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File 163660390576.png - (49.82KB , 400x400 , MTC.png )
1014750 No. 1014750 ID: 8483cf

What kind of god will you become?
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No. 1014824 ID: 9b127b

1: Championship
A: Anticipation
No. 1014829 ID: 34dfce

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
No. 1014833 ID: 6266d5

Boredom and Power seems like a funny combination, like the most powerful being of the universe that has not use for that power.

But knowing this place I vote for Boredom and Companionship.
No. 1014848 ID: 708905

No. 1014849 ID: 33f0ce

...This is it? Nothing? Not even a couch or something? God this place is boring.

Sorry Nothing but the group has already decided. You have no word in this.
No. 1014854 ID: 8483cf
File 163668519894.png - (10.99KB , 400x400 , M1-2.png )

There is nothing. Even the darkness itself has vanished.

I drift. Surely, there must be something but myself.

I quest outward and brace myself for the familiar torrent of sound, force and fury.

There is nothing. I am alone. I search endlessly, but there is only the void.

Am I to drift endlessly? Is there truly nothing but myself? An eternity of loneliness terrifies me.

An eternity of nothing but my own thoughts, with no companionship, no sensations, not even the chaos of beginning.

If there truly is nothing but the thought of I, then from that thought must all things come, or else I am lost.

My terror rises, and I pour it into the nothingness around me.

Light, sound, and fury bursts forth without limit, filling my senses and overwhelming the void. The light fades to darkness- and this time, the darkness does not fade.

I perceive shapes, but have no name for them. I know only light, dark, and my own terror of the fact that I am still alone.

I focus the terror on the one thing I truly need: Companionship.

Your first attendant will be unfailingly loyal to you and the most powerful of all. You are only experienced enough to create the attendant using the concept of either light or dark, but not both. The attendant will always manifest in a form dominated by the concept of its creation (light or dark). But born of your TERROR, they will have a flaw they can never overcome.

Aspect of Creation: The attendant will always choose a form incorporating some aspect of this.
1. Light
2. Darkness

Preferred Form: You do not understand the concept of form or bodies yet, but you do understand basic shapes.
A. Formless
B. Circle/Sphere
C. Square/Cube
D. Triangle/Pyramid

a. To be my eternal companion
b. To assist in creating more companions
c. To assist in filling the void
d. All of the above
e. Other

Flaw (Born of Terror)
I. Paranoid
II. Indecisive
III. Insecure
IV. Scatterbrained
V. Other
No. 1014855 ID: 86963a

1, D, a&b, IV !
No. 1014857 ID: 575fcc

1, Formless, D, Scatterbrained
No. 1014858 ID: 629f2e

1, D, d, IV

Light because while dark aesthetics are cooler, I feel like that's evil path.

Triangle/Pyramid because Bill Cipher was cool.

All of the above, because tying all of those motives together gives less chances for any one of them to become horrible perverted and evil.

And Scatterbrained, because it has the best comedy potential.
No. 1014859 ID: 0838d6

Dark aspect, because just because its darkness doesent mean its evil
Triangle/pyramid form because a pointy friend is a good friend
Duty to help you make more buddies!
But theyre insecure so you need to reassure them a lot!
No. 1014860 ID: dfbac0

A companion born of darkness, one with no specific form, one completely loyal. Your shadow.
Duty: To protect me and care for me.
Our shadow, born of our need may not always be by our side but they will always look out for us, protect us.
They are paranoid, a common symptom of those who stand guard against the hostilities of the world at all times.
No. 1014861 ID: 46be71

2 darkness
C it's hip to be square
e free will (but be rewarded with D all the above)
IV scatterbrained.
No. 1014878 ID: 2aa5f0

2. Darkness
D. Triangle/Pyramid
a. To be my eternal companion
IV. Scatterbrained
No. 1014895 ID: 0840c2

Aspect of Creation
1. Light

Preferred Form: You do not understand the concept of form or bodies yet, but you do understand basic shapes.
D. Triangle/Pyramid

a. To be my eternal companion

Flaw (Born of Terror)
IV. Scatterbrained
No. 1014901 ID: c377cb

I also want this
No. 1014926 ID: 36784c

No. 1014927 ID: f8fa51

1, A, d, IV
No. 1014937 ID: cdbcf8

Well I guess we're going to be the father of all monsters, huh? I like that. I like that a lot.

1. Light
B. Circle/Sphere
You know I've seen to many black evil shapes, time to stir it up a bit. Sill going to be evil of course.
d. All of the above
III. Insecure
Because it's cute.
No. 1014945 ID: 8483cf
File 163676824261.png - (31.76KB , 400x400 , M1-3.png )

I gather Light and let its warmth coalesce…

But if the light ever fades, if I should return to the darkness…

I will want it to remind me of the good times.

I let the light fade, and form my companion from the purest Darkness that remains. I shape it within the container- the duties, for lack of a better way to describe it- to be my eternal companion, to create more companions, and fill the endless void around us.

Soon, I feel my consciousness brush against something new. Joy washes over me as I embrace my new companion’s mind, and their first instinct is to nuzzle back, knowing that they will never be alone.

