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File 161784096612.jpg - (754.36KB , 1200x955 , The Sea1.jpg )
995227 No. 995227 ID: 12b116

Foreboding clouds hang heavily overhead, and yet the air is still.

The ship has been becalmed for almost five days now, the black sky obscuring the stars and threatening a storm that has yet to come.

The crew is growing restless, which isn't good even on a disciplined military vessel, but this is not that. This is a pirate ship.

Who are you?

A. Cabin Boy. A lad that the captain took a fancy to, looking for adventure.

B. Cabin Boy (Female). You're pretending to be a lad to escape an oppressive home life. The captain took a fancy to you.

C. Captive (Male). Youngest son of a wealthy family, you were kidnapped by the crew. The captain intends to ransom you back to your father, a Naval officer.

D. Captive (Female). Oldest daughter of a wealthy family, you were kidnapped by the crew for ransom back to your father, a powerful merchant.

E. Stowaway (Male). You snuck aboard the ship to avoid the life of a homeless petty thief. You've probably kept your presence a secret.

F. Stowaway (Female). You snuck aboard the ship to avoid the life of a homeless beggar. You've probably kept your presence mostly secret.

G. Crewmate (Male). You signed on for a life of freedom aboard a pirate ship! Before that, you were a bank clerk.

H. Crewmate (Female). You signed on for a life of freedom aboard a pirate ship! Before that, you were a seamstress's apprentice.
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No. 995229 ID: bc11b8

crewmate (f)
No. 995232 ID: 1a5633

No. 995233 ID: 8cb67d

Crewmate (m)
No. 995234 ID: 745eba

No. 995235 ID: 830459

No. 995237 ID: 8a51ec

No. 995239 ID: 0fae41

No. 995245 ID: 09f511

No. 995246 ID: 3aa06e

No. 995247 ID: 12b116
File 161784530906.jpg - (425.03KB , 1200x955 , The Sea2.jpg )

You are a crewmate! You signed up for a life of adventure instead of the boring life of a seamstress.

You've only been at sea for a little over a month. Of course, so far, things have been fairly calm.

Other than keeping things clean and sorted, there hasn't been a whole lot to do, so you've been spending your time ...

A. With the Captain. A powerful, confident figure, you've been trying to attract the captain's notice, although so far you haven't been particularly successful.

B. The Chef/Quartermaster. Some would say he's even more important than the captain! He keeps track of all the stock and supplies, doles out the earnings, and cooks. You figured earning brownie points would benefit you in your new career.

C. The Carpenter/Surgeon. Originally a captive, the carpenter/surgeon has stayed on. It seemed a good idea to learn more about this older and dignified personage.

D. The Prisoner. The mysterious person kept chained up in the hold, you aren't really supposed to be spending any time whatsoever around them, but you can't help yourself. They'd already there, chained up among the crates and boxes, when you were hired on. You just had to learn more.

E. Nobody in Particular. You've never thought standing out was a good thing. You've mostly familiarized yourself with the ship itself and otherwise kept your head down.
No. 995248 ID: bc11b8

C. something about his storied life is inherently magnetizing, can't stop asking for stories
No. 995249 ID: 894419

No. 995250 ID: b1b4f3

No. 995251 ID: 0fae41

No. 995252 ID: 67181a

D! Mystery leads to the most adventures
No. 995253 ID: 8cb67d

C you wanna be a surgeon one day to help out so you’re trying to apprentice
No. 995254 ID: 830459

No. 995258 ID: 2aa5f0

No. 995268 ID: 12b116
File 161784984682.jpg - (412.98KB , 1200x955 , The Sea3.jpg )

Booksey, the carpenter, is one of the essential members of the crew. He's even got himself private quarters.

It's not that you want to dodge work to sit around and listen to him tell stories, it's that you want to be like him. Essential. Skilled. Irreplaceable.

"Bee, no chores today?" he says, always calm, perhaps a bit tired. You aren't sure exactly why he's always called you 'bee,' but you don't honestly mind.

"Done 'em already," you say, which is mostly true, although if the first mate catches you laying about, you're sure there's more you'd get roped into doing.

Booksey's got a little book he's reading from, and he keeps glancing down from time to time as you sit on his toolchest across the little table from him.

You've gotten pretty close with him during your time on the ship. You figure you could ask him something personal at this point.

Ask about a crewmate. You could probably get him to talk about another crewmate and he'd give you his honest thoughts. You'd need to specify who.

