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File 163201612342.png - (159.47KB , 1000x900 , p0.png )
1010951 No. 1010951 ID: eedbeb

This quest is a sequel to You Died (https://questden.org/wiki/You_Died) and takes place some months after You Lived.

If I update more than once a day smack me on the side of the head and tell me to get back to drawing Sal.
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No. 1013790 ID: 30b9f6

Screw getting to know GIA secrets, that's just gonna get them on your tail and they're generally trouble and willing to Do What It Takes, which means you have to be willing To Do The Same and that's just blech. Plus, any solution they'd offer it probably morally fraught, because of course.

Check out Body's magic instead. Maybe there's some way to, well, straight up un-vamp yourself in a reincarnated super-special person's magic? Then you could re-vamp yourself, if that's what you really want. Basically do a hard reset!

Honestly think that's your best bet at this point aside from embracing mortality. That or becoming insanely popular and rich, somehow, so you can afford to chomp on a lot of peeps. Maybe that's how the GIA thought they could harness you after this is all over - promise you a gubmint job and give you people to chomp?

Maybe biting Duck will do you some good. Probably comes at an outsize cost, though, like him taking you over more regularly or some bull.

Really, introducing other magic into one's veins seems like a general baddie as a vamp? You work on regular ol' soul juice! For all you know biting magic peeps of all kind must be like loading sugar into the gas tank, then piling on with grain alcohol, etc. Whatever makes you tick just starts chugging.
No. 1013807 ID: eedbeb
File 163546236848.png - (152.17KB , 1000x900 , p153.png )

>Interrogate Max

You'll get Body to show you her magic later. For now, you want answers.

A hearty thrum builds in your throat as you advance on Max, forcing the dog to awkwardly straddle the toilet. "I want to know what else you're hiding from me, Max. Is this all part of your plan, huh? Get me to do your dirty work and then take me out once it's done?"

"No, of course not."

"Oh, maybe since this is just a job you didn't feel bad about screwing me over. Well I was an idiot and thought you were my friends."
No. 1013808 ID: eedbeb
File 163546237894.png - (255.62KB , 1000x900 , p154.png )

"I'm sorry, we really didn't know about the werewolf soul thing. There's been so much going on that we didn't want to distract you with worrying about the future." Max pleads.

You wonder if sucking Duck could be a solution to your soul problem, but you don't voice the thought. Don't want to let Max off the hook too early.

"I want double, no, triple whatever you were going to pay me at the end of this. No more surprises either, tell me everything that the GIA is getting out of this."

"Okay, okay," Max takes a deep breath. It's the economy."

No. 1013809 ID: eedbeb
File 163546238737.png - (248.98KB , 1000x900 , p155.png )

"The birth rate dropped to practically nothing this year!" the dog shrieks. "We're in a recession thanks to Texas City #2's oil production being shut down by the chicken and other supply chain obstructions and we're having trouble with recruitment after the Lewis' started a disinformation campaign as revenge for killing their batshit daughter! And these three clowns—" Max gestures wildly at Body. "Keep following us everywhere!"

Body is still standing by the stall door, staring into space politely.

"Sorry to keep you from dinner." you say.

"Don't worry, I like ranting. Very nostalgic." she says.
No. 1013810 ID: 8f1f6b

Hey, Body, how do you manage to find the GIA wherever they go?
Oh, and you can show off your magic after dinner.
No. 1013813 ID: 96c896

...well, alright. So long as you're being compensated for their fuckup. Hell, maybe instead of a lump sum payment they can arrange for your needed three meals a day.
No. 1013831 ID: eedbeb
File 163547623953.png - (284.32KB , 1000x900 , p156.png )

You return to dinner, still pissed but resigned to your role in the GIA’s operations. Dom tries to relieve the tension by prattling on about various rich people things, like real estate investment and hedge fund managers and golf and owning a horse.

You’re glad when the check finally comes after Dom’s forced another order of tiramisu down Vlad’s throat, insisting that the bat needs more nourishment. Vlad admittedly seems to be enjoying the fancy food.

“I’m sure you need to get moving, but if you’re ever in Large Lakes again, let me know!” the lion says cheerfully as he slides away in the limousine.
No. 1013832 ID: eedbeb
File 163547624729.png - (298.95KB , 1000x900 , p157.png )

It’s cold and dark and you’re in a strange place. The bread from earlier is not agreeing with the sack of leather that is your stomach.

“So what next?” you ask.

“We are parting ways.” Rancid says, to your surprise. “My associates and I are not welcome in Providence. We will contact you once you’ve killed the vampire. I trust that you know your duty and you will have the locals’ help to guide your way.”

