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File 162408358338.png - (324.92KB , 1000x1000 , LFTitleCardPOV4.png )
1003639 No. 1003639 ID: 8483cf

Lazy Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/Lazy_Fairy

Previous Topic: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/994661.html#994661
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No. 1008417 ID: 53560f

have Landi summon the wind djinn we are going up a mountain and a safety net would be appreciated even if we don’t end up needing it.

-2TP Dotti and Landi group session: Charisma & social graces. (Maybe a bit overdue.)
-1TP Dotti: spiritual magic.
-1TP Raelynn: wild empathy.
-1TP Landi: contracting

Relationship: Dotti
Skill guess for Landi: spatial manipulation
No. 1008450 ID: e51896

Use a TP to work on Serah's confidence and lower stress by going to strip poker!
No. 1008461 ID: ae5bbf

Mainly want to get a start on these new skills, and see if anything nice happens from capping Strength considering it's mutagen affected. Also Serah being stronger than Jek might be funny.

Serah: +1 Strength (2TP), Improve Mutagens
Landi: +1 Contracting
Rae: +1 Blindsight.

Improve relationship with Dotti.

Serah skill guess: Knowledge of other magic disciplines? Landi: Fairy Godmothering or Navigation.
No. 1008464 ID: ae5bbf

Oh and go with the ice djinn. Ice is versatile, and might be handy up in the mountains.
No. 1008486 ID: c92a02

Try calling the ice djinn. We could use a disabler, and see if there's synergy with jotun abilities.
Finish studying mutagens. Sadly, no second skill for Serah, but this gives her more time to train stats!
New month, new HP training. Train Dotti's HP and spiritual magic, Landi's magic resilience, and Raelynn's blindsight. For the last few weeks, once we've gotten the basics down in stats, we should probably focus back on the strongest stats.
No. 1008488 ID: c92a02

Oh, and hang out with Landi.
No. 1008501 ID: 8483cf
File 162958479007.png - (124.28KB , 696x891 , LFT4_37.png )

If we’re going to be putting Dotti and Landi in front of Jek’s wife- a dragoness with a name like Terrorscale- I want to make sure they don’t get us into trouble. Serah agrees. She takes time to teach Dotti the basic niceties of polite society, and that dragon hoards, while shiny, are not to be touched under any circumstances.

Landi takes offense at the idea that she would need to be included in this discussion, and immediately disappears to “work” on summoning a Djinn. Neither Serah nor I are going to force the issue- if worst comes to worst, we can make Landi promise not to get drunk during the visit, and that should keep us out of harm’s way.

Dotti treats this all as if it’s very obvious, but when Jek mentions that Mai had a bit of a habit in her youth of eating adventurers who didn’t show proper respect, Dotti listens much more carefully. She’s obviously nervous about meeting Mai, and she even asks me to give her more training on how to survive if someone, for example, swipes at her with a set of dragon claws.

I take her on my morning runs. Dotti isn’t the most eager student of cardio, but all I have to do is make a few miniature dragon roars and she picks up the pace.

As we run, and as Dotti’s distracted behind me, panting and gasping, I shift my bangs aside and practice moving with the dim senses from my scarred, ruined eye instead of my good one.

Dotti has increased her HP by 1!
Dotti has made progress towards Charisma and Social Graces! [1/4]
Raelynn has improved her Blindsight by 1!

We’re getting further north this week, and it’s time to break in our cold-weather gear. Dotti absolutely loves her new coat, but she loves her new tail even more.

“You look happy,” I say, a brilliant observer as ever. Dotti nods happily.

I figure I should take advantage of her attention now that she can communicate, and that she’s not off causing chaos or begging for treats.

“Back at Ostdaltingen,” I say. “You spent hours and hours looking for someone named Petra. Who is she, really?”

Dotti stares at the ground for a minute. She picks up her sign and charcoal, writes a word, but falters. She looks up at me with her big, beady eyes and waves her arms, desperately trying to convey whatever it is she’s feeling.

“You can take your time,” I say. “I don’t mind waiting for you to pick the right words. Really.”

I pause for a moment, then put a hand on her shoulder.

Dotti sniffles and nods, obviously grateful. After a short minute of silence, she picks up her charcoal again.

[Petra fed me when I was starving. Petra hugged me and kept me warm. Petra was the nicest girl in the whole world. Petra saved my life, and then we were attacked. I need to know if I saved hers, or]

Dotti can’t finish the sentence.

“It’s okay,” I say. “I understand now.”

Dotti sniffles again.

I’m really not sure if I should hug her right now, but I do it anyway.

Raelynn’s relationship with Dotti has improved!
No. 1008505 ID: 8483cf
File 162958507319.png - (157.85KB , 412x678 , LFT4_38.png )

“All right ladies and gentle-lizards, hold on to your butts!” Landi declares. “Genice is one of my besties from college. She’s an Ice Djinn, so she should be able to use her powers around Serah without freezing her ‘cause of that awesome Jotund Juice. But, uh, don’t expect her to be a quick thinker. Her train of thought is more of a glacier. So whatever you do, do NOT ask her any questions AT ALL. You will be waiting all day for an answer.”

Dotti grabs her sign and writes:

[WOW! She’s even dumber than u? No wonder u like her!]

“Why did you teach her to write? Why? Why was that necessary?” Landi asks Serah.

“Dotti, remember what I told you about how to fit in in society?” Serah sighs.

Dotti gives a big, foxy grin.

“Whatever!” Landi says. She swirls midair, gathering dust around her, and calls out:

”Djinn of Ice! Looks real nice! Don’t you make me call you twice!”

“Is that actually how summon magic works?” Jek asks, mouth agape.

“Shh!” Serah shushes. Jek shushes up.

”Genice, I summon thee!”

A cold wind blows, and I can see my breath in the air. An icy blue haze appears in front of Landi, collecting, reflecting, crystallizing into a beautiful gem- then it shatters into a thousand pieces. In its place there’s a tiny Djinn just a little larger than Landi, and she is hyped.

“Landi! Oh my slosh how ARE YOU?!” The Ice Djinn launches herself through the air and glomps Landi tight. “I haven’t seen you in forever! Does this mean you’re a summoner now? Can you swear Oaths? I wanna hear you swear!”

“Yes, I’m a summoner. That’s how I summoned you,” Landi says with a mix of pride and dismay. “Wait… oaths. Shit! Oaths!” Landi slaps her forehead. “Please, girl! We both know Oaths are out of your league. I gotta save those for the big time power players! Once I remember how to swear ‘em…”

Genice doesn’t pay attention. She’s busy holding out a shard of ice like a mirror and checking herself out. “Look at me! I’m so pretty!”

“Of course you’re pretty. You picked this form,” Landi says.

“Oh yeah. I did!” Genice says. “My head is so big! That makes me smarter AND cuter. You should summon me all the time!”

Landi has improved her skill at Contracting by 1!

Landi’s hidden skill has been revealed: Oaths!

Genice can now be used on Landi’s turn in battle to freeze enemies in an area of effect and fire razor-sharp icicles. Outside of battle she can create bridges across still bodies of water and make your drinks icy cold! She’ll also help in other ways, but you will have to phrase your requests VERY carefully and clearly.

After a long week of stress, strain and swearing, Serah swaggers up to me proudly.

“I figured it out,” Serah says. “I did it! I balanced my proteins! I’m compatible with so many different mixes now!”

“I have no idea what that means,” I say, “But congratulations.”

“Thank you!” Serah says. “Once we get to the next trade hub, I can make you an even better mutagen than I could before, too! I have some spare Essence of Shade and some Felinid strains I can refine into Essence of Filicity. Stealth for one, agility and senses for the other. I bet you’ll like them!”

“Where did you get those?” I ask, curious.

“I’ve been spending some time with the a wizard in the caravan, and I’ve learned a lot! Alchemy is all about change- but I’ve been neglecting my observational skills. He cast a few spells and I made a distillation from them, and took the base essences. Now I think I can learn a lot from any magic caster we meet!”

Serah has completed Mutagens and Concoctions! [4/4]
Serah’s hidden skill has been revlealed: Alchemical Replication!

Serah can now improve her mutagens and create concoctions, which are mixes of mutagens that are not normally able to be combined, such as Jotund Juice and Lesser Dragon Armor. Serah can also create mutagens for Raelynn, but not concoctions.[/b]

Do you want to upgrade Serah’s Jotund Juice to improve cold resistance to Cold Immunity and improve her strength bonus and soft cap by 1, or combine her Jotund’s Might with Lesser Dragon Armor to grant her 2 points of armor that she can generate before each battle? The armor can dissolve into her skin when not in use. Or should she try a new mutagen, with a new essence as a base?

Raelynn can request a mutagen to do all kinds of crazy stuff. Does she want Serah to use the Essence of Shade, Essence of Felicity, or shop around at the next trade center to find something else?

No. 1008507 ID: 8483cf
File 162958512452.png - (47.17KB , 258x239 , LFT4_39.png )

Stats change from last week: Landi: Contracting +1; Dotti HP +1; Raelynn Blindsight +1
Skills change from last week: S Improved Mutagens & Concoctions 4/4; Dotti Charisma and Social Graces 1/4
Landi’s hidden stat has been revealed: OATHS! Oaths are solemn vows sworn between a summoner and a being of great power. As long as Landi keeps to the Oath she swears, she can access the level of power that the being chooses to grant her. Broken Oaths require penance depending on the being, ranging from none (easy forgiveness, as long as Oath is renewed) to difficult (Landi will be punished for breaking the Oath). Landi’s maximum number of Oaths are limited by many factors and are difficult to quantify.
Serah’s hidden stat has been revealed: Alchemical Replication! This stat reflects Serah’s ability to analyze magical and divine effects and create potions, mutagens and distillations. Higher levels allow more powerful spells to be replicated, including supernatural effects.


HP: 3
Strength: 5/6 (Jotund’s might increases strength and soft cap)
Toughness: 2/5
Dexterity: 2/4
Leadership: 2/4
Alchemical Replication: 0/3

Strength: 0/0
Mana Efficiency: 2/5
Dexterity: 1/10
Magical Resilience: 2/10
Contracting: 2/3
Oaths: 0/???

HP: 3
Strength: 2/4
Dexterity: 5/7
Wild Magic: 1/5
Wild Empathy: 2/5
Blindsight: 1/3

HP: 3
Strength: 1/2
Dexterity: 1/5
Fire Magic: 3/8
Mind Magic: 2/5
Illusion Magic: 1/5
Mana Efficiency: 2/4
Compassion: 1/1
Spiritual Magic: 0/2

HP: 5
Armor: 5
Strength: 5/7
Toughness: 7/8
Dexterity: 3/4
Magical Resilience: 1/1
Healing Magic: 3/5
Faith: 3/3


WEEK 6: This week, the party has FIVE TP. Serah is brimming with confidence and Landi is happy with her summonable friend, but Dotti is having nightmares and sleeping poorly. Serah is working hard on Landi’s new dress!

No. 1008508 ID: e51896

TP or not, whatever happens, lets have Landi take Serah for poker. i have a feeling Lots of good things are going to happen there.
No. 1008509 ID: c92a02

Serah: power up that Jotund juice! It's a free stat, and the sooner you re-tailor your clothing the better.
Spend time with Jekk and ask what Mai's like some more. It could improve his recollection. I can guess what Dotti's nightmares are about - try having her work on proper posture and clearing her mind.
Dotti: Grace and Dexterity, Serah: HP, Landi: get the first level of oaths.
No. 1008510 ID: ea9885

Go with the improved Jotund Juice. Mixing dragon and jotund might bring up bad memories. Maybe wait for Rae's mutagen, I think I'd prefer something more complementary to her abilities.

