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File 165629920347.png - (16.10KB , 200x200 , 0a0a title.png )
1036060 No. 1036060 ID: 4ef090

Threads and magic, these are the same. But what happens if you pull that thread too far? Silly nudity, obviously.

This quest is NSFW
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No. 1036061 ID: 4ef090
File 165629922272.png - (5.09KB , 200x200 , 1.png )

You are formless in the space between planes. This reality is adjacent to one you may be familiar with, but consider it entirely separate for now. Soon you will awaken and embark on an adventure, but for now…

What are you?

A. Slimekin
B. Featherkin
C. Scalekin
D. Voidkin

There are monsters and baddies out there. You can do a little bit of magic, but at a cost. What tool seems the most useful to combine with your magic?

1. Sword - a long thin blade, fragile if used improperly. You can reinforce it with magic, but it loses its edge.
2. Tome - a thick book with an eye that speaks to you. It can focus your magic, but is a less effective blunt weapon.
3. Gun - an elegant firearm, nimble and accurate. Is very powerful, but costs a lot of magic to fire.
No. 1036068 ID: e51896

B or D, 2 (because it can speak to us, and we could use a friend)
No. 1036069 ID: 629f2e

B, because Sofia draws splendid birbs and it would be a CRIME not to take advantage of that.

2, because magic is lit.
No. 1036070 ID: f373c9

B and 2 or 3

Time for Birbposting
No. 1036071 ID: 899c9f

Scalekin... and a GUN
No. 1036072 ID: d0108b

No. 1036075 ID: dbc6b8

pawn to D3
No. 1036076 ID: d98cb8

D and 1

Voidkin with a sword please! I have no idea what a voidkin looks like so it sounds most interesting
No. 1036077 ID: 0eef85

Featherkin, gun!
No. 1036079 ID: 0bfc71

B, 3
No. 1036083 ID: 273c18

No. 1036085 ID: b4ab25

No. 1036086 ID: 0bf66c

Oh bird? With powerful blasts? B 3
No. 1036088 ID: 376bf3

No. 1036089 ID: e07ed2

No. 1036090 ID: 736b7e

B 3
No. 1036091 ID: e7c7d3

C 2
No. 1036093 ID: 4ef090
File 165630136234.png - (4.30KB , 200x200 , 2.png )

You're a Bird and you have a Gun. Just a couple more questions now and you'll wake up.

What do friends call you?
What is your favorite color?
No. 1036094 ID: 899c9f

Ginny, Green
No. 1036095 ID: e7c7d3

No. 1036096 ID: 275839

Stella, Teal
No. 1036098 ID: 0eef85

Vio Locke
Purple or Teal-ish
No. 1036099 ID: 629f2e

Millie, Periwinkle
No. 1036100 ID: adc37c

Pink, pink
No. 1036101 ID: adc37c

Pink, pink
No. 1036102 ID: f373c9


Seconding name, Turquoise
No. 1036104 ID: 6bb66d

Cute bird is cute
No. 1036106 ID: 4ef090
File 165630407339.png - (4.47KB , 200x200 , 3.png )

Many people know you by many names, but your friends know you as Millie.

Your favorite color is teal. The soothing mossy green poncho reminds you of the lichen that grew on everything in your homeland. In a way it's like bringing your family and friends along with you.

Not only fashionable tho, it's also functional. Your magic comes from the threads that make up the garment. You draw runes with thread, which is sacrificed to produce magic.
Your poncho will mend itself with enough time, but not quickly enough to wait on in a fight. Be careful, but also, don't worry about being too careful.

Your trusty revolver has a comforting weight to it and packs a mean punch. You can chamber six rounds of thread in it, and any more are pulled directly from your garment when fired. Be mindful of how much thread you can spare.

Just a couple more questions and then you'll wake up.

What are your pronouns?
What's under your poncho?
No. 1036116 ID: d7a65a

Bird Tits and Pusi
No. 1036117 ID: e51896

inside your poncho is another poncho.
No. 1036118 ID: 3bc13b

beneath the poncho? A bigger gun of course, for emergencies
No. 1036120 ID: 0eef85

Bird man below!
No. 1036122 ID: 0bf66c

He has to be packin' heat along with his heat! Gun!
No. 1036123 ID: a977b8

Pronouns: She/her

Under poncho: Big tits, thicc hips/thighs, and a pussy.
No. 1036124 ID: 629f2e


What don't you have going on under there?
No. 1036125 ID: 5b9ad5

CFB - Cute Furry Bird Boy
No. 1036126 ID: 422cea


A pingas, but a bird pingas.
No. 1036128 ID: 0bfc71

He has a gun. With a sizeable dick gun under.
No. 1036129 ID: 36784c

No. 1036130 ID: 0edd3b

Dude bits
No. 1036131 ID: f373c9

Certainly bird tits, and birb thicc.

(and a second revolver to dualwield in combat, if skilled enough or spicy enough, possibly?)
No. 1036132 ID: 87bb80

He/him. Somehow you're skilled in hiding your bird manliness under that poncho...
No. 1036133 ID: f373c9

Though... while i'm all for female, if it does swing towards male.

Definitely in that scenario, a thicc feminine boi, hips are important :V
No. 1036134 ID: 899c9f

She's a girl through and through.
No. 1036135 ID: fdb1ea

Bird boy, but a sleek boy, as birds do! Except for under being not-as-slim :3c
No. 1036136 ID: d98cb8


Has tits but also dick.
No. 1036137 ID: fec07f

Bobs and vagine
No. 1036138 ID: 5fc3a0

He/Him and a big swingin' dick, obviously
No. 1036139 ID: adc37c


slim femboy birb with shockingly large penis
No. 1036140 ID: 653d7f

Girl, thicc
No. 1036141 ID: 8483cf

He/him, dude bits
No. 1036142 ID: 273c18

he/him, with boy bits
No. 1036144 ID: b81967

He/him bird with a cute bird guy birdsique! He's a dude all the way.
No. 1036145 ID: eb207d

A Fluffy Birb BOI

Under the cloak, a "Birb-Shwang" Dirk for the occasional CQC encounter.

Oh, and a Bird Cock I guess
No. 1036146 ID: 4bcf54

she/her, girl vent

We're too good to need a second gun.
No. 1036147 ID: a7811e

He/him needs to be offset with a winning BEPIS. (Not too huge but funny huge)
No. 1036148 ID: 894419

He, With Bird Boy Bits
No. 1036149 ID: 3cb68d

He/Him with a penis gun bird penis cock bird!
No. 1036160 ID: 4f48ed


Standard biological female bits
No. 1036161 ID: c11296

Everyone is arguing too much so we should just have both, twice the experience in one body.
No. 1036163 ID: 736b7e


No. 1036164 ID: 6bb66d


Though, if boi wins, a femboi that's packing heat would be nice
No. 1036166 ID: 2aa5f0

sure, this works
No. 1036171 ID: 57ec6f

He/him just to make a lot of gun innuendo.
No. 1036173 ID: 75b9a4

Guy who is a guy.
No. 1036182 ID: 4ef090
File 165634942946.png - (5.11KB , 200x200 , 4.png )

Your pronouns are He/Him, and you have a bird penis. When it’s not erect it’s hidden inside your slit. You have two small breasts, and your hips are softly curved.

Aren’t you a handsome and or cute little devil? You like to think so.

So, to recap:

Your name is Millie
Your weapon is gun
Your favorite color is teal
You are a boy with boy bits and feminine curves

Is this correct? Are you ready to wake up?
No. 1036183 ID: 629f2e

It's time to wake up Millie
No. 1036184 ID: b81967

Ah, hoped upon a raw dude sans chest, alas.
Could those curves move towards the hips and get a hippy lad?
No. 1036185 ID: adc37c

I’m willing to compromise on the boobah, looks good
No. 1036187 ID: d98cb8

I am very good with this
No. 1036188 ID: 9f8ac2

Maybe a smidge boost to the butt (not the hips per say), for a little more bottom heavy look from behind to go with those soft tailfeathers (and a little bump in dick size) but as is, that is a body a bird dude can be proud of.
Though, gotta wonder if Millie enjoys showing off.
No. 1036190 ID: 0bfc71

Pure boy! Maybe we can go curvy in a different manner, like bein' more hippy instead of a chest
No. 1036193 ID: 75b9a4

No. Pick one of those and put the other one back on the shelf.
No. 1036197 ID: fe225b


Then we can wake up.
No. 1036198 ID: 5b9ad5

Beautiful Bird Boy Beckons!
No. 1036201 ID: 4ef090
File 165635464376.gif - (17.39KB , 200x400 , 5.gif )

The images above are simplified, so here's a version that's more accurate, taking into consideration the general vote for a softly curved boy. Curves from chest are moved to the hips and legs.

How does it feel?
No. 1036202 ID: 0eef85

Perfectly hipped and blushu ready!
No. 1036203 ID: d98cb8

Oh I was actually really into the boobs on boi situation. Dang.
No. 1036204 ID: b4ab25

I too enjoyed them
No. 1036205 ID: 567951

It is time to awaken, you caked up miscreant, you.
No. 1036206 ID: 629f2e


RIP booby boi, he was too perfect for this world.
No. 1036207 ID: 57ec6f

This lad is LOADED and LOCKED!
No. 1036208 ID: 9f8ac2

Lower half is perfect, imo. A hint/dash of bust and/or a small tuft of feathers might make the chest feel less empty though. Don't need him too busty, he just feels a little odd being flat.
No. 1036209 ID: 9ab9f7

It is time to cause havoc and/or get very blushy when the wind catches that poncho.
No. 1036210 ID: 4ef090
File 165635685277.png - (11.35KB , 200x400 , 6.png )

You seem well enough at ease with this form for now, but you may be able to alter it later.

Your dreams swirl and fade into a vision of a mountain a great distance away from you. A thin golden thread stretches into the heavens from the peak of the mountain.

You want to:

A - Obtain it
B - Sever it
C - Climb it
No. 1036216 ID: 0eef85

Shiny... A!
No. 1036217 ID: b4ab25

Write-in: Hug it
It looks huggable to me, it looks like it would be soft, IDK why. (fallback A - Obtain it)
No. 1036218 ID: d7a65a

Cut that motherfucker
No. 1036219 ID: c7291c

C! Clearly there's something important far above the mountains if a golden thread is extending from one.
No. 1036220 ID: 59134f

Obtain it? Perhaps if you could understand it, you could share its brilliance with others, making soft ponchos, wool hats, and s-socks.

This too. It looks soft.
No. 1036223 ID: 7c0da2

It has to go somewhere, probably.
No. 1036224 ID: 7faf10

I don't know what kind of bird we are, but, it i were a raven, and i see shiny, i want iT.
So i A.
No. 1036225 ID: d0108b

Climb it and collect it on the way down
No. 1036226 ID: f373c9

Firstly, CLIMB it if possible, and perhaps even CUT it afterward?

Who says we cant double-dip...
No. 1036227 ID: fdb1ea

More thread for more magic right? A!
No. 1036230 ID: bf7d5b


Mountains are for climbing!
No. 1036232 ID: 629f2e

No. 1036233 ID: 5b9ad5

No. 1036234 ID: e7848c

C. Let's ascend to the stars
No. 1036235 ID: 9a2966

A - It must be yours.
No. 1036250 ID: 4bcf54

C-limb the thread!
No. 1036251 ID: 736b7e

A. Obtain it, embrace it, hug it.
No. 1036254 ID: 4ef090
File 165636830930.png - (6.10KB , 200x200 , 7.png )

The thread extends so far up that it's impossible to see where it ends. You've always wondered what was at the top. Perhaps there's a heaven up there, or maybe a god? Perhaps just nothing.

The world is filled with stories about the thread. Nobody can agree on what it is or where it comes from.

Some people believe it's where all magic comes from. All thread comes from it.

Some people believe it's a ladder. A direct line leading to an omnipotent being.

Some people believe it's a natural phenomenon. A great beacon shining on the land as a guide.

Nobody has ever been able to approach it. There's a crumbling path winding through and around the mountain leading towards the summit. Several ancient temples, caves and monsters dot the exterior. Nobody knows what's inside. Many attempts were made to reach the top, and none managed to succeed.

But you are going to be the first. You're determined to reach the top, and further, you want to know where the thread goes. You've wanted nothing but this for your entire life, and today is the day you finally set off on this journey.