“That’s us.” Body says cheerfully. “Vlad and I can die to the vampire, though, so we might split at some point too.”
No. 1013834 ID: eedbeb
File 163547642899.png - (201.39KB , 1000x900 , p158.png )

The train pulls out of the station and starts chugging east. Team Nude regains their lost title and settles into the threadbare cabin. Body shows you a grainy picture of the vampire and gushes about one of her friends named Evelyn. You’re only half listening.

What kind of animal is the last vampire? How do you plan to find her? Also, yes you can ask Body to demonstrate her magic.
No. 1013835 ID: e51896

The last vampire is a MOSQUITO.
We'll find her by searching her up on a dating website and setting up a time an place for a date. Somewhere quiet and alone. That's where we'll get her.

Also, lets meet Body's other friends and see her weird magic.
No. 1013836 ID: afe7de

Oh fuck yes I love the idea of a Mosquito that you meet on a dating app, but it turns out they cafished you and are also a weird lizard fish thing like you are, also male. I imagine she pulled it off by using her besties powers to make herself look like a Mosquito cause she's shy and wants people to like her for whats on the inside (blood) not the outside (scales)

and Yes to body powers, gogogogogo
No. 1013838 ID: 91f68c


But the last vampire who catfished Derek using a fake female mosquito profile picture is literally a vampiric catfish
No. 1013840 ID: 96c896

Do we know that the last vampire needs to die? What is their behavior like?

I'm voting the species is a deer.
No. 1013842 ID: dfbac0

A Mosquito.
She's the oldest living vampire currently alive, that was a much more impressive title before the apocalypse came around and left little vampires left.
She has a cult around her that wakes her whenever she enters a trance. However the most recent sect of the cult decided to keep her in a display case. Needless to say she was pissed when she woke up. Also I guess everyone in her cult died right after? Must be a coincidence.
No. 1013843 ID: 076735

A disinformation campaign, huh? Did they call you torturers and assassins? OH WAIT.
No. 1013846 ID: 8f1f6b

Show us your soul, Body!
No. 1013854 ID: eedbeb
File 163553689577.png - (187.86KB , 1000x900 , p159.png )

“I think this vampire might be the first actually.” Body says thoughtfully.

“What?” you say, resurfacing in the conversation.

“Kibble told me the first vampire was a mosquito. She’s a mosquito, the math adds up.”

“Is she nice like Dominic?”

“Hmm, she definitely kills people but Saul says he’s seen her on the dating apps so she knows how to hold a conversation.”
No. 1013855 ID: eedbeb
File 163553690569.png - (178.39KB , 1000x900 , p160.png )

>Dating profile
“Can you make me a dating profile?” you ask. “Maybe we can match with her and arrange a date.”

“Oh, great idea!” Body snaps a photo of you and starts typing away. You lean over her shoulder and see that Body’s set your preferences to ‘100 years or older’. While Body hems and haws over the finer points of your online persona, you watch the subtle rise and of Vlad’s chest.

“There.” Body says proudly. “I’ll start swiping once we get within range and if we match I’ll give the phone to you to woo her.”
No. 1013856 ID: eedbeb
File 163553691448.png - (367.67KB , 1000x900 , p161.png )

The cat sighs and pats her stomach. “I’m going to rest now, unless you need something else.”

“Yeah, one more thing. Can you show me your magic?”

“Sure, give me a second.” Body scrunches her eyes closed and reaches a hand to the bed post. “For some reason I can’t see when I use my magic so I trip over things a lot.”

You wait for a new eye to bloom into view on Body’s face. Instead the room gets very very dark.
No. 1013857 ID: eedbeb
File 163553692395.png - (177.16KB , 1000x900 , p162.png )

White words shine at you from the sky.

You can’t come back.

And you say—

I know.

The light returns to normal. You feel off, like you did after leaving the plane.

“So what happened? Can you tell me? Kibble says she doesn’t notice anything and everyone else dodges the question.” Body asks hopefully, with her eyes still closed.

“No.” you say. “I’m sorry.”
No. 1013858 ID: eedbeb
File 163553693028.png - (193.00KB , 1000x900 , p163.png )

It’s the middle of the night when Body hands you her phone. Kibble’s gone for a walk out one of the train doors and Vlad is drowsing in a bundle of pillows and blankets on the bottom bunk.

The mosquito has already sent a few messages.

Theda: Why hello there handsome
Theda: Let’s meet at the quaint café downtown
Theda: Come alone and don’t try any set-ups

No. 1013860 ID: 84ebfd

No set-ups? Okay. Write back saying "okay, I'll let the waiter/waitress know not to set-up our table when I get there ;p"
No. 1013861 ID: 96c896

She probably knows who you are already. Well, this is a trial run to try negotiations. We don't really have a plan to kill her anyway, aside from grabbing Kibble in timefreeze to come envelop her. Though, I wonder if an attack from behind would work? If you're not aware of the threat, does time freeze?

