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File 166873871922.png - (256.10KB , 522x700 , 15-1.png )
1049539 No. 1049539 ID: 9272af

Chapter 15
Adult content 18+

First thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/860238.html
Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Moot_Point
Previous chapter: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/1013588.html
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No. 1071398 ID: bf18db

Give him a bitta time to just settle in with you first and let it come when it comes, it's probably gonna take him a sec to start talkin. Unless he just starts gushing like a broken faucet about what happened, hard to tell with him sometimes.
No. 1071399 ID: 7c2308

I don't think Gabe enjoyed being an angry badass. In fact, I think it really scared him, unleashing that kind of destruction.
No. 1071400 ID: db478f

Give that boy some kisses. Healer's orders.
No. 1071401 ID: 82f3cb

Gabe's a real caring guy. I don't think it's the anger that got to him, Muir was going to kill all four of them if he didn't. I think it's more that Muir didn't want to be sent yet. I don't think Gabe has ever sent someone against their will, and it's gotta be tough to pair it with such raw emotion.
No. 1071402 ID: e5709d

The idea that (even upon an unrepentant mass-slaver) slowly torturing a soul to death and then cumming their toxic essence across the land isn't just tolerated but favored by the spiritual authority isn't something that can be reconciled easily.

So I recommend milk from the tap. A @#$%ing liter, at least.
No. 1071445 ID: 0ec7ef

Kol: Consider that there *might* be a better way. After all, there was something of Muir that was still of worth - you saw it with that little glimmer. Posit that maybe one need only to nourish that spark, give it some proper kindling to latch onto, to burn bright and consume the Miasma that threatened to smother and extinguish it.

Just a thought, anyways.
No. 1071448 ID: 19ea25

Spite being released was something the founders even shut the Mana Wells for. Not exactly a good idea to keep releasing it by doing this.
No. 1071686 ID: 706b74
File 169388512149.png - (226.70KB , 700x472 , 15-135.png )

Gabe is quiet, not yet ready to answer.

She lets him stew for a while as she continues her healing.

“You know you can tell me whatever. I’m here to help.”

Gabe opens his mouth to speak… but closes it. A few minutes later he manages, “I- I did something, I guess I- I never thought…”

Del makes an inquisitive noise, prompting him to continue.

The mouse speaks as he pieces his thoughts together. “I had this idea a long time ago for… a way to use gate magic. A-a kind of secret weapon, I guess. I thought it was so cool at the time.”

He pauses mid thought.

“So you used it?” Del asks, trying to keep him talking.

“Yeh…” Gabe says. “There was this vampire… you remember Muir? From the mountain? We tried to help him. But when we went to send him… he attacked us.” The mouse turns his head to look back over his shoulder at her. “He was gonna kill us. He was yelling, and he did all this geomancy and summoned a rock monster to attack us and…”

He takes a deep breath. “I got so mad. I thought about it attacking Kol and Casey and I got madder than I think I’ve ever been in my life. I just… stopped thinking and…”

Del nods. “And you did the thing. Is that how you got burned?”

“Mmm-hmm.” Gabe nods, matting her fur with more tears. “I did the thing. I stopped the rock monster and we sent Muir. He was so scared as it happened. I’ve never banished anyone. It felt awful. Like a chunk of my soul being ripped out. “

Delilah squeezes him a bit. “You okay?”
No. 1071687 ID: 1a35ec

It was strange. There was part of him - a large part - that couldn't go through the gate. It just stopped, pooling up on the portal. And it was Gabe's portal. How connected to a portal are you while you keep it open? What effect does it have for something like that to be pushing, pulling, clinging and clawing at a portal that you're holding? I'm not surprised that Gabe got the worst of it. Could some of that stuff have grabbed onto him, somehow?
No. 1071699 ID: fa3034

Honestly? Not yet. Del takes good care of you and you feel safe with her. The shock of it probably linger more than the actual burns. She's on the right track though and you appreciate it.
No. 1071707 ID: dc4bad

Poor Gabe, that empathy is so admirable but has to hurt.

Muir's brand of solitude and paranoia being at odds with Gabe's own nature probably contributed to how much it sucked, but even just the banishing itself; seeing Muir terrified and begging for help, Gabe being responsible for that. Yeah that probably gonna stay with him.

