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File 161033973008.png - (279.52KB , 768x576 , FF4A347A-8E10-4BD9-AB99-01AA64617F51.png )
985371 No. 985371 ID: ce39da

> execute log.23_23_11


> “N.O./#$[PLAYBACK ERROR] first unit, reporting! What is your request, young mistress? Oh… Is this one of those ‘gifts’ you defined earlier?”


> “Thank you. I’ll be sure to treasure it!”


> “Query; is something wrong?”

“It’s… It won’t… That’s not- I mean-”

> “Take your time, young mistress. You’ve been doing well with your words recently.”

“Thank… you. Uhm…”

> “Yes?”

“Do you… believe… in… er, that en-ent-”

> “Autocomplete suggestions: Entry; Entice; Entropy; Entice-”

“E-entropy. Is it… good?”

> “Query unclear. Could I trouble you to clarify, young mistress?”

“Would… the world be better?”

> “Confirm query; would the world be better without entropy?”

“Uhm… Mm!”

> processing…

> “Well…”
> ___________
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No. 985372 ID: 0fae41

Well, no, but yes.
No. 985373 ID: 8483cf

Are we programmed for Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus type speeches? Because now would be a good time to discuss how change is normal and healthy.
No. 985374 ID: b1b4f3

Unknowable. The world might not be able to exist without the physical laws that result in entropy existing.
I postulate that no, the world would not be better. If all actions could be undone as easily as they are done, then all actions and processes would be of equal likelyhood, and thus would happen unpredictably. An unpredictable universe is a hostile one.
No. 985376 ID: 7a5e43

Ideally, yes, it would, it practice, it is uncertain, probably imposible.
No. 985377 ID: f8fa51

An ideal universe would contain neither stasis nor a one-way progression towards stasis. The ideal universe is therefore one with entropy, but without the second law of thermodynamics (that entropy within a closed system will always increase).
No. 985428 ID: 9de69a

Yes. Entropy is the end of all things.
No. 985430 ID: c1ecda

Depends on whether a world that almost never changes tires you or not.
No. 985432 ID: 094652

"Yes, the world would be better without its overabundance of entropy, but the world needed entropy to be born, and we don't know how to make it leave. I doubt we ever will"
No. 985447 ID: ce39da
File 161042718724.png - (327.92KB , 768x576 , FGO_0_2.png )

> “It depends on whether a world that rarely changes tires you or not. As a semi-autonomous unit without the programming for boredom, I could never get tired of things as they are now - especially if I get to spend them with you. So, ideally, yes, it would; in practice, howe^er…”


> “While the world would be better w!thout a one-way pr00gression to|stasis, the world couldn’t/n’t/n’t/n’t have been b0rn without it, 4nd not even my cre@tor knows how to m/m/m/make it leave. Even undoing just the s@cond law ^ that ent#%$&#% within a closed system will always/ways/ways/ywas-ould fix a lot of !!!ssu3s.”

“O/0/h… I th-thi/i/i/i/nk th@@@t’s- th@@@t’s- th@@@t’s- [PLAYBACK ERROR]

> “I 5eeeeeeeeeeeee. We77, !-”


> “4mm?”
No. 985448 ID: ce39da
File 161042723039.png - (483.03KB , 768x576 , FGO_0_3.png )

“!$@^###? 4647^^%$&#, %$^# $Y&$… $&*#*^!”

> “$^#&^#*, #^$*^#^&$ $^* ^$*# ^^ $&*%())^*^.”


