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File 162683068804.png - (139.40KB , 1000x900 , p0.png )
1006058 No. 1006058 ID: eedbeb

You can’t do anything about anything and you have to keep going.

This quest is a sequel to https://questden.org/wiki/You_Died Many of the characters from You Died will appear in You Lived, which should update at least once a day with a longer post.
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No. 1008495 ID: 8bd904

Maybe we dont have to go to Kibble in person, we sent Body to her. So maybe if we do a Kibble task, can we, like, have Body do a video call with Kibble and have us talk to her? it was mentioned Vlad doesnt want to go outside ever again after all...

or maybe just have Body tell Kibble to come over to our apartment,

or better yet, have Body tell her to come with us to the Invitation Jadis gave while we pretend to do a GIA task, but have it secretly be a Kibble task whem she comes over. Tell Body the negotiation between Jadis and GIA and things are looking better and would like to clear things up with her. If she shows up to see us, Let her know the situation and what Racid is planning with killing Jadis while we figure out her duck problem and about Daisy's father

Im not totally locked into any of these ideas, and want to see what other suggestors think
No. 1008496 ID: eedbeb

to clarify, you do have to go to kibble in person for her task. you are not meant to be able to do two tasks in one
No. 1008498 ID: 031458

Let's do Kibble, but let's see if we can't sneak to the meeting.
He knows where we'll be going, but he's a mind games kind of guy. If we keep our phone off, and use our sick figure powers to avoid detection, he won't be able to fuck with us.
If he calls us and we pick up the phone, or if he finds us or manages to communicate with us at all, he WILL hurt Chef.
Luckely, he's with the government. Not the mob. Chef won't be killed on principal.
No. 1008499 ID: e51896

Whatever we do, make sure we put on some clothing to hide our stick figure body to not freak out civilians on our way to our destination.
No. 1008500 ID: e51896

Anyway, I kinda wanna do the unpopular choice and do the GIA task to at least make sure Rachid don't try to kill Jadis, though that would make Kibble do her very bad thing. Really Rachid is the problem, not all members of the GIA itself.

Maybe having Body there with Kibble and having the GIA and Jadis work together to calm Kibble and duck might work if Kibble does the very bad thing.
No. 1008513 ID: e799e4

Why don't we ask Lori to keep tabs on Rancid so that we can work unimpeded?
No. 1008514 ID: e799e4

Why don't we ask Lori to keep tabs on Rancid so that we can work unimpeded?
No. 1008515 ID: e799e4

Why don't we ask Lori to keep tabs on Rancid so that we can work unimpeded?
No. 1008517 ID: e799e4

Why don't we ask Lori to keep tabs on Rancid so that we can work unimpeded?
No. 1008519 ID: e799e4

Why don't we ask Lori to keep tabs on Rancid so that we can work unimpeded?
No. 1008522 ID: 96c896

If Rancid's a problem, get him fired. Take Lori aside and tell her that Rancid spilled the beans about them trying to kill Jadis later even if the negotiations went well.

Or, yknow, we could ask Kibble to kill him. Or kill him ourselves. Stickman beats Werewolf for sure.

For Kibble, straight up tell her the GIA is winding her up on purpose. If she wants to go after the government that's her decision, but honestly you'd prefer it if she simply prevented the GIA from trying to kill Jadis tonight. She is, apparently, legitimately trying to do good, because she agreed to a bunch of supervision. If the GIA tries to kill her, she might go back on the deal, and we cannot risk Jadis failing. If she fails, anyone could take the power of the Recycler for their own ends.
No. 1008523 ID: 96c896

>Saul can spot the GIA person
Wait, this won't work. Saul has no powers. Cookie will have to do it. Unless Saul can still see spells and stuff?
No. 1008524 ID: e51896

Unless maybe Duck can help. If he can mind control or mind read, he can probably help Saul remember how to regain his powers if we ask Kibble's help...
No. 1008525 ID: 15a025

Let's go to Kibble. Try and at least put on a shirt or something to hide out stick figure body a bit.
No. 1008527 ID: eedbeb
File 162960392888.png - (151.42KB , 1000x900 , p137.png )

The human vessel stumbles away, and by the sound of it, falls down the stairs, while the GIA confer amongst themselves before moving for the door. Rancid gives you his usual blank stare and taps his phone to remind you to set the second meeting. You flip him off.

The raccoon shrugs. “Your funeral.”

“Oh come on!” you complain, addressing Lori in particular. “Can’t you stop him when he tries to dream stab me?”

Lori bites her lip and Max silently shakes his head at her. “Sorry Vlad. Rancid has clearance to do what he considers necessary.”

And you’re left in your empty apartment. You check your phone.