Ask him about the weather. Does he think it's gonna break soon? What does he think is going to happen?

Ask him about what he's reading. No reason to get all serious.

Ask him about something else. Whatever else you think you'd like to know.
No. 995269 ID: 0fae41

Booksey, why haven't we just broken oars out and started rowing?
No. 995270 ID: 8cb67d

Something on your mind? You seem a bit more distracted than normal? Or are you finally coming to realize just how attractive I am after all ;)
No. 995277 ID: b1b4f3

Ask about the captain.

I feel there's no risk of mutiny right now since there's nothing anyone can do about the lack of wind, and there's noone to blame either...
No. 995278 ID: 1a5633

Booksy, I want to be more usefull. Not just do common chores, i want to do something important, like you. What do you suggest? What could i learn that could be useful to the crew?
No. 995282 ID: bc11b8

"what's that book about?"
No. 995286 ID: 094652

"Well for starters, I want to learn the basics of repairing. If I find a leak during combat, I don't want to run up and down the ship to find you while the cannonballs are flying."
No. 995292 ID: 830459

"So you're a carpenter? Name every carp."
No. 995569 ID: 12b116
File 161808898031.jpg - (704.56KB , 1200x955 , The Sea4.jpg )

"Why haven't we just started rowing?" you ask.

Booksey sets the book down, looking at you over his glasses.

"This isn't exactly a galley, Bee. My supposition is the captain intends to weather this storm and hope for the best."

"You seem a bit distracted," you say, smiling. "Finally realize how sexy I am after all?" You strike a pose, one hand behind your head, slender hip against the side of the table.

Booksey raises an eyebrow. "A bit young for an old man like me," he says, smiling with one corner of his mouth.

You both laugh.

There's something more serious on your mind, though. "I'm worried," you say. "I don't know much about the captain. I feel like this weather isn't anybody's fault, so there's no risk of mutiny, but still."

When you say the weather isn't anybody's fault, a strange expression crosses Booksey's face like a cloud, but then it's gone.

"I've been with this ship for five years now," he says. "If there's one thing the captain is capable of, it's holding the loyalty and attention of the crew, but I can't pretend that bad decisions have never been made."

You nod solemnly, although you feel like he barely told you anything.

"I want to make sure I'm useful, in any case. I want to do something important. I'm thinking repairing might be useful. Like, if something happens when a fight's going on, what should I do if I spot a leak?"

"Start baling water," he says. "If you want to learn, your best bet is to watch me work and help me. I'd appreciate it."

You let the silence hang in the warm, still air before you look at the book and ask what it's about.

"IT's called "The Gods of Pegana," he says. "A bunch of poems about a made-up pantheon-"

Everything is cast in sharp contrast by a flash of lightning. A peal of thunder rolling across the empty sea shortly after.

Another follows shortly after.

"It seems the storm is finally coming," he says.

Stay here and keep talking?

Help battening down the ship?

Look for the Captain?

Something else?
No. 995570 ID: 0fae41

Batten hatches!
No. 995571 ID: bc11b8

Get your hands on some shit and start look busy.
No. 995573 ID: b1b4f3

Batten them hatches.
No. 995574 ID: 194806

Let's make yourself useful. Thank Booksey for his time and look for the captain, he might have orders for the crew now that the storm is visible.
No. 995576 ID: ce39da

"I'll take your advice on bailing out to heart, but for now, I'm gonna try and make sure it doesn't come to that." At least try to share a chuckle at that last attempt at brevity, then go and batten them hatches.

Come to think of it, if mutiny is a risk (if the carpenter's expression is implying what I think it does), does that mean this voyage's charter didn't include the usual option to vote in a new captain anytime outside of combat?
No. 995623 ID: 830459

Ask him about the names of these gods, in case you find yourself in need of praying to someone.

Then go look for the captain.
No. 995651 ID: 12b116
File 161816541922.jpg - (711.94KB , 1200x955 , The Sea11.jpg )

"Guess I'd better do something, or at least look like I am," you say, getting up and nodding to Booksey.

"Any particular one of those made up gods I should pray to when things go pear shaped?" you ask, half-joking.

"Slid, the god of waters, might be a good choice," he says, half-smiling.

You leave his quarters in the foredeck. You hear something, a hissing rumble, and as soon as you step outside, a wall of water crashes against you, darkness punctuated only with the occassional spear of lightning. Even the thunder is barely audible over the rain hammering against the deck.

