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File 166139880521.png - (204.69KB , 500x500 , p0.png )
1041759 No. 1041759 ID: 9ea24b

A final note to Myriad’s story and a starting point for the next.
Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/Queen_of_Hell
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No. 1041760 ID: 9ea24b
File 166139881590.png - (117.50KB , 500x500 , p1.png )

You’re dreaming about the woman again. Ever since you first came here, about a MONTH ago, you’ve been having these recurring visions of a tall, blonde woman. Sometimes she looks upset or frustrated, other times she’s focused intently. The DREAMS began as fuzzy images and snippets of conversation, but at this point you can see and hear the woman quite clearly.

Woman: I’m not a DOCTOR so I can’t say whether you’ve fully recovered. You were very seriously hurt when you first came here and between the ANGEL healing and the new arm, you probably should keep resting.

Woman: Hey man, if you feel like you’re ready to become active duty again, that’s your choice. I’ll give you all the custom parts you need to make REPAIRS and your natural AURA should keep all the MANA batteries charged.

Woman: No, I’m leaving to join my family. My WING-KIN siblings are loving the new place and also, moving my best mech to WANO would be a pain. Goodbye and good luck, Liminal.

No. 1041761 ID: 9ea24b
File 166139882413.png - (129.34KB , 500x500 , p2.png )

You wake up with a grunt on your bed of soft moss in the LYST FOREST DUNGEON. You were napping in what used to be a hidden alcove that held treasure or armor before it was picked clean. The first level was converted into the MAIN BASE after the dungeon was cleared and now most of the space is being used to construct elaborate machinery and gadgets you don’t understand. When the chatty KIN with glasses tried to put a jetpack on YOUR shoulders last week, you barked at him and ran away.

That KIN hasn’t been the only ANNOYANCE, there’s another short HUMAN with huge bushy hair who keeps trying to magically ORDER you around and gets mad when it doesn’t work. Honestly besides your RIDER, you don’t really care for any of the MORTALS around here.

Since you’re no longer in the mood for sleep, you stretch and get to your feet. You don’t need to eat or drink, or poop for that matter, so your entertainment mainly comes from meandering aimlessly. What’s on your MIND? What would you like to do this afternoon?

A. Find your RIDER (VV will be talking to someone important)
B. Go outside and walk around (Who knows who or what you’ll encounter)
C. Wander the dungeon to see what the tinkers are doing (Visit those who are actively planning to fight in the war)
No. 1041763 ID: e51896

B. Might as well see what the people of Lyst is up to since our rider Myriad is busy. I want to see who survived

And hey, maybe we should find Rex the roach, let him know about our weird dreams since he can talk to animals and translate what they say to others assuming its the same for us. he might be able to translate what we say and our weird dreams about that blonde woman and that liminal fellow and how he's back in action to myriad and the others. i feel that might be important to get that warning out there.
No. 1041765 ID: 8483cf

No. 1041769 ID: 9cdb47

A. If she is talking to someone important, we should probably listen in.
No. 1041770 ID: 629f2e

B, Maybe you'll get lucky and run into someone cool, like your sister.
No. 1041774 ID: e51896

>What’s on your MIND

Did Cannie enter into the new world safely, or is she stuck somewhere in Fanus when Isabella decided to quit working for angels?

But Bobby Slurpps is on your mind more than Cannie... you remember Bobby creating you before the Demon Lord made Myriad your rider. Wonder what he is doing now. He is your father after all!
No. 1041775 ID: e5709d

Remy: Find the nearest food storage and pig out.
No. 1041776 ID: 899c9f

Go out and walk around!
No. 1041784 ID: a2d88b

C. I wanna see how the planning is doing and who's working on that.
No. 1041806 ID: 9ea24b
File 166145962006.png - (123.96KB , 500x500 , p3.png )

You make your way to the DUNGEON ENTRANCE, which is a staircase concealed in a large stump. The air is much fresher on the surface, the light brighter and warmer. You stretch your three tails and prance around the leaf litter in EXCITEMENT. There are buds on the trees and a few new spring sprouts get uncovered by your paws while you run.

Your first stop is a small CEMETERY in a clearing, there’s usually a few KIN around there. The headstones are all new, made from polished scrap metal and carved rock, engraved with names and dates.

Maple, Nail, Dr. Trey, Adriana, Svart, Bean, Claps McCheek, who you were told owned a mini-mart, and a handful of others. You will never KNOW these people.

>Random encounter (6 possibilities): Oriel
There’s a BEAST-KIN crying over Dr. Trey’s GRAVE. You’ve seen her preparing FOOD in the base mess hall a few times, but you’ve never gone near her on your own.

A. Approach
B. Move on
No. 1041808 ID: ec140f

Im not sure what to pick.
I think if we are to approach, we should probably take a flower that is growing in the forest, and bring it over to Dr. Trey's grave to pay our respects like the other kin we see do. She might appreciate the gesture. Otherwise, probably just leave her alone.
No. 1041809 ID: 899c9f

Leave her in the woods, just like Chuck.
No. 1041814 ID: e5709d

You're a pet. Do pet stuff.
Pets can't be disrespectful because they aren't people. Therefore, you must cheer her up because you can't break the law to be disrespectful in a cemetery.

This is a foolproof plan that you, a giant spiny killing machine who definitely has no sapience whatsoever, have analyzed to have no social repercussions:P
No. 1041826 ID: 629f2e


Agreed, A. Approach respectfully.
No. 1041835 ID: 9ea24b
File 166148026725.png - (105.90KB , 500x500 , p4.png )

>A, cheer her up because you’re a pet with no sapience
While you were a tad dim to start out, that has become increasingly less true the longer you’ve been exposed to Set and the DEMON’S intelligence enhancing passive ability. Sometimes you find your head filled with far too many thoughts for something meant to be a giant WEAPON of destruction. It’s irritating. Doesn’t she know being smarter makes people less HAPPY?

You sigh and look around for something nice to bring to Oriel. It’s a bit too early for flowers but you find an excellent MUSHROOM growing out of a rotten log and carefully bite it free. Oriel starts with surprise when you approach her, but when you get closer she resumes sobbing and reaches out to hold onto you.

>Bobby Slurps
While Oriel cries and clutches your least spiky areas, you ponder your missing SHAPER. You were with your SHAPER when RIDER’S forces attacked the camp, and he told you to run and hide. He could have escaped, though you have no way of knowing.

Your CREATOR, however, is very dead. He was more akin to your GOD than a friend, but you still feel sad for all that was lost with him. If the SLAYER is on the move, maybe you should tell RIDER.
No. 1041836 ID: 9ea24b
File 166148028050.png - (84.42KB , 500x500 , p5.png )

It takes a long time for Oriel to stop crying, and by the time she’s done you’re ANNOYED with her for covering you with snot. She seems a bit more cheerful though, and gives you many pets before heading back towards the DUNGEON.

You continue your walk. The SUN is already starting to set, and sneaking up on people in the DARK is generally frowned upon, so you only have time for one more visit before you have to return to the BASE.

A. Walk along the BARRIER (look for your fellow KAIJU)
B. Look for that THICC elf chick who you see out here pretty frequently
C. Look for Normal and Guy in their usual SEX spots
No. 1041837 ID: 899c9f

B. Does she want a mushroom too?
No. 1041839 ID: 773d69

A. If we can find our brethren, we can bond with them more and maybe they can help Myriad
No. 1041840 ID: 773d69

To add to my suggestion, we can also ask them if they have seen your shaper anywhere. Bobby is so cool

But whatever we do, we should warn Myriad about Max first chance we get.
No. 1041841 ID: 629f2e

C, find our lovely angel friends!
No. 1041882 ID: 61c2f5

My vote is still meeting with the Kaiju, but if there is no other votes, my second choice is Iraphena to break the tie. She might could use some company.
No. 1041964 ID: 9ea24b
File 166161368103.png - (118.16KB , 500x500 , p6.png )

You take the most direct path out of the FOREST, to the ruined little town. When you pass the crushed houses and storefronts, you feel a shiver of joy.

The elf is drinking from an extra-large flask on an old bus stop bench. She doesn’t bother to look up when you approach. She has some kind of future sight power that’s been severely limited by the presence of Set, Cat, the scry-proof DUNGEON, and BOSS’ MAGIC RESISTANT BARRIER.

