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File 166450953581.png - (64.75KB , 500x500 , p0.png )
1045084 No. 1045084 ID: 9ea24b

A very obvious allusion to Kaktus’ Lascivious Labyrinth, but with tippler’s proclivities and none of that full color business.

Big warning for gore, violence, and cannibalism. Particularly graphic images will be spoilered.
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No. 1045089 ID: 9ea24b
File 166450983214.png - (108.58KB , 500x500 , p1.png )

You’re so fucking hungry.

You are John, a human in a shitty apocalyptic world. Nuclear winter led to mass crop failure and the attempt to genetically modify people to eat less led to a mild zombie infestation. Needless to say, the population of sentient life on the planet was devastated, human and animal alike.

You were an unsuccessful hunting and fishing content creator in your past life, so you were slightly more prepared for the post-civilization lifestyle, but yeah, slow starvation and loneliness kind of suck. For some reason, you still have a viciously strong will to live.

You currently have:
Your clothes and pack, which contains basic survival supplies
A hunting knife (sharp)
A handful of blackberries
A half full canteen

Guns weren’t big in your country, unfortunately.

Your current stats are:
Hunger: 9/10
Thirst: 4/10
Tiredness: 5/10

When any stat is above 7, you will favor the pesky voices in your head that suggest actions to address it.
No. 1045090 ID: 9ea24b
File 166450984183.png - (82.19KB , 500x500 , p2.png )

After wandering from outpost to outpost, you found an oasis in a ruined, mid-sized city. Some massive library there was built on top of a natural spring and partially collapsed into a sinkhole. The clean water and surrounding gardens produced a verdant cavern.

More importantly, it’s populated by animals. Delicious, herbivorous, sentient and anthropomorphic, animals.

It’s currently a mild summer evening. You’re on the east edge of the pit.
No. 1045091 ID: 894419

Time for exceptional violence, begin your approach knife out and downwind.
No. 1045092 ID: a7a180

A man's gotta eat.
Explore the surface portions of the library.
No. 1045093 ID: 15c72a

What are you keeping the blackberries for?
Also, you were a hunter before, which implies either it's legal to kill sentient animals, or there are non-sentient animals. Which is it?

Anyway, first step is to locate a target. Second step would be to plan the attack but let's take this one step at a time.
No. 1045096 ID: fe746d

who created the zombie virus tho
we gotta make sure so if we see them we kick their asses for basically halting manga production, you were reading a really good series before the zombies came THOSE BASTARDS
No. 1045097 ID: e51896

Nice shades, bro!

Thats all.

Okay maybe not. Get in there and feast. (Also, how has the radiation been treating you?)
No. 1045100 ID: 30a316

>You are John.
No, John, you are the demons.

I want to play as tippler instead.
Author sex fantasy, author protagonist. It's only fair.

Are the anthro animals mutants or have they always been there?
No. 1045106 ID: 309eed

Well, get to voring and die you sick cannibal fuck. Tear the meat get the bone straight up the marrow. ripper, rip her down those tight fit fit to pound go lights out -- cut him up so he broke now so don't choke now you know you gotta eat now so eat motherfucker eat.
No. 1045107 ID: e5709d

Remember to threaten torture of the animals if they don't give you their food stocks. You can always kill them later, but if they know of a food storage and you kill them now, it'll rot before you can find it.
No. 1045110 ID: bbb04b

Plants don't really do it for ya, huh? You sure you didn't get got by that virus?

Anyway, maybe try the foraging lifestyle before you jump straight into cannabalism, dude. I'm sure there's plenty of vegan eating in this place to sate you for now.
No. 1045112 ID: 9ea24b
File 166454873866.png - (91.53KB , 500x500 , p3.png )

>What are you keeping those blackberries for?
Good point. You devour the blackberries, which has a minimal impact on your hunger. Also you have no food now.

>Plants don’t do it for you?
You crave protein, fat, a double cheeseburger, fries, anything calorie dense. Foraging at best gets you a handful of greens and some fruit. If you’re going to slowly poison yourself with radiation you’d sure rather do it via meat.

>You might have the zombie virus
Yeah, probably a milder, mutated strain.

>Who created the zombie virus?
A long gone biotech company contracted by a foreign government.

>Sentient animals vs. normal animals?
That’s kind of confusing, isn’t it? You think the word furry is somewhat offensive so you’ll use the term ‘beastmen’ for the anthros from now on. Beastmen have always been around in modern society, you had a few acquaintances who were dogs. Normal animals still exist, though the larger, tastier ones are concentrated in more rural parts of the world.

>Let us play as tippler
Please see https://questden.org/wiki/One_evening_rabid_tippler_quest

>Author sex fantasy, author protagonist
Who said anything about sex? The radiation hasn’t been kind, you can’t even get it up anymore.

>Nice shades!
Thanks, they’re goggles.

>Get to the cannibalism and die
Good point, you’ll have the energy to hate yourself when you’re full.
No. 1045113 ID: 9ea24b
File 166454874486.png - (146.25KB , 500x500 , p4.png )

>Explore the surface portions of the library
You’re still a ways away from the building itself. You start circling the rim of the pit.

>Locate a target, knife out and downwind
You move as slowly and as quietly as possible. Beastmen don’t have quite as sharp instincts as their animal counterparts, but they can still hear and smell better than a human. You spot a small brown mouse digging for roots near the marshes, a white rabbit munching on the long grasses in a field, and a squirrel snoozing in an oak tree.

>Steal their food stores
Hm…Maybe once you’re feeling stronger, right now you don’t think you can take on more than one beastman at a time.
No. 1045115 ID: 4a3b5c

Start small with the mouse. Then you can eat the giant rule-making rats.
No. 1045119 ID: 4f5e04

Squirrel. Not as fast as a rabbit, and big enogh to sate your hunger than a mousey would
No. 1045122 ID: fc1eab

...is it really cannibalism if they aren't human?
I mean, this could be getting into semantics, but I mean, they may be sapient, but they aren't the same species. Is it really any different from how some cultures have hunted dolphins?

Also, like if an alien came down and ate you, that wouldn't be cannibalism, even though you are both sapient.


Also you can totally eat those cattail stalks that you can see there.
(>>1045113 Top left image
They can be eaten raw and won't run away if attacked.
No. 1045123 ID: f2320a

Support bit more then a mouse and not alert
No. 1045125 ID: fc1eab

Just so I know if I should tap out early: is this quest meant to be a hardcore survival adventure quest (where gore and violence end up happening if it arises in the story), or is this purely meant to be fap material for people with a vore/guro fetish?
No. 1045128 ID: 41bb4c

The long grasses and the rabbit are the best choice. Its quiet terrain, your target will be off alert, and rabbit meat tastes great. Also they are easy to field dress.
No. 1045130 ID: de5e51

"It's not *technically* cannibalism because we're not the same species" is dumb copout shit. Protag Man eats a person, human-shaped (mostly) and human-minded person, he's now a member of the Lecter club. Our Laestrygonian hero cannot be semantically absolved of his inevitable sin.
No. 1045139 ID: 9ea24b
File 166459496565.png - (107.48KB , 500x500 , p5.png )

>Cannibalism semantics
The voices seem a little upset about this one, and you internally assure them that you have definitely eaten human meat before and will do so again, so the matter of whether eating beastmen is cannibalism won’t change your level of sin.

>Eat the cattails
Good idea, those starchy roots and tasty shoots will make a good side dish once you have a stock of meat. You’ll go back to them after the hunt.

>Is this supposed to be fap material or hardcore survival grittiness?
Leaning towards the latter, though who knows what the other voices are into.

>Random gender roll: Male
>Alertness: Low
>Size: Large

You decide the squirrel is your best target. You carefully make your way down the ledge and towards the old oak tree. Once you get within 20 meters, you put down your pack and creep forward, knife in hand until you reach the gnarled trunk.

Damn, this beast is huge! He probably has 30 kilos on you easily, and he’s about four meters off the ground, snoring on an almost horizontal branch. It’ll be awkward to climb up and stab him, but you’re not sure what else you can do.
No. 1045142 ID: 15c72a

Pull on his arm to get him down to the ground and knife him while he's stunned from being woken up.
No. 1045143 ID: e5709d

Parkour as high as you can off the tree and yank his tail. With enough luck you can rip it off and the bleedout will do the work for you.
No. 1045145 ID: e51896

Oh hey, Lori's ancestor! Her great great great (so many greats) grandfather!
Just kidding, tho it would be funny if he was.

I want to cut the branch he's laying on, but i dont think our knife is strong enough to cut a big trunk like this. Instead, yeah, just yank him off the branch from his dangling arm or tail.
No. 1045147 ID: a7a180

Perhaps you should consider yourself less a survivor and more a zombie fortunate enough to retain his mind. Yank him down by the tail.
No. 1045148 ID: e5709d

This looks more like the distant future. Mary outright replaced humans with furries, here humans and furries coexisted until the apocalypse and now hodunk tribal warfare.

Oh yeah and bite his tail so he thinks he's being attacked by a beast and not a sufficiently bipedal animal.
No. 1045152 ID: 180c83

Casual looking fucker isn't he. Too much flesh on him, while here you are just starving. The beast doesn't deserve that life of his, you need his body more than he does.

He's a sitting duck, his meat is exposed and just asking to be taken. Find some decent sized lengths of wood, carve out a couple of spears. Just sneak in below him and jab up into the armpit, it's so open and vulnerable. Inflict a decent stab and you'll likely hit the axillary artery, and the blood will start fountaining out. He will be probably retreat, running or climbing away; but the bleeding will do him in, John will outlast the overgrown varmint and take his quarry. Giving chase might not even be necessary, if John can catch the fleeing meal with a good spearthrow into its back. The extra spear will serve two contingencies -- self-defense if the first spear breaks and the beast decides fight over flight, or to provide a second chance at wounding it with a well-delivered throw if the first jab doesn't produce the desired result.
No. 1045153 ID: 180c83

Actually he does look pretty well fed and relaxed. Maybe he's peaceful and not a cannibal psycho like us, and we could just ask if he has any extra food that isn't hobo-forage.

On the other hand that's obviously a departure from the entire point of this. He is probably a horrible cannibal too and John would just give away the advantage.
No. 1045154 ID: 15c72a

All the beastmen here are herbivores.
No. 1045156 ID: a271d8

seems flabby and well fed, might just wake him up and ask him where he gets the foor from, a whole lot safer than fighting, especially considering the dangers of falling 4 meters while fighting someone who's not starving
No. 1045158 ID: b01382

Wait you have radiation sickness?
Should you be worried about mental degration? I thought there was something about not eating the brains or spines of people or risk getting a disease.
No. 1045161 ID: 180c83

Almost all mammalian herbivores will consume meat opportunistically. Some "herbivores" even engage in hunting behaviours and predate on smaller animals, or cannibalistically feed on kills from territorial fighting with other members of their species. Squirrels in particular are known to engage in cannibalism in the wild, albeit primarily for the reason of offspring replacement.

What we're looking at right now is not even really a representative of the herbivorous rodent species it takes its appearance and namesake from. This is a large man-squirrel with dietary habits we can only speculate upon; can we honestly rely on the assumption that he would be a passive, friendly plant-eater with reserves of high-calorie food to share?
No. 1045162 ID: a271d8

Also talking to other people (even if they're furry) is good for you and might cure the crushing feeling of isolation and the seemengly unstoppable deteriotation into a mindless creature entirely void of emotions that is no better than the zombies you're evading
No. 1045163 ID: 180c83

If John has lost a lot of weight since the apocalypse, he's probably suffering from the impacts of a variety of environmental toxins. Our body accretes many kinds of absorbed toxins into our fatty tissues, storing such pollutants in a relatively inert form within adipose cells and out of the bloodstream. Low caloric intake prohibits the formation of adipocytes that would help in mitigating the metabolisation of toxins into the bloodstream, and thereby into other organs and the nervous system. John's low caloric intake would've coincided with a peak in ambient environmental toxin exposure in the post-apocalypse, compounding the problem. Additionally, weight loss breaks down the adipocytes and releases stored toxins into the blood, so anything absorbed in the already-polluted pre-apocalypse and early post-apocalypse will be poisoning John further in his starved state.

Incidentally, John should try to avoid eating any of the squirrel's fatty tissues if he does manage the kill.
No. 1045164 ID: 894419

This seems like a good course of action, you will need to climb a bit but only until you can get a grip on his hanging arm, then a good yank will do well enough.

Also coincidentally back when society still existed were you routinely disappointed that Five Guys didn't actually serve a selection of five guys? That was total B.S. marketing.
No. 1045166 ID: 9ea24b
File 166465395666.png - (112.90KB , 500x500 , p6.png )

>Is there a God or some kind of higher power?
Getting deep, eh? You were raised in a generic monotheistic religion, and actually didn’t mind going to church every week. As to whether you ever believe in some all-loving, all-powerful God, not really. There’s no solid proof of anything supernatural in the world, and recent events haven’t been making you feel particularly faithful. That said, plenty of other survivors you’ve met are strongly spiritual, which helps them cope with all the gloom and doom.

>Maybe you’re a zombie who kept its mind
You’re not concerned with the difference. You know you’re a monster, but that’s how you have to be to survive. And you’ve done a pretty good job of that! About five years have passed and you’re still kicking.

>Wait, you have radiation sickness?
Yep, you still get spells of fatigue and rashes sometimes, though you’re pretty sure the radiation levels in the air are slowly decreasing. You’ll make sure you don’t eat any organs from the squirrel though you’re dying for some of that visceral fat.

>Casual looking fucker, ain’t he?
He certainly seems better fed than you are. Hunger is a great motivator but jealousy is making a strong play for a distant second.

>Talk to the beastmen, they’re probably peaceful and not cannibal psychos like you
You’ll consider it when you’re full. Right now you are not in the friendliest mood.

>Were you a weirdo back when society still existed?
Nope, you were a normal lad.

>Herbivores can eat things that aren’t plants
Sure, same how carnivores can eat greens sometimes. They still favor one or the other. So far you haven’t seen any carnivores.

>Make a spear
You don’t how much time you have before this guy wakes up, but the extra range will let you stab his exposed armpit before you grab his tail and yank him to the ground. You retreat and hack a straight sapling into a workable stave, before using twine from your pack to securely tie your knife to the end.
No. 1045167 ID: 9ea24b
File 166465396665.png - (120.05KB , 500x500 , p7.png )

(All checks are a 50/50 unless specified otherwise)
>Fight check (100% success): Success
>Injury check: N/A
>Kill speed check: Failure

You do a kind of jump stab to put the spear into the squirrel, who immediately wakes up and yells. You make another running leap to seize his fluffy tail and pull him off balance.

The squirrel dies much slower than you’d like, thrashing and trying to drag himself away before he finally collapses and you feel comfortable approaching to retrieve your knife and slit his throat.

You’ve secured one 80kg unprocessed carcass. Thanks to the nuclear winter, the average temperature of this region is about 7 degrees Celsius cooler than it would be usually. Since it’s summer, the night temperatures are still about 10 C, which is warm enough to cause the meat to spoil in a day or two.

You have a few options. You can camp right here and process the body, or hack off a piece and retreat back out of the pit. There’s no way you’re dragging the whole body very far.

What’s your plan for the night?
No. 1045168 ID: cdd299

wait, before we eat him, there is one thing we must do, the custom of all rpg protagonists

> open corpse's inventory
No. 1045171 ID: 084179

Search his pockets for any valuables. Takes his clothes too. They might not fit you, but could be washed and cut into emergency bandages, or traded. Maybe kindle. Maybe you can wear them over your clothes for extra warmth. If they're too big you can just roll up the plant legs, but don't wear them here. Too many food people.

Start butchering. If anyone comes? That just means more food for you.
No. 1045173 ID: e5709d

That squirrel probably had a family.

M̷̨̪̦̞̳̳̱̘̟̗̣̪̩͔̿̊̇̈̇͠ą̸̡̮̳͖͓̼̦͕̟̮͔͎̦̲̤̊̎̓̂̌̑̆̉̅̚͜͝͠ŷ̶̢̲̯̫̫̗̼̫̹͇̱̘͔͎̞̰̃̂͝͝ͅ ̸̜͕̗͋͗͌̎̒̿̉̿̅͌a̸̡̢̟̤͉̮̹͙̗̼̜̗̣͑͑̽ŝ̵͉̦̟͚͕̙̻̱̣̰̈ ̸̨̦̺̝̰̣͉̝̤͉̪͚̼͕̫͇͒͛̌̓͑̅w̸̟̅͂̊̂̍̇̏͠e̸̢̙̥͍͚̱͙̋͑͂̌̒̇̋̀̀͜l̸̢͎̙̞̙̻̠̯̩̖͂̊̋͜l̵̪͇̓̿̉͂͐̽̿͌̃̂̔̇̍̆̾́ ̴̰̲̽̍̏̈́͝h̷̯͈̝͕͈͎̱͉̱̙̾̑̎̎̈́̒̓̃̂ͅu̵̖̩͎̲̟̰̫̹̺̮͙͉̯͍͒̇̽͑͊̓̔̊̇͗̈́̓͘͝n̸̪̪̳͇̖̙͈̎͆̽͋̅̅̌͂̓͝ţ̴̢̛̼͖̭͓͖̹̾̔ ̶̩͎̼́͌̐t̸̢͍̹̤̳̣͈̪̫̺̖̜͆̎͑̓́̒̿̈̈́̎̿̀̇ͅh̷̦̥̜̜̼͔̪̏̎͐̽̊́̾̈́ḛ̷̛͖͉̺̰̜̲̖͍͓͍̱̋̓́͋̋̐̅m̶̢̡͍̮͕͔̼̩͓͈̼̥̲͒ ̷͍̞͑̈́͆̓̐̊͊̂̈̍a̷̛̱̐͗͂̑̅̿́̏̈́͆͌̚l̵̡̧͈̩̱̺̘͇̗̮͗̃̓̄̔͆̆̇̎̓͜l̶̛͚͕͂̽͐̓̽̑͊͝,̴̨̛̩̭͈̟̱̟͚̭͔̼̋̑̋̊̾̆̂̊̅̕͠͝ ̸̛̘͍̰̤̞͂́̓͛͒̔̀̈́̋̓͝ŷ̴̡̡̧̬̬̲͍̗͇̞͙́̀́̚͝o̷̻̎̾̆̚̚ų̷͎͗͋͗̒̏̅͛̓̑̓͘͘͝͠ ̵̡̢̢̛̜̖͕̪̰̖̬̩̫̘̦̲̞͚̇̾̋̓̾̕p̷̢̪̜͙̜̹͍͇̼̊͑͐̆̃ͅş̵̹͈͈̤͎̠͌͑ỵ̸̠̬̞͇̦̙̪̲͔̯̭͚̠͔͙͕̽͐c̷̡͕͍̭̮̭͖͖̞̗̥͉̰̭͖̃̓̋̐̈͛̎̋͊̈́͂̚h̶̘̘̯͉͇̏o̷̢̫̱̞̪̦̓.̶̙̅͋͒̊͒̔̈́̍̀̏̄͐͛̕

He wasn't on guard out in the middle of nowhere and he wasn't clothed like a caveman, that implies this area has patrols.
You don't have much time. Cut off the juicy meaty parts (arms, legs, belly), leave the rest for scavengers.
No. 1045175 ID: e51896

Conker here did scream before he died, possibility it could attract some attention. Hack some pieces off the body and then scram.
No. 1045177 ID: 74d7aa

It's not unlikely he was part of some kind of community, taking a secretive approach here is necessary. Hack off a piece or two for now and try to hide the body in any nearby bushes covering it with whatever you can, kick dirt up over the blood and any tracks you've made. Retreat and eat, and return after the meal to see if more meat can be feasibly processed and relocated. Too bad if you lose out on some product from this carcass, but that's a small price to pay if it keeps the element of surprise against the other denizens of the cavern. You have your future to think about, after all.
No. 1045225 ID: 9ea24b
File 166467989149.png - (111.29KB , 500x500 , p8.png )

>There’s probably a nearby community
You agree, the fact that the squirrel was relaxed and napping instead of wandering the lands in search of food suggests there’s a somewhat stable small society in this cavern. When you passed through the city, you didn’t see any zombies or humans, which explains why the people here have their guards down. Still, eventually someone will come searching for their missing father or husband, and then you’ll be in trouble.

