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File 161574005195.png - (251.36KB , 800x600 , RTS00114032021.png )
991238 No. 991238 ID: 9c4453

It finally stopped raining, just as we arrive at the ridge.

According to the handbook, an assigned worker (which would be me) needs to go the Torrus' Ridge outpost to collect all the outgoing mail and parcels for our designated sector as well as a delivery route to find out which pinnacles we need to visit and in what order, and after that we'll be on our way.

Pilot has also asked me to pick up a few things, so I'll look out for stores and maybe pick up a few things for myself while I'm there.
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No. 993207 ID: 894419

Ask 'em why red-hat is so mysterious and silent, is he always like that?

Also ask if you wanted to hire on them for a trip someday, what the going rates are.
No. 993209 ID: b1b4f3

I'm satisfied. We can move on.
No. 993361 ID: 4a9893
File 161686837349.png - (253.71KB , 800x600 , RTS03627032021.png )

"are the maps the Outpost could provide up-to-date enough, or would I be better off with another source?"
>"The Pinnacles have always been difficult to map out, but even old maps are better than none. All maps that are sold are usually up to date unless stated otherwise.
"Yeah those cartogropher nerds come together a few times a year and share their personal maps with eachother to create a super map which gets mass printed and passed around, they get sold everywhere for real cheap."
>ask if you wanted to hire on them for a trip someday, what the going rates are.
"What's it like going hunting? I might try it out myself some day"
>"It's a profitable venture, it certainly pays for itself, especially if you can capture the game and bring it back alive. Nobles, private collectors and the colosseum will pay through the roof for fierce or rare game."
"It's fun, too!"
>"If that's how you want to look at it."

>Ask 'em why red-hat is so mysterious and silent, is he always like that?
I've been wondering that too. I got the impression he could just the quiet type, But I feel it's worth asking.
"Is Reeds always this quiet?
"Say something, Reeds!"[/orange]
[color=red]"I will, but not because you told me to.

I look back to see Reeds smoking a clay pipe. I don't know when he started smoking it as I didn't see him take it out. Interestingly, I didn't even hear him use a fire striker.

"Watch your back, chimera.
People will be watching it.
Watch them too."

No. 993362 ID: 4a9893
File 161686840717.png - (162.21KB , 800x600 , RTS03727032021.png )

He turns his head and I get a look at his other eye, or what appears to be some kind of scar going over it.
"And a word of personal advice; don't go looking for things that don't exist."

I'm not even gonna ask.

Anyway, I've messed around enough, it's about time I got to work! I bid my farewells to the small group of hunters.

>"See you around pseudogryph."
"Until next time!"
No. 993366 ID: b1b4f3

To the post office.
No. 993369 ID: ce39da

Yeah, it's time to head to the outpost to get a map along with our mail and plot a route. We can shop on the way back to the dock.
No. 993396 ID: 12b116

let's get to work! Post office.
No. 993478 ID: afe7de

Go to the Post Zone, get ready for works!
No. 993488 ID: 894419

I'm here to talk to hunters and deliver mail, and I'm all out of hunters to talk to. TO THE POST OFFICE!
No. 993657 ID: 4a9893
File 161701716396.png - (279.12KB , 800x600 , RTS03829032021.png )

As I begin to make my way down I take the time to obsorb all the information I've taken in, and so far, I've just been told how dangerous it'll be. Though in all fairness I was told in advance, albeit in much less detail, how everything would be really dangerous. I still wanted to do this anyway. I wanted to do this because... uh... I still don't really know why. I could say I wanted the promotion but I never really had to worry about money. There was just something about the New World job that enticed me. Maybe I just got sick of doing deliveries in the same town for 4 years. I should ask my coworkers why they do it.

Anyways, I'm not completely clueless on the New World, I know about the colonies, the countries that influence them, and I know about all the other courier services we compete with.

Back home in Tenprence, or I guess as everyone here calls it, 'The old world', things were much more simple. We don't have mammals as the hunter mentioned (besides half-mammals like myself), and we don't have bizarre weather like the barkeep told me. Aves and chimeras are at the top, but in the New World we seem to be at the bottom. At least we stand a better chance than we used to.

I also can't help but feel I'm forgetting something... was I supposed to bring something?

I have a few more things I could think about before I arrive at the outpost.
No. 993678 ID: e7c7d3

Check pockets to make sure you got everything
No. 993683 ID: a3ec44

Forget your pictures of loved ones?
No. 993694 ID: ce39da

I really hope it isn't some official papers or a badge you need to flash at the outpost or anything. (Or if it is, that you haven't lost them.)
No. 993697 ID: b1b4f3

Pilot told you to pick up a few things. Can you do that after the post office?
No. 993855 ID: 4a9893
File 161714095836.png - (414.88KB , 800x600 , RTS03930032021.png )

>Check pockets to make sure you got everything
My raincoat doesn't have pockets, so at least I'm not forgetting anything in those.
>Forget your pictures of loved ones?
Loved ones? I guess I can't really say I got loved ones to have pictures be made of. I never met my real parents, and to this day have never seen another chimera before. I was raised by an ave family but for the most part I'm on my own.
>I really hope it isn't some official papers or a badge you need to flash at the outpost or anything. (Or if it is, that you haven't lost them.)
I took the papers before I last I checked, the emblem for my company is still on my hat.
>Pilot told you to pick up a few things. Can you do that after the post office?
Definitely taking care of that after this business is taken care of.