Iraphena: Good, you finally arrived. Everyone is sick of my bitching and I’ll be able to talk freely out here without anyone in that TINKER infested tree-hole listening in.

You wonder why Iraphena doesn’t BOTHER not-RIDER if she needs someone new to vent to so badly.

Iraphena: Because that rabbit has so much repressed trauma over killing herself that her mind is liable to make me even more DEPRESSED.

You sniff skeptically. It’s not like you’re trauma free.

Iraphena: It’s different with you. You’re…not a KIN. And you can’t talk back.

You try to convey what you learned in your dream, about the SLAYER going to WANO.

Iraphena: Look at you, being USEFUL. Fine, I’ll tell Cat that Max is on the move.

She sighs and takes a long sip, gagging slightly.

Iraphena: Rupert needs to improve the still, this batch tastes like SHIT.
No. 1041965 ID: 9ea24b
File 166161370481.png - (64.28KB , 500x500 , p7.png )

You stand silently while Iraphena rants about TINKERS and DEMONS and her dead sugar baby Nail and how she could have been the one with a cushy PORTAL off planet along with Cannie if it wasn’t for stupid SEXY Cat and some misplaced desire to do the RIGHT THING. You understand her EXASPERATION, but not her REGRET. In your short life you have loyally followed RIDER, and that is the only thing that’s truly IMPORTANT.

She’s quite drunk on TINKER MOONSHINE by the time the sun is setting, and you nudge her to her feet and support her weight on the walk back. Animals with multiple EYES watch you while you pad along, and you show them a hint of your normally well-hidden teeth.

The scent of dinner is in the air once you arrive at the stump, but you're not sure whether Iraphena should REST or EAT in her inebriated state.

A. Take Iraphena to her quarters
B. Take Iraphena to the cafeteria
No. 1041966 ID: 629f2e

Rest. Take her to her quarters.
No. 1041967 ID: e51896

A. Probably best she gets rest and not cause a scene while drunk.
No. 1041980 ID: 899c9f

She should eat something before bed so the liquor doesn't go down as harsh.
No. 1041992 ID: 15c72a

No. 1041994 ID: 9a2966

Food is always good.

To the cafetereria!
No. 1042035 ID: 9ea24b
File 166165988025.png - (127.85KB , 500x500 , p8.png )

You want to avoid any crowds and get Iraphena to bed. She can always grab a snack later when she feels better.

Iraphena’s fancy and has her OWN private room. It’s a big one too, filled with all sorts of treasure and frilly clothes. The tinkers even managed to rig up a nice bathroom and toilet that Iraphena takes a moment to vomit copiously into before collapsing on the bed. You tuck the blanket around the elf and wait around to see if she vomits more.

>Random encounter (three possibilities): Isabella
Luckily there’s no more vomit and you’re about to fall asleep on the heavenly soft comforter when you hear a knock at the door.

Isabella: Iraphena, you there?
Isabella: I-I was feeling LONELY, can we cuddle?

You slide off the bed and open the door with a tail. Isabella jumps a little when she sees you.

Isabella: Oh, Remy! Is everything okay?

You nod towards the bed and the unconscious elf and mime drinking from a bottle.
No. 1042036 ID: 9ea24b
File 166165988984.png - (98.89KB , 500x500 , p9.png )

Isabella’s face falls and she wavers on the threshold. You’ve heard many a RANT from Isabella already and you agree with RIDER that the woman has some deep seated PROBLEMS. At least she’s trying to be a better person and make up for her past ACTIONS now.

You’re starting to conclude that everyone here is fairly NEUROTIC and needs professional help. Apparently the tinkers tried to program an automated THERAPIST bot which was a terrible FAILURE and self-destructed in less than five hours and no one stepped up since.

Even RIDER has been gloomy. She asked you to give her SPACE, which you have been doing a very good job of, much to your private displeasure.

What do you do with Isabella? You can prompt her to speak about various topics with interpretive dance.
No. 1042037 ID: 899c9f

Just cha-cha real smooth and see what she interprets that as.
No. 1042038 ID: e51896

Well, you're a comfort kaiju. Give her company.

You know, I remember in Thread 1 Isabella mentioning she liked the nature club and going on hikes and camping. Maybe ask her if she wants to take a short nightly walk outside with you.
No. 1042040 ID: 629f2e

Do the worm to get her to talk about the spineless Max.
No. 1042045 ID: e51896

Also, let her know you like her new haircut! it cute!
No. 1042046 ID: 9e7f25

Offer hug. The easiest gesture one can make. All other suggestions equally valid.
No. 1042073 ID: 2ca3ce

Give her hug, go for a walk
No. 1042075 ID: 9ea24b
File 166171416680.png - (107.54KB , 500x500 , p10.png )

>Do the worm
You don’t quite have the body type for it, but you flop around on the ground, trying to imitate the SLAYER when Guy zapped him. Isabella giggles at your display and rubs your stomach. Darn, seems like your brilliant plan didn’t work.

>Cha cha real smooth
Isabella: Do you want to go for a walk? Walkies? Walkies for a good boy?
You do like walkies and it’d be good to let Iraphena sleep peacefully. You follow Isabella to the optimal nighttime stroll location: the second level of the DUNGEON.

It’s laid out like some insane monarch’s ROYAL GARDEN. There are beds of immaculate flowers, fountains with spitting gargoyles, and alluring bronze statues. The traps may not be active anymore, but the MAGIC plants still have their dangerous abilities.

Where do you want to go?
B. The Field of FEAR
C. The Carnivorous Garden
No. 1042076 ID: 899c9f

The garden!
No. 1042078 ID: e51896

C feels like it has the most amount of nature for Isabella to enjoy. plus We're strong enough to protect ourself and Isabella, and she can protect herself too if any plants bother us.

Impossible maze would just get us lost (it is IMPOSSIBLE after all), and the field of fear will stress her out.
No. 1042120 ID: 9ea24b
File 166173718577.png - (143.98KB , 500x500 , p11.png )

The Carnivorous Garden is filled with giant venus flytraps and sticky sundews laden with beads of tantalizing sap. The leaves and stems lean out of the way when Isabella walks along the usually narrow path.

Isabella: Oh come on, is someone SCARED? How is URIEL supposed to work out her frustration when you’re all too intimidated?

If plants could whistle and lean against something nonchalantly, you assume that’s what they’d be doing. You’re so distracted by the spectacle that you trip and fall into an opportunistic pitcher plant.

Blegh! Ptooh! You thrash around in the nectar, unable to get a grip on the slippery walls of the thick, hollow leaf.
No. 1042122 ID: 9ea24b
File 166173724983.png - (135.10KB , 500x500 , p12.png )

You feel sharp HEAT, and then you’re being spilled onto the ground while the offending
vegetation writhes, engulfed in flame.

A bright green orb zips overhead while you shake the clear goo off your body.

Willow: Isabella I’ve told you before, please don’t hurt my plants!
Isabella: They grow back and you said they don’t feel pain like KIN do, so really I’m not doing anything wrong.
Willow: Well…that’s true but it’s not very nice. They did their job and they deserve a calm retirement. You can admire them like everyone else does.

The orb lands on the injured pitcher and you see the black BURNS starting to be replaced with new growth. Willow is a FAIRY, like that annoying guy you see buzzing around Willamina sometimes, and manages the FOREST DUNGEON. Sometimes you get the urge to pounce on her, but you’ve never acted on it.

Willow: If you want to get some physical activity and STRESS relief, why not spar with SET? I’m sure she’d love to fight, between you and me she needs a little STRESS relief herself.
Isabella: Ugh, no, I’ll get beat up.
Willow: Oh, I’m sorry, of course. There’s always the young MASTER, he’s a bit lower LEVEL. Or that fine FALLEN pair! They can take a good immolation.
Isabella: Kind of the point of this is to feel POWERFUL and fighting any of the four beings here that I’m either not allowed to injure or CAN’T injure doesn’t do much for me or URIEL.

No. 1042123 ID: e5709d

Insert appendage in plant. Massage plant with your dense paws.

