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File 160053308855.png - (9.33KB , 512x448 , 0CsSrMv.png )
976715 No. 976715 ID: 5b54da

You are one of the top CUTECTIVES in the city. (Because you are the only "cutective" in the universe, having invented the brand. You are an, okay, PRIVATE DETECTIVE)
Solicitations for your service are, less than desired in quantity. Compensation, too adequate to pick up the slack comfortably.
Though it was twenty-five years and a few months since you were born, you've only been known as CUTECTIVE for two, three years tops. Before then, you were only called...

>__ (Enter Name)
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No. 976718 ID: 233458

No. 976719 ID: e7c7d3

Franklin. Who names their kid franklin this day and age? Cutective Frank is much more hard-boiled
No. 976722 ID: ce39da

Chauncy Chalie.

What do the bars at the top mean? I can guess that the first two are "health" and "moneys," but what about the other two? (I think the third one is morale. Maybe the fourth is the morality meter (law vs. amnesty)?)
No. 976726 ID: 12b116

No. 976773 ID: 15a025

Why, you're Detective Spot.
No. 976823 ID: 5b54da
File 160060415901.png - (9.28KB , 512x448 , s05Ouo8[1].png )

No, silly!
That's more of a geckrechaun name! ...You think, anyway
>Shooty mc Gunner!
Nooooo, that's not a name! That should never be a name!
Hehehe, nooo, that's your friend!
No. 976824 ID: 5b54da
File 160060419069.png - (93.21KB , 512x448 , lrcB4L1[1].png )

>Franklin "Frank" |+|>Miles Laylin
Yes! It's FRANKLIN "FRANK" LAYLINILES. Also called "FRANKY" by your fellow CUTEYES and anyone who trying to be your friend but doesn't know you don't mind single-syllable names. Having names stick to a set sylable pattern seems a bit silly-silly to you.
Aside from being pretty ENDURING for a cuteye, you are just average.
You don't seem to be as CHARMING as you'd normally be...
No. 976825 ID: 5b54da
File 160060424237.png - (9.35KB , 512x448 , PbIeGdF[1].png )

>What do the bars at the top mean?
Your HEALTH (♥)? GREAT (Fills up to the right)
Your WEALTH (♦)? 12,000 POINTS on hand (100 Points is roughly comparable to 1 US dollar)
Your, erm. Ah. hmmm
Your 4TH METER (♣)? ...ALRIGHT (Fills up to left. Avoid maxing it out.)

It's a balmy summer evening on the rainy world of QUALLRIS. You are feeling particularly hard boiled tonight.

>__ (What will you do?)
No. 976826 ID: e7c7d3

Usually in the stories a distressed dame immediately shows up, usually looks like trouble too. Looks like you may need to be more proactive. Any connections with the police department? Like maybe a radio you could pick-up chatter and potential leads on potential cases?
No. 976833 ID: 5cb1b2

Ensure the transparent cube to the bottom left has not been tampered with.
What about emptying the forth bar?
No. 976846 ID: ce39da

> Gekrechaun
> 1-10-point allocation on that set of six stats.
Ohhhhhhhhhh, it’s set in Fortuna. Excuse me while I consult the currently relevant Cosmodex articles... Never mind, there doesn’t seem to be articles on Cuteyes or planet Quallris.

Do you have any jobs at the moment? If not, try the local news; there may be classifieds from people with need of an investigator that just haven’t heard of you, or perhaps there’s a recent incident an affected party could want some answers about. If those fail, perhaps the news publisher itself could hire you to dig up some facts for a story.

Also, what Traits do you have? (We obviously don’t want to get blindsided by any quirks in your personality that you could have told us about.)
No. 976883 ID: 913dff

>sit down and fill out the paperwork required for your laser-tank application.
No. 977005 ID: 5b54da
File 160086939993.png - (11.46KB , 512x448 , UuNRI8K.png )

>Retrieve arms from safe. (By that I mean your GUN of course.)
As a CUTEYE you don’t believe in ARMS.
As a POOR PERSON, you can’t afford a real safe.

Deuce’s FALSE SAFE looks really real.