The cliff beneath you crumbles, sending you plummeting–

–to the floor. You awaken in a pile next to the bed you spent the night in. You must have been tossing and turning.

It's almost daybreak. You plan to leave the Inn as soon as it's light out, but you have a little bit of time to do something before then.

What would you like to do?
No. 1036255 ID: 527ed9

go back to bed
No. 1036256 ID: 2d27a5

take care of that morning wood
No. 1036257 ID: 0eef85

Peep your head out to see who's around if you can!
You also seem to have awoken without wearing anything, oh no!
No. 1036258 ID: c7291c

Make sure to dress up before you leave! Wouldn't want any embarrassing things to happen to you immediately at the start...
No. 1036259 ID: 2aa5f0

get some breakfast before you head out.
No. 1036260 ID: 4bcf54

Take a shower. The floor stinks.
No. 1036262 ID: 6bb66d

Jack off? Privacy is a commodity, and you must be stressed if you're falling out of bed, so if you've got the time and inclination...
If it's not too cold, enjoy your nocturnal/private nudity and take a peek out a door/window to see who is about. Any friends, foes, or femme fatales to worry about? Might be worth checking under the covers to make sure you didn't lose anything before you go. You did go to sleep naked, correct?
No. 1036263 ID: 629f2e

I'll support jacking off and having a nice refreshing shower.
No. 1036264 ID: 7faf10

Were do you come from, Millie? Some background? Professional? Family? Friends?

Aaand, what are your belongings?
No. 1036265 ID: c99f60

Take care of the morning wood you’re suddenly realizing you have
No. 1036271 ID: e7848c

Help yourself to a bath while you have access to one
No. 1036272 ID: 4ef090
File 165637715589.png - (6.42KB , 200x200 , 8.png )

You climb back into bed. Adrenaline still courses through you from the tumble, and it’s not long before the excitement wakes up something down there.

You sigh as you settle into your pillows, reaching down to coax your bright member out into the open. Your fingers dip into your warm slit, lubricating your cock as it grows larger.

You picture yourself with a friend you once had back home in the Land of Moss, one you were fairly close to. You try not to think about how you’ll probably never see her again, instead trying to focus on enjoying this moment.

You breathe in short huffs as you play with yourself. It’s not as good on your own, but it does the trick. You pull on it gently, your hand stroking softly up and down the shaft, and soon you’re ready to -


It flexes a few times in your hand, shooting warm strings of birdcum onto your fingers and crotch. A blush of comfort and satisfaction washes over you as you finish your work.

After laying there for a bit, you get up and start cleaning your mess. The sun is visible, peaking over the mountain range nearby, and into your room. It's time to go climb a mountain.
No. 1036273 ID: 4ef090
File 165637715833.png - (5.91KB , 200x200 , 9.png )

“I’m gonna head out now,” you chirp across the counter. The lady on the other side is busy lighting candles and getting the inn ready for the day. “Thanks for letting me stay the night. I tried not to make too much of a mess.”

“Oh, you sure you won’t stay for breakfast?” her floppy ears bounce around as she turns to talk to you, “You should have something to eat before going up the mountain. It’s a long climb.”
No. 1036274 ID: 629f2e

You're about to climb a mountain. Get some grub in you before you leave. You'll need the energy.
No. 1036275 ID: 273c18

Yeah alright.
No. 1036276 ID: b4ab25

Are we bringing food with us? or are we just expecting this to be a quick jaunt up the 'nobody knows' mountain as like a day trip? Feels like we should at least have a good meal before heading out.
No. 1036278 ID: 1ff64e

See if you can get anything to take with you! There's nothing better than some warm soup at the top of a cold mountain!
No. 1036281 ID: 6bb66d

Do you have food for the climb? Are you trying to get/keep ahead of someone/something? Maybe you should go, but she makes it sound like you won't reach the top for a few hours, or even days, in which case a warm meal (to go, if possible) is worth the few minutes it will take.

Also, seems the cute bird boi is a little lonely and homesick.
No. 1036283 ID: e7848c

Might as well get something in your stomach and save the rest for the road.
No. 1036286 ID: 2aa5f0

eat food.
No. 1036288 ID: 0eef85

The next time you see your friend, we'll have good tales to bring to her! Maybe you could party up for the trek for some company along the way?

Sure, what're your HEARTIEST meals, we gotta get all energized for the trip!
No. 1036289 ID: 7faf10

Sure, have some grub.
No. 1036295 ID: a0679d

You really should eat something before you leave.
No. 1036308 ID: adc37c

Definitely need something with protein, very important for energy when you climb the mountain
No. 1036309 ID: 4ef090
File 165639183244.png - (6.80KB , 200x200 , 10.png )

You have about a week’s worth of food with you in your pockets, and you’re itching to get going, but…

“Sure, why not? Thank you.” You pull up a stool and watch her as she gets busy making food. She seems pretty cute and energetic, a little eager to please.

“Happy to help!” she says as she dumps flour and milk into a bowl, “So the mountain huh? You’re gonna try and get to the thread?”

You nod. “That’s the dream, isn’t it?”

“Mm. I suppose,” she pours the batter into a muffin tin. “Most people aren’t interested in what’s up there. Can’t say I haven’t wondered myself tho, being this close to it and all.”

“What do you think is up there?” you ask.

She pushes the tin into the oven and leans against the counter in thought. “Well, I guess I’ve always pictured the thread coming out of the mountain, instead of hanging down from wherever like most people believe. Dunno why, just always seemed more likely to me.”

You chuckle, “When I get back from the top I’ll be sure to tell you all about it.”

She comes around the counter and sits next to you. “You’d better. You must be somethin special if you think you can do what nobody else has managed to do,” she laughs, “imagine if I got to tell everyone that you stayed here. Business would soar!”

You laugh together at the idea. You have no aspirations of fame or renown. You just want to know what’s up there. You HAVE to know. But if it somehow helps her out, that's just a bonus.

“Where do you come from anyway? Featherfolk live pretty far away if I remember my geometry right.”

“I think it’s geography, and I come from the Land of Moss.”

She shoots you a look with her tongue out in mock anger. “Well, that explains the color I suppose.” Her expression softens. “You’re a long ways from home then. You got anyone back there worrying about you?”
No. 1036310 ID: 629f2e

A couple of siblings you care deeply for, but parents are long gone.
No. 1036311 ID: 21a39d

"Im more worried about them, thats why I left."
Refuse to elaborate further.
No. 1036312 ID: e7848c

They probably knew this was coming. Your mom even helped you pack when you left that night. You'll do her proud. Plus that close friend of yours..
No. 1036313 ID: 0eef85

"An older bro, but I'll show him I'm capable!!"
No. 1036315 ID: adc37c

Your dad passed away while you were young, but you still remember his stories about climbing other mountains when he was young. Your mom and older siblings helped you pack for the trip, and you can’t wait to see how proud they’ll be when you get back! You’ll also have to tell your close friends about the climb, maybe even find some souvenirs for them! No girlfriend or boyfriend though… maybe someday? :3
No. 1036320 ID: 6bb66d

Some, though fewer now that you've left. An overprotective older sister, for one. She almost cried when she realized there was no stopping you, but helped where she could. More than a few siblings. Some friends. A, friend. Hopefully. You're probably more worried about them though. Which makes reaching the top all the more necessary.
No. 1036327 ID: 527ed9

do not give your private information
No. 1036329 ID: 4b8164

Some family for people who I care about as well, and while I don’t really miss her I’m sure my old stalker probably wishes I was still around. No idea what her deal was but I caught her multiple time looking throw windows of my house.
No. 1036337 ID: 4b8164

Dude we’re still character creation
No. 1036401 ID: 7faf10

This. Also no parents.
No. 1036469 ID: 4ef090
File 165651766252.png - (6.38KB , 200x200 , 11.png )

“My older brother and sister, and a friend I was pretty close with.”

“How’d they handle you leaving?”

“Pretty well. I think they expected it. Sister even helped me pack. My brother likes to act aloof, but he cares. He gave me dad’s old revolver to protect myself.”

“They must have a lotta faith in you.”

“Yeah. I think dad would have been proud of me. He passed when I was still really little. I don’t really remember it, but I remember the stories he would tell me. He used to travel the world, got into all kinds of scrapes, getting stuck in so many strange places. Poking his beak into every place it didn’t belong just to see what was there,” you laugh as you remember some of the tales he told you. “I guess that’s where I got my wanderlust. Head full of adventures from the start.”

“Golly…sounds like a pretty neat fella.”

“What about you, you got anyone here besides yourself?”

She sighs and leans her arm on the counter. “Not really. I’ve got cousins back in town, no parents. Grandparents left mom this Inn, and she gave it to me. There’s a couple people who help out in the summer when it’s busiest, but this close to winter it’s just me. I don’t mind it so much, there’s always something to do around here, and I still have the occasional guest to keep me company. All the same, people come and people go. Pretty soon you’ll be gone too and I’ll be alone again.”

She’s silent for a bit. “I do wonder what’s up there. It can’t be just nothing, right?”
No. 1036472 ID: ce39da

"That logic tracks. It almost sounds like you wanna come with. But while I'd be happy for some company up there... are you sure you can just leave this place unattended, even if it's a slow season?"
No. 1036474 ID: c7291c

Why don't you come with, if you're able to? It'd be a fun adventure!
No. 1036481 ID: 2aa5f0

well it stands to reason that something is there since if nothing was there you'd think someone would have been able to reach it and figured out nothing is there by now, but seeing how no has yet to reach the place it makes sense that something is pushing everyone away. Or at least that's how I see it.

Cause if you lock a door and leave it but people keep trying to get in eventually someone is going to find a way to do it either by braking the door down, picking the lock, or just finding the key. But if someone is there constantly reenforcing the door so you can't just knock it down, barring it so even if you pick the lock you can't open the door, or just changing the lock so the key stops working people wouldn't be able to get past the door. So since no one has been able to reach the thread even though a whole bunch of people have tried for a long time now, that just tells me that someone or something is keeping people away WHICH also tells me that there is something there worth pushing everyone away from.
No. 1036496 ID: 815672

You could take her as far as she wants to go. She just has to pack.
No. 1036499 ID: 0eef85

No parents either huh?
...Why not come with me and make that wonder a reality, see what's there! If we find cool treasures and riches wherever that thread leads, you could be known throughout the land for the discovery? Folks all over will want to come by this place and it won't get so lonely!
No. 1036515 ID: f91343

Well, if there isn't much people coming here at this time of year, why don't take a break from it and come with me instead?
And if you can't... well, i can come back and tell you all about it!
No. 1036635 ID: 4ef090
File 165663559319.png - (7.68KB , 200x200 , 12.png )

“Why not come with? You said it’s not very busy here, and as a team we’d both have a better chance to see the top.”

“Oh! Gosh… I …” she taps her fingers on the counter rapidly, “mm… I don’t know. You don’t think I’d slow you down?”

“Do you think you would slow me down?” you retort.

She’s silent for a time, then she gets up and walks back around the counter to start making coffee. “It’s not like that, I can hold my own. Just, it’s a lot to up and do.”

“Then you should just do it!” you say enthusiastically, “There might not be a better opportunity than this!”

“True, true.” She busies herself with the coffee press. She sets it on a stone platform, then with the thread from her shirt she draws a rune for “Hot” and applies it to the stone. It instantly heats up and starts boiling the water.

“See, I never did get the hang of runes like that,” you say as you watch the bubbles, “I was gonna just make do with making a fire the old fashioned way, but with you along we’d be perfectly safe and warm together.”

She looks taken aback, not expecting the praise, and blushes a little. “Oh, it’s just wordplay is all,” she fidgets with the frayed edge of her outfit. You can already see it slowly starting to mend. “I only know little bits of stuff, enough to get by and help out around the inn.”

“Still pretty useful. I mostly only know active runes, not descriptive ones. There’s only so much you can do with “push” or “cut”.”


She pulls the muffins out and pours two cups of coffee. “Let’s eat first, then I’ll pack up, and we can leave in less than an hour.”

(Anything you wanna talk about over breakfast, or are you ret2go?)
No. 1036637 ID: 8b2a78

How much first aid does she know?
No. 1036638 ID: 775a3f

Accidently convince her to pee on your beak
It's actually pineapple juice.
No. 1036639 ID: f91343

... what

>(Anything you wanna talk about over breakfast, or are you ret2go?)