Yer makin' jungle sushi.
No. 1042124 ID: 899c9f

Lick the fairy to show your appreciation.
If she wants to heat things up but isn't interested or allowed to hurt her opponents, maybe she could take up blacksmithing and heat up some cold hard steel.
No. 1042126 ID: 2ca3ce

I like the idea of trying to encourage her to get a hobby like hitting metal and making k n i v e s.

I'm sure the tinkers could use someone to just hit metal and it would get her aggression out.

But if you cant manage to convince her as an option just wander towards one of the people suggested and blep at them
No. 1042127 ID: e76416

Pounce on her!
No. 1042181 ID: e51896

Doesn't Sunshine have those artifacts that lets you spar with people without getting hurt badly? https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/130146.html#137292
Maybe we should find Sunshine and see if he'll let Isabella try that out

Another option could be Saba's man made dungeon. Is that still operational for Isabella to train in now and then?

otherwise, yeah, letting her make knives and trying to make other blacksmithing stuff with her fire sounds like a decent enough hobby.

Pouncing on willow might get us in trouble, but making her a slobbery mess by licking her sounds funny and could give Isabella a laugh.
No. 1042189 ID: 9ea24b
File 166179237919.png - (113.38KB , 500x500 , p13.png )

>Doesn’t Sunshine have artifacts that let people spar without getting injured?
You think Isabella is dissatisfied because URIEL wants to HURT people, but can’t, not the other way around.

>Pounce check: FAILURE
You unfold your impressive jaws and lunge at Willow, who easily dodges and flies out of range of your long, wet tongue.

Willow: Bad monster, no eating! You really shouldn’t be down here, Isabella, where’s his handler?
Isabella: Remy’s fine with me, he’s just playing.
Willow: I hope so…

You give up on trying to lick Willow and instead start scratching in the dirt. You draw a vague scene meant to represent Isabella working in a forge.

Isabella: You think I should start blacksmithing?
Isabella: URIEL does like sharp things, maybe I can learn how to make knives and help the TINKERS.
Isabella: Good idea, Remy! I’ll talk to Mint tomorrow, let’s go to bed.

No. 1042190 ID: 9ea24b
File 166179239556.png - (70.32KB , 500x500 , p14.png )

You stay over in Isabella’s room that she SHARES with Nicky and Oriel, who are already asleep, in the hopes that RIDER will come visit. Lying at the foot of Isabella’s small bed, you eventually doze off.

The blond woman is lying in bed too, asleep. This is about to be one hell of a boring DREAM and you settle into your vapid spectator role.

This woman, you think she was supposed to be someone important in your life, like RIDER. Is that why you’re connected to her? Hm, maybe there’s a way to break the BOND so you can go back to dreaming about nicer things like property damage because it seems unlikely that you’ll ever meet this lady in person.

You feel a chill when you realize the woman has opened her eyes and is staring at you.
No. 1042192 ID: dd4751

Quick! Hide before she processes what she is seeing!

Uh wait? Are we still dreaming, or did we suddenly teleport here? Bite your leg and see if you wake up!
No. 1042193 ID: 629f2e

Lick her like the giant puppy you are.
No. 1042194 ID: 8483cf

Licking is clearly the best option
No. 1042196 ID: 382aed

Turn around, make yourself comfortable and lie down. Maybe by going to sleep you will wake up again.
No. 1042197 ID: f3a2ce

Uuuuuh maybe shes looking through you?
No. 1042198 ID: e5709d

Yes licking is a go
No. 1042200 ID: 9ea24b
File 166180683595.png - (86.45KB , 500x500 , p15.png )

>Is this still a dream?
You look around. You’re in a bedroom, but the details are kind of fuzzy. The walls are half FOREST and half covered in ANIME POSTERS, and despite your perfect night vision you can’t see out the window. There’s no one else there so the woman must be looking at you. The dream link has evolved into some kind of shared lucid experience.

Time to see how far this goes! You open your mouth and lean forward to give the woman a big kiss.

She explodes to life, grabbing your long neck with both hands and flinging you off the bed. You’re surprised that she’s so STRONG, and you yip in alarm when she gracefully leaps to her feet and starts whaling on you.

After you realize her blows aren’t penetrating your tough skin, you play along, going limp. The woman stops hitting you and crouches to get a better look at your alien body. When her hand gets too close to your face you sneak a lick in.

Jack: Agh!
No. 1042202 ID: 9ea24b
File 166180687325.png - (99.24KB , 500x500 , p16.png )

You roll to your paws and gambol around the room. The woman flinches whenever your trajectory comes too close. Why is she scared? This is FUN!

Jack: Stop it! Stop running around so much.

You pause, cocking your head.

Jack: What is this? I know you’re that weird baby KAIJU that MYRIAD BOREALIS adopted, I’ve been dreaming about you, but why can you see me? I thought I was asleep.
Jack: At least you’re not hostile...

The woman strides around the room, looking for a door. She tries to open the dresser drawers and checks under the pillow. You jump back onto the bed and turn around until you’re comfortable, then lie down to watch her.

Once she’s combed over the entire space, she sits down with a huff on the floor.

Jack: I’m not even on FAUNUS anymore, this is so WEIRD.
Jack: Maybe I should ask BOSS.
Remy: Wak wak!
Jack: Do you know BOSS?
Remy: Wak. Wak wak wak.
Jack: Yeah, he’s kind of scary. If this keeps happening I’ll have to do something about it, though.

She falls silent and you start to feel sleepy.

You wake up when Isabella gets out of bed. The DUNGEON is at a dim ambient glow, so it must be early morning.

A. Find your RIDER (You miss her)
B. Go outside and walk around (You’ll be able to do what you didn’t do yesterday)
C. Follow a specific individual
No. 1042203 ID: 899c9f

Find Rider.
No. 1042204 ID: ab131e

Get Rider
No. 1042205 ID: ca5be9

A to make sure Iraphena relayed the message... though Myriad dod say she needed space from us
C. Follow either Rex the roach (he can read our mind and we can explain to him our dreams. Maybe learn about the overmind too?)
Or Myriad's sister Andrea
No. 1042207 ID: e5709d

Yeah, go find Rex.
No. 1042211 ID: 4547d4

Go find the cockroach, Edmango never gave him enough screen time ;)
No. 1042216 ID: b017dd

Ill lean towards rex if it's still a tie.
No. 1042219 ID: 9ea24b
File 166182961212.png - (62.67KB , 500x500 , p17.png )

>C, find a ROACH
Iraphena probably hasn’t passed on your message, and frankly she might not even REMEMBER what you conveyed to her after the binge drinking. Best to get the knowledge about the SLAYER to someone now rather than try to pester the elf again.

Among the handful of ORGANISMS here that you can communicate with are the little brown BUGS you often see scuttling around the uneven DUNGEON floor. There are usually a couple hanging off Cat, and he’s who Iraphena was going to tell anyway so it’ll be easiest to contact the HIVE and then go to him.

You walk to the KITCHEN, ignoring the soft TIGER who offers you a muffin, and start barking at the space by the trash can.

Rex: GODDESS can you keep it down? Some of us are experiencing a period of immobility analogous to SLEEP after a night of nocturnal revelry, you know.
Remy: I have an important message for your DEMON! It concerns the most terrible and hated SLAYER and I wish to tell him directly.
Rex: Uh…Who?
Remy: The individual known as MAXIMILIAN HADLEE.
Rex: Oh shit, yeah, uh, well can you wait a moment? Cat’s with someone right now.
Remy: Small CREATURE! This is of extreme importance to the DEMON WAR and thus RIDER! I demand you lead me to your DEMON.

A single cockroach comes out of the mass of roots and food debris with a mental sigh and you pick him up in your mouth. Rex directs you through the maze of corridors to an unfamiliar room and you BARGE in without knocking.
No. 1042220 ID: 9ea24b
File 166182961935.png - (153.01KB , 500x500 , p18.png )

There’s a naked BEAST-KIN with Cat getting vigorously penetrated but that is simply of no importance to the task at hand. You prod the cockroach to open the TELEPATHY channel.

