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File 164670993057.png - (98.07KB , 500x500 , p0.png )
1025593 No. 1025593 ID: eedbeb

Previous Thread: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/1018817.html
Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/Stare_At_Explosions

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/tippler

Your name is Body Lewis and you're about to celebrate your 8th birthday.
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No. 1030208 ID: eedbeb
File 165082801720.png - (70.02KB , 500x500 , p94.png )

Winter comes with a massive snowstorm that coats the city in white, making Mary, who still refuses to wear clothes, totally camouflaged outdoors.

You feel a prickle of unease at the start of next month and decide you need to take first action as soon as possible.

Month 7:
Sanity: 11/20 (-1, you feel uneasy)
Hunger: 1.5/10 (-2.5)
Toughness: 6/10
AFA: 7/10
No. 1030209 ID: e51896

Lets help Selene.

Unease? maybe Chef is getting kidnapped again, but by Sobek this time.
No. 1030211 ID: c92a02

Do something to solidify Selene's standing as leader among the lower ranks. What would do that? Artificially create a crisis? Use her book learnings to achieve success in one of her weaker fields (with a little bit of Body magic to help)?
No. 1030213 ID: 96c896

>half the money in your bank account goes missing.
Rude. Oh well, not like we're gonna use it all anyway.

Help Selene. Warn her about the coup, and get her some books on leadership or something.
No. 1030271 ID: eedbeb
File 165089812891.png - (96.82KB , 500x500 , p95.png )

>Help Selene!
It’s the middle of the night, but you rush to Selene’s house to check on her. You don’t see anything out of the ordinary, and after shouting at the door that you’re here, the slime monster opens it.

She’s in her slug form again, eye stalks drooping and a bit of goo dribbling out of her mouth.

“You look terrible.” you say.

Selene groans. “I feel terrible. It’s been getting harder and harder to manage my form, but I have to keep up a strong face during management meetings. I’m just exhausted.”

That’s not good. You relay to Selene what you’ve learned about Sobek’s plan for a coup.

“If you’re struggling with your powers that means all monsters are probably having trouble. He’s going to notice and attack! What can I do to help you?”

Her mouth falls open and more slime leaks out. “I-I don’t know. There’s so much that still needs to be done and Sobek has all the weapons.”

What do you do to help Selene?
A. Restore Peak Slime Power: +1 hunger/month ongoing, you fuel Selene’s monster abilities. Prevents her from getting killed and improves her reputation.
B. Steal the Gun Stockpile: +2 hunger, Sobek will be upset with you
C. Create a Bigger Crisis to Distract from this one: You’re the bad guy now! Suggest bad guy things to do.
No. 1030272 ID: e51896

C. Ask your GIA followers to find Max so we can gather some info where Theda might be so we can contact her and ask her to create a big enough crisis to distract Sobek with.
No. 1030274 ID: 344f1d

LET him try to retaliate afterwards, he'll only be digging his own grave
No. 1030281 ID: c3f1f9

Hey, not just stealing, but what if you took a look in Sobek’s dimensional pocket? You think he has a way to protect against that?
Secondarily I would choose A, knowing that you are doing your part to make anime real. This is only a temporary fix, however!
No. 1030283 ID: 34dfce

Voting A
No. 1030284 ID: e5709d

A, but you seriously need a long-term solution for this. Selene can't lead - can't live - without her face.
No. 1030374 ID: eedbeb
File 165094057310.png - (92.46KB , 500x500 , p96.png )

You take Selene’s squishy hands in yours and squeeze reassuringly. Slime goes everywhere.

“The monsters need a strong leader in organized crime! I can give you the power you need to be your best self.” you tell her firmly. Once you’ve restored Selene to her pink buxomly glory, you let her go back to bed, feeling a bit more confident.

Sobek’s rebellion begins a few days later, according to reports from Lita and Truffle. He declares himself the rightful leader of the mob and separates his forces from Selene, depriving her of manpower while also spreading the message that the monster is unfitting to rule. Bruce is remaining neutral while the Lewis’ have left the issue to Selene to manage. You don’t hear any fighting from Mr. Brown’s gas station but apparently monsters are being cornered and attacked across the city.

What’s your next action?
No. 1030378 ID: e5709d

You know what, you brought a supervillain back from the grave. Time to @#$%ing use them.
Supervise Jadis to ensure she doesn't go off the deep end - again. Have her curse Sobek's guns to temporarily brainwash their users into becoming super-vigilantes that only listen to innocents and only to smite the spiteful. It's going to backfire into Sobek's muzzle even more than if you just sabotaged their ammo.
No. 1030379 ID: 96c896

Time to go big.
Kill Sobek and all his closest allies. Perhaps you could do it with one spell that spreads based on targets gained from mindreading him, or even one that spreads from... contractual agreements? Or strong positive emotions?