What other skills does she have? What skills does Millie have?
No. 1036647 ID: 0eef85

From that amount of magic use, watch how long it takes for her fabric to come back.

Any lil' hobbies you got?
No. 1036668 ID: 815672

Is it weird for you, as a bird person, to eat eggs?

Er, anyways enjoy some coffee. Offer help close up and maybe exchange names?
No. 1036675 ID: bc6c36

We should probably exchange names! We're gonna be through this trip together for a while, after all!

Plenty of birds eat eggs!
No. 1036681 ID: 2aa5f0

...one would think they'd have just normal pieces of cloth that AREN'T part of your work uniform for simple job related things. I mean if things got busy she'd be giving all the patrons diner and a show.
No. 1036783 ID: 4ef090
File 165678516007.png - (7.06KB , 200x200 , 13.png )

The two of you enjoy coffee and muffins and continue to conversate.

“I’m Chester, by the way,” she says.

“It’s a nice name.”

“I’m glad you think so,” she chuckles.

“What sort of stuff do you do when you’re not tending to the inn?” you ask through a beakful of muffin.

“I read, mostly. There’s a library in town that I check out books from, so I’ve always got something to keep me occupied.”

“What kind of books do you read?”

She blushes a little. “Adventure novels, detective stories, stuff like that. The odd slowburn romance now and then, if I feel particularly lonely.” Her tail flicks around.

“No shame in that,” you say with a laugh, “it’s more reading than I typically like to do in any case.”

Her sleeve is almost fully mended by now. She didn’t use a lot of thread, so the repair time was significantly shorter than if she had tried to start a fire.

As you finish the coffee you each share what you know about magic.

You know a handful of Active Runes by heart, such as “Push”, “Pull”, “Cut”, and “Tether”.
Push and Pull will create a short range force towards or away from you. The distance is about ten feet from the tips of your fingers, tho the range can be extended by simply drawing the same rune multiple times.
Cut will cause an item to rend itself wherever you touch the rune. It can cut a couple inches deep through wood or vines, but things like stone or metal are much harder to affect. This is the shortest range spell in your skillset.
Tether allows you to link two things together. The bonds are strong, but can be broken with enough force. You can run a tether as far as you have thread to cast with.

Chester knows a handful of Descriptive Runes by heart, such as “Hot”, “Cold”, “Light”, and “Heavy”.
These are pretty self explanatory. Applying a descriptive rune affects the nature of the object or surface she draws it on.
Hot and Cold make things Hot and/or Cold. She can use more or less thread to increase or lower the intensity of temperature.
Heavy makes something weigh more for a time.
Light can be interpreted as “Doesn’t weigh a lot” or “Is a source of light”.

In addition to magic, the two of you posses basic survival skills. You know, generally, what is and isn’t safe to eat, how to hunt, and how to build shelter. Chester says she’s no doctor, but she can patch up an injury well enough to get by without one.

You show your revolver to Chester, explaining how it works.
“You can preload it with up to six differently charged rounds of thread, so like, I could fill it full of Pushing rounds, or a mix of Pushing and Cutting rounds, and so on.”

Between the two of you, you have the following inventory:

Magic Poncho (teal. It mends itself slowly over time)
Magic Revolver (currently unloaded)
Rations (a week’s worth of dried berries and seed cakes)
Journal (a small notebook and charcoal stick full of old notes. There are still a few blank pages in it)

Items in your pockets exist in a sort of hammerspace that isn’t exactly physically in your poncho. The space can be filled, and you can only pocket items small enough to fit in the space, which means you can’t hide a person in your inventory, unless they’re really tiny. This means you will always have access to your inventory as long as you have a little bit of your poncho on you.

Magic Apron/shirtdress (yellow/red. They mend themselves slowly over time)
Backpack (contains some of the items below. Unremarkable, but sturdy. Holds more than it seems like it should. Does not self mend)
Cooking set (a pot for boiling water, a pan for frying, a couple dishes and cups, some utensils)
Rations (boiled eggs, jerky, extra muffins)
Ingredients (assorted cooking and baking materials, such as flour and dry pasta, as well as several spices)
Mending Kit (a box of inert thread and needles, strips of fabric, leather and string. With alcohol it doubles as a first aid kit)
Personal Items (a smattering of items Chester didn’t want to leave home without, but didn’t necessarily want you to know about. Certain books and “other things”)

You think you’re about ready to go climb a mountain. There's a path at the base, which is where you'll start. You plan to go until it gets dark, or until you find a good spot to set up camp for the night.
No. 1036785 ID: 4e4949

The mountain isnt going anywhere. Lets go until we find a place to set up camp.
No. 1036798 ID: e51896

Whoa, also, be careful how high you raise your arms like that, you might just accidentally reveal your not wearing anything under your poncho in front of Chester
No. 1036800 ID: 629f2e

Time to take on the mountain!
No. 1036825 ID: e7848c

Have a toast to adventure! And maybe an extra egg for the road. It's time to go
No. 1036836 ID: f91343

I agree.
No. 1036837 ID: 7c0da2

Remember to load your gun.
Do the bullets need a rune to have an effect or can you load your gun with "generic" bullets? And does the rune apply to the bullet or the target?
Anyway, load it with at least a couple "Cut" bullets, and one each of your other runes if you have enough thread left in your poncho.
No. 1036843 ID: 7a1397

You can probably combine Descriptive and Active runes, things like "Heavy-Cut" or "Light-Pull", if you can, it's probably thread expensive, so you should load THOSE into your gun
No. 1036848 ID: 2aa5f0

go until you find a good camping spot.
No. 1036884 ID: 4ef090
File 165682593687.png - (5.85KB , 200x200 , 14.png )

Before you set off you decide to load your pistol. You have six rounds, and eight different spells between the two of you. You’ve never tried it before, but you think you could mix and match spells that compliment each other into a single round. Only way to know is to try!

What spells do you want to load, and how many of each?
No. 1036885 ID: 899c9f

Cold, Light, Light, Heavy Tether, Cut, Cut
No. 1036886 ID: 273c18

Cut, Heavy, Cut, Hot, Light, Push.
No. 1036887 ID: 0eef85

...Would applying "Push" multiple times to one bullet have any propelling jumping effect for you if you shot close to the ground near you?
Is bullet jumping a thing...

Push (2 - 3x to experiment),
Heavy-Tether (Grapple to support your weight and maybe another?),
Cut-Pull (Rend an outfit, make it easier to hopefully pull it off someone),
Light (Flashbang bullet!),
Hot (2x)
No. 1036888 ID: 629f2e

Chamber 1: HEAVY PUSH (A more forceful push)
Chamber 2: HEAVY PULL (A more forceful pull)
Chamber 3: PUSH (A standard push, for when you don't want to hit too hard)
Chmaber 4: CUT (A standard cut for separating items)
Chamber 5: LIGHT CUT (A less intense cut for when you don't want to cut fully through something)
Chamber 6: TETHER (Basically just in case you need a grappling hook, creating a tether between a wall and your gun.)
No. 1036891 ID: 7a1397

Putting Combo spells into your gun is a better idea than normal spells, as combos will not be easy to make live, Heavy(Push, Pull, Cut, Tether), and see how much Hot and Cold you can fit in the last two
No. 1036893 ID: 2aa5f0

light, light, push, tether, tether, cut

also how good are you at fanning the hammer?
No. 1036897 ID: adc37c

totally random aside, don't forget to properly handle the gun! you're already doing great by keeping your finger off the trigger~

don't flick the cylinder closed when you've loaded; it looks really cool but it can damage the crane (the thingy that connects the cylinder to the gun itself) overtime. also make sure you keep your fingers away from moving parts so you don't pinch them!

also don't forget the rules of gun safety! never point the gun at something you're not willing to destroy, always treat the gun like it's loaded, always be aware of what's behind your target and beyond, and keep that finger off the trigger until you're ready to shoot!

also also don't look down the barrel like a derp lol
No. 1036904 ID: 7c0da2

Be careful not to end up naked, if I understand correctly that gun takes a lot of thread to load.
And unless you can't use runes without the gun there is no point loading it with runes you wouldn't need in battle.

1 Heavy Cut
2 Cut
1 Heavy Push
1 Light, to use as a flare gun
1 Tether, it's better than Pull if you want something closer to you because it keeps them there, and double as a grappling hook or something to tangle your enemy with

Loaded in that order, if that's important.
No. 1036912 ID: c7291c

Okay, let's go over some potential combo ideas.

Cut-Pull/Cut-Push: Sounds like a fantastic rune combo to disarm (or disarmor!) something/somebody! Just be careful that you're not facing someone that can redirect your shots or something.
Light-Tether (if you don't need Tether to make the round unravel, just Light is fine): Perfect for marking down a part of a wall/floor with light, you never know when you'll need it in the darkness!
Hot-Light: Flashbang rounds! Good distraction, good for a sneak attack after.
Hot-Tether: Binding flame-type round, potentially? Maybe holds onto things and heats them up to burn them. (Clothes/armor included of course).

If you do both end up naked, definitely don't get a boner over it, it'd be awkward!
No. 1036914 ID: e391d4

Do the bullets do what every other bullet does without the runes? Or do they need the runes to do anything at all?
No. 1036931 ID: 815672

Light flashbang, light weight, cut, push x3
No. 1036941 ID: 4ef090

Rounds without runes are considered Blanks. They'll make a loud noise on fire, but that's it.

Also, Millie is a steady shot, but not a quick one. He needs a few seconds to reset the hammer and aim between shots.
No. 1036998 ID: 7a1397

Huh, I wonder if Heavy-Light would be anything, seems stupid but it's the stupid ideas that go places
No. 1037016 ID: 4ef090
File 165696977550.png - (5.28KB , 200x200 , 15.png )

Hundreds of possible combinations swirl around in your mind. It was easy enough when you only had four spells to worry about. And now there are so many unique blends available to you, you can’t decide on anything!

When faced with overwhelming choices, sometimes you just need to make any decision. If it doesn’t work out… Well, you’ll burn that bridge when you get to it.

You decide to load, and hope to receive the following effects:
Heavy Push - A forceful shove on impact. Has weight and fires in an arc
Heavy Pull - A forceful tug on impact. Has weight and fires in an arc
Heavy Cut - A strong cut rips target apart, or leaves a deep gash. Has weight and fires in an arc
Light Tether - A long line of glowing thread. Whispy and frail, it doesn’t fire very far.
Heavy Light - You aren’t sure what you’ll get out of this, but what’s the worst that could happen?
and the last round you stuff as much Push in as possible. You’re eager to see how that goes.

You’ve got a good memory, so the order isn’t necessarily important. You can switch to a preloaded spell as long as you know where it is in the gun to begin with.
No. 1037017 ID: 4ef090
File 165696977891.png - (7.23KB , 200x200 , 16.png )

Chester is blushing a little. You balanced the cost of loading your gun between the two of you, but still ended up using more than her. Her outfit is a little shorter, and your poncho just barely covers you. She’s trying to be polite and not catch a glimpse. At least your slit hides some of your shame.

“Well, uh, let’s get goin,” you say, “We’ll head up til we find a good spot to camp.” You try not to think to hard about how she just had her hands on your gun.

Chester buries the inn cashbox in the yard, and puts a sign on the door that reads “Closed for the season”. She locks up and comes to meet you at the edge of the property.

“Almost forgot, we’ll need water,” she says as she hands you a canteen. She’s already wearing one on her hip. You try not to look too long at the round canister resting on her currently bared hip.
No. 1037018 ID: 4ef090
File 165696978147.png - (6.15KB , 200x200 , 17.png )

And you’re off! It takes about half an hour to reach the mountain, and you begin your ascent. The path is steep, but clean. Hundreds of people have attempted this climb before you, their feet forging a path across time for you now. There’s plenty of room, and you see the occasional deer or rabbit as you go.

Your outfits finish mending after a time, and you’re more comfortable chatting as you go. Spirits are high. You really feel like you can do this.

You climb for several hours, taking breaks here and there to rest, and eventually you reach an old cave. It looks like people have used this cave before, tho not for a very long time. There’s a stream nearby. It’s sometime late in the afternoon, but you decided ahead of time to stop when you found a good spot to sleep.

