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File 161481748122.jpg - (1.12MB , 2688x2686 , 0303211915.jpg )
989831 No. 989831 ID: 67181a

>This story will deal with drinking, drug use, and likely other scandalous activities that may take place in a bar. Also there are furries in it.
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No. 989832 ID: 094652

Sip your juice.
No. 989833 ID: b1b4f3

new quest who dis
No. 989834 ID: 67181a
File 161481816062.jpg - (1.05MB , 2583x2593 , 0303211917.jpg )

You're the bartender at a pretty nice bar in an alley. You live in a loft apartment upstairs from the bar, and have lived and worked here for about 3 years. The bar's owner, Todd, usually leaves the place to you to close down at night. Sometimes you chat with the patrons; its the only in person conversations you ever have since you never go out. Your name is Dart.

The evening rush is over, and the post-evening crowd has thinned out too. Its close to two in the morning. Its also wednesday night, so theres only a handful of people hanging out until last call.

Marcus is slumped over at the bar. He's a regular; and works as a teller at the bank on the main street nearby. He comes in a few times a week, and always pays with hard money. Most places dont even acceot cash any more, but Todd thinks that taking it gives the place character. Marcus normally doesnt atick around this late, and he drinks straight whiskey with ice.

There is also a pair of ducks having a spirited but nearly unintelligible argument. Theyve neen handsy all night and drinking an enormous pile of fruity drinks, but they havent bothered anyone else. You dint know whi they are, and they've been paying with code all night. Tipped oretty generously, too.

Do you:

A: talk to Marcus
B: talk to the Ducks
C: do something else (specify)
No. 989835 ID: cdabe3

ask martin how he's doing

also continue cleaning the glass, as is bartender tradition
No. 989836 ID: 164e20
File hordeluk.mp4 - (2.17MB )

Get on the ducks good side before the rest of the horde arrives, give them free drinks if you have too
No. 989837 ID: 10c07d

Talk to ducks
No. 989841 ID: a1ba2a

Talk to the mighty ducks, but if they’re still unintelligible after trying to speak to them just head back to Marcus. Oh and you should keep cleaning that glass while you do it, a bartender that isn’t cleaning a glass isn’t a bartender after all!!!
No. 989844 ID: 5e07e1

I, too, agree with the ducks. You don't know if they can start some trouble with their heated argument! At least with Marcus you know him well enough to leave him alone. You can always ask how his night is later
No. 989848 ID: 67181a
File 161482384084.jpg - (1.01MB , 2345x2367 , 0303212052.jpg )

Marcus isnt normally really talkative anyway, and he seems perfectly willing to continue nursing the whiskey he has. You decide to go check on the Ducks.

Ome of them looks like some manner of rocker, and the other is wearing a band shirt but otherwise looks like a regular clean-cut college girl, albeit very, very drunk at the moment. The more sober one has snatched away the other one's drink and is holding it above their heads, while the other flails about with her free hand in a futile attempt to recover it.

"So ladies, havent seen you around. Wh-"

"Ain't been 'round bfore," the uproght duck slurs, interrupting your greeting. "Y'got a nice place here uhhhhhhh" she squints hard at your chest, like she's looking for your nametag.

"Dart," you say,"And its good to hear you like the place. What brings you here?"

"Somtime ya just wanna go to a plashe where nono ... None a' yer friends'll cone across ya. Thats all."

The other one mumbles something indistinct, and the tslker laughs, "yeah sure, why not." She turna back to you and says "so we weee havin an arumnt, we cant agree. Can you help us work it out?"

You shrug and say "I can do my best, whats the problem."

"Okay sho ... If you take an octppis and a tiger, and you make em the same size, which wiuld win in a fight?" The groggy duck mutters something indistinct and the other one barks down "No i already told ya they cant breathe fire!" As she talks, she also reaches out to push the call surface on the servo like she wants to make another order.

How do you answer her question? Additionally, how do you respond to her placing another drink order

A: Ask what kind of drink she wants
B: give her another of what shes been drinking
C: give her a coffee
D: cut them off
E: other (specify)
No. 989849 ID: cdabe3

are they fighting in the water or on land? also ask what drink she wants
No. 989850 ID: 10c07d

Tiger wins, it can bite through the tentacles.
And A
No. 989855 ID: b1b4f3

Octopus the same size as a tiger? Well, I've had octupus. It's pretty tough, I think a tiger would have a hard time biting through a tentacle. Octopi can move pretty well on land too. Tigers have very strong jaws and sharp claws though. It would come down to a difference in fighting style. Octopi try to grab opponents then drag them to their beak to bite, they don't try to break limbs or strangle. A tiger would be constantly clawing at the octopus while it tries to bite the tiger... I think the tiger would win, just because it has more weapons, and has more quick-minded aggression. Octopi are slow.

