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File 163937533452.png - (205.37KB , 800x600 , TQ1.png )
1017229 No. 1017229 ID: 7e04cb

The long-abandoned sector's landmarks rear into my field of view as I approach. It was abandoned not long after being set up but not too long enough for looters to have had the chance to pick everything clean. Salvage is profitable but that may not be what I'm here for. As long as I can score something valuable enough, whether that be a piece of forgotten equipment, valuable scrap, still working parts, electronics, or even mineral and ores light enough to carry back, it doesn't really matter.
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No. 1021867 ID: 36784c

Someone mentioned wanting to knock the tower over to climb across it. We could try that.

Even if the tower doesn’t reach all the way to safety, it should be close enough for you and this guy to make a run for it across what little distance is left.

But if this doesn’t seem like a good idea, then just ignore me.
No. 1021868 ID: 96c896

If breaking the tower to make a bridge is an option then let's take it.
No. 1021872 ID: 5d9787

>We could even use the information to start our own mining company
That is a lot of ambition for such vague prize. That was the kind of thing I was talking about: the equivalent of naruto run to go faster. He is a character perceived as more competent and ruthless than Dowser but since he is Dowser the attempt of acting according to this characterization only result in a childish imaginary version of those.

I'm a bit surprise Clay would be patriotic considering he is based on a mercenary working for an alien company.
Counterarguments: Dowser livelihood is based on collecting valuable technological leftovers from alien companies. The planet culture has noticeable increased it's technological standard to a level we probable would never reach on by our own because light sensibility don't goes well with combustion experimentation. Our natural resources will remain far less useful to us than the consumables they bring until we can process those on our own. The interplanetary colonization could also give us the opportunity of living on other planets.

"Look dude, I gathered equipment and favors on my own to help a stranger in a desperate situation. I wouldn't have risked my life facing the worms for some data storage. If I abandon you here what do you even expect me to do with it? don't know your hive, you didn't establish much contact with us. Would they even pay me? At that point I might as well just sell this for the best offer to at least justify to myself the stupid risk I took trying to save someone who doesn't want to be saved! What a fool I am..."
No. 1021877 ID: 34dfce

This guy is delirious. Just drag him out anyway. Leave him by the door out and then grab the box.
No. 1021886 ID: 93ba79

Point out the possibilities, including bringging the tower down. The threat to make off with the data can work to spur him, I think.
No. 1021889 ID: ce39da

"I think you misjudged me if you think I even got those kinds of ambitions bad enough to make a decision I can never take back and bet on this stuff being even remotely useful to me."

Grab the guy. "C'mon, up. You're perishable, the data isn't. We can always come back for it after we restock." If he still protests: "Alright, fine, but eat, dangit - it shouldn't even take all that long to come back for you! I've heard of neumonos surviving way worse situations than this! You just gotta hold out for another hour or so!"

Either way, if we can't carry one of them and wield our spray weapon, I think we should use it on the tower to bridge the distance we're walking at least partially.
No. 1021911 ID: a9af05

>Steal data and keep for ourselves
It's going to be password protected and any attempts to hack it would probably trigger a failsafe and delete everything, leaving us with a large metal box. And let's not forget that neither of us knows how to hack.

So no, we're not going to be doing that.
No. 1021918 ID: c0641b


You know ... we could leave some rations and water with him anyway, take the box, and tell Clay that we're going to bargain with the neumono for joint rights to the data.

Why? Because he's right, this IS our planet, but that means that working WITH them puts us in an even stronger position, considering WE are the ones delivering the data.

... which we'll do once we manage to get both it and our bright green goofball out of here.
No. 1021937 ID: a9af05

>"I've made up...my mind... When you get back to my hive...tell them I loved them."
Tell him that if he wants us to do that, then he'll need to give us his name, so his hive will know who sent us.

And if we absolutely have to leave him behind, then we can tell his hive where he is and they can come get him. This means they'll probably kick his ass for staying behind instead of coming with us, but at least he'll be alive when they come for him.
No. 1021938 ID: dfd0ee

Fine! We will threaten to take the box so our new friend wants to live.

Also, let's imagine Clay as little neumono child so he looks less threatening.
No. 1021950 ID: 2aa5f0

wow, clay is growing up fast. He's already hit his edgy teenage years.

But yeah, one problem about taking the data, we don't know what the data is about or how valuable it actually is. For all we know the data could be considered worthless to all the big players around her and the hive company only finds it useful because of how small they are. Plus I'm pretty sure we could just negotiate the data to the hive and green-y here if we really want a paycheck to be able to feed ourselves for the next week. Hell I think that was the original plan way back when we first heard about the guy trapped here.