“How are you holdin’ up?” you ask Chester as she sets about building a fire near the mouth of the cave.

“Not too bad. It’s certainly more legwork than running around at the inn, but I think we can handle this.”

“It’s gonna get harder as we get higher up.”

“I know. Still, this is a good start.”

You’ve got some time to spend before nightfall and sleep. What do you want to do?

A. Look for food
B. Scout ahead
C. Consult or fill journal
D. Sing
No. 1037022 ID: e51896

Look for food!

That way we can go hunting and get food for later, AND we can see how our gun works when hunting an animal with our runes!

meanwhile we can see how Chester makes a fire to cook the animal with her runes. Maybe she can start one up early, and try to stay to watch over it in case it runs out and she needs more runes, that way, we can look for the smoke of the fire if we get lost!
No. 1037026 ID: 736b7e

No. 1037027 ID: 0eef85

A! Food hunting might give us a chance to see how a light-tether round gets used for something small yet grabbable. Chester's got a fire and setup here under control while we're gone I'm sure.
No. 1037028 ID: 629f2e

D! Feed your souls with some lovely singing.
No. 1037029 ID: 775a3f

Spontaniously grow giant balls to annoy chester.



Get that grub
No. 1037030 ID: 8483cf

No. 1037031 ID: adc37c


also compliment her awesome apron and hat, they're really cute~
No. 1037033 ID: e7848c

But ask Chester if she has any dietary restrictions or qualms about hunting. Just so you can keep an eye out for any berries or such. We want to make our rations last, you know?
No. 1037034 ID: 30eccc

No. 1037037 ID: e391d4

No. 1037039 ID: 422cea

Ponder why you don't have underwear to cover your chicken dinner.
No. 1037057 ID: 7a1397

A, look for food, Sing while cooking it!
In the future you will need to scout ahead, but for now you should be fine
Also thread could also be bulled from sleeves or that turtleneck in the future if your THAT embarrassed
No. 1037088 ID: 1ff64e

D, your bird instincts are calling out to you...
No. 1037096 ID: 2be85e


Submit to the indescribable urge to bust a funky tune!
No. 1037117 ID: 7c0da2

D and A, sing while you search for food. I advise you focus on foraging rather than hunting.
No. 1037199 ID: 36cdf6

Consult the book!
No. 1037232 ID: 4ef090

Consult the book!!!!
No. 1037245 ID: 4ef090
File 165715748311.png - (6.13KB , 200x200 , 18.png )

(as i write events, I’m rolling a d6 to determine the success of certain activities)

You decide to go looking for food. You have some rations between the two of you, but it’s no reason to get careless. You might need them for when forageable food becomes scarce further up the mountain.

You wander around the shrubbery, looking for berries and plants you know to be edible. You manage to scrounge up a good amount of ingredients, enough for tonight’s meal, and a couple extra days worth. [6]

You don’t encounter any game on your search, so you come back to camp with your foraging spoils and clothes intact.
No. 1037246 ID: 4ef090
File 165715748678.png - (6.53KB , 200x200 , 19.png )

Chester managed to get a weak fire going, and you notice she used a considerable amount of thread in the process. [2]

She blushes as you return. Her dress is a lot higher on her legs than before. “Oh, you’re back! I had a little trouble getting it going. I’m a little rusty I guess. But, it’s lit, so we can make somethin with it.”
No. 1037247 ID: 4ef090
File 165715748968.png - (6.39KB , 200x200 , 20.png )

The two of you start working together to make some soup. You use “cut” a few times to prepare the things you found. You’re also pretty rusty it seems, as you improperly cast the rune and burn a little too much thread. Your outfit is much shorter now. [2]

You try not to let it fluster you, and act like it’s no big deal. Chester takes some comfort from this, and is more at ease. [6]

With food cooking, you take a moment to admire the view. You’re not very high up at the moment, but you can see over top of the surrounding trees. Summer is turning to fall, and with it come the vibrant hues of the season. Festivals and harvest will be starting back home. You hope your siblings are doing well.

Thinking of family, you pull out the journal and thumb through it. Chester scoots over to look at it with you.

Most of the journal is stuffed full of notes penned by your father. He traveled far and wide, and recorded as much of his discoveries as he could. He left behind several journals, and your sister gave you this one before you left. “You’d better come back with a journal fat with drawings and notes about the mountain,” you remember her saying, “dad would have loved to go with you, so the least you can do to honor his spirit is write about it.”

There’s not really anything in here that can prepare you for what’s ahead, but it always comforts you to read and reread his scribbles. In a way it’s kinda like he’s talking to you.
No. 1037248 ID: 4ef090
File 165715749298.png - (7.33KB , 200x200 , 21.png )

“So uh…” Chester pulls a banjo out of her backpack, somehow, and begins tuning it, “I don’t suppose you know any songs from Moss Country?”

You think for a moment, blushing a little for being put on the spot. “Well, uhh, I uh, there’s one the birdfolk like to sing during harvest. Uhh, it’s like,” you hum a few notes, and she begins to play along.

You sing about the leaves.
You sing about the wind.
You sing about the earth.
You sing about the work that must be done.
You sing about bright nights filled with laughter and fireworks.

Not too shabby. It’s in birdspeech, so the fact that you missed a line here or there isn’t noticed by Chester, who is having a very good time jamming.
No. 1037250 ID: 8483cf

Ask for a sick guitar- uh, banjo solo.
No. 1037261 ID: 4ef090
File 165716066532.png - (8.54KB , 200x200 , 22.png )

Chester busts out the SICKEST CHORDS! You've never seen or heard anything like this in your life!! It's incredible!! So much passion!!

Chester's outstanding efforts earn her the Bard Tag, which means any time she puts on a performance her dice have a chance to explode!
No. 1037263 ID: e7848c

Give her the applause she deserves. Clang some spoons together for extra effect.
No. 1037265 ID: 629f2e


Applaud and [FLIRT]
No. 1037266 ID: 0eef85

No. 1037273 ID: 557c0e

No. 1037278 ID: 15c72a

Applaud, and flirt.
No. 1037283 ID: f240ed

No. 1037286 ID: 2d27a5

applaud and flirtingly compliment!
No. 1037302 ID: 7c25f3

Yass, that smashes.
No. 1037305 ID: 8483cf

Applaud and flirt!
No. 1037344 ID: 73a94c

Try not to get an erection while flirting. Especially with both your and Chrster's clothing the way they are. Would be embarrassing (Roll for that)
No. 1037447 ID: 4ef090
File 165734616219.png - (7.65KB , 200x200 , 23.png )

You clap your hands and cheer as loud as you can as she finishes her solo, shoulders heaving from the effort.

“That was awesome! Where did you learn to do that?”

“Oh huff.. I just.. Practiced a lot.. Grampa used to be a bard, taught me some stuff.” She flops to her seat with a sigh, wiping the sweat from her forehead.

“I had no idea you could play like that. I’ll have to try and remember more songs for us to play together!” You wink at her. [4]

She smiles sheepishly and takes a swig from her canteen. You forgot for a moment to cover yourself and she catches a glimpse of your excitement. She coughs, shooting water out her nose, and looks away, blushing harder.

“ACH fddsf.. Pbbbdt,” she says, “You’re uh, showing.”[3]

You quickly cover yourself with your arms. You can still save face, but how?
No. 1037450 ID: 0eef85

"L-look, you're hot- I mean your banjo skills! Are hot...? Straight FIRE."
No. 1037451 ID: 8483cf

Play it cool, play it cool, play it cool...

"That's just my... uh... pocket salami that I carry just in case!"

Dare her to call you on it.
No. 1037452 ID: 1ff64e

Be helpful and offer to wipe the water from her face. Getting water in your nose is unpleasant! Try your best not to brush your bits against her thigh when leaning over.

Alternatively, complement her on how smart her apron is, so she doesn't have to deal with these problems!
No. 1037453 ID: 15c72a

Diffuse the situation with a joke!
"I guess you could say your music got a rise out of me. Would you call that a standing ovation?"
No. 1037455 ID: 815672

Slide down to the floor so you can tent your poncho out to block the viewing angle.

No. 1037456 ID: 1658ab

>>1037453 Yeah the only way you are saving any face is by a good joke/compliment.
At least it's honest!
No. 1037464 ID: 7c25f3

No. 1037490 ID: e51896

this has potential for more shenanigans.
No. 1037501 ID: 4ef090

Of the poncho
No. 1037504 ID: 629f2e

How about you slide your poncho down to your waist and wear it like a skirt?
No. 1037521 ID: 7c25f3

The neck area wouldn't fit. You would ruin the poncho.
No. 1037522 ID: e51896

That's the point
also, it's a magic poncho, it fixes itself.
No. 1037576 ID: 1658ab

>>1037504 this would honestly be MORE embarrassing, at least, doing whatever would make it WORK would be
No. 1037577 ID: adc37c

just be honest, you think she's attractive :3
No. 1037589 ID: e46553

This is good
No. 1037689 ID: 4ef090
File 165751141185.png - (3.43KB , 200x200 , 24.png )

“AAaah haha ha, it’s uh, I’m just, uh, I guess you could say your music got a rise out of me. Would you call that a standing ovation??” you shrug as you say it and grin sheepishly.

Chester snorts and averts her gaze. “Alright then, well,” she wipes the water off her face and laughs, “It happens. Let’s clean up and get eating.” She doesn’t seem angry with you at least, so it’ll probably be alright. You decide not to push your luck with it. [4]
No. 1037690 ID: 4ef090
File 165751141417.png - (3.29KB , 200x200 , 25.png )

You tug at your poncho, thinking. You’ve never really tried it before, but if you work your shoulders a bit, you can kind of…

It tears a little at the collar to fit around your shapely hips, tho it's nothing that won't mend over time. [3]

You’re now wearing your poncho as a skirt. Neat! It does a decent job hiding your birdliness. You feel rather cute and or handsome like this.

Does wearing a skirt awaken anything in you? Or is it just something to cover your junk?
No. 1037693 ID: 0eef85

Don't think it awoke anything but hopefully that'll... sleepen your groin for a bit! That was EMBARASSING OH GEEZ YOU WERE SEEN OH NO
No. 1037695 ID: 629f2e

You feel pretty, because you are. You'll be pitching that tent for a while.

Consider this your go-to when your poncho shrinks enough to expose the goods, it's honestly a really good look. Wear the poncho as a poncho when it's long of course.
No. 1037696 ID: e51896

but being seen was kinda... thrilling, wasn't it?
being put in an embarrassing position like that may have awoken something
No. 1037698 ID: 8483cf

Sort of? We do look pretty good.
No. 1037701 ID: 2aa5f0

>Does wearing a skirt awaken anything in you?
it awakens the fact that you probably need to buy more clothes at some point if you're being forced to turn your poncho into a skirt because you didn't have a better solution.
No. 1037703 ID: f373c9

Skirt IS definitely cozy, but the Risk is certainly an appealing factor to the alternative.

Leaving both goods, front AND back, out for any onlookers when your poncho gets a little too high...
No. 1037704 ID: 899c9f

Probably not. Can you mix and match thread with Chester to make it plaid? Then you'd have a proper kilt.
No. 1037705 ID: 99ca7b

It doesn't awaken anything previously unknown in you, you look smokin' in a skirt and you know it.
No. 1037706 ID: 0bfc71

...Don't think too hard how much you'd be flustered if you used more thread while in skirt mode, you would probably be left with a weird silk belt leaving you looking more naked than that being around your neck oh no
No. 1037716 ID: 4ef090
File 165751325619.png - (4.85KB , 200x200 , 26.png )

The only thing you've awakened is an impromptu sense of fashion. You feel great like this, and are a little more at ease knowing you can wear your poncho as a skirt if it gets too short. Hopefully it doesn't get much shorter than this tho...
No. 1037717 ID: 4ef090
File 165751326051.png - (6.27KB , 200x200 , 27.png )

"You're pretty lucky to have the apron," you say through beakfuls of soup, "Even if your dress gets used up you still have a bit of covering."

Chester blushes a little bit. "Oh, it's, yeah, I suppose so. It's not all great, it gets in the way sometimes. Your poncho looks a lot more comfy. I actually..." she pauses, then decides to say it, "actually was wondering if I could try it on sometime? N-NOT right now of course, but maybe sometime after it's mended."[5]
No. 1037718 ID: 629f2e

Only if Millie gets to try on your outfit.
No. 1037719 ID: 8483cf

Of course! Maybe we can borrow the apron in exchange.

