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File 167151480401.png - (20.32KB , 500x500 , LQ_Title.png )
1052264 No. 1052264 ID: 8483cf

Step One to Lucha Libre: Mask Up! A Luchadora never removes her mask.
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No. 1052265 ID: 8483cf
File 167151482937.png - (71.20KB , 296x500 , LQ_1.png )

Nacha loves her mask. When she’s fired up, its flames glow bright. She makes sure the knot is nice and tight.

Step Two: Be Healthy! Nacha’s had a big, nutritious breakfast after doing her intense morning training. She’s feeling great.
No. 1052266 ID: 8483cf
File 167151484724.png - (15.07KB , 364x500 , LQ_2.png )

Step Three: Love Your Family! Nacha writes a quick letter to her family in Mexico City and tells them how excited she is to have her first wrestling match in America.

Step Four: Respect Tradition! Nacha watches a VHS tape of American Wrestling to prepare. It’s so intense; can she stand up to her opponent?

Step five…

What’s step five, again?
No. 1052269 ID: e51896

Step five. honor your friends, and they will always have your back.

Say, how are they right now? give them a call! (have a hard time doing it on the phone because you can't speak their language too well.)
No. 1052270 ID: a7a180

Step five: Never stop the hustle. Every obstacle is a duel to be won with wrestling gusto.
No. 1052271 ID: eab610

Step five: get fired up! let the inner passion burn higher! Prepare your smack talk and remember if your the bad guy or the good guy this time!
No. 1052273 ID: b90810

No. 1052274 ID: 36784c

>step five?
According to Rhythm Heaven, you're supposed to pose for the fans!
No. 1052275 ID: 629f2e


No. 1052281 ID: baa23d

We got family and tradition down, so horon and donuts must take up step 5
No. 1052283 ID: 8483cf
File 167152689740.png - (12.35KB , 364x500 , LQ_3.png )

No, not donuts. Ice cream! Wait, that’s not right…

Step Five is to trust my friends, and they will trust me. Team spirit is the essence of Lucha Libre.

I don’t know many people here. I’ve just arrived in Ohio and I don’t speak English very well. I can read and write okay, but everything I say comes out en español when I’m excited. I sound slow and silly in English, and I’ll have to work very hard to learn to speak it in front of people.

¡Claro! ¡Mi pasión arde intensamente!

I want to bring honor to Lucha Libre. My family will be so disappointed if I behave poorly.

¿Soy técnica o ruda? Good girl or bad?

Good, of course. I can never take shortcuts. No cheating! Never! Even if it means losing, a fair loss is far better than a dirty win. It makes the wins so much better to have them come through hard work. That makes it all the easier to stand tall for Step Six: PRESENTATION!

I’m sure that if I practice my English, I’ll get better. Where is that phone list?

Bendito sea Dios, here it is. I’m sure these kind wrestlers will have encouraging words for me. I don’t have a phone connected to my place yet, so I’ll have to use a pay phone outside. I only have enough quarters for two quick calls.

These wrestlers would be great to call:
- Trisha Harding: She’s very nice and welcoming. I’m sure she’ll encourage me.
- “Alleycat” Rose Harper: She’s the hardest working wrestler I know.
- Jimmy Cones: He knows how to have fun, plus he has an entire business selling ice cream. I must resist! Remember Step Two!

These numbers are riskier:
- Brett “The Threat”: THE CHAMP. I want him to see how high I can fly. I’ll get to train with him in a few days, so I’ll impress him with a good first impression then.
- "The Thunder from Down Under" Grace Willow: She’s the toughest fighter around. She’s also in prison, so it might be a collect call. Oh no, my lunch money!
- Mama Lacroix: She uses spooky magic my Abuelita warned me about, and Abuelita knows best. But if I really, really want to win, she’ll know how to do it…
- Señor Serpent, Sr.: My idol! He’s a luchador from Mexico City too! I’m sure if I call this number, I’ll turn into a complete fanática.

