awesome moves!

I bait rose into charging me a third time, easy enough because she loves to go low and go for my back. But this time, instead of meeting her, I twist out of the way at the last minute, pull the top rope down, and use it to trip Rose and all of her precious backbreaking momentum. She flips right out of the ring.

Ha! I said it once, and I’ll say it again: I am the QUEEN of the ropes.

Rose is dazed on the ground outside the ring, and this is it: the moment where I show the Americans what I’m really capable of. I climb the post and prepare for an amazing HIGH-FLYING finisher that I actually remember. This is nothing like my dream. I can visualize every second of how I’ll leap down onto the rising Rose like a flying angel of justice. I stand tall atop the post, letting everyone anticipate the setup.

I hear my sister yelling at me. I push her out of my mind- I can’t let her distract me from my HIGH-FLYING FINISHER I’ve spent so much practice on.

No. 1057842 ID: 40aa69
File 167824945945.png - (80.35KB , 500x500 , p28.png )

My feet are swept out from under me.



My shin hits the side of the ring.

No. 1057843 ID: 40aa69
File 167824956773.png - (129.87KB , 500x500 , p29.png )

At first there’s just pain. Then, terror.

I’m hurt. How bad am I hurt? Oh, Dios.

There’s a high, haughty laugh.

“Ohohohoho!” says the ninja from earlier. She peels her own half-mask off and tosses it aside in disdainful mockery of my art. “So much for this mighty luchadora’s skills. Ohio, see what happens to the foolish girl who refuses to join with the mighty Kazama Inarizaki and the WAN!”

“What’s going on?!” Rose roars, climbing to her feet and staggering around the edge of the ring. She spots Tsuki and her eyes go wide. “Who is this? Ref! Get over here and see this!”

Coco frantically forces her way forward past the gates keeping the crowd back.

“¡Isa… Nachal! ¡Nacha! ¿Nacha, estás bien? Por favor, no…”

“La pierna,” I gasp.

Coco hugs me tight and puts herself between me and Tsuki.

“How brave!” Tsuki laughs. “You would make a fine minion for Kazama.”

“Never!” Coco shouts. “Get away from my big sister, or else!”

“Or else what, little girl?”
No. 1057845 ID: 40aa69
File 167824958299.png - (133.60KB , 500x500 , p30.png )

“Or else this!”

Rose, coming with all the force of an avenging spirit, swings a mighty punch at Tsuki, who parries with her umbrella. Rose keeps pressuring her with punch after punch, and Tsuki is forced back a few steps. The crowd is erupting at this point, and it’s hard to hear or see what happens next. I think Rose is chasing her and trying to bring her to justice, but everything is just so hard to focus on over the pain and the noise.

Coco keeps hugging me. My shin hurts a lot, but the pain is a little more manageable.

“¿Dónde está?” I ask Coco. “La ninja.”

I have to get Tsuki. I have to go follow Rose and help bring the ninja to justice. I have to…

Coco looks at me with big, worried eyes, and she’s tearing up.

Or maybe I should just stay here, with Coco.

Finally, the ref shows up on my side of the ring. He looks around, confused at where Rose went.

“Where’d Alleycat go?” the ref asks, barely able to be heard over the crowd. “Ah, crud. I lost her. Look, I’m sorry, but I gotta start counting you both out unless somebody gets back in that ring. So! One!”

The ring is right there in front of me. I can claim victory if I can just climb back inside.


Rose and Tsuki are out of sight. The crowd is deafening.


“Nacha?” Coco asks, her voice wavering. “What do we do?”


Do I go for the win?
1. Yes
2. No
No. 1057848 ID: d5170c

No, RAN the WAN out of OWO.
No. 1057851 ID: e51896

2. No

Remember Lucha Libre step #5, and go find and rescue your friend!

uh, but make sure to bring a camera man with you, this will make for good drama that the fans of OWO will love to see.
No. 1057852 ID: 1371b2

2. Get that ninja out of here!
If you had the English I would call out the ninja for acting dishonorably-interfering with another’s match, and across organization lines at that? Even if she has a point this is just rude!
No. 1057873 ID: a7a180

No, this match is a wash. Sorry Donut, no heel Nacha today.
No. 1058971 ID: ff9cef
File 167917360780.png - (122.36KB , 500x500 , p31.png )

My leg hurts a lot, and when I test it, something feels off. It’s not broken, but the pain is sharp, stabbing, and warns me not to try it again.


The ref is counting down. The win is right there, and the crowd is getting confused. If I get back inside, I can give them an end to the match. I want to hear those cheers again. I want them to like me.


