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File 166016789938.png - (87.00KB , 500x500 , a_smaller_quest.png )
1040516 No. 1040516 ID: 899c9f


One small step for Sam, one giant leap for Formican-kind.
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No. 1059167 ID: a7a180
File 167935884375.png - (102.44KB , 500x500 , tastes_like_diet_cardboard.png )

>It seems you have slightly different understandings of ownership, which could potentially cause a problem if you try to mediate
If I don’t try and calm them both down, this problem isn’t going to go away.
“Hey! Next time, ask before taking stuff, okay?”
<Fine.> She’s still not returning the sandwich she bit.
“Pent, I’ll make it up to you this time. Here.” I give her a fried mushroom from my bag.
<You sure? We all need the supplies we brought. Especially when we don’t know when we’ll find more.>
“We're all gonna work to make sure no one goes hungry this trip, okay? Right now, there’s paper all around us.” I turn to Bright Eyes again. “We saw the Xanthi eating some, could you try that instead?”
Bright Eyes shrugs, then tucks her snack away and tries crumpling up some paper from the floor. She immediately spits it back out. <Bleck! Maybe YOU eat paper if it zzuch good idea.>
"Okay, not a food of first resort, I get it."
>How much food do we have at this point, anyway?
After stocking up at Pent’s we had enough for six, now five days of trail food, minus one leafroot sandwich. Two of those days are left over from our initial supplies. If Bright Eyes dips into that, our reserves get shorter but it’ll keep the big bug happy and more amenable to other requests. Ready access to food is a luxury she’s not used to, I suppose.
I think it would be best for everyone’s mood if we focused on our next task for now. We’re almost ready for a test flight.

>Start building the plane now: We have the parts for the plane itself, what more do you really need?
>Work on a launcher: Something more than elevation and a push to get us going. (Specify who to leave behind this time as more supplies are gathered.)
>Scout the skeleton: What’s better than elevation? A lot of elevation.
No. 1059174 ID: 26f1ab

All of those choices are tempting. If we were being hunted or on the run I'd say start the plane ASAP. But this room seems to be relatively peaceful, when you're not poaching paper.
Building the launcher is good too, especially since you actively have the time.
But curiosity is burning, i think we need to check it that giant skeleton. Why is it there? What purpose does it serve? Just a decoy incase outsiders get into this region? Is there secrets stowed within for later generations to find? Some kind of warning of an unseen danger? What do they mean? We won't know what until you investigate those fake bones, so hop to it.
No. 1059175 ID: 23ba19

I want to investigate Mr. Bones' wild ride
No. 1059379 ID: a7a180
File 167961781865.png - (90.54KB , 500x500 , them_dry_bones.png )

>skeleton time
I’d just like to get away from the tension really, and my curiosity about the skeleton has come crawling back. Jaina goes along as my climbing partner, leaving Anet and the others watching us from below.
It’s a pretty easy climb with the right tools. The torso is made of solid plates so we can basically walk right up the front. Gaps between the upper and lower torso let me shine a flashlight on the insides. The only thing I spot is the glint of a steel backbone supporting the outer shell, which confirms my artificial skeleton theory. But still, why leave fake bones around? As decoys they wouldn’t stand up to inspection for long. What kind of warning do you get across by arranging them in everyday poses, just sitting in chairs? Maybe the secret is hidden further up.
“Did you ever look around inside the skeleton near the village?” I ask Jaina.
“Once or twice, to satisfy Anet’s curiosity. There was nothing but dry bones, though.”
“Did you notice if it had a metal backbone too?”
“Never brought a light in with me, so no.”
"Darn. Do you have any theories why the ancients put these here?"
"I'm as stumped as you. Elder Styx told us as kids that ours was an alien that was trapped by the quarantine and was stuck here eating old lunches til she died, but I don't think he really believed that."
We take a short rest on the shoulder before tossing our rope up onto the skull. Getting up here was tiring enough that hauling the launch up here seems like too much trouble. There just isn’t enough space to balance the plane on and still have room to stand. At least it’s given me a clearer view of the room, one I normally would have just from walking in. I have a clear view of the chalkboard, the teacher’s desk, and the left side of the classroom. I note a hidden stack of books that we might have crashed into if we turned a corner blindly at the end of the aisle. Bulbous structures like wasp nests are visible between the gaps in desktops - the Xanthi seem to prefer the shade under these desks for living in. The most impressive of these structures is a section of the front row converted into a book fort - two books laid facedown between the desks form an arch, and some standing book covers form a solid wall.
The only openings in the skull are the usual ones, the eye sockets. As I step into the eyehole, the skull tilts, and it keeps tilting…
No. 1059396 ID: 6e7268

You should probably know that typically eye sockets in skulls do not exit directly into the brain cavity, you'd have to break past the orbit bones where the nerve and muscle fissures are.