Go alone, but tell the others you're doing so.

Derek, do you like women at all, or just men? Do you think Vlad is cute?
No. 1013873 ID: eedbeb
File 163555739092.png - (205.45KB , 1000x900 , p164.png )

You write back.

Derek: Hello attractive woman
Derek: Very sexy proboscis
Derek: I like not dying
Theda: Wow, we have so much in common!

No. No women. You are gay.
Vlad’s cute but a little too young for your taste.
>Sneak attack
You’re not sure whether that would work. You haven’t had a chance to experiment.

You keep trying to flirt.

Derek: lol
Derek: If I can’t have set-ups how am I supposed to set up this sick punchline ;p
Theda: Okay I am officially bored with this. See you tomorrow at 4:00 pm.

Theda sends you the address and you give Body her phone back.
No. 1013874 ID: eedbeb
File 163555739876.png - (259.47KB , 1000x900 , p165.png )

You snooze as the sun rises and falls past its peak and the train arrives at the Providence Central Station. Kibble takes out her mouth and opens a path through the crowd for you, Body, and Vlad.

“Looks like we have a couple hours before your date.” Body yawns. “Want to see some of the sights before then?”

Do you:
-Meet Vlad’s friends
-Meet Body’s friends
-Prep for mosquito swatting
No. 1013875 ID: 358a01

Meet an assortment of friends, idc whose friends tho
No. 1013877 ID: 96c896

...yeah that's not subtle, she's going to know Kibble is here, and you'll be spotted with her as well. Though, maybe that's a point in your favor since Kibble is trying to be a pacifist. There's no GIA agents here to influence you, either.

You have time to experiment now, so do that. Go somewhere private and have kibble lunge her mouth at you from behind with the intent to "swallow" you, see if that triggers your timefreeze. If it doesn't, then we know sneak attacks work. However, there's a counter play for this-- she could have a camera at the place you're meeting, and the video feed for it visible. Something akin to 360 degree vision.

Another way of potentially killing a vampire through direct combat would be an assault from all sides, so they can't escape by the time they feel threatened enough to timefreeze. Like, explosive devices planted on the walls, all set to go off at once. But we don't have access to that.
I guess there's another way of approaching the problem. Attacking without the threat of death. Cut/break fingers off, for instance.
No. 1013880 ID: 53560f

We can do multiple, we can prep by stopping at a gun store on the way to Body or Vlad’s friends. Never hurts to have another method of activating timestop at our disposal.
As for who we visit: let’s meet Vlad’s buddies.
No. 1013897 ID: 06594d

Operation arrange a super-duper get together meeting of all the friends is a go!
No. 1013908 ID: c62403

When we meet Vlad's friend, lets not just stop with his roomate and Jordan, but also meet his buddies at the werewolf anonymous meetings.
No. 1013922 ID: eedbeb
File 163561983715.png - (285.14KB , 1000x900 , p166.png )

“I want to meet everyone’s friends!” you say. “I bet they’re really cool if they’re pals with you guys.”

“Yeah! They’re very nice. Evelyn might be working and Saul is usually busy partying but I’ll send a message out and we’ll see who trickles in.” Body chirps.

It’s a nice day so Vlad picks a park not too far from your date as the meeting spot. “Chef, Jordan, and Daisy should be here soon, I already told them I’d be in town today.”

>Vlad’s friends
Chef is a tall goat with an immaculate sense of style, Daisy is a young golden retriever, and Jordan is a nervous frog. Vlad hugs all of them and asks how they’re doing.

“Uh, yeah, this is the vampire we met in Guojia.” Vlad says, gesturing to you.

“Hi, I’m Derek.” you say.

“Wow, Guojia! That’s so far, I’ve never even left the east coast.” Jordan says.
No. 1013923 ID: 0838d6

Talk about how you never actually left Gouja before, and are only really traveling because of this nonsense. Talk about farming too. Maybe they talk about history or something funny and you can mention you were physically there and they kinda geek out over it. I want wholesome friend times!!!!
No. 1013929 ID: 038850

Tell them of your childhood, your adventures and of Vlad defeating a grootslang?
No. 1013930 ID: eedbeb
File 163563008478.png - (262.46KB , 1000x900 , p167.png )

Vlad takes his friends aside one at a time, leaving you to chat with the other two. You tell Jordan about how you never traveled outside of Guojia for your whole life and now you’ve been to half of Canica. Daisy gives you the hot gossip about Vlad’s sordid past as a werewolf in exchange for tales of your life as Vlad’s #1 fan, and Chef asks about grub farming.