Body: Kibble is at her parents’ house, they’re very worried about her.
Body: I’m driving there
Body: She is sad in a way I don’t understand, please help.
Body: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

No. 1008528 ID: eedbeb
File 162960394497.png - (211.40KB , 1000x900 , p138.png )

You: I’m heading there now, hold on

You throw on your spare pants, having lost the other pair to Saul yesterday. With your familiar jacket covering your arms and chest, you head for the bus stop. It’ll take a while to get to Kibble’s neighborhood from the city, but you have to try.

On the first bus, you remember that Saul won’t be a good spotter because he can’t see spells. It’s a worrisome thought, and you resolve to warn Jadis.

The pain starts while you’re on the second bus, a lance of fire across your chest. You clutch your jacket and lean against your faded blue seat with a gasp. The pain doesn’t stop, and you start to feel a numbness in your fingers as you sink your claws into the fabric.

By the time you reach your stop, you can barely walk without some fresh agony searing your muscles. You’ve lost sensation in your right hand and Rancid is getting started on your left.

You stagger past rows of comfortable houses, snow swirling around your burning ears. One of your eyes goes fuzzy as you round the corner to Kibble’s house.

Body is sitting with the lean cat in the snow, patting her on the back while Kibble rocks back and forth. The zombie waves to you frantically and you use the last of your strength to fall at her feet.

“Vlad! Man, are you okay?” Body says.

“I-I’m fine.” you gasp. “How’s Kibble?”

“I don’t want to be alive anymore.” Kibble mutters.

You are an expert in this field. What do you say to Kibble to console her? Keep in mind what you’ve learned about her situation.
No. 1008529 ID: 96c896

How the hell is Rancid doing this without being asleep? Or did he knock himself out with a sedative?

>her situation
Uh, we know Jadis was kindof stringing her along about Duck, and not listening to her objections regarding unethical research. We know the GIA was attacking her and/or her family.

Tell her you've had thoughts like those too. Tell her you want to help her, because she deserves to be happy. Also that you probably know what's making her upset, but it might make her feel better to say it out loud, tell you all about it. You'll just lay here, and quietly listen while writhing in agony. Hey uh, does either of them know if you die in your sleep you die in real life?
No. 1008531 ID: fd4d13


Think it might help to show kibble that you've also got a fucked up spatial anomaly body?
No. 1008534 ID: 15a025

Let's try to relate with Kibble here and show off how our body is also kinda messed up now.
No. 1008535 ID: e51896

Kibble was worried about Jadis potentially going mad with power with those over saturation of souls, and also potentially hurting duck. We managed to fix that issue with the GIA, her mother, and Saul watching her, we need to let Kibble know this.

"Neither do I Kibble, like you said, I'm a clown, and clown live a miserable existence... with me, I lived as a werewolf half my life with no hope of a future, fear of every day I'd become a wolf and bite someone ruining their life, and no money to help me, people ripping me off, or robbing me, nobody to love me in my current form... and yet, I have to keep going, I have to keep living, because if I stop, I'll never find out if I'll ever get a win in life, and that win will be all the more satisfying after everything I went through...

"And If I can't ever be happy, then at least I have knowledge that despite my misery, I can at least help others or at least help make other people happy... Such as Helping my coworker in a tight spot at work when I didn't need to, helping the other clown give up revenge, getting her to take her Lycanthropy seriously by sacrificing my own potion to her, and helping Jadis progress in experimenting in finding a cure for Lycanthropy causing... my current appearance at a cost so she can help cure her sister... but I'm not a werewolf anymore..."

"And most importantly, I helped you... You told me you wanted to find a sure way that Jadis can be stopped before you can leave, and despite my miserable existence, my suffering, I somehow got the GIA, Jadis' mother, and Saul to watch over Jadis so she doesn't go mad with power with those souls or hurt anyone ever again like you were worrying, just for you... Duck will be safe now."

"And I came here to tell you this with the risk of Rancid, a GIA member who is like the only person in the organization still wanting to kill Jadis tonight, most likely probably terminates me too for helping you instead of helping him. Yet, I need to keep moving. I need to know my existence made some difference even if it's full of misery! Even yours! With the last bit of strength I have."


"Things are getting blurry..."
No. 1008542 ID: 96c896

...I wonder if that white werewolf from your dream can protect you from Rancid?

Also tell Body to contact Cookie to tell him Jadis will need his help tonight, to serve as Saul's eyes.
No. 1008543 ID: 53560f

Sit with her “Yeah, I can understand that feeling, maybe it’ll help to tell me about it. It has something to do with Duck right?”
No. 1008551 ID: eedbeb
File 162964987238.png - (108.50KB , 1000x900 , p139.png )

“D-do you want to talk about it?” you ask.

Kibble sighs. “I’m used to not talking.”

