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File 126204049933.gif - (36.54KB , 400x600 , title2.gif )
100151 No. 100151 ID: 115e3a

These are the journeys of Mu, a wandering warrior monk. With the aid of his trusty Devil Toad he has embarked on a quest to master the Demon Arts and become a Dragon of legend such the world has never seen.

Mu was travelling towards the Whispering Valley, when he came across a tea house besieged by rowdy town guards. The undisciplined men-at-arms were harassing a lady employed at the tea house. Mu intervened, and was gravely wounded in the following fight.

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No. 100153 ID: c0f3bf

Stop being wounded. STOP IT.
No. 100160 ID: 488063

Right, Deflect Arrows is next on the list of things to learn.
No. 100161 ID: 115e3a
File 126204093012.gif - (107.20KB , 400x600 , 223.gif )

Urrrrgh.... I feel c-cold.

"-all I can, but he's lost a lot of blood."
"Will he survive the night, doctor?"
"He has a fighting chance, yes."
"I suppose that will have to do. I would prefer not to have criminals die before trial, but I'm sure you did your best. As doctors go, I've never met one your superior."
"You flatter me, captain. I do what I can..."

[ Groan | Pretend to be unconscious | Try to move | Pass out again ]
No. 100164 ID: 9a65fd

|Punch the asshole captain in the neck|
No. 100175 ID: 139c5b

Pretend to be unconscious. Then try to escape when a good time arises.
No. 100181 ID: 139c5b

Are you tied down or something?
No. 100183 ID: 115e3a
File 126204341974.gif - (79.38KB , 400x600 , 224.gif )

I... think I'll just lie here a moment. No- no use lettin em know I'm awake.
I am not tied down, but it's no use. I doubt I could even sit up on my own.

"... but I must ask, how did he end up being shot?"
"According to the report, this vagrant started a drunken brawl at the Carp. He threatened to set the place on fire, so they had to shoot. Two of my men were hurt."
"Sounds like they can do things that don't involve drinking and harassing young women."
"I will not allow you to talk in that way of my subordinates. They... may not be the most... clean-cut men but... their hearts are in the right place."
"Certainly, captain."

I think I'll pass out now if that's all the same to you.
No. 100755 ID: 445c48

Hey, no, fuck that. Start talking the truth. Try to sound barely on the verge of consciousness, and try to sound like an idealistic punk who's also a bit soft in the head.

So, you know, be yourself.
No. 100762 ID: c2c011

Also we're gonna have to step up your training once you get out of here. You're gonna need 8 pairs of training weights to that can be tied to stuff as well as a weighted vest. We're gonna make you stronger and faster in a hurry or kill you trying.

And you really need some sort of body hardening training. Preferably something that keeps you from bleeding to death from arrow-wounds.
No. 100790 ID: c2c011

Oh I forgot. Also get an empty sack. We're gonna make sure that you can break rocks with your bare fists.
No. 100798 ID: 6164e0

What would have happened if you passed out when you were a pupil, trapped in the lake, suffocating under a rock? You would have died a coward, a WEAKLING'S death, one to be scorned for having not had the will to survive.

If you cannot maintain the focus, here, NOW, to keep your mind focused, and alert, as you let your body lie still, that is the fate that could await you. The fool's death, forgotten, never able to prove that he didn't need a noble title to be great, he only needed his own efforts.

Well exert that effort NOW, and focus, and stay awake.
No. 101437 ID: 426169
File 126220111714.gif - (121.34KB , 800x400 , 225.gif )

"You can stop pretending to be asleep now. The captain's gone."
No. 101438 ID: 6faa8c

Get up.

Ascertain what side this guy is on.
No. 101440 ID: c2c011

Seems like it's not worth it to continue faking. Get up and start asking questions.

Also remember the stuff for your training. You can train on the way to the fox forest and rest up for a day or two once you get there.
No. 101441 ID: b14128

No, no, don't try to get up, that never works. You'd just find out you can't because you're too weak and become light-headed from lack of blood out of the bargin. Continue resting on the bed and thank the doctor for saving your life.
No. 101443 ID: 059c31

So I suppose they had you save me so they can hang me huh?
No. 101444 ID: 6164e0

Don't get up just yet, but start assessing things near you for ease of use as makeshift weapons (Dammit, Yu Rin would have been the perfect master for stuff like this. Ah well), while addressing the doctor, and asking if the serving woman is alright. THEN ask where you are. During this, only move enough to personally assess your condition.

Remember Mu, your mind, your will, your focus are your greatest assets, do not forget them.
No. 101451 ID: 426169
File 126220283431.gif - (64.22KB , 500x400 , 226.gif )

I'm stitched up pretty well, but I don't think I'll be getting up just yet.

"Urrgh. Sorry. Where am I?"
"In my home. You're lucky to be alive, that's a nasty wound you have there."
"... thank you for saving me."
"You're welcome. Not that it matters much, I expect you'll be tried and executed once you recover. I doubt the guards would've bothered if the captain hadn't shown up."
"Is the girl all right?"
The doctor raised an eyebrow slightly. "I believe she is. I was curious how a man drunk enough to start a fight with five men didn't smell a bit of alcohol. Mind telling me what really happened?"

[ Ask about { bad times | the captain | your wounds | the girl | the doctor | something else (specify) } | Try to get up | Go to sleep ]
No. 101458 ID: 6faa8c

"They were bad men. I fought them. That's really all there is to it."
No. 101464 ID: 6164e0

He is being cordial, more so than one might expect.

Tell him the truth, that you saw a serving girl getting harassed, asked them to leave her alone, they declined, a fight insued, simply because they did not think it necessary to behave courteously to those they viewed as lesser to them.

Then ask about your wounds, maybe take a chance to thank the doctor for his work, even if such a fate hangs over you.

Then move on to talking about the bad times and the captain both, as they seem inter-related.

While doing this, start regulating you chi flows through your body as much as you can, in the attempt to speed the healing process by ordering your body around said chi flow's strength and vitality. Won't be as effective as chi meditation I imagine, but anything helps.
No. 101499 ID: 426169
File 126220640774.gif - (70.60KB , 500x400 , 227.gif )

"They were bad men. We fought. Nothin more to it."
"... that's... an interesting way to put it."
"They were harassing a lady and wouldn't stop even after being told."
"An admirable sentiment. That certainly puts your old wounds into perspective."
"How bad is the wound?"
"For a while I thought you weren't going to make it, but you have a strong will to live. I expect you'll be fine in a few weeks. Although I hear they're going to take you trial once you can stand up on your own."
"What did you mean by bad times? Does the captain have something to do with it?"
"Things are not at all well here. Ever since the new magistrate took over we've been having hard times. Every couple of weeks there's a new tax, if you complain you get a visit from the guards. We can't even leave, since the magistrate set up roadblocks surrounding the village."
"What of the captain?"
"Oh don't get me wrong, he's not at fault. The new guards have been causing all kinds of problems. He's not a bad man, he's just in a hard position."

> Maintain steady flow of Chi in wounded area.
I don't know how to do that. I can do sharp bursts, but I never got the hang of meditation.

[ Ask about { the new magistrate | taxes | the captain | the new guards | travel | something else (specify) } | Practice Chi meditation | Try to get up | Sleep ]
No. 101503 ID: 6faa8c

It sounds like the captian himself is just stressed the fuck out.maybe he's not himself. It's been known to happen before. Sure, those dudes in the tavern were stupid and rude, but the real evil here isn't them: It is clearly the new magistrate! He's skimming off the taxes to line his pockets very clearly.
No. 101507 ID: 6164e0

...what about timing it with your heartbeat, sending the chi with your blood to infuse your body with it's energy in the process of being brought your own life force, your blood?

I'm not thinking this could be done passively, but maybe try empowering your heartbeat and the flow of blood with some chi in time with your heartbeat just once with only a bit of chi. The theory behind this being that if your body is given a jolt of properly chi infused blood in time with the bodies own rhythm, it could benefit from it in some manner, from having the extra energy.

