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File 161574005195.png - (251.36KB , 800x600 , RTS00114032021.png )
991238 No. 991238 ID: 9c4453

It finally stopped raining, just as we arrive at the ridge.

According to the handbook, an assigned worker (which would be me) needs to go the Torrus' Ridge outpost to collect all the outgoing mail and parcels for our designated sector as well as a delivery route to find out which pinnacles we need to visit and in what order, and after that we'll be on our way.

Pilot has also asked me to pick up a few things, so I'll look out for stores and maybe pick up a few things for myself while I'm there.
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No. 1005615 ID: a38353

I spy a crossbow!

And enough ordinance to start a revolution holy shit.
No. 1005620 ID: 894419

A spear, a crossbow, and rifle seem like balanced choices.
No. 1005623 ID: a2493c

Shield and spear, maybe a bag of ball-bearings or something to dissuade close-up attackers.

Spears are easy to use and very effective, and our priority is defense so the shield will similarly help us out here.
No. 1005678 ID: 76d117

If you want to fight a war, depending on expected tech level for local repairs and resupply, than spear and big shield or big polearm with some mix of pokey/choppy/hookey/slashy bits, or huge crossbow of one sort of another or two handed long firearm with bayonet. But you don't want to fight a war, now do you?? All that stuff is an absolute bitch to carry!!
No. 1005683 ID: 76d117

My serious suggestion is this: let's not go too crazy! What has survival utility that's smallish? Machete, Flaregun, Hunting Slingshot or Sling, Survival/utility Tomahawk that happens to be balanced to make throwing feasible. Make sure to also get something to hold whatever it is you get, and any ammunition it might need, where it's easy to draw the item, and (most importantly!) the edge of the machete or tomahawk or whatever won't be digging into your side! Also, protip: back sheathes for objects longer than your forearm don't work unless they are REALLY cleverly designed!
No. 1005691 ID: 235ba5

The only real advantage you have at the moment is your speedy nature, and you are forbidden from wielding weapons anyhow, so I'd grab something with some utility (like a MACHETE). As for armor, we need to keep your legs, arms, shoulders etc... clear to keep your advantage, so something like a BREASTPLATE will keep your important bits from getting mulched too easily without impeding your mobility (just the breastplate is manageable in terms of weight, especially once you're used to it). Something else that would be helpful would be a helmet, but you've got to keep that hat on, don't you?
Third pick would be the STRANGEST OBJECT in there, in your personal opinion. Particularly anything strange that seems related to the unusual nature of the new world.
No. 1005700 ID: 76d117

As far as armor goes, you want a manageable torso armor thing. A gambeson, or buff coat, maybe a cuirass. A jack of plates or a brigandine would be an okay top layer alternative to a back and front breastplate or a cuirass -- but you only want a relatively light 'lots of metal top layer' and only then if you can find a functional soft bottom layer to go with it. Otherwise, go for a 'the whole thing is soft armor' design. See if you can find something relatively cut down in general, overheating will be an issue.
No. 1005709 ID: 8a444d

Is that a Machine Gun Caliber 7.62 mm M60? I am sure it is :)
No. 1005712 ID: 76d117


Even if one of the reality storms brought such a weapon to them, would they have the ammunition to keep it fed?! Also think of the weight! If you want a weapon from that place and era, WITH ammunition, then the M6 Aircrew Survival Weapon would be more ideal, since it's more a light utility and hunting weapon than a squad support weapon, AND the ammo is much lighter!
No. 1005750 ID: 2b1560
File 162653290329.png - (264.52KB , 800x600 , RTS10500072021.png )

"How do you avoid a creature that steals your senses when you sense it?"
>"Luck mostly. Mine was bad. In retrospect I should have covered my eyes and blocked my ears."

>why did all this armor get confiscated, anyway? What makes armor contraband?
I don't think it was contraband, more likely stored as a lost and found object.
>The cannon is interesting. Any possibility of naval battles or giant sea monsters?
I sure hope not.