I can’t call these numbers:
- Wendigo: The phone number has been scratched out. Maybe he’s not a talker?
- Kazama Inarizaki: Instead of a phone number, there’s a picture of a fox and the caption “If you see him, run.”

Who should I call? Choose two.
No. 1052284 ID: 296148

Trisha or Alleycat. Also, what kind of lucha should we be? A highflyer like Rey Mysterio Jr? A more grounded, submission based like Ultimo Dragon? Or an all rounder like El Generico?
No. 1052289 ID: b90810

Trisha and Serpiente sound like the most likable! Let's do it!
No. 1052291 ID: 67181a

If you're worried about matching up with american wrestling, Alleycat is probably the beat to call since she's hard-working and approachable enough that you consider her a safe call. She'll probably know good places to train and work out and might be willing to show you the ropes on what locals want to see.

Since you have enough for more than one call, you can prpbably call trisha after that sincs she sounds like the most encoiraging in case you meed a pick-me-up.
No. 1052297 ID: da7e58

Call Lacroix and Harper!
No. 1052301 ID: 520a3f


First, definitely Alley Cat. If she's a hard worker, she'll know where all the good training spots are, as well as a who's who of local flavors.

Second, Señor Serpent, Sr. It's ALWAYS good to get advice from the older workhorses. Never stop sitting under the learning tree.

This be a bun, correct? She can be a high-flyer, yeah, but that's also gotta be obvious. I would actually suggest a strike-base moveset- presuming you got the legs for it.
No. 1052305 ID: c2df2d

First call: Trisha Harding

Second call: That cute friar working at the orphanage where you also used to work in.
No. 1052309 ID: dc13c4

I agree with this suggestion
No. 1052325 ID: dee951

Well, Lucha and American Pro Wrestling are both very similar forms of improvisational performance art. The two schools likely have slightly different jargon, and maybe different storytelling tropes they favor, or standards for pacing matches. Also, most of the local/regional communities would have subtly different ways of doing things. So what part of America would this be taking place in? What's the business and art like where she'll be going?

Because ultimately, even if this is done as a business -- people LOVE money in America, everyone knows that -- it is still about being true to the ART! To work together with your 'opponent' to put on an amazing show that everyone will love!
No. 1052327 ID: baa23d

Trisha and Grace, spread the great word of Lucha Libre to the convict and lead her on the honorable path of the luchadora with Trisha to help spread the word on how its nice to be nice
No. 1052333 ID: 8483cf
File 167159912494.png - (29.46KB , 800x538 , LQ_4.png )

My legs are ready! I’m the most flexible Luchadora I know. Of course, it’s been less than ten years since Mexico City lifted the ban on Luchadoras, so I didn’t know very many back home, and there are far, far, far fewer here in Ohio. I hope there will be more of us as we get closer to the new millennium.

I want to be a high-flying acrobat. I’m spring-loaded! But everyone in American Wrestling is so much taller than me… I’m only 5’10”, and that’s counting my ears. I’ll have to fight as hard as I can to win.

My company is small and relatively new, but we have a loyal following. We’re trying to move up in the world to get our name out there. We’re just starting to sell t-shirts! I hope everyone smiles when they see the Ohio Wrestling Organization logo.
No. 1052334 ID: 8483cf
File 167159913733.png - (39.86KB , 350x350 , LQ_5.png )

I’ve decided: I’ll call Trisha and Alleycat. The nicest wrestler and the hardest working will have great advice for me on my big debut. I lace up on my boots and head down the street to use the pay phone.

I call Trisha first. She’s excited to welcome me aboard and is full of bubbly advice.

“You’re gonna be great, hon,” Trisha says. “Everyone’ll be looking at your super cute mask, so smile as big and bright as you can. They’re gonna be excited to see you, so you can get excited to see them too! Jump around and have some fun, they’ll love your energy. Maybe throw some of our new t-shirts into the crowd, too?”

“Do Americans like free t-shirts?”

“We love ‘em!”


“Just don’t do anything too dangerous. Unless, of course, your fans start to fall asleep. That’s when you can get risky. No other times, okay? I’m looking out for you!”

