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File 165582416629.png - (73.66KB , 500x500 , p0.png )
1035606 No. 1035606 ID: 9ea24b

NSFW - short porn quest about two powerful foes. Takes place a LONG time before the events of Queen of Hell https://questden.org/wiki/Queen_of_Hell
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No. 1035607 ID: 9ea24b
File 165582417610.png - (87.01KB , 500x500 , p1.png )

You met him for the first time ages ago, on the battlefield of some dead planet. Back then you were only Level 3, not a common foot soldier but nothing special either. Simple turf war over a MANA reserve, at least until the ANGELS showed up, and then the DEMONS decided that working together was better than getting dead.

Somehow you got separated from your squad by one of those reality warping attacks the big guys were throwing out and stumbled into Gray by accident.

You can’t remember what either of you said, but the exchange of insults somehow turned into desperately MAKING OUT before you were rudely interrupted by the ongoing slaughter.
No. 1035608 ID: 9ea24b
File 165582418611.png - (125.50KB , 500x500 , p2.png )

Now you’re sucking the dregs of smoke out of a cigarette you MADE (!!!) through sheer willpower while reclining on satin sheets in one of your SECRET DEMON SAFEHOUSES. Can’t continuously bend space and time to your whims quite yet, but you’re gunning for a promotion later this quarter.

Next to you is your enemy. Gray’s been making moves up the ANGEL hierarchy too, which sounds much easier than navigating DEMON politics. All he has to do is kill and lie, which you do all the time without overtime pay.

Gray: Hey.
Mizz: What?
Gray: Let’s run away together.

No. 1035609 ID: afe7de

Laugh, ask where you would even go, can you even survive the vacuum of space?
No. 1035610 ID: e51896

This feels like something she would say. Support.

Boop his nose as you say that, tease him a bit.
No. 1035612 ID: 629f2e

"Not until we calculate the volume of your dick." Hit him with the math equations.
No. 1035613 ID: b01382

Boop his silly nose. Its something ti consider, but where would you two go? Wouldnt they get hunted down by their respective factions or something?

Uh. More hand holding!
No. 1035618 ID: 129177

Where to? This multiversal baggage tends to follow you around.
No. 1035656 ID: 9ea24b
File 165586996187.png - (107.77KB , 500x500 , p3.png )

You chuckle with surprise and vanish your cigarette before hooking a leg over Gray’s hip.

Mizz: Where would we go? I feel like all the habitable places in the MULTIVERSE are infested with our kind. You’ve told me you kill FALLEN ANGELS whenever you find them.
Gray: I’m surprised you took that seriously.
Mizz: Was it supposed to be a joke?
Gray: I was trying to make you mad that I’d say something so dumb.

You tap a finger on his nose-mouth-face-beak.

Mizz: Are you implying I fuck better when I’m mad?
Gray: Maybe...All that deskwork they have you doing is making you go soft.

You bare your flat teeth at him and growl. Suggest how to show you’ve still got it.
No. 1035657 ID: e5709d

Bite his dick off. It grows back after reincarnations, right?
No. 1035661 ID: dee951

Nah, nothing especially harmful; do some super athletic sex thing that requires a TON of skill.
No. 1035670 ID: b01382

Motherfucker is lucky he's cute, with he's stupid fucking adorable smile. I'll cute you bitch!
No. 1035683 ID: e51896

Punish him for being a bad student. Slap him with a ruler... or maybe some lovebites.
Safe word is Red.
No. 1035758 ID: 9ea24b
File 165594478583.png - (100.12KB , 500x500 , p4.png )

>Bite off dick
Sadly, due to a measure of prudence and forethought by both parties you have a Mutually Assured Aggression PACT with Gray, meaning that if either of you seriously harms the other they get to retaliate in kind. You’re not in the mood to get your dick bitten off so you pass.

>Demonstrate your STRENGTH!
You grip Gray by his hunky jaw and drag him upright into prime punishment position. CURSE his stupid adorable smirk which stays on even when you slap his thighs with a newly MADE ruler.
No. 1035759 ID: 9ea24b
File 165594479998.png - (95.53KB , 500x500 , p5.png )

Gray: What’s with the ruler? We doing some kind of teacher student roleplay?
Mizz: You’re being awfully BRATTY today.
Gray: Heheheheh…

Once Gray’s behind is appropriately flushed you lash him in place midair (MAGIC is terribly convenient for these things) and leave him hanging.