>Might as well hunt them all!
Uh, no, that’d be stupid. You’re starving and don’t have any good weapons.

>But first, loot the corpse
You check the pockets of the squirrel’s sturdy denim overalls. You find:

1 pocket knife
1 hand carved pipe
Small pouch of smelly leaves

Drugs, score! You ball up the stained overalls and retrieve your pack. With shaking fingers, you work to separate one of the squirrel’s stiffening legs at the hip joint. It’s messy, difficult work, and a cloud of flies finds the cooling blood. At some point you change tactics and skin the leg as best you can before hacking through the ankle and chopping awkwardly at the tissue at the pelvis to get it free. You stash the body under some leaf litter.

The leg still weighs a good 10kg, and in your weakened state you struggle to carry it up the steep dirt walls while lugging your pack as well.
No. 1045227 ID: 9ea24b
File 166467998035.png - (85.46KB , 500x500 , p9.png )

It’s almost dark by the time you find a covered spot in an abandoned building to camp. The only problem here is there isn’t as much kindling, so you settle for a small fire and roast some of the meat on rocks while boiling a tiny pot of soup. As soon as the meat is medium rare, you can’t help shoveling it into your mouth. You keep cutting off pieces and cooking them until late into the night, before you finally collapse on your sleeping mat.

You drink the rest of your water, emptying your canteen.

Your current stats are:
Hunger: 9 - 5 (yum, meat) = 4/10
Thirst: 4 + 1 (not as much to drink as you’d like) = 5/10
Tiredness: 5 + 2 (lugging) - 3 (night’s rest) = 4/10

You sleep in the next day, continuing to cook and eat morsels. You still have about half the leg left, not including the bones. Your hands are a mess of grease and filth.

What would you like to do today? Since your stats are below the cutoff, you’re open to any suggestions.
No. 1045228 ID: 15c72a

Find a clean source of water. Can't survive without it.
No. 1045229 ID: e51896

Time to refill our water canteen!
No. 1045231 ID: 1e20de

Use your knife to shave that stubble, then seek fresh running water
No. 1045233 ID: b5f2af

Find water, wash and drink. Search for kindling to better process meat and water.
No. 1045238 ID: e5709d

There's now a vendetta against you. They might or might not be able to smell you, but they'll find the body and then try to hunt you down.
But you're not leaving. You don't have the supplies.
They do.

Your main objective is to raid their supply cache of preserved foods and advanced tools, then bug out. Start by casing the area, see where their sphere of influence terminates and places they don't dare to go.
No. 1045240 ID: e51896


I like the stubble tho... How he's supposed to get a rad manly beard if we shave it?

if anything, try to save some hair to grow a goatee if we must shave. Otherwise, no shave
No. 1045241 ID: b01382

I agree with the other guy. Shave your stubble.
Also clean your grasy hands by wiping them on your shirt. If you can find a body of water, we can wash your clothes with it.
Shoot i was too late. I was gonna suggest your chop off the tail and clean it so you can maybe make a scarf out of it. Too late i guess had work.

Oh and find some source of water to fill your canteen with and to wash your clothes.

Dunno about that. Depending on what those herbivores might have, and if they dont suspect us of killing their friend, we could possibly trade with them. Humans can eat some vegatables which would make meat finding less dangerous. You know, cuz these animal people probably habe weapons and can fight us, and any injuries we sustain we wont be able to fix all that well.
No. 1045242 ID: 180c83

The stubble doesn't matter, who really cares?

Go back to the body, we need to check to see if it's been found or not. We might not be able to get more meat out of it, but we should at least try to find a better place to hide it
No. 1045243 ID: b01382

We could haul it back to our temporary camp.
No. 1045245 ID: 97e95a

scout the nearby society. good idea to know how much of a threat they are.
No. 1045254 ID: 9ea24b
File 166474086003.png - (96.06KB , 500x500 , p10.png )

>Get water
The spring in the cavern is the best source of clean water around, and you can get some cattails while you’re there. Stopping to check on the body would be smart too, you want to salvage the tail and the hide.

>To shave or not to shave
Hygiene is important but understandably not your highest priority. You can’t remember your last full body cleanse, and you’re covered by a thick layer of oily dead skin. The problem with a slow-burning apocalypse like a nuclear winter is that everyone uses all their supplies so you can’t even scrounge up a bar of soap and you didn’t have enough to trade for one at the last outpost.

Maybe you should shave to look presentable in case you run into someone today. Nobody knows you’re the squirrel murderer, though they’ll definitely be suspicious. If you claim to be innocent you might get the chance to learn more about them.

Mind made up, you carefully scrape at your face with your knife and chop off some of your longer bangs while you’re at it. You hide the leg and overalls in a cool cement basement and take your pack along on the walk back to the pit, following the shortest route to the marshes.
No. 1045256 ID: 9ea24b
File 166474097414.png - (150.13KB , 500x500 , p11.png )

At ground level, you can see a watercress at the edges of the stream. You take a long drink and fill your canteen before washing your socks and bandanna.

“Oh! Hello there, are you a human?”

>Random gender roll: Female
>Alertness: Medium
>Size: Small

The same brown mouse from yesterday pops her head up from the reeds. She’s carrying a woven basket half full of mushrooms.
No. 1045266 ID: 33f0ce

“Depends, are you a mouse?”

The mouse is small, even if we camp to fully cut her up, she wouldn’t even give more meat than the Squirrel’s leg. But she has… mushrooms. She has been here repeatedly, she knows what she’s doing. Befriend the mouse? Befriend the mouse. Gain constant supply of (although meager) food.
No. 1045267 ID: e51896

remember to try not to form friendships with your meals, it'll mess with your head.

"I dunno, I thought that answer was obvious to me until you asked."

realize that wtf? why she's not wearing pantz?
No. 1045275 ID: d3791d

"Doesn't feel like it anymore."
No. 1045278 ID: 15c72a

Negative, I am a meat popsicle.
No. 1045281 ID: 894419

Check your reflection in the water before you answer, just in case
No. 1045285 ID: 180c83

She's not hostile or cautious in the way you'd expect for one of her friends getting murdered, so that's a good sign that the body still hasn't been found yet. You might as well try to get a bead on her and her folk. Better to do it now than later. Try not to act too much like a ghoulish loner cannibal man.
No. 1045288 ID: 084179

Ask if they got any work for us. Getting payed in food would be cool, preferably fatty stuff like nuts or high in calories. No grass please.
No. 1045292 ID: 084179

>At ground level, you can see a watercress at the edges of the stream. You take a long drink and fill your canteen before washing your socks and bandanna.
Wait a second, why don't you just wash up right now? Soap or no soap, being clean is very important or you might catch a disease.

If it's still warm enough outside you can just find some place to hang your clothes for a few hours to let them dry.

Does money exist out in the wasteland? currency, or does everyone trade with goods? Are you good at anything? Got any trade skills the animal people might find useful? If we play our cards right, we might not have to eat people, while fulfilling the need of food, water, and sleep.
No. 1045294 ID: e5709d

"I am a monster. Ten... Nine..."

Yes, you are going to hunt her. No, you are not going to groom her, manipulate her, and corrupt her into outing her entire tribe as a feast.
No. 1045295 ID: fc1eab

meh, throw knife.

Rip and tear.
No. 1045298 ID: 9ea24b
File 166476545290.png - (142.18KB , 500x500 , p12.png )

>She’s not wearing pants
Must be nice to have a thick layer of fur, probably helps a ton during the freezing winters.

>Check your reflection in the water
Yup, still humanoid. Your dark goggles that you wear to protect your perpetually dilated eyes (a side effect of the zombie virus) make you look a little ominous, but with your hood off you’re a pretty standard dude.

>Act normal
You haven’t talked to someone in about a month, so you clear your throat to make sure you don’t sound like a complete ghoul.

“I’m human, yeah. Was passing through and saw the water, thought I’d clean up a little.”

The mouse approaches you to stare curiously at your scrawny legs and scruffy hair. She wrinkles her nose at your smell.

“It’s a good thing you’re washing downstream, you might have worms. We haven’t had any travelers visit since...ever really.”

A small but vocal minority of the voices are telling you to just kill her, haul her body to camp, and continue to avoid suspicion.

A. You’re lonely, try to befriend her and ask for a job in exchange for food
B. Mouse meat time
No. 1045299 ID: 64bc76

if you befriend her, you can know the others, and that means you can eat more people later! Because like, if they trust you it means you can do more evil things
No. 1045300 ID: e51896

Too many quests out there where we're good. Lets be bad for once

B. Kill her
No. 1045301 ID: e51896

Also, since when did you start hearing voices in your head?
No. 1045302 ID: 894419

The fact she's not more suspicious means they haven't found the body yet, but the longer its out there the more likely it gets and once its found the conclusion that you're the killer will be very hard to avoid.

I want to be friends with her but it'll probably go poorly, if not now, when you get hungry again.

I'd say be friendly and learn everything you can , but kill her if she tries to leave or offers to take you to the camp.
No. 1045304 ID: e5709d

You've already established that you're willing to kill people for meat. And the zombie thing.
Take off your shades. Tell her what you are. Tell her what you've done.
See how she reacts. Make your decision based on that.
No. 1045306 ID: 084179

On one hand, we can get friends. on the other, we can kill and eat people if we integrate into their community.
No. 1045308 ID: 180c83

Killing her wouldn't be the worst outcome, but honestly it seems like a waste. We can get more in the long-term by obtaining information and a bit of trust. Trying to manage another body when there's already one on a timer also just seems stupid. Do we really want to get hunted down like a dumb animal because we were too greedy and shortsighted?
No. 1045311 ID: 15c72a

A. But keep an emotional distance.
No. 1045312 ID: ba605b

Exactly. Once we learn more, we can eecide on if we want to kill them all slowly, or intergrate into their community.

You dont seem brain deas despite the zombie virus. If you were to sneeze, bite, cough on someone, or someone was to touch something you touched, would they turn into a zombie? Why are you the exception? Is the radiation cancer thats killing you balancing out the zombie virus?
No. 1045313 ID: ba605b

Another thing i forgot to ask (sorry) but will zombies try to attack you, or afe you largely ignored by zombies? If its the latter you could earn a lot of loot by killing zombies, or escorting people through zombie infested areas.

Can you eat rotten flesh? Carrion, or would that make you sick?
No. 1045314 ID: b56b60

do zombie animals exist?
No. 1045337 ID: 8301bd

Eh, let's spend our final months making friends and eating their veggies, why not?

How long do you have until you are full zombie?
No. 1045342 ID: 1680b9

As long as you feel bad about killing it's not too late to at least stop killing and find other ways, these folks seem to be doing fine without bloodshed
No. 1045343 ID: f2320a

Befriend food and shelter can always eat them if winter gets tough
No. 1045349 ID: 33f0ce

Eh I agree with >>1045294 on this. Like I know we’re supposed to be the monster of this story and all of that, but I draw the line at grooming. And while I do like >>1045343 suggestion for keeping her alive for winter, all we have to do is find some salt and boom, jerky. B.
No. 1045353 ID: b01382

AAAAYYYYYY....i'm picking A.

If she's a field mouse, or is adept with running, we're kinda fucked if she manages to escape and alert the community. Alerting her could mean:
>no squirrel corpse to eat
>no potentialy vegitation food source
>no people to actually talk to
>chances of getting hunted down and killed
We stand to lose man than there is to gain by saying we're a monster.
No. 1045362 ID: 180c83

We don't actually know whether John is "terminal" or not in terms of zombification, or if his condition will worsen at all beyond his current carnivorous cravings. It remains an unknown as to what degree zombies in this post-apocalypse adhere to the usual zombie cliches and stereotypes. Frankly, John as he is represents a much more terrifying iteration of the zombie archetype than some braindead shambling corpse.
No. 1045363 ID: 33f0ce

Yeah true true. It’s just that I’m worried you know? Worried that by befriending the Mouse, that the others will think “Hey! This friendship thing is not so bad!” And soon one things will go to another, and soon we’re a vegan! And yes, I know, it’s slippery slope and all of that. It’s just that I’ve seen it happen before ya know?…But you’re right, she can run away. A.
No. 1045366 ID: 9ea24b
File 166481649947.png - (83.18KB , 500x500 , p13.png )

>Zombie lore please
You’re going off of word of mouth, personal experience, and your high school biology class knowledge here, so you’re probably wrong about some stuff. The original wave of traditional zombie cases died off pretty quickly due to dehydration, sickness from eating rotten meat and drinking bad water, and injury. Turns out giving flimsy starving humans rabies but worse isn’t good for their life expectancy. The zombies that survived had more of their brains intact, thus passing on a mutation that favored the host remembering how to take care of themselves.

The virus has mutated enough to pass to beastmen, so the weakened form you’re currently carrying is contagious. However, you’d need pretty good fluid to blood contact via a strong bite for transmission, so being around them and breathing the same air won’t infect them.

>Are you going to die soon from zombism?
Uh, you sure hope not? It doesn’t seem to be getting any worse.

>The voices
Are your only company and probably a major indication that you’re crazy. You started hearing them about six months ago.

>A, with the zombie reveal
You’d feel bad pretending to be completely normal. You’re not going to tell the mouse about the squirrel and you still want the chance to learn about the community, so you’re going to be selective.

You take off your goggles and immediately squint at the painful brightness.

“I’m infected, just so you know. I’m not planning to bite anyone but I don’t want to put you at risk, or get you in trouble with your leaders. I’m just hoping to work for some food and share stories before moving on.” You try to open your watery eyes so she can get a better look.
No. 1045367 ID: 9ea24b
File 166481650877.png - (93.46KB , 500x500 , p14.png )

The mouse squeaks with sympathy. “You poor thing, we’ve had a good crop year so far and I’m sure we have some to spare. Let me take you to our base and tell the others.”

Your admission seems to have backfired and made the mouse more protective and trusting of you.

>Oh no you’re going vegan
Hey! You never waste food if you can avoid it, which means you still have a leg and possibly more to finish.

>Feel bad about killing
Yeah, now that you’re full you feel bad about murdering that defenseless squirrel. Once you’re hungry again you’ll be praising your forethought and sick skillz.

>Salt and preserving food
Funny you should mention that, getting enough salt has been a major concern for you since you’re fairly inland. Between roots and drinking the blood from your kills, you’ve managed, but in no way do you have enough salt to preserve flesh. You’ve smoked meat or waited for colder weather in the past.

The mouse introduces herself as Mitzi and waits for you to gather your things before leading you upstream, chattering the whole way. You learn that there’s 10 beastmen living here (including the now deceased squirrel) and that they managed to start a successful garden to grow a portion of their food after foraging and living off grasses for a few years. They have beets, carrots, onions, even some wheat and beans, not to mention acorns and crabapples.

“We have enough food that we voted to let some people have children next spring, it’s so exciting!”
No. 1045369 ID: 33f0ce

Great job everyone, greaaaaaaaaaaat job. Now we CAN’T kill her! She showed us sympathy and offered us food, FOOD! I literally warned you all about this!
No. 1045375 ID: 1680b9

try to get some food and if they start suspecting something then grab all you can and get out, you can't kill 10 non-starving, non-traumatized and non rabid beastmen, or at least not in a way that justifies the time and energy spent on it
No. 1045378 ID: 1680b9

also if people out here can survive without killing that don't have special skills then you're not exactly elite survivalist stuff, rethink life choices thoroughly
No. 1045379 ID: 1680b9

Fun fact: total loss of empathy is not normal human behaviour when malnourished, even in your levels of hunger, maybe the disease is taking more hold than you think
No. 1045380 ID: b01382

So, how do communities even come to do? Where did beast folks come from?

Do you have a bucket we can borrow? Washing in a stream is a no go since that risks contamination, even if the virus deteriorates due to extreme heat or cold. Better safe than sorry.

Do they have zombie problems or something? Do they know of any greater communities?
No. 1045387 ID: 1aeac2

They're going to wonder about the squirrel eventually. You showing up at the same time, infected? Extra suspicious. Either get rid of the body tonight or grab yourself a twofer and head for the hills.
No. 1045391 ID: 084179

Best case scenario we learn a bit, learn some of the deepest setting lore Tippler is hiding from us, then run away with the rest of the squirrel corpse before anyone gets any ideas.
No. 1045395 ID: 014733

Let's just go and see what we can learn. Maybe they have some decent food, maybe trade stuff.
Let's play it by ear.
No. 1045401 ID: 9ea24b
File 166484684624.png - (116.68KB , 500x500 , p15.png )

>Now we can’t kill her
Eh? Since when? She’s nice, for sure, but you’re not suddenly a saint because one lady was sympathetic to you.