I think the college girl has had enough, but the rocker can have one more drink I guess. Ask what she wants.
No. 989859 ID: 651ae0

Tiger, unless they're in water. And eh, ask them what kind of drink she wants? Might need to cut them off soon
No. 989864 ID: 67181a
File 161483100359.jpg - (665.33KB , 2720x2752 , 0303212254.jpg )

You think for only a few seconds before responding, "Well, I'm pretty sure the tiger would win; an ocotpus really only has the one beak and a tiger is basically covered with knives, also octopuses are really squishy so it doesnt look good for one.

Rocker rolls her eyes while you hear an unmistakeable "HA!" from college, who struggles to sit upright before rocker props her up with one hand. You dont think youve ever seen somebody with a combination of this much smugness and this little consciousness. Rocker takes the opportunity to slam back what's left in the drink in her hand.

"Y'all need to think more creative. But whatever. You gesture doen at the servo, and she looks down at her fingers on it and snaps them saying "oh yeah, i wanted another drink."

You glance over at college, and yhen back to Rocker, saying "sure, i can get that for you. But i think she's probabky had enough," At which college visibly deflates, before rocker chimes in -

"Oh i agree, that was supposed to be her last one that i just finished off."

"So then, more of the same?"

Rocker smirks and leans forward, saying "How 'bout you surrpise me?"

What do you make for Rocker?
A: something sweet
B: something sour
C: something bitter
D: something heavy
E: something smoothe
F: something strong
G: a glass of water
H: a cup of coffee
I: something else
No. 989865 ID: b1b4f3

Oh hmm I guess an octopus could win if it ambushed the tiger at the water's edge, but that's like, the only way it could go that way.

No. 989870 ID: 094652

A sour cup of coffee with vitamins.
No. 989872 ID: cdabe3

No. 989874 ID: cdabe3

also, those ducks are pretty cute :3
No. 989877 ID: e85a08


Do a fancy juggle and pour her a shot of whiskey
No. 989914 ID: 651ae0

No. 989918 ID: 8eb8f5

No. 989948 ID: fd5772

No. 989951 ID: 67181a
File 161491574852.jpg - (0.95MB , 2755x2578 , 0304212152.jpg )

You mix the rocker up a cocktail of 120 proof bourbon, honey, and lemon juice which should be a smoothe drink to end a night with, making a show of juggling the shaker while you mix it up. College starts to clqp, but almost immediately loses her balance when she stops holding onto her stool and collapses into Rocker. Fortunately, the bar stools are secured to the floor so rocker is able to catch her.

You pour the drink for rocker, and when you hand it over to her it looks like college is chewing on her collar. She laughs and pulls away a bit, but continues to hold on to her pal while she takes the drink from you.

"Bottoms up!" She calls out as she pours the contents of thr glass down her throat, spitting the ice ball back into the cup and setting it down as shr exhales gently.

"Ya know what dart? Yer predy good at this."

You smile humbly and bow a bit, saying "Always give it my best."

"Grreat ta hear. I'll hold ya to that." She laughs, "oh, oh one more thing. Theres no way shesh drivin' anywhere tonight" she nods down to college, still crumpled against her, "can ya call us a cab on the way out?"

"Sure, no problem."

You gather up the glasses they've got lying on the bar, and head over toward the phone. Do you:

A: Call for the cab
B: Get more info before xalling for the cab
C: check in with Marcus
D: something else (specify)
No. 989953 ID: 10c07d

These ducks are fun let’s make some more conversation before they leave. Let’s go for B
No. 989961 ID: b1b4f3

Uh... I don't know what kind of info we'd need to call the cab?
C. See if he's doin' alright.
No. 989965 ID: fa2754

Did you by chance collect their license when they reached the point of no return? You could use that as an address?
No. 989966 ID: 651ae0

Get them to give you the address before the booze hits. Then check on marcus once the cab's called.
No. 989969 ID: afe7de