Aww, she’s so sweet. Can I call her my friend? Claro que sí.
No. 1052336 ID: 8483cf
File 167159954237.png - (41.26KB , 350x350 , LQ_6.png )

I pop in another few quarters and call Alleycat. Rose is straight-up and honest with her advice, and I know it comes from experience.

“Trisha told you to be nice to the fans, right?” Rose asks. “Well, she’s right. Remember, they’re the boss, and what they say goes. Make ‘em happy and nothing else matters, win or lose.”

“I love cheering crowds,” I say. “I will try my best.”

“Be ready to take some big hits,” Rose says, “Make sure you’re all warmed up. You’re a flexible bunny, sure, but that’s not worth a damn if you don’t stretch pre-match.”

“I will!” I promise. “I’ll be as stretchy as Oaxaca cheese!”

“Uh-huh,” Rose says, nonplussed. “Well, there’s a 24-hour clinic half a block away from the gymnasium you’re at tonight, so just try to remember which way to stumble in case you get your bell rung. Or worse.”

Oh dear. I’m a little nervous at that. But a fight is nothing to worry about, even in American Wrestling. Always face your problems head-on! That’s the Lucha way.

I hang up the phone. Just as I do, I see something happening across the street so shocking it makes my jaw drop.

¡Qué horrible! I have to act fast, or else it’ll be too late!

What terrible thing is happening in this small town where only a Luchadora can swoop in and save the day?
No. 1052337 ID: a7a180

A man is about to put ketchup on his tacos.
No. 1052338 ID: e51896

There's a cat stuck up a tree!
and no, you're not talking about a pet cat, but an anthro sapient cat!
that anthro cat's pet cat is actually at the bottom of the tree meowing and worrying about their owner being stuck up the tree!

This whole situation makes you so confused, but you gotta help the poor cat save their cat up the tree.
No. 1052339 ID: de15ea

Theyve got a vampire problem
No. 1052340 ID: 3184a6

two drunks got into a fight. Not a big deal in of itself since they had the decency to take it outside but you're pretty sure one of them just pulled out a knife and that does kind of put it up to a big deal.
No. 1052344 ID: e5709d

An alien ship accidentally crashed in the city and some crazed vigilante is trying to suplex all the aliens.
They'll only listen to another vigilante whose justice is reinforced by superior wrestling skill!
No. 1052345 ID: baa23d

Town is in middle of a pitates vs ninjas war and both sides must be defeated
No. 1052346 ID: e5709d

(And the vigilante's name is Hell'ana Homerun)
No. 1052351 ID: 520a3f

Some mongoose dude's dragging a young girl by the hand into an alley and they don't look like they're going easy on her...
No. 1052377 ID: b90810

Timmy fell down a pothole!

Also, the major doesn't fix the pothole because he is too busy arranging fights!
No. 1052502 ID: 8483cf
File 167186293822.png - (13.25KB , 500x500 , LQ_7.png )

It’s a horrible sight: a cat-person stuck in a tree. His loyal feline is dutifully meowing the alarm at to all who will hear, but no one is helping the poor man. This is a job for someone who always puts the safety and well-being of her community first: a ¡Luchadora!

Nacha leaps to the man’s aid and offers to bend the tree to the ground with her SUPER SUPLEX, but the cat-man refuses her help. He’s terrified of what’s on the ground waiting for him: a vampire.

“I saw a hunched-over figure sucking the blood out of a poor drunk man in an alleyway,” the man declares. “The vampire is going to drain the whole town dry. He’s going to get me for seeing it, I know it! He can’t have gotten far. He has to be one of those three people in front of us.”

This is disastrous. Nacha has to defeat the vampire before he bites again!

Who is the vampire?