>People here are surviving fine without cannibalism
You scratch your head in irritation. They survived because they can eat grass, which isn’t a skill you have in your repertoire.

>Where do beastmen come from?
That high school biology class was two decades ago, come on voices. You think there was some shared bipedal mammalian ancestor way back? Convergent evolution shenanigans.

“You’re not much of a talker, are you?”

“Huh?” Oh, you totally forgot to respond to Mitzi. “Um, just not used to talking to people.”

>Play it by ear
The voices are not being productive about your choice to go with Mitzi, so you decide to ignore them unless they suggest something relevant to the surroundings and conversation at hand. You’re nervous about being found out too, but no one’s accused you of anything yet.

>Do they have current zombie problems?
Apparently not, this whole area is deserted.

“How did you guys start this community? Do you have any contact with the outside world?”

Mitzi shifts the basket to her hip. “We all got the evacuation order five years ago, but decided to stay and sheltered in the library when the virus came through. Truffle has a few diesel generators and he fiddles with his radio sometimes, but he never has any luck. Truffle’s our old boar.”

Okay, that’s at least one other omnivore if there's a pig beastman around.
No. 1045402 ID: 9ea24b
File 166484686318.png - (119.58KB , 500x500 , p16.png )

Mitzi leads you through an urban forest, passing tracks of overgrown lawn and buckled cement. The library rises in your view until you can see the still somewhat intact glass windows and fallen shelves. You hunch instinctively when Mitzi walks inside the seemingly unsound building, to a flat slab of floor at ground level.

The white rabbit is tending to a large pot hanging over the cooking fire. A circle of beds made of salvaged mattresses and dried grasses outline the main camp. There’s an appetizing earthy sludge bubbling gently in the pot, giving off aromas of beets and nuts. The rabbit looks up sharply when your boots clomp on the tile and his red eyes flash in the dim light.

“Who’s this? Is Phillip still fucking off somewhere?”

>Random gender roll: Male
>Alertness: High
>Size: Medium
No. 1045403 ID: e5709d

>Phillip is missing
Ah @#$%. At least they act like he's a slacker.

>Food, glorious food
That's what I was afraid of. Ever heard of the phrase "never sell a Legendary"? They have a base but they'll turn hostile when they find out you murdered their friend just for his legs.
There's one about geese but dear @#$% is it racist.

>What do
Immediately advertise your skillset. Ask if there's a fishing hole nearby, work on making nets.
No. 1045406 ID: f285cc

Wait we can eat our way out of the situation, we just have to see if there’s anyone we can get away with gnawing on, like a criminal, I’m pretty sure nobody complains if we eat a bad guy
No. 1045407 ID: 1aeac2

Wave meekly, let the mouse do the talking.
Well I'm pretty sure there's a cannibal lurking around the periphery somewhere, we'd better keep an eye out for him. Doesn't seem like they have any other weird and morally edible creeps hanging around though.
No. 1045408 ID: 084179

>enough sunlight for grass and other vegetation to grow
Hmmm. I like that other anons suggestion about fishing. If there's light for plants, then there's plants for bugs to eat, and bugs for fish to eat.
Hi, I'm a dude looking for work. Got a fishing pole or something? Maybe I could fish for fish and stuff in exchange for like medicine or a pillow.
Can I take some books with me? If not can I borrow some to make some fishing basket traps
have you tried using nightsoil as fertilizer, or is that a bad idea because there's a risk of spreading diseases?
Any books that survived or are you using it all as kindling?
How do you get your water? Make any charcoal filters?

Don't call me stupid, and I might be a little color blind, but are you an albino on account of the red eyes? I thought albinos had pink eyes. Speaking of I got a dormant version of the zombie virus so I'm not stupid, but if you're gonna kill me do me the favor of making it quick. By the way name's John, nice to meet you.
No. 1045409 ID: ba605b

Why would you say this?
No. 1045418 ID: 15c72a

Once you get some food and exchange pleasantries, you should go.
Don't make any commitments right now. If they offer you to join, say something vague about how you're not sure you want to settle down but you'll consider it.

Once you're gone, you should wander off in an unrelated direction until you're out of sight, then curve around and head for the body. You want to remove it from the premises first and foremost! After that, you can strip the meat from the body and render it unidentifiable, then immediately hide the hide, inedible flesh, and bones in case someone shows up while you're prepping the meat for smoking. Once the smoking starts, you can bury the remains properly, making sure to do in a somewhat concealed location, and at least somewhat away from your camp to disassociate it from you in case the grave is discovered somehow.

Consider this: if you kill all 10 people you will have eliminated a potential future food source. They're going to start reproducing, which means in the long term you're going to want to cull the herd, not wipe it out. It would be best for you to find multiple hunting spots and perform sustainable hunting, maybe even eliminating competing hunters to reduce pressure on the population...
No. 1045423 ID: b01382

+1 this guy's suggestion for disposal of the body.
No. 1045424 ID: 15c72a

Oh, probably don't bury the hide since you wanted to keep that. Not sure where to put it, though.
No. 1045425 ID: b01382

We don't have the chemicals to treat it, but we could probably use the brain to tan the hide. Problem is John knowing how to do that or not. Like his unsuccessful hunting and fishing content I doubt he knows how. The tail is probably salvageable, but the hide, bones, and other organs have to go.

(not to mention this to the people present, but I forgot you're supposed to remove some of the organs like the bladder or the corpse will go bad faster. Has John ate the genitals of things he's killed out of morbid curiosity?)
No. 1045442 ID: 9ea24b
File 166490091526.png - (125.03KB , 500x500 , p17.png )

>Never sell a legendary
Is this some kind of gaming reference? You’re not familiar.

>You didn’t even gut the squirrel, do you know what you’re doing?
It takes hours to process a large carcasse, you were super hungry, and it was getting dark. You were an unpopular hunting and fishing content creator, not an incompetent one.

>Let Mitzi introduce you
You give a weak wave while Mitzi summarizes what you told her and adds that she hasn’t seen Phillip.

You cough awkwardly. “I can help fish, or do chores. I’m just passing through but I’d appreciate a few hot meals if I can earn them. Uh, I don’t mind working the dirtier jobs, like washing clothes or cleaning the toilet.”

The rabbit snuffles a bit as he considers your filthy outfit and bone thin legs. “You touch any of the women here and I’ll cut off your balls and turn you into compost.”

“Carlos! Don’t be so rude.”

“And if you bite anyone we’ll put you down like a rabid dog.”


“Can you watch the pot? I’m going to take him to the pond.” Carlos tells Mitzi. The mouse takes the stirring stick while Carlos beckons to you impatiently and takes you to the opposite entrance and starts walking north.

“We dammed up a portion of the spring to make a pond and Truffle stocked it with some koi. None of the rest of us like to eat fish so it’s more of an emergency food store. Truffle says some of his fish are going missing so we think there’s some scavenger stealing from us.” He hops over a chunk of steel that used to be some fine arts statue. “Since you’re so eager to help you can keep watch and see what’s happening.”

“Okay. You think it’s some kind of normal animal?”

“Maybe. Truffle thinks it’s a beast though and he probably has the best nose out of all of us.”

You build a mental map of the cavern as you walk. It’s about 3 km in diameter, with the library roughly in the middle. You assume the fabled gardens are on the west side.

Carlos slows down as he approaches the pond, keeping his steps as light as possible. You see beautiful orange and white fish swimming around the pool and your mouth waters.

“Come back to report at sunset and you can have a bowl of stew.” With that, Carlos leaves you behind the broken tree trunk. You can tell he doesn’t quite trust you, which is reasonable. This kind of low stakes job is a test.

A. Be a good boy and watch for the fish thief since they’re a potential scapegoat for the murder
B. Leave your post and take care of the body (you don’t have enough fuel at your base to smoke the meat, but it’ll hide most of the evidence)
No. 1045443 ID: fe8ffd

B. It's plausible that you just wouldn't catch them today.
This virus doesn't revive the dead does it? That squirrel had better be where you left it.
No. 1045444 ID: 198df5

B. We're no good boy.
No. 1045445 ID: 1680b9

Actually him turning into a zombie would probably free you of suspicion since humans usually don't bite people, also A, we're on a redemption timeline now bitch
No. 1045451 ID: be3ecd

You know this reminds me of this movie I saw where a zombie ate a dudes girlfriend and got her memories or something and then became more human that way. Or was it the other way around? Either way, you should eat the squirrel’s brain.
No. 1045452 ID: 180c83

B., we can always just come up with some excuse later if we're pressed about it and do the fish-watching tomorrow instead. That body is on a timer and the consequences of ignoring it would be a lot worse than disappointing some rabbit and not getting his stew.
No. 1045453 ID: 180c83

Blaming it on the fish-thief might work too but -- honestly, we're always going to look sus as shit no matter what we do if they find out the squirrel was murdered. They might buy that it was fish-thief, but it'd be his word against the known starving-looking zombie stranger and John would never reasonably be able to clear his name, they'd drive us out or kill us too if they have the smallest lick of sense.

The fish thief could be a good ally though. A fellow omnivore or carnivore with enough skill to avoid getting caught for who knows how long. Maybe they're even a zombie too and we might get something like a friend.

On a different note -- is it just a quirk of the art style, or does John look younger than someone in his mid- to late-thirties should? Is this zombie virus arresting his aging?
No. 1045465 ID: 9ea24b
File 166493626264.png - (109.09KB , 500x500 , p18.png )

You wait 15 minutes to make sure Carlos doesn’t come back, then sneak around the perimeter back to the oak tree where you hid Phillip’s body. The flies have feasted on the blood and other leaking fluids, and you gather the stained leaves and stuff them into crevices so they’re out of sight. You also try to restore the site to its untouched state pre Phillip’s thrashing before going to the body.

The stomach cavity is already partially bloated, but the meat still looks okay. It takes you the rest of the day to chop everything into carryable pieces and haul them to your camp. You take the torso, head, and skin to a different building to be abandoned and rot, but keep the fluffy tail to use as a blanket.

>You look young
Thanks, it’s the starvation.

>Can dead bodies be zombified?
Nope, congealed blood and ruptured cells don’t lend themselves well to infection. Dead zombies can still carry the disease for some time, of course.

>Eat the squirrel’s brain to gain his memories, trust me, I saw it in a movie
Brain has a lot of fat and vitamins, but it’d be a bitch to open the skull and you already have plenty of food. Also you shouldn’t believe things you see in movies.

It’s almost dark by the time you have everything squared away. You take a moment to sit and rest. You have barely enough fuel to cook your meal and heat the room for tonight, and you think wistfully of the pot of mash at the library and Mitzi’s kind face.

A. Return to the library and pretend you didn’t see anyone at the pond (or some suggested excuse)
B. Stay at your camp for the night and plan for tomorrow
No. 1045466 ID: e5709d

B) You need to plan this out. Hopefully they won't find out you murdered their friend but expect them to. That means having multiple escape plans from the compound at all times.
Spend the day reviewing the map and scouting the areas. Only go back when you're confident you can escape Carlos and outwit Mitzi.
No. 1045467 ID: 084179

Play the role of stupid college kid and say you left the pond trying to look for whatever was eating the fish. You thought your survival knowledge was enough. Turns out you kinda shit at it.
No. 1045472 ID: 664651

If you go with A, you could say that you didn't say anybody and explain that maybe they saw you but you not at them. Or perhaps that they didn't came by this time. If there is fish missing, perhaps they went from another angle. OR, you could say that you went to explore the perimeter.

Just because you didn't catch them this time doesn't mean you won't do it next time.

In any case, you don't lose anything. You have food in reserve just in case.
No. 1045475 ID: 894419

I think this makes the most sense, I mean they'll think you're a dumbass but that'll probably be the worst of it...
No. 1045478 ID: fe8ffd

No. 1045611 ID: 9ea24b
File 166507316089.png - (83.88KB , 500x500 , p19.png )

>A, pretend you didn’t see anyone and got bored and unsuccessfully searched for the thief

After making sure you’ve left Phillip’s knife and pipe at your camp, you sling your pack over your shoulders, take your goggles off, and easily navigate the dark slope into the cavern. You hear crickets chirping sluggishly among the bumpy terrain, and think wistfully of a crunchy roast insect meal.The moon is half-full, but waning, and you don’t see any beasts on the way to the library.

There’s a crackling fire, which provides plenty of light for you to see the nine beasts sitting at their beds and eating their dinner from miscellaneous bowls. You spot the famous Truffle, a cow, and a sheep. Before you can examine the others, Carlos jumps to his feet to confront you.

“I went back to visit the pond a couple hours ago and you weren’t there, but you still come back expecting food, huh?”

A few of the beastmen are giving you curious looks. Some seem hostile and others pleased that they’re getting some mealtime entertainment. You clasp your hands together nervously. “I-I got tired of just sitting there and I thought I’d be more proactive. I searched the area for the thief but didn’t see anyone.”

Carlos pond check: FAILURE
Thief evasion check: N/A

Carlos narrows his red eyes at you, but doesn’t seem to have any solid proof that you’re lying.

“A beast isn’t going to let themself be found by a human. You make a racket stomping around with your big shoes.”

“Sorry, you’re right, my bad. I can go back there tomorrow and be patient.”
No. 1045612 ID: 9ea24b
File 166507318096.png - (97.87KB , 500x500 , p20.png )

Carlos grumbles a bit but goes back to eating. You assume he and Mitzi have already told everyone about you and your zombieness.

Mitzi hurries to fetch you a bowl of mush and gestures for you to sit with her. Her bed is a cozy nest of dried grasses and blankets. The food is a bit earthy, but still leagues above your usual fare. You scarf it all down and eye the pot with longing. Nobody makes a move to offer you seconds, so you return your bowl and get ready for bed. The beasts pick among themselves for watch shifts.

Your current stats are:
Hunger: 4 + 3 (daily hunger) - 2 (hearty veggie meal) = 5/10
Thirst: 5 + 3 (daily thirst) - 4 (lots to drink from the morning) = 4/10
Tiredness: 4 + 5 (lugging meat and walking around all day) - 3 (night’s rest) = 6/10

The next morning, you get a small amount of leftover food for breakfast which you eat while listening to the organization meeting. The beasts seem to split their duties into foraging, gardening, camp maintenance, food preparation, and miscellaneous. They also get leisure time to read and relax.

Pick two chores from the options below. Carlos wants you to spend part of your day pond watching as well. Your store of meat is going to start rotting soon.

A. Forage with Mitzi
B. Investigate Phillip’s disappearance with Carlos
C. Manage fertilizer with Truffle
D. Weed with the cow
E. Clothing repair with the sheep
No. 1045613 ID: e51896

Do weed with the cow?! We're there dude!

oh wait, it's not DO weed, it's just weed, as in getting rid of weeds. booo!

either B. Investigate Phillip’s disappearance, gotta make sure that he doesn't look anywhere near where Phillip died after all.

or C, if only to ask the boar why he isn't foraging instead of Mitzy since pigs can sniff out food real good... unless that's racist to ask a boar... or speciesist? whatever.
No. 1045614 ID: 13c89a

We should gather the basic information about them, especially who’s most sus of us, and who was closest to Phillip, if any
No. 1045615 ID: b01382

These stats fikk be with worry. How are we even still alive? With a thirst of 3 every day we shouldn't be alive since we need to be near water, and i doubt we can find rivers or water fountains. Emmerson wise this shit wonky, but stat wise for this given area, assuming the quest will mostly take place in this area, it makes sense since it pressures us to act wisely.

A. Forage with Mitzi
B. Investigate Phillip’s disappearance with Carlos
These two. Foraging with Mitzi will teaxh us how to forage on our own, and going with Carlos might give us the chance to either steer him away from the corpse, or kill him if he connects us to the murder.
No. 1045617 ID: fc165b

A, E.

Foraging with Mitzi will build our relationship with her, having an ally to advocate for us will be useful. Clothing repair with the sheep expands our skillset and is a relatively low-energy expenditure activity.

Going with Carlos would be a trap. He does not trust us, and any attempts to steer him away from the scene of the killing would likely backfire. What reason would we have to search for Phillip, anyway, when we're not supposed to have known the squirrel or the local area? Asking to go along would be weird when we don't have any apparent stakes in his disappearance or anything useful to offer in finding him, and we'd look even more suspicious from the rabbit's perspective. Killing Carlos during the search would mean a second beastman disappearance in a very short time frame, the level of suspicion would immediately escalate and we'd be implicated as the last person seen with him. This is assuming John could even manage it, as the rabbit looks quite a bit stronger than our mangy zombie.

But if we do go with Carlos, maybe we can flirt with him and try to waste his time in that way. Maybe he'd even be receptive to it and we'd get another ally, as unlikely as it may be that John the Literal Zombie could pull it off.
No. 1045635 ID: 084179


I wanna hug Mitzi, but I'm afraid we might give her the coof. Could she be a potential friend? God I hope the thing hunting the fish if a hostile animal. It would certainly give us an out.
No. 1045641 ID: d12415

B needs to be taken care of. If we are serious about turning over a new leaf or something, then this needs addressed somehow.
No. 1045673 ID: 9ea24b
File 166510851107.png - (125.58KB , 500x500 , p21.png )

Rather than meet anyone new, you want to work on building your relationship with Mitzi and make sure Carlos doesn’t find any incriminating evidence about the murder. The rabbit might not trust you, but while you’re with him you can act extra friendly and try to redeem yourself and flirt a little wouldn’t that be something. Maybe you’ll even find out more about Phillip and what kind of guy he was.

>Can you hug Mitzi without infecting her?
Yes, but you’ll have to ask first.

>Worried about those stats
Well, humans die after 3-4 days without water, and you’re starved enough that going without food for that length of time would be pretty dire too. You do have the ability to carry water in plastic containers and your canteen when you need to travel longer distances so you don’t need to be near a source of clean water all the time, though it’s nice.

As for your hunger, you have a sneaking suspicion that a pure herbivore diet isn’t going to cut it, and if you don’t save your meat you’ll have to go back to the murder. That or start stealing fish.

When you tell Carlos your preferences, he thinks it over for a moment then tells you to go to the pond first. He’ll come to pick you up and make sure you haven’t run off again.

You find the mangled trunk by the pond and sit.
A. Stay by the pond (70% chance of seeing thief)
B. Collect firewood for smoking meat later
No. 1045696 ID: b01382

B. time to catch a thief
No. 1045698 ID: e51896

A to prepare cooked meat
No. 1045733 ID: 76886a

Let's stay at the pond and fantasize whimsically about deepening our emotional bond with these people.