Wait, then our butt is out. Guess we're swapping entire outfits.
No. 1037721 ID: 0eef85

Ponchos are universally a good outfit on anybody, sure! B-but later, y-yeah...

If there exists ways to re-form mending clothing, maybe Chester could change her apron to something less clunky in the future? Either something shorter or a belt with more utility at her hip!
No. 1037722 ID: 0452d8

"Only if i get to use the apron!"
No. 1037724 ID: e51896

Mention that you think she'd look adorable in your poncho..
No. 1037733 ID: 2aa5f0

No. 1037743 ID: 815672

Only realize now that you have to kind of strip tease to take the skirt off. She'll probably look away, right?
No. 1037757 ID: 4ef090
File 165756616303.png - (5.26KB , 200x200 , 27_5.png )

“Oh, sure! As long as i get to try on the apron and dress,” you say.


You finish up your meal in good spirits, laughing off the embarrassment of being half naked together. You wash up and get cozied for sleep. Chester produces a couple of thin blankets from the backpack and you get settled in for the night.

She seems to sleep soundly, but you have a rough night.
No. 1037758 ID: 4ef090
File 165756616876.png - (18.99KB , 200x400 , 28.png )

You dream you’re tangled up in the golden thread at the top of the mountain. No matter how hard you try you can’t free yourself. You try to call out for help, but the thread wraps around your beak and muffles your cries. It pulls tighter and tighter, digging into your flesh, choking you. You can’t breathe. You can’t move. You can’t fade away.[1]
No. 1037759 ID: 4ef090
File 165756617117.png - (5.44KB , 200x200 , 29.png )

You awaken poorly rested. You can’t shake the dream from your head. You’ve got a long day of climbing ahead of you, and bad sleep will only make that longer. You’ll suffer -1 to rolls until you can rest again.

Your poncho is fully mended, so you pull it back up to your neck.

Chester is already making breakfast in a frying pan. Seems she had trouble yet again with the fire, her dress is the same length as it was when you went to sleep. [2]

“I don’t know what it is, I usually don’t have this much trouble with it,” she says as she flips food over in the skillet, “Hey you look awful, did you sleep ok?”

Do you tell her about the dream, or brush it off?
No. 1037760 ID: 79c431

Brush it off, it's just a dream.
No. 1037762 ID: 815672

You can tell her that you had a uncomfortable dream. Details if she wants. Maybe would be okay if you just try to relax a little before heading out? Just give yourself 30 minutes .
No. 1037763 ID: 9d9469

it could be nice to confide in a friend, :3c tell Chester about the dream
No. 1037764 ID: bf7d5b

Brush it off, but resolve to mention it if the dream repeats.
No. 1037765 ID: 0eef85

Ask Chester if her threading issue was due to any weird sleep on her end. Otherwise, just say it was an uncomfy sleep for now.
No. 1037766 ID: 1ff64e

Yeah, worth checking to see whether you're just anxious, or if this is a Thing going on and affecting everyone.
No. 1037767 ID: 15c72a

Tell her.
No. 1037768 ID: 629f2e

Tell her about it.
No. 1037773 ID: 0452d8

Tell her. Maybe she had some weird dream too?
No. 1037779 ID: 1658ab

you should probably tell her about the nightmare, in case it is an omen
No. 1037780 ID: 1e36e9

Just a bad dream, nothing to worry about. Now if they keep happening then let her know but for it seems like a simple bad dream.
No. 1037817 ID: 4ef090
File 165762814812.png - (6.31KB , 200x200 , 31.png )

You decide to tell her about the dream.

"I can't get it out of my head, it was awful. It just wouldn’t end.”

“It sounds like it,” says Chester softly, “I had some pretty weird dreams too, but nothing like that.”

“What about you? How are you holding up?”

She sighs. “I’m holding it together. Kinda worried about my casting. Maybe something is wrong with me...” She stares at her paws, “Dumb hands, can’t hold runes straight.”

“Don’t let it get you down,” you chirp, “I think you’re doing great. You did get a fire going, twice! And you made some great food for us. Plus you’re just great to have around. I’m.. I’m really happy you’re here with me.”

You stare at each other for a moment.

[5-1= 4]

“I guess I’m happy to be here too. I don’t think I could get to the top on my own.” She smiles, “If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have even tried. Thanks.”

Breakfast tastes great. You’re still tired even after eating, but good food cheers you both up. Eventually the sun rises, and you continue your trek up the mountain. You make good time today, winding up the trail forged by adventurers in the past.
No. 1037818 ID: 4ef090
File 165762815279.png - (8.27KB , 200x200 , 32.png )

You're about half a day in when you reach a clearing in the trees. The sun shines through the break in the foliage, illuminating a strange assortment of items on the ground. Long, loose threads, frayed at the edges. Sun bleached bones here and there, you can't determine the type from where you stand. Ribbons, scraps of fabric, faded. A rusty, strangely angled blade sticks out of the ground. The cotton tassels wrapped around the handle wave gently in the breeze.
No. 1037819 ID: 9ff3a9

The sword looks kinda suspicious, especially considering the items around the blade. That said, considering it seems to be mostly undisturbed, there probably isn't a creature or anything nearby. It might be a good idea to just pass by this odd, and leave it be.
No. 1037820 ID: 7db7ff

ominous 👀💦 inspect those bones before you touch that sword!
No. 1037821 ID: 46be71

Comparing the size of that blade to that skull... that is a unnaturally HUGE blade. Could not have belonged to a normal kin... maybe theres a giant in the area? Get your gun ready.
No. 1037823 ID: c28739

Who's to say the owner of that sword is the one who's now bones on the ground? Be very careful with your approach!
No. 1037825 ID: 0eef85

Scoot any bones that could've been legs and arms, in that order, away from the sword.
No. 1037835 ID: 7c0da2

Poke the blade with a stick. (or a bone maybe)
No. 1037842 ID: 815672

Check out that handle and blade. It almost looks like half of a pair of scissors.
No. 1037843 ID: 15c72a

No. 1037844 ID: 0452d8

Do you think is an unmarked grave?
No. 1037846 ID: 9a2966

Pat playfully at the wind-waving tassels.
No. 1037848 ID: 1658ab

huh, it really DOES looks like a blade of a scissors, try using tether to interact with it without physically touching it
No. 1037850 ID: 0538a7

We can use the PULL rune to help pull it ou
No. 1037852 ID: 1658ab

thinking about it, Pull/Tether seems like a valid combo GET OVER HERE style
No. 1037919 ID: 591e1d

We could also use a light rune if it's too heavy

Assuming it wont break because it's too light.
No. 1038095 ID: 762223

Also, that is TOTALLY a scissor blade, did they start climbing to Sever the thread?
No. 1038160 ID: 2b697f

ask chester if she has any stories that might relate to this she had a bard grandad and has lived around the mountain she might have heard stories or seen it before.
No. 1038244 ID: 4ef090
File 165793810592.png - (6.21KB , 200x200 , 33.png )

“Your grampa was a bard, ever hear about anything like this from him?” you ask Chester.

“Lots of people tried to climb the mountain,” she says, “Some wanted to cut the thread and brought strange tools with them to do the job. It kind of looks like half a scissorblade. Grampa used to sing songs about dolls come to life and fighting great battles with ‘scissored swords’. Cautionary type songs, about blindly following a leader, that sort of thing.” [4]

“Do you think it’s safe to approach?”

“I guess so. I never heard anything about the swords being magic, just shaped differently.”

“I’m gonna try and pull it out.”

You approach the blade carefully, scanning the trees around you for any movement. Other than the gentle swaying of the leaves it seems all clear.

It just looks like a sword. It’s rusted very badly, like it’s been here for a very long time.

You wrap a hand around the hilt and pause. Nothing hits you or yells at you, so you give it a tug. The blade itself doesn’t seem very heavy, just wedged firmly in the earth.
No. 1038245 ID: 4ef090
File 165793810876.png - (5.90KB , 200x200 , 34.png )

You can’t pull it out with your own strength and employ the use of your PULL rune to help. You use a little too much thread and with a crunching snap, you pull half of the rusty sword out of the ground. [3-1=2]

You now have Half of a Scissorblade. It doesn’t seem to fill you with any sense of power or purpose or even awe. Just seems like a tool to you. You might be able to put it back into good shape with some effort and the right tools.

“Well… I’m sure we can find a use for that,” Chester says as she pokes at some of the bones with her foot, “I wonder what happened here. Seems like a fight or something, but there’s no other weapons? There’s a story here I bet.” She borrows your journal and jots down a description of the scene.
No. 1038246 ID: bf7d5b

Check out the bones, maybe some sort of beast was heroically slain here?
No. 1038251 ID: efc020

Do you see a way to dig up the rest of the thing?
What else can you see? what about the bones?
No. 1038252 ID: 762223

you could also call it a quarter of a scissors... we will probably find more Severing tools as we go.
See if you can whelp identify anything here while tired, hmm?
No. 1038279 ID: 9a2966

Maybe you could use it as a walking stick, sort of? What were those tassels made out of, though? Surprised they should be in such good shape while the blade is crumbling. Maybe you can adapt the material to some other purpose.

At any rate, once you're done examining your loot and the scene, let's wander on.
No. 1038302 ID: 422cea

Let's be honest, the full sword was probably way too big for you to wield.

You could probably reforge this into a shortsword though and wield it alongside the gun like a swashbuckling pirate.
No. 1038305 ID: e51896

those tassels could be used for runes without damaging our clothes. consider that for later!
No. 1038595 ID: 4ef090
File 165825717621.png - (6.42KB , 200x200 , 35.png )

You could probably figure out a way to dig up or pull out the other half of the sword, but it would be an expensive task. You think you could do it with Chester’s help tho.

You examine the cloth wrapped around the hilt. It’s impossible to tell what color it used to be after a lifetime in the sun. It’s a little dingy, but still seems strong. You tug a small amount of thread from it and watch as it slowly begins to repair itself.

“Hey, Chester, do you wanna hold onto this? The thread is magic, maybe you could use it since you’ve been having trouble with those fires?”

“Oh, sure!” She takes the broken sword from you.

You check out the bones. There’s nothing particularly remarkable about them. Different people’s bones. Different species, sure, but people bones. Scanning the small area it seems like there were only a handful of people who died here. You can identify a bird skull, a couple of kobolds, a lizard. No clothing, probably carried off by birds for their nests.

Poking around old corpses eeks you out, and you stop picking up skulls for now.

Do you want to try to get the rest of the sword out, or leave it behind and move on?
No. 1038596 ID: 4f1817

Get that mf out, we’re 100%ing this quest
No. 1038597 ID: 9ff3a9

Pulling out the rest of the blade might not yield very much, plus we had some trouble pulling it the first time. We should get a move on!
No. 1038598 ID: 815672

Let's move on. The cloth around the hilt would look cool whenever it whips around in the wind
No. 1038599 ID: dffe63


make out and kiss
No. 1038602 ID: 15c72a

Leave it. (and avoid the roll and potential penalty for getting a 0)
No. 1038604 ID: 4bcf54

Bend over and get to digging that sword out.
No. 1038607 ID: 4ef090
File 165826157860.png - (16.98KB , 200x200 , 36.png )

As you move along, the thought enters your mind to kiss Chester, but that’s probably not, she wouldn’t want, this isn’t the right, no!!

You barely know her! She barely knows you! She doesn’t even know about your Secret, something you will never tell anyone. If she did know, she would hate you and leave you, and then you’d be all alone on a dangerous mountain.

All the same, you’ve definitely gotten a few good looks at her figure, and can’t help but fantasize about gently caressing her soft body, about how nice her paws would feel on your beak and chest as she pressed you against the wall, her tail wrapping around your leg as she-

You shake your head. You were so lost in thought you didn’t even realize you’d made it to a new camping spot. You must have been thinking about that for hours…

Like the last camp, this one looks like it was used in the past. Rocks arranged around a small firepit, and an overhanging rock provides shelter from the elements.

Chester starts unpacking for the night. You have more than a week’s worth of rations between you, so you don’t need to go foraging. Never hurts to add to your resources tho.

What do you want to do?