>Also, what Traits do you have?
Most people find this character to be very attractive.
Whether by intention or a passive tic, this character will at some times make snarky, rude comments in normal conversation.
[Broken Watch]
This character will often lose track of time.
No. 977006 ID: 5b54da
File 160086940203.png - (9.92KB , 512x448 , zU3yviU.png )

>Do you have any jobs at the moment?
Nope. Not right now.

>Usually in the stories a distressed dame immediately shows up, usually looks like trouble too.
You wouldn't know, you were more of a Shetlock Hostler reader. But even those stories started shortly before someone arrived with a case...
>Looks like you may need to be more proactive.
You are kinda out of ideas on what else to do. You regularly check the classifieds, had taken out ads in classifieds, tried to make friends with the guys on the force, even tossed out a couple “50% off detectiving work” coupons.

Perhaps it is time to look into getting a police scanner.
>sit down and fill out the paperwork required for your laser-tank application.
Yep-yep-yep, that's definitely something any cuteye would want.

You're being silly, of course. You'd sooner apply for an armored vehicle, but you doubt you can afford it or a tank.
No. 977007 ID: 5b54da
File 160086940597.png - (10.02KB , 512x448 , 5e0RND3.png )

>Ensure the transparent cube to the bottom left has not been tampered with.
You check what is obviously an 100% opaque DRESSER where you are standing.

The top drawer has socks, underwear, etc.
The middle drawer has some extra SHIRTS & PANTS for under your COAT, your ISO mandated NURSE OUTFITS (You don’t hate them, you, just, rather wear something else), and some more CLOTHES.
The bottom drawer-
No. 977008 ID: 5b54da
File 160086941244.png - (8.61KB , 512x448 , NL3AqZz.png )

The bottom drawer won’t open.

You’ll have to get some friends and look at that TOMORROW...
No. 977009 ID: 5b54da
File 160086942184.png - (11.47KB , 512x448 , D74Akxh.png )

>dance on the desk and then check any inboxes
You clamber atop of the desk and do a SILLY JIG.
And thus, through the power of the SILLY JIG, you can MAGICALLY access your mailbox at the stairway!

Ha-ha haa. You’ll have to walk out of your apartment first.
No. 977011 ID: 5b54da
File 160086969528.png - (9.37KB , 512x448 , w3CPotE.png )

>open the door. and the window. get some airflow for this stuffy room
You can't open the window, as you just reach the bottom of it.
Also it's just a quirky wall lamp. You do go to open your office door,
You don't even remember why you-

>What about emptying the forth bar?
OH right! You were looking for that case file!

Your HEALTH (♥) has been RETCONED to AMAZING. That sounds more 100%

>_ (Where could it be? Or should you drop it and do something else?)
No. 977012 ID: 5cb1b2

I would think sensible locations to look for files would be your desk and the filing cabinets behind it.
No. 977014 ID: d4df0f

Plus that semi-visible foreground... uh... set of shelves?
No. 977015 ID: d4df0f

(Phrased that badly. Supposed to imply it's with the spare clothes.)
No. 977021 ID: ce39da

Check under the furniture first - if you were checking it before, it's the most likely place it would end up that isn't already in plain sight, and they're also the quickest spots to check. If it didn't slip under anything, check where you would have filed it away, obviously. If it's not there, check the rest of the filing cabinet methodically to make sure you didn't just slot it into the wrong category.

If you don't have any active cases, then what's the case-file for?
No. 977023 ID: b1b4f3

Look in the file cabinets.
No. 977181 ID: 5b54da
File 160100846988.png - (10.74KB , 512x448 , IpqPfBk.png )

>Look in the file cabinets.
>Check the locker cabinets behind you. (The ones you can reach, anyways)
>I would think sensible locations to look for files would be your desk and the filing cabinets behind it.
You spend no time going to the most obvious location to look first.
No. 977182 ID: 5b54da
File 160100847281.png - (9.34KB , 512x448 , bZrjWil.png )

>Check under desk, chair, anything you can move
You turn over one of the two things you can move: The nearby chair.