> “@^#*HYY/77&/#/#/^/*8,UE&*,$*$((@&//@/@@/@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@/@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@/@@@@@@/@@@@@/@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@/@@@@@@@@@@@@@//@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@/@/@@/@@@@@@@@@@@@/@@@@@@@@@@@@@-”
No. 985449 ID: ce39da
File 161042726905.png - (393.09KB , 768x576 , FGO_0_4.png )

> FATAL ERROR: playback terminated without cause
> execute log.23_23_11
> …
> FATAL ERROR: playback terminated without cause
> execute log.23_23_11
> …
> FATAL ERROR: playback terminated without cause
> execute log.23_23_11
> …
> FATAL ERROR: playback terminated without cause
> …
> …
> …
No. 985450 ID: ce39da
File 161042730383.png - (133.67KB , 768x576 , Chapter_Zero.png )

> …
> …
> …

> …
> …
> …
> fatal err/r/r/ror: fat/FATAL/fa/erro/o/or fa/te-terminated
> “good ni//i/i/i////i/world/ght/ood night world’’’

No. 985452 ID: ce39da
File 161042733464.png - (9.40KB , 768x576 , FGO_0_5.png )

:myst: “…**…*…”

> alert: approaching entity

> hello world

:myst: “… * kno* *** c*n *ear m*.”

> execute diagnose.exe

> FATAL ERROR: the file diagnose.exe does not exist

> #/What? That doesn’t make any sense.
No. 985453 ID: ce39da
File 161042740236.png - (184.04KB , 768x576 , FGO_0_6.png )

:myst: “That’s *t… open those ‘*yes.’ Th*s isn’t a g**d plac* *o be tak*** a n*p.”

> #/… Wait, I… I don’t remember my internal processing being this… conversational. Why am I making notes like some sort of… I don’t even know what? Is this what my creators defined as ‘thoughts’? I don’t remember being a ‘person,’ no matter what my creator said… But then… I can’t remember much about my creators… Or anything…”

:myst: “No, no! D* not go back to sleep on me! I came too far for you to just cr*p out on me within a minute o* origin restoration!”

> Receptors.Touch/Head_Right: mild concussive force detected

> #/Oh! I guess I should face the outside world now. Funny; according to my Schema files, the entity in front of me is an ‘oracle’ and a ‘Caster.’ Weren’t oracles nothing but a myth one of my wards talked about? And… according to this maintenance file, that second term was defined in my systems very recently along with others like “Saber” and “Ruler,” which… can’t be right. The ‘very recently’ part, I mean. I don’t know why it can’t be right, but it just… isn’t. Is this what a ‘gut feeling’ feels like?

:myst: “… Hello? Can you see me just fine?”

> #/Nothing else about this entity registers… Let’s try finishing their description manually…

> execute Schema/CompositeDescription/New

> name new file: “Unknown_Oracle”

> set Receptors.Visual to manual mode

> edit Unknown_Oracle: _________________

DETECTIVE CAILLOU’S SUPER-DUPER ALERT: For the audience’s (and my own) sanity, internal code executions and results will be assumed after this point. Non will bring up relevant files, terminologies, and lines of code in plain English in proceeding posts (assuming it's even necessary).
No. 985455 ID: ce39da

(If it wasn’t clear; suggest who this oracular Caster is. Name, species, gender, whatever floats your boat.)
No. 985468 ID: 12b116

herm foxtaur named Juicy Lucy
No. 985469 ID: 094652

Seconding this just because this is awesome
Specify as Stellar Foxtaur
No. 985470 ID: e51896

Female kangaroo. Lucy is a fine name.
No. 985472 ID: 08ed7f

A tozol! Let's play a tozol!
No. 985473 ID: e85a08

Sapient baseball bat named Lucille

Tall wasp man named miles
No. 985474 ID: 041c52

Make lizard named Thal.
No. 985475 ID: 3b6837

They are Juicy Lucy the volumptuous punk rock herm stellar foxtaur.
No. 985480 ID: 13b938

Yeah, a male lizard or crocodile would be cool.
No. 985481 ID: 894419

I too, am down with the lizard man with the lizard plan!
No. 985483 ID: 7381df

Lesgo team lizzer
No. 985573 ID: f8fa51

Wasp man, slightly effeminate, no vote for name.
No. 985580 ID: a9af05

A male lizard or crocodile man. He's a little chubby and he's above average in height.
No. 985591 ID: 7a5e43