A. Forage for food
B. Help Chester
C. Scout Ahead
D. Something else?
No. 1038608 ID: 15c72a

If you would never tell anyone about your Secret why is that a prerequisite for kissing? What is this secret anyway, did you kill someone?

D: take it easy.
Or, if laziness isn't your thing, B.
No. 1038609 ID: 629f2e

B, help Chester out and enjoy each other's company. Continue to imagine kissing her.
No. 1038610 ID: 9ff3a9

C, go look on ahead/around the area and let Chester handle the camp setup again.
No. 1038611 ID: 7c0da2

C, make sure there is nothing dangerous around the camp.
No. 1038612 ID: 249035

B. Build that bond!
No. 1038613 ID: dffe63



Tell Chester "Things are going to get HARDCORE" we need to start making some REAL headway. Get things done. Solve Mysteries. GET THE HEAVY STUFF LIFTED.

We need tea and biscuits before sleeping.
No. 1038621 ID: 187866

I would go with A. Food is important.
No. 1038635 ID: e7848c

C. Establish a perimeter, see what's off the beaten path. Maybe rub one out so you're not thinking with your other head
No. 1038638 ID: e13b1d

No. 1038649 ID: 833d54

B, help her get the fire going without spending half of her outfit
No. 1038650 ID: 4ef090
File 165828390568.png - (7.36KB , 200x200 , 37.png )

You decide to help Chester out.
Millie 3-1=2
Chester 1+1=2
Total 4

By working together you barely manage to avoid killing yourselves trying to light the fire. Maybe it’s because you can’t stop thinking about kissing Chester. You’re also exhausted from the nightmare last night. Maybe Chester is feeding off your anxious energy, plus her continued streak of bad castings is hanging over her. Whatever the reason, you each had a difficult time getting things going, but together were just able to stave off disaster and get a decent fire going with fairly minimal losses. The extra thread from the sword helped as well.

“I’m starting to wonder if we could do without fire altogether,” Chester mutters as she tosses some ingredients into her skillet.

You help out with dinner prep, and the two of you eat in quiet comfort. Spirits are a little lower than this morning, but still fairly high.

You get to thinking about your Secret… well, your father’s secret that was now yours.

Your father had traveled far and wide, learning much about the natural world, and just as much about the unnatural world. Some of the notes he left in the journals were incomprehensible, scratchy letters and figures you could never quite make sense of no matter how much you poured over them.

And then suddenly one day, you did understand. The writing flowed into your mind, wrapping around it with unfathomable truths about the nature of the universe, knowledge of the very fabric of reality clawing at your soul. You locked the books away and hid them where neither you nor anyone else could find them again, but the damage was done. You understood things about the world that you shouldn’t have.

You shudder thinking about it. You made a promise to yourself to never practice the things you learned. Sacred threading techniques that could do far greater harm than good.

Not that you could even if you wanted to. You needed a special tool for it, and you only got a glimpse into the forbidden knowledge. Still, it was just enough knowledge… and if you had the tool…

You try to shake it out of your mind. Chester could never know what you know. Perhaps literally. And not knowing could terrify her. Best if you kept it to yourself.

Chester is plucking away at her banjo again. You got so lost in thought you didn’t even notice at first.
No. 1038651 ID: 0eef85

Make a little small talk while you wistfully stare at her banjo prep!
"...We had a kinda busy day, huh?"
No. 1038653 ID: cb1783

She seems like an observant folk, you are NOT gonna be able to hide the fact you are hardcore crushing on her.
B, see if you can whip up a conversation while helping... or "helping" as I feel is gonna happen
No. 1038655 ID: cb1783

fuck I'm late oops, WELL WHAT I SAID IS STILL TRUE
I think is is the kind to be more intrigued if you managed to get her to follow you up a mountain, heading towards the Giant Golden Thread, where you are almost certainly gonna come across those secrets anyway in some form, other knowers drawn by the knowledge to the mount... and hey wouldn't you know it, you happen to have some scrap metal that you need to find a use for, and a nice tool would do JUST the trick
No. 1038656 ID: 19e613

Tell a story about your past while she preps to feel better. She might share one too. Not the secret, obviously.

Dance when she is ready to play.
No. 1038657 ID: cb1783

and... one last thing although making three posts in a row is crazy rude... no one else has even made it to the thread before, and it has been tried, you may well not GET a choice Millie
No. 1038661 ID: 15c72a

Let me guess. Reality is ALSO made of threads?

Talk about your family, and the city you used to live in.
No. 1038662 ID: e7848c

Arcane elder knowledge can be held off with a good meal and happy thoughts. What's a good story you can tell?
No. 1038672 ID: dffe63


Look, this secret thing you got? DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT. You got bigger fish to fry up and chow down on, and buddy? There's always a bigger fish in sea.

Speaking of Big Fish, that sounds like a dream. You know, I've barely payed attention but just what in sam's hell is your dream? Or is it "OUR" dream? Regardless, we ought to figure out what we're going to do with this weird thread when we get it since it seems like a thing we "dream" about it.

Also, is there a reason why we don't wear pants? It's not important but it's something to wonder about. When did we lose them? How did we lose them? Is someone walking around with our pants at this moment? Somehow it seems like a bigger issue than a dream or secret.
No. 1038747 ID: 187866

Uff, that sounds bad. Some say ignorance is bliss, so i guess it comes from people in your situation. What did happened to your Father?

Try to focus on the song, it might help you ease the stress.
No. 1039096 ID: 2b697f

try asking chester to help you sleep with a song you need to get some rest for tomorrow
No. 1039202 ID: 4ef090
File 165876707484.png - (26.57KB , 200x200 , 38.png )

"Kinda busy today, huh?" You say idly, trying to make conversation

"Yeah, I think we covered more ground than yesterday. And then there was that weird clearing. What's that about?"

"No idea."

"Mm, hm hm. Maybe I'll make up a story then." She begins to pluck out a tune, humming to herself.

It's peaceful. Maybe you've got nothing to be worried about after all.

"So," she says suddenly, "land of the moss. Tell me about that. You sang a song last night, now I wanna hear stories."

You chuckle, thankful for the distraction. "Well, lots of featherkin live there, tho we're not the only ones. A lot of our trade revolves around harvest and the things we make and sell from the fruits of the field."

"You're near the Crestal Sea, aren't you?"

You nod. "that's why there's so much moss. Everything is wet, always. I love it tho. When it rains it smells wonderful. The salt of the sea and the crisp of the green, it's something you never forget."

"Beautiful." She reaches and stirs the skillet.

"What about you? You always been near the mountain?"

"Practically. I'm from Froasting originally, but I don't remember much of it. My parents inherited the inn from my greats on my mom's side, and I lived there every since." She shrugs, " it's not bad, Snowloaf is an hour's train away, so, you know. I'm not so lonely. Most of the time."
No. 1039203 ID: 4ef090
File 165876708222.gif - (21.93KB , 200x200 , 39.gif )

You enjoy the meal and continue to chatter for a time before finally bedding down for the night.

You tuck into your bedroll, breathing a quiet prayer to a god you haven't worshipped for many years. Maybe they'll bless your sleep this time.


Perhaps the old superstition works, or you're just that tired. You have a decent sleep with no nightmares tonight.

(Your penalty is removed when you wake.)

"Hey, uh, so.. can I wear your poncho today?"

You open your eyes to see Chester with a blanket wrapped around her, her outfit folded neatly beside her. She blushes but continues to look at you intently.
No. 1039204 ID: f744e9

"How long have you been vibrating?"

"Whatever, sure, go nuts. As long as I get the hat and apron too."
No. 1039206 ID: 34583b

Outfit swap time!
No. 1039208 ID: 629f2e

Outfit swap! Take the neat pile of clothes she laid out for you to put on, undress under your own blanket, and toss her your poncho.
No. 1039209 ID: 67e14d

Nah, fuck it. Change right in front of her, get her comfortable enough with you to do the same
No. 1039212 ID: 0eef85

Okay, so what you do is ask her to turn around, and lay out your poncho next to you so you're both facing away from each other for a moment!
No. 1039213 ID: 273c18

Change right in front of her. No boner, nothing to hide.
No. 1039220 ID: 815672

Her vibe is infectious. Get a little excited yourself.
No. 1039224 ID: fef6d1

Allright, time to swap clothes.
No. 1039226 ID: c02041

Why? There’s always a catch. Is it cursed?
No. 1039230 ID: cc7c88

Support, this is cute.
Don't change in front of her. You're too shy for that.
No. 1039313 ID: e13b1d

No. 1039314 ID: b0b5f8

Change back to back.
No. 1039375 ID: 9ab9f7

Outfit swap! Outfit swap! Outfit swap!
No. 1039385 ID: 2b697f

this cute
No. 1039428 ID: 9ac24d

Get really excited for the clothing swap! And offer the poncho. However, your excitement is hidden as you both change back to back in your blankets each.
No. 1039566 ID: 4ef090
File 165923837970.png - (5.03KB , 200x200 , 40.png )

"Wha-what …? Oh, the… yeah," you rub the sleep out of your eyes. "Just gimme a sec. Uh, can you turn around?"

"Ok, just toss it to me and you turn away too."

The two of you turn away from each other. You leave everything but the gun in the pockets and remove the poncho. You feel weird without it, very exposed and vulnerable.

You toss it to Chester and pull her outfit over. It sure smells like her. You stand up and slip into the dress, tying the apron around your waist, and don the hat as well. She didn’t give you the shoes, which is fine, she probably needs them more than you do.

“How do I look?” you ask as you turn around.
No. 1039567 ID: 4ef090
File 165923838249.gif - (11.93KB , 200x200 , 41.gif )

Chester is wearing your poncho, still bouncing excitedly.

She looks you up and down. “You actually look pretty cute in my clothes!”

“Wahw,” you croak bashfully, “th-thank you. You look good in my poncho too.”
No. 1039568 ID: 4ef090
File 165923838503.png - (9.11KB , 400x400 , 42.png )

You get ready to venture on for the day. Since her arms are covered, Chester can’t carry the backpack, which means it’s your turn to carry it today. Thankfully you got a full night’s rest and should be full of energy.


It’s a little heavy, but nothing you can’t manage. You might not get as far today, but you won’t hurt yourself carrying everything.

The trees start thinning out as you climb, and by midday you can see over top of the forest. Mostly scrub brush from here forward.

You move on up. The path is growing noticeably less well tread, grass becomes more sparse, and eventually you’re in mostly rocky terrain.

The way forward is much narrower, many gaps and thin ledges you have to carefully navigate, but you don’t have much trouble with

Something catches your periphery from across the gap and you instinctively duck. [5]
No. 1039569 ID: 4ef090
File 165923838847.png - (14.54KB , 400x400 , 43.png )


A mirror-polished scissorblade is stuck in the rock above you. “What the fuck??” You yell, falling back.
No. 1039570 ID: 4ef090
File 165923839152.png - (10.61KB , 400x400 , 44.png )

You look out across the gap, following a line of purple thread from from the blade handle to a lone figure perched atop a peak some distance from you. They jump atop the line and dart across it, headed directly for you and Chester.
No. 1039571 ID: 736b7e

Open fire!
No. 1039572 ID: bf8061

A villain! This won’t do at all. Attempt to sever or otherwise disturb the thread such that the assailant loses their balance
No. 1039573 ID: e51896

I want to use our broken Half of a Scissorblade to cut the thread as they are running across...

but uhhh... what if they're a potential friend?
No. 1039575 ID: ca47fd

Cut that thread. Then ask them "what the heck that was rude" because that really was rude
No. 1039576 ID: 15c72a

Just cut the line.
No. 1039577 ID: b4ab25

Hit them with the Heavy Push,
Hit the thread with Heavy Cut!
(vibrating/bouncing Chester is adorable)
No. 1039578 ID: d0108b

use a push to knock them off (or hopefully sending them flying), if they zipline on the thread use heavy cut on the thread
No. 1039579 ID: a4f232

Friends don't usually try to take your head off by throwing a gigantic sword at you, which WOW is terrifying written out.
They are on a line, and hopefully their balance ain't superhuman because you gotta use that PUSH bullet at them... assuming you remember which spells are where in your gun, I hope you do otherwise you're rolling a D6 to see which spell your shooting
No. 1039582 ID: 474297

