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File 163742339407.png - (16.76KB , 686x720 , 147795837776.png )
1015625 No. 1015625 ID: b99d2a

YOU are The Hif Man, and YOU have been DEAD for quite a while now actually.
No. 1015626 ID: b99d2a


did you enjoy our last session with the "The Hif Man" Do you want to see more? Who?

youguysalreadyknowhatsupman if you didn't get your fill of "The Hif Man", go check out some of the other quests on this website, check out that /questdis/ thread, if you enjoyed this thread give your monitor a thumbs up, if you really enjoyed it share it to your tumblr so somebody else can see, if you got questions or comments I want you to throw them down in the /questdis/ thread, otherthanthat, no longer comin' to ya with "The Hif Man", good posting, aaah
No. 1015627 ID: b99d2a

RIP B.G.P. otherwise known as "The Hif Man" 1996 - 2021, he died of a drug overdose after fighting a heroin addiction for many years. Sorry for not posting this until now my friend, I couldn't do it for a long time because of the knot in my stomach that would form when I opened my folder of images of your character. This website, the origin and final resting place for your character, is very fitting for you considering your life and other impacts you've had on multiple communities on the internet and outside of it, no matter how small or large they were.
No. 1015628 ID: b99d2a

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