Would they cheer, though? Or would I just be an oddball outsider who seized a win that came out of nowhere? It would be a tainted win without Rose here to put up a fight… even though I was robbed of my chance to have a fair one.


Worse than a tainted win, though, is forgetting the rules of Lucha Libre. I have to look out for my friends, and they’ll look out for me. I can’t let Rose chase that ninja all by herself.


More than that… I want to be the one to pay the ninja back. She’s the one who interfered. I needs to deal with her. Personally.


“Nacha?” my sister asks again, even more worried over my silence.

“Estoy bien,” I say, and grit my teeth. ”Vamonos. La ninja.”

Coco helps me stagger out to the exit.

“Ten! Both wrestlers have been disqualified!”

The crowd is confused. Those that were chanting at me to get back in the ring have fallen silent. Trisha, however, comes to the rescue and seizes the microphone.

“Go get ‘er, Nacha!” she booms. “Ladies and gentlemen, what a stunning turn of events. What could that mysterious ninja Tsuki possibly have meant when she said Nacha turned down her offer? What nefarious plot is brewing in Japan? Maybe we’ll see next time!”

I leave the gymnasium, still aided by my sister, and we’re moving a bit faster now. She’s struggling to keep up, and… and…

Who am I kidding? I can’t catch up to Rose and Tsuki when they’re running away and I’m limping. I sigh and ask Coco to let me down.

“I can help! I can!” Coco says, but she’s kidding herself. There’s no way for me to catch up.

No. 1058972 ID: ff9cef
File 167917363450.png - (136.14KB , 500x500 , p32.png )

“Need a lift?”

“¡Jimmy!” I exclaim.

“Rose just took off thataway, and I think she might have caught somebody,” Jimmy says. “She just yelled at me to come get you.”

“Gracias a Dios,” I say, and let him pick me up. Coco watches as I’m lifted all the way up into the stratosphere. “Quédate aquí, Coco. It is not safe where I go.”

“No,” Coco says. “I want to come with. I don’t want you to get hurt again.”

“It would hurt me to see you hurt too,” I say. “Stay. I will be safe with Jimmy. Lo prometo. Go back to Trisha, okay?”

Coco is upset, but stays put for the first time in her life. For now, at least.
No. 1058973 ID: ff9cef
File 167917365808.png - (86.99KB , 500x500 , p33.png )

At first I won wonder how Jimmy is so fast, but then I remember he’s an ice cream man, and melting ice cream waits for no one. We zoom into the parking lot where Jimmy saw Rose chasing Tsuki, and there’s a telltale silhouette atop the football field bleachers.

“¡Mira allí! There she is!” I say. “Where is Rose?”

We arrive on the scene, and Rose is trying to get through a high-schooler-proof entrance to the football field. They must have a serious problem with people sneaking into the bleachers who don’t have tickets; the fence isn’t even climbable. Only a ninja could have gotten through.

“You have no chance to catch me!” Tsuki gives her infuriating laugh yet again. “I’m surprised, little rabbit. Are you so eager to fight me, even injured?”

“What are you doing here?” Rose asks, surprised. “Nacha, your leg! You’re swelling up!”

“I don’t care,” I say. “That ninja stole my fight. She is a pox on Lucha Libre. I am here for justice.”

“You are in no shape to demand anything!” Tsuki guffaws. “I have no need to fight you.”

What?! Is she really turning me down? I have to fight her! She’s everything I hate: sneaky, low-down, slinking in shadows, and backstabbing. She’s right, though. I’m in no condition for a regular match. My leg is probably hurt badly enough that I might need a cast to heal up, and that enrages me even further.

I need a way to get her to accept a match against me, and a stipulation that doesn’t put too much stress on my leg that will let me win. And ideally, the match will let me put that smug ninja in her place.

Hmm… with what Trisha said to me earlier about being a centerfold…

I think I have an idea.

With Tsuki’s speech about dignity and debasement, I know exactly the kind of match stipulation she would go for, but… can I really go through with it?

Do I challenge Tsuki to an Evening Gown Match?

1. Yes! This is war!
2. Um, maybe I should reconsider…
No. 1058974 ID: 9b127b

1! do it, no guts no glory!
No. 1058975 ID: baa23d

1 You gotta throw down with the gown!
No. 1058976 ID: 273c18

1, obviously.
No. 1058980 ID: 520a3f

2. Counteroffer. You want something thag threatens her dignity (and yours) without needing you to move around TOO much that you could win? An evening gown match wouldn't help with that, that isn't lucha! That isn't YOU.

NO, what you want is something dynamic uet static, something dangerous yet secure, something thrilling and yet with honor.