Also you may wanna brace on something. You're going for a ride.
No. 1059421 ID: 273c18

Hmm, what if these are pilotable? Mechs that shrunken Formicians can use to interact with the normal size world?

Stay in the skull. It shouldn't detach.
No. 1059739 ID: a7a180
File 168005690681.png - (99.05KB , 500x500 , heading_down.png )

The teetering of the skull worsens. Jaina is already in the socket, crouching low with her antennae on a swivel.
”Hold. Still.”
I freeze up immediately. “I think the two of us in one eye unbalanced it, should I climb back down?”
She looks outward at the quickly sloping false horizon on the wall. “-No, it’s too late. Hold on to something, quick!”
>What if these are pilotable mechs
That would be helpful! Maybe it looks weird because its synthetic skin rotted away? I can’t see any control surfaces or runes…
>It shouldn’t detach.
It detaches.
We’re thrown up into the ceiling and back down again, bouncing off the walls even after the skull comes to rest on the floor.
No. 1059740 ID: a7a180
File 168005691828.png - (160.63KB , 500x500 , a_splitting_headache.png )

“Jaina! Sam! Are you okay?” Anet jumps down from the desk to the seat to the ground level, Pent and Bright Eyes looking on from above. I’m… dizzy, but nothing feels broken. My head is pounding, though. Jaina and I bounced off each other in the tight confines of the eye sockets, limiting our injuries.
>you'd have to break past the orbit bones
I know, and we brought the pickaxe to do just that. Luckily we don’t have to, the skull cracked open on impact. It’s completely empty inside, just a hollow plaster shell. It was only a model skeleton, after all. It probably used to hang near the front of the classroom for science lessons or the like, though the educational value is questionable.
The rest of the skeleton slumps over, like a great weight’s been lifted off its shoulders. Ah, I hope they weren’t fond of this thing… If they haven’t noticed the head is missing yet, they will soon.

>Continue with plane building
>Get some distance from the skeleton
>Other: >_
No. 1059741 ID: 273c18

Get some distance first. You just made a huge ruckus, someone will come looking regardless of their opinion on the skeleton.
No. 1059813 ID: f30c55

Better hurry up with that plane so you can get far away from here!
No. 1059972 ID: 26f1ab

Well, a learning aid is interesting, if not as interesting as a giant mech. But you did just make a heck of a racket, so as soon as you're sure you don't have a concussion you might want to start working on that paper airplane and launch device. Just in case the locals are angry you ruined their macabre landscape and stole their food to make a vehicle.
No. 1059974 ID: 273c18

I think I figured out what the big fake skeletons are. They're ART. It's the only thing that makes sense. They don't work to scare people because they'd be easily exposed as fake, and they aren't functional in any way.

Well, I guess we haven't completely investigated one. Maybe there's something hidden deeper inside it, but I doubt it.
No. 1064617 ID: a7a180
File 168514521970.png - (107.00KB , 500x500 , hold_em_and_fold_em.png )

Anyway, back to plane building! This is going to take a lot more time and pairs of hands than usual.
Shortly after beginning, Jaina decides she needs to lie down and rest, and I can’t say I blame her. She’s been getting knocked around a lot on our trip.
The first step is to draw out the lines to be folded in pencil. Anet finds a box of markers under the desk and carries some up to doodle on the paper while I plan out the folds. Then we lift the sheet up and fold it over as a team. Bright Eyes holds it in position while the rest of us press down on the paper to crease it. Once that’s finished, we start taping the plane together to retain its shape.
No. 1064618 ID: a7a180
File 168514523175.png - (142.47KB , 500x500 , flypaper_faux_pas.png )

>Item complications: tape
One of the perils of papercraft at our size pops up as Anet tries to work with the roll of tape. She’s having trouble pulling strips off in continuous, full width lines, and the slack keeps bunching up and getting stuck to itself. Then while my back is turned, she manages to trip over a strip we've laid out, falling flat on her abdomen and sliding off the edge of the desk!
“Anet!” I run over to find her dangling in midair, her back plastered to the tape. Fortunately the sticky side caught the edge of the desk as she fell.
“Sorry! Eheh… Mind giving me a hand or three?”
“...How did you even end up like that?”