>There is this awesome halberd.
>A spear
>Shield and spear
>Spears are easy to use and very effective, and our priority is defence so the shield will similarly help us out here.
I'm not exactly up against the cavalry! I don't need to carry a pole weapon or shield around everywhere when there are substitutes I can better conceal and carry.

>How about a crossbow, a rifle and a sword? Those offer some versatility if you keep them and would also work well if distributed with the team.
This sounds like a good idea; I will set out to look for something of each.

>I think a crossbow and a hunting rifle you can manage are good picks.
>I spy a crossbow!
>huge crossbow
There is indeed a large selection of crossbows. The main benefits I can see is one being silent, easily concealable, easy to operate as well as many creative options for projectiles.
With a crossbow I could use fireworks or flares for some kind of blinding projectile, or black powder for making smoke clouds. Plenty of potential depending on how creative I am willing to get.
No. 1005751 ID: 2b1560
File 162653293297.png - (300.53KB , 800x600 , RTS10600072021.png )

>As far as armor goes, you want a manageable torso armor thing.
>Something else that would be helpful would be a helmet, but you've got to keep that hat on, don't you?
>Do any of the jackets look like they could offer resistance to projectiles or slashes? You could use some light protective gear.
I see many kinds of clothes, mostly jackets, mostly huge ones. They could certainly ward off a few scrapes and fend off the elements while being light. If I want something heavier, I can see a few armored chest pieces that wouldn't restrict my movements too much while potentially saving me from anything short of musket fire. I see a few helmets that would not need me to sacrifice my hat, so luckily it won't be an issue!
>I'm thinking get either an axe like a hatchet or a dagger/knife and some kind of long range weapon.
>See if you can find a MACHETE in here - that’s technically not a weapon
I see MANY machetes, and various other sharp items for that matter. Some considered weapons but none that can't avoid being used that way. I can get a sabre or cutlass which are much more wieldy than something more suited for chopping, or I can choose a machete or kukri which would be great for cutting plants and vines but not so favourable for a potential encounter, not that I could use a sword effectively in the first place. Most look like they fit a holster of some kind, so I wouldn't have to worry about that.
No. 1005752 ID: 2b1560
File 162653296536.png - (301.08KB , 800x600 , RTS10700072021.png )

>the STRANGEST OBJECT in there, in your personal opinion.
I do almost miss it, but I find a small unassuming box containing three different colored musket balls each assigned a paper cartridge. A note inside reads; 'CURSED ALLOY. ONLY USE UPON LIEUTENANT PERMISSION OR HIGHER' I have no clue what these are for or what each of them do, but I do find it peculiar.

>two handed long firearm with bayonet
>Rifles are more powerful but powder is vulnerable to water and that can be bad
I don’t see myself relying on gunpower in the first place, but I’ll still look for a container that won’t be compromised by the elements. I look around for a rifled weapon and spot one that catches my eye. It has four lenses with a painted red dot in the middles. They all appear on the side though, so I enquire the receptionist.
"I found something. A rifle with a bunch of lenses hanging off the side."
>"There should be a tab on the back of the faceplate, press it down."
No. 1005753 ID: 2b1560
File 162653298766.png - (311.67KB , 800x600 , RTS10800072021.png )

I do as he says and each of the lenses individually readjust themselves each accompanied by a delightful 'clink' noise.
"Woah. Now we're talking."
>"It appears you've found a lensed rifle. A nice find if you ask me. They were made for precise long-range shooting for exceptional marksaves. They say bloodshots could use them to shoot someone from a pinnacle over."
"Is this even practical?"
>"They weren't with practicality in mind. Some gunsmiths hold the belief that the more moving parts a gun has, the more expensive it'll be. Counting all the interior leafsprings and mechanical components? there's about two dozen moving parts. The belief isn't without merit apparently, those guns can be pretty costly. A few gibbous for sure, maybe a moon for the fancy engraved ones. Another case of 'interesting theory, happens to work.' if you ask me. "
"Could I really sell it for that much?"
>"On the ridge? Not a chance. anybody here will lowball you for it. If you want to sell it, do it anywhere else."
I have narrowed my choices down to:
-A gunpowder weapon
-A crossbow
-A sharp item for cutting
-a chest piece
-Three mystery bullets
I'll need to decide which 3 to go for.
No. 1005759 ID: 235ba5