As for how to drag him and the data out I still say find a rope or something rope like, find anything you can use as a sleigh, place box onto of sleigh, place green boy on top of box, put anything else that might be worth something that you can see on top of that, and run like hell.

I mean we do need to make money if we don't want to starve and we did come here with the idea of looting and saving the green guy soooo....
No. 1021982 ID: a2493c

we're battling the ghost of evil in our own head and you wanna tempt fate on that? nah son, that's a terrible idea.

Plus, they'd try to bite us if we did that. Do you wanna get bit? Mouths are filthy dude
No. 1022001 ID: feb75a

Tell him you have a shoulder devil whispering you to steal the data, and if he lets himself die no one will stop you from listening.
No. 1022002 ID: 0160a2

Emotional blackmail is a dirty trick. But using it to keep someone alive when they are trying to give up puts in the OK range here. Him or nothing. Your not risking your life for data that you're not even sure you can deliver. And you can rearm and go back for it later. If the hive makes it worth your while. Lives are one the house, items cost.
No. 1022004 ID: 092adf

Clay has your horns, your eyes (obviously not the color), and your hair. Hopefully the stone is just having an adverse reaction to the neumono's presence, physically or psychically, cause a malicious entity, or even just a morally opposed/inverse one, mimicking you is rather scary. +1 for trying to turn Clay into a neumono child.

Point out to Clay that to Neumono, one of their hive is probably (or at least should be) more valuable than the data they could get here, and if he really wants the invaders gone, having both would give you more leverage. Unless he's got another motive.
Ask that neumono is he's really going to trust some stranger that's obviously not all put together to finish the task entrusted to him by his hive, rather than just selling or using it. He should be fighting for his hive, not sitting there bleeding out while you plead with him.
No. 1022012 ID: 35f98c

Really, I think we can make him an advantage. If we stick him on a sled - even with the backpack - and hand him the sprayer, he can cover us while we run. Even if his goggles are dead, he can still point at worm-noises and fire on command. Ensuring the return of his prized data should motivate him, and the aid he gives may mollify Clay.

Speaking of - Clay, I'm disappointed in you. I would have expected way more convincing arguments from you. We don't even know what the data is, nor how it's protected; we are in no position to be engaging in wild pipe dreams about "starting a corporation" while surrounded by razorworms, Mr. "Self-preservation".
No. 1022013 ID: 35f98c

Oh, also - if the neumono inquires further about who you're talking to, "Oh, a figment of my imagination is just trying to convince me to ditch you and sell the data. Don't worry, I'm only slightly crazy, promise." It's true, and might provide the motivation to see this through that some others have been talking about. I agree it's a little mean, but if it gets him to make an effort for his own life, I'd still go for it.

...How far DO you think a fallen radio tower would get you?
No. 1022014 ID: e80deb

oh no he's turning into our hot evil twin. "you know, I really think I preferred the way you looked before."

We need to negotiate some kind of system that constrains him. Like points or favours he can rack up over time to make us do things he really thinks we need to do, but not this kind of trivial amorality, not right now. Ask him to shut up about this for now and you'll promise to give him some leeway for decision-making in the future? otherwise you might end up constantly at war with your alter ego for control in high-risk or critical situations, and that's bad for both of you.

no, don't feed the neumono anything, that's a potentially very bad idea. If he's been starving for any significant span of time, he might be susceptible to refeeding syndrome or some alien equivalent with his weird regenerative metabolism. We don't know enough about neumono biology to take that kind of risk, right? I guess we could also just ask if he thinks it's a danger, though given his current state he might not be forthcoming or truthful about it.
No. 1022075 ID: 34dfce

I doubt they are cognizant enough to give us an accurate answer if we ask. They seem pretty out of it. We should feed them though, if only a small amount.
No. 1022105 ID: 0d2343
File 164383425077.png - (187.11KB , 800x600 , TQ94.png )

>How far do you think a fallen radio tower would get you?
About halfway.

>I'm a bit surprised Clay would be patriotic considering he is based on a mercenary working for an alien company.
He was at first. It seems he is changing into something entirely independent. He was very composed before like I thought that dead guy would be, but my hallucination seems to be taking on his own personality.

