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File 164826988572.png - (218.25KB , 800x600 , TQ1.png )
1027307 No. 1027307 ID: 77a030

We head west from the Vehicle yard in the direction of the nearest elevators, 13 and 14. After a short while, I can see the light blocking field that surrounds the elevator doors to stop light from flooding the caves. I've got enough valuables from today to last me a while until I need to get more, plus also this alien, who I'll be bringing back to his company depot.

"Can you tell me how I'm feeling right now?"
>"I'm... not sure. Are you upset from me giving you all that trouble?"
"Nah. I just heard you guys had telepathic powers, and just wanted to see if you could read my mind."
>"O-OH! Well... I mean... that's not quite accurate! Neumono have the ability to feel what other nearby neumono are feeling. It's called 'empathy'."
"I can empathise too. Usually when people do something super embarrassing and I can't help but feel it second hand. Or like those times when I puke after seeing somebody else puke."
>"N-not quite the same thing!"
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No. 1033187 ID: 15a025

Will we have time, or the opportunities to pursue and take on other side jobs as well? There is a neumono company we're interested in helping.
No. 1033188 ID: 96c896

Oh right, he said you could choose your partner. Does that include outsiders? Like, could you have a friend help you on a mission?
No. 1033210 ID: b01382

Hey Dahl, is Kirter dead? Can I have his stuff?

Before I take on any immediate jobs, will I be able to do some prep work? Some access to a printer and messing around to make my own set of power armor would be a fun afternoon spent.

Are you after the you know what? I heard they're super illegal. Who's our competition and opposition?
No. 1033253 ID: 8082cf
File 165325866224.png - (245.83KB , 800x600 , TQ85.png )

>Ask Axyl for dating advice
I will certainly keep that in mind next I see him.

"Asking most Tobaks if we're ok with breaking the law is a moot concept most of the time. Laws aren't clearly enforced in the areas I visit, and companies do more illegal stuff than I could ever do." I won't break the lock on that fence though, that'd just be going too far
"As for being on large moving objects? I think I'm ok with that. The planet is basically just one giant moving object, right?"
>"I should elaborate. Have you been on any large vehicles?"
"I've been on a cable car or two. Been on plenty of elevators. Does a large inactive bucket excavator count?"
>"Close enough."
"Do I have to hurt anybody? I don't know how I feel about murder."
>"I know you have exceptions seeing as you don't hold such reservations for raiders. Whether you hurt anybody is up to you, the job I'm offering doesn't require it. But I should note that most company armed security forces, especially of the alien variety, are ex-convicts or are here under indentured servitude. Most don't share your principles or hold any moral reservations. Just a heads up, you may be put in a situation where you may need to defend yourself."

"Can I ask what your organizations ethical code is? And do you have a cause? I'm just curious."
>"As far as our chapter goes, we are big on minding our own business, and we don't make impactful decisions lightly, and unlike many of the mining companies, we're not being exploitive. As for a cause? We're pioneers of private research - progress over profit. Many of our results don't even yield much pragmatic use. But while we keep to ourselves, there are still a few matters that interest the companies as well as this organization."

"I know you said not to ask anything about your species, but I'm curious, are you from the neumono homeworld?"
>"No. My homeworld is a little more barren. As a matter a fact, your planet reminds me of home- dark and full of caves- part of the reason why I requested to transfer here. There are key differences of course, your world has a lot more variety in organic lifeforms and features many more natural formations."

"How’s the dental, health care, and 401k plan?"
>"I will only need 48 hours of your schedule if all goes well. If you chip a tooth in that time, we'll take care of it."

"There was an opportunity with a company I might want to explore more before I make any final decision."
>"This job isn't anything long term for the moment. A go in, go out sort of deal."

"You said I can choose a partner, can I have someone from the outside? Like a friend?"
>"I'd rather you didn't, but I won't stop you if you if you think it won't compromise the mission. I can assign you many competent partners, but I'll leave choosing them up to you."

"Can I get a cool codename?"
No. 1033254 ID: 8082cf
File 165325868238.png - (205.00KB , 800x600 , TQ86.png )

Clover comes into frame holding some... thing.

"Ohhhhh my god! Would you look at this little guy! I gave him a little tie! Isn't he the most handsome little guy you ever saw?
>"Sure. A handsome arkot. Why not."
"The handsomest! Can I keep him? Pretty please?"
>"Please put it down. You don't know where it has been. Also take off that tie, it looks silly."
The arkot growls
"Sounds to me like he wants to keep it!"
>..."We'll continue this discussion later."
I can't believe I'm getting jealous of an arkot.

"I agree to go forward with this. Can you give me the rundown now?"
>"Fair enough."
He pulls something up from off screen. It's some kind of metal box.
>"See this? It's a computer of sorts, but I'm going to be calling them keys. There are only nine of these. I need five. I am currently in possession of just this one, most of the others are being held by the companies. We used to have two in our possession, but one was taken by Lak. Talion tried to exchange theirs to Armada, and Lak stepped in and took it. Lak now has two."
"Wait, so you're sending me to go after Lak?"
>"Not a chance. I want you to get one that is being held by one of the companies."
"Why do you need me for that? don't you have a bunch of secret agents?"
>"The Rin-Reida spies won't work for this, the cloaking suits show up on heat radars. I need someone who can don a worker's outfit and blend right in. Tobaks are the most commonly used labor, so nobody will be looking too close at someone like you."
"Couldn't you get Dahl to do that?"
>"Dahl has refused. Fair enough given how much work he has put into forming his identities. Besides, we need a less recognizable, fresh face. We'll forge an identity for whichever company you'll infiltrate."
"Whichever? You haven't decided yet?"
>"There are three we plan on hitting in the span of two days. You can choose which to go for. Armada has a key in a submarine far beneath the icy waters of the glacial fissure region. The Belo-Docker's company has a key on an armored train patrolling a railway in the mycelium hollow. Edevane has a key on an airship traveling through the wind tunnels."
"Why are they all on moving structures? wouldn't it make sense to have them locked deep inside a bunker or fortress?
>"Having them move is the only way they can't be tracked. I only know where they are because of Dahl's company connections."
"They can be tracked?"
>"Correct. There are easily obtained devices which can track the keys down, so long as they aren't moving any faster than 20 miles per hour. I believe Dahl is in possession of one."

