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File 159971026806.png - (32.87KB , 512x512 , panel1.png )
975978 No. 975978 ID: ce5cbd

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No. 1039495 ID: 7c0da2

Study and Meeting Room to get new spells and intel on places to point them at.
And compliment his hat.
No. 1039638 ID: 6a2a09

best hat 12/10
No. 1040452 ID: fa74b4

Knowledge is power, so go to the study and meeting room
No. 1041633 ID: 8a5496

armory, so we look like normal mages when we go to the meeting room
No. 1058354 ID: a2b62d
File 167865933144.png - (51.01KB , 512x512 , panel101.png )

>Meeting Room

The gods have spoken!

"First, I need a refresher on what's going on. Is there some sort of meeting room where you guys talked about the plan?"

"Oh sure, there's a meeting room nearby."
No. 1058355 ID: a2b62d
File 167865933829.png - (59.48KB , 512x512 , panel102.png )

A few flights of stairs later and we find ourselves in a pretty generic board room. There's a bunch of papers and scribbles. Lots and lots of scribbles. Some bloke got really bored.
No. 1058356 ID: a2b62d
File 167865934571.png - (37.75KB , 512x512 , panel103.png )

Hold the phone. There's a small diagram of the space station...

"There are 4 entrances to the station, north, east, west, and south.

"The North entrance will be guarded by Tyr the Shaper of Formless Beasts".
"The South entrance will be guarded by Earles the Opener of Gates".
"The East entrance will be guarded by Yand the Endless Blade".
"The West entrance will be guarded by Keth the Eater of Spells".

"People attempting to access the station without a pass will be violently erased from existence."

Hmmmmm, seems like whichever entrance we scooter into will lead to a different encounter. Should be good to know. Other than that, there's not much else to see. Th-


Talow's ears perk up. "It's sister Rean! She's a bit yelly."

Shoot. More of them.

No. 1058368 ID: 273c18

Tell him he should go, you don't want to get him in trouble.
No. 1058394 ID: b57fea

We're clearly taking the south gate, sounds like earles might just open it for us.
No. 1058423 ID: 53560f

>Yand the Endless Blade
get your marriage papers ready because it sounds like it’s time for round two!
No. 1058424 ID: 68f7c5

We pretty good at handling endless blades, so East should be a fine choice once we get to... aren't we already on the station tho?

Who's Rean?
No. 1058434 ID: 92e4c4
File 167872034508.png - (57.75KB , 512x512 , panel104.png )

There's some good entry point candidates already, though none of this is particularly useful until we actually hit the station.

Speaking of, there's the impending encounter I will attempt to divert.

"Talow, I'd rather you not get in trouble for my sake, why don't yo-"

"Don't be like that Worker! Rean'll understand. I bet you'll like her too!"

Diversion failed.

Talow approaches the door and opens it, "Hey Rean, was just bringing a cousin up to speed on the whole nuke plot!"
No. 1058435 ID: 92e4c4
File 167872035473.png - (70.48KB , 512x512 , panel105.png )

A grouchy looking rodent stands beyond the doorframe. Rean, I assume. There is a strangely high amount of women with big busts on this adventure.

"Cousin eh? Cosmic Kings, what creature did my uncle violate to yield something like you?"

ok rude

"And is that a hooker back there? If you're gonna debase yourself you might as well aim a bit higher ya know?"
No. 1058436 ID: 92e4c4
File 167872037164.png - (89.18KB , 512x512 , panel106.png )

Alright. "First off, she's a professional wizard. Second, we're just gathering some equipment to help out with The Plan."

Talow pipes up next, "Rean please! This isn't how we treat family!"

Rean cuts him off, "Family schmamily, I'm in this for the gravity magic!"

Riede practically freezes in the corner. Hold on. Isn't gravity magic illegal?

"Talow, stop wasting my damn time and start packing."

Talow looks worriedly between me and Rean. This place is big enough that without Talow's guidance we're likely gonna waste time getting lost and possibly run into something that'll see through our bluff, but Rean is gonna need a good convincing otherwise if we want to keep him around.

No. 1058438 ID: 68f7c5

Show Rean your "worker" abs. These wizard nerds probably haven't seen any in their life.
No. 1058486 ID: 53560f

“So you’re gonna leave your cousin, who hasn’t been fully caught up yet, without a guide, map or even a list of important-things-that-I-shouldn’t-touch? That’s real professional of you.”
No. 1058519 ID: 92e4c4
File 167878561907.png - (62.12KB , 512x512 , panel107.png )

Unfortunately, 20 hour work days 6 days a week leave little time for things like personal fitness, so I'm not going to be winning any rolls to seduce any time soon.

"So you're just gonna leave your cousin to fend for himself without a damn clue what to do? Real professional of you guys. I at least need to visit the study first."
No. 1058520 ID: 92e4c4
File 167878562795.png - (38.70KB , 512x512 , panel108.png )

Talow squirms at the accusation, but the jab seems to slide off Rean like water off a duck.