"What's stopping me from keeping the box for myself?"
>"If you're the type of person who came here just to save me, you're probably not the kind who would keep that data for themselves. Besides, the contents are encrypted."
"Do you really trust me to deliver it?"
>"Trusting you is all I can do. I'm all out of the will to fight. Goodbye."
I try to ask him more, but he acts unresponsively to me. He closes his eyes and looks down.

I defeatedly carry the data bank on my back. I feel like he will refuse my help no matter what. He has resigned himself to his fate, and I've done all I can do. I will try to bring this data back to his hive for some reward, and I'll say that I did the best I could to save their hive mate.

"That's right. We've done all we can do for him, haven't we?"
"You know, I really think I preferred the way you looked before."
"I hope that's just low self-esteem talking. I'll have you know I modelled myself after the one making all the decisions."
No. 1022106 ID: 0d2343
File 164383428548.png - (193.50KB , 800x600 , TQ95.png )

"What's that look on your face, Dowser? Are you feeling sorry for it? Don't feel bad. If you really think about it, he would've done the same to you if you were the one sitting there, bleeding in the dark and cold."
"...You're wrong."
"Oh? And how am I wrong? It doesn't matter what alien it is, not just the Neumono. Could be a Belenos, a Miklik, Heef, human or Pomi. It doesn't matter. These aliens don't give a damn about us. All we've ever been to them was expendable, readily available cheap labor."
"You only know as much as I do, and I've hardly met any aliens personally, so neither of us knows what they're truly like. We don't know what their worlds are like. We don't know what the outer universe holds. Maybe if I brought the alien with me, he’d tell me about it all."
"You want to see the outside for yourself, don't you?"


"...Maybe I do."


"So what the hell are you carrying that box for? "


"What exactly is your game, Clay?"
"To keep you guessing."
No. 1022107 ID: 0d2343
File 164383432610.png - (161.93KB , 800x600 , TQ96.png )


The neumono wasn't the one that needed convincing after all.

I didn't come here to play delivery boy for the neumono hive. I came here to save a life.

If my first selfless act gets me killed, so be it.
No. 1022108 ID: 0d2343
File 164383435312.png - (191.42KB , 800x600 , TQ97.png )

I shove a food bar I was saving for later in his mouth. even at risk of him biting fingers, they would grow back eventually
>"Wai- hmmm!"
"Swallow, eat that up! eat, eat, eat!"
>"mmmph! I- wait!"
I sit there and make sure he swallows.
>"D-didn't you hear anything I said? That did taste good though. What was in that? And who were you talking to just then?"
"Some kind of messed up conscience, don't worry about it."
No. 1022109 ID: 0d2343
File 164383437357.png - (256.14KB , 800x600 , TQ98.png )

I hoist him onto my back and tell him to hold on tight. He is heavy, heavier than the box despite missing an arm and a leg. It's a good thing they make them this small, any heavier and I would buckle.

>"W-wait! what are you doing?"
"You love your hive, right? We'll go pay them a visit."
>"I said I wanted you to take the box instead!"
"Too bad. I'm stealing you. If you want that box so bad, it should still be here when you send somebody to get it back. You got a name?"
>"It’s Kiero. B-but the box!"
"Hold tight, Kiero."

"Oh, and try to avoid eating my ear if you can help it. Cross what fingers you still have, we're getting out of here."
No. 1022111 ID: 12eb7b

That's my boy! Save that alien as if this were a 80's human film!

Also, It's me or is Clay becoming more controlling and manipulative? Are you sure is worth carring him? I would have thrown or hide him to sell at this point...
No. 1022113 ID: c0641b


Time to walk without rhythm.
No. 1022114 ID: 9a2966

Alright, good, headbud got into your head, but not for a bad cause, seems. Guess he won’t get in the way of this rescue op, and wasn’t intending to.

If we’re lucky, we spent enough time debating that the closest sand worm turned around and went for the thumper to fight Clover. We should aim heading for solid ground away from where the main fight is... unless Clover killed them all there, of course, and more are converging. Try to see if you can spot a good path that does not intersect with incoming shifting sand plumes.

The big question is whether we can grab our only personal means of defense with us: Is the chem thrower too heavy to be added to the load? If you can wear it front-facing, rather than as a backpack, you might be able to bring it as well.

If it looks like you can’t make it without one of the worms catching up to you, you may have to do so.