"What do these keys do?"
>"It opens a door. A door with something we want in it. Something the companies also want. Something very special."
No. 1033255 ID: 899c9f

Oooh. Let's do the train, falling from a great height or drowning aren't really our forte.
No. 1033257 ID: f373c9

Choo Choo-o'-clock time

Also what would stop us from simply... derailing said train?
No. 1033258 ID: 9a2966

>something very special
Sounds like the rumoured CAI, maybe? But don't tell him you know about that. Can just say that whole system sounds like a very complicated and messy way of locking something away. Aren't they going to be painting a big ole bullseye on themselves too, if it comes out they actually acquired four of them?

Awfully cute, but how did she even get there? I thought these guys had a secret base and everything! Guess they must've brought her in direct after she got hurt.

Smile, wave, say hi and tell her it's good she's okay. Arm doing fine?

>Take the job, or not?
This whole thing sounds capital b Big, given how apparently everyone's after these key things, including the killer that took out Clay. Uh, old Clay. As such there's definitely going to be big risks and you could put yourself on the radar of some very dangerous people, but... it sounds like there's the possibility of a significant payout as well. Maybe even an offworld trip.

As such, you believe yourself to be game for this, but tell them you'd want to mull it over for the day. Is the final yes/no required right away? When will the mission begin? You've got stuff you'd like to sort out before you leave, but you can get back to them within the day with an answer if you get some way of staying in touch with Dahl or someone. Or, heck, you could just send the message via Clover.

(Mainly want to hear what our headbud has to say about all of this once he wakes up - if we get involved in some big mess, we'd be dragging them along, after all, and it's be nice to have his consent. He did seem particularly concerned with self-preservation earlier and this sounds big enough that the polite thing to do would be to consult with him first.)

If it has to be answered NOW, then... ugh, fine. You're game. You ARE a reckless risk-taker, turns out.

Which would be the least dangerous key to go after first? Is there an order of preference or ranking here? If not... hm.

(The Armored Train sounds intriguing - you've never been to the hollow, sounds like it'd be cool. On the other hand, you have some familiarity with Edevane and don't mind screwing those guys. Not sure you like the submarine one - it sounds tricky, very little leeway for getting away if discovered.)

You'd rank them in order of preference: Train, Airship, Submarine.
No. 1033264 ID: 899c9f

Wanting to get the key intact. Being just one tobak.
No. 1033266 ID: 5d9787

Firstly this seem like a very high risk job that will certainly expose my face to several security cameras. I should paint my fur a different color for this, maybe add a natural looking pattern.
That is really the first job you got for me? No trial run?
I may be able to pull this off, but I want to see the information you have about the place and what you speculate could be there. If I can't think of a plan to bypass the obstacles I will have to refuse the job.

Since those keys are tracked I assume there will be someone near the area to take it from me and carry it away. It would suck to lose it on the way back.

Is this the job you wanted Clover to do? I don't think she would be very good at the infiltration part, but would be great to have her around if things get dangerous.

How much time do I have to prepare? When does the job start?

What do you have in mind as the compensation for such risky job?
Would you happen to have a Sect Queen working for you? I would be very interested in regular supplies of sect wax.

I would vote for the airship. As dangerous as a high altitude fall may be at least the wind tunnels won't be as cold as a glacial fissure nor will they have fungus everywhere.

>I can't believe I'm getting jealous of an arkot.
What happened with not being monogamous? Hopefully Clover will embrace romantic fantasies the same way you are currently doing.
During the date wear a red tie.
No. 1033278 ID: 96c896

Better they get it than the Companies I suppose.
Wait, how are we going to get away with the key? I guess we'd need someone waiting with a vehicle that can go faster than 20mph.

Out of the three, the submarine mission seems like the hardest, because it's really difficult to get out. Extraction from the airship requires a parachute(though I wonder if the wind tunnels make that dangerous too), and the train simply requires jumping off, though I wonder if the escape vehicle could approach the train safely to enable that? As an alternative, the agent jumping off the train could do so and just get picked up after the train moves away... but jumping off risks damaging the key during the tumble. Perhaps there would be a pre-arranged spot to jump off that has a soft landing? Oh, maybe landing on a mushroom would work.

I'll pick the train.
No. 1033280 ID: 2aa5f0

So I get to pick which of these three location I want to try and sneak into then? What do you know any of these locations? figure I should at least get a good idea on what I can expect to see in any of them before I pick which one I want to risk myself trying to brake into.
No. 1033285 ID: ba605b

How soon did you want me to get started on any one of those jobs? If they're not til a few days from now, that might give me enough time to get some prep-work done if that's cool with you. I had some idea of getting some cybernetic eyes, and maybe flesh colored ear buds with mics so I can listen in on conversation and receive verbal intel, or possibly get an auditory implant to make communication more hands free.

How much does each of those infiltrations jobs pay for? Any secondary objectives? Tertiary objectives? Any VIP's we should be aware of? If I manage to steal any corporate data or items can I sell them to you or someone else?

Would I be able to get an advance in payment for my prepwork and tools I might need to acquire? These jobs sounds dangerous, and it helps to be prepared. You wouldn't need to worry about me making off with the money since you managed to track me down once, in addition to knowing where I live. I'm good for it.

Considering Lak's involvement as of late, there might be a 33.3% chance we might encounter him at any one of the other three key sites. Any secure way we can collaborate with each other to ensure we can respond to him accordingly?
What information do you have on Lak? Could be useful if we have to encounter him.

Got any EMP stuff that's easy to hide in a pocket? It could be useful to disabling his eyes should things come to that.
Do I have to worry about smuggling weapons into each site, or am I expected to procure my own resources when I reach point B of my destination? Do they have metal and x-ray scanners? Think I can smuggle in ceramic+plastic made guns?

Who will I be assigned to during the OP?

What will be the OPSEC?

Can you hook me up with like, free food, or a ton of discounts and coupons for grocery stores? Making money is nice and all, but so is being able to afford to eat. I'm considering taking up cooking as a hobby.

Will I be given any equipment, or am I expected to provide my own?

On the impossibly slim chance I manage to detain or kill Lak, would I receive a bounty for him?
No. 1033286 ID: ba605b

Smart. Coloring ourself different colors and patterns will make it slightly harder for people to track our false identity to our real one. If we want to go the extra mile, if we consider getting cybereyes, we could get cutting edge realistic ones that can change the retinal colors and patterns. We could also wear fake horn plugs to make them look slightly different. Not sure how cutting off Dowsers horns will affect his electromagnet sensing ability though.

