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File 161366885884.png - (150.36KB , 1000x1000 , TITLE.png )
988423 No. 988423 ID: 3b69d8

Will be NSFW!
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No. 988424 ID: 3b69d8
File 161366892110.png - (104.54KB , 975x685 , panel0_2_15_2021.png )

An old, creaky transport vessel enters the orbit of Proxima C. It’s destination: station 11, the newest of the planet’s exploratory,
long-term research sites.
No. 988425 ID: 3b69d8
File 161366897641.png - (152.06KB , 893x584 , panel1_2_16_2021.png )

Inside the vessel, a lone deer in engineer garb nervously taps a finger on their knee. Their eyes dart around, taking note of the extremities of the cabin. No cameras, it seems.

The cervine lifts their arm, and a small computer is exposed from beneath their sleeve. After a few button presses, the projector activates, and a holographic document is cast into the air above their wrist. The word “DOSSIER” glows brightly from the top of the page.


Copy all files stored on the personal computer located in the quarters of the Station 11 security captain onto a physical drive. After completing the cover job, return to the ring and contact command to coordinate handoff.

Name: Adrian Sen
Occupation: Software Engineer
Job: Recover corrupted experiment data resulting from a remotely coordinated hack. How well the job is done is irrelevant; it only matters that the station personnel are not suspicious or confused by your presence.

The document contains many more pages of relevant information, including detailed profiles of important station personnel. The deer reviews these while they wait.
No. 988426 ID: 3b69d8
File 161366902585.png - (219.97KB , 973x740 , panel2_2_17_2021.png )

A few minutes later, the vessel executes a jerky deceleration, and the deer quickly closes the document. A series of muffled metallic collisions emanates from the opposite wall as the vessel docks with its destination, and they get up to stand in front of the large metal door. After a few more clicks, it opens, revealing a stocky foreman holding a small projector much like the one on the deer’s wrist.

“You’re the software guy, right?” The gruff rat asks, polite but not quite friendly. She doesn’t look up from the screen.
No. 988427 ID: 0d1acf

Yes. Adrian Sen's the name.
No. 988429 ID: 8a51ec

"Adrian Sen, yeah."
No. 988430 ID: a59168

Tell her that you wish you weren't. Don't get to hang out often enough.
No. 988431 ID: 07ed53

Be sure to act not-suspiciously. So maybe say "I'm definitely a software guy and there is nothing suspicious going on" to make sure the rat doesn't suspect you of anything suspicious.
No. 988432 ID: 094652

"Yes, yes, yep, yep. Can you just point me to the experiment data that's a puddle of cyber-goo? The sooner I can prove magical data resurrection doesn't exist - again - the sooner we all get to go back to our paying jobs."
No. 988438 ID: 2ff11b

Say "I am a deer. :)" Then wait to just allowed through.
No. 988439 ID: 031458

No. 988440 ID: 34fc2e

"That's what they call me!"
Proceed to the main hall from the docking bay and see a portion of the crew plus a glimpse of the captain themselves!
No. 988441 ID: b1b4f3

Wow, why is the planet so GREEN?
No. 988444 ID: 0fae41

I'm not "the software guy," I am the algorithmic encabulator specialist. Who are you, the secretary?
No. 988447 ID: cdabe3

This, no need to be standoffish
No. 988452 ID: 3b69d8
File 161369253910.png - (101.76KB , 466x505 , panel3_2_18_2021.png )

"Yup, that's me! I believe you folks are having data troubles?" The deer asks, deciding upon friendliness as the least-suspicious mode of conversation.

The foreman continues swiping, seemingly not hearing the deer's question. Either that or she ignored it.
No. 988453 ID: 3b69d8
File 161369258373.png - (94.33KB , 476x466 , panel4_2_18_2021.png )

She finally looks up from her screen. “Name?”

“Um…” The deer thinks for a second to remember. “Adrian Sen.”

“Good to hear,” she exhales with a tone seemingly in between sarcasm and exhaustion. After a few more taps on the screen, she turns off the projector and pockets it. “I’m Christine. I oversee maintenance for the station. We don’t normally need contractors, but there are no data experts onboard.” She extends a hand.