Or trust Clover to have saved some ammo and that she’s able to cover you if you cry out for help - in fact, you could inform her you’re ready to go by shouting now, yes?
No. 1022126 ID: 575fcc

Time to Kick Ass and Go Fast (primarily the latter. Damn the lack of kickable asses.)
No. 1022127 ID: 5d9787

I guess this mean we are not doing the three legged race... Pity, I would like to have that last acid shot available.
This is it. Just run as fast as you can and hope for the best. Go forward little hero!
No. 1022129 ID: 96c896

Halfway... you only managed to get halfway to the tower WITH the ichor.
Well, regardless, you can't carry the ichor AND this guy so you might as well use it to make the bridge. This will also make it easier to take a second trip to loot the place.
No. 1022130 ID: dfbac0

Alright, I think we should put clay on parole, depending on how he acts and how helpful he is we'll see if we wanna keep him or if we'll have to consult some alien shrink. Either way it seems he doesn't know much of the emotional side effects of your actions despite being in your head, I imagine if we left that dude behind we'd feel guilty for it, and guilt ruins efficiency. You're thinking two steps behind clay, catch up.
No. 1022150 ID: 2aa5f0

guessing grabbing both kiero and the box would be to heavy/awkward but truth be told either their are some razor worms left and they'll do a wonderful job at protecting this place until his hive can put together a team to deal with them... or you and friend with the big ass gun deal with the worms on your way out and can then come back and grab everything when it's safe.

Point is, the box will probably be fine if you leave it, Kiero on the other hand not so much. Though I do hope we'll get some reward for saving him. I mean yeah I'm glad we're helping but the whole reason we're down here is to get enough money to pay rent and buy food. Would really suck to save someone only to basically take their place.

Oh well, if worse comes to worse I guess we could always look somewhere else to scavenge after we save this lad. Definitely earning our pay today that's for sure.
No. 1022160 ID: c92a02

So, no room left for the ichor thrower, is there? Guess we're leaving that too. Remember that we need an extra back when returning here.
Time to leg it!
No. 1022179 ID: 57fc9c

Uuuh.....have considered walking very, VERY slowly?
No. 1022210 ID: 35f98c

Actually, we left the ore behind:
which probably means either he's part of us, now, or the rock is long-range.

Re: escaping, dunnooo. Options:
1. Run back.
2. Walk back in a weird way designed to avoid razorworm attention.
3. Put Kiero on a sled and drag him, for moving faster.
4. Bring down the tower and use it as a bridge part-way.

Not sure which of these is best, though I like both the sled and the tower - maybe you could do both? Bring a sled to the edge of the tower?

You should perhaps have Kiero leave any heavy stuff he's wearing, to make running etc. easier.
No. 1022214 ID: 1c0351

Walk without rhythm, and you won't attract the worm.

Walk slowly, and deliberately, and with irregular footsteps in irregular directions without forming a pattern, irregularly.
No. 1022217 ID: 5d9787

The ichor was specifically said to not corrode metal as well as other materials:
>If it isn't metal or a certain plastic, it'll eat through just about anything.
So don't assume a single shot of sticky acid will be enough to sever the base of a metal tower instantly.
No. 1022219 ID: 36784c

But it could eat through the concrete roof that the metal supports are connected to, right? I think that would still let us knock over the tower if we wanted to do that.
No. 1022220 ID: 12eb7b

>Actually, we left the ore behind

Ups, concerning
No. 1022223 ID: 575fcc

>Actually, we left the ore behind
Oh uhhh...

Just a small question, if it affects Tobaks in general, could Clover and others potentially develop their own head-people by accident, like you did with Clay?

And how close have the others been to it?
No. 1022225 ID: 5d9787

Not Clover, just the males with their magnetic horns.

Do you think the metal tower is just above the concrete roof with no metal skeleton inside it's foundations?
No. 1022227 ID: 27b7a2

So wait, Clay was... what, testing us? Considering that he is us and warps to our expectations... I wonder if there was no wrong answer?

But yeah, whether it was the Neumono or the data pack, there's no way we're using the sprayer as an effective weapon. Think smarter, not harder; even if it means putting the guy down for a minute - not outside; he might still do something stupid - we should use the sprayer on the tower.
No. 1022305 ID: 0d2343
File 164394742497.png - (308.08KB , 800x600 , TQ99.png )

Is it me or is Clay becoming more controlling and manipulative? Are you sure it's worth carrying him?
I don't have the ore on me at the moment. He's all in my head, so I'm not sure what to do about it. I don't know if he is being manipulative because I still don't know what his motives are, if any. Could just be trying to mess with me at this point.

