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File 159564759789.png - (313.05KB , 1106x622 , 000.png )
973103 No. 973103 ID: 5a5548

this quest is (obviously) nsfw. it contains clothing damage, sex, and ogres.

the mysterious Sexy Dungeon has stood undefeated for eons, tempting adventurers with bottomless stores of earthly wealth and the seductive allure of carnal pleasures, but never has a lucky soul managed to reach the bottom level of the labyrinth. all challengers to the earthen tunnels of lust have been struck low and surrendered themselves to the advances of the dungeon sentries.

one such group of intrepid explorers enters the dungeon now, in search of treasure, glory in battle, or perhaps something more... intimate in nature...
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No. 973323 ID: 6931f1

Rhea knows what's up. Make a list of body fluids and try filling the basin with them one by one.
No. 973325 ID: ee6883

Rhea, kiss harpe. Don't bother asking for permission shes cool with it
No. 973385 ID: 5a5548
File 159591140757.png - (1.14MB , 2956x2156 , 004.png )

"sounds like a kiss." Rhea says.

"I thought you were sitting this puzzle out." Aisha retorts.

"I was until it sounded like I could get a mouthful of girl."

"I'll get to work on this chest." Vashti mutters as they lean over the thing and take a look at the lock.

"a- a kiss?" Harpe squeaks out, "so two of use will need to... kiss?"

"yup." Rhea nods, "I mean, probably. maybe. anyway, how about it?"

"oh. you mean me?" Harpe gasps, "I uhm..."
No. 973386 ID: 5a5548
File 159591177267.png - (1.17MB , 2862x2120 , 005.png )

"I wasn't really wanting an answer, prey." Rhea roughly grabs the Vexa's collar and lifts her up. Harpe's hooves dangle below her as the Gnoll brings her up to meet her, nose to nose, she can feel her hot breath on her snout, and the smell of powerful spirits tickles her nose with each breath.

"you smell good, prey." Rhea taunts, "after we kiss I might want to gobble you up."

Harpe nervously laughs in response. she's aroused and terrified in equal measure from the rough handling by the Paladin.

"uhm. hey." the Lionall calls out, "this chest is-"

Rhea cuts her off, "ok morsel, open wide."
No. 973387 ID: 5a5548
File 159591199481.png - (1.22MB , 2862x2120 , 006.png )

the Gnoll's tongue invades Harpe's mouth, pushing deep into her maw. the feeling, along with the drink in her saliva, is intoxicating for the normally sober mage. the Paladin is sloppy with her kissing, dripping spit and taking harsh breaths through her nose as she continues to intrude into Harpe, who is more than happy to oblige her.

"h-hey!" the Kurgarra yells, "I need help!"
No. 973388 ID: bb78f2

oh that's some bullshit
who puts a mimic first room in the first level of a dungeon
Ok tank beat its ass! One of you, anyway
No. 973389 ID: 5a5548
File 159591232281.png - (895.33KB , 3000x2500 , 007.png )

"the chest is traahhhh" the Kurgarra attempts to speak but the chest has morphed into an Adolescent Mimic!

the creature has pheromones in its oily skin that relaxes its prey. Vashti's speech slows and slurs, as the creature's sticky tendrils grasp and squeeze. they pull their armor and clothing away, revealing their bare flesh, and pull the Lionall's head forward.

"wow, you're beautiful!" the mimic says, "do you have a boyfriend? can I be your boyfriend? is that ok? you can tell me if it's not ok!"

"ahhhhh..." Vashti moans as the creature continues to grip and massage their body.

"wow! I've got a cute Lionall girlfriend! we should go out! when are you free? we should go on a date!"
No. 973390 ID: 5a5548
File 159591240642.png - (938.02KB , 3000x2500 , 008.png )

"we should date right now!"

No. 973393 ID: 094652

Aisha, are you going to stab something yet?
No. 973394 ID: c1aec2

Uh oh, I think we should get the footman who might have been watching to try and end that mimic and help out Vashti
No. 973399 ID: 62e4df

Seriously, beat the hell off out of that mimic. Remember, mimics are sticky, so try to use ranged attacks if at all possible.
No. 973403 ID: 6931f1

Tell the mimic that his face is so ugly that only his mother could love him. Also that you're taken and that he's not your type. Altho... you'd be fine with a date if he made it worth your while, if he had some gold or rare items.
No. 973404 ID: efab48

Aisha, you know how this will end. She's going to be kidnapped when this is over.
Tell the gnoll to knock it off.