And then, almost immediately, a thousand rapid-fire thoughts pepper my mind, and I wonder what I’ve gotten myself into.

I love you.
Is it just us?
Do I have friends?
Can we make some more?
What else is out there?
Can we make something more?
There’s so much to do!
I am very pointy.

Do I first:

A. Get to know my companion better? If so, how?
B. Make more companions? If so, what kind?
C. Fill the void? If so, with what?
No. 1014947 ID: c92a02

Fill the void with sounds.
No. 1014948 ID: 0838d6

A. Get to know them, console them, ask them what they want to make and let them take the first crack at it to see what it likes and so you can co-lab
No. 1014993 ID: 0840c2

>>1014948 +1
No. 1014995 ID: 094652

... Why everything?
Search your 'randomness'. Make dead things. Experiment for eons, until you know the answer.
No. 1014996 ID: 36784c

Give more hugs. Then do this: >>1014948 .
No. 1014997 ID: f8fa51

We will get to know each other in the joint act of creation. It's not as though there's much to talk about right now.

Let's fill the void. The universe will be an endless dance of worlds that get near to each other for a brief moment and then depart, perhaps only to approach again many years later.
No. 1015011 ID: 8483cf
File 163681835276.png - (41.31KB , 400x400 , M1-4.png )

My first companion is so full of questions! It may calm them down if I answer some.

I tell them that we are alone. We are all existence, and the void is endless. This I know.

My companion’s mind slows as they contemplate the true emptiness of existence, and a great longing fills them.

Their sense of longing saddens me. I embrace them once more, for both our sakes. They are my friend, my true companion, and with them I will share all powers of creation.

Darkness emanates from my companion. Their very presence fills the empty void- their consciousness spreads dark matter wherever it touches, and it is good. With this, their potential to create is limitless.

My companion notices this, too, and with a burst of will, conjures more darkness, eagerly forming and shaping it into new forms.

Look! Look! I can make friends!

My Joy warms us both, and my companion creates more and more forms- the first of creation. At first they are basic shapes, but soon they combine into unusual combinations, hinting at more.

I like them! says my companion. Are they our friends?

They are beautiful forms, yes. But they are not companions. They do not move, think or feel like a true companion. They have an aspect of creation, but lack a connection to the eternal.

If I give them names, will they be our friends?

A name is powerful. A name, chosen properly, will do. But it is not enough by itself, nor is it a requirement. Neither I nor my companion have names.
No. 1015014 ID: 8483cf
File 163681997641.png - (58.61KB , 400x400 , M1-5.png )

If I give them Light, will they be our friends?

I consider the thought. I have not tried combining Light and Darkness- and I immediately wonder why I have not done so already. Light and dark can and do coexist, and to combine them within the same form would be a beautiful thing.

I offer the Light of creation to my companion, and they accept it eagerly.

And then they recoil in pain.

It hurts! Please, make it stop!

I immediately snuff the light, filled with Grief. My companion, even though they are made of Darkness, should be able to coexist with the Light- but they do not know how to do so safely, and how to protect themselves.

I embrace my companion again, taking away their pain and terror.

I can protect them. I can change them. Make their essence impervious to harm from the Light of creation. It would be the simplest thing, and by protecting them from the only thing that can harm them, it would ensure they will truly be my eternal companion.

Do I bless my companion with invulnerability to the Light of creation?

I can take away their pain and fear, but I must do more.

What do I name my companion?
No. 1015017 ID: 8e70d9

We could take it away if we want to.

lucifeam, our first, and soon to be our greatest.
No. 1015018 ID: 629f2e

Ah, now there's a decision.

If we grant them immunity to the light of creation, then in a sense they will be our equal. We would be granting a strong measure of trust to them, as we will hold no power over them beyond their innate love of us.

We may regret it down the line, but I say that we should give it to them. A display of paranoia and distrust this early may in a self-fulfilling way drive them down a dark path. And even if our friend starts making bad choices, that doesn't mean we should use the light of creation to wipe them out. Not having the option will force us to make better choices.

As for a name, let's keep it nice and simple. The Companion

It's a fitting name, as it describes what it is, why it creates, and why it exists at all. It is to be a companion, both to you and to the ones it creates.
No. 1015023 ID: 0840c2

No. 1015026 ID: 094652

High resistance to Light, but not absolute. We don't know if the pain is actually an important neural mechanism
No. 1015027 ID: 894419

Our trust of them is beyond doubt, make them immune!
No. 1015028 ID: 894419

Oh and for a name: how about naming them after the concept they represent for us? Companionship or Camaraderie .
No. 1015034 ID: c92a02

No. Sheltering them from the danger does not shelter others they expose to it.
How about TRI.
No. 1015066 ID: f8fa51

Yes, we should grant protection from the light of creation.

As for a name, they are both powerful and quite basic/simple in a way, as well as being the first thing we ever created. A fitting name to encapsulate this would be Prime.
No. 1015083 ID: 8483cf
File 163687015881.png - (61.25KB , 400x400 , M1-6.png )

There is only one thing to do. If my companion is truly to be eternal, and assist me in creating all things, then I cannot bear the thought of them ever coming to harm.