Mizz: If you’re going to be a bad boy you won’t get your reward.
Gray: What, no, I’ve been so good! The other day I blasted all these rotten DEMONS into dust.
Gray: Okay, fine, how can I show you I’m good?

No. 1035764 ID: afe7de

Give him homework, not sexy ultra boring homework. If he's gonna come up with an idea like flee somewhere he's gotta do some RESEARCH. Edge him till he accepts.

It's not like the idea *hasn't* occurred to you to just leave, but aren't the Angels the bigger problem, like weird stalkers?
No. 1035792 ID: e51896

A pop quiz. Ask him 5-10 questions, maybe stuff about demons and angels, research as >>1035764 suggested, and other lore stuff, and during the pop quiz, for every answer he gets wrong, you tease him with a little foreplay (handjob, blowjob, other stuff like that), or "punish" him with a spanking from the ruler, each foreplay or punishment getting a little more intense or longer to the point of edging if he progressively gets more answers wrong while leaving him alone and moving to the next question for each question he gets right.

if he cums too soon before the pop quiz is over from your teasing and punishment from the wrong answers he gives, he has to wear some kind of chastity device or artifact that you get to tease him with for being a bad student, edging him while he doesnt get to cum no matter how much he wants to. Reward him with sex if he magages to hold out through all your questions.
No. 1035794 ID: b01382

>blasted three demons
Hot. Okay, why dont we try something kinky? Ya suck his dick? Ride his cock? I dont know woman youre the expert.

Ew homework. Thats extra NOT sexy. Why do we wven need him to do research?

Oh my god youre serious. I didnt know homework would be a kind of foreplay. Why wouldn't Mizz know some things Gray knows?
No. 1035795 ID: b01382

Like this is a short porn quest. Are these Q&A's like, legit for the thing, or is this more in league asking things about the main Queen of Hell quest? Isn't these a Discussion thread for this in /questdis/?
I am, perplexed? I think thats the right word?
No. 1035816 ID: 9ea24b
File 165602520812.png - (93.34KB , 500x500 , p6.png )

>Homework based edging
Mizz: Let’s have a POP QUIZ of five questions. Get three right and I’ll let you fuck me, but for every wrong answer I’ll spank you more.
Gray: Yes ma’am.
Mizz: And I want a well-thought out answer, no ANGEL PROPAGANDA, understand?
Gray: Of course ma’am.

It occurs to you that training Gray this way may have unforeseen side effects. No, not just that, all of your past interactions with him have given him a major advantage in the INTELLIGENCE department over his peers. Surely this will have no repercussions for the future, and at least you have the magically enforced PACT in case he decides to turn against you.
No. 1035817 ID: 9ea24b
File 165602521654.png - (73.25KB , 500x500 , p7.png )

>Question 1: Why are ANGELS stronger than DEMONS?
Gray: We’re supposed to be your natural PREDATORS so we usually have more specialized offensive POWERS and we’re TOUGHER.

Basically true, so you take his leaking cock in a lubed hand and start to stroke it slowly. His feathers puff out with pleasure while you maintain the slow-paced handjob.

What’s your next question? Feel free to ask anything about how ANGELS and DEMONS work or other WORLD-BUILDING topics.
No. 1035840 ID: afe7de

Ask where Angels come from! They gotta come from somewhere right?
No. 1035841 ID: 273c18

Why are Angels obsessed with "purity"?
No. 1035845 ID: 273c18

What even is Purity?
No. 1035847 ID: b01382

Why is he so cuddly and fluffy? Are Angels avians, or are birds descendants of angels? Evolution amerite?
No. 1035858 ID: e51896

What are fallen angels deal? we know they are the ones that do cleanup after demon wars after 30% of the population is gone and the angels wipe out another 40, and fallen angels enslave whatever kin is left while fixing a small bit of the planet. We already know that Fallen Angels can actually be reasoned with in comparison to Angels. Are they like half demon half angels (Nephilim) or something else entirely and where did they come from?

