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File 160238142058.png - (313.62KB , 1200x979 , OP_Image.png )
978269 No. 978269 ID: b5fb67

It was a dark and stormy night.

Upon a hill sits a decaying old mansion. The flash of lightning from the rolling storm clouds briefly illuminates the dead trees and peeling paint. The manor sits quiet, content to slowly rot and crumble under the elements, undisturbed...

...until the high-beams from a 1999 Toyota Camry cut through the darkness. The car zig-zags up the hill, tires rolling over the crumbling driveway until it comes to a stop at the front of the mansion. The headlights and brake lights blink off as the engine silences, three girls emerging from the vehicle. The one in plaid and shorts approaches the door in the cool evening, producing a house key from her pocket as she slides it into the lock and opens the large front door. The girls step inside...
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No. 984481 ID: 6f7a5a

Grab her firmly by the belt and pull her down
No. 984734 ID: e51896

Melody: explain you will go upstairs back into the room you were in before you fell through and that you'll get her unstuck safely from there.

Carmine: complain that would take too long and just yank Jessica down with your strength
No. 985949 ID: b5fb67
File 161102461235.png - (298.34KB , 922x1054 , Haunted_Mansion32.png )

Melody and Carmine nod at each other and grab onto one of Jessica's dangling legs. They begin to pull.

Carmine: "We'll get you down, Jess. Give us a second."

Jessica: "W-wait, I think I may be caught on something else! I think it might be my braaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

Melody and Carmine yank as hard as they can. There's the sound of tearing cloth and a couple of 'twang' sounds as Jessica falls from her hanging position and hits the floor. Unfortunately, she leaves behind a couple pieces of her shirt, and a heart-print bra.
No. 985950 ID: b5fb67
File 161102461667.png - (572.54KB , 1903x986 , Haunted_Mansion33.png )

Jessica stands up from hitting the ground. She rubs her legs as she looks back to her hanging position. She gasps as her hands dart to her chest, realizing she is a little more... jiggly.

Jessica: "I said WAIT, damn it!"

Melody: "Oops."

Jessica: "Yeah! 'Oops' is right! Thanks for destroying a perfectly good brassiere!"

Melody: "We had to get you down somehow..."

Jessica massages her temples as she attempts to calm herself. Meanwhile, Carmine starts looking around at the various boxes that litter the kitchen area.
No. 985951 ID: 6f7a5a

examine boxes!
No. 985952 ID: 8483cf

Search box, receive clues, and make sure to prepare for inevitable ghost jumping out of anything and errything!
No. 985961 ID: e51896

Jess: retrieve your bra, but accidentally drop it in the drain of the sink.

Melody: at the same time, turn on the disposal switch mistaking it for a light switch (destroying the bra). Wonder why there is still electricity in this abandoned building afterwards.

Carmine: check boxes

Alternatively, maybe Melody and Jessica can try to cook something to lure the ghost of the mother here or something since she seemed to like cooking considering she was writing about cooking in her diary. See what kind of old moldy food they have here.
No. 985973 ID: da1170

Search through the drawers and cabinets.
No. 986082 ID: b5fb67
File 161130035533.png - (557.73KB , 1884x971 , Haunted_Mansion34.png )

Jessica tries to retrieve her bra. She has to jump a couple times before she can grab it and pull it off the broken floor. She examines her poor support garment: the straps are busted, the hooks are broken, and some of the underwire might be bent. She sighs a heavy sigh as she folds it up and shoves it in her back pocket.

Melody and Carmine turn to examine the boxes.

Carmine: "Looks like these are moving boxes. They're labeled for appliances and cutlery."

As she finishes her sentence, a box lid tears open. Many knives float into the air, held by the same spectral glow that the girls saw before. More knives tear through another box and float into the air.

The blades start to turn to face the trio.


Carmine: "Uh oh!"
No. 986083 ID: 8483cf

FLEE FOR YOUR LIVES! Run from the knives!
No. 986084 ID: b1b4f3

No. 986085 ID: e51896

Hey, now it's Melody's chance to take pictures of the ghost! Get your phone out quick, Melody!

as the tough girl, Carmine, it is your responsibility to act as a shield to protect your friends! keep them behind you.

Jessica, use your charisma to talk out of this situation. Tell Mr. Schwartzenberg you met his daughter and she was begging for help, tasking you to find out why her mother had to die so she can be at peace.
No. 986086 ID: 894419

No. 986088 ID: 66e77d

Make like a tree, and get out of there.
No. 986289 ID: afe7de

Carmine, use karate to bap back the knives while your compatriots escape
No. 987410 ID: b5fb67
File 161285720746.png - (554.34KB , 1326x1867 , Haunted_Mansion35.png )

Carmine: "LOOK OUT!"

