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File 161033333966.png - (324.54KB , 1200x888 , foreverquest.png )
985361 No. 985361 ID: 679d47

This quest will contain blood, nudity, and sexual situations.
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No. 985362 ID: 679d47
File 161033340837.png - (256.95KB , 1000x999 , 1-sunrise.png )

No two sunsets are the same. Xavier had watched more than forty thousand of them, and although he had not appreciated each one as much as the next, he knew the value of at least looking upon the peach-tinted sky before nightfall. It offered a guaranteed moment of peace. This sunset was no different, in that it was entirely different from all those before it, except it wasn’t, but it was, and this infinite loop pleased Xavier to ponder. Roseate light reflected off of the skyscrapers’ windows, and Xavier felt a familiar pang of superiority to humans in his jaw.
Moments of peace seemed so terribly rare in the lives of humans. They flutter about from task to task, fearing that they may not get enough done before they take their last, unfulfilled breath. Xavier would briefly remember times when he felt this rush to accomplish, before he settled into semi-permanence (for nothing is permanent, except, perhaps, for the fact that nothing is permanent), and he felt grateful that he could focus his gaze on the alternating squiggles of the stratocumulus clouds and the floating steam rising from the industrial zone. He didn’t need to think about them, or what they meant, or if he could show anyone else. Those were human concerns.
He had a sunset “coffee,” which was a term that Xavier was not particularly fond of but used out of respect for vampire colloquialisms, and which consisted of several milliliters of blood plasma warmed over the stove in an iron pot. Xavier’s cup that evening was a donation, and had come to him through the BVA, Bureau of Vampaffairs. Another term that Xavier did not like was vampaffairs, which means exactly what it sounds like: the happenings of vampire society.
No. 985363 ID: 679d47
File 161033349093.jpg - (134.98KB , 1000x999 , 2-comm-on.jpg )

This spirit had not been packaged properly. Xavier noticed a sharp tinge of fermentation as he took the first sip, and scowled. He didn’t mind drinking older blood, and that wasn’t what made him scowl; it was that he had gone to the trouble of heating the stuff, and it turned out to be disappointing. He rinsed his teeth with water, and poured the warm plasma back into its container. He would freeze it, and use it as a texturizer for drinks when he had vampire company.

Xavier planned to have more vampire company from tonight on. It had been thirty-eight months since he had spent recreational time with another vampire. Perhaps this evening would be the right time to start; “now” is better than the amorphous “later,” which could be potentially pronounced as “never.”

He could try calling one of the three vampire contacts he had on his comm, or he could go out to dance at The Drop. He could even try surprising Vlad by showing up on his balcony without calling first, which would surely elicit an unexpected reaction.
No. 985364 ID: 679d47
File 161033352058.jpg - (87.97KB , 1000x999 , 3-contacts.jpg )

Should Xavier call someone? Or should he do something else?
No. 985382 ID: e7c7d3

Give Alexander a ring. They're probably getting bored
No. 985393 ID: 848326

Let's ser how the outside world is doing. Let's do groceries.
No. 985441 ID: 679d47
File 161042503803.jpg - (103.45KB , 777x777 , 4-alex.jpg )

The trilling of the comm lasted only a second.

“Xavier! It’s been so long!” Alexander’s sing-song voice rang too loudly around the apartment, and Xavier clicked down the volume. “How are you, best friend?!”

“Best friend? I haven’t talked to you in two years,” replied Xavier, his heart softening at the sound of his bloodmate’s excitement. The two had turned at the same time, sired by the same vampire; at some point, they played in a band together and shared meals. That was long ago, though, and Xavier felt a touch of guilt at not maintaining contact with someone who loved him so unconditionally. Even when they were young vampires, and Xavier had a penchant for violence and scandal, Alexander always welcomed his company with a smile.

“I’m in the city! I’m in Perinople!” Alexander exclaimed. Xavier noticed someone floating in and out of the comm’s camera, which seemed strange, as Alexander was supposed to be in hiding, away from any human contact. The only visitors they were allowed to have were Council members, and those were in fairly short supply.

“I thought you were in hiding,” said Xavier, trying to see who was next to Alexander.

“The Council is gonna re-negotiate the mandate this week! They said they’ve been reviewing a bunch of their mandates and are giving me and some other vampires new terms. Look who’s here!” Alexander said, shifting the camera.

“Well. Hello, friend.”
No. 985442 ID: 679d47
File 161042506555.jpg - (130.77KB , 777x777 , 5-that-bitch.jpg )

Xavier glared at the projection. Frederic was not his friend, and Xavier only knew him as well as he did because the Council kept putting them at the same table during events. The Council always grouped vampires by the approximate era they were turned, and gave no thought as to whether they would get along at all. Xavier considered Frederic a particularly crude individual; he was known to catch-and-release victims without hypnotizing them or erasing their memories, which Xavier found absolutely appalling and irresponsible.