Now, this could be something like an adrenaline rush, in which case, that's fine, you only pushed a bit of chi in since this was an experiment, so you won't have to worry about your condition. If it's some sort of short term minor healing surge, great, just what we hoped for. Or some other method of our body reacting to blood-based chi infusion. And if it doesn't work out as well as hoped, again, it was only a minor bit of chi, you should be fine.

If at all successful, then try tracking in particular the area around the wound itself, and try to directly push a small bit of chi into it with time to your heartbeat.

At the worst, you get two minor shocks. At best, you put yourself in a much better position, being able to potentially treat your own wounds.
No. 101531 ID: 6164e0

If you can ask about both the new magistrate and the new guards while attempting chi meditation practice, great. If not, keep trying it during his responses, when all you have to do is listen.
No. 101546 ID: c2c011

Ask him about the new magistrate and the new guards. Then ask him if you could speak to the captain. Practice chi meditation while possibly waiting for the captain. Slow your breathing, breathe in with your nose and out with your mouth, think back on all of the good things back at the temple and then focus on the area at your back and let the energy flow.

As for the captain. I think you should ask him if it's his duty to protect the villagers? Because it seems like the magistrate is not really interested in that and the current administration would keep the captain from fulfilling his duty to protect the villagers.
No. 101547 ID: 426169
File 126220941634.gif - (98.91KB , 580x513 , 228.gif )

I'll try to work on that meditation thing when I can.

"So what's the deal with the new magistrate and the new guards?"
"The old magistrate contracted a mysterious disease last spring. His brother cared for him while he was bedridden. After he died, his brother took over. A few days later he sent out a call for new members for the city guard. Said it was to improve public safety, what with all the creatures out here in the mountains. At first things seemed fine, but as time passed it became obvious that the new guards take their orders directly from the magistrate. Nowadays the captain's the captain in name only. I suspect he knows, but he'd rather bite off his tongue than admit- are you even listening boy?"
"Huh? Sorry, I was thinking of something else."
"Damn you for letting an old man ramble. It doesn't matter anyway, they'll haul you off for 'trial' the moment you can stand."

[ Talk about { the captain | the trial | my condition | something else (specify) } | Get some rest ]
No. 101554 ID: b082e5

Ask who would take over if something happened to the new magistrate.
No. 101561 ID: b14128

Ask about the mysterious illness. I suspect poison and foul play.
No. 101565 ID: 107da3


Wait, don't you have knowledge of MEDICINE?
No. 101569 ID: 6164e0

The captain actually sounds like he could be a potential ally, if we could find the right pressures for it. I say ask about the captain as well, what kind of man he is, etc. Once more practicing chi meditation during his response.

Idyllically, you ask this, and these:

While apologizing for all the questions, but you would rather have knowledge now than anything else, if he would oblige you. Should give you a big chunk of time to practice meditation, but keep checking on him as you go, just enough to make sure he doesn't think you are zoning out.

How does maintaining chi in your body like this feel, right now? Have you ever done something that felt even remotely similar?
No. 101596 ID: 426169
File 126221252986.gif - (17.59KB , 400x300 , 229.gif )

> Don't you have knowledge of MEDICINE?
I do, and with my knowledge of MEDICINE I can deduce that me being alive and not bleeding after the wound I received must be because a skilled chirurgeon treated me for a few hours. Also, my knowledge of MEDICINE tells me that mysterious illnesses cannot be identified without examining the patient.

"What kind of an illness was it?"
"I don't know. The current magistrate wouldn't let me near the patient." Ahhah.
"Who would take over if something happened to the current magistrate?"
"Hmm... The old magistrate's son is too young to replace him, so I believe the office would fall to his cousin. He doesn't live nearby, and we'd rule by council until he arrived."
"Sorry for all the questions. I think I might have rushed into it last time. I'd like to know what's going on."
"Understandable. And I don't mind."
"Thanks. What kind of a man is the captain?"
"Dutiful. Honourable. His family has served the magistrates of this village for five generations, I believe. He takes pride in his position, but isn't arrogant. It's a pity he can't do anything about the current situation."

>How does the meditation feel?
I'm having trouble concentrating. It keeps slipping away from me. Especially with trying to talk.
[ Talk about something | Rest ]
No. 101603 ID: b082e5

I think we have a good handle on the situation now. Rest and meditate, try to accelerate your healing but act like you're still wounded. Hopefully you can recover enough to escape before they think you should be well enough to walk.
No. 101643 ID: 426169
File 126221505132.gif - (122.21KB , 800x400 , 230.gif )

Mu sleeps.
No. 101674 ID: 426169
File 126221702191.gif - (69.14KB , 800x400 , 231.gif )

"State your name."

[ Enter Name Here ]
No. 101675 ID: 476456


No. 101681 ID: 6164e0

No. 101703 ID: 426169
File 126221859976.gif - (27.19KB , 400x500 , 232.gif )

"Di, sir!"
"Except that the diploma you were carrying identifies you as Mu. Care to explain that?"

[ Errr | Umm | Aaah ]
No. 101704 ID: 119b5c

Ahhhh...Blood Loss does funny things to the mind.
No. 101708 ID: 067992

Sorry my real name is Mu but I go by Di. I don't mind which one you call me.
No. 101748 ID: 059c31

Or you can use both if you really want?
No. 101756 ID: 476456

Mu Di,sir.
No. 101766 ID: 119b5c

"That I was not drunk"
No. 101767 ID: 476456


Thats pretty obvious, unless its a jury of my peers, ha yeah right..
No. 101770 ID: 426169
File 126222234365.gif - (24.07KB , 400x500 , 233b.gif )

[Reuploading because of freakin huge head. This one was the first reply after the original post >>101766 ]

"Aaah, that is correct, sir. Mu Di."
"... Very well. You did not pass through any of the security stations around the village. How is that?"
"I was crossing the mountains when I hit upon the village road. I didn't know about any security checkpoints."
"I see. You are being charged with assaulting members of city watch, as well as causing a public disturbance and resisting arrest. As a vagrant with no standing you're likely to face execution for these crimes. Do you understand this?"
"Yes- but that's a lie! I was defending the lady's honour!"
He's giving me that blank look.
"I have here five signed testimonies that you started a drunken brawl. Who do you think the court will believe?"
No. 101771 ID: 6164e0

And the courts always believe the truth, is it?

"And what of the barmaid herself, what was her opinion? Or is there a strange lack of accusations from her to support the claims of the guards?"

Also, quick check: How are you feeling, Mu? What kind of exertions do you think you can put your body through right now? Also, how much time has passed since you arrived at this village, anyway?
No. 101774 ID: 059c31

These testimonies they wouldn't have been the guards would they?
No. 101776 ID: 426169
File 126222340878.gif - (23.42KB , 277x346 , 234.gif )

"And the courts always believe the truth?"
"The courts exist to prevent us from wrongly judging men. It is as close to true justice as we can get. While they may not be infallible, we must honour their decisions, as they are made with more care than we could ever hope to attain. Or do you disagree?"
No. 101778 ID: c0f3bf

The problem is that they can be exploited, this being a perfect example. A thousand testimonies would mean nothing if there were all lies. Because of this, the wrong people are charged with crimes.
No. 101779 ID: 476456

its not like he's just going to let us go..
No. 101780 ID: 476456

-so agree with him!
No. 101783 ID: 6164e0


Time for the perks of studying under a scholarly master pays off.

"I value and honor justice in society, it is the glue that holds us together, prevents barbarism.

But that does NOT mean that when corruptive influences can warp and taint that method of justice that is the courts that they should still be considered capable of maintaining social structure. Inevitably, a defunct judicial system will cause woe for those that rely on it.

But that wouldn't be the case now, would it? No, that could only be the case if the only signed forms claiming I started a drunken brawl came from the guards and ONLY the guards, and that the patrons of the inn, particularly the barmaid I saved, have either not corroborated this or outright denied it. A case where the only people claiming I did wrong are those who dragged me here in the first place.

