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File 159720550968.jpg - (469.85KB , 1200x1200 , Title Page s.jpg )
974331 No. 974331 ID: 55b47c

Lazy Fairy & the Lucky Panties

You partied through Fairy College and now no self-respecting adventurer will take you. Fortunately, you have an ace up your skirt.
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No. 974333 ID: 55b47c
File 159720578231.jpg - (445.70KB , 1200x1200 , Page 1.jpg )

You have the WORST hangover and can't remember anything.

That party must have been AWESOME.

You flutter around on the ground. You check your wings. Oh, ow. You slept on the forest floor again, and now your hair looks AWFUL.
No. 974334 ID: 55b47c
File 159720615483.jpg - (20.74KB , 390x310 , Lucky Panties.jpg )

You check your inventory for your emergency beauty kit. This is gonna take some SERIOUS PRIMPING to fix.

But all you have is a pair of panties WAY too big for you. Like, it's amazing they even fit in your inventory.

They're human-sized. And they're practically buzzing with magic.

Your pounding headache instantly vanishes. These panties are stupid powerful. Whoever used to own these is gonna want them back real bad. And anyone who owes a fairy has to pay up, or face the evil, legendary, awe-inspiring consequences of crossing the fae! That or you call your sisters and talk smack about them for a week and their reputation is FOREVER TARNISHED.

This could be your ticket out of Tutorial Forest!
No. 974335 ID: 55b47c
File 159720627044.jpg - (477.74KB , 2100x2100 , Page 3.jpg )

Your daydreaming is interrupted by a shrill cry of distress!

No. 974336 ID: b5fb67

Investigate cry of distress.
No. 974337 ID: 5a08b7

Quick!! Hide in the shadows until the opportune time to give safely advice
No. 974338 ID: 80f23f

Quick, bug the hell out of whoever's chasing her!
No. 974339 ID: b488b1

"Hey! Listen! Can't you see I'm trying to sleep here?"
No. 974340 ID: 0fae41

What's chasing her?
No. 974341 ID: b1b4f3

Hahaha, this is your chance! She needs power, the panties are powerful, so she gets to pay you back. With... what exactly did you need?
No. 974387 ID: 5e6dbf

Throw the panties at her head
No. 974410 ID: 55b47c
File 159729716759.jpg - (382.53KB , 1235x1750 , Page 4.jpg )

All right! An adventurer! You always knew that someday opportunity would come knocking if you partied hard enough.

Adventurers are basically the only way for a fairy to get out of the woods. It's a cold, dark world outside, and the only really reliable travel companion is one with a sword or spellbook.

That, and a successful adventurer is THE fashion statement this year.

You flutter off the ground and hover unsteadily towards the panicked girl, flapping your wings and straightening your favorite party dress. You only get one chance at making a first impression, and this is it. Here she comes!


Fairy college payin' off.

The girl screeches to a halt.

"Oh, thank goodness!" she pants. "I'm being chased by a Whirling Dervish! It stole my potion pouch! And... and..." she blushes.

You flutter your wings and tilt your head.

"It keeps asking for my panties! I don't know how to get my stuff back!"

You let out a peal of laughter. Someone's obviously summoned this Dervish to search for their missing panties. Their whilwinds steal as much as they can from the unsuspecting new adventurer- it's a perfect summon for a more powerful witch who's lost her panties. But you're too smart to be caught by that!

"Please!" the adventurer says. "I need my pouch! It has all my alchemy reagents and potions, I put so much time and effort into making them! I can't leave the woods without it!"
No. 974411 ID: 55b47c

Credit to Anon44 for the chibi style. Made it a lot easier to get the proportions right.
No. 974412 ID: b5fb67


"I happen to have a spare set of underwear I could give that Dervish! But what can you offer in return?"
No. 974413 ID: b1b4f3

Offer panties in exchange for her taking you on as a companion.
No. 974414 ID: 094652

Let's just write up the contract already.
No. 974423 ID: 685022

She's an adventurer who spends days and weeks outdoors. There's no way she doesn't have a few spare sets of panties. Just tell the adventurer to give the dervish one of those to get if off her back.

If the dervish is looking for magic panties specifically, then maybe use your fairy powers to put a simple enchantment on one of the spare pairs of panties, and give them to the dervish.
No. 974434 ID: 4f8347

Tell her you'd love to help her, but you're just so busy looking for a fledgling adventurer in need of a fae companion to make their adventuring life easier. Then act like you just realized she's an adventurer and ask if she knows any newbie's in need of the 'Awesome Power of the Fae TM'. Don't forget the TM this time, so you don't get tangled up with the practitioners of the fell arts of copyright again.
No. 974435 ID: 5e6dbf

flash dem tiddies n pop that pussy
No. 974460 ID: 55b47c
File 159738041094.png - (355.33KB , 892x1250 , Page 5.png )

"I'd love to help, cutie, but I'm just so tired from searching for the perfect adventurer," you say, giving an exaggerated flutter of your dirty wings. "I have such high standards, and if you're running at the mere sight of a Whirling Dervish asking for your undies... are you really cut out for this?"

"Hey! That's not fair!" the girl stamps her foot. "It stole my potion bag! It has all my ice bombs and potions in it! And... and... it was really insistent on getting panties! It blew up my robes and... and... it was horrible!"

"How horrifying," you yawn. "Why not quit while you still have your underoos?"

"Please!" the alchemist whines. "I can't go back to town without my bag! I need it to finish transmuting my rent or else I'll have to go begging for money from daddy again!"

"Is your dad a noble?"

"Yes! And I can't ask him for any more money, he'll make me live in his keep again and marry me off to some ugly prince!"

You try to keep your bells from tinkling. "Oh? And you're all set to inherit his huge tracts of land?"

"I don't care about that! I hate my home! I want to see the world!"

Hints of the whistling winds of a dervish blow through your wings. It's now or never.

"Oh, no! Here it comes! Please help me get my bag back! I can't go home naked!"

You pull out the first spell you learned in Fairy College. The one that's second nature to any fae, no matter how hung over.

"Sign here on the dotted line! Just a few terms and conditions!"

"T-terms?" her eyes squint, the she jumps as the whirling gets closer. She holds her hands to her robes.

"I help get your bag back, and you agree to be my adventurer!"

"You promise?"

"It's all in the contract!" you hold out the pen.
No. 974461 ID: b1b4f3

Cmon, I'm a fairy. You can trust a fairy.
No. 974466 ID: b5fb67


Think of all the cool adventures we can get into!
No. 974467 ID: 094652

"Look, we both know this is a bad deal, but the truth is, we're both going to be forced to make worse deals if you don't take this one. Like getting eaten by wild beasts or starving to death."
No. 974469 ID: 55b47c
File 159739091398.png - (85.25KB , 500x500 , Contract 1.png )

"I'll... I'll do it!" the girl says hurriedly. "Just help me get my bag back!"

She signs her name, family name, and title on the contract. The paper glows with a bright blue light and disperses into a sparkling waterfall of legalese.


