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File 166774987735.png - (299.46KB , 1000x1100 , p0.png )
1048560 No. 1048560 ID: 9ea24b

The final part of Germ’s story. Will update once a day and run until a good stopping point or the 25th.

Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/Bold_Request
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No. 1048561 ID: 9ea24b
File 166774990006.png - (223.16KB , 1000x1100 , p1.png )

You punch the wall of your cave hard, hurting your knuckles. Your name is Germ and a gentle autumn has come to the mountain where you, your wife Weasel, and child Worm live. It’s almost been exactly a year since you met and fell in love with Weasel, when you were both selected to prepare a Thanks Meal for the great dragon.

Since then, you’ve moved into your own cave, had a child, fended off annoying humans from the nearby town, and started a small beekeeping enterprise. Everything is going well.
No. 1048562 ID: 9ea24b
File 166774992207.png - (238.28KB , 1000x1100 , p2.png )

Except that the great matriarch dragon, the protector of the mountain and the only thing keeping the humans from driving you and the gnolls away is dying! After you delivered the wizard Siraman’s stimulating blue crystals to her in summer, she’s spent the last few months moving her horde outside so she can distribute it to the humans in the hopes it’ll stop them from invading the mountain in search of treasure once she’s gone. She’s almost finished and afterwards you expect she’ll pass on.

You rub your injured hand and sigh. You should probably do something productive instead of throwing a tantrum.

-Visit your daughter Worm at kobold school
-Check on your honey stores and visit the gnolls to peddle your sweet wares
-Go to the other side of the mountain to see how the dragon is doing
No. 1048572 ID: a7a180

Go to the mountain, spending time with the dragon is important. You won't get many more chances.
No. 1048575 ID: e51896

Go see the dragon. Maybe she can give us some advice on what we can do to protect the mountain, maybe let us know where to find a new dragon or mythical creature to protect us, or let us know of a new protected place to go to get away from the silly humans with the other kobolds.

Or maybe we can start plans to prepare for a large final thanks meal party with all the other kobolds before she dies. It has to be BIG
No. 1048577 ID: de253f

Go see how the dragon is doing. Knowing she's going to die soon can't be easy on herself either, she would probably appreciate the company.
No. 1048580 ID: 56869c

Go on a bold quest to find an effective cure for the dragon.

There is probably some crazy powerful magical artifact in the enchanted forest, or the enchanted valley, or tower, or house, or yurt, or...
No. 1048588 ID: f2320a

No. 1048595 ID: ceaf93

one should hope worm's doing fine in a school, and honey is not gonna expire any time soon, Visit the dragon, keep her company a while, I'm sure she'll appreciate it
No. 1048596 ID: 5ef00d

Double This
No. 1048612 ID: 629f2e


No. 1048651 ID: 084179

Ask mighgy dragon how long she has to live, and if she's sure the humans will leave us alone if she give them her treasure. Maybe we should form an alliance with the knolls and other creatures.
No. 1048696 ID: 9ea24b
File 166783994430.png - (260.96KB , 1000x1100 , p3.png )

The dragon is of the utmost priority. What better way to address your frustrations with current events than going directly to the source? Maybe you can find out more about the dragon’s mysterious ailment.

You pack a lunch and trot out of the cave, spear in hand. Weasel will wonder where you’ve gone, but as long as you’re back in the evening she won’t worry that you’ve gotten lost or hurt. You go around the mountain to the south side facing the human village. The dragon hauled her horde out to one of the flat, grassy fields by the river, about where Bark the thief used to live. Most of the scrap and old armor is gone, leaving a pile of junk that would fit comfortably in your home cave.

There’s still a long line of humans waiting for a chance at free loot, and the dragon sounds a tad impatient as she answers questions about metal quality and weight units.
No. 1048697 ID: 9ea24b
File 166783995046.png - (277.01KB , 1000x1100 , p4.png )

Siraman the wizard is sitting on a stump and smoking a long pipe when you arrive. He immediately notices you and waves you over.

“I have an important quest for you, Germ the chosen kobold.” he says.

“What is it? Will it help me find a cure for the dragon?” you ask eagerly.

“Siraman, stop giving Germ the wrong ideas.” the dragon groans. “I’m taking a break everyone! Sorry for the wait.”

The humans grumble as the dragon walks over to the stump. She looks exhausted.

You sink into a deep bow. “Great dragon! How are you feeling?”

“Like a pile of goat dung, but I should be done by the end of tomorrow, at least.”

Which main goal will you work towards?
-Search for a cure (take Siraman’s quest)
-Human kobold relations (plan an ultimate feast for the final deadline)
No. 1048699 ID: b01382

-Search for a cure (take Siraman’s quest)
No. 1048700 ID: b01382

I dunno man something about big sexy dragons got me all acting up. Shame Germ is married, but the wife is pretty great.
No. 1048702 ID: cbe09b

Human kobold relationship.
The dragon lived a long good life, and i want to see if we can bring peace between kobolds and humans.