Spooky bullets. As they're intended for military use we can assume they're particularly effective. As they apparently require "LIEUTENANT PERMISSION" we can assume cursed alloy is expensive, dangerous, or both. Don't ask Riquar what cursed alloy is, because you couldn't lie your way out of explaining why you're asking. Ask someone on the crew, or maybe that artifact guy if you can find him before you head back to the ship.

While you may lack the experience to use it to its fullest at the moment, the Lensed Rifle.
(And while you are only taking three things, I don't suppose you could pocket some cartridges of the un-cursed variety as well?)
No. 1005771 ID: 2aa5f0

Some ranged weapon, either crossbow or gunpowder don't really mind which though I am leaning towards the crossbow as that will probably be easier to maintain than a gun. though if you do go for the gun, the lensed rifle has kinda won me over.

only other thing I think you could get is one of the sharp objects. Utility is nice to have and when things get bad and the bad things get close even a dull knife can be more helpful then a rifle once said bad thing is in your face.

Third object I don't really have any preference.
No. 1005790 ID: 74c499

Cursed bullets and a precise long range rifle are the perfect combination. I'm a bit concern the fancy gun will attract thieves, but at the same time those will be treasures if you manage to complete the trip without losing them.
Unfortunately we have a long journey ahead, and the risk of walking around with something eye-catching would accompany us the entire way.

Since concealment seem to be a concern let's go with pistol, jacket and cursed bullets.
The crossbow would probable be a more practical pick than the bullets, but we might come across one later while the same cannot be said about cursed projectiles.
Machetes are useful but common and cheap. We can buy one anywhere.

And don't mention the content of the box to anyone. Since Riquar is blind he might not be aware of what the written warning say, making it likely that no one will even know you are caring such interesting objects.
No. 1005791 ID: a38353

Get the crossbow.
No. 1005810 ID: ce39da

The chest piece and sharp thing won't get you blacklisted - since we already have a rain jacket, I suggest a BREASTPLATE and KUKRI. That guy at the bar said it was better for cutting lots of foliage, right?

Other than that, I suggest just grabbing the most expensive thing there to sell later, with no intention actually to use it. For this, I suggest the LENSED RIFLE.

I, uh... get the feeling the cursed rounds would be considered contraband by everyone, not just our pacifist organization. Therefore, they're too hot even to attempt selling, much less use, at least for our first trip; we should return to this if we manage to secure info on a fence for an imminent route in the future.
No. 1005812 ID: 96c896

The cursed alloy bullets sound like some kind of war crime, don't take them.

Crossbow sounds super useful even in a noncombat scenario.
That sighted rifle looks intimidating, it's good for a deterrent.
A breastplate should come in handy if you're going to get in any combat at all.

I changed my mind about trying to get a machete for vines. If we hire a guard at a port with troublesome flora, they'll have what we need to get through. And we can just get a machete where we need it.
No. 1005846 ID: 6519cb

Stay away from the cursed rounds.
Do make sure you can acquire ordinary rounds, on the other hand.
No. 1005847 ID: 86aaf2

Crossbow, chestpiece, cutting weapon
No. 1005854 ID: 15a025

We need the small crossbow for sure.
No. 1005898 ID: 9a2966

Something sharp. A chest piece. The bullets.
No. 1005905 ID: 86aaf2

Oh! If you get the crossbow, as part of getting it, can you get some interesting and utility-style trick bolts?