+1 for asking about the Sect Queen contact. It would be sweet if we can get some wax on the cheap, like a good suplus of the stuff.
No. 1033294 ID: 355d36

>Something very special.
Well, that isn't ominous at all.

I like trains.
No. 1033304 ID: 1c6255

Train sounds good. It avoids risk of souring relationships with Armada and the risk of being recognized by Edevane.
No. 1033319 ID: c28082


Now that is one handsome arkot! Now we need to make a pretty one with a bow so they can kiss and act out those weird human "soaps"!

ANYWAY, the train might be easiest, since, being a train, it has to go on a set path, right? More predictable than submarines and airships, and also you'd get to see some cool fungi!
No. 1033367 ID: ba605b

Consuder buying a taser later. Those could be useful for nonlethal take downs, and i think those neirmo whatever dog aliens are weak against them, at lesdt their bioarmor is.

Contract your landlord and determine how much rent is due and when. Did we already pay rent? Is it our roommates turn?

Ask Clover more about the adapted tobak bioarmor when we meet her in person. Yes the good ones are painful and can kill you, but the pain lessens over time as the suit gets used to you. Im not saying we should go for a 40% suit. At most somewhere in the 1-10% range after getting tested to determine our pain theshold. Every little bit helps, and I bet you can wear it under an exosuit.
No. 1033378 ID: 331953

Is it God? Do they have God inside that door?
No. 1033403 ID: 8082cf
File 165337738891.png - (367.63KB , 800x600 , TQ87.png )

"How soon did you want me to get started on any one of those jobs? Do I bring my own stuff?"
>"A couple days. The sooner the better. Equipment will be provided for you."

"Do you have a sect queen working for you?"
>"I do. One of the raider groups I give orders to has one as their leader."

"What's the chance I'll bump into Lak?"
>"Zero, essentially. We're keeping an eye on him at the moment."

"Figure I should at least get a good idea on what I can expect to see in any of them before I pick"
>"Fair. I will give you the rundown."

>"First off, we have the Edevane Airship. You have a history with Edevane, right? That should make it all the easier to blend in. Getting onto the airship is the easy part, we have a balloon operator tobak named Tylo who will take you on board without having to go through security checks at the usual boarding process. - mikliks do not like surprises.

>Edevane uses airships to transport certain chemicals, usually volatile stuff which requires smooth transit, and they can store a lot at a time, which makes the airship massive, as you can imagine. It travels along a route through the wind tunnels with multiple airships moving at any one time between storage and production facilities. The key is somewhere aboard this one, but we aren't exactly sure where- but I am told that it is well protected. You'll need to use a tracking device to find it, which will work so long as you are moving at the same speed as the key.

>Once you have the key, making your escape has also been arranged. You will need to meet up with a defector pilot by the name of Elynn. Assuming she's sober, you will hijack an escape plane to an arranged landing space. Edevane will likely respond by sending a force of their own fighter crafts, likely instigating a dogfight, but Elynn is an ace pilot who I trust to handle that situation- again- assuming she's sober.

>I am also aware of an Edevane warboss who will be on board. Avoid her, and it shouldn't be an issue."
No. 1033404 ID: 8082cf
File 165337741288.png - (395.30KB , 800x600 , TQ88.png )

>"Then we have the Belo-Docker's Company's armored train. The best way I can describe it? 'Excessive.' It's a 58 car long nuclear-powered mega train that runs on two tracks. It rarely stops, and only ever does so to load and unload special cargo as well as rotate the crew every once in a while. Every car is armored, and most are covered in heavy guns and anti-aircraft cannons. For some reason, belenosians love making things excessive.

>Getting on and getting off are both the hard parts. You will need to get on while we have one of our trusted raider groups provide an attack to draw attention to one side of the train. You'll be on a fast vehicle which will get close along the other side so that you can climb on. You will be let on somewhere in the middle of the train, as the front and back are too well guarded and are being monitored too closely. Once aboard, you will make your way towards the front, where the key is being kept.

>When the timing is correct, you will make your way to the top of the train, where you should be met by a stealth aircraft matching the train's speed as the train is headed over a long and straight bridge. You'll get picked up and you should be able to leave without any trouble.

>I should warn you about the conductor. My insider tells me he's a piece of work, some belenos warboss known for his attention to detail. He apparently hand picks his crew, and will notice when things don't add up, so watch out for that."

"Can't we just derail the train?"
>"This particular train? Good luck."
No. 1033405 ID: 8082cf
File 165337743157.png - (311.51KB , 800x600 , TQ89.png )

>"Last but not least, we have Armada's submarine. A research vessel which can stay submerged for months on end, and it does. As you know, the Pomi are well known for coming from a water covered planet, so it makes sense that they would gun for naval supremacy like this, Armada practically being the only company that deals in nautical navigation, leaving them with a sense of security which we will prove false. Getting on undetected should be a piece of cake, because we have someone who can get you in- A Borealin by the name of Slinky. He named himself that, FYI. He is a large aquatic creature part of the local fauna, so him showing up on their radar won't set off any alarms. He will sneak you on, and that should be his role. He will likely want to help further, but I'd advise against it – simply because he is too huge to be helpful.

>Once on, you should blend in with the crew without much concern of being exposed. Use the tracker to find the key and move on to your escape.

>Making your exit should be very easy, you will be able to take one of the emergency escape pods which will float you up to the top, where we'll be waiting to pick you up.

It all seems straight forward, but there are quite a few details I don't have. I have reason to believe something strange is going on aboard the sub, it has been on auto pilot for a few days while the communications have been quiet. Perhaps they are trying to conceal themselves? Or maybe it's a drill. I don't like sending people in blind, but there isn't much choice."

"I don't think I've heard of a Borealin before."
>"They are from this planet, one of the four known intelligent creatures. They prefer to keep in the water most of the time, so it's not surprising that you don't know about them."
No. 1033406 ID: 1c6255

I think the train is still the best bet. Better avoid the warboss, but it's probably not as bad as whatever spook is in the sub.
No. 1033407 ID: 96c896

Sounds like the sub's crew got wiped out by an internal factor. I wanna go there!
No. 1033409 ID: bdef6e

The three options seems funny! I would say Armada's submarine because then we can learn about a new specie.
No. 1033412 ID: b01382

The sub crew jobs seems interesting. Just how deep will i be going? I wont get crushed to death from the underwater PSI will I?
No. 1033415 ID: f57349

Sub seems likely to be the best fit for Dowser's skillset, yeah.
No. 1033416 ID: 96c896

Oh right, Clay would like to meet the new species too wouldn't he?
No. 1033418 ID: 5d9787

The train mission I will be treated as hostile the moment I'm noticed. Almost defeat the point of having someone who can blend in with the maintenance crew.