Keep doing what you're doing Del, even if he can't or won't talk about it yet, just letting him know he's safe and loved is gonna be a world of help.
No. 1071776 ID: 706b74
File 169396983208.png - (208.69KB , 700x500 , 15-136.png )

“I dunno… maybe?” Gabe sighs, “Probably not. At least not yet.”

He shifts slightly: rolling his thoughts around in his head. “One moment, I was so angry that I would have killed Muir, if I could. Then the next, I’m about to throw up, watching him beg while my spirit gate rips him apart. How do I even deal with that?”

Delilah considers her words before answering in a husky voice, “I don’t know about how spirit guides work exactly, but with healers our duty is to help everyone we can. And while magic can ease the pain and help people recover; when we need to do surgery... we have to damage tissue in order to get to the problem." She pauses and asks, “Do you think you helped him?”

Gabe chews on the inside of his cheek for a moment and responds, “I don't know. Sure didn’t sound like it, from the way he acted. All that was left of him that went through the portal was a little light: like a candle flame or something. Everything else turned into spite...”

The healer makes a little noncommittal sound and they linger in the mutual silence for a bit. Outside, small grassland insects chirp noisily to one another. Underneath the chorus is the distant muted roar of the waves against the beach.
No. 1071777 ID: 706b74
File 169396983823.png - (264.21KB , 500x700 , 15-137.png )

“Your partners are really proud of you.” Del observes. “They’re worried, but proud. It sounds like you really stepped up for them.”

He nods a little bit and she feels a slight tug on his cheek that might be a smile.

She feels his dick, rigid from the side effects of healing magic, poking into her thigh. “Did you wanna fuck?” She asks, mostly out of courtesy.

“Mmm, not really.” Gabe says, probably for the first time in his life. “Can you, like, just hold me for a bit?”

Del says, “Sure thing.” And she does.

"I love you Delilah..."

"I love you too, Gabe."

In her arms he’s a light and fragile thing and after a while she feels him go to sleep. She sighs contentedly, satisfied from healing his body and soul. She snuggles up around him, warmer than any blanket, and feels his little heart flutter in his chest.
No. 1071784 ID: db478f

You really are the best, Del.
No. 1071785 ID: 787444

OUGH I love it when the hot muscle lady is a receptive listener that knows the boundaries of traumatic events
No. 1071787 ID: 7c2308

Now Kol and Casey need their turns for some emotional snuggling with Gabe
No. 1071824 ID: 8f9bc4

If it's any consolation, Muir wanted to remain in this world so much, that all but one tiny grain of him was willing to pass on. And that's exactly what happened. In a way, he's still your problem, in the form of a butt ton of spite, but hey you dumped it somewhere that no one lives anymore because the land is full of even more butt tons of spite for some reason. So you can probably just ignore it!
No. 1071941 ID: 706b74
File 169414201342.png - (263.48KB , 700x500 , 15-138.png )

Back at home, Kol and Casey are already in bed and fucking like two people who just looked death in the eye. All the adrenaline in their bodies screams one thing: wordless, panting, animal sex. 

Kol looks down at where they’re joined. He’s balls deep inside Casey: grinding and slapping against her hips. She’s so warm and alive around him; her passion arcing off of her like lightning and raising his fur in little tingly ridges.

Casey gasps. She reaches between her legs, her fingers tracing Kol’s shaft as it pumps in and out. She feels his pulse racing inside her as he fucks her senseless. He feels as tireless and powerful as Rufus’s mechanical body when he plowed her earlier. 
Panting like a racehorse, Kol huffs into her ear, “F-ates, I lo-ove you…” 

Casey clutches him tight and nods, “I love you so much…” 

Kol responds by lifting her legs up and curling her hips skyward so that he can jackhammer her into the mattress. 