1. The man putting ketchup on his tacos
2. Timmy, who fell into the pothole, clearly to avoid sunlight
3. The Mayor, who is embezzling money from the pothole fund
No. 1052503 ID: e51896

Thats not ketchup!
And even if it is, he's committing a taco sin! Ketchup on tacos! NO BUENO!
No. 1052504 ID: e5709d

Use (1) on (3).
No. 1052505 ID: a7a180

Timmy. It's high time to give that ratty bat boy a moonsault!
No. 1052506 ID: 3184a6

even if he isn't a vampire he deserves to be suplexed for his crimes against culinary arts!
No. 1052508 ID: d5170c

No. 1052511 ID: b90810

Uuh, was the hunched figure, fat as a blowfish and carrying sacks of money around?

If the cat man says no, go with dos.

If he says yes, also go with dos.
Tipical Timmy to shove the blame at others.
No. 1052517 ID: 7c0da2

1. That's clearly the sign of someone who has lost touch with their humanity.
No. 1052545 ID: 8483cf
File 167195637165.png - (64.71KB , 450x450 , LQ_8.png )

Timmy might be a bit of a troublemaker and blame others for his misdeeds, but he’s never committed such a clearly inhumane act as putting ketchup on his tacos. The taco abuser is the prime suspect.

Nacha confronts the taco man with her hands on her hips in a proud, heroic pose.

“I have found you, vampiro. No more will you trouble this poor Ohio town!”

“Ah, you caught me,” the vampire says. “You’re pretty smart. My “ketchup” fooled everybody except you and your high standards for Mexican food.”

“No one dishonors the taco!” Nacha declares. “And especially not with the blood of innocent townspeople. Now you will face justice!”

“Uh-huh,” the vampire says. “So… what are you gonna do about it?”

What is Nacha going to do about it?

2. Deliver an IMPALER DDT
3. Uncage the TIGER SUPLEX
No. 1052546 ID: a7a180

Silver bullets, coach!
No. 1052551 ID: e5709d

You're going to walk right past him and let your personal stalker stake him to death.
See, your crazy fanboy is a vampire hunter, and his idea of a dating proposal is to dust bouquets of flowers full of his latest kills and shove them in your face.
No. 1052555 ID: 3c92d9

Definitely not B. Do you know who uses the Implyer DDT? Edge, Christian, Gangrel. The Brood. A bunch of vampires. It would strengthen the vampire.

And not A. The Tombstone Pile-driver. That is only used by undead and demonic wrestlers, like Undertaker and Kane.

Plus, I don't want to get the vampire's mouth close to any part of our body.

So I choose C. Tiger suplex
No. 1052556 ID: d5170c

1 will not be very effective with vampires being undead
3 You are not a Tiger
my vote is 2 since vampires are weak to impalements
No. 1052557 ID: fec07f

Vampires are already dead ao TOMBSTONE is a no go, TIGERs are pretty good but as >>1052556 pointed out vampires are weak to IMPALE moves
No. 1052558 ID: c58093

Impaler DDT!
No. 1052559 ID: 07399f

B. The IMPALER DDT, it's one of the traditional vampire weaknesses.
No. 1052578 ID: dee951

So if Vampires are not just akin to bats, but are also akin to mosquitoes, and they are weak to impalement... The Impaler DDT!!
No. 1052589 ID: 8483cf
File 167204026589.png - (22.67KB , 400x400 , LQ_9.png )

The truest way to bring peace to a vampire is to stake them through the heart, but Nacha knows another way: to stake them into the ground, face first, with an IMPALER DDT! She hopes that the move’s originator will forgive her for borrowing it in this time of great need.

With lightning alacrity, Nacha seizes the Vampire’s neck under her elbow, immobilizing his dangerous fangs pointed away from her.

“Hey, wait!” the vampire says. “We can talk about this. If you spare me, I can give you immortality! Fame! Money! Whatever you want!”

“What I want is justice,” Nacha declares, and falls backwards, sending the vampire’s face headed straight for the earth.
No. 1052590 ID: 8483cf
File 167204027686.png - (5.31KB , 300x300 , LQ_10.png )

A great burst of ash erupts as the vampire is returned to the ground (mostly) peacefully.