Fantasize whimsically I tell you!
No. 1045736 ID: b7d43c

A, gather firewood later?
No. 1045741 ID: 9ea24b
File 166517931327.png - (111.41KB , 500x500 , p22.png )

You decide to stay, hopefully you’ll have time to gather wood and go back to your camp later.

John pond check: SUCCESS

>Set gender: Female
>Alertness: High
>Size: Small

Your butt hurts and you’ve slipped into a doze when you spot movement on the other side of the pond. A sleek tan shape wearing gray rags steps from among the overgrown grasses and sniffs the air. She’s taller than Mitzi, but even skinnier than you, which is saying something since she has fur to pad things out. After wavering a bit in the cover, she strips and eases herself into the pond with a handmade net made from plastic mesh.
No. 1045742 ID: e5709d

Bare your teeth and offer more food.
With luck, you might be able to convince her to become a... 'hunting partner'.
No. 1045744 ID: 33f0ce

God, the bitc-...*F-e-m-a-l-e c-o-y-o-t-e* The Coco barely has any meat on her bones, it would be a waste of both our time and energy to off her and cut her up. I'm going with what the other guy is saying, let's see if this coyote is as desperate as she seems.

Also, get back to that Squirrel! You didn't take a life just to leave it to rot!
No. 1045745 ID: 084179

Call out to her. Make a show of putting a knife down on the ground and raise your arms up to show that you're unarmed.
Attempt diplomacy. We know what it's like to be hungry, and you're not in any trouble. Can we talk? Are you hungry? Do you need help?

Let's try to connect some dialogue and share stories. Ask her what she's been eating to survive. is she an omnivore or straight carnivore?

Try to discretely ask if she's eaten people, she's thin and starved enough to maybe have tried.

If things go well, we might have a friend on our side, and someone who can eat the evidence of the squirrel for us. It'd be a win win for the both of us! That is assume she's eaten people before, or has the willingness to do it.
No. 1045803 ID: 611579

Catch that coyote and use self defense on their soon to be corpse.
No. 1045807 ID: 180c83

Jesus she's even more pathetic than we are. She wouldn't be of any real help in cannibal murders, just another mouth to feed. We'd be better off getting rid of her.
No. 1045808 ID: 180c83

Jesus she's even more pathetic than we are. She wouldn't be of any real help in cannibal murders, just another mouth to feed. We'd be better off getting rid of her.
No. 1045811 ID: e51896

, lunch time

keep in mind her alertness is high. I'd say spy on her, and as soon as she leaves, follow her to her hideout where she'll eat and lower her guard for us to make the kill
No. 1045813 ID: b01382

>Rather than meet anyone new, you want to work on building your relationship with Mitzi and make sure Carlos doesn’t find any incriminating evidence about the murder. The rabbit might not trust you, but while you’re with him you can act extra friendly and try to redeem yourself and flirt a little wouldn’t that be something. Maybe you’ll even find out more about Phillip and what kind of guy he was.
Are you sure we should try to kill her? Isn't Carlos near us or with us?
No. 1045814 ID: b01382

I'd say go for diplomacy, she might know some things. Things can go two ways: if the community of herbivores are afraid of her and shun her, she's +1 ally for us. If the community likes her, well. That's just another friend right? And if we tries to run we could probably, easily chase her down due to her lack of energy and emancipated body.
No. 1045862 ID: b01382

Is it weird that i want to pet her fluffy tail? In a world where antho creatures exist with humans, am i the weird one out for wanting to touch tails?
No. 1045869 ID: f2320a

Yeah no meat to
No. 1045870 ID: f2320a

No meat no fat not worth even showing hostility too, could talk with her about what she sees around here
No. 1045884 ID: 084179

More likely to get a disease or parasite if we eat her I think.

I don't know if you have a discussion thread here or not, but would it be possible to discover a cure for partial zombism?
No. 1045886 ID: 9ea24b
File 166526983074.png - (77.33KB , 500x500 , p23.png )

>Where’s Carlos?
It’s only been an hour and a half of waiting, so the rabbit is probably still at the library.

>Kill or befriend?
You circle around to the other side of the pond where the coyote left her clothes. You’re not hungry enough to get in the cool water yourself, and the coyote soon resurfaces with a medium sized golden fish in her net. She shakes her head, scattering water everywhere, and smells the air again.

This time she picks up something strange and immediately stiffens, eyes darting around until she spots you lurking on the shore.

You decide to act friendly, at least at first. “Hey, I’m a human. I’m not trying to hurt you. Are you hungry? I have some food at my base.”

Wow, extremely classy and not creepy at all. The coyote swims to the center of the pond and keeps a paw on the still wiggling fish.

You try again. “Are you a carnivore or an omnivore? I’m not familiar with coyotes.”

Her voice is quiet and reedy. “Omnivore. Can eat all sorts of things, even carrion.”
Oh this girl has definitely eaten dead bodies. She’d be perfect to bribe with the parts of Phillip you weren’t planning to use, if you wanted her as an ally. On the other hand if you killed her and took her body to the herbivores you’d have a good culprit for Phillip’s murder without giving her the chance to testify against you.

The water must be making her cold. The coyote slowly moves to the opposite side of the pond and pulls herself onto the bank.

>She’s too thin to bother eating
This is a true statement up until your hunger stat goes above 7.

>Pet fluffy tail
Sadly, said fluffy tail is dripping wet right now. You are fairly touch starved and you bet this girl is too. She shakes herself and checks to make sure the net is secure. You try to be less weird.

“I’m new in this area, I’m supposed to watch this pond for the herbivores to get them to trust me.”

“I-I know it’s wrong to steal but they don’t need these fish…” The coyote clutches the overgrown goldfish to her chest. “Please, I’m not a threat, I’d never hurt anyone. Can you let me have my clothes?”

A. Build trust (back far away and let the coyote take her rags)
Also choose one from the following:
1. Promise to bring food to the north side of the pit tonight
2. Tell the coyote the herbivores would probably accept her and tell the herbivores positive things about the thief

B. Big game plays (these are your rags now)
Also choose one from the following:
1. Try to capture the coyote when she tries to leave
2. Work with the herbivores to set a trap for next time
No. 1045887 ID: e5709d

Ally with the coyote. It's only a matter of time before Mitzi and Carlos figure out what you did. They won't forgive you.
Her? She'd understand plenty.
Tell her you'll try to get some food - herbivore stuff - and that you have a bigger stash of meat, but it's rotten by now.
No. 1045888 ID: 422cea

Contemplate how that fur is going to stick to her lady parts when she gets out of the water.
No. 1045892 ID: e51896

A,1. Tell her that stealing their fish IS harming the others and she is therefore a threat, BUT, she shouldn't feel guilty about that as she is just trying to survive like you are. You completely understand with her and she's the same as you in some ways with that in mind. Let her know We'll talk to her later and get her some food at your base, and teach her how you've survived this long.

We'll see about getting her help to kill and eat the other herbiVOREs later
No. 1045893 ID: cdbcf8

A1, this lady is probably, if not the ONLY person who will ever understand what you're going though. She's also the only one who might actually help. As nice as the Mouse and other are, and will be, they'll never understand you. And when push comes to shove, will never help you with your urges.

Contemplate this, contemplate this hard.
No. 1045908 ID: 855a5a

No. 1045911 ID: 180c83

uuuugh might as well go A2. friendship is infectious and she'll take some heat off us probably for the squirrel murder. we might be better off gaslighting her that the herbivores hate her guts and we're her only chance or whatever, but a middle-of-the-road approach where we try to mediate and build up cred could also work.
No. 1045922 ID: 9e7f25


You're likely not gonna be reproducing and you're carrying a nasty virus. All you can do to benefit society is protect what life is left from the catastrophe. And I don't think you have a good chance finding another peaceful society.

You commit a cardinal sin and killed a sentient creature for sustenance. Plenty of people have killed for far less, but that doesn't mean you have justification. We're you in a bad state of mind? Are just a terrible person? Doesn't matter. Especially since the folks you're considering living with don't have that hunger in the first place. So just deal with all the evidence, hope they don't find out, come to terms with it, swear to yourself that you'll never do it again, and then never do it again.
No. 1045930 ID: 9e7f25

Holy shit guys I have a great idea. Still standing by everything I said though.

If you get found out all you have to do is lie and say you found his freshly dead body with a broken neck at the bottom of the tree he was in when you grabbed it. Then you can easily defend your shifty behavior and you destroying the evidence with the fact that they'd obviously freak out at the fact you ate his corpse. You can give this defense to the yote as well if she asks about it in case she gets interrogated.
No. 1045983 ID: a7a180

B2, work together with the community to deal with her. Critical hunger has been staved off for the day, but this only gives you a few days to work on a long term solution.
No. 1045997 ID: 9ea24b
File 166536900708.png - (140.85KB , 500x500 , p24.png )

>Definitely A
You’re on your redemption arc and denying the poor girl her clothes would just be cruel. You raise your hands in the air and make a show of backing away a good 10 meters so the coyote can come forward and gather her things.

>You’re likely not going to be reproducing and you’re carrying a nasty virus, prioritize others
Gee, thanks. Having a family was one of your goals pre-apocalypse, but you’ve accepted the reality of your irradiated dick and unstable situation. You can still find love or a partner and you have to admit this girl is cute. With the goggles hiding your eyes you ogle her bony hips and supermodel thighs.

>If it comes to it, say you found the squirrel already dead
Hm, maybe. Depends if you’re forced to tell Carlos that you’re culpable for the missing body.

>Friendship is good
True, but you feel a twinge of jealousy. If you introduce kind-hearted people like Mitzi to the coyote, she’d be accepted in a heartbeat and probably forget all about a weirdo human like you. You’re the one who found her, and you want to keep the one person who could understand you to yourself.

You raise your voice to make yourself heard over the flowing water. “Hey, I’m John. I was telling the truth when I said I had food, uh, I could bring some to the north rim this evening for you.”

The coyote’s lip wavers. “I’m Olivia. What kind of food?”

“Meat. Fresh kind of.”

“You’re not going to poison me or trap me, right?”

“No! I just want to give a peace offering.” Easy now, she’s skittish. “You know what I smell like, I’ll put the meat out in the open and leave right away.”

A look of hope and wonderment comes over Olivia’s thin face. She nods and backs away until she’s out of sight.

You don’t have enough time to do anything useful, so you return to the stump and have a little nap, extremely pleased with yourself and a bit anxious about your packed schedule. Pleasant dreams of hamburgers and porn are interrupted by Carlos poking your chest with a stick.

“Surprised you’re still here after flaking yesterday. C’mon, we’re going to walk the perimeter, clockwise. Did you see anything?”

What do you ask Carlos about? What are your advanced flirting techniques? How much do you share about Olivia?
No. 1046000 ID: e51896

>What do you ask Carlos about?
any rival groups we should know about?

>What are your advanced flirting techniques?
You don't flirt much.

>How much do you share about Olivia?
No. 1046014 ID: b01382

>What do you ask Carlos about?
We tend to avoid people like the plague -eeeeyy zombie pun- so se dont know the local political climate and junk. Do raiders and bandits exist? Like in the shows and games? People going Mad Max in gimp suits?
Are there like, rival gangs you guys gotta deal with, or just yourselves? You guys ever considered trying to make crossbows, bows, or guns from the books in the library? Im a survivalist nut but i think i once read something about salt peter and piss to make to make gun powder.

>What are your advanced flirting techniques?
Spaghetti spillage.
Something to consider, maybe you might get *lucky* and find some lady with a partial zomvie mutation like yours. Then it might be safe enough to smooch. Fat chance though.
Generally shoot the shit with Carlos, ask if he's sweet on anyone, lament that you can never date or marry because you'll make people sick, and id you ever someone get married and your metaphorical wife wants to be a kid, you'll get cucked. Double cucked if you raise a girl.

>How much do you share about Olivia?
Nothing for now. No idea if they people here will spook her away.
No. 1046035 ID: 180c83

>What do you ask Carlos about
>What are your advanced flirting techniques
Flirting after years of disease-imposed isolation and upheaval is a lost piece of knowledge. And to John too, of course.

Two birds with one stone. We actually don't really know anything about him besides that he's grumpy, suspicious, and kind of buff. Should probably ask him stuff like "what do you do around here" and "what's fun to you in this post-apocalypse" if we want to actually get closer. "Those big red eyes look spooky as shit in a cool way" could be a compliment I guess from a starving wasteland zombie survivalist. Actually, as far as decent genuine vaguely-flirty things go, we could ask him how he stays so healthy and fit in these conditions -- he might have a sense of vanity we can touch on.

We can't get close-close to him, of course. John's a cannibal-murderer and Carlos wouldn't be sympathetic. We need to keep the coyote girl a secret and completely separate too, or she might rat us out to the herbivores to try and earn a spot. Giving her the squirrel meat is going to make her a permanent potential liability if we don't keep her completely estranged from the other animals. Or we could play it safe, rat her out to Carlos now, and tell him we've got a trap to catch her later. It might not even alienate her, depending on how we go about it.
No. 1046040 ID: e5709d

"I made a friend."
>She stole from us-
"Look, you want my freeloading ass gone. I'll leave if I can put together a party. She's not going to hurt any of us, she can't in her state."
No. 1046070 ID: 9ea24b
File 166545494550.png - (96.70KB , 500x500 , p25.png )

>Don’t share many details about Olivia
You stand up and brush the dirt off the seat of your shorts. “Yeah, I saw a really thin beast girl. Like a fox or coyote? She ran when she saw me, I don’t think she’s really a problem unless the fish are super important, but you said you guys don’t even eat them.”

Carlos frowns. “If she steals fish she could steal our vegetables.”

“Man, I know you hate my freeloading ass, but she was really struggling and scared, I doubt she’d come anywhere near the library.”

Carlos’ frown gains a hint of confusion. “I don’t hate you. I just don’t trust you yet and it’s weird having someone new around. If Truffle doesn’t mind about the fish then I guess it’s okay.”

“Oh.” Behind Carlos’ buff exterior he’s actually a decent guy. “I’ll be on my best behavior.”

>Any rival groups you should worry about?
Mitzi mentioned that you’re the only visitor the library crew has had ever. You’re the one who’s familiar with traditional bandits and raiders, who are concentrated near the more densely populated coastal outposts.

You ask Carlos and he mentions they have some well-made bows and spears.

Carlos’ path leads the pair of you towards the big oak tree. You stuff your hands in your pockets so the nervous fidgeting doesn’t give you away, but the rabbit doesn’t seem to notice anything amiss thanks to your efforts the previous day.

You jump when Carlos cups his hands over his mouth and shouts for Phillip a few times.

“I’m actually really worried, Phillip would never miss this many meal times.” Carlos pulls on one of his long, silky ears. “Maybe he had an accident, or got sucked into a new sinkhole or something?”

You relax once the rabbit moves towards the marsh, periodically calling for his lost pal.

>Flirt, kind of?
You’re straight and your penis broke so you’re coming at this from more of a friendship building exercise than anything serious.

“I like your eyes, very spooky in a cool way. Uh, also you seem like you’re in really good shape, how is that even possible?”

Carlos stops in his tracks and you bounce off his sturdy muscled back. “Thanks, I work out, body weight exercises and stuff. I eat lots of high protein grasses and fiber, it’s actually hard for me to build any fat.”

“Any lucky ladies get to benefit from all that work?”

Carlos turns around and gives you a serious look. “We weren’t sure how much food we’d have for a while so we collectively banned procreative sex. I was serious when I said you’re not to be intimate with any of the women, especially with your condition.”

“I get it. Everyone must be really pent up then.”

Carlos waves a dismissive hand. “We can still do hand and mouth stuff, it gets a bit tense in fall during breeding season but we’re all perfectly satisfied.”

You’ve gone the whole east side of the perimeter. The south just holds more trees, overgrown weeds, and broken concrete.
No. 1046072 ID: 9e7f25

Happy to see he's lightened up a bit towards you. Maybe ask about his past and past experiences if he's not too cagey about it and give him a bit of yours in turn.

Also ask if there's a sort of unapointed leader here. It sounds like it's just a small commune but there's almost always a person whos got the most respect.
No. 1046073 ID: 9e7f25

Unapointed as in generally accepted as
No. 1046075 ID: ba605b

Have they considered making a root cellar to store food? Make dry crops for the winter season when its harder to grow things? Build a green house? You tried building a well to get access to that deep underground water resevoirs? Stockpile goods to trade with other towns if post apocalypse civilizations come about? Read some herbalism books to make peimative medicines?
No. 1046128 ID: b01382

Grass protein sounds like absolute bullshit man. I can't eat grass! I mean i can, but it'll give me the shits. Ill take nuts and beans over grass any day!

By the way do you know any cute for worms? Mitszi mentioned worms, and maybe that might be something i got. Parasites eating the nutrients in my intestines like filthy vagrants. Maybe if i can het healthier, and god forbid chemo therapy i can un-cancer myself. Maybe i should look for a hosptial to scavange through if the cancer doesnt kill me first.

Also, one good natured "go fuck yourself" Carlos for having a functional dick. Beyond the raditation, zombie virus, and whatever else I picked up my dick also dont work. At least i have my sense of humor.
No. 1046224 ID: 9ea24b
File 166553883052.png - (126.81KB , 500x500 , p26.png )

Carlos seems deflated as he continues walking, occasionally shouting for Phillip. You try to distract him, in a benevolent way, with sincere conversation.

“Is there a main leader? Or like, a person most of the other beasts listen to and respect?”

“Huh, good question. It’s funny, we’re all a little sick of each other, people think I’m a lot sometimes since I’m kind of neurotic, I know I told Phillip he should pull his weight more. Probably Dorothy the cow? She’s good at mediating arguments and she’s responsible.”

>Ask about his past
You squint at Carlos, but can’t pin down his age.

“What’d you do before all this? I worked as a driver, did some construction and security work too.”

“I moved here for college, microbiology.”

You perk up. Here’s someone who might know a thing or two about disease. “Do you guys have medicine? Mitzi said I might have worms and honestly, she’s right, I’m a dirty boy.”

“Ew.” Carlos grimaces. “We have lots of books about natural remedies and stuff, so I guess we can try something. Don’t shit anywhere near us.”

“Definitely going to get cancer before I’m 50 though.”