C: Go check in on Marcus, see how his mopey self is doing.
No. 990011 ID: f77e2d

B. Check for more info. We don't want cab going to wrong place.
No. 990037 ID: 50697f

B+C: Get more info, and then on the way to the phone checkout if Macrus is doing okay.
No. 990249 ID: 67181a
File 161516643993.jpg - (746.33KB , 2614x2607 , 0307211804.jpg )

Both of the ducks are using Digital ID, so you couldn't take their licenses or look at them to get their names or addresses. You could look up the info on the verification log; but since you're already casually talking to them its probably easier and less privacy-invasive to just ask. So on your way iver to pock up the old cordless phone that Todd keeps on the business line, you ask if they want you to give the cab service their names or destination in advance or if they'd rather you hand them the phone.

Rocker, who seems to have her hands full keeping college from falling out of her chair, snickers back "ya lookin ta follow us home? Sha but forwrd"

"Afraid not, afterbo close and clean up I'm going straight home."

"How rshpnsibl." She's becoming a bit harder to understand, so it sounds like the immense quantity of alcohol she's consumed over the last few hours is catching up to her. "I'm Barb, thish is Ashleigh," 'college' lifts her hand to weakly wave in your general direction, "we jus need toget dropped off at 216th and Eastbury."

"Sure thing!" You call back, dialing the cab service. You hear something click. some shuffling and a grunt as Barb oresumably picks Ashleigh up to carry her out.

"Were jusht gonna goget some air and wait fr the xab. Im leavin ashes keys here, shell grt em tomrorw."

"Sounds good, you guys have a great one!" You call after her with your hand over the receiver." You notuce that Marcus is looking up now that his glass is empty, and wave as the cab service answers the call and you relay the information Barb gave you, then hang up.

"How's it going, Marcus?" He shrugs. "You're here awfully late; you switching to a new shift on me?"

"Nah," he replies, glumly. It occurs to you that he still came in at his normal time, but has been sitting here for almost 6 hours even though he hes only had 2 drinks.

"Just here for the company, then?"

He sighs, "you know what Dart? I just dont know." He sounds sober, but weary.

Marcus is the only remaining customer in thw bar. It closes in 20 monutes.

Do you:

A - ask Marcus if something is wrong.
B - offer Marcus a drink
C - Take a seat at the bar next to Marcus to chat (about what?)
D - something else (specify)
No. 990250 ID: e51896

No. 990251 ID: 10c07d

C then A
No. 990252 ID: b1b4f3

No. 990253 ID: e7848c

D. Get yourself a beer and chit chat while you clean up a little bit. Take a seat nearby after everything else is cleaned up.
No. 990262 ID: 651ae0

20 minutes? Heck, make a drink for each of you. Sit down next to him and ask him what's been new or not new.
No. 990474 ID: a0dfd2


B, then, C, then A, in that order.

Guy sounds like he needs to unwind, and right now, an empty bar that's basically closed is as good a place as any.
No. 990500 ID: 67181a
File 161534597245.jpg - (1.07MB , 2859x2699 , 0309212020.jpg )

"Hey Marcus, can i get you to do something for me?" You ask, prompting the Tapir to shrug and nod lightly.

"I guess, as long as its not something weird."

"Cool, just hang on a second." You step into the back and rummage around until you find what you're looking for, and pop back in a few moments later carrying two bottles with blank labels, whixh you quickly pop the caps off of before handing one over to Marcus.

"I didnt order a drink, Dart"

"Don't worry, this ones on Todd," you call back as you make your way around the bar. "He's been getting into brewing, and gave me a case to offer some of my friends to see if he can sell it."

Marcus stares down at the bottle for a minute before looking up, confused. "We arent really friends though, Dart."

You laugh as you hop onto the stool next to him. "Sure, but youve been coming on here 3 times a week since I got here. That makes you about as close to a friend as I've got."

He stares at you incredulously, statong plainly "bullshit"

"Nope, its true. I don't really have much of a social lofe outside of work."

He sighs and looks down at the open bottle in his hand, sniffing at it "thata pretty sad, then."

The conversation is pretty awkward, so you push on, "Either way, we've spent a lot of time together, so its plain to see somethings bothering you. Did something happen at work?"

He sighs and sets the bottle down with a soft thud, "yeah, i got a promotion."

"Isnt that good news though?"