You can see some crewmen trying to tie down the long boat, others attempting to take down the sails, and the captain at the helm, a barely visible silhouette.

The storm has come upon you all far more quickly than anyone expected, and with a horrible ferocity.

Do you:

Help with the long boat?It's on the middle of the deck and the wind is picking up ...

Help with the sails? This is almost suicidally dangerous, but if it isn't done, at minimum the sails could be lost, and at worst, the masts could be shivered.

Go across the deck to the captain? The captain probably knows where you'd be most useful.

Go belowdecks to help actually batten actual hatches? It's probably moderately safe, and people would actually see you doing work.

Go back to Booksey because fuck this? Seriously, fuck this.

Go to the orlop deck to check on the stuff down there? You'd be safe and nobody would bother you. Plus, somebody needs to check on the prisoner, right?

Something else?
No. 995653 ID: 0fae41

Secure the longboat. That thing could wipe the deck clean if knocked about!
No. 995657 ID: bc11b8

Batten hatches. Best balance between looking busy and staying out of shit.
No. 995658 ID: 194806

Go to the capitan!
No. 995659 ID: ca2950

Furl those sails. It's perfectly safe and nothing can go wrong.
No. 995661 ID: b1b4f3

Secure the longboat. If it's whipping about nobody will be safe on deck.
No. 995665 ID: 830459

That escalated fast.

Strange how no one came shouting for all hands to come onto the deck. I suppose this implies that everyone's already on the deck and that either your help isn't valued, or they think you're not experienced enough.

No matter what you do, you could be blamed for doing the wrong thing, so I think the best choice is to go to the captain and ask him where to help. If you really are that inexperienced, then doing anything dangerous in the dark would be that much more hazardous.
No. 995672 ID: 894419

Secure the longboat!
No. 995689 ID: ce39da

Secure that longboat (and free up some workers) before it knocks someone overboard - we need every hand available!

That's assuming you know what to do there, of course. If not, go batten down those hatches. Nobody wants us to take on water.
No. 995692 ID: 12b116
File 161818151255.jpg - (782.32KB , 1200x955 , The Sea12.jpg )

You rush to assist, sliding across the deck as the rain hammers you, rushing to help with the longboat. It will be a horribly dangerous object to be sliding across the deck, on top of the chance that it would be lost.

You don't know the names of the two crew members working on it.

You think about how suddenly the storm came up. You aren't exactly old salt, but you've never seen anything like it.

You don't know the two crewmates securing it to the deck, but they're visibly relieved when you arrive, getting to work.

You can barely hear the captain yelling somewhere behind you, and lightning flashes all around.

You hear something as the wind picks up, like a giant bat overhead, and you see one of the sails torn free from the mainmast, disappearing into the darkness. The deck sways underfoot as waves crash against the sides of the ship, and the wooden ship creaks and groans around you.

Just as the last few knots are being tied, the deck shudders. With an ear splitting whipcrack the mainmast splits, and you hear screams as crewmates are whipped over the side of the ship.

"RUN!" one of the rainstreaked figures near you screams. "GET BELOW!"

You're roughly in the middle of the ship, shuddering and rocking beneath your feet. Do you:

Just follow these two? They seem a little competent.

Run back to the foredeck? You could go belowdecks there or something else.

Run to the quarter deck? You could go into the galley there or go below.

Hide under the longboat? It's tied down pretty good. You wouldn't have to worry about crossing the rainstreaked deck again.

Climb the stairs and see if you can help the captain? You aren't sure exactly how you'd do that, and the mainmast is about to come down.

Something else?
No. 995694 ID: bc11b8

The captain's probably ready to go down with the ship, so fuck that. Go see if booksy is alright.
No. 995696 ID: 0fae41

Get to the quarterdeck and go below.
No. 995700 ID: b1b4f3

Belowdecks, see if you can help finish up battening the hatches.
No. 995702 ID: 830459

Go visit the prisoner.

