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File 159564759789.png - (313.05KB , 1106x622 , 000.png )
973103 No. 973103 ID: 5a5548

this quest is (obviously) nsfw. it contains clothing damage, sex, and ogres.

the mysterious Sexy Dungeon has stood undefeated for eons, tempting adventurers with bottomless stores of earthly wealth and the seductive allure of carnal pleasures, but never has a lucky soul managed to reach the bottom level of the labyrinth. all challengers to the earthen tunnels of lust have been struck low and surrendered themselves to the advances of the dungeon sentries.

one such group of intrepid explorers enters the dungeon now, in search of treasure, glory in battle, or perhaps something more... intimate in nature...
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No. 979419 ID: d32d73
File 160355993649.png - (379.97KB , 1497x670 , 037.png )

the party mops up the remaining enemies in the optimal way.
Rhea regains her hit points through life steal, Vashti regains their hit points through Harpe's healing along with a health potion. the two defeated imps drop an additional health potion, which Aisha uses to heal herself.

the imps are defeated!

the party gains:
Coatl Chili poultice(x1): the next damaging attack this character uses deals double damage, and this character takes half the damage they deal.
Eros Coin (x1): this strange golden coin depicting a bovine goddess with a penis can be exchanged with denizens of the dungeon for services and items.

as the imps are defeated, the portcullis on the other end of the bridge unlocks and raises. the wooden door on this side of the bridge remains closed.
No. 979420 ID: d32d73
File 160356065663.png - (339.06KB , 1500x1105 , 038.png )

"you little shit!" Rhea grabs one of the defeated imps by the horns and lifts it up, "you scratched my armor! I'm gonna pull your fucking arms off!"

"no, you're not." Aisha scolds, "the battle is over, now we let the losers regroup and retreat."

"that's not happening." Rhea replies, "we won, that means we get whatever spoils we want. hey, prick, you ever choke on a gnoll chode before?"

"we are not taking advantage of our foes when they are vulnerable." Aisha chastises.

"I'm inclined to agree, "Vashti says, tucking their cock back into their silk shorts, "though I admit I'm considering tossing this one over the bridge."

Vashti motions to the Imp that pulled their panties free and exposed them. they sigh, "but Aisha is right."

"uhm." Harpe squeaks, "I think it would be better to do what Aisha says, m-ma'am..."

Rhea huffs, "fine. no raping our captives."

the party is opposed to sexual assault against defeated enemies. Rhea speaks Abyssian so she can interrogate the imps, or the party can elect to banish them, or something else.
No. 979423 ID: dbd72b

Rhea, nice job establishing Bad Cop. See if you can get some info out of these imps.

They should be scared of you, but the rest of the party will make any offers of mercy credible
No. 979424 ID: ccf517

Interrogate the imp using our charms.
No. 979428 ID: 6f7a5a

strip imps use clothing to tie them up
No. 979454 ID: 15a025

Interrogate the imps. See if we can't find out if there's any traps to watch out for ahead/
No. 979610 ID: 40a125

Even if the party agrees to not abuse the imps, the imps don't know that. Communicating such a policy is Rhea's decision. Maybe it's best to let them think otherwise for the time being.
No. 979633 ID: 094652

Keep in mind that the imp knows they have some layer of protection - in this case, if you kill him, he goes back to Hell. So if you're going to threaten him Bad-Cop style, you need to make the threat a solid, permanent change to his Hell-Terra-Hell lifestyle.
No. 981097 ID: d32d73
File 160550148418.png - (259.41KB , 1500x1250 , 039.png )

"Harpe, let's try to puzzle out this door." Aisha says, "Vashti. you keep an eye on these imps, and Rhea. I'm trusting you to be responsible."

Vashti beams, hot in the cheeks, "yes, of course!"

Aisha and Harpe leave to check on the door's lock mechanism. Rhea and Vashti stay behind to watch the imps.

"you know." Rhea sniffs.