But that wouldn't be the case, would it?"
No. 101803 ID: 426169
File 126222600938.gif - (23.87KB , 400x500 , 235.gif )

"I value and honor justice in society, it is what makes us truly humans, separates us from beasts and demons.
The fact that we rely on courts to deliver us justice is a necessary one, but that does not mean they cannot be warped and twisted to evil ends. That wouldn't be the case now? I find it curious that the same people who dragged me in here are also my accusers. What of the others present? The waitress and the cook?"
"Both claim they saw nothing."
"A strange thing to see, when someone is causing a drunken brawl."
"Mister Di, I am not here to pass judgement on you. I am here to write down your statement."
"Oh. In that case, I arrived at the tea house to find a group of rowdy men harassing the waitress. I told them to stop, and when they only laughed I took it to myself to remove the offenders from the premises. At no point did was I drunk, and at no point did I attempt to burn down the tea house!"
"I haven't said anything about attempting to burn the tea house down."
No. 101806 ID: b082e5

Tell him you overheard that accusation while slipping in and out of consciousness in the bed. The captain was here earlier talking to the surgeon.
No. 101823 ID: 6164e0

Make sure you do NOT proffer a description of either, just a vague recollection of hearing such things. Only describe them if the guy asks.

Also, to the best of your assessment, what condition is your body in right now? And have you yet got any idea of how chi meditation (or at least your version) feels yet? You may be able to refine it if you can analyze it appropriately, so any data is useful.
No. 101825 ID: 426169
File 126222697090.gif - (23.45KB , 277x346 , 236.gif )

"I overheard you talking with the surgeon earlier. I was barely conscious."
"Of course."
"I swear!"
"You will find that the oaths of a vagrant hold very little weight in court. But I will write down your statement as is."
The captain spent a few moments carefully writing down Mu's statement.
"I do believe our business is finished. The doctor tells me you will be fit for transport in five days. You'll be taken to your trial then. I don't expect to see you again, Mu Di."
No. 101827 ID: 6faa8c

Damnit, there must be more we can say to this man!
No. 101829 ID: 6164e0

Ask him his name. It's harder to be negative towards someone you know, and the more of his own personal info he divulges, the more likely he will view you more positively.

Basic principle of social interaction, USE IT.
No. 101831 ID: b082e5

Ask him to wait a moment. Ask him if he thinks there was anything odd about the old magistrate's death.
No. 101834 ID: 067992

Don't forget be polite and thank him(he did write your statement for you).
No. 101844 ID: 426169
File 126222818011.gif - (23.11KB , 277x346 , 237.gif )

"Wait! I- I didn't ask for your name."
"I am Thian Ghi-cheng. A pleasure to meet you, Mu Di."
"I don't mean to be rude, but I was talking with the doctor earlier and he mentioned the old magistrate. Do you recall anything... strange about his death?"
"I am no doctor, but I am no stranger to the plagues and pestilences that sometimes emerge. Even the most noble of us can't avoid their touch. It was a great shame. I'm sure his brother's decision to keep him under quarantine was a wise one. Fortunately the village was spared."
No. 101845 ID: 6faa8c

"I'm sad we had to meet this way. The doctor said you are a great man. I am sure this is merely a misunderstanding and nothing more."
No. 101856 ID: 426169
File 126222865127.gif - (5.83KB , 263x63 , 238.gif )

"I'm sad we had to meet this way. The doctor said you are a great man. I am sure this is merely a misunderstanding and nothing more."
"Do not presume such familiarity, vagrant. Your innocence is to be determined."
No. 101872 ID: 6164e0

"My apologies if I offended you, sir. I was simply paying my respects to another adherent of justice."

...Say, about how far away from you is Thian? And do his clothes look restrictive in a fight, as most official garb does, or doe it look light and nonrestrictive?
No. 101886 ID: 426169
File 126222936195.gif - (43.96KB , 700x600 , 239.gif )

No. 101889 ID: 6164e0

First, check the bit of darkness behind you to your left near ground level, see what that is. Then appraise the rest of the cell, look for anything that does not look like a well-built, inescapable cell.

Then start doing chi meditation, until such point that someone interacts with the door, or you feel healthy enough for strenuous physical activity.
No. 101894 ID: 426169
File 126223037512.gif - (17.25KB , 300x400 , 240.gif )

There's a rat in there.
I hate rats.

I didn't even know I hate rats until I met this one.

They moved me here right after the interview. It's been five days. Tomorrow they're taking me to the trial. I don't know what I'm going to do.

I feel much stronger than I did after the injury thanks to that chi meditation thing. I still can't do it all the way right, but at least I learned to control my Chi better. Not that I'll get much use out of it if I end up being executed.

[ Mu has learned CHI CONTROL ]
No. 101895 ID: 6faa8c

Mindpunch the rats with Chi to learn more control.
No. 101897 ID: 6164e0

Well, start with a full test of motion range. Thoroughly test what you can and cannot do in your current state. Also, how is the injury itself doing? Is it bleeding still? Already scabbed over?

And your death is not guaranteed. If you can stay alert enough, vigilant enough, a chance to survive, a chance to undo the corruption here will present itself.
No. 101906 ID: b082e5

Inspect the walls and the window bars to see if any of the stone has been weakened.
No. 101907 ID: 426169
File 126223138225.gif - (16.91KB , 300x400 , 241.gif )

Mindpunch yourself. It's hard enough focusing on this healing stuff.

I'm pretty sure I can walk and run in my current state, and possibly fight. I could manage maybe two Demon Flash Steps although the wound might reopen.

I checked the cell pretty thoroughly on my first day. The walls are solid, and the so's the door.

I'm going to die, aren't I.
No. 101919 ID: 6164e0


The flow of the future is not static: One's actions can influence what shall occur.

Currently, I recommend continuing to practice chi meditation, in an attempt to close and heal as much of your wound as possible before your trial.
No. 101922 ID: 426169
File 126223247492.gif - (28.08KB , 500x650 , 242.gif )

Yeah I guess I shouldn't- huh?
No. 101923 ID: 426169
File 126223249932.gif - (28.30KB , 500x650 , 243.gif )

"Ah. There you are."
No. 101926 ID: 476456

Wave and act completely non chalant about the whole deal.
No. 101927 ID: 18d83d

Try not to look embarrassed. Do whatever she tells you to.
No. 101932 ID: 6164e0

"indeed. I chose to call several warriors to question for their actions, notable for their arrogance, rife with corruption: And here I now reside, as a result of that action."
No. 101942 ID: 488063

Apologise for putting her to trouble.
No. 101944 ID: b082e5

Apologize profusely for delaying the trip.
No. 101945 ID: 426169
File 126223361766.gif - (20.91KB , 400x500 , 244.gif )

"Umm, hi! Nice of you to drop by!"
"This one became worried when you did not arrive. What are you doing here? This one thought they keep criminals in places like this."
No. 101951 ID: 18d83d

Yup. A vivid description of how the said warriors were harrasing the lady would be nice too.
No. 101954 ID: 6164e0

"It seems I found a local wherein a greedy younger brother claimed a place of power, and now rules through corrupt enforcers. I ended up opposing those who follow him, and am now in the situation you find me in, caged because I threatened his dominance. I am scheduled to go on trial tomorrow. If I can, I wish to present a reason to the populace tomorrow as to why they should resist the power that oppresses them now, so that they may endeavor to improve their own situation. If I fail in such a duty, I shall endeavor to either escape or dethrone the one claiming power about here to bring back peace and order. My apologies if my dedication to justice is delaying the aid I promised to you, but the situation here is grim, and needs rectification."
No. 101962 ID: 426169
File 12622349804.gif - (12.39KB , 265x230 , 245.gif )

>words words words words
"Uhh, it's a long story. I ran afoul some evil men terrorizing this town, and now they're taking me to a trial! I'm sorry for causing trouble for you."
"A trial? So you are a criminal then?"
No. 101963 ID: 059c31