Hey Cut, heavy push on next round if they get close. They clearly don't want to talk.
No. 1039589 ID: 6a7ca9

Why not both? A heavy push and good cut on the line! It'll build some distance!
No. 1039605 ID: c7291c

No time to formulate a big plan. Absolutely use the Heavy Cut on the thread if you can; that should at least make things awkward for them on the jump to you.
Are there small rocks directly next to Chester? If she's able to, she could drop a Light on one to create a strong source of light in an attempt to blind the attacker temporarily. Otherwise just stick close but try not to get hit!
No. 1039610 ID: 496343

That half scissor is ours now! Cut the rope!.
No. 1039623 ID: 422cea

Cut the thread! This sword is now yours.
No. 1039722 ID: 7c0da2

You have a Heavy Cut loaded, and it travels in an arc. With some aiming you can both cut the line and fire toward him to try to prevent him from jumping toward you.
But don't expect him to be defeated that easily, he still has some thread to use to reach where you are with whatever magic he knows.
No. 1040002 ID: 0a95e7

Hop on top of the scissor-blade and ride it like you're at a rodeo!
No. 1040245 ID: 4ef090
File 165985426465.png - (15.71KB , 500x500 , 45.png )

“Chester, cut the rope!” you yell.
She hands you a chopping knife out of the backpack and begins trying to sever the thread with the old scissorblade. It seems to do more damage to your knives than the thread. “Fuck, it’s been enchanted, I don't think we can cut it!”
No. 1040246 ID: 4ef090
File 165985426877.png - (19.75KB , 500x500 , 46.png )

“Cover your ears,” you say as you pull out the revolver and take aim at the thread. They’re halfway across the gap. You let out a slow breath. You pull the trigger.
The gun explodes, kicking up hard as you fire a Heavy Cut round at the thread. It collides with the line with a blinding purple flash, and digs deeper into the rock beneath, cutting a thick chunk out of the ground.
No. 1040247 ID: 4ef090
File 165985427284.png - (11.36KB , 500x500 , 47.png )

The purple assailant drops into the trees far below along with the rest of the thread. A couple seconds of silence. An uncomfortable, muffled crack. Several birds stir from their nests, taking off into the midday sky.

“What the hell was that?” Chester asks, peering over the edge.

“No idea.” You tug at the sword stuck in the stone. It’s wedged in pretty firmly, but with a little bit of work you manage to free it. “Nice of them to leave us a gift tho.” You hand it over to Chester.

She takes it and examines it. “It’s immaculate,” she says in awe, “Purple.. hmm.. that’s a popular color in Froasting I think… but I don’t know if it really means anything about who attacked us.” she winces, “that crack… do you think they’re still alive?”

“Not after a fall like that, no way.” You dust yourself off and lay a hand on Chester’s shoulder. “You gonna be ok?”

“Y-yeah I’ll be fine,” she says, “Just shaken. Let’s keep going.”

As night falls, you make camp among some scrub brush. You’re both still on edge from the encounter, and have decided to take turns keeping watch. Which of you will take the first turn?
No. 1040248 ID: c749d0

Chester, then you. It gets more dangerous later layer in the night, so it's best we offer to keep watch during the later shift and Chester watches first. Plus itll give time for Chester's dress to mend after we used our revolver.
No. 1040249 ID: d344dc

I think as we have a ranged weapon, we should take the first watch. And with it being loud as well, since it's a gun, it can wake Chester up in case of an attack.
No. 1040250 ID: 8483cf

Chester first.
No. 1040251 ID: d344dc

Oh yes, we should also reload our revolver, our ammo is precious.
No. 1040253 ID: 815672

Make sure you check on Chester. Likely her first run in with taking a life. Self defense or not. You can take first watch.
No. 1040254 ID: 7906fc

whichever can wind down enough to sleep first, I imagine... but you should probably take first watch, just in case Mystery Man survived and only like, broke a leg or something
No. 1040260 ID: b01382

ngl birb boi looks like wife material in those clothes.
No. 1040434 ID: 7c0da2

Take first watch, Chester probably don't want to be awake alone right now.
And remember to reload.
No. 1041101 ID: 4ef090
File 166077920524.png - (19.75KB , 500x500 , 48.png )

Chester fares better with the fire this time, making good use of the extra thread from the broken sword.

“How are you holding up?” you ask as you work on cooking, “I don’t suppose you’ve ever been in a situation like that before, huh?”

She nods quietly. She plucks away at her banjo, holding the strings so they don’t make too much noise. "Guess we know why most people don't come back now huh."
No. 1041102 ID: 4ef090
File 166077920985.png - (15.51KB , 500x500 , 49.png )

"I guess so," you say, "I certainly didn't expect mountain assassins. Try not to worry about it too much tho.  That was a pretty solid crack, so I think we’re probably safe from them now."

Chester looks like she's going to be sick at the thought of someone falling that hard, and stops playing her banjo. "Nobody expects to be assassinated," she snaps.
No. 1041103 ID: 4ef090
File 166077921297.png - (13.68KB , 500x500 , 50.png )

You eat in silence and after cleaning up you reload the Heavy Cut round into your pistol. Chester curls up to sleep, and you take the first watch. [1]

You sit and watch the fire, listening for any sort of noise. You don't hear anything. You don't see anything. Just the fire.

Just the fire.

Just the fire.

The flames crackle and consume the wood, and someday, they say to you, someday they'll consume everything. It's just like you remember from the journals. Thread burns, worlds crumble, fire cleanses the remains. That's how it all ends, in fire, unceasing, unrelenting, burning forever.

You're so lost in your thoughts that you don't notice anything around you for several hours, so totally absorbed by the dancing lights as they draw the wretched texts to the front of your mind.
No. 1041104 ID: 4ef090
File 166077921574.png - (20.56KB , 500x500 , 51 .png )

You're in a crumpled heap on the ground. Tree sap and pine needles are stuck to you. Your cloak is tangled up around you, torn badly from the descent through the branches. You lay there as searing pain coursing through your body.
No. 1041105 ID: 4ef090
File 166077922034.png - (16.11KB , 500x500 , 52.png )

You need to get up and either finish your job, or return to camp to mend yourself. You shakily push yourself off the ground and clamber to your feet. Your left arm is cracked and splintered very badly. A thick ichorous fluid is escaping it, dripping slowly onto the earth. You lurch and vomit even more of the dark fluid. There's no way you're just popping this one back into place.

Mother would be so disappointed in you.

You're somewhere halfway down the mountain. Once you get out of the trees you think you can find your way back to your camp.

Your cloak is in a bad state. You can maybe cast one or two spells before it's destroyed entirely.

Your legs seem to be fine enough to walk, but you're losing fluid quickly. Should you tend to your arm, or try to find your way back to camp? Or should you try to find the intruders climbing the mountain first?
No. 1041112 ID: 6e862c

If we keep letting ourselves lose fluid we might not make it back to camp, even if we were to try and find our way back first. Fixing that up takes priority.
No. 1041114 ID: b4ab25

Yea it seems that if we have a spell to stop leaking ichor that seems like it would be good and important to use, as it seems we can move, which so long as we don't die on the way to camp it seems we can then properly restore ourselves.
But regardless I don't think we are in any shape to 'finish the job'
No. 1041135 ID: b01382

find the intruders. lets get em!
No. 1041164 ID: 7906fc

Well, you CERTAINLY need to deal with your wounds before doing anything, take a moment to remember what, exactly, is at your camp, and if nothing useful, head towards the intruders
No. 1041172 ID: 15c72a

Plug your wound.
No. 1041175 ID: e51896

Plug wound...
Use underwear since using up the rest of your magic cloak for a wound would be bad. The magic cloak will regenerate and keep you concealed later.
No. 1041179 ID: 8483cf

Deal with your arm.
No. 1041184 ID: 2aa5f0

stop bleeding, then return to camp to resupply.

you're half dead and nearly out of supplies, now is not a good time to hunt, now is a good time to lick your wounds and gather more gear to replace what was lost.
No. 1041185 ID: de253f

Your arm needs to be tended to as soon as possible. Offing the intruders afterwards should be a piece of cake, they clearly have no idea what they're doing if they tried to sever your thread with fucking cutlery.
No. 1041187 ID: 0647c0

This. Patch the big immediate problem, but save the threads. And becoming nude is also a nice bonus.
No. 1041202 ID: 422cea

I don't think they're wearing clothing, their body looks like they're akin to a living doll or a puppet and those are simply differently colored segments.

Use some of your cloak remnants to patch the arm if I'm correct about this.
No. 1041205 ID: 847c2c
File 166081728641.png - (30.37KB , 500x500 , 1B14846E-E66A-4743-B80E-F0D3E2ECCE8C.png )

You spit more of the black goop out and examine your wooden arm as best as you can. It's splintered roughly in a way that you can't just snap back into place. Garland will probably have to build a new one. Again.

You tear a strip of fabric off your tattered cloak and wrap it as tightly as you can around the break, and with a curse, you cast Hold. The fabric grips your arm firmly, stopping the fluid in you from leaking out. You let out a gasp as the pain surges, then fades back to a bearable threshold. That's one problem solved.
No. 1041206 ID: 847c2c
File 166081729056.png - (17.06KB , 500x500 , 09BC669C-71A9-4133-9655-8531A4EAA07A.png )

You look upwards into the sky. The stars are starting to light up. You recognize certain constellations, and have a better idea of where you are. You start walking.

Hatred courses through you at the thought of those two idiots climbing your goddess' sacred mountain. Every few years some 'noble knight' or 'eager adventurer' shows up thinking they can just trample all over the mountain. Thanks to you, none of them ever succeed.

"P-pathetic, really," you hiss to nobody, and spit out another mouthful of ichor, "didn't even do a good j-job of hk.. killing me..."

You stumble along, slowly working your way back to a familiar trail. "No, I'm.... I'm pathetic... weak, broken doll... c-can't even protect her mountain from two nobodies..." You stop and cough, more black fluid dripping down your front. You march onwards.

You can see their fire far up above you. You curse again. Even if you still had your sword, your good arm is now your worst arm. Your cloak is in tatters, almost useless. You're sure they would kill you if you tried to attack now. Best thing to do is head back to Garland.
No. 1041207 ID: 847c2c
File 166081729377.png - (24.50KB , 500x500 , 89B90CF0-3E68-4A3A-9799-ABC6B3011D6C.png )

Hours pass, but eventually you do find the trail, and it's not much longer before you slump against a tree near your camp.

"Garland, I'm back."

A bright green slime garbed in blue and white looks up from their prayer by the fire and sighs at the sight of you. "Oh no... you played rough again, didn't you, Wreathe."

"Please, spare me the sermon. I lost a lot of pride and blood today."

"Mmhm, I can see that. So it went very badly then?"

"Shit, no it was great actually, I threw myself down the mountain for the hell of it."
No. 1041208 ID: 847c2c
File 166081729767.png - (36.81KB , 500x500 , EC76388F-B237-4F95-BF41-D2B103440141.png )

Garland wrinkles her snout at the cursing, but doesn't reply. She rises and comes to examine you. "Mmm... this one is very bad. And it's your sword arm too." She sighs, "I can't fix it. You're going to have to wait for me to make you a new arm."

"Wh-what, no, I can't let them get to the peak! Garland, please, there has to be something you can do to fix me now. Can't you mend it or splint it, or, or, something?"

Garland looks at you with pity in her eyes. "You know I can't. Your body was literally built to resist the power of thread magic. I could spend a week or so trying to bend the fibers back into place and glueing them together, but the quickest option is to wait for me to build you a new one, and that's going to take a couple of days."

You let out a defeated groan. You know she's right, and you hate it. "Alright. I'll wait. Thank you."

Garland's expression softens. "The best thing you can do right now is relax and pray. They won't reach the peak for several more weeks at their pace. You can afford a few days to recover."

"Pray they die in their sleep," you grumble, "they're walking on hallowed ground, HER ground."
No. 1041209 ID: 847c2c
File 166081730143.png - (25.07KB , 500x500 , 0AB543A4-43DA-4E41-B537-AD1393405869.png )

"Mother will understand. Be a good doll for her and rest. Pray." She rises and returns to the fire, where she begins rummaging around her bag for tools.

You settle down as comfortably as you can near the fire. There's a little bit of food in your bag, some bread and fruits. You suddenly realize you're incredibly hungry.