(Plus a huge feast in time for thanksgiving make most sense to me to bring the quest series full circle)
No. 1048705 ID: 36784c

Let’s work on the human kobold relations by planning an ultimate feast for the final deadline!
No. 1048710 ID: f34aeb

I don’t believe Siraman’s cure is going to work, his medicine has only treated the symptoms. Focus on the feast.
No. 1048722 ID: 31a6d1

We gotta save the dragon so that she can terrorize the humans!

Maybe we can find the cure inside the guts of something cookable, as well.
No. 1048732 ID: 8483cf

No. 1048739 ID: b01382

No. 1048747 ID: 87e33c

You love the dragon and don't want her to die, but if this was easily solved by a quest then she'd do it or send you or someone else to do it. No, accept her choice and focus on the FEAST

> -Human kobold relations (plan an ultimate feast for the final deadline)

All good things come to an end and ensuring good relations between your neighbors so they dont assault or hurt you or your kin is probably wise for the long term anyway.
No. 1048748 ID: 084179

you can't say you know without trying or asking.
No. 1048756 ID: 9ea24b
File 166795176618.png - (219.85KB , 1000x1100 , p5.png )

>Plan a diplomatic feast
You’re sure Siraman knows something about the dragon’s illness you don’t, but he’s also going to omit important information in that annoying wizard way. If the dragon wanted to find a cure, surely she could do so or ask you directly for help. Accepting her decision is a sign of maturity.

That said, you’re aware a grand meal will only do so much in the way of peacekeeping. Without the threat of the dragon, enterprising humans can wander into kobold territory and plunder the natural resources, leaving less for your kin.

You shake away your doubt. It’s a noble and generous gesture and a good send off for the dragon and therefore what you will do!
No. 1048757 ID: 9ea24b
File 166795177677.png - (222.06KB , 1000x1100 , p6.png )

Siraman looks a bit disappointed when you refuse the call, while the dragon seems relieved and gives you a heavy stack of gold to fund your venture.

Right, so you need to inform the kobolds, gnolls, and humans of the feast, choose a venue, and delegate cooking. The menu will be traditional Thanks Meal fare.

What do you do first?
No. 1048766 ID: ceaf93

The venue should be the first part planned
No. 1048801 ID: e51896

First, we gotta pick up Worm from Kobold school, we're no neglectful father!

and then let our family know what we got ourself into this time. Orders from the dragon herself.

Afterwards, lets search for a venue.
No. 1048816 ID: b01382

Ask dragon lady if she has any kids.
No. 1048821 ID: a7a180

You know what kobolds like at parties. You need someone who knows what humans like at parties. Maybe that kobold who lives with the humans?
No. 1048851 ID: 9ea24b
File 166804693606.png - (266.27KB , 1000x1100 , p7.png )

Would be an excellent contact, both for his experience in the food service industry and good relationship with the humans. You’ll keep him in mind for later.

>Does the dragon have any children?
Technically all the kobolds who live in the mountain are descended from her. You’re not quite sure how that works or how the first kobolds came to be. Magic, probably.

>Retrieve family and tell them the news
You need to pick up Worm from daycare and tell Weasel about your dragon given duties. Hopefully she’ll be able to help.

You bid the dragon a respectful farewell and hurry back to the north side of the mountain.
No. 1048853 ID: 9ea24b
File 166804694766.png - (280.73KB , 1000x1100 , p8.png )

You don’t have much time to chat with the kobold caretakers and educators who are herding the energetic youth. Worm is very pleased to see you and scrambles up your leg to perch on your shoulders the moment she’s released from the holding pen.

Weasel is preparing a kiwi when you reunite with her in your cave. She’s supportive of your mission and offers her recommendations on where the feast should be held.

>Venue choice
-The dragon’s den: large space covered space, convenient for kobolds and gnolls
-The tavern where Bark works: convenient for humans, and limits the number that can attend (which is a good thing)
No. 1048861 ID: a7a180

The den! Somewhere familiar for the dragon.
No. 1048862 ID: fab065

Outdoors, on the outskirts of the kobold village, where we can set up tables, decorations, music and events, like in a renassaince faire, but in the actual renassaince!
No. 1048869 ID: 629f2e

The Dragon's Den. If you want humans to respect your land after the dragon is gone, then you should show them that you use it.
No. 1048929 ID: e51896

has to be her den, it's her final festival, so we gotta hold it at her place, right?
No. 1048949 ID: ceaf93

while less people IS a good thing, sadly you have to fit a good number of Humans, Kobolds, AND hopefully Gnolls, gotta go Den
No. 1048974 ID: 9ea24b
File 166811504391.png - (214.19KB , 1000x1100 , p9.png )

>The den
Not only is it a large space, it’s also a covered space protected from wind and late fall weather. It’ll be a tad chilly but a far closer walk than the village, and any humans that decide to make the trek will get proof that the treasure is all gone.

This decision pleases you immensely, though it puts more of the impetus on the gnolls and kobolds to do the cooking. Worm chews on your horn as you contemplate dinner party protocol.