Nothing fancy here, want Serah taking full advantage of her mutagen and to see if hitting the cap does anything, and others training their new skills.

Serah: Train Strength (2TP)
Dotti: Charisma and Social Graces
Landi: Contracting
Rae: Blindsight.

Spend time with Jek, he doesn't need training as much as the others so I hope he's not feeling left out. Do something fun with Dotti to keep her mind off things, maybe pull her into the others' training?
No. 1008511 ID: 094652

-1TP +1 Toughness Serah
-1TP +1 Alchemical Replication Serah
-1TP +1 Blindsight Raelynn
-1TP +1 Dexterity Landi
-1TP Social Graces and Charms Dotti

Try a new mutagen using Genice's... fluids. Be extremely careful, this could cause brain damage; get a test subject.

Look for mutagen bases on the market. Focus on intelligence and charisma boosters.

Bond with Jek
No. 1008512 ID: 96c896

Don't forget to fix Landi's mutagen so she doesn't catch fire anymore.
Going full jotun on serah makes sense considering we're heading into cold monster territory.
I'm undecided on Raelynn's mutagen. Probably senses, so we have a dedicated spotter?

Raelynn: boost Blindsight
Raelynn: boost Wild Empathy
landi: boost contracting
landi: boost oaths
serah: boost toughness

We should really boost some of Dotti's magic skills in the last couple of weeks! Illusion magic is basically her only defensive stat, we should get at least one more point in that. I'd also like to boost her fire magic a bit to ensure she can do good damage. Though, I suppose mind controlling enemies would be extremely good too.
Also Landi NEEDS more mana efficiency since that's both an offensive and defensive stat for her. I wanted to get it to 5, but I guess 4 will be enough. I also wanted to learn her other spells so she'd have more than one thing to do in combat (right now I think she can summon the ice djinn, cast an armor spell, and... portals if we can figure out a way to use them. Defensively maybe, to redirect enemy projectiles?)
I'd like to get Raelynn's empathy to at least 3 so she can get an animal companion like she wanted.
No. 1008569 ID: 8483cf
File 162966219793.png - (110.92KB , 595x711 , LFT4_40.png )

I decide to involve Jek in the party’s training this week. He teaches Serah how to roll with punches and utilize armor more effectively, and helps teach Dotti manners with his Dad Knowledge. While we’re training, I also ask Jek about his wife.

Years ago, Mai made a name for herself by raiding treasure-filled galleons of Aragon-Castile. Unusually for a red dragon, she was comfortable over the open sea, and the risk of her fire breath was just too much for the ships to handle. She became incredibly wealthy over a very short period of time, before the King of Aragon-Castile was able to come up with an effective way to protect wood ships from a seafaring fire dragon.

The King sent adventurers to reclaim “his” gold, and the rest is history.

Apparently she’s a very pretty red dragoness, a devoted mother, and terrifying fighter. He remembers all of their courtship- apparently, it involved lots of thievery. Mai would steal artifacts of Tate Yempi until Jek was ordered to get them back, they’d fight, and Mai would “reluctantly” give the artifacts back. By the fourth time, the fights had gotten slightly, ah, less than lethal.

Dotti listens to the story eagerly. She’s obviously interested in how Mai became so wealthy and feared, but Jek stresses that a large reason Mai was able to hold onto her gold (and not get killed) was because of her diplomatic prowess and ability to play royalty against each other. Occasionally she would fight on the side of one King or Queen to gain experience, then declare her obligations satisfied and immediately open her lair to ambassadors for another round of tribute and treaties.

Dotti finally realizes she is not a dragon, but perhaps she can learn something from one.

Jek has helped Serah increase her Toughness by 1!
Rae’s relationship with Jek has improved!
Dotti has made progress towards Charisma & Social Graces! [2/4]

We arrive in Penzingard, the last major trade hub before we pass into the wild north. Serah leaps at the chance to use a proper alchemist’s lab.

Serah has improved the Party’s existing mutagens!
Jotund’s Might upgraded to Level 2: Improves cold resistance to Cold Immunity. Improves Strength stat bonus and soft cap increase from +1 to +2 each. User’s size is not changed from Level 1.
Dragon’s Might Upgraded to Level 2 (Landi Mutagen): Dragon’s fire is no longer painful and drains less dust. Improves boost to spell potency, dexterity boost, and magical resistance granted by dragon’s fire.

- New Mutagen: Winter’s Grasp: Grants cold immunity and armor, and can generate ice weapons and armor from body. Less effective in hot climates.
- New Mutagen: Acrobatic Archery: Improves Dex stat and soft cap by 1 each. Allows Raelynn to fire while moving and dodging, including backflips and tumbles.
- New Mutagen: Wraith’s Embrace: Can be activated to greatly increase stealth, reduce user’s mass, and allow some attacks to phase through user’s body.
- New Mutagen: Feline Grace: Improves dexterity stat and soft cap by 1 each. Improves reflexes to the point of halving damage from area of effect spells and weapons, improves damage in melee combat, makes user immune to fall damage, and grants perfect balance over unstable, narrow, or normally impassible terrain when not performing acrobatics.

Landi holds out a piece of paper, recites a few words in fae, and ignites it with a flare of dust.

“Genice! Hey, Genice!” Landi calls out.

The Ice Djinn materializes instantly. “Heya Landi! What’s up?”

“I need you to shoot me with your icicles.”

“What? Why?! That’s not very nice!”

“Just try it! I’ll be fine! I think!”

Genice hesitates, closes her eyes, and launches a single, tiny icicle at Landi. It passes through her harmlessly.

“FUCK YES!” Landi cheers. “I nailed that clause! I am now officially immune to bad things from my own summons!”

“Hooray?” Genice says. “Does that let you swear Oaths too?”

“No,” Landi says. “I need to pick a great Djinn, like the Spirit of Western Winds, to share their power with me, then get them interested in me, and offer to do stuff that makes them happy, like spreading plant seeds every day or something. Maybe I shouldn’t call Western Winds… I think she’s kinda pissed at me right now.”

“Oh! And now my spells can affect Serah and use less mana! And I remembered some, uh, iffy things I can do with Serah’s contract. But maybe I won’t tell her that.”

Landi has improved her contracting by 1! Allows her spells (such as portals) to affect Serah with less mana. Also allows Landi to tap Serah’s HP to restore Landi’s dust.
Landi has gained the ability to swear an Oath to a being of great power!

One night in Penzingard, Serah dresses up in a heart-themed outfit baring a truly incredible amount of cleavage. She takes Landi along for something called “Strip Poker.” I can make a fairly educated guess as to what it is.

When Serah and Landi get back the next morning, she’s wearing a much smaller denim-and-shirt getup that appears to be made for a man, and Serah’s twirling a pair of… underwear?

Again, I can make a fairly educated guess as to what happened.
No. 1008570 ID: 8483cf
File 162966225418.png - (67.19KB , 379x286 , LFT4_41.png )

Serah proudly produces some kind of net, which she calls a Dreamcatcher, and sets it by Dotti’s bed in the wagon.

Dotti can now sleep peacefully!

Finally, I grow more comfortable switching between my good and bad eyes. I can “see” clearly in the dark even through my bangs, and with a little more practice, I just might be able to see through more dense obstructions.

Raelynn has improved her Blindsight by 1!

Stats change from last week: Landi: Contracting +1; Landi: Oaths +1; Serah Toughness +1; Raelynn Blindsight +1
Skills change from last week: Dotti Charisma and Social Graces 2/4


HP: 3
Strength: 6/7 (Jotund’s Might Lv.2 increases strength and soft cap)
Toughness: 3/5
Dexterity: 2/4
Leadership: 2/4
Alchemical Replication: 0/3

Strength: 0/0
Mana Efficiency: 2/5
Dexterity: 1/10
Magical Resilience: 2/10
Contracting: 3/3
Oaths: 1/???

HP: 3
Strength: 2/4
Dexterity: 5/7
Wild Magic: 1/5
Wild Empathy: 2/5
Blindsight: 2/3

HP: 3
Strength: 1/2
Dexterity: 1/5
Fire Magic: 3/8
Mind Magic: 2/5
Illusion Magic: 1/5
Mana Efficiency: 2/4
Compassion: 1/1
Spiritual Magic: 0/2

HP: 5
Armor: 5
Strength: 5/7
Toughness: 7/8
Dexterity: 3/4
Magical Resilience: 1/1
Healing Magic: 3/5
Faith: 3/3


WEEK 7: This week, the party has SIX TP. Serah is beside herself with excitement and brimming with confidence, Dotti is sleeping soundly, and Landi is pondering what kinds of great elemental Djinn (or other powerful beings) might lend her some of their power. Serah has finished Landi’s new dress, and it is SO SPARKLY!

No. 1008577 ID: 96c896


Dotti: continue skill training
Dotti: boost illusion magic
Landi: boost mana efficiency
Serah: boost Leadership
Raelynn: boost wild empathy
Raelynn: boost blindsight

Mutagen for Raelynn: Feline Grace. It's just the coolest one I think, especially out of combat.

Oath choice: um, how about an earth djinn? Not many things that can stand up to a rock spike traveling at high speed, and geomancy is useful for altering the field of combat. There might be some issues using earth magic if we're fighting on a boat, but I figure we can prep for that scenario in other ways.

Improve relationship with Serah.
No. 1008589 ID: c92a02

Choose Feline Grace and get cool cat ears! Landi should contact a greater being of dragons. Get in her good graces by practicing your mighty dragon-ness!
Dotti's skill training continues.
Train Serah's HP in case Landi needs to make use of that... trick.
Landi: Train Mana Efficiency so you don't have to make use of that trick.
Raelynn: train Strength.
Dotti train mind magic.
No. 1008600 ID: 094652

-1TP +1 Alchemical Replication Serah
-1TP +1 Leadership Serah
-1TP +1 Wild Empathy Raelynn
-1TP +1 Blindsight Raelynn
-1TP +1 Magical Resilience Landi
-1TP +1 Fire Magic Dotti
Bond With Dotti
No. 1008605 ID: ea9885

Mainly some stuff to be better adventurers this week:

Serah: +1 Str (2TP)
Dotti: + 1 Illusion magic, train Charisma and Social Graces (need to do it this week and next week or we won't finish it)
Landi: +1 Magical Resilience
Raelynn: +1 Blindsight

Wraith's Embrace seems like it might have some interesting synergy with Blindsight. Bond with Landi, how does she like the new dress? Try an oath with an earth djinn: great for health, wealth, and rock powers.
No. 1008607 ID: ea9885

Oops since it's tied, will go for magical efficiency instead of resilience.
No. 1008636 ID: 8483cf
File 162977231944.png - (30.13KB , 373x289 , Dottiloaf2.png )

Before we depart Penzingard, Serah presents me with my requested Mutagen of Feline Grace. It lets me scout ahead in so many more conditions than I’d normally be able to, and since we’re on a mountain, I could even go cliff jumping with zero consequences. Theoretically. I put it on my list of things to work up to.

I look at the mutagen and raise my eyebrow. “Will give me cat ears?”

“No!” Serah says. “Um. Unless you want me to go back and add that feature? It’s an option.”