The thought that the ship could sink soon should be crossing your mind right about now. And if that happens, only Slid knows who'll survive. The more, the better, which is why you should be visiting the prisoner so that you can determine whether they're worth releasing before the ship goes down or not.
No. 995799 ID: ce39da

Get below-deck, whichever hatch is closest - hatches might still need battening down.
No. 995840 ID: 194806

Go check on Bookskey, tell him what is going on.
No. 995883 ID: 12b116
File 161827889314.jpg - (481.90KB , 1200x955 , The Sea13.jpg )

You are closer to the stern of the ship, so you run down the stairs there, onto the gun deck. The roaring storm is muted by heavy wood, lanterns swinging as the ship rocks. The sounds of creaking wood and shouting voices replace the hammering rain, giving you a moment of respite.

Crewmates are runshing back and forth, carrying away dangerous items, making sure the guns are tied up properly and the gunports closed and tied down. Some folks are nailing battens and sheets of canvas over open doorways or anywhere that water could get in.

Before you take two steps out onto the deck, there's a crash like a hundred peals of thunder against the side of the ship.
No. 995884 ID: 12b116
File 161827896479.jpg - (545.50KB , 1200x955 , The Sea14.jpg )

Splinters and chunks of wood fly in all directions as the creature bursts through the side of the ship. Most of the guns and the crew near them go tumbling into the ocean with wailing screams as the sound of hammering rain muting the scream of the creature as it intrudes into the ship.

The closest crewmates not pulled into the ocean are crushed, half of a twisted corpse that was once human landing on the deck nearby, trailing blood and organs behind it across the splintered wood.

Do you:

Run down further to the orlop deck or even the hold! Find the smallest hole to hide in and stay there.

Run back topside! Maybe you can ... uh ...

Run as far aft as you can get! hide in the galley or the captain's quarters or wherever you can manage to get.

Run across the gun deck and try to get to the forecastle! You'd have to run past the thing. And you don't know what that would accomplish, really.

Try to find somebody?

Fall on the floor. Cry.
No. 995885 ID: e7c7d3

Cry you fool
No. 995886 ID: 0fae41

Down deeper. Perhaps we should check on the prisoner? The ship might be sinking...
No. 995887 ID: bc11b8

Don't go above and be exposed, don't go below and risk the ship sinking; just try and get out of the room and away from the monster!
No. 995888 ID: 094652

... The beast has breasts.
In addition to her prehensile appendages, gigantic bipedal structure, and capacity for intelligent ambushes, she is mammalian or pseudo-mammalian.
She is an intelligent warrior, and she is likely not alone.
You need to surrender. Even if you scurry and escape the giant beast, her children will hunt you down on the fleeing life rafts. And if you murder a child, even in self-defense, within a few feet of their mother... well.
No. 995889 ID: b1b4f3

No. 995901 ID: 194806

What the fuck, that thing has lots of titties! Is it a mammal? No matter, let's go get Booksey, he might have an idea of what to do because i sure don't!
No. 995931 ID: 830459

I've heard of horny monsters attacking people before, but this is ridiculous. I mean, is it even the mating season? Let's hope they take prisoners.

How to survive...
Hiding under the longboat from before sure seems like a much better idea now. But no, with these monsters being aquatic, they'd easily spot you from below. Or above for that matter. It all comes down to how determined they are in scavenging the remains once this is over. The question is which part of the ship would be the last one that the monsters would find interesting? If they've done this before, they might remember that the ship's hold holds the supplies and they might focus their efforts there. So trying to keep as far away from there as possible might be a good idea. However, if you are to survive, it would be great if you could do so with some food, and thus visiting the hold might be a good idea as well.

It's hard to decide. I feel that running far aft would be a safer short-term choice, but running below would be better long-term.

Ok, my plan would be this: Go below and see if the ship's hold is still intact. Try to steal some food and untie the prisoner (maybe they know what's going on?) before the hold starts taking in water. And then the two of you should try to get to the aft of the orlop deck, the captain's quarters.
No. 995961 ID: 98d8c7

Oh no, our wife has come to pick us up from work and she's angry.
No. 995968 ID: ce39da

Down. Something's pissed these things off. Booksey wanted to say something when we said the storm isn't anyone's fault.

Something tells me the prisoner has something to do with all this. There was a reason you weren't allowed to even head down for a peek. Do that now.
No. 995997 ID: fbcfae

Go to Booksey in a panicked mess, when you reach his room no one is there so you look for the prisoner and just release them because no matter what they did it’s better to give them a chance at life than forcing them to drown
No. 996085 ID: 12b116
File 161836588662.jpg - (559.93KB , 1200x955 , The Sea21.jpg )

Oh, your wife is here to pick you up from work.