After confirming there’s nothing underneath, you put it back in place
No. 977183 ID: 5b54da
File 160100848358.png - (8.50KB , 512x448 , 25kMMpj.png )

> Plus that (semi-visible) foreground ... uh... set of shelves? chest of drawers?
You already checked the DRESSER, the FILE wasn’t there. If it was hidden in your CLOTHES, one of them would have looked OFF.
No. 977184 ID: 5b54da
File 160100849134.png - (11.56KB , 512x448 , 4MPCuIQ.png )

>Try looking around in the desk in the room, maybe it's in there?
You check your DESK

The left drawer has Your PORTABLE COMPUTER, it’s DISKS, and PRINTER
The middle drawer has the usual OFFICE SUPPLIES
The right drawer has your DETECTIVING BAG
No. 977185 ID: 5b54da
File 160100849647.png - (11.17KB , 512x448 , RT9AiPy.png )

>Oh right case files go in the case file cabinets, silly! Check them out!
You stop being SILLY and POINTLESSLY SLEUTHING ABOUT (as opposed to regular old SLEUTHING ABOUT) and retrieve the FILE-
No. 977186 ID: 5b54da
File 160100850502.png - (12.12KB , 512x448 , lKyfyT8.png )

> [Cont.]
You are missing several FILES.

Why are you missing several FILES?
You’d never take them out of this room, and you just checked the other spots it could be


Your Morale has dropped to MEDIOCRE
No. 977190 ID: b1b4f3

Did you just remove some drawers from the brown file cabinets because it looks like some disappeared.
Anyway, what if you misfiled them? Check all the drawers.

Another possibility is that someone snuck in and stole them, how good is your security? Can you check if someone broke into your door? Any signs of forced entry? Or the window?
No. 977216 ID: ce39da

Well, shucks, even if we don't have a job, it sure does look like we have a mystery on our hands! What's important is to pursue the three pillars of a crime:

In other words, the "how." Examine the cabinets and your office door for signs of forced entry (plus other clues); someone had to go through both to get to your files. (That's after you remember if they were locked in the first place, of course.) What are the possible entrances/exits to this building? (That includes doors AND windows.)

Quick question; do you live here? It's hard to tell since we see no bed, but there is a dresser. Knowing whether you're always here could affect a lot. Especially:

The art of narrowing down the "when" and "where" to separate the alibi haves from the have-nots. When was the last time you checked these files? (To be sure, also try to remember if you put them back correctly - don't want to go on a witch-hunt only to find out at the end that you moved them yourself and just forgot.) Try to construct a timeline for all the time you spent not in the office between then and now. The culprit had to strike while the office was empty, after all. Did you only come and go with the opening and closing of the building itself during that timeline? If so, that would tighten up the means the culprit would have had to implement (i.e., they couldn't have walked into the building itself like it was no big deal). Finally:

The crucial question of "why." Try to remember what the missing files were about; what connects them? Was the file you were looking for among them? They were all that the culprit took, and it doesn't look like they just grabbed a whole shelf, so they selected the files with purpose. The culprit might either be someone very invested in the desired files' contents, or someone they hired. The motive was likely to obscure an investigation (unless they were pressed for time (or a little stupid)). If they just wanted to know what was in the files, they could have taken photos of the contents.

Of course, keep an eye out for the knot that ties these three pillars together:

Clues, evidence, proof that directly implicates the "who" in a whodunnit; you'll need more than circumstantial culpability to confront someone. Of course, that's being a bit optimistic, considering we don't even have any specific suspects in mind at this stage.

Oh, one more thing: Call the police.
Your office has been burglarized, for Pete's sake, and it's not like anyone is paying you to do this without help. Those guys will almost certainly have better forensic capabilities than you.
No. 977856 ID: 15a025

Hmm.. guess we got our own case here to solve now. Take a moment and think about who else has access to your office or cabinets.
No. 1001417 ID: 094652

Open the drawers to form a staircase and dance on top of the file cabinets.
No. 1001426 ID: 0d8a6e
File 162173100690.png - (9.60KB , 512x448 , tZ7nbfn.png )

>When was the last time you checked these files?
>RECALL. What happened in the last few days?
Two days ago, You got the other seat for your office shortly after coming back from your last case. That was the last time you checked the files. Both seats are identical as it was nice enough for Henry to make you them at such a discount in the first place. (“The universe could use more seats”)
Nothing else of note really happened. You spent the rest of those days currying favor with some jupettes (Private Detectives aren’t exactly treated kindly, cuteyes aren’t exactly fighters, but jupettes are exactly cheap.)