Cat: Uh Remy, I’m into voyeurism but I’m not sure–
Remy: The SLAYER also known as MAXIMILIAN HADLEE survived his INJURY from my RIDER’S loyal GUY, has a ROBOT ARM, and is traveling to WANO! I know this from my unconscious connection with a BLONDE WOMAN I believe to be the HERO Jack Knight, though I am not totally confident this is true having never met her.
Cat: Right. Thanks, that’s good to know. Dammit, I wanted to visit WANO but we better go somewhere else to keep Willamina SAFE.
Rex: WANO? That’s where–uh oh. Overmind made a move out of DONJON last night, heading that direction before she purged all my BUGS.
Gena: Yes, harder, FUCK my ass like you’re gonna BREED it.
Cat: And one of the five DEMON GENERALS is there. It’s too much to be a coincidence, I bet Max is teaming up with Overmind to try and kill another LORD.
Gena: I’m soooo close, I wanna come again!

Message delivered, you calmly take your leave. Whereto/who next?
No. 1042221 ID: 899c9f

No. 1042222 ID: 15c72a

Go talk to your RIDER.
No. 1042224 ID: e51896

Rider or CC, and bring Rex with ya. I have an idea. If Max is looking to get stronger by killing demons, we should probably ask a Myriad if she knows of any kind of mana enhancement thing that can power up Cat or something wherever she came from (she should, it's whatever Caesar injected our rider with that almost turned her demon, and whatever stuff did that to HH)

If Rider is not in the mood for us, we'll see CC instead and ask her.

We may not get to go to Wano, but we can go to Fluxtopa while Max is distracted.
No. 1042228 ID: 629f2e

Rider! Show us the queen of hell herself!
No. 1042282 ID: 9ea24b
File 166190409113.png - (64.33KB , 500x500 , p19.png )

You can’t help it anymore, you need to see RIDER and make sure she’s happy because all you want is for her to be happy and maybe play FETCH with you and give you a good head pat now and then.

Remy: Take me to my RIDER, insect!
Rex: Look buddy I just did you a big favor and the Rex mobile needs to get off the KAIJU station. She’s in the rabbit room, okay? Still sleeping from what I can tell.

You drop the lone cockroach on the ground and it scurries away. Okay, the KEY is to be very polite and not bothersome to RIDER so she doesn’t order you to leave because that would break both of your hearts.

You tiptoe to the room VV shares with her clone and her sister, who propositioned you once which was extremely UNCOMFORTABLE. Luckily, Andrea doesn’t sleep and therefore doesn’t make much use of the bedroom so you’re probably safe.

RIDER is lying on her bed. If her eyes weren’t half-open, you’d think she was asleep. What’s your approach method?
No. 1042283 ID: 8483cf

Stare back and wag entire body until she shows signs of acknowledgement.
No. 1042284 ID: 15c72a

Quietly walk up and put your head on her bed.
No. 1042285 ID: 629f2e


This. Just be cute and unobtrusive, and you will be welcomed.
No. 1042286 ID: 0838d6

Yes this, try not to squeak or be annoying even though you just wanna sit near her. Oh but give her the eyes, you know the eyes, the ones that you give others when you want something, the big puppy-dog eyes.
No. 1042287 ID: 899c9f

Walk backwards into the room and lie at the foot of the bed.
No. 1042316 ID: 9ea24b
File 166191483746.png - (68.17KB , 500x500 , p20.png )

>Quietly walk up and put head on bed
You squeeze through the door and kneel in front of RIDER, resting your chin on the small piece of bare mattress. She sighs and reaches a hand around to pet you. You give her your best, most adorable eyes.

Myriad: I’m glad you still want to see me.
Myriad: Normal and Guy haven’t stopped to talk in ages. Guess they’ve found better KIN to spend their time with.
Myriad: That or they don’t want me asking for the MCD back.

She shuts her eyes but her hand keeps moving, stroking you scaly snout.

Myriad: I’m USELESS. Set has me benched since CC can be all the ANGEL protection they need, Normal and Guy are independent, and at the end of the day I’m just a normal KIN with basically no POWERS.
Myriad: I’d die to free up a slot but I can’t even do THAT.

You whimper in protest. You don’t like the way your RIDER is talking.

Myriad: You don’t even genuinely like me, you were MADE to like me. Why do I even…

She withdraws her hand and turns around so her back is to you.

No! No! What is wrong with RIDER?
No. 1042317 ID: e5709d

No more wallowing solo in horny ruts
Pick Rider up and carry her to Isabella for a quick dicking
No. 1042318 ID: 8483cf

Drag her out of bed for walkies
No. 1042323 ID: 629f2e

That bunny is leaving that bed whether she wants to or not. Straight to Isabella! Get some GF support in here.
No. 1042330 ID: 5499f4

I like the idea of bringing her to Isabella, she worked hard on that relationship, dangit! She's put in a lot of effort into others, you've watched her care about others a bunch, You let Isabella cry her heart out to you, I'm sure that she can let you do the same, drag her outta bed!

Alternatively I was gonna suggest biting her or growling when she says that you dont genuinely care because who cares about that, you made the conscious decision to come see her cause even if it's artificial you do care!
No. 1042331 ID: 9e7f25

YES kinda. Take her to Isabella, Willimina, or cat. Or bring one or more here. We must show her the error of this line of thinking. As while mistakes had been made, the largest of which being through a lack of information, I believe she can be shown many of her actions have done great good.

She showed Isabella that the death of the hadlees wasn't her fault, relieving the grief that drove her nearly insane for years. And I would be very very surprised if cat or at least Willimina wasn't appreciative of the fact that she ,when told noone was going to, went out of her way and fought and was killed by her super powerful, crazy, incestuous brother to save her from the fate of being his trade wife mind slave.
No. 1042337 ID: e51896

I had a silly visual where Myriad is just laying sideways on our back like a towel.

Whether she does that or not, try to get her on your back. She's your rider after all!
No. 1042385 ID: 9ea24b
File 166198911954.png - (81.19KB , 500x500 , p21.png )

>Get her out of bed and bring her to Isabella
It won’t do RIDER any good to stay in bed and mope. She needs to see her GIRLFRIEND and all the other people she’s helped so she can feel better about herself! You reach over the bed and gently bite and pull the hem of RIDER’s borrowed shirt.

Myriad: Go AWAY Remy.

You whine with frustration, but you can’t bring yourself to disobey a direct ORDER. After making a few more pathetic noises you leave with your tails between your legs. Oh to see RIDER so miserable is TORTURE.

If you can’t bring RIDER to the people you’ll need to bring the people to RIDER. Who do you target first?

A. Willamina
B. Isabella
C. Normal and Guy
No. 1042386 ID: 899c9f

Just a couple of Normal Guys.
No. 1042453 ID: 15c72a

C. She mentioned them by name, maybe they're just distracted and still like her?
No. 1042455 ID: f3a2ce

B. Isabella's so sweet. I'm sure she'll have many sweet words to say, maybe even bring her stepsister herself.

I worry that normal has gotten a bit more indifferent toward VV. Guy seems like he like he still likes her plenty though.
No. 1042463 ID: e51896

I feel Izzy is the best to make Myriad feel better, BUT we suggested for her to give blacksmithing a try as a hobby. Best leave her to it on her own for now and not bother her.

Willamina might be able to relate to Myriad after her own trauma after that fire she was in. She could give Myriad some tough love, maybe show her some cooking show with that lion Caesar which gave her confidence, though im not sure if she can help much as she doesnt know VV all that well if she's been hiding in her room all month.

Normal and Guy might be willing, tho as she said, they seem to be independent now... im not sure why they never visited Myriad though. Could Set be forbidding them to see her?

My vote is Willamina. She could set Myriad straight maybe.
No. 1042465 ID: 4c0dea

No. 1042473 ID: 629f2e

C. Myriad needs friends to check in with her, and seeing Normal and Guy may remind her that she can still do things, even if she is effectively "Powerless". She helped them. That was a real achievement that's all on her.
No. 1042527 ID: 9ea24b
File 166207481690.png - (119.03KB , 500x500 , p22.png )

You weren’t there, but you’ve heard the tales of how RIDER introduced the wonders of RATIONAL THOUGHT to Guy and Normal and then saved them from their evil professor. It’s just like RIDER to be considerate and sane which is why her current FUNK is jarring. The ANGELS will be able to remind her of how much she helped them!