What are reclaimers who take over the planet once the fallen angels take their slave and take over the planet once it's entirely defenseless (the one that comes in after the fallen angels kidnap whatever kin is left)
No. 1035859 ID: ce39da

"How are those pursuing [PURITY] allowed to indulge in every SIN under the sun, including the one they claim to oppose?"

The correct answer, of course, has to do with the two [TRUTHES] that define the local multiverse.

"But just because [PURITY] and [ORDER] have EVIL and FALSEHOOD baked into their local definition, doesn't make them any less legit as [PATHS] to power. Of course, if you want to pursue [PURITY] as an IDEAL in earnest, your best bet is to cross your fingers and pray you're LUCKY enough to find passage to another multiverse where it's a [TRUTH] instead of an [ANATHEMA]."
No. 1035861 ID: 9ea24b
File 165610344009.png - (86.18KB , 500x500 , p8.png )

>Question 2: Why are you so cute and fluffy and avian?
You have some questions you actually want the answers to, which means buttering Gray up first.

Gray: I am very cute, thank you for noticing. It’s because I hatched from a perfect stork EGG. ANGELS come from random eggs all over, it’s hard work to retrieve the hatchlings but it's very important!
Mizz: You’re talking about traditional oviparous eggs, though. With a tough protective shell and everything.
Gray: Huh?
Mizz: Because there’s a lot of other eggs, for example fish have eggs and amphibians have eggs but I’ve never seen those kinds of ANGELS. By that logic there should be an overwhelming number of insect based ANGELS.
Gray: Uh, the eggs have to be above a certain size, I think. Wait, no follow-up questions, that’s cheating!

You reward him with a faster rhythm, even reaching your other hand down to fondle his balls. Gray squawks and shudders.
No. 1035862 ID: 9ea24b
File 165610345273.png - (97.41KB , 500x500 , p9.png )

>Question 3: What is PURITY?

Gray: That’s easy. PURITY is getting rid of bad things and doing good things.
Mizz: You’re literally getting jerked off by a DEMON.
Gray: Nyaaaaahhhhh and it feels so nice.
Mizz: That’s not a real answer, Gray.
Gray: What? Yeah it is! It’s just simpler than the other questions. I mean, that’s what they teach all the ANGELS but I’ve never heard any different interpretations.

You spin him around and rearrange the bindings so his ass is in the air. There’s a rapid-fire clacking noise as Gray snaps his beak in FRUSTRATION, which you match with the snap of the ruler across his toned behind.

Gray: Fine, okay, what do the DEMONS think PURITY is?
Mizz: A fucking ANNOYANCE. An excuse to do whatever you WANT while OPPRESSING others.
Gray: Hmph. Typical nonsense.

No. 1035863 ID: 9ea24b
File 165610346082.png - (79.99KB , 500x500 , p10.png )

>Question 4: What’s the deal with FALLEN ANGELS?

Gray: They’re traitors, duh.
Mizz: Okay, but where do they come from? They can’t all be abandoned hatchlings.
Gray: They’re just ANGELS who ran away and don’t listen to orders anymore.
Mizz: But why?
Gray: I don’t know why, probably because of DEMON trickery.
Mizz: Isn’t this–

You land a particularly stinging blow that makes him squeak.

Mizz: –DEMON trickery? You’re still a perfect little soldier despite my best efforts.
Gray: Because I have strong CONVICTION and PRINCIPLES.
Mizz: If that’s what you believe, fine, but I don’t accept your answer. You have one more chance to prove yourself worthy.
Gray: Nooooo you’re being so mean.
Mizz: Isn’t that what you wanted?

Do you give Gray an easy last question so you get that bird dick or do you purposefully deny him?
No. 1035864 ID: 629f2e

Give him a moderately difficult question, one that he has a chance to get right but might fuck up. You do want him to succeed though, so give him some slack. If he puts thought into his response instead of just reciting some angel propaganda BS, reward him.

What does it mean to do "bad"? What is "bad", beyond simply being "not good"?
No. 1035869 ID: 273c18

What is the pythagorean theorem?
No. 1035870 ID: e5f800

I can only think of a few more, tho i know we can only have one. So i'll leave just two that might be important, and let Tippler decide which question to use.

Do Angels use the planet's mana to gain energy for powers like demons and the awakened kin do, or is their energy for powers come from something else if so, what?