After a while of walking, I notice the terrain begins to go uphill and I can see the post office. From the outside it looks like the one I work at, but this one seems much bigger and a bit more... drab? It was constructed away from the other buildings and higher up which isn't out of the usual for a post office. The road seems to disappear and trees start to take over.
No. 993856 ID: 4a9893
File 161714098801.png - (366.48KB , 800x600 , RTS04030032021.png )

As I make my way through the trees I notice a hard to miss sign nailed to a tree. It's reads: 'THIEVES WILL BE' with the rest of it painted over with noticably smaller and neater handwriting written underneath that reads 'Please don't steal anything. -P'. I can only assume this was put up by someone working here. I suppose that means thieves are somewhat of a problem? I certainly hadn't planned on stealing...
No. 993857 ID: 4a9893
File 161714100090.png - (329.64KB , 800x600 , RTS04131032021.png )

I walk up a ramp and approach the entrance, the way in appears wide open which I think means they are open? They should be. It looks... really dark in here?
I guess I should wait for my eyes to adjust to the darkness or look for a candle or lantern in the mean time. I wonder what's going on here.
No. 993859 ID: 894419

No lights? Call out and see if anyone is up ahead.
No. 993875 ID: b1b4f3

No. 994019 ID: e9b402

This. Yell out "is anyone here? Im not a thief."
No. 994358 ID: 6966b0
File 161733202701.png - (145.80KB , 800x600 , RTS04202042021.png )

It doesn't look like I have much of a choice in the matter and decide to proceed ahead. My guess for why it's so dark in here is because all of the windows are shut or maybe boarded up, Not likely the latter because this place should be active at nearly all times.

Calling out into the corridoor gives me no reply, also of note is that my voice doesn't travel very far because the acoustics are being affected by all the lockers lining the walls.

Adjusting to the darkness is something that comes easy to me being part feline, I just wish my dilated pupils didn't make me look like such an idiot.
No. 994359 ID: 6966b0
File 161733204273.png - (218.88KB , 800x600 , RTS04302042021.png )

As I look for someone to talk to, I hear a click...


A scatter of small projectiles misses in front of me not so narrowly. I've never been shot at before and I'm not sure what should be my first reaction!
No. 994360 ID: b1b4f3

Running away seems wise.
No. 994361 ID: 12b116

hit the dirt and try to scurry for cover!
No. 994365 ID: 86aaf2

No, *running* is not appropriate.

Getting low down and diving for cover (note: things used to represent cover in popular culture aren't always massive/thick/dense enough, look for something big and thick to put between you and the person shooting at you).

Then keep your head and limbs and body close to the ground and behind said cover and scream that you surrender. You are, after all, unarmed and at their mercy anyway, and they have shown willingness and intent to use lethal force.
No. 994366 ID: 894419

Hit the deck!

"Oh god! Don't kill me! I'm sorry!"
No. 994390 ID: 2aa5f0

drop and get behind cover. If there is no cover try and knock down some of the lockers for cover and pray they're not attached to the wall.
No. 994406 ID: 864e49

Drop to all fours, scream, loss hat, get the fuck out of there, find guards.
No. 994409 ID: c1d72d

The most rational action would be to no make sudden moves, hands up and demand "Ceasefire! I am disarmed and mean no harm!".

Though the most usual action is to duck for cover and run with a loud "AAAAAAAHHHH!".

Maybe a combination? Ducking for cover and try to reason?
No. 994411 ID: 094652

No. 994473 ID: 2748b3

I would hit the deck, fast. Also yell that you're with the postal union.
No. 994702 ID: d5825c

humm seems like a pressure plate trap.
No. 994763 ID: c6266d
File 161752151898.png - (148.31KB , 800x600 , RTS04404042021.png )

I decide the best course of action is to leap to the nearest cover, which is as far as I can see in the darkness, a stack of large wooden boxes. I get close to all fours and lunge forward taking especially careful measure not to lose my hat. I only scream a little bit.
No. 994764 ID: c6266d
File 161752153679.png - (153.25KB , 800x600 , RTS04504042021.png )

I duck down keeping myself as close to the ground as I can and try to fit as much of myself as I can behind cover.

The next logical step would be trying to reason with whoever fired the shot.