Or I guess you could be a wussy pacifist and just break every gun in the city.
No. 1030389 ID: ce39da

Yeah, actually, just casting a spell that makes ALL guns in the city stopped working would be... pretty effective.
No. 1030390 ID: e51896

See if we can contact Theda for help on this.
No. 1030412 ID: c92a02

Take their guns away! Don't unilaterally disable all guns, though, that just levels the playing field, and in a fair fight the monsters still lose.
I think you should let freshly-empowered Selene get the kill on Sobek, through whatever happy coincidences you can arrange. Maybe his whole security detachment falls asleep, maybe you use a scrying portal to figure out where he's hunkered down, maybe you empty out his bag of tricks... Little touches to make it look good.
No. 1030485 ID: eedbeb
File 165101332847.png - (105.18KB , 500x500 , p97.png )

>Action 2: Something to address the Sobek situation

>Help from Jadis
You continue not to hear anything from or about Jadis. Any magic she could do, you could do better, and without using the available stock of animal souls.

>Contact Theda?
The vampire won't have her powers either, also she's probably on another continent and doesn't want to be bothered.

It'll be a lot harder to take the guns now that they've been distributed to Sobek's forces. If you're willing to spend the hunger you can do it, though.

>Kill Sobek, or help Selene kill him
This would be fairly easy magic wise, with severe consequences. Mary is all for it while Saul strongly recommends against it. You expect your vulnerable friends Cookie, Evelyn, and Derek will immediately be targeted. You asked Vlad how he was doing and besides being a bit thicker he still has his powers.
No. 1030486 ID: eedbeb
File 165101333601.png - (87.62KB , 500x500 , p98.png )

It's time for everyone's favorite part, random chance!

The rebels currently have the advantage 7:3 against Selene’s cohort. Each month there will be a dice roll to see who "wins". The group that gets to two wins first takes over the mob. You still get your actions each month to influence things.

Options for now:
A. Immediately kill Sobek: -1 sanity, +0.5 hunger. Cookie, Evelyn, and Derek will each have a 1/2 chance to die. You can revive them for +2 hunger each. The rebellion will end.

B. Disable Sobek aligned weapons: +5 hunger. Sobek will be upset but won't escalate with you. The rebellion will be on even footing with Selene's constituents, so it'll be a 50-50 dice roll of who wins each month.

C. Encourage Selene to kill Sobek: She'll have a 1/3 chance to kill him each month, starting next month. Cookie, Evelyn, and Derek will each have a 1/4 chance to die if Sobek gets got. You can revive them for +2 hunger each. The rebellion will end after Sobek dies.
No. 1030487 ID: c92a02

C. We can take this chance once, and then, unlike the LAST time we had random chance involving Selene, when our window of opportunity narrows we take the less ideal but guaranteed solution. Okay? Okay.
No. 1030500 ID: 96c896

A. This is an attempt at genocide. It's worth the cost to stop it.
No. 1030502 ID: 4f7ec4

Option D: cast a spell to mess with Sobek's mind. Mellow him out. Make him more cautious, second-guessing of himself, and low-key cowardly.
No. 1030505 ID: ce39da

C, if only to put off the murder times until a later date.
No. 1030512 ID: a9cff3

I suggest B

But whatever we do, we should probably convince our friends to move out of the city
No. 1030578 ID: eedbeb
File 165109896292.png - (99.93KB , 500x500 , p99.png )

Surely you'll get a chance to take drastic action if this choice doesn't work out. You start casting small locating spells to keep tabs on Sobek, and relay the information to Selene so she can try to assassinate him.

>Monsters 'win' the first month
Pretty unexpected, but you're happy to hear news that the monsters are fighting back. While they no longer have their reality bending powers, monsters are still tough having evolved to survive the harshness that comes with social ostracism. They rally around Selene and fight back against Sobek's forces with ferocity. There are numerous casualties on both sides.

>Sobek survives
Selene is so busy fighting that she doesn't get an opportunity to take out Sobek, who's staying in a secure location sending orders to his supporters. He probably has a flamethrower on hand, so it won't be easy for the slime, though you have faith in her abilities.

Month 8:
Sanity: 10/20 (-1, you feel violent)
Hunger: 0/10 (-1.5)
Toughness: 6/10
AFA: 7/10

What are your actions for this month? It will be difficult to get your friends to leave Providence, and at this point it's not a guarantee that they won't be followed.
No. 1030580 ID: c92a02

Give Selene another month. Upgrade yourself to improve your toughness - you're making so many pocket spaces, can you make it so you can include passengers in one of these? It doesn't have to let them survive in space, it just has to let you escort your at-risk friends out of Providence all at once - they'll be targeted as soon as Sobek knows you're making a move on them.
...Become a giant anime robot with a voltron/power rangers style cockpit they can sit in? I guess recruiting your friends to form Bodytron is action 2.
No. 1030581 ID: 96c896

I mean, we could just *teleport* everyone out. What's stopping our social group from just packing up and leaving, at this point? Evelyn could get a fishing license from another city, to boot.

