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File 160238142058.png - (313.62KB , 1200x979 , OP_Image.png )
978269 No. 978269 ID: b5fb67

It was a dark and stormy night.

Upon a hill sits a decaying old mansion. The flash of lightning from the rolling storm clouds briefly illuminates the dead trees and peeling paint. The manor sits quiet, content to slowly rot and crumble under the elements, undisturbed...

...until the high-beams from a 1999 Toyota Camry cut through the darkness. The car zig-zags up the hill, tires rolling over the crumbling driveway until it comes to a stop at the front of the mansion. The headlights and brake lights blink off as the engine silences, three girls emerging from the vehicle. The one in plaid and shorts approaches the door in the cool evening, producing a house key from her pocket as she slides it into the lock and opens the large front door. The girls step inside...
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No. 978270 ID: b5fb67
File 160238148775.png - (772.85KB , 1535x1489 , Haunted_Mansion1.png )

Girl 3: "Here we are, our first real case! Aren't you guys excited? Can you smell the mystery in the air?"

Girl 2: "Smells like rotting wood and dead spiders."

Girl 1: "And maybe some mold. I should have brought an air filter..."

Girl 2: "The old Schwartzenberg Mansion. Built in 1952 by Kurt Schwartzenberg, had a lavish family of 5 living in it until the family just disappeared."

Girl 3: "And nobody has occupied it since! So many rumors of ghost sightings and paranormal activity coming from these walls... if we can solve this mystery, we can really put our names on the map!"

Girl 1: "Just like Ogdenville, North Haverbrook, and Brockway, right?"

Girl 2: *snrk*

Girl 3: "You laugh, but this is our chance to become famous! Besides, you remember what the realtor said, right?"

Girl 2: "If we get rid of the hauntings, we'll get a cut of his commission when he sells this place. That's easily a couple grand."

Girl 1: "We got that in writing, right?"

Girl 3: "Yes! Maybe! Ummm..."

The three girls stand in the entry way of the decrepit mansion. But... what are their names?

(Girl 1 is the left-most person, Girl 2 is the center one, and Girl 3 is the right-most person.)
No. 978271 ID: 0fae41

Melody, Trish and Jackie.
No. 978272 ID: 4c58a6

Switch Trish and Melody and it sounds good to me.
No. 978273 ID: 894419

Left to right: Charlotte, Allison, Tracey(but everyone calls her trace)
No. 978274 ID: ce39da

Carmine, Melody, and Brigette.
No. 978275 ID: 867391

when you name drop like that, there is only one choice. it turns out the girls were making a double simpsons reference, because in addition to being the names of cities, they are also the names of our intrepid ladies. that's right, they're Ogdenville, North Haverbrook, and Brockway.
No. 978278 ID: df76b1

Trudi, Kimiko, and Abilene.
No. 978285 ID: 6f7a5a

I like Carmine, Trish and Melody sound good to me
No. 978286 ID: 094652

Clarissa, Shelby, and Luxury.
No. 978288 ID: e51896

from left to right
Raelyn, Molly, Jessica
No. 978325 ID: c57263

Double check you all have your panties.
No. 978345 ID: b5fb67
File 160247673250.png - (768.29KB , 1541x1234 , Haunted_Mansion2.png )

All of the girl's undergarments are intact.

Carmine, Melody, and Jessica stand in the entryway discussing their next move.

Carmine: "So what's the plan here?"

Jessica: "It's simple! We have three objectives: find the names of the ghosts or spirits, find out what is preventing them from passing on, and then help them pass on!"

Melody: "You're talking about the theory that ghosts are souls that cannot move on to the afterlife due to a trauma or lingering unfinished task that still binds them to the physical plane?"

Jessica: "Exactly! We solve that task or soothe the trauma and they leave! Easy!"

Carmine: "That's pretty optimistic. I get the feeling that it won't be that easy."

Melody: "Did we bring any equipment? Any kind of devices or objects that can sense or call ghosts? Even an ouija board?"

Carmine: "...the hell is a Luigi board?"

Jessica: "Well no... my budget kinda got eaten up by car repairs."

There's a long silence.

Carmine: "Fine, so where do we start?"

What will the girls do?
No. 978347 ID: fde50b

Split up and search for clues
No. 978351 ID: d82849

Say. "Yoo hoo, spooky boo."
No. 978367 ID: e51896

Well, whoever the ghosts are seems to have been taking good care of the plants, and was even nice enough to light the chandelier.

Maybe the ghosts will appreciate it if we cleaned the place up for them like the dusting off the webs (unless the ghosts are keeping the spiders as pets) and the dirt spots on the walls
No. 978378 ID: 094652

Make sure you have a heavy supply of bullets pepper spray in case something other than ghosts lives here.