The airship sound like the most straight forward mission: do janitor work, gossip for information, attack the target and run like hell.

The submarine unknown circumstances make it potentially the most dangerous mission, but internal chaos also offer opportunities. This is the mission we have the best chance of escaping without been identified.

I still prefer the airship but the submarine look like a good option. So I vote against the train.
No. 1033419 ID: 30b9f6

All the missions have their pros and cons. Gut feeling now that the details are here is to go with the Sub. At least you get to meet another intelligent species on the way, so that might get Clay's approval.

Really crossing off that bucket list! Besides, the crisis or whatever onboard sounds like a more time-limited opportunity than everything else and miiiight not be super totally dangerous and have somehow disabled all the escape pods you and others would have liked to use to escape a watery grave.

... can you bring your own escape pod?

Oh, uh, and when they say Slinky's big - how big is this guy? Gimme a sense of scale here!
No. 1033420 ID: 5f69bc

Let’s make some new friends at our old haunt, Edevane!
No. 1033421 ID: 2de4fd

The submarine is providing the most opportunities for getting dirt and information on things that could be useful to you, while providing the least amount of risks outside of unknowns. And you'll have someone that might be able to help you with information. If things go stunningly well, you might be a hero to the sub crew while robbing them blind.
No. 1033422 ID: ce39da

"Sub seems the safest on the surface, and the possible emergency situation going on in there mostly just makes it the most urgent." Heck, you might even get to be a hero again!
No. 1033437 ID: b9406c

Time to hoist the Jolly Roger and illegally download movies, 'cause we're gonna make like pirates and engage in naval raiding.

(Silently hope everyone on board died and you get to keep the boat)
No. 1033439 ID: a9af05

When I look at this, all I can think of is Star Fox 64. The conductor shouting, "I can't stop it!" Then the train crashes into the base and everything explodes.

Let's take our chances with this job. Hopefully Clay will be awake by the time we go do this job. He'll be so heartbroken if he ends up missing meeting Slinky the Borealin.
No. 1033442 ID: 2aa5f0

the aircraft is a stealth mission were (assuming nothing goes wrong) the only action will be the daring escape. You seem to be pretty good around people and clay seems like the type of metal projection to also be able to read people well (assuming he's awake and alert by then). Sounds like it could be up your ally. The only issues is that you will need to waste time trying to find your objective which give more time for things to go wrong and hope that your getaway ride is sober enough to get both of you out of their without flying straight into a cave wall for if she isn't then you have to wast MORE time trying to sober her up.

The train sounds more like a straight up smash and grab. not sure how much I trust raiders, especially if their job is to be the bait to attract all the big guns attention, to stick around long enough for you to jump on the train and for them to keep the crew distracted long enough for you to grab the thing and get out before the train's crew can realize they've been boarded. Much more risky but at least it's a lot more straight forward. And hey if they let you keep the gear after whichever mission you pick you should have something stronger then a nail gun the next time you go spelunking. Also the most likely mission where you'll get a bullet wound for your troubles but that probably goes without saying.

Last is the sub. Sounds the easiest of the 3 since it seems the only real security they have is being underwater and being one of the only faction on the planet that has anything capable of acting underwater, so as such they've have their guard down everywhere else. But it sounds too easy given how important these keys have been made out to be and with the crew going silent can't help but wonder why. Something else figure out how lightly defended they are and attacked to get the key themselves, crew mutiny, or maybe something as simple as equipment failure with broken down radios? Who knows but that also means that this mission has the most potential risk as it has the most unknowns.

Still I do feel like the sub is the best bet. Either the crew is still aboard and you can just sneak on in as planned and if things have gone pear shaped you actually have backup unlike the airship who only has a getaway driver... ur, flyer who will probably want to stay undercover until the escape as to not jeopardize said escape and the train which just has raiders acting as target practice instead of, you know, helping you out to steal the key once your on the train. Even if they do board the train with you I'm still a bit leery about trusting raiders.

So yeah I'm feeling sub.

Also what are we getting paid if we pull any of these heist off?
No. 1033457 ID: c28082


Despite a lack of information, the situation surrounding the sub is the easiest and lacks significant chances of foul-ups (unlike both the airship and train).

Only downside is the fact we're going in essentially blind (and deaf) to whatever's going on -- or HAS already occurred -- in there. As such, contingencies will be necessary, in case things turn out to have gone wrong.
No. 1033475 ID: 370df1

Okay, changed my mind. I'm taking the submarine Mission. We are going to "COMMANDOS 2" this bitch.
No. 1033477 ID: 8082cf
File 165343283619.png - (254.08KB , 800x600 , TQ90.png )

"How tall is this Slinky guy?"
>"Massive. 8 feet tall, meaning, twice your size. This is why I ask that you do not accept his offer to help, which he will try, even if it means trying to fit through every doorway and cramped corridor. His need for approval makes him motivated, but it means he can get in the way easily.

>Clay would like to meet the new species too, wouldn't he?
Yeah… he would…

"I was thinking the train at first, but you've really sold me on the sub. I'll go for that I think."
>"Good. If you can make it quick, you may still have time for the train. We'll see."
"So, what about payment?"
>"We will discuss details later. for now, wait for further instructions."
"Can I get a number to call you?"
>"That cannot be arranged. We will be the ones getting in contact with you. See you soon."

The screen turns off, and I take off the headset and goggles. I turn to face Dahl.
>"Here's what happens now."
He hands me a business card for some kind of carpet cleaning business.
>"You call this number. When the guy on the other end picks up, you'll ask him for the deluxe hot water extraction with added lavender fragrance. You'll give him this address, and you wait."
"I don't have any carpet that needs cleaning."
>"I can tell. After the call, a few of my trusted guys will come over and take care of the corpse."
"Hold on, corpse? I thought you just knocked him out or put him to sleep or something."
>"I did. I used an enchanted seed called a bullet that can put someone into a deep sleep, and I planted it in his head using this magical bicycle pump."
He takes out an object from under his coat and shows it to me. The design seems a bit rudimentary.
"If you shot him, why didn't I hear anything?"
>"It's a silenced pistol. Silenced at least for the first few shots, and it doesn't create light. If you ever get a firearm replicator, I suggest that you make one of your own. "
"You killed him just like that? because he was getting a little out of hand?"
>"I was gonna kill him the minute I brought him with me. He has been stealing from me as If I wouldn't notice. He was going to die sometime today, just happened to be the moment he tried to inconvenience me. Don't feel bad for that escaped convict pig, He was already facing a death sentence. I did the universe a favor."
He puts the gun back underneath his jacket and begins walking off.