You shake your head to clear away the strange, intrusive thought as you back quickly away and scurry down to the orlop deck. At the aft side of the orlop deck is the prisoner.

Below that is the hold, which is mostly full of rocks and bilge water.

The sounds of hammering rain and shreiks of dying men are muted once again by heavy timbers as you run across the shifting deck. This deck is partially below the waterline, and you don't see water coming in anywhere, so the ship likely isn't sinking. That's good. At least the ship isn't currently sinking.

Rivulets of water run down the ladder from the gun deck, now partially open to the sky.

You hurry through the empty galley and reach the door to the storage room where the prisoner is kept.

You see light coming from between the cracks, but there shouldn't be a lantern in there. For obvious reasons.

You heave the door open.

Your mind is having trouble processing what you're seeing.

The light does not dim. It does not flicker like fire, lighting the crates and sacks of dry goods stored alongside her.

"Crushed shells and cinnamon," the prisoner says, her mouth changing the shape of the beam of light projecting from it as she speaks. She looks toward the ceiling, seeming to be unaware of your presence. Her manacles have been affixed to the beam behind her. Normally, her hands are chained in front of her to allow her some range of movement.

"A dry wind. A red sky." the prisoner mumbles to herself.

Do you:

close the door behind you, block the cracks and hide here? Maybe she's protected by that baleful glow.

Do ... something to stop the Prisoner? This can't be ideal.

Unchain the prisoner? You could throw her out and hide here yourself, or ... ?

Run somewhere else? You don't want to be here.

Go hide in the hold? The deepest, darkest place you can reach.
No. 996088 ID: bc11b8

"Hey, what the fuck are you doing?"
No. 996090 ID: 094652

Unchain the prisoner, but demand she do whatever needs to be done to stop the attacker from killing the survivors.
No. 996091 ID: b1b4f3

Knock the prisoner the fuck out.
No. 996093 ID: 6a3e9e

Unchain the prisoner and panic at the bright lights maybe it will stop if you do /something/ /anything/ like say that your wife is here to pick you up for some strange reason
No. 996101 ID: 0fae41

Do something to stop her. Bonk her on the head. Cancel your uber pickup, or else!
No. 996120 ID: 6f067f

"Excuse me, miss? Are you, by any chance, the one that called the multy tittie leviathan that is currently destroying the vessel? Whould it be too much of a bother to ask you to cease, please? If not, may i ask why the fuck are your eyes are glowing light beams?"

Be ready to get the fuck out if shit goes south.
No. 996128 ID: 830459

>Crushed shells and cinnamon
Thinking of pastries at this time like this, tsk tsk tsk.

I think the chance of this light being protective is relatively low. Because it doesn't make much sense to smash the ship apart if one wanted to ensure their own safety. Plus the smile on her face makes me think it's more of a revenge thing.

Unshackle her, then talk to her, smack her face, kiss her, whatever works to try to snap her out of it.

If she regains consciousness, tell her that she got what she wanted and that you released her. And ask her what happens next.
If nothing works, then find a different place to hide. Because if she's the one luring the monsters here, well, she'd likely be their target.
No. 996233 ID: 894419

Yes this, wind up for the haymaker of your life.
No. 996237 ID: f26870

Best not let your wife catch you messing with another woman.
No. 996368 ID: 12b116
File 161853633701.jpg - (538.92KB , 1200x955 , The Sea22.jpg )

"Hey, if you're doing this, stop it!" you say.

You slap the prisoner across the face. Her head jerks to the side but she doesn't seem to respond.

"All my all my all my own a light that does not dim," she says, her voice quiet and mumbly.

"Hey!" you say. "Did you make that monster show up? Make it stop!" You aren't sure you can really actually knock her out. You punch her as hard as you can in the temple.

Her head jerks to the side and her chains rattle, but she's just as oblivous as before.

"Her pale skin wrapped in dusk so long without the grace of wind," she mutters.

You decide to take the shackles off. Standing up, you walk around behind her, unscrewing the bolts that hold them closed.

Maybe something less violent will be effective at stopping ... whatever is happening. The prisoner is just as unresponsive as ever, limp in your arms as you open the shackles.

"Best not let my wife catch me messing with another woman," you say as the chains clatter to the floor.

Her head snaps up when you speak, bright beams of light blinding as she fixes her gaze on you.

You feel dirty fingers dig into your cheeks as you begin to slide towards the floor. She holds your face tightly, turning your head up so she can look into your eyes.

