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File 159361850203.png - (475.44KB , 2405x1573 , bmq_0.png )
971193 No. 971193 ID: 55dc57

You are a Bergman, a standard-bearer of your lord's castle. Or at least you were one.
Your last regal employer was caught in some less than loyal business, and you didn't survive the lordly break-up.
Now without a job, or a roof over over your head, you assess your future employment.
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No. 987091 ID: 6e4236

A giant mouse attacks!
No. 987095 ID: e7c7d3

Until a giant rock crashes through the wall. We're under siege!
No. 987098 ID: a82d0a
File 161264203672.png - (167.17KB , 1174x758 , bmq_39.png )

Nothing. Yeah, you wouldn't think being out... whatever time you were out for would take such a toll on your body. Clearly your body hasn't been moving for a while.
> Find a way to get your feet up to your chains, then push until they bend out.
>Go after the something, not the chains.
Your body may tired, but your eyes are fully awake. You may have a little idea about what to do with the bracket.
name in the wrong field lol
No. 987105 ID: a82d0a
File 161264744063.png - (250.33KB , 1182x761 , bmq_40.png )

You should be resting, but anytime spent not doing anything is time closer to seeing your captor. Mustering up all the strength you can, you pull your arm back and maneuver your foot in a position to put tension on the chain. Doing so, the bracket begins to move into your direction.
No. 987229 ID: 12b116

Keep pushin'! Give it your all!
No. 987260 ID: 894419

No. 987351 ID: a82d0a
File 161280029399.png - (185.26KB , 1182x761 , bmq_41.png )

Breaking the chain off the hinges, your right hand is finally free from restraints!
No. 987352 ID: a82d0a
File 161280051781.png - (317.52KB , 1203x755 , bmq_42.png )

As arduous as that first labor was, there was still the left chain to deal with; there was no time to waste even if you have little energy left. Mustering up all the remaining strength you had, you... remember that bearats were never that big...
No. 987356 ID: 6e4236

Whip the critter away with the broken chain. show it that you are no tasty treat.
No. 987361 ID: 612369

Castlevania style! Let's do this!
No. 987916 ID: a82d0a
File 161323407815.png - (268.99KB , 1198x772 , bmq_43.png )

>Whip the critter away with the broken chain. show it that you are no tasty treat.
Determined not to go down in history as the first man to be eaten by a bearat, you lunge the broken bracket towards the monster, defiantly showing your force against an inverted food chain.
No. 987919 ID: a82d0a
File 161323478835.png - (134.21KB , 1198x772 , bmq_44.png )

Unfortunately in your adrenaline rush, you seemed to have forgotten just how much break your hand free took out of you.
No. 987943 ID: a5d106

Yell right into its ear. That will hurt!
No. 987949 ID: 2f1e7c

No. 988504 ID: a82d0a
File 161374840399.png - (147.39KB , 1216x771 , bmq_45.png )

>Yell right into its ear. That will hurt!
In one last bid to fight back, you decide to screaming directly towards the bearat, hoping to startle it in a desperate bid for dominance.
No. 988505 ID: a82d0a
File 161374847945.png - (91.45KB , 1187x763 , bmq_46.png )

The bearat is more confused than scared by this, stopping before starting to move again.
No. 988506 ID: a82d0a
File 161374864268.png - (150.84KB , 1187x763 , bmq_47.png )

Seemingly making up its mind, the bearat's maw opens wide and moves closer towards you...
No. 988516 ID: a858ae

Shift yourself at the last second so that it bites down on the chain instead.
No. 989264 ID: a2507c

Whip its uvula with the broken chain. Doge incoming vomit.
No. 989468 ID: 0fae41

Pummel that punching bag.
No. 991749 ID: a82d0a
File 161599237094.png - (135.33KB , 1177x761 , bmq_48.png )

>Whip its uvula with the broken chain. Doge incoming vomit.
>Pummel that punching bag.
Time was of the essence! Survival was on the line! Your life wasn't worth to be wasted on such wimpy excuses like being tired! In one last desperate struggle you move trying to lift the chain to once again attempt to scare the bearat.
No. 991750 ID: a82d0a
File 161599249248.png - (104.87KB , 1175x754 , bmq_49.png )

However in that last second of movement, your body positions itself out of the momentum of the bearat, the creature now gnaws at the chain. This is probably an easier method of escape.
No. 991751 ID: 19da02

pet its nose and tell it it is a good boy
No. 991785 ID: 0fae41

Don't interrupt his special chew time. When you're free, get up on his back.
No. 997943 ID: a82d0a

> pet its nose and tell it it is a good boy
You congratulate the good boy(?)... girl? Whatever, as long as it's not eating you, with the added benefit of aiding in your escape you might as well be forever in its debt.
No. 997944 ID: a82d0a
File 161953121415.png - (143.75KB , 1206x770 , bmq_50.png )

forgot the image lul
No. 998039 ID: e26b34

Ride the noble bear-rat. How long did that swanky beard take to grow in anyway?
No. 998278 ID: a82d0a
File 161969421542.png - (218.73KB , 1191x764 , bmq_51.png )

>Ride the noble bear-rat
Finally free from your bonds, you leap onto the animal, triumphant in your liberation. Now all you need figure out is where you need to go.
>How long did that swanky beard take to grow in anyway?
You... don't know. You've grown out your facial before but never something like this, so it obviously must have taken SOME time. One moment you were with Gail going to get something for Ingrid, the next you wake up tied against a wall. Which reminded, where were they?
No. 998454 ID: 0fae41