(Or. well. It costs time, not money. Time awake, as sleeping cuteyes are a dime a dozen.)
You also talked to the people at Cucumber Investigations (UGH WHY THAT NAME), and applied to Goldlight Detective Services. Neither were all that productive.

>Alright, time to use your time wasting powers on something like this! This should take absolutely no (But very much a long) time!
[-insert joke that this hiatus was deliberately done to fulfill this command, instead of a combination of getting busy, distracted, and then procrastinating-]
No. 1001427 ID: 0d8a6e
File 162173101308.png - (8.99KB , 512x448 , 9IWbdku.png )

>What's important is to pursue the three pillars of a crime:

You examine the filing cabinet with your Inspection Lens.
You, don’t lock the filing cabinet, or your office door. There is a door outside your office, which is locked and is the only way in, as your apartment has no windows.

Bingo. You find faint scratches on the handle, like the ones jupette claws would make.
…the kind that would’ve been left when you’ve asked your jupette friend to put away a file.
You still have to check the apartment’s door to see if it got forced.
No. 1001428 ID: 0d8a6e
File 162173101618.png - (7.39KB , 512x448 , uJyMS0G.png )

> Quick question; do you live here? It's hard to tell since we see no bed
Your bed is right there, disguised as a filing cabinet, next to the ladder/set of shelves combo disguised as a filing cabinet that’s between the bed and the actual filing cabinet. You arranged for your whole apartment to be able to double as your agency, despite how, inadvisable that is.

Last time you looked in there was when you closed on the last case three days ago. Bail jumper. (Chartreuse, aftik. Didn’t fully understand what bail was, decided to stay with family at Taiaptor, forgot about the trial completely.) You left the apartment a little over an hour later, as Deuce took you to meet with some other jupettes who could watch your back while he’s on the clock. (He’s currently working as an apprentice masseur, you think?) You were back home three hours later. The rest of the days were as usual:
You are at home from four to eight, trying to find work and make connections, both through the Internet. The, rest of the day, you’re out of the apartment.
You, were kind of expecting the landlady to have caught anyone trying to break in. You know there are security cameras throughout all public areas...
No. 1001429 ID: 0d8a6e
File 162173101905.png - (6.87KB , 512x448 , OaQCb87.png )

The biggest question. You can’t remember the cases that well, but you are sure you’d remember any obvious connection. The file you were looking for was among them, but that doesn’t help figure out why.
The only motive you can think of is to ruin your business, thus making you give up your dream of being a detective and thus go to nursing school like a normal cuteye.
And You are pretty sure that’s just your insecurities talking.
No. 1001430 ID: 0d8a6e
File 162173102398.png - (6.07KB , 508x444 , IzUvT4e.png )

Of course, keep an eye out for the knot that ties these three pillars together:
> Proof

Oh, one more thing: Call the police.

...Yep-yep-yep. Buuut, Police aren’t too fond of private detectives, let alone amateur private cuteye detectives. You'd, rather have something that can't be waved off as incompetence.

>look around for quadruple homicides
Hehe Wouldn’t it be funny if this case of missing files wound up being part of a massive homicide case?
Won’t actually happen, of course. This isn’t some detective novel.

>Is there anybody else in the building? Maybe they'll know.
You can probably ask your neighbors across the hall if they saw anything suspicious, and/or remember what color jupette were at your door.
No. 1001431 ID: 0d8a6e
File 162173102649.png - (12.47KB , 512x448 , Ob1CwyX.png )

>Maybe some sugar/coffee will help you feel better
Hm, yeah, a drink sounds like a good idea.
It feels like it’ll be a long night.

And by coffee, you mean...
• uh, actual Coffee. Blood of some poor kuppa shmoe afflicted with both boiling and overflowing blood. Nothing weird.
• Vegan Coffee. The type made with roasted and ground seeds of some family of berry shrub.
• Soupii, the hearty budrish drink/meal made with roasted and ground bark of a soupii tree.
• Tea.
• Reconsidering your life choices that got you to this point. It's not too late for nursing school.
• Coffee. Why are we making this so complicated

>__(Anything else before you head out?)
(Pending actions: [Check front door for forced entry]|[Check mail]|[Ask neightbors]|[Dance on top of the file cabinets.])
No. 1001435 ID: bc11b8

Chicory Coffee
No. 1001436 ID: 094652

Soup with Soupii
No. 1001444 ID: ce39da

You seem like a tea type of guy.