A. Pray
B. Eat
No. 1041210 ID: 15c72a


Have you considered talking to intruders? Tell them to leave?
No. 1041211 ID: 6e862c

Had you done a better job they'd already be dead for even attempting to REACH her ground. Pray for forgiveness. You'll do better next time.
No. 1041212 ID: 7c0da2


You won't recuperate if you don't eat.
No. 1041215 ID: 815672

Pray you were given an easier job in life.
No. 1041216 ID: 36784c

B. Eat and recover your strength.

Honestly, that was an extremely stupid thing you did. You put yourself in a position that allowed them to not only cut your thread and drop you down the mountain, but it also allowed them to keep your weapon.
No. 1041218 ID: 2aa5f0

No. 1041225 ID: 8483cf

No. 1041226 ID: b4ab25

I dunno, we seem kinda like a robot-thing. Are praying and eating really mutually exclusive?
Pray and eat at the same time if we can, otherwise Pray. (then eat)
No. 1041235 ID: f0c29c


The first two options lead me to believe there is a secret third choice C for Love so let’s go with that
No. 1041237 ID: f43935

It's not like your going to be able to sleep without doing both of these, but it's good to have a prAyer before eating, usually
No. 1041254 ID: 0eef85

Food's always nice, lets eat.
No. 1041257 ID: 4ef090
File 166087019597.png - (61.70KB , 500x500 , 58.png )

You decide to pray first. You can eat later.

You close your eyes to the world and look inwards. It takes a moment to find it, but soon you slip into a sort of trance, and are able to escape your body. The world fades away along with all its sensations, and it's just you, a tiny flame burning against the darkness.

"Mother of the Forest," you call out, "please forgive me. I failed to protect your mountain again."
No. 1041258 ID: 4ef090
File 166087019907.png - (108.42KB , 500x500 , 59.png )

You're in her hands. You can feel her gaze, but can't bear to look into her face. "Precious doll," she says softly, "why do you behave so recklessly?"

A. To Honor You
B. To Protect You
C. To Win Your Favor
D. To Atone For My Sins
No. 1041259 ID: 9ff3a9

No. 1041260 ID: 249e8f

I was going to say D, but B is the better choice, and appears to be best truth as of why no one makes it back alive.
No. 1041261 ID: bf8061


We luv u forest mommy
No. 1041262 ID: e508a2

B seems to fit this character the best
No. 1041263 ID: 0eef85

No. 1041264 ID: 0bfc71

"To atone for not being strong enough."
No. 1041267 ID: 8483cf

No. 1041270 ID: 36784c

No. 1041284 ID: 7906fc

B seems most inline with the whole murdering travelers thing
No. 1041288 ID: e51896

I like D
No. 1041299 ID: b53892

No. 1041303 ID: 815672

You must make things right.
No. 1041348 ID: 7c0da2

No. 1041350 ID: 2aa5f0

No. 1041363 ID: 1134fe

No. 1041372 ID: 629f2e

No. 1041457 ID: d2f875


Strangers cannot approach Her Ground, not under any circumstances. Ever.
No. 1041638 ID: 4ef090
File 166129036767.png - (63.46KB , 500x500 , 60.png )

"I have to protect you," you say quietly, "What good am I if I don't risk my life for your safety?"

"What good indeed. Would you dash yourself against the rocks so thoughtlessly and make way for an unworthy hand to touch the thread? I have no use for disobedient dolls who discard their bodies so flippantly. "

"N-no Mother," Your face burns with shame. "Please forgive me."

"Your body is a precious gift, one you regularly seem to take for granted. And what of Garland? How do you think she feels about your behavior?"

"She lives to serve, Mother," you say through grit teeth, "as do I."

"Oh," she giggles, "I didn't realize that meant Garland has no feelings."

You say nothing, but shame and anger continue to bubble in you.

She sighs. "You're in a bit of a mood, so I'll leave you be. For now you are forgiven. Be more careful. If this happens again I'll have no choice but to punish you."

"Of course, Mother. Thank you for your kindness."

Her hands set you gently back in your body.
No. 1041639 ID: 4ef090
File 166129037104.png - (17.97KB , 500x500 , 61.png )

You open your eyes. There are dried tears staining your wooden face. It's daylight. Your broken arm has been removed, the socket wrapped up neatly with cloth. Your cloak is folded neatly next to you, almost completely mended. Garland looks up from the new arm she's carving. She looks very tired, but smiles as you begin to stir.

"Soooo," she says carefully, "what did she say?"
No. 1041640 ID: 4ef090
File 166129037429.png - (16.41KB , 500x500 , 62.png )

"She said she would punish me if I broke my body again," you mumble. You grab a loaf of bread and take a bite.

Garland nods. "I know she probably didn't say it, but I'm certain she's proud of your enthusiasm. She's just looking out for you."

"As Goddess of the Forest she's not required to say anything on my behalf," you take another bite of bread, "She's just making sure I can do my job. I'm not going to let her down again."
No. 1041641 ID: 4ef090
File 166129037756.png - (18.36KB , 500x500 , 63.png )

"Mmm." She pauses her carving to examine the work. It's looking good so far, but you know there's still a lot of work to do.

"Were you up all night working on that?"

"Yes ma'am," she yawns, "I figured I'd save time by salvaging some of your old arm. The hand is still good, and the shoulder socket is mostly good. I'll replace the broken pieces and you'll be good to go by the end of tomorrow."

"Wow.. you're amazing. Thank you so much."

She sticks out her tongue cutely and winks at you. "Just doing my best for you, for her."

"Do you.. can I ... do anything for you?"

She pauses. "For me? Oh, I... like what?"
No. 1041642 ID: 0790c1

A hug?
No. 1041643 ID: 0eef85

Sights you'd want to appreciate in-depth around this place?
Other teachings from you to learn in the mean time?
...Thanking you and being grateful for putting up with my brash behavior...
No. 1041644 ID: 819b77

This. Also, any sights you want us to describe? Anything you want us to tell you about?
No. 1041645 ID: d2f875

Ask if you can help get material for your arm, and other materials to help keep the camp stocked up.

What? Yesterday I failed to remove intruders on HER ground and let them interfere with HER thread and ate dirt for it all. I have a mission I must complete in urgency, lest I fail Mother once more. And I will not fail Mother again.
No. 1041646 ID: a54ea3

After talking to your god, the tumble, and whatnot; I believe you can ask Garland to help relieve some stress. Could be a hug, tea, anything to get your mind off things. Even just for a second.
No. 1041651 ID: e230a0

it is pretty difficult to do ones own hair, maybe offer help with it?? after all, your hair seems to be done up, and I am certain Garland helped with it
No. 1041658 ID: 7878f6

A back rub? She looks pretty tired, it could help her rest and relax. You should manage with just one arm.
No. 1043280 ID: 4ef090
File 166269901278.png - (110.43KB , 500x500 , 64.png )

"I don't know, but I have to do something, I can't just sit here idly."

She chuckles at you. "Come sit with me, I'm so lonely when you pray."

"Ok." you scoot closer to sit next to her, "Thank you again for working so hard for me, for Her."
No. 1043281 ID: 4ef090
File 166269901544.png - (134.84KB , 500x500 , 65.png )

"Of course. I should probably do an examination of the rest of your body just to be sure you're good all over."

"O-oh, yeah?" you blush a little, "I ... is there time for that?"

"We could make time," she says softly. She's stopped working on the arm. You're looking into each others' eyes. She looks so tired, but her eyes shine with affection as she moves her hand over your thigh.

"Garland, I..."

"Please? It won't delay the repair long, and it would be foolish to send you out again without making 100% certain you're in perfect working order. Besides... a doll deserves some affection and care."
No. 1043282 ID: 4ef090
File 166269901988.png - (127.24KB , 500x500 , 66.png )

You shiver. She's so close to you now, you can smell the cool mint of her green flesh. "I-I suppose, if it won't take too much longer... and.... it's been a while..."

She kisses you. Her lips are so soft, they stick to you and leave thin strands of slime as she pulls away and kisses you again.

You're pushed gently to the ground by her advances. You're shivering. Her gentle touches are perfect. She knows your body inside and out. She sits on top of you, her tail wrapped around one of your legs, hands planted by your head as she leans over you. "I brought some attachments along, just in case. But we don't have to do anything if you're really in a hurry to be fixed, sweet Doll."

You shiver as she calls you Doll. Do you have time, or are you in a hurry?

A. I've got time (strap up or get strapped?)
B. I'm in a hurry (return to Millie and Chester)
No. 1043283 ID: f373c9

A, time to Strap In
No. 1043284 ID: 8483cf

Time to get strapped!
No. 1043285 ID: e51896

A. Let's get strapped. No need to rush things
No. 1043288 ID: 629f2e

A, and get strapped.
No. 1043289 ID: d8223d

A! I say we strap up! Unless, that's what Garland wants to do~
No. 1043303 ID: 83fb9f

Mother did imply you should consider Garland's feelings.. She's done a lot for you. You know her well, how would she like to be taken care of?
No. 1043313 ID: 813e98

A, ehhh get strapped?
No. 1043324 ID: 8bace7

A, get strapped sounds fun, we have time, the journey to the mountain ain't exactly fast
No. 1046350 ID: ce14c2

A. Strap up and strap in.
No. 1051818 ID: 02cfda
File 167107097029.png - (103.78KB , 500x500 , 67.png )

Garland holds you just right. She knows just where to press and touch, like you're some kind of machine she can manipulate. You don't mind tho. You were made to be played with. To be told what to do. Nothing makes you happier. When she tells you to open up you do it, happily. She rests on you gently, her weight a comfort. She's practiced, a perfect caretaker, delicate, gentle, as rough as she needs to be, as you need her to be.
No. 1051819 ID: 02cfda
File 167107097399.png - (97.26KB , 500x500 , 68.png )

Your thoughts blur as she descends, filling you exactly. You're so empty and alone, a hollow husk puppeted by invisible strings. But Garland gives you a reason to exist, a sensation outside of your duty as guardian. She doesn't just need you, she cares about you, and takes care of you. A doll's soul needs just as much love and attention as the body. Even you forget sometimes. You embrace her more enthusiastically.
No. 1051820 ID: 02cfda
File 167107097787.png - (91.44KB , 500x500 , 69.png )

How is it so easy to forget? It feels obvious here as you feel more and more of her inside you, it's plain as day that you're more than a tool. You're a Doll, a proper Doll, not a mere puppet. Mother wouldn't have made a creature that feels this way just to make them feel miserable about it.

Garland's breath comes in soft huffs as she rocks her hips firmly into you. She's savoring you, smirking at the little noises you make as she fills you. She picks up the pace, lifting you off the ground slightly, and it isn't long before she has you moaning as waves of satisfaction and relief wash over you.

You need to get laid more often, you decide. Maybe after the trespassers are gone...

No. 1051821 ID: 02cfda
File 167107098115.png - (13.63KB , 500x500 , 70.png )


You blink. The sun is peeking over the horizon, casting a warm orange glow over the valleys and treetops surrounding your camp. Chester is just waking up. You've been up all night staring into the fire. Strangely, you don't feel exhausted.

"Are you ok? You were supposed to wake me so I could watch."
No. 1051824 ID: 6fde29

I wanted to... take charge watching for yesterday's blase behavior. I felt bad.

Also, probably check your belongings...
No. 1051825 ID: 15c72a

"All shall burn."
No. 1051830 ID: 8483cf

You're not going to believe this, but the fire put a spell on me and I zoned out for the entire night.

Fire is untrustworthy.
No. 1051840 ID: e51896

Pretty much this.

also mention you don't feel tired for some reason.
No. 1051850 ID: ceaf93

got lost in the fire and lost in your head, apparently deep enough you aren't tired? apologise and ask if she slept well?
No. 1051853 ID: 83fb9f

You're actually fine. Maybe you'll need a half break somewhere later in the day but for now you're okay to keep moving. Easy to lose track of time when watching the fire.
No. 1051857 ID: 2aa5f0

the fire gave me all the rest I needed so don't worry about it.
No. 1051865 ID: 1ff64e

Check your clothes, is something wrong with the color, or did you just tire out your eyes with all that staring at the fire?
No. 1052363 ID: b01382

Mmmmmmm yes femboy with widehips gives me reason to wake every morning.
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