You can direct Weasel as you see fit. What should you do next?
No. 1048975 ID: e5709d

Paint the den with images of friendship and @#$%ing.
No. 1048978 ID: ceaf93

you will need to inform at least the kobolds and the gnolls of this so you can get the den set up, and so you know who could help the cooking, so you may as well do that
No. 1048979 ID: b95161

Right, time to first inform our fellow kobolds! Would suck if we informed the humans or gnolls first only to find out the kobolds dont wanna. Some might even offer to help prepare the den if things go good.
No. 1048987 ID: a7a180

Hire decorators! Kobolds will work for very small pieces of gold. You’ll be stimulating the kobold economy!
No. 1048988 ID: 62ec4a

Hug worm, inform kobolds of our plan. we're gonna need help decorating and such.
No. 1048995 ID: 629f2e


Agreed. Inform the people!

Also, hug your beautiful daughter.
No. 1049038 ID: 9ea24b
File 166820692536.png - (264.23KB , 1000x1100 , p10.png )

You give Weasel half the gold and assign her to tell the kobolds on the east side of the mountain the plan, while you go to the east. The mountain economy is about to get a massive infusion: both of you will pay each family to bring several dishes to the den tomorrow evening. There will be a great variety of food, though in smaller individual quantities.

Worm clings to you as you start your journey into the tunnels, and you give her an overhand hug. While hatchlings don’t grow much in size the first year, Worm already has full motor control and the ability to hunt for small prey. She can also squeak words, with a bit of honey for encouragement.
No. 1049039 ID: 9ea24b
File 166820693376.png - (147.74KB , 1000x1100 , p11.png )

Most of the kobolds are happy to hear about the feast, though a few of the older ones grumble about how back in their day i.e. last year the Thanks Meal was a simpler tradition. You enlist a few families to focus on decorations and ambience.

Even at a brisk pace, it takes you all afternoon and most of the evening to travel half the mountain and talk with each family. By the time you return home, Worm is slumped around your neck like a scarf and whining for food.
No. 1049040 ID: 9ea24b
File 166820694019.png - (226.56KB , 1000x1100 , p12.png )

Weasel has already returned and finished preparing the kiwi, which she puts in a pot for stew. You tuck Worm into the nest and do some chores around the cave until food is ready, then enjoy a warm meal with your lovely family before bed.

You have about half the gold left. What do you do the next morning?
No. 1049075 ID: 62ec4a

We should probably get the humans involved too, so go to Bark next?
No. 1049077 ID: 9c0f51

No. 1049080 ID: ceaf93

next you have to inform the humans and gnolls, I'd say humans first, and when informing the Gnollls bring a bit of honey so they aren't slighted that they are last
No. 1049109 ID: e51896

Go see Bark and see if he can help get the humans invited to our fest and for his food service skills
No. 1049110 ID: 9ea24b
File 166829212747.png - (232.33KB , 1000x1100 , p13.png )

>Bark, for human wrangling
Better the traitor kobold than the shaman, who’s basically your only other human connection. Siraman doesn’t count because he’s a mysterious old wizard and therefore incapable of being useful.

You leave Worm with Weasel, who plans to supervise the den decorating to make sure no one paints anything inappropriate on the walls. It’s the usual lengthy walk around the mountain to the human village, where you recognize the tavern where Bark works from your visit in the summer.
No. 1049111 ID: 9ea24b
File 166829213418.png - (241.63KB , 1000x1100 , p14.png )

>Bark availability check: Failure
The tavern is open and serving breakfast, but you don’t see any non-human employees.

-Ask the innkeeper (exchange gold for info)
-Walk around town to look for Bark
-Ask the assembled customers (exchange gossip for info)
No. 1049113 ID: f28519

Ask the innkeeper, they're his boss they'll probably know where he is.
No. 1049138 ID: e51896

Ask the assembled customers

"hey, did you all hear rumors that the dragon is planning a festival with maybe lots of food and is thinking of inviting the humans?"

There, that should entice them to get them interested enough when we do find Bark and save us gold. Who can say no to free food?
No. 1049153 ID: a7a180

Ask the innkeeper, no need to be cheap.
No. 1049164 ID: 629f2e

No. 1049209 ID: 9ea24b
File 166839399178.png - (266.65KB , 1000x1100 , p15.png )

>Innkeeper, no need to be cheap
You have plenty of gold to spare, and you’d like to get straight to your task rather than be distracted by the townspeople. You march up to the tall wooden counter and stand on a stool so you can see over the edge.

Up close, you can see that the innkeeper is a raven haired woman, though you don’t find her beautiful at all. Perhaps this is Bark’s crush? At least that means she’s kind to kobolds.
No. 1049210 ID: 9ea24b
File 166839400961.png - (131.46KB , 1000x1100 , p16.png )

You fish around your bag for your smallest nugget and hold it out in your red scaly paw. “Excuse me, I have an important message for Bark the kobold. Do you know where he is?”

The innkeeper’s eyes widen and she carefully accepts the payment. “Today’s his day off, he likes to walk through the markets and do his shopping around this time.”

You thank her and leave the tavern to go to the open air market, where you first met Siraman. Bark is shopping for candles at a rival booth to the spot you guarded for a silver piece last year.
No. 1049211 ID: 9ea24b
File 166839402848.png - (286.75KB , 1000x1100 , p17.png )

He startles when you tap him on the shoulder. “Oh, hi Germ.”

“Hi Bark.” You push him over to a deserted alley and explain the situation with the final feast.