“Yeah, you and all of us, don’t act like you’re special.”

You ask a few more questions about how they preserve their food (root cellar via the partially collapsed library basement), whether they’ve thought to build a greenhouse (they hadn’t, good idea), and give Carlos a hard time for being such a stud with a functioning dick. You spot a few of the other beasts from a distance but don’t stop to chat. You’re worn out from the hike.

It’s mid afternoon by the time Carlos gives up on the search and tells you to go find Mitzi to forage with her.

A. Go with Mitzi as planned
B. Do something else (suggest)
No. 1046253 ID: d19c41

We should read some books from the library/meet with Truffles after foraging with Mitzi, and also ask how come no one here is from the same species.

Speaking of which, how in the blazes can these people have children with each other? Last I checked, convergent evolotion didn't result un compatible gametes.
No. 1046261 ID: 9e7f25

A. Hanging out with Mitzi sounds nice. Mitzi's been nice. Do keep track of time though so you don't miss the meeting with that kindred mostly meat eating omnivore.
No. 1046273 ID: 084179

>virgin and check
lol, lmao even
Ask Carlos who can help us find books later, then go help the nice mouse lady.
No. 1046303 ID: b01382

>“Yeah, you and all of us, don’t act like you’re special.”
Ey fuk you I'm like half a zombie. that's gotta be a super power or something. Maybe I can unlife through cancer through sheer spite.

Ask Carlos if anyone can teach your scrawny ass how to use a bow and spear. Have they considered making traps?

How do they get clean water? A pump? Do they need to filter it so they don't get parasites? I know you can do something with a tube, sand, charcoal, gravel, rocks, a filter, and filtering all that several times to get passably drinkable water. The charcoal is supposed to absorb stuff to make things drinkable, I think.

Have they considered farming herbs like mint, basil, and fennel? Those are the only herbs I can think of that can grow very aggressively, with basil needing the most care. Mint and fennel are bastards that can grow through cement, so if they can't hard herbs they can add to their diets, those are the ones they want. Bonus since fennel smells like black licorice and mint makes your breath not smell like ass.

If they get the tech and skills, will they consider developing a hydroponics system? It's a bitch to set up, but it lets you grow crops and fish in the same system. Feed fish, fish shit, shit fish water feeds plants, filter nasty water, water goes back into fish tank.
Real hard to set up though since you need like those clay balls, or some clay soil and foam molds. Pretty cool when it's all set up though.
No. 1046306 ID: 180c83

>Ask Carlos if anyone can teach your scrawny ass how to use a bow and spear.
We're John the dickless post-apocalypse cannibal survivalist and these people are all-gatherer, no-hunter, we probably know more about using a bow and spear than anyone else in a hundred mile radius.

It's not exactly remotely plausible in the first place for a petting zoo menagerie to convergently evolve into humanoids with the same body plans and level of intelligence, don't think about it too much. Maybe life on this version of Earth got fucked around by aliens and now sex induces parthenogenesis even across different taxonomic classes, which would be disturbing but who cares we're a zombie.

Anyway I think we should tell Carlos that this wander-and-shout approach isn't getting us anywhere, we should stop for now and organise a more comprehensive search effort with the others. And maybe tonight on our end relocate our squirrel/camp even farther afield. On a slightly related note, if John's pupils are hyper-dilated all the time, does that mean he's got better night vision and a sensitivity to light? If Carlos was a bio student, does he happen to maybe know anything about the zombie virus?
No. 1046309 ID: f2320a

Ever think how weird it is a bunch of mammals convergently evolved the same bodyplans and limbs, even stranger is how diffrent humans are too there feral equvalent being some of the only ones with similar size and near identical hands
No. 1046329 ID: b01382

Never hurts to confirm if they know more than what we do or not, plus having a bow on us would be very useful for taking down zombies.
No. 1046337 ID: 9ea24b
File 166561429978.png - (93.87KB , 500x500 , p27.png )

>Furries can’t exist or if they did they wouldn’t be able to reproduce
In a rare moment of hyper-lucidity, questden realizes fiction is not always 100% realistic. Who knows what groundbreaking discoveries they might uncover next?

>You have better night vision because of the zombie virus.

Who? Never heard of them.

You’re so distracted by the voices in your head debating facts and logic that you forget to ask Carlos any more questions. This will continue to happen when the voices are being unproductive.

You do want to discuss tech with Truffle later, since he seems the most savvy beast you’ve heard about. The boar can probably show you the stacks as well so you can do research or light reading.

Is very nice and spending time with her sounds nice. You’re quite tired though, and you won’t be able to both save your meat and bring food to Olivia tonight. After waiting around the library, Mitzi returns with her basket of goods and immediately sets out with you to collect more. She shows you the old ornamental gardens directly south of the building where the particularly aggressive herbs have grown well.

What do you ask Mitzi?
No. 1046340 ID: 9251b6

Ask her how they managed to survive the early days, as well as if the group was always this small
No. 1046362 ID: b01382

Fuck it, we can just give Olivia the corpse, she can have it.
No. 1046454 ID: 084179

Ask the mouse lady if she can introduce us to any zombies ladies who we can't infect.
No. 1046531 ID: e51896

this sounds good.

How did she join the group?
No. 1046546 ID: 9ea24b
File 166578004040.png - (78.08KB , 500x500 , p28.png )

>How did they manage to survive in the early days?
You remember Mitzi mentioned she and the other beasts sheltered in the library while the virus went through, but you’d like more details.

Mitzi gains a distant look on her face. “The sinkhole hadn’t collapsed yet and we were just hoping to outlast the zombie horde. There were more of us, we’d go out on looting missions to bring back food and water during winter. My husband didn’t come back from his patrol and our little one got sick and died from the cold. It was horrible.”

She sighs. “We had shelter, at least, and enough fuel from the books to stay warm. Once spring came the zombies had died out and the survivors here were able to eat the fresh vegetation. After that we organized and established the garden. The area collapsing set us back, but we were stable enough to try again.”

It sounds like there was huge potential for cannibalism that first winter, but you’re not about to bring it up.

Now’s the perfect time. You make sure your mouth is covered and your hood down to present the least threatening picture.

“That’s awful, I’m sorry. Can I give you a hug?”

Despite your stink, Mitzi nods and gives you a tight squeeze round your bony middle before wiping her eyes and going back to her task.

>Ask if there are any nice half-zombie ladies nearby
The mouse laughs, not unkindly. “Not that I know of. Once you get to know some of the other women and take a proper bath we can invite you to cuddle if you’re lonely. Carlos might make you wear a muzzle, though.”

You stagger after Mitzi and awkwardly try to forage at her instruction, in a way that doesn’t permanently damage the plant or fungus you’re taking from. Your stomach rumbles, temporarily revived by the recent infusions of good food, but you stick with it and Mitzi praises you for your hard work.

“Let’s go back and you can have some early dinner, dear.”

A. Excuse yourself now
B. Go get food first and then retreat to your camp
No. 1046550 ID: 220854

A. Lets help coyote asap
No. 1046558 ID: 084179

>burning books
how depressing

>cuddle pile
nice, but no thanks. the risk of spreading infection is too big to chance

A +>>1046550
The meat isn't gonna get any fresher. Make an excuse like wanting to take a towel and bucket with us so so we can towel bathe, and so we don't infect the river water with our germs. We'll take some wood with us to make a fire with us to heat up the water.
No. 1046564 ID: a7a180

A. Be there early, eat that food before it spoils.
No. 1046581 ID: f3a2ce

A. No more time to waste.
No. 1046601 ID: 9ea24b
File 166580386896.png - (95.79KB , 500x500 , p29.png )

You make up an excuse to Mitzi about needing to take a towel bath and return to your camp, bringing an armful of wood so you can cook and eat a tasty, rich meal. The limb meat you have is discolored, slightly slimy, and has an unfortunate odor, but it still tastes passable after you roast it over the fire. You have to smoke it all tonight or it’ll be too rotten to safely eat. Doing so will be a long job and after your day keeping up with beasts who aren’t starving, you’ll be too exhausted to also lug the other part of the corpse to Olivia.

Time for a relatively important choice:
A. Focus on preserving the meat tonight
B. Fulfill your promise to Olivia. You’ll give all of the meat to Olivia over time
No. 1046620 ID: b01382

B, maybe try to share the meat and eat some yourself, but dont forget to bathe. You smell like meat, and its best to be clean as promised. Also rinse your mouth thoroughly with water.
No. 1046622 ID: f3a2ce

B. Feed puppy. Obtain companion.
No. 1046639 ID: f2320a

B we dont need it as desperetly now this way we get rid of the evidence our own little follower who understands us and our offal disposal like having a pet pig
No. 1046726 ID: 9ea24b
File 166596882961.png - (92.78KB , 500x500 , p30.png )

This serves the dual purpose of disposing of the body faster than you would be able to manage yourself and gaining a loyal companion. You set up your pack and sleeping pad at your base before retracing your steps to the building where you stashed the viscera. You’ll start with this and give Olivia the limbs later.

Luckily you have a strong stomach. The torso and head are leaking fluids, and you have to use your twine to close the gaps in the skin so the organs don’t leak out. You leave a massive scent trail as you stagger along the edge of ruined asphalt toward approximately direct north of the pit.

It hadn’t come up before, maybe because Mitzi and Carlos didn’t have the nose for it, but you definitely smell like a corpse after hauling a decaying sack of guts for 2 kilometers. You need a bath, not just for cuddle purposes but also stealth reasons.

A. Go home to rest and wake up early for a deep clean
B. Wait around the corpse to see Olivia so you can arrange to meet later. You can still bathe tomorrow but your absence in the morning will be noted by the herbivores.
No. 1046727 ID: f89136

A. You said you'd leave right away after dropping it. Just leave a note or scrawl in the dirt saying you'll show up to the spot same time tomorrow if she'd like to hang out. She'll also likely be shaken to find out the meat is a dead man so explain you found him dead but meat is meat and you didn't want it to waste.

Also is highly suggest quickly removing the head from the point of the stab wound, or at mangling the area, just in case someone who knows what to look for comes acrossed it.
No. 1046728 ID: a7a180

A. Wosh u SOUL.
No. 1046732 ID: e51896

B, to strengthen our bond with Olivia
No. 1046738 ID: f2320a

Clean to remove any trace
No. 1046745 ID: b01382

Why nit just bathe immediately after depositing the corpse and meeting the xyote lady? We habe night vision.
No. 1046762 ID: 9ea24b
File 166603313909.png - (116.47KB , 500x500 , p32.png )

>A, cleanse yourself

You said you’d leave after delivering the food, and hopefully you’ll run into Olivia again soon. There isn’t really a way to send her a message but you can always come back another night.

>Remove head
Yeah it’s a bit creepy, isn’t it? Hopefully Olivia is desperate enough to ignore the fact that her meal was a recently alive guy. You hack the head from the spine but leave it with the body, because that’s massive food value baby.

>Why not bathe now?
Because you’re going to fucking collapse if you don’t go to bed.

Your current stats are:
Hunger: 5 + 3 (daily hunger) - 4 (old meat meal) = 4/10
Thirst: 4 + 3 (daily thirst) - 3 (you drank when you were thirsty and had water on hand) = 4/10
Tiredness: 6 + 2 (walking with Carlos) +1 (foraging with Mitzi) + 1 (lugging) - 3 (night’s rest) = 7/10

You wake up to the first hints of sunrise feeling bone tired. Another strenuous day like the previous two and you’ll need some serious R&R.

>Cold bath
You go back to the area of the marshes where you washed your socks and find a dry spot to build a fire before scrubbing your skin with horsetails and doing your best to wash the fluids out of your hoodie. Your teeth chatter and you have to take breaks to warm up, but you get the job done and hang your clothes up to dry over the fire. By the time the sun is properly up, they’re mostly dry and smell of smoke instead of gore.

You make your way to the library and find an unfamiliar herbivore manning the fire and mostly empty breakfast pot.

>Random gender roll: Male
>Alertness: Medium
>Size: Medium

You recall you wanted to meet Truffle to talk tech, continue to build trust within the group, and do your fair share of labor to earn your meals. You currently have a good relationship with Mitzi and a fair one with Carlos.
No. 1046787 ID: f3a2ce

>>Mostly empty
"You gonna eat that?"

Say hello, give him your name, ask him his. Small talk. He ought to know where truffle is as well.
No. 1046839 ID: ba605b

No. 1046884 ID: b01382

Ask if we can have sum food please.
Explain why we werent here this morning. We wsnted to go out to get a bath, but then remembered that Night + cold water = having to deal with freezing cold night air. But then we remembered that we still had to bathe in the morning, and it just resulted in us still getting cold and tires....yeah no wonder we struggled to survive this long.

Aak where we can find Truffle, and if theres low effort tasks to be done. We deas tired man. Also are there any books they havent burned for fuel yet? Entertainment and reading materials are an extreme luxury. No one is gonna lug around 10 dictionary sized books for fun, when they could be carrying cans of food or water bottles.
No. 1046912 ID: 9ea24b
File 166615122508.png - (120.52KB , 500x500 , p33.png )

>Get them leftovers
Food! It’s really just the mush remnants lining the pot, but that’s still more than you can bear to see wasted.

You wave desperately at the donkey and approach at high speeds. He already knows your name and general deal and introduces himself as Nick. You guess he’s around your age.

“I wasn’t here last night because I was taking a bath, but y’know, it gets cold at night so I just slept by myself and got clean in the morning. Can I have that pot before you wash it? I did all my jobs yesterday.” You don’t even have to add a crack to your voice, it comes right through in all your needy glory.

The donkey hesitates. “Okay. I’ll heat it over the fire so it's sterile after you’re done.”

You thank him and use one of the carved wooden spoons to scrape all the charred goodness into your mouth.

>Small talk
Nick initiates the conversation while you’re eating. “I was pretty close with Phillip, we were both jokers, he always knew how to light up the room. Hard to hear the news.”

“Uh. I’m sorry.”

“We organized a search party this morning so hopefully we can find his body and find out what killed him.” Nick conspiratorially lowers his voice. “I think someone killed him and covered it up. Carlos always complained about Phillip, and we all do things separately during the day so he could sneak away to do it. He’s acting all worried now but I’m onto him.”

You gulp and go for the ultimate reverse psychology play. “Er, I dunno. Sounds like it could have been any of you. Hell, it could have been me, the weirdo zombie.”

Nick snorts. “You? You’re practically skin and bones, Phillip was big and strong. He’d squash you.”

“Yeah…hope that all gets figured out.”

Suspicion has arisen among the herbivores! The dominant theory is that one of their own killed Phillip since you hid all of the evidence and told Carlos the fish thief (Olivia) was similarly decrepit.

You ask Nick where to find Truffle. Luckily, the swine isn’t on fertilizer duty today, and you make your way up the crumpled stone staircase to the second floor.

>Fixed gender: Male
>Random Alertness roll: Medium
>Random Size roll: Small

Truffle is surprisingly short, though you can see the power in his thick limbs and broad stomach. He has gray bristles and chipped tusks and hops up from his seat where he was reading some bodice ripper romance novel to greet you with a firm slap on the back.

You freeze when he sniffs your front all over and you pray your cleanse was enough to avoid suspicion.

“Sorry for scaring you sport, just wanted to check for any exciting smells.” Truffle tells you cheerfully, slapping you on the back again. You wish he’d stop doing that. “I was taking a little vacation, but I assume you’ve been sent here for a job.”

A. Ask for Truffle’s help to build a useful device (more tiredness)
B. Ask Truffle for a mystery job (medium tiredness)
C. Talk modern events (low tiredness)
No. 1046924 ID: f43935

you are already pretty damn tired, inform Truffle of this and
>C talk about The Things
No. 1046932 ID: f89136

>>All but ruled out as suspect, suspicion focused on other commune members.
Rad. Honestly with Carlos mentioning they're getting sick of each other I'm not that surprised. Hopefully Dorothy can keep it from reaching bloodshed. "Unless we come to want that."

>>Snort Snuff
Oh wow that bath was very much the right decision.

C. No job. This will be a day of mostly rest. Ask about whatever aquaponics setup he's got going on and see if you could help him expand and/or improve it at all. She's got Phillips body for now but if you and possibly Olivia are gonna be staying you're gonna need a consistent meat supply so you both don't slowly waste away. Especially when winter comes.
No. 1046941 ID: b01382

+1 this idea to discuss ideas woth Truffle on building ADVANCED FARMING SET UP. Foraging is nice and all, but having a controlled and messured means of farming would be cool too. Maybe if they still have books left, we can brush up on some stuff on agriculture, mechanics, and all the things needed for such a set up
No. 1046957 ID: 180c83

This is good news. Maybe we can start setting up to kill someone else, and prepare their body properly this time for a long-lasting supply of meat. Or we could even grease the wheels and work to implicate someone -- they might get banished or executed directly, and we'd be situated to take advantage.

Carlos or Truffle would be a good target. Carlos is robust and vigilant; removing him would provide a very nice windfall of rabbit to subsist upon, and further take a premier investigator and possibly difficult-to-fight adversary off the table. Truffle is a great source of bacon; more importantly, he has the strongest sense of smell among the survivors, making him a special risk to us if we ever slip up in the scent game. Getting rid of him would also let us monopolise the fish supply.
No. 1046975 ID: a7a180

Mystery job. History ended a long time ago.
No. 1047016 ID: b01382

Maybe we dont have to kill people anymore? If we can increase their crop output, maybe one day we'll be able to not do sentient cannibalism. No matter how tastey they all are.
No. 1047018 ID: b01382

Ask Truffle if they can save the scraps in a bowl next time for us if no one eats the left overs, or pass the word down to the next folks on cooking duty. I'll take eating table scraps over starving any day.
We'll probably never do cooking duty for risk of contamination though, if you're worried. Also dont sniff us in case we're ever moist. Im getting really reverse germaphobic from our virus dude.
No. 1047021 ID: 180c83

John is a zombie cannibal and I will never not advocate for that.
No. 1047045 ID: 9ea24b
File 166630214495.png - (116.60KB , 500x500 , p34.png )

>C, you’re tired
“I had a long day yesterday and I’m still pretty exhausted from traveling here, do you mind if we just sit and get to know each other better?”

Truffle nods and offers you a seat on the torn carpet and settles back into his chair with a contented grunt. “I was a bit of a DIY fiend before the war, stay at home dad and grandpa, most of the half-finished projects you’ll see round here are mine.”