I console my companion and heal their pain with a promise, granting them complete, unconditional immunity to the Light of creation, the only thing that could harm them:

You are my beloved companion, and we will never be parted. I promise that nothing may ever harm you, and you shall be eternal as I am, verily. It is so.

You are precious to me, and so I name you truthfully, wholly, and completely. You are Companionship, to me and to all creation. It is so.

Companionship’s love warms us both, and it fills me with great Joy.

And then they say it ten thousand times.

Companionship! Companionship! Companionship! Comp! An! Ion! Ship! Panion! Ship!

By the end they are simply repeating “Pan” over and over gleefully, having independently arrived at the concept of a nickname.

I decide to evaluate Pan’s work while they get used to their name.

Three of Pan’s many, many creations are things that I know to be forms with great potential. I may encourage Pan to craft them into additional Attendants like themselves (made of light or dark, or both, and bound by Duties), or perhaps something less permanent and more beautiful (creatures with a weaker tie to Eternity, but not bound by Duties).

Which of Companionship’s creations do I wish to develop further?
1. Cat
2. Dog
3. Bird
4. Other

Shall they be attendants (permanent forms bound by duties), or creatures (unbound, impermanent forms)?
A. Attendants
B. Creatures
No. 1015084 ID: c92a02

Robot creatures! All makes and models, replaceable parts, guaranteed 95% likely not to overthrow you in the singularity.
No. 1015092 ID: 629f2e

This is the part where I vote for cat angels (Attendants)
No. 1015097 ID: 0840c2

1. Cat
2. Dog
4. Other

A. Attendants
No. 1015104 ID: f8fa51

Da birds shall be creatures.
No. 1015108 ID: 2aa5f0

3. Bird

A. Attendants

I like the look of the birds
No. 1015127 ID: afe7de

Bird attendants because attendants should be mobile, agile, and able to cross long distances at will to do our will
No. 1015131 ID: bbdaaf

Bird is the word
No. 1015149 ID: 96c896

Bird, attendants. Attendants will form the backbone of our blossoming world.
No. 1015157 ID: 894419

Me too, cat angels
No. 1015158 ID: 0838d6

Okay, wild idea, but what about catbird angels. Half cat, half bird, all badass
No. 1015233 ID: aea6e1

Hmhmhmhm, it looks like our little Pan has put more work into one of these then he had the others.

3. Bird
A. Attendants

Later we’ll definitely make some changes, when needed of course.
No. 1015235 ID: 094652

Make little polygon creatures that have no purpose but to serve - loosely.
No. 1015257 ID: 33f0ce

So, now that we have a second, what kind of god should we be? Should we be a god birth and creation who overcomes their fear of being alone, actually over coming it by making a universe of life and other gods so no one will ever feel like he would? Or are we a god of birth and creation who let's their fear of being alone control them, who creates gods, demons, monsters and heroes alike with reckless abandon, with almost all of them leaving them to stop the other. So not to be alone, keeping the endless cycle of violence intact, creates another. (Making Shin Megami Tensei dudes too)

AKA the god mother/father or the god father/mother of monsters.
No. 1015294 ID: 8483cf
File 163703670195.png - (6.05KB , 400x400 , M1-7.png )

For now, I decide to encourage Companionship to join me in creating Bird (Avian) attendants. These forms have great potential to aid as messengers and cultivators. I may always make a few changes later, and include attendants who prefer different forms, but this is an excellent start.

I nudge Pan towards their Avian form, gather the Aspects of Creation around us, and together, we lay the foundations for our friends.



Every single Attendant suggestion is canon.

Attendants made of Pure Light and Pure Dark are powerful, but tend to extremes in both personality and abilities, and are weak to the opposite Aspect of Creation. Balanced attendants are more harmonious in abilities and powers, are resistant to their opposing element (or mostly immune to excessive quantities of both if Balanced). However, mixed aspects cannot wield forces of creation as effectively as pure vessels if they ever need to do so as part of their duties or in battle.

Duties: Minimum one, maximum five.
Aspect of Creation: Pure Light / Pure Dark / Light-dominant / Dark-dominant / Balanced
Preferred Bird Form: Predator? Prey? Large? Small? Cute? Scary?
Defining Personality Traits:
No. 1015300 ID: 629f2e

Alright, might as well toss in a joke one.