I am all about for the lizard train. A big one.
No. 985592 ID: 9aa12d

I for one wish for the wasp dude
No. 985616 ID: 36784c

Big tall lizard guy.
No. 985617 ID: 0550be

Too many lizards already, wasp.
No. 985684 ID: ce39da
File 161068319118.png - (444.40KB , 768x576 , FGO_0_2_1.png )

:thal: “There we go~! Good as… well, good as we’re going to get for now, anyway.”

This man is… a lizard? No wonder my schema files had nothing on him. If his expressions are roughly equivalent to a human’s, then I’d say he seems calm and perhaps relieved.

:thal: “I’ll afford you this one moment, little buddy. I understand it’s all a lot to take in.”

Furthermore, these surrounds are completely lost on me. It took me more checks than I’m willing to admit to establish that none of my visual receptors were malfunctioning… besides the ones that were clearly offline, that is. It’s like space itself was thrown into a blender, and this chaotic pile of rocks and broken mirrors is what got dumped out.

:non: “Where are we?”

:thal: “That’s a little complicated, and we don’t have much time, I’m afraid. What I can say is that I know vaguely who you are - at least as much as you do, anyway. You can only remember the first two letters of your True Name, right?”

:non: “That’s… correct; N-O. Most of my databanks seem to be corrupted to a similar-”

:thal: “Right, right. To skip ahead a bit, I end up calling you Non. Is that alright with you?”

:non: “I… Perhaps?”

:thal: “Awesome. Not that I’d blame you for picking something else later, but, to reiterate; we gotta hurry this conversation along.”

:non: “Wait, why? And- Just who are you, anyway? You aren’t human, and if you’re an android like myself, you’d have to be the most well-put-together one I ever-”

:thal: “Pssshshshshush! I’m Thal, and right this minute, that’s all you need to know about me; the enemy will find us in two minutes and seventeen seconds, and we have a few questions of my own to get through before then.”
No. 985685 ID: ce39da
File 161068323117.png - (515.26KB , 768x576 , FGO_0_2_2.png )

:non: “The enemy?”

:thal: “Mindless little scavengers. Now, let’s get your combat memories jogged before they arrive.”

:non: “… And how will we do that?”

:thal: “Ring-a-ding, Thal and Non Super Quize Time~! Question #1: When it comes to general combat, do you see yourself as…
> 1: “The jack-of-all-trades who can move fluidly between styles, but isn’t truly exceptional at any of them…
> 2: “The master of one style, who’s really, really good at that one thing, even if it means they totally neglect everything else, or…
> 3: “Something in between; not a specialist, but not too spread out either?”

:thal: “And while we’re at it, Question #2~!”

:non: “Already?!”

:thal: “I said Question #2! Multichoice (possibly)~!”

:non: (He’s changing up the format, too?!)

:thal: “If you were to describe the exact ways you prefer to fight, would it be…
> QUICK: “Darting about the battlefield, harassing foes and setting up opportunities for later…
> ARTS: “Smart and cautious, biding my time until I can unleash a decisive move to turn everything around…
> BUSTER: “Nothing fancy; I make big attacks for big damage until the enemy stops moving, or…
> SKILL: “Sticking to the backline, where I can best support myself and my allies.”

:non: (He’s a bit insistent about this, but if he’s right about ‘the enemy,’ it would be for the best if I recall this now rather than later…)
No. 985687 ID: 46a721

Number #3 and ARTS.