The problem with living in a post-apocalyptic world is that everyone lost everything and it's hard to project an appropriate level of sympathy.

“Um, I’m sorry about...” You wave vaguely.

“S’alright. We’re all in this together, I consider everyone here my family.”

>Current civilization events
You tell Truffle stories about your life on the fringes of the outposts, most of which are controlled by the former wealthy who stockpiled enough food and allies to create an early base of operations. You roved in bands of zombies like yourself, scavenged, and occasionally had to fight other humans for resources.

>Current murder events
Truffle shakes his head when you timidly ask his opinion of the Phillip situation. “I can’t imagine anyone here would commit murder, we’ve been through enough. ‘Till we find the body and some hard evidence I’m not taking any sides.”

>Contamination from zombie virus
“That reminds me!” Truffle rustles around in a pile of junk and pulls out a bdsm style gag. “Mitzi asked me last night to make you a muzzle in case you want to get a little fur on skin action, and I remembered I had this old thing lying around. It’ll help for some peace of mind, eh? Let me know when you need it, might have to give it a bit of a wash.”

You make a face under your bandana. “Guess I can’t be on cooking duty if there’s a risk of infection.”

“That’s a good point, there’s still plenty to do. You can help me with the latrines any time, need to keep the fertilizer well stocked.”

“Are you the one I should ask about a worm cure? Not that it’s because you’re a pig or anything.”

Truffle chuckles. “No offense taken, and we’ve definitely had to come up with some home remedies from whatever herbs we can find. I’ll make a garlic brew tonight and as long as you don’t go around eating anything raw you should stay clean.”

>Fish production and increased protein output
“Speaking of meat, Carlos told me the fish in the pond are yours, kind of. If you’re an omnivore do you ever eat them? I would really appreciate some meat, occasionally.”

“Hmph.” Truffle strokes his bristles. “I’ve been upset about that thief, and there just aren’t enough fish to support two hungry mouths. A few more years and we’d have a better stock to draw on. I collect the pests that try to eat the garden, and I’ve had the idea to harvest earthworms and grubs, though I haven’t had the time to set anything up.”

You doze again while Truffle picks up his book, until he nudges you awake for lunch. Who do you want to go with for the afternoon?

A. Someone you know already (suggest)
B. Someone you haven’t met yet (suggest, can include the beasts who haven’t been mentioned)
No. 1047055 ID: a7a180

No. 1047086 ID: f3a2ce


Dorothy. She sounded nice.
No. 1047091 ID: e51896

I was considering telling Truffle that before the world exploded, pigs had excellent enough of a sense to sniff out hidden things like truffles, especially after he sniffed us earlier. and suggesting he can to some foraging like Mitzi does to be able to sniff out some food she would otherwise miss

but then I realize he might at some point sniff out where Phillip died, sooo, no.

yeah lets see Dorothy.
No. 1047109 ID: 0ebcfc

Yes let's bond with Dorothy.

Would the boar Truffles get existencial dread if I told him he kinda looks like Obelix?
No. 1047135 ID: 9ea24b
File 166638819073.png - (87.03KB , 500x500 , p35.png )

This gets a small, hysterical chuckle out of you. Truffle looks at you with great concern and asks if you’re having a seizure.

You count on your fingers and realize there are three beasts you haven’t heard about or met. Looking around you identify a deer, capybara, and another small rodent who’s fluffier than Mitzi.

The purported leader should give you insight on whether a fight is going to break out over Phillip’s death. On one hand if she keeps things peaceful that’ll be better for your integration into the group, but on the other hand if tensions rise it’ll give you more opportunities to pick people off.

With that happy thought you walk up to the black and white beast and introduce yourself. You can’t help but ogle her large breasts that stick out from her loose cotton shirt.

>Fixed gender: Female
>Random Alertness roll: Low
>Size: Large

Your first impression of the bovine is that she’s very calm and methodical, the complete opposite of Carlos. She gives you two options for afternoon tasks that you can do alongside her.

A. Haul water from the spring to water the garden (more tiredness, but you get to see the garden)
B. Check the root cellar and take stock of the food supply (less tiredness, and you get to see the cellar)

Also, what do you talk to Dorothy about?
No. 1047146 ID: a7a180

B. We ought to relax more, take it easy.
No. 1047180 ID: e51896

No. 1047185 ID: b01382

As a suggestion to the big boss lady and Truffles, would it be a good idea to lay down some concrete or some clay mix on the ground the reduce the chance of bugs and animals digging their way into the cellara and possibly spoiling the foods? Clay would be easier th acquire than concrete mix.
No. 1047197 ID: f2320a

We like big lady with meat on her
Also some fired smoothed clay storage is good we even know how to make fired up clay urns just need a hole we can get the clay from and then some wood.
Want me to post the instructions?
No. 1047199 ID: b01382

Sssssssure? You get clay im muddied areas or nesr rivers or something right? And although its not nessassary to make pots, having one of those spinning circle things helps in making clay? You know they spining platform you put clay on to aid in sculpting?

We should also mentioned needed a bin to put of failing clay scultpures in so the clay can be recycled.

It still kills me Truffles gave us a BDSM or a ball gag for any "skin on fur" action, but it seems like a mute point imo. Rather not risk ANY chance for fluid contact on people. Hugs are okay though.
No. 1047214 ID: 9ea24b
File 166647446208.png - (89.02KB , 500x500 , p36.png )

Oh come on, it’s not slacking if you’re helping Dorothy count carrots or whatever. It’s true Carlos might give you a hard time later, which you feel marginally guilty about, but this is good in case you decide to lug more meat tonight.

You follow the cow to a spiral staircase that takes you down into the ruined library basement. This area of the building looks much more unstable, and the walls have collapsed in places to form narrow corridors that make you claustrophobic. It’s also dark, damp, and cold, but when you try to remove your goggles you get blinded by Dorothy’s rechargeable crank flashlight.

The root cellar consists of several salvaged bookshelves on an uneven concrete floor. Beets, onions, and carrots still crusted with earth are packed in plastic bins, while what looks like acorn bits and coarse wheat flour fill a range of glass jars. There are some dried mushrooms and other forage, but the bulk of the food is from the garden. It’s more food than you’ve seen in one place in years and you’re stunned at the sight of such vast riches.

Dorothy pulls out a small notebook and starts jotting down numbers while you estimate produce.

>Subjects of conversation: insulation
The root cellar is underground and surrounded by concrete and metal, so it seems pretty safe from bugs and animals. You’ve noticed that while the structure of the library protects the group from drafts and weather, it’s still a large space to heat. You bring up the idea of using clay and grasses to make some insulating walls around the sleeping area for winter. Dorothy praises your smart thinking and your cheeks heat up.

>Subjects of conversation: big lady
You initiate your nonexistent flirting module. “You’re very…big.”

“Oh thank you darling, you’re a sweetheart. If you’d like to do a little snuggling later, we have a side room.”

You struggle with the voices, who seem against you getting any action. “I’ll think about it. I, uh, might have some stuff to do later.”

It’s still only mid afternoon, but you’d like to make a decision on how you’ll spend your evening after collecting dinner and your dewormer. You plan to return to the library to sleep for the night.
A. Furry lady cuddle time
B. Deliver meat to Olivia (you’ll wait until she shows up)
C. Other (what’s your plan for the next few days?)
No. 1047215 ID: e51896

No. 1047216 ID: f3a2ce

Oh good god that's a hard one. Progress towards yote companion or huggin time with BIG LADY.

A.Give Dorothy a snug. Olivia should be fine for at least a few days as long as she's actually eating the meat.
No. 1047221 ID: a7a180

No. 1047258 ID: f2320a

Damn big suckable tits hopefully a chubby belly and meaty flanks and several stomachs to just soak up anything she eats keeping her well nourished
A okivia should be eating well so far
No. 1047312 ID: 9ea24b
File 166654987081.png - (69.00KB , 500x500 , p37.png )

You suffered through a cold bath and you’re going to reap the voluptuous benefits from it! Olivia still has plenty of food anyways, you can see her later.

You finish your work with Dorothy and take another short nap before dinner.

>Carlos dodge check: FAILURE
“John, what did you do today?”

You look up blearily at the shredded rabbit from your cozy spot on the edge of Mitzi's nest. “Eh? Uh, I talked to Truffle and helped Dorothy count carrots.”

Carlos taps his foot impatiently. “That’s not very much. I know you’re weaker than us because you’ve been on your own for a while, but you eat a full portion so you should put in a good effort.”

You can’t think of a decent excuse. Carlos docks your portion when he serves you dinner.

You sit with Mitzi during your disappointing dinner and listen while she tells you about her day. Nick is grumbling to the sheep about something, and both of them give Carlos pointed looks.

A. Speak up in favor of Carlos
B. Join the gossipers and spread rumors
No. 1047314 ID: b01382

B gotta deliver all the food before it all rots. Maybe find a disposable plastic bag we can put all the limbs in so we dont need to shower again, then bury the bag in the dirt.

Bro's its not like we can ask to cuddle with her latter, where as the meat will rot and be less palatable. We can deliver the meat first, then cuddle later tonight. Fair?
No. 1047316 ID: b01382

The soonee we can get the worms out of us, the sooner we can, possibly have more energy to do things? Man being us if very energy management based. Gotta manage hydration, food, and sleep.

B ask if anyone here is part bird. Doing favors for a feathered pillow would be nice.
No. 1047322 ID: e51896

B, lets be mischievous
No. 1047328 ID: f2320a

Worms take suprising amount of energy from there host its easy for carlos to say we do little when we are just skin and bines filled with worms saping what little energy we have
Also yeah best to deliver meat as fast as we can so olivia can cook it up before it becomes too much for our living garbage disposal
No. 1047334 ID: a7a180

B petty.
No. 1047431 ID: 9ea24b
File 166666332501.png - (93.74KB , 500x500 , p38.png )

>Wait no, you should deliver food tonight
Too late you’re tiddy committed.

>Is anyone here part bird?
Beasts are mammal exclusive.

Truffle goes down into the cellar and returns with a few whole cloves of garlic, which he mashes together with a handful of herbs. He tells you to wait for a few hours after dinner before you eat the gunk, otherwise you might get sick.
>B petty
You finish your bowl and use the excuse of returning it to circle around to Nick and his sheep friend.

>Random gender roll: Male
>Random Alertness roll: Medium
>Random size roll: Medium

Oh, he’s a ram, you couldn’t see his stubby horns from a distance. Bit of a skewed gender ratio, maybe Mitzi and Dorothy are hotter commodities than you first estimated.

“John’s cool.” Nick tells his pal, who grunts in acknowledgement. “We saw Carlos gave you less food, what a dick. This is just how he was around Phillip.”

“Yeah, I’m barely alive, what does he expect from me? It’s only been a few days.” You keep your voice low and scornful.

“Truffle’s going out tomorrow to search for the body, maybe once it's found we’ll have more evidence.” The ram sinks into his own thick wool. “Carlos is such a douche, always bossing people around.”

“Maybe we don’t need evidence.” Nick looks at you conspiratorially. “I want to take Carlos down a few pegs before the breeding season. You’ll help us, won’t you John?”

Uh oh, this isn’t just drama, this is jockeying for status and power and that sweet mouse coochie. You’re saved from responding by Dorothy, who waves you toward her.

“See you guys later.” You feel their eyes burning on your back as you scuttle away to the promised side room.

Cuddling with Dorothy is an exquisite heaven of ripe flesh. The muzzle is uncomfortable but you still manage to fall asleep with your face in her tits. It’s a rude awakening when Truffle delivers his concoction and you return to the edge of Mitzi’s bed to sleep for the night.

Your current stats are:
Hunger: 4 + 3 (daily hunger) - 1 (mediocre veggie meals) = 6/10
Thirst: 4 + 3 (daily thirst) - 3 (there’s water at the beast base) = 4/10
Tiredness: 7 +1 (cellar with Dorothy) - 3 (night’s rest) = 5/10

What would you like to do for your day? You have two task slots and can seek out any beast you want to work with. Skipping a task will result in decreased food. The evening will always offer a tantalizing choice. Time is limited and tensions are growing, not to mention you’re getting hungry.
No. 1047446 ID: 084179

.....how the fuck you do bring Thirst to zero? I don't understand. Do we need a little salt to maintain body moisture or something?
Would the titty sleep help with the Sleep stat? Like how do you untuck that?

>getting dangerously close to 7
Oh fuck oh god we need to eat something. didn't breakfast's and dinner meals count?
No. 1047447 ID: f89136

Work work work. Tiredness is pretty good now so you should be able to get more done. Would still recommend lighter labor jobs but it's fine if you can't help it. Do stuff with Mitzi if available. If she's not, work with Dorothy or Carlos.

Would avoid working with Nick and friend as they might try pulling you into something you wont wanna be involved in and working with Truffle will likely have you searching for the body with him which I would recommend against lest you show suspicious behavior.
No. 1047452 ID: b01382

Wew. Nick the sheep looking mightly fluffy. Have they considered getting sheered every once in a while to turn their wool into clothes? Could be useful.

As ghetto as it sounds, what does every think about growing Flax for the purpose of making gamberson? It's pretty much medieval armor.
No. 1047484 ID: b01382

Get an idea for when Truffles will go out to search for the body. Itd be idea if its in the evening or afternoon, but if he searches in the morning then maybe we could distracting him. Maybe ask him if he would like some help finish some projects, or inproving the settlements with the insulation or green house ideas.

Have they considered making an outdoors earthen oven? Its made from mud or clay bricks, and works functionality the same as an old style oven. As far as ive seen they've mostly been using that pot to serve food. Wouldnt it be nice and a boost to morale if people could eat baked dishes? Variety and all that? Plus an oven can be used to bake hard tacks for extra food rationing.

The idea is to get the old guy tired to delay his search, which would give us a chance to layer dispose of the remaining limbs for our coyote friend to devoir, in addition to cleaning up the general area we've been butchering the corpse in to reduce suspecion.
No. 1047488 ID: 165abb

Work with Carlos and then with Mitzi to earn respect and then to recover from earning respect.
No. 1047495 ID: 9ea24b
File 166673676795.png - (119.34KB , 500x500 , p39.png )

>Thirst not changing?
It’s partly because you don’t get enough electrolytes to store water well, partly because you haven’t been focusing on drinking more water. You’ll make an extra effort to drink today, but 3 thirst might be your lower limit unless you get some more salt via meat. Honestly it’s not the highest priority stat when you’re in a stable situation, but, for example, if you get imprisoned for murder it’ll be more relevant.

>Sleep not affected by sweet cow embrace?
Choosing that action improved your relationship with Dorothy and showed you could be trusted with cuddle time. Yes it was heavenly, but most interpersonal choices won’t have an impact on your stats.

>Didn’t breakfast and lunch count for food?
You had burnt scraps for breakfast, and lunch seems to be the smallest meal of the day. You do get a mediocre portion of breakfast this morning, however.

>Nick is the donkey, the sheep is his pal
You know the sheep is responsible for clothing. The sweater Nick was wearing was probably made from his wool. You want to stay away from these two.

>Can they grow flax?
You don’t think so, when you went through the herb area with Mitzi she identified all the common plants and flax wasn’t among them. You’re sure they’d want to grow more varieties of fruits and vegetables if they had access to seeds.

>Distract Truffle
Perhaps you could do this if you had a better relationship with Truffle, but since you didn’t do him any favors yesterday, it’ll just look suspicious.

>Carlos then Mitzi
Ah yes, your two reliable could-have-eaten-them-instead-of-Phillip pals. Carlos will undoubtedly give you some difficult task to make you earn his respect.

Sure enough, he gives you the following options:
A. Gather clay from the marsh (Dorothy must have told him about your idea, you’ll have some time afterwards to make an improvement to camp)
B. Collect and split firewood (You’ll run into another random beast)
C. Go outside the cavern to scavenge for useful items (suggest)

Do you want to share the news of Nick’s subterfuge with Carlos? What do you want to talk about with the rabbit?
No. 1047498 ID: a7a180

B. Another possible suspect for the murder, or another survivor for the collective, both should be good for us.
Don't be a snitch... directly. Talk about about the male/female ratio in the camp and if there are certain boundaries in place.
No. 1047499 ID: f2320a

Remember the onion thing
No. 1047504 ID: 084179

Do A, the clay gathering, but request a sled or something we could use to to drag the clay back, a hand shovel, a normal shovel, and maybe a bin. Actually just ash for the two shovels and a wheel barrel.

Talk about the weird male to female ratio. Its weird.
No. 1047505 ID: 084179

I'm suggesting A cuz I don't think we have the muscles or the stamina to reliably cut enough fire wood for what everyone needs. Plus swinging an axe is real tiring. At least with some specifically requested tools I think things might go a little faster, as opposed to doing it by lugging around buckets, which I assume was Tippler's default carrying option if we go for the clay.

What was the insulation idea for the clay? Are we just slapping this against the walls and letting them dry, or are we going to make brick molds for the clay to dry in so we can fire them, then start stacking them to maker brick walls?
No. 1047511 ID: e51896

No. 1047512 ID: b01382

What onion?
No. 1047515 ID: f2320a

The worm cure
No. 1047575 ID: 9ea24b
File 166682916960.png - (100.34KB , 500x500 , p40.png )

>Random beast
By random beast you meant one from the collective. Besides Olivia, there’s no sign of other sentient life around here.

>Remember the worm remedy
Truffle gave you the cure last night. Speaking of which you need to excuse yourself and take a shit.

After your truly legendary bowel movement, you stumble back to Carlos and tell him you want to collect some clay for arts and crafts. At your request, he produces a couple plastic hand shovels and a rusted toy wagon for ease of lugging purposes.

>Weird male to female ratio
You ask about the remaining three beasts, apparently the deer is the only other woman leaving the current gender ratio at 7:3. That seems pretty uneven and ripe for some less than savory actions.

Carlos seems offended by your implications. “We didn’t try to make the ratio that unbalanced, it’s just how it turned out between everyone who died the first winter. Also nobody here’s a rapist.”

“As far as you know.”

Carlos lets go of the wagon handle and grabs you by the scruff of your hoodie. “Anything you want to share, John?”

“No! I’d never–my dick doesn’t even work man.” You’re a murderer but you’re not trying to make anyone suffer more than they already have.

“I meant what I said when we first met and I still trust everyone’s word over yours.” Carlos drops you and in exchange you gracefully drop the subject.

It takes a while for you to find a vein of clay dense soil, but once you do you load the cart with as much as it can carry and painstakingly roll it back to base.