Vashti, let him run with it until you see an opening and take it. You're the guy/gal to call when it comes to flip the tables.
No. 973405 ID: 6a569c

Vashti, politely explain to the chest your culture's views on gender!
No. 973407 ID: b1b4f3

Wait, does fucking a mimic count as part of the "vastness of experience" Vashti seeks?
No. 973419 ID: dbd72b

someone nearby should probably hit the mimic
No. 973495 ID: e85a08

Make it a double date.
No. 973673 ID: 15a025

Vashti, use the only weapon you've access to right now: Your mouth. Bite that thing as hard as you can.
Aisha: Get up to that chest and Pommel it!
No. 973857 ID: b5ac3f
File 159661287798.png - (702.29KB , 2000x744 , 009.png )


Enemy Turn:
Adolescent Mimic attacks Vashti, slapping them hard against the cheek with a Paralytic tentacle. it deals 2 damage and stuns Vashti.

Party turn:
[Vashti is stunned]

[Stun: a stunned character can move, but can not take any actions for one turn, additionally, some characters have special attacks or effects that can only be done against stunned opponents.]

[Combat basics: each group takes their actions all at once. unless ambushed, the party will have the first turn.
each turn each character can move and do an action, move twice, or do an action.
a character can move in any cardinal direction, using one space of movement, they may not move diagonally.
a character can also face left or right, but not up or down. position and face carefully, as many creatures within the dungeon may take a turned back as an invitation to attack.]
No. 973858 ID: b5ac3f

[Stun Addendum: when moving while stunned, a character may not take a second move action.]
No. 973859 ID: b1b4f3
File 159661444161.png - (233.15KB , 1000x372 , plan.png )

Okay, Vashti should pull back since she can't do anything and moving doesn't penalize actions at all. I'm guessing we can't heal her armor but let's move up the empath anyway.
...wait, Sunglare can be cast every round?

Vashti does nothing
Harpe casts Sunglare at the mimic
Rhea does nothing because she's slow and can't reach the mimic
Aisha smites the mimic
No. 973860 ID: f8fa51

What I'm seeing is that damage is done first to armour, and then to health, so Vashti currently has 4/4 health and 1/3 armour. If someone attacked her for 2 again, she would have 3/4 health and 0/3 armour. Is that correct? That being the case, can healing heal armour?

Seconding this.

I'm guessing the reason sunglare can be used every round is because it does no damage and there's probably going to be more than one enemy more often than not. That, or it's a typo.
No. 973863 ID: e19a40

Rhea will end up behind Harpe? Rhea should be going to the place Vashti is moving toward or further forward if she can. Vashti should go to the left of where Harpe is planing to go.
Also that is a lot of actions. Won't the mimic also move forward during it?
No. 973873 ID: dbd72b

Vashti move up 1 and away 2, since movement
Aisha get in there, pommel
Rhea move 2 closer
Harpe move up behind and cast mummer's warmth on Vashti

Can we attack up/down/diagonally? Can BfL/Sappara be cast over allies safely?
No. 973876 ID: c8edab

Harpe is out of range for Sunglare
Aisha is out of range for Smite

Vashti can only move by 1 (as mentioned in >>973858)
Aisha is out of range for Pommel
Harpe is out of range for Mummer's
No. 973880 ID: dbd72b

I think the green boot in their stats is movement, unless it means something else
No. 973883 ID: c8edab

Oh. You may be right. It's not written anywhere what those stats mean. In that case, it's also likely that currently our healing has no effect, since healing can't heal armor, but only life.
No. 973898 ID: b1b4f3

>each group takes their actions all at once
All our units move and act at the same time, then the mimic gets a turn.
No. 973908 ID: c8edab

>they have a 1/3 chance to be victim to a lewd action

I'm voting for everyone doing nothing ;)
No. 973957 ID: b5ac3f
File 159669316444.png - (316.85KB , 987x557 , 010.png )

Player Turn:
Vashti recovers from Stun
Harpe uses Sunglare. the Adolescent Mimic is stunned.
Aisha uses Smite, dealing 4 damage to the Mimic.

the mimic is defeated
No. 973958 ID: b5ac3f
File 159669340445.png - (383.46KB , 1500x1250 , 011.png )


"AUGH! MY SHELL!" the Mimic cries out, "I JUST WANTED A GIRLFRIEND!"

"you've got hands to spare." Aisha grunts, "now slither away, bottom feeder."

the Mimic scuttles away, leaving the shards of the chest behind, and slips into a crack in the wall and out of sight.

"hey dipshit you let the enemy go." Rhea barks.

"I'm not going to kill a child." Aisha replies, "and that thing seemed barely a year old."
No. 973959 ID: b5ac3f
File 159669372676.png - (434.08KB , 1500x1563 , 012.png )

"Vashti are you alright?" Harpe gasps as she looks at the Lionall. they have a bruise in the shape of a tentacle across their face, and their make up has smeared from the slimy excretion.

the Lionall exhales sharply from their half swollen nose, "...I'm intact."

