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File 165276317727.png - (100.21KB , 500x500 , DT Title.png )
1032543 No. 1032543 ID: 8483cf


Written and drawn by Donut. Many thanks to Crows and Milquetoaster for permission to borrow Mia and Momo.
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No. 1032551 ID: 26a54e

Lift its skirt. If it doesn't react it's dead, if it reacts it is not dead. Foolproof.
No. 1032552 ID: f52a42

Touch it's tails
No. 1032557 ID: afe7de

Ponder if foxes are allergic to chocolate and maybe take a bite out of the bar while you poke the unconscious dotted one
No. 1032566 ID: e5709d

Smear the chocolate bar over both foxes.
No. 1032568 ID: 96c896

Since nobody else did, I'll mention that chocolate is poisonous to foxes and you should confiscate it.
No. 1032600 ID: 899c9f

Free chocolate!
Don’t touch dead animals, leave it to animal control.
No. 1032624 ID: 8483cf
File 165283480271.png - (8.51KB , 411x371 , DT 3.png )

I should probably check on her. Chocolate is poisonous for foxes. I roll her over.

:premiatalk: Ew, ew, ew.

:momotalk: She died doing what she loved.

:premiatalk: Uh, how do you know this spirit?

:momotalk: We’ve met before. She was getting the hang of being a spirit and had a fascinating amount of potential. Her name is Dotti.

Dotti’s tongue lolls out. Hang on- she’s still breathing!

:premiatalk: We have to help her!

Momo jumps out of my bag and looks at Dotti carefully.

:momotalk: The solution is clear. We have to take turns giving her mouth-to-mouth! It’s the only way!

:premiatalk: Um. Can’t we just call poison control and pretend we have a dog that ate a candy bar or something?

I don’t really think me giving Dotti mouth-to-mouth will help, but Momo’s kisses are pretty powerful.

What should we do?
No. 1032625 ID: afe7de

What if you performed mouth to mouth... with momo... to cure dotti. It's magic, it doesent have to make sense.
No. 1032634 ID: 26a54e

Poison control would be highly suspicious of why your "dog" is wearing clothes, so if you call them you'll have to... y'know. So at least try mouth-to-mouth before resorting to that.
No. 1032640 ID: 899c9f

Double tap. Feed her more chocolate.
No. 1032641 ID: e5709d

Momo: Mouth-to-Mouth
Mia: Punch Dotti's stomach repeatedly until she vomits the chocolates.
No. 1032666 ID: 0076ee

No punching, Heimlich instead.
No. 1032671 ID: f2320a

Not really people do put clothes on dogs but Also pet foxes are a thing
No. 1032678 ID: 3328bd

Consider though that the fox is already wearing a fur coat under that dress. While putting clothes on a pet dog or fox isn't considered abuse by people, Having to wear clothes with a fur coat is still very uncomfortable on the poor fox and could cause Hyperthermia, especially if the weather is warmer.
No. 1032683 ID: d98cb8

Mouth to mouth seems like a weird choice if she's still breathing... Maybe Momo just wants an excuse to french someone.

On the other hand, who knows! Maybe it's a spirit thing. Momo does have a track record of revitalizing via kisses!

Do it!
No. 1032772 ID: 8483cf
File 165293152639.png - (33.44KB , 733x742 , DT 4.png )

Calling poison control would help only a little. They wouldn’t send anyone for a “dog”, but they’d probably just tell us to drive to a vet or induce vomiting somehow. We’ll save that for plan B.

I know for sure that Momo’s kisses can revitalize spiritual energy, so… well, it’s not the worst idea in the world.

:premiatalk: Go ahead and kiss her. If that doesn’t work, we’ll have to think of something else.

:momotalk: Trust me, it always works, even when it doesn’t.

Momo’s small, foxlike form swirls and expands into her larger humanoid shape. She leans down to give the poor fox a kiss, pressing herself down and presenting herself far more than necessary.
No. 1032773 ID: 8483cf
File 165293157731.png - (9.53KB , 500x500 , DT 5.png )

In the millisecond before their lips make contact, the “poisoned” fox opens her eyes and grabs ahold of Momo’s bells. Quick as a flash, a raven swoops in and plucks the two earrings keeping her bells in place, and Dotti rolls away, both bells in hand.

:dottitalk: I got ‘em! I really got ‘em!

Momo puts her paws to her head in shock. She pats her ears.

:momonobells: Did that really just happen?

:premiatalk: I think it did.

:dottitalk: Now you’re totally powerless, Momo! You’ve been outfoxed!

Momo has the oddest expression on her face. I can’t quite figure her out.