Hm, at this hour there’s a chance they’re somewhere in the lower levels of the DUNGEON, blasting the poor retired MONSTERS, but it’s much more likely that they’re outside. You take the stump staircase to the great OUTDOORS once more.

>Random encounter (6 possibilities): Aeglos
You see the VEGGIE-KIN with a big flower for a face mourning at the grave of MAPLE, but don’t have time to offer him a mushroom. It’s nice to dwell on the memory of your first KILL though, and the taste of celery follows you as you search every hidden nook in the FOREST for the FALLEN.

Eventually you find the two with a vaguely familiar kobold lying in a nest of old blankets, no doubt salvaged from the town. There’s a remarkable lack of nudity.
No. 1042528 ID: 9ea24b
File 166207482972.png - (125.65KB , 500x500 , p23.png )

Normal: I don’t know, it was just so WEIRD. Everything was really wet and she kept saying HORNY stuff which is usually fine but I didn’t like it when she said it.
Fivin: Did it bother you that she’s VV’s sister?
Guy: They’re nothing alike. I didn’t mind.
Normal: At least she had MUSCLES. Only redeeming quality.

You let out a deep BORF to make yourself known. Fivin sits up and looks around in alarm. Guy waves you over lazily.

Guy: Hi Remy. We had sex with Andrea yesterday and we’re having a SOCRATIC DIALOGUE about it.
Remy: Mrngh.
Guy: I mean, I thought it was fine. Eh, 7 out of 10.
Normal: 3 out of 10! Not worth it at all and now I’m mad Guy liked it so much.
Fivin: Maybe you’re gay like me and don’t want to have SEX with WOMEN.
Normal: I thought you liked that one DOG lady. Isabella’s mom.
Fivin: W-well I do but she’s really the only lady and it’s more like a CRUSH, I don’t think we’ll ever do it.

No. 1042549 ID: 15c72a

Whine about Rider being sad.
No. 1042557 ID: f3a2ce

Yes. She in the dumps and needs some emotional support from someone who can actually talk.
No. 1042564 ID: 9ea24b
File 166208829485.png - (90.72KB , 500x500 , p24.png )

>Tell them RIDER is sad
Of the handful of ORGANISMS you can talk to, Normal and Guy are in the bottom two. Working together, they can piece together your general vibes due to their consumption of one of your CREATOR’s arms.

Remy: Wak! Wak wak.
Guy: What is it boy? Did someone fall down a well?
Normal: Hey, don’t change the subject! We were having an argument.
Guy: Ugh, it’s fine that you didn’t like FUCKING Andrea, but it’s not my problem.
Fivin: Fellas, fellas–
Guy: C’mon Normal, help me out, this feels important. I think something’s wrong with Myriad.
Normal: If Andrea was a 7 out of 10 what am I?
Guy: Well when you’re being a bratty little turd, 0 out of 10.

You’d blame Set for this but apparently her BRAIN BOOST doesn’t work on these two. This is the pure product of a month of unchecked socialization and latent ANGEL pettiness.

A. Try to resolve Normal and Guy’s domestic problems
B. Settle for Guy and drag him to RIDER
No. 1042565 ID: e51896

A. Can't let them see Myriad when they're in a bad mood. So let's make Mizz Es proud with math!

Write a 5 on the dirt. It's between Guy's rating of 7 and Normal's rating of 3. There, problem solved!

Not actually sure if math tho, but we be a dumb Kaiju, cut Remy some slack, yo!.
No. 1042566 ID: 629f2e

A, try to help them with this, because Myriad isn't in a state where she can resolve their argument for them.

Rip Fivin's clothes off and get them both to rank him. If Fivin's guess is right, then Normal might rank him decently high. Or maybe not, guys come in a wide range and Fivin may not be his flavor. Either way, use that second go at ranking to get them both talking about their tastes. As long as they stay on the topic, eventually they should (hopefully) reach the simple conclusion that they have different interests but still do like one another.
No. 1042567 ID: e51896

Oh wait, we don't have to write a 5, they can understand our general vibes and get what we are trying to say.

We can still write a 5, or just draw 5 tally marks with a shitty picture of Andrea on the dirt tho if we want, though not necessary probably.
No. 1042568 ID: e5709d

5 'wak's, ya geniuses.
No. 1042569 ID: 15c72a

A. Why is Normal mad that Guy liked it? Everybody likes different stuff. You turned her down, yourself.
(is Remy not interested in sex in general or is he underage or gay or what)
No. 1042571 ID: 5499f4

A, I agree with wakking or writing a 5, but also get Fivin in on this, he was trying to get their attention, maybe help push him to say his thoughts!
No. 1042579 ID: 515982

No. 1042636 ID: 9ea24b
File 166213972741.png - (112.69KB , 500x500 , p25.png )

>A, rip off Fivin’s clothes as a distraction
The FALLEN need to stop bickering and work out some of their energy. You seize Fivin’s skirt and tear it away, revealing scaly skin and a small DICK. Golly what are they making clothes out of these days, paper?

Fivin: Eeeep!

Seeing Normal’s eyes on him, he takes a deep breath and strikes a provocative pose.

Fivin: Forget about Andrea, gentlemen. How about you take me for a ride instead?

You technically existed in CREATOR’s dream world for many YEARS before being given a physical form, so you’d consider yourself an adult.

Is not something you can experience. Everyone else seems to like it, but you have no instincts for REPRODUCTION and would much rather knock over a carefully stacked arrangement of cans. It doesn’t help that you’re covered in spikes and hard, uncomfortable knobs.

After Guy and Normal have thoroughly exhausted the kobold, you send them thoughts of open COMMUNICATION and conflict resolution.

Normal: …Guy, sorry, I was being jealous. I just thought since we do everything together and agree on most stuff that we should feel the same about Andrea.
Guy: S’okay. We’re different, you know, even though we’re both ANGELS.
Normal: You’re a lot smarter than me and now that you’re level 3 you don’t even need me to protect you.
Guy: Sure, but I still want to spend time with my BOYFRIEND because I LIKE him.
Normal: Aww, let’s go help Myriad. What was the problem again?

No. 1042637 ID: 9ea24b
File 166213973876.png - (118.95KB , 500x500 , p26.png )

You escort the lads, including the still naked Fivin, back to the base, doing your best to convey the horror of seeing RIDER so despondent and reproaching Normal and Guy for not visiting earlier.

Guy: Oh, I guess I didn’t want her asking for the MCD back because then I’d feel BAD that I kept it.
Guy: But also it’s mine now and I’m not giving it up.
Normal: And I guess we’ve just been busy and haven’t seen her around? I thought she was still mad at me for the STAN stuff so she was avoiding us.
Guy: She’s avoiding us cause she’s avoiding everyone, sounds like.

RIDER is still in bed and you can’t bring yourself to go into the room, so you wait outside while Guy and Normal chat with her. Fivin excuses himself to go find some clothes while you pace impatiently.

Finally the ANGELS emerge.

Normal: I think we made her feel a little better, thanks for telling us Remy.
Guy: We’ll try to visit her every few days from now on!

It’s about lunchtime now. Who next?
A. Isabella
B. Willamina
C. Other
No. 1042639 ID: 7c3037

No. 1042641 ID: 629f2e

No. 1042661 ID: 9ea24b
File 166215424832.png - (138.38KB , 500x500 , p27.png )

The scarred woman is the perfect target. RIDER took a risk and saved her from a horrible FATE so Willamina should be very grateful. She’s probably either getting food, training, or spending time with Cat and the TINKERS. You’ll check those locations in that order.

>Random Willamina location selected
>Cafeteria check, five individuals
You see Xana, who’s a TINKER, that chatty HEALER Kazu, Toni the tiger who you’ve caught calling it FLUXTOPIA instead of FLUXTOPA like all the other people here, the zappy mouse Shocker, and Iraphena sharing a meal mostly consisting of vegetables grown from the other levels of the DUNGEON. The little meat is being hoarded by the ELF. No Willamina, though you take a moment to check in with Iraphena.

Iraphena: I had a terrible hangover this morning but I didn’t choke on vomit and die in my sleep, so thanks I guess. You’re saying you got the message to Cat? Good, that gives me time to HECKLE Rupert for more booze.