Name: Phail Yurr
Duties: Misunderstanding tasks, Procrastinating, Sabotaging the work of other attendants
Aspect of Creation:Pure Dark
Preferred Bird Form: Fat and flightless
Defining Personality Traits: Unearned sense of pride, complete naivete of the fact that their existence is a joke, sloth
Likes: Circles, Themselves, Their formless creator
Dislikes: Squares
No. 1015307 ID: afe7de

Name: Tianna Tengu
Aspect of Creation: Light-Dominant
Preferred Bird Form: Secratary Bird
Defining Personality Traits: Really cares about ORGANIZING and STRUCTURE, but is SOFT SPOKEN
Dislikes: COMEDY RELIEF, MESSINESS, CIRCLES (because they have no edges)
No. 1015309 ID: 9b127b

Name: Wesli Winger
Duties: recording histories and and organizing decries
Aspect of Creation: Light-Dominant
Preferred Bird Form: Ibis
Defining Personality Traits: know-it-all
Likes: books. knowledge, annoying people, eating out of trash cans,
Dislikes: being called a "bin pidgeon"
No. 1015310 ID: 96c896

Name: Xebknywhiktofs, the Purifying Flame
Duties: Purifying the unclean, burning what must be purged, refinement of that which is unrefined, cleaning up the messes other Attendants make
Aspect of Creation: Pure Light
Preferred Bird Form: Phoenix
Defining Personality Traits: Stoic, prideful, caring
Likes: cleanliness, shiny things, blacksmithing (once it exists), fire
Dislikes: dirt, garbage, being called a janitor
No. 1015311 ID: 629f2e

...Okay, here's a serious one.

Name: Santo
Duties: Questioning everything, Philosophy, Making others think
Aspect of Creation: Balanced, so that they may understand both aspects and attempt to understand them
Preferred Bird Form: Tall and scrawny, with owlish traits that can come off as creepy
Defining Personality Traits: Curiosity, Enthusiasm, Mindfulness
Likes: Solitude, Slumber
Dislikes: Loud noises, Closed-minded people
No. 1015316 ID: e51896

Name: Qua
Duties: CREATE NATURAL ENVIRONMENTS (especially water)
Aspect of Creation: Pure Light
Preferred Bird Form: A DUCK
Defining Personality Traits: docile, a bit of a derp.
Likes: water, bread (plz dont feed him bread tho)
Dislikes: technology, they ruin nature
No. 1015320 ID: 894419

Name: Lidora
Duties: Distributing prophetic visions, divine artistic inspiration, and archiving the messages and theological musings of the other attendants.
Aspect of Creation: Dark Dominant
Preferred Bird Form: A small flock of black corvids with bright white eyes.
Defining Personality Traits: Inquisitive and Neurotic, Lidora is always trying to do everything at once, but sometimes loses track leaving people with incomplete visions or only partial inspiration.
Likes: People lost in deserts, Artists, and the color purple.
Dislikes: Mathematicians , Logicians, and Pedants.
No. 1015325 ID: fd4d13

Name: (refuses to tell)
Duties: Create Adversity, Challenge others, Revel
Aspect of Creation: Balanced
Preferred Bird Form: A Peacock with an ever-shifting tail
Defining Personality Traits: Gormless, Belligerent, Enthusiastic
Likes: Noise, Parties, fights, Successes
Dislikes: Rejection, Cowardice, Stagnation
No. 1015326 ID: c92a02

Name: Clyde
Duties: Keeping an eye on things at night, being the night sky
Aspect of Creation: Dark dominant
Preferred Bird Form: Big and scary.
Defining Personality Traits: Slow, good listener
Likes: Dancing, shiny things, fire.
Dislikes: Floodlights, waking up early.
No. 1015328 ID: e7c7d3

Name: Farien
Duties: Instill carnal desire, encourage and hide infidelity, protect mothers,
Aspect of Creation: Dark dominant
Preferred Bird Form: Various jays
Defining Personality Traits: Haughty, flirty, incredulous and facetious
Likes: Sexy gods, attendants, mortals. A nice chardonnay. The colour blue
Dislikes: The prude. Messy rooms. Anything requiring to sit still for long periods of time.
No. 1015354 ID: 0e10aa

Name: The Ever Heavy Armored Wing Of Justce And Law Who Indiscriminately Judges And Punishes Those Who Brake Or Follow It
Duties: To enforce the laws made by the god, general peacekeeping amongst all beings when needed.
Aspect of Creation: Pure Dark
Preferred Bird Form: An Albatrosses, probably one of the biggest Attendants there is
Defining Personality Traits: Always on the endless lookout for lawbreakers, believes themselves to be the most important of the Attendants, because of this they have a bit of a huge ego but makes up for it with their unending loyalty to the gods and their laws, but also really believes doing this will be good for them all. (There’s a bit of himbo/jock in them too)
Likes: Law, Triangles (the most stable shape), weaponry (the law needs all the help it can get), using loopholes/the law for the greater good, cooking (you have to follow a strict set of laws to make it right, but it has leeway to person to person, just like me and the law), always wearing a helmet.
Dislikes: Dirty lawbreakers, those who use loopholes/the law for evil, art (So how to you properly do a art?)