“Adrian” shakes Christine’s hand. Her grip is firm yet.... indifferent.

“I’ll take you to our head of research, Luce. He’s familiar with our database and he can get you set up.” She starts down the hallway, with Adrian following behind.

As Adrian walks behind his guide, he takes stock of the station’s interior. He knows that they are in the docking area, but the lack of signage or open spaces provides no further information. He considers asking Christine a non-suspicious question that could help with the mission.
No. 988457 ID: 8a51ec

Ask if there's anything you should know about the database, that's sure to get useful information without being conspicuous
No. 988460 ID: b1b4f3

She said someone else is familiar with the database so she probably isn't...
Try asking her how the hack happened. Bruteforce? Vulnerability exploit? Social engineering? Inside job?

You can also ask about Luce, and what other employees are around today.
No. 988461 ID: 094652

Explain that the speed of your repairs will depend on how easily you can communicate with the people potentially involved with whatever happened to the data. You need to investigate how this happened so you can create protocol to prevent this and get sent back for a botched job, and even more important are the factors that caused the situation in the first place. You have personally encountered problems where you had to slave away on a professional team for three days over a total system fault, then someone finally talks to the junior intern about what they did that day and whoops! They swapped a harmless-looking BIOS launch priority, problem fixed instantly and all the work done by the professional team has to be cleaned up for getting in the way.

Ask for a roster of everyone involved; researchers, planetary scouts, medical (not related, but half the nearby planet is glowing green and you want to memorize the medbay location now), security, and administration. You'll want a full list of the leaders of each of the above, and a basic throwaway map with anything classified crossed out.
No. 988483 ID: aa5597

Ask if there's anything worth seeing and or doing on this station while we're here and if there are any areas we should avoid
No. 988493 ID: a59168

Tell her that she doesn't look very enthusiastic about her job. Why is that? Is there something else she'd rather be doing right now?

From her, assuming she's talkative at all, try to segue the conversation towards the ship personnel, then the officers, and later towards the security captain.
No. 988497 ID: e85a08

ogle ass
No. 988730 ID: 3b69d8
File 161394686286.png - (161.86KB , 792x586 , panel5_2_21_2021.png )

“So how exactly did this hack happen? Brute force? Vulnerability exploit?” He pauses. “...Inside job?”

Christine scoffs. “Seems like a lot of work just to scramble a bunch of atmospheric data. It was probably just some radical environmentalists from the ring trying to delay the mining operation.”

Adrian recalls the description of Station 11’s official purpose from the dossier: to study the chemical composition of Proxima C in preparation for a large-scale resource extraction. It’s a rather mundane step in a much larger plan, but one that has nonetheless faced hostility from many activists in the Alpha Centauri system.

“But to answer your question, it was a remote vulnerability exploit. Luce was insistent on building the database himself for the research project.” She raises her eyebrows mockingly at this. “The silver lining is that since the research network is decoupled from the rest of the station’s systems, that was the only thing that was affected.”

Adrian perks up. “Wait, it’s totally separate? Like, they aren’t mutually accessible?”

Christine nods. “Separate credentials, anyways.”

Adrian makes a mental note of this. Assuming he's only given access to the research network, hacking into the security captain’s computer is going to be harder than expected. He might have to get physical access to it to copy the data.

As the pair continue walking, they enter a curved hallway with a large window on one side. It looks down into a large room with a view of outer space. A gymnasium, maybe? He can’t see the floor of it from this angle.
No. 988737 ID: e7c7d3

Take a peek, see what's down there.
No. 988742 ID: b1b4f3

"Hey, what's that?"
No. 988748 ID: a59774

This this, i am curious too!
No. 988823 ID: 094652

"Why isn't there reinforced radiation shielding on these windows? I feel like I'm going to get eye cancer!
No. 988851 ID: a59168

Don't say anything, just go and look through the window, fast and quiet while she's not looking.
No. 988944 ID: 679d47

Get her talking about herself, and sneak a peek while she's distracted. Everyone loves talking about themselves.
No. 989025 ID: 9c48ac

"Is that the gym? I hope you have good cardio machines."
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