"So, if this guy is dead... can I have his stuff?"
He stops and sighs without turning to face me.
>"You want some good advice? quit the scavenging thing. I was in the same position when I was your age, and I threw away fifteen good years, hoping it'd all get better. It doesn't get better. You may think that you're operating outside the system, but you're not. At the end of the day, even the 'independents' get exploited - because at the end of the day, it’s the companies you’re selling to. They always win. It's rigged. All of it."
"It's still a living."
>"No, it's not. Look at this place. You have nothing."
"Well... What do I do then?"
>"I won't tell you. Life doesn't come with an instruction manual. That's because you're not supposed to always go with the options you're presented with. Do this job for Stair, but don't depend on him for work. Maybe then you'll start to realize."
"So, is that a 'no' for me being able to have this guy's stuff?"
>"Don't touch anything on him. It's my stuff. There is one thing you can have though."
He reaches into the coat of the dead belenos and pulls out one of the tracking devices, he hands it to me.
>"You'll need this. It'll beep when a key is nearby. The closer you get, the more it beeps. Got it?"
"Got it. One more question. Your name isn’t really Dahl, is it?"
>"Correct. Aren’t you smart? I’ll see you around."

He leaves.
No. 1033478 ID: 899c9f

Hey, I'd be checking his pockets even if it wasn't my job description. Let's just get him off of our stuff onto a towel or something until the cleaner gets here.
No. 1033479 ID: f80eb4

Note to self: never mess with Dahl’s stuff. Put out some tissues and such so the floor doesn’t get sticky and call Dahl’s cleaner. Maaaybe arrange it so the dead guy looks like he’s napping in case your landlord insists on coming in rather than just taking the rent?

>Dahl just capped a guy
Man, life must’ve wore Dahl down to give him that level of callous cool, but at least he’s making a living of sorts being his own Tobak. Sheez, not sure you want to end up like that. He had a point on the local work culture being a rat race and not counting on Stair for bailouts, but... sooner or later you’re going to have to form some connections to someone who can help you improve matters. For yourself, Clay, Clover, Kiero and anyone you feel like halfway giving an eff about.

But if a silenced gun is that effective... hm. That fabricator is looking more and more like an investment.

Anyway, looks like you’re going to go on an adventure! Soonish! Better get lots of prep done. Orrrr visit your neighbor and watch a heist movie. For inspiration.
No. 1033482 ID: 2de4fd

Yeah, hopefully things with the alien hive will pan out for you a little bit. Neumono have a stronger off-planet presence and that relationship could very well open doors for you. Either way, hopefully you're not going to be in a situation where you just off people that casually.
No. 1033483 ID: bdef6e

"Beware old rogues, they survived a profesion where people die young"

Welp, better call the "CARPET" cleaning service.
No. 1033484 ID: ce39da

Call the guys, relay the message Dahl told you, don't touch the guy's stuff except maybe to move the body out of view of the door, and have rent ready so you can meet the landlady outside if she comes. If she doesn't come before the cleaners do, leave a note on the door explaining that you have rent and have just popped over to the next door down for a movie.
No. 1033485 ID: 2aa5f0

whelp, best call the number on the card and say the line you were told to say to get the cleaning crew here fast. I mean yeah it will be nice to get the dead body out of your apartment but given how good your roommate's nose is I really don't want him to ask why he smells a dead body. Much easier to explain why everything smells like cleaning products. Just can say you bumped into someone, they felt bad for the inconvenience and give you a one time use ticket for a cleaning services... that expired the next day. So you figured what the hell and gave it a call.
No. 1033491 ID: 5d9787

Watching a corpse until a cleaning crew show up will waste a lot of the free time we would have otherwise. That means no movie session with the neighbor, the rent lady can't be allowed in and we can't get out.
Maybe put some rags on top of him so it won't be too obvious to people looking from the front door.

Did Dahl really needed to bring this mess here? Stair really needed to send a professional infiltrator to communicate?
I wish Dowser had listened to Lyvy when he said shoot it.

Let's be real here: showing they hired people we know recently is more unnerving than reassuring. Axyl and Clover didn't actually got payed for completing a job, so their examples don't prove that we won't be killed once this is over to keep the secret.
So far the most reassuring thing we got from a member of this organization was Kell not selling us out for knowing about the CAI, but even in this case the risk to our live would come from the same organization.
Still Stair interest in having us take the train mission after the submarine is a small reassurance we won't be discarded so soon. That or it's a false hope so the same thing that happened to Kirter may happen to us.

>They always win. It's rigged. All of it.
And agonizing over the third world circumstances will help? The options are limited for a reason and if we make too much noise trying to change things we risk serious military interference, as in bombs falling on the cities.
Individually the simplest solution is to move somewhere the game is less rigged. Sure there are barriers for doing so, there always are, but it still usually the easiest path.
We could establish a political body, get in contact with a foreign power capable of interfering and accepting the conditions they will demand. The risk is that the cure could be worst than the disease.
It's theoretically possible to decapitate the leaderships. It's almost impossible to pull off, but if the remaining administration fear for their personal safety they will put a brave front but revoke any offensive policies.
Lastly we could take personals gains at the expense of others in the same circumstances, that is take advantage of others be it by tricks of brute force. It doesn't solve anything but at least we won't have an assassin point at our house and say we have nothing of worth.

The amazing efficiency of the silenced pistol make the firearm replicator an even more worthwhile purchase.

Let's buy a lot of hair dye in preparation for the mission.
Maybe we could look a bit more like Clay. He will get a surprise when he wake up.
No. 1033492 ID: c28082


Really getting the Chaotic-Dahl vibes from him.
No. 1033493 ID: ba605b

Call the cleaners and tell them the code Dahl gave us.

While we wait, contact the landlord and ask when the rent is due, and how much.

Put in an online purchase for a taser. The good ones that can put a biosuit wearing aliens down.

Do some online research on guns, where to buy one, how to maintain one, and how to get one like Dahls. It looked like it was a single fire one? Like a dance slam rod DIY gun.