I am very sorry about the trouble, it seems that the local guard possesses some dishonorable tendencies, and I could not resist the opportunity to chastise them.
No. 101965 ID: b082e5

"The charges are false."
No. 101968 ID: 6164e0

"In the eyes of those who now rule here, yes, I suppose I am. My apologies, but I found myself drawn to the corruption here, and now wish to alleviate the plight leeching those who live here. I apologize for my tardiness, but truly, if I cannot find a solution to this, I wonder, could I truly help you and yours with the bandits that plague you?"
No. 101978 ID: 445c48

Say something along the lines of "When evil people rule, all good men are crimin- no wait that's stupid try something else.
No. 101981 ID: 45be60

Guys guys, you are making this too hard. We are not a criminal. not yet. There's that whole trial thing that has to happen first.
No. 101994 ID: 445c48

By the way, where the hell are we? Where's Toad? Toad hit on Fox
No. 101995 ID: 426169
File 126223770244.gif - (50.13KB , 400x500 , pause12.gif )

"Sho yoush all'righ with me court'n yer ol' gal?"
"Go ferrit buddy- She'sh all yersh."
"Thanksh mang, yoush a true friend! ... didn't yoush be lookin after shome dum kid shhomewhere?"
"Nah 'mshure he'sh fine. Goddany more o thish wine?"
No. 101998 ID: 445c48

Well, that's good too.
No. 102121 ID: 426169
File 126225295151.gif - (77.10KB , 400x500 , 246.gif )

"I'm not a criminal! Some evil men are claiming that I am, but they're lying."
"Your kind are very strange. And you wish to go to this trial?"
"No! If I go, I'll be killed."
"Then don't go."
"They've locked me in here, I need help to get out."
"This one will lend assistance. What will you have this one do?"
No. 102154 ID: 445c48

"Hug me"
No. 102156 ID: 6164e0

.....Actually, if she can convince all (or as many as possible) of the bar patrons to speak out against the guards and in our favor, the trial could take a surprise turn, and we could possibly cause some really meaningful change here if we swing this right.

However, if we cannot do this, then it might be time to leave, if we can reclaim our valuables.

So if Lady Min can assist with either of those, that would be great.
No. 102173 ID: c2c011

I think we should either deal with this magistrate now or later. Preferably now while he hasn't yet solidified his power. If she can she should ask the other patrons why they didn't speak up for you and try to convince them to do so. She should also bring you some stuff that you can concel that will help you escape if necessary. I say we bring down the magistrate not through the power of our loving fists, but through the power of philosphical reasoning and persuassion. It will add to the legend you're trying to create.
No. 102225 ID: 426169
File 126227553841.gif - (44.00KB , 400x500 , 247.gif )

"This one could kill the guard outside. Would that work?"
No. 102227 ID: 18d83d

Do we have to make a jailbreak? If so, then just incapacitating the guard will be fine.
No. 102229 ID: 2cbe3e


No, just busy him with a real stumper of a riddle.
No. 102231 ID: 059c31

As much trouble as it is, I would prefer not to kill people on my way out of here.
No. 102233 ID: b71223

maybe she could just bend the bars on the window and we could slip out, get our stuff and no one would no we were there
No. 102241 ID: 426169
File 126228176754.gif - (58.96KB , 400x500 , 248b.gif )

"I think I'd prefer not to kill anyone while escaping."
"Very well. This one will dispose of the guard without killing him."
No. 102268 ID: 6164e0

Hey, she smiled.

I think she likes your idealistic heroism and want to preserve life.
No. 102274 ID: 597b9b

That or its a mocking smile at your notions of mercy.

I prefer the other viewpoint, though.
No. 102277 ID: b082e5

Or maybe she's smiling because she's thinking of how she will deal with the guard without killing him.
No. 102372 ID: 445c48

Or she's smiling because she's eying Mu's ass.
No. 102405 ID: 426169
File 126230610812.gif - (29.85KB , 400x500 , 249.gif )

And with that, Mysterious Lady Min was gone.
No. 102413 ID: 6164e0

Mu, start stretching, and limber up:

Depending on how she handles this, things could get very messy, and it would pay to be ready to go from the moment things start.
No. 102420 ID: 426169
File 126230721329.gif - (67.92KB , 400x500 , 250.gif )

"Min! Min!"
"Oi quit makin tha' racket ye pest-ridden vermin. Yer startin ter piss me orf."
No. 102422 ID: 6164e0

....How close is the guys face to the bars, which seem wide enough an arm or kick can fit through?
No. 102425 ID: 059c31

I have a feeling she's about to be right behind him.
No. 102961 ID: 426169
File 126237583340.gif - (52.64KB , 400x500 , 251.gif )

"Hey ye can't come in 'ere ye scum-rotti-

oh erm, 'scuse me miss bu' yer not s'posed to be in 'ere-

n-nah, when ye be puttin it like tha' i s'pose-"

Damnit, what's going on out there?
No. 102962 ID: b082e5

I think Min is using her feminine charms to get the guard out of the way.
No. 102964 ID: c2c011

I still think Mu should deal with the corrupt magistrate now. I mean what kind of wandering warrior monk allows a corrupt magistrate to remain in power?
No. 102965 ID: 059c31

Buu.. but.. that's not quite what I was suggesting, I mean its not like...

The kind who can back later to kick his ass after he's leve -erh- ascended a little more?
No. 102966 ID: 426169
File 126237676349.gif - (48.36KB , 400x500 , 252.gif )

"Eh-hee, yer a fast one ain'tcha? I like tha' inna woman-
ooh I like tha'- wha-
hey be careful wiff tha', it be kind-



please no' tha' anythin bu tha'"

Can't see anythin, damnit what's she doing?
No. 102967 ID: c2c011

Well yes. But that would be the reasonable and smart thing to do. When have we ever done that?

Besides, it sounds much better in an epic. I mean "and then he broke out of jail and convinced the people to stand up for themselves against their corrupt magistrate" sounds alot better than "and then he broke out of jail and returned 6 months later when half the village had starved from bad managment and beat the everloving shit out of the magistrate and his guards". The first one works better for getting a legend going as fast as possible.
No. 102969 ID: 059c31

She's likely got him by the short hairs and is probably threatening to give him a new singing voice.
No. 102971 ID: 426169
File 126237802235.gif - (16.30KB , 237x424 , 253.gif )

"Thifh one believfh we fhould be leaving."
No. 102972 ID: b082e5

Don't wanna know. Let's gooooo!
No. 102973 ID: 059c31

I think she uses a rather loose and "technical" definition of 'not killing'.

"...it's kinda fuzzy in the issue of kneecaps" and all that good stuff.
No. 102974 ID: b71223

nice disguise.
let's get out of here!
No. 102975 ID: 426169
File 126237892686.gif - (30.78KB , 400x500 , 254.gif )

"You! Get in!"
"w-whatever ye say, ma'am. Please don' cut anythin"

Mu and Min push the guard inside and lock the cell after him.

"This one wishes to know what you plan to do."

[ Attempt to convince villagers to rise up against the magistrate | Publicly challenge the magistrate by yourself | Assassinate the magistrate | Sneak off to maybe return later | Something else ]
No. 102976 ID: 059c31

We do not yet have a way to avoid or deflect arrows ourselves (even from merely one archer) and it would waste too many peasant lives to start an uprising at this juncture.

I suggest we leave for now and take care of the business in the valley first.. but that is merely this voice's humble opinion.
No. 102977 ID: f78140

sneak off.
No. 102978 ID: b71223

I'm not sure we could get the people to rise in the first place... so in my mind that plans out.
a challange would get us arrowed and in prison again probably.
were not episo so assanation is a no-no. I say we just leave this place and come back later. do some good deeds then get the people to rise up with us.
No. 102979 ID: c2c011

It just irks me that they will think we're guilty now. But I guess you're right, I just dislike slinking away in the night and leave a corrupt bastard who quite probably killed his own brother.