Bark scratches his left horn sheepishly. “Sounds like you already have food, do you want to buy some booze from the tavern? People will enjoy the party a lot more that way. I can tell the shaman so she can put together the available heads of households.”
No. 1049226 ID: ceaf93

on one hand, yes they will enjoy the party more for at least a little while, on the other, this will be a LOT of drunk people in one place, which could get rowdy FAST, also it promotes bad decisions, a thing we do NOT want happening!
No. 1049237 ID: a7a180

Yes to both of whatever those things are.
No. 1049261 ID: fcd880

Booze is a great idea! It's social lubricant. Just have people around to help mitigate people that get a bit too rowdy before things get ugly, and know when to cut people off of drinking. You want people to be joyful and festive, and --given the right context and incentive-- alcohol can be a large part of that!
No. 1049280 ID: 4eff28

Yeah, booze is good.

But It might be a good idea to hire a bouncer too, so that if anyone gets roudy while drunk, they can throw them outta there. Maybe a gnoll can do that if none of the humans are interested.
No. 1049287 ID: 4ce61d

Yes, booze, additional snacks and a couple bouncers would be a intelligent way to spend some of that gold.
No. 1049305 ID: 9ea24b
File 166847770166.png - (176.79KB , 1000x1100 , p18.png )

You know from personal experience that you have a low tolerance for alcohol, though you survived being drunk without embarrassing yourself. Ale would certainly be a novel addition to the feast and in moderation would help ease any awkwardness between species.

Hm…maybe if someone was hired to monitor the crowd, watching to make sure no one gets too drunk and causes a scene. Big tough lady gnolls would be perfect for the job!
No. 1049306 ID: 9ea24b
File 166847773019.png - (274.80KB , 1000x1100 , p19.png )

After you interrogate Bark a bit more, you learn that it’ll be extra expensive to haul the barrels up to the mountain because of the transport costs. Once you pay for the beer and the gnolls, you’ll be out of cash.

You still agree to the purchase, and Bark hurries back to the tavern to put in the order. He promises he’ll be at the feast early this evening.

Anything you want to do while you’re in the human village? Once you leave you won’t have time to go back before you have to get ready for dinner. You can always choose to spend your remaining gold on something besides gnoll bouncers.
No. 1049309 ID: a7a180

What else might we need? Ale, bouncers, and food are all taken care of. Perhaps you can hire a musician and pay them in food? You should be able to source anything else you need from the mountains and kobolds.
No. 1049310 ID: 8483cf

Music! Yes!
No. 1049328 ID: f28519

We can't really afford to pay for Musicians if we want big tough lady Gnoll bouncers, but we maybe can find someone who's willing to play for something else, Like honey maybe, we have that.
No. 1049359 ID: 9ea24b
File 166855735704.png - (278.97KB , 1000x1100 , p20.png )

Yes, yes, you need extra merriment for such a grand occasion! It’ll augment the mood if you can get the musicians to play sad tunes during the dragon’s farewell and a happy jig for the feast. Kobolds aren’t terribly artistic but surely some human in town has wasted their life learning the flute or something like that.

The problem is money, which you have a limited amount of. Surely some human in town who has wasted their life learning music is also in dire financial condition and would be willing to play for a free meal and exposure.
No. 1049360 ID: 9ea24b
File 166855736480.png - (311.85KB , 1000x1100 , p21.png )

You walk around the market square and see two performers playing for spare coin, one male and one female. The man is using some kind of string instrument propped on his shoulder while the woman has a proper hollow stick with holes cut in it.

Who do you recruit? If you try to get both musicians they’ll unionize and ask for money, though it’d be a better sound.
No. 1049366 ID: 62ec4a

go for the person with the string instrument.
No. 1049367 ID: a7a180

Hire the flute! That should sound neat in a cave.
No. 1049378 ID: ceaf93

you could pay the musicians with some money, and the gnolls with the leftover money+honey
No. 1049482 ID: 9ea24b
File 166863467358.png - (290.60KB , 1000x1100 , p22.png )

>Both, pay the gnolls with all of your honey
Worm will be most upset, as you won’t have any sweet treats for her until next summer. Hopefully she’ll understand the sacrifices her father made for the good of a legendary Thanks Meal when she’s older.

You get the attention of both musicians and explain the job, giving them half their pay upfront and instructions to go with the shaman so they don’t get lost on the way to the mountain. They’re skeptical at first, but the gold does wonders to assuage their doubts and you’re a bit embarrassed when they thank you profusely.
No. 1049483 ID: 9ea24b
File 166863468662.png - (316.84KB , 1000x1100 , p23.png )

Ugh, humans. When someone has something they want, usually money, they sure act friendly. You haven’t forgotten the crass suggestions they gave you when you first came to town in search of a job. Even though Bark’s a sneaky traitor thief you trust him more to fulfill the order than these artists to actually show. With your business at the town complete, you walk back into the hills.

Your cave is empty, with Weasel and Worm presumably in the den, supervising. You pick up the valuable pot of raw honey that you keep in a small alcove and head towards Rhortra’s house.
No. 1049484 ID: 9ea24b
File 166863469792.png - (281.17KB , 1000x1100 , p24.png )

One of Rhortra’s older children is working in the garden. Tasar, you think his name was.