Do you want to talk to anyone else here or move on?
No. 1042665 ID: c7128c

Ehhh, let Iraphena know Myriad's gf Izzy wanted to cuddle with her yesterday night, but you spent time with her instead so she can rest up, and if she wants, maybe she can look for her at some point when she's not busy probably trying out blacksmithing or after we get her to try to cheer up Myriad (when we get to it.)

Spending time with an old friend like Izzy might keep her from drinking excessively and make her happy at least a little bit.

Otherwise, lets check the next area for Willie
No. 1042670 ID: 515982

Talk to Xana. You kind of resemble a unicorn, if you squint...
No. 1042679 ID: 629f2e


Pounce Toni.
No. 1042687 ID: 15c72a

Can XANA make you something to help you talk?
No. 1042702 ID: 9ea24b
File 166217249320.png - (139.02KB , 500x500 , p28.png )

>Tell Iraphena about Isabella coming to visit
Iraphena: Damn, I missed out on some sweet pooch ass. I’ll invite her over for some drinks and gossip TONIGHT.

>Pounce on Toni
First you ignore the poor guy when he tries to give you a muffin this MORNING, now you want to tackle him? It’s one thing to think the KIN here are annoying, another to be the annoying one. Instead you submit yourself to head pats.

Iraphena scowls at you, but silently agrees to act as your translator.

Iraphena: Hey Xana, could you throw something together that would help Remy talk without having to bother me or Rex?
Xana: Ah, I don’t know, we got news this morning that we need to get the ANTI-BARRIER ready, all the COMBAT equipment stable, and our field crew MOBILIZED in a couple days! I can help after that but we’re all in crunch mode.
Kazu: I got told too, since Cannie left I’m the only one with a HEALING POWER and I’ll probably be on the TEAM. Cat and Set are going to decide who’s going to fight the DEMON GENERAL while the rest of us stay here and defend the BASE.

Kazu continues to ramble with his mouth full. You wander away towards the STAIRCASE to the second level.
No. 1042703 ID: 9ea24b
File 166217251002.png - (73.85KB , 500x500 , p29.png )

You skip right past the ROYAL GARDEN to the fountain whose center leads to the next floor. As you travel through the damp, dimly lit tunnel (for ambience, no doubt), you pick up the sound of the clashing of swords.

You emerge in the dirt arena of the massive COLOSSEUM, sheer wood walls giving way to the spectators, a horde of lifeless SKELETONS. Nipha and Set are sparring while Andrea does push-ups. Eugh, Set hates RIDER and Andrea makes you uncomfortable, not your ideal group of people. Willamina is again absent. Rotten luck on your part.

A. Ask Set for help breaking your BOND with Jack
B. Leave quietly
No. 1042705 ID: 515982

Leave quietly.
No. 1042706 ID: 629f2e

B, screw this crowd, they ain't Willy
No. 1042707 ID: 6f98ed

A. Probably best to do that for Jack.
No. 1042710 ID: 15c72a

A. If Jack tries to do it, the method might be less comfortable for you. Also, Set might have a better idea.
No. 1042728 ID: f3a2ce

B. Honestly considering we keep seeing near stuff out might be fine. Probably. I doubt set would want to help us anyway since set HATES our rider and we love her very very much.
No. 1042734 ID: f3a2ce

>Seeing *Neat* stuff *it* might be fine.
No. 1042744 ID: 7def1e

B. I have a feeling we're supposed to be bonded with Jack for a reason. Plus this might be the only opportunity to try to make friends with Jack!
No. 1042745 ID: 9ea24b
File 166221745062.png - (131.29KB , 500x500 , p30.png )

Nah. Whatever you can get from Set won’t be worth the harassment. You turn around and take the long walk back to the main floor. You’re a little worried since Jack said she’d get BOSS involved if the DREAMS continue, but you keep seeing COOL stuff so maybe it’s still worth it.

Between Rudy, Mint, Rupert, and Xana, the large room for the TINKERS is overflowing with random PROJECTS of all kinds. You spot Rupert’s famous STILL in the corner, a mass of computer monitors running code and scrolling through furry porn, the hulking block of metal you suspect is the ANTI-BARRIER, and a haphazard pile of gadgets.

You see Xana, returned from lunch, Rudy the jetpack wielder, Cat, Mint who has also propositioned you, Willamina, and even Isabella! The scarred woman is cooling some of the larger machines while Isabella heats a glob of glass at Mint’s direction. You walk up to Cat and gently headbutt him to get his ATTENTION. Rex gives a mental sigh but opens the TELEPATHIC connection.

Cat: Hi again Remy! Thanks for the tip earlier though next time if you don’t mind waiting outside–
Remy: I require Willamina and Isabella to help RIDER! Xana and Kazu the sole HEALER informed me that there is much work to be done, but this should only take an HOUR.
Cat: I knew Kazu would blab, and he’s not the only healer we still technically have GRUK even though he won’t FIGHT, Trey’s death hit the poor guy really hard. Sure, you can borrow Willamina and Isabella once they finish what they’re doing.

You find a bare bit of floor next to Cat to sit and stifle a yawn. Almost time for your afternoon NAP. Rudy’s shiny glasses flash in your direction and Mint licks her lips at you, so you’re probably going to have to dodge some ANNOYANCES. What do you talk about with Cat?
No. 1042746 ID: a2d88b

Tell him your link to Jack Knight could become problematic now that she's aware of it. In fact, he should teach you some juicy DISINFORMATION in case she somehow uses the link to probe your mind.
No. 1042747 ID: e51896

We might see and talk to Jack again when we nap. Ask Cat if there is any messages he wants to relay to her if we talk to her again.
No. 1042748 ID: e51896

Oh yeah, and tell Cat you're a bit worried because Jack said she'd get Boss involved if the dreams continued, and you wanted to let Cat know first before letting Set know and have her mess with your head again.
No. 1042749 ID: 7def1e

Ask Cat if he can aWAKeken you please. Would be cool to have a power to help RIDER, right?
No. 1042750 ID: b34fe0

No. 1042752 ID: 8483cf

Make sure to start with OH GREAT AWAKENER
No. 1042767 ID: 9ea24b
File 166223729963.png - (90.15KB , 500x500 , p31.png )

>Ask him his opinion about your link with Jack Knight
You explain the situation in a bit more detail, including the information that Jack is somewhere other than FAUNUS but still has contact with BOSS.

Cat: Hm, well you’re not coming with us so I don’t see how it can do much HARM, as long as it's not slowly driving you insane or something. If we keep CC with the STRIKE TEAM and VV here then BOSS can’t randomly KILL us and honestly that’s what I’m most worried about. He seems like a loose CANNON for an ANGEL.
Cat: Jack sounds okay, the MCD stuff was kind of SKETCHY but in the end she didn’t cause any TROUBLE, so maybe try to keep her happy?

>Rudy dodge check: SUCCESS
You hear Rudy sneaking behind you and you whack him with your tails before he can strap any ROCKET BOOTS to your paws.

>Ask to be AWAKENED
This is a marvelous idea!

Cat: Where in FAUNUS did you learn to say that? Rex did you teach him that?
Remy: Help me defend the BASE by giving me a POWER!

Cat touches your shoulder for a moment and FROWNS.

Cat: Okay, so I’ve had my fair share of AWAKENING non-KIN, like Rex and all of Juniper’s ANIMALS.
Cat: But Rex is small and Juniper has solid CONTROL of all her wildlife, you’re a bit. Well.
Cat: Look, the only POWER I’m seeing for you is SIZE MANIPULATION, and I don’t want a repeat of the KAIJU incident. Also, people would be really freaked out and you’ve noticed how we don’t have a THERAPIST around here.

No. 1042768 ID: 9ea24b
File 166223732438.png - (106.31KB , 500x500 , p32.png )

You grumble, but admit the DEMON has a point. There’s plenty of PTSD about giant MONSTERS already.

>Mint dodge check: SUCCESS
Not today, perverts. Mint sidles over to grope you and you firmly headbutt her in RETALIATION, knocking her into a pile of fresh printed CLOTHES.