But I have a suggestion for a deal with the foxes that may help us speed up our training. If lady Min is willing to agree I would suggest that we enlist her help for a year, during which we seek out new masters and new techniques to further improve ourselves. As payment for that we agree to serve the foxes for a year.
No. 102980 ID: b082e5

The new guards are there to suppress an uprising. Challenging the magistrate out in the open would probably result in the guards hauling us away again. Assassination is the cleanest method here I think.
No. 102981 ID: 059c31

But we are not quite a master of the subtle arts yet... perhaps we may pick up something from the foxes ehh?
No. 102989 ID: 426169
File 126238177425.gif - (9.52KB , 400x500 , 255.gif )

"I think we should just leave for now. I have promised to aid you and if I try to deal with this I might not be able to fulfil that promise. I really want to get this guy, but I hope these people can last until I return."
"As you choose."

Mu took the guard's knife from Min as they carefully stepped outside. There was no-one in sight, but it was fairly dark.

[ Which way should Mu go? ]
No. 102990 ID: c2c011

He needs to find his stuff and get it back. We cannot abandon our trusty polearm. And he also needs to get some stuff for training. 8 training weights that can be tied on, a weighted vest and an empty sack.

I guess the first step is some interogation of the Guard. Find out where his stuff is keept and where he can find the stuff he needs.
No. 102992 ID: 6164e0


Ask the guard where prisoner's belongings are stored.
No. 102993 ID: 059c31

We can find and lug around training weight sometime else... sometime that speed of escape is 'not' of the essence. However, it would be nice to have your stuff back if it isn't to dangerous to retrieve.
No. 102995 ID: 426169
File 126238271677.gif - (11.55KB , 400x500 , 256.gif )

"Hey guard! Where did you take my stuff?"
"Huh? The cap'n has em somewhere. Turn righ' at the door. 'is house is like righ' across the rudd. Hey, uh..."
"Could'ya be a pal an hand me me pants? Can' have em find me in ere without me trousers on, they'd laff me outta town."

[ Give pants? Y/N ]
[ Where should Mu go? ]
No. 102996 ID: 059c31

Just make sure he doesn't have a whistle, key or something in those pockets if you decide to hand those pants back.
No. 102999 ID: b082e5

Empty his pants before you give them to him.
No. 103000 ID: 445c48

This, but don't steal anything, just put it out of reach.
No. 103002 ID: 426169
File 126238413536.gif - (33.41KB , 400x500 , 257.gif )

Mu emptied out the man's pockets to find some small change, a dirty hanky and small, worn book. Mu then hands the now empty pants through the door peekhole.
No. 103004 ID: 059c31

A book? Seems odd for a mere country jailgaurd to be literate?

Unless that is one of those books you aren't really expected to "read."
No. 103008 ID: 426169
File 126238527897.gif - (26.92KB , 400x500 , 258.gif )

"Oh, I wouldn't have taken you for a reading man."
No. 103009 ID: 426169
File 126238531284.gif - (26.79KB , 400x500 , 259.gif )

"What's it, philosophy, poe- oh it's a pict- oh."
No. 103010 ID: 426169
File 126238532766.gif - (25.50KB , 400x500 , 260.gif )

No. 103011 ID: 34470e

So what do you see?
No. 103012 ID: b082e5

Say nothing, hand the book back to the guard, and leave.
No. 103013 ID: 059c31

uhm, yeah... just erh..just leave that here, don't need that distracting you now do we? You already have enough distracting yet quite important things to remember.
No. 103014 ID: 426169
File 126238558141.gif - (14.66KB , 400x500 , 261.gif )

[ Where should Mu go? Based on this map: >>102989 ]
No. 103016 ID: 34470e

Go where the guard said your stuff was. Stealthily, of course.
No. 103018 ID: 059c31

The guard said the house was right across the road.
No. 103022 ID: 426169
File 126238779378.gif - (19.90KB , 400x500 , 262.gif )

Ok, I think that's the house. There's a low wall going around it, about chest-high.

Aaaand there's a guard to my right. He's watchin over another gate.
No. 103025 ID: 426169
File 126238911748.gif - (39.31KB , 700x600 , 263.gif )

Ok, I think he didn't see me.

[ Enter through the front door | Search for a back door | Search for a window | Spend time listening and examining the general location ]
No. 103026 ID: 6164e0

Spend time listening/examining, if possible while making a stealthy circuit of the perimeter, trying to avoid detection. The more knowledge you have before you act, the better.
No. 103031 ID: 059c31

Circle around listening, while trying to find a window.
No. 103048 ID: 426169
File 126239204053.gif - (21.60KB , 400x500 , 264.gif )

There's a side door over there that's.... yeah it's not locked or barred or anyh-
"... so is the old bastard's face healed yet?"
"Dunno. Fer all his moanin you'd think he lost an arm."
"I still can't believe it. One guy beatin both Tai AND Wu-ji down like that? Man, I almost wish I'd been there."
"Meh I don't. The cap'n suspicious o' us as it is, don' think I coulda lied to 'im wid a straight face."
"There's nothin to it kiddo. Jus' try an look real dum, an go Yes Sah a lot."
"I dun' get it."
"... You'll do fine, kiddo. Yer a nat'ral."
"If you say so, boss."
"Well I says so. Man. That guy looked like such a twig too. Hey, you wanna go poke some fun at im?"
"Dunno, boss. The cap'n says we godda patrol this here street."
"Ah who cares kiddo? It's no' like 'e's runnin aroun' inspectin us a lot."
"Dunno, 'e could do tha'."
"Oh fine. Let's do one more round and then go poke fun at im. Sound good?"
"Sure does boss."

Oh man.
No. 103050 ID: ab04d4

Oh hey look. 2 city guardsmen. Assholes.

Well, I'm not sure if we should intervene somehow (probably bad idea considering our current state) or just run. We should probably just leave; we'll get these guys when we return preferably with more abilities.
No. 103051 ID: 059c31

Wow, these guys are dicks, even to each other.

Anyhow, I think we should get out of here rather quick like, as they seem to be planning to check up on you later.
No. 103064 ID: 445c48

If you think you can disguise your voice well enough, you could pretend to be the captain and shout "OI! I HEARD YOU LOT, GET BACK TO WORK"
No. 103066 ID: 6164e0

We are not leaving without our staff, unless you want to lose a gift your master gave you.

Which means we either:

need to get our staff and other stuff before the two guards can raise an alarm about our absence.


Beat the fuck out of the guards (who are clearly in need of JUSTICE), thusly avoiding them raising an alarm.

Forn ow, try to get closer as softly as you can: Idyllically, you are going to ambush them, and drop them before they know you are there: A prolonged fight could end up raising an alarm anyway.
No. 103079 ID: 426169
File 126239480472.gif - (45.23KB , 900x500 , 265.gif )

The guard's passed me. The wall was my fortune this time.

Mu entered as quietly as he could. The door opened without a sound.

Damn, it's too dark to make anything out.... Is that my pudao on that table?
No. 103081 ID: ab04d4

I have a feeling there's probably someone else in the room, possibly asleep or highly alert and in the shadows. I'm not sure what to do. I guess, grap Pudao if that's what it is, while proceeding with caution. Also, watch your back in case the guards return. Maybe you can get Min to do this for you.
No. 103087 ID: 426169
File 126239560110.gif - (17.41KB , 900x500 , 266.gif )

Yeah it's there. All I need to do is reach out and grab it.

Why do I have a bad feeling about this?
No. 103088 ID: ab04d4

I have no idea what's going on in that view. Just take it and hope for the best. Hopefully Min can use her shield thing if things go to hell.
No. 103093 ID: b082e5

Check for traps.
No. 103096 ID: 426169
File 126239679187.gif - (278.41KB , 900x500 , 267.gif )

No. 103097 ID: ab04d4

Oooookay. Totally called it.