I pick up the nozzle to the thrower and launch the remaining ichor on the base of the front of the tower in hopes of toppling it over. It should be able to eat through metal like it did to the scrap at the vehicle yard, but I know it doesn't work on all metals.

I stay put for a little waiting for something to happen. Huh. They must have made the tower out of something resistant to acid.

It doesn't matter. Not like I can carry the thrower with me now.

>three-legged race

>Walk without rhythm, and you won't attract the worm.
Does that really work? That sounds like something from a movie. Without knowing for sure if that'll work, I don't think I'm comfortable trying.

I suppose that leaves my only option to run. I run as quick as I can back to where Clover and I started the thumper.
No. 1022306 ID: 0d2343
File 164394744461.png - (241.65KB , 800x600 , TQ100.png )

I see Clover off in the distance wrestling a couple razorworms
She fires a couple railgun shots into a worm.
"W-who is that?"
"A crazy person I brought over to help you, don't worry about it."
She seems to be doing fine all things considered. That armor must be doing something, she doesn't seem exhausted at all.

I can hear the sound of a different engine coming from the distance.

It's the mechanic from earlier. He is driving that tank bike just on the edge of the nest area. When he gets my attention, he uses his tails to signal a message.

No. 1022308 ID: 894419

No. 1022309 ID: 96c896

>need help?
Taking the tank out is a better idea, because then Clover can retreat. Also the tank can get to you faster, I think.

Huh, if she can actually kill all the worms then you can fully loot the place! I thought she was running out of ammo...
Maybe it would be better to leave one or two alive so that nobody else can loot the place before you get back.
No. 1022317 ID: b4a765

Please and thank you!
No. 1022318 ID: 5d9787

According to Clover there is one worm coming our way and Raph might not be aware of it, so going straight to the car may cause some troubles. On the other hand getting closer to Clover means approaching a two worms wrestling with a third aiming at us from bellow. There is also the risk of the hidden worm give up on us when we get close enough to Clover to be considered the same prey two others called dibs and change target to the vehicle.
I don't know if it's the best decision but I prefer going with Raph. Tell Clover you will run and she should do the same soon. And thank her for the help in case you die.
No. 1022326 ID: a2493c

"yes, worm incoming"
No. 1022333 ID: 34dfce

>Arrhythmic Walking
If it didn't work, the thumper would probably be useless. This must be thoroughly investigated later.

Tell the mechanic to get the fuck out of worm range cuz tank bike though it may be, it is not a tank. The worm will fuck it up bad. And engines have rhythm.

Make a jagged line toward Clover.

...I know it is a really bad time, but she is named Clover. Do you guys even know what clover is?
No. 1022340 ID: 9a2966

>Clover kicking ass
They don't even have asses and she's handing it to them!

>Mechanic's aid
Signal 'incoming worm! Extract?! Distract?!' or something like that. Gives him options - distracting the worm should be the least risky option to you both if he can get close enough then get outta its range again - and gives you time to make way to Clover.

If he comes to you, prepare to come up along the side of the tank bike and haul up and dump the Neumono onboard (he won't be able to see, so tell him what's going on). From there you can cling to the side and climb up, or keep dodge/run towards Clover if the worm is too close for you to safely hang on or clamber up.

If the mechanic manages to distract the worm, just make a run for Clover and the thumper. Do this anyway if the mechanic hesitates.
No. 1022344 ID: c92a02

Signal to the mechanic, Watch out!
Trust Clover. Turn to the worm.
No. 1022348 ID: 93ba79

>Arrhythmic Walking
I doubt that would work, each step would create vibrations anyway... I think you'd be better off stopping in place and throwing something (preferably something that would tumble/bounce a bit)

>...I know it is a really bad time, but she is named Clover. Do you guys even know what clover is?
Likely yes, given her eyes she was most probably deliberately named after it.
No. 1022349 ID: b01382

We're going to need to drop this guy off somewhere imminently then come back here to keep an eye on the location, in case other scavangers and raiders try to take anything. Our big friend can leave to resupply on railgun ammo, then we can come back to finish off the last of the worms.
No. 1022351 ID: 93ba79

I'm pretty sure she'll (rightly) demand payment for coming back for the box. Saving a life can be done pro bono, the rest...
No. 1022362 ID: 34dfce

Tower has loot. We split loot.
No. 1022384 ID: 82fd93

Is it hard for females to talk with their tale that way?
No. 1022390 ID: fe7daa

Probably would be impossible. Although there could be a variation using the arms that females could use. Kind of like semaphore flags.
No. 1022391 ID: 0d2343
File 164401816216.png - (221.63KB , 800x600 , TQ101.png )

I'm putting my trust in Clover that she can keep things handled.