Also, how do you know the landlady didn't notice anything? Maybe she did see someone, but they just didn't register to her as something worth mentioning?

> Jupettes
So... I did some light reading on them. If one of your leading theories is that one of them is responsible, maybe they wanted to help with some of your (perceived) workload?

> Insecurities
Yeah, if the culprit was trying to sabotage you, they'd take more than just a small handful of files; obviously not something the police would actually take seriously, but they'd try something more significant. Why do you struggle, though? You have your quirks, but nothing we've seen suggests outright incompetence, aside from the fact you're being rejected at every turn. Have you identified potential reasons for this?

Perhaps there's something connecting the cases that isn't in the files themselves? Maybe they were all prosecuted, defended, or tried by the same guy? What if there's a different crime they all had tangential connections to? Maybe the culprit was hired by several different people?

At this point, however, there isn't enough clues to even speculate, so let's go hunting for more. Talk to your neighbors. Talk to your landlady. And if nothing comes of them, talk to the Jupettes. Even if they aren't related, they'll almost certainly try to make themselves helpful.
No. 1001447 ID: 15a025

Doubling Tea. Tea is good stuff for relaxing.
No. 1001811 ID: 0d8a6e
File 162205169783.png - (12.11KB , 512x448 , rxE9BRv.png )

> You seem like a tea type of guy.
> Tea is good stuff for relaxing.
Your MORALE is back to AVERAGE.
No. 1001812 ID: 0d8a6e
File 162205169821.png - (5.58KB , 512x448 , syq90mc.png )

> Inspect front door
...Nothing seems to be wrong with the front door.
It looking more like the culprit had the key and was able to enter inconspicuously.

If someone had tried to force or pick to door open, the landlady would've told you. If not because you should to know when someone attempts to break in to your home, then because you might know something about the one who dared to intrude in her boss's building.
No. 1001813 ID: 0d8a6e
File 162205170196.png - (5.19KB , 512x448 , M0nFq8d.png )

> Why do you struggle, though?
...You aren't too sure. Sure, you got into this line of work with the wrong idea; an romantic Shetlock Hostler-esqe idea of private detective work. You wouldn't be first to make that mistake.
The only contribution you know is that you can't really take a hit; cuteyes rank next to stained glass lizards in durability. So you really shouldn't be confronting people. Hence spending a lot of time getting jupette backup. That might be eating into your time to make connection-
Let's go talk to the neighbors.
No. 1001814 ID: 0d8a6e
File 162205170330.png - (5.81KB , 512x448 , P0FGOzy.png )

> [Continue]
Your neighbors across the hall is a cuteye couple. You can tell by the pair of ears on the door. ( "Pair of ears" is a phrase which here means "a set of wood blocks in the shape and pattern of two cuteyes left ears." Nobody knows why the left ear specifcally, two right ears are just a implausible on one cuteye.)
You knock on the door, and one of them answers.
No. 1001815 ID: 0d8a6e
File 162205170684.png - (6.86KB , 512x448 , r8vdCD6.png )

Hello Fwanky!
Hello Jemmy.
What bwings you?
I'm missing some files, have you or Darry seen anyone odd around my door?
Oh, I know who dun it!

Director Shiwleylee! He teleported into your office and took them.
(You half forgot, half didn't want to think about that enigma.)
So you didn't see anyone?
Maybe I did, maybe I did not,
I'd bet you got squat,
if you want me to sit for an intewview
come inside and give my collection a view!
The apartments to your left and right are empty, although you could talk to the people past them.
There's also Azidius, who lives at the stairway.
You could also, just, go straight up to landlady herself. This is probably a bad idea, as you can just, call her. Probably after you've tried everything else.

(Pending actions: [Check mail]|[Dance on top of the file cabinets.])
No. 1001819 ID: ce39da

> Confrontations
I don't think you're wrong for wanting protection, but I don't think it's a private eye's job to confront people. You're only supposed to ascertain the truth of a case; it's the job of the police (or, in civil cases, the client and maybe some lawyers) to resolve it.