What did she write?
No. 974470 ID: f8fa51

Lady Sarah. Someone else suggest a family name. She's only a "Lady" because she's yet to inherit the real title along with her father's land, but her father is a Count.
No. 974471 ID: b5fb67


"Lady Kensington."
No. 974472 ID: cdabe3

Sarah! An excellent name. :D
No. 974473 ID: 12b116

No. 974475 ID: b1b4f3

Nooo no no her name is Saras.
No. 974477 ID: 977456

Family name: Nayde
Or: engass
No. 974482 ID: adb916

No! No! No! It should be June to properly credit Anon44's quest protagonist. I'm only slightly sorry Anon44.
No. 974483 ID: 094652

Family Name: "Swindleton"

Medieval Bureaucracy is practically a caste system.
No. 974489 ID: 55b47c

(Since I've already stolen so, so much from Anon44, I'd prefer not to use the same first name and spelling of their primary OC.

What does the peanut gallery think of calling her Cera?)
No. 974496 ID: 1898ce

Cera Michael
No. 974497 ID: ed54dd

(Or name her Sarah, but give her a nickname.)
No. 974518 ID: 55b47c
File 159745429356.jpg - (514.76KB , 1500x1500 , Page 6.jpg )

"Lady Serah Kensington." You test out the name of your new adventurer. Very pretty. Very regal. Very close to Count Swindleton, a name you've heard thrown around with some very colorful insults.

The Whirling Dervish arrives! It whips through the underbrush and makes a beeline straight for Serah, its voice a high-whistled whistle.

"Pantiesssss for misssssssssstresssss!"

"There's my bag!" Serah braces herself. "You won't steal anything this time! I brought out the big guns just for you!"

You assume she means you. Well.

You briefly consider giving up the panties in your magical inventory. With your hangover faded, you finally recognize the spell placed upon them. Some witches enchant their clothes with multiple amplifying spells, but whoever did these used all their oomph for just one.

It's a very, very powerful good luck charm.

You've already got what you need: an adventurer companion with all the bells and whistles. Do you really need to go around making enemies with these panties' owner?

But the Dervish doesn't look like it'll slow down its charge. If you give up the panties, will it give up the bag?
No. 974519 ID: b1b4f3

Take out the panties and move to the side to see how much the dervish is interested in them.

Can you do battle if necessary?
No. 974520 ID: b5fb67

So what kind of combat abilities do we have? Can we fight it?
No. 974526 ID: 55b47c
File 159746280196.png - (1.13MB , 1500x1500 , Page 7.png )

It would be the worst of tragedies to bruise your pretty face. The world would never recover from what it lost! No, fighting isn't for you.

You could always cast dancing lights (great for parties). Uh... what other spells did you learn at Fairy College? Well, whatever. Maybe you'll remember them later.

Worst comes to worst, you could sprinkle a ton of fairy dust on Serah and hope she flies away. Once, you danced so hard on a boy's head, he got coated in enough of your dust that he took off like a balloon!

Or maybe that was the pixie stix making you see things.

Well, it's not like you're about to rub your dust all over Serah without her buying you dinner first. You decide to play the only card you have and try to bait the Dervish away from your cute adventurer. Can't mess up that hair!

"Hey, Dust Bowl!" You pull out the magical panties and wave them at the Dervish. "Looking for these??"

"Oh Goddess," Serah gapes, flustered beyond belief. "W-why do you have something like that?!"


The Dervish screeches and whips away from your adventurer- straight towards you!
No. 974527 ID: b1b4f3

Fly up out of reach. Tell the dervish it's gotta drop the pack first. Give back what was stolen, and you will return what was lost.
No. 974529 ID: 9f00f4

No no, you want to keep the bag AND the panties for yourself (and your adventurer, whatever)!

What you need to do is trick the dervish into over-extending itself and getting itself trapped or exhausting itself somehow!
No. 974563 ID: 55b47c
File 159754257735.png - (1.86MB , 2100x2450 , Bag Get.png )

Time to do what you always do when you end up in trouble: make a beeline for your friend's house and crash on their couch!

The Dervish follows you- and its mistress's panties- straight to your fox friend's underground hidey hole.

You reach the hoe and fly straight up, as high as you can. "Here I am!" you shout. "Come and get me! Neener neener!"

The Dervish reaches the foxhole. With a sound like a vacuum, the tip of its tornado gets sucked into the foxhole. It's trapped!

"Now!" you shout at Serah. "Grab the bag!"

"W-what?" Serah hesitates. "I- I have to grab it out?!"

"Yes! What are you waiting for? Do it now now now!"

"Oh, no..." Serah cautiously steps next to the angry trapped dervish and whimpers. She tries to grab the bag once, twice, but she misses.

The trapped Dervish hisses and whips the bag around faster inside its vortex.

"Get closer! Grab it fast!"

"Oh no..." Serah bites her lip and puts a foot into the dirty vortex scrambling to grab the bag. "Come on, come on, come on!"

Just as she grabs the bag, the Dervish catches her belt!
No. 974564 ID: b1b4f3

Alright she's got the bag which means as soon as she's clear of the dervish we can drop the panties.
No. 974565 ID: b5fb67


Use your fairy might to push Lady Kensington out of the whirlwind!
No. 974618 ID: b488b1

Sacrifice the belt. The bag's more important!
No. 974930 ID: 55b47c
File 159822385556.png - (303.45KB , 600x600 , Branch.png )

"My belt!" Lady Serah squeals.

"Forget the belt!" you shot back. "You got the goods, now get outta there!"

You rack your brain for a creative solution. There must be something you can do to get your adventurer out of the whirlwind without getting sucked in yourself.

You find a branch. Using your AWESOME FAIRY STRENGTH, you flex it just enough to get sucked into the whirlwind.

"Grab on!" you shout. You flap your wings hard and just barely escape the Dervish's pull.
No. 974931 ID: 55b47c
File 159822494138.png - (1.08MB , 1500x1500 , Page 8.png )

“Let's blow this popsicle stand!” you declare.

“But my belt!”

“So what? Nice undies, by the way.”

“It's not underwear!” Lady Serah flushes. “It's an adventuring-fashionable layered corset-romper with frills!”

“That's a mouthful.” You fly down to thigh-level. “And it sure looks like undies from this angle...”

“Shut up!” Lady Serah clutches at the slit in her robes and presses her bag against her hip.

The Dervish whirls harder and harder, digging itself out of the foxhole. Your foxy friend is gonna be pissed at the damage to her living room once all this over.

While you're down there, you peek inside Lady Serah's bag. A quick peek with your keen fae eyes shows you that she has:

- Boring transmutation reagents. Great for making gold, terrible for fighting.
- Ice Bomb x2
- Fire Bomb x1
- Minor Healing Potion x2
- Smoke Bomb
- Potion of Swift Stride
- Minor Elixir of Strength
- Failed Potion of Invisibility
- Shiny Shiny Gold

Lady Serah should really forget the belt, but she seems to care about her decency. With her potions, maybe she could get it back somehow? Ice potions aren't the greatest against wind type enemies, and someone setting off fire bombs this close to your apartment will send your renter's insurance premiums through the roof.