No quick moves. Analyze situation.
No. 103098 ID: b082e5

Don't move.
No. 103100 ID: 059c31

What the?
No. 103101 ID: 426169
File 126239774548.gif - (18.57KB , 400x600 , 268.gif )

"We meet again, mister Mu Di."
No. 103103 ID: 059c31

"So it seems sir. I told I hoped we would, did I not?
No. 103104 ID: b082e5

Ask him if he heard the guards talking outside.
No. 103106 ID: 426169
File 126239935797.gif - (25.60KB , 400x600 , 269.gif )

"So it seems sir. I told I hoped we would, did I not?"
"Perhaps. Though these circumstances are hardly better. A retainer to magistrate Zi-jing catches a prisoner attempting to escape. As captain of the guard it is my duty to apprehend you."

[ Mu needs lines here people, this ain't no cutscene even if I'm not giving out suggested actions ]
No. 103109 ID: 059c31

I thought the goal of the "Captain of the Guard" was to control the Guard?

However, I am afraid I haven't actually too seen much of that.

Though I somehow doubt they are the kind of people you would prefer to take responsibility for, not that you even chose them to be responsible for did you?
No. 103123 ID: 426169
File 126240338484.gif - (17.44KB , 400x600 , 270.gif )

"Isn't a captain supposed to control his troops? I haven't seen too much of that. Though I somehow doubt they are the kind of people you would prefer to take responsibility for, not that you even chose them to be responsible for did you?"
"What I prefer is of no consequence. I have taken an oath to serve the magistrates of this village as did my father before me. It is not my place to comment on who my lord employs or doesn't employ. It is his wish that I be the captain of these men. I will treat them as my precious subordinates, according to the wishes of my lord. That is my duty as a man, and as the son of my father. You do understand this, I hope."
No. 103150 ID: b71223

True you swore an oath to the magistrate, But what of the people forced to live there lives afraid of those who guard them. they are prisoners not citizens. you swore to follow the magistrate, but as captain of the guard your duty is to protect the citizens. you think they want this... do you want this. they are taxed, downtrodden... I can not allow this how can you! this magistrate is a leader... and he leads you to destruction and corruption! You have the power to change this all you must do is realize it. Or are you afraid... afraid of doing your job and leading your men to do whats right!
(what does he have to say to this)
No. 103157 ID: 6164e0

"And what of the crime of slaying the previous magistrate, should not the current be punished? Or is the law only meant to apply to those the magistrate wishes? I thought law, I thought JUSTICE was more important than who gives orders.

Now tell me true, do you really think that by serving the current magistrate, by having such guards about town, that you are serving the law, that you are preserving justice, and order?

For I see a dearth of all that in those new ones the magistrate brought in, and the taxes lain on the people cause undue suffering.

Is that really justice? Is that really what you should be preserving?

Because if so, I must say I am sorry, but I must oppose you as well, if you would let such harm continue to this village at the hands of a greedy, murderous and criminal usurper."
No. 103237 ID: 059c31

I understand this, but is a lord who would place such men under your command truly a worthy lord? One knows a tree by its fruits they say.

Is he perhaps mocking the responsibility you have to honor him by placing such men under you command?
No. 103537 ID: c2c011

Well we need Mu to get more powerful fast. If he can't take down 5 random guards I'm not sure if he can take down a band of bandits and their leader.

Ask him about his duty to the people. But also about his duties to the magistrates superiors and what has happened to the last magistrates son? Wasn't there also something the doctor said about the last magistrates cousin being the one who was next in line? But the guy was to far away or something like that.
No. 104847 ID: 426169
File 126260741578.gif - (21.97KB , 141x429 , 271.gif )

"So you see, I have no choice but to fulfil the role given to me."

[ Hot blooded | Comply | philosophic counter-argument | Something else (insert line) ]
No. 104848 ID: c2c011

We're a monk. We use philosophical counter arguments about the nature of service and duty. From what I gathered from our talk with the doctor the current magistrate shouldn't even be magistrate. Aside from that the captain should also have a duty to the people as well as a duty to whoever is magistrates boss. Then we could argue along with the divine mandate, as long as the village is prosperous and safe the magistrate has the right to rule, if it's not then the peasents has the right to rise up. Something like that anyway, damn western education system that doesn't teach much about chinese history and philosophical belief system around the nature of duty and responsibility.
No. 104849 ID: 445c48

philosophic counter-argument
No. 104855 ID: 426169
File 126261049744.gif - (15.26KB , 400x600 , 272.gif )

"I understand that a peasant's lot is to serve their lord, but is the lord's lot only to be served? To live in pampered luxury?"
"No, it isn't. It is to serve his people. Is your lord serving his people?"
"That... is not for me to judge. To question one's lord would be... unthinkable."
"That's not really what you think is it."
"What? How dare you accuse me of treachery?"

[ Pressure | Apologize | Something else (what?) ]
No. 104877 ID: c2c011

It is not treachery if he is not the rightful lord. If he is simply an usurper, one that has commited fratricide on top of that, then doubting him is not treason. Isn't it also true that in the current circumstances a village council should rule until the designated successor, the last magistrates cousin, could arrive?

There now it should all have been corrected.
No. 104904 ID: 059c31

Then who's lot is it to judge if the lord is not serving the people?
No. 104933 ID: d1210a

"I accuse you of using your duty, your oath as a shield, as a protective sheathe for your mind and ethics. For you, even though the people suffer, even though you KNOW this new magistrate does not serve the people's interests, does not DESERVE your service, you continue to serve. The very fact you are even speaking with me, an escaped prisoner, shows you know this, you KNOW you are not serving a just and noble lord.

Why do you follow someone who lies to you, who gives you new men that cause troubles for the peasantry that do not listen to you, who bleeds the citizens dry with unnecessary death. Whether you wish to admit it or not, by continuing to serve him so, you are helping him in his pursuits. Tell me, no matter how important this oath is to your family, do you think your fore-bearers would find your service just? ....Or would they say that just as it is your duty to serve, it is the duty of the magistrate to be WORTHY of service.

The people respect you. They know of your adherence to law, and order. But can you claim to still serve that now, as you let this magistrate strangle this village, choking the life and justice out of those who abide here?

You cannot.

It may be painful to fully admit it, but you already have known for some time: The magistrate is not worthy of your service, not with the way he infuses despair, resentment and fear among the people."
No. 105040 ID: 426169
File 126264241257.gif - (91.56KB , 400x700 , 273.gif )

"You coward!"
"You hide behind your station like a coward! The people look to you for help and you give only excuses? UNFORGIVABLE!"
"You have a responsibility for your people! Have you no eyes, does your heart not call out for justice? You KNOW what is going on in this village! Why do you sit idle while your people suffer?"
"It is not for me to judg-"
No. 105041 ID: 426169
File 126264242323.gif - (133.62KB , 900x500 , 274 .gif )

"Escort him back to his cell."
"Right away, sah!"

"If you think that this is justice, if that man is worth serving"
No. 105042 ID: 426169
File 126264243871.gif - (17.38KB , 400x700 , 275.gif )

"... then you truly are without redemption."
No. 105044 ID: 5d5878

Badass. You did good, kid.
No. 105056 ID: d1210a

Well, only one guard bringing you back to the cell, and your legs are unfettered?

Once you get some distance away, use DF to abruptly kick the guard in the stomach, followed up by a strike to the side of the head. Won't be able to cry out, and should get knocked unconscious.

You made a promise to Min, after all, that you would help her.

Would be a bit hypocritical to lecture on justice, and not deliver, right? So you can't afford to be rejailed, not now.

Let what you said to the captain fester in his mind while you move to go with Min and help the spirit foxes.

Claim the weapons of the guard as you make your escape, and leave your Pudao. It will still be here, a weapon that well forged will not simply vanish, not around such greed as this.
No. 105059 ID: 059c31

Indeed, this one agrees with his assessment.
No. 105060 ID: 426169
File 126264439513.gif - (101.25KB , 500x700 , 276.gif )

"♪♫-spinesh on 'is back are so awful thick
you'll end up with naught but a painful prick."