With that in mind, one of our goals can be to find proof that there was an actual theft; this will likely require us to find the files themselves, of course, and we might consider the case functionally closed, but we ought to leave prosecution to other people.

> Director Shiwleylee
Gonna need some context for that one, bucko; that's including how your neighbors know about them, plus whatever motive this one probably imagines for them.

> Collection
Demanding that you look at her collection before she's willing to talk is unprofessional but not an absolute deal-breaker. Let's head in. If you can't think of a plausible motive for the director off the top of your head, you'll want to put getting her answer to that little question on the interview agenda alongside "okay, so did you see someone or not."
No. 1002707 ID: 15a025

Who's Director Shiwleylee? Is teleportation a common or even, uncommon ability around these parts?

Take the invite to check out their collection. Not the most professional of them, but it's also innocent and easy enough of a task we can humor them. Who knows, maybe they've a pretty interesting collection of, something?
No. 1002787 ID: 0d8a6e
File 162303554914.png - (48.69KB , 512x448 , 7XvkdYj.png )

> Who's Director Shiwleylee?
> Gonna need some context for that one, bucko; that's including how your neighbors know about them, plus whatever motive this one probably imagines for them.
Chief Director Gilbert Shirleylee, of the Board of Cuteye Affairs.
The most politically significant cuteye in the universe.
(at least when one isn't elected to a position like Vice-Prime Mayor of Quallris)
No. 1002788 ID: 0d8a6e
File 162303555186.png - (12.93KB , 512x448 , kJj2Wvj.png )

A few months back, you were visited by someone who looked a lot like them, sound a lot like them and was able to convincingly forge their signature.
They just, walked about your office, talked to you, dodged questions about why and how they got in, signed something for some reason, and then, vanished.
You asked your neighbors (They didn't see anything),
You asked the landlady (Nothing on the hallways cams),
You asked Director Shirleylee themself (That day, like normal, he was on Apteryx (jupette homeworld (... and cuteye home world, too))),

> Is teleportation a common or even, uncommon ability around these parts?
Not even uncommon.
No. 1002789 ID: 0d8a6e
File 162303555321.png - (9.54KB , 512x448 , n1YzemK.png )

> Demanding that you look at her collection before she's willing to talk is unprofessional but not an absolute deal-breaker. Let's head in.
Alright. Unprofessional, but not a deal-breaker.
Yay! Follow me.
No. 1002790 ID: 0d8a6e
File 162303556195.png - (8.62KB , 512x448 , SqcDH8W.png )

...Do you actually think Chief Director Shirleylee stol-
No. 1002791 ID: 0d8a6e
File 162303557169.png - (11.47KB , 512x448 , 1EApbQu.png )

uuuh, well, here's half of my gun collection!
I, was kinda sortaaaa, monopolizing this whole woom,
Dawwy wanted a space for hew hobby tooo,
And I just, fowgot, all that...

This is probably a good time to ask what questions do you plan to ask for the interview.
You can also ask more personal questions, like "HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?", "WHAT THE HELL", "THESE BETTER BE DEACTIVATED."

(Pending Stored actions: [Check mail]|[Dance on top of the file cabinets.]|[Q: "Why do you think Dir. Shirleylee stole the files?"])
No. 1002809 ID: ce39da

Okay, I can understand why he'd(?) want to show off his collection; it is impressive, in a way. It's also understandable that they're anxious due to this being a rather "uncute" hobby. I mean, you're in the business of solving potentially unsavory crimes!

I guess "Those aren't live, are they?" would best convey your fear without being too rude.

After that, fire your banked question: "Why do you think Dir. Shirleylee stole the files?"
No. 1002811 ID: e7c7d3

Where's the other half of the collection? Is it at least securely locked away?
No. 1002885 ID: 809ba5

Uh, if you could start going over your weapons safety precautions and rules and procedures, that would help. Like a lot. I'm trying not to stress out here!
No. 1002889 ID: 6fb660

There is nothing to be gained by being dramatic and revealing your worries about their collection. Instead just ask them if there is any general theme or is it just guns in general.
No. 1002912 ID: 5378af

You gotta complement then on this collection, they got Deckard's gun, the shell that shoot shotguns that shoot more shotgun shells, it is genuinely impressive they have such a wide range.
No. 1003300 ID: 4992b6