We pull her up and manage to (painfully) pull most of the tape off her again. She’s still a bit sticky in places, and sometimes she has to shake a thing she’s holding loose, but Anet is otherwise fine.
The safety systems fare better, for now. Formican strength is once again key in bending the clips into long, curved bars to form a wide enough enclosure for us to sit in. We’ll install it on the actual plane later, accounting for its weight and ours on the test model by adding an equivalent number of unbent paperclips.
No. 1064619 ID: a7a180
File 168514524919.png - (99.24KB , 500x500 , build-a-plane_workshop.png )

Well, that took us nearly an hour, but we did it: one giant paper airplane! I'm no aerospace engineer, but I think I did pretty good with it. it's exciting that I’ll actually get to ride in one of these but also sort of terrifying. Hopefully this design will catch a lot of air to make up for the lack of a throwing arm.

Design a paper airplane for Sam & co to ride. They’ve got access to tape and cutting tools to reshape the paper, plus you can add decoration if desired.
No. 1064624 ID: a8591e

Well regardless of other details, add a paperclip rollcage.
No. 1064653 ID: dee951

Any access to Balsa Wood? Rubber Bands? Any of the other materials to make this more badass?
No. 1064654 ID: a7a180

That's the plan! We're going to throw it on top for the real deal.
If it can be found in a high level classroom, it can probably be justified!
No. 1064666 ID: dee951


Something like one of these?




Any of these types would work, but make sure that the group has some harness they can hook onto the leading wings! And the thing has flaps they can manipulate!

Alternatively, rather than a rollcage, you could have an actual cabin, like this:


Though that said... you might not want a cabin hanging below it! You could have it have an enclosed fuselage, like this:


And stretch tissue paper or plastic wrap around a balsa frame, include some more sturdy reinforcements where you expect it to impact.
No. 1064707 ID: a7a180
File 168532972593.png - (33.37KB , 500x497 , sam-ple_plane.png )

Here's a sample paper airplane as a baseline design. Covered in doodles, with scotch tape seats slung behind the halves of the hull, it's enough to do the job, probably! The roll cage doesn't have to be drawn as it'll get thrown on top later.
No. 1065377 ID: a7a180
File 168627554584.png - (94.09KB , 500x500 , out_to_launch.png )

>Plane design: Defaulted…
As I was designing the plane, new ambitions kept springing to mind. Maybe I can find a rubber band to make an engine… We could chop up all these rulers to make a real airframe! Argh, but where would I find a propeller? It would take hours and hours to carve all that wood, longer than just crossing the room on foot! I elected to keep it simple, something I’d made many times before.
Using a ruler and pencil as a fulcrum I measure out the necessary ballast to represent us. There’s still plenty to spare, which when I stop and think about it means the Formicans hauled several times their weight in metal all the way from the junk pile. Their strength really is something else…
Pent is focused intently on something in the distance. I ask her, <What do you see?>
<There’s some Xanthi on shellback leaving the fort, carrying long sticks.>
I look for the book fort I saw while climbing the skeleton, down at the front of the classroom. Sure enough, the book covers acting as a gate are open and a few isopods are slowly crawling out the door. Those poles are several times the rider's height. <Should we worry?>
<No, they’re a long way off. Even if they’ve noticed us, their mounts would take a long time to get here.>
I nod and scoot out of the way as Bright Eyes pushes the plane up to the edge of the desk. It’s time for the test flight.
No. 1065378 ID: a7a180
File 168627555423.png - (112.39KB , 800x800 , first_flight.png )

Bright Eyes gives the plane a hard shove, knocking it over the edge. Its trajectory starts off in a slow dive, but it builds up speed and pulls up sharply before settling into wobbly level flight. In just a few seconds it’s across the room, drunkenly soaring past the front row of desks. It’s a success!
No. 1065379 ID: a7a180
File 168627556782.png - (113.04KB , 500x500 , hey_knock_it_off.png )