"hm?" Vashti perks a brow, trying to keep arms reach away from both the imps and the Gnolless.

"it would be very responsible to neutralize the threat of these imps. you know..."
No. 981098 ID: d32d73
File 160550166517.png - (274.33KB , 1500x1250 , 040.png )

"detain them?" Rhea grins.

"what do you have in mind?" Vashti questions.

"we should get them tied up, and make sure they aren't hiding weapons."

"oh?" Vashti smirks, trying not to look too excited. in reality they are still quite angry with the diminutive ne'er-do-wells.

"yeah!" Rhea huffs, "let's get these little piggies tied up!"
No. 981099 ID: d32d73
File 160550188020.png - (275.42KB , 1500x1011 , 041.png )

Rhea grabs an imp by the horns and pulls him up. he flails and curses in abyssal as Rhea squeals in delight, "Ok kitty cat get his panties off!"

"o-oh my!" Vashti gasps as they unveil the Imp's plump package. they try not to show too much surprise. this is, in fact, the first time Vashti has seen anyone naked, other than the other Kurgarra, and that was in a very clinical, clerical context.

the Kurgarra tries to hide their arousal as Rhea hog ties the imps, still yowling and protesting as the Gnolless cackles.
No. 981100 ID: d32d73
File 160550242248.png - (469.23KB , 1500x1250 , 042.png )

the Imps, used to being bullied by the larger daemons, are suitably calmer when they are properly bound. they wriggle and protest as the two adventurers oggle them.

"not so fun being made a spectacle, is it?" Vashti taunts.

"yeah I'll make a proper marauder out of you yet." Rhea chuckles. Vashit had been making an effort to hide their enthusiasm so far, but Rhea could tell the priest was having a blast. the Gnolless hadn't considered Vashti a good match for her, but she considers the possibility of bullying Vashti like she bullies Harpe.

Rhea turns her attention to the imps, and speaks in Abyssal.

"Listen up, cock sleeves. I'm gonna ask you a few questions, and you'll answer them, or else."

"no scared." the imp replies, "back to hell, we go."

this is true. the imps will just be banished back to hell if Rhea roughs them up too much. they can go back any time they want to, actually, though imps like staying in the material world because they get bullied less than they do in hell.

Rhea ponders her options. what questions does she ask, and how should she try to get them to cooperate?
No. 981101 ID: ca2950

Start jacking them all off, but don't let them cum until they tell you what you want to know.

Then still don't let them cum.
No. 981103 ID: b1b4f3

Maybe you can offer to show them your boobs in exchange for info?
No. 981104 ID: 300d0e

Threaten to brainwash them with happy thoughts so their lords will punish them for empathizing with the enemy.

With this.
No. 981105 ID: 586e0a

I'd like to learn if they know what's in the next room or if there's any hidden secrets full of fat loot
No. 981107 ID: bb78f2

You know, I've come up with a reasonable loophole for Aisha's requirements regarding sexual stuff with foes.
Technically, engaging in a fight is a form of consent so long as there is an able escape for the ATTACKED party, and the ATTACKEE party establishes consent by attacking the ATTACKED party.

Ergo, Rhea, the imps have already consented. No doubt they would have done lewd things to us had we lost and not fled. This logic is CLEARLY the same logic the imps operate on, so, yeah no they signed a contract when they attacked you first with lewd things on their mind. This won't hold up in MOST courts of law, except maybe abyssal law, which hey... guess who's the champion of demonic law? It's YOU, Demonic Paladin!

Edge them! Edge them until they talk!
No. 981111 ID: b6e369

Step on them to threaten them/in exchange for information
No. 981120 ID: e85a08

Ask them what they summoned, if anything
No. 981121 ID: 5b0071

Of course there's also the spite angle. The rest of the dungeon won't shed a tear about them being banished to hell. Why protect them?
No. 981136 ID: be43f1

Harpe: be extremely intimidated by all this but also turned on seeing Vashti and Rhea bully others
No. 981216 ID: 598c94

Ask them about hidden doors, treasures, teleporters, info on the enemies ahead, any savepoints, etc.