I still wanna murder Sobek. The violence has to stop, mostly because civilians are being attacked (no, it doesn't matter that the only ones being attacked are monsters, in fact that makes it worse). Maybe we can teleport everyone to safety so that Sobek's killswitch doesn't work, then gank him?
No. 1030624 ID: 0ffab9

See if we can get the GIA to help the monsters fight against Sobek.
No. 1030653 ID: f5891b

Kill or brainwash Sobek. We can afford the penalties.

Also, increase toughness, we are running out of time.
No. 1030676 ID: ce39da

> 1st Action
Spirit away (or at least warn) your at-risk friends in preparation for if Sobek dies at someone's hands. If they ask why you're being so casual about the worst-case scenario you're outlining, explain: "as long as I'm still around and still caring, you dying would be just a temporary inconvenience."

> 2nd Action
Are we physically ready for space? If not, consult the folks about fixing that.
No. 1030705 ID: eedbeb
File 165118699593.png - (110.33KB , 500x500 , p100.png )

>Kill Sobek
You already had a chance at that and chose not to do it, though you’ll get another choice in the near future if he’s one month away from winning.

You need to be at 10 Toughness and have some means of propulsion to be ready to leave planet. Once you fulfill those requirements you can go whenever.

At 0 sanity you will become a threat to everyone and everything around you.

>Action 1: Talk to your at-risk friends
>Action 2: More Toughness Upgrades

You gather Cookie, Evelyn, and Derek one evening after work for a warm meal of fish soup and pastries. Derek reports through a mouthful of flaky dough that he’s been seeing someone now that he can have physical relations without snapping in half, and generally seems happy. Cookie mutters something about his sister being in a better mood recently, while Evelyn gives the usual dry complaints about work in the café.

You break the bad news about Sobek targeting them without fanfare and offer to take them all out of the city. As expected, everyone refuses.

“See that’s fine short term, but when would we be able to come back?” Evelyn asks rhetorically. “If Sobek’s mad we’ll be in danger any time we’re in the city. I’m not leaving my entire life here behind forever, I just bought that condo.”
No. 1030706 ID: eedbeb
File 165118700539.png - (93.46KB , 500x500 , p101.png )

You squeeze your wooden silverware in your paws. They’re being ridiculous, their lives are worth more than some comfort and familiarity.

“Well, I guess I can just revive you guys if you die.” you grumble.

Cookie jerks and blinks his massive eye at you. “You can do that?”

“I can do a lot of things now.” you say mysteriously.

“Have you done it before? Is there anyone we need to, uh, look out for?” Cookie asks. Evelyn narrows her eyes as she picks up on what Cookie is implying.

A. Share the news about Jadis
B. Lie
No. 1030707 ID: c92a02

A. Also: "Me. I'll be mad as Mary in a few months. It's been real but I need to take a long vacation real soon."
No. 1030709 ID: 96c896

Saying no would not be lying. You didn't resurrect Jadis, you just pulled her out of a body she was sharing with a child. Then you shoved her into an adult body she wanted. Neither things involve bringing back the dead.
No. 1030714 ID: 34dfce

A. Share the news, but tell them about how you didn't do it. If they don't believe you, the that is on them. Honestly, maybe it is better if you distance yourself.

Speaking of which, why haven't we just gone to a very remote area while we undergo these changes? It may be better for everyone if we aren't around posing a risk to them.
No. 1030736 ID: e51896

You know what?
whatever choice we make, I want to request Derek to sing the song of his people again... like old times
No. 1030737 ID: e51896

And I want to throw in this idea
if any of our friends die, DON'T immediately revive them until it is close to time for us to leave this planet. If we decide to revive them too soon, there could be a chance they could die again, making us have to use up more hunger.
No. 1030739 ID: 53560f

A) in my defence she was already in the process of reviving herself, I just sped the process along and saved the poor kid she was possessing some from future trauma.
No. 1030743 ID: e5709d

On one hand, revealing that you brought back Jadis of all people is going to cause social tension, anxiety, and a general 'what-the-hellness'. But on the other hand, Sobek has become the main threat; he'll find out about Jadis eventually, and will target your friends for now, which is going to cause issues. Having them reconnect with Jadis will let her develop defenses for them and coordinate against an ambush.