“When I was a kid our stock got an infection that nearly wiped out the whole squirm. My parents were struggling but they still got the money together for my education.” you explain.

>Body’s friends
“Hey sluts what’s up?” interrupts a strange, bald ape-like creature who bounds across the grass from the nearby parking lot. A tall cat and a shorter one with a large eye in his forehead follow after him.

“Hi Saul!” Body says. “Hi Evelyn! Cookie, I’m glad you could make it.”

She turns to you for introductions. “This is Evelyn, she’s a barista. Cookie was Jadis’ protégé and is starting magic school this year! Saul burst out of my chest because he grew out of Kibble’s Tim so in a way he’s our son.”
No. 1013931 ID: e51896

Saul looks like a man who knows about dating. Get some dating advice about how to impress Theda.
No. 1013932 ID: 0838d6

Have been too infatuated with him to have heard he's literally god though.
No. 1013942 ID: 587889

It is time.

...show off your magic eyes.
No. 1013944 ID: 96c896

Well I guess Saul isn't too young for you, technically, since he's... older than the planet. Of course you don't know that, which means you'd think he's actually very young.

Call him a youngin'!
No. 1013947 ID: 96c896

...oh god I figured out how to kill a vampire. Make them trip and fall. Like, put something slippery where they're going. Dump a bucket of oil/lube on them. Time freeze can't save you from yourself.
No. 1013951 ID: 15a025

Saul's probably just the guy to ask about some dating advice. If he likes the party, he's probably got all kinds of stories to share.
No. 1013953 ID: eedbeb
File 163565220063.png - (196.49KB , 1000x900 , p168.png )

You saunter forward to meet Saul, sly smile on your face. You’ll admit you’re a bit out of practice but at least Saul seems to be open to this sort of thing.

“What’s a beautiful young thing like you doing here?” you purr. “Don’t you know that there are dangerous monsters around?”

Saul immediately confers with Evelyn in a loud whisper.

“Evelyn I think that guy is flirting with me.”

“That’s good, Saul.”

“People never flirt with me.”

“That’s because they know you’re god, Saul.”
No. 1013954 ID: eedbeb
File 163565221317.png - (144.63KB , 1000x900 , p169.png )

Saul wipes his sweaty hands on his booty shorts and clears his throat and bats his lashes.

“Oh yes, it’s terrible, there are so many scary monsters in this town. Won’t someone tall and handsome and strong help me?”

“I am going to vomit, please be normal.” Vlad says. “Derek, Saul is part of an ancient, extremely powerful alien organism.”

“Yes Vlad, can’t I have fun for once in my life?” Saul sighs.
No. 1013955 ID: eedbeb
File 163565222111.png - (219.11KB , 1000x900 , p170.png )

“Can you give me some advice on my date with Theda? Body mentioned you knew of her.” you say normally.

“That woman’s smoking hot.” Saul sighs with great longing and despair. “I dunno. You trying to get laid?”

“Kill her, more like.”

Saul puts a loose hand around your waist and very carefully walks you away from the others. “Those might not be as different as you think. Vampires can kill vampires but it has to be intimate. Close range. You get me?”
No. 1013956 ID: 53280c

Wait, If a vampire killing a vampire involves getting intimate, wouldn't that mean we'd be killed as well since intimacy involves two vampires?

Realize the GIA may have just sent you on a suicide mission. Might want to ask Saul though just to make sure we won't die as well before jumping to conclusions.

Also mention you're gay and being intimate might be difficult, but tips would be appreciated.

Also, since Saul is pretty knowledgeable, ask if there is consequences for sucking the blood of an angel.
No. 1013957 ID: 3ed3c3

Is Saul implying that we'd have to drain Theda?
No. 1013958 ID: 96c896

I mean, we could timefreeze, spend 5 TP on pulling her in, then stab her. Can't timefreeze inside timefreeze.
No. 1013960 ID: 692592

Let us dance, learn about Saul's story, and tell him about Body's magical problem.
No. 1013963 ID: 8fc48a

What about distracting her while the rest of the team negotiates?
No. 1013966 ID: eedbeb
File 163569094639.png - (150.69KB , 1000x900 , p171.png )

“I have to have sex with her?”

“No no no, I mean you gotta make sure it’s hands on and you’re on the same page. Your vampire business can make weapons less effective.”

Saul gently pats you on the back. “You don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to.”