Also, consider your friends' hotness.
No. 978392 ID: ce39da

Review the details of the disappearance case - whether there's ghosts or something more mundane causing all of this, I'm sure that case will have something to do with it. Try to reconstruct the family's final day (or night, depending). Start with the bedrooms if it was during the night.
No. 978396 ID: 87a01c

Just in case Luigi board confused anyone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15nNY7uofNw
Make sure door opens behind you, and look into building, possibly start making a map.
No. 978403 ID: 51b56d

Step 1 of any relationship is to establish healthy communication.

Since the family disappeared sometime around mid century, let's try giving them a call on their rotary telephone!
No. 978412 ID: 0fae41

Take a potted plant each to light the way.
No. 978427 ID: b5fb67
File 160257065260.png - (696.32KB , 1531x1001 , Haunted_Mansion3.png )

The plants are plastic. The chandelier is electric with fake candles. There seems to be a lot of tacky decor in this place, like it was staged for selling and the realtor never came back for the props. And there seems to be no sense in hauling around heavy pots!

Jessica briefly regards her friend's attractiveness. But because they've been friends since grade school, the brief saunter into curious territory is dissipated.

Jessica: "Before we split up and search for clues, what do we know about the family here?"

Melody: "Let's see..."

Melody pulls out her Beri™ brand smartphone and opens a browser. The girls gather around to watch.

Melody: "Okay, so Kurt Schwartzenberg was an up-and-coming lingerie designer before his company got bought out by Elizabeth's Unmentionables. He supposedly invested a chunk of his new fortune in underwear research to make the most comfortable bra in history, allegedly because his wife had enormous... tracts of land and wanted to make her more comfortable. They also had three daughters who seemed to inherit her mother's... generous assets."

Carmine: "Huh. I wonder if we can find one of those boulder holders here."

Melody: "They were going to throw a premiere party at this mansion so Kurt could show off his latest invention, but it got cancelled at the last moment. No one knows why. Then the family just fell off the face of the earth until collection agencies came for overdue bills and discovered the alleged hauntings."

Jessica: "Interesting!"

Carmine: "Not really the word I would use."

Before the girls split up:
-Carmine is the strong one of the trio. She can move, lift, and break objects the other girls cannot. Additionally, thanks to 4 semesters of karate at the community college, Carmine knows how to fight.
-Melody is the smart one of the group. She is analytical, logical, and has high perception when hunting for clues.
-Jessica is the leader of the group. Award-winning member of the Debate Club in high school, she has high charisma and is able to talk her way out of many problems.

What happens next?
No. 978450 ID: e51896

haunted houses has hidden rooms that can open when triggered by weird mechanisms. try pulling down on the chandelier and see if it is actually a lever that can open a hidden door on the wall or something. If you cant reach it, give each other a boost to reach it.

(either that or maybe a cute black fur coated cat can arrive to greet the girls :3)
No. 978454 ID: d7c0e1

Split up and search for clues.
No. 978455 ID: 894419

Venture forth in a westerly direction!
No. 978456 ID: faa9d1

Checking for hidden passages is SOP for haunted house investigation. If we can reach the chandelier, Carmine can lift Melody up to investigate!

If we want to make contact, maybe the ghosts will be drawn to the girl who shares their "bountiful spiritual assets"?
No. 978502 ID: b5fb67
File 160265532384.png - (551.04KB , 1868x814 , Haunted_Mansion4.png )

Jessica: "Mel, any chance that chandelier can reveal a secret passage?"

Melody looks up.

Melody: "Nope. It might collapse on us if we pull it, though."

Jessica: "Damn. Oh well. Let's hit the next room, split up, and look for clues!"

The trio walk into the adjacent room. It is very dark. The faint outline of dusty furniture and cobwebs is the only thing that can be seen.

Jessica: "Wait, what kind of room is this? Isn't there supposed to be a mezzanine type of area after the entry way? Like a sweeping staircase that leads to all floors?"

Melody: "I think Kurt Schwartzenberg was better at making lingerie than he was at designing mansions."

Carmine: "I really hope there are some Clue-style secret passages here."
No. 978504 ID: 6f7a5a

examine that grey card on the table
No. 978505 ID: e51896

Ah, on the wall there is something written that says "LEAVE". Sounds like a hint to me! go outside and get some leaves from the trees, then attach the leaves to the wall under the word "LEAVE"
No. 978506 ID: 44df78

What's that on the far end of the bookshel? Looks important!
No. 978507 ID: 845d55

Pulling at random books might work
No. 978510 ID: 7bc72c

Looks like they were a Jewish family. Start goose stepping while heiling ol' uncle Adolf to try and rile their spirits up.
No. 978511 ID: 094652

Why did none of you bring flashlights, pepper spray, or your mothers' skintight body armor?