In an instant, Carmine shoves her friends out of the way of the floating kitchen knives. As soon as her friends hit the kitchen floor, however, the array of sharp implements fly towards Carmine. She puts her arms up to protect her face while angling herself to give herself the lowest profile, all the while dodging cutlery. The knives barely graze skin and slice clothing, then embed themselves into the cupboards and counters. Seeing the knives stuck in the furniture, Carmine grabs her friends and hauls them into the nearby room.
No. 987411 ID: b5fb67
File 161285721451.png - (239.04KB , 1200x592 , Haunted_Mansion36.png )

The girls pick themselves up in a darkened dining room.

Jessica: "Thanks Carmine. That was a close..."

Jessica stares at Carmine.

Jessica: "...call. I couldn't bee-lieve we almost got attacked!"

Carmine: "What?"

Jessica: "It's fine, though I guess you could say that ghost was not bee-having itself."

Carmine looks down and sees her cut up clothing exposing her underwear. It's too dark to see Carmine turn red.

Carmine: "Aw piss."

Jessica: "Don't worry 'honey,' I have some bandages in my back pocket."

Carmine: "Maybe I should just call YOU the Queen of HEARTS!"

Jessica: "Okay okay, point taken."

As Jessica starts pulling a handful of adhesive bandages from her pocket, Melody scans the room.

Melody: "Think there are any clues here? We're running out of rooms to examine."
No. 987413 ID: b1b4f3

Fine why don't you take your camera out BEFORE spooky things start happening then.

Rifle through the drawers.
No. 987414 ID: 8483cf

Search the furniture for clues. Check the Buffet table for stock advice.
No. 987415 ID: afe7de

Check behind the stuff in the background for hidden papers. Maybe someone stashed a diary back there!
No. 987417 ID: 69f250

ooh that would be spicy! Do this!
No. 987506 ID: b5fb67
File 161294443136.png - (277.86KB , 1200x617 , Haunted_Mansion37.png )

The girls fan out and check the furniture. Carmine finds a buffet, Jessica goes to the dish cabinet, and Melody investigates the liquor cabinet.

Jessica: "I got nothing. Carmine?"

Carmine: "I found a note at the bottom of one of the drawers! It says 'lab entrance is old fashioned.' What does that even mean? Like a stone door or something?"

Jessica: "Don't know yet. Mel? What do you got?"

Melody: "This is a well-organized liquor cabinet. There's a compartment for sugar cubes, bitters, fruits, and ice... each cabinet door is individually labeled for rum, brandy, vodka, whiskey, gin, tequila, cognac..."
No. 987507 ID: e529cc

Okay listen carefully, there is very little time and I have reason to believe you may never have an opportunity like this again so you must act now . Drink everything you can reach, the party starts RIGHT NOW.
No. 987508 ID: afe7de

The obvious solution to the puzzle is for them to drink so they can be at their sharpest mentally.
No. 987509 ID: 8483cf

Make a cocktail!

I think a good idea is some sugsr cubes muddled with bitters, mixed with whiskey and a zested orange, garnish with cherry.
No. 987511 ID: b1b4f3

An "old fashioned" is a cocktail. Simple syrup, water, bitters into a whiskey glass and mix. Add ice, pour whiskey over ice.
No. 987523 ID: e7c7d3

This sounds right
No. 987632 ID: b5fb67
File 161302376612.png - (255.08KB , 1200x625 , Haunted_Mansion38.png )

Carmine: "An Old Fashioned is a cocktail! Maybe making one will open the door somehow."

Melody: "That's right! We just need whiskey, sugar, water, bitters, and an orange or cherry garnish!"

Melody opens the whiskey cabinet... but finds it empty. Confused, she opens the rum and tequila cabinets and also finds them vacant. The ice, fruit, sugar, and bitters drawers are also bare.

Jessica: "We have no ingredients. Now what?"

Carmine: "I guess getting wasted is off the table..."
No. 987633 ID: b1b4f3

Maybe it has to do with the drawers and cabinets themselves? Like you're supposed to turn their knobs, or there's hidden switches inside?
No. 987634 ID: afe7de

Maybe it's a trap door? check under the table or the cabinets. Trap doors are really old fashioned.
No. 987637 ID: 8483cf

Old Fashioned is also a type of glass. Check for places where glasses used to be stored.
No. 987997 ID: b5fb67
File 161327450510.png - (253.33KB , 1200x635 , Haunted_Mansion39.png )

Melody checks where the glasses would be stored, but finds nothing.