Mint: Ribs, fuck, ow.
Cat: You kind of deserved that. Go find Kazu.

Mint wheezes and staggers away, clutching her chest. Threats neutralized, you continue waiting for Isabella and Willamina.

After what feels like hours the two women get a break, and you explain to them via Rex that RIDER is very DEPRESSED and needs REASSURANCE. You escort them to the bedroom and again pace OUTSIDE while they talk. Half an hour later, you hear crying and decide to give them more privacy by having your NAP in your NOOK. Seems like they’ll be in there for a while anyway.

You dream about Jack, of course, playing catch with a young WING-KIN. As soon as she spots you she groans.

Jack: I’m not even asleep! Give me a fucking break.
No. 1042770 ID: e5709d

>Headbutted Mint
Bad Remy! You're definitely putting too much force if the cat doesn't roll on the floor and beg for more!

Try again and make sure you hold back this time!
No. 1042771 ID: 0c8fc6

Gotta keep Jack happy, by supporting her bonding activities with the young wingkin. Give her space, by laying in the distance, but give some cheering waks whenever the wingkin catches a tricky shot from her throws, show you support her family and bonding.
No. 1042772 ID: 15c72a

Don't headbutt Jack, that's a surefire way to get BOSS involved.

Join in on the game of catch! Also, um, be nice to Jack in general.
No. 1042775 ID: c58093

I think attempting to play catch is going to distract Jack, and confuse the wingkin since it most likely cant see us and be confused by Jack's actions. Plus, the ball will probably phase through us.

Supporting the idea of being a cheerleader instead!

Also no licking. Jack will be upset we're inturrupting playtime
No. 1042779 ID: 515982

Run after the ball when she throws it.
No. 1042798 ID: 9ea24b
File 166225614943.png - (95.88KB , 500x500 , p33.png )

>Bad Remy, you hit Mint too hard
You’re of the OPINION that Mint is lucky she still has fingers.

>Headbutt Jack
No no, you want to be FRIENDS with Jack so she doesn’t call BOSS on you. That means no licking and no hitting, your best RIDER level behavior.

You take a moment to look down. You’re a wispy ghost-like image of yourself, and by the way the RAVEN lad is staring, he can see you too.

???: Wow Auntie Jack, is that your SPIRIT? I’ve never seen it before.
Remy: Wak wak!
???: Can I touch him? He looks super cool. Dad won't let me get a pet…
Jack: Uh, I’m not sure you can. Let me try first.

Jack attempts to poke your face. You kind of feel it, her finger has an odd gelatinous texture and you stay perfectly still to show you are a GOOD BOY.

Jack: You bite him and I’ll get BOSS to evaporate your sorry KAIJU hide, got it?
Remy: Wak wak wak wak wak.
Jack: Alright Beaky, you can try it, watch out for those spikes.

You let the bird run his feathers all over you, glowing slightly under all the ATTENTION. Now here’s a KIN who doesn’t have severe KAIJU related trauma.
No. 1042799 ID: 9ea24b
File 166225618085.png - (87.65KB , 500x500 , p34.png )

>Play catch
You nod your head toward the ball in Beaky’s hand and he throws it to you. It goes somewhere in your face, and you shake it on the ground so he can pick it up and toss it AGAIN.

Jack keeps a close eye on you while you play with Beaky. You discover you can’t go more than 5 meters away from Jack and you start feeling sleepy after about half an hour.

What fun! What joy! Between the BOND with Jack and Beaky’s short stature, you can almost pretend you’re playing with RIDER. Eventually you yawn and lie in the grass to SLEEP.

Your nap was late so you wake up late. The DUNGEON lights are starting to dim and you can hear people talking in the CAFETERIA. You’re quite confident Jack will keep you around, if only to win cool aunt points with Beaky, so your list of duties has been completed.

Before you meet up with RIDER, is there anything you’d like to do? Please list anyone or any place you’d like to visit.
No. 1042801 ID: e51896

Lets see the Kaiju mainly. ask if they've seen Bobby Slurps anywhere, and if they'd like to help your cause when the demon war begins.

Alternatively, we can search for one or more of the kin we haven't seen yet (Joseph, Forest girl, Kelsey, Sunshine, Pazuru, Hyun, and Laverne (the latter three worked the ruffled haunch and we never seen them

but overall, I want to see if we can find the Kaiju hanging out outside of the barrier and see if we can have a short WAcKy chat with them before we see our rider.
No. 1042802 ID: 629f2e

Well, we could go say hi to Andrea. She's related to RIDER, so it'll be nice if we can warm up to her as well.
No. 1042803 ID: 515982

The Carnivorous Garden, and Gruk.
No. 1042807 ID: f89136

I'm down with that. Let's just hope they still recognize Remy as family.

Considering the previous encounter was just Andrea trying to smash I say, to avoid potential awkwardness and discomfort, we wait for her to come to us without all the propositioning.
No. 1042811 ID: 15c72a

Go visit the other Kaiju.
No. 1042844 ID: 9ea24b
File 166231614433.png - (65.89KB , 500x500 , p35.png )

>Go to the BARRIER and call to the KAIJU
You have a feeling that some of your fellow MONSTERS survived after FLEEING the ANGELS that Isabella inadvertently summoned. Maybe you can get them to help you defend the BASE!

>Juniper dodge check: SUCCESS
You sneak out of the stump and sniff the air. Ugh, you can smell the TAINT of the FOREST girl’s magic. To keep the daily count of broken ribs to a minimum, you take the long way around so you don’t pass the graveyard.

The moon is half full and combined with your night vision you can see perfectly well. You start a stiff gallop towards the far end of the BARRIER, on the other side of the ruined TOWN.

The wall of concrete and steel rises before you, though much more intimidating is the INVISIBLE film of BOSS’ death bubble. You take a deep breath and ROAR.

You howl your hearts out for some TIME before trailing off into a pathetic whine. Where are your SIBLINGS?

With a heavy heart, you remember that since RIDER told that one muscly ANGEL about how breasts don’t have to be SEXUAL, he probably was able to hunt and kill all the rest of the KAIJU. You turn to leave when you feel a few heavy steps shake the ground.
No. 1042845 ID: 9ea24b
File 166231615415.png - (61.60KB , 500x500 , p36.png )

A hammerhead SHARK face peers over the top of the physical wall. Sister Lung!

Remy: Where are the others?
Lung: DEAD, little KING. It won’t be long before I am slain as well. The ANGELS seem immune to these sacks of FLESH that CREATOR gave to protect us. I came when you called, but it is not safe for me to be so CLOSE to the CITY. Why do you still stay with the KIN that orchestrated our CREATOR’s death?
Remy: RIDER was only trying to free herself! She and I share a DEEP BOND and I LOVE her.

Lung sighs. You stamp the ground in frustration. You know RIDER hurt your siblings and kind of RUINED YOUR LIFE, but you HAVE to LOVE her.

Lung: I understand. You cannot help how CREATOR has shaped you.
Lung: I am also LINKED to you. What do you desire from me?

A. Ask Lung to sacrifice herself for you via jumping over the wall and dying so you can eat her BODY and GROW

B. Tell Lung to save herself and get as far from DONJON as possible

C. Ask Lung to stay near LYST
No. 1042846 ID: 629f2e

A or B. "I want to eat you, but if you'd rather live then please get as far away from DONJON as you possibly can."
No. 1042847 ID: 515982

No. 1042853 ID: e51896

I think I'll choose C. With the strike team gone, we're probably going to need a giant Kaiju to help protect the town, and I'm sure once the tinkers finish their anti barrier thing, they can work out a plan with Lung in some way to help her be better prepared from angel attacks too, like against the buff angel. as long as we let them know she's an ally, and tell Lung not to hurt any kin from LYST.

Totally against A.

Cat told us he doesn't want us to grow, and he's the leader. Best do what he says. Plus, we've kind of been acting as everyone's missing therapist. maybe not professional therapist, but more of a comfort service kaiju, which is better than nothing. our growth might also freak people out because of their trauma.
Plus, since we've been acting kind of as everyone's missing therapist, it'd be trouble to solve everyone's issues if we can't be able to fit back inside the dungeon if we're big, which means we won't be able to help people feel better.
I'm not sure how our big size will effect Jack and Beaky's life either.