Grab some books and start chanting horsepucky.
No. 978667 ID: b5fb67
File 160283053933.png - (508.81KB , 1616x803 , Haunted_Mansion5.png )

The girls split up, each heading to a different part of the room.

Squinting through the dark, Jessica spies a paper on the dusty old table. Leaning in, she can barely make out the text in the dark:

--OCTOBER 30th!--
You are invited to an EXCLUSIVE unveiling of Kurt Schwartzenberg's greatest invention: the Schwartzenberg Support Surprise! An undergarment that will revolutionize how women carry themselves! Increased comfort! A life of luxury, free from the crushing pain of normal shapewear!

The rest are address details, showing the reader how to get to the mansion. It appears to be an invitiation.

Melody takes pictures of the various parts of the room with her phone.

Carmine goes through several books on the end shelf until spying the bloody writing, and becomes unnerved.

Suddenly, a vague echoey noise reverberates throughout the room...

No. 978669 ID: 6f7a5a

Melody activate your sound recording ap! or go full video in case the voice says something else!
No. 978679 ID: 307426

We come in peace! Jessica's time to shine to convince the ghost we want to help.

Melody can record for liability purposes if/when the ghost sues for trespassing.
No. 978681 ID: f3021a

Ah, so that’s what a house of leaves sounds like. Take the invitation with you and look for supplies - matches, torches, prototype underwear...
No. 978768 ID: b5fb67
File 160297036612.png - (622.47KB , 1694x931 , Haunted_Mansion6.png )

Melody spins around and hits 'record' on her phone.

Melody: "This is it! Actual paranormal activity!"

The low, echoey voice sounds again.


Jessica speaks up.

Jessica: "Mr. Schwartzenberg! Is that you? We're here to help you! We want to help you move on to the afterlife!"

Suddenly, a faint blue glow surrounds the table in the middle of the room, along with the plastic plant and adjacent chair. They start to slowly float above the ground, stopping in midair before they start to violently vibrate. The voice sounds again.

"Nnnnnooooo ooonnneeee caaaaannnn hhhheeelllppp meeee."

The echoey voice suddenly becomes louder, a faint vibration runs through the floor like the bass being turned up.


Carmine: "It sounds pissed!"
No. 978776 ID: 87a01c

but why though?
No. 978783 ID: 055dbd

Help us help you!

Offer to sit back and talk it over. Communication is key!
No. 978786 ID: cef86d

Grab that plant. Show that ghost who's boss.
No. 978788 ID: b1b4f3

You should get out of the room before you get pelted with furniture.
No. 978789 ID: 094652

"No! We want stuff! Like answers about spirits!"
"And the combination to your safe!"
"And larger knockers!"
No. 978934 ID: 5b93d3

Turn on a phone light, see if there are any strings holding things up.
No. 979512 ID: 40a125

Leave the building. But only because you wanted to, not because it told you to.
No. 979619 ID: b5fb67
File 160369349421.png - (589.57KB , 1448x932 , Haunted_Mansion7.png )

Jessica: "But-but wait! We want to talk to you about stuff!"

Melody: "Yes, like how to help you!"

Carmine: "And if you have any more of that fancy lingerie lying around."

The voice becomes an echoing, raspy hiss as it fills the room. The floating chair and table suddenly begin to pick up speed as they move towards the girls.

Jessica: "RUN!"

The three girls dart towards the leftmost door. Carmine reaches it first, being the most athletic, but finds it locked. Desperate, she begins to kick it down with heavy high-kicks. The door frame begins to groan and crack as the hinges and deadbolt being to loosen and fall apart.

Jessica: "HURRY!"

The table and chair begin to break apart into smaller pieces that rain down on the trio. Chair legs, table legs, chunks of wood all turn into missiles that smash into the areas around the frantic ladies. Melody barely dodges a table leg.

With one final swift kick, Carmine breaks open the door, hanging on by only a rusty hinge. Carmine and Melody sprint through, Jessica ducking under a chair leg that smashes against the wall.
No. 979620 ID: b5fb67
File 160369350081.png - (328.05KB , 1100x1041 , Haunted_Mansion8.png )

Unfortunately, Jessica is hit right in the head with a chunk of table, knocking her off her feet and right onto her face. She slides through the doorway right as another chair leg rakes across her back, tearing at her shirt and shorts. Carmine slams the door shut as Jessica rolls through, the sound of broken wooden furniture colliding against the old entryway.
No. 979621 ID: b5fb67
File 160369350787.png - (708.19KB , 1597x970 , Haunted_Mansion9.png )

The sound of angry wood chunks stops. The house is silent again.

Carmine: "Well THAT was harrowing."

Melody: "This ghost is in a lot of turmoil if it can lift objects and throw them."