INFERNO MATCH. I mean, if she goes for it.
No. 1058982 ID: a7a180

No. 1058984 ID: 1371b2

2. no. She wants the show, the chance to humiliate and stain you, and the gown…

You said yourself-you’re spring-loaded, a precision machine. You fight in that leotard for a reason.
With her figure, with her wardrobe? The gown is probably no great change, but forcing you into it, that will give her yet another weapon to beat you down with, on top of her no doubt doing SOMETHING heel-like during and mid-match.
No. 1058987 ID: e51896

mainly 2, but a little bit of 1.

remember lucha rule number 2: stay healthy. Fighting with a possible broken leg is NOT healthy. BUT we can still challenge her to that match for a later date when you're fully healed right now.

but we can have Jimmy go after her for now.
No. 1059054 ID: 629f2e

That's a bad idea. 2.

She's a sneaky bitch, and fighting her on terms favorable to her will just give her more chances to screw with you. Don't give her the opportunity.

You'll fight her, she's 100% going down. When you do though, it's going to be a real match. Not an exhibition.
No. 1059059 ID: 51801a
File 167927224905.png - (145.47KB , 500x500 , p34.png )

I would like nothing more than the chance to get Tsuki in a ring, face-to-face, with no fences or bleachers between me and justice. She’s a low-down, dishonorable wretch who doesn’t respect me, my art, or my match with Rose. She looks down on me with a smug grin that needs to be wiped off her face.

An Evening Gown Match would for sure get her into the ring with me at a later date, and I could even do it with my leg in a cast to protect it if it’s injured as bad as it feels, but my instincts are telling me that she’d use the Evening Gown stipulation to her advantage. There are too many ways it could go wrong and stain my pride as an honorable Luchadora. I can’t give her that power. I should fight her my way, not hers.

“No need to wrestle me?” I shout up at her. “You would run and hide from justice? Ha! I will track you down and drag you into the ring no matter where you lie your head. You and I will fight, and you will pay for interrupting my honorable match with Rose!”

“What match?” Tsuki laughs that high, haughty laugh yet again. “That was no match. Your mentor Rose should have told you, Nacha, that Americans love an underdog. Who was the underdog tonight? It was her. Not you. She set everything up so no matter what happened in that match, you would look bad.”

“That’s nothing but lies!” Rose says, shaking the fence and trying in vain to get the lock off the gate. “Nacha, you know that’s not true.”

“Ha! Nacha, you can see for yourself. All these wrestling ‘fans’ saw was their hometown undercat struggling against the tumbling, twirling tricks of a silly costumed foreigner. No one was cheering before I saved them from that topsy-turvy travesty. What you call honor is a tired gimmick that no one wants to see. ”

“You’re wrong!” I snipe back at Tsuki. ”Lucha Libre is for everyone! They may not see now, but they will see later!”

“Yeah!” Jimmy says. “Nacha’s the best!”

“If you insist.” Tsuki turns to leave.
No. 1059060 ID: 51801a
File 167927226620.png - (135.24KB , 500x500 , p35.png )

“Fight me, Tsuki!” I scream. “Are you a coward?!”

“Why?” Tsuki sighs. “I’ve already accomplished my goal here. You are now no threat to Kazama-san’s plans.”

“You’re wrong there, too!” Rose says. “Even injured, she’s still a threat to whatever your master has planned. Ohio will see Nacha’s fighting spirit and rally behind her against you!”

“My leg is hurt, but my fighting spirit still burns!” I shout. “Fight me, Tsuki, and you will feel it!”

“Did you not hear me?” Tsuki says. “I have nothing to gain from wrestling a masked jester.”

“It will be an Inferno Match!” I spit back at her. “We will settle this in flames!”

“Do you take me for a fool? There is nothing to settle. An Inferno Match is such vapid theater to glamorize the silly dumpster fire that you are, Ignacia. No, if we are to wrestle, it will be an Evening Gown Match. Otherwise, I see no reason to continue to humor you.”

“We haven’t done an Evening Gown Match in our company,” Rose whispers. “Trisha’s dad said he would let us have one if it was an emergency... It’s an option, if there’s no other way.”

Is this an emergency? No. I can stay true to my art without giving in!

“No!” I object to Tsuki. “I won’t fall for your tricks. Accept my challenge! You can not run, Tsuki!”

“Actually, I can, which is more than you can say right now.”

“You can’t just ignore Nacha,” Rose calls out. “What happened to your sense of Japanese honor? Everyone in Ohio will see you and the WAN to be cowards!”

“How droll,” Tsuki says. “Yes, I’m sure Ohio cares so much about of honor, justice and… whatever this fat man’s cause is.”