Definitely increase toughness and start researching propulsion. You've got another surplus of spell slots.
No. 1030751 ID: eedbeb
File 165124333851.png - (84.06KB , 500x500 , p102.png )

You explain the situation with Jadis, how you extracted her from Dewey, hid her in your apartment, and the fact that she’s effectively immortal now but shouldn’t cause any trouble.

“Wow. Okay, that’s good to know.” Cookie rubs his cheek. “I’m not going to be the one to tell Kibble.”

“She’s out of town anyway. It’s probably fine to wait.” Evelyn adds.

Derek raises his hand. “I thought Jadis was an objectively bad person.”

“Yes.” Everyone else says at the same time.

“So…why did Body restore her to her former powers and glory?”

You consider the question. At the time you felt strong sentiment reuniting with Jadis in her soul mind thing. None of that feeling remains. Jadis is simply a possible ally and a potential threat.

“She can help you guys if I need to—isolate for a while. And after I’m gone she’ll keep you safe.” you say.

The secret of Jadis is out and will spread, but your friends are grateful that you told them.
No. 1030752 ID: eedbeb
File 165124335545.png - (66.07KB , 500x500 , p103.png )

>Action 2
“Ok, so the problem here is that there isn’t much space for you to improve internally without squeezing everything else smaller. It takes progressively more energy for less reward.” Saul explains, sprawled on your sofa with Mary intertwined with him. Thanks to you summoning them so early and Mary mellowing out after eating Duck, the two aliens’ relationship seems to be on the mend and even leaning towards romantic territory. You’re not sure how you feel about that.

“But if you abandoned this silly form you could remodel your design for more toughness and less hunger cost.” Mary adds.

“It’s up to you really.” Saul’s fingers rest on the spaces between Mary’s visible ribs.

A. Same Form: +1 Toughness, +6 Hunger, +0 AFA

B. Parent Style (Mannequin with Cat features): +1 Toughness, +4 Hunger, -1 AFA. Keep electricity consumption.

C. Become Uncanny (suggest your new form, but it has to be kind of weird): +2 Toughness, +2 Hunger, -2 AFA
No. 1030754 ID: e51896

C Become uncanny
and by uncanny, your drawing style form looks a tiny bit more like an irl cat than it does a cartoon cat, I dunno lol.
No. 1030757 ID: 9c43df

Become uncanny like a robotic version of Girl Talk.
No. 1030769 ID: 836406

More hunger means less sanity, less AFA means less sanity, but the middle road means no anime robot form. …C it is, then. Get even more robotic: Instead of a face, just a screen for display of basic emotions, mechanical parts as simple as they need to be, bigger and bulkier to fit the necessary compressed space.
No. 1030772 ID: e5709d

A collection of plastic trash and toxic materials.
+ Can siphon power by recycling
+ Can change attributes based on diet
+ Can shapechange like Selene
- Final 2 Toughness will be hard to increase
- Outward appearance is bad for others' health
- Rank odor beyond belief
No. 1030775 ID: 96c896

>Keep electricity consumption.
What does this mean? Do the other choices lose electricity consumption?
No. 1030776 ID: eedbeb

when option B was made available in the second action of month 5, it included losing the electricity consumption power. i wanted to clarify that was not the case this time
No. 1030778 ID: 34dfce

Biblically accurate Angel
No. 1030795 ID: eedbeb
File 165127985294.png - (131.79KB , 500x500 , p104.png )

You shed a single tear for the gas station and call Mr. Brown to inform him that your time together has come to a close. The roach thanks you for your work and wishes you the best. It’s probably better for the business that you’re no longer associated with them.

Saul and Mary contribute a lot to your remodel, focusing on the insides while you design your outsides. You want to retain your cat features, but you’ve also gotten used to the convenience of being a robot.

The end result is a quaint quadruped stature with a screen on a narrow metal neck so you can look around. You come up to maybe where your hips were before.

For reasons that can’t be explained by science or magic, your new form is highly unappealing to animals and makes some of them want to beat you to death with a steel pipe. Whenever you encounter an animal that isn’t one of your close allies (your friends, Selene, Lita, and Truffle) they will make a roll to either fight, flee, or act normal, with probability distributed evenly between the three options. You’re so tough that an attack won’t actually do anything, but it’ll sure make going out in public more exciting.
No. 1030796 ID: eedbeb
File 165127986301.png - (88.32KB , 500x500 , p105.png )

>Monsters win again, stopping the rebellion!
Well that was anticlimactic, you were really expecting Sobek’s heavily armed forces to put up a better fight.

>Selene murders Sobek
For the cherry on top, Selene also takes advantage of the surrender to eliminate Sobek. The recently deceased crocodile’s bad luck is usually only seen from kitsune government agents.