"Hot blooded sounds! Light comes from a break in the clouds of a place I doubt!" she screams, spit dotting your cheeks.

You think you should struggle, but you can't seem to make your hands move. You feel your eyes rolling back in your head as she continues to scream.

"Light comes! Light comes! Light comes!"

Your consciousness leaves you.
No. 996369 ID: 12b116
File 161853635365.jpg - (203.83KB , 1200x955 , The Sea23jpg.jpg )

You are probably in bed.

Everything is silent and warm.

Your eyes are closed, and on the other side of your eyelids is a light that does not dim.

You don't want to open your eyes.

"I think I'm dreaming," you say.

"Do you think you are?" you ask yourself.

You draw yourself a picture. The light that does not dim lets you see the marks against the inside of your eyelids. Over the veins.

You draw a crown, a mountain, an egg and a hearth.

"Which one do you want to dream about?" you ask yourself.


The Crown feels dark and heavy.

The Mountain feels unstable.

The Egg scares you. Is it rotten?

The Hearth is cold even though it's lit. That's not right.
No. 996371 ID: 0fae41

Last one awake's a rotten egg.
No. 996372 ID: bc11b8

e g g
No. 996373 ID: b1b4f3

The mountain. At least it's dry.
No. 996374 ID: 8dac10

No. 996378 ID: fa071a

Do you think dreams are a less legitimate reality than when you are awake?
No. 996414 ID: 094652

Concentrate on the Hearth. Let the disparity between the properties of fire and the chill of your burning hand anchor you to the realization that this is not reality.
No. 996429 ID: 6c85e8

Hearth seems the most interesting.
No. 996454 ID: 830459

There are many ways in which one could interpret any of those drawings. Blessings or curses? Do any fit together, and in what order? If these are four parts of a story, which one would give you the most insight? Making a choice with little to no information feels too arbitrary.

The Mountain.
Unstable mountain... to come crashing down a mountain? Or does it represent something more abstract, like a perilous journey? Or a disaster? How does it connect to the egg and the others?

Alternatively, The Hearth.
No. 996502 ID: 5f8c94

Egg sounds interesting. Who kowns what it contains?
No. 996628 ID: 12b116
File 161869722174.jpg - (540.32KB , 1200x955 , The Sea24.jpg )

You mostly dream about an egg.

An egg carries all the food it needs. It will exhaust the entire supply to develop and grow, to feel hunger and hopefully have the strength to break through its own shell and emerge into the world. What if there isn't enough? What if feeble tapping never leads to a crack in the shell? What if it weakens and dies inside its own body?

There must be enough. There must be enough. There must be enough.
The egg's greatest fear is starvation.

Everything shifts around you as you dream a little about the hearth with cold fire.

A hearth is an opening that gives heat and light. It is the center of a home, the entry into comfort, health and life.

And yet this hearth's fire is cold. It is a strange, distorted opening, reaching out into the world with only its pale radiance that does not dim.

If it is truly a thing without a purpose, it will be destroyed. That is the cold-fire hearth's greatest fear.
No. 996630 ID: 12b116
File 161869731676.jpg - (468.69KB , 1200x955 , The Sea31.jpg )

You hear something creaking, and feel your body moving back and forth in a slow, steady rythm.

You feel smooth wood under your cheek as you slowly become aware of your body. You seem to have fallen haphazardly in a heap. With some effort, manage to open your eyes.

You see light coming from under the door as you slowly disentangle yourself and begin the arduous task of lifting yourself up from the floor.

There's the prisoner. The rise and fall of her chest tells you that she's asleep, and all is silent around you.

It takes a few mintues to remember the nightmare that was what you assume is now yesterday. You feel bruised all over, and as sleep gradually dissipates from your mind, you can feel a steady throbbing that threatens to become a splitting headache.

Your movements are sluggish and strained. You feel like you've been shat out of the wrong end of the worst hangover you've ever experienced.

Do you:

Try to wake up the prisoner? Maybe she knows something useful, although she wasn't particularly helpful during the storm.

Deal with your hunger and thirst? There's a cask of water here, and some hardtack. You could also go to the galley, which is on this deck, and see if you can find something more palatable.

Explore the orlop deck? It's mostly storage space, although you could travel to the other side of the ship without going up to the gun deck.

Explore the gun deck? Everything is quiet now, so maybe the monster left.