What would you like to make?
A. Clay oven for baked foods
B. Start to work on some woven branch, grass, and clay walls (multi-day project, will need additional clay)
C. Other (suggest)
No. 1047579 ID: b01382

You don't gotta be an ass Carlos. Yes, you trust everyone's word over ours, that's fair, but you don't gotta go bully us for nothing. Bet you feel like a real big man pushing around the small sick dude. Good for you.

>A. Clay oven for baked foods
>C. Other (suggest)
Ask around if no one is really got anything better to do. Besides Truffle and and our mouse friend I don't really know what everyone else does. At least with someone to help us, we could work together with us or them offloading the clay, and the other person works on the other half of the job.

Hmmm. I wonder if Truffles has a bee suit and a steamer. The prospect of farming honey would be useful for preserving food. I learned this from Kobold Quest!
No. 1047586 ID: a7a180

Well he certainly doesn't seem like he thinks he was being too harsh. We don't need to suffer this more than we already have.
A. Small steps toward better nutrition.
No. 1047589 ID: 5a054b

I wonder, are there any signs of non sentient animal life (I.e squirrels and birds) you could try to set up a trap, but it depends on the experience you have I assume
No. 1047593 ID: b01382

This is a good point. Do non-sentient animals exist?
No. 1047594 ID: b01382

Like for example we could put a fish trap in a river, or catch craw-fish or crabs and stuff.
No. 1047602 ID: b01382

Wait I got an idea. If people are only doing token labors (counting food or something), maybe we could attempt to convince them to help us with the oven and the clay walls? If we can recruit enough help, we could possibly have it all done in a day.
No. 1047639 ID: 3264ed

>You don't gotta be an ass Carlos. Yes, you trust everyone's word over ours, that's fair, but you don't gotta go bully us for nothing. Bet you feel like a real big man pushing around the small sick dude. Good for you.
he didn't have to... but on the other hand it's kind of hot (yes John is straight whatever)

No. 1047645 ID: 9ea24b
File 166692182714.png - (80.03KB , 500x500 , p41.png )

>Can you recruit people for more complex tasks?
Hm, good question. You assume once you have a positive relationship with someone you can get them to do stuff with you outside of normal task partnership, like what you’re doing with Carlos right now. For example, you could recruit Mitzi and Dorothy for wall building in the future, assuming you warn them ahead of time.

>What non-sentient animal life is around besides the fish in the pond?
The nuclear winter was pretty hard on most ecosystems, so there’s less of it than before. That said, you’ve heard birds singing in the morning in the cavern and you’ve made plenty of snare traps to catch rabbits and squirrels and such. There might be some frogs around the marsh, and smaller fish if you go looking. Feral cats, if you go back into the ruined city.

You haven’t seen any around.

You go for an igloo shape, like a miniature pizza oven. Carlos follows your directions to roll out the clay and pick through it for any rocks. Part of you is mad at Carlos for always bossing you around. He probably gets a kick out of being the good guy and lording it over sick little you. On the other hand, he’s kind of hot and dommy in a completely heterosexual way and you decide to stop thinking about Carlos.

You put the oven a good meter from the firepit and start building it from thick coils of wet clay. It takes several hours, and you’re past lunch and well into the afternoon when you finish. It could still crack and break while drying, so you’ll check in on it again tomorrow.

There’s clay smeared on the edges of your sleeves and your already chapped hands are very dry. You take a little break before you find Mitzi, who’s doing some mushroom identification with a book. She’s open to your task ideas.

A. Hunt for small animals (suggest what)
B. Meet another beast (suggest who)
C. Other
No. 1047646 ID: f2320a

Yiu need to fire treat it and do a coal burn possibly smoithing its surface with thin mud painted on also will make coal
No. 1047666 ID: a7a180

Meet another beast - muskrat.
No. 1047675 ID: ba605b

So long as no one fucks with it, it will be fine. Later on we should upgrade it by making a mud elevated platform for it so we dont have to squat to bake things.

C. Other
See if you can grab a late lunchx youre starving. If we ignore our 3 square meals we're liable go kill someone soon. If theres no lunch, ask if we can grab like a few veggies to munch on since WE WERE SO PRODUCTIVE (youre welcome Carlos)
A. Hunt for small animals (suggest what)
Build snares to catch rabbits and ask where we can put them. If we can start catching and breeding enough rabbits, we'll have a relable source of meat. Water is plentiful for them, and they can just eat grass. They also breed like....rabbits.

Shouldnt we get food?
No. 1047676 ID: 629f2e


Yes, we do.

Go hunt for some birds or squirrels.
No. 1047677 ID: c29e6e

A. A,A,A. You HONGRY. And you gotta solve your being hongry before something regrettable happens because of it.

Rabbit. And before anyone mentions rabbit starvation, you can solve it by stewing it with the organ meat and bones as well. I just hope Carlos doesn't take it as us having something against him. Also Is Mitzi cool with hunting? I'd hate to have her do something that makes her uncomfortable.
No. 1047683 ID: b01382

We can probably put the oven on an elevated surface when we finish. If we can build an oven indoors, make sure to build a privative roof over the oven since it's salable or at least will get damaged from excess water.

>There’s clay smeared on the edges of your sleeves
....bro why didn't you roll up your sleeves before hand? you're a filthy lad.
No. 1047698 ID: 9ea24b
File 166699016529.png - (113.75KB , 500x500 , p42.png )

>A, you’re hungry!
Rabbits are your best bet in terms of prevalence and food value. A skinny rabbit still has more meat on it than most birds, though if you do go the avian route you’ll aim for more worthwhile fowl like pigeons.

>Remember to eat all parts of the animal
You’re the self-proclaimed expert of eating bones and guts, that’s where all the good stuff is. You don’t get squeamish easily, which helps.

>Filthy lad
It’s true.

You clean off your hands and have a nice carrot.

>Work more on the oven
It definitely still needs some smoothing and maintenance. You should have built the oven on a raised surface, but the floor still works despite the inconvenience. This evening you’ll get the chance to make some charcoal and improve your creation, should you choose to do so.

You ask Mitzi for a light bow from the weapon stockpile, then ask if she’s seen any rabbits around. She seems a little uncomfortable with hunting but understands you want some meat and asks you to teach her how to set traps. The grassy field where you first saw Carlos is the best place for rabbits, which makes sense.

The traps will take a while to catch anything and you’re dying for some tasty flesh, so you hunker down behind cover on the field and wait for an animal to cross your path.

Hunting check: SUCCESS
As the sun dips, several cute fluffy cottontails emerge from nearby bushes and start to graze. You bean one of them with a metal scrap tipped arrow, to your own surprise. The other rabbits scatter and you seize your prize. Mitzi averts her eyes from the limp little corpse, which you’re eager to prepare and cook.

Truffle investigation check: SUCCESS
On the way back to the library you meet up with Truffle, who looks grim. He shows you several leaves splattered with old blood and reports that he found the faint scent of death by the huge oak tree on the northeast side of the cavern. It’s been long enough that nobody can pin the blame on you, but this is evidence against Carlos, or even Mitzi since they were in that area on the day of the disappearance.

The atmosphere at base is tense while you prepare your rabbit and get your own pot to make a personal stew. What would you like to do this evening?

A. Work on your oven (you’ll hear what the other beasts are saying about Carlos)
B. Go see the remaining Phillip limbs and Olivia (you have hunting as an excuse now)
C. Talk to someone about the murder, and either defend or defame Carlos (suggest who)
No. 1047707 ID: 629f2e

B, go see your scrawny friend.
No. 1047715 ID: a7a180

B. Also, maybe clean off or ditch your knife since that might carry the scent too.
No. 1047764 ID: 084179

Save some rabbit stew for her, get to know her and ask how she's been.
No. 1047765 ID: 180c83

We should find Carlos and eat our rabbit stew in front of him. Waggle your eyebrows while you do it, send all the mixed messages.
No. 1047786 ID: b01382

Red pill Mitzi. If not us, then some other animals would. Nature is a scary lady.
Oh fuck bears exist....oh god I bet some were hibernating through the fallout, there could still be a ton of bears out there.

Before we do anything, separate the bladder and intestines to be cleaned later. If we leave them in there they're gonna spoil the body faster.

>B. Go see the remaining Phillip limbs and Olivia (you have hunting as an excuse now)
Don't forget to wash up after carrying the remaining limbs. This would be a good chance to talk to Olivia and see if she has and news about the world.
No. 1047811 ID: 9ea24b
File 166706945726.png - (92.16KB , 500x500 , p43.png )

>Teach Mitzi about killing to survive
You’re sure Mitzi is well aware since carnivorous beasts exist and she has more than a grade school education. Some people just aren’t into hunting or seeing small fluffy animals die, she’s still supporting you by helping set snares even if she’s not enthusiastic about your kill.

>Bear beasts exist

>Clean/ditch your knife
Well your knife smells like rabbit now, so you should be okay. Also you’d never throw away your most valuable survival tool!

>Eat the rabbit stew in front of Carlos
Everything except the bladder, fur, and intestines go in the pot. Carlos is a little preoccupied with fending off accusations, and doesn’t seem to notice your misguided attempts to get a rise out of him.

You want to avoid the murder arguments and visit Olivia after a couple days of not seeing her. You still barely know anything about her, and you’d like to keep building your relationship. After a delicious and nourishing meal of meat and veggie stew, you take the bow and arrows and tell Dorothy you’re going out to hunt, since you can see well in the dark.

The limbs are where you left them in your old camp. After hiding the ashes from your fire and making sure Phillip’s overalls and pipe are well hidden, you pick up the reeking, rotten flesh and commence the lugging. The scent trail from the east to the north side is going to be pretty strong after this. You wonder if Truffle is planning to venture outside of the cavern to try and find the body.

Once you arrive where you left the torso last time, you sit and wait for half an hour before losing your patience and cupping your hands over your mouth to call for Olivia.

After waiting some more, you spot the coyote as she exits what looks like an old corner store up the street and cautiously walks toward you. She’s wearing her baggy rags, but looks noticeably more vibrant than when you saw her last.

What do you talk to Olivia about?
No. 1047815 ID: b01382

Ask her how she's been, and apologize about the....source of meat. We don't do this because we like it, but starvating to death is a poor alternative. We would also like for her to not bring this up to anyone, ever. That would be nice. Are coyotes omnivores or straight carnivores?

Maybe share some stories between yourselves, any news about the world, so on and so on. Does she plan on sticking around, or is she going to move on?
No. 1047816 ID: c29e6e

Wave, look friendly, tell she's looking better. Ask how she's been, where she's from, what she'd been doing to survive out here so far, and apologize for not showing up yesterday. Offer limbs and and address the elephant in the room that your feeding her person. Do what I've been saying and lie explain you found him dead and didn't want it to go to waste. And that you should probably tell the commune, especially since they're getting antsy about it, but you're kind of worried about the implications considering you'd already been eating him as well.
No. 1047818 ID: a1c077

Then maybe dont tell the commune?
No. 1047821 ID: a1c077

Does she have any useful skills?
What does she know about survival and trap making?
What was gwr ols occupation?
Does she got rhe virus think like we do?
She seen anyone around of interest?
No. 1047824 ID: 084179

Good to know she's looking healthier after eating the fish and other meat. Sorry about that by the way.
Ask her if she has any odds and ends she has to trade for. Is she any good at hunting rabbits? We got a bow, so if she's good at finding animal dens, animal tracks, or animal dung, we could use her help for hunting if she can start a fire or have a pot laying around. If she has worms we might be able to help her with that. We know a guy.
Any loot still left in any of the surrounding stores, or are they all picked clean? We know an old boar that'd love some more supplies to use to make stuff. We're actually in the process of making an earthen oven for more food variety beyond stews.
>she gets more food, potentially friends and medicine, maybe even a permanent place to live
>we get maybe info, maybe loot and favors, maybe a new friend
No. 1047902 ID: 084179

Does our dick actually not work? is there a pill or something that can fix that? Viagra?
No. 1047939 ID: 9ea24b
File 166718271087.png - (110.50KB , 500x500 , p44.png )

You wave to Olivia and she approaches, eyes gleaming in the moonlight.

“Good to see you’re doing better, I shot a rabbit today and made a clay oven.” Oh no, you sound like an overexcited high schooler talking to his crush.

“Hi, yes I’m feeling a lot better.”

“I brought the rest of the meat, it’s gone bad so I can’t eat it but you said you still can.”

Olivia bobs her head. “Thanks, really. It’s good to have a friend.”

>About her
Olivia shares a depressing summary of her life and history in the area. Apparently she lived about 20km from the city on a small farm with her parents and several siblings, was homeschooled, and was looking to take over the family business once her parents got older. The family barricaded their house when the zombie horde came through, but didn’t have enough chickens and crops to break even through the harsh winters and were slowly growing more desperate. Olivia went to the city last month to try and collect supplies to bring home, but everything was already picked clean of consumables and she didn’t have the energy to make the return trip.

She isn’t infected and has similar food requirements as you, in that she can eat vegetables but needs some extra meat to thrive. She has a good sense of smell and can learn how to make traps. The herbivores and you are the only people she’s seen recently. Her base includes a variety of basic useful items she’s scavenged.

Speaking of meat…

“Yeah, so you probably could tell the meat came from a beast. In my defense I found him dead, uh, I think he fell out of a tree and broke his neck. Didn’t want him to go to waste and now the commune thinks he was murdered so I don’t want to tell them about it.” Solid execution, John, real smooth.

“I’m not going to tell anyone.” Olivia looks past you at the limbs. “I-I don’t care if you’re lying, with this I might feel good enough to go home soon.”

>Introduce her to the herbivores
You already made the decision not to do this.

>Erectile Dysfunction
Your body is constantly stressed by starvation, radiation, and zombie virus shenanigans. You like to blame the radiation for the lack of boners but honestly there are several possible contributing factors. Women still get you hot and bothered but there’s no outlet and pills that could help are a relic of the past. It sucks. You miss jerking off.

Happy with your conversation with Olivia, you walk via the north side of the cavern to the library, spooking the vole who’s on watch duty. Olivia can now be reached at any time by going to her base.

Your current stats are:
Hunger: 6 + 3 (daily hunger) - 3 (rabbit stew) = 6/10
Thirst: 4 + 3 (daily thirst) - 4 (drank extra water and got salt from rabbit) = 3/10
Tiredness: 5 + 1 (clay crafts) + 1 (hunting) + 2 (more lugging) - 3 (night’s rest) = 6/10

In the morning you hear from Mitzi that the group couldn’t decide what to do about Carlos so Truffle is going to search for the body with the oak tree as a starting point to try and get more evidence.

Who would you like to spend time with today? You get a task in the morning and one in the afternoon. Beasts you’re friendly with will offer more flexible task options based on your suggestions, but building relationships with other beasts improves your status within the collective.
No. 1047971 ID: ba605b

Finish up the clay oven and see if you can get some help building an emevated platgor with it. Its never going to not bother me with the fact you literally have to get on your hands and knees to see what you're baking.
Try to get the oven a littled dried up and add scratches to the bottom. Add a little more clay to the bottom and to the platform (add scratches there too) and trt to smoosh the oven to the new platform. Remove excess clay, let dry for a while, then maybe heat it up to remove additional moisture. Did we mix the clay with some sand?
No. 1047974 ID: f89136

>>I’m not going to tell anyone. I don't care if you're lying.
And that's a win. Sounds like with her family farm of omnivorous kin you may have a backup for a long term place to live if the collective, or your reputation with them, goes to shit. Or should you just want to go with her, cause this murder investigation stuff is getting hairy.

Teach Olivia how to make proper traps. Ought to help her for the journey back and the future in general.
No. 1047975 ID: a7a180

Spend the day helping Nick and Dorothy. Carlos will love that.
No. 1047976 ID: e5709d

Plan: Journey with Olivia.

You cannot stay in this commune forever. You murdered one of them. You cannot pretend to be innocent forever.
But you did right by Olivia. You could do right by her family, as well. You need a home, and she needs help that you can provide.
When the time comes, gather up your supplies and just go with Olivia. Maybe leave behind a confession and a pledge that you'll never bother them again.
Do not betray her. Expect everyone else to hunt for your head once they find out, no plea deals for you in the post-apocalypse.

>What Do
Teach Olivia the basics of hunting. Make sure she doesn't go near the investigation zone.
No. 1047992 ID: b01382

Maybe set up an area where we can try raising any of the rabbits we catch in traps?
No. 1048028 ID: 9ea24b
File 166725221386.png - (93.46KB , 500x500 , p45.png )

>Olivia and (randomly selected between Dorothy and Nick) Nick
>Order (randomly selected since it matters because of Truffle’s investigation): Nick then Olivia

Nick is convinced Carlos is the murderer and when you find him at breakfast he immediately launches into a loud rant about how the rabbit is guilty and a liar. He wants to go with Truffle for the investigation while you’d much rather work on your oven or hunt. Mitzi tells you she can check the rabbit traps during her usual foraging, and will even try to keep the rabbits alive for possible captivity.

A. Go with Truffle for a three person crew
B. Convince Nick to work on the oven by agreeing to support him this evening in the anti-Carlos crusade (you can break this promise but it’ll give you a bad relationship with Nick)
No. 1048036 ID: a7a180

A. What could possibly go wrong?
No. 1048037 ID: 084179

No. 1048044 ID: 629f2e

No. 1048053 ID: f89136

No. 1048090 ID: b01382

Boop Nick on the nose.
No. 1048122 ID: e81401

A, and ask what he looked like. The only physical description you've gotten so far is "big and strong". You don't want to say something you're not "supposed to be able to know", and nobody seems to have even mentioned his species to you yet.
No. 1048156 ID: 9ea24b
File 166734366458.png - (112.89KB , 500x500 , p46.png )

>A, what could go wrong?
At least this way you’ll have some control over the situation and know what’s happening the moment anything suspicious is uncovered. You compulsively check your knife to make sure it’s at the sheath on your hip.

>Ask what Phillip looked like since if you were innocent you wouldn’t know
This is an excellent catch. You don’t think anyone’s even mentioned to you what kind of beast Phillip was and Nick tearfully tells you he was a squirrel with denim overalls and a big fluffy tail.

>Boop Nick on the nose
You raise your hand to touch Nick’s snout and he sternly wacks it away. Ow.

The boar leads the party to the oak tree, then gets down on all fours and starts sniffing, standing periodically to change locations. You and Nick help by kicking through the greenery manually, and eventually Truffle takes the search up over the lip of the cavern, into the derelict city.

