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File 164405965121.jpg - (253.79KB , 960x960 , Title.jpg )
1022448 No. 1022448 ID: a70a13

A game about probability.
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No. 1026884 ID: 798908
File 164789543095.png - (460.62KB , 960x960 , max.png )

it's not a proper rave without properly questionable mad max fashion choices
No. 1026888 ID: fc1eab

We need to dress at least somewhat modest, since we gave our roommate shit for not wearing pants.
No. 1026889 ID: fc1eab
File 164790109254.png - (511.50KB , 960x1200 , Chum Drum Bedrum.png )

I feel like this fits the aesthetic.
No. 1026891 ID: fc1eab
File 164790157754.jpg - (426.99KB , 960x960 , SteveTax.jpg )

Lets just get this out of the way.
No. 1027103 ID: 629f2e
File 164808261826.png - (693.84KB , 960x960 , Clero Paperdoll.png )

My take on what Clero should wear.
No. 1027109 ID: 8483cf
File 164808323271.png - (522.90KB , 960x960 , NoisyDoll.png )

No. 1027111 ID: e51896
File 164808690862.png - (615.24KB , 960x960 , clothes.png )

No. 1027403 ID: a70a13
File 164835990780.jpg - (311.13KB , 960x960 , panel 54.jpg )

It takes a little digging but soon enough you've found a few pieces that you forgot you even had. You start with a zippered tank top, and pair it with your favorite LUCKY SEVEN JEANS.
After that, it makes sense to grab your thigh boots, which match perfectly with several pieces of jewelry including your bangles, pocket chains, and spiked bracelet. You pop in a spiked earring, thanking yourself for keeping your piercings clear even if you don't wear them that often, and wah-la!

You glance at yourself in the mirror, not bad!

Thinking on your plans, however, you realize you still have to try and tell Vinegar what's going on as soon as you can. You decide to text her now and just tell Conway that you wanna go to PRIMA after the concert, he's usually down to go wherever.

CLERO: Hey hey Vin, I'll try to hit up your bar later tonight. Conway is taking me to a concert at Heavy Rotation, we're seeing TONE SHIFT...unless you're gonna be there?

It takes a moment but you get a response.

VINEGAR: Nah, I'm just gonna do my thing at the bar, but say hi to Po for me alright? Haven't gotten to take her out lately, she's been busy.

CLERO: Yeah no worries, I got you covered, see you later tonight.

VINEGAR: See you then.

Well, that seems better at least. With a sigh you check the time and find it's 5:30 PM. If you choose to do anything else before heading to the club you're bound to run late, should you head straight there?
No. 1027404 ID: 629f2e

Be responsible and head straight to the club, like a loser.
No. 1027412 ID: 8483cf

Head straight to the club, but check your dating apps while you do. Play the field!
No. 1027440 ID: e51896

ever heard of fashionably late?

unfortunately, I can't think of anything we can do, so, whatever, lets just go.
No. 1027815 ID: a70a13
File 164878654768.png - (13.63KB , 500x500 , A48FD6B5-D68F-41C1-96C7-1C545271E24E.png )

With nothing else to do, you flick the lights of your apartment off and head forward into the streets. You got a show to catch!
Unlike the commute to your new job with Kinesis, the walk to Heavy Rotation is actually pretty easy. It might be because both of you are located in THE SHANTZ, which ain’t the BEST neighborhood in town, but hey it’s not like you’re going to be getting mugged around here.
Regardless, you quickly notice that those ROKI posters from earlier today were in fact not just an anomaly you wished you hadn’t noticed. Walking through an alley that normally has a variety of band posters and party fliers strewn across the walls…it looks like it’s all ROKI. What the fuck is with this? A part of you wants to rip that shit off the walls and stomp on it, but a quick check of your clock shows that you don’t have Vandalism time on your hands. For the moment though, you shoot the closest poster a dirty look before moving on.
No. 1027816 ID: a70a13
File 164878657292.png - (15.21KB , 500x500 , 79DDC333-0DD1-4898-9366-CECCD5641B82.png )

After escaping the linear maze of frustrating posters, your walk only takes a few more moments before you’re staring at the club. The place was some kind of industrial building at one point, you’re pretty sure it was some kinda shoe factory or something? Regardless, the place has been gutted of machinery for years now, and has become the homeland of most punks and freaks in the area…which kind of explains why you’re here.
You can see the line up front to get in, various people wearing raver gear, spiked collars,and violent amounts of eyeliner. You’re pretty sure one person is just in leather gear. These are your people, alright. In a weird way this kinda environment feels like home.
No. 1027817 ID: a70a13
File 164878660226.png - (7.30KB , 500x500 , 2AAB6654-3ECB-4FF7-8054-312337069874.png )