>she is named Clover. Do you guys even know what clover is?
I think it's an alien plant? Somebody called her that once and it stuck.

>I thought she was running out of ammo...
She was probably saying that to mean that she can't do it all day, which I can believe.

>I'm pretty sure she'll (rightly) demand payment for coming back for the box
That's probably right. I wonder what she'd want of me if I were to ask.

I signal back a response using my tails. While It's very basic system and can't be used to express complex stuff, it gets short message across. I'll let him know to come by and that there is a nearby worm incoming, to the best of my signalling ability.

>Is it hard for females to talk with their tails that way?
Very much so. Males have 3 tails to communicate because of how much we work in groups, females are a lot more independent, so they only need the one for balance. They can convey only basic stuff like 'tail down for upset' and 'tail up for happy'

He drives up beside us while we move closer to meet him halfway.

"Quick, hop in!" I place the neumono in the back and I follow shortly thereafter.

"I didn't have time to install seatbelts so hold on tight!"

I can hear Clover firing off shots out of my vision, I think she is holding things up on her end. I need to send her a message to thank her after all this is over.
No. 1022392 ID: 0d2343
File 164401818709.png - (209.67KB , 800x600 , TQ102.png )

As soon as we are both in, Raph hits the gas, and we launch forward

"With all the weight, I'm afraid this is as fast as we can go." It isn't as quick as that other vehicle, but it certainly beats going on foot.
>"Who is that? What is this? What's happening?"
"Lots of things! Don't worry, we'll bring you to the elevator, it'll be nice and bright for you there."
>"I... does that mean... I'm going back to my..."

"How are things looking behind us? Are we out of the nest's range?"

>"What is that creaking noise?"
No. 1022393 ID: c92a02

Maybe nails will slow this thing down if you get it in the mouth? What else do we have that we could throw at this thing? Maybe the gas can for the nailgun?
No. 1022394 ID: 96c896

Yell "TURN!"
No. 1022395 ID: 93ba79

"Edgy boy on our tail! Dodge left!"
No. 1022397 ID: 9a2966

Nest mother. Grinding teeth. Oh dear.

Option 1: Launch yourself from the vehicle and scream "HIT THE GAS! CLOVER, BIG ONE HERE!" while you tuck and roll and then lie very very still before it can get a bead on your location. Alternatively, rrrrrruuuuuuuunnn to Clover.

Option 2: In this snap instant, while its open maw is facing you, shoot your remaining nail gun rounds down its gullet and hope it flinches enough to give you the lead you need.

"Go for it" option: Both.
No. 1022425 ID: 2aa5f0


make sure you have a good hold on greeny as well as the vehicle, he is missing half his limbs after all.
No. 1022428 ID: 0d2343
File 164403976025.png - (359.19KB , 800x600 , TQ103.png )

"Maybe if we can juke it, we can--"



Oh right. The tower.

Oh wow.

That thing is toast.

"D-did any of you guys see that?!"

"See what? I'm trying to keep my eyes on the path ahead."
>"I didn't see anything. We're still in complete darkness. I did hear a loud noise though."
No. 1022429 ID: 0d2343
File 164403978257.png - (224.85KB , 800x600 , TQ104.png )


I did something cool.

And nobody saw it.

If a radio tower fell on a razorworm in the middle of a dust bowl and nobody was around to see it, did it really happen?

I've really destroyed a lot of property today. At least I didn't break that lock on that fence, still feeling good about that one.

We successfully make it to the edge of the area, out of the range of the nest. I give a thumbs up to Clover and she withdraws, going her separate way after fulfilling my 'favor' which seems pitiful in comparison.

Looks like we're home free.

"How are you holding up, Keiro?"
>"I... I'm alive?"
"You sure are."
>"You... saved me?"
"I guess saving the occasional life helps me sleep at night thinking about all the property I've destroyed."
>"Does that mean... I-I'll see my hive again?"
Ah, he's getting all mushy. I'll never understand the emotional types.
>"D-do you mind coming closer?"
No. 1022430 ID: c92a02

Hey, you mind checking this guy for weapons? Emotional moments are great and all but I wouldn't want a backstab to kill the vibe. Or you.
No. 1022432 ID: 96c896

Tell him if he kisses you you're throwing him off the car. But okay.
Why hasn't he put on his goggles? Are they out of battery?
No. 1022433 ID: 0029c8

Well if all the razer worms are dead. No reason we can't go back and get the case right? Can just walk along the collapsed radio tower if nothing else to go get it. Also give the green boy a hug.
No. 1022434 ID: 2aa5f0

yeah you're probably going to have to get closer anyways since you're probably going to have to carry this guy home.