Right now, the only place to go is out of this dungeon. Maybe far away from whatever's on top of the dungeon too.
Wizards must be to blame.
No. 1001356 ID: a82d0a
File 162168053821.png - (151.33KB , 1203x752 , bmq_52.png )

>Right now, the only place to go is out of this dungeon. Maybe far away from whatever's on top of the dungeon too.
Of course! And now, with your new trusty steed, you can traverse your prison and find a way out. Before you are able to do that however, you notice the door all away along the other side of the room beginning to open.
No. 1001411 ID: 0fae41

Stay low and perhaps you'll pass unnoticed in its fur.
No. 1002618 ID: a82d0a
File 162283265642.png - (514.58KB , 1192x1538 , bmq_53-54.png )

>Stay low and perhaps you'll pass unnoticed in its fur.
Bearats are normally docile rodents. Their size means that they're not used to being used as mounts but it's unlikely that it would try and buck you off like an unruly stallion. However, with an unknown entity now entering your prison, you feel it best to hide yourself until you know for certain that it's on your side. The outdoor light coming obscures any particular feature, but what it does betray is that the figure is colossal.
No. 1002636 ID: 9d29cf

Realise you might have been shrunk by a wizard.
Hide and see what the big person does.
No. 1004006 ID: a82d0a
File 162449440883.png - (214.98KB , 1183x759 , bmq_55.png )

>Realise you might have been shrunk by a wizard.
First, the capaciousness of your prison. Then, the unusual magnitude of your newfound rodent steed. Now, a titanic being has entered the picture. All of these signs point to one obvious conclusion: something - or someone - has shrunken you. The last thing you remember was going into a supply cupboard with Gail to help Ingrid with a witch. But surely her power couldn't have such reach?
>Hide and see what the big person does.
Unless any sparks of genius can be ignited in your mind, you have no good way of directly interacting with the giant. For the time being, this is your best decision.
No. 1005037 ID: e799e4

Well then observe what this mysterious fellow is doing.
No. 1005252 ID: a82d0a
File 162591413146.png - (98.13KB , 1196x760 , bmq_56.png )

>observe what this mysterious fellow is doing
No. 1005253 ID: a82d0a
File 162591439920.png - (167.73KB , 1186x762 , bmq_57.png )

After a rough ride alongside the giant, you hear something that sounds a lot like the opening of a door. The boot has now stopped and it appears it has reached its final destination. What do you do now?
We're now Ingrid again.
No. 1005384 ID: c03aee

Get out before she takes off her shoes and scout the new area.
No. 1005494 ID: a82d0a
File 162616899911.png - (317.01KB , 2379x755 , bmq_58-59.png )

>Get out before she takes off her shoes and scout the new area.
You leap out of the gigantic boot while the goliath is unaware of your presence. Unfortunately forgetting the fact that you can't land on your feet with a catlike grace, you fall quite dramatically. Don't worry, you'll recover quickly enough and while you do, you see that that the room is definitely one fit for a giant. A table, a cupboard and shelf and other assorted furniture are all present for what you deduce to be a study and with their great size comes a great distance between them.
No. 1005543 ID: 0fae41

Make for the cupboard. Been a while since you ate, right? Perhaps it contains giant snacks.
No. 1005622 ID: a82d0a
File 162638606458.png - (195.38KB , 1188x762 , bmq_60.png )

>Make for the cupboard. Been a while since you ate, right? Perhaps it contains giant snacks.
And your stomach would certainly agree; even in the belly of the beast, a little pick-me-up wouldn't hurt. You make a mad dash for the cupboard, thankful that the giant door has already been opened, and peruse the available foodstuffs inside.
No. 1006035 ID: e7c7d3

What's the haul?
No. 1006116 ID: a858ae

Don't get too greedy with the food, despite them being giant and all
No. 1006158 ID: a82d0a
File 162697962488.png - (176.34KB , 1186x754 , bmq_61.png )

No. 1006160 ID: a82d0a
File 162697985394.png - (327.59KB , 2390x760 , bmq_62-63.png )

After jumping towards the cupboard shelf, you're now able to what you can eat.
>What's the haul?
The giant could do with cleaning the cabinet once in a while but you what you'd expect in a kitchen cupboard: bread, potatoes, various other vegetables, grain, eggs, all appropriately resized of course.
No. 1006250 ID: df76b1

Bread and onion, I guess, although some salad oil or chesse would make it a lot easier to take.

Try to pack some for later.
No. 1006254 ID: 094652

Spill some oil on the bread and enjoy fancy eating, then stuff yourself with the vegetables while you can.
No. 1006485 ID: a82d0a
File 162742857640.png - (172.69KB , 1191x763 , bmq_64.png )

Using your superior culinary skills developed from a bearer, you intuitively gather the gargantuan ingredients to prepare a meal that will be guaranteed to revitalize you!
No. 1006487 ID: a82d0a
File 162742898512.png - (443.02KB , 1187x750 , bmq_65.png )

However, from the corner of your eye, you notice a strange set of foodstuffs segregated from the more conventional additives. Moving eyes, pulsating organs - none of which from animals you can recognize, animate herbs and vegetables, all of which were emanating a magnetic energy you couldn't help but be attracted to...
No. 1006507 ID: e7c7d3

Surely the vegetables can't be bad. Eat your veggies! If they scream when you dice them that just means they're fresh
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