>Who dies?
The victory is so overwhelming that Sobek’s assassins wise up and decide not to pick fights by murdering your friends. Team Body stays winning.

Month 9:
Sanity: 8/20 (-2, bad dialogue options activated)
Hunger: 0.5/10 (-1.5)
Toughness: 8/10
AFA: 5/10

What are your actions this month? The only person who really has a goal left is Evelyn, though you still need more upgrades. At this rate you could have a perfect finish!
No. 1030799 ID: 96c896

Well now that Sobek is dead, she should see if she can get that license. Wouldn't count on it though.
Why don't we talk to our grandparents about it? They should be more cooperative. Or, alternatively, we could summon Sobek's ghost from beyond the grave and force him to reveal the identity of the saboteur. Choices, choices...

I also want to see if we can finish off our toughness upgrades this month.
No. 1030800 ID: c92a02

Good job, Selene!
Help Evelyn, then upgrade. Evelyn will hopefully still be sympathetic to your more harsh language and now direct methods. Spend your remaining money on buying out the condo - it's hers to live in or rent out as she pleases, now - and hack the mainframe to get Evelyn her license. Better to hack first and figure out who was blocking it later.
No. 1030803 ID: ce39da

Yeah, this seems good, but do check to see if the problem didn't solve itself in the wake of Sobek's death and Selene's secured victory, first.
No. 1030823 ID: e5709d

Concentrate on Toughness and Evelyn this month. In your remaining time, your primary focus should be on the self-propulsion system and dealing with Jadis, possibly by keeping her stuffed in your compartment and blasting off.
No. 1030832 ID: 93072d

>The recently deceased crocodile’s bad luck is usually only seen from kitsune government agents.
Love this quest.

Let's focus on keeping track of Jadis' activities and finding out who is the jerk that's annoying your friends.
No. 1030843 ID: eedbeb
File 165133139184.png - (120.98KB , 500x500 , p106.png )

>Action 1: Get Evelyn her license and find out who was behind blocking it
>Action 2: Finish Toughness upgrades

You’re practically buzzing with the drive to finish Evelyn’s goal. You’d put it in the top 3 most important things ever in your life and every second you aren’t addressing it you’re filled with rage.

A quick trip back to the licensing office, where the receptionist flinches but doesn’t try to beat you up and the flounder shakily informs you she still can’t give Evelyn a fishing license, does not help this boiling feeling.

Evelyn can’t understand why you’re so upset. The tall cat is very cautious with her words so that she doesn’t start you on an angry tirade against Sobek. The seeds of fear you planted in the office several months ago are growing, and it pains you to see that Evelyn is putting emotional distance between you.

How do you find the person responsible for this mess?
A. Summon Sobek’s soul to interrogate (+0.5 Hunger)
B. Ask for the person to come forward to tell the truth without repercussion (50% of success)
C. Put Lita and Truffle on the case (They’ll find out by the end of month 10)
No. 1030844 ID: e51896

Try and get amswers from him on who is preventing Evelyn from fishing, or threaten to reincarnate him as a homeowner's blade of grass if he doesn't give an answer and suffer the evil lawn mower painfully cutting him each week and getting stepped on now and then.


Actually, C. That way we can do other actions, like make a Body clone containing your memories for our friends to hang out with next month before we leave earth (without having god powers of course)
No. 1030853 ID: 34dfce

>Body clone
That's actually not a bad idea. Then we could quietly leave before we do something we will regret.
No. 1030857 ID: 96c896

A. Oh right you can just mindread him can't you? He's already dead, who cares about the sanctity of his mind.
No. 1030858 ID: e5709d

A. You already orchestrated Sobek's death for threatening your friends and starting a war. There's not much worse you can do to him at this point even though you really want to, may as well mindrip all his secrets before he's devoured by the Hail Mary.
No. 1030869 ID: c92a02

C. Your intensity is harmful to Evelyn's goals and is not inducing her to pursue them. Work on other stages of the problem or pursue other projects.
No. 1030881 ID: e51896

Reading the other posts, I think I'll switch to A.
No. 1030883 ID: 93072d

Why not doing B and also C in case it don't work?
No. 1030886 ID: eedbeb
File 165137014555.png - (89.17KB , 500x500 , p107.png )

Some increasingly small part of you is aware you’re acting intense. You’re far outside the normally accepted amount of effort for doing your friend a minor favor.

And you’re not going to stop now! You’ll finish that goal or destroy the world trying. That’s the leadership mentality of a young god and you’re very proud of your ability to get things done.

Sobek is recently dead, so his soul should still be swirling around the Recycler instead of being freshened up and stuck as a blank in some animal baby. You’re going to have a little chat with him.