“That was a joke,” I say, deadpan.

“I didn’t know you could joke,” Serah smiles. “Careful, try not to do it too often, or you’re in danger of smiling.”

“Like this?” I bare my teeth.

“Close enough,” Serah snickers. “Rae, I like you when you’re trying.”

“Trying what?”

“To fit in.”

Is that what I’m doing? I didn’t know that… it does kind of feel nice.

Serah’s Leadership has increased by 1!

Raelynn now has Feline Grace Level 1! She takes half damage from AoE, is immune to fall damage, has perfect balance on unstable, narrow or otherwise impassible terrain, has improved melee damage (e.g. with her long dagger Samhain,) and has +1 Dex stat and soft cap.[/b]

This week, I decide to spend time with Dotti. She’s happy to tell me about her time in the woods, what magical animals like to eat and where they like to get scratches, which animals are nice to magic foxes, and which are total assholes.

Our conversation turns to her book, There Is Such a Thing as a Tesseract. At first, she was scared by the Thing and how much it reminded her of when she was attacked, but she just couldn’t stop reading. It’s taught her how to look for light- and there’s so much light to be found in people’s hearts. If we return to Minga soon, she wants to visit the library again for more books like this one.

Speaking of which, I was very impressed by Dotti’s illusion magic during Girls’ Night at the library, and that was just a static image with a noise damper. If she can improve that, she might even have the potential to keep the entire party safe when we pitch camp for the night, and provide warmth if she has the mana for it. I doubt she can do both for very long as she is, especially after combat.

What I’m most curious about, though, is if she can maintain the illusions even when distracted. If she gets good enough, perhaps she can even maintain her even when sleeping- and then we’d really have a leg up on anything trying to track us.

I ask Dotti to try a more ambitious illusion, making sure to compliment her as I do. She’s weak to flattery- she’s a lot like Landi in that regard. She happily pulls a veil over us and creates a perfect facsimile of the entire party fast asleep- twenty feet away. I focus on it with both eyes, and to my delight I can see it perfectly well, even the portions hidden behind another wagon.

I spot not-Dotti curled up in a fluffy loaf at the edge of “camp.” Just like last time, she’s projected herself as a single-tailed fox. I point it out to her. She gets flustered and drops the illusion in obvious embarrassment.

“Is that still how you see yourself?” I ask.

[I guess.] Dotti shrugs and points at her half-fox, half-human body. [I hate seeing myself like this. I look like a stupid mutt who messed up her shapeshifting spell.]

“For safety, you should practice projecting yourself as you are now,” I say. “I’m sure Genice can give you a nice mirror.”

[I really don’t want to. Can’t I just project myself as a person?]

“You certainly could,” I say. “But if we get into a fight, you’ll want to have a believable doppelganger, at least until you learn how to shapeshift into a person. Can you do that soon?”

Dotti takes a moment to think. She looks at her three tails, holds out her paw, and conjures a tiny ball of white-hot fire, eyes blazing red.

“Dotti!” I jump backwards, and Dotti realizes what it looks like. She douses her flame ashamedly.

[Sorry!!! I was testing my mana.]

“Next time, please warn me before you warm me.”

Dotti nods. She looks back at her tails and grimaces. She doesn’t answer my question about shapeshifting, and it’s obvious she doesn’t think she has enough power to make the jump to full personhood.

I wonder if she could transform back into a fox, though. Maybe. Maybe not. Is it worth asking? How would she take that question? I don’t know.

I decide not to take that risk.

Dotti has improved her Illusion Magic by 1!
Raelynn has improved her Wild Empathy by 1!
Raelynn has improved her Blindsight by 1!

No. 1008639 ID: 8483cf
File 162977390394.png - (319.34KB , 373x819 , LFT4_42.png )

Dotti has made progress towards Charisma and Social Graces! [3/4]

“Serah! Hey, Serah!” Landi calls out. “I think I found some awesome earth Djinn who might actually take me up on an Oath!”

“That’s great, Landi!” Serah says. “Who are they?”

“There’s Sierra, the Earth Djinn of Creation. We’re in her backyard, I think she’d notice me just ‘cause I’m close and can say hi, you know?” Landi says. “She’s kind of standoffish and doesn’t get out much. But she’s super reliable, and kind of nice once you get to know her.

“…and then there’s Salt,” Landi says nervously.

“Salt?” Serah asks, curious.

“Don’t say her name too loud!” Landi winces.

“People say that name all the time,” Serah says. “Why is this any different?”

“Intent to refer to her specifically matters,” Landi says. “And why do you think she’s so powerful?”

[Salt must be powerful because she makes my dinners so tasty!]

“I’m ignoring you!” Landi says, wiping out Salt’s name from Dotti’s sign. “And she’s not literally, you know, in charge of table seasonings. But she’s, like, got the metaphysical market cornered on that shit.”

“You seem afraid of her,” I say.

Landi shivers. “Yeah. You know all those stories about people being turned to pillars of… seasonings? That was her. Throwing it over your shoulder to prevent evil spirits from chasing you? That’s her work, too. Nobody wants to mess with her, not even the dead.”

“Duly noted,” Serah says. “So why are you thinking of swearing an oath to her?”

“She’s one of the most powerful earth Djinn. She’s not afraid of change- she loves it. She’s super active in the mortal world, so she’d definitely pick up the phone,” Landi says. “And she’s ambitious. Any chance she gets to expand her influence, she’ll take it. We’d just have to keep her happy. Not hard for a party girl like me, I guess.” Landi shivers.

Landi has improved her Mana Efficiency by 1 out of fear of disappointing a Great Djinn!

SIERRA: Calm, Collected Earth Djinn of Creation. Landi can call the earth upwards and harden it to create cover for the party. Higher favor allows her greater control over the earth and more impressive feats of construction. Sierra likes raising mountains, shaping valleys and creating beautiful views.

SALT: Ruthless, Ambitious Earth Djinn of Entropy. Landi can channel her power dissolve earth to create quicksand, and if Salt is happy with Landi, turn her enemies to dust. Can also solidify quicksand and loose earth around her victims- entropy works both ways. Salt likes interfering with the natural rate of change, both accelerating and decelerating. Is currently stronger than Sierra.

Stats change from last week: Landi: Mana Efficiency +1; Dotti: Illusion Magic +1; Serah: Leadership +1; Raelynn Blindsight +1; Raelynn Wild Empathy +1; Raelynn Dex +1 (Feline Grace)
Skills change from last week: Dotti Charisma and Social Graces 3/4
Rae’s Super-Stat has been revealed: SEERSIGHT! With enough practice, Rae can spot weak points in enemy armor at level 1, see magical energies to interrupt spellcasters mid-cast to cause spell backlash if timed well at level 2, gain limited precognition in combat at level 3, upgradable to improved precognition at level 4.


HP: 3
Strength: 6/7 (Jotund’s Might Lv.2 increases strength and soft cap)
Toughness: 3/5
Dexterity: 2/4
Leadership: 3/4
Alchemical Replication: 0/3

Strength: 0/0
Mana Efficiency: 3/5
Dexterity: 1/10
Magical Resilience: 2/10
Contracting: 3/3
Oaths: 1/???

HP: 3
Strength: 2/4
Dexterity: 6/8 (Feline’s Grace increases dex and soft cap)
Wild Magic: 1/5
Wild Empathy: 3/5
Blindsight: 3/3; Seersight 0/4 (Seersight requires 2 TP each level)

HP: 3
Strength: 1/2
Dexterity: 1/5
Fire Magic: 3/8
Mind Magic: 2/5
Illusion Magic: 2/5
Mana Efficiency: 2/4
Compassion: 1/1
Spiritual Magic: 0/2

HP: 5
Armor: 5
Strength: 5/7
Toughness: 7/8
Dexterity: 3/4
Magical Resilience: 1/1
Healing Magic: 3/5
Faith: 3/3


WEEK 8: This FINAL week before it gets dangerous, the party has SIX TP. Serah is coming into her own as a leader, Dotti is still sleeping soundly, and Landi LOVES her new sparkly dress so much she’s willing to show it off just a little.

No. 1008640 ID: 96c896

Super-stat?! Gosh, I wonder what the other party members' super-stats are... Well, maybe Raelynn is the only one that has one. I am eyeing alchemical replication and spiritual magic though. Well, maybe not spiritual magic, since it can't reach its true cap until Dotti has 9 tails. Or maybe a super-stat unlocked by Spiritual Magic would just have its cap based on how high Spiritual Magic is?

>earth djinn
Let's go with Salt. Shake things up a bit.
Dotti: finish skill training
Dotti: fire magic
Dotti: illusion magic
Landi: mana efficiency
Landi: magic resilience
Serah: alchemical replication

Improve relationship with Serah.
No. 1008645 ID: 094652

-2TP +1 Seersight Raelynn
-1TP *Charisma and Social Graces Dotti
-1TP +1 Oaths Landi
-1TP +1 Alchemical Replication Serah
-1TP +1 Healing Magic Jek

Bond with Jek
No. 1008648 ID: 53560f

alrighty, let’s finish final preparations before the trip gets dangerous.

Great Djinn: Salt
Offering: offer to spread her influence wherever we go.

-1TP Sarah: leadership
-1TP Raelynn: wild empathy
-1TP Landi: mana efficiency
-1TP Dotti: spirit magic
-1TP Dotti: mana efficiency
-1TP Dotti: charisma & social graces

Relationship: Landi
No. 1008651 ID: c92a02

All these flavors, and I'm choosing to be salty! Can she offer to be the devil on Serah's shoulder, inciting change? Serah's an alchemist, and her potions and mutagens are definitely a perversion of the natural order.
Get Seersight 1, train Serah's HP, train Raelynn's strength, and finish Dotti's training.
This week, instead of hanging out with a party member, why not meet your fellow caravaneers, like that wizard Serah's been practicing with? This may be the last time you see some of them.
No. 1008701 ID: 8483cf
File 162987237320.png - (145.35KB , 671x463 , LFT4_43.png )

At long last, we’ve arrived at Askabergen.

Askabergen is a small mountain range created by Sierra when she was in one of her better moods. The landscape is stunning, the peaks are shimmering, and the only thing keeping it from being a picturesque mountain community is the fact that harpies just love the place. That and the dragon that just moved in.

Dotti is making one final round through the caravan as we prepare to split off. She’s actually saying her farewells, and she seems genuinely sad to say goodbye. A part of me suspects it’s the easy access to treats she’s missing, but when she gets to a certain caravan guard, that thought gets banished instantly.

[Hi Ulrich! It’s been a long time since you tried to kick me out of the caravan in Minga, remember?]

Ulrich nods.

[You might never have trusted me, but I trusted you. Thank you for keeping us safe.]

“Wasn’t just me,” Ulrich says. “But you’re welcome. Now get the hell out of my caravan so I can miss you.”

Dotti smiles.

Dotti has learned Charisma and Social Graces![4/4]

The last week is a whirlwind of training, drilling and packing light. I make sure Dotti is ready mentally and magically for a fight, and she doesn’t disappoint. Serah tops off her field potions, and she learns a few extra tricks from the caravan’s wizard.

I don’t want to spend time with the caravan. I’ll probably never see them again. Not the wizard, the guards, the beefy squire and his bumbling knight, the diminuitive man in the aged cloak and-

Wait. Is he an elf?