>Rhortra availability check: Success
Tasar recognizes you and tells you that Rhortra is in the house. He brushes his dirty paws on his thighs and opens the door so you can go inside and present your bouncer idea to the head gnoll, who’s sitting at a table shelling nuts.

Rhortra nods along as you explain the feast and the dragon’s farewell. She agrees to the job along with her daughter Meli, in exchange for the honey.

“It’s curious that your dragon is dying. I thought they were immune to the effects of old age.” she grunts.
No. 1049488 ID: de253f

Whatever's ailing her, it doesn't seem to be old age. It's also not entirely unlikely that those blue crystals may have played a part in the dragon's currently failing health.
No. 1049490 ID: 6bc5d5

it doesn't seem like old age, and we were too busy to actually think of asking, well we can do so when we get back
No. 1049491 ID: a7a180

They are? Well maybe we should tell her that so she stops worrying about it so much!
No. 1049494 ID: 431a65

Tell her whatever is ailing the dragon, she didn't seem to want to get cured, at least from our interpretation... maybe she just feels like she lived a long enough life and it's time to go. But we'll be sure to ask the dragon about her condition.
No. 1049543 ID: d4674b

So where do dragons come from, them being so mad powerful?
No. 1049548 ID: 9ea24b
File 166874454202.png - (279.43KB , 1000x1100 , p25.png )

“I don’t think it’s old age.” you blurt out.

Rhortra shrugs. “What else could it be? She can completely alter her form. Such a powerful magical creature should not fall ill.”

“It’s…well I’m not really sure because I didn’t ask, but I think she wants this to happen? Like she lived a long life and it’s time to go.”

Rhortra snorts. “Then she is selfish.”
No. 1049549 ID: 9ea24b
File 166874455844.png - (221.32KB , 1000x1100 , p26.png )

You leave the gnoll house, offended at Rhortra’s words. How dare she insult the great dragon over what must be a difficult and unpleasant situation! You trust that the dragon is trying her best, she’s been using her precious remaining time to appease the humans with her treasure after all.

It occurs to you that you know very little about dragons besides the fact that they’re cool and strong and magical and can make kobolds and kill humans.

You’re so lost in thought that on the way back to your cave that you don’t notice Siraman cleverly hidden behind a boulder until he leaps out at you.

You shriek and topple over. “Ahhh!”

“I’m happy to see you too, though I’m terribly offended that you rejected my quest, I thought I’d stop by and see if there was anything you needed for your dinner endeavor.”

-Ask Siraman one specific question about dragons
-Ask Siraman for something else
No. 1049551 ID: 076ccd

Hmmm... well, we already spent our gold and got pretty much everyone prepared to do their parts, and anything we can ask him about the dragon can also be asked to the dragon, sooo... i dont know, i think we can tell him we are pretty much all set and dont need help, thanks...

But then again; I think Siraman has actually been giving us quests and wanting to help for the dinner because he is probably lonely and wants attention.

Soooo, if he's alright with doing it for free since we're out of gold, maybe he can be the story teller, during the party, he can just tell legends of what he knows about the dragon and her life to honor her legacy and history. He'll get attention, and people will get to know more about our dragon and respect her more. Siraman most likely has stories about her considering his age and his knowledge of dragons.
No. 1049552 ID: 6302dd

Oh, wise and sexy wizard, what is the true nature of dragons? How did they come to be and why do they do the things they do?

Also, wanna bring in some fireworks for the evening? Or some cool show telling the story of the dragon and the kobold enclave? That'd be lit, mah dude!
No. 1049560 ID: 629f2e


Full agreement here.
No. 1049561 ID: b01382

I got an idea. What if we became a dragon? That way we could protect our friends and our community, and the humans won't try to pull some bullshit.
No. 1049565 ID: e51896

Hehe, silly idea, we can turn the tables on him with a bit of irony by saying "Siraman, I have a quest for you"
No. 1049572 ID: a7a180

Siraman, why is our dragon dying and nice when most dragons are selfish and immortal?
No. 1049597 ID: 9ea24b
File 166883285946.png - (223.67KB , 1000x1100 , p27.png )

>Wise, sexy wizard
Only one of those words describe the old man who just scared you half to death.

>Ask him about the dragon
You kind of have everything you need for the party and since Siraman will presumably invite himself, entertainment value from wizard pranks is already inevitable. Getting a solid answer out of him about the great dragon is more important.

Speaking of, you need to check on the den and then get ready to receive guests. You’ll have to make this quick.
No. 1049598 ID: 9ea24b
File 166883287457.png - (243.91KB , 1000x1100 , p28.png )

>Why is the matriarch dragon dying?

“Because she’s not eating.” Siraman says promptly. “We all have to eat, after all.”

“Why doesn’t she eat?” you ask.

“Because it’s bad for the surrounding ecosystem, generally. Dragons consume life energy, that’s why she destroyed the old human city and all its residents.” Siraman bends over you, somber. “I’d hoped that you would be able to help with her guilt complex, but now it’s too late. Let’s enjoy the feast, eh?”
No. 1049605 ID: e51896

Tell him you don't need his guilt tripping right now, and that the situation is obviously more complex for us to fully understand. Other than that, yeah, agree to just enjoy the upcoming festival.