He leans back with the heels of his hands over his eyes. "Yeah thats what everyone says. But it just doesn't feel that way. I dont know how to explain it and it just feels even worse that i cant bebhappy about it."

"Why not? Are you gonna have to make some change for it?"

He slams his hands doen on the bar, startling you, but catches himself andbapologizes, "shit, sorry. Im not mad at you its just ... Frustrating. nothing is changing, i didnt do anything for it; just gotbcalled in to the manager's office and Maggie told me i had a new title and a pay raise. And i should be happy about it, but I'm not. And i can only think that theres something fucked up in my head, because it feels wrong but i cant put it into words. Like..." He trails off, before you offer an end to his sentence,

"Like youre just not in control if your life?" Its a feeling you're pretty familiar with.

"Yeah ... Something like that." He says, trailing off.

The airnis still awkward and heavy forba few more minutes as you sit quietly, before Marcus brings the bottle up to his lips and takes a big gulp. You follow suit, and almost cough as it hits your throat. Its some kind of mead, but you have no idea what else todd has put in it. It is unbelievably cloying, like a cheap powdered fruit drink with wy tok much powder. You lower the bottle to your side and look over to Marcus, who sets his doen on the counter and looks over toward you.

"You know what, Dart?"


"This tastes like shit."

"Sure does."

Marcus chuckles and smiles weakly.

The bar is closing in 5 minutes. How will you finish your conversation with Marcus?

Additionally, what will you do after you-ve finished cleaning up?

A - play video games
B - study for your obline business course
C - get to bed early and rest
D - something else (specify)
No. 990527 ID: fa2754

Take a hot shower and play some music. Belt out some tunes.
No. 990575 ID: afe7de

B! Gotta keep up with your studies after all.
No. 990713 ID: 86c3b9

Maybe the situation is the same as my friend's failed attempt to make a drink, just what they think should be good without any thought or planning to make it actually good. If there are no other things stopping you from being happy, then this success might just be something positive thrown at you that 'should' be good but with a lack of purpose. Just tastes bad in the end.

B- Always good to study every day even if it's just taking a couple minutes to look stuff over.
No. 990728 ID: b1b4f3

Maybe they liked his consistency. He says he didn't do anything, but maybe it's more accurate to say he didn't do anything different? If someone doesn't slack off and doesn't try to shake things up, that makes them a good worker.

No. 990739 ID: 413f88

No. 990800 ID: e51896

We'll go with B
No. 990804 ID: 680982

Show Marcus some tricks. For instance: https://i.imgur.com/nZsYcMH.mp4
No. 991178 ID: 15a025

I like this. Nothing like a nice shower after work and some good tunes to end a long night.
No. 991443 ID: fd4d13
File 161583514349.jpg - (675.60KB , 2809x2716 , 0315211348.jpg )

You pause for a few moments before speaking up "You know Marcus, I think this Mead is kind of like your promotion, if you think about it."

"How's that?"

"Well, he's just trying to do something good for a thing he likes. He took things that are good, and just pushed them all forward. But obviously he didn't think about how it all fit together. It should make you happy, but instead it tastes like, well, you tried it."

He snorts out a laugh.

"I'm sure your bosses just think you're doing a good job and want to reward you, they probably aren't even thinking about how it feels from your end, they just assume it'll do what it's supposed to. Even if it still tastes like crap."

"Maybe you're right, Dart." He sits thinking for a few moments, before standing and putting on his jacket. "I Probably need to hit the road soon though, you're closing soon right?"

You nod, and he starts to head for the door before turning back towards the bar, gesturing toward the open bottle.

"It all right if I take that with me?"

"Sure, just let me get a tab for it, can't have an open container on the street."

"Sure thing."

After getting him all set, he heads out into the night.

you have developed a rapport with Marcus!
No. 991444 ID: fd4d13
File 161583546812.jpg - (772.45KB , 2809x2793 , 0314212033.jpg )

You spend the next few hours cleaning up the bar, scrubbing everything down, and getting everything ready to open in the morning. Todd has told you that you don't actually have to do the morning prep a bunch of times, but you don't have anything better to do so you still just do it anyway. He seems to have given up on trying to stop you.

You head up to your apartment and decide to take a quick shower. You don't bother with a long one, you're taking another one in the morning anyway as part of your daily grooming routine; but sometimes it feels good after a long day.