Before you get in line you look around to see if you can find Conway, but it’s not looking like he’s around out front. With a shrug you make your way to the back of the line, only to feel a tap on your shoulder.
“Cler, Cler! Sorry I was around the corner, did you wait long?”
You sigh and let out a breath of relief, turning around to face him. “Yeah no worries, I just got he-”
You stop mid sentence as you see your roommate standing there…
Are we gonna react calmly to what you’re looking at, or be spazzy?
No. 1027818 ID: 629f2e

I'm feelin' spazzy today.
No. 1027828 ID: 8483cf

Spaz because we remember that our last instruction to him was that we would only come if he was wearing pants.

No. 1027886 ID: c89bc5

this guy's out here in nothing but a pair of leather chaps isn't he

fuckin miracle he ain't busted on indecency charges
No. 1027903 ID: 713339

Let’s go be a total spaz 2013 style
No. 1027904 ID: 713339

Let’s go be a total spaz 2013 style
No. 1028317 ID: a70a13
File 164919818520.jpg - (416.62KB , 960x960 , Panel 55.jpg )

"What do you think? I had trouble finding pants in my closet but these were perfect right?!"

Your eyes glance over Conway's outfit from top to bottom, really focusing on the fact that somehow the dude managed to find a pair of fucking see-through pants that show off his damn thong even further.

Part of you recognizes that it's not like....the WRONG place to wear this kind of getup but on the other hand this feels like a fucking loophole.

And also he's kind of hot like this?


You can tell that Conway is staring at you despite not being able to see his eyes, as he tilts his head curiously.

"I even did my hair kinda different to match...does it look alright?"
No. 1028318 ID: a70a13
File 164919849228.jpg - (359.11KB , 960x960 , Panel 56.jpg )

You don't think he looks BAD but by all means you're taken off guard and it's not like you had a good poker face to begin with. You feel a few beads of sweat run down your face as you finally spit out.

"A-A-Ah, yeah!"

You sound like a busted motorboat but you still keep going, why are you like this??

"Y-You look like a uh...like uhm...a cool genie?" You try to offer the best compliment you can even though you know your roommate can tell you're fucking up. You KNOW it.

Conway considers your words for a moment before snorting out a laugh. "Cool genie, I like that! You're funny, Cler." He seems to have found your 'compliment' at least somewhat appeasing, or whatever the Conway equivalent to that is. He moves ahead of you as he notices the line moving. "C'mon man, we're almost in, this is gonna be fucking rad!"

You sigh and place a hand over your head, running over your mowhawk and feeling the tightened hair SPROING back up like a spring. Looks like the night continues!
No. 1028319 ID: a70a13
File 164919874483.jpg - (538.21KB , 960x960 , Panel 57.jpg )

The inside of HEAVY ROTATION is just as industrial as the outside. From head to toe the place is a concrete slab with wires and pipes breaking up the cement. The lights are a thick red and the noise inside, though not at its peak quite yet, is heavy and full of bass. People across the room are talking, dancing, or making their way to the concert space behind the bar. The usual suspects seem to be hanging around and as expected neither you nor Conway seem to be standing out too badly.

"A'ight dude it's gonna be a minute till TONE SHIFT makes its way out, so we've got a minute. What do you wanna do first?" Asks Conway who seems to be sticking with you for now.

You consider your options, you could always grab a drink first at the bar. The bartender looks somewhat familiar so it might be a slightly easier conversation than your next option which is to mingle with the other club goers. You could also just make your way to the dancefloor and party for a little bit....or find a spot against the wall and chat with Conway.

Either way you've got time to kill until the show starts.

What do you wanna do?
No. 1028320 ID: 4ecd00

Anything interesting on the tv monitors? Check it while talkin to Conway
No. 1028351 ID: 8483cf

Early evening clubs are basically an excuse to socialize while drinking and scoping for hotties. Hit the bar and talk with Conway. Dance floor is for later.
No. 1028377 ID: f7f1cf

No. 1028381 ID: 1c0351

k, so your roommate is just a pervert. Got it.


So, are you gay then? Is your roommate gay? Are they trying to send you a message?
No. 1028383 ID: 1c0351

...does your roomate's potentially feminine tendencies give you strange feelings that even you don't truly understand?
No. 1028630 ID: 321114

Grab a drink. It's gearing up to be an interesting night and ya gotta grease the wheels for a smooth ride.

Hey, he avoids pants regardless of Cler's presence. He's just not a proponent of the whole "pants" thing. He's doing his best.