Lets go see how our family is doing now that our part is done. See if Weasel and Worm needs help (see if Worm wants to play to give Weasel a break from watching her, or help with any chores for the festival she might need help with with other kobolds)
No. 1049607 ID: 8483cf

Time to make some life energy by helping out!
No. 1049608 ID: 15c72a

We can just tell her to go fly to the ocean. The ecosystem far from shore is basically all the same, so having a big die-off in one spot out there won't affect it one bit-- the same fish from the surrounding area will just move in.
No. 1049611 ID: b01382

....i mean, has the dragon considered raising a ton of crops and live stock to eat? Those count as life energy right? Chickens, cows, goats, they seem pretty lively.
No. 1049613 ID: 823a1a

I assume if the wizard cared, he would have said something, or tried to do something about it himself. ALAS, he is a Wizard.
No. 1049614 ID: 823a1a

Hell, Saruman could have said something about this instead of giving you Crystals!
No. 1049667 ID: 9ea24b
File 166891751425.png - (241.94KB , 1000x1100 , p29.png )

>Several reasonable ideas
“Why doesn’t the great dragon fly out to the ocean and kill a bunch of fish if she’s worried about the ecological impacts?” you ask.

Siraman shrugs. “Who knows?”

“Or, or, just grow a bunch of crops and livestock here and eat that?”

“She certainly could.”

You glare at Siraman and stand up. “Why haven’t you done anything to help?”
No. 1049668 ID: 9ea24b
File 166891752314.png - (238.02KB , 1000x1100 , p30.png )

“I did help, I gave her the crystals by request.” Siraman says mildly. You start walking towards your cave and Siraman follows.

You shake your head in frustration. Siraman makes it seem like the only thing hurting the dragon is the dragon herself.

Siraman has to crouch to get through the tunnels that lead to the center of the mountain. There you find a merry scene with many different colors of dye splattered everywhere as kobolds work to finish the decorations.
No. 1049669 ID: 9ea24b
File 166891753296.png - (207.33KB , 1000x1100 , p31.png )

Worm notices your arrival and darts across the huge cave, weaving between legs until she can leap into your arms. You notice the kobolds have also attempted to bring in grass and other cushioning for seating.

-Go greet the human visitors at the south side of the mountain
-Stay here and arrange the musicians, food, and bouncers as they arrive
No. 1049672 ID: 823a1a

you, sadly, are not the best at human relations, and also you at very least have one reason to stay here in telling Rhorta what the wizardly wizard had to say, not to mention that it gives time to Think, you can't very well go down there AND ask the dragon, as that is very much not the time nor place to do so
No. 1049673 ID: e51896

Stay here and arrange. We can ask Siraman to greet the humans since he's human too. Kind of like a weird Kobold human ambassador kind of guy.
No. 1049674 ID: a7a180

Stay here and arrange, this is going to be a great party! Even if a bittersweet one.
No. 1049698 ID: 9ea24b
File 166898974613.png - (191.44KB , 1000x1100 , p32.png )

>Stay and supervise
You send Siraman with a group of kobolds to help at the south cave entrance while you reunite with Weasel. The first group of guests that are due are the other kobold families, who filter in through the other tunnels carrying covered pots filled with hot food.
No. 1049699 ID: 9ea24b
File 166898975538.png - (275.86KB , 1000x1100 , p33.png )

Here’s a handy top-down diagram of the den. Where do you instruct the kobolds to place their food? What do you chat about with the guests?
No. 1049701 ID: a7a180

Set up the food table next to where the kobolds congregate on the opposite side form the seating, to encourage mingling. Chat about... what a fancy party you've put on for guests and how much there is to enjoy. They'll think it's cute.
No. 1049703 ID: e51896

looking at how the place is set up, I feel the musicians can perform where the dragon's hoard used to be like a stage since it is at a spot where the grassy seats are at and where they can be seen easily by everyone, especially those who are sitting and eating.

that said, the food can be placed on the painted boulders... as long as the paint isn't still wet. Otherwise, ignore me.

chat with the kobold families about how life is treating them and yourself, and tell the other kobolds that helped make this festival possible they did a great job! Maybe see if you can find Worm a kobold friend her age to play with too so she won't get bored while we partake in boring grown-up conversations.
No. 1049781 ID: 9ea24b
File 166908191504.png - (330.46KB , 1000x1100 , p34.png )

Sadly, such a marvelous invention does not fit through narrow tunnels.

You point the incoming kobolds towards a relatively flat patch of stone floor between the grass seats and the resting decorators, on the west side of the den. Worm makes a bid for freedom and food, but you hold her slippery form firmly.

The general atmosphere seems cheerful and lighthearted due to the recent influx of gold. You chat with a few heads of households about the fancy party and their plans for winter. It sounds like some kobolds are planning to go to the human village to spend their new riches.
No. 1049782 ID: 9ea24b
File 166908192560.png - (313.68KB , 1000x1100 , p35.png )

You’re a little offended that your kin aren’t more concerned about the dragon. Ah well, at least they seem excited about the feast.