:premiatalk: She’s a shapeshifter, Dotti. She can just make new ones.

:momonobells: Well… actually, no. Not right away. Making new physical is difficult, as I am. I’m… I’m bell-less!

Momo gives a dramatic wail.

:dottitalk: Muahaha! Who’s the better fox spirit now?

I sincerely doubt Momo’s actually been de-powered, but I have a feeling I’m about to be dragged into this.

Should I try to take the bells back from Dotti and her bird friend? Negotiate? Or something else?
No. 1032776 ID: 44b7a7

>Muahaha! Who’s the better fox spirit now?
Lori, even tho she squirrel

Negotiate! You are a negotiator after all
No. 1032778 ID: e5709d

Grab Dotti by the neck and snatch the other bell off Momo's ear.
No. 1032780 ID: 96c896

Oh no! What could possibly fix this? A kiss from another fox spirit, perhaps?
No. 1032809 ID: d77f65

Laugh at Momo's misfortune. She does the same to you every day, so she could a little bit of perspective.
No. 1032830 ID: 1c6255

This. It's time to negotiate.
No. 1032932 ID: 8483cf
File 165302470842.png - (27.89KB , 759x500 , DT 6.png )

If there’s a peaceful solution to be had fox-to-fox, it’s worth trying.

:premiatalk: Okay, you have Momo’s bells. Congratulations. What’s the next step of your master plan?

:dottitalk: Now that Momo’s powerless, she has no choice but to acknowledge me as the superior fox spirit for ALL TIME!

Momo puts a paw to her mouth and laughs softly.

:momonobells: Yes, you are clearly the better fox.

Dotti and her raven friend clap paw to wing in a hearty high five.

:dottitalk: Second… you have to teach me how to shapeshift into a perfect human!

:momonobells: Oh, dearie me. How could a second-rate fox like me teach you that?

:dottitalk: But… you’re already human-shaped! If you can’t teach me, you’re not getting the bells back!

:momonobells: A declaration of war! I shall need to employ all my cunning to take on such a nefarious, foxy foe~

:premiatalk: Wait, you told her you were going to be cunning? What'll you do?

:momonobells: I shall have to resort to my most potent weapon! The best possible solution for every situation!

:premiatalk: And that is?

:momonobells: Mia I'm going to need you to get my bells back for me.

Dotti holds the bells tight and gets ready to run for it.

Should I try and convince Momo to teach Dotti to shapeshift into a human? Try and convince Dotti to give up the bells? Or resign myself to the chase?
No. 1032933 ID: 899c9f

There is no problem here that cannot be solved by the re-application of chocolate.
No. 1032934 ID: e51896

Yeah, we're going to need to ask Dotti to give Momo the bells FIRST before Momo can teach her. She needs to learn it isn't okay to steal things to get what she wants, it could ruin friendships and might make some powerful people angry at her if they were total strangers

Also, remind Dotti that she could have just asked to learn shapeshifting instead of stealing bells.
No. 1032935 ID: 96c896

Ask Momo why she won't teach Dotti.
No. 1032988 ID: 9b127b

No. 1033010 ID: 97d0f9

Let's side with Dotti. She out-foxxed Momo, she won.
No. 1033025 ID: 629f2e


Considering that Momo has also been willing to play the extortion card, against Mia specifically, this just seems fair. Side with Dotti. "Sorry Momo, my hands are tied, you're gonna have to give her what she wants."
No. 1033039 ID: 8483cf
File 165310626327.png - (19.19KB , 543x657 , DT 7.png )

In a contest between two fox spirits, there really shouldn’t be a need for a mediator. Theoretically, they’re both on an equal playing field: they’re both huge goobers of the highest degree.

:premiatalk: Come on, Momo. Dotti tricked you fair and square. Why not teach her what she wants?

:momonobells: It seems like Dotti can shapeshift very well already. Why would Dotti need to be taught something she already knows~?

:dottitalk: Because I can’t figure out how to be fully human by myself! It never works. I always turn out like this! There has to be some secret trick other fox spirits know!

:momonobells: What makes you so sure I can become a human, dearie? Do I look like one? If you’ve seen any that look like me, I’d love to meet them.

Momo grins a big, toothy grin.

Dotti bares her teeth and gekkers loudly.

:premiatalk: Settle down please. Both of you.

:momonobells: :dottitalk: She started it.

:premiatalk: We’re not getting anywhere like this.

:dottitalk: Nope. I’ll just keep these bells for myself! You can have them back never!

Dotti tosses one bell to her raven friend, who soars into the air.

:momonobells: Oh, no! My precious bells! Whatever will I do? Without them, I’ll have to tear apart Mia’s entire wardrobe looking for something as pretty to adorn myself with!