After your shower you settle into your bean bag chair to work on your online business course. It's not very interesting, and you are making extremely slow progress. You don't really have a mind for it but it's probably better to get a college education than not. It doesn't help that the building's climate control unit is mounted right next to your window, and makes a lot of noise. It's probably fine though, it's not like you're in any rush.

You will see Todd at the start of your shift tomorrow. Is there anything you want to talk to him about?

A - Your reaction to his drink
B - Marcus' reaction to his drink
C - Something Else (specify)

Also, is there something you want to do in your free time before work starts?

D - Play video games
E - Study
F - Extra care to grooming
G - Online Shopping
H - Other (Specify)
No. 991447 ID: fa2754

G. Get you a pair of noise canceling headphones. That way you can shut out the AC noise while focusing on your studies.
No. 991448 ID: 894419

A, F.
No. 991450 ID: 10c07d

This along with A
No. 991505 ID: 9cc8fa

A and G, I like the idea of noise cancelling headphones, not too expensive, and you can listen to some nice tunes while you work.
No. 991508 ID: 2aa5f0

A, G

those headphones don't sound like a bad idea.
No. 995581 ID: 15a025

A, and agree with G- buy some noise canceling headphones.
No. 995690 ID: 67181a
File 161818109313.jpg - (1.07MB , 2833x2856 , 0411211654.jpg )

You wake up around noon as normal and swt about your daily morning routine. You take a shower, making sure to wash your coat with several products to keep it soft, fluffy, and have a good clean sheen to it. You also use your array of scissors and clipper attachments to ensure that everything is the right length, so that you're adorably fluffy or pleasantly smooth wherever you need to be.

Once you're well and blown dry you still have time before work, so you go online and decide to shop around for some nice noise-cancelling headphones. Your ear clips have served you well, but it feels like its time to spend some money to have an easier time relaxing at night. The website says that there should be two day delivery, so you expect that your package sgould arrive next week. You make a mental note to report your order to Todd.

A bit later you have a quick breakfast, get dressed in a clean pressed uniform, and head down to the bar to start your shift. Todd is here, drying his hands as he gets ready to leave for the day.

"Afternoon,Todd," you begin, "Just wanted to let you know that u irdered a package."

"Got it," the gruff anteater responds, "I'll call officer Barclay and let her know. What's the package?"

"Oh, just some new fwncy headphones. Figured I'd splurge a bit."

"Sounds good," he says, "Kid your age probably shoud have more nice things. Anything else go on yesterday?"

"Well, I tried some of that drink you brewed up." He perks up as you speak, making you feel a bit awkward when you continue, "it was ... It was pretty bad, sir. I really can't think of anyone we'd be able to serve it to."

He pauses for a second before letting out a resigned chuckle, "oh well, I'll get it right sooner or later. Anyway, its pretty busy today. I'll make the call when I get home, youre gonna need to get to work."

Todd leaves as you head out to the bar. He seems a little bit sad. (1/2)
No. 995693 ID: 67181a
File 161818161007.jpg - (1.01MB , 2879x2948 , 0411211740.jpg )

Todd was right, its a busy day. You probably won't be able to chat with patrons until later on after it thins out a bit.

It is mostlya typical crowd of semi-regulars coming by after work. Marcus is here at his normal time, quietly having his normal drink.

Theres a clwan-cut looking duck here who is standing around awkwardly without ordering. After a while,she approaches thw bar and starts awkwardly drumming on it with her fingers, still avoiding eye contact. It takes a moment, but you realize that this is the duck that was incoherently drunk and left her keys here last night.

Do you:
A - Keep busy
B - Quietly bring her her keys
C - Ask what she needs (expedient, while taking other orders)
D - Talk to the duck (friendly or professionally)
E - Something Else (specify)
No. 995698 ID: dc61f9

B and tell her to have a nice day on her way out.
No. 995701 ID: 1a8a7f

Bring her the keys in-between orders.
No. 995707 ID: ce39da

If you were going to tell him what you personally thought, you probably should have given the full description instead of leaving it at "it's bad." More articulation is always more helpful when giving critiques because it informs the receiver on what went wrong.

C: You could quietly slip her the keys, but it'd be bad to automatically assume the situation's as simple as it came off last night, even if it is most likely.
No. 995710 ID: 830459

That bunny on the left looks awfully familiar...