…And then it keeps going, crashing directly into the books stacked by the desk. The whole pile wobbles, knocking down gangways and the travelers climbing up them. Oops.
Well, that probably wouldn’t have happened if anyone was on board to steer it. At least we’ve proven the concept’s sound?
There’s a sound like angry chittering in the distance.
<Hey Sam… how fast can we build a second plane?>
“Um… Well, it should go faster with the practice we’ve had.”
<Can you build this one… twice as fast?>
“Umm. Maybe, why..?”
<Because those xanthi are riding this way now, and they’re not happy.>
Uh oh. It’ll be awkward to explain our ex-plane… Maybe we should cut a few corners on the next build to get it done faster. But, I wouldn't want it to crash like the first plane either!
>Practice makes perfect? (Suggest changes to improve construction time or flight performance)
>Time for plan B: >___
No. 1065386 ID: 273c18

wh... why did we not use the first one
No. 1065448 ID: af7615

Presumably so they'd know if they would die in a nosedive. Which is a surprisingly practical consideration! On the other hand, YOU'RE RIDING A PAPER AIRPLANE.
No. 1065453 ID: 38c55b

First piece of advice to work faster is not have Anet get tangled up in the tape, either she is more careful or if someone else works the tape dispenser.
Second piece of advice is if Jaina is able another set of hands helping may speed things up, even if only helping make sure take distribution goes well.
Otherwise... hopefully the practice gained building the first one does help with the second. If not you'll have to explain to some angry people why you turned a big chunk of their food and turned it into a weapon and used it to rattle their homes, knocking down walkways and sending people plummeting.
No. 1065456 ID: 273c18

ok. why did we not make two at the same time, then.

All we accomplished is giving us extra time crunch, which will result in cutting corners and having a less safe plane.

Or we could just fucking walk since the quest author didn't like the plane idea apparently.
No. 1065790 ID: a7a180
File 168670773887.png - (126.35KB , 500x500 , anet_assisted_takeoff.png )

>Why not use the first one?
I had no idea if this was going to work at all! I’ve already plummeted to the ground once today, thank you very much.
>build another, all hands on deck, and keep Anet away from the tape
Yeah, sailing over the xanthi’s heads is still our best bet. I swap places with Anet, she draws the folds while I separate out the tape. I tap Jaina to ask her to help on this one.
“Hey, Jaina. You awake?”
“Bluh…” She looks more tired than before. “Is it finished yet?”
“Well, yes and no. We’re building a new one and we could use your help on it. Many hands make light work.”
She sighs. “Alright... If I have to.”
Seeing her genuine fatigue, I start to change my mind. “You only have to help if you’re feeling up to it.”
“No, no, I’m fine,” she insists.
We repeat the process once more with feeling, saving the time we spent weighing proxies to install the roll cage over the seats.
<The xanthi are getting closer,> Pent warns. That kicks us into overdrive finishing construction.
As we’re pushing it to the edge, we see one of their colored pencil pikes peeking over the tabletop! <Bugger, they're faster than I thought! Go, go! Push!>
I have an idea to make us launch faster!" shouts Anet. “Watch your head, Bright, and hang on tight!” She aims the extinguisher to the rear and braces herself against the bars. Fwoosh! We blast off amidst the sound of angry shouting.
No. 1065791 ID: a7a180
File 168670774426.png - (113.06KB , 500x500 , ant_overboard.png )

I’m flying! Flying on a paper airplane. It’s actually happening! I don’t have much time to let it sink in though, as all of my focus is on steering us straight down the aisle. It’s not as easy as the test plane made it look - we’re moving faster, and our center of gravity is making us veer left, I fear if I pull too hard in the other direction, we could fall out of the air.
<Hhh… Zome help… up?>
Oh no, Bright Eyes is still hanging off the back! We were going too fast for her to climb into the plane. I can’t pull her up and steer at the same time, I’ve only got two arms!
>Focus on pulling Bright Eyes up (Anet will take over steering)
>Focus on steering (The others will try to hold onto Bright Eyes)
No. 1065792 ID: 8f9bc4

Steering? A paper plane?! You expect the impossible! Just save her, and pray!
No. 1065812 ID: 273c18

Switching pilots is a bad idea, and the others are stronger than you anyway! Stay in the pilot seat!
No. 1065857 ID: 9a2966

Seems logical.
No. 1065858 ID: f8083d

Explicitly tell them to grab her while you try and keep the plane as steady as possible.
No. 1065944 ID: 7d8322

>Focus on pulling Bright Eyes up (Anet will take over steering)
No. 1066265 ID: a7a180
File 168720553882.png - (99.15KB , 500x500 , like_a_glove.png )