No. 105061 ID: 426169
File 126264444823.gif - (121.87KB , 500x700 , 277.gif )

"He has an imprag-aeg... imrpaegnable 'ole when curled up inna ball,
Hence the hedgehog can n'ver be bugg-!
Oi gerrof! Lemme go ya dum weasel!"
No. 105062 ID: 426169
File 12626445168.gif - (58.68KB , 500x400 , 278.gif )

"Young master Mu is in trouble."

[ Howzat? | Grope | Nap | Paint some grass green ]
No. 105063 ID: d1210a

Unless you need to puke to clear your head, forget about it.

There is exactly ONE thing that matters right now: White Dragon will KILL YOU if Mu doesn't return, safe and sound.



No. 105064 ID: 059c31

Erh wots awll thish troublen thenn mhearen bowt?
No. 105066 ID: 5d5878

Grope for a moment, catch yourself, then GO SAVE MU!
No. 105067 ID: 426169
File 126264557488.gif - (55.10KB , 500x400 , 279.gif )

"Erh wots awll thish troublen thenn mhearen bowt?"
"The young master is locked inside a prison. This one tried to free him but he was caught again."
"Sho he's goin to be busy fer a while, righ'? Sho how'bout you an me siddown somewhere quiet- hey, why's they keepin im locked up?"
"He stands accused of a crime. This one is not familiar with mortal law, so the specifics are unclear."

[ Talk about { crime | Mu's location | escape attempt | soft fur | date | drink | White Dragon } | Wake the old man | Go somewhere ]
No. 105068 ID: e75a2f

Soft Fur sounds like the logical choice.
No. 105069 ID: d1210a

"Hhhhhey, Im, I'm gonna wake this old guy nexsht ta me. He knew a shoul in me, lishens ta me.

He knowsh people, lotsha people, in the village. He could help shtart a reben.... releben..... REBELLION, thashit! Then we getsh Mu out then! An, ananan..... an in the confuz... confushun, Mu could be freed eashier."

Alternatively, ask her for what her plan is, should she have one.

And start sobering up, this is serious.
No. 105070 ID: 426169
File 126264649132.gif - (67.14KB , 500x400 , 280.gif )

"You have shome real soft fur there."
"This is serious."
"Serioushly. It's so soft an smooth~"
"This one is grateful for the compliment, but could we-"
"Makes me wonder if you got softer fur dow-"
No. 105071 ID: ab04d4

inb4 epic pain apply directly to forehead
No. 105072 ID: 426169
File 126264658611.gif - (83.11KB , 500x400 , 281.gif )


[ Talk about { crime | Mu's location | escape attempt | White Dragon } | Wake the old man | Go to { tea house | captain's house | jail | magistrate's mansion | somewhere else (where?)} ]
No. 105074 ID: d1210a

"Ow.... ow.

Okay.... well, if Mu is in jail AGAIN, right after escaping, they should be watching him even more. Freeing him would probably necessitate a good bit of death, if we approached it directly, and you know how the kid doesn't like that unless it REALLY needs to happen.

What I figure, is we need some way to make the guards LET him go. So, we should go see the guard captain.... I think I heard my old friend here mention some stuff about him being a good person, maybe we can convince him? And if not, well.... I am somewhat physically limited, so the only plans I really am used to are ones that don't require much muscle from my part, so I guess that would be when you take over if this doesn't work, since you can actually fight."
No. 105077 ID: 059c31

We wouldn't have any special powers would we? I mean aside from pervy suggestions and the ability to make old men hallucinate to get free drinks?
No. 105098 ID: e0499d

what if we have a spirit one of the guards knows?
No. 105490 ID: c2c011

I don't really think it's possible to break him out of jail again. They said they would hang him right? Could we smuggle in a hollow bronze tube to him? He could do the good old trick with swallowing the tube and then let them hang him and play dead.

Other than that I don't think we can get him away unless we figure out something to do during the execution. Like a big distraction followed by Mu doing all the flash steps he can and then running away for all that he's worth.
No. 105516 ID: 03cccb

"Alhr-IC-ght, alhright, I'll focush! Sho...You were shayin' shomethin' aboush Mu and a shrine? No, waisht, tha' washn't it...

...Shiii--! She's gon'ta KILL mesh! Nosht to mention I'm alreadshy DED! Wha'd the boy DO?"

{Finally sober up in fear and ask about the crime}
No. 107517 ID: 426169
File 12629244358.gif - (30.43KB , 1000x500 , 282.gif )

"So who's this then?"
Min starts as the old man sits up suddenly. She looks about to flee.
No. 107520 ID: 632862

Eh? Ask Min what's wrong.
No. 107530 ID: 445c48

"She's my girlfriend. "
No. 107550 ID: 426169
File 126292635512.gif - (19.86KB , 386x328 , 283.gif )

"She's my girlfriend."
"This one is not your bitch, fool. Lay another paw on this one and you will surely die."
No. 107553 ID: 445c48

Whisper to her- "Jeeze, just tryin' not to upset the old man here, didn't want to worry him if he remembered the stories about you spirit foxes."
No. 107554 ID: 059c31

Back off toad... we are reserving this one, for another.

Also it would be a pity to die right now wouldn't it?
No. 107558 ID: 426169
File 126292699492.gif - (23.73KB , 386x328 , 284.gif )

"Jeeze, just tryin' not to upset the old man here, didn't want to worry him if he remembered the stories about you spirit foxes."
"Ah. Oh. Sorry. This one is a little on edge."
"Well go on~"
No. 107559 ID: 426169
File 126292709142.gif - (30.51KB , 1000x500 , 285.gif )

"........ The little one is correct. This one is his girlfriend."
"Oh so that's what it was. Well any friend of his is a friend of mine! So, what is all this fuss about?"

[ A lover's tiff | Mu's in trouble | Ask about { magistrate | captain | villagers | something else } ]
No. 107562 ID: 445c48

Oh man, I'm tempted to suggest a lover's tiff, but she'd probably eat us.
No. 107564 ID: 632862

Mu's in trouble. Ask about EVERYTHING.
No. 107565 ID: 20326c

Toad's one smooth motherfucker.
No. 107568 ID: 059c31

Mu is in trouble.
No. 107585 ID: 426169
File 126292980347.gif - (9.38KB , 500x400 , 286.gif )

"Mu's in trouble."
"The kid you were looking after?"
"You are correct. The young master has been arrested by the guards some time ago, and is to go on trial tomorrow."
"Huh? Damn that kid. Always getting into trouble."
"This one is surprised you weren't there to help him earlier."
No. 107586 ID: 426169
File 126292981439.gif - (5.93KB , 500x400 , 287.gif )

"The blame is mine, little fox. I insisted that we celebrate. Since it's my fault, I must help you."
"I insist. I may be old, but I have a modest amount of respect among the villagers."

[ Accept help | Reject help | Ask about { important villagers | advice | magistrate | guards } ]
No. 107588 ID: 34470e

Reject help, but change mind immediately afterward.
No. 107589 ID: 059c31

I somehow doubt we have many other options but to accept. But this voice would ask to know, in what manner would said 'help' take form?
No. 107590 ID: 445c48

Accept Help, and ask about Important villagers.
No. 107707 ID: 8ecfd4

Accept help. But also prepare a backup plan. And find out about the execution method, different methods can use different backup plans.
No. 108233 ID: 426169
File 126308952410.gif - (85.52KB , 1000x600 , 288.gif )

"All right, all right. If you insist on helping, who am I to argue."
"Damn straight. So, what did you have planned?"
"Well. Hmm. Breaking him out of jail won't work a second time, tonight at least. So we'll have arrange for something tomorrow. But there'll be even more guards then. Damn."
"Would a riot work?"
"A riot? Yes, yes it would."
"The magistrate is not very popular around here. If the taxes go any higher many won't last the winter. It's just that everyone's afraid to make the first move. If you could convince enough key people to act at the same time, I think the rest would join in. There are a lot more people than there are guards in this village."
"Sounds like a plan. Who do we need to convince?"
"Three people come to mind.