“Polvo a polvo,” Nacha says, her head bowed respectfully for her fallen opponent. Her work is not yet done, though. She hops down into the ten-foot deep pothole, hoists Little Timmy over her shoulder, and leaps straight out.

“Golly!” Little Timmy says. “I sure am happy you were here to save me! Are you a superhero? What’s your name?”

“Ignacia,” Nacha says, “But you can call me Nacha. I am no hero. I am just a Luchadora.”

“Oh! You’re the wrestler who’s gonna fight tonight,” Little Timmy says. “I’ll be sure to cheer for you!”

¡Muchas gracias, Timmy!” Nacha pats down the vampire ash from her leotard and heads for the small gymnasium to get ready for her match.


Nacha is fretting in the locker room and wringing her hands, patting ash from her leotard, and making sure her mask is nice and tight. Despite defeating a vampire, Nacha is very nervous about her match tonight. She wants to have fans cheer loud and inspire them to do the right thing in their daily lives, but it’s hard to do that when she doesn’t speak English very well.

Suddenly, a camera crew and an interviewer bursts into the locker room!

“There she is!” the interviewer says. “Our brand new wrestler right before her first match! Nacha, what do you have to say to your first American audience?”

Oh no! This is muy malo!

1. What should Nacha say? This is her only chance to have a good first impression in Ohio!
2. What other question does the interviewer ask? How does Nacha respond?
No. 1052591 ID: a7a180

1. Say some words of wisdom from your abuela.
2. The interviewer asks if she always puts her mask on before her leotard. Nacha's response is to look down.
No. 1052592 ID: e51896

You're alright with revealing your real name Ignacia like that?

anyways, Answer with "VIVA OHIO!"
No. 1052596 ID: 6b3de4

-"I will bring great justice!"


-"Any expectations for the upcoming fight?"

-"Tough!But I'm tougher!"

-"Have you met your opponent yet?"

-"Can't see the novia before the boda!"


-"You're adorable, can I hug you?"



-"Does this suit make me look fat?"

-"One little!"

-"Wait a minute, there is no such thing as a talking rabbit!"


-"That's better!"
No. 1052605 ID: 520a3f

Don't say anything too fancy since your English isn't great, don't try to make anything complicated. Keep it to 1 to 3 words.

"...Lista. (Ready.) "Vamos, vamos, vamos!" (Let’s go, Let’s go, let's go!)
No. 1052609 ID: 17fce5

2. The interviewer is speechless and asks no more questions.
No. 1052918 ID: 8483cf
File 167238181783.png - (13.76KB , 400x300 , LQ_11.png )

Okay, Nacha! Deep breath. Remember what Trish said. Smile as big as you can, and get excited!

“I am ready!” I declare. My English isn’t great, but I know enough to be excited! “I am tough!”

“Tough, eh?” the interviewer asks. “But are you Texas Tough?”

“¿Qué? Estamos en Ohio, hombre tonto,” I blurt out, then quickly correct myself. “Ah… this is Ohio.”

“Texas has come all the way up here just to fight you,” the interviewer says. “Your opponent tonight is… Tex, the Amarillo Armadillo!”

“¡Vámonos! I will fight Texas! ¡VIVA OHIO!”

“He’s waitin’ for you out there. He’s already dissed the great state of Ohio and the whole country of Mexico, so go get ‘im! Dispense some frontier justice!”

I don’t know who Tex is, but he sounds like he doesn’t like me. Is it because I’m from Mexico? Well, I won’t show fear! I’ll fight him no matter how armored he is!

“For frontier justice!”

I stride out the locker room and hear a strong Latin beat playing. That’s my cue! I rush down the hall and burst out of the double doors. The gymnasium bleachers are five rows deep and all the fans are cheering for me.

It’s everything I dreamed of!

I see Trish waving at me from the ringside, holding T-shirts and smiling. Oh! Smile! T-shirts!

I bound down the aisle between the bleachers, waving and smiling. Some fans are pointing at the big Armadillo already in the ring and telling me to kick his butt.

I’m smiling and waving and loving the attention. But people are staring at me very intently. Judging me. Wondering what kind of luchadora I’ll be.