Do some research and see if there's any places that we can scavenge for any printers.
No. 1033494 ID: ba605b

Just put him on the floor. the cleaners can probably clean the floor for us. If we have to clean the clean up fee I will be pissed, since Dahl is the one that left the corpse in our apartment.

We could go for the nonlethal takedown build: learn some CQC, get some tranq guns, tasers, 'soft' garrets (choking wire), rubber bullets
No. 1033495 ID: 96c896

Better call that number.
I don't like that negotiations for payment haven't been done yet...
No. 1033498 ID: 370df1

I like "Dahl". He is cool, I want to be like him when i grow up.

He is right you know? Scavenging is bread for today, hunger for tomorrow. You need to think big. Getting out of this rock, see the world, make something out of yourself besides selling trash. Won't be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is.

You shouldn't depend on Stair, true, but keeping contact with her would be wise, making a good impression. Working with the hive will help too, if we get the gig.

We should try to learn more things. Like fighting. Or things like that. Clay was on the right track.
No. 1033510 ID: 36784c

Call the number he gave you, give them the code phrase and address, then wait for them to come get the body. Don't do anything else.

>put him on the floor
When he told us not to touch anything on the body, I'm pretty sure that includes the body itself. We should just leave him where he is and let the cleaners get rid of him for us.
No. 1033522 ID: b01382

Hmmm. Call the Neumono mining company people and ask if theres any mining equipment we can buy.
No. 1033523 ID: 331953

.....We are gonna rummage through this guy's stuff anyway, right?

I say we should inform Livy of this stuff once he gets back.

And....I'm not certain, but should we tell the police about this?
No. 1033524 ID: b01382

Something to consider. Our alien friends probably have access to advanced firearms. Well, anything more advances than nailguns and Dahls basic bitch supressed pistol. If we do enough jobs for our dog friends, we could convince them to letvus but some of the good stuff.

I honestly like them over the other corporation. Despite their hive being a company, theyre like a big family oriented one. They'll expect you to pull your weight and work you like a horse, but they'll care for you.
No. 1033527 ID: 36784c

We’ve been told that there are no police here.
No. 1033533 ID: a9af05

Call the number and don't touch the body.
No. 1033543 ID: 899c9f

When he said touch, he clearly meant taking any of his stuff. We're just moving it, the cleaner will take care of any fingerprints, if tobaks even have those.
No. 1033579 ID: 8082cf
File 165352290250.png - (250.00KB , 800x600 , TQ91.png )

>no police
There are police in the form of the Saxum Overwatch. Only thing is that they are funded by the companies, and the companies operate above them and take priority over any actions they take,
>Do tobaks have fingerprints
Not really, the patterns on the surface of our fingers change.
>I say we should inform Lyvy of this stuff once he gets back.
He will probably be able to smell that someone has been here. I'll tell him that a few guys came in and offered me a job, which he won't ask further about as he probably wouldn't care.

>Let's buy a lot of hair dye in preparation for the mission.
Maybe not a bad idea. I've always wondered how I'd look in pink.
>Maybe we could look a bit more like Clay. He will get a surprise when he wakes up.
It would be interesting to see how Clay would react to me imitating his appearance for a change.

>Note to self: never mess with Dahl’s stuff
Noted. I'm not going to touch the stuff on this guy's body.

A wait around for a few hours before calling the number, just in case somebody else comes knocking and sees people taking a body away. When I feel like it's safe, I call the number.

Eventually, I get a knock at the door. it's a male rin-reida and a group full of those arkot things. The arkots go to work transporting the body outside while the rin-reida walks up to me and starts to make small talk. It's very unusual to stand next to a male of any intelligent species shorter than myself.

>"Name's Ruce, nice to meet you! I take it that this is Dahl's handiwork? It's cool. Kirter was such a jerk!"
"I'm not paying for this, am I?"
>"Nope. Unless you actually want your carpet steamed, which wouldn't be too hard, seeing as there isn't much!"
"Right. Cool."
>"Say... You're not that tobak with the crazy sect roommate, are you?"
"The description fits."
>"Reila mentioned you!"
>"Yeah! she's the Rin-Reida with the white fur and the flat snout, and those cute ears and those... pretty eyes and..."
"I think I know who you're talking about."
>"She said you two saw her while she was cloaked, pretty neat! So, did she uh... mention me?
"I'm afraid not."
>"No worries. It's cool. Did she say anything about what she was into? Like what her favourite flowers are? Or if there was a movie she wanted to watch?"
"Our conversation was somewhat brief and on-topic, so... wait- do you have a thing for her?"
>"Noooooo! noooo. uhhhhhhhm maybe. sure... Yeah, you got me! I'm really into goth chicks, and her being a sneaky assassin with a neat gun collection is a bonus."
"Don't you have a job you should be doing?"
>"No need! These funny little green dudes are helping me out this time around. I wonder what they wanna do with the body, but it's part of my job not to ask questions!"
"Who do you work for exactly?"
"Carter’s carpet cleaners! And also Dahl. But that’s it though. Not sure where the little green guys came from, but it’s cool. Probably the place that Reila works at."

They leave, and it looks like I have a call to wait on. When Clay comes back, I’ll have a lot of explaining to do.
No. 1033581 ID: 899c9f

Hold up: goth chick? Explain further. Ideally with visual explanation.
No. 1033583 ID: 2aa5f0

thanks for running.
No. 1033585 ID: 36784c

>It's very unusual to stand next to a male of any intelligent species shorter than myself.
It must feel nice to not be the shortest person in the room, huh?

>When Clay comes back, I’ll have a lot of explaining to do.
He's definitely gonna pester you with a bunch of questions.

>goth chick? Who is that?
He literally just told us it was the female Rin-Reida in the cloaking suit that we met yesterday. This lady right here: >>1030506 .
No. 1033589 ID: 899c9f

You'll understand when you're older.
No. 1033590 ID: b01382

QUICK! Buy some clothes, get some fake contact lenses, and dye yourself red and pretend you're Clay.
No. 1033594 ID: 5d9787

The smaller males seems like a tendency. I hope when the reproduction explanation is revealed this will make sense as an evolutionary strategy.

Nice to meet a fellow romantic. Is his specie also majority male? Are all dreamers inspired by alien movies about romance?