:premiatalk: That’s playing dirty. Fine, I’ll help get your bells back.

Dotti takes off running down the alleyway. It’s full of trash, crates and piles of junk and is an absolute nightmare to navigate, but not for a fox or a bird.

If I activate Yang Soul, I can probably catch up before they get to the obstacles, but Dotti and her bird friend might retaliate with magic of their own.
No. 1033044 ID: e5709d

Do you have a noisemaker you can throw at them?
No. 1033047 ID: 629f2e

Use it! After all, what are the odds that their magic is stronger than yours? You got your powers from god (or something like a god? Whatever Eve is. Or Momo for that matter, she powered you up too I guess. Look, you got powers from strong places, okay?)
No. 1033049 ID: 96c896

Don't use your yang. Spirits have a LOT more magical stamina than you do.
No. 1033091 ID: d98cb8

Should probably give chase. If they get out of sight you might end up playing hide-and-seek, and you're not really equipped for that.

Yang Soul makes you faster and stronger, Motion can move things with your mind, and Masks can make you harder to see...

But if Dotti is hiding, none of this helps you!
No. 1033092 ID: 9a2966

Wouldn't the obvious thing to do be to use your ninja powers and sneak up to catch the raven while they're conferring and giggling about their theft and thinking they lost you?

That'd be the hardest one to catch normally, anyway, and a good time for it.
No. 1033117 ID: 8483cf
File 165316213315.png - (28.91KB , 732x560 , DT 8.png )

I’m not confident that Masks would hide me from Dotti and her raven if they’re actively watching me. Maybe if I hang back and they think they’ve lost me, maybe. But not if I’m trying to keep pace. I don’t want to start playing hide-and-seek with a fox, even if she’s dressed in bright pink polka-dots.

I activate Yang Soul at a slow burn and leap forward to give chase.

:momonobells: Remember, Mia! Don’t let your energy run out, or that glamour I helped you with will fail.

Ah. The glamour concealing the… changes… my body’s had since becoming a Mediator. I’d rather not think about that right now.

:dottitalk: She’s fast! Taranis, use Gust of Wind!

As a Mediator, I have an innate resistance to spiritual and divine magic. If Dotti’s counting on slowing me down with a blast of wind, she’s about to have a reality check. The raven flaps his wings, sending a blast of air at me. It doesn’t slow me in the slightest, but it does flip my skirt up. I quickly pat it down and advance.

And then the bird does it again. And again. And again.

:premiatalk: Stop it.

:dottitalk: Keep doing it! I’m almost over this trash heap!

Now I’m annoyed. The skirt-flipping is slowing me, but I’m close enough to make a move either Taranis or Dotti.

Should I:

1. Go after Taranis. He’s flipping my skirt.
2. Go after Dotti. She’s the one giving Taranis orders.

No. 1033118 ID: 629f2e

Taranis is just a birb, Dotti is the one you gotta deal with.
No. 1033119 ID: 1c6255

Go after Taranis, he's holding one of the bells.
No. 1033122 ID: d724fd

2. Use mask power to not be noticed by people. That way you wont have to worry about people seeimg the skirt flipping as you chase Dotti.
No. 1033123 ID: d98cb8

It might be slightly difficult to catch a bird mid-flight, and I'm not sure if a flying leap would be at all accurate.

Motion might be able to grab at him, but that's aiming and you're not too great at that either, huh?

Definitely chase Dotti, and do your best to ignore the skirt flips. Even if having your panties constantly being flashed at the world.
No. 1033129 ID: 899c9f

Taranis has one of the bells and he's easier to hold.
No. 1033132 ID: 894419

Stop terranis!
No. 1033135 ID: 26a54e

Taranis would probably be easier to hold captive, then it's just a matter of ransoming the last bell from Dotti. No more skirt flipping either!
No. 1033140 ID: 8483cf
File 165316796182.png - (39.35KB , 776x790 , DT 9.png )

I consider going after Dotti first, but I would very much prefer to not have my skirt around my armpits for the entire chase- I’ve had enough of flashing my panties at fox spirits the first time I see them.

If I’m going to get out of this with my dignity, I’m going to have to deal with Taranis first.

It’s a long shot to try and catch a magic raven midair, even if he’s weighed down by Momo’s bell. Yang Soul gives me a big boost, but I’m still not used to it. Maybe if I use the Art of Motion to trap Taranis using a trashed milk crate in this alley? Again, I’m not very practiced with telekinesis, and I’d only have one shot at it with the element of surprise. I’d rather not waste my energy.