Dark and evil looking faceless good boy himbo time.
No. 1015360 ID: 0840c2

Name: Cher Ami
Duties: Delivering messages, controlling the cardinal directions and the associated winds, guiding travelers
Aspect of Creation: Balanced
Preferred Bird Form: Homing pigeon
Defining Personality Traits: Firm believer that the journey more important than the destination
Likes: Exploring, freedom, talking to others
Dislikes: Being lost, having to stay in one place for a long time, having to take the shortest path somewhere
No. 1015381 ID: 629f2e

Name: Trik
Duties: Odd jobs, Making deals, Acquiring and transporting items discretely, Collecting dues
Aspect of Creation: Dark Dominant
Preferred Bird Form: Cool lookin' crow dude
Defining Personality Traits: Playfulness, Charisma, Temper
Likes: Shiny things, Humor
Dislikes: Higher authorities, Specifically Companionship (the being not the concept)
No. 1015726 ID: 8483cf
File 163752858427.png - (362.90KB , 1800x1800 , M1-8.png )

Companionship and I create thirteen beautiful, wonderful, hopeful Attendants. They will bring warmth, spirit, change, and guidance for everything to come, and it will be good.

Companionship and I take a moment before birthing our thirteen Attendants.

There will be conflict, but harmony can often be difficult to distinguish from stagnation. Mortals- when we create them- must learn from how my Attendants resolve their differences.

Ah, mortals. Without a firm tie to Eternity, their physical forms tend to fade, leaving behind only spirits. They live, die, and pass on so quickly it is difficult for me to know them intimately, as I do my Attendants, and this causes me Grief.

But mortals are so clever, so lively, and their wills so strong that they can determine their own purpose- it fills me with Anticipation to see what they do.

Mortals… My Attendants will not be able to fill the void with mortals by themselves- they will require my and Companionship’s help. The celestial bodies we fill the void with, on which mortals will live, will be simpler, and my Attendants will be able to shape them to their liking.
No. 1015727 ID: 8483cf
File 163752859290.png - (37.49KB , 600x600 , M1-9.png )

Companionship looks upon the concepts of the as-yet-to-be animated Attendants.

“I created a form for myself, too. Do you think they will like it?”

How many species of mortals with sentience should we create? Sentience will take time to develop.
1. One at first
2. Few at first
3. Many at first

How many worlds should the mortals be created on?
A. All on one world, with all other worlds uninhabitable
B. Few inhabitable worlds, with all sentient species spread across them, with high chance to interact
C. Many inhabitable worlds, with potential for several sentient species per world, but low chance to interact across-world
D. Many inhabitable worlds, but only one sentient species per world; low chance to interact outside rare events

What forms of sentient mortals should we create? (Choose one or more)
I. Humanoid
II. Feline
III. Canine
IV. Aquatic
V. Avian
VI. Other

How much input should our attendants have in creating and shaping mortal society and the world/s they live on?
-Total control; we just follow their directions

Do I think the Attendants will like Companionship’s adorable bird form?
-Yes, definitely
-Yes, probably
-Some will, some won’t
-Only if you make it fluffier
No. 1015728 ID: 8483cf

Attendants are much, much better at communicating with and understanding mortals. The Formless will need to take additional steps to perceive time on a mortal level; we're not able to do that yet.
No. 1015729 ID: 094652

A few

Few Inhabitable

+Giant Amoeba

Some - You're putting your conjured giant foot down on the fundamentals, but the attendants will need some significant power to react to world events beyond 'my hands are tied'.

Needs more fluffy.
No. 1015730 ID: 629f2e

2, let's make a few and go from there.

B, Let's give them a few worlds just in case they screw one of them up really bad.

II and VI, Felines of course, but I'm gonna suggest Bovids and Equids for some real variety. Get some sheep and horses in the world.

Minor, each of them are likely going to want different contrasting things. While we could meet all of their whims, it's better to get them used to the idea that the world isn't built just for them from the get-go. Add small things that will bring them joy, but otherwise leave it to them to make the world they get into the one they want.

Some will, some won't. This is the nature of life.
No. 1015731 ID: c92a02

A few species, on many worlds with multiple per world. They include feline, avian, aquan, and silicon based life i.e. golems, with maybe a smattering of plantfolk and humanoids. Give the attendants minor influence but let the cards mostly fall as they may.
Some will, some won't.
No. 1015772 ID: 0840c2

2. Few at first

How many worlds should the mortals be created on?
B. Few inhabitable worlds, with all sentient species spread across them, with high chance to interact

What forms of sentient mortals should we create? (Choose one or more)
I. Humanoid
II. Feline
III. Canine
IV. Aquatic
V. Avian

How much input should our attendants have in creating and shaping mortal society and the world/s they live on?

Do I think the Attendants will like Companionship’s adorable bird form?
-Some will, some won’t
No. 1015775 ID: a5203f

3. Many at first

B. Few inhabitable worlds, with all sentient species spread across them, with high chance to interact

+silicon based life


So have you guys ever seen the dawn of war soulstorm map? Yeah that’s what I’m thinking of doing. Screw peaceful evolution happening over the course of millions of years! Evolution in response to war is where it’s at!