In exchange we can offer...
- to dispose of the large demons that bullied them
- to undress
- boob touching
- Harpe's milk
- spanking and domination for that teal imp that seems to enjoy being tied up
- pleasing any other weird fetishes they might have
No. 985556 ID: d32d73
File 161051249725.png - (1.45MB , 1208x1213 , 043.png )

"alright you little shitheads." Rhea speaks in Abyssal, [/b]"I need information and you need to not get your little cocks stomped. so what'll it be?"[/b]

the imps mutter amongst themselves for a few seconds before one of them says, "your friend has a perfect ass."

"yeah?" Rhea smirks, "they do. what about it?"

"you want us to talk? we want a show."

Rhea nods, then turns to Vashti, "ok kitty cat. these dipshits are eating out of my hand. all I need is a pasty and I can make these fuckers sing."

"a-a patsy?" Vashti stammers, "ok! who do we-"
No. 985557 ID: d32d73
File 161051315002.png - (1.90MB , 1500x1502 , 044.png )

Vashti jumps in shock as the heavy brass plates clatter to the ground. the Gnolless pulls off her armor and her shabby tunic to reveal her massive form. Rhea strips down to her loin cloth and sits down on a piece of rubble. Vashti gasps, their face bright red, and their body tingling. the Gnolless huffs and pats her lap expectantly. Vashti is unsure why, but they are compelled to hop up on the Paladin's knee.

Rhea puts her massive arm around Vashti, who feels rather helpless and small.

"I'm the patsy?" they squeak.

"alright boys, what kind of show you looking to see?"

the imps howl and chitter excitedly at the two adventurers. Vashti leans into Rhea nervously.

"Rhea!" they gasp ,"you're not gonna make me-?"

Rhea grins, her toothy maw just inches from Vashti's soft neck, "nah. you're not tenderized enough for a good gnoll fucking. not yet."

Vashti nods, gulping. the smell of gnollish booze wafting from Rhea's mouth.

the Imps start to hurl commands to Rhea, and she does as they command.

[what do the imps command from the adventurers? Vashti will refuse sex, but can be coerced to be played with, caressed, or teased by Rhea for the entertainment of the demons. remember, this is only to gain information!]
No. 985558 ID: 12b116

lick eyeball
No. 985559 ID: 16ae2d

No. 985560 ID: c09f5e

They said ass, so show off and fondle dat ass.
No. 985562 ID: b1b4f3

Imps want sexy poses, obviously.
No. 985563 ID: 162db5

Hand holding, Duh.
(Kitty Cat should get a grope in.)
No. 985564 ID: e8bee9

this tbh fam
No. 985571 ID: 5ec3f5

Demand that the adventurers propose to marry each other and accept.
No. 985572 ID: f8fa51

Rhea breastfeeding Vashti, or pretending to if she's dry.
No. 985578 ID: f505e7

I would like to see gnoll ass if possible and maybe some frottage
No. 985610 ID: 094652

Slide Vashti up and down holding nothing but her dick. Vocalize a squeaky water pump.
No. 985613 ID: 348d00

Rhea, put that gnoll physique to use and scare vashti a little. Make a show of lifting her up and licking at her. Put a finger in her mouth and tell her to "get it ready," or something to that effect. Once she does so, lift one of her legs up, and show her off.
No. 985672 ID: 5b0071

Hot-dogging and size comparison
No. 985782 ID: d32d73
File 161079752425.png - (0.99MB , 954x969 , 045.png )

"hop up, kitty kitty." Rhea orders, and Vashti reluctantly does as they are told. they show off their butt to the imps, who perk up and give a spirited cheer. Vashti's face burns and they quickly tuck their tail between their legs.