“You... you evil Dervish!” Lady Serah huffs. The Dervish whistles angrily.
No. 974936 ID: 094652

Does the failed potion of invisibility make things more visible?

One way to find out!
No. 975044 ID: 0fae41

If you drink the potion of strength, could your wings becomes strong enough to blow away the wind spirit? Or perhaps Serah could drink the potion of Swift Stride and rotate counter to the spirit's rotation to dissipate him.
No. 975090 ID: c5d2fe

Far as I can tell, best option is to make her chug the Potion of Swift Stride and perhaps you work to distract it or something.
No. 975782 ID: 55b47c
File 159943436577.png - (441.66KB , 1299x1500 , Swift Stride.png )

There's lots of potions in there that might help you fight the Dervish yourself, but- ugh!- combat would muss up your already bed-headed wings. You've got too much primping to do already- and isn't fighting the adventurer's job, anyway?

“That Dervish spinning clockwise,” you yawn. “I bet if you use one of your potions to run fast enough in the other direction, it'll cancel out the enchantment powering its rinky-dink vacuum and it'll poof out of existence or something.”

“And we're free to leave!” Serah pulls out her Potion of Swift Stride and chugs it down with speed that would make a few of your party-hearty friends raise an eyebrow. “Finally, it's time for battle!”

Serah takes a runner's stance and zips forward, swirling around the Dervish in quick counter-clockwise circles so tight it makes your head spin. Or maybe that's the hangover.

“It's working!” Serah shouts. “Take that!”

With a dusty cough, the Dervish collapses into itself, until the little bit of wind magic fueling the construct's tornado gives out in a sparkly pop.

“Victory is mine!” Serah smiles and retrieves her belt. “Oh, the rush is just like I imagined it would feel!”

“First time?” you titter. “I should have guessed daddy's girl would be so sheltered.”

“My father has nothing to do with this,” Serah says haughtily. “I earned this victory all by myself.”

“Uh, hello?” You bounce around in front of her. “I totally saved your butt.”

Serah finishes buckling her belt and crosses her arms. “I could have done all that myself.”

You roll your eyes. “Uh-huh. Next time an overgrown dust bunny steals your bag, I'll make sure to remember you don't need any help. Nu-uh.”

“Next time?”

“Yep!” You give a delighted bob. “We're partners now! You didn't forget already, did you?”

“...Oh.” Serah bites her lip as you plop yourself on top of her head.

“Onward, noble steed!” You grab a few strands of her hair and give a crack on the reins.

“Hey!” Serah brushes you off her head. “Don't do that!”

“Too bad,” you say. “I get my choice of how you carry me. It's in the contract!”

“Oh, dear...” Serah sighs. You gleefully hop back on.

You stretch your wings. They're still ruffled from the time you spent sleeping on the forest floor. And your dress is a mess. This. Will. Not. Do.

You could drop by your tiny treehouse apartment and freshen up... but you're late on your rent, and your landlord is totally nuts. Better to leave it all behind and let him deal with your mess.

You could go straight for Serah's place in the nearby city and see what they have for beauty kits. But would you really be seen in public such a state?

Decisions, decisions...
No. 975800 ID: b5fb67


Let's go check out Serah's place. It's gotta be filled with stuff we can... appropriate.
No. 975802 ID: b1b4f3

I think keeping the lucky panties is a bad idea.
No. 975830 ID: c5d2fe

We're gonna TOTALLY take her under our wing. She's gonna be an adventurer and learn how to be fabulous doing it!
No. 975831 ID: c5d2fe

Oh, and yeah, let's head back to her place.
No. 976209 ID: 55b47c
File 159998122917.png - (364.05KB , 855x1000 , Page 9.png )

There's nothing in your apartment but yesterday's fashion and last night's spilled cocktails. Let your landlord deal with that mess. You're moving up in the world!

"Let's get outta this lame-ass forest!" You give Serah's hair-reins a whip. "Let's see how your gal pals back home welcome their conquering hero!"

"Hero..." Serah smiles. "I like the sound of that."
No. 976210 ID: 55b47c
File 159998137649.png - (366.92KB , 855x1000 , Page 10.png )

"Though all I really did was stomp on a lewd Dervish..." Serah sighs. "It's not really a victory if I didn't save someone, is it?"

"Of course it is," you say. "You saved your dignity! That has to be worth something!"

"I guess..."
No. 976211 ID: 55b47c
File 159998147843.png - (361.59KB , 855x1000 , Page 11.png )

"Wait a minute!" Serah exclaims. "The only reason I got in this mess was because the Dervish was looking for panties!"

Uh oh.

"Panties you appear to be the owner of! Panties much too large for you!"
No. 976212 ID: 55b47c
File 159998158188.png - (364.24KB , 855x1000 , Page 12.png )

"Hey, there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for all this," you say.

"And what might that be?" Serah asks.

"...I didn't say I knew it, I just said it exists."
No. 976214 ID: 55b47c
File 159998177247.png - (321.79KB , 855x1000 , Page 13.png )

"Well, I feel like those panties are bad news! If you really want to go on adventures with me, I say you get rid of them right now! Go on, drop those unlucky panties and prove you aren't in on some grand conspiracy with the Dervish!"

Well. She miiiiiiight have something of a point.

Should you ditch the panties?
No. 976215 ID: b5fb67

Keep panties, investigate cute fox.
No. 976216 ID: 094652

"I'm too hammered to be in any conspiracy theory! Just tie the panties around that dolled-up fox and let's go."
>Wait, why does that fox have a bow?
"Where there are magical sentients, there is trolling."
No. 976230 ID: 735fa3

No way, those panties are proof of some ribald conquest you can't remember, you can't just give that up.
No. 976253 ID: c5d2fe

"You sure? These things are stupid powerful. Like whoa. Whoever used to own these is gonna want them back real bad, and they're gonna owe us big for finding them. And anyone who owes a fairy has to pay up, too! It's like...a law. I think. Pretty sure.

We could probably get like, a DOZEN margaritas for this. Or a really good bottle of booze.
No. 978586 ID: 6f7a5a

look at cute fox
No. 978589 ID: 3994a2

Demand a little reciprocity. If you're ditching your panties she has to ditch hers -- fair's fair! (Just dismiss any complaints regarding your panties' size relative to your body or the fact that you aren't wearing them.)
No. 978591 ID: 3994a2

And, of course, she should go first as a show of good faith, since she still owes you for getting her bag back.
No. 978807 ID: 055dbd
File 160298730257.jpg - (395.41KB , 1200x1600 , Serah Ink.jpg )

You and your new adventurer continue down the wooded path. It shouldn't be long before you're out of the woods. Just keep her walking, and talking, that's the ticket.

You flutter alongside Serah and flap your ruffled wings. "Look at me, honey. I am way too tired to think up an elaborate plan like that. And if I really was in cahoots with that Dervish, why did it even go after you in the first place? To find some panties it already knew I had?"