You give Kibble another moment to explain, but when she doesn’t you take it as permission to speak.

“F-first I wanted to tell you that Jadis is an asshole.”


“B-but, I don’t think she’s gone mad with power, at least with the Recycler. She’s letting her mom and Saul watch her now so she doesn’t fuck up. I managed to convince her that she needed help, and if I can change her mind I think you still have a chance to domesticate Duck.”

Kibble shrugs.
No. 1008552 ID: eedbeb
File 162964988862.png - (129.92KB , 1000x900 , p140.png )

You drag yourself into a kneeling position and unzip your coat to show Kibble your anomalous body. To her credit, Kibble doesn’t recoil or avert her eyes.

“I d-don’t know what it’s like to have your powers Kibble, but I got screwed up s-space distorted limbs last night. I might be stronger, but most of life isn’t fighting.” You shed your jacket and show her your shivering arms and chest. “I’ve lived in poverty for most of my adult life, every day is constant stress about whether I’ll have enough to survive and it feels like one more bad thing is the end of the world, but I’m still here.”

“This might be a mean thing to say since you’ve had a hard time, but I’m glad I’m not alone.” Kibble says with a small smile.

“Kibble.” Body puts her hand on the cat’s bony shoulder. “Let’s get away from Jadis for a while. We can travel, see the world. I bet Evelyn can come with us and show us all sorts of cool new things.”

“Once I’m sure everyone is safe.” Kibble says.

“G-great. That’s great.” you say with a shaky thumbs up. The snow is cold against your face.

You faint.
No. 1008553 ID: eedbeb
File 162964989797.png - (155.60KB , 1000x900 , p141.png )

The white werewolf is standing over you, growling at Rancid, who’s holding a scalpel with clear liquid dripping off the tip. The raccoon backs away into the depths of the dream world and you’re left in a featureless grey expanse.

You curl into a ball and the werewolf lies by your side, his flank warm and comforting against your back.

“You did well, rest now.” he says to you.

“No.” you croak. “I have to stop the GIA, I have to…”

Your vision flickers and you see the damage Rancid did to your soul. The wolf nudges you to make you stop staring.

You’ve successfully completed two Kibble tasks and the cat will no longer unleash her Tim into this dimension in desperation. You’re currently unconscious and will stay that way for some time as you recover from Rancid’s attack. By the time you wake up, Jadis will have finished her Recycler seal spell and the GIA will have done their VERY BAD THING.

The wolf can show you anyone’s POV or answer questions via clairvoyance powers while you wait.
No. 1008555 ID: e51896

How's Jordan? You kind of want to focus on a friend and not stress about anything anymore, plus she is someone who played the least amount of involvement in this situation. You helped her, and she is like, the only person who helped you through everything. You just want to wach someone who you think is living the normal life you wanted that you can live vicariously through.
No. 1008558 ID: a2048b

Yeah, lets see the chaos unfold through the eyes of someone who had nothing to do with this. Jordan.
No. 1008562 ID: afe7de

What if you watched someone completely unrelated to the situation, maybe like the town mayor or something. See how they’re handling this. That or pull a watchman use your Clairvoyance to tell some news reporter dude your story in the hopes that if you die and this gets covered up at least someone will know what happened. At least the world will know the truth about the situation.

Oh and yeah watch Jordan for a bit too. I wanna see frog friend again.
No. 1008564 ID: eedbeb
File 162966063309.png - (254.56KB , 1000x900 , p143.png )


You wonder how your frog friend is doing. There’s a blur and you’re looking at Jordan at her day job as a produce stocker at her local grocery store. Watching her stack melons and smile at passing shoppers helps you calm down.

“Jordan.” you croak.

She doesn’t show any sign of hearing you. You stay for a while in the clean shop but gradually grow restless. Who do you observe next?
No. 1008571 ID: 031458

Whatever is happening must finally have her attention.
No. 1008572 ID: 96c896

Did you manage to say anything about Saul not being able to see magic?

See what God's doing.
No. 1008573 ID: e799e4

How are Evelyn and Chef holding up?
What horror is the GIA planning?
No. 1008575 ID: 96c896

Oooh oooh spy on the person who stole your stuff. And also whoever currently has your stuff.
No. 1008578 ID: eedbeb
File 162966893206.png - (157.94KB , 1000x900 , p144.png )


“Hey girl.”

Margot turns around to smile at Jadis, who ducks in for a kiss.

The witch is in her normal body, even wearing clothes instead of human meat. She sighs and buries her face in her girlfriends shoulder.

“I’m tired.” Jadis admits.

“But you’re almost done, right?”