I focus all my Sight at the man who hasn’t left his wagon all trip, and with all my practice, I can finally see what’s in front of me.

He’s an elf. And he’s ancient.

I let my pace fall so I can slide to the back of the caravan. My heart is pounding. He’s been hiding this whole time for a whole host of very good reasons- I can’t blow my one chance at this. I have to talk to him. I have to learn.

Fear flashes in my mind. I realize I have no idea how to do this. I’ve never seen an elf this old before. I don’t know how to show proper respect. I don’t know anything about how to connect with strangers, and for the first time in my life it’s driving me to grief.

Suddenly, Dotti is walking beside me.

She looks up at me, the to the cart. She sniffs the air once, twice, three times. She looks at me again, then at the wagon.

Without warning, she grabs my hand and tugs me to the back of the cart and gestures me to follow behind. She writes words on her sign.

[I really don’t want to say goodbye, but I have to go now. I never learned your name, but you had the best treats in the whole caravan. Rae never got to know you either, but if we ever meet again, I bet she’d like some treats too!]

She delicately drops her sign under the flap of the wagon like she’s delivering a letter. There’s a long silence.

“Beluar,” a tired voice says, the words thin as air.

The sign slides back through the slit. There’s a tiny map drawn on it in quick-fading ink, with a B in the center. I burn it into my memory before it disappears.

Dotti gives a curtsy and grabs my arm, dragging me back to Serah like the antisocial idiot I’ve been this entire trip.
No. 1008702 ID: 8483cf
File 162987239090.png - (116.22KB , 454x729 , LFT4_44.png )

Still reeling, I clear my head and guide our party clear of the caravan. Serah nods to Landi.

“Swear it now,” Serah says. “They’re far enough away to be safe if something goes wrong, but close enough to see us and come back if it does.”

“Okay,” Landi breathes. “Whoo. Okay, girl. You got this. You’re the best. Everyone wants a piece of this. Why not her too? Yeah. She’ll like you for sure. Definitely. Everything’s gonna be fine.”

We’re all quiet. Even Dotti isn’t messing with Landi.

“All right!” Landi says. “Stand back! I’m gonna do it!”

“I believe in you!” Serah says, while at the same time gesturing for the rest of us to clear away.

Landi’s glow doubles, then doubles again, and finally erupts into a conflagration of whitish-blue light. She’s burning her dust with her mutagen- and she’s pouring so much mana into her words that my teeth buzz.

Lady of Brine and Blood, I speak to thee! Earthly Conqueror of the Sea, I ask of thee! Djinn of Entropy, I call upon thee! I offer solemn service and beseech your power! Hear my voice and accept my Oath! SALT!

The earth shakes beneath us. Jek puts a hand to his spear warily. Dotti falls to the ground and clutches my leg, eyes wide. A young woman’s voice forces itself into our thoughts.


Hearing Salt’s voice, Landi’s fire burns even brighter.

I will force your will upon the spinning wheel of eternity! I will banish death and decay! I will corrode the incorruptible! In your name, I will change the nature of nature itself! This I swear!

The earth rumbles once more.


Landi’s flame falters, and she flutters to the ground, dust all but spent. A heavy weight disappears from all our shoulders- or perhaps the Earth’s pull itself has simply lessened.

“I did it,” Landi gasps. “I did it!”

“You did it!” Serah cheers. Jek slaps his holy symbol in delight, and I let out a sigh. Dotti, seeing Serah relax, lets go of my leg. I look down and see she’s clawed it.


Stats change from last week: Serah: Alchemical Replication +1; Dotti: Fire Magic +1; Dotti: Illusion Magic +1; Raelynn Seersight +1
Skills change from last week: Dotti: Charisma and Social Graces 4/4
Landi can now change earth to quicksand once per day! Additional powers will be gained as she pleases Salt.


HP: 3
Strength: 6/7 (Jotund’s Might Lv.2 increases strength and soft cap)
Toughness: 3/5
Dexterity: 2/4
Leadership: 3/4
Alchemical Replication: 1/3

Strength: 0/0
Mana Efficiency: 3/5
Dexterity: 1/10
Magical Resilience: 2/10
Contracting: 3/3
Oaths: 1/???

HP: 3
Strength: 2/4
Dexterity: 6/8 (Feline’s Grace increases dex and soft cap)
Wild Magic: 1/5
Wild Empathy: 3/5
Blindsight: 3/3; Seersight 1/4 (Seersight requires 2 TP each level)

HP: 3
Strength: 1/2
Dexterity: 1/5
Fire Magic: 4/8
Mind Magic: 2/5
Illusion Magic: 3/5
Mana Efficiency: 2/4
Compassion: 1/1
Spiritual Magic: 0/2

HP: 5
Armor: 5
Strength: 5/7
Toughness: 7/8
Dexterity: 3/4
Magical Resilience: 1/1
Healing Magic: 3/5
Faith: 3/3

Landi is out of dust for the day. Do you decide to push forward into the wooded foothills and risk an encounter, or take it easy your first day away from the caravan and be visible from the road, leaving you potentially vulnerable to bandits at night?
No. 1008704 ID: 96c896

Both options have risk.

Push forwards. We haven't gotten to the dangerous terrain yet, any encounters with wild animals should be easy. Landi should hide somewhere, like in a backpack or something, so that nothing can ambush her.
Oh wait, can't we use some of Jek's healing magic on her to restore dust? IIRC, her dust recovery does respond to healing potions, so it should respond to healing magic as well.
No. 1008707 ID: 094652

Press on. You can handle an early fight with one less party member, but you can't risk getting into an ambush on enemy turf.
No. 1008708 ID: e5817b

Push forward!
No. 1008739 ID: 1e2e78

Push on, don't want to worry about bandits.
No. 1009345 ID: 8483cf
File 163064744752.png - (106.98KB , 717x527 , LFT4_45.png )

“I’m very proud of you, Landi,” Serah says. “You look drained. That must have taken a lot out of you.”

“I’ll say,” Landi says, exhausted. Her wings droop, and her glow is dim and dull. “I’m gonna, like… just relax for a bit.”

“You can ride at the top of my backpack,” Serah says. “But first, let’s make sure you’re safe. Jek, can you heal her?”

Jek nods. He holds out a claw-tipped finger and taps Landi on the forehead.

“Whoa…” Landi sighs. A golden glimmer washes over her, and she melts into Serah’s backpack. “That’s the good shit…”

Jek has used one of three healing spells for the day. Each healing spell restores 2 HP, or restores Landi’s dust to full.

Landi is still exhausted and cannot cast spells, but she is fully shielded.


We make good time in the first few hours of our trip, and we’re almost halfway to the forest’s edge. We should arrive by nightfall.

It doesn’t take long to run into our first sign of wildlife. I spy movement in the treetops- a pair of Great Eagles taking flight. They reach heights so far above us that I almost lose them in the sunlight, even with my Seersight.

I fall back in our marching order and ask Jek if he remembers anything about exceptionally large eagles, and if he was ever attacked by them.

“We should be fine,” Jek says. “They always leave me and mine alone. The Great Eagles aren’t intelligent, but they do know what makes a good meal. Their diet is mostly fish and sea monsters from the nearby rivers and lakes- they won’t attack unless they spy something tender enough for their young, and about the right size to carry in their talons.”

“Tender and talon-sized…” Serah blinks. “What’s tender, and small enough for a Great Eagle to carry?”

Everyone looks at Dotti.

Dotti’s eyes go big. She looks terrified for a moment- but then she up at the sky, squints, and bares her teeth. The air grows hot around us.

“Jek!” Serah says. “You and I will circle around Dotti. Be ready for dive-bombings. Rae, do you think you can take them out with your bow if they come for us?”

“I can slow one down,” I say, “But even if I strike it in the heart, it’ll still have momentum, and the other one will be right behind it.”

The air around us grows hotter still. Fire crackles around Dotti’s paws, and her lips are pulled back in a furious snarl.

“We might be able to take them in a fight,” Serah says, wary of Dotti’s fire but still standing over her with a drawn warhammer. “But it would all be over quickly. What are our odds of making it out without injuries, Raelynn?”

“Without injuries? Low,” I say, scanning the sky. “We’d need to go all out with Dotti’s fire magic, and I’d need a very good shot. You’d need to burn an armor potion to protect Dotti- they look to be avoiding Jek. Even with Jek’s healing magic, I’d rather not have to deal with any injuries this early in the trip, Serah.”

“We don’t have to resort to violence,” Jek says. “This is an excellent opportunity for Dotti to practice her illusion magic and distract them. A few hard impacts with the ground may discourage them.”

“Or Dotti could run out of mana after an hour or two of such convincing, moving illusions,” Landi says from the backpack.

Dotti growls, but begrudgingly nods. She flares her fire magic again, eyes to the sky. She’s scared and angry, and it shows.

“Dotti, please,” Serah says nervously. “Put the fire out. We need to save your mana.”

Dotti looks up at Serah, and, though it obviously pains her to do it, she extinguishes her flames.

“We do not have to risk a fight,” Jek says. “There may be another way.”

“If we do bring one of them down,” I say, “We can extend our trip. There’s more than enough meat on the birds for a few days of meals. I can clean the carcass tonight and we can move out tomorrow easily enough.”

The anger goes out of Dotti’s eyes. She quickly pulls out her sign and charcoal.

[Serah, please make sure we have lots of food.]

“We have plenty of food for two weeks,” Serah says. “Don’t worry. Jek will remember how to get home.”

Jek nods. His faith is much stronger than mine.

Dotti looks up at the circling eagles and writes:

[I never want to starve again.]

Do we fight for food? Or do we try to get to the forest’s edge unscathed?
No. 1009346 ID: e51896

What about attmpting to tame one to become our animal companion? Having a bird companion, especially as strong as those fly high in the sky in search of danger up ahead that we cant see could be useful.
No. 1009354 ID: 12184e

Can Dotti just make herself appear larger and less portable? Or even actually larger, via her transformation magic or one of Serah’s potions. Whatever helps you avoid a pointless fight with eagles.
No. 1009404 ID: 10123b

Can Jek carry Dotti on his shoulders? The eagles are avoiding him, so... put her with him and that should make them think twice.
No. 1009448 ID: 8483cf
File 163079861195.png - (141.25KB , 796x623 , LFT4_46.png )

I briefly consider trying to lure the Eagles in to try and tame one, but they’re focused on Dotti, not me. I’d need to give them a reason to shift their focus- and I don’t have good enough bait, or anything to distract them other than arrows. It’s a good idea when I’m scouting on my own, but not when they’re stalking the party.

“We need to make sure the Great Eagles don’t even try to attack us,” Serah says. “Dotti, can you shapeshift yourself to be large enough not to carry? larger and more threatening?”

Dotti pauses. She looks down at herself, bites her lip, and shakes her head in frustration.

“It’s okay,” Serah says. “Illusions might be draining for the time it takes us to get to the forest. To save Dotti’s mana for a fight, we’ll go for Plan B. Jek, carry Dotti on your back. I’ll strap her in with your shield straps, so she’ll take the place of your backpack. I’ll carry your supplies for now.”

“A sound choice,” Jek says. He kneels on the ground and unbuckles his shield and backpack.

Dotti reluctantly climbs aboard the Jek Express, and Serah buckles the shield across her back, just in case the eagles decide a Fox Spirit meal is worth attacking Jek. To be doubly sure, Serah follows behind and keeps her Warhammer drawn, ready to swing.