"I don't know!" Serah says. "I just think it's highly suspicious that the first fairy I find happens to have just the right thing to solve my problems in exchange for signing a magical contract."

"Oh, honey," you sigh. "What exactly did you think it was that fairies did, again?"

Serah grumbles. "Those panties of yours are still bad news. I demand you get rid of them right now!"

"Aren't you rushing things a little?" You give a giggle and tug playfully on her hair. "You can't just tell a girl to drop her panties the first time you meet."

"That is not what I meant!" Serah flushes a deep crimson. "Stop twisting my words into whatever shape suits your inane purposes!"

"Oh, honey. What exactly did you think-"


You dodge a swipe of her hand. "Whoa! Easy, sister! I'll give it a rest! In fact, I'll do you one better and get rid of these panties if it means that much to you. Even though these babies are worth, like, a gajillion gold pieces, and their owner is gonna owe me a favor if we give 'em back, which is also worth at least two gajillion."

"Oh, really?"

"Yeah. Since we are official adventuring gal pals, I think we need to establish some trust in this relationship. But trust is a two way street. If this is gonna be a panty free zone, I'm gonna need you to toss your undies too!"

"W-What? No, no, no! Absolutely not! I didn't give them to the Dervish, why would I give them to you?!"

"You're not, sweetie. You're tossing 'em away and going commando!" You flutter around her robes and catch a glimpse of white frills. "What did you call this frilly number? Fancy pants adventuring lingerie?"

Serah slaps a hand to the slit in her robes, growing even more flustered. "It's an adventuring-fashionable layered corset-romper with frills, and it is not underwear!"

"So many layers. Such a prude!" You clear your throat and adopt an overblown highborn accent. "Lady Kensington, this esteemed faerie court finds your sense of modesty entirely unsuited to the noble profession of ahhhhdventurer. Unless thou art prepared to sacrifice thine panties in the name of equality, thou shan't demand what thee cannot give!"

"You're not even wearing those panties!" Serah shrieks. "The court's determination is based on an inaccurate premise! I demand an appeal on grounds of reversible error by the finder of fact!"

"Certiorari denied!"

"Curses!" Serah huffs. "Fine, keep the panties! Just don't come crying to me when their owner shows up, takes your clothes, then chains you to their ballroom ceiling and uses your naked body as a chandelier!"

You bite your lip. "Does the chandelier have candles? Is there hot wax?"
No. 978808 ID: 055dbd
File 160298740005.jpg - (269.36KB , 1000x1333 , Homeless Fox.jpg )

Serah sputters incoherently for a moment and stares at you with an expression of utter exasperation. She looks like she's about to flip her lid- and then her eyes snap in the direction of a bush on the side of the path.

"Is that fox staring at us?"

Uh oh.

"Keep walking," you urge. "It's probably more scared of you than you are of it."

"It doesn't look scared. In fact, it's walking towards us. And... is that a bow?"

"Keep walking! Don't make eye contact!"

"It's so cute!"


"Who's a good foxy? Yes you are! Yes you are!"

Crap. You turn around and squint through one fae eye to block out the glint of the offensively crude enchantment magic, even by your standards.

You realize, with horror, that the fox you're friends with actually lives on the other side of the woods, and it's not able to cast spells.

This one's definitely supernatural. Definitely cute. Definitely dangerous.

Definitely zeroing in on your adventurer for wrecking its foxhole.
No. 978809 ID: b1b4f3

Well unless you can fight off the fox yourself your adventurer is gonna get wrecked. Bargain with it. Offer to like, get it some food or something to make up for it needing to dig a new hole.
No. 978843 ID: b5fb67


Body slam fox.
No. 978844 ID: b5fb67

Body slam fox.
No. 978874 ID: c5d2fe

Oh god are we gonna have to serious up for a moment?

We might have to serious up for a moment.

Get in front of her and sober up as quick as you can and try to block eyesight. If you can't fight it, as stated, offer it a sincere apology and offer recompense unrelated to the adventurer you're currently guiding.
No. 978877 ID: 9f00f4

Perhaps offering to make it a new home, or see to it that a BETTER home and shelter gets made for it?
No. 978881 ID: 735fa3

Ask it if it could please not hurt your adventurer. You just got her and it'd suck if she got all dinged up just because someone set a dervish after her.
No. 978885 ID: f14d2d
File 160306720387.jpg - (139.42KB , 1000x750 , BAP.jpg )

That fox took a simple, perfectly serviceable compulsion and cranked the volume up so high it's making your teeth buzz. Only a complete rookie wouldn't notice the spell completely hijacking their train of thought.

"Look at you, you cute little foxie! Do you want a treat? A healing potion? Tummy rubs? Oh, what cute little fangs you have!"

What are they teaching adventurers these days? You hitch up your skirt and decide to save your adventurer from a mini-mauling.

"Hey, hussy! I'll give you something to look at!" You barrel straight for the fox's eyes.

Then she smacks you into a tree.

You bounce off so hard it knocks you senseless. You see stars, and it's not just the twinkling of fairy dust billowing around you.

You can only lie on the ground and groan. That fox hit you so hard it knocked practically all the dust out of you. Your once-healthy blue glow, formerly bright enough to light you up like a disco ball, is now just a twinkle in your eye. Fortunately, it was just enough to get the fox to look away from your adventurer.

"Ah!" Her strings cut, Serah wobbles unsteadily and cradles her head between her hands. "It hurts! Oh, gods, it hurts!"

"Sorry, foxy. Amateur hour is over," you groan from the forest floor. You flap your dry, dustless wings. You're drained. The one good thing about all this is that your hangover, at least, vanished right alongside the rest of your senses.

The fox bares her fangs at you and crouches low to pounce. Your adventurer is out of the fight. You can't even fly.

Time to get serious.

"We'll owe you a favor!"

The fox freezes.

"We'll owe you a favor," you pant, "If you please, please don't hurt me. Or my rookie adventurer here."

The fox's back arches. She leaps at you and pins you to the ground, eyes wide, fangs bared.

"Ahh! No strings attached! I promise!" you can barely get the words out. Your eyes water, your head pounds, and you try ferociously not to make eye contact. "We'll help rebuild your hidey-hole. We'll get you a better hidey-hole. Shit, we'll get you a friggin' apartment, just don't eat me!"
No. 978886 ID: f14d2d
File 160306726924.jpg - (213.35KB , 1200x900 , Fox Bargaining.jpg )

The fox swishes her tail back and forth. Her snarl fades. You can feel the utterly unnecessarily powerful yanking on your mind fade as she dials down the compulsion spell, but she keeps pressing you into the dirt with her paw.

"Good for you, you won a fight. Friggin' beginner's luck," you huff. "You gonna let me up or what?"

The fox tilts her head, smiles, and lifts her paw.

"About time." You clamber to your feet just in time for the fox's other paw to pin you down again. You swear at her, she lifts her paw, and lets you up just long enough to get your balance before pinning you again.

This goes on for far longer than you care to admit.

"Please let me up," you moan. "If you let my adventurer give me a healing potion, I'll... I'll..."

The fox tilts her head, further than the last time.