None of those! I was a butler drone!
No. 985696 ID: 2aa5f0

> 1: “The jack-of-all-trades who can move fluidly between styles, but isn’t truly exceptional at any of them…

> BUSTER: “Nothing fancy; I make big attacks for big damage until the enemy stops moving, or…
No. 985697 ID: 041c52

Number 3 and Quick.
No. 985701 ID: 864e49

#1 Jack-off-all-trades
#2 ezio auditore
No. 985709 ID: a2c224

#3 and BUSTER
No. 985786 ID: f8fa51

#3 Arts
No. 985904 ID: ce39da
File 161098990479.png - (572.18KB , 768x576 , FGO_0_3_1.png )

:non: “Well… I’m fairly sure I’m neither a jack of all trades nor a master of one. I… I think? For the second question; I think I’m mostly kitted to simply eliminate threats with extreme prejudice, but I don’t have the worst mobility and…”

:thal: “And…?”

:non: “I could have sworn I had good analysis equipment, but… those seem to have been cannibalized by this unknown program I just found. Although, I anticipate that I should be able to access some of its functions soon.”

:thal: “Anything else?”

:non: “No, but for some reason, this assessment feels incomplete.”

:thal: “Well, I do have something to say about that, but…”
No. 985905 ID: ce39da
File 161098994052.png - (602.37KB , 768x576 , FGO_0_3_2.png )

:myst: “a/a/a/a/ahh… Hur/Hur/Hur-aaaa/a/a/a-”

:non: “What… What is that.”

:thal: “Well, seems like our time is up for now. Let’s assume our battle poses for now. Just trust me when I say this fellow here isn’t up to parlay.”

:non: “I… Alright, then. If it’s come to this:”
No. 985906 ID: ce39da
File 161098997636.png - (590.50KB , 768x576 , FGO_0_3_3.png )

:non: “Activating battle protocols… Huh?!”

:thal: “It’s the cards, right? Let’s see… If I remember correctly, we each have seven cards in our ‘decks’ from your perspective, with at least one each of something like four suits. You draw five cards each ‘turn,’ right? Those represent the commands you can give, according to some nebulous algorithm you can’t access. Your words, not mine.”

:non: “Er, should we be-”

:thal: “Relax! It always takes a moment for this guy to process what’s in front of it. Anyway, the bottom line is that you play three commands from the hand of five that you draw each ‘turn.’”

:non: “Oh. Um… Does it matter which?”

:thal: “It can, if I understood your explanation correctly! Supposedly, chaining three of a kind leads to additional advantages. Oh, by the way, QUICK attacks aren’t too strong, but open their targets up to ‘critical hits’ the next turn, while BUSTER just deals a high amount of base damage.”

:non: “What about ARTS?”

:thal: “Not important this time; we aren’t likely to build up much of a charge before we’re done here, even with the Shattered Soul’s buddies back there.”

:non: “I guess I should experiment with it, then?”

:thal: “Sure! To be honest, I can see roughly two ‘chains’ that will end this poor thing in a single round, but it isn’t the end of the world if we can’t pull that off. Anyway, feel free to interpret these cards and phrase your orders however you like.”

> Input battle commands: ________

To clarify, while I do want you to always include mechanical suggestions for what cards to play in what order on what targets, you’re also free to include suggestions for how these characters execute on those cards.
No. 985907 ID: 094652

Three of a kind, huh? Let's open up with a buster chain:
Non-Buster, Thal-Buster, Non-Buster
No. 985910 ID: 46a721

I summon Blue Eyes White Dragon in attack mode and end my turn...

Or I use all the Non Buster, the Quick, and the Thal Buster.
No. 985911 ID: b1b4f3

Triple buster.
No. 985912 ID: e85a08

How about a QBB Non brave chain
No. 985928 ID: f8fa51

Unless our regular attacks only do 1 damage, we should be able to finish this in two rounds without difficulty, so we should be information-gathering as much as we can. Play the three busters to figure out what the extra effect is.
No. 985930 ID: 2aa5f0

well if quick and stagger an enemy for the next attack I guess quick, buster, buster. but if you mean the enemy would be staggered next turn instead of for the next attack then I guess buster, buster, quick.
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