It works perfectly. The Great Eagles circle, but don’t risk anything. We make it to the forest’s edge as dusk falls. Jek and I get to work making camp and dinner under the cover of trees, away from the Eagle’s eyes.

I forage for food and get lucky with greens. Landi falls asleep immediately after eating her fill of wild berries. The proteins are the less-preserved meat we’ve got left over from the caravan. We’ll eat well tonight, but soon we’ll have to move to jerky and salted provisions.

Dotti refuses to make eye contact for the whole meal. She’s staring at the food with a nervous expression.

“Dotti, what’s wrong?” Serah asks. “Eat up. You’ll need your strength tomorrow.”

Dotti pulls out her sign and starts writing angrily.

[I don’t want to be treated like prey. I don’t want to be a backpack. I’m cute and powerful! I know how to survive. I can fight, and I can hunt!]

“Fighting is not always the best option,” Jek says. “We are here to protect you- and everyone here.”

I nod. “That’s what I was hired to do, Dotti. I’m here to make sure everyone makes it back safely. You included.”

“I’m bound to protect you too, Dotti, You’re sworn to me, and by extension, House Kensington,” Serah says. “It’s not your fault that you looked like an eagle snack. You’re not as nimble as when you were a regular fox. It’s okay.”

Dotti looks down at herself, then back up at us.

[I can be a regular fox again. I won’t eat as much. I’ll be faster, and more nimble, and I’ll make sure I have my winter coat for cold. I can still use my magic, and I can hunt rabbits.]

“Are you sure?” Serah asks. “Can you change back? Can you still write?”

Dotti hesitates, then nods. [Yes. Changing back would be hard. But I can write words in the air with my magic, or make a fake sign.]

I take a moment to think. Would it be more useful to have Dotti as a humanoid, or a fox?
No. 1009455 ID: e51896

Keep Dotti humanoid. She wants to be human, so it's best to respect her wishes by not having her become a fox again.

Plus dotti did say it will be difficult to become humanoid again after becoming a fox, which will also force dotti to take a step back from her dream to become human.

Keeping her humanoid will also help her practice getting used to having a human body and becoming human with human behavior. Turning back to a fox might revert her back to her animalistic instincts.
No. 1009456 ID: 31348d

Hmm. As a fox she would certainly be harder to hit and could hunt better, but would she be as durable in a fight? She wouldn't be able to help with anything that requires hands, which is certainly a lot of things. We're not taking the climbing path which means she won't need hands to climb, but even if we were I suppose she could be carried.
It's kindof a wash if you ask me. She can choose whichever.

>using illusionary signs to talk
What about illusionary speech instead?
No. 1009458 ID: b0e140

Keep her as she is now.
No. 1009478 ID: c92a02

Let Dotti chase her dreams of being human. She can write better this way. Being frail and vulnerable is only a temporary state that all young humans go through! At least, that's what we keep telling ourselves.
No. 1009490 ID: 8483cf
File 163081864880.png - (233.17KB , 990x990 , LFT4_47.png )

Serah is looking at me. She must want tactical advice.

I shrug. “I’m ambivalent. If it keeps Dotti from getting hurt, she can change into a regular fox. But I can always use an extra hand making and breaking camp. I presume it’s rather difficult for a fox to pack a backpack.”

“Jek?” Serah asks. “Would you rather have Dotti as a fox, if it means not having to worry about her as much?”

“I have spent my entire life protecting others.” Jek straightens his shoulders. “The blessings of Tate Yempi will be upon her, whichever form she takes.”

“It’s up to you, Dotti,” Serah says. “If you want to go back to being a fox, I won’t stop you. But I will say that a large part of being human is accepting your weaknesses, learning from them, and growing stronger with help from your friends.”

Dotti looks down at the ground.

[I want to stay like this. Even if it means being weak. If all humans have to go through this, then I want to go through it too.]

Serah gives her an affectionate rub on the head. Dotti smiles.

“Very moving,” I say, “But I just thought of something. Dotti, in combat, you’ll need to communicate to us. Writing won’t work. Barks and fox noises are good for if you’re in trouble, but if you need to shout a warning, that won’t cut it.”

Dotti bites her lip.

“You mentioned that you can make signs out of thin air with your illusion magic,” I say. “Can you make yourself a fake voice, too?”

Dotti puts a paw to her throat.

[Yes. I guess. But I have no idea what I sound like.]

“You can sound like anything you want,” Jek says. “You can be a young girl, and old woman, even a burly man if you want. Just as long as you keep it consistent.”

“You could pick a familiar voice, to make it easier to use if you’re stressed and can’t take the time to remember what it sounds like,” Serah suggests.

“Make sure it’s different than our voices, so we know it’s you,” I add.

Dotti spends a minute thinking. She writes a few words on her paper.

[I know who I want to sound like.

She closes her eyes, and a voice wells up from within. Without moving her lips, she speaks.

“I know this voice best.”

It’s a young woman’s voice. The words are soft and kind, but unhesitating and full of confidence. It’s voice of a girl determined to make things right.

Suddenly, Dotti’s magic wells up inside her, and she barely restrains it. I doubt Serah or Jek noticed, but I catch a glimpse of memory with my Seersight. It’s a moment frozen in time like perfect crystal. When I shine my attention on it, the memory catches everything good about the world and warms me from head to toe.

It’s breathtaking.

“That’s a beautiful voice, Dotti,” Serah says. “You can practice more, if you want.”

“Okay.” Dotti opens her eyes. She looks around at us. “What do you want to hear?”
No. 1009491 ID: c92a02

The elements of the periodic table, in order, followed by all the famous battles from Marathon to Waterloo, and topped off with a recital of the navy seals copypasta.
No. 1009494 ID: 86aaf2

Can you sing? Maybe say a poem? Perhaps try some tongue twisters? Maybe say some famous quotes, or pieces of famous speeches? Or some common proverbs?
No. 1009496 ID: 094652

Dotti: Tell Petra's story.
No. 1009506 ID: e51896

Ask what Dotti would think about being a book author as a hobby. She is pretty good at writing, and loves to read. Maybe tell her that everyone will like what she writes if she makes a novel for people to read in the future. Ideas could be a story of our adventures, or of her life. Having a hobby like writing stories during our adventure could keep her busy when we're not fighting.

I wouldnt bring up that woman in Dotti's vision since it might make her sad, but maybe we can ask her some advice on getting an animal companion considering she used to be a fox, seeing that the woman and Dotti seemed to have been companions.
No. 1009519 ID: 8483cf
File 163087327782.png - (333.16KB , 1096x857 , LFT4_48.png )

“You could tell us about the books you’ve been reading,” Serah suggests. “You liked There Is Such a Thing as a Tesseract. What did you think about about Aesop’s Fables?

“I like the fables,” Dotti ‘says’, “But he doesn’t know a thing about foxes. Why does he assume we all like grapes, and that we’re huge flatterers? At least he knows we like to eat chickens. And why are tortoises racing hares? Tortoises never race unless they have to.”

“I don’t think Aesop knew very many foxes,” Jek smiles.

“Are you saying all those stories are based on ideas humans have about foxes that are maybe only a little bit true?” Dotti frowns.

“Yes. They’re called stereotypes,” Serah says.

“Well, that’s stupid.”

“It’s not that much different than how you thought about humans a few months ago,” Jek points out.

Dotti rolls her eyes. “Yeah, well, whatever.”

“You’re starting to sound like Landi,” Serah jokes.

“Ew!” Dotti opens her mouth and gags. “Well … Serah, if you want to know about what foxes are actually like, I have some foxy wisdom for you. Very rare. Very special.”

I’m a little skeptical, but listen a little more closely.

“A chicken in the mouth is worth two in the coop, unless you figure out how to sneak inside the coop.”

“Makes sense,” Serah says.

Dotti puffs out her chest proudly. “The early bird gets the worm, but the early fox gets the bird!”

“Does all fox wisdom have to do with food?” I ask, deadpan.

Dotti growls at me. “Food is very important! You’re so skinny, I hoped you would understand.”

“I’m not skinny. I’m lithe.”

“Does fox wisdom have anything to say about compassion?” Serah asks.

“Yes!” Dotti says. “Nice foxes eat last.”

“I walked right into that one,” Serah sighs. “What else did you learn from fox, uh… society?”

“I had a skulk for a bit,” Dotti ponders, “But food got scarce, and we split up. I never saw them again. But I did learn a lot from foxes when I was on the other side.”

Serah leans in, curious. “On the other side?”

“Yeah. When I was dead,” Dotti says, as if it was obvious. “Being dead wasn’t that exciting. Not many spirits had much to say. But there were a few foxes who stuck around before passing on. They usually had advice for me. Human spirits were a lot…” she pauses, looking for the right words. “Heavier. Humans were like giant boats passing through, and I couldn’t get near them without getting capsized. I was smaller. Nimble. Harder to catch.”

“What did the other foxes have to say?”

“There was one who had a story a lot like mine,” Dotti says. “He said he was tamed by a boy. A prince, even.”

“A little prince?” Serah purses her lip, racking her brain for something she can’t quite put her finger on.

Dotti nods. “He told me I was smart to try and tame a human. One only understands the things that one tames, he said. Humans have forgotten how to understand anything. They buy things already made for them at shops. But there is no shop anywhere where one can buy friendship, and so humans have no friends any more. So if you want a friend, you have to tame one. He was sad when the little prince left, but he always remembered the color of his golden hair whenever he saw fields of wheat.”

“How wonderful,” Jek says. “But who was the human you tamed? Was it the girl you were looking for whenever we stopped in cities and towns?”

“Yes.” Dotti pauses. She wrings her paws. “Her name was- is- Petra. We were best friends, and… I died protecting her. I need to find her to know if I succeeded, or if something horrible happened to her.”

“You came back just for her?” Serah asks, hand to her mouth.

Dotti nods. “I won’t cross over to the other side until I see her again. I can’t.”

“We will protect you. I promise,” Serah says. “Dotti, this is incredible. I wish you’d told me sooner.”

Dotti sniffles slightly. “It’s hard to talk about. But it’s getting easier. Just a little.”

“This would make a wonderful story,” Jek says.

“A story…” Serah snaps her fingers. “Dotti, you could write letters to all the mayors from here to the sea describing what happened, and asking if there’s anyone they know who recognizes it. I’ll stamp the letters with my seal, and that will guarantee a response. Dotti, we can do it. It’ll take work, but we can find her.”

Dotti hugs Serah tight. “Thank you. Thank you, thank you!”

I wonder what kind of response Serah’s father will have to this letter campaign, but I keep my thoughts to myself for now.

Is there anything I want to ask from Dotti, Serah or Jek before I take first watch?

This is the last post before the group advances up the mountain and faces combat.
No. 1009524 ID: 094652

Ask Dotti and Serah if they can work on Testing Magic - create a magical construct that obeys the laws of biology, and then magic the @#$% out of it with mutagens and see how long it takes before they stop breathing. Or have lungs in general.
No. 1009530 ID: e51896

Rae can probably use her time during the night watch looking for an animal companion before facing combat.

Maybe to get more information about taming animals, debate with Dotti the implications friendships can have on a animal one is trying to tame, since you're not looking for a pet, but an animal you can order to help the team. Mention you believe being friends with an animal you're trying to tame will only soften them up and not make them strong. You don't really understand how taming and friendship can go hand in hand.