“Ice cream!” Jimmy says helpfully.

“Honor, justice and ice cream,” Tsuki scoffs. “Nacha, you are a joke to these Americans. No one here will ever take you or Lucha Libre seriously. You are the queen of empty seats and silence. Go home.”

Tsuki turns away.

My anger ignites into white-hot rage. I don’t care what it takes to get my hands on her. I need it more than I need air. And when I do…

I’m going to snap this bitch like a bamboo shoot.

“You want a match with cheers and screaming?!” I shout. “Then fine! I accept!”

“Very well,” Tsuki smiles. “We will settle this one month from now, when Kazama-san arrives to grace us with his presence.”

Tsuki fades into the evening, and I’m left quivering in barely-contained rage. I’ve crossed a line. I accepted the match in the moment, and it felt like the right decision a few seconds ago when Tsuki was saying those horrible things about how my matches will never be liked, and Rose said it was an emergency tool to be used when needed…

Trisha’s dad, Mr. Harding, will support the match. Rose will support me no matter what. I might need to explain things to Trisha, but she’ll support me too, especially if it’s something the fans will like.

But… how can I explain this to Coco? Am I still a Luchadora?
No. 1059062 ID: a7a180

You're a luchadora until the mask comes off. And the mask shall never come off! But the evening gown might.
No. 1059082 ID: 1371b2

Your honor is in your mask staying on.
Also-Coco doesn’t need to feel bad about the distraction mid-match- Tsuki didn’t even take that particular opening to nail your leg.
No. 1059161 ID: d5170c

There isn't really a good way to tell your sister you're in a risqué match like an evening gown match, she will never let that down and even more so if you lose. Best plan is to find a way for her not to show up and not know about it.
No. 1059364 ID: f69af6

You had to convince the poor attempt of a yakuza to duel you somehow, we just need to find the means to win with our honour intact.
No. 1059511 ID: ff9cef
File 167979407778.png - (123.16KB , 500x500 , p36.png )

My doubts trouble me, but I keep my eyes on the prize: bringing Tsuki to justice. Some matches may be more dignified than others, but as long as my mask stays on, I’ll keep my honor as a luchadora.

“Jimmy,” I say, leg throbbing, “Could you help me back to my sister, ¿por favor? She is worried for me.”

“No problemo, Señorita.”

“And also… if my little sister finds out I’m going to be in an Evening Gown Match, she will never stop talking about it,” I tell Rose and Jimmy. “SHE MUST NEVER KNOW.”

“I get it,” Jimmy says.

“My lips are sealed,” Rose agrees.

Jimmy carries me back to the front of the high school gym, where Coco is waiting for me. She runs forward, clearly wanting to hug me, but gives my leg lots of room.


“We’ve gotta get that leg looked at,” Rose says. “She’ll be fine, Coco. We’re going to take her to a local medical facility.”

“I’m coming too,” Coco insists.

“You are going to miss Uncle Slam and his fireworks,” I say, but I don’t stop her from climbing in the ice cream truck with us.
No. 1059512 ID: ff9cef
File 167979410408.png - (153.75KB , 500x500 , p37.png )

Jimmy drives us to a local clinic that quickly determines I have a minor bone injury from when I hit the ring edge. They set my leg and say I’ll be fine with a cast, and I can continue wrestling on it as long as I don’t do any aerials.

No aerials? But… that was supposed to be my finisher. I can’t use it on Tsuki! What is lucha without high-flying action?

Coco holds out an ice cream cone she swiped from Jimmy’s truck.

“It’s after your match,” she says. “That means you don’t have to worry about messing up your system, right? Jimmy says it has lots of calcium for strong bones.”

I take the ice cream.

“Are you going to be okay?” Coco asks.

“Estoy bien,” I say. “Thank you for looking out for me.”

I’m grateful for Coco’s help, but my real worries are ones that she will never understand. How can I get fans when I’m injured? Will I ever fit in in America? My match tonight was confusing and didn’t have a clear winner. How will I get people excited to see another showdown with me in it?

Rose sees my solemn ice cream snacking and leans down next to me.

“I know this next match isn’t what you wanted,” she says, “But I believe in you. You’ll have the crowd going wild, I promise.”

I want to believe her, but… will they be going wild for the reasons I want them to? Am I really going to be understood and respected for the art of Lucha Libre?

I have to trust Rose. There’s no other choice.
No. 1059513 ID: ff9cef
File 167979412981.png - (143.74KB , 500x500 , p38.png )

Tune in next issue for the GRUDGE EVENING GOWN MATCH: NACHA VS. TSUKI!

Thank you for reading!
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