Also, is there a non horrible design for a lever-cocked repeating crossbow around here somewhere? Something with a decent amount of power, near the limit of what you can pull back with the integrated lever, and which can actually be usefully sighted down and aimed?
No. 1005942 ID: 8a444d

A gunpowder weapon, a crossbow and a sharp item for cutting.

That lensed rifle is a once in life option. Seems to have great range and that's what the crossbow lacks. That range could be an ace up your sleeve. The bad part is the practice you will need too make it useful and that many little parts makes it a hell to repair and need lots of care to not rust. If you don't want to commit to that weapon, you can sell it latter and buy an armor or what you need.

The crossbow is probably the best ranged option. Is good for hunting and more easy to mantain.

Finally the cutting weapon. I know that is a bad reason to pick a weapon, but a sable would looks fabolous in you, complements the shape of your beak. Though it's still better the machete because carring a sable could make the impresion that you know how to use it(and probably atract more dualist)
No. 1005970 ID: 2b1560
File 162667684540.png - (269.37KB , 800x600 , RTS10900072021.png )

After much deliberation I decide to go for a crossbow, the rifle and a breastplate.
The crossbow I picked was the shortest I can find while also the most effective. A lever mechanism seems to be present instead of a stirrup, which works for me. I am able to keep this hidden very easily and use it much more quietly than a gun.
The rifle is effective at longer ranges and a good intimidation factor. I am unable to carry it discretely, so I'll need to decide when I want to bring it with me. If I decide I don't like it, I can sell it or trade it for something preferable.
Lastly, the breastplate would provide protection against most attacks against my vital organs. A little unusual for a post worker to have, but I can very easily conceal it under my raincoat if I don't want to attract the attention. I don't want to overheat in this thing and I also don't want it to rust, so I need to decide when to bring it with me.

I decide not to enquire out loud about the cursed rounds, although they do pique my curiosity. I decide to hide them somewhere in the room just in case.
I tell Riquar my choices out loud.

"So, what do you think about my choices?"
>"I can't tell if you're prepared or paranoid, not that it's necessarily bad to be either out there."
"To be fair my choices were mostly weapons. you could arm a militia with this room."
>"You joke but it happened once. It's practically tradition for a riot to start at least once a month. So we just had to start telling people we destroy contraband instead of keeping it. Anyway, you didn't take more than those three things, did you?"
>"I'm trusting you. From my experience chimeras are at least trustworthy. Not that I've met many. Just you and the other... ugh, you keep reminding me of... her."
"Who's her?"
>"I just... You're going on route 4, right? What if... could you..."
He falls silent, before continuing.
>"Never mind. We are even now, and you don't owe me anything. You got enough on your hands already."

I ask him if I can take some ammunition for the rifle and some things for the crossbow. He lets me know that despite the number of guns, not much ammo gets sent through. He lets me have 5 free shots for each weapon.

I can ask him any burning questions but I am just about ready to move on. I might need to enquire Ecoa about the cursed alloy bullets and how to actually use a gun, and assuming she's finished we're ready to pick-up last-minute supplies and leave.
No. 1005972 ID: 74c499

I'm not all that eager to do favors for this guy, but I'm curious about the possibility of meeting someone of our own kind.
"Would this favor have something to do with your chimera friend?"
No. 1005973 ID: 96c896

Tell him to speak up. He can owe you one in exchange for whatever he wants you to do.
No. 1005976 ID: ce39da

"Maybe you can tell me what you wanted, and I'll decide whether I'll do it if it ever comes up?"
No. 1005985 ID: 2b1560
File 162671137702.png - (183.77KB , 800x600 , RTS11000072021.png )