Why do fallen angels enslave kin?

What exactly are reclaimers? I know they reclaim the planet after the demons and angels wipe out 70% of the population while fallen angels enslave the 22% of the population. But what are reclaimers deal? How powerful are they to travel to different universes to conquer worlds ravaged by demon wars?

I think asking if angels use mana for power is the more important question and im leaning towards that. It might be hypocritical if angels and demons use the same source of power after all.
No. 1035871 ID: ce39da

Dunno if this is an easy or hard one but: "Why have I only ever seen Angels of [PURITY] and not ones for other 'moral ideals' like [COMPASSION] or [DILIGENCE]?"

Depends on how brainwashed he is, really. And I get the feeling that deprogramming is gonna go nowhere unless we start actually presenting some alternative solutions to "what is morality" instead of just attacking [PURITY] as being the wrong one.
No. 1035885 ID: 9ea24b
File 165612057944.png - (90.72KB , 500x500 , p11.png )

>Pythagorean theorem
You have a sadistic streak but you’re not a PSYCHOPATH, good lord. You’d be impressed if Gray even knew what a right triangle was.

You’ve heard of ANGELS tapping into a planet’s MANA reserves, but most of their power seems to come from a DIFFERENT, unknown source.

>How brainwashed is Gray?
Honestly, he’s a lot smarter than the average ANGEL. It makes you wonder if he’s aware that he benefits from supporting the current system. You draw him close and frame his face with your hands.

Mizz: This is a question just for you.
Gray: Mmm, what is it?
Mizz: Do you realize some of what you do is BAD? Do you understand that you rationalize your actions to fit ANGEL beliefs?

Gray giggles evilly.

Gray: You want me to say yes, don’t you?
Mizz: I just want to understand how deep in denial you are.
Gray: Yes, then. It doesn’t change anything. I’m still gonna get stronger and be the best ANGEL ever.

No. 1035888 ID: 9ea24b
File 165612072340.png - (77.74KB , 500x500 , p12.png )

You lower Gray to the bed and dissolve the bindings. He could break out of them easily, if he wanted, but this is part of the game you play, the giving of control.

Now it's time for the balance to shift. You arrange yourself on the mattress and give Gray a coy smile.

Suggest sex positions and banter.
No. 1035889 ID: e5709d

Stroke yourself hard until you can get your dick in your mouth.
Then stand on your dick and massage your breasts. See which side of you cums first.
No. 1035890 ID: 0838d6

Berate him in the most sexy tone possible, doggy style?
No. 1035893 ID: ce39da

On one hand, you can actually kinda RESPECT his audacity here. [PURITY] being morally repugnant in this multiverse doesn't make it any less legitimate as a [PATH] to power, after all, and this is a guy who knows what he's doing with his life, at least.

On the other hand, that's a "yikes" on a MORAL level.

Maybe play to that "double life" aspect somehow? I dunno, I'm not great at NSFW suggesting.
No. 1035894 ID: 629f2e

Try and let him take the reins a bit. Lie on your stomach, and let him plow you from behind. Should be a good position for him to return some of those spanks you gave him. Or play your ass like bongos. It's what all men, be they human, demons, or angels, truly desire. True story, many will deny it, but we all just want to play the butt bongos.

For banter, critique him on his form. Being a professional dommy mommy, point out all the areas where he could improve. It's both good advice, and hopefully infuriating enough that he'll be a better lay.
No. 1035916 ID: b01382


No. 1035930 ID: dee951


This! Have his hands roam and do fun stuff while you're on your belly!
No. 1035937 ID: 9ea24b
File 165618458903.png - (104.20KB , 500x500 , p13.png )

You don’t have a penis at the moment, though it's well within your abilities to give yourself one. For now you’ll stick to the traditional methods of fucking.

Gray slides towards you and squeezes your ample behind. You’re not expecting the nibble via beak to your ear and you meow with surprise. He’s warm and feather soft against your back, and you arch to give him access to your wet opening.

No. 1035938 ID: 9ea24b
File 165618460570.png - (65.59KB , 500x500 , p14.png )

It takes Gray a few tries to line up, and you almost make a smart remark before he pushes inside. He grips your right hand with his and intertwines your fingers before starting to thrust.