"I'll give you a name. A good one."

The fox immediately lets you up. You spy Serah taking long, heavy chugs of a healing potion in between bouts of rubbing temples. Some partner she is.

The fox sees this and snatches the potion in her teeth, then drops it in front of you.

"Hey!" Serah looks over and sees your sorry state. Her jaw drops. "Oh, no! What happened? Where's your glow? Are you dying?" Her jaw drops. "...Oh, sweet savior, what are you wearing?"

"It was a hell of a night, all right?" You sigh and take the last chug of the healing potion for yourself. You stretch and stretch your body. Dust billows from your wings, and your healthy blue glow is right back to a healthy shade of cyan.

The fox watches you eagerly. Ah, crap. You promised to give it a name, and names have power.

This can only end badly.
No. 978887 ID: 2aa5f0

No. 978888 ID: 0fae41

Sheepdog, because they're fluffy and canid-like.
No. 978891 ID: 5dfe40

Kumi, as in kumiho. A name that will have no bad consequences for anyone.
No. 978909 ID: 6f7a5a

I say call he Dotti , based on her pokadot bow
No. 978910 ID: b1b4f3

No. 978911 ID: c5d2fe

No. 978914 ID: 23bf8a

Double Bubble Disco Queen!
No. 978915 ID: 23bf8a

Double Bubble Disco Queen!
No. 978916 ID: 23bf8a

Shit I don't know why it posted twice
No. 978928 ID: 094652

No. 978959 ID: b5fb67


Foxy Fox Foxington
No. 978961 ID: 735fa3

Well If I'm understanding naming properly, you could name them Icarus as that would likely be considered this bargain backfiring on them. Probably in some hilarious way a little down the road.
No. 978981 ID: 23bf8a

Lets not try to screw them, we did destroy their home after all. Besides, they might willing to help us in the future!
No. 979117 ID: 735fa3

Hey, one magical companion per adventurer, don't need no foxes honing in on our territory.

Name it "right fuckt"
No. 979289 ID: f6f419
File 160340083153.jpg - (327.33KB , 1400x1050 , WarmFluffyGoddess.jpg )

Names are a tricky business. Think a name, it creates an image. Say a name, it draws attention. Live a name, it creates an identity.

If you give the fox a powerful name, she might get ideas. If you give her a ridiculous name, you've cursed her and made an enemy for life.

That and you promised to give her a good name. You could try and weasel out of your promise based around the definition of the word "good", but that's dicey at best. If you go back on your word, that is a Big Deal In All Caps.

You ponder the benefits of having a warm, fluffy fox to sleep on. Then you remember that this fox just kicked your ass and doesn't need another ego boost.

You remember that foxes aren't dogs.

Tempting, but this fox has already shown her fangs. You don't want to run into her again if she gets it in her head she's a killing machine.

Dorothea might work. It's a good fairy name, cute enough, and you can nickname her "Dotti."

Great way to get eaten for real this time.

That's a guy's name!

>Double Bubble Disco Queen
You are the only dancing queen the world will ever bow to!

Feels deeper than it is, kind of like your first boyfriend.

>Foxy Fox Foxington
You're starting to run out of fox to give at this point.

Another guy's name! But after all this fox has put you through, you do like the idea of naming her something related to burning horribly and crashing into the ground at high speed.

>right fuckt
It'd be awkward to name her after your favorite dildo.
No. 979291 ID: b1b4f3

Dorothea then.
No. 979299 ID: 6f7a5a

go Dorothea go Dotti!
No. 979300 ID: 094652

Doranami? Okay Dorothy it is then.
No. 979301 ID: 23bf8a

No. 979302 ID: 0fae41

Unami then. There's a savory sound to it.
No. 979309 ID: c5d2fe

Dorothea works.
No. 979448 ID: 371355
File 160358629709.jpg - (579.33KB , 1500x2000 , RED ALERT.jpg )

"Your name is..."

The fox waits in eager anticipation.


The fox continues to wait, as if she didn't even hear.

"Uh... Dotti?"

Dotti bounds back and forth in excitement.

"Great," you sigh. One less thing to worry about. You flap your wings in a huff and call out to your adventurer. "Hey, newbie! I hope that precious pouch of yours has a shovel in it. You've got some digging to..."

Your jaw drops. The sight is too terrible to comprehend.

"You gave her a name! That means we can keep her, right? Right?!"
No. 979449 ID: 6f7a5a

give in, you can't deal with cuteness at this magnitude
No. 979450 ID: 9f00f4

"Uh, as an intelligent, mystical creature, that'd be Dotti's choice of whether or not to adventure with us."
No. 979451 ID: b5fb67


"I mean... sure... yeah... why not..."
No. 979452 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah, this.
No. 979460 ID: 23bf8a

No. 979477 ID: 52ea6a
File 160359774361.jpg - (301.87KB , 1500x1125 , Fox is Sus.jpg )

"Are you crazy?!" you object. "That's not just some fox! That's some fox that just put the magic whammy on you so hard you didn't even notice her try to eat me! Well, she can't fool me, I went to college! That fox is, without a doubt, a k-"

Out of Serah's vision, Dotti bares her teeth at you and makes a slitting motion across her throat.

"...k-kind, intelligent vixen that can make her own decisions."

Serah smiles and sets Dotti down. "If she's smart enough to cast spells, that makes her smarter than you, doesn't it?"

"Oh, you did not just go there!" You stomp your foot on thin air.

"I always wanted a pet, but daddy wouldn't let them in the manse," Serah smiles and pats Dotti on the head. "He said they were for commoners, circuses and druids. And druids always made a mess on the rugs."

Your eyes bug out in disbelief. You fly up to Dotti and stare her right in the eye, dull throbbing of the almost-gone enchantment be damned.

"You can't possibly be okay with this," you hiss. "Don't think I don't know what you're up to. Or not up to. And don't think I don't know what you think I don't know you're not up to!"

Dotti grins.

"Fine," you say, grinding your teeth. "If you're going to be my adventurer's pet, then you get to stay at her place. That means my favor is over and done with. Kaput! Books square. Capisce?"

Dotti rolls her eyes and nods.

"And there have to be ground rules!" You rack your brain for ground rules on how to deal with supernatural foxes. Why didn't you pay more attention in fairy college?! "Uh... no trying to kill me! That's rule one!"

Dotti ignores you and trots over to Serah, her tail flicking back and forth lazily. She gives a big, wide yawn.

"Oh, you're so tired," Serah says. "You must have been so scared when your home got destroyed. It's okay, I'll carry you home."

Dotti hops into Serah's arms and nestles comfortably against her bosom. She sighs contentedly.

"I have so many ideas for when we get you home!" Serah says. "How about a bath? Oh! We should wash your bow! And a nice, hot leg of lamb! And then..." She excitedly lists off every dream she's had for her pets since she was a little girl, and your irritation grows further.

This is unacceptable. Serah is your adventurer. She should be pampering you!

You make your way out of the forest, towards the nearby town where Serah has begun her life as an adventurer. Your irritation begins to fade, if only slightly.