Having said that, the bartender might be nice, but you can also talk to Conway. Does he drink? What's he like?

Most important, of course, are the Whys
No. 1030703 ID: a70a13
File 165118132233.jpg - (293.46KB , 960x960 , Panel 59.jpg )

Listen, you don't have an issue with Conway or his...lack of pants or anything. It's more just that he's really sorta...floaty through life and it makes you anxious?

You don't have a better way of explaining it, and the more you word it out the worse it sounds.

And as for the gay thing? You're non-binary they/them and all that. You kinda just date whoever seems right.

Glancing at the TV Screens you can see that they're currently blank. It's been awhile since you've been here but you're pretty sure those are for people who can't make it into the main concert area whenever they've got live bands playing. You shouldn't need those since you got here early, though.

You decide to move yourself and Conway to the bar, quickly finding a seat in front of the bar tender.

"Well well well well well well WELL" The bartender quips, their face, er, mouth lined ear to ear(?) in a grin. "What a sight for SORE EYES! Clero, it has been one hell of a while and is that Conway right there next to you? Didn't know you two got along together!"

It has been awhile indeed, so long that you've totally forgotten what the hell their name even is, but as if by magic Conway pipes up.

"Haha, you know me Xenia, I know every dang person in town!" His face is cocked in a wide smile and you realize that you're the only person in this conversation who seems to have visible eyes. Conway seems to continue "Just grab us two beers, whatever's best on tap alright? Tonight's on me."

Xenia flicks the two of you a peace sign before wandering over to grab some glasses.
No. 1030704 ID: a70a13
File 165118169539.jpg - (281.24KB , 960x960 , Panel 58.jpg )

As your drinks are being prepared, you shift yourself to the left, focusing back on your companion. "So...what's been up dude?" You offer out. You've always had a hard time talking to Con, but if your awkwardness was noticeable he doesn't point it out.

"Not much not much, just been keeping a float like usual. Doing the odd jobs, helping people, oh! Yeah I met a cute chick the other day and I gotta date coming up so that's exciting!" His tone is smooth and sprightly, the usual joyful bout of smiles from him. You're not sure Conway has even ever frowned in front of you.

"A date? That's cool man, really cool, hope it goes well...by the way, didn't know you knew ah...Xenio was it?"

Conway snorts and tilts his head at you. "Xenia, Clero. And yeah, she's cool. We met awhile ago when we got stuck under an awning in the rain. Then again you know me, I know EVERYONE."

That indeed would be true, it seems that whenever you mention someone in your circle, Conway is already in the know...you figure it comes with his Class or something. Otherwise he's just weird like that.

As you ponder this, your drinks are quickly served by Xenia who quickly moves onto the other customers.

"Didn't know you liked to drink, Con." You pipe up, sipping at your beer. It's a little too bitter for your taste but hey the damn thing was free, right?

Conway nods his head a bit and takes a gulp, licking his lips free of the foam. "I don't do it often...alcohol and me aren't always the best of friends but I don't think a beer is gonna hurt me. I used to be waaaaaay worse about it though."
No. 1030710 ID: ce39da

"Oh... Well, I'm glad you've been doing better, then."

Seems like the sort of thing that'd be rude to pry about.

"Oh, you keep mentioning that you know EVERYONE, right? How far does that go?"
No. 1030715 ID: 34dfce

...you do know your roommate, right? Have you not been living together for very long? Seems like you don't really know much about them.
No. 1030741 ID: e51896

Nah, one beer is fine. assure him at most he'll feel a buzz. But let him know you'll make sure he'll keep it light with the beer as long as you're here if he wants.
No. 1031549 ID: 15a025

Well, hey. We don't need alcohol to have a good time tonight. We're here to hang out and enjoy some good tunes.

Which also might be a good time to learn more about your roommate. Ask Conway how he met his upcoming date?
No. 1032129 ID: a70a13
File 165247784876.jpg - (364.25KB , 960x960 , Panel 60.jpg )

"Oh... Well, I'm glad you've been doing better, then." You and Conway have only been living together for...3-ish months so far and in that time you'll admit you haven't put a lot of effort into connecting with him. Your brain has just been in different places and the endless smiles he offers always just made you a little jittery. It's not a good excuse but it's the truth, but all of this is to say you most definitely DIDN'T know that Conway might've had a drinking problem.

You take a moment to think of where to take the rest of the conversation and settle on asking about his upcoming date. "So where'd you meet this girl you were talking about? The one you're going out with, I mean."