Truffle investigation check #2 (75% success because of the scent trails): SUCCESS

The boar immediately latches onto the dried drips of bodily fluids that you left while lugging most of the corpse to Olivia and pursues the scent like a bloodhound. Your stomach sinks as you get closer to the city block where Olivia is staying.

“This might be where the fish thief lives! Be on guard.” Truffle arms himself with a chunk of concrete while Nick gets a hefty rock.

The three of you round the corner and run right into Olivia, who’s carrying an armful of old boards. She meets your eyes and makes a weak, betrayed sound.

Critical choice time. What do you do?
A. Surprise attack Truffle and Nick and kill them both (Olivia will help you)
B. Allow Olivia to be captured (she’ll tell them you’re the real culprit, though they won’t believe her, your relationship with her will be damaged)
C. Confess your crimes and allow yourself to be captured in Olivia’s place (???)
No. 1048158 ID: 084179

Wait, what? I thought some anon suggested Olivia move to a different spot since we brought her the limbs? What gives?

Aye yeah I'm a sucker for mystery boxes.
No. 1048166 ID: a7a180

A. Olivia’s got a place to stay and they do meat.
No. 1048169 ID: e5709d

A) But try to convince them to let her go, first. If they get murderboners (and I expect them to get murderboners), try to capture them alive.
And then torture them for a few days to see if, deep down, they're as sick as you.
No. 1048186 ID: ba605b

Why the torture and murder all of a sudden?
Now, hear me out on this, but what if we went with B? We could probably do some lying and using some facts so Olivia is ultimately innocent. As far as we've "heard" about this Philip fellow, he would be significantly larger than this coyote girl, and last we saw her she was even thinner than us. Maybe she ate Phillip, but ultimately she couldnt had been the killer due to how extremely malnourished and anorexic she was. Sure everyone can give her shit about eating a person's corpse, but we should remind everyone that this is the post apocalypse and she doesnt do this because she enjoys esting people.

Worse comes to worse, we can offer to do guard duty over Olivia for the night, let her knock us out, and let her run away.
No. 1048188 ID: e51896

No. 1048190 ID: ba605b

Not to mention, just because its an option to attack doesn't make it an automatic success. Sure Nick and Truffles are medium sized crestures like us, but they're heavier and now armed. Even with a sneak attack im not sure we can take them.

Say we succeed and kill them bothm we get. We get a finite amount of meat but can't, or at least shouldnt return back to the haven due to increased stress of losing a total of three of their own in a span of under a week. Really suspecious. Now say we fail to kill them, thats pretty straight forward. They would probably outright kill us for treason. Nick i can't be botheree to care about, but Truffles has grown on me. Dude is a pretty wholesome grandpa and a talented tinkerer.
No. 1048191 ID: ba605b

No. 1048192 ID: 629f2e

I really want to say C, but I'm going to go with A. I'm not okay with betraying Olivia, but these guys are a different story, kill the shit outta them.
No. 1048196 ID: f89136


>>Yeah, so you probably could tell the meat came from a beast. In my defense I found him dead, uh, I think he fell out of a tree and broke his neck. Didn’t want him to go to waste and now the commune thinks he was murdered so I don’t want to tell them about it.

Ol' reliable. And you REALLY gotta sell it this time. Include the fact that you dragged it out here for the dual purpose of feeding Olivia so she can go home and to get rid of it faster. This can be corroborated with the opposite end of the blood trail leading to your camp.

For further convincing that he was dead already, Nick already believes you were too weak to have done it, and even though you didn't know Olivia, is shouldn't be hard to convince them that you couldn't have fought him and come out unscathed even if you'd done it together
No. 1048197 ID: f2320a

This only if this say
No. 1048218 ID: b01382

No. 1048229 ID: 90c918

B. That’s one of the reasons we kept her around, even if it wasn’t our favorite.
No. 1048234 ID: e85572

you know, it seems like they hate carlos, regardless of the fact that phillip got murdered. If we are to confess that he "fell" out of a tree, why not try to err... convince them to pretend like carlos actually killed phillip?
No. 1048235 ID: 629f2e

Y'know what, I didn't expect C to get popular, but I will totally change my vote to back it since it did. What lies behind door number 3?
No. 1048242 ID: 40922b

A and C are stupid and unreliable, though A at least gets the quest back to murder-cannibalism if the fight is won. Really though she's a mangy little coyote, siding with her is dumb waifu shit and there shouldn't be any compunctions about selling her out for survival.

No. 1048244 ID: e5709d


Sounds good, but only if we're not cashing in and jacking out. Olivia's family won't wait forever. They can't.
No. 1048248 ID: e81401

You could also confess to hiding the fish thief without confessing to murder? Like yeah, you're a liar, but it was because you have a soft spot for her, she was starving and you told her off without endangering her by selling her out. Please don't hurt her over those fish?

(Also, you can vouch for her innocence in Phillip's murder, as she tried to steal fish AFTER his disappearance. What'd she need that much meat for?)
No. 1048253 ID: 72f20b

I'll go with B. Sounds like the kind of shrewd pragmatism our protagonist would go with.
No. 1048255 ID: b01382

Doing B now. For that [B]igger [B]ote
No. 1048256 ID: f2320a

Okay thats way smarter i should vote for this
No. 1048257 ID: b01382

This is also kinda smart.
No. 1048306 ID: 9ea24b
File 166743931593.png - (128.12KB , 500x500 , p47.png )

You’re tempted to panic and attack Truffle and Nick. With their complete focus on Olivia, you could easily stab Nick in the neck or kidney then defeat Truffle with your superior weapon. With the extra food you’d be able to leave the area with Olivia and return to her home.

No, you’re not in the mood for more bloodshed. You kind of like Truffle and Nick is annoying but still a person who lost his friend. If you were hungrier maybe you’d think differently.

You’re not going to let them capture Olivia either. You’ve invested a lot into the coyote gal and letting her take the blame just feels dirty. Call it softhearted but that’s where you stand.

>C, with extra lying
“Wait!” You hurry to put yourself between Olivia and the other beasts. “She didn’t do anything to Phillip, she was still stealing fish after he went missing.”

“Then why did the blood trail lead to her?” Truffle glares at Olivia, who’s frozen in place.

“Well…Okay this is going to sound bad, but I found Phillip already dead under the oak tree the first day I got here and uh, dragged his body away. Didn’t want it to go to waste and I didn’t know the rest of you guys lived nearby. Eventually I found Olivia and brought some of it to her and by that time I didn’t want to say anything that would get me in trouble.”

You’re not good friends with Truffle or Nick, so you can see in their faces that they don’t believe your lie about finding Phillip dead. Nick looks supremely disappointed that Carlos isn’t the killer and Truffle grimaces in disgust.

You throw out another last ditch effort. “Maybe Carlos killed him and made it look like an accident?”

“Lift your hands up, son.” Truffle unfastens your knife from your belt and Nick gets a firm grip on your thin wrist. “We’re going to take you back to the library and decide what to do with you.”

He turns to Olivia. “I don’t want to see your hide anywhere near our home. You come for more fish and we’ll hunt you down.”

Olivia stares at you in dismay as you’re escorted away, jaw hanging open with no noise coming out.

It’s chaos back at the library once Truffle shares the news. Carlos, Mitzi, and Dorothy seem extra betrayed. Your arms and legs are tied and the muzzle is fastened over your face. They even take your goggles so you can barely keep your eyes open and leave you on the bare floor while they gather everyone for a meeting.

The rest of the day passes like this. Your hands and feet are numb and you’re hungry and thirsty. The beasts seem split between immediately putting you to death and keeping you as a prisoner until you tell them the full story. Eventually night falls and you’re put under extra watch.

Two randomly selected guards: Deer and capybara

Bad luck, you got two beasts you’ve never even shared a word with. You curse yourself for doing the right thing when you could have gotten away scot free with just a little extra murder.

What do you do? You have extremely limited mobility but can still talk (it’s a fancy kind of muzzle).
No. 1048311 ID: e51896

Confess to your sins, explain you had absolutely no food and no other options.

and/or just sleep and dream, really all we can do right now. Maybe pray and hope that Olivia comes save us somehow since we helped her earlier.

But yeah, as I said around the start, this is why we shouldn't form friendships with our meals.
No. 1048327 ID: e51896

Oh! if we do decide to attempt to dream, lets try to dream of our past life before the nukes hit, (or just go into deep thought about the good ol' days if we cant sleep)
John backstory ahoy!
No. 1048330 ID: f2320a

we must never say we directly killed him
No. 1048336 ID: 629f2e

Take a chance that they aren't total hardasses and see if you can at least get something to drink. Food probably isn't happening, but if they seem friendly enough you can try.
No. 1048342 ID: b01382

Well this is a weird day. If they plan on keeping us prisoner, can them give us regular rations? Else they should probably kill us. Better that than have a what do you call it, mental death?
No. 1048343 ID: b01382

Im not a fan of telling them the truth. They would definitely kill us, and out of all the people there we only have one or two friends.
No. 1048348 ID: c29e6e

They're hardly close enough friends to believe him over the others as well.

Never admit it. Stick to the story. There's a saying "a lie told often enough can eventually become the truth." and the most important person to convince is yourself.
No. 1048369 ID: 180c83

The fact they're debating about putting him to death means they already strongly suspect John's the killer, even if previously they didn't seriously consider the idea that John could've murdered their large squirrel man. Sticking with the "oh I only found the already-dead body, I swear" story is unlikely to resolve in our favour, though maybe we'd be lucky enough that they'll just banish him. John has failed at being a serial killer zombie, and -- for what?

They don't have to wait very long to see John degrade back into hungry zombie mode, either. Just two or three days without proper meals. They might kill him regardless because that's the practical and sensible thing to do to a lying cannibal zombie man in the post-apocalypse. We'd have been better off with a full confession on the spot when we found Olivia if we were going to go this route at all, if only to pretend John has a bit of decency and a meaningful distance between his zombie and regular self.

Anyway we need to wait for Mitzi to get on the guard shift. Or ask to see her and speak with her one-on-one, or something similar. She's closest to John and probably the most credulous one overall. We can try to trick her to loosen the bonds -- we even have a legitimate reason if they're tied so tight our limbs are numb. And maybe at least convince her to sneak us some food. Maintaining John's reason and humanity will be important if we're going to try and drag this out, but they won't keep us prisoner forever; two people at a time watching us is a very real expense in work-hours for their community, and that's without them wasting food and water on us. We could nevertheless wait for a luckier selection of guards -- ones we know better, ones John might be able to convince in his favour with some better lies and justifications. If worst comes to worst and execution seems imminent, we can try to argue for an alternative sentence like indefinite forced labour.
No. 1048381 ID: f2320a

A bonus in our favor is people like carlos knowing we are too weak to fight anyone like philip we are a sickly scraggly fellow mostly bone who would out of desperation eat anything and this was the day we got a full description of philip
No. 1048397 ID: 9ea24b
File 166751518707.png - (92.74KB , 500x500 , p48.png )

>Confess your sins
At this point that would be suicide and you don’t want to die. It’s that will to live thing you can’t seem to get rid of. Unfortunately this means you don’t have an easy way out.

>They strongly suspect you’re the killer
Yes, but there’s enough reasonable doubt that you still have people who want to believe your comfortable lie.

>You’re going to degrade back into hungry zombie mode soon
Yes, at the end of tonight in fact since you barely got anything to eat besides a light breakfast today. A good incentive to ask for some food and water.

>Wait for the guard shift reroll
After several restless hours of waiting, the deer and capybara return to bed and two other beasts take their place.

Two randomly selected guards: Dorothy and Nick

Score! Dorothy’s a sweetheart and Nick, uh, has a complicated relationship with what he wants to be true.

A. Focus on Dorothy, ask for food, water, and a chance to use the bathroom. This can get your mouth and hands free depending how you spin it.

B. Focus on Nick, speak to him in private and offer your services. In murder.
No. 1048399 ID: a7a180

Well, on the bright side we're back on track. Focus on Nick.
No. 1048443 ID: b01382


When was the last timecwe brushed our teeth or flossed? Like ever? How do we still have some teeth left? Oh right its only been like half a year since the end of the world? We better keep up the teeth care if we want to keep them.
Ask for reading material. What, they think we'll escape or something? Fat chance. We're just a skinny sick white boy. Maybe we can read up on some books about survival, or herbalism and foraging. Its be nice to know how to unfuck out body more.
No. 1048447 ID: 56869c

Yes, we should really appeal to Dorothy's sense of kindness, and sticking with the "I was starving and the body was right there" story.

If we tell Nick we'll help him kill Carlos, he'll know for sure we are a manipulative bastard and he will likely side with the devil he knows.
No. 1048458 ID: add2e1

Warn them about the encroaching zombie state, if they want to get anything from you they need to feed you.

Tell them you like them, you like this place (even if it's not a lie, put some extra flair to it) and that you wouldn't want to hurt them but that indeed, you were starving and did what you had to survive.

As a token of good faith, offer to give back what you looted on Philip, if they want to organize a funeral.
No. 1048459 ID: f2320a

Tell dorthy we are starving dont remember if we even had dinner
No. 1048470 ID: 9ea24b
File 166761003342.png - (112.75KB , 500x500 , p49.png )

>Don’t tell Nick you’re a killer
You were going to be a little more subtle than a straight up confession, but that’s a valid point. You’ll focus on Dorothy.

>Skinny sick white boy
It’s true. Hopefully this will net you some pity points.

>Dental hygiene
Among the myriad of side effects of the zombie virus is an above average resistance to cavities. It helps that you’re not exactly eating any sweets and you have an old toothbrush you use regularly without toothpaste. Five years of the apocalypse and your teeth are doing pretty well!

>A, appeal to Dorothy’s sense of kindness
“Dorothy.” Your voice is slightly hoarse from lack of water. “Please, can I have some food? I haven’t eaten since breakfast and I get kind of unstable when I’m really hungry.”

Dorothy hesitates and glances at Nick, who shrugs.

“I didn’t want to eat Phillip, I was just doing what I needed to survive. I-I’m scared.”

Your innate puppy dog eyes finally win Dorothy over. She takes you a bit further away from the main sleeping area and gets you a cup of water and some leftovers. You hold very still as she unclasps the muzzle and unties your hands so you can feed yourself.

“John, I wish you had told us about Phillip sooner. The others may have been a bit more forgiving but now I don’t think they’re going to let you live.” She closes her eyes with a pained, conflicted expression. “If I let you go, can you please leave without causing any more trouble? I’ll say you escaped.”

Dorothy is showing you mercy. Any beast besides Mitzi and Dorothy that encounters you from now on will attempt to kill you.

Important choice:
A. Find Olivia and leave the city immediately. You won’t be bringing any spare food to Olivia’s family.
B. Leave the city by yourself and travel back to the nearest outpost, doing what you did before to survive.
C. Maximum murder cannibalism time. Work with Olivia to hunt down more of the herbivores so you can bring more meat to Olivia’s family.
No. 1048476 ID: 1c09ae

C. Let the bloodshed consume you
No. 1048478 ID: a7a180

C. Take some(one) for the road.
No. 1048479 ID: 629f2e

C. Dorothy and Mitzi are cool though, so spare them from your hunt. Dorothy especially, she just gave you your freedom.

Carlos is a top priority target, that ration reducing rabbit is probably gonna get himself killed even if you left peacefully. Might as well do it in a way that'll do someone good.
No. 1048485 ID: d12415

D. Stay and stand trial. Prove that you are innocent! (even though you aren't)
No. 1048504 ID: a2d88b

This. Be selective in who you hunt.
No. 1048506 ID: f2320a

No. 1048507 ID: f2320a

The group is in chaos with other guys planning to murder that albino asshole rabbit even if his condecending testimony would support us being too weak to kill phillip
No. 1048508 ID: b01382

It feels kind of fucked up to promise to leave, only to come back and kill everyone. Can't we just kill other strangers, or continue hunting for rabbits?
No. 1048509 ID: add2e1

A for me, no need to try your luck.
Hunting them down when both you and Olivia are in such a weak state is suicide, you can't take them all at the same time.
No. 1048510 ID: e5709d

A) This can't go on. And not because of moral issues, but due to long-term hate-crime consequences.

You've already corrupted the community into distrusting all carnivores. If you spit on their mercy, they'll devolve further into knight-templars against all carnivores. If they survive - and you kind of need them to survive for this region to recover - they must have some mercy remaining for your kind, or you'll plant the seeds for a future apocalypse.

Don't give in to the behavior of the virus. Don't let the hate spread.
No. 1048516 ID: 084179

No. 1048517 ID: 084179

Before we go, see if we can convince Dorathy to ask Mitsu if her trap caught a rabbit, and if they can leave it with us to take on the road, or smuggle in some food for us. We'll need food to be sane. A curse from our disease. Failing that can we somehow get our survival knife and other stuff that had been confiscated? Do we still have our canteen?
No. 1048530 ID: 9ea24b
File 166769662558.png - (106.42KB , 500x500 , p50.png )

>A and C tie
Staying to hunt the herbivores is high risk high reward, not to mention kind of a dick move. Meat and resources are very tempting though, and you can always be selective on who you kill. It’d be safer in the short term to find Olivia and leave, but who knows how her family will react to another mouth to feed? At least you’ll be able to pass on your knowledge of snares and traps. Probably tons of rabbits out in the former farm fields.

There are a couple of free thinker voices who favor staying and standing trial, which you’d consider a more pacifist choice even if it isn’t feasible (Dorothy mentioned you’re going to be killed if you stay). You decide to count them as anti-C votes.

>Ultimately A
You ask Dorothy for your things and she fetches your pack, knife, and goggles. You whisper your thanks and gratitude before limping on your numb feet into the night.

Your final stats are:
Hunger: 6 + 3 (daily hunger) - 2 (leftovers and breakfast) = 7/10
Thirst: 3 + 3 (daily thirst) - 1 (cup of water) = 5/10
Tiredness: 6 + 1 (investigation) - 1 (poor night’s rest) = 7/10

You’ve made a loyal friend in Olivia, but the survival situation is still dire. At least your body is intact and you have knowledge of the cavern if you ever return. Olivia has a few morsels that she gives to you as you pack your bag with Phillip’s old meat and bones, before starting the trek with the coyote out of the city.

Thanks for reading, John’s story may continue in the future.
No. 1048698 ID: b01382

Great thread boss. Be seeing you later.

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