Time for the most important decision of the quest. You can’t change your mind once you’ve chosen:

A: Don’t show up to the date (GIA will not pay you, Providence will remain under Theda’s control, Kibble won’t let you suck Duck)
B: Go to the date with the intent to negotiate (GIA will not pay you, risk of your injury/death, you can suck the Duck)
C: Go to the date with the intent to kill (GIA will pay, risk of your injury/death, likely Theda’s injury/death, you can suck the Duck)
No. 1013967 ID: 3c4382

No. 1013969 ID: c92a02

No. 1013972 ID: c2067a

I know it's naive but... B.
No. 1013973 ID: afe7de

I’m on team B because well you are both vampires and you are going to die because of the whole soul thing, maybe you can come to an agreement and figure out a way to live? Or at least work together cause two people with time powers is way stronger then one and plus being bros with the non gia people is a win win
No. 1013975 ID: 076735

Team B as well.
No. 1013977 ID: 35458d

And if the country's economy gets destroyed and a great depression happens because we didn't kill her, who cares. not our country to worry about. It'll solve itself after a few years. The GIA had it coming.
No. 1013978 ID: 96c896

Well at least you'll get paid for the vampire you *did* kill.
No. 1013980 ID: eedbeb
File 163572041876.png - (169.83KB , 1000x900 , p172.png )

“Thanks for the tip, but I think I’ll try the pacifist approach.” you tell Saul.

“Sure man, no problem.”

You go back to the group and mingle with everyone. Meeting so many people is exciting and helps distract from your nerves.

It feels too soon when Body glances at her phone and gives you instructions on how to get to the café.

“We’ll stay right here and you can come back when you’re done.” she says soothingly.
No. 1013981 ID: eedbeb
File 163572042723.png - (242.48KB , 1000x900 , p173.png )

You stride out of the park and down the street. It’s strange to be alone in this foreign city, the buildings are too tall and block out the sun.

The café is empty, outside seating packed away. At first you think you’re in the wrong place, until you see Theda waving at you from inside.

The mosquito is wearing a sheer dress and fiddling with a handgun when you come in. The bell on the door jingles merrily but the inside of the building is similarly deserted.

“Hello Derek.” she says. “I’ve rigged the whole building with explosives, take a seat.”
No. 1013982 ID: 35458d

Discuss with her plans about how we can take down the evil GIA once and for all, without hurting any civilians of course. They are the reason why everyone including the monsters are fucked right now.
No. 1013983 ID: e1017c


Shes also a vampire, does she know a way to deal with your werewolf soul problem?
No. 1013984 ID: afe7de

Mention how that's probably for the best, precautions like that with the people you now have misgivings about are prudent.

Share what you know about the soul stuff and listen to any sort of arrangements she's interested in. You're here to negotiate. Also maybe be surprised she already knows about the soul stuff and find out that she's messing with the government and stuff here BECAUSE of that and that's her solution.

> Be offered to join the dark side that's really not that dark compared to the GIA
No. 1013986 ID: 53560f

Be ready for this to take a turn for the worse at any moment, just because we came to negotiate doesn’t mean she will be agreeable.
Sit down and introduce yourself.
No. 1013987 ID: 36f8fd

"Not the worst opener to a date I've seen, honestly."
No. 1013988 ID: 96c896

>explosives in the walls
Yeah that would work, wouldn't it. The gun is so she can shoot at herself to timefreeze if things go bad, and then once she's clear of the building she'll trigger the explosives, resulting in a trap you can't escape.
Ask her if that really works- firing a gun at yourself. The timefreeze happens quickly enough? It kinda seemed like there was a slight delay.

Anyway, tell her you come in peace, and frankly walking into a deathtrap isn't your idea of a good time. Is there any other way you two can talk?
No. 1013989 ID: 031458

You certainly know how to get a man fired up!
No. 1014000 ID: cf7ec3

If you have trouble flirting, just imagine that the real reason she wears a skirt is because no mere pants can conceal her *other* proboscis, and


Will turn out

No. 1014010 ID: eedbeb
File 163577961573.png - (235.67KB , 1000x900 , p174.png )

“You sure know how to make a guy feel welcome.” you say, pulling a metal chair to the little table. “What’s the gun for?”

“It’s useful for activating my time powers. What weapons do you have?”

You take out Rancid’s knife, a little embarrassed. “So, er, tell me about yourself. What do you like to do for fun?”

Theda sighs. “Must we keep pretending this is a date?”

“I just came to talk, I don’t want any trouble.” you say truthfully.
No. 1014012 ID: eedbeb
File 163578025550.png - (209.77KB , 1000x900 , p175.png )

“You were recruited by the GIA and Body Lewis’ band of misfits. You killed Gretchen.”