"whoa, hey." Rhea grimaces, "you're supposed to be putting on a show. start showing."

"I-!" Vashti whispers, "I can't just show r-random people my... i-it's humiliating!"

"hrmm." Rhea thinks for a second, "oh! I think I have an idea! yeah, let me see if I can help!"

"o-oh!" Vashti smiles, "thank you."

No. 985783 ID: d32d73
File 161079772314.png - (1.05MB , 1140x980 , 046.png )

"MMMROOOOOUWWWWW!" Vashti yowls and sinks their claws deep into Rhea's hide, they hiss and snarl, and sink deeper into Rhea's cleavage. their legs shudder, and a stead stream of precum leaks from them. their voice cracks, and wilts, and their objections die in their throat, replaced by a quiet, nearly inaudible purring.
No. 985785 ID: d32d73
File 161079805643.png - (676.82KB , 911x655 , 047.png )

"hey see? not so shy anymore, huh?"

Vashti can't answer. they can only shiver and purr, kneading their paws into Rhea's neck.

"ok, superstar, the boys need more cake, let's get cookin'."

No. 985787 ID: d32d73
File 161079859151.png - (756.57KB , 1061x940 , 048.png )

"y-yes ma'am" Vashti mutters, lost in the afterglow, "er-wh- Rhea what are you doing?"

Rhea picks the Lionalla up with little effort, and puts them in her lap, sliding them up to meet at the crotch, Rhea's shaft already stiff and thickly standing in a manner Vashti could only think to see as threatening. the Lionalla's prick looks positively harmless sized up to the Gnoll's weaponry. more precum continues to leak out, to the humiliated Priest's great horror. it drips and smears onto Rhea's member, and the slow but deliberate motions the Paladin keeps making to rub herself against the dismayed Kurgarra causes the two rods to mingle and exchange essence.

"you're a messy little thing, aren't you?" Rhea grins.

"I'm sorry!" Vashti gasps, "I- it...! I've never done this before!"

No. 985788 ID: d32d73
File 161079911450.png - (876.81KB , 1130x1084 , 049.png )

Rhea picks the Lionalla up, this time she does so in an intentionally ridiculous way, much to the jeering satisfation of the audience. she hefts the Lionalla up like a misbehaving pet, putting a firm grasp around their midsection and an other supporting their legs. she flips vashti over, and pulls one leg up to display the priest to the crowd of demons.

"jeez. look at you!" Rhea snorts, "well, let's get you cleaned up."

"Rhea let's not do- Augh stop!" Vashti shouts in a panic as Rhea leans in, showing her long tongue and grinning. despite the struggling of the priest, and their pleas, Rhea places her tongue at the base of Vashti's shaft and slowly slides it up the length, to the end of their still rather soft penis, then continues up their belly, until she reaches the mortified cat's pierced nipple. Rhea giggles in a truly malicious way as they swallow Vashti's coerced ejaculate.

the imps, needless to say, are very pleased with the performance.

No. 985789 ID: d32d73
File 161079920673.png - (323.91KB , 1500x591 , 050.png )

the Imps, before being their bond to the material plane is broken, show Rhea and Vashti the secret mechanism to open the portcullis, unlocking the secret room
No. 985790 ID: 8caac5

Vashti x rhea is way too kawaii. Vashti in general. Let's proceed into the D U N G E O N
No. 985791 ID: 95147e

secret room! secret room!
No. 985805 ID: b1b4f3

No. 985812 ID: c09f5e

So how is Aisha X Harpe working out? What are/were they doing?

Tempting to split the party. Secret rooms this early are either free loot or challenge rooms (often with "free" loot). They should know to run away from the latter if it's too tough.
No. 985819 ID: 15a025

Adventure into the secret room!
No. 985839 ID: 5b0071

Secret rooom
but don't split the party.
No. 985850 ID: e8bee9

No. 985851 ID: 094652

Remember, your enemies showed you their secret stash. Test the secret room for traps.
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