>Have the musicians perform at the ex-hoard spot
Good idea, however the next attendees to arrive are…

>Bark and beer and bouncers
The traitor kobold struggles to roll a heavy barrel into the den from the south tunnel. You direct the hoard of idle kobolds to go help him and the other tavern employees. Rhortra and Meli bring up the rear, helping move the ale with their stout strength.

Where do you position the alcohol and gnolls?
No. 1049833 ID: a7a180

Gnolls at the entrance, alcohol by the painted boulders. It's on the rocks, get it? ...No, you probably don't.
No. 1049835 ID: e51896

Agreed on putting them on the painted stones so no minors get into them. plus keeping them seperated from the food won't easily compel people who are visiting just to eat to also drink something alcoholic too.

We don't really need the bouncers at the entrance, it's not like this party is reserved for club members since everyone is welcome to this party. the bouncers are here to just kick out any drunk and rowdy guests and stop fights before they start. I suggest placing the bouncers somewhere around the middle near the bonfire, so that they can keep a close eye on everything around them.
No. 1049860 ID: 4cc90e

Yup, bouncers up front, booze at the back. Such is the circle of life.
No. 1049906 ID: 823a1a

Bouncers either at the entrance or around the edges, or around the campfire looking outward but I doubt gnolls like that much heat. Bark might suggest on the rocks for the joke
No. 1049933 ID: 9ea24b
File 166916773392.png - (271.00KB , 1000x1100 , p36.png )

>Alcohol on the rocks
Bark explains the joke to you after you instruct him to take the barrels over to the painted rocks. You stare him down until he slowly backs away.

>Gnolls around bonfire, one facing toward south entrance one facing towards ex-hoard
You want the gnolls to have good coverage of the den, so you have them circle the bonfire. Meli makes a small complaint about the heat but doesn’t argue.
No. 1049934 ID: 9ea24b
File 166916775281.png - (233.20KB , 1000x1100 , p37.png )

With food and drink ready, the kobolds start to serve themselves while you wait for the other humans.

At last the old shaman pokes her head into the den, leading a procession of men and women, most middle-aged. You spot Gregory, the crack of dawn tree thwacker among them.

Time for the final placement, you’ve already decided the musicians should go on the ex-hoard, where do you place the shaman and head of households?
No. 1049945 ID: a7a180

By the seats, to enjoy food and music and soft mossy floor cushions.
No. 1049949 ID: 8f8464

On the big X painted on the center of the room. Right under the hanging boulder.
No. 1049952 ID: e51896

No. 1049991 ID: 629f2e

Sounds sensible to me!
No. 1050024 ID: 9ea24b
File 166922509809.png - (210.55KB , 1000x1100 , p38.png )

>By the seats
You lead the humans to the grassy seats on the north side of the den so they can enjoy the music, food, and mingle with the kobolds. You finally lose your grip on your daughter and Worm escapes, darting into the crowd to steal food off of people’s plates.

The musicians both get a mug of ale then begin playing merry tunes. The sound echoes slightly in the den, but you’d say the overall acoustics are above average.
No. 1050025 ID: 9ea24b
File 166922510802.png - (306.18KB , 1000x1100 , p39.png )

You finally get a chance to rest and grab some dinner for yourself. There are uncountable unique dishes besides the usual Thanks Meal fare of fowl and tubers. Baked trout, venison jerky, sour sauces made from wild berries, hot teas, little cakes made from foraged greens. You load up a wood slab with food and fill a small carved cup with rich ale before finding Weasel and eating by her side.
No. 1050026 ID: 9ea24b
File 166922511794.png - (251.75KB , 1000x1100 , p40.png )

After you’re done, you assemble a few plates for the gnolls and the musicians. At this point you’re exhausted from all of your preparations. The party seems to be in a steady state so you take a moment to rest and listen to the flow of conversation.
No. 1050027 ID: 9ea24b
File 166922512685.png - (287.84KB , 1000x1100 , p41.png )

After everyone is done feasting, the pots are cleared away and some kobolds start the ritual Thanks dance around the bonfire. The music picks up and a few humans join in, dancing in their own ungainly way. The dancing is a bit more exuberant than usual, probably due to the influence of the ale, but no one is so drunk they need to be removed.
No. 1050028 ID: 9ea24b
File 166922513319.png - (254.48KB , 1000x1100 , p42.png )

You’re sitting peacefully when you spot a dark red shape with eyes of gold creeping into the den from one of the tunnels. The great dragon is lingering on the fringes, watching the party like you.
No. 1050033 ID: 8f8464

Let's go talk to her about feelings, the origin of kobolds and her guilt.