"I SURRENDER! I'M NOT A THIEF, I'M WITH THE POSTAL ALLIANCE!" After a while, silence fills the room for a brief moment, before I hear a voice speak up.
>"I considered that a possibility. But the chances that you were a thief or a specific chimera I wanted to shoot outweighed the possibility. You'll have to excuse me, I don't meet many chimera postal workers."
"So... you're not gonna shoot me?"
No. 994765 ID: c6266d
File 161752155330.png - (166.05KB , 800x600 , RTS04602042021.png )

>"Nah, suppose I have no reason to now. You and I are both busy people, you got mail and packages to deliver, and I'm busy staring at nothingness all day, so how about we try not to waste eachother's time. We got a couple minutes give or take for the postmaster to get here to chew me out for firing this thing, so you ask whatever you like."
No. 994766 ID: 0fae41

Are you blind? You could have taken my head clean off!
No. 994767 ID: f94934

You're a postman! You're not even supposed to have a gun!
No. 994768 ID: 3ed3c3

You crazy, blind bastard! What if you'd hit me?! Where the Hell did you even get that thing?!
No. 994773 ID: 2aa5f0

where did you even get that gun? I thought people working for the post were discouraged on carrying weapons.

Also do I have to worry about anyone else trying to shoot me? You make it sound like the postal office around here has enemies... for some reason.
No. 994779 ID: cdabe3

Oh geez, the gun still has a shot loaded in the second chamber
No. 994782 ID: c1d72d

You se apparently there is a thief problem. Is someone stealing the mail?
No. 994785 ID: ce39da

Too late; we're chewing them out right now.

"You know we're not even supposed to use weapons to hurt people like that, right? What if you'd killed a fellow employee of all people? And you call yourself a postman!"

If he retorts with some nonsense about doing what it takes to survive out here: "Look here; I joined this company because I believe in its principles. If you don't - if you aren't even willing to use the rules' loopholes instead - then why are you still with the company?"
No. 994796 ID: b1b4f3

What do the crosses over their eyes mean?
No. 994848 ID: d5825c

i would not complane about him haveing a gun, i would ask if he can even see the postal lables. And why is it so dark in here?
No. 995018 ID: c6266d
File 161770184350.png - (111.30KB , 800x600 , RTS04705042021.png )

"Are you blind? You could have taken my head clean off!"
>"I am blind. What gave it away?"

"You know we're not even supposed to use weapons to hurt people like that, right? What if you'd killed a fellow employee of all people"
>"Oh don't be so dramatic, that couldn't kill anyone, even if I had aimed it directly at them. That was a warning shot, minimum measurement of gunpowder with small pellets. I fire it towards what I assume are would-be thieves to chase them off. I'd be impressed with myself If I actually managed to hit anybody with it. Keep in mind it doesn't actually have the power to seriously injure you, would've peppered you up real good though.

>apparently there is a thief problem. Is someone stealing the mail?
"Is there some kind of problem with thieves for you to have to do that?
>"Oh yeah. Though I must say, acting unhinged and firing at noises really makes thieves reconsider targeting this place."

"where did you even get that gun? I thought people working for the post were discouraged on carrying weapons."
>"It isn't company property if that's what you were wondering. I got this from one of the salvage yards for a bargain. it's pretty rusted but it works for what I'm using it for. We're not discouraged from using guns or knifes or anything, only from using them as weapons if that makes sense. You and I can still use guns as bluffs or knifes for cutting things, even if it's frowned upon, we're just not supposed to harm others with them."

>Oh geez, the gun still has a shot loaded in the second chamber
"I see there are two barrels on that gun, is it still loaded?"
>"Correct. There's a more lethal round in the other chamber for the persistant ones."

>why is it so dark in here?
"Can you tell me why it's so dark in here?"
>"Is it? I guess you could say I had a hard time noticing. Wasn't my responsibility to open the windows."

>What do the crosses over their eyes mean?
"What's with the crosses over your eyes?"
>"It's a little rude to ask about someone's desensing scars you know."
"Isn't it also a little rude to fire guns at people?"
>"Eh, touché I guess. I got these when I was still doing delivery runs in the pinnacles. I had an encounter with the local mythical horror found on Hocking caye. A word of advice? If the locals tell you to wear a blindfold or put wax in your ears, you should listen."

I start to hear cursing and stumbled walking approaching us from one of the hallways.
>"Ah, right on time! this should only take a moment. When he's done, he should sort you out. By the way, if you're here to collect, I think you forgot something."

What? What did I...
No. 995056 ID: b1b4f3

You have your bag. Do you need a bigger one to carry mail?
No. 995079 ID: 9aa12d

De-sensing scars? That one hunter had them, is someone or something deliberately removing eyes?
No. 995086 ID: ce39da

> Desensing scar.
> Literally blind.
We're forgetting something he can detect without using his eyes? ... Quick, try to recall if there's a verbal password or greeting protocol you were briefed on! It makes sense that it'd slip your mind if it isn't needed for the more "normal" routes you're used to.

If that doesn't pan out... does the fact that his hat has a different emblem and trimming mean anything to you?
No. 995137 ID: e16acb

You've got your cap, your bag, uh... I don't know what else you could need to pick up and deliver mail. Address book? Map? Journal? Sick Double Barreled Indiscriminate Murder Gun? Boots? Gloves?
No. 995139 ID: 8483cf

The kind of buckshot doesn't matter if you shot someone in the eye! They could end up blind or...

You know what never mind
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