>Focus on steering
“I can’t take my hands off the reins! Someone help her!”
“I’ve got you!” shouts Anet. “C’mon, Jaina, pull!”
“I- I can’t do it! I just can’t!”
“Hurry up, her grip’s tearing the paper!”
The sisters struggle just to hold onto Bright Eyes against the turbulence. It seems like all three are in trouble until Pent climbs over them, grabbing the spear off Jaina’s back. She holds it out to bright Eyes next to her own. <Grab on, now!>
Bright Eyes shifts her grip one hand at a time to the spear shafts, and with Pent and Anet bracing themselves against the roll cage they finally manage to pull her up. The Beformican scrambles onto the plane, tumbling over Pent.

In the meantime, the shifting load on the plane is making it turn towards the desk again, putting us on a crash course. I turn hard to avoid it, coming close enough to the corner that I can see xanthi diving for cover. Some even jump off the sides to avoid us. I keep the plane in a hard counterclockwise spiral to bleed off altitude until we're pointed back at the door, then point the nose down. We skid gently to a stop a few feet away.
No. 1066266 ID: a7a180
File 168720554224.png - (144.36KB , 500x500 , pents_biggest_fan.png )

Everyone seems unharmed from our first flying experience - well, most of us. Anet’s looking over Jaina with concern as she sits dazed against the roll cage. I haven’t seen her this winded before. Her bandages seem okay, it doesn’t look like they’ve started bleeding again, but it might be something else.

Bright Eyes hasn’t gotten off of Pent yet, staring down at her with a mixture of awe and shock.
<Pent… zave me.>
<Yeah. What of it?>
<Thought Pent hate me. Think I zteal food.>
<That didn’t matter, in the moment. You’re part of the group still, so when you’re in trouble we help out. It’s not that hard to understand.>
Bright Eyes’ antennae rise and fall as she absorbs the meaning of this common kindness, her mandibles clacking wordlessly.
<...A thank-you would be nice.>

Well, my plan worked. We crossed the classroom in an instant, and everyone that was prepared to chase us is now on the other side of the room. We should be safe from pursuit as we move on to the domain next door.
I wonder if there’s anything I should do before we all beat a retreat from the classroom.

No. 1066267 ID: 273c18

Ask Jaina if she's alright. What happened? Did she get thrown about too much? Hmm, how do ants breathe again? Wait you can see her breathing so it's not pure exoskeletal respiration... does she have an infection? A fever?
No. 1066294 ID: adfc57

Offhandedly comment that Pent should teach her big buddy how to be good. Sure seems like they could all use lessons on the meaning of friendship. Still, wounded are the priority which right now is Jaina so bust out the bandages! Bright Eyes learning about kindness is giving me diabetes.
No. 1066356 ID: cce6c4

Seconding the idea to check on Jaina while we have a bit of downtime.

Also, hey, being pragmatic about our own abilities improved the overall team bond!
No. 1066372 ID: 15a025

Yeah! Teach everyone the magic of friendship.
No. 1066529 ID: a7a180
File 168758370341.png - (110.25KB , 500x500 , just-peachy.png )

>Comment that Pent should teach her big buddy to be good
Maybe let’s take things one step at a time? This seems like a good improvement over simply tolerating Bright Eyes' presence.
>focusing on our abilities improved the team bond
I guess it did! That’s… good.
>Teach everyone the magic of friendship!
I um, don’t feel qualified for that! Both halves of this group have known each other a lot longer than I have - Anet and Jaina as sisters, Pent and Bright Eyes as kinda-sorta-frenemies. I’m still very much the outsider in this situation. Maybe I should focus on Jaina right now.

>Ask Jaina if she’s alright
“Jaina, you doing okay? Sounded like you were having some trouble back there…”
“Not really,” she admits. “I think I’m just worn out from today.”
Uh oh. I try asking her how many fingers I’m holding up. She answers correctly, which is good, probably. Her wounded shoulder is very sore when poked, which is less good.
“Here, let me check your temperature.” I step close to hold my hand to her forehead, and she slumps against me. “Ah! Oh, your whole body is warm…”
I think she might have a fever.