[characters are unable to use abilities outside of combat. this includes healing abilities, however, items the party picks up can be used at any time, and require no action. there are various campsites within the dungeon, and using the campsite will replenish all characters to full health and armor, as well as allowing for special scenes between characters.]
No. 973960 ID: b5ac3f
File 159669402656.png - (304.15KB , 987x557 , 013.png )

the party regroups, Vashti pulls their top back over their breasts, and they begin to continue looking for a way to open that door.
No. 973962 ID: b1b4f3

Anything in the shell?
If not, I guess... take a closer look at the statues.
No. 973964 ID: 4286b4

We successfully avoided lewds. I'm not sure if this is a good or a bad thing.

Resume trying out body fluids in the basin.
No. 973968 ID: 094652

Grab the chest which was used as a shell, and pour the mimic's sweat into the basin.
No. 974015 ID: 9f8373

Place some sort of item in the stone basin? The inscription seems to be asking for something freely given. I think the inscription answer might be love instead of a kiss also. No idea how to give love though.
No. 974060 ID: b5ac3f
File 159678385558.png - (309.49KB , 1500x1142 , 014.png )

"we still have a door to open." Aisha says, staring at the solid oak of the door, "it must have something to do with that basin."

"well I frenched the courtesan fawn, and that didn't work." Rhea replies.

"hmm. it does seem to be a kiss that answers the riddle. or perhaps love." Aisha remarks, tapping her gauntletted hand against her chin.

"well I don't know what you'd call what I did other than that."

"I'd call it a breach of your chivalric vow and assault upon a woman of the cloth." Aisha barks.

"hmhmhm. she tastes like candy, too." Rhea grins.

"you're a villain." the Footknight declares.

"I'm a Gnoll." Rhea replies.

"so a kiss, not stolen but as an act of love." Aisha says finally, "anyone here feeling particularly close?"

the party is silent for a few moments.

"I uhm." Harpe stammers, "I'll search the chest for supplies."

as she quietly digs through the rubble of the mimic's shell, the other three turn back to each other.

"any ideas?" Aisha asks.

the party determines they need to pour a liquid into the basin. it needs to conform to the riddle. it does seem likely to involve a kiss, but past that they can't be sure.

Holy Water(x1): use to cure a character of debuffs and grant immunity to debuffs until the end of combat.
Coffee Bean(x1): used to give a character an extra turn. they act out their second turn directly after the party turn.
No. 974063 ID: b1b4f3

>"from beloved we do take communion to purchase ourselves a place in paradise. stolen often, but worthlessly so. only given freely does this currency have value."
A kiss freely given. Just blow a kiss into the basin?
No. 974065 ID: 094652

Wait, we need to trace back the roots of the word 'kiss'; more specifically, where does kissing come from? Why do people do it?

We can inference that the motions used to kiss are the same as the motions used to suckle. My hypothesis is that the act came from manipulating feelings of motherly comfort through an equal gesture.


Got milk.
No. 974066 ID: 1412e5

Kurgarra and Empath, start nursing at Rheas big mommy milkers
No. 974067 ID: cdabe3

This is the best plan
No. 974068 ID: 745eba

Hey, Harpe's the one tagged with lactation here. If they're going to suckle anyone tits clearly it should be her
No. 974069 ID: 66b64a

Harpe, its time to provide your motherly provisions for your teammates to sup.
No. 974070 ID: 980f35

The most motherly is Aisha here
No. 974071 ID: f8fa51

Why are we all on milk? It's not "worthlessly" stolen. It's frequently stolen for a great deal of worth, in fact. It's got to be love or kisses.
No. 974075 ID: 4286b4

The answer to the puzzle is "love", but there are many ways one can show that. The reason kisses might not have worked is probably because none of the saliva fell into the basin.

That said, maybe Harpe has a spell that can cause lactation :B
No. 974076 ID: 12b116

both people probably have to want to kiss for it to work so it's not "worthlessly stolen,"(and they need to slobber into the basin while they do?) that being said, milk is by far the more entertaining option and therefore what should be attempted here. Harpe please release ur tiddies.
No. 974079 ID: dbd72b

First shot is saliva after a kiss, but maybe make the consent more clear this time, since the statement seems to emphasize it.
No. 974157 ID: 8fab7a

Women do not usually lactate at the drop of a hat. Certain things may change that, but I doubt Harpe can do so right now.

At least try to kiss again and let some saliva drip into the basin this time. And hey, let Harpe lead this time. She's more likely to make it... lovey enough, if that's a requirement.
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