Jessica lifts herself from the floor.

Jessica: "Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!"

Melody: "Good lord, Jessica! Are you OK?!"

Carmine scans the dark room while Melody attends to Jessica.

Carmine: "So wait, is THIS the entryway? Did we originally come in through a side entrance? I'm so confused."
No. 979622 ID: 0fae41

Go upstairs to escape the carbon monoxide fumes that are clearly to blame for your hallucinations of ghosts.
No. 979624 ID: 506ff5

Well, talking didn't work. Guess the ghost won't be of any help...

Press on! You must be close to the original entrance. Maybe there are secrets hidden ahead.
No. 979626 ID: 894419

Looks like you're in the main hall, dramatically swing open the front doors to gaze at full moon during the storm. Just think about how great that image will be when you write your autobiographies!
No. 979629 ID: e51896

How hard did Jess get hit in tbe head?

It might be best to check if she has a concussion, is she feeling tired? Blurry vision? Dizzy?
No. 979810 ID: b5fb67
File 160386002929.png - (670.47KB , 1501x896 , Haunted_Mansion10.png )

Melody: "Do you have a concussion? Dizzy? Tired? Blurred vision?"

Jessica: "No, my head just hurts."

Carmine moves to open the front door. The heavy wooden doors do not budge. It seems like they are boarded up from the outside.
No. 979819 ID: b1b4f3

What's that on the stairs? Is that... b-b-b-b-blood?!
No. 979827 ID: b28c0c

Oh no. That had better be ketchup or this place's resale value just tanked.
No. 979828 ID: b172cf

Inspect that puddle of red.
No. 979834 ID: e51896

HA! jokes on the ghost, we can't leave if we are locked in here.

with Melody's high perception, she should inspect the red liquid. If it is blood, how fresh is it? it would mean another living thing was here recently.
No. 979837 ID: 89e85a

Check the red puddle
No. 979933 ID: b5fb67
File 160394899951.png - (597.27KB , 1209x862 , Haunted_Mansion11.png )

As Jessica massages the tender spot on her head, Melody spies a crimson stain trailing down the bottom staircase. She walks up the marble stairs to the gruesome spot.

Melody: "Got a bloodstain here! Might be a clue!"

Jessica: "Gross. How old is it?"

Melody touches the tip of a stain with her shoe.

Melody: "Very old. It's been here a while."

Carmine: "Think it might have been from one of the Schwartzenbergs?"

Melody: "A definite possibility. There's enough blood here to indicate a fatal wound might have been suffered, if the rest was soaked into the clothes of the victim."

Jessica: "Could it have been Kurt?"

Melody: "Hard to say. If it was, you'd think he'd haunt this room instead of the other one."

Carmine: "Hey yeah, why isn't the ghost from the other room harassing us in here?"

Jessica: "Ghosts are attached to certain locations and/or objects! Their trauma is what binds them to our world!"

Carmine "Where did you read THAT?"

Jessica: "A... website. We need to look for more clues. There seems to be 3 exits to this room that we can take. Should we split up?"

Melody: "Never split the party! My D&D games have taught me that."

Carmine: "Nerd."
No. 979934 ID: b1b4f3

Let's try door number 1. Whatever that is.
No. 979939 ID: b93bbf

Check the bannister above the bloodstain and be ready for a ghost encounter. Someone is definitely bound to this place with all that blood.
No. 979945 ID: e51896

Anything behind the stairs?
No. 979969 ID: 12b116

up the stairs. Starting at the top and working your way down is the best way to do these things.
No. 980055 ID: b5fb67
File 160408728378.png - (337.13KB , 1009x821 , Haunted_Mansion12.png )

Jessica looks behind the stairs. It's hard to tell in the darkness, but it seems like nothing is there.

Jessica: "Let's check the upstairs rooms for leads!"

The trio march up the stairs, avoiding the blood. They head to the rightmost room.

Jessica: "I've got a good feeling about this room!"

Melody: "Hopefully it will be safer than downstairs."

Carmine: "Just give me a chance to punch a ghost. I can make it happen."

Melody: "Doubtful, as ghosts are spectral entities that defy physical laws with their-"

Carmine: "I will punch a ghost!"
No. 980056 ID: b5fb67
File 160408728731.png - (244.55KB , 1500x752 , Haunted_Mansion13.png )

The three girls open the door to arrive in a dark bedroom. It smells vaguely of old perfume and mildew.

Jessica: "This must be one of the daughter's bedrooms!"

Melody: "I'm jealous of the canopy bed. I kinda want one."

Jessica: "Let's look for clues. Where do we start?"
No. 980057 ID: b1b4f3

Dresser drawers.
No. 980058 ID: aff048

Nightstand! There might be a diary.
No. 980059 ID: 6f7a5a

search the vanity!

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