What kind of town are you about to hit? Does it have a nightlife? How good is the wine? And most importantly, how will you take your revenge on Dotti and assert your rightful place atop the totem pole of pampering?
No. 979485 ID: 6f7a5a

bide your time on revenge and wait for an opening or for Dotti to let her guard down
No. 979495 ID: aa25c3

Of course the wine's good, why else would you live on this side of the forest?

You might be able to turn this around, Serah's a bit of a lightweight in the heroics department and that fox isn't going to stick around if she has to do the heavy lifting. Good chance to get Serah a bit more used to ADVENTURE while you hardly have to lift a finger.
No. 979496 ID: e51896

you are going to end up at a town known for its festivals! fattening unhealthy food, scary funny jesters, large circus tents, thrilling shows, carnie games that rip you off, lots of fun.

Too bad it is all too expensive.
No. 979497 ID: b5fb67

Let's hit up a town that has lots of places to shop. I wanna find some kick-ass magic items and weapons.
No. 979507 ID: 735fa3

You just have to spur Dotti to get revenge on some other person who's "wronged" her, in full view of Sarah. She won't accept an evil (or at least bitchy), fox pet.

Just make her true colors come out by convincing someone else to yank on her tail or muss up her ribbon or something.
No. 979540 ID: 8bf1fe
File 160366920799.jpg - (61.81KB , 600x450 , SweetUpgrades.jpg )

After an hour of what feels like one long, high-pitched squee, the three of your arrive at the bustling town of Minga.

"Minga! Yes!!!" You can't help but flit from one side of the street to the other, drinking in the sights and sounds. It's dusk, but the merchants are still going strong- especially the wine sellers! "Hey, newbie! Look! These guys have double magnums of rosé! And it's the good stuff!"

Serah is ignoring you. Worse, she's buying Dotti dinner!

You grind your teeth and look further. There, behind the stalls, is a dim shop selling just what you need. Magical armaments. Swords for slaying! Wands for witching! Shields for slamming! You make a note to come by when they're open. Maybe you can convince Serah to buy a few upgrades for "pest control."

You float over to your adventurer and try to ignore the hanger-on tearing into a heavily spiced leg of lamb. "Hey! Are we gonna celebrate your first day as an adventurer or what?" You shout in Serah's ear. "Look at the signs! There's wine! And cotton candy! And jesters! And fire breathers! And wine!"

"Uh... I kind of spent all my money on Dotti's dinner," Serah says sheepishly. "I still need to transmute my rent."

"You can dupe gold and your father is literally a Count," you say, your mouth hanging in flabbergastation. "How are you broke?!"

"Actually, I can make copper from base metals, and silver from copper," Serah says proudly. "I'm the youngest alchemist to transmute silver in the parish!"

"So daddy paid for your education and got it in your head to become an adventurer even though you haven't left the lab once," you say. "Suddenly it all makes sense."

"I am an accomplished alchemist, and I do not have to suffer these indignities from you!" Serah says. "Come on, Dotti. Let's go to home and get you a nice pillow to sleep on."

"No nightlife?!" you whine.

"Dotti needs her sleep!"

Dotti yawns.

You watch dejectedly as your useless bankrupt adventurer carries Dotti down the street, away from the festival.

Your revenge will have to be served cold.
No. 979541 ID: 8bf1fe
File 160366928032.jpg - (225.43KB , 900x1200 , DormLife.jpg )

You smell the place before you see it.

"Are you kidding me?!"

"What?" Serah fumbles for her keys to the reinforced wooden door.

"You rented a hole in the wall in the adventurers' guild?!"

"It was the only place that had a 24/7 alchemist's lab. And don't worry, I got the biggest room they had. It fits a whole bed!"

"Well, you're supposed to be able to afford better! What about vanity cabinets? You have to have places for primping! And there aren't any private bathrooms! I am NOT taking a bubble bath in the same tub as Harrietta the Barbarian, Champion of Pube Mountain!"

"Oh, you don't have to worry about that. There's separate shower stalls, and the drains hardly ever clog."

You start to sniffle.

"Bedtime, Dotti!" Serah says, carrying the fox upstairs.

Today sucks.

You follow her up. Serah opens the door to her hole-in-the-wall room and you recoil in horror. How can a noble girl live like this?!

Dotti immediately leaps onto the foot of the bed and curls up contentedly. You look around for a fairy-sized place to sleep and come up short.

"Here you go!"

Oh no.

Serah is standing beside the standard-issue chest adventurers toss their gear in while they hit the town. She lays a handkerchief on top of her pile of clothes. "This is big enough for you, right?"

"Oh no. No, no, no. I am not sleeping in that. I only sleep on beds of leaf and vine, plucked from fresh-"

"It's either that or the floor."

You remember last night and your back starts to ache.

"...I will not dignify this with an answer," you say as you climb into your "bed". You find a copy of Serah's alchemist's journal as your mattress and try to make it as comfortable as possible.

"Well, that was a big day," Serah says. She stretches. "Time for bed. I'm going to change into my nightie," Serah says, looking at you expectantly.

"For real?" you laugh. "Nobles are so weird. Fine, I'll close my eyes."

"Actually, I'd be more comfortable if you gave me some privacy."

"Wait, wha-"

CRASH! Serah locks you into the chest.

"THIS IS ILLEGAL!" you shout, but you're stuck.
No. 979542 ID: 8bf1fe
File 160366933529.jpg - (45.79KB , 500x375 , Level Up!.jpg )

You groan and decide to make the most of things. You crank up your fairy night-light and flip Serah's book open to see where she's at in her adventuring skill level.

Serah is at least passably competent in the following schools:

Transmutation: The art of changing one material to another. Great for changing stone to mud, lead to gold, etc. Offensive uses include crafting sticky bombs to trap your opponents, or dissolve the ground they stand on. Alkahest and the philosopher's stone are part of this school.

Elixirs: Duplication of magical spells via potions. Another support school, but always in demand for its usefulness in healing potions and buffs. Panacea is part of this school.

Mutagens: The art of crafting nonmagical potions that alter the imbiber's physical form. Impossible to dispel, but has side effects compared to an elixir. The school for alchemists on the front lines.

Destruction: Kablooey! The art of deconstructing fundamental bonds of the universe. In addition to elemental bombs, covers flashbangs, smoke bombs, gravity bombs, and other explosives.

Serah is most skilled in transmutation. Great for taking lemons and making lemonade, but not so great for one-on-one combat.
No. 979543 ID: 8bf1fe
File 160366939693.jpg - (406.96KB , 776x1300 , Sleepy Serah.jpg )

"All done!" Serah says, and opens the lid of your crate. You glower at her in her stupid nightie. She looks dead tired, and it's only just past dusk. You'll need to fix that if you're going to have a party girl adventuring partner.

"Is this gonna be a routine or something? Because it's cramped in there, even for me."

"If you're living here for free, I get to have my privacy," Serah sniffs. She looks at you and sees her open journal. "Hey, you understand those equations? No way!"