-Yes, definitely
Whether they want to or not
No. 1016049 ID: 33f0ce

So should we make a discussions thread?
No. 1016068 ID: 8483cf

Discussion thread is up now. Post reference pics/stats for races you'd like to see included, other stuff, etc.
No. 1016388 ID: 894419


Only a few at first, Across many inhabitable worlds (Type C.). Only some control, we might grant them more later if we need to focus our attentions elsewhere. Also yes they will probably like his adorable bird form.
No. 1033964 ID: 8483cf
File 165387118928.png - (96.68KB , 500x500 , M1-10.png )

Companionship and I create four worlds, on which we will imbue four forms of mortals with sentience: Felines, Avians, Aquans, and Humans.

My Attendants express fondness for Canines, bovines and equines, golems, and insectoids. Perhaps, with time, my Attendants will learn to uplift them to sentience themselves.

My thirteen Attendants focus their attentions on the four worlds, excitedly investigating the lands and peoples within. While their influence is only minor, they can directly interact with the worlds and Mortals with much more precision than I may.

Discord arises on the third world when two of my attendants squabble over how to move about and allocate the world’s arable lands and bountiful waters.

Peacock with a Gun, or Gunny, wants to bless the Avians with more resources than the others, to inspire conflict and growth. The Albatross, Justice, insists that equality of resources is the surest way to ensure law and order.

Should I:
1. Intervene in their dispute myself?
2. Encourage another Attendant to mediate?
3. Let it play its course?

Meanwhile, Trik the Crow has entered into an agreement with Cher Ami to speed the development of cross-world trade. It will not bear fruit until much later, but with their help, the worlds may become aware of each other much sooner than they would otherwise.

Should I encourage them in this endeavor?

Finally, Santo, the owlish one, has taken it upon themselves to nurture one form of sentients to higher wisdom than the others on one corner of the worlds.

Who is Santo nurturing?
1. Felines
2. Avians
3. Aquans
4. Humans
No. 1033965 ID: 899c9f

Felines are the wisest, Intervene in balance and justice for all, and encourage cross-world trade.
No. 1033970 ID: e5709d

>Diverse competition or equal resources?
Make it dependent on karma. Everyone gets equal resources, but they also get an innate ability to find these resources... which dampens if their conscience is dulled or destroyed. Psychopaths will be completely unaware of this power and will view it like a collective psychosis. This way, exploitation of resources will make it harder to find resources, while intention to better lives and selves will make it far easier to find resources.

>Faster world network
Don't intervene, but let everyone know.

Santo is nurturing the Aquans
No. 1033974 ID: 629f2e

-Make it clear that if they can't reach a compromise, you'll put Phail Yurr on their assignment and give him authority over them both.

-Encourage Trik and Cher, let them have fun.

-Aquans be wisest, I feel like they don't usually get privileges like that.
No. 1033976 ID: 96c896

2, encourage Trik to mediate. Let's make a deal!

No. 1034160 ID: 0840c2

Should I:
3. Let it play its course

Meanwhile, Trik the Crow has entered into an agreement with Cher Ami to speed the development of cross-world trade. It will not bear fruit until much later, but with their help, the worlds may become aware of each other much sooner than they would otherwise.

Should I encourage them in this endeavor?


Finally, Santo, the owlish one, has taken it upon themselves to nurture one form of sentients to higher wisdom than the others on one corner of the worlds.

Who is Santo nurturing?
2. Avians

Also is it just me or does that one bird on the left below the peacock in >>1015726 remind anyone of Doofenschmirtz?
No. 1034164 ID: 75b861

You know what would be hilarious?
Let Gunny bless the Avians.
Discourage this speeding up cross-world trading thing. If we help the mortals on every little tiny bitty thing, they'll be sim pets, not their own people. Anyways!
Santo will be nurturing the Avians. I want to see the great rise and even greater fall of the Avian race. (Although making it the Aquans wooould mean Atlantis, hmmmmmmmmmmmm)
No. 1034212 ID: 9b127b

favoring avians in all thing can only result in good things happening

Humans will just muck stuff up with pollution and war and whatnot
and with aquans, well we all know the story of Atlantis
felines are right out! their disrespect for birds is legendary

intervene and side with Gunny, avians deserve all the resources

and if we're giving avians all the resources lets also give them the wisdom to use it wisely
No. 1041653 ID: 8483cf
File 166130142999.png - (7.18KB , 400x400 , M1-11.png )

Santo has decided to nurture the Aquans on one world to higher wisdom, as they are easily able to distance themselves from the affairs of other races by retreating underwater.

Trik and Cher Ami set the three starting star systems ripe with the resources and conditions necessary for easy interstellar travel, and I do not intervene.

I consider intervening in the dispute between Gunny and Justice, but Companionship steps in and frets over the disagreement. Companionship encourages them to find a way to settle the dispute amicably, and when that doesn’t work, they invite Phail Yurr to mediate. Gunny and Justice quickly decide to compromise by starting equally, and not intervening in the future if the resources become unbalanced.

It’s obvious to me that Gunny intends to tip the scales on this, but neither Companionship nor Justice have picked up on it.

Should I:
1. Intervene and let Justice and Companionship know the likely consequences of this deal, or
2. Allow Gunny to tip the scales behind the scenes without Justice and Companionship’s knowledge?