Gretchen must be the chicken’s name. “Yeah, but we spared Dominic!” you protest. “I don’t even like the GIA, they’re totally evil. I’m more worried about what’s going to happen to me after this is done, when the extra soul floating around runs out.”

Theda considers you with a critical eye. “I can respect an instinct for self-preservation, which is why I’m planning to kill you. Having another vampire in this city is too much to worry about.”

“I understand that, but I haven’t done anything to try to hurt you. I’m turning down the government’s money.” you plead.

The mosquito hesitates. Pick a topic to discuss to increase your chances of being let go (different topics have different probabilities attached):
-The GIA
-Vampire history (and your history)
-Team Nude
No. 1014013 ID: afe7de

Vampire history/ mortality I guess. Talking about your people and the old days is something you know a fair deal about so I feel it’s what you could be the most persuasive with
No. 1014014 ID: dfbac0

Talking about your past will make it pretty obvious you've never done this "killing" thing before and you just wanna go back to your humble life.
No. 1014016 ID: 30b9f6

Hrm. It's hardly enough to talk of only one topic. You could weave a thread.

>-Vampire history (and your history)
>Another vampire staying in this city is too much to worry about.
She doesn't have to worry about you staying. You're not a city boy, for one. Farmer born and raised. Sure, you like to visit, and you headed off to meet [vampire progenitor] when the cancer struck and got a taste for finery in [vampire progenitor's old city], but that was mainly so you didn't have to die painfully.

Vampire fragility being what it is, you figured your new unlife wouldn't last forever, but definitely longer than the cancer. Then you ended up just doing the things that felt were meaningful to you - farming, flirting, being a bon vivant. Getting stasis'd and buried in mud obviously extended your lifespan by quite a bit beyond the vampire norm, you think. Of course, you never had the opportunity to build up the kind of network she and Dominic did. To grow, well, as jaded as they might be? You're really no callous hired killer, despite what happened to Gretchen. That was a tough choice, but...

>-Team Nude
Body Lewis almost died in a car crash and saving her cost you the tip of your tail. Gretchen's death was if not unavoidable, then... unlikely afterwards, even though she was the first vampire you'd met since waking up. Not for your tail, but because she'd gone and tried to take out the more gently aligned of the group first - Team Nude doesn't seem very opposed to the monsters, just their current crop of tactics - an attitude with which you largely agree. Gretchen gave too little leeway in terms of seeming feasibility in holding her captive. How do you negotiate with someone so willing to strike at the softest targets first?

>-The GIA
It's certainly hard, but you don't exactly have a lot of soft targets left to hit beyond that self-preservation she so feared. Though, to be honest, the GIA can only push you so far and they've reached the end of their reach, considering how they've increasingly come across as cartoonishly bad, or cruelly amoral. You don't owe them, and they don't own you. They already screwed you for the post-soulglut period by feeding you werewolf blood. 'Whoops', as they said.

You think Theda really made them desperate with the whole crippling the economy thing. Mortal governance don't often manage to account well for long-term consequences, so whatever her plan was before you screwed with it, she appears to have done well on that end. Would she mind telling you what that plan was, or at least how far ahead in time it would have stretched?

She had to have known the GIA would pull out all the stops if they got to feeling that she threatened the core of their stability - if not their existence. Getting some country boy vamp from the sticks to do their dirty work is actually one of the less offensive plans you can envision. Sure, taking extreme means to get rid of a vampire could severely damage or shatter their public image, but you do have the impression they could get rid of her if they tried - and not through an uncertain asset like yours truly. You were just convenient, innocent and cheap.

So if she doesn't mind telling, what made opposing them worth the risks? ARE they worth it still, to carry on this whole deal?

Mind you, if it's all sunk cost by now, you'd like to leave and go very far from the eventual consequences of actions taken by either side. You'd honestly rather not join in some Mutually Assured Destruction scenario. If it could reach that level. Which you hope it doesn't? World seems to be having a tough enough time as-is.
No. 1014026 ID: eedbeb
File 163580243609.png - (196.57KB , 1000x900 , p176.png )

“Can I tell you about myself, at least?” you ask. Theda nods. “I’m from Guojia, I’m a farmer, I won’t even stay on this continent after this and I’ve never killed anyone before.”

You continue. “I was born in 494, out in the country. Uh, not sure how old you are but back in those days the last of the ruins were being used to build new cities.”

“Who was your sire?” Theda asks.

“He was a red panda, Albert something.”

“Oh I know that guy.” Theda says brightly. “I sired his sire, I think, when I passed through Oz. Gosh, I can’t even remember what year it was.”
No. 1014027 ID: eedbeb
File 163580244847.png - (241.68KB , 1000x900 , p177.png )

“You’re ancient then.” you say. “Body said you might be the first vampire.”