No. 1071945 ID: db478f

That's it you two, let it aaaalll out.
No. 1071948 ID: 1a35ec

After bringing more death to the world - of only just a little - I wonder how much you've considered adding life back to it. I know Casey's already lined up to help Miki and Raithe, but I'm sure you've thought of your own futures too, right? Of course you wouldn't want to really do anything so consequential when you're dealing with emotions like this, but maybe you'd like to just... you know, think about it. Use your imaginations?
No. 1071961 ID: e5709d

Adoption is cleaner. Rather than bring new life, save an innocent who has been marked for death.
No. 1071972 ID: e3600d

Well yeah, but there's a certain bond that can be found with mothers and tox wants to draw casey pregnant sharing that bond with someone you really care about and trust is what makes it more special.
No. 1071975 ID: 2a82d3

Cleansing Spite by creating more Joy? Not sure that's how it works, but the thought of it IS pleasant, to put it lightly. Heck, the entire town might be reacting to this "imbalance". We could have a horny epidemic on our hands.

>Casey's already lined up to help Miki and Raithe
They would be here if they wanted (or needed) to be, but I'm not sure about having this intimate moment spiraling into an orgy. It's either that, or having both couples magically synchronize their sex somehow.
No. 1072049 ID: dd34fe


You know... maybe this *would* be the moment to fulfil their promise to Miki and Raithe. It would indeed be a nice death/life juxtaposition. And since I don't think Casey's reproductive system would be compatible with either Miki or Raithe's sperm, perhaps Kol could plant his seed inside her now.

Of course, for that to happen, not only would Casey have to be willing to go through a surrogate pregnancy for a number of months, but Kol would have to be aware that the child he puts in her will not be considered his but will be given to his friends when born. Are they both ready for that? And how would the kid feel about the matter growing up? It's a delicate issue, and they should be certain of what they're in for before they go ahead...
No. 1072153 ID: 706b74
File 169439772246.png - (266.51KB , 700x500 , 15-139.png )

The Binder howls with pleasure, hanging on desperately as she rides her first orgasm of the night. Her pussy tightens around him, her walls shivering as Kol continues his pounding: dutifully pushing her towards her next release.

In spite of his determination, Kol’s pace falters, his muscles flagging and complaining. He slows, still trying to grind into her welcoming hips.

“Here… let me get on top.” Casey insists, “Roll over.”

Kol nods and flips onto his back, still buried inside Casey as she braces herself.

She plants her feet on either side of him and starts riding, bringing her hips down in a rapid thump-thump-thump. Kol moans and pants under her, his hips driving up to match her downward thrusts. His hands grasp at the warmth of her ass and spread her cheeks, trying to drill as deep as he can.

Casey keeps it up as long as she can, before feeling her legs start to cramp up. Her fingers rub desperately against her clit as she tries to milk another climax out of her position.

“Oohhhhh fuck! Ha- ha! Ahhhh!” Her joints give up and splay out as her hips buck wildly.

No. 1072154 ID: 706b74
File 169439772986.png - (217.50KB , 700x500 , 15-140.png )

“Hah- oh Fates…” She pants, “Did you finish?”

Kol shakes his head, “Not yet. You?”

“Not really.” She slides off of him and flops onto her belly. “Rufus left me kind of sore. You wanna cum in my ass?”

No. 1072163 ID: fa3034

Give it an honest effort, Kol. Maybe laying on both your sides? Hopefully you'll both finish before your muscles do.
No. 1072252 ID: 706b74
File 169456204957.png - (298.24KB , 570x700 , 15-141.png )

“You know I do.” Kol says, giving her butt-cheek a little spank. He grabs the lube from the nightstand and squeezes some out onto his shaft before passing the rest to Casey.

Kol watches and slicks up his cock as she gets to work under her tail: spreading herself with one and then two fingers.

“Mmm, that should be good.” She announces, “Ready?”

“Mmm-hmm.” Kol says, “Here, how about on your side? It’ll be easier.”

Casey nods and rolls over, letting him settle in beside her.

Kol angles himself up under her tail and wedges his tip between her ass-cheeks. With a slight push, he tests her opening: feeling her instinctively tighten up before she remembers to relax. His shaft bows a little before slipping past the tight ring and easing in inch by inch.

“Ahh! That’s it…” Casey breathes. Her fingers grip the bedspread as his body slides closer to hers. He reaches up from behind and cups her breasts as he gets comfortable. “Fu-ck that’s nice…” she says, slightly muffled by the sheets.