Tex is a big armadillo with a bigger sneer.

“The Nacho Dip arrives!” Tex declares. “Crowd here’s a bunch ‘a buffoons, cheering for a freak like you. Where I’m from, we don’t wear costumes ‘fore Halloween. I’m here to knock you back over the border, where you belong!”

He’s a jerk!

Should I:
1. Grab the microphone from Tex and declare I’ll fight him because of how he’s insulted me and everyone here!
2. Ignore Tex and upstage him with how impressive my moves are and how flexible I am!
3. Surprise Tex and just kick him in his smug face!
No. 1052921 ID: e51896

1. Pro wrestling isnt just about the fights, it's also about the drama and banters between the fighters, You gotta show the audience you're on their side with the mic to get a good pop from them, to hype them up, and cheer you on!
No. 1052922 ID: e5709d

1) He insulted you with pure racism. Insult his god.
"Rule Number One Of Showmanship: NEVER INSULT THE CROWD! You'd better pray for their forgiveness - oh wait, that type of 'prayer' is illegal in at least six countries!"
... You did do research on this guy, right?
No. 1052926 ID: 58dd24

1, but keep it simple. Remember what Rose said, gotta have the fans behind you. Honestly, opening with insulting the crowd? This guy is here to make you look good, so make it good. Wonder if he's acting, or ACTUALLY a jerk
A little 2 wouldn't hurt, but don't show off too much before the fight.
Definitely not 3, you are not one for cheep shots.
No. 1052930 ID: e5709d

No, he took it too far. Instead of simply insulting her physique or personality, he went and insinuated outright deportation. He's using his reputation to promote racism and anti-immigration, attacks that Nacha's ironclad respect for tradition and co-operation naturally oppose.
No. 1052933 ID: 520a3f


Insulting the crowd is a time honored tradition.

You want to work the crowd, but the problem here is that you don't know much English, so clapping back in a hot way is going to be...difficult. Normally, you'd try to do something to shatter his self esteem, call is ability into question, maybe slip a little personal banter in there. But you don't know this guy, nor much about the place, so...just hit him with something simple and prepare to dodge.

1(b): Simple. Easy. "Try it, donkey-breath."

Personally, I'd actually just go for 2, and see if we can't make him tap. He's an armadillo, his limbs can't be THAT long.
No. 1052937 ID: baa23d

1 Lean in on the 'Tuk er jerbs' thing which he also probably belive. "Tex let me guess guess you think I'm here to take your spot in (wrestling org name here)? Well Tex I think anyone ANYONE here or seeking to come to this great nation like me surpass you in full stars and stripes for your spot here in (wrestler org name) and I'm going to show how I'm a better slot for (wrestling org name) by beating you in a wrestling match. And the border coment will bite your behind as I toss you OUT OF THE RING!"
No. 1052939 ID: a7a180

Kick him in the faaaace!
No. 1052941 ID: 520a3f

Remember, she can't speak English well, no sense in trying to let her do big speeches. I'd suggest keeping it to five words or less, personally.
No. 1052943 ID: 58dd24

I mean, we know we are here for the Ohio Wrestling Organization, I doubt Tex from Texas is here dissing Ohio on a permanent basis anyway. He's a migrant worker, if you will.
No. 1052950 ID: 8483cf
File 167243851119.png - (11.88KB , 450x589 , LQ_12.png )

Rose gave me great advice: make the crowd happy, and make sure I’m warmed up. I did stretching in the locker room, but a little more won’t hurt. I can do both at the same time!

Or, at least, I can try. English is hard. I bounce back and forth and grab my legs, bringing one foot at a time up all the way up past my head. He’s gonna have to contend with a fully spring-loaded Nacha!

“Try it, burro-breath!” I let my leg go and bounce even higher. I’m ready!

The bell rings. The match begins!