I am a Mediator. Perhaps there’s a nonviolent way to kill two birds with one stone. I stop chasing Dotti and look straight at Taranis, holding my skirt tight as the wind whips around me.

:premiatalk: Hey, you. It’s Taranis, isn’t it? I bet Dotti only promised you one bell out of this.

Taranis stops the blowing wind and gives me an interested look with his big beady eyes.

:premiatalk: If you help me get those bells back, I’ll get you on Momo’s good side.

:dottitalk: Don’t listen to her! We’re partners in crime, you can’t go back on that!

:premiatalk: Think about how dashing you’d look with your own shiny little bell, made-to-order. All I’m asking is for a little help.

Taranis flaps his wings and drops the bell in my hands. Then he turns his wings on Dotti.

:dottitalk: AHH! Stop it! We’re supposed to work together!

Dotti can’t keep a hold on her skirts and the bell at the same time. She chooses to drop the bell instead.

:momonobells: Well done, Mia. I am oh so sorry, Dotti, but turnabout is fair play.

:dottitalk: You’re not sorry at all!

:momonobells: Nope.

I successfully retrieve Momo’s other bell as Taranis lets the wind die down. Dotti gives a huff and presses her skirts down tight.

:dottitalk: You’re horrible!

:premiatalk: What goes around, comes around. I’m just an agent of balance.

:momotalk: Thank you, Mia. Well done~

Dotti has been defeated! She’s very angry, though. Momo is conjuring up a tiny bell for Taranis to wear.

Is my job as Mediator finished here?
No. 1033144 ID: 96c896

No. Get Dotti what she wants. Or at least get Momo to admit she can't teach her.
No. 1033145 ID: d98cb8

No, as much as Dotti was being a little shot, I've got a feeling Momo usually does something to cause that reaction.

She seems pretty upset. We made a deal with Taranis, I'm sure we can make a deal with Dotti.

And now we hold the power here, since the bells aren't in Momo's paws yet. How about turning your coat and joining Dotti's side?
No. 1033148 ID: 629f2e

Nope. Dotti has some honestly quite achievable desires, and fulfilling them will reduce the likelihood of further mischief. Therefore, you should tend to them before considering the situation resolved, if only to save yourself from future trouble.

In return for the bells, Dotti wanted recognition as best fox spirit and tutoring. As a penalty for the theft/flipping of your skirt, let's downgrade that "and" into an "or". Momo will either help Dotti learn to transform herself into a human, OR if she is unable to , then she will acknowledge that Dotti is best fox spirit. She will say just that, in full. "Dotti is the superior fox spirit for all time."
No. 1033152 ID: 5d2aba

This, to get momo to help Dotti
No. 1033166 ID: 9a2966

An offering to appease the foiled fox may be wise.
No. 1033173 ID: 8483cf
File 165317867743.png - (100.21KB , 500x500 , DT Title.png )

Momo might have her bells back, but Dotti’s sure to cause more trouble if I don’t sort things out with her too.

:premiatalk: Momo, in the interest of not having your bells stolen again, I advise you to take Dotti’s previous deal. You know. As a show of your infinite generosity and all that.

:momotalk: But why would I take a deal where I already-

:dottitalk: If you don’t at least try to help me figure out the second most important thing to me in the world, then I don’t want to be friends with you anymore.

:premiatalk: Ooooh, bringing out the big guns.

Momo swoons.

:momotalk: Very well. There's no secret to transforming that I can give you, little fox. If you can't do it, the problem isn't having the right words... It's knowing what you truly want, and allowing yourself to have it.

Dotti looks to the ground, utterly lost.

:momotalk: But you are the superior fox. That much is certain.

Dotti smiles.

Without warning, a glimmering blue portal appears in the alley wall.

:Landitalk1: Hey! Dotti! Are you done yet? Kayk says you’re late for your shift, and I am not getting drafted to fill in for you.

:momotalk: Oh my! A fairy! Are you Landi? I’ve heard so much about you. Would you like to watch some movies with Mia and me?

:Landitalk1: Are these movies with a long, thick plot?

:premiatalk: Okay bye bye see you later Dotti get in the portal.

I shove Dotti and Taranis through and give a great sigh when it closes safely behind them. Still, I’m a little sad that Dotti didn’t get what she came for.

:premiatalk: Is she gonna figure it out? I don't really get what the issue is but you seemed to know.

:momotalk: Eventually she will. We all do, in time. When she figures out what she wants.

:premiatalk: Uh huh. And what do you want?

:momotalk: Less than I already had, but only what I can't have.

:premiatalk: What?

:momotalk: So, pink again? Are you so fond of my name that you keep-

:premiatalk: Still not allowed to talk about my panties.


Thank you for reading!
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