No. 1072256 ID: db478f

You two know each other's pace very well, let's build up a rhythm to it. Don't overexert your muscles trying to get there though
No. 1072263 ID: 285e36

Looks like you're nearly at the correct angle to give her ear a lil nibble, if you wanted to.
No. 1072336 ID: 706b74
File 169465930033.png - (265.41KB , 700x487 , 15-142.png )

They lay there like that for a while, Kol gently grinding in place and listening to each other’s breaths and gasps.

“You ready?” Kol asks, having felt her body relax and loosen up.

She nods and moans as he starts to move. The soft “pap-pap-pap” of his hips against her ass fills the room as he slowly starts his rhythm. His shaft tugs at her tightness, before pushing deep inside, seeking her core.

Casey snakes her hand down the curves of her chest, her fingers stopping below her navel. Feeling a bulge where his tip pushes out against her front walls, her fingers trace around it as it pumps in and out.

It doesn’t go unnoticed, “Heh, you feel that?” Kol asks.

“Mmm, you’re so hard tonight.” The mouse closes her eyes and focuses on the sensation: feeling it push and pull on her insides. “Ahhh, Fates…”

“You like it like that?” Kol asks, tilting his head to nibble at her ear.

Casey gasps and a shiver ripples through her fur. Her hips wiggle as much as possible in her position. She giggles, “Ah! I see why Gabe likes that so much. It feels so goooood.” She sounds almost drunk from the pleasure.

He chuckles, “Heh, you mean the ear stuff or the butt stuff?”

“Mmmmm, both.” Her body writhes in his arms, adrift in a haze of sensation. “Fuck my ass more, Kol. Fill me up…”

No. 1072341 ID: db478f

Seems like a perfect opportunity to get real handsy. Use any grip you can for purchase.
No. 1072390 ID: 706b74
File 169474922685.png - (248.60KB , 700x500 , 15-143.png )

Kol grins, rolling Casey back onto her stomach, and climbing on top of her. His pace changes and he starts drilling down: hammering his cock into her like a tentpole. His slow thumps have a building pressure to them, as he ratchets towards release.

Casey moans louder, the air being driven from her lungs by his forceful thrusts. Her fingers slip into her pussy and curl up into her G-spot. “Gah! Yah! That’s it!” She cries, “Fuck me, Kol!”

He drops onto her and lets his hips swing: pounding Casey’s tight tailhole and slapping his balls against her thighs. With one hand, Kol reaches under her and pins her to his body, with the other hand he rears back and spanks her once across her flank.

Casey yelps, the sharp sting catching her unaware and causing her to tighten up suddenly. The sensation is gooood, and she moans like an animal as the butt-fucking continues. “Ah! Ohhhhhh fuuuckk! Don’t stop! I’m gonna cum!”

No. 1072392 ID: 4b0f55

That's it, ride through it. Get lost in the feeling. You two have earned this. Leave a mess in there, Kol.
No. 1072659 ID: 706b74
File 169509195867.png - (235.02KB , 700x500 , 15-144.png )

Kol’s grip shifts, arching her head back so that he can reach her mouth. His voice is low and needy as he whispers, “Fates I love you so much.”

“Ah! I love you, Kol!” She cries before he locks his lips against hers and smothers their words.

Kols hips shudder to a halt as he tips over the edge. He thrusts and grinds as each pulse of cum finds its way deep inside her. His warmth fills the tight space as his muscles finally unwind and relax. Underneath him, Casey’s legs shiver and wriggle, her fingers diving into her dripping pussy as body accepting his load.

He bucks and humps a last few times, repeating his adoration like a mantra. “love you, love you, ah- I love you…”

No. 1072660 ID: 706b74
File 169509196319.png - (198.58KB , 700x500 , 15-145.png )

Panting as they come down from the endorphin high, Kol rolls off of Casey, leaving a slickness beneath her tail.

He stares up at the ceiling while his brain pieces itself back together and asks the question both of them were too scared to voice. “Do you think he’s okay?”