That translates to extracting all the memory data from his soul. You don’t even bother talking, just mind rip all the good stuff out and consume the excess energy, which helps you break even on the extraction cost. There’s still too much information to comprehend, so you search for the relevant details in slow manual review of the crocodile’s life experience of the past few months. Finally you stumble across a memory with the right key words.

Sobek is having a glass of brandy with a familiar ox, Bruce. You bristle when you realize they’re talking about you, and how they think you’re unstable.

“I have Saul under control, but I’m concerned about Ms. Lewis.” Sobek murmurs to Bruce. “We should keep as many of her vulnerable friends within reach as possible if we need leverage.”

“I agree. I’ll see what I can do about getting Evelyn Shade’s fishing license delayed.”

“Why does she need a fishing license?” Sobek asks, confused. You don’t stick around for the explanation.
No. 1030887 ID: eedbeb
File 165137015598.png - (87.85KB , 500x500 , p108.png )

Bruce! It was the third mobster all along, playing both sides so he’d come out on top whoever won. Oh, you’re very upset by this betrayal, but you’re already planning to use your second action for more upgrades, so it’ll have to wait.

You’re frothing mad by the time Saul and Mary can meet with you in your apartment. They’re doing disgusting lovey dovey stuff like gnawing on each other’s fingers and you tell them to cut that out right away or you’ll extract all the energy from their satellite bodies to become even more powerful.

“Gee, is it that bad already? You still have 8 sanity.” Saul remarks.

“It is good for our child to assert herself.” Mary says firmly. “If she is able then she is welcome to consume us.”

Hunger prices have gone up again in preparation for your last or second to last upgrade.

A. Advanced Space Warping Abilities: 2-in-1 propulsion method and toughness upgrade. +1 Toughness, +6 Hunger

B. This Isn’t Even My Final Form: Your physical body is no longer the real you, instead you’re stored in an inaccessible alternate dimension location. No cosmetic change. +2 Toughness, +7 Hunger

C. Wild Space: Put some crazy shit in here! +2 Toughness, +8 Hunger
No. 1030888 ID: ce39da

Assuming that 7 isn't some arbitrary cutoff for bad stuff happening, and we'll have sufficient mobility, either way, then B is the most efficient choice by far.
No. 1030889 ID: c92a02

A. Oh right, you do need some way of getting between planets don't you. The next and last hunger expenditure's gonna be the big one.
No. 1030890 ID: 96c896

Turn off Selene's boost. The situation is stabilizing, you found the other traitor, and you need that energy. With our income going back to 2.5, we'll be fine after spending 7 energy.

No. 1030891 ID: 34dfce

Fuck it.

C. Become Eldritch Horror and consume all of our friends so they are always a part of us and never leave.
No. 1030897 ID: e5709d

I'm creeped out now.

Oh, and choose C. You are now a bloated, floating hunk of steel with a gooey, oversexualized center that pops out when you get horny.
Oh, and the center generates a toxic-but-useful chemical which can be ignited to propel yourself out of the stratosphere.
Hm... not weird enough... centaur form, add giant hands that turn into eyeballs when you clench your fists and a waist so thin it's literally contained within a controlled black hole. Your head is now a set of golf clubs that sprout tentacles to form a face.
No. 1030902 ID: 93072d

B makes me think of old-school Planeswalker stuff, and I'm all for it, baby!

(Also, I don't want her to end up eating her friends)
No. 1030933 ID: eedbeb
File 165143268815.png - (106.51KB , 500x500 , p109.png )

You have a high-pitched growl in your throat the whole time you’re casting the spell, just daring Mary and Saul to smooch each other in your presence. When the spell is complete you feel a little strange and have to get used to controlling your quadruped physical body from a slight distance, like playing a third-person view video game.

“You’re going to be extra hangry, so you might want to leave next month.” Saul recommends.

“I still have an unfinished goal.” you snap.

He raises his hands in a placating motion. “Up to you, up to you. That’s just my advice.”

Month 10:
Sanity: 5/20 (-3, you are unbelievably pissed)
Hunger: 6.5/10 (-1.5)
Toughness: 10/10
AFA: 5/10

Your interpersonal interactions are now shit. If you don’t leave this month (by using an action to get some means of shooting yourself into space), you’ll force yourself to complete the Evelyn goal the following month, no matter the consequences.

Reminder that your abilities can be found here if you’d like to take an action to alter any of them: https://questden.org/wiki/Stare_At_Explosions/Log
No. 1030936 ID: e51896

action 1. Bruce is part of the GIA. Lita and Truffle is also our loyal followers and also part of the GIA. So order Lita and Truffle to get Bruce to stop preventing Evelyn from getting her license already!

action 2. modify your body to add a rocket propulsion to leave this planet already.
No. 1030938 ID: ce39da

... Think about it for a second: When we go away, so does the reason behind Evelin's problem.