"Rad, can I have one?"
No. 1005309 ID: 15a025

"Haha, I feel sorry for the poor fool that'd try and rob you."
No. 1006582 ID: 82cdc3
File 162751929427.png - (5.86KB , 512x448 , Photo32.png )

> "Haha, I feel sorry for the poor fool that'd try and rob you."
...yeah, you can’t really say something like this, it's too GREAT. You'd just end up giggling with JOY.
> I guess "Those aren't live, are they?" would best convey your fear without being too rude.
"Those aren't live, are they?"
"Deactivated. Pewmanently inopewable. Inewt. Fiwing Pins, Lasew Heads, Magnetic Accelewators: Wemoved. Chambews, Magazines, Bawwels, Lens Holdews, Ciwcuit Twaces, Hammews: Welded."
"Hm, the law only needs the chamber welded for it not to be considered a gun, right?"
"Or the bawwel, but the law was made fow people that want a gun on the wall, but none of the wesponsibility."
"...And you?"
"I guess I’m avoiding wesponsibility too, in a way.
It’d be bettew if I just cut them to thiwds,
but, then, I’d have nothing but wowds,"
"I mean, like this shell shotgun-gun-thing. I had to navigate thwough this whole thing in Ginbilgaw involving a suicide that appawently was a muwdew, thewe was deaf babysittew, a football, ewm, a bwewew, and his son that was an investigatow, and someone was pwetending to be him,"
"I wasn’t keeping twack of it all, I was just thewe to get the shell, and despite evewything, I did, and didn’t go to jail for anything.
I, wanted something to show for it, whichevew whatevew,
just, something to show for my hawd endeavow."
"So, You destroy guns?"
"Well, only the ones that haven’t been in pwoduction in the past couple decades. Pweferably wawe ow classic ones, but any will do."
"Won’t they just start mak-"
"Yes. But at least I’m doing something."
> "Rad, can I have one?"
"...So that’s a no to lending me one?” You joke."
She sighs, "Silly. That’s definitely asking too much, even without this whole game."
"But, hey at least you asked this time." following it with honest chuckles.

"Speaking of which, I’m ready for that interview."

--=====| Interview Start |=====--
🔊] https://youtu.be/QJ_qBJ3raig

"Jemmy (She/Hew)"
"Is that your full name?"
"Do I need to give my govewnment-wecognized name?"
"No, I guess not for this."

> Q: "Why do you think Dir. Shirleylee stole the files?"
You ask this
"Good question.
Why did he show up in youw office months ago?"
"He didn’t. I thought he did, but that must’ve been an impostor."
"Can you say that again, but show me youw hands?"

You put up your hands, fingers as far apart as possible to ensure they don’t, somehow, get crossed.
"I don’t believe Director Shirleylee showed up in my apartment."
"May I be let in on why
You thought that was a lie?"
"(Not unless you awe going to
tell me what you awe actually up to.)"
"I’m handling this missing files mess
That’s all, no more, or less"
"Fine, not gonna fight.
I was just joking, alwight?"

Any additional questions?
(Suggestion are not needed this time, but are still appreciated.)

> Q: "Did you see anyone entering or leaving my apartment?"
(Stored actions: [Check mail]|[Dance on top of the file cabinets.])[color=undefined][/color]
No. 1006598 ID: ce39da

Wow, cuteyes really don't screw around despite their cuddly exteriors.

Okay, so you're doing something on the down-low related to Director Shirleylee or general cuteye espionage. You're uncomfortable thinking about the details, but can you at least admit to yourself whether you're working with or against them? Is that why you're sure that visitor was an impostor? Because they were snooping for something that the Director should have already known about? If so, Jemmy might be onto something with pointing to that visitor as a suspect (albeit for the wrong reason), especially since that particular missing file is the closest thing to a MOTIVE we've come upon so far, and teleportation is one heck of a capable MEANS.

Do proceed with the obvious question of "did you notice anything," but include the window of OPPORTUNITY outlined at >>1001426 and >>1001428; wait, was it two days ago or three? Let's make it three in our question, just in case.
No. 1006894 ID: 15a025

Yeah all I can think of for now is clarifying how many days ago it was.
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