If at some point we NEED to gain size, Cat will give us that power when the time is right, like maybe towards when the demon war begins in a year or two. There's no point in eatting our sis when we have another method of growing later. Size manipulation can also not only make us grow, but shrink as well after all.
No. 1042862 ID: 73451a

C: Rex is probably around you can say you have a giant kaiju friend to help defend the city while they go do a murder, it’s an extra layer of security and also you get a friemd!!!
No. 1042865 ID: 8483cf

C. The closer Lung is to danger, the farther they are from harm.
No. 1042869 ID: a2d88b

B. Our team likes saving people.
No. 1042876 ID: 15c72a

>one angel killed all the kaiju
Wow, giant Kaiju must fucking SUCK at fighting. Good reason for Remy to stay small. Maybe it's a good thing they mostly died though, they don't exactly have a place in this world.

B, but the enemy is going to WANO soon, so tell her to steer clear of there too.

...or maybe C, and we can lure the angel into a trap using the kaiju as bait. Perhaps RIDER can use her "friendship" with him as an additional distraction during the fight (or after it?) to allow Set to assassinate the angel.
No. 1042899 ID: 73451a

No. 1042908 ID: 9ea24b
File 166234517298.png - (99.57KB , 500x500 , p37.png )

Remy: I want you to stay, even if it’s RISKY. You might be able to help RIDER defend the BASE, though you’ll want to stay hidden as best you can so you don’t scare the KIN.
Lung: As you wish.

You try to offer advice about CAMOUFLAGE before bidding Lung goodnight. It’s selfish, but you feel comforted knowing another KAIJU is nearby.

>Andrea dodge check: FAILURE
On the way back to the DUNGEON, you spot a RABBIT darting towards you through the underbrush. Is it RIDER? Is she coming to see you? You enthusiastically bound forward to meet her.

Augh, it’s Andrea! You prepare your thick skull for more rib destruction in case Andrea tries to put a hand on you. You’re very fed up with all the KIN who think you’re some kind of TOY. Beaky is the only exception.

Andrea: Hey Remy! I spotted you earlier down in the ARENA, was there something you needed?
Remy: Wak.
Andrea: Right, right, Rex patch me in.

Remy: I was looking for WILLAMINA and she was not there. I later found her so it is no longer an issue. Do not PESTER me.
Andrea: Just being polite, bud. Sounds like someone needs to RELAX. I can think of a few things that might help…

How do you deal with Andrea?
No. 1042917 ID: 629f2e

She's your rider's sister, so maybe she can help Myriad feel better? Why not ask her to come with you and help her?
No. 1042919 ID: 15c72a

Tell her directly that you have no interest in sex of any sort, and that she should tell all the other perverts so that they stop harassing you.
Oh also tell Andrea that you convinced the last surviving giant Kaiju to stay near town to help protect it, and you'd like help keeping her hidden please so as not to freak anyone out. (and maybe ANDREA can suggest a sneaky plan to Set)
No. 1042924 ID: e51896

>>1042917 mainly this. Let Andrea know you've been on an important mission to help VV with her DEPRESSION all day and was finally going to relax by seeing her after already getting a few people to see her today to make her feel better about herself, and maybe Andrea can come along to give her sister company with you... it was one of the main reasons she came to Lyst after all, to be with Andrea... really let her know VV deserves Andrea's attention more than you deserve Andrea's attention right now.

>>1042919 also letting her know about the Kaiju is good. Best let Andrea know so she can deliver the message to Set later to convince her to let VV help protect the base with Remy and Lung instead of being benched now that she's got a giant Kaiju on our side under her command so VV can feel useful.
No. 1042925 ID: 5499f4

basically parroting what the others say about setting boundaries and talking about the kaiju. Though you should mention the big kaiju has big tiddies so if you want to fondle them, ask for consent but go ahead. (pass the buck, pass the buck, let her try to flirt with the other one)
No. 1042926 ID: e51896

She can't tho, the kaiju is on the other side of the super dangerous barrier
No. 1042930 ID: f89136

If any of them are sexual or lead to anything sexual prepare to get a cold shoulder at high speed. Regardless, you are wanting to to see how your rider, her sister, is doing, so unless it's pressing, it will have to wait. Maybe she should come with.
No. 1042934 ID: 5499f4

Counter: what if she just flirted with the thing and whenever it went down tried afterwards. They were working on an anti-barrier I think right? So maybe the big ol kaij can just come in when that happens?
No. 1042965 ID: 9ea24b
File 166239014275.png - (51.30KB , 500x500 , p38.png )

Remy: I want to make it very clear that I have NO interest in sexual activities with you or Mint or anyone else and that I don’t appreciate any attempts to be snared by druid MAGIC. Even though my kind caused massive damage to LYST, I am not a threat and you don’t have to try and CONTROL me!
Andrea: Okay.
Remy: There is only ONE full-sized KAIJU left, and she obeys me and can help with our efforts to defend the BASE. She has large, pillowy BREASTS and may be more receptive to your flirtations if we use the ANTI-BARRIER to let her in.
Andrea: Yeah I’m going to have to ask about that one, that might freak out a lot of people.
Remy: All I care about is RIDER and I have been running around all DAY trying to cheer her up since she is very DEPRESSED because Set has stopped her from doing anything USEFUL. RIDER came all this way for YOU, so you should be trying to help her as well. I’m going to see her now, so you can come with ME.

With that impassioned speech, you hold your long neck high and stride towards the STUMP. After a moment, Andrea follows behind you.

Gruk encounter check: FAILURE
You don’t see anyone noteworthy on the way to the rabbit room.
No. 1042966 ID: 9ea24b
File 166239015824.png - (137.01KB , 500x500 , p39.png )

The door is open, and you tentatively look inside. RIDER is sitting with Isabella on the bed, while Willamina leans against the end of the mattress. They’re watching BRAIN WORMS 3 on one of the handhelds the TINKERS put together. Everyone’s eyes are a bit bloodshot from crying.

Andrea: Is this girl’s night? Mind if I join?
Willamina: Come on in.

A. Follow Andrea and sit next to RIDER (You’ll feel loved and at peace)
B. Sit outside (You’ll hear them talk about SLAYER)
C. You feel drawn to the lower levels of the DUNGEON (You’ll learn about Set’s tragic backstory)
No. 1042968 ID: d98cb8

A, absolutely. Feel loved.
No. 1042969 ID: 629f2e

Easiest choice ever. A

C implies that Remy cares about Set when in reality she's just the bitch that made RIDER sad. Her tragic backstory is that she was born a bitch, the end.

B would be kind of interesting, because it would let us hear what Willamima and Isabella think about Max now, and might give us some insight into why RIDER is really sad if it has something to do with the last encounter and not other junk.

But A would make us happy, which is a tough offer to beat. We just spent the thread trying to make RIDER happy, I think we've earned a bit of self-care.
No. 1042973 ID: e51896


The other two are interesting, but...

while being everyone's therapist and caring for their mental health is important, so is our own mental health. We totally deserve this. Plus Andrea told us to relax. Say what you will about her, she knows the importance of taking a break
No. 1042975 ID: ae4094

I really want to learn about Set, but it feels ooc, so A
No. 1042984 ID: e5709d

C. I wanna know how she went from a puppy to a demon lord.
No. 1042989 ID: 515982

A. We can learn some other time.
No. 1042999 ID: 9ea24b
File 166240580778.png - (70.26KB , 500x500 , p40.png )

It’s the easiest choice of your LIFE. You enter the room and lay yourself at RIDER’s feet below the edge of the bed. She reaches down to stroke your head, and you tune out the sounds of the campy horror movie as you sink into a blissful doze. Maybe one day, once the WAR is over, your RIDER can get a nice house with a fur rug in front of the fireplace where you can sleep and grow old. A big yard to play fetch in. A warm, soft bed to rest your weary bones.

It’s only a daydream, but the thought is STRONG enough that you hope RIDER can feel it too.

Thanks for reading Queen of Hell! I don’t have plans to continue the CATALYST story any further besides some comics about Max’s misadventures with BOSS and Overmind, and I’m leaving it to Edmango to do the ENDING.
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