It seems Clover's arkot enjoyed the tie.
No. 1033595 ID: 8082cf
File 165352868757.png - (218.81KB , 800x600 , TQ-B1.png )

"I'm looking for a tobak wearing a lab coat and a floral shirt."
>"Come again?"
"A tobak wearing a lab coat and a floral shirt. Did he come through here?"
>"I can't say."
"Did he come through."
>"I'm not at liberty to give out any information about who comes through here. Unless you're a detective with the proper paperwork."
"Did he come through."
>"You got a hearing problem? I can't give out that information. Are you another detective?"
No. 1033596 ID: 8082cf
File 165352870676.png - (327.87KB , 800x600 , TQ-B2.png )

>"Hey, what's up with your eyes? Aren't you tobak things supposed to wear goggles to see in lit areas?"
"You assume that I am a tobak."
>"I don't know about you, but my eyes are working just fine. You look like a tobak to me."
"How does a session of philosophical theory sound?"
>"Who starts a conversation like that? "
"I will make this quick. Have you been made aware of a thought experiment by the name of 'the ship of Theseus?'"
>"Is it a ship that can get me off this planet? If so, I'd be interested in thinking about it."
"Say you have a ship. A ship made of one hundred wooden parts. Every time a part needs to be replaced; it will be replaced with a metal part. This goes on for years until the ship is eventually entirely made of metal. Is the metal ship the same ship as the wooden ship?"
>"Nah, it's something totally different."
"Now apply the same idea to a person. If what had originally remained of this person was completely replaced, would It still be the same person?"
>"Uh... hmmm. Let me finish this page, and I'll get back to you."
No. 1033597 ID: 8082cf
File 165352872465.png - (230.99KB , 800x600 , TQ-B3.png )

"Do you have a neumono working here?"
>"That's an odd question. But yeah, we actually do. Why? Did you want a hug or something?"
"Call over the neumono in question."

"You won't tell me if you saw the tobak wearing the lab coat and floral shirt. You follow rules. I respect this. But to what ends will you defend your ideas?"
>"I can't tell what you're asking."
"I am asking if you would you be willing to die for your ideas."
>"Is that a threat? What are you going to do? Nail me to the wall?"
"I have things far stronger than a nail gun."
>"Unless you have a rail gun in your bag of tricks, my boots will remain un-quivered. Not that death is an unattractive prospect. It blows down here, and over time, I've become the one thing I hated in life. A bureaucratic slave. You know, humans aren't supposed to be this pale-"
No. 1033598 ID: 8082cf
File 165352875171.png - (264.29KB , 800x600 , TQ-B4.png )

>"Hey, where are you going? Aren't you coming through to the elevator?"
"No. I was never going to come through here. I came to ask that question, and also to bring you something."

"What the hell is going on out here? I'm picking up empathy."
>"Empathy? From where?"
"From the other side of the desk.

"I trust you all will take care of this."

"It's... off. Like it's dull. It all lacks clarity. The emotions themselves are unclear..."

"This isn't over. I'm not done with you."
>"What? What are you talking about?"
"I wasn't talking to you."
No. 1033599 ID: 8082cf
File 165352877865.png - (238.59KB , 800x600 , TQ-B5.png )

"This empathy... it feels... empty."

"This will continue as long as you keep coming back. And as long as you do. I will bring you death. As many times as it takes."


>"Hey... do you hear beeping?"
"I think that's the microwave. My casserole is done."
>"Can I have some?"
"Get your own, mooch!"
No. 1033600 ID: e5709d

>Decapitated neumono with ticking bomb ignored over the counter
Someone's going to get fired... one way or the other.
No. 1033602 ID: 2aa5f0

>Decapitated neumono with ticking bomb ignored over the counter

I think that's a tracker for the keys, doesn't look much like a bomb.
No. 1033610 ID: 5d9787

My favorite thing about Berserk was a mortal man challenging powerful nearly immortal demons. Admittedly the fairy healing goes against that aspect, but if Guts were a neumono a lot of the charm of fighting against all odds would lose the effectiveness.

Is that Mr. Robak? There was no indication of pink armor bellow his clothing, so I guess not.
This must be someone from neumono company looking for the key. They must also be participating in this race.

Lak must be very confident that he will survive whatever comes his way, because he doesn't seem to make any attempt to remain undetected. Guess the disguise was only for that first mission.
No. 1033635 ID: b01382

Lak must be part neumono, or has neumono parts in him.

Guys? Is Lak talking to us? Or us the CAI A.I. units?

I doubt its a neumono from the mineral company if thats what you mean. Theyre not the sole neumono pressence on this planet so it could be anyone.
No. 1033638 ID: 331953

Oh, man. Don't tell me Lak also has a head-friend coming along for the ride.

Great quest so far, Roaway! We couldn't have asked for a better adventure!
No. 1033640 ID: b88434

Pretty sure the empathy is from the headless body.
No. 1033641 ID: 9a2966

Would losing the head cause a Neumono's empathy to feel, well, empty? I forget, can they even regrow from that with their memories intact?

If so, his entire Ship of Theseus screed was about Neumono regeneration. This guy looooves philosophical quandaries, seems like! It also means he is actually speaking for the benefit of the headless Neumono through the recording at the checkpoint - who in the future will probably be looking at it!

Of course, if the Neumono themselves really are dead dead, there could be something else inside their body that's using it to give off that very empty empathy. Maybe something like Clay or whoever's in Kaddi, a thing that managed to survive and who also seems like a very... 'keeps coming back' sort of lifeform.

I do wonder about that armor, though. MK 0? Mark 0? A prototype? Stair said they'd sent hunters after Lak. Maybe this Neumono was a rogue working for him and had some cool shit tech on they were testing.
No. 1033645 ID: bdef6e

One of the arkots has "The tie" given by Clover desired by most. So we know whose arkots are those.

About the bomb, is not explicity said but implied. Did Lak killed the other tolbak in the last thread? We don't really know but is left out to our imagination until more information is given.
No. 1033646 ID: 2aa5f0

>Did Lak killed the other tolbak in the last thread? We don't really know but is left out to our imagination until more information is given.
He basically gave him the "No country for old men" speech the main antagonist uses before the guy from the movie kills a man to steal his car with the same air pistol farmers use to kill livestock.

Probably safe to assume the raider guy is dead.
No. 1033648 ID: 96c896

It's possible that a neumono that's on the very edge of death would have empty empathy, but I feel like it's more likely Lak is a former neumono. He's even got a neumono name!
No. 1033651 ID: 9a2966

Not so sure. Lak clearly doesn't give a shit about 'being made' since he walks up to a security desk with a camera hauling a corpse, and there was no threat of being reported or killed by raider guy.

It's possible he might actually have given the fellow a genuine 50/50.
No. 1033652 ID: 040290

That is not a bomb. It's a key detector. And it's beeping because there is a key near.