Well, yeah. It's only natural for fairies to know magic, even if it's garbled up by numbers.

It's night, and that's when everything tends to get stronger for some reason. What school should you encourage Serah to learn more of?
No. 979545 ID: cdabe3

No. 979548 ID: 6f7a5a

Mutagens, Dotti can be the test subject
No. 979549 ID: e8e5f6

Mutagens seems like the easiest progression from Transmutation for Serah and should help her strengthen herself in a fight.
No. 979556 ID: b5fb67

Make like a Witcher and brew some Mutagens.
No. 979558 ID: 8bf1fe
File 160367351270.jpg - (229.12KB , 900x1200 , ObviousFox.jpg )

"Yes way," you say. "And frankly, you should have already concocted these mutagens you have listed under 'to do idk maybe later'. If you'd had quicker reflexes, that Dervish wouldn't have gotten that pouch off you."

"I... suppose they could have helped," Serah sighs. "All right, all right. I'll try them out. Do you have any suggestions?"

"Let me sleep on it," you say. You'll brainstorm in the morning. What upgrades could Serah use? Cat-like reflexes and balance are a musts. But what else?

"Okay. Good night!" Serah says.



You're jolted awake in the middle of the night to the ungodly snap, crackle and pop of wild magic.

You mutter curses under your breath and poke your head over your handkerchief blanket. It's coming from the foot of the bed. You flutter up and confirm what's hardly a surprise.

Dotti's magic aura is condensing around a new tail. Seems like everyone's leveling up but you these days.

You consider waking Serah up, but that would get Dotti up, too. If you remember your lessons on supernatural foxes right, they can hide extra tails from creatures without extra senses- like humans.

You grumble and try to go back to sleep, but Dotti's bursts of magic are just too loud for you to tune out.

Well, at least you have plenty of time to brainstorm mutagens for Serah...
No. 979565 ID: e7c7d3

A tentacle-arms mutagen. Great for grabbing and tossing! And nothing else
No. 979566 ID: e8e5f6

Tough skin or protective scales. Giant monster hands for punching. Chameleon mutagen for hiding if needed. Potion of Jump Good.
No. 979567 ID: b1b4f3

No. 979577 ID: 0fae41

Jotun mutagen. Bigger, tougher, stronger. Icier, too. Who needs air conditioning?
No. 979579 ID: 6f7a5a

dragon mutation would be solid, tough scales, maybe winds, resistance to elements? general power . . .
No. 979589 ID: b5fb67

Night vision!
No. 979616 ID: 094652

Enhance knockers, but creatively.
Sponges, ice cream, mouths, tentacles, all working in a strange and pleasurable tandem.
Store a potion in the secret compartment, and drink potions directly from the secret compartment!
No. 979700 ID: 23bf8a

Lets start simple, stronger bones Mutagen.
No. 979724 ID: dec718
File 160376726804.jpg - (577.26KB , 1500x2000 , Rookie Mistake.jpg )

You wake up sore. Again.

You blink the sleep from your eyes and wake up to find a pile of blueberries lying next to your head. Well, at least that's an improvement. You eat one and go back to sleep.

You wake up and stumble to the nearest reflective surface to fix your hair. It's a disaster, but whatever. You'll find a brush your size somewhere in this city.

You chow down on blueberries and consider going back to sleep, but your adventurer is missing. What's she getting herself up to now? And where is that damned fox? You don't trust Dotti out of sight.

You wander around the adventurer's guild and trail in the wake of a few fairy-less losers until you find the alchemist's lab. The door is open just enough for you to see Dotti inside, watching something with all the attention span a fox can muster.

You float inside and put a hand to your forehead.

"Oh no!" Serah squeals when she sees you enter. "C-close the door! Close it fast! CLOSE IT!"
No. 979727 ID: 6f7a5a

as a tiny fairy can you even close the door?
No. 979728 ID: b1b4f3

She doesn't look particularly mutated yet. May as well close the door and ask what's up.
...wait, were her boobs that big before? God damn it.
No. 979729 ID: b5fb67

Attempt to slam door, but get caught on door and let the slamming door propel you right between the enhanced knockers.
No. 979736 ID: 6e7a99

Looks like there's plenty of mutagen left. Ask if she's planning to supplement her income.
No. 979737 ID: 0fae41

Are ya winnin', princess?
No. 979741 ID: 094652

"I'm not casting a wind spell where there are hundreds of unstable potion flasks.

So... I think they look good on you. But next, you need to strengthen your spine."
No. 979763 ID: 735fa3

It'd be remiss not to compliment the ladies new assets.
No. 979764 ID: 9f00f4

So, bone and muscle and tendon strengthening next? You'd think you would need only one, but actually, all three work together! Especially if you don't want to bulk up overly much! Also, it will be MUCH trickier if you want to do that and also maintain buoyancy in water.
No. 979812 ID: b28c0c
File 160386027618.jpg - (373.57KB , 1125x1500 , Don't Believe Her Lies.jpg )

>You're a fairy. Can you even close the door?

You boop the door lightly. It does not move. Your work is done.

>Wait, were her boobs this big before?

You giggle and give Serah two thumbs up. "Love the new and improved yous! Nice job on the tits, girl!"

"It's not what it looks like!" Serah squeaks. "T-the mutagen is making me bigger!"

"I'll say!"

"I didn't make my boobs bigger, I swear!" Serah flushes a deep red. Her corset creaks ominously and she lets out a high-pitched noise.

"Sheah, right," you say, raising an eyebrow. "Nobody needs to guess the first thing alchemists buff."

"It's not that!" Serah cries out. "I'm getting bigger! A-and there's something itching right above my... just help me!"

"Wait a minute," you say, looking closer at Serah. You didn't notice at first, but she is growing slightly taller. "I see two flasks. What did you make?"

"Exactly what you told me to! Jotund's might and some lesser dragon armor!"

Uh-oh. You may have done some brainstorming out loud. And half-asleep.

"You put those in the same mutagen?" you ask incredulously.

"Yes!" Serah continues to grow. Her corset pops a hook and she lets out a panicked yelp.

In the corner of the lab, Dotti's gaze has gone from amused to worried. Now that's interesting. You sigh and float over to Serah. "All the useful bits cancel each other out, and you're left with the, uh, not-so-useful stuff. The good news is, it probably won't kill you."

"What's the bad news?!"

"You'll see."

Serah's corset can take no more. Its hooks pop wide open, splitting the oh-so-fashionable not-underwear down the front. Underneath she's wearing a dark, stretchy bodysuit just barely keeping up with her growth.

Serah shrieks and covers herself. "How do I stop it?!"

"Can't," you shrug. "Best course of action is to pick one and double down to overpower the other. Otherwise you'll get all the bad and none of the good."

"Which one do I drink to keep my clothes?!"