Then gather everyone around in a circle around her and sing a song about the intrinsecal of value of life.
No. 1050035 ID: 741cc9

Go talk to her.
No. 1050037 ID: b01382

Go talk to her.
Considering she's the oldest person we know, and was pretty much always there since the beginning for however long Germ has been alive, seeing her and knowing she's gonna go is probably hurting him on the inside.
We're gonna miss you oh great dragon.
No. 1050038 ID: b01382

Oh and ask the dragon why couldnt we grow crops and cattle for her, or why she cant go deplete fish in the oceans?
No. 1050039 ID: d065eb

Invite her to sit next to you. You want some baked trout? A dragon’s gotta eat.
No. 1050042 ID: 823a1a

go sit by her, simply ask "why?", She's the only one who knows and Siraman, being a Wizard, probably still left something out
No. 1050043 ID: e51896

after you're done talking to her, ask her to join the party, everyone came for her after all.
No. 1050046 ID: 9ea24b
File 166924212696.png - (225.34KB , 1000x1100 , p43.png )

>Go talk to her
You’re immediately alert and on your feet, hurrying to the great dragon. She still looks tired and sad, but seems at least a little more relaxed.

There’s a pain in your chest, hurt and resignation. The dragon is going to die. Siraman gave you an explanation for her death, but you want to hear it from the dragon.

“Why don’t you want to live anymore?” you ask.
No. 1050047 ID: 9ea24b
File 166924213544.png - (311.08KB , 1000x1100 , p44.png )

The dragon blinks and averts her eyes. “What I did to those humans was unforgivable, Germ. I could have just flown to the ocean or worked a little harder for my energy, but instead I slaughtered a whole city.”

“Okay.” As someone who has recently grown to have a teensy bit more respect for humans you can kind of understand. “How long ago was this again?

“About two centuries, it’s been sustaining me until now.”

At eight years of age, you can’t comprehend such a long stretch of time. Humans must have a lot of juice in them, or the dragon really did kill a whole bunch.
No. 1050048 ID: 9ea24b
File 166924214433.png - (283.49KB , 1000x1100 , p45.png )

“There’s still a little baked trout left, why don’t you come sit with me on the grassy seats? We can enjoy the music and the warmth from the fire.” you propose timidly.

She shakes her head, but you sense a moment of weakness.

“You don’t have to dance or talk to anyone. Come join the party.” you plead. You take her large paw and lead her back to your spot.

What would you like to do and say before the dragon bids her final farewell?
No. 1050050 ID: a7a180

She’s changed as a person, and you will miss her.
Just hug.
No. 1050051 ID: 15c72a

Tell her the wizard wanted to help her. She can be forgiven, by the very people she's wronged, and has already made steps to redeem herself by giving away her hoard.
Why not devote her life to helping humans and monsters live together in harmony, instead of simply dying? Like a sinner joining a convent.
No. 1050053 ID: e51896

Tell her that she needs to forgive herself, as even if she can't forgive herself for what she did, you and all these people can and have forgiven her, as they all came all this way here to give her thanks for her gifts, and for protecting the kobolds, and for being the one to bring everyone together in a truce to the different species here for many years to come.
No. 1050055 ID: b01382

Fuck man this is makes me tear up a bit. This is like saying good by to your mom/grandma when she's in bed.
No. 1050056 ID: 629f2e


^ This and this v

No. 1050065 ID: 9ea24b
File 166925565309.png - (229.17KB , 1000x1100 , p46.png )

You tear up as you sit next to the dragon. You hug her arm and sniffle pathetically. She’s so warm.

“Siraman wanted to help you.” you say.

“He’s a strange one.”

“He wanted to help his friend!” You tug on her arm. “He knew what you did and he still believed in you.”

“He wasn’t there. No living humans remember the destruction.”

“Y-you can still forgive yourself. You can still protect the kobolds.” you sob. “Please, please stay.”

She just shakes her head and smiles sadly.
No. 1050066 ID: 9ea24b
File 166925566215.png - (298.70KB , 1000x1100 , p47.png )

After half an hour, the dragon stands and walks to the impromptu stage. The musicians shuffle to the side while she clears her throat. When she speaks, her voice is amplified to fill the den.

“Thank you humans, gnolls, and kobolds for this beautiful feast. Thank you especially to Germ the kobold for organizing this event and bringing everyone together. I hope that it has built bonds and goodwill between species.”

Her body flickers and the crowd gasps.

“Be kind to each other.”
No. 1050067 ID: 9ea24b
File 166925567215.png - (330.04KB , 1000x1100 , p48.png )

The dragon dissolves into red mist that glows briefly before dispersing. You cry and cry.

Weasel finds you and holds your shaking shoulders. Worm even returns from where she was hiding after gorging herself and peeps in surprise at the sight of her father so upset.

“Papa, papa.” she squeaks. She shoves herself bodily against your chest. You cling to her.

The party disperses, with many kobolds bidding their new friends goodbye. You can’t bring yourself to talk to anyone. Weasel takes you home to the cave and your nest.

The feast was a success and everyone thinks you did a great job. Though the dragon may be gone, you’ve earned a good future for your family.
No. 1050068 ID: 9ea24b
File 166925567945.png - (179.38KB , 1000x1100 , p49.png )

Thank you for reading Bold Request.
No. 1050070 ID: b01382

fucking crying bro
No. 1050071 ID: 823a1a

Perhaps talk to her with Rhorta, she seemed to have opinions on this, and also hug her
No. 1050072 ID: 823a1a

man I just do NOT have good luck with my posts timing today
No. 1050074 ID: de253f

It was a pleasure, folks.

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