Go topside? You could see the state of the main deck.

Go into the hold? Something about the wet, pitch dark hold full of rocks ...

Something else? If you want to look for something or someone, specify if you want to go across the orlop deck, the gun deck, or the main deck.
No. 996631 ID: 0fae41

What is it about the hold? Look at it. See what it is before you head back up to the chaos.
No. 996632 ID: 830459

Wait a minute or two to confirm that there really isn't anyone making any sounds. If that's the case, it would imply that both the monster is gone and the crew is dead. Then drink some water and assess the damage, well, assess if the ship is sinking. I think this means you'll need to check out the hold first.
No. 996634 ID: ce39da

Were... those rocks there to begin with? Um... Exercise caution.
No. 996637 ID: bc11b8

It is a survival situation, now. Lets eat and drink ASAP.
No. 996646 ID: 5f8c94

Well, ehh, look for survivors, check everywhere. Look for the capitan and Booksey. The look for food and water.
No. 996650 ID: afe7de

Eat, drink, carry some food with you and see what happened to the rest of the ship.
No. 996653 ID: b1b4f3

Any chance the ship's been run aground? If that's the case you'll need to ration food and water until you get a renewable source. Be careful how much you eat and drink.
No. 996656 ID: 6c85e8

Eat and drink, first off. Whatever's going to happen next, you'll need it.
No. 996773 ID: 094652

Write a note to the prisoner about what happened, and how screwed they are if you discover they were responsible for the deaths of your co-workers. Then explore the giant hole in the ship and find a way to jury-patch it before you sink.
No. 996783 ID: d09be1

Better eat and drink up first
No. 996787 ID: 12b116
File 161877921622.jpg - (576.81KB , 1200x955 , The Sea32.jpg )

First things first: You soak some hardtack and eat the resulting slurry. You also take some jerky with you before you leave.

The gentle rocking indicates the ship is still adrift and hasn't been run aground, and the floor is as dry as it normally is, so if the ship is taking on water, it hasn't gotten this far down yet.

The hole in the ship you saw anyway should be well above the water line, so you don't suspect there's any immediate danger. Although really there's only one way to find out.

You think of leaving some kind of note, but you don't have anything to write on or with, and there's nothing like that here. You also aren't exactly great at reading and writing.

You wait for a while, crouching in silence, and then go into the storage space adjacent to it. One of the few doors on the ship connects this storage space to the galley, but you don't hear anything coming from there. There's access to the hold here, although you'd have to go through the galley to go anywhere else. A candle lantern sits askew on the floor, and you take it with you as you descend into the pitch dark hold.

The hole in the deck and torrential rain have caused the hold to flood, and the water is over your waist. A few casks float on the inky surface.

You can make out the shape of rocks and cannonballs under the murky water that splashes in a slow, steady rhytm as the ship moves slowly back and forth. The hold is mostly full of rocks, cannonballs and spare cannon for use as ballast so the ship will sit lower in the water. Of course, the weight of all the water has been added to that. You are concerned about how low the ship may be sitting currently.

Because the ship is rocking, the water splashes against the curved wooden walls and casks and other assorted items shift and bump against one another. You can't distinguish those sounds from what could be something moving further away in the water, and you start to sweat.

Do you:

Go back? And do what, exactly?

Search for the bilge pump? You need at least three people to operate it, but you aren't sure where it is or if it's still operational.

Try to traverse the hold? You're basically as far aft as you can get. You could cross to the other side and ascend to the orlop deck at the front of the ship. That's beneath the forecastle deck, where Booksey's room is.

Search around for supplies? You could search around for something in particular. What would you be looking for?

Splash around? You don't know why you'd want to do this.
No. 996788 ID: bc11b8

Try and rouse the prisoner.
No. 996789 ID: b1b4f3

Go back up, see if you can find survivors. You'll need assistance to pump the bilge.
No. 996797 ID: 0fae41

Go back and search for people to operate the bilge pump.
No. 996801 ID: 5f8c94

GO back up and look for survivors.
No. 996809 ID: 830459

Eh? What kind of a monster attacks a ship and leaves it afloat? Talk about laziness.

Go up and do a full sweep of the ship for the survivors. Start with the main deck to check for nearby land.
No. 996811 ID: 841ff7

No. 996956 ID: 12b116
File 161887441941.jpg - (518.68KB , 1200x955 , The Sea33.jpg )

You decide the most important thing to do is look for survivors.