"Like I give a damn about some dickhead I barely know. Talow, come on."

Talow sighs, and trudges along behind her as they both leave. He seems... focused on something. Wait, something sounds like it's burning-
No. 1058521 ID: 92e4c4
File 167878564837.png - (86.36KB , 512x512 , panel109.png )

Oh! Talow seems to have burnt a map to the study on the floor. Seems my small bit of verbal fencing convinced him to use some of his small supply of man-

Wait. How did he do that without a wand? Oh. Right, archmage.

Well, without Talow our risk of getting caught by someone who actually knows their extended family is fairly high but at least we're not gonna get lost.

We could either head out to the study now, try to grab some more info from the meeting room, chat a bit, such and such.

No. 1058522 ID: 273c18

Peek at the meeting room notes before you go.
No. 1058524 ID: 68f7c5

Any info could be useful I suppose, so spare a few more minutes looking around the meeting room. Ask Riede what spells she knows. What spells should a cop know?
No. 1058553 ID: 53560f

Time to use the most important skill in our worker drone arsenal: talking when we should be doing work.
Ask Riede if she found anything cool.
No. 1058632 ID: 92e4c4
File 167887142999.png - (79.45KB , 512x512 , panel110.png )

The meeting room table is rife with precious documents. Secrets hidden from the public for fear of backlash from authorities.

Like poorly drawn pets and angry rants about the soda machine not working, the water making a strange noise and curses scribbled on the edges. It reminds me of the break room back at Company.

No. 1058633 ID: 92e4c4
File 167887143649.png - (42.37KB , 512x512 , panel111.png )

Riede for her efforts actually finds something interesting.


It is well known among physicists that black holes have a strange interaction with mana. Mana is not destroyed but stored in black holes, similar to how mass and light are trapped in the event horizon. However, mana, unlike matter and light, can resist extreme gravitational force in that it can escape the event horizon with the proper spell. This makes the so called "mana core singularities" essentially mana batteries with nigh limitless capacity and were especially valuable to the now forbidden practices of gravity magic...

The rest of the document is smudged.
No. 1058634 ID: 92e4c4
File 167887145032.png - (60.96KB , 512x512 , panel112.png )

"Gravity magic," Riede mutters, "Was illegalized when House Ervant, the then current Gravity Dynasty, instigated the Gravity War."

"Why would they do something like that?"

"Gravity magic demands an exceptional amount of mana, second only to time magic. It's assumed that they were draining their home plane too fast for the plane to naturally regenerate mana, and they decided to try to take over other planes. They lost, and in return their plane was Locked via a complex Time and Space spell and the practice of gravity magic was made illegal."

No. 1058635 ID: 92e4c4
File 167887145691.png - (39.82KB , 512x512 , panel113.png )

"Riede, now's probably the best time to ask: What spells do you have?"

She looks thoughtfully at her own wand, a standard grade HELCASTER, "INFERNITI, an ignition spell, ELECTIS, a taze spell, and PARASYS, a limb binding spell. The usual cop suite."

"Igniting things is a cop spell?"

"Well, except for that one. That was my beginner spell."

Right. Well, looks like that should be everything here. We could hit the study or decide to defy fate and deviate from the map if we're feeling lucky.

No. 1058642 ID: 53560f

Well, time to go to visit the study.
Also ask Riede how nulling grenades work exactly, because if it messes with the mana itself then that gives me an idea for a really funny prank involving those black hole mana batteries.
No. 1058690 ID: 273c18

Go to study.
No. 1058699 ID: 33c6d9
File 167896588445.png - (56.88KB , 512x512 , panel114.png )

We begin the trek to the study, which is supposedly a floor above us.

"Say Riede, how do nulling grenades work?"

"They cause the mana in the nearby area to scramble, destroying magical constructs and causing spells to fail. It usually causes magitech machines to blow up due to the mana batteries inside them. Why do you ask?"

"Oh, no reason."
No. 1058701 ID: 33c6d9
File 167896589484.png - (85.38KB , 512x512 , panel115.png )

The walk over there is uneventful, but it appears that there's someone outside the study already. We're gonna need to finesse our way pass them to get in it seems.

We stop just along the edge of the corner. The person in question is deeply into a... cooking book?

If we try speaking to them, it'll be up in the air if they'll see through our bluff, and judging by their get up they seem to be ready for a tussle. Alternatively if we could figure out how to sneak past them that would also work until we need to leave the room.

No. 1058707 ID: e5709d

Set them on fire and knock them out while they're extinguishing themselves.
No. 1058728 ID: b57fea

Walk up and pretend you are interested deeply in the delicious pie they are clearly considering making; then pull their hat over their eyes and punch their lights out! Our sidekick can kick up while they’re down.
No. 1058730 ID: 68f7c5

Hmm, a large hat...
Smells like an archmage. Which means trying to assault them with magic would likely fail. Use a nulling grenade and then assault.
No. 1058960 ID: 1f325d
File 167915202186.png - (17.61KB , 512x512 , panel116.png )

The hat doesn't look big enough to be an archmage hat. Maybe we could just do this the old fashioned way.
No. 1058961 ID: 1f325d
File 167915204669.png - (54.65KB , 512x512 , panel117.png )

I stride just to the right of the reading wizard, with Riede still on the other side hiding behind the corner.