"Would this favor have something to do with your chimera friend?"
>"It would have... but I thought it through. You can forget it."
"Maybe you can tell me what you wanted, and I'll decide whether I'll do it if it ever comes up?"
>"Look, I think we can both agree that I'm not a good person. Over the years, some even post-blindness, I have treated some people pretty badly."
"uh-huh, like me?"
>"Of all of them? You don't even make the top twenty. This chimera? Easily number one. I have had a lot of time to do self-reflection these past couple of years and I've realized how big a pain I was. I never spoke to her after the whole ordeal, but if I could, I'd apologize. I was thinking of asking you to let her know I'm sorry, but an apology that impersonal is as good as worthless."
"What do you know about her?"
"I don't know where she lives, what she looks like, what type of chimera she was or even if she is still alive. Whatever. If you see an unusually chipper deaf chimera with a scarf, I guess tell me about it when you get back. I'd like to know if she's alright, if that's alright."

I don't see the harm in it. I think I'm just about ready to move on. I'll put all this stuff in the cart for now and we'll see how we go. We are getting close!
No. 1005986 ID: ce39da

"You're right; a 'sorry' by proxy is no apology at all. However, I'll let you know if I ever see her or, um... learn her fate. Assuming the worst hasn't happened, I can also let her know that you want to apologize, at the very least."

Our business here is done. Be sure to stash the stuff you picked out in the cart.
No. 1005991 ID: 74c499

We have an oral message to deliver: "Blind post officer want to apologize to you."

What's next? Are we going to look for the map guy in the library?
No. 1005997 ID: ce39da

Explicitly not oral; she's deaf, remember. Maybe we can have him dictate a letter we can write down?
No. 1006041 ID: 2b1560
File 162681060085.png - (366.64KB , 800x600 , RTS11100072021.png )

I don't see the harm in letting him know if I see this person, so I let him know if I see them kicking or if they have perished. Whether I relay his want for an apology might depend on how receptive this individual would be. I trade him the blunderbuss and thank him for the transaction.

I make my way outside where I see Ecoa tightening a big cloth over all the mail.
>"You're back. Looks like you got some souvenirs."
"Just some stuff that seems like it could be useful down the line."
>"Could come in handy. Throw it in the back and we'll get a move on to the market."
I stash away the stuff underneath the cloth and get ready to pull the cart, only realizing how heavy it has now become.

"sheesh, I didn't expect this to weigh so much."
>"Is it too much for you?"
"Nah, I can manage... I think..."
>"I'll walk. We should get this over and done with."
"We don't have to bring this everywhere, right?"
>"Not at all. We deliver everything by hand when we're at the ports. We might only use this for the more remote places."
No. 1006042 ID: 2b1560
File 162681062873.png - (182.91KB , 800x600 , RTS11200072021.png )

"One thing I'm curious about, do you know anything about cursed alloy?"
>"I know that they are extremely dangerous, extremely rare and extremely illegal. Despite their existence being known for decades, little is known about their effects. Unapproved possession of cursed alloy or unapproved refining of cursed metals will get you hanged. No questions asked. The only approved uses are for high-ranking military officials, royalty or nobility and a small selection of fringe cases such as high-profile hunters. Not even scientists and researchers can get their hands on it. If you ever saw what one of those things could do, I think you would understand why. Why do you bring it up?"
"No reason." Maybe it was a good thing I didn't take those.
No. 1006043 ID: 2b1560
File 162681064375.png - (331.82KB , 800x600 , RTS11300072021.png )

We start to make our move to our second last stop, or at least we try to before we notice a group of aves blocking the entrance of the market district with their presence. They soon take notice of us and the large one seems interested in getting out attention.
>"Looks like we have some new faces. Don't worry, we don't want to waste your time. We are just here to take what we've come for. We can skip the formalities. show me what is in the cart, and we'll let you through."

I look over to Ecoa, but she seems completely uninterested in addressing the situation. It could be that she doesn't care what happens one way or the other. Who are these guys and what do they want?
No. 1006044 ID: e51896

Just follow Ecoa's lead.
No. 1006047 ID: 96c896

Show em what's in the cart. It's mail. Mostly.
No. 1006052 ID: ce39da

> New faces.
They aren't waiting for you specifically. They're looking for something coming through here but don't know who has it. Probably isn't those "return to sender" packages, assuming that's a known trick.