C, have a friendly chat with the duck girl. At first, pretend like you don't have the keys, but then interrupt her, "Wait, hold still, what is this thing that you have here?" and do a magic trick, similar to pulling a coin out of the person's ear. Except it's the keys.
No. 995748 ID: b1b4f3

B, and see if she needs anything else.
No. 995750 ID: afe7de


I'm a fan of C myself.
No. 995845 ID: 1d109c

No. 995924 ID: 864e49

The mouse and his date look familiar too.
No. 1007448 ID: 67181a
File 162846815082.jpg - (739.18KB , 2864x2775 , 0808211848~2.jpg )

You go about your job naturally, serving drinks with tiny snippets of small talk as you go. As you make your way over towards where the duck is waiting, you stop by the drawer where you keep lost items and smoothly recover her keys from it. You hide them under one of the old-timey pocket menus that Todd keeps around, and hold the menu out for her as you walk by.

Your performance wouldn't cut it as a stage magician at a kids party, but you wager its still discreet enough for the after-work bar-going crowd. She seems a bit confused for a moment when you hold the menu out, but her eyes widen with realization when she reaches up to take it and feels the keys.

She sighs as it seems like a tension flows out of her. She mouths "thank you" and hunches down in an awkward sort of bowing motion as she slides the menu and keys into her pocket, then quietly hurries out of the bar.

You feel like Ashleigh appreciates that you helped her avoid an embarrassing situation!

You go back to work swiftly, but become aware that you're being watched almost immediately.
No. 1007450 ID: 67181a
File 162846829331.jpg - (677.83KB , 2765x2828 , 0808211848a.jpg )

Officer Barclay is here. She's looking at you grumpily, but that's pretty normal. She's just like that. This isn't a scheduled check-in, because Todd definitely would have stayed around to watch the bar in that case.

"Well D'Artagnan," she states flatly, "I was just stopping by to check on a call I got from Mr Norman, and this us what I see? Does he know what you're doing in his establishment?"

Do you:

A) Stop working to talk to officer Barclay
B) Walk out from behind the bar to talk to officer Barclay
C) Continue working while talking to officer Barclay
D) Ask officer Barclay if you can talk after the bar quiets down a bit
E) Other (explain)

And also, do you
1) Act like you don't know what officer Barclay is talking about
2) Explain yourself to officer Barclay
3) Joke about doing something illicit
4) Other (explain)
No. 1007451 ID: 8483cf

D, and 1. It's the most natural way to play this.
No. 1007452 ID: 96c896

A,2. Be clear, attentive, and direct.
No. 1007453 ID: e7848c

No one really needs to know about the snail races going on in the back, do they?
No. 1007560 ID: 9b127b

D and 1, she doesn't seem to have a sense of humor
No. 1007571 ID: 2aa5f0

No. 1007582 ID: 6af97b


I feel like I missed something here, since as best I can tell, we've been tending bar (in a bar) and returning misplaced items to the patrons who misplaced them.

So,uh ... going with E,1: start by talking to Office Barclay (A), but ask that more serious discussion wait until things have quieted down (D), since we aren't sure what's going on.
No. 1007591 ID: ce39da

A2 - You succeeded in making sure the duck didn't feel embarrassed, but you're under no obligation to take this "secret" to the grave.

"If it's about that duck girl, she lost her keys here last night - she and her partner were black-out drunk. I was giving them back in a way that wouldn't publically embarrass her. If it's not that, I don't know what else to tell you."
No. 1007592 ID: 9ce839

Tell her to call you Dart. And that what you're doing here is perfectly legal. Would she like a drink?
No. 1007713 ID: 50697f

Definitely this, no reason to cause ourselves problems over a minor nicety.
If it's more serious, then we'll choose how else to escalate.
No. 1007895 ID: 10211b

No. 1008088 ID: 67181a
File 162915385095.jpg - (971.67KB , 2995x3141 , 0810211814.jpg )

You stop in place, holding your palm out toward officer Barclay.

"Oh no, I can explain. See, she was here last night with her girlfriend, anf they were basically sampling the whole menu. So it was around closing-"


"- time, and they were really unfit to drive home, so her girlfriend had her leave her keys at the counter when they paid. So i put the keys under the counter and called them a cab, then today-"


"She came in, and she looked embarassed and withdrawn coming up to the counter, so I fig-"

"D'ARTAGNAN." she barks authoritatively, causing you to involuntarily shut up akd stand at attention. The bar grows silent, and the air is still. Your eyes are fixed on Officer Barclay, but from your peripheral vision it looks like some customers have started leaving. "Sir!" you dutifully respond.