"Hey! Just noticed the book you're reading. I don't do a lot of cooking since most of my meals come from the vending machines, are you thinking of making a pie?"

The guard's hat tips upward, but I still can't see his face, "Oh. Yeah! I've been thinking of making some blueberry pie for the post explosion party. Gonna have to pick up the ingredients beforehand since, you know, the planet's gonna be gone soon."

He pauses, "By the way, who ar-"
No. 1058962 ID: 1f325d
File 167915206099.png - (78.59KB , 512x512 , panel118.png )

He yelps as his tail spontaneously catches fire, leaving his face open for a solid thwack. He crumples to the ground like a sack of potatoes, leaving us to our prize.
No. 1058963 ID: 1f325d
File 167915207168.png - (60.48KB , 512x512 , panel119.png )

Alright that is way too many books. We are only gonna pick one section to go through because otherwise we'll be stuck here until the nuke goes off.

No. 1058978 ID: 68f7c5

My senses are at a loss.

There's some skulls at #1, so perhaps magic related to killing stuff, offense.
#2 has a snow globe, ice, perhaps defensive spells.
At #3 there's some plants, maybe nature or healing.
The last one, #4, seems to be only books, but it's got the highest amount of books.

I'd go with #4 because, well, I don't particularly care what spells we learn as long as the variety increases.
No. 1058979 ID: 79582c

First order of business, pull a Hitman and steal that guard's clothes so you don't stick out like a sore thumb anymore.
In that case my vote goes for #3. Healing is obviously good, but there's a lot of potential use for nature-related magic. Think of all the people we could crush into a pulp with the power of spontaneously growing trees at will!
No. 1058985 ID: f69af6

I say we look at number 4 and, if we can't find more info on who the four guardians are, I recommend we go against Keth, the spell eater, as we don't have that many spells and planning an strategy to beat thi guys up without magic will be good.

But until then, take that guy's hat and magic items, if we are going to sabotage this guys, we should go all in.
No. 1059195 ID: 4b26a5
File 167943746587.png - (55.12KB , 512x512 , panel120.png )

Riede scavenges the mystery books while I rob a sleeping man of his possessions. There's probably a law against this somewhere.

I finally look like a wizard! Hat's a bit wonky though. Only things on him are another phase rod and a strange little fragment of space-time.

Consumable - Dimensionally cut a hit target, splitting their body apart in two non-lethally, as both parts will be connected via a semi-permanent portal neither part can escape. Requires a skilled space mage to dispel.
No. 1059196 ID: 4b26a5
File 167943747723.png - (61.35KB , 512x512 , panel121.png )

Riede exits the study with two books in hand.

"Nothing but junk in there. Almost anyway."

The books are beaten and the papers riddled with cuts, but the magical knowledge nonetheless sinks into my mind.

EXCLAMA - "Firecracker"
Spell - Fire a magic missile that bursts into a cacophony of sound and light, blinding and deafening anyone nearby.

RODEK - "Summon Ghost Rat"
Spell - Summon a vengeful spirit with a lust for cheese. Great choice for beginner necromancers and kids with really poor parents.

A quick peek out the window shows the dark blues of the night outside. Well, looks like that's all we're gonna be doing. Faffing around like this has put a dent in our schedule already, so we're gonna have to head to the station now rather than later unless there's something we just HAVE to do.

The staircase up there is in this facility, but it's booby trapped with dark archmage magic. We also have our space worthy scooter just outside where we entered the place, with all the benefits and problems such a thing would offer.

Riede also paid out the ass for it, so she'll probably get upset if we don't use it.

No. 1059291 ID: 273c18

Alright let's take the scooter.
No. 1059308 ID: 79582c

Scoot the burbs.
No. 1059852 ID: c59677
File 168013548824.png - (64.11KB , 512x512 , panel122.png )

The walk back is relatively uneventful. We walk back to the dorms and run into Talow again, who was nice enough to lead us through the doors before he left.
No. 1059853 ID: c59677
File 168013549780.png - (71.25KB , 512x512 , panel123.png )

The space helmets seal shut as a transparent life system field cloaks our bodies. Beats clunky space suits.
No. 1059854 ID: c59677
File 168013550477.png - (50.02KB , 512x512 , panel124.png )

The time has come. The scooter shivers before floating in midair, and before we know it, we're halfway through the atmosphere.
No. 1059855 ID: c59677
File 168013553086.png - (93.55KB , 512x512 , panel125.png )

Huh. You'd think this would be a bit trickier given how visible we are right now.

No. 1059867 ID: 79582c

You must really freak wizards out, they seem to only ever attack you behind the safety of portals through space-time. Like, uh, right now.
No. 1059891 ID: 273c18

EXCLAMA them as they emerge.
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