Assuming you can meet up with the map-maker at the library, you'll probably have to hide whatever it is he hands you extra well.

For now, follow Ecoa's lead.
No. 1006053 ID: 235ba5

With Ecoa's help it may not be inconceivable to throw down, but there's no point starting a fight at this juncture.

Let them peruse your cart, but gently remind them that this is mail, so to be gentle about it. Try and sniff out their names and affiliation. If they try and yoink any packages don't stop them, but remember every single detail about the package in question, and the ave taking it.
No. 1006054 ID: 96c896

I bet they're checking the cart to make sure their quarry isn't hiding in it.
No. 1006056 ID: 2aa5f0

pull back tarp and let them take a quick look and hopefully continue on your way?
No. 1006085 ID: 2b1560
File 162686664276.png - (243.65KB , 800x600 , RTS11400072021.png )

>Just follow Ecoa's lead.
That's just it, she doesn't seem to want to lead. She is probably satisfied in getting today's job out the way. I keep looking at her, prompting any sort of response.

>"What? I don't care what happens. So long as they don't take anything."
I shrug and address my next words to the axe holding ave.

>I bet they're checking the cart to make sure their quarry isn't hiding in it.
That seems to make the most sense at this point.
>Let them peruse your cart, but gently remind them that this is mail, so to be gentle about it. Try and sniff out their names and affiliation.
"We don't have anything you'd want to take... I don't know what you'd want to do with a bunch of envelopes."
>"Don't worry. We're not looking for sentimental love letters or cooking recipes. Even if there's anything valuable under there, we wouldn't take it. Despite some of our brutish appearances, we are completely legitimate."
"If that's the case, what are you looking for?"
>"One of our informants has it on good authority that several high value bounties are lurking this ridge town."
"So you are head hunters?"
>"We prefer bounty hunters, but yes. We take pride in our honest work. You might be able to help us out, think you could identify the whereabouts of any of the targets listed on the bounties? It would help us a lot, from one honest worker to another. We can compensate you if you can lead us right to any targets. Keep in mind that we like to take our targets alive, especially if it means a bigger payout."

I give the ok for looking under the tarp. The delay shouldn't be too long. The bounty hunter offers to let me look through the stack of bounties for aves supposedly in the area. I can accept or decline if I'm not interested in being a snitch. Might still be interesting to see who's wanted though.
No. 1006091 ID: 2aa5f0

eh, just show them what's under the tarp. If they're legit that means you'll get to get moving sooner when they wave you through, if not and they try something, while telling them no isn't going to cause less problems so again might as well let them look if only to move on to the next headache.
No. 1006092 ID: ce39da

Let them proceed; good riddance if they do somehow find a stowaway hiding there. No harm in perusing the bounties, even if we don't deliver - more info is always good.
No. 1006096 ID: 8a444d

I am prety sure that if we look that list we will recognize certain tan ave who helped us (Faspan). These nice bounty hunters might be those from whom that ave was hiding.

I would prefer to not intervene, but we are already doing are since we agreed to help Faspan before. We can take a look and if they detect our reaction we can always say we saw someone who looked like him near a tabern (which is not untrue).

If they are searching for that ave, I want to know what he has done. I don't want to sell him, but if we are going to help him I want to know what we are getting into from the two sides of the story.
No. 1006105 ID: 96c896

Don't look at the bounties. You're already helping a probably-wanted man. It's best to stay neutral anyway.
No. 1006196 ID: 4a7485

Just decline the bounties, none of our business
No. 1006313 ID: 15a025

Eh... We may want to look through the bounties. Not to be looking for trouble though, looking at who we should be avoiding.
No. 1006324 ID: a0fbee

You lie like you fight, which is to say as if you never have before. Just don't look at the bounties and you have plausible deniability.
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