“That’s me. I was a blood witch for most of my mortal life before I messed up a spell and drained myself. Thought I was dead for sure but somehow I’ve kept kicking for half a millennium.”

“Wow, how did you survive for so long?”
Theda shrugs. “I’ve been dormant more than once. Since I had been a witch I could tell when I needed to feed to sustain my soul and I’m not as fragile as you guys so I made a nice crypt to come back to when I had to rest.”

You and Theda talk about her long life and your relatively short one. Her eyes light up when she recounts her travels across the world with her band of friends. It sounds similar to your experiences of the past few days.
No. 1014028 ID: eedbeb
File 163580245743.png - (259.30KB , 1000x900 , p178.png )

Finally, Theda sighs and checks her phone.

“Need to go?” you ask.

“Yes. It was nice to talk with you, Derek.” Theda says with a small smile. “But it’d be an awful waste to unwire all these explosives.”

The mosquito points the gun at her temple and the bullet buries itself in the opposite wall. You’re alone with the ringing of the gunshot in your ears.

The ceiling tile right above the door explodes outward as a package of nitroglycerine and TNT detonates. You flinch away and cover your head instinctively.

You have 14 TP. You need to escape the café.

-Walking anywhere within 20 meters takes 0.5 TP
-Using a small object takes 1 TP (anything you can pick up easily)
-Using a large object takes 3 TP (example: car, furniture)
-Interacting with a person takes 5 TP (unfreezing part of them, unfreezing all of them)
No. 1014029 ID: eedbeb
File 163580246644.png - (169.59KB , 1000x900 , p179.png )

To start, you look around the room to get an idea of how many explosives there were and where they are. The building is one story, with a wood frame and brick exterior. There’s a door behind the counter that goes to the back of the store and likely another exit. Metal tables and chairs are scattered around. You still have your knife.
No. 1014030 ID: afe7de

There are windows right? survey if any of the windows broke from the explosion in your immediate area because that's a thing that happens.

Also look out the front door you came in at, is it blocked, did it not get blasted open with the explosion itself?

That didn't SOUND malicious, but its quite possible it still was and now you're trapped so it's best to kind of SURVEY your situation proper.
No. 1014031 ID: 96c896

She's probably blocked the doors. Smash a window with a chair, removing as much glass as possible, and *carefully* climb through.
No. 1014032 ID: 0eeca4

Welp, time to scout possible exits.

I think we now have ample justification to kill her when we find her. Hopefully that message she received wasn't something we should worry about.
No. 1014045 ID: eedbeb
File 163581545622.png - (264.73KB , 1000x900 , p180.png )

You’re a bit stunned that Theda still set off the bombs after your civil conversation. She didn’t seem malicious, but maybe years of survival taught her to be ruthless.

It’ll be difficult, but your best hope is breaking out of the front window. You avert your eyes from the bright focal point of the nearest explosion, pick up the round metal table 3 TP, and slam it into the window 3 TP.

The blow rattles your bones and leaves a small crack in the glass. You strike again and the crack propagates across half the window 3 TP.

You managed to break the window in two tries! You hurriedly swing your leg over the sill, pushing through the floating glass shards 1 TP. With your remaining points you head back to the park.
No. 1014046 ID: 96c896

Alright message your friends that you managed to not die.
Give Theda a negative review on the dating site, saying she tried to kill you. Worst first date ever.
No. 1014047 ID: 53560f

Regroup with the gang, we need to figure out where she’s gone next.
No. 1014048 ID: c1f514

Better Call Saul.
No. 1014054 ID: afe7de

Regroup, probably mention how you're not gonna be with the GIA anymore, and won't have any money, but don't want to just be a gun pointed at magic things because you want to keep living as long as possible.

But then stop being mopey because you're not mopey, see if anyone else has some ideas of what to do, nothing was promised, plus you didnt even find out what she was doing, what was she doing and why did you have to kill her anyway, obvs she has access to a lot of explosives which means she either has MONEY or lots of influence.
No. 1014056 ID: e9d730

Whoever is possibly near the building outside, move them away from the building.
No. 1014057 ID: 96c896

Impossible. We used 10 TP to escape, leaving 4 left. Takes 5 TP to move someone.
No. 1014071 ID: eedbeb
File 163582382693.png - (256.94KB , 1000x900 , p181.png )

There’s a distant boom as you exit the time zone and stagger onto the clover lawns of the park. Hopefully no one was close enough to the café to be hurt. You have a few small cuts across your hands and face from the glass. One of your fingers isn’t working very well but otherwise you’re unharmed.

Everyone is still chatting and it looks like someone ordered sandwiches to share. Body drops her Reuben in alarm and runs to meet you.