“Are you coming over? We’re having a party,” said Frederic.

“You’re both kind of in disgrace with the Council,” replied Xavier. They could have their mandates extended if the Council found out they were having an unsanctioned social event while in disgrace.

“They’re busy re-negotiating mandates. They won’t know,” Alexander said. “Come over! Oh, that’s the door. I’ll send you the location. Can’t wait to see you!”

“Can’t wait to see you,” repeated Frederic in that sly voice, and Xavier scowled as the comm blinked off. He did not want to see Frederic. He did, however, want to play music with Alexander, as well as protect them from Frederic’s voracious sexual appetite. Something about the idea of Frederic seducing gentle Alexander made Xavier’s stomach churn.

He needed to go to the party.
No. 985443 ID: 679d47
File 161042509859.jpg - (112.83KB , 777x777 , 6-outfits.jpg )

Xavier called the building’s grocer and ordered ten ounces of raw beef blood for pick-up, as well as a bottle of red wine and a package of protein donuts. The blood and wine were for the party; the donuts were for the donation chute that delivered upper society’s unused waste to the city’s lower levels.

Xavier considered his outfit for the evening. It had been a long time since he made a public appearance in vampire society, and about three months since he left his apartment. What should he wear?
No. 985507 ID: e7c7d3

I say try 2
No. 985508 ID: 46a721

Giant novelty hotdog costume!

Or 1, 1 looks cool too.
No. 985535 ID: a3545b

Definitely Number 3

<spoiler> Also YAY, nonbinary vampires :D </spoiler>
No. 985931 ID: 679d47
File 161100925660.jpg - (63.00KB , 777x777 , 7-leaving.jpg )

Twilight in the upper levels of society was always pleasing to traverse for Xavier. The buildings of Perinople were in jewel-tones and their colored glass panes created a shimmering backdrop to Xavier’s journey across town. He had looked forward to the Age of Aesthetic since his first appointment with vampire astrologist André Cartello.

André was a major proponent of the Noble Philosophy, a belief that vampires are a species of higher beings created to guide humans towards the Divine Light more efficiently. Xavier was young and miserable when he turned, making him extremely impressionable and desiring of hope; additionally, André could back up all of his claims with mathematical calculations, historical evidence, and personal experience dating back to the Middle Ages.
No. 985932 ID: 679d47
File 161100928837.jpg - (104.39KB , 777x777 , 8-travel.jpg )

The Noble Philosophy had been the official position of the Council for one hundred and twenty-six years, and Xavier was grateful for this. It made vampire society peaceful and private, for there were no huge massacres or supernatural blunders to cover up, nor any accidental high-profile murders to be branded as assassinations or hoaxes. Humans were better off unaware of the blood-drinking predators that were capable of influencing society’s highest ranking members with ease. It would upset many humans to know that vampires did very little work despite the power they had.

The monotube was quick and uncrowded, an advantage of the city’s complex population planning laws, and Xavier arrived at another tall apartment building within the hour. His sharp hearing led him to the door he needed.
No. 985933 ID: 679d47
File 161100932504.jpg - (128.22KB , 777x777 , 9-that-bitch-again.jpg )


Frederic’s pheromones wafted through the entrance of the apartment. They were distinctly sexual in scent, and Xavier was careful to keep his face from reacting in any direction to his fellow incubus’ presence. Personally, he felt it was sloppy and immature to let one’s pheromones run wild so early in the evening.

“I’m so glad you’re here. I thought you might not come,” continued Frederic, not yet opening the door all the way. Xavier glanced past him, but Frederic moved into his line of sight immediately. “Is that box for me?”

“No. It’s for the party,” Xavier said.

“Oh, lucky me. I’m at the party.”

Xavier looked down his nose at Frederic. He wasn’t that much taller, but it still made Xavier feel just powerful enough to be satisfying.
No. 985934 ID: 679d47
File 161100935024.jpg - (95.91KB , 777x777 , 10-party.jpg )

“They’ve got darts in the other room. I’m setting up spirit tasting in the kitchen, and Alex is right there with the babies. I’m looking forward to seeing you loosen up a bit,” purred Frederic, stepping aside. There were a few young vampires Xavier did not recognize laughing with Alex, and a succubus whose name he couldn’t recall in the entrance to the kitchen. He could hear the “thwack” of darts and throwing knives in the bedroom, and smelled an assortment of blood and liquor.

What should Xavier do first?
No. 986184 ID: e7c7d3

Let's start with darts
No. 986186 ID: 6f7a5a

it's polite to mingle I think.
get to know the people around before you settle into a conversation or game
No. 986196 ID: 22d627

Do the rounds, see who else is here.
No. 986210 ID: 6e4236

Dab furiously to establish tour dancing superiority over all other guests.
No. 986236 ID: a3545b

Check in with Alexander to see how they're doing and whether they're down jam (did Xavier bring an instrument?) which will hopefully distract them from Frederic too

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