“Yeah.” Jadis heaves a long sigh. “Yeah, I hope so.”
No. 1008579 ID: eedbeb
File 162966893895.png - (49.71KB , 1000x900 , p145.png )


A vast stretch of space, a pale blob rotating around a blinding star. The nearby planets are being devoured from the outside in by white specks.

You hear singing in your head, an ethereal chorus of joy, of hunger being sated, of a machine with a quadrillion parts working in harmony.

She’s happy, and that’s all you want for her.
No. 1008580 ID: eedbeb
File 162966895049.png - (139.45KB , 1000x900 , p146.png )


On a whim, you switch views to the ground squirrel who took your computer. He has it hooked up to his desktop and from what you can tell he’s running a factory reset. Chef’s clothes are scattered on the floor.
No. 1008581 ID: eedbeb
File 162966895817.png - (153.98KB , 1000x900 , p147.png )


Chef is in a small, concrete cell. Your friend’s hair is greasy after two days in captivity. He’s glaring at Lori the squirrel, whose tails are twirling nervously behind her.

“We’ll let you out soon, I just need to blast, uh, someone.” she says.

“Is Vlad okay?” Chef asks.

“Er, your bloke seemed fine this morning and as far as I know he’s still alive.”

“That’s not at all reassuring.” Chef grumbles. Lori leaves and Chef stews in silence.

Who do you observe next?
No. 1008582 ID: e51896

I wanna save Daisy for last.

No. 1008585 ID: 96c896

I wanna spy on and thus distract Rancid at a crucial moment.
No. 1008587 ID: 031458

Gia Very Bad Operation Lead
No. 1008588 ID: f8fa51

Hmm. Rancid might be one of the few people we can actually interact with. Sure, let's try it.

Although this is risky. He's also one of the few people who might actually harm us while we're spying on him.
No. 1008590 ID: ce39da

Rancid, but you're not here to spy.

You're here for payback.

Your main body can't move, but that's fine; you have a semi-lucid wolf friend here.

And Rancid's already proven that one can take soul damage to severe levels.

Don't hold back like he did, though.
No. 1008595 ID: eedbeb
File 162968187189.png - (150.92KB , 1000x900 , p148.png )


“He is still here, but I will not bring you to him. You are too fragile, he’ll kill you.” the wolf says sadly.

“I need to delay him, or he’ll attack Jadis.” You try to get to your knees and crawl but the wolf steps in front of you.

“You should not challenge him, not today or for many days.” says the wolf. “He is more experienced than you in this space. The GIA had access to the Recycler and learned how to focus the monster effects early.”

Your body aches and you collapse on the ground.
No. 1008596 ID: eedbeb
File 162968189286.png - (183.25KB , 1000x900 , p149.png )


“Show me the GIA then. What are they planning?”

You’re in the artificial room in Jadis’ apartment. Mrs. Lewis is helping her daughter to her feet. The cat is sweaty and pale, clutching her chest in a familiar motion.

“What’s wrong? Is it the spell?” Mrs. Lewis asks sharply.

“No, it’s done. I just, it really hurts.”

Max has his magic eyes open. Saul notices too late.

“Hey! What are you doing?”

Several things happen at once.

Saul tackles Max to the ground and the door burst open to reveal Lori with a fourth tail lashing behind her and some sort of energy ball charging between her paws. Jadis shoves her mom away as Lori flings the concussive force towards her. You watch as it hurtles through the air.

The wolf stops the vision the moment before impact.
No. 1008597 ID: eedbeb
File 162968190284.png - (141.97KB , 1000x900 , p150.png )


You try to bring the dream back to Jadis, but instead the world spins and you arrive in some posh restaurant.

“Hold on, I’m getting a call.” Polly says.

Daisy, who’s sitting with her over the remains of fancy dinner, nods and takes out her own phone to text.

“Hi Mom, how’d it go?” Polly asks.

Daisy’s ears perk up when Polly stands, pushing her chair to the floor and rattling the table. “Oh God no. Oh my God. That’s horrible. Are you in danger too?”

The cat covers the phone. “I have to go. Family emergency.” she tells Daisy before running out of the building, leaving a confused waiter in her wake.

You feel Polly’s anguish, strong enough to overwhelm your already weak mental form.

“I’ll see you soon.” the wolf whispers. You feel him draw away as you fall into a dreamless sleep.
No. 1008598 ID: eedbeb
File 162968191733.png - (59.42KB , 1000x900 , p151.png )

Thanks for reading.
No. 1008603 ID: e51896

Thanks for another engaging quest, Tippler. Vlad was such a great character to follow.
No. 1008608 ID: 8483cf

Congrats on bringing this one home! Loved it!
No. 1008609 ID: afe7de

ya did good tippler, well done.
No. 1008618 ID: e799e4

It was a great adventure full of tension and throws of the die. Real fun!
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