Tex is a hardy hombre. He’s taller than me by a head and a half, but he’s only a little slower than me. He tests my reflexes with a few grabbing motions, but I dance back and dodge easily. Soon I notice he’s not trying to actually grab me- he’s trying to corral me away from the edges of the ring. Clearly he expects I’ll go for the ropes and make my move there, and he’s having none of that.

Should I:

1. Move in close and try for a grapple: a Falling Neckbreaker would put him on his back.
2. Jump without the ropes and go for a dropkick- no way he’s expecting my legs to be as long as they are.
3. Retreat back to the edge of my side of the ring, bait him in and go for a powerful flying forearm amped up by the ropes!
No. 1052951 ID: a7a180

Try to knock him on his back.
No. 1052953 ID: e5709d

Do a special: dodge his grapples and dive for his shell, grabbing it at the rim. Let's see if he has high poise.
No. 1052983 ID: e51896

1. that should get him stuck on his back. but be prepared, he might roll into a ball and start rolling at you.
No. 1052985 ID: 5ef5d3

1 Of course! Make him try to roll towards you, then hop on his back and roll him against the ropes and making bounce like pinball!
No. 1053265 ID: 520a3f

1. Charge, duck under his swing, and right into a Falling Neckbreaker.
No. 1053840 ID: 8483cf
File 167382057123.png - (15.54KB , 500x500 , LQ_13.png )


I charge, duck and weave under Tex's mighty swing, going for his back and grabbing hold for a Falling Neckbreacker. We drop to the mat with a resounding crash. He's down!

...But the move places my head next to his. He reaches up and grabs my ears.


No. 1053854 ID: e51896

If hair pulling is an illegal move in prowrestling, surly ear pulling is too, right? If that's the case, let the referee break this up and get back to position.
No. 1053865 ID: 520a3f

Damn, that must hurt! Now how agile are you? Swing your hips, roll BACKWARDS to take the tension off your ears, and either try to get back to your feet, or get into a handstand position and then DRIVE THOSE KNEES into the ol' breadbasket.

Fancy ways to force a hold release are usually pretty well-received. Gotta show coolness under pressure.
No. 1053935 ID: b90810

Tell him pulling and scratching is emasculating. He will change tactics.

If he doesn't, pull your massive foot back and give him a Lucky Shot in the shin!

Roll up and get on guard, we should hit his legs to throw off his center of balance. That's probably his weakpoint.
No. 1053968 ID: 8483cf
File 167392270478.png - (7.52KB , 330x343 , LQ_14.png )

Ear holds are 100% illegal. Where's the referee?! Oh, no! The referee can't see my ears from this angle! Oh, ¡qué lástima!

Tex is on one knee, rising to his feet, still holding my ears. I grit my teeth and roll backwards, launching a powerful kick straight into Tex's stomach. Pow! Haha! He lets go of my ears and grabs his stomach. I hop to my feet with a kip-up and and stroke the feeling back into my poor ears.

Tex is on his knees, and I'm ready to pounce! Should I:

1. Use his shell as leverage and put his arm in a chicken wing hold
2. Put him in an Anaconda Vise and deliver southern justice
3. Deliver a flashy, powerful, devastating Forward Somersault Cutter! It'll be incredibly effective if he doesn't catch me mid-move.
No. 1053969 ID: a7a180

Southern justice!
No. 1054018 ID: b90810

Yes, let's do the Vice and throw out of the ring!
No. 1054032 ID: 520a3f

I have to admit, I'm not sure how you can transition to a clean Anaconda Vice from that position, but I'm curious to see if you can do it.
No. 1054082 ID: 8483cf
File 167409534136.png - (26.93KB , 750x640 , LQ_15.png )

Tex is on his knees. I can bring him to the mat and put him in the most Southern of holds! I leap forward, seize his neck under my forearm and throw my weight downwards in a great motion to bring him fully to the ground, and to execute the full Anaconda Vise.

However, it’s not a clean hold, and before I can get a lock on Tex, he flips me around and uses his massive weight advantage to press me into the mat with his knee.

“You tryin’a pull a fast one on me? Pshaw!” he declares. “Nobody messes with Tex! Now t’ teach ya a lesson.”