No. 1072663 ID: c6e5da

It was quite the difficult experience. It might be a little harder to smile, and he's never going to be the same, but he'll be okay.
No. 1072666 ID: 273c18

Gabe? He's probably going to need help to work through it. That seemed traumatic for him.
No. 1072668 ID: 2a82d3

He'll probably try something crazy or unexpected to work out his feels, like proposing marriage. Hopefully, Delilah will be a good sport about it.

Jokes aside, you did the right thing leaving him with her. Nonetheless, both of you are clearly feeling the Gabe-shaped hole tonight. When was the last time this was just the two of you? Maybe it's time you had a serious talk about your polycule situation. How open are each of you able to be before it feels too much like drifting apart? Should you just drift apart? Pairing with each other seems like the easiest way this works out. If not, than how seriously are each of you going to commit to the group relationship, and what does that look like?

Sorry if this seems too heavy to think about after sex. It might be better to table the discussion until Gabe is back.
No. 1072670 ID: fa3034

You know Del will give him more than enough healing and support. That being said, you should go back to get him first thing in the morning. He's missing you too.
No. 1072671 ID: 6b7fdd

He's stronger then even he knows, and that's not considering his own power. He's gonna be able to handle this, maybe he'll be a bit shakey over his sender abilities, about what he knows he can do now, but he will make it.
No. 1072680 ID: d6d4cd

He's gonna need help, but he'll get through it. He's probably a little not-ok right now. But in time...

Just don't have folks threaten his friends again, he seems to have a tiny bit of abandonment issues regarding that.
No. 1072804 ID: 706b74
File 169525997119.png - (244.79KB , 500x700 , 15-146.png )

Casey tucks her arms under her chin and sighs, “Del knows what she’s doing…”

“Well, yeah… but that’s not what I’m talking about.” His head flops over to look at her. “I’ve never seen him like that. And afterwards, he looked like he was in shock.”

Casey nods and says quietly, “Its hard to say. I think Gabe’s tougher than any of us give him credit for, but still…”

“Yeah…” Kol agrees, “All he ever seems to want out of life is to take it easy and make people happy. In the moment, I don’t know what scared him more: the thought of us in danger or sending Muir.”

“I trust Del. She’s a lot like Gabe: they both just want to help people. She gets him.” She smiles and flops back onto the mattress, "We just have to be there for him when he comes home."

Kol looks back at the ceiling and nods, “Yeah…” the Medium pauses and asks, “Hey, are we okay?”
No. 1072805 ID: db478f

Pushing it out of your mind hasn't addressed it. You three have gotten lucky with your guide duties. This really was a taste of the nitty gritty side of it. It's not pretty, and it never has been. The three of you to come to accept that.
No. 1072824 ID: e5709d

You've been ignoring some important existential questions. They're gnawing at you. If only you knew what to ask.
Not much else.
No. 1072832 ID: d6d4cd

You're as ok as anyone can be after that. Which is to say no, of course you're not ok. Can't imagine4 any empathetic emotionally healthy person would be totally ok with that. But you two definitely seem to be doing better than Gabe is. Kol's training probably has a lot to do with it, he's always been more grounded, down to earth and savvy with the anguish of death. Casey too. The whole flow of energy, the way that things act and react, it makes sense she'd be a little more stable4 too. But Gabe's always dealing with math, precision, and theoretical stuff like that, he's got more of his head in the clouds.

You're going to be alright though, even if you're doing bad right now. You know you did everything you could, even if it didn't work out.
No. 1072910 ID: c572e3

One thing is certifiably clear, You 3 need a vacation.

Just the 3 of you maybe to some super lewd island resort or something.
No. 1072938 ID: 706b74
File 169544014287.png - (259.89KB , 515x700 , 15-147.png )

Shrugging from her prone position, Casey replies, “We’re using sex to cope, so… probably not. But we‘re all alive and we have each other. We’re probably better equipped to deal with the reality of death, but its still hard to accept. But we’ll work it out together once Gabe comes home.” 

“Yeah. Come ‘ere.” Kol reaches for her and scoops her up in his arms. The mice share kisses and rub against one another for comfort as the drift off to sleep: their bed feeling strangely empty.

No. 1072949 ID: 73086d

don worry you mixed up kids'll get through this
No. 1072956 ID: 134540

Wow... A whole nother chapter done. Can't be long until the finale, how exciting!
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