Also you're... probably going to want to do something nice for clover next time you see her. I mean she did just take on half a razor worm nest for you so maybe bringing her a 6 pack of some half decent booze or something might be an appreciated gesture.
No. 1022435 ID: 36784c

>"What is that creaking noise?"
>the tower fell
Ohhh, that’s what that was. Damn, I’m an idiot for not realizing that!

>"I didn't see anything. We're still in complete darkness. I did hear a loud noise though."
Put your goggles on, you fool! You’re the only one here that can’t see in the dark!

>"D-do you mind coming closer?"
Is he going to want a hug? I really hope it’s just a hug! Let’s get closer and find out what he wants.
No. 1022436 ID: 5d9787

>"D-do you mind coming closer?"
Sure buddy.
Next time you come down here send me a message before wandering into dangerous wild life territory.
That was an eventful day! I would love to tell you half of the weird stuff I came across coming here.

Why do you think he would do that? Kill us in the darkness surrounded by our pals? For what reason?

>At least I didn't break that lock on that fence...
At the time I wasn't concern with morality but with the noise and the implications an intact fence represent.
The radio tower drop is a great success: not only it create a safer pathway through the sand it will help future scavengers collect metal components. The fuel valve was a more shameful episode we shall never admit to anyone.
No. 1022437 ID: 5d9787

Don't be rude or make things awkward. It unlikely he will kiss and if he does just be flattered by the gesture.

Or a box of chocolate. Or several.
Just plan a proper date.
No. 1022438 ID: 35f98c

Well...WE saw it, anyway. If you come back for the box (and maybe you should leave the job to the neumono hive), maybe you could take a picture of the dead worm to back up your story. ...Might need a camera for that, though, I guess. I'm not used to not having one on me always.
No. 1022441 ID: ba605b

Yeah sure why not. Do you have any equipment that lets you see in the dark, and do you have any weapons?
If razor worms hunt via vibrations, is there anything stopping us from driving toy RC cars with grenades attaches all over the ground until it kills a worm?
No. 1022442 ID: 0d2343
File 164404902577.png - (179.25KB , 800x600 , TQ105.png )

>mind checking this guy for weapons?
Doesn't look like he has anything, at least nothing you could fit in a pouch of that size. If he had something I feel he would have mentioned it.

>Why hasn't he put on his goggles? Are they out of battery?
It would appear so.

I start to think of plans for getting the data bank or clearing out the rest of the worms, but I figure I've done enough for one day.

"Why do you want me to get closer? Better not be for a kiss. Or did you want a handsha- ooh!" He hugs me tight with his arm.
>"T-Thank you! Thank you!"
"Hah- Uh, don't mention it..."
>"I-I'm gonna see my hive again!""
"Haha... yeah, you are. My name is Dowser, by the way." I was never one for hugs. but you know what? I don't think I mind.

>*sniff, sniff*

Ahhh hah... Here come the waterworks.

>"Thank you, Dowser..."

No. 1022443 ID: 35f98c

Yaaay, sidequest complete! Neumono rescued. The way we piled up sidequests I wasn't sure we were gonna manage it. Also, our main quest may likely be complete by now, too.
No. 1022444 ID: 35f98c

(i.e. getting enough loot. Sorta gained a few other sidequests not done yet, though.)
No. 1022453 ID: a2493c

Aww, look at that.

Anyways, we should really clean up our ear piercing before we get an infection.
No. 1022458 ID: 2aa5f0

hey Dowser you got a little something on your ear there.
No. 1022467 ID: 9a2966

This was a fun first-thread quest. Thanks for running it!
No. 1022468 ID: c0641b


Time for a long hug. I think he needs it.
No. 1022469 ID: b01382

Neato. When will be the next thread?
Didn't you run Clamp Quest a few years back?
No. 1022470 ID: ce39da

Clamp Quest was Lagotrope, who actually made the Asteroid-verse. Small world, huh?

> End of Thread
Nice. Don't forget to cash out that interception job you did, of course.
No. 1022472 ID: bd3403

This was very fun and pintoresque quest. Tobaks are a very creative species to come up with.
Thank you so much for your stories, Roaway!
No. 1022485 ID: fcdec2


Neumono are very emotional and physical, especially with those who are dear to them, so this is kind of rare to see.

