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File 159971026806.png - (32.87KB , 512x512 , panel1.png )
975978 No. 975978 ID: ce5cbd

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No. 987992 ID: 9a2966

Observe trepidatiously.
No. 988031 ID: a060c0

Politely state to whoever comes out of it that you are on Company time and can't deal with tears un the fabric of reality right now.
No. 988039 ID: ce39da

This; we can't do much else, and it would be best not to cause a scene while the bird still needs to think we're uninvolved.
No. 988618 ID: 8d2ba7
File 161385013004.png - (17.31KB , 512x512 , panel31.png )

No. 988619 ID: 8d2ba7
File 161385013365.png - (31.36KB , 512x512 , panel32.png )

No. 988620 ID: 8d2ba7
File 161385013618.png - (89.54KB , 512x512 , panel33.png )

"You. Are you the one trying to reach the space sta-"
No. 988621 ID: 8d2ba7
File 161385014319.png - (45.04KB , 512x512 , panel34.png )

"Look lady, I don't really have time to play around with weird gaps in space, I'm on Company time right now."
No. 988622 ID: 8d2ba7
File 161385014656.png - (37.92KB , 512x512 , panel35.png )

No. 988623 ID: 8d2ba7
File 161385014971.png - (46.54KB , 512x512 , panel36.png )

I think it's working!

No. 988625 ID: 1332e6

Looks like they trying to attack you from behind with portal nonsense. Luckily you are an OFFICE WORKER and as such has gained the survival skill of having an awareness to when your boss is watching you from behind when somebody is attacking you from behind.
No. 988627 ID: 894419

Because our soul has be so thoroughly crushed by the daily grind and unpaid overtime we have the natural ability to expertly dodge any work that isn't explicitly in our job description. Refer her to customer service in case she has more questions.
No. 988628 ID: b1b4f3

You should answer her question. She's trying to attack you anyway.
No. 988629 ID: ce39da

Grab the not-sharp edge of the sword and yank.

"Ma'am, do I need to report you to human resources?"
No. 988932 ID: 3a6df7

"Ma'am, I need to prevent the world from exploding, please let me di my job."
No. 991368 ID: 8d2ba7
File 161578407326.png - (60.24KB , 512x512 , panel37.png )

Oooooook lets cool it with the work jokes, believe it or not my job isn't 100% of my life.

Only 99% of it.
No. 991369 ID: 8d2ba7
File 161578407770.png - (31.37KB , 512x512 , panel38.png )

No. 991370 ID: 8d2ba7
File 161578408014.png - (33.96KB , 512x512 , panel39.png )

"Alright lady, yes. I have a Boss given duty to get to that space station and prevent it from blowing up."

"Then you're in our way. Now..."
No. 991371 ID: 8d2ba7
File 161578408331.png - (25.04KB , 512x512 , panel40.png )

"Why? Who set you up for this? Surrender and talk and you just might survive."

No. 991372 ID: b1b4f3

It's got a COSMIC ULTRA NUKE inside it. I'm guessing you don't know about that. If it blows, half the solar system goes along with it.
Why do you want to blow it up?
No. 991384 ID: afe7de

So you're saying you want the solar system to blow up? AND you're going around stopping anyone who would make it so the solar system didn't blow up? That's cold dude.
No. 991419 ID: ce39da

"I just said; boss said to. And I'd have thunk 'stop half the solar system from exploding so that we don't all die' would have been pretty self-evident."
No. 991420 ID: 8a51ec

"Are you aware there's a COSMIC ULTRA NUKE on that station? Because that'd be pretty embarrassing if you were just trying to blow up the station and accidentally erased half the solar system."
No. 1000714 ID: f0ab12
File 162131228440.png - (57.66KB , 512x512 , panel41.png )

"My boss who works at Company told me to."

"...Company? What company?"



"...So, uh, you do know that it's gonna destroy most of the solar system, right?"

"...Yes? Of course I do, you fucking buffoon. Why else would we be doing it?"

No. 1000715 ID: f0ab12
File 162131228958.png - (66.08KB , 512x512 , panel42.png )


"OUR WAYS ARE BEYOND YOU! Now stand still and disappear!"

Now THAT'S what I call a wand!

...Oh shit, she's probably gonna cast something.