Hopefully Rae will learn something when she tries to tame an animal tonight. this is her last chance to tame an animal before we go into combat after all
No. 1009621 ID: 8483cf
File 163096500405.png - (96.59KB , 1566x448 , LFT4_49.png )

I spend the time on first watch scanning for wildlife and creatures at the edge of the forest. I climb to the top of the closest trees- my new mutagen helps me balance perfectly, even on the branches. It’s quite useful.

After an hour of watching, I know I’m not alone. I can barely make it out, it’s so difficult to see- my Seersight is straining to pick it out from such a distance. But I can discern it, just barely.

A large corvidae with silver-tipped feathers perched on a tree miles away stares back. Contemplating. Knowing.

Then it’s gone.


Serah’s Bombs
1x Glue
1x “Sticky” Earth Shrapnel bomb that sticks to target
1x Solvent
1x Fire
1x Flashbang
1x Smoke

Serah’s Potions
3x Healing
2x Mage Armor
2x Strength
1x Invisibility (Failed)

Serah’s Elixirs
2x Healing
2x Mage Armor
2x Strength

1x Coating of Flame

2x Magic Missile

Landi’s Spell List
- Inventory: Can hold up to 87 lb./ 39.4 kg.
- Calamitous Cacophony: A blinding display of glowyness. Can also deafen for extra dust cost.
- Portal: Tunnel through space-time to a location within 50 feet. Visibility or reasonable assumption of distance required; accuracy reduced if not able to see target. Currently limited to nonmagical, inanimate objects. Alchemical products are considered nonmagical. Portal entrances and exits cannot terminate within objects or creatures, but can open and close in midair.
- Godmother’s Blessing: Increases defense of armor based on amount of dust used.
- Godmother’s Makeover: Transforms outfit of one willing target into something more stylish. Duration depends on dust used.

Landi’s Bombs
1x “Sticky” Earth Shrapnel
1x Glue
1x Smoke

Landi’s Potions
2x Healing

Landi’s Elixirs
1x Healing

- Elven Shortbow, nonmagical
- Camouflage Spell
- Elven Rope, magical
- Quick-Draw Quiver, nonmagical
- Samhain (heirloom; magical; long dagger; half of paired set)
- Antidote and First Aid Kit (Stabilization only; works at 0 HP)
- Flint
- Provisions and Water Cleansing Pellets
- Animal Treats (Wrapped in scent-proof liner)
- Uncanny ability to mimic animal noises
- Feline’s Grace Mutagen: Perfect Balance, ½ damage from AoE, and deals increased melee damage
- Seersight Lv.1: identifies weak points, allowing extra damage to armored targets and instant kill chances on unarmored targets.

- Fire Magic: Large Aoe with moderate damage, or single-target for high damage
- Mind Magic: Charm on eye contact, stun on break.
- Illusion Magic: Odds of seeing through illusions increase as target gets closer.
- Novice pickpocket (only works on the overly trusting; bonus to stealing jerky treats)
- Can throw bombs with no chance of dropping them at her feet

-Healing Spells: restore 2 HP per cast on others; 3 HP on self
- Can pray for divine intervention in times of need. Effects increase with target’s and caster’s faith. Effects can range from increasing stats, to granting armor, to stabilization at brink of death, and healing diseases or neutralizing potions.
- Can throw enchanted spear at distant targets and call spear back, dragging them to him if hit successfully.
- Shield can blind attackers with reflected light.


We break camp and prepare to pass through the forest up to the mountains. We’ve decided to take the route climbable by foot, with no sheer cliffsides. It’s safer in the sense that we won’t have to risk climbing, but riskier because it’s well-traveled by the local beasts and magical creatures in the area. I wonder if Mai Terrorscale came here because of that, or if it’s Mai herself who draws the creatures here.

I scout ahead and quickly find our first dilemma. In order to ascend the mountain, we’ll need to cross a river. There are only two crossings within a day’s travel from where we are. One, a giant fallen tree, has a nest of owlbears nearby, and it’s mating season- they are extremely territorial, and we may even be near a nest. The fighting will be very difficult if they get on top of us.

The other bridge is a collection of giant rocks, where the water rushes below. It’s exposed to the air with no tree cover, and my instincts tell me it’s easy hunting grounds for aerial predators. Some areas are slippery, which is a hazard for those without superior balance or experience crossing the rocks.

I advise Serah to drink up her first of the two Elixirs of Mage Armor she has. We’ll be fighting soon.

Which crossing do we take? Should we hand off potions or bombs?
No. 1009626 ID: 5232cd

Hmm, is it possible to cross the river by using our ice djinn to make an ice floe? Or a full ice bridge?

If not... let's go for the fallen tree. Raelynn should focus on keeping an eye out. She can see through stuff, which means we can prevent ambushes, and possibly even sneak past them by observing where they are. In the even of combat, we can try using smoke and glue bombs to aid running away.
No. 1009634 ID: e51896

pretty much this
No. 1009651 ID: 8483cf
File 163097824201.png - (410.79KB , 1566x1250 , LFT4_50.png )

I ask Landi if Genice is powerful enough to get us across the river. She says Genice isn't powerful enough to create a full bridge, but she can freeze a solid enough floe to float us across, if we pick our launch point right.

The best spot for us to cross is just at the edge of the owlbears’ territory. Not enough to enrage them, and a very safe distance from the nests. We have crampons to strap to everyone’s boots, so we won’t slip off the floe if we’re ambushed by birds of prey on the crossing.

Serah orders Landi to summon Genice and get us across.

It takes longer than we expect for Genice to freeze the floe. The owlbears take notice, and I prepare us for a fight. We take up a defensive position.

Three owlbears come out from the woods. They’re defending their territory, and they obviously don’t like Jek, but he’s reflexively taking point, protecting the rest of the party.

The slightest move could set the owlbears off.

We have a good defensive position. Our most vulnerable party members are hidden behind rocks, and the owlbears haven’t noticed me. We have many options- we could fight and strike first, use magic, or something else.

The floe is a few minutes from finishing.

What should we do?
No. 1009652 ID: c92a02

Dotti: Look one in the eyes, make him hypnotized.
Landi: Dazzle them with a stunning display of magic.
Jek, Rae and Serah: Sucker punch one!
No. 1009654 ID: 5232cd

Can Dotti charm the one in front? Get it to convince the other two to back off a bit and wait for us to leave. Or even to indirectly communicate that we're going to leave, so that they do it by their own free will.

Charming one would greatly sway any ensuing fight in out favor as well. There's three of them, so charming one and having it occupy one of the others means we only have one owlbear to fight with our own troops.
No. 1009660 ID: 8483cf
File 163098357924.png - (427.78KB , 1566x1250 , LFT4_51.png )

I give the signal to Dotti to try and charm one of the owlbears.

She gives a loud bark, drawing their attention- and their eye contact. She pours magic through the connection. I see she’s targeted the smallest of the bunch. It’s mating season, and the small owlbear doesn’t need much encouraging to go after the next-largest competitor for mates.

Small Owlbear is charmed into attacking Medium Owlbear! Dotti does not need to maintain eye contact or spend mana to maintain the geas because Small Owlbear felt like doing it anyway.

“Landi!” Serah commands. “Light it up!”

“Party time!” Landi hurls herself forward and casts Calamitous Cacophony! Serah has been a good leader, and made sure we all know to cover our eyes. We don’t take any ill effects or lose initiative.

Large Owlbear overcomes the noise and blinding light and does not lose its action, but it loses accuracy and has slowed initiative!

Serah strikes a glancing blow on Large Owlbear’s head!

Small Owlbear strikes Medium Owlbear!

Jek spears Large Owlbear in the torso! It’s bleeding profusely!

Medium Owlbear strikes Small Owlbear back!

Raelynn’s arrows strike Large Owlbear in its sensitive underarm! It’s weakening!

Large Owlbear lets out a desperate roar and swipes with both claws, striking Serah and Jek!
No. 1009679 ID: 5232cd

Alright, we got this. Jek, Rae and Serah can finish off the Large Owlbear. If Landi has Salt favor she can quicksand the medium one.

Once the two other owlbears look to be weakened from infighting, Dotti can hit them with a fire aoe, then the other combatants can move in.
No. 1009691 ID: 094652

Take one last look around. If there are enough owlbears to foster fiercely lethal competition just kill your targets and harvest resources. If not, then keep stunlocking the owlbears until they can't think straight.

Dotti: Create an illusion of rampaging forest dwellers headed this way. Be sure to tell the others.
Landi: Godmother's blessing on Serah.
Everyone else just pummel the owlbear, even if you think they're dead.
No. 1009780 ID: 8483cf
File 163106587487.png - (481.41KB , 1566x1250 , LFT4_52.png )

Large Owlbear roars! It’s not retreating!

Serah lands a crushing blow on Large Owlbear’s head! It collapses in a pool of blood.

Small Owlbear strikes Medium Owlbear! It’s not really that wounded.

“Wait!” Serah shouts. “Let the owlbears weaken each other first!”

Serah’s leadership is practiced enough that the party obeys her!

Medium Owlbear strikes Small Owlbear! It’s not really that wounded.

Small Owlbear strikes Medium Owlbear! Mowlbear more angry than wounded.

Medium Owlbear strikes Small Owlbear! Smowlbear bleeding now, and posturing more defensively.

Small Owlbear strikes Medium Owlbear! Mowlbear is slightly wounded.

Medium Owlbear strikes Small Owlbear! Smowlbear moderately wounded, and is wondering why this was a good idea in the first place.

Small Owlbear takes a defensive action! Medium Owlbear roars in response.

“Now!” Serah says. “Dotti, light them up! Landi, shake things up!”

Dotti summons all her fire magic and lobs a fireball between the bears! Their fur is scorched black and their wounds burn in pain!

Dotti’s geas is broken! Small Owlbear is stunned for its next action!

“Earthly Djinn of Change, I beseech thee! SALT!” Landi shouts. Salt is kind enough to turn the ground beneath the Medium Owlbear to quicksand, trapping it in place!

Serah strikes Medium Owlbear in the chest! It roars!

Jek stabs his spear at Medium Owlbear’s throat and scores a hit! Medium Owlbear is bleeding!

Raelynn fires on Medium Owlbear, striking it in the vulnerable underarm! It’s bleeding more heavily!

Medium Owlbear swings at Jek, but it’s too slow to catch him! It’s trapped in quicksand!

Small Owlbear is stunned!

The ice floe is almost ready!
No. 1009781 ID: c92a02

They're on fire, mired and bleeding. Glorify Salt by increasing their entropy and enjoying some owlbear shanks with a pinch of salt over a campfire.
No. 1009782 ID: 5232cd

Let's do the unexpected (FOR THE GLORY OF SALT), and retreat to the ice floe. The smowlbear will probably not follow us.

Maybe Rae can use her Wild Empathy to convince them they have lost the fight and that they should stand down?
No. 1009788 ID: 8483cf
File 163106844243.png - (422.79KB , 1566x1250 , LFT4_53.png )

Mowlbear is mired and furious!

“Landi, is the ice almost ready?” Serah asks, her Warhammer at the ready.

“Yeah! We can go now!” Landi says. “Is small boi gonna chase us?”

Raelynn materializes behind Landi and scares the living daylights out of her. “I’ve got this.”

Raelynn looks Smowlbear in the eyes, stands as tall as she can, puffs out her chest and gives a shrill shriek!

Success! Smowlbear is deeply intimidated by the even smaller owlbear!