With his free hand, Tex grabs ahold of my mask’s laces and tugs them loose.

What? No! That’s the lowest blow possible! He can’t do that!

”¡Déjame!” I shout.

“Let’s unwrap this burrito!”
No. 1054083 ID: 8483cf
File 167409537770.png - (540.23KB , 774x930 , LQ_16.png )

Tex has gotten my mask loose. I need to act fast! I can’t lose it! Not now, not ever! The crowd is screaming and yelling at this horrible desecration of the art of wrestling. Still, there’s one voice I hear, very close by:


Trisha! She’s ringside, and holding out the way to break free! It’s right in my reach, and I can get a clear shot at Tex with it.

Does Nacha take the hockey stick and save herself from being unmasked?
No. 1054084 ID: a7a180

Naturally. This pendejo fights without honor!
No. 1054112 ID: 520a3f

He's trying to be a super jerk about this. Turnabout's fair play.
No. 1054113 ID: dee951

Take the stick! It is your destiny!
No. 1054151 ID: 629f2e

Make sure to keep one hand on your mask when you reach for the stick, otherwise you might lose it when you reach over.
No. 1054319 ID: 8483cf
File 167433542171.png - (12.52KB , 422x397 , LQ_17.png )

I keep one hand tight on my mask to keep it from coming off in Tex’s grip. With the other, I reach for the stick. The ref is still distracted. The stick is my salvation!

I swing the stick up and against into Tex’s snout with a resounding smack. He lets out a holler and rolls off me as I keep swinging the stick wildly, missing with most of my one-armed shots, but keeping my mask on.

The ref finally turns to see what’s happening, and he since he didn’t see the first shot connect, he can’t disqualify me, and I have to admit it feels pretty good to have gotten that hit in. Really, really good, in fact.

I tug the laces tight on my mask and give them a quick tie before raising the stick menacingly. Tex’s dishonorable attempt at my mask fills me with white-hot fury, and I advance on him, stick raised. The crowd cheers- they want to see Tex get his comeuppance.

“Nacha’s about to let loose!” the announcer yells out. “She’s got murder in her eyes. Tex had better watch out!”

“Nope!” Tex says, ducking out of the ropes and out of the ring. “I’m outta here!”

“Where do you think you’re going?” Trisha snarls at him ringside, maneuvering between him and the exit. “If you think you’re gonna get away with messing with Nacha like that, you got another thing coming!”

Tex steps back from the vengeful Trisha, and he’s still on the ringside mat. I can reach him from here and end this now! I toss aside the hockey stick and prepare to finish him with HONOR.

What leaping move should I use to end the match?

1. Tope con Giro: A showy, inverted leaping front flip dive over the ropes
2. Tope Suicida: A quick-striking headfirst dive through the ropes
3. Asai Moonsault: A flip that takes a little more setup from my position, but more precise way to get the drop on Tex
No. 1054320 ID: 629f2e

2, Headfirst dive feels appropriate. He wants your mask so badly, give it to him!
No. 1054321 ID: e51896

1 feels the most coolest and fastest out of the group
No. 1054327 ID: a7a180

No. 1054346 ID: 8483cf
File 167435212997.png - (79.91KB , 1000x667 , LQ_18.png )

If he wants my mask that bad, then he’s gonna get an express delivery!

I launch myself headfirst through the ropes, straight at Tex. He’s completely unprepared, never having faced a true Luchadora before, and my lightning-fast leap hits home. Pobrecito.
No. 1054347 ID: 8483cf
File 167435215415.png - (5.13KB , 300x300 , LQ_19.png )

The fans pop out of their seats and roar as the referee counts, and Tex is completely down for a ten-count. The victory is mine!

I give the crowd an adoring wave and make my exit from the arena before the microphone can find me. I’m not eager to give any interviews. Not yet.

I can’t wait until my next match! Thank you all for watching!

¡Lucha Quest will return!
No. 1054375 ID: 520a3f

This is only the beginning, looking forwards to the next one!

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