No. 1000716 ID: 96c896

She's telling you to stand still so obviously you should dodge.
Don't let go of the sword though, steal it. Use it against her.
No. 1000723 ID: 6a2a09

stick your other hand into her mouth and pull her tongue so she cant verbally cast a spell. And then press yourself right up against her wand so she can't use it via gesture.
No. 1000725 ID: 9675f4

Punch her in the face, obviously.

Again with the "our plan is too complex for you to comprehend" cliché. Why don't you try for a change?

I bet you just said that because none of you could think of a motive.
No. 1000783 ID: ce39da

"You don't actually know, do you?"

Snatch the wand out of her hand, duh.

If she doubles down on the "incomprehensibility" of their reasons, fire back with: "I mean, you seem to comprehend it fine enough, so it can't be that hard to wrap my head around. C'mon, let's hear it. Use your words."
No. 1000807 ID: eb1fcc

"So you're ending the solar system for reasons you weren't told, likely for the profit of some bumbling old impotent?

Shit man you sure you're not working for the company too because that has their M.O. all over it."
No. 1001013 ID: f0ab12
File 162146084638.png - (36.28KB , 512x512 , panel43.png )

"You sure you can't tell me? If you can get it, then I'd definitely could."

"As if, you pest ridden cat!"

"You sure Boss didn't hire you too? Oh well."

"Hey! I said don't mo- OI!"
No. 1001014 ID: f0ab12
File 162146085001.png - (58.72KB , 512x512 , panel44.png )

No. 1001015 ID: f0ab12
File 162146085445.png - (55.29KB , 512x512 , panel45.png )

No. 1001016 ID: f0ab12
File 162146085737.png - (51.82KB , 512x512 , panel46.png )

[incoherent screeching]

Man, she just keeps on going. We're at a stalemate at the moment, but at this rate she's gonna attract a lot more unwanted attention.

No. 1001023 ID: 96c896

Let the sword go so it rubberbands back at her.
No. 1001024 ID: 26235b

Being a good Company Worker, you should act in a formal fashion. Tell her that you cannot return these items to her, but she may file an official request for compensation due to your company's operations. Then hand her the Company's trusty Form 269.F "Request for Compensation", which you always carry with you for obvious reasons, and help her fill it out.
No. 1001029 ID: 1f53e8

Keep pulling her arms away.

Then let go.
No. 1001042 ID: eb1fcc

Hell yeah, flex your Bureaucracy-fu!
No. 1001148 ID: fe1ece

Let her arms go, yes, but first tie them into a pretzel. Maybe see if you can't yoink the wand from her grasp first.
No. 1001156 ID: fb672b

You grabbed this person's sword. Threaten to unhand them with it.
No. 1001164 ID: cd5ee2

I know is a bad option buuuut... ¬°Surprise seduction atempt!
No. 1002524 ID: f0ab12
File 162273595853.png - (51.94KB , 512x512 , panel47.png )

You know, I don't mind not having the sword but the wand would definitely be an improvement.
No. 1002525 ID: f0ab12
File 162273596206.png - (20.59KB , 512x512 , panel48.png )

No. 1002526 ID: f0ab12
File 162273596564.png - (27.66KB , 512x512 , panel49.png )

No. 1002527 ID: f0ab12
File 162273596831.png - (29.07KB , 512x512 , panel50.png )

No. 1002528 ID: f0ab12
File 162273597405.png - (54.47KB , 512x512 , panel51.png )

Well, it worked. Got a cooler wand too.

Mana Storage - 3
Special - AT WILL: Change places with something whose volume is less than or equal of the caster within 5 meters of the caster.

"Alright, so for reasons I am not legally obligated to explain I am confiscating your wand. I'm faiiiiiiiirly sure if you contact Company we'll be able to recompe-"
No. 1002529 ID: f0ab12
File 162273598054.png - (48.85KB , 512x512 , panel52.png )

Oh. Right.

I forgot, we're flat broke.

No. 1002531 ID: 094652

Quickly swap places with the mage - not the sword, though! That goes in your hand!
No. 1002547 ID: 96c896

Yeah swap with mage, turn her attack against her.
No. 1002551 ID: 0fae41

Swap places with her sword.
No. 1002561 ID: 8e7efc

I like the swap with sword idea. They are holding the sword over their head so when you swap with sword you'll both disarm and then immobilise them by landing right on top of them.
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