I also agree, this was a great thread. I'm definitely participating in the next one.
No. 1022622 ID: 0d2343
File 164419234855.png - (245.24KB , 800x600 , TQ-B1.png )

"Hm? You're still alive."


>"You gonna kill me?"
"I don't have to. I got what I came for."


>"Why did you come to the refinery?"
"I was led there. It must be a popular place, it wasn't the first time."


>"Why'd you have to shoot me for? I don't even know what that is. I would've let you have it."
"Don't blame me. Blame the board."


>"How did you know I had that?"
"Tracking device."


>"You know where I get the backpack from?"
"I don't care."
No. 1022623 ID: 0d2343
File 164419237665.png - (208.93KB , 800x600 , TQ-B2.png )


>"I think I know who you are. The guys talked about you. You're Lak, aren't you?"
"Yes. Is that all? or do you have any more pointless, time-wasting questions?"


>"Are you gonna let me go?"


"Let me ask you something. Have you heard of Hegelian dialectics?"
>"W-what? N-no. I... I haven't"
"It is a dialectical process, it relies on a contradictory process between opposing sides. A thesis and antithesis. These are the two things needed. By the end of this process, we get the end product. Syntheses. A new idea made up our previously opposing sides. Understand?"
No. 1022624 ID: 0d2343
File 164419240873.png - (170.86KB , 800x600 , TQ-B3.png )

"Allow me to contextualize it. In this particular scenario, we have a few ideas. Me the predator. You the prey. I could give you death. Or mercy. We can choose any number ideas to use, but I don't wish to waste time explaining it all. What I mean to say is that I have beliefs. No higher beliefs like gods or spirits. I do not believe in contract or exchange. I believe in ideas, and the comparing of opposing ideas above all. And letting you go? considering the idea of our roles in this scenario, as predator and prey, it is unfair for me to choose that which would go against the natural order. It is unfair for either of us to decide once we break it down."

>"That makes no sense. Are you some kinda psycho? H-hey, what are you doing? What's in that bag?"

"How is this. I will give you a blind choice, and I shall enact nature."
No. 1022625 ID: 0d2343
File 164419243489.png - (151.39KB , 800x600 , TQ-B4.png )

>"W-what is that thing?"
"It doesn't matter. I will ask you something and you will respond."
"I am thinking of a number. Is that number an odd number, or even?"


"Odd or even"
>"H-hold on! What are you gonna do if I say the wrong one?"


"Odd or even."
>"I need to know what's at stake."
"You know what's at stake. Odd or even."

>"P-please! I can give you-"
"Odd. or. even."


No. 1022640 ID: 9a2966

Ah, so it's a tic tac t-ow gun.

They're not at the refinery, so our bandity boy got dragged off for quiet interrogation. Guess he must have nabbed the server (Or other tech?) from the stuff the programmer Dowser rescued had. Must've been in the black backpack.

Man, if he did that trick with all the head-nailed guys from the fight earlier, that's pretty creepy. And indicative the choice doesn't really matter.

(Or a really unreasonable run of bad luck.)

>Blame the board
So Lak is... a hit Tobak for some corp? Huh.
No. 1022642 ID: 5d9787

So this is Anton Chigurh. Some bullshit obsessive reason to decide to kill someone based on a fifty per cent chance game.

I was more invested in an informal community somehow scraping by with the leftovers of a mining operation than a tenacious cat and mouse game.
No. 1022644 ID: 094652

rolled 1 = 1

No. 1022648 ID: 2aa5f0

are... are we suppose to suggest something here?
No. 1022649 ID: b7806a

Let's turn it into a cat and dog game,then.
No. 1022650 ID: b7806a

Oh, yeah!

"This has now become a duality of lord and peon. You are granted a second chance to toil the soil. Do NOT make me regret it."
No. 1022651 ID: 36784c

This actually explains what happened to all the tobaks at the refinery. The bodies all had holes in their heads because Lak killed them with what looks like……is that an air canister? Did he kill them with compressed air?

>choose odd or even
There is no correct answer. It doesn’t matter what the raider says, Lak is going to kill him for his own enjoyment!
No. 1022661 ID: 5d9787

You didn't watch the movie...
No. 1022682 ID: 34dfce

It is the nail shotgun that was mentioned earlier.


Was that an epilogue, or is thread 2 going to be in this thread as well?
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