You ponder deep thoughts on how to answer this question.
No. 979813 ID: 0fae41

I dunno, maybe you should wait until the current reaction's finished before inducing more mutation.
Then lie to her and say the jotun's might.
No. 979814 ID: b1b4f3

No. 979815 ID: 6f7a5a

more Jotund juice for lulz
No. 979820 ID: c5d2fe

If you wanna keep 'the girls' at all, go with the Jotun and get used to guys trying to look up. If you want to keep your clothes but lose your lady lumps, pick the dragon armor.
No. 979823 ID: 96e04f

Double-down. This will work, you just need more.
No. 979826 ID: c09af9

I mean if you want to keep your clothes you should take them off. They're not going to hold up to much more of this. Isn't there a bedsheet or dust cover you could use instead?
No. 979829 ID: cdabe3

the obvious solution

just buy new clothes later! or not at all! they might interfere with magic you know, maybe you should just stay naked
No. 979830 ID: b5fb67

Jotund's might!
Jotund's might!
Jotund's might!
Jotund's might!
No. 979831 ID: 894419

gotta go dragon
No. 979832 ID: f28e46

Use Jotund's might. Removing clothes will just waste time and You might not even need to remove clothing if we can cancel it out quick enough
No. 979835 ID: b1b4f3

Jotun is why she's getting too big for clothing!
No. 979839 ID: 094652

"Your clothing sizes are six feet... under. Right now, you need to decide which is decidedly less image-damaging; bulging muscles, or reptilian features. I recommend the latter."
No. 979850 ID: 12b116

No. 979864 ID: e51896

Jotund's might plz.
No. 979867 ID: 9f00f4

No. 979868 ID: 0df397

Don’t be a coward, double down on both!
No. 979881 ID: bcda15

No. 979889 ID: e2dc7c

Dragon, definitely dragon.
No. 979902 ID: 12b113

Dragon. Remember the old idiom, always be yourself, unless you can be a Dragon, then always be a Dragon.
No. 979929 ID: e51896

Idea: what if whatever flask Serah doesnt drink, the fairy will have to drink instead somehow?
No. 979937 ID: b93bbf
File 160395414714.jpg - (375.08KB , 1500x1125 , Not a Thing that Will Happen.jpg )

You consider telling Serah to take the elixir of lesser dragon armor, put the whole thing in the mutagen mix and chug as much as she can. You like the idea of a dragon adventurer. Dragons are cool!

...but it'd still be a mutagen of lesser dragon armor. At best, Serah would get a bunch of scales over her vital areas, and maybe some on her face. Her arms would definitely toughen up and get scales, but no claws (what alchemist designs a mutagen that hurts their potion-making skills?). Legs? Probably some thigh armor. Chest? Probably cover up her ribs and heart.

What it would not give you is a super-cool adventurer with horns and wings and claws and those legs that bend in two places. That's a little more hardcore than anything with the word lesser in it.

You interrupt your pondering and remember Serah said something about itching, and she was grabbing her ass for some reason when you walked in. You quickly flit behind her and spy something red and shiny shimmering on the small of her back, through the tight-stretched fabric of her bodysuit. It's a dragon scale, and it's scraping away at the inside of her bodysuit!

Now you have a conundrum.

Serah continues to grow, if ever so slightly. Her bodysuit stretches tighter.

"I can't be naked in the middle of the adventurer's guild!" she whines. "I'll do anything, just save my clothes!"

Serah tugs the lower half of her too-small corset ensemble tight against herself, hoping against hope that the stretching and popping around her thighs doesn't get worse.

Dotti looks at you with an upset expression.

>Stop! Fairy time.

Mutagens: impossible to dispel, and a pain in the ass to get rid of. Fortunately, everyone's body remembers what it wants to be, and if an alchemist goes on the mother of all cleansing diets, they can reset their system in a few days. So whatever happens, if Serah needs to, she can undo it. It just won't be pretty.

You refuse to believe Serah's bountiful bosom isn't the work of the Jotund's Might mutagen... but you could be wrong, as much as you hate to admit it. Her newfound height is definitely the Joto juice, though. If Serah chugs more of the juice, she'll definitely get bigger, and she'll get rid of whatever scales she has- but there's a chance her bodysuit is stretchy enough to make it. Maybe.

If she chugs the mutagen with just lesser dragon armor, she'll probably shrink down again- but she also might grow too many scales and rub against the inside of her bodysuit.

Are you sure you want Serah to chug the Mutagen of Lesser Dragon Armor?
- Serah will lose the extra strength and size (and boobs?) of the Jotund's Might mutagen. She will lose the cold resistance too.
- Serah will gain super-tough dragon scales on her vitals and limbs, plus heat resistance.
- Chugging too much may have unintended results, but it won't turn her into an awesome dragon adventurer.
No. 979938 ID: 12b116

No. 979941 ID: b1c253

She might get cold if her suit doesn't make it. Better chug that joto juice.
No. 979942 ID: cdabe3

alas! no derg

time for more boobs jotund!
No. 979943 ID: e51896

yeah, better get her more of that joto juice. Lets go Jotund's Might

But hey, what if we instead drank the Mutagen of Lesser Dragon Armor? Think about it, dragon fairy! Has there ever been a dragon fairy before?
No. 979946 ID: 0fae41

Take that jotun juice! Serah's outfit is about to get a whole lot more breezy.
No. 979948 ID: b1b4f3

Okay let's look at this logically.
1, she asked to save her clothes. Currently, she believes her clothes are being destroyed because she's getting too big. So if you tell her to drink jotun and she gets BIGGER, she will not be grateful. She will feel the opposite of gratitude, in fact. If it turns out the scales are sharp enough to damage her clothes too then she will at least understand that it was unavoidable. Also I don't expect the scales to completely destroy her clothes.
2, the physical benefits of jotun potion aren't that great for an alchemist. strength isn't super useful when you have no combat skills. Size is inconvenient in some situations and may interfere with alchemy. Also, if she gets too big, she won't be able to fit into any of her SPARE clothes.
3, we have noone who can take a hit. Dragonscale armor will allow her to at least stand in the way of attacks directed at the smaller party members without worrying too much (and encourage clothing damage, for those of you who can only think with your dicks)
4, heat resistance is more useful than cold resistance. Fire is just more common than ice or snow, and clothing layers can protect against cold attacks. Though, to be honest, I suspect we could just get the other resistance type from magical items or buff potions if we need it, so it doesn't matter much.
5, just because it's a LESSER dragon mutation right now doesn't mean we can't upgrade it later, if we invest further in mutations. I presume the same can be said of the jotun mutation, but that means she'll get even bigger, and there are definite problems with getting too big.

So, yeah. I'm sticking with my dragon vote.
No. 979949 ID: b1b4f3

...huh, that's a good option too.
No. 979961 ID: 094652

Let's test out dragon knockers knuckles.
No. 979976 ID: 79b14f

Chug way too much Jotund then. The bigger the better.
No. 979980 ID: bcda15

No. 979981 ID: 6f7a5a

No. 979995 ID: b5fb67

Wait no, sticking with Jotund!
No. 979996 ID: abb12d

Changing my vote to dragon
But lets have fairy drink jotund juice
No. 980066 ID: 735fa3

Gotta go Jotund. She ain't going to want scales on her assets. S
No. 980067 ID: 7f1230


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