Cut off support to Selene and binge-consume electricity to get our hunger down for...

Modify your body to 1: Move through space, and 2: Satiate itself in a way that doesn't rely on animal-made electricity storing/transporting structures that you won't find in space.
No. 1030939 ID: c92a02

Action 1: Make Bruce's house hover ominously three feet off the ground. No other change. Put a post-it on the door that says 'Fishing license.'
Action 2: Let's go to space! Try just jumping to the moon. Put an unearthly amount of force between those legs, an minimum of mass at a maximum of toughness into that robo-Bod, and let's jump into orbit from a nice isolated hill.
No. 1030941 ID: 96c896

-3 sanity
Oh, I didn't know low AFA affected sanity too.

Go talk to Bruce. Tell him to give Evelyn her license or else he'll suffer a fate worse than death. If he refuses then we can use an action to force the issue.

Then get some space propulsion and go.
No. 1030943 ID: 93072d

Go to Bruce's home and turn him into a tiny newt for one week.
Tell him you are gonna do worse if he doesn't leave your friends alone.
No. 1030945 ID: eedbeb
File 165144273026.png - (164.36KB , 500x500 , p110.png )

If you were planning to cast some big spells or stick around longer, you’d want to lower your hunger, but at the moment harvesting more energy or canceling your support of Selene takes an action you can’t spare. Once you get to space Big Saul and Big Mary will feed you.

>Action 1: Talk to (threaten) Bruce
It occurs to you that if you left the planet, Bruce would have no incentive to keep denying Evelyn her fishing license. Hm, but then he’d probably forget he even blackmailed the flounder in the first place and your poor friend would be doomed to her lesser existence as a normal functioning member of society. You simply must do something about this.

Bruce is surrounded by irrelevant coworkers like the governor when you charge into his office. The ox picks up the nearest flagpole in an impressive display of strength and attempts to run you through, on primal fear instinct. The grotesque robot cat is knocked over and wiggles its legs sadly in the air.

A. Threaten Bruce with a fate worse than death unless he emails the flounder right fucking now (80% success)

B. Mind control Bruce (similar to Angel powers) to leave your friends along (100% success, +1 hunger, mars your reputation)

C. Intimidate Bruce with a display of magical power (levitate nearby objects, turn the governor into a newt. 100% success but will limit your propulsion option because of the hunger cost of +2)
No. 1030946 ID: e51896

Mainly A
No. 1030947 ID: e5709d

A) Reveal you 'resurrected' Jadis by stuffing her in a flesh blob and threaten to turn him into her newest protrusion. Then bluff that you'll keep an eye on his mind forever - literally, by making a module of cyberware made of your eyeballs and then jam it straight into his brain.
No. 1030949 ID: 96c896

A, but also tell him you're leaving the planet this month so there's no point in *not* doing it. That should raise the odds to 100%.
No. 1030950 ID: 96c896

also ffs stop feeding Selene.
No. 1030951 ID: eedbeb
File 165145408940.png - (67.60KB , 500x500 , p111.png )

You’re so intimidating and strong and powerful and you threaten to stuff Bruce into a little gasping tumor that’s forever in pain and agony and there’s no way he’ll say no to you!

>He says no
“Get out of here! Scram you horrible rascal!” Bruce doesn’t seem to realize it’s you, or is in such a heightened state of fight or flight that he simply doesn’t process your threat. He smashes the pole into your false body repeatedly, denting the metal and dealing psychological damage to your raging megalomania. You ready a spell to blast him to bits when you run into Saul’s rule barrier. You took your action, made a choice, and it didn’t work out, so now you’ll have to take another action to try again.

A. Use your second action to do B or C from the previous choice (please specify)
B. Stay with the propulsion into space true combo plan and get outta here (rip perfect run)
C. Use your next action to stop feeding Selene (you have no reason to do this)
No. 1030953 ID: e51896

B. Screw it, it's not worth it. I'm sure Evelyn will figure something out on her own. Plus we need all the points we can get to get out of this planet safely before we destroy it.
No. 1030954 ID: 96c896

All we did just now was talk. That does not take an action.
Make good on your threat, stuff him into a tumor.