“Derek! Are you alright?”

You’re shaking slightly from the adrenaline and you drop into a crouch on the ground.
No. 1014072 ID: eedbeb
File 163582383652.png - (334.50KB , 1000x900 , p182.png )

“I’m okay, she just tried to kill me.” you say.

“Ah, what a woman.” Saul says wistfully as he jogs to join Body, Kibble and Vlad following after him.

“What should we do now?” you ask. “Should I find her? What’s the GIA going to say?”

“She could be anywhere in the city at the drop of a bullet. I don’t think you’ll be able to track her down.” Saul says.

“Forget about the GIA.” Vlad says.

“But I won’t have the money to start my farm again.” You wipe your eyes.

“Hey, it’s okay, we’ll figure something out.” Body says.

“You don’t have to worry about fighting anymore, which means you can finally try to drain Duck.” Kibble offers.

What do you, if anything, before sucking Duck?
No. 1014073 ID: e51896


The song


Your people
No. 1014074 ID: afe7de

No. 1014075 ID: 2870a3

sing the song of your people
important addition

let all who hear it weep, for its notes as haunting as they are tragic
No. 1014077 ID: 0b9435

Strip off the tux. Join team naked. The tux was symbol of you working for the GIA, and we want nothing more to do with them.
No. 1014083 ID: 96c896

Tell Vlad he's cute even as a stickman, he can find somebody. Tell Kibble you're sorry you made her kill Gretchen. Tell Body she's cool.
Leave a bad review on the dating site and/or text Theda and tell her she's a jerkass for trying to blow you up.

Then make absolutely sure Duck can't brainwash you (or anyone else that's nearby) during the attempt to suck Duck to death. Can you prevent it from trying to break your fangs? Also, can you like, make sure it won't possess you from the inside? Drinking slowly might work for the latter case.
No. 1014087 ID: f1de74

We will likely still need to go after her at some point but for now, we have time to ourselves.
The GIA will understand that she's more tenacious than the others.
No. 1014089 ID: 177ffa

Derek has taught us the value of cooperation, hard work, and second chances.

Let us ask Saul if there is anyway we can send the little angel back home. Or at least make it so it isn't miserable anymore.
No. 1014090 ID: 9e473d

Do NOT do this. You look too good in that thing.
No. 1014096 ID: c92a02

Plant a new tree on the farm.
No. 1014107 ID: eedbeb
File 163589781951.png - (204.00KB , 1000x900 , p183.png )

The tears keep falling and you let them drip down your snout. You're not sad, really, it's just been a long journey.

"Thanks, all of you. For helping me get this far. Vlad, you're a great guy and I know I teased you a lot but I really liked getting to know you. Kibble, I appreciate you being patient with me, and Body, you're just incredibly cool."

Body perks up. "I haven't heard that before."

"Can I have your phone so I can report Theda on the dating site?" you ask. The cat obliges and you type out a scathing review. You don't unmatch though, it might be how you contact the mosquito in the future.

Once you're done, you sit back and undo the buttons on your jacket.
No. 1014108 ID: eedbeb
File 163589782879.png - (200.82KB , 1000x900 , p184.png )

"I'd like to sing the song of my people, but I don't want to bother Daisy." you say.

"She'll be fine, don't worry about it." Vlad insists.

You sing.

It's a song about planting an orchard, binding the young saplings upright and protecting them from heavy snow. In the spring the flowers are laden with bees and the fruit slowly ripens until they're ready for harvest. It's a song about the seasons, about making a home for something to grow. Everyone's eyes are a bit wet by the end.

Once you're done you turn to Kibble. "How should we do this?"
No. 1014109 ID: eedbeb
File 163589783892.png - (270.45KB , 1000x900 , p185.png )

"I'll try to get one of its feet out, that way it’s less risky." Kibble says. She furrows her brow and the mental voice of Duck becomes audible.

What is it now? Watch those teeth!

A small white leg pops out of Kibble's side. You hold the end with one hand and position yourself to sink your fangs into the rubbery flesh.

It's difficult to drink, with the consistency of cement, but the moment you manage to consume part of Duck, you feel your soul practically overflow.

You keel over, drunk on energy, leaving a fang embedded in the leg.

"That's some good stuff." you say.

"It should be, those little angels are about 10,000 souls worth." Saul yawns. "Are your teeth okay?"

"They grow back, it’s a defense mechanism." you say, staring up at the blue sky.
No. 1014110 ID: eedbeb
File 163589784543.png - (230.75KB , 1000x900 , p186.png )

You're not sure what will happen in the future, but at least you'll have a chance to see it.

Thanks for reading.
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