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File 160980919368.jpg - (732.83KB , 2284x987 , Duel 1.jpg )
984889 No. 984889 ID: c24649

A short quest about a duel between two people to settle their disagreement.
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No. 984890 ID: c24649
File 160980920811.jpg - (361.83KB , 1078x791 , Duel 2.jpg )

No. 984911 ID: 5a1794

Protagonist: Byron Heyward. Esquire.
Villain: Count Balthazar Murcatto
No. 984924 ID: db9e3c

I like the antagonist's name, except lets change his last name to "Murdusa"
Balthazar Murdusa
No. 985184 ID: c24649
File 161003939107.jpg - (1.25MB , 1876x1885 , Duel 3.jpg )

No. 985186 ID: 12197a

Just apply headpats on teddybear
No. 985187 ID: 094652

"If he doesn't die, he's going to order his fanatic cult to 'hide the evidence'. [Bear], I'm doing this because I don't know how else I'm going to save the throats of two dozen Murdusa worshippers from their own knives."
No. 985232 ID: e51896

what is your plan? Since you mentioned "being able to withstand the pain" does that imply that part of your plan is purposely getting shot by the count?
No. 985258 ID: 5f4030

I’ve seen it done. According to the rules of dueling you have to wait for the other person to wait to take their shot. It’s kinda messed up. Definitely not a good plan, but I guess it depends on why you two are about to duel to a begin with.
No. 985295 ID: c808f8

What are the duel rules? Are you to shoot at the same time, or will "who shoots first" be determined by a coin flip?
No. 985310 ID: c24649
File 161022980688.jpg - (3.52MB , 1864x4340 , Duel 4.jpg )

No. 985339 ID: f3eb46

Does Flintson own a gun? It’s his job as a second to shoot Murdusa if he cheats. Also who will be Murdusa’s second?
No. 985581 ID: c24649
File 161055206111.jpg - (1.38MB , 2410x1827 , Duel 5.jpg )

No. 985586 ID: 612369

As a proper gentleman, we mustn't be late. No no, that would not be proper. When is our duel scheduled for? As long as there is no schedule conflicts with our appointed duel, a private meeting shouldn't necessarily be an issue. However, as proper gentlemen of status we have many a demand on our time. We cannot spare him much time, any more and it would practically be fraternization with the enemy.

And I'm sorry that Flintson doesn't want to shoot anyone. But such is the position of second. Ideally, he will not have to shoot anyone. But if Murdusa intends foul play, such is his duty. And fulfilling one's duty is the greatest honor and calling of a gentleman.
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