Mizz: Ah-remember to touch my clit before you get too distracted.
Gray: Okay, okay.

You wired this set of genitals to be fairly forgiving, so it doesn’t take long for your first orgasm to make you squeal.

No. 1035939 ID: 9ea24b
File 165618461901.png - (95.58KB , 500x500 , p15.png )

Gray pulls you partially upright so he can grope your breasts while using that unfair ANGEL strength to drive into you. With your hand free you reach down to pleasure yourself and cum again before Gray grunts and fills your cunt with ANGEL seed.

The foreign substance tingles, which makes you even more sensitive when he keeps going. Ugh, you have to make sure you clean yourself out right after this or you’ll get an infection.

No. 1035940 ID: 9ea24b
File 165618463290.png - (127.68KB , 500x500 , p16.png )

Mizz: What would your superiors say if they saw you now?
Gray: They’d, unh, probably give me a medal for DOMINATING the enemy so thoroughly.
Mizz: You call this dominating? Hah, then you better not show them the marks on your ass.

Gray growls and bites your neck. Your laugh turns into a moan and you shudder with your third climax, then sag into his strong arms.

You find yourself back in the same position at the start of this little rendezvous, idly watching the smoke from your CIGARETTE disperse in the air. Gray yawns and leans over to give you a kiss.

Gray: I better get going, let's do this again soon.

Any parting words to Gray?
No. 1035943 ID: e51896

Sticking to the teacher roleplay we're doing, as parting words, give him some homework,

I'm open for ideas as to what kind of homework assignment we can give him. I can only think of a few.

one could be written essay about angels and demons or something like that, with points deductions if he is biased at all (like some sort of bible he can write or something. For a long being like Mizz and Gray, soon could be considered a few months or a year or something).

Another idea for homework could be he can write a short erotic story or something.

or maybe something simple like find something to bring for show and tell (sex toy maybe, extra credit if sex toy is also an artifact that heightens the sensations of pleasure)

End by saying "class dismissed"
No. 1035952 ID: 273c18

Be good.
No. 1035957 ID: 4467d1

No. 1035962 ID: afe7de

I think that she should say it in that way that is like truly genuine and it catches herself off guard. Like when you put too much feeling into it from bubbling emotions that it kind of startles you.

And Gray maybe doesent notice? Or does? Idk which is spicier...
No. 1035968 ID: e51896

I like this idea, I'm a sucker for emotional stuff like that.
No. 1035971 ID: 34a520

Tell him to eat more fruit so his cum tastes better.
No. 1035973 ID: 34a520

Oh, yeah, science stuff? Does Mizz have to worry about pregnacies or its all good?

Oh oh! He should bring some angel cake with vanilla ice cream, and we can bring some devils cake with rocky road. Does netflix or films exist yet?
No. 1035983 ID: 9ea24b
File 165625684724.png - (76.55KB , 500x500 , p17.png )

>Tell him to eat more fruit so his cum tastes better
No amount of fruit could mitigate the overwhelming flavor of battery acid. At first you stuck to swallowing immediately until a FEVER laid you out for a few days. Now that you’re older and wiser you hold and spit.

>Can you get pregnant?
Probably, if you and Gray had all the right parts and were really trying. The chance of you carrying a cursed HYBRID offspring to term would be ZERO, though.

>Does TV exist?
Yes, there are many sufficiently technologically advanced CIVILIZATIONS in the MULTIVERSE that have invented binge television.

>Ideas for next time
Mizz: Bring some cake and icecream and we can watch a movie or a show.
Gray: Sure.
Mizz: And find a new sex toy that we can try together. Preferably a magic one.
Gray: No problem.

No. 1035984 ID: 9ea24b
File 165625685828.png - (102.78KB , 500x500 , p18.png )

He pulls on his clothes and turns to go. You have a strict no PORTAL policy inside your safehouse so Gray will zoom a good distance away before returning to ANGEL territory. There’s a lump in your throat and you find yourself sitting up to call after him.

Mizz: Be good, okay?

The emotion in your voice catches you off guard and you silently curse yourself. What a stupid thing to ask of an ANGEL. Gray gives you a small smile and shakes his head before walking out of the bedroom.

Thanks for reading.
No. 1035986 ID: b01382

This was super cute. Thanks.
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