Conway nods his head and turns himself closer to you, reaching a hand to toy with his bands a bit. "Oh yeah! So like, I have these buddies Tread and Taunt and we were doing some window shopping stuff. They said that there was this place their friends worked and when we went in it was like, this cool ass antique store right?" He takes another sip of his drink before he continues. "So we go inside and said our Hi's and stuff and get to know their friend, her name's Shein by the way, and then we ended up talking some more 'cuz I bought this cool music box that she was thinking of getting, and we swapped numbers and started textin' and long story short we hit it off and we're going swimming later!"

Despite the explanation being short, you're reminded that the way Conway socializes seems somewhat inherently complex, if just by the nature of his...friendship chain? You never actually stopped to ask him how in the hell he seemed to know all these people in the first place...maybe that'd be worth investigating?

"Well I'm glad that you clicked with her Con...Oh, you keep mentioning that you know EVERYONE, right? How far does that go?"
No. 1032130 ID: a70a13
File 165247840223.jpg - (304.52KB , 960x960 , Panel 61.jpg )

He perks up at the mention, seemingly surprised? Was it your question? You're not sure, but he seems to slip back to his usual collected self. "Ah, yeah well like...I don't know EVERYONE but it's definitely more than the usual people." He takes his last sip of beer, letting the empty glass clink back down onto the wooden bar as he considers how to explain.

"Okay so...it's a class power kinda right? So most people can only recognize so many people, right? Like you could only handle 150 friends in your life, and maybe remember a couple thousand names and faces off the top of your head and with a little help, yeah? So...I don't really work like that? Like obviously I can't be friends with EVERYONE but like, when I meet someone it kinda gets stored in my head. It can be a name or a face for starters but like, once it's there I can just recall it like looking through a dictionary."

He thinks for a second before pulling a napkin from nearby and grabbing a pen from who fucking knows where and begins doodling. "So the more I know about someone, the more gets tucked in their file, and I also can remember a person's relationship to someone else so like..." He pauses and starts drawing arrows between the various crudely drawn faces on the napkin. "So I'm here right? and I know you, and Vinegar, and Xenia. I know that you three all know Poster, and I know that Poster and Xenia know a couple people that come to the bar like Zippo and Pascal." He seems to finish off the chart and hands it to you, and it takes a few moments for you to fully understand everything he says. "Most people would usually forget this kind of stuff, but I just...don't."

"Damn." You respond back bluntly. That's genuinely impressive and you never would've expected it from CONWAY of all people. You wonder for a moment what kind of Class would let him do something like this, but the question stays pulled back in your throat. You know that's not something you bug someone with, not anymore anyways.
No. 1032131 ID: a70a13
File 165247884161.jpg - (491.45KB , 960x960 , Panel 62.jpg )

"Con, that's like...really cool, man." You offer him a small smile, a genuine smile, and switch your weight to face his direction. Maybe it's the beer in your system but the big guy seems a lot more real than you've ever thought of him before. I guess this is what learning about people is like?

"Well, I'm glad you think so, dude. It definitely comes in handy sometimes...hah." His smile is still there but his laugh isn't super convincing. This is the first time your roommate has ever shown himself to be anything other than super-duper fun times and you genuinely aren't sure what that means for him. It takes you a minute to find your next words but you finally grab them.

"Hey, if you want I can kinda...keep a check on you tonight? Make sure you stay light with the beer so you don't have any issues. We don't need booze to have fun tonight right? Just like, you and me." You offer your assistance to him, hoping this wasn't the way to bring the mood down at the party, but instead you feel the warm touch of your friend's giant hand on your back, seemingly supportive in nature.

"Hey man, I would actually really like that. It can be tough doing this stuff on my own and all that shit but like...yeah. Thank you Clero." His smile isn't the usual bombastic grin you've found yourself accustomed to but the smaller arch on his face seems more honest, more real. It seems you've made a real connection with Conway, and it's nice.

Well, it seems you two have already had a deeper talk that you expected, and in the time it took to discuss dating and class powers and possible alcoholism, it's been about a half-ish hour. Do you wanna keep talking with Conway, or do you wanna do something else? Dancefloor is still open, other people are around, the night is young!
No. 1032186 ID: ce39da

Remember, you still got a second club you need to visit so you can apologize and explain to Vinegar. I assume you don't need to worry about that until after the band starts playing?

Either way, you should stay (relatively) sober until then, so make this the last (alcoholic) drink either of you have here.