Meanwhile, Farien and Lidora are having a heated argument on one world over clothing. Farien insists that all of the second world’s species should be encouraged to develop elaborate clothing, even the aquans, who could develop suits made of scale and hydrodynamic fins. Farien insists that clothing is essential for self-expression and courtship.

Lidora, however, finds clothing unnecessary, and wants to ban pants. She forcefully argues that everything will be easier for all species if they develop the ability to survive without clothes, since, for example, an aquan race wearing scaly swimsuits would eventually not need to grow scales at all, and felines with clothes would have fur so short it would only be decorative.

Should I:
A. Intervene and pick a side,
B. Encourage an Attendant to mediate, or
C. Let it play out? Neither Attendant is willing to compromise.
No. 1041657 ID: 899c9f

Let Gunny try and be subtle, if this is what makes him happy.
Encourage Lidora to meditate. If there were no pants, it would not be an act of defiance to not wear them. Mortals must choose not to wear pants of their own free will.
No. 1041660 ID: 0838d6

ban pants on one world but not the other, and let some power imbalance happen, but as a compromise you should let justice and companionship sprinkle their own brief imbalances too secretly of course, so that it technically does stay balanced, but gunny doesent know.
No. 1041662 ID: 629f2e

1, You'll hold them to their agreements.

A, Take Farien's side on this one, but suggest an ultimate compromise in neither encouraging nor banning clothing. Self-expression is important. If you're going to ban an idea, then you should have a better reason than practicality. Let mortals be as impractical as they desire, it is their right to be wasteful if they so choose.
No. 1041663 ID: e5709d

2, but warn Gunny that for every act of deception against their Kin, your system will add a small token marking to every effigy ever made in their honor. Nothing serious. Yet.
Let him know that, while your reign is imperfect and thus ingenuity and even deception should be encouraged, excessive ingenuity and deception will be treated as insurgency. If his deceit reaches a threshold, all his statues will be covered in bleeding scars.

B, get everyone to pitch in on how ridiculous (or practical, we don't know) this culture war is.
No. 1041797 ID: 7c0da2

2. It's what they are here for after all.
But remind Gunny that they are to create meaningful challenges, and not pointless conflicts. They are the creator of challenge, the victory of others, even their own adversaries, is also their own.
And reassure him he will not be punished for doing what he was created to do, so long as his actions promote change and not meaningless destruction.

B. Ask Santo to mediate.
Whatever answer is reached should not be a religious imperative, only an influence on the mortals living there, or you risk causing a religious war between worlds down the line when the second world comes into contact with the other ones who may have chosen pants.
No. 1041891 ID: 8483cf
File 166154403362.png - (20.19KB , 500x500 , M1-12.png )

I decide to allow Gunny to secretly aid the Avians without Companionship or Justice’s knowledge. I won’t punish an Attendant for acting as they were born to do. I sincerely hope Gunny’s conflicts are created with a higher purpose, instead of for pure entertainment value. I’ll have to wait and see.

Regarding the impasse between Farien and Lidora over clothing, I want to ask Santo to mediate, but they are engrossed in writing long, detailed scripts to share with the Aquans. I decide to intervene in their dispute personally.

Farien and Lidora immediately cease their bickering as I make my will known. They listen intently as I stress the importance of individual expression and the special nature of mortals’ ability to make their own choices. I do not wish for my Attendants to take it upon themselves to impose religious imperatives upon mortals.

Lidora is frustrated over how she can deliver divine inspiration and visions without making them seem like imperatives, but she accepts that her visions will probably be vague, so she accepts the limitation on imperatives. Mortals will likely interpret her visions as they wish, unless I free her from the restriction on imperatives, or tell her to impose an imperative myself.

Lidora restates her case that clothing comes between mortals and nature, and with this, an overhearing Qua, the duck, agrees. Farien preens her feathers proudly, and at this, Lidora fumes, stating that she refuses to give prophetic visions or artistic inspiration to anyone on the second world. She leaves the second world in a huff, and refuses to aid it further.

I’m saddened that one of my attendants would refuse to help mortals in such a manner, but maybe Lidora will grow out of it.

I consider the worlds I and my Attendants have created:
- Three star systems
- Four worlds
- All worlds: Trik and Cher Ami speeding up development of inter-world travel.
- The First and Second worlds, which are in the first star system, will come into contact first.
- Second world: Farien encouraging clothing and self-expression. Lidora refuses to visit this world.
- Third world: Gunny secretly benefitting Avians
- Fourth world: Santo nurturing a hidden society of Aquans

Tianna Tengu the secretarybird, Wesli Winger the Ibis, Xebknywhiktofs the Tiny Phoenix, Clyde the Umbral, Qua the Duck, and Phail Yurr the Oddball are all eagerly working on their own projects. What are they doing?