"I'm just busting your chops. I could see what was going on. You know if I thought you were actually up to something I would have stopped the girl from leaving."

You breathe a sigh of relief and relax your stance. It's almost impossible for you to tell when your PCO is joking, since she always maintains her composure so perfectly. After a fee moments, the murmur of private conversations of bar patrons grows back toward its normal level.

"I was in the area when i got the call from Mr. Norman about you ordering a package, so I stopped in to take care of the verification protocols on my way. What was it you ordered?"

"Just some noise cancelling headphones, to make it easier to focus on studying."

She smiles slightly, "So you're still trying to get your degree?"

"Yes sir. Just trying to keep looking forward."

"Well that's good to hear. Staying out of trouble otherwise, I take it?"

"Yes sir," you echo back in the same, habitual tone.

"Also good to hear. You make my job pretty boring sometimes D'Artagnan, but at least you make it easy for me."

"Glad to help!" You answer. She continued to glare stoically in your direction, but there's a twitch in the corner of her mouth that by this point you've come to recognize as a chuckle. "Can i get you a drink?"

"No, you can not." She answers matter-of-factly. "I'm still on duty. I'll check back in with you later." She says, and turns to leave the bar.

It always makes you nervous to speak with officer Barclay, and she normally doesnt come around during business hours. The rest of the evening after she leaves is relatively uneventful, and then as you approach last call there are only a few people left in the bar.

Do you talk to:

A) The weasel and cat lounging in one of the booths
B) The rabbit at the bar who has had her face buried in her phone for most of the evening
C) The fox at the bar that has been sitting alone all night writing in a notebook.
Just focus on getting work done to get your cleaning and prep done sooner
Other (explain)
No. 1008090 ID: ce39da

The fox. It'd be strange if we walked up to some booth-sitters, and the bun doesn't look like she wants to be bothered.
No. 1008144 ID: 9ce839

E) Think about the last few times she was that loud.

And B.
No. 1008161 ID: 2aef11

No. 1008250 ID: 67181a
File 162932892881.jpg - (785.17KB , 2742x2591 , 0818211741a~2.jpg )

You approach the young fox currently scrawling in a small notebook with a pencil. He came in when the place was still busy, so you didn't get a goid enough look at his ID for anything to stand out, but you're pretty sure his name was Jasper. He's drinking scotch, and is on his second glass.

He quickly flips his notebook shut as you approach, and fiddles with his pencil as he looks up towards you.

You lean casually on the counter a comfortable distance away from him. "So, don't think I've seen you around here before," you begin, "are you new in town, or just first time here?"

"Oh uh," he stammers, continuing to nudge the notebook a bit closer to him, "I've been out of town for the last couple of years, and didn't drink when I left." He scratches at his neck, "almost feels like a whole different place."

"Yeah, I know how that is. I had a … pretty similar experience," you reply, smiling in a way that you hope isnt too awkward.

"Oh, uh … know any cool places around town?" He asks hesitantly. You're not really sure if he's asking seriously or just making conversation, he seems a bit nervous and distracted. He downs the rest of his scotch after asking.

Unfortunately, you dont really know anywhere in town other than the Last Call. "Sorry, can't really say that i do. I don't get out much."

The ice ball in his glass clinks against the side as he sets it down with an "ah." He begins fiddling with his pencil.

The conversation is a bit awkward; do you:
A - Talk to somebody else (who?)
B - Offer him another drink (same drink)
C - Offer him a different drink (the same selection of options as from the earlier post)
D - See if there is something else he wants to Talk about.
E - Talk to him about something specific
F - Finish talking to people for the night and get ready to close.
No. 1008251 ID: 10c07d

Ask him what he’s doing with the notebook
No. 1008252 ID: 96c896

I think he wants to get back to his writing. But also, he's open to new inspiration, thus the question about cool places in town. Too bad you can't help.

A, talk to the rabbit.
No. 1008318 ID: 815672

Wish him luck with what he's working on.
No. 1008324 ID: 9ce839

E. Tell him that you've seen plenty of people come to the bar to write about... pretty much everything possible and ask him if what he's writing is a secret.
No. 1008516 ID: 15a025

No. 1008586 ID: 50697f

B and then this, if he doesn't bite we move onto someone else (I vote the folks in the booth)
No. 1008703 ID: 6eaf96

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