Head out to the dance floor with Conway and see who you meet.
No. 1032197 ID: 8483cf

Disagree. MORE DRINKS WITH CONWAY he's a cool dude
No. 1032213 ID: bb82e9

good talk, but looks like (significant amounts of) alcohol's off the table. Celebrate the good talk with dances
No. 1032270 ID: 15a025

Bust a grove on the dance floor with Conway. Maybe you can learn more about each other by talking about bands and music you each like?
No. 1033674 ID: a70a13
File 165360743401.jpg - (409.92KB , 960x960 , Panel 63.jpg )

Remembering you still have to visit Vinegar at Prima Materia later, you do a little math in your head and confirm that even if you stick around for the whole concert there's more than enough time to head over there afterwards.

You make the executive decision that drinks are expensive but dancing is free. Getting up from your barstool you turn to look at Conway with a grin. "Dude, let's go to the dancefloor, it'll be fun!" At first, it seems that Con is somewhat off-kilter from your apparent excitement, which is fair considering you're kind of a mess most of the time, but even then he warily stands up to join you.

"Alright man, we ARE celebrating you-" He responds, though his tone is less enthusiastic than usual. "But I'm kind of a crappy dancer so uh...sorry if I'm kinda awkward?"

In all the time you've known your roommate, you never would of thought that he'd be the type to be nervous about a DANCE PARTY, but it goes to show you that people are more complicated when you give them a chance to talk...or give yourself the chance to talk to them, rather.

You offer out your hand to Conway, the thumping beats of the music filling the air as you both walk closer, and tentatively he accepts your grasp. "It'll be fun, I promise! Listen, I think they're playing some shitty scene music, we GOTTA do this! Just stick with me, alright?"

Conway nods and soon enough the two of you have found a comfortable place on the red-lit dancefloor.
No. 1033677 ID: a70a13
File 165360777185.jpg - (359.98KB , 960x960 , Panel 64.jpg )

You're pretty sure the song playing is called THICK BABIES and it's just the kind of horny nonsense garbage that gets you in the mood to rock out! It's been months since you've hit up a nightclub, and already you're experiencing the return of the beat in your body. Thick resounding thumps in the floor and walls pound in your ears, and soon enough your arms and legs are swinging to the beat.

Looking over to Conway, he indeed seems to having a little trouble getting into the swing of things, so to speak. His arms are angled somewhat awkwardly and he doesn't seem to know what to do with his feet...but still he's trying to smile.

"Just keep your eyes on me, Con." You offer up to him, your face more grin than his, as you sway yourself back and forth to the rhythm surrounding you. It takes time, but eventually your roommate loosens up, joining your fluid motions as the two of you jam out to the increasingly edgy bullshit this club thinks is music.

Your pocket chains and jewelry jangle against your body while you move, little pulses of energy in your wrists flicking out as the world really shrinks down to just you and Conway in the moment, and suddenly a thought hits your head.

"So like, what kind of music do you like, dude?"
No. 1033678 ID: a70a13
File 165360801879.jpg - (337.65KB , 960x960 , Panel 65.jpg )

Conway seems to think about your question for awhile, the two of you still banging to some trashy baby goth shit, until his mouth opens back up to respond.

"Honestly I'm kind of a music omnivore. Never really got too into any scene so I just kind of listen to stuff that I've picked up along the way. Guess I listened to country in highschool though?"

You actually take a moment to PFFFT at his response. Never in a million years would you've expected that from your pantless wonder of a friend, the plot keeps thickening! "You with country??? Oh my god that's fucking gold, please tell me it was tractor bro country!"

Conway actually blushes and nods, letting an embarrassed laugh out. "Ahhhh yeah it was a fucking weird time for me man, but what can I say? I really like that Woodly guy that was around a couple years ago but then he got kinda hate-speechy and I jumped that train...but outside of that?"

He thinks for a moment. "I really like Ro-"
No. 1033679 ID: a70a13
File 165360805292.jpg - (331.64KB , 960x960 , Panel 66.jpg )

No. 1033680 ID: a70a13
File 165360810421.jpg - (345.60KB , 960x960 , Panel 67.jpg )

!?!?!?!?! :O :O :O :O :O
No. 1033681 ID: a70a13
File 165360818560.jpg - (274.63KB , 960x960 , Panel 68.jpg )

Conway has suddenly stopped talking and is gaping his mouth open like a person who forgot how breathing works. It doesn't take much context to realize he's looking at something behind you, even if you still can't see his damn eyes under those bangs. Keeping your feet bouncing to the rhythm you glance over your shoulder to see what he's looking a-
No. 1033682 ID: a70a13
File 165360822151.jpg - (279.88KB , 960x960 , Panel 69.jpg )

Oooooooooooooooooooh Shit.
No. 1033684 ID: a70a13
File 165360834961.jpg - (569.10KB , 960x960 , Panel 70.jpg )


No. 1033688 ID: a70a13

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