She then closely examines the individually labeled liquor drawers. Nothing in tequila or gin... but she stops after checking the whiskey drawer.

Melody: "There's a button built into the door hinge of this drawer! It gets activated when the cabinet is opened."

Jessica: "Nice find! Do you think there are more?"
No. 987998 ID: 8483cf

Check the drawer for bitters and garnishes!
No. 988000 ID: b1b4f3

Ok, so, just open the related drawers.
No. 988009 ID: e51896

Did you push the button? push the button if you haven't yet.
No. 988283 ID: b5fb67
File 161352157487.png - (217.99KB , 1200x731 , Haunted_Mansion40.png )

Melody proceeds to open the remaining drawers related to the ingredients of an Old Fashioned: whiskey, sugar, water, bitters, ice, and fruit.

Nothing happens.

Melody looks around for a few seconds, confused.

Melody: "Oh! Right!"

She quickly darts over and closes the rum and tequila drawers.

There's a soft click, and the entire liquor cabinet slides to the left, revealing a secret passage.

Melody: "Ha!"

Jessica: "Wow. And here I thought secret passages were only on a Clue board."

Carmine: "I'm still disappointed there wasn't any tequila."

Melody: "Let's go!"
No. 988284 ID: b5fb67
File 161352157839.png - (240.44KB , 1600x707 , Haunted_Mansion41.png )

The three girls make their way down a spiral staircase, their hands on the walls as they carefully navigate the steps. Upon exiting the stairs, they go down a short hallway which opens up into a room filled with cloth, designing equipment, and drafting tables.

Jessica: "This is it, this must be where Kurt Schwartzenberg spent his time inventing in secret!"

Melody: "There seems to be junk all over the floor of this room. Probably from all his time making prototypes..."

Carmine: "Yeesh, this place smells like a laundromat crossed with a basement."
No. 988285 ID: 9c1ef3

Is that a sigil, or a lingerie one-piece?
No. 988286 ID: b1b4f3

Get your camera out. Things are about to get spooky.
Investigate the notes before you approach the Object.
No. 988288 ID: b7c700

Ground yourself before touching anything! Then check out the centerpiece masterpiece with appropriate caution.
No. 988306 ID: e51896

Lets find out how the finished piece exploded by examining the paperwork
No. 988319 ID: 894419

No. 990904 ID: b5fb67
File 161561033351.png - (265.34KB , 1500x845 , Haunted_Mansion42.png )

Melody takes a moment to whip out her phone and record everything she sees, including the strange bodice apparatus on the craft table.

Carmine: "What is this thing??"

Melody: "I assume its the shapewear that Kurt Schwartzenberg was engineering for his wife to show off."

Jessica: "So then this must have been what killed her! Look, there's a dial on the front of it and everything!"

Sure enough, the girls inspect the lingerie and find a 'tightness adjust' dial on the front.

Jessica: "Cynthia Schwartzenberg must have turned the dial to a faulty setting... but how would that have killed her?"

Carmine: "Who knows what kind of wacky shit is built into this thing."

Melody: "I need a closer look. Hang on..."

Melody moves closer to the bodice, phone in hand, as she attempts to turn it over.
No. 990905 ID: b5fb67
File 161561034566.png - (373.61KB , 1254x900 , Haunted_Mansion43.png )

Her investigation is interrupted, however, as another blue specter flies out of the bodice. Melody drops her phone in surprise as the ghost flies past her chest, destroying her shirt.

Melody: "AAAAAAAAA!"

???: "Kuuuuuuurrrrrrtttttttttt... oooooohhhhhh mmmmyyyy sswwwweeeettt hhuuuusssbbbaaannnddd Kuuuuurrrrttttt..."
No. 990907 ID: b1b4f3

No. 990913 ID: 8483cf

No. 990952 ID: f59a07

Get phone, record evidence, this is groundbreaking stuffs
No. 990969 ID: 894419

We need ALL THE EVIDENCE. Record our increasingly naked friend in order to show this evidence to vast numbers of people later. I'm sure she doesn't mind.
No. 991041 ID: c58093

Carmine: grab phone and take picture of Ghost (and Melody by accident). Send pix for proof of ghosts.
No. 991051 ID: 1d109c

yes photo record this!
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