There's YISUN, the woodcutter foreman. If you convince him, the rest of the woodcutters will definitely join in. He'll be at the woodcutter's longhouse, a bit away from the village.

JI-AN is a very wealthy and influential man, and he employs some armed guards of his own. He can probably be found at the bathing house even at this hour.

Besides those two, there's one troubled lad calling himself 'Lightning Zan'. He seems to be the leader of the local youths and is probably responsible for most of their delinquency. They usually hang out in an abandoned house across the rice paddies, arranging fights between themselves.

Now, to have any hope of success, we'll need at least two of them to agree to our plan. I'm not particularly familiar with any of them, so you'll have to talk to them. I'll go talk to all my friends to let them know of what we're planning."
"Ok, sounds like a plan."

[ Ask about { Yisun | Ji-an | Lightning Zan | the captain | the doctor } | Go { across the rice paddies | to the longhouse | to the bathhouse | to the prison | to the captain's house } | Talk to Lady Min }
No. 108234 ID: 8ecfd4

Ask about all three of them. What are their grievances agains the usurper magistrate and if there are any in village they won't cooperate with and so forth.

After we get that little piece of information we can devise a plan for how to persuade all 3 of them.
No. 108240 ID: 426169
File 12630908092.gif - (9.17KB , 200x600 , 289.gif )

"What grievances do the three have?"
"Well, I know that the woodcutters are among the least wealthy townsfolk, so they're suffering the most from the taxes. I'd imagine the travel restrictions are hurting Ji-an's business, so you might try to work from there. Zan I'm least sure about, but his gang regularly butt heads with the guards."

Toad considered this new information, and pondered which one to visit first. The night wouldn't last forever. Where did he choose to travel first?
No. 108247 ID: 8ecfd4

Well Zan should be the easiet to convince. I don't even think we actually need to convince him, if a brawl starts I'm guessing he's going to get involved either way.

I would start with the woodcutters and then take the merchant and if there's time pay a visit to Zan. For the woodcutters we can use two arguments that I think are relevant, taxes and the restrictions to travel. So long as the restrictions apply then the woodcutters will be cut off from any larger market.

Ji-an may be a bit trickier since he has more to lose. But I imagine he can be persuaded if he thinks the possible gains will overshadow the risks. The gains he stands to make are freer travels and increased standing among the villagers. They will remember him as one of their saviours and good will is something useful for a merchant, atleast one that's smart.

And to convince Zan. Well it's a fight. I don't really think he needs more than that but it could be worth to point out that it's a chance to impress people and get bitches.
No. 108256 ID: 426169
File 126309358485.gif - (124.10KB , 800x600 , 290.gif )

Toad and Min quickly sought out the woodcutter's lodge outside of town. The lights were still shining brightly, and Toad could hear the occasional sound of laughter.

"This one wishes to know how you intend to approach them?"
No. 108269 ID: 8ecfd4

Now that part is a bit trickier. Can she cast an illusion? Because I doubt they're gonna listen alot to a demonic toad. If she could give us the apperance of a somewhat wise elder I think we should be able to pull it off.

And remember the arguments. I'm not gonna be around to se the results for some time. Woodcutters would benefit from fairer taxes and the possibility of more merchants and a wider market. That and social standing.
No. 108293 ID: 426169
File 126309484710.gif - (18.83KB , 500x600 , 291.gif )

"Can you cast an illusion? I don't want them freaking out over a talking toad."
"This one believes so. What form would you desire?"

[ Describe your disguise ]
No. 108320 ID: 9891a9

A beautiful nude woman with your naughty bits barely veiled in a layer of mist.
No. 108340 ID: 6faa8c

No, bad.

A fine young man.
No. 108355 ID: 426169
File 126309680368.gif - (15.24KB , 358x384 , 292.gif )

"A beautiful nude woman with your naughty bits barely veiled in a layer of mist."
No. 108389 ID: e23d5d

I believe an older, shorter man is traditional for amphibians, and possibly an easier illusion to produce.
No. 108405 ID: 6834bc

"Sorry, Min. I guess I'm just an old pervert."

As for a real suggestion, >>108389 has a pretty good idea.
No. 108417 ID: 426169
File 126309959876.gif - (384.22KB , 500x600 , 293.gif )

"Climb upon this one's head."
"Just do it. And don't wiggle."
"And don't grope me."

No. 108431 ID: 6faa8c

Our eyes are still funky, but okay.
No. 108445 ID: 5d5878

That should work.
No. 108469 ID: 426169
File 126310206713.gif - (81.47KB , 800x600 , 295.gif )

"Remember, the form is only an apparition, a moonlight ghost. This one would discourage touching things."

"So, ye gonna draw er wha'?"
"I'm thinkin I'm thinkin."
"Well I ehn't got all night. Eeey, wha' ye lookin fer strangeh?"
No. 108528 ID: 445c48

I am unsure how to approach this. Should we be somewhat truthful, claiming we wish to start an uprising?
Perhaps we should lie and say we are a tax collector, here to inform the men of increased taxes, to get them good and pissed?

I am not the best diplomacer.
No. 108582 ID: 498ebc

Perhaps it would be better to act friendly, but appear weary. As if you just drifted in for rest and refuge from the night.

At least, if the woodcutter's lodge isn't averse to temporary visitors.

If they offer you a seat you should prefer to stay standing, and simply work the conversation towards the taxes and the travel limitations. Once you get their minds on it and get them sufficiently agitated, THEN you should start playing your hand a bit.

Even if they ARE willing to riot, if they aren't in a mood conducive to it, they might turn on you for out and out suggesting it. And being antagonistic to try and incite them would probably be a bad idea, just because... well, you're an illusion. If they attacked you for any reason, you might... fall apart?
No. 108687 ID: 8ecfd4

Well their leader seems to be missing. Ask them if Yisun is availible for some conversation.

I think the best way here is a mix between truthfullness and lies. We tell him that we're a spirit and that the injustices of the magistrate has upset the spiritual order of the village. Then we ask him for aid in getting rid of the magistrate and list what benefits the woodcutters stand to gain from it. We should probably also add that the Captain is extremly unsure of his alliance towards the magistrate, if he was forced into making a choice then he would most likely side with the people.

That last part might not be entirely true but I think he would.
No. 108703 ID: 498ebc


It might not be worth it to gamble on his allegiance yet. I think Mu buried the seed of doubt, but he's a man of duty. A riot would make the doubt worse, but... Men can do terrible things out of a sense of duty, and quieting a riot isn't, in general terms, a terrible thing.

The riot might help Mu win over the Captain later, though.

Before we attempt to sway Yumin, though, we should use the greeting and the start of the conversation to gauge his character. If he seems to be a spiritual type, claiming to be a spirit might work, especially if Min can conjure up a light show.

On the other hand, claiming to be a spirit COULD make us look like a crazy old man, which would make winning him over either impossible or really difficult.

My vote is to make a little small-talk with these men, and then inquire as to whether Yumin is around. We can't take any concrete action until we know what sort of man he is.

And remember, try to make yourself likeable.
No. 108704 ID: 498ebc


I meant Yisun. I'm tired.
No. 108707 ID: 8ecfd4

Sure the Captain might not side with them. But our purpose is to make them rise up against the magistrate, they're more likely to do that if they think the captain will support them.

And we could "prove" that we're a spirit. It's an illusion, it cannot interact with physical objects. If we try to life a cup and our hand goes right through it then it should take care of any doubts.

But yes, we should make some idle small talk with him before we broach the subject of the magistrate.
No. 109500 ID: 426169
File 126327547530.gif - (18.25KB , 600x367 , 296.gif )

"I'm looking for Yisun. Is he available?"
"Oh aye. He be over in tha next room."

"Leave me be!"
No. 109529 ID: cf41a7

hmm, He seems distraught? The flower or rose perhaps indicating a lost, unobtainable, or failed romance?
No. 109630 ID: 8ecfd4

Well don't just stand there. Go in and ask him what's wrong.
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