“Let’s go!” Jek says.

“Wait!” Landi flits in front of Mowlbear and stares at its angry angry eyes. “I wanna make Salt happy!”

“Oh dear,” Serah says.

“Dotti, hypnotize these owlbears into thinking the smallest owlbears are best, not biggest!”

Dotti lets out bark of delight. She scampers out from behind her rock and pours almost all her mana into her mind whammy.

“Owlbears on this mountain are supposed to be cute and fuzzy!” Landi declares.

Dotti barks in agreement.

Landi’s favor with Salt has increased!

Raelynn draws Samhain and quickly cuts the dead Large Owlbear’s beak away. It’ll sell for a high price, or be useful in a mutagen.

The party thankfully crosses the river without issue, and there are no more encounters for the day.

Raelynn thinks she sees a glimpse of a black bird with silver feathers, but it’s too far away to be sure.


Resources spent: 1 Elixir of Mage Armor

Resources Gained: 1 Large Owlbear Beak


Day 3 passes with no encounters.

Jek knows we should be headed up the mountain path we’re on, but can’t remember anything specific.

I don’t see the stormcrow today. I am mildly let down.

I pause. It was exceptionally odd that we weren’t attacked by birds of prey while crossing, with all the noise we made. Did the stormcrow clear our path?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Day 4

The path grows very cold as we rise in elevation and begin to pass out of the lush green forest.

As I scout ahead, I notice a very odd, very low-hanging fog ahead, above an unusual root formations around the edge of the forest. Tree roots don’t grow this far away from, well, trees. They’re too thick to be brambles.

I carefully scout closer, at the edge of my seersight’s penetrating vision, and I can see eke out shapes of hunched humanoids hiding in the roots.

We could go around, but the path we’re taking narrows into the roots and fog. We’d lose two days finding an alternate route into the higher elevations, or we could risk a climb around it. There’s no guarantee the humanoids wouldn’t see us if we started an ascent around them.

Should we prepare for battle?
No. 1009790 ID: 5232cd

Fog, and roots with people in them? Confer with Jek. This sounds like something very strange, does he know anything?
Could the humanoids be trapped in the roots, and the roots are in fact some kind of creature?
No. 1009793 ID: c92a02

The humanoids probably hunt in symbiosis with the roots. Go through, try not to breathe in the fog, and prepare to make a stand against the rootfolk.
No. 1009798 ID: 5232cd

Hmm, we could try getting rid of the fog with fire magic? Warm dry air?
No. 1009800 ID: 8483cf
File 163107342805.png - (81.38KB , 510x340 , LFT4_54.png )

I report back to the party what I’ve found.

“That’s not a threat! Those people are trapped!” Jek says in horror. “These roots were meant to slow and snare adventurers, but not kill them. I would never allow it,” Jek says. “My eldest daughter crafted these defenses to keep our home safe. Without her, they must have grown out of control. The fog is new, and I have no explanation for it. I suspect it may be an improvement by one of my other children looking to prove themselves.”

“Are you sure?” I ask. “The humanoid shapes I saw weren’t struggling.”

“Then we have no time to waste,” Jek says. “At least we can give them a proper burial.”

“I won’t risk it,” I say. “I don’t trust these roots, or this fog.”

Dotti holds up her sign, conserving her mana by not “talking.” [I have an idea!]

“Does your idea involve fire?” Landi asks.

Dotti nods. [Burn the roots AND the fog! If it’s a trap, they’ll have no problem getting free! If they’re innocent, they’ll ask for help and we can put out the fire with Genice! If they’re already dead, it doesn’t matter!]

Serah ponders…
No. 1009801 ID: 5232cd

>just throw fire at the problem
Well, so long as we're close enough to hear them...
OH. One problem. The fog may be enchanted with sleep or something. If they're unconscious they can't cry out for help.

I think we're just going to have to bumble into whatever it is. Send Jek in ahead so he can take a closer look since he should in theory be immune to the roots anyway, and follow behind him close enough to assist him if it turns into a fight.
No. 1009804 ID: 53560f

If these roots are designed to deal with adventurers non-lethally then wouldn’t someone come by sooner or later to let them out so they don’t starve to death or something?
Regardless we should experiment before we settle on a solution. Try to determine if the fog possesses any unusual effects.
No. 1009817 ID: 094652

You should do some testing. Water-based fog isn't typically flammable. If this particular fog is flammable, the explosion will be lethal.
Do some testing. Have Landi place some of the fog and roots in a bottle with portal, then boil the concoction and attempt to set it on fire.

Scout the area for a source. See if you can influence the roots somehow.
No. 1009900 ID: 8483cf
File 163114372294.png - (71.33KB , 400x400 , LFT4_55.png )

“You’re not seriously considering Dotti’s idea of burning it all down, are you?” Jek asks, horrified.

“No!” Serah gasps. “Not entirely! I just had to judge exactly how powerful an ice djinni would need to be in order to put out Dotti’s fire. Genice doesn’t have the strength for us to control the fire.”

Dotti squints. [We don’t need to control the]

“Please stop considering that idea, Dotti,” Serah says, taking Dotti’s sign with a frown. “We can’t risk innocent lives.”

Dotti nods halfheartedly, then tries to take her sign back. Serah hands it back reluctantly.

“Then it’s settled,” Jek says. “We will help them. The roots should release them- they were designed to ensnare and passage in one direction, and let adventurers turn around once they were exhausted.”

“We should still be cautious,” Serah says. “Landi, let’s sneak to the forest’s edge. Your portals should have enough range to take a sample while we’re behind a tree.”

I nod in agreement. Caution is best.

Serah and Landi do their best to be stealthy, but it’s intolerably loud by my standards. I keep a close eye on them. The humanoid shapes keep stirring, but they’re still not struggling. Serah and Landi sneak back to a safe distance.

“It’s mostly magical,” Landi confirms. “I’ve drank enough stuff that’s bad for you to know the taste of miasma. This isn’t poison- it’s a spell.”

“Then it’s a kind of mind fog,” Serah deduces. “It won’t kill you, but it will put you in a total stupor or even knock you out if your focus is bad, or if you’re not naturally resilient to spells. It doesn’t matter how tough you are; it’s all in your head.”

“Could you find a source?” I ask.

“It’s coming from higher up the mountain,” Landi says, her wings pointing in different directions like antennae. “I can’t get a read on it. The roots are powered by an enchantment buried at the top of the pass- the roots naturally seek it out, and ensnare anything they touch.”

“Both of these are my family’s work,” Jek says. “The magic will know to let me pass- but it is also my responsibility to clean up for my family’s overreach. The combination of roots and mind fog has obviously entrapped these adventurers, for who knows how long. I must free them.”

“Jek, wait!” I try to stop him from marching out, but there’s no stopping the paladin. Sure enough, the roots retreat from his path.

“Hello!” Jek calls out. “Can you hear me? Are you trapped?”

“Yes!” calls a raspy voice from the vines. “Please! Help!”

Serah motions to keep up with him. Landi and Dotti tag along, but stay at the edge of the mind fog. Serah advances, and she’s immediately hit with a wave of fatigue.

I stay hidden, just in case things go bad.

Jek advances through the thick bramble of vines. He doesn’t appear to be affected by the fog, but then he wobbles a bit. He’s not immune after all.

Serah doesn’t notice. Landi and Dotti can’t advance into the fog- or can they?
No. 1009906 ID: 53560f

Hmm, what would happen if a person was affected by a mind altering spell before entering the fog? Could Dotti’s charm be used to force people to act as if the fog didn’t affect them?
Otherwise test how well fire thins the fog, if a couple torches and Landi’s fire work well enough to move through safely then be ready to move in to quickly save everybody if things go wrong.
No. 1009909 ID: c92a02

Tell Dotti to mind control Serah into coming back.
No. 1009914 ID: 8483cf
File 163114954240.png - (560.64KB , 1566x1250 , LFT4_56.png )

“I see you! Please, help me!” the raspy voice calls out. “Oh, I’m ever so trapped! Save me!”

The humanoid shapes start moving all at once. Alarm bells go off in my head.

“Dotti!” I call out to her as stealthily as I can. “You need to get Serah to come back! Right now!”

Dotti lets out a whine. She doesn’t have eye contact! She barks as loud as she can, then takes a second to remember she can use her magic to talk. “SERAH! LOOK AT ME!”

Serah thinks she hears something, but her head is hazy. She fumbles for her alchemist’s pack. Maybe if she can clear the fog somehow-

Six elite goblin warriors and three elder goblin shamans spring their surprise attack! They’re all wearing pendants shielding them from lightning and mind fog!

“Storms cast you down, consort of the dragon usurper! The mountains will be ruled by goblins and harpies once again! Oh, great goblin god, thank you for making paladins such idiots!”

Shaman 1, at the top of the pass, standing over the unearthed dragon statue enchantment, takes control of the roots and brings them to life! Jek is fully bound! Serah’s legs are bound!

Shaman 2 summons a storm within the fog! The roots cannot be burned, and visibility is even worse! The fog is now resistant to fire!

Shaman 3 begins chanting a spell to summon lightning within the storm! Allied party members in the fog will be shocked severely next round!

The six goblin warriors fire six arrows at Jek! Six hit! Three do no damage because of his great toughness!

As if things can’t get any worse, the shrill cry of a murder of harpies echoes through the pass. They’re not here yet, but they will be soon!

Next round, the order of actions are:

Goblin shamans
Goblin warriors
No. 1009919 ID: 5232cd

This fight could be unwinnable depending on how durable the goblins are. We're outnumbered more than two to one, and half our party is fully disabled.
>mind control fog, yet one of the "victims" cried out for help
Good thing the quest author decided to dump out two updates in less than two hours or else maybe someone would've figured out this was a trap. Why couldn't Raelynn tell they were goblins? She can see through the fog.
>shaman at the top of the pass with the root enchantment
Uh, what? All the goblins are clearly pictured amongst the roots. This image is very confusing. The fog was supposed to be above the roots, as well, yet in the image it's below.

Raeylnn, snipe the shaman that's about to use lightning. We can't let that spell go off.
Dotti: blow up some goblins.
Landi: blow up more goblins with the shrapnel bomb, tossed through a portal.
Serah, Jek: try not to die. Serah should probably drink a magic missile distillation. Jek may want to pray for divine intervention, targeting whoever's most at risk, which is likely himself. More armor would work.
No. 1009925 ID: 5232cd

Oh it's not half it's 2/5.
No. 1009927 ID: 8096b8

Landi: freak out a little over Dotti's voice, thats the first time you heard her speak.
No. 1009955 ID: c92a02

Raelynn, take out shaman 3.
Dotti, make a decoy Serah illusion.
Landi, shake them out of their stupor with a dazzle spell!
Jek, just whack anything that gets close. Serah, if you have something that will clear fog, toss it! Maybe one of your gravity bombs will flatten it?
No. 1010022 ID: 8483cf
File 163123402593.png - (610.76KB , 1566x1250 , LFT4_57.png )

The mind fog has affected the artist! The fog does not extend all the way up the pass. The roots do. The shaman controlling the roots has a “crown” directly above jek.

Raelynn grits her teeth, pours her focus into her shot and fires at Shaman 3! She misses! She fires again with an arrow from her quick-draw quiver, and this time hits the shaman through the eye! Shaman 3 is slain!

Shaman 1 (holding the enchanted statuette) fires a bolt of lighting at Jek! It strikes him and jumps to Serah! Jek’s scale armor is seared and scarred! Serah’s mage armor absorbs the damage!