You return to the orlop deck and crack the door leading into the kitchen. Might as well check the deck your on first.

Most of the floor and parts of the wall are covered in tin sheets, and the oven hangs suspended by four chains.

It almost seems normal, Ward. the cook, sitting on that crate. He's stoked a fire in the oven, one hand resting on a back-splitter he's found somewhere.

"Bee," he says. You never spent much time around him. His good eye is fixed on you, his cloudy eye looking off at nothing.

"So you're alive," he continues. He doesn't say it with any particular inflection, neither happy nor sad about your continued existence.

"Haven't heard or seen another living soul," he says. "Been here to make sure the supplies are safe. Is everything intact in the storeroom?"

Ward has always been particular about nobody messing with the stores, and he asks the question with particular interest.
No. 996957 ID: 094652

"Well, the good news is that the water level isn't rising fast enough that I can see it.
... Our captive was doing magic while The Huntress barged through our hull and crushed half the crew. I have no idea if she was trying to save the ship or summon the monster queen. We need to put her execution or acquittal to a vote. If we get enough people to justify a vote."
No. 996958 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah, though you just took a little hardtack and water. Also the prisoner's unchained but unconscious.

Ask more about the prisoner; is she dangerous? What's with the light? Maybe you should restrain her again?
No. 996962 ID: 5f8c94

Ohhh, yeah, the cargo is almos intact, for what i could see. Pretty sure most of the crew got kill by the Tittie monster or fall to the sea. The prisoner was conjuring something, but i am not sure if it was summoning the beast or trying to get rid of it. She is now asleep and unchained. Haven't seen the cappintan nor Booksy since the storm. And there is a huge hole in the ship, but we are not sinking, is the upper part of the ship.

Should i keep looking for survivors?
No. 997001 ID: 830459

No. 997027 ID: 830459

>Been here to make sure the supplies are safe
That doesn't make much sense. If he hasn't seen anyone else, then how does he know he's not alone on this ship? What's the point of protecting the kitchen if you're the only one around?

Anyway, the most important thing to ask of him first would be... how much time has passed since you- since the monster attacked? And what else can he tell you about the event?

I guess he's been hiding in this room the whole time "protecting the supplies". But for now, there's no need to call him out on his cowardice. Instead, you can tell him that it should be safe outside now if he wants to help you look for others and to pump the water out of the hold.
No. 1000453 ID: 12b116
File 162118879684.jpg - (553.10KB , 1200x955 , The Sea34.jpg )

"I took a little hardtack and some water," you say. Ward looks at you keenly, but you press on.

You decide you're woefully lacking in information.

"The prisoner is unchained but not conscious. Some kind of light was coming out of her. I think she was conjuring something, or doing some kind of magic. I don't know if she was tyring to help us, or summoned the thing that tore a hole in the top deck. What do you know about her?"

Ward snorts, the light glinting off his good eye as he leans forward, squinting, as if taking your measure.

"Can't tell you much about that prisoner. That's the Captain's thing. Valuable."

Well, that was singularly unhelpful.

You consider his singular focus on 'protecting the supplies.' He doesn't even know if there's anyone onboard to protect them from.

"How much time has passed since the storm? It seems like it's safe out if you want to help me look for survivors or pump water out of the hold."

He frowns. "Probably been about eight hours," he says, "But I'll leave the lookin' and pumpin' to you. Got to make sure we have stores. No telling how long we're gonna be stuck here." He snorts.

"Come back and tell me what you find." He nods meaningfully toward the door, so you go back into the storage area.
No. 1000454 ID: 12b116
File 162118888491.jpg - (368.43KB , 1200x955 , The Sea41.jpg )

You reflect on your mental map of the ship, estimating where you think the waterline currently is, and what you think should be where, although there's a lot you don't know.

You wonder where you should head next and how you should get there.
No. 1000457 ID: 0fae41

Head to the orlop deck by way of the gun deck.
No. 1000460 ID: 26235b

>Come back and tell me what you find.
Gonna need an especially sturdy plank for him.

Go to the helm first to see if anyone's steering the ship. If there's no one, then you'll need to steer it somewhere.
No. 1000707 ID: 96c896

We're on the orlop deck already, in the Cook room. Head to the ? room that's directly next door. If nobody's there, go up to the gun deck, then to Booksy. Right now we're looking for people to man the pump.
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