Jaina needs rest, so we’ll definitely be looking for a place to hunker down. We abandon the paper plane to get chewed up by the xanthi and head for the door.
No. 1066530 ID: a7a180
File 168758370733.png - (177.22KB , 700x500 , area_discovered_the_old_lab.png )

A light breeze becomes noticeable as we near the threshold, crossing the divider from carpet to tile. This room has a sort of chemical smell, tinged faintly acrid. Not as strong as the burnt science labs we visited, but still noticeable. This seems like a smaller, hands-on classroom, with several high hexagonal tables and another teacher’s desk next to a giant Formican exoskeleton stood limply on a stand. It must be another anatomical model, one more accurate than the last two. It’s strangely comforting to know these models are a constant of classrooms across the galaxy.
Many of the cabinets lining the walls have transparent windows showcasing fancy looking scientific equipment or chemical beakers within. Stains on the shutters hint that some of these chemicals might have leaked and caused damage. That might explain why the wallpaper here is peeling - most of the temple’s inner rooms haven’t shown that kind of weathering, so far.
I look around trying to figure out the safest place to rest. The tables are too high to see what’s on top. Maybe we should climb up the furniture to get a degree of safety from whoever prowls the floor, or hide out under the desk. Or we could duck into one of the cabinets.

>Where to?
No. 1066531 ID: 273c18

Try not to be too obvious about checking out the accurate anatomical model. ...why are there classrooms here? Why were there rooms designed to be used by large Formecians in the first place?
Ughhhh is that why there are fake skeletons hanging around? This complex is part of a school, which means they have fake skeletons for science class, and someone put one in the break room as a PRANK? Why is it a school though? Did they simply reuse the building because it had enough space for the mini-city and would look mundane to intruders? In the latter case why encase the school in a reinforced shell that your archaeological team can't break through? It's so weird.

>what do?
Go in a cabinet. So long as there's no reason for anyone else to go in there, the door makes it secure. Though, you do risk opening the door and finding someone in there already, so better check carefully.
No. 1066540 ID: eb7ce4

would the skull be a safe place? I'm not sure if it's sturdy enough to hold all you guys (considering what happened last time), and the amount of effort needed to climb onto it, BUT it's got a great view of the area around you, and i think it could be easily defendable. Good for Jaina to take a rest for a little bit.
No. 1066552 ID: 9d5379

>anatomical model
Try to not be distracted by the model's thicc hips.

>where to?
I think one of the tables already has a little village on it, so let's try to avoid going up there.

I say you get on a different piece of furniture for safety.
No. 1066553 ID: 8f9bc4

The stools all appear to be torn from the center, probably to harvest the upholstery. Not a good place to avoid attention. There is less muck on the cabinets in front of you, which probably indicates an art error that it's further away from any food sources than the other places you could hide under, or climb inside. Probably will encounter fewer bugs over there. On the other hand you'll be across the room from any harvestable fungi, should you need it.

It'd be really funny if there were a tiny bug village built up on top of the table complete with adorable little bug huts, and with the devastation and destruction of what they did to the village on the other table. Too bad you can't see what's on either table from way down here!
No. 1066717 ID: a7a180
File 168790933506.png - (124.75KB , 500x500 , want_some_help_with_that.png )

>Don’t be too obvious checking out the model
I have to crane my neck quite a bit to do that, so it’d be very obvious if I did. Still, I allow myself one long gaze up at it, awestruck by the scale of a full-sized person once again. That’s a huge abdomen…
“We should duck into the cabinets to rest,” I suggest.
“What if someone’s inside them already?" Anet points out. "If we climb up to the skull, we’d get a good view of the tables and beyond. This one looks stable.”
“No thank you, I do not want to chance that again. The tables are an unknown, so let’s get on top of something else.”
”Testing… Test. What a curious dialect this is. Might I suggest the desk top for camping out?”
I look around, confused. “Who said that?”
”Up here.”
<Guys, the skeleton just talked…> Pent's looking straight up.
I look up too. The model’s eyes aren’t empty, they’re screens. And they just lit up.
No. 1066718 ID: a7a180
File 168790933906.png - (106.82KB , 500x500 , still_alive.png )

”Sorry for startling you. I’ve just been hanging around here for so long with no one worth talking to. I am J-NET. It’s nice to have new visitors for once, I’ve been terribly bored these past few millennia…

>KILLS: 30%
>ITEMS: 51%
>SECRET: 75%
No. 1066722 ID: 273c18

Oh boy finally someone who knows what really happened!
No. 1066741 ID: 5d9998

……do you know the secrets to help me grow back to normal height?
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