Shaman 2 fires a bolt of lighting at Jek! It strikes him and jumps to Serah! Jek’s armor is pitted! Serah’s mage armor is almost gone!

The six golblin warriors fire their arrows at the bound Jek! All six hit! Only two hurt Jek due to his great toughness!

Dotti is enraged! She screams and summons all the fire she can, and hurls it into the center of the goblins!

Two goblin warriors are incinerated! Shaman 2 is injured! Two more goblin warriors are gravely injured!

“Holy fuck!” Landi freaks out at a talking Dotti! Landi decides to blow shit up as a coping mechanism! She portals a sticky Earth shrapnel bomb as close as she can to the goblins. It explodes, killing the two injured goblin warriors!

Serah can’t think straight, but she knows a fight when she hears one (and feels it too). She pops the seal off her Magic Missile distillation and fires blindly!

Shaman 2 is hit by a stray missile! Shaman 2 is killed!

Serah can continue firing her magic missiles for the next two rounds without spending an action, but focused fire will require an action.

Jek prays for the strength to withstand this assault and make it home to his family! Jek gains 2 armor!

One goblin warrior and Shaman 1 remain!

Six harpy warriors and one harpy stormcaller screech and arrive on the scene! They will strike next round!
No. 1010025 ID: c92a02

Rae, go after the goblin shooting lightning again.
Landi, can your djinn friend blow this fog away? Actually, you should mire Serah in quicksand so she can't get lifted off her feet by harpies.
Dotti, prepare for incoming harpies! Hunker down in cover.
Jek, go harpoon fishing! Serah, whack any target he manages to land with his spear.
No. 1010030 ID: 8483cf
File 163123746221.png - (664.59KB , 1566x1250 , LFT4_58.png )

Raelynn fires at Shaman 1 and scores two direct hits in the throat and head! Shaman 1 is slain!

The roots begin to recede into the ground! Serah is freed! Jek's arms are freed!

One goblin warrior scores a hit on Jek! It is deflected by Jek’s divine armor! Jek’s divine armor begins to fade!

Dotti sees the harpies coming for Serah and is even angrier! She summons all her mana and throws the ball of fire directly into the pack before it can enter the fog!

One harpy warrior is slain! Two harpy warriors are slightly injured! Three dodge the fireball! Harpy stormcaller dodges!
Dotti is out of mana!

Landi beseeches Salt’s aid to grip Serah’s feet to prevent her from being lifted off the ground! Serah is protected from aerial kidnapping and being knocked down by anything!

The harpy windcaller protects the harpy warriors from the mind fog and electrical attacks! She summons another storm inside the fog! All non-harpy units (including the one goblin warrior) will be shocked severely next round!

The five harpy warriors swoop in and attack Jek, whose legs are still bound! Four hit! Only two hurt Jek because of his great toughness! Jek’s divine armor is gone, and he is bleeding!

Jek spears an uninjured harpy and pulls it towards himself!

Serah wildly fires her magic missile and strikes one harpy warrior, killing it! Four remain! She swings her carhammer at the trapped harpy and kills it in one strike!

Three harpy warriors, one harpy stormcaller and one goblin warrior remain!
No. 1010033 ID: c92a02

Oh dear Dotti, at least the fireball didn't go to waste. Use your voice to hurl insults at the stormcaller. Rae, use your bow to hurl arrows at the stormcaller.
Heal up, Jek. Tanks a lot.
Serah, leave the fog behind to protect Dotti and also think straight again.
Landi, teleport a smoke bomb into the harpies' midst.
No. 1010034 ID: 96c896

Raelynn: shoot a non-stormcaller harpy. We actually want the lightning to go off, now.
Landi: give Jek some armor.
Dotti: throw a rock.
Serah: climb out of the fog, and whack a harpy.
Jek: climb out of the fog, and heal thyself.
No. 1010046 ID: 8483cf
File 163124155743.png - (609.71KB , 1566x1250 , LFT4_59.png )

Raelynn takes aim and shoots twice at a harpy warrior! Both shots hit home, killing it! Two warriors remain.

Dotti yowls and yammers at the harpies and throws rocks angrily. It’s cute, but not powerful.

Landi quickly casts Godmother’s Blessing on Jek! Jek gains 1 point of armor!

Harpy windcaller’s spell completes, shocking Serah, Jek and the last goblin warrior! Serah screams! Jek grimaces! The goblin warrior is slain!

Two harpy warriors strike at Jek! One hits, but does not hurt Jek due to his great toughness.

Serah retreats towards Dotti, firing magic missiles as she goes. Her focus improves as she moves out of the fog, and she strikes a harpy warrior with a barrage of magic missiles, killing it!

Serah’s distillation of Magic Missile has run out!

Jek follows Serah out of the fog and heals himself! Jek restores 3 HP!

One Harpy windcaller and one Harpy warrior remain!
No. 1010049 ID: 96c896

Oh, godmother's blessing is only 1 armor? That's not great.
Raelynn: shoot the non-stormcaller.
Landi: summon djinn just in case.
Jek: reel in the stormcaller.
Serah: smash the stormcaller.
Dotti: hunker down.
No. 1010050 ID: c92a02

Dotti: Use Smug. Landi: use Dazzle.
Jek and Serah: Reel in the windcaller.
Rae: Take out the last warrior.
No. 1010055 ID: 8483cf
File 163124431085.png - (612.94KB , 1566x1250 , LFT4_60.png )

Raelynn fires twice at the Harpy warrior! She strikes it in the throat! Harpy warrior is slain!

Dotti is smug! She knows the fight is won. She puts her paws on her hips and flips her tuft of curly hair with a toss of her head.

“Landi, give us cover!” Serah commands.

“Party time!” Landi flies above the party and casts Calamitous Cacophony! The party suffers no ill effects, but the Harpy windcaller is dazed and can only take one action!

Harpy windcaller shrieks in rage! With a foul curse, she casts a bolt of lightning that arcs through the entire party for 1 damage each!

Serah cries out in pain!

Raelynn winces!

Landi grits her teeth and bears it! She takes less damage due to her magical resilience!

Dotti lets out a yipe and is no longer smug!

Jek launches his spear and reels in the Harpy stormcaller!

Serah swings her hammer with all her might and caves in the Harpy stormcaller’s chest! Harpy stormcaller is slain!
No. 1010056 ID: 8483cf
File 163124432895.png - (309.71KB , 939x750 , LFT4_61.png )

The area is clear!

Jek heals Serah and Dotti up with his magic. His scales are shifting and moving- his pitted scaly armor is somehow rearranging itself and re-forming now that the danger is passed.

“I remember how to get home,” Jek says. “Just barely. There’s a marked tree near the spot where the sun sets, a few days’ hike through the pass. I don’t know how to get there, but I can describe the tree to you. Maybe that will help Raelynn guide us to the right part of the mountains.”

“Good. Great. Are there any other surprises your kids have set up that we should know about?” I ask Jek. It comes out angrier than I wanted it to.

“A few, but none that can’t be avoided.”

I’m about to snark back at him, but there’s a hand on my shoulder. Serah grips it tight.

“We would appreciate the forewarning, Jek. We will be careful from now on.”

Jek grabs the enchanted statuette and pockets it. The fog does not dissipate.

We put as much distance as we can between the site of the ambush as we can before setting up camp for the night. Jek takes first watch.

The last thing I see before I fall asleep is the glint of silver-tipped wings.


Days 5, 6 and 7 pass with no encounters.

We ascend the mountain, and I make doubly sure to check for goblin traps.

I don’t see the stormcrow. I don’t care. I have better things to do- like my job.

Day 8 brings worries about food. Dotti is nervous, and insists we go hunting. Serah and I overrule her and press on to look for Jek’s tree.

On Day 9 we find the tree. We’re close. Jek knows it. He starts recognizing landmarks, and he’s growing more excited to finally reach his family again.

I can focus less on food, and more on what might happen if Mai Terrorscale doesn’t like us showing up on her doorstep.

We can’t fight a dragon. What can I possibly do to protect us if things go poorly?
No. 1010057 ID: 9c09e5

Negotiate or make an offering
No. 1010058 ID: c92a02

You could have an illusion say hello first. You could swear that your clan will have its revenge. You could also have a plan ready to stop, drop and roll behind Jek.
No. 1010059 ID: 96c896

Plan ahead for an escape plan. You've got smoke bombs and illusion magic.
Also, spend extra effort looking for the stormcrow. It's following you, so it clearly took interest. Maybe you can start talking to it since you're in safer territory? It'll be difficult to form a bond if you're fleeing from a dragon.
No. 1010064 ID: 9b127b

Dotti recover your smugness
No. 1010065 ID: 8483cf
File 163124731244.png - (38.14KB , 544x379 , LFT4_62.png )

Dotti quickly recovers her smug, much to Landi’s dismay. Landi also is still freaking out about the fact that Dotti can “talk.” She’ll get over it soon enough. Hopefully.

I start my night watch on Day 10 perched atop a tree, endlessly going over options for how to escape an angry dragon. I’m liking Feline’s Grace more and more. To borrow a phrase from Landi, the mutagen is… kind of cool.

Plan A is to let Serah negotiate safe passage. Her political connections have to be good for something. I could even bring up the fact that I’m technically still part of Uí Liatháin. If Mai is as savvy as her reputation says, she’ll know my clan is well-versed in vengeance. Bloody, dirty vengeance.

I don’t want to rely on Jek. He’s gotten us into trouble once already, and I can’t trust him to be our get-out-of-dragonfire card. Smoke bombs and illusions are our best best if things go poorly. I’ll need to have Dotti practice her timing on when to make us disappear, and when to have the illusion come out of the cloud.

I spy motion out the corner of my seersight. I turn my head and see silver.

The stormcrow circles.

I look up at it.

It looks down at me.

Its tailfeathers are ragged and missing in places. An injury suffered long ago.

I touch a hand to my gray bangs. We’re alike.

Slowly, it descends toward my tree. I don’t move.

It lands beside me. I don’t speak.

It looks to a shadow on the mountain. By daylight, it’s sheer cliffside, but by moonlight, the reflected, silver light casts differently.

Stairs. I see stairs cut into the crag.

“Thank you,” I say.

The stormcrow lets out a soft trill.

I offer it a treat, and it accepts with a swift, precise peck, plucking it deftly from my hand.

We spend the rest of the watch in silence.
No. 1010066 ID: 8483cf
File 163124735212.png - (324.92KB , 1000x1000 , LFTitleCardPOV4.png )

END OF THREAD 4: Lazy Fairy: Journey Before Destination

Who Will be the POV of the Next Thread?

1. Moonshine, a.k.a. Landi, a Fairy
2. Lady Serah Kensington, Heir Countess of Kensington, a Human Alchemist
3. Dorothea, a.k.a. Dotti, a Fox Spirit
4. Raelynn, a Wood Elf Ranger

Thread will remain open for one week to count votes.
No. 1010068 ID: c92a02

Get back to Landi!
No. 1010069 ID: 96c896

Let's be Landi and see how much we can impress Salt.
No. 1010070 ID: e51896

Landi. We still need to freak out about Dotti talking now.
No. 1010071 ID: afe7de

Landi plz
No. 1010075 ID: 6c227a

Be Serah. Time to be the leader again.
No. 1010076 ID: 6f611a

Fairy time
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