And this is the first time i hear of a neumono survive without a head. I think Lak was confirming if the body was still alive when he ask for a neumono to come?

We might have put Dowser in a terrible place.
No. 1033654 ID: 1e26b3

>And this is the first time i hear of a neumono survive without a head.
It was confirmed that Neuomono can survive without a head if they are given immediate medical attention and put on life support as quickly as possible.
No. 1033661 ID: c28082


>Mk 0

Hmmm ... don't know about you, but I think it's time Shinji-kun Dowser gets in the motherfucking robak.
No. 1033685 ID: c819d1

Huh... I this the case though? It sounded to me that Lak is trying to kill them, but they can't.
No. 1033723 ID: cd9321

Is ths next thread gonna start with Dowser in the sub, or on his way to the sub?
Is there a Q&A thread for this quest?
No. 1033740 ID: b01382

Can we get pur own arkots? Theyre pretty stupid, but i bet theyre fun to habe around. Plus they xould help us carry around loot.
No. 1033755 ID: 96c896

I feel like Lak was either talking to us (spooky) or someone in his head that doesn't like death(did he touch the ore?).
No. 1033764 ID: ba605b

You could be right. Just because we found the weird bacteria mineral rock doesn't mean it's the only one of it's kind. There's a chance Lak touched one, or maybe he is talking to something like us. Maybe
No. 1033836 ID: 8082cf
File 165372952515.png - (312.19KB , 800x600 , TQ-B6.png )

>"Boy, it is good to be back! I must admit, I missed being where I belon.! I need this place nearly as much as this place needs me!"
"Welcome back Kellie. I washed and ironed your shirts, as requested."
>"Excellent! So, how did cycle fifty-one go?"
"It concluded with minimal issues."
>"Great! Who were our winners this time?"
"Still only the sentient racers. The AI does seem to be advancing at a considerable rate, but still, I doubt they'll ever be close to the sentient contestant levels of intelligence. Would you like to speak with the winners?"
>"Nah. Just go ahead and wipe their memories. So, any observations of note?"
"Only that we still have contestants that find ways to break the simulation. Are these something you'd want to look into fixing?"
>"Nope. It's nothing to worry about. None of them remember anything past each cycle, so we have everything under control. We can step in if things get too out of hand."
No. 1033837 ID: 8082cf
File 165372955682.png - (267.09KB , 800x600 , TQ-B7.png )

"I have taken notice of contestants with unusual abilities - one in particular you might want to keep an eye on. It's a recent development, but it can break everything it touches."
>"Does the damage carry across cycles?"
>"See? Nothing to worry about!"
"You're not concerned?"
>"Why should I be? I like it when surprises keep things interesting. Watching races all day can get pretty predicable."
"We're not here for your entertainment."
>"Could have fooled me! Anyhow, I've got a good feeling about cycle fifty-two! We have a few new sentient contestants to fill out the brackets."
"Still a drop in the bucket compared to what we need to get any good results."
>"We work with what we have! Making something from scratch is never easy. Sure, we don't have super ancient alien tech to do all the work, but what we do have is the most advanced computer on the planet! Not to mention Stair's benefactors granting us all the time and resources we could ask for. Plus, think of the benefits of this new system! We can see exactly what goes on in real time, and with this cycle a day pace, we'll discover something fruitful sooner or later. We're on the verge of something, I can feel it."
"I don't see much obvious progress."
>"Are you saying I don't know what I'm doing?"
>"I know a thing or two! Like that slot over there? don't try using it as a cup holder, or else it'll make a noise and sparks will fly out of it. And see that disc tray? don't use it as a glazed donut holder, biiiiig mistake! "
No. 1033838 ID: 8082cf
File 165372956868.png - (192.78KB , 800x600 , TQ-B8.png )

"Start taking this more seriously. Are you forgetting that we're putting sentient life into this? Don't forget how morally irresponsible this all is."
>"It's talk like that which is why I'm the senior, and you're the assistant. Our participants are gonna be fine! It isn't like any are gonna die in there for real."
"They don't know that."
"Gotta crack a few eggs my friend. I bet you're just cranky because of the collar."
"Wearing this explosive collar is the only way they would let me anywhere near this project. I will gladly do so if it is considered necessary for me to be here."
>"Can't blame them for being cautious. There is a reputation with you neumono, I'm sure you are aware."
"Which reputation is relevant?"
>"You know which."


>"Look, if we can make this BSCAI, they'll be putting us in the history books! We just need a way for these simulations to produce sentient AI. That's the end game, the way we get there doesn't matter. The ends always justify the means."

"You know Kellie, we do have an air conditioner. It might be nice to put on pants for once."
>"No can do! Pants disrupt my concentration. It’s the shirts I need more of. And another soda."


"So, what happens now?"
>"Isn't it obvious? We move forward with cycle fifty-two!"
No. 1033839 ID: b01382

Now whatever could be that collar he's wearing/ Hmmm.
No. 1033840 ID: b01382

What's the darker grey color stripe on his neck? Is that a natural fur pattern? It can't be a scar else it would be a lighter shade.
No. 1033841 ID: 96c896

Oh my god, that's what the corpses are for. They're hooking up the brains to the simulation.
No. 1033845 ID: 2aa5f0

huh, so they're trying to make a CAI simply through trail and error and hoping for the best. I mean I guess it makes sense when you're forced to do your research on a backwater world where the most common form of technology looks like it was ripped right out of the late 20th, early 21st century and your head scientist is from a race that was probably uplifted from cave men only a few decades ago at best.
No. 1033847 ID: 1c6255

So they are a bit like the OPA... If the OPA's CAI project were run by apathatic incompetents instead of Likol.

Also, from what I've gathered the purpose of the dead tobaks is to train the AIs until one of them manages to emulate sentience. If there are any AIs among the ones that manage to break the sim, they're the interesting ones that should be promoted.
No. 1033848 ID: 1c6255

Other possibility is, they really are part of the OPA and even have a Likol clone.
No. 1033860 ID: 5d9787

Fantastic little helper. I wonder how far Kell abuse of authority go...
No. 1033885 ID: ba605b

Is there some place where we can buy Summit info? Would be nice if we had a general idea for where we can find all their abandoned hardware. Dahl also had a good point about Prospecting being a dead end job.

Perhaps we could collect as many printers as we can and try making out own mercenary company? Enough printers to make some weapons and armor to start things off.
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