All suggestions are canon.
No. 1041902 ID: 899c9f

Clyde is working on a glittering desert that bears rubies from the sand on planet 2. The wind can be deadly here, but the desert bears robust nocturnal lifeforms with hardened exteriors, like sand dragons.
No. 1041904 ID: 7c0da2

Phail Yurr decides it falls upon him to ensure world 2 has visions too. But he has no idea what they should be, so he is just parroting whatever he overhears Lidora saying, or whoever happens to be around if Lidora is not there.
And then he quickly becomes tired of doing that and decides he will just quickly put together a magical echo in some dramatic looking place to repeat divine messages for him and call it a day.
No. 1041906 ID: 629f2e

Tianna takes a great interest in the humans and felines of world 1. They're the first races to begin forming a lunar calendar. She offers her support in getting it accurate, helping develop their math skills.

This also brings to attention the fact that humans and felines, the two largest races on the first world, are both pretty-well integrated together. Feline/Human hybrids of various degrees are abundant. This is why Sphynx Cats exist on this world.
No. 1041927 ID: e5709d

Wesli is cultivating a strange species of fungus that causes hallucinations based on the memories of corpses it has grown on. She hopes to refine this process into a full-fledged sentient colony of fungal archivists.

You know, mushroom samba but the mushroom is what happens when a Toad marries a zergling.
No. 1042079 ID: 629f2e

Xebknywhiktofs is teaching the aquans on all worlds how to make fire underwater by creating air pockets, drying fuel in them, and then magnifying sunlight onto it.

Santo is neutral to his effects on the aquans he himself was nurturing.
No. 1042080 ID: e51896

Qua is eating bread when he is SUPPOSED to be making some rainforests.

Who gave him bread? how did bread even get invented this early on? WTF?
No. 1042111 ID: 8483cf
File 166173335530.png - (23.67KB , 500x500 , M1-13.png )

My attendants set about their tasks. Out of darkness comes the light of sentience, and from that, societies begin to form.

I strain to focus on the individual groups of mortals. I find that I can perceive neither individual mortals nor the flow as more than grains of sand within a raging river of creation, no matter how I try to fixate on each individual spark of life or moment in time.

This is troubling.

If I am to truly understand and perceive what I have created, I will need to use the forces of creation to manifest myself as something tangible.

The most obvious methods are to:

-Choose a Chosen One. I bless a mortal with great power and a connection the forces of creation, either light or dark. This connection is a beacon I may focus my attention on, but does not affect the mortal’s free will. At the same time, they may use the forces of creation for purposes I would not approve of.

-Manifest an Avatar. I imbue a physical form with my own will and tiny sliver of my consciousness. The portion of my consciousness returns to me when it wills to, or when I call it back. The Avatar and I are one and the same, and even if the Avatar should hold a differing opinion than my greater consciousness, it is the same as if I am conversing with my own internal conflicting opinions. The Avatar has access to my omniscience and omnipotence, though as it is only a small portion of myself, the effort to do so is inversely proportional to the amount of myself I invest in the Avatar. The Avatar may take any form, and may even change forms if given appropriate power.

- Create one or more Monolith. The Monolith is created from the forces of creation, both light and dark, and allows mortals within a certain proximity to commune with me directly. I can perceive what happens around the Monolith. I may choose who can commune with me. Greater Monoliths allow more mortals to commune with me at once and even allow miracles, but tend to cause strife among mortals, as they will covet it. A minor monolith may be as small as a simple mask that only allows one person to commune at a time, or allows me to take control of the mortal in question, should they pray for aid.

There are other ways for me to perceive and understand mortals, but these seem the most sensible and straightforward.

What should I do? Or should I trust my attendants to relay messages, and take a hands-off approach?

A majority vote for one of the three (or other) options will change the art style and tone of the quest, and significantly affect the world/s we choose to interact with.
No. 1042113 ID: 899c9f

Select a Chosen One to get a mortal's input on how things play out.
No. 1042115 ID: 894419

Trust me chosen ones can only go bad, its only a matter of time before you start getting absolutely deranged chosen ones, or cults around them. Go with an avatar, but try to build it as well as possible to blend in so you can observe better! Minimize theatrics! Invest only a small amount of your power in it to start, and increase it only if it proves necessary.
No. 1042129 ID: e5709d

Chosen Addiction Monolith Horse
Also known as...

Imbue holy effigies with divine energy, each contained by a combination of belief and science. By divine edict, no-one will be barred from touching the effigy. But you'll decide who is worthy of becoming a Chosen One.

Here's the catch:
The instant they first use their power, a Chosen One will develop an urge to surrender their power to another (or return it to a holy site). The urge will be little more than a nagging voice at first. Then a craving. Then a full-blown obsession. When they give it up, they are filled with an extreme sense of euphoria and become highly charismatic to those who would compliment their existence.

This means you may get some heroic lineages. Or not.
Also, you're not telling anyone, but while the effigies will kill anyone who removes them from their holy site, the holy sites themselves can be re-located if they are currently depleted. It's just that the mortals have to find a way to move a 4,294,967,296 ton slab of depleted uranium.
No. 1043430 ID: 8483cf
File 166285625682.png - (5.76KB , 500x500 , M1-14.png )

An Avatar is the most direct way to interact and understand my mortal creations.

Time to awaken..


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