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File 161784096612.jpg - (754.36KB , 1200x955 , The Sea1.jpg )
995227 No. 995227 ID: 12b116

Foreboding clouds hang heavily overhead, and yet the air is still.

The ship has been becalmed for almost five days now, the black sky obscuring the stars and threatening a storm that has yet to come.

The crew is growing restless, which isn't good even on a disciplined military vessel, but this is not that. This is a pirate ship.

Who are you?

A. Cabin Boy. A lad that the captain took a fancy to, looking for adventure.

B. Cabin Boy (Female). You're pretending to be a lad to escape an oppressive home life. The captain took a fancy to you.

C. Captive (Male). Youngest son of a wealthy family, you were kidnapped by the crew. The captain intends to ransom you back to your father, a Naval officer.

D. Captive (Female). Oldest daughter of a wealthy family, you were kidnapped by the crew for ransom back to your father, a powerful merchant.

E. Stowaway (Male). You snuck aboard the ship to avoid the life of a homeless petty thief. You've probably kept your presence a secret.

F. Stowaway (Female). You snuck aboard the ship to avoid the life of a homeless beggar. You've probably kept your presence mostly secret.

G. Crewmate (Male). You signed on for a life of freedom aboard a pirate ship! Before that, you were a bank clerk.

H. Crewmate (Female). You signed on for a life of freedom aboard a pirate ship! Before that, you were a seamstress's apprentice.
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No. 995229 ID: bc11b8

crewmate (f)
No. 995232 ID: 1a5633

No. 995233 ID: 8cb67d

Crewmate (m)
No. 995234 ID: 745eba

No. 995235 ID: 830459

No. 995237 ID: 8a51ec

No. 995239 ID: 0fae41

No. 995245 ID: 09f511

No. 995246 ID: 3aa06e

No. 995247 ID: 12b116
File 161784530906.jpg - (425.03KB , 1200x955 , The Sea2.jpg )

You are a crewmate! You signed up for a life of adventure instead of the boring life of a seamstress.

You've only been at sea for a little over a month. Of course, so far, things have been fairly calm.

Other than keeping things clean and sorted, there hasn't been a whole lot to do, so you've been spending your time ...

A. With the Captain. A powerful, confident figure, you've been trying to attract the captain's notice, although so far you haven't been particularly successful.

B. The Chef/Quartermaster. Some would say he's even more important than the captain! He keeps track of all the stock and supplies, doles out the earnings, and cooks. You figured earning brownie points would benefit you in your new career.

C. The Carpenter/Surgeon. Originally a captive, the carpenter/surgeon has stayed on. It seemed a good idea to learn more about this older and dignified personage.

D. The Prisoner. The mysterious person kept chained up in the hold, you aren't really supposed to be spending any time whatsoever around them, but you can't help yourself. They'd already there, chained up among the crates and boxes, when you were hired on. You just had to learn more.

E. Nobody in Particular. You've never thought standing out was a good thing. You've mostly familiarized yourself with the ship itself and otherwise kept your head down.
No. 995248 ID: bc11b8

C. something about his storied life is inherently magnetizing, can't stop asking for stories
No. 995249 ID: 894419

No. 995250 ID: b1b4f3

No. 995251 ID: 0fae41

No. 995252 ID: 67181a

D! Mystery leads to the most adventures
No. 995253 ID: 8cb67d

C you wanna be a surgeon one day to help out so you’re trying to apprentice
No. 995254 ID: 830459

No. 995258 ID: 2aa5f0

No. 995268 ID: 12b116
File 161784984682.jpg - (412.98KB , 1200x955 , The Sea3.jpg )

Booksey, the carpenter, is one of the essential members of the crew. He's even got himself private quarters.

It's not that you want to dodge work to sit around and listen to him tell stories, it's that you want to be like him. Essential. Skilled. Irreplaceable.

"Bee, no chores today?" he says, always calm, perhaps a bit tired. You aren't sure exactly why he's always called you 'bee,' but you don't honestly mind.

"Done 'em already," you say, which is mostly true, although if the first mate catches you laying about, you're sure there's more you'd get roped into doing.

Booksey's got a little book he's reading from, and he keeps glancing down from time to time as you sit on his toolchest across the little table from him.

You've gotten pretty close with him during your time on the ship. You figure you could ask him something personal at this point.

Ask about a crewmate. You could probably get him to talk about another crewmate and he'd give you his honest thoughts. You'd need to specify who.

Ask him about the weather. Does he think it's gonna break soon? What does he think is going to happen?

Ask him about what he's reading. No reason to get all serious.

Ask him about something else. Whatever else you think you'd like to know.
No. 995269 ID: 0fae41

Booksey, why haven't we just broken oars out and started rowing?
No. 995270 ID: 8cb67d

Something on your mind? You seem a bit more distracted than normal? Or are you finally coming to realize just how attractive I am after all ;)
No. 995277 ID: b1b4f3

Ask about the captain.

I feel there's no risk of mutiny right now since there's nothing anyone can do about the lack of wind, and there's noone to blame either...
No. 995278 ID: 1a5633

Booksy, I want to be more usefull. Not just do common chores, i want to do something important, like you. What do you suggest? What could i learn that could be useful to the crew?
No. 995282 ID: bc11b8

"what's that book about?"
No. 995286 ID: 094652

"Well for starters, I want to learn the basics of repairing. If I find a leak during combat, I don't want to run up and down the ship to find you while the cannonballs are flying."
No. 995292 ID: 830459

"So you're a carpenter? Name every carp."

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