Why does stopping feeding Selene take an action? That doesn't make any sense. This feels very hamhanded.
No. 1030955 ID: 96c896

Oh and once we're out of here, confront Saul about mind-controlling you. That sanity stat is his doing.
No. 1030956 ID: e51896

Plus, it's as Detective said, if we leave, there is no more reason for Bruce to hold the fishing license hostage.
No. 1030957 ID: c92a02

B. You haven't really marred anything, since Evelyn is still capable of chasing her goals and again, no Body no problems.
That said, you can use his office as a launchpad.
No. 1030959 ID: e5709d

B - and use a free action via email to explain why Bruce is an asshole.
No. 1030960 ID: e51896

support on using his office as a launch pad.
No. 1030961 ID: 96c896

Oh right if we're not actually turning him into a tumor we can at least tell Selene.
No. 1030964 ID: 93072d

Make him very tiny for one hour.
No. 1030966 ID: eedbeb
File 165146276230.png - (82.75KB , 500x500 , p112.png )

There’s a moment of vertigo, staring at the robot as your ghost self while Bruce keeps clobbering it to no effect. You were really about to kill this guy or torture him eternally over a fishing license. There’s something really wrong with you.

It takes a supreme effort to resist the pull of the last goal, Saul’s influence pressing deep furrows into your fragile mind. Does Evelyn even want to be a fisherman still? You’ve been totally ignoring her, maybe she’s changed her mind and you don’t know. Good lord, you were going to turn the governor into a newt!

I hate you and your fake rules. Mary had said the first time you saw her in the flesh, while digging her thumbs into Saul’s eyes. You’d assumed she’d meant the standards for animal society, and now you’re not so sure.

Tims are part of Saul’s rules too, aren’t they? Keeping animals limited to this realm by stopping them from casting advanced space and time spells. It slowly dawns on you that despite all his faffing about and submissive personality, Saul is a massive control freak.

You force the robot to its sturdy nub feet, ears drooping, and make your escape back to your apartment.
No. 1030970 ID: eedbeb
File 165146321686.png - (106.30KB , 500x500 , p113.png )

You have to leave the planet before you really hurt someone. You shoot a quick text to Selene explaining that Bruce was behind the fishing license business, and thanking her again for killing Sobek so you didn’t have to. Surprisingly, your paws are still clean after all this time. A pounding headache is growing behind your ghost temple, despite all your toughness Big Saul is still unfathomably stronger than you in ways you can’t comprehend.

You’ll leave, you’ll go to space and be improved—and then you’ll come back. Kibble will be waiting.

You message Saul and Mary to come to the apartment one last time.

You have plenty of energy to propel yourself into space using a spell or a new power from any of the options below. You’re going to go out in a deserted field so you don’t hurt anyone while you do it.

A. Space-bending Angel powers
B. Old fashioned rocket propulsion, hot exhaust gas outta your ass at high speeds
C. Pure fuck you parent vibes
No. 1030973 ID: 96c896

I mean, I figured Saul was doing this as a test. To see if you could handle absolute power. A dick move, but an actual goal behind it instead of being controlling.

A is copying them, B doesn't seem sustainable...

C it is.
No. 1030974 ID: e51896

If we choose B, request to Saul and Mary to add a pointless loud fart sound effect to the rocket propulsion whenever it is activated, just to make this a memorable moment for all the wrong reasons for your friends. Put a smile on their faces as you leave earth and not see them for a long time... or disgust them. Especially Vlad.

(B is my choice btw)
No. 1030975 ID: c92a02

C. Would you get a Tim to throw you into outer space? Just extend your neck to space, then retract your body up to it?
No. 1030976 ID: 0055dc


Pull your devil trigger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k79j9Eh5uh8
No. 1030979 ID: e5709d

>Saul is a massive control freak.
Well, yeah.
The last time he blindly trusted his girlfriend with free reign to do what-the-flip-ever on a simple date, she committed mass-genocide.
I'm impressed that at least one of his avatars isn't a shattered, banhammer-happy maniac.

B - Enhance Knockers.
You know why~~~~~~~~~
No. 1031006 ID: eedbeb
File 165150204250.png - (116.58KB , 500x500 , p114.png )

>C into B
Okay you need a realistic way to generate thrust and while raging against authority is plenty good in concept, it’s not going to get you anywhere. You’ll say it’s because your mad and then shoot out butt gases anyway.

“I’m very upset with both of you.” you tell Saul and Mary. There’s a hint of spring in the air and little green sprouts are peeking out from around the dead brown grasses from last year.

“But I recognize you have your own trauma and you’re trying to, uh, mostly do your best and what you think is correct from your point of view. I’m used to have extremely powerful morally dubious parents, I guess.”

You focus your magic to reroute some of that hot water you use for nuclear power generation to a series of nozzles. You stick the cat robot in a little rocket and prepare for liftoff.

Steam isn’t the best gas propellant, but you have a lot of it. The rocket shoots into the air, dragging your ghost along with it.

In the instant before they’re out of sight, you see Mary and Saul waving goodbye.
No. 1031007 ID: eedbeb
File 165